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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, June 15, 1883, Image 2

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ySrTTMi'eWaaiiti"-''-' g '''T
t '
Yet the eawe that keki assistance,
For the wreag that nmli rculstancif,
For the rater In the distance,
And the geed that we fn 1.
' FaMlshed ETery Friday '? th
ItoBSBT L. 0W5,
J.' L. Bwrnr.
"viifrfA. I. T.. JUNE 15, 1883.
Hon. D. W. Bushyhcad, Principal
Hon. R. Bunch, sslstnnt Chlof.
or the
11 'iH. tM'Ktttenil Party pie
, tmffaulf to uphold and maintain
tke xlUag form of goTcmment of
r ' Cherokee people, and will seek
tekiBit it imirnpnircd to tbeir
M. It will strlrc to retain the
Katieal domain entire, that there
'way-fee land and homes lor every
' member of the Cherokee Nation.
3rd, It will endcarorto secure
a faithful and impartial adminis-
Mrtio,of law toward every mem
ber of tfiffKation.
Kb. It will endeavor to- placo
fbtiafaa of a sound education
within tho reach of every child: in
tfie Oherekee Nation, and thns
give its-ssf port to schools and ed
ueatlen; reegntaiK the dcclara
Hon incorporated by onr fathers in
framing our const! tutIonr that re
ligton, morality and knowleTgeare
necessary to good government, tho
. preservation of liberty, and the
. v happiness of mankind.
6th. It ?vUl seek to obtain an
. eeenomical administration of the
government of Ojc Notion by elect
ing men of capacity, Atiwtx,. cm
afridti8m, to everyroiA
place onuinor nnd trust tin-
i onvorniiiM.i r t. Ptaflnn. I
r rf.j
fjco or
dor. tho government, 0f '" tfatfon.
8tfi. It will endeavor to merit
and reeeivo'the regard and protec
tion of tho government of the Uni
ted States, by an hortorahlo courso
of conduct in its dealings with all
persofifl, and by a faithful! adher
ence to the letter and spirit of tho
treaties- with and'lhws ofthe Uni
t4 fttatee now-in force Air their
proketioBiin the Indian Territory.
Jm. II will i& to nruservo thp
honor f the NaUon by" promptlr
-in!twiauy "meeting of-lt
ast just obligations, and its cred
it by Avoiding every unnecessary
ifrtt, whether in the adminis
tration of law at home, or by tho
uiploymcnt of nociH'os delogntcs
r attorneys In transacting the pub
lic business clsowhcro.
8th. It will favot tho- reunion
f the Chorokecs its one peoplb,.un
dcr ono government and ono set of
h. It will favor tho invest
ment of only Bucli fundb as may bo
actually necessary to properly eon.
Wet thetJairs of th Katloo, to
jrovido tor its educational inter
esta and any emergency that may
arise, nnd tliorcraftcr making an
equitablq distribution of tho re
mainder among' tfte people.
10th. It will lead its cxnmplo
and Influence In . obtaining; fair
elections for all offices under tlio
Conetitution and laws of tho Nil
11th. It will endeavor to eriiil
Vale'relationB ot amity and kind
, new between tho peoplo of tho
.Cherokee and.thoso of other In
' ImlToiii
12th. It will favor tho fostering
oj inuustry, tho encouragement o
enterprise, and the development
of the resources of the Notion .v r.
wise and liberal jwlicy towrtl la-
1M6: Rrwili me- ila mffnrRco
todevelop, especially, the ogrfcul-
lJ3Uld stocH-gromng- In areata,
ly lending its support to tho estab
lishment of stock, Agricultural nnd
mechanical fairs.
14th. In iU effort to carry the
foregoing principle into effect, the
National Party invites the co-operation
of all good citizens, without
regard to previous party connection
or association.
iron, Clia8. Thompson, (Oo-tsa-Ia.
tah) Principal Chief.
Hon. Uhaa. Rogers, Aist. Chief.
For tho better protection of the
nationality uf the Chorokno peoplo
t'i be seed in this present system
tf government, also to organize
pwaelves into a political aksocla.
thtfi to be known as tli Kcctoo
rlwib aocioty.
IrYe (he peoplo of the Cherokee
Xafiofl i ivnvctilien ueeciublcil,
in view of carefully considering
our common welfare. It is far dif
ferent from what it was In tho ago
of our forefathers. When in that
time our ancestors had a self and
distinct government, which liaa
never been abolished. And nlao
there existed the strongest tics of
friendship, it was as one family as.
Hcinblcd arountl the fire smoking
their tobacco nnd assisting each
othefand for the protection of
their homcu they wore provided
with a little ammunition.
1st. Therefore wo pledge our
selves to support one another and
also wc will bo ns one family join
ed together by this platform, oh if
wo had nHlnucd it with an oath
and will seek to transmit it unim
paired topMf posterity.
2d. And will have from time to
time leading managwrs in tho sev
eral districts and when necessary
tho leading managers will givo in
formation to each other tho ap
pointment of conventions without
delay at the same time advancing
nd amending our platform, when
meeting together a full explanation
will le made of the objeqt of such
meeting and each district manager
advanco the named of members of
tho Keotoowhah Society to havo
registered in tho general conven
tion. 3rd. Our great aim will le that
our Constitution and Laws of our
government Bhall be ' supreme and
respected. "
ith. That our treaties and in
tercourse laws made between tho
U. H. government and the Chero
kee Nation, and all compacts made
between tho several tribes of In
dians shall bo supreme.
fith. We emphatically oppose
uniting with cither of the political
parties of the U. 8.
Cth. Wo also protest against
ever being placed under the laws
ofthclj; S.
7th. All secret associations that
are detrimental to our government,
originating from tho U. S.. can
never be accepted as members of
the KcutoowhalFnocicty.
8th. it will bo thb duty of tho
I members to defend the Keotoowhah
- .Utfclrm a
Utll. A
and organization from all
0th. Also it wiirtiit,,, ,jutv t0
courageously protect our go.".n.
,..., . ,,. . .. . A .
-v.... .. ..... v tl.U UIHV IJ U
1....I n' i.i .. .a.,.. ,... .. ......
several districts to elect their third
. . . . . -.
General Head Managers, also,
there will bo three district mana
gers elected in each district by the
memocro, lor u-o puqioao of man
aging their' end districts, nnd
three, d.njtau.' 'jdgo innnHsera in
oacWdjetrlcto organize lodge.
lfth. TSa5ris eenoral head
manngpoumr convene, acrul-atinu-lar
in general convention with all
the members uf tho Society.
12th. All bv-lawa shall bo made
in general convention nnd shall
have the forco of tho platform, tho
Constitution nnd Iuwb of tho Cher
okee Nation.
13th. And all platforms or
parts of platforms and by.laws
conflicting with thin form and lnws
aro of no force and nro hereby re
pealed. Hth. Thoro Bhall bo np secret
in tho Kectoowhah Society.
J The Indian Treaules.
It would havo been n dreadful
thing if bo fine a soldier as Gener
al Crook and so many bravo officers
and soldiers had been treacherous,
ly murdered by tho Apaches, as
was nt first roportcd. It is an un
pleasant thing to contcmplnto, this
Indian war in thn mountains of
tho wqst, by which many valuable
lives will be lost, million dollars
expended, and thu industrial pur
suits of tho region arrested. It is
not nn ngrueablo reflection that
along our froutior there must be
war merciless, cruel war until
the last remnant of n oneo splendid
raco is driven to death.
f IX is louc since wo. tho white
people, caino as invaders to this
continent. Wo found it in posses.
.1,.., ,.r :...i i.i"""
T 31 Zv I
and a few vices. They Kubsisted
by thechaso. Ifthero were wars
among tho different tribes, wu nt
least may not declare tho fact an
exceptional characteristic of savage
Our diseases nnd drinks havo de
stroyed that peoplo. Wo have
stolen nnd appropriated their
lands ; have occupied their hunt
ing grounds, nnd havo driven them
to the occupation of rcsurved lo
cnlitius, where they have been
plundered, robhod nnd outraged by
tho officials wu have placed over
them. Wo have denied them the
rights of citizenship and thu equal
protection of the laws, Wc Im
ported Africans us slaves, held
them in bondage until they num
bered four millions of peoplo and
then madu thum citizens. Wc
havo Invited immigrants from
European luudtand without re.
gard to their moral character or
qualifications lor citizenship wo
huve given them tho suffrage.
But to tho Indian, the only genu
ine American, thu only upcringing
dcuimi of ihe country, the least
tainted by common vices wo have
refused tho equal rights which wo
loudly vaunt n obtainable horc.
In less than four hundred yearn tho
Indians have dwindled to a hand.
Ail and we have swelled to invin
cible millions. Within Icsh than
a bulf century, half Hcontinent has
been wrested from their grasp.
Still wo tfrseciitc them and they
sco before them tho incvilnblo de
struction of their raco.
The Apaches with whom we nro
now warring are tho remnants of a
a great and brave tribo. They
have been at war with the Mcxi
cans for a century. The Ameri
can? and these Indians sco their
impending fate.
The Indian knows tho history of
his rare. Tho Apache in Arizonr.
is conversant with tho story of
American aggression from tho time
of King Philip's wars down to tho
Modoc resistance in the Invn beds.
Tho story of Indian wrongs is a
bloody epic from tho landing of
Columbus in 1-1U2 to thu present
day. The storv of Pizarro nnd
Cortes Is a series of bloodv and
brutal tragedies, that ended iu.tho
'wrenchimr of Mexico from its In?
dian owners. In like manner we
havo torn tho stales from their mm-
session. On every sido the circle
of arms has drawn in upon them
nnd they have been despoiled,
Tlwy know tho treaties made
with their race all over the conti
nent, and they havo seen every
treaty violated, and every obliga
tion that honor, morality or man
hood would respect set nsido.
They have seen Indians driven in
to reservations, stnrved on them,
and at tho convenience of their op
pressors driven away again. They
have experienced the mercenary
heartlcssncss of tho Indian trader,
the thieving unscruplousncss of
Indian rings, tho hypocrisy of the
Christian and the Quaker who have
been sent among them to preach
piety and peace. They have been
swindled in their bargains, inocu
lated ith vila diseases, decimated
and destroyed by decoctions they
knew not before our advent.
The Apaches with whom we now
contend have been driven from tho
plains and valleys, that the plains
and valley might sustain cattle
aiul hecp instead of game. Driv
III i ....... Il... !..... Sl..l f.....
i .ii, iiiv iiiiiv. muint i;uiu
I ""
'nen'herds. The Scotch
highland chlcUain did the same
from their fastnesses made forays
on village and hamlet. Thcsaxon
Jords did tho same, and boast of it
in tho history of eull.tnl rf.inl
T)ipj- .luiidurtxl onJni"-"1'11""
treacherously anil cowardly mur
dered. ) Gorman barons on tho
Rhino tlid tho same. -o
Tho assassinations or massacres
by theso Indians are dreadful, it is
true ; but let us not forget Glcncoe
and St. Bartholomew. The Apa
che mutilates his dead ; let us re
call thu burning of witches in New
Kngland. The Apache is merci
less in his revenge and indiscrimi
nate in his killing; Grant fired a
mile beneath Longstreet's brigade
at Petersburg ; let us recall the
massacre nt Ft. Pillow, the .starva
tion nt AiulerMinvill.e.
War is war, and tho strategy
that can produco death is tho art
of war. Lot ua give tho murder
ous Apache the benefit of admit
ting that he is nt war, and that he
is practicing tho art of war accord
ing to his code nnd tho teachings
of his civilization ; that he is at
the ml vantage of his enemy and
must fight with such arms as he
can obtain against arms of preci
sion ; that unless he gains thu ad
vantage of position ho will bo an
nihilated with tho machinorv of
That tho annihilation may be
speedy is n whli born or sympathy
for our own people, our own race
and color, to whom is duo sympa
thy in this eiisanguinud struggle
which thloving traders and swind
ling Indian agents render unavoid
able. Hut whilo giving that sym
pathy, wo aro not disposed to mag.
nify tho evils and atrocities of In
dian warfare and shut our eves to
'" "-nifold -wrongs and provoca
dons tho Indian
has endured.
tieiltilia Ha:oo.
1'ommrnrfmrnt Kterclien at a Score
of CoUpkm nnd Ncmlnnrlrx.
The anniversary exercises of tho
Kirkwood Seminary, conducted by
thu Misses Snccd, camo off hut
evening nt tho Alhenteum, at thu
eloso of its twenty-second year.
Tho Seminary has received this
year n largo accession of pupils
with its increased popularity,
counting among them' residents of
Texas, Illinois, Missouri, tho In
dinn Territory, Arkansa, New
.Mexico, Colorado, and other Etatf s.
The art exhibition, including only
the work of tho past' year, well
merited tho admiration it uxcited
among tho many who assembled
to inspect it. Tho crayon heads,
executed by tho pupils under tho
teachings of Mies Anna Sliced, who
is liorfcelf a fino artist, wero beau
tifully penciled. The decorative
art work in tinted applique taience
and painted mirrors was shown on
stands and easels. Two mirrors,
with frames delicately tinted, wero
especially handsome one pniptcd
in dogwood blossoms and' water
lHIics, and the other with sprays
of rosy applo blossoms on the up
por ndgo nnd a pretty water t scene
on tho lower ; goldcn-licnrtcd water
lilies floating upon the sqiqoth
bosom of tho hike. Tho' sewing
department has also accomplished
wonders under the care of'Mri". II.
Gratz Drown, Mrs. K. W. Halscy,
Mrs. (inline. Mrs. John B. Hen
derson, Mrs. Tudor, Mrs. Qoodell
and othorH. Ten" of the young la
dies wore, on Tuesday evening,
when the baccalaureate sermon
wob preached, pretty costumes of
different hucd nun's veiling," nil
made, cut and fitted by themselves,
and even tho youngest children
have learned tho art of sewing.
Tho Athcntcum was filled with
guests from St. Louis, besitles flic
residents of the village. Last eve
ning the oxorciscf began wjth tho
KirkwoeU Seminary Marah, tetho
livplxJLUne of. wUf
"Jiiarohed in and took U4r
oVtlio plfftforni, wihding,fl
led by a littlo creature of 6
of ago, the namesake nun noicp of
Mi.s Anna Snccd, in a hluo silk
slip with robe of white laco. When
all were seated a prayer was. offer
ed by the Nov. Mr. Warner,.; Ail;
lowed by the opening anthem1 "0,
Sing to God," by Gounod, sung in
chorus by tho whole school, ,0-ver
the platform was observed tho
class motto of 1883, fMaintfca lc
droit." '
There were five graduates. jMiss
Cora Archer, the dark eyed Indian
maiden, was the valedictorian, and
Miss Hattie C. Schafl'er delivered
tho salutatory. Tho other bidits
wero Misses Mary B. Snripck,
Bessie B. Gunse and Ella Adnir.
Of these, MlssSnnwick wnsalfcnt,
having been summoned home to
attend tho death-bed of her father,
Miss Schaffcr's salutatory vaiwl
written, although somewhiUJtUnid
ly rendered by thu young 'lftjy&
Miss Cora Archer, whdjf fno
daughter of Col. Archer, of Ila? In
dian Territory, and whoe jtfief
graduated last year at MistncSSl's
seminary with Mich crcditircBd a
fine essay on "The Burdens of the
Nineteenth Century." MJsVBe.
sic P. Ganse, tho pretty nnd tal
ented daughter of the Itvt J)r.
Ganse, guvcan essay entitled So
ciety and Society." Miss 1Sfin-
.wick'-s n-iuy essay on tho 'j-fSf-1
absence, by .Miss U.irr.- a eraJait
OJ ilUBlf ari .MIm t Ctt,..,. a--lrr
daughter of Dr. Adair, of the 5er
okeo Nation, read her essay, "A
Chat About the Cherokcee," nnd
gave a laughable picture of, the
mistaken cstimato in which this
nation is held in ci Uzation tIUi
fine humor nnd effect. Itftvas
highly enjoyed by the audience an J
mucli commended by the Be , Ir
Giuiho, President of tho BHrtl
who acted as master of cercinoic.
as usual. Miss Schaffcr's ispr .
address, on "Force versus Inp 5a,
was listened to with interest, nn.t
listened to with interest, nh
was followed, after n vocal sohSjby
Miss Cora Archer's valedictory ad
dress, which was pronounced witk
oloquont feeling.
Tho diplomas were presented to
tho graduates by the ltov. I)r,
Ganse, with on appropriate and
facetious address. This wns-.fdh
lowed by the presentation of prize!
for different degrees of cxccllcnci
in ttutic nd dejiortmcnt, nccom.
jianied always by apt remarks
from Dr. Gnnso.
Thu musical part of the pro
gramme, under the able manage
ment of Miss Lnthrop, who has
taken Miss
Mary Snccd's place
during hor
recent indisposition,
Itonuo llnlliante, by Miss 'Graco.
Geary ; KMnl-chowypa
by .Misses L. Uo t ng, U. JUrreesa
E. Adair, M.pi Jw 2ArY.Uk
iNoetling, ,M. (ke i.iut 11. LLinsc
overture, from Somiramido, with
two pianos nnd two violins, blisses
Ganse, Burgess, Adair, Miss B.
Barr nnd Mr. Geeks; vocal solo
"0 MIo Fernando," by Mis& Mar
garet Hill, nnd tho parting song.
Tho floral offerings mado by nd
mirers to tho graduates covered nil
the front of tho plntform, filling
the nir with fragrance. Ono was a
very largo ship of flowers.
Miss Mary Sliced, who has been
all intor for hor health Tt 'tho
Sanitarium, at Clifton Springs,
New York, did not take part in
thu exercises, as sho has just re
turned home, but will renir.io her
duties thu coming fall.
Perfect order was preserved by
tho ushers, Dr. Henry Fisher,
Maj. Kimball, Bown and Frank
Hough, Tho evening closed with
pleasure nnd satisfaction to both
parents and pupils with u parting
eoug sung by tho whole ecIiomI in
chorus and a closing prayer by the
Rev. Dr. Shields. C?iu6r.J!fmorri
.In.ii Rfh
. . . ....,., bu, H"m it Bccm5 t( bc rtcvotcd principally
v, ? ,. T Sl T1"'1 r' l0 thc intCTC8t of ""thing, whittled
Violet,' by Misses L. Do ong, down to n fine point. Tho boiled
Grace deary, M. Hill ; piano sahn ,,,,.. rn .i,0 ,ii,:u !.:
It. UIImoh Uet-OffV.
nv BoMKiionv's daiimko.
Mr. Harry Nash, from Bluejack
ci Sfatlon, wii.i visiting friends lat
week. His stay was brief, how
ever. ,
Mr. M. Sykcs, Maj. Bates' ward,
has returned to this place from
Fayettovllle whero he has been a
student of the A. I. U.
We hnve been getting more rain
than our share. The earth b bo
wet that it gives off an unwhole
some effuvium. This will give la
bor to our pharmaceutical faculty.
Our school teacher had his Iti
nera! sermon nreached at ono of
tho chief residences in this city,
some few days in the past. Ho in
formed us that lie did not attend,
but thinks he will wear crape.
Mrs. IVnival is anxiously look
ing forward to tho return of her
daughter, Miss Hosa, who has been
attending school in St. Louis.
Miss Rosa will bo n pleasant ac
quisition. TheiPresbytcrian Sabbath school
tmv4er.?ifn suberlntcndcncv of Rev.
,rchn?tfil)erflia niade very inter
esting. He makes the lessons lu
cid and instructive. Capt. Hyde
manages tho M. K. S. S., nnd it
flourishes quite well.
Fort Gibson has n new traveling
artist whose muslin pagoda rears
s sides in plain view. Wend
thither, voting gentlemen, and
have those masculine charms ster
otyped in a attic de rititr, for she
who haunts your dreams.
Terpsichore presided over nn en
tertainment recently given at the
reading room. The music was
good and the dancing enjoyable
because the participants were glee
ful. Wo have had an ecclesiastical
outpouring of the gospel here for
two weeks. We hardly think
there were many converts, still we
hope some good was effected.
The Grand and Arkansas nro in
high water pride again, which en
abled "Fort Smith" to make nn
easy trip to our shores. She
brought in a cargo of salt for Tah
nv j. li. n.
Considerable rain.
Mr. J. E. Cninpbell.has returned
from St
The Mirdigji.wa.'i considerably
swolen aliltast week-.
ir..t. havers nro nlontiftil in the
1 conntry, just now. '
Mr. Childs, who has subleased
a portion of the land west of 90,
tor grazing purposes, passed here
the other day, en route there with
COO head of cattle.
G'M tic nrc beginning to look
well- TIicp nro about three buy
ers to every saleable animal.
The colored doubtful citizens of
i Big Creek, Goose Neck, Snow
j Creek and Lightning Creek have
.adopted one platform for them to
be govereued by in the future
Big Creek and Lightning Creek
colored public bchools will have a
public examination. One will
closo Thursday nnd tho other Fri
day tho 2Sth nnd 29th of Juno.
The patrons of each school will
giva a barbecue. All are invited.
,In looking over the columns of
Burlington (Kan.) Ilf publican wo
have ennio to the conclusion that
the editor has forgotten the first
principles upon which it was
founded. Brothor Hebron, in his
salutatory, said emphatically that
tho columns of thp Republican
would bo devoted to thn interest of
.Burlington and Coffey county; but
Rri'ioimn on tho editor of the
W vt, rnl wo are lead to ex-
claim- In ln, in vain, for Bomc-
thlng of .interest wo look-its ?ol-
mncls through. If the highest aim
of tho JUpullican is to-throw jis
much, or more dirt than the '
no, It might ns well suspend, for
it can't do it. When n newspaper
editor tries to unearth the past life
and business of another lie lowi-rs
himself to the level of common
street Hnrs nnd tnttlors, nnd virtu
ally looses the respect for himself
and the influence of his paper in
his community. Tho Republican
and Patriot are both fast becoming
a nuisance nnd should bo declared
(uioh by the post olfico dopartment.
Let Brown rest ono week, Scott,
and give its the news in general.
l'rosrainmi of ttloIusr Exercises
Frmalo Seminar.
Written examinations, Juno 20,
21, 22 and 25.
Sermon to graduates, 8 p. in., 24,
by Rev N. J. Craword.
Oral examinations and reading
of grades, 23. Parents nro espec
ially invited to bu present on this
Commencement, Juno 28th. Ex
cn,t. c. tu lommcni'C at U.5J0, u in,
--" vuiiwiiiiia iiuiiiu
The OHIEFTAIW baa alraeaoooH circulation OmfUeJl the Cherokee Ka
tion and in, through the D. I. T. anil ailjacekttowne. A Tier March frtli we
Ila ihirtlfc lirnn.Unnd wo iprpcct rally HoIMt tho ixMronngo of those tntcr
estcit In stock. Assuring them we will d6allln our pow.nr to place the paper
where It will lie of service to them. I.luhlc as stock Is to tray or to bo stolen,
the imioiitancb of niUortl8liiK.the brands nml marks rtwlnot bt Uwult on.
Very plncorcly ami Itesprctfully,
xjsriLxjk.Tsr GizcxiiiJPrcjiJJss'm
Pianos, Organs, Watches,
Oloolts, ao-c7-ol3py, Musloal
aSroi'chnnclisc nucl
-7S7TJOlS: J5aLtO IT! 1 1168.
D. -W" LIPB,
Oo-wctLct. ... X. T.
Will sell Goods for cash, as low as any store in. the
Cherokee !N"ri.tion,
Call and Examine my Stock.
Mitchell, Lewis & Co
Racine, - - - "Wis.
AurACTt'iiKns or
THE TvrmnTTinT ,tt -
I dMVfcVI JrrmMwFf rwT" Till 'rP""
Farm ail Sjrii Warns.
The Latest Improved Rqa,d Carts.
B&r Bend for Catalogue and Prices. -5
Mitchell, Lewis & Co., Racine, Wis.
One and All.
I havo for Bala Ornndost Inven
tion of tbo ftlnoteonth Century.
Qlonn'a Oolebratod Six "Wheol
Sowing Maohlno Oaatora. Athliiff
that should be In evory homo tu
tho Unltod States nnd Terrltorlea.
Thoy ore handaomo, noat and dur- 1. tiler Box, Berl.l Btori. d lltu.tra-
nhln rniri nnn ha will Ifint. n. llfrt tl'IIK of CIIITtnt .Ttntl, bwlJn th. latelt
RWo, and ono bo will mat a nro ,n. ut Horns MUdliny. I'rlc$l.t0
time. A on d on movo tno mn- : y,.r, p.iinMtri r autaotUed lo r
ohlno from ono part of tho honao ci ulfljiiloni. Btnd lor premium
Bowing Maoblne.
I want salesmen in every
town and looality in tbe west. I
will pay a good salary, or oom
mission. Ho capital required to
try the bunlno a.
For further information, address
Vinlta, I. T., or Chetona, Kantai.
......' . ' 1
Denier In
Every Farmer
Kiri Inn. cont.lni ft inMl.llv edited
I' mi Duntrtnirnt, The Vaml ' Circle,
It th obit DtmorrMIe Pr-r Mt orRU
I liouli putllihlag th. full Wotern AmocU.
Ud I'ren Dlm.tchM. Fries SiaOO veu
I. .!. T-b .t. .. K.A.. m.f B.
Tn siMti a vtek.
- Wit
tUrm yea Hta nf If
nwtBMl bo yOQD.
AdJnTlHKa IHrm.fV
A '
7!J . ft
Post-o Wlco.
Thleq ..T.
llramliit on left Mr. Pome Vrnnired
OOdii hip ami s!ionWfr cltlier siile,
with vnrlixw marks. Nof soUloiilyl
to sh t: RASon Illinois river, i mw c!M
cast of Tahleqiinli.
Hwaliow-fiirk and rmilerbit In ortJ
ear ana ituuursiopo in tnu outer..
n. &. TA7ion.
Vlntta, I. T.
nranitiul mi lioth nidi's. CrO
vnn nnd split in Tight, rakob
otHilllcet fi-U '
Pralrio City, I. T. MP iV I
-. Sit J L
fTrmnlt'.I with, itatnotbrnnd o
stilus and .both blpsv jA.Mgf II
Hoaoc Creek.
? i
U&lliWAY m vt t
.& m. -iib.v ti- 'tn
m iv.. i
Direct Xtotito Etist K
"V7"ict St. Xjoii1.
Pnllman Palnca lletel Cart, tferamrh '
to St. Lonii, via Sedalia, daily, t
Direct Itouto West nnd Southwest
I a L'
A AimiiSIIII, nu,U. with Ex.
At Msss.Cityi iiaVoi5rijf
for Kiiin:iH, Colorado, New Mxi-f'V -to
nnd California connect with Ki-J
jhubs Tniin.s of all linc I
Jl 1 E l
uirrndcnen w m f.
i.riklJ Trtiiia Air nit iknintu in Vitti- ?
-:ih nnd Nclirnskn.
-.- a uii .riftiitq lliH.!M w 't i
i i i. r cz-
it Omolin Connection is mudo
AT uinaildi with uii lin wu p
in to the North nnd West.
Silni'rinr ArrmninniLitinnm I
i. r i Lf D.ri1"
Uvr-kirA .....
St. Louis and SanfraHPlarrt
mjj inoi lima.,- i
F. CIIAXI)I.i:Rt Rcn'l Pasn'r Agent. Ill, I
V. II. K1XJUN, Asa't Gen'l I'an'-r Ag't. !
u. ii. vixreiir.i:, ASout at y
TiA.irVA.'Y. . m ,-
wise)wwr i
Indian Territl
35 Mileffe
Riioncr limn nny othor rouio uetwcf m
war Amvuuijn .EAjr.Bti Y&ainii
-) Are Kun Daily, ( 'If j
mTfnAtfMt ..W.M m. . M A
200.000 I SMsWa-fili 1
XOI.ina J for tialo by tblfSttt
Company, In Ym '4 ft
ontnweat JMOesoHri. , ft','jl
rrr'l'T rairBmi-partleilar Information rr s,
Willi JtupH, Tlmo Xubfes, Katta, 4c k
m "PJ'.W of"ur Ktntlon Agents, or 1
cither of the umlornami'd:
Gen'l 1-rt.Agt.. (Jcn'l Pass. Aet. tr
CI. W. JtouEita, Viro-I'reaWent g!
...... v, ..w.... .......&,. 4,
Mini nnriii ninnnaa. r
icnijilo Uuiuiing, St. MX Mo.
Cra TkW aa4 TUe Uttta,
w K?nrtln Vm44 I. a hMki HM.
5 i
l Vi
. ffi f
r M
f .

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