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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, August 24, 1883, Image 1

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trtr4 la Ike lntrrr.lt of I he hrrtiktM-s, (IioiImvm, ( lilrkiitHM a, kWmlMolt., (miss, ml nil Othrr Indians of Ihe ladlHit Trrrllorj,
VOL. I. NO. .'..
(slranrd b) l rlrgrnh iitl Hall
W.IIIM.10!. norn.
It I. slated at Hi Treasury Isrpartineui
that hy rra.nu of the v la-.trcii. octioii by Iho
tiovet nmeiit in proeecutuia" ppiuiii .mug
gier, on the I'm irtu ooa.t, the duties cob
lectrd at Htm Francisco, on opium for the
last rtkt-nt year, wer uiore tlmu 7,i"s,i.si
in es.e.a ,,f iifl ivlhviimii from that mure
prrvtoii. year, '
Thk Treasury Iii-pnrtiiii.nl on the lot It
put-chased aui.t-iu ounces of silver fr de
livery al ths 1'hilad. Iphia mint..
Till Suriii'uu tirm-isl of tlx Marine lloo
pltal (i'l llri iu Ma-blutou received a
It l'Hi um f t mil r. ItoWr Mnlu.-e,i a, an.
mutiu-lug kin arrival at Vr (tiii snd r
porting yi-llnw (ever rsKlng in Hint city
ml among inwli in tlx harbor.
Tin Tieasury oihYial-ie .aid to be very
uiiu b piuulid a tb a.p,-mik of another
counterfeit coin wild U in likely to deceive
svcu Ilia averay; ejpt-rt. It i a five-dollar
gold piece, and 1. worth f I..V1 In gold.
This counterfeit U ssid to I' Hi la'st ever
mailt, ami its jvrfe.-t I . m tin. created lli
Krav suspicion that tlie (iovemmcnt dies
have been tampered witli or an impression
taken from them. It ii aaid Hint when
placed side dy kI.Ih with Die genuine live
dollar piece, the ililTervno fan scnrccly be
detocted by any Imt experts. The weight
I nearly the name, nnd can only be detected
by the gold scales,
One result of the new Civil Service act la
said to be to nuiltn of no value application
of men stroncly indorsed for a place, and
the Intefior Department is sending back
papers to upjiItuaittK,
Thomas H. Kmnr, of Tennessee, a clerk
In the Postottlco Department at Washing-
ton, n recently dismissed on tho charge
tliat lie shared with Htiiightun.MifHiii 4 Co.,
Boston publishers, half of tho postul guide
profit on all pages above tho number
specified iu the contract, Houghton, how
ever, denied that Kirby shared the proflta.
i A wccimom was rendered by Judge Mills
In the Folic Court of Washington City
recently In the civil rights rase of ltev.
George H. Smith, colored, of Norwich,
Conn., against James W. Bell, proprietor
of a restaurant. The ground of compbiint
was that Hell had denied the accommoda
tions of lila restaurant to the plaintiff on
account of the bitter's color, and suit was
brought to enforce tho criminal provision
nf the act known as the Civil Rights act.
The decision was in favor of the plnintilT,
and the defendant was found guilty of a
It is reported that the postal revenue do
rived from the sale of postage stamps have
fallen off as the time for the reduction of
letter postage rat approaches. This indi
cates that tho public is making preparations
for the change, and are not adding to the
outstanding stocks of stamps, and that
when the 1st of October comes a very large
ly increased demand for tho new stamps
will be the result.
Thk Secretary of the Interior has been
Informed that tho Northern Pacific Kail
way, in uniting the two ends near Millano
tunnel, has been completed. The company
has requested the appointment of a com
mission to examine and report upon this
section of the road.
Flaos wore displayed at half most over
public buildings in AV'ashington upon the
announcement of the death of Judge Black.
At the National Convention of the Anti
Organ faction of tho United Presbyterian
Church at Pittsburg, Pa., Key. James
Price of Philadelphia, presented a scries of
resolutions in effect that the propriety of
holding local conventions similar to this
one, and of forming an association for the
maintenance of the principle and especial
ly the purity of the worship of the church,
demanded serious consideration and at
tention. For the six months ended August 1, one
hundred and sixty persons were killed and
four hundred and one injured on tho rail
roads in the State of New York.
Captain J. 1). Rhodes, who talked of
swimming the whirlpool rapids of Niagara
River, looked at the waters and abandoned
the job. An open letter was addressed to
Rhode by the Canadian authorities, stat
ing that any attempt by him or others to
swim the whirlpool rapids would be looked
upon as the act of an insane person, and
they would lie prevented as far as taking
the water from the Canadian shore was
RtCHriEi.D Pprinos, N. Y., oirurs a
purse of $1,000 for a boat race there in Sep
tember between Hanlan and Courtney.
Thk Kssex Savings Bank of Massachu
setts foreclosed a mortjfaK of $7u,(HH) on
the St. Hary'i Church of Lawrence, Mass.,
on account of the inability of the priests to
raise sufficient funds to pay the Interest.
The property l to be sold at auction Bp.
tember "th. The structure originally cost
Thk body of L. F. Oriswold, a prominent
citiien of Durlington, Vt., was found
drowned in I-oke CbampUin recently.
There were no marks of violence. It was
accidental drowning or suicide.
Tni Executive Board of the Telegraph
ers' Brotherhood notified all assembles that
the strike was a failure and that "all mem
bers who can may return to work."
John Dkvot, editor or the lrixh XnlUm,
sentenced to sixty days Imprisonment in
the penitentiary in New York for libeling
August Belmont, completed his term, and
was released.
I'Riur Hornu, of Erie, Pa., recently
sent his little girl to a saloon for beer. The
bar-tender refused to sell liquor to a child,
and she filled the Jug with w ater. When
Hoffman swallowed part of the watr he
struck his daughter a brutal blow on the
head. She w as net eie-td to live.
Wilk Richard nd William Hains, two
young m'n of WilhamOxirg, S. Y., were
recently out in a b"t fishing, William fell
overboard and wss drowned. Richard w as
no overcome at his brother's death, that lis
mode an attempt to strangle kimslf with
the anchor rpe, bat was prevented by a
fisherman who made hi. ap)esrance.
BirI the t'mted fMstes Pab-Cotnm it
tee o Lli-.r snd Education, in ek.n at
Nw York, Saiimel Ynfnpers, President of
the Amslcamated Trade, and Latvr Vnion,
AViiM that the so -lali.tic element had
fs'.rwwl cwitrol f si! Istir orpsniraiion.
In thu s-njtitry. It m s',t l the rs in a
few of the sma It one, but the objert ,f
the sreat sni ws only to secure lnrfita j
for their EieiT!rs by mutual combination i
ard by b-i'imste mean. j
FaAtn. Klin. B hi. wirfrira Trent,
It. so l"emiif. 5. M . wa dn.wed in I
tha ..'" j:i h:vr at .aa City.
Jrpr-i ltrtiA Pi" (" d at Yi-k, '
Fa., A-.nt lh. in t. T4!h year of kis i
the lairt tediiery In Iks world .
ll.lly d..liojsl by Hie a f w days ago.
THK sr.
Ths rail dr the sevealb Annual Ton.
(re.aof (be .National .ilral Uwaue, signed
l.y T. It Wakeuiau, 1're.l.lml ; Muur
Wrlktit, Vd-e l're.ldi-iit, and T. C. Inland,
Secretary, rwently U.urd. It.ayst
"All lbs citieu. of the Tinted Htales whs
believs in Ilia fundamental piiii. ipala ot
our Republic, .rpaiatlon of Chun h and
Mala equality for all ritl.em befura Ihs
law w ilhout .ll. mi. lion of rived or race or
wii Jiutlct f..r all, and iulllKes n'"1
ni"iio..,i,- for iciie; need of unlvei.al
aeculnr r.lucatlou, fres speei'h and fie
pret.., a. a li uf unlremnl surTiage, ale
Invited to join the National Liberal lingua,
ami appear or to be rieiiiel In Its
seventh Annual t'ongrex at Milwaukee,
Wl... Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Kep-
teiuUr HI, and 'W lint."
llltxav 1. Yol'Mi, st-iieral ar " In Cl.
cluiuU of ths Uianil liS i:.,7i iuJialia
ltallril, recently fatally shot hlinrlf at
hi. otlica In that city, lis lad been In an
Intoxicated condition 1 short time liefora
A letter found on bis ern purported to
be from a roii.in threate uiug him for Im
proiier relations with the wri'er's wife.
A M'uniH of SU lunula cigar makers ami
dealers divided to ksep their shops open
on Sunday hereafter.
Amit'T sixty sin lantern employed by
six manufacturers of St, Louis struck for
higher wagea. AIkiuI three hiinilrnl other
workmen wen thrown out i f amployment
by the action of the lantern.
TliK siiierliitendi.it of the Tnlted States
Rolling Mill Company's shops at Chicago,
which were destroyed by fire recently, said
the loss would reach Jot'V"!.
A coal oil company recently struck
Ti'Ui near Canon City, Colo., yielding forty
bnrrels of oil per day of the best quality
A family of Ave persons were seriously
poisoned at I)avenort, Iowa, by eating
canned corned beef for supper. Whether
the poison was contained in the meat it
self or came from the ran could not be de
cide I by the physician iu attendance.
Am attempt at a general jail delivery
was made at Council Blurts, Iowa, recent
ly, and eight of nineteen prisouers got out
through a bole cut iu the floor. Four were
On the night of August K, the safe in the
depot at Republican Valley, Nob., was
blown open ami .1,()0 in cash taken out.
At the time the deed was done the officials
had no idea of the operators, but a few
days later a young mnu was missing.
Cards wero Bent out, and later M. O. Kah
lor was arrested at St. Joseph, Mo,, upon
the charge of being concerned In the rob
bery. ,. '
Thk Second National Bank of Warren
Ohio, has failed. K. M. Fitch, cashier, is
reported defaulter to the amount of i70,,0"0
or JNl.OOt),
A collision occurred on the race course
at Charlotte, Mich., recently, between the
trotting horses Raymond and Banker's
Rothschild. Raymond was killed outright
and the other horse dangerously hurt.
Eight thousand dollars bad been refused
for the dead home.
A lkttkr received In San Francisco from
Alaska announced a large gold discovery
near Yukon River, Alaska. Owing to the
extreme cold weather, twenty -eight degrees
below sero, it wss impossible to do much
prospecting. The miners who made the
discovery w ere partly fitted out by a man
who made discoveries in Arizona, and who
cleared over $1,000,000 in that section.
Thk saw mill of the Keator Lumber Com
pany in Moliue, Ills., was recently burned.
The flames spread to the yards where there
were piles of lumber thirty feet high, the
main portion of which was seasoned, and
they were soon a mass of flames. Tho fire
spread to houses across the street. The
mill cost W),000 and there was about f'JOO,
000 worth of lumber in the yard most of
which was burned.
Two cases of leprosy among Chinamen
wero recently discovered at Reno, Nev.
J. H. AimsTRO.vn, alias H. C. Bechtele,
was arrested at Chicago for using the
mails to effect the sale of packages of coun
terfeit money. His circulars were directed
mainly to points in Colorado.
I.t San Francisco, Sunday afternoon, the
10th, Hie preliminaries to the meeting of
the triennial Conclave were inaugurated
by religious services in the grand pavilion,
which to many well nigh proved fatal.
Eight thousand persons were in the build
ing and four thousand were left outside,
who continued to put forth every effort to
obtain an entrance. While the scene in
side was imposing, the floor of the pavilion
being a mass of handsome uniforms and
flowing plumes, a largo police force was
inadequate to preserve order in the crush
ing multitude seeking admission, the
greater numlier of officers being employed
carrying off fainting women and children.
So hot was It that before the services were
half over the people commenced streaming
out, only to make room for others to get in.
An expression of that'ks was repeatedly
heard from those who managed to get out,
being nearly crushed to death.
At Nebraska City the other day, Eira
Douglass, a printer, was shot and instantly
killed by his wife, who afterwards com
mitted suicide by shooting herself through
the temple. This was her third attempt to
1 .bed a.ljolnii'l sad veal hundred
feel in lbs air, la eeudlii ' strut k
slaughter sum., eru.hiiia' tar-nuKa tfes roof
and R.iur, biliiln up In (be cellar. Though
several perwma wet about Ida boiler, not
viis was ln)uied.
jlaaria bnamtr, a negro, was kangl
by I in . b at Tsrrlll, Texas, for an outrage-
vu. aault uiH.n while woman.
Tui Lower II. .'i.o uf the lleorala I!
laluie voted l,t"',i'M for a Uew taplud
Liittknaxt TAVum, txmiuiauding II
dta hiiient of Mai lues al the I'eiua. ol.
Fla., navy yard, trlaraphet Ida ItepaiU
ninut Ida! one prlvnta died of yellow fever,
three were In Ihs lio.pital, two doing well,
and one very 1 k. Strict quarantine bad
been eatabllkhed.
A Tornado recently swept over Cbat-
Unooxa, Tenn. The (I. T., Va. at da.
and Ala. (treat Southern Depots were un
roofed, and a large nuiiilr of buildings
were unrttofod end seversl blown down.
Flying timbers seriou.ly injured J. II. Jen
ini'. R'dng through t l x rar before it
struck him. There were several other
ra.ualtle., A li-svy hall storm prevailed
which cauted several horses to run away
one Mug killed and many Injured. Tele
graph wire, generally weie pm.trated
Tin Mt. Htorlln Ky., acivutmodatlnn
going to Lrxiugtnii ran Into the rear rar of
a train on the Kentucky Central at Win
cheater crossing, recently, exploding four
hundred kegs of giant powder. The depc
was wrecked and the engine blown to
atom.. Engineer Schiller was not found.
ardmaater Randolph was killed. Con
doctor Michel was fatally and several other
person, badly Injured. The explosion was
said to lie perhaps the heaviest ever heard
in America. Ths debris was thrown
high that it did not coma down for fully ten
minutes, and ieople from five miles In
the country runhed in to seo if Winchester
had suddenly been destroyed by an earth'
quake. It was regarded as the worst rail
road accident that ever occurred iu Ken
Thk cotton worm is doing Immense
damage to cotton in South Carolina.
An incendiary flro in Iexlngtm, Ky
the other morning destroyed Bush & Son'
planing mills and several other buildings.
Loss alKiut U,U0fl.
Thk other morning E. M. Mooney, City
Marshal and Chief of Police of Helena,
Ar'i., was shot and killed by some unknown
A latk fire in Crawford, Miss., destroyed
twelve stores and six warehouses. Loss
flOO.000; insurance fl,0W.
Colonkl C'arky, of the Engineer corps,
and Acting Secretary of State, Davis, went
to Westmoreland County, Va., recently,
and visited the old ashington homestead
there for the purpose of selecting a site
for the monument authorized by act o(
Congress to lie erected at the birthplace ol
General Washington. The site selected is
about three hundred yards from the bonne
in which Washington was born.
Eioht cases and three deaths frc-n yeb
low fever at tho Pcnsacola Navy Yard to
the 20th. ,
At Quebec, Canada, all the telegraphers
who went on a strike returned to work, and
at Atlanta, Ua., all strikers applied to be
Businkhs failures for the week endii g
August Kith, 170, as against IKi the previous
It has recently been learned that the as
sasslnated informer, James Carey, early in
1SS2 sent two men to London to shoot Wm.
E. Forster, then Chief Secretnry for Iro-
lund, but their courage failed thorn.
iWKNTY-Two young men, who were
students at the university at St. Petersburg,
and connected with the Nihilist journal,
have been sent to Silieria.
Thk Emperor of Germany contributed
Nt.OOO marks to the funil for the Ischla
earthquake sufferers.
A dkckkk has been signed in Paris ex
pelling from France M. Boland, the Belgian
A Halifax (N. 8.) dispatch states that
in December, 1N72, the brig New Dominion
sailed from Cowbay, Cape Breton, for Yar
mouth with a cargo of coal, and nothing
was ever heard of her. A diver working
at the wreck at Cedar Grove, near
Torbay Grove, recently discovered her
bull on the bottom, making out easily her
name on the stern. She is supposed to
have run on bohio reef at Cedar Grove, slid
off and sunk with all hands.
Thkrk were forty deaths from yellow
fever iu Havana during the past w eek.
Mr, Eaton, President of tbeCivil Service
Commission, had a conferencewiththe Act
ing Secretary of the Treasury recently in
regard to the right of the latter to make
certain promotions in the Treasury Depart
ment, under the Civil Bervlce Law. As
suitable regulations had not been completed
it was decided that the Department could
make all necessary promotions at once.
Thk five story stone building, corner of
LaSalle and Washington streets, Chicago,
occupied by the Western Union Telegraph
Company, Union National Bank, Interna
tional Bank, Associated Press and numlier-
lit reewd f.aeetulli A eel, leeilel Het
ul frotg I nrudt steels) Ills Leea,
r.a. Pi, Aug 10.
Ju.le Jeremiah H. H a. k did at 1.10 Ibis
Miorniug. Though uueiecte4( kis
death a. sudden and was a .bock M II.
eoiiiiuuiiiiy. On Saturday morning he
seemed somewhat better, but lh Impinve
nirnl was loo slight to justify bop ul
recoery. An unfavorable change began
Unit four in Ui all-on.., and be gi l
ually grew worse, but remained cou.cloos
alimxl to Id ami ami riled peacefully,
From lb beginning of bis lllneu Juilg
Black believed b would never recover and
i perfectly re.igne.1. Mrs. Judire Black.
Lieutenant Ooverii or ("hauiioey K. Block,
and wile, ll.-nrv Black, Mr, and Mra.
Iloriul v, A. it. Farquhar and Dr.
llilicnlu l.li.r were pretend, Many led
gtsms of roiidoleuca have leen received,
bliortlv before Judge Hla. k died ha said
ti bl. wile; "How can I leer to rroas Ids
daik river when mv Kn'her wapa for me
mi Id other .lioier" and s.ddd, "Would I
w.-re a. comfortable atut all I b-ave tie-
l.iii't iiiiliii-.ti, I in ibi. woild," and then
brenthed Ida following earnest pravr:
'Million lirlovrd and llloot merciful HeaV
en I v Faider, from whom I bad my being,
atift in whom I have ever (mated, If It Im.
Thy will, giant that mv uiT"iing end and
ttial I acclily lie colled home In 1'hee; and
uli, mv God, 'bless aud couilort thre, my
Th Immediate came nf his death was
oxiemih, produced by adsorption of letainnd
urinary ruiisllliieni prior to the iqierati ul
of Thur.dnv. Dr. McKonuon, nf York, w ho,
had .pent the day with the patient noticed
Hie opiiearanc of unfavorable .vmploiiia
al.nl four o'clock in the aiteruooii. Dr.
Meisenhebler, of ork, who relieved
Dr. McKennoti aliout six o'clock, also no
ticed th change for the wone, and from
that hour the increasing growth of his
.vmpdims indicated o giadiial failure of all
the vital forces. Judge Black .offered great
ly during hi. illness, but his last moment
were without acute niin, and he passed
rpiietly away, retaining consciousness tiutil
wilhiu a few minutes of Lis death.
Wasiiisutii", Aug. III.
The news nf (he denth nf Jeremiah S,
Black was received with great regret her
where his face had been familiar for many
years. Judge Black was iu Washington
veryoftenof hitevears. He was lust known
as one of the foremost memliera of the Sn
ireme Court bur. At tnm.s he appeared
lefore the departments, but plenty of peo
ile rememlHir him as ho was in bis prime
before the war. The Inst time that his ap
pearance here attracted National attention
was when iiecaine last winter as counsel lor
the Mormons and attempted to negative the
work of the 1 tnn Commission. Jinlg Black
was one of the most familiar figures in the
lobby nf one of the iiprown hotels, lie
was always the center of a group of list
eners, being accounted one of the liest
story-tellers in public life. When he was
ot entertaining ins menus, in nis rest
hours, he was reading French novels, nf
which he was verv fond. He was irlnd to
coide to Washington at any time on ac
count of his daughter, Mrs. Hornsby, who
has a delightful home iu the West end. In
her company her fattier saw a good deal of
vi asliuiLrt4)ii society. He was universally
liked. His originality, bis quaintuess, ami
tils old-fashioned manners gave him pecu
liar interest. His big heart held the frivuds
whom hisiirlllunry attracted.
The Striking Telegraphers Returning to
Work Where they Can Find Positions.
Nkw Yoiik, Aug. In.
The main office of the Western Union Tel
egraph Company was Iwsieged from an
early hour this morning by nearly UK) op
erators seeking reinstatement. There wers
but few women and girls among the num.
ber. Superintendent Ilumstone was busily
engaged discriminating lietwoen the appli
cations from first-class workmen and those
who were considered second and third rate.
only the best workmen being taken back,
d quite a number of ojierntort
wero disappointed by being reject
ed. Those operators who had lieon
taken after the strike commenced will lie
l-nined bv the comtianv In their nresent
positions. Forty-fi ve were taken back yester-
lay afteriuKin anil last evening. Aootit linr
ty moro first-class men were reinstated thii
A delegation, or striking linemen visited
the otliccs, but wore told th'ir places had
lieen tilled by competent men. Mtertliey
held a meeting nud resolved to apply for
work individually and go back as soon as
the company would take them. Oiierutore
ho were unsuccessful in their applications
for reinstatement also held a meeting and
passed resolutions of thanks to the press.
Unite a large numlier of the female opera
tors have failed in securing positions, and
the Brotherhood intend to see that they
receive regular salaries while out or em
at chicaoo.
Cmicawi, III., Aug. 1".
Up to noon to-day to exceed fifty hail
made personal application to Superintend
ent Tubbs for reinstatement and thirty
nine hail been given places. Striking tele
graph oiei otori kept applying for work at
the office of the Western Union In small
mads ui lo one o'clock, when a stanmedc
occurred and from that on till a lute bout
this afternoon the hallway leuding to the
olllce of Superintendent Tubbs was crowd
ed. Practically the entire working force
of the Bnltimoie and Ohio were taken back.
M i 1 11 01 THE 1UII.
A fewd.r Uilea ( .7rTa line aa
eeiMMseilal eat rata -1 nwr MeadieOl 0V
I lie.lrr r.flod.4 la lbs Wreek.
Isti.oioa, Kir , August IT.
This morning lernbl accident ue
furred al Wuu de.ler, ikdleen miles ft "in
ear. For femr days pait a rar ronialniug
stv.rg.uf blasting powder, ron.lgned to
II, P. MaHin t Co., lot routroclora no Ids
Kentucky Ceulral eiteii.ion, bos been
standing an tli.sl lingat Wluche.lcr.wliere
Id. Kenlti. ky Celilial and I deacaka As
Ohio I milk lilies ciom. This uioi nlng IdlS
car of powder wa. .landing on Hie A If.
track, ju.l opplto Id ISallroad Hotel at
H Hi. dealer, wdeu Id. Mount Sterling 4.
Islington aceoibiiio.lalloii,diieat Wlri. de.
leral: is a. m., arilved mere en tun.
Iheiiain I. a tuned one, composed ef a
III. king aud baggage car, .twit a.rtler
ran aiia a lotof Heigdl cma. It was 4s
..rr for Hire nl Id freight cars lo be
hlpited 10 Ide soling, and there were car.
et loll,, endue, and lietoie tne train ar
rived e' (he aVtHit the iluee rers and tho
engine were detached, and a'arted down
th r-.4 In make the siding at th
west end of Ui .witch. At tin. lim Ids
Vard angina a .lolling cars nil Id
fv.ntuckv Central, ami the Irani lay across
Ike I'be.aneake A I'lil-i Hack. II." engl
neer nf Id occoiiiuio.Ulon Iraln rever.ed
hi. ant Ins and tried lo back, but the d
lacheiiparlof bi. train had no brakes, had
gotten under headway, and ran behind the
three freight car. ami engine, forcing them
forward. Th engine .truck th cor loaded
with d keg. of hln.ting powder, and hit It
w nil suru momentum mat it was nroseu
snd several of the powder-kegs were riiH
lured. This wo. Ignited by sparks from
Ilia engine, and an ei olon followed
which shook every bouse In Winchester to
It. toundiulon stone..
Two men were killed and flvi'others seri.
nii.lv (mured. Ciii.taln Charles C. M
Michael, who ran down on top of th
freight tiain at the whlstla of down
brakes, wss in the miiUt of the explosion,
and was llirown at least fifty yards. Ilia
eyea were blown out, and be was bioekened
II over with the powdnr. i lien osstst-
tanca reached him he snid, aa be groiied
around uiHin the ground, "Boys, I am a
goner. Good by. Send for my wife and
rhiblren. Tell my wife that 1 was doing
my duty, but I did not know that there wa
powder in 1'int car. Ob ! oh ! my poor wife
and children." Jlin wile was summoned
by telegraph and left this city by special
train at nine a. in. for " luchester. Ua
was token to th residence of Dr. Hubbard
Taylor, but after great agony be died at
twelve in. Kniiilolph Martin, conductor of a
construction tram on the Kentucky I entrai
saw the collision, and ran to render what
assistance he could. He reached the train
in time to Ire blown a distance of llltv yards
and killed instantly, iieiug mangled into
a pulp. He leaves a wife and four children.
The engineer of the accommodation train,
Dennis Schuller, baa never lieen seen since
the acc dent. The fireman, named Baxter,
ran off, erased with flight, b it afterward
returned, and he thinks that Schuller is
safe, A negro man named Augustus Me
Kiinui, w ho was standing ! yards from
t is scene, had Ins lawlioiie broken ny Ian
lug timlier. A braketuon named Johnson
was severely burned, but it is thought thut
he will recover. Frank Hockersmith, a
carpenter, who was at work on the new
passenger depot, was badly Injured, but
may recover. Kd S. Hawks, junior partner
In the Railroad Hotel near the depot; Will
Hnker. Henry Jackson. and sev
eral other attaches of the hotel
were seriously In hired, although there is o
chance fi r tli-m all to recover. As good
luck would hove it, there were but few peo
ple around the depot at the time of the ac
cident. Had It happened twenty minutes
later the fair train from Richmond would
have lieen in with a large crowd and the
loss of life would have been terrible. The
roof of the new pessenger depot and a por
tion of Its wails were blown away. The
depot waa in process of construction and
was almost finished, lioss JsslHi. 1 lie Hall
rosd Hotel, owned bv tho Hawks Brothers,
was damaged to the extent of $1,000. H
wss a new building, lately opened. Three
of the Kentucky Central Height-cars were
blowti to atoms, portions of t-hem being
carried a distance of iVXI yards, and the en
gine of the Chesapeake it Ohio accommo
dation train was inmost a total wreck.
The citizens of Winchester did all that
pity and humanity could porompt to alle
viate the suffering of the victims. C. D.
Emmons, the Local Agent at Winchester
for both the Kentucky Central and Chesa
peake A: , (lino Hoad, is held responsible
by the people of Winchester for the whole
accident, from the fact that he held a car
load of powder on tho siding there for four
days, iu antagonism to the laws of Ken
tucky, which specifically states that pow
der shall not lie kept upon a railroad switch
longer than twenty-four hours at a time.
Mr. Emmons Is highly esteemed person
ally. Strange to say, four out of the 4l)
kegs of powder did not explode, but re
mained intact.
less commission offices, was partially
do that w hich she finally successful! oo- burned on the evening of the 2lt, ond was
eomplished. made completely uninhabitable by the
Tuk other day man and woman regis-1 streams of water thrown in the building.
tered as man and wife at the Commercial
The fire originated on th fifth floor, used
as the operating deportment by the Western
Union Telegraph Company. The telegraph
company estimates its loss ot$l."i,nooto fjo,
000. No Insurance. The loss on the build
ing was 30,nnt). The loss to other tenants,
The building was Insured for
Hotel in Chicago. Not having reported for
breakfast or dinner next day the proprietor
ordered the door of the room to be oiened,
when the man and woman were found lying
on the floor unconscious, dressed in night
clothes. The window and transom were fpil.Onfl,
closed and the gas escaping In the room. il3,nni).
The man soon died and the woman re- Thk Dublin ,TreriiH'.KriirtIdcnrecatn.
niaiued unconscious. jtne violent language to which utterance
AT Cincinnati, Ohio, Burt Scheibel shot baa been given in th House of Commons
and killed Josie Stubb, a sporting woman, recently by Irish me in tiers. It says it
in ber room, and then shot himself In the servea no good end.
face, dying instantly. K beill was from Thk proi-ession of Knights Templar at
Iayton, where his father Is proprietor of a San Francisco was reportc-d to be the
hotel. He was charged witli emliezilement (ran lest affair In Ui history of the Pacific
of tb fundsof an insurance comjiany there, i Slope. Seventy-five thousand strangers
Silas Kismtit, of Cleveland, Ohio, j Hned tb people of tb city in witnessing
monuforturer of ice machines and water parade. During (he inarch three
pipes, bos failed with liabilities of over standard larers fainted from exhaustion,
Jl'I.es.X He attributed kis failure to ;' Hi' Alexander Weed, Grand Com-
voriety of causes, mainly the want of mander of California, was thrr.wn from his
funds. i home and hod b"th legs broken.
A rtiart'Ti ovfi a land grant and cattle
I ranch in New Mexico recently led too
tragedy and death of three of the w ealthiest
-. Y.. !sbi'
late w-sj c Isfif Island.
t "1 f-rV Sheep Ot 1 sew
ee-"y ir rr-ed te-v, em td f'wart
f.-m. t-r GeM-Vi ( V .
A k -we V--- tsf 'wm. t
!-r $ - 1 --a H-ssM -f F- t H.s-avt.
"- J.. i- g r-iir"! Ira
f V4 s - . -J I '-.-.
Jf '. i !.-.- t-st-er t 1 at
f j. '.rf - IC J W V
- - - It I . -
s--e '
AT Osklsnd, Mis., the pe-iple, w hits and
bla'-k, turned out ea masae and tiled, con
victed end Kan rd Jo Pavne, negro, for
the BiurdT of Trtwres Psyleo, a young mer
chant of tb town.
PufTHATTB drmjgit nearly ruined the
fT'-ps La Virginia. 1
cor w rwt e f'T fodder, lrt
heavy rsin. wade fanner, re'-e bcefnt
Tltg ciy of i-aleev. T'ls. bssawster
famine. ( itrn. hove les drained, g or-d-!t
dried srp sti-l ibe ee. ctf tl 4",'h
f-.S" !V eee IP the pee-v of is. vs-gess.
SBarket F's-sn. ( wetr had d-
pJ-4H cm tt-r re-t 'ra fr d-ok ng
warsT b.s-e rwt v M f T.
? s t. m- cH a ce c.f . -t--e
ill f Vc: e f -vti S re?a-e
ia. V a.. td 11 r--ea .-.i . e
Vs" w-e f,-ise-l.sv vtstee to
lr- - r-...
A -; ai F""s -rr t-w
- - -7 r : - - - t-.- -
tnea (4 that Territiry. Ib conteid be
rweew Manael B. Otero and J. O. W bitney
f,ir Ftan. ia Ilaeoti, near Allejquerqne,
valued at r f i.'i.ni, the (..fi dv-i led
ta favor of Whittiev and when be went to
mane pieces to tok Isewi flsht eneoed la mhkk
b"?h claimaete were kiiied, alo Uie hr'4h-er-in-iaw
4 Wkrtrtsy, nsne-d Ferrian-ics.
rtwrn wo. a near relative of ex -C'mtresa-man
(ciefe end W'titnev woe of the weoHe
iet faiio',s of II ssav desetta.
Tt esse of Us. W'O-ocvs Fraek Jserssw
wo. tas ep r tfee e--aic ot Gs'i.t n. Kfu,
the Jin, It)- k U-!di:i sed Oaee F rd
: T a wttoee f -ir tHe 4 tsflt. j
Kiagi.sst M. F'T'-w. b- eVsti'fug od I
't c. t --e of U 's- te-l ?. .. .1 j
fls- k a-TB, .. eB-red In
is h -s' ,e, Jfas.-, sr-n evi.-sd t-. -idj
r r1 a V Se ' Vs W k H .T-ssed te 1
t " -4 rf tmik a ft '
---t rt :n .- t -ffi '?---?-. I
f'rsST f' tS. g--et ear- a
l 't U ha k a- !.!. j
AT 8T LI11I8.
8t. Long, Mi)., Aug.'lO.
The strike is ended in St. Ijouis. Twenty
five operators have been taken back by-tlic
Western Union, only two of whom were
women, and nine of the men were sent out
of the city by Superintendent Baker tc
points ranging from Galveston to St. Paul.
Much sympathy was expressed by the men
who still held out for the women and girls.
They hsd lieen faithful to the end, and men
who had made the first break were those
who had encouraged them to join th
at inrrnotT. .
Dr.TRoiT, Mich., Aug. I",
A lsrve numlier of ojrators applied to
day for reinstatement and eleven hart
been taken bock In Deroit, four or five in
the interior of the State ofld'es, five have
lieeu rejected, and this eveuing the Super
intendent has applications of sixteen more
on file for consideration on Monday. The
moat desirable operator will lie selected.
snd the tialance retectl. All who havt
worked during the strike will be protected
and will tie retained.
AT arai'ilm.
Mkmphis. Tkn:., Aug. K
After thirty daya of aoliditv here on the
part of the strikers, they have, under in
structions from the East, disbanded and
placed their aervh-es at th command of the
Manager ot the Company. Only three so
far hove been reinstated.
at rrrrsBi iioH.
PiTTet-iiH, Pa.. Aug. !,
Manager Lloyd, of the Western Union,
was very busy all the morning receiving
applications from strikers for reinstate
mer.t. (Hit of sixty-five who qnit work el
Ide beginning of tb strike oil hut fifteen
were taken liack ujtoei promising to re
Bourne Uie Brotherhood.
AT ta rmAxrtaco.
fm FHA.crro, Ci. Aug. !.
Up to this evening no applications ksvs
been made lor position bv striking tele
f ra ph oiTaUtrs to the Telg rsph Company,
(me .inker say.: "We will apply la's
bodr M.dsy. asking the fcuperinteDdent
to reinstate Uesai a.l.n
at WAsmroToii.
Wwsmmj. D. c, Aug 1. j
At IJ II tS Wr k tj nrrastors r. ;.d Ie
K-s y spot Maesrer t lark, of t V tftrrr
! o -m. ar-d ra-d that, as the strike had
Issen o tared eool. u -v t-t dtssire-n ol
rs-s'Jti r wtrk. iansi:er ( ia:k rees-ned
tsi I't'.'t ui in! n..'4 Ii n ti nt s,i
ll-e '-i-tss r- ti -sn wp ft j( f v,
e-.sd -ate p a-ss. .tsasi to i 0 w1--
w 'd be o-.ti.'e4 ft -.tw o;t'.tg te.
nr iters to m-su; v teen if tny ac c.-ir-d.
at r-t..rf i,pbia
rwi.ArrsmiA f-o 1
T : lr"Ti etsrs-d r-,t
--n. 1 r M on -y h v
V e st F te o . i - f-a m . i.e ft
Ui s-s:v Vnet---w.
Asleep on the Track.
Atchisom, Kamb., August IT.
A section gang this morning discovered
the remains of a dead and mangled man on
the track of the Omaha extension of the
Missouri Pacific. On investigation It was
found to be tho body of a young man tw enty-three
years old named Bnrdett, a mem
Iter of the gang finding him. His body was
cut squarely iu two; from the armpits up
was on the inside of the rails, the baiauco
on the end of the ties. He came to town
last night, aud lieing quite drunk, in com-
riuny with some noted characters, evident
v WHiit to sleep on the track and was run
over by the incoming train. A Coroner's
jury rendered a verdict that he was killed
ny me easi-nound special irain iroin t.rina
ha, lieing the pay car. A letter from his
sister, named Ellen Hill, Osborne, Mo., is
the uuly clue to his people.
A Well-Farned Iteward.
(iuii ctsntii, Mass., Ainru't 17.
A purse of about f.'.oOO has been collected
among the passengers of the train of the
Gloucester Branch of the Eastern Railroad
w hich left Ris kport on Wednesday morn
ing. August 8. at 7:(o. This train when
reaching Beverly would have collided with
the Portland train on account of the break
ing of an air brake had It not lieen for the
presence of mind of o switchman stationed
mere, ana an engineer wnose engine was
reversed and liocked out of the way while
the switchman threw open the switch just
in time to hove the incoming train pass over
in satety. It is proposed lo increase the
amount' to $.'i,is.l and divide It equally be
tween the two men who no doubt by tdeir
quick perception of the situation prevented
o territ'le occideut, and consequent great
loss ot lire.
Aa Open Switch.
Chahuotte, H. t August 17.
The psssenger trsin arriving her from
Atlanta this morning ran on a siding and
came in collision with a freicht engine.
Fireman W. S. Farris, of Atlanta, was
killed. Nobody else was hurt. The en
gine, and the mail cor were ttadlr liatn
o red. The accident was caused by an ob
rntsimi ixu UTi iuitir.
EIIJ.ll Col.', ill Niirttivllle, JJ. r,
ill I m l imt ball tall, ami I no mi aa
Jie '(.li.uti.f iha North WimmI.," J.c
rrceiity, go."1' seventy jeam.
ainiicl Francis (smith, 1). I) , Ide
tullpir ul ntir National lit inn, "My
iiuiiiiry, ; pi nice," now ivshii
the g 1 1 senility four, III N cm town
Center, Mass.
Sdinliir Eiip'iii) Main In llio pr.ic
!icc uf Ira- Has nm-ln a little fortuno f
hiiiiM-lf uf alniiit .,(i,issl to fimi.ONi,
IDs wlfu ia snlil In liuvn fl.-.iHi.tasi, ami
willi licr thcr'g inlitri'st l,.'itKi,(isJ
oWoll full.
Isaac Ail.nns, tho Inventor of the
A lain, power prlnliii.' press, ilicil ro-
ccnily al Saiiilwich, K. II.. wbcro lia
hail rcsMct fur runny vara. Ile was
cllity-ono Jc.ua u ggu giitl quite
- .Mr. Henry T. rml.liM k, who some
year since inarr.eil SI),'e;io Milchcll,
llm ludrei-s. Is ifcliial. rHlucatcil ami en-
Icrprisiiii', urjo.ttiiMr himself in his
wifu, miirpruiiiiitliiw bur furtiinit with
icnl ami liilvllivnue," 7urr
Miss Lmii ilo InU-imco, "Otiiiln,"
wrilcs to llm l.otnliin Tntnn in fuvor ul
iiiakliirr ci'pyrie;it ircsly with Uie
I inieil Males Willi Ilia ctiiioitrrvnco ol
pillilisliers. KIim imposes any admission
inui Miejiainl ol American reprints ul
Fdu'lisli Minks us ruinous tu authors unj
Iu litciatini'.
Mr. Cliarlng A. Dun, of the New
Ynrk Nil ii, putd im n wliilu bctivcr .ibuiit
two o'clock every nfternuon anil (toes to
mi. eh. Ho slra. lilies mio of tho swine-
iic' scats tit a counter, ninl, tillini; his
lint foully back, nods .iiiuliarly ui the
winter, mm onti-rs a pinto ol soup, lb
is m iiiuilcst an if ho did not htivu mi In
coimi of :UIXJ a mouth. Cliicnao
Dr. Oliver S. Tudor, nf Auburn,
N. V., the otm gurvirinu; uicmbcr ol
Diirlnioiilli CuIIpxo'u class of 1MUH, is
now in his D Kith year of life, anil cujovs
wrlccl lieiiiin ot mlml anil hotly. Ilo
kis never lice u sick but a day itnd
half, and lias never had a headache.
The one slijfht nltitck of sickness occur
red sonit) ueventy-rtirco yotiis a'n.N.
i. l ul.
H 'V. Xewninn Hall's " Come lo
Jesus" has been ptiiited in twenty Inn-
Ctiaejeii niid H.ikki.iiiiii eopieit of It huve
been .sold Air. Hull ih lull in stal tire,
not robust, jreninl in manner, and with
lace K itiitf I r with n mimtli v. Hit
home, called Ivy House, half hidden by
vines, is full uf liiitiircs and books
gathered from all jiiuU of tho world.
C'tyo Jrws.
l!a yard Taylor used to sav tliat ol
all men lie had ever seen Hawthorne
was the most remarkable fur possessing
eyes that Hashed lire, the pupils being
sometimes so dilated ua to render Hit
iris invisible, (iludstona has similin
yes, and some of his friends attributed
lo them Queen Victoria's lack of fund-
s for that .statesman. Her Majesty,
they pay, lias on several occasions been
Actually terrilictt by Gladstone's gaze.
Tho s;ood dyo younir if their mils-
ache happens to be white.
Rulers sway the people, but tho
sehoul-niasler sv. ays the rulers. ll'ddr-
ho Observer.
A clerffvmnn saitl tbatho addressed
his coniri'eeatiuu of ladies and frenlle
nieu as brelhren, because tlio brethren
nibraeed the ladies.
" There Is a tied in tlio afl'airs of
men which leads on lo fortune, ' re
marked a yonnjr man after many ing
an heiress. Viitciiiinili Merchant tnt
A fimr-vear-ohl child, visiliiiir, saw
bellows used to blow an open lire, and
Informed her mother that "ihey shovel
wind into the lire at Aunt Augusta's."
The JIuimhohl.
Huston sohool-jfirl can not be
made to speak of overalls. She prefers
lo call idem sniicr-onines. Now let
some of those wild Western sheets iiiniiu
sneer at our culture, if they dare! Uus
Uin I'nmserijit.
One uf the loveliest spectacles in
this world is to watch Ihe expression ol
rapture that passes over the face of the
dude as ho sucks lemon up tlini:j;h a
straw, rull his eyes and rubs his ears to
ifether at the back of his head. d'oWiii
The fair thiiiff: "Now, Mr. Over
charjre, what will it fust to have hot
and cold water put all throu; my
house." "Well, I can't pivo a very
close estimate until the job is com
pleted. 1 will do tho fair thiii2 by you. I
Iholitrh." So the plumber went to
work and three months latter he owned
the house. lletroit l'ost.
A musical journal discusses "Music
as a llcaliurr Art." If a man were to be
treated to a serenade by a couple of
liauptpcM, he would have to bo pretty
ill if the inspiriiiff strains didn't ififu-e
enouoli strength into bis system inside
of live niinules to cause him to jump
out uf bed and louk around for a shut
gun. S-uleh Fun.
John Hull (who is aked toward
the Cottaon Home fur Ovcr-worke 1
School Hoard Children): "Confound it!
mv hand's nevir out of my pocket,
liis-i I have to pay for their education,
and because that h m ule 'em so qiuvt
I nm now asked to pay the doctor s
bill!" funny Folks.
Ella Wheeler says, in a piayii. that
it wss "at the twilight hour ' when "
iln'.im canietoniy stern heart's lioltcd j
door sad faced dream, nilicd in the
jarli of woe." if she cats ice rn sm j
and a fickle jut before ret'rinc;. a
manv euls do, such dtvanu will surely i
cunie lualitie anmnd her stern heart s
A Malagw-aa ItrBilllLcrnce.
The pMlubiliim ul Christian preach.
Iiil' in Id i.iwa, eptedilv fiilluHid by
the flaming out uf 0 p.-l s, ciuioit (hut
waved ricr lien-cr ami liercer, till It
(row into .cii ii-fold luriiace uf a raid
Neither at'" lior set was spared. Old
men, ih.Mreti, weak wuiiieii, tcndei
Ifills, Weill fearleeslv lo dentil, lnie;
ll llc.incc i-uiild iiul slilcld III" peasnnl
who lolled In Ihe rii't-liclds, hich liirth
Hid long- .rrvlcn i-uulil n,. sa0 Ihe
noble who stood beaide ll,u llnuiin. "J
niusl t.y tuiil ralher than In nil in this
mailer," nid one t'nllant folbiw, "bill
I will serve the yiieeii fnillifiilly never-tin-lees."
The nm ds weru hardly
sHikni when he was a corpse. And at
ls there, raiiieadsy when rig-Moi-n
v 1 1-1 1 in s at once, niuoii-' w limn wern sev
eral of the noblest lianies In M:nbi'as-
car, were lrai;i'i la-lore the Jiiilges
atniil the yclis of a blisidthlrstv inulti-
Itldti Mini all condeliiiicd lo die- funr-
teeti lo be hurled frum Ihe Rock uf
Naiiir in in inn nun and the reiiiaiuiiie: four
to li hurneil alive.
Then - the Hide band of hornet hav-
iiii; refused every oiler uf life-came
tho Inst scene uf all, tho description of
which, by a native eve-witness, may
lioar comparison with anything in
Foxo'a "llisik of Martyr" or Hie annals
of the Scottish Covenanters: "And the
li'litecn appointed to die, as they sat
upon the (rroiunl surrounded hy the sol
dim, sanj( the hymn:
"There is s blessed land,
MukliiK most irlail:
There rest shall mocr end,
There none be aoil."
Over aa Emhankasewt,
(Xiao, Iu Annus IT.
A special train on the Chesapeake ft
Ohio Railroad ye.terdav, having oa board
General Echols, Vloe-Fresident and Mana
ger; (ieneral,Suprintenient Brown, Ktip
eintendant of Construction H'intinirton,
Oenerol Freight Agent Mitchell, and a
number of invited gt.ests, strut k a steer
nor nii ai-.MM i,tt ntos eti no-ir . . , .. , - , .
and... thr, H,,m- . i.r.i.s, ia. i !l.ed np b1he tire-olarm srnal-biv.
m'it. Engineer Mile, and Fireman S.i't, i snd t-isfci a nkkei in iU Then he oat
The Miirireon lisherv.
Tlie sturewn rnn'e from Ceorr;a, in
winter, lo M. John. X. H.. in eiitiimer,
and are follow ed up tlinm.'hoiil the sea
son by men expert in t In ir c.oiture.
Lsr-e pill net are u-ed in this bu- n.-ss.
eaeh a'siut two linniln-'l fstbotus I'-ec,
and v ilh nx-lii-s a foot in ic. The
bolted d-r, and she's Im kv if thev don't v '"v"' " "' principal bed ol
raw! ahsnit her head and frighten
"And when the sentences wero all
pronounced and the ollleer hud jroiio
back to the place of tho chief anlhori-
ties they took those eiirhteen away to
put them t death. They tied llieiii by
Ihe haniU and feet to fonjr poles and
arried t.leiu on men s shoulders. And
those brethren prayed and sjmko to the
peoiih) as they were beine; carried iiloiijr.
Anil some who looked upon them said
that Iheii faces were like tho faces uf
angels. And as Ihey took tho
our that were to be burned alive to the
place of execution, these Christians sang
tho hymn, 'When our hearts are
troubled then remember us.' And when
Ihey camtj to Karavohitra Ihero they
burned them, li.cil between split spars.
And (here was a rainbow in tho heavens
nt thu time. They prayed as lony as
they had any life, and ihey died softly
and gently. And all the people wero
amazed who beheld the buniiiijrof them
Kiiually cruel was ihe fate of the
eroie Iiiutteeti who were tloomeil to
tho fatal rock. With a, savago refine
ment of torture, their murderers pro-
onsreil tho last itgony bv suspenditi!;
them wilh cords passed round Iheir
bodies over the brink of the fearful
precipice, as if to make them taste the
full bitterness of that, hideous death be
fore it eaino. An awful hush fell upon
tho lierce multitude that crowded the
summit of the rock as the executioner's
gaunt black ligtiro came gliding like a
spirit of evil up to the spot where tlio
swinging forms hovered in mid-air,
wilh the glorious panorama below out-
pread as if in mockery before fio eves
that were so soon to be closed forever, i
Once more, and for the last time, mercy
was ollcred to each victim in turn on
condition of renouncing tho Christian
tith. The firm refusal that answered
was barely uttered when the dooms-
man s ax tlashctl anil fell, nml in the
tomb-like silence were heard Ihe " sn'g"
of (he parted rope and the dull thud of
tho mangled body on tlio cruel rocks
ar below.
No churches have been founded, no
shrines decorated, to honor these ninie-
ss heroes: but many a saint whoso
name stands high on the niuster-ivll of
the noble army of martyrs, and whoso
memory lives in costly silver and im
pi'itshalilt! marble, might fn'rly yield
his place to the "wilnesses" of Nam
paminaritia. Of all that doomed band
one only escaped with life from that
(lolgotha. This was a young girl,
who walked quietly to the place of exe
cution, saying that there was no need
to bind or carry her, for she was quite
ready to go. Hope were entertained
that she might be induced to rec; nt,
and with this view orders were pri
vately given lo the native ollieers who
superintended the butchery to reserve
her to the last. She was set close to
the edge of the precipice and held there
by the executioners while Ihe slaughter
proceeded. One by one her fellow
martyrs were crushed into shapeless
hideousiiess before her eves till she
alone was left. Hut the brave oirl nev
er flinched. To nil oilers of life the re
plied simply: "1 will not give up my
faith: let me go lo my friends." Infu
riated by her steadfast calmness the
chief of the rtilliatis w ho directed the
massacre struck her savagely on the
fais? and bade her take the oath of ali
jttrgation and do homage to tho gods
of the country or die forthw ith. Hut
her answer was tlll the same: "I will
follow mv friends '' "She i an idiot,
and knows nol what she says!" roired
the batlled sav.-ige: "lake her away!"
She was accordingly removed from the
spot and dragged away to a distant part
of the island, where she survived lo re
count, years later, all the details of a
erne worthy to Is' ioinineiiinrst. il in
words of Pre like those wherew it h the
great- st Englishman of the seventeenth
century branded the riednmntcsp mr.s-tacre.-
Lowlon t'or. .V. '. J'ric..
lion for ihe Inbhi, wo took some point
In In-jiiliw how ll I rooked by Uie wnt
of !h li.hcriiii-n thrniat lit s, who ought
In know as Well as siiIhkIi, seeing- Ihsl
it rolisliliilct staple ailicle of l.irll
d.i-t. )l" III scleral liu-lliods rtmi
in lidcd, Mr give the two that seem Id
uiosl promising:
1 he lust method Is til cut the flesh
Into slice and paiUiil tlu-ia lo get rid
ol the siihi tluoiis oil, and then fry I be in
iu a thin batter,
'i he second lie I led la to rut up tin
meat into aquati-s two iuelie lliii k,
which are lo Im thoroughly boiled, and
then pickled for Iwo dujs in sjucrd vin
egar, after which Ihey are n-ody lot
rating, and am run tidcreil tlcelleut by
the lisheriui n.
Tho usual way of preparing sturreon .
for market, however, I by smoking.
Strips an Inch or two thick am pul
throiii'h a pickling process, tlu-n hung
on luniks over a alow lire of oorn-eubt
ur sawdust of hard wood. After thus
smoking fur a single night they are
ready to he shipped to any part of lb
Ibo preparation ol caviare nan im
portant part of tho business. While
this is not yet In a) general use In tins
country as in Russia and other parts ol
r.iirope, where It Is no Highly ealeeinrii
that no repast Is served without It, it is
oming itilit favor, especially In lh
Western and Southern States. There)
ant two sorts of caviare, the soft and the
hard; tho latter being worth about
Uieo as much as the former. 1 bo
taluo uf the liest hard caviare, in the
South, early in the spring, is said to bo
from lift ecu lo twenty cents a'potind.
Iu order to make the best article It la
necessary to strip the roe from the stur
geon as soon as possible after the fish
ins been caught, lleloro Delllg Uncu ll
is rubbed through a coarse sieve to
brcuk the eggs apart and to tree theni
from membranous tissue. Next the roe
is thoroughly salted, niter which it
stands a certain length of time. Then
it is emptied into lino sieves, where it
remains till It Is so dry ns to roll like
shot. The linished caviare is packed
Into casks previously lined with napkin
linen, each layer being salted with lino
table stilt. Each keg holds about 150
pounds. With proper earn the caviare)
may b kept for a year or longer. For
the trade it is often canned like fruit, in
which condition it will stand transpor
tation to warm countries, and will keep
an itidelinitu length of time. It may I hi
eaten as put up without further prepar
ation, though it is thought to be im
proved in flavor by the addition of a lit'
tlo vinegar or lemon juice. Pressed
caviare is a favorite wilh Russian sol.
(liers.who arc said to take a liberal sn j
ply in their knapsacks whenever tliey
are going on a long march. Improve
menlK might bo made, no doubt, in tho
preparation of American caviare, and
the subject is worthy uf receiving tint
especial attention ol packers. ll. u
lhve.il, n bni.ntiie American.
Webb's Death.
tue w its out of her almost. .x-jrrs.sfo
" "
The time mi midnight and the agn
ation nesx the Hort office, ihe mm
ft srful'y and wonderfully foil. He
f f-.:isatielntown. were bod i v eco , d-d in od
d'tioa to other injuria, ttut rem of the
older, were hurt. Ail were wt-,1 t:.ka
up. The entire train, consisting of ergioe,
be gsg car and coach, went over.
A Miaplaeeal Ssrllrh.
PfTTHeron. V a. Ao IT.
ok locomotive, tender and four freight
era of a freight trsra ow U-e R.d- rt Ik
fis.tca Railroad were bd wre.k4 near
fror,k iiot.sn fstotion. TV eermsssf- sal
flrerrysfl wes? canrt fieder be ds-ti . t
fioere "ir e-pd da'h. Tt-0'-t i lent wo
canted by a nsi-p,s -ea w.t. o,
.-'diRf Cars.
!''i-r-rj.r: c .s-is-e?.
Te t rs'.jsT-.ii no r vt ct -- fs--ss
rf the Is-tr-,. F-..-s.-t. t A-r
i.-et-e (- cl--. e-jr-.si o-s i ir.-ke t-'.'
Wis k ( T-ss r t -f (
"-. j' J te s-4 4,
Jown oo the i;rh.
"Why don't the car slart"'
lie rvceived no answer.
Why d-ii'l tb car rart?"
St;'l do answer."
(.tnme back me farv, tbenr'
It ws. 't returBed.
I h B b jnnifiHi up. grsl v"d tb
so-sj-h-p-t'e aroimd the it. and at-K-rn-tc)
to trp it up 1 here i
r :i'eJ tnr''-j o rt! aefsned., - J
lioB be n se t tcr .fM- ki-k at t'-e
' le-'t ' 4 h s !-ef.r,, a"i tbe reti t
sill' t r I. k'J tt f rcrerofci
A fee Hw-s. t'.i lim ':f b H
'f. 'n t;
' 1 " a -' r. 1 . --st t' a I
Vests. r.'T wnt. hf I r': HIf.t tl-t
Idas' w l rf rr cot la"a t a
-iue (. '-.V f. fe-.i,
opera ion. Murgrs.n enter Im nn sin
aisiut the 2.'. of Mav, and in uth im
mense niinil-r. that net. a'uit a (quar
ter length have to be use,', lsig r r-rn
S'ing al that time unmsnsreil-ie. Mr.
Iii kvm. an expencnii-d fi.berman,
ee l. me ths' be has act n tlietr. a' un
dant that bi. mi wouid . nk with th- ir
weight as --n a it wa4trir..w n r-nt.
Ihe average f st. h j-er n't is f-o-n .
twfnty-fve to loirty f.-h jct-ee, at is. a
c1. This ls-ra a'siot two s.s k.
Tb sturgeon rrore t l 'v lip -rs-m 1
toward the tesd tf Ibe river, art 1 thns i
'idi'n'T ci . rar a'eit te 1 h if
Jure, otter wbi h thv rrrnt-f le sve cht ,
'wf-ere. lt' v fj-et r.-jt tf t' r -t j
wtho-it be nc csii.-i.t i a trt-err,
AJ that the t "nr.-n lose- s-..-n it
' to, t' st c.p rl.i t: v are i-u-v ij' , . (
irg f-h. and tt Btt si! th- r t"' arc :
. err r 'v
S 7 ee host. Bsl ia t'k t?n rie. s -e
cs-rt-tm ted rr tr. sre --., f s-
a'-".' t t..-i f .-r fe't k . ae 1 Ot
: 1 ; t feet t- fi. e uf f-s -- - -
W l( -'t I" 'rs.., :- A l-"S-V-sai
of t i f I f i s o , y t m.X
a 5 -t f '. i -f-' ,
T'tse fVsK nf rise e..'psm. a sr. "! '
l.'SX )4 s-T e"se 4 I ' s l
a p.aaa f!s . ot .a -,. : j
Dr. C. W. l'nlmer, of Lockport, N.
V., who was one of tho physicians hold
ing a post-mortem examination on tho
body of Captaiii Webb, furnishes tho
following account of it:
There was found marked rigor mor
tis. The. body was in a state yf activo
decomposition. All the tissues were
greatly ilislended by gases. There was
a scalp wound on top of the cranium,
three and one-half inches in length, not
involving tlie bony structure. No bones
were found broken. There were sev
eral other local injuries of the body,
but unimportant us to the cause of
death. The scalp wounilw as evidently
produced after death.
The muscular texture was peculiar.
By a cut longitudinally with a sharp
scalpel shreds of dessicated muscle
would be carried along with and collect
on llu) edge of the scalpel. All thu
blood presented n distinctly red color
iu some places remarkably red
showing that Ihe blood was not deoxid
ized by asphyxia in drowning, but that
death ensued prior lo that condition.
None of the characteristic symptoms of
death from drowning were present,
neither wns there any local injury suf
ficient to necessarily produce death.
The muscles were pale, and presented
the peculiar appearance for which we
could find no better name than ux
desiecation, the filament being ragged
and broken and separating with remark
able facility. The examination on each
extremity and upon the various portions
of the trunk and neck presented uni
formly these conditions.
As the result of oiirexamination 1 am
led to the conclusion, and in this I am
seconded by my colleagues, that death
was caused nut by asphyxia or drown
ing or bv any local injury hy the body
coining in contact with any hard sub
stance, but by the shock from the n-ao-t-onary
force of the water in the whirl
pool rapids coming in contact with the
submerged body with such force as to
instantly destroy the respiratory power,
and, in fact, all vital action by direct
pressure and force of contact a shock
of siitlicient intensity to par.ilwe the
nerve centers, partially il--sicca t a the
muscular tissues, and forestall any
probable scpiel uf death by drowning.
The cause of death in passingtliroiigli
these rapids being thus constant, and
in no way accidental, as might be
drowning or an injury received from
rocks, forces the conclusion Ihat no liv
ing Isslv can. or ever will, pass through
the raoi.ls alive: a fad established of
no little importance, and an ominous
warning to nil future adventurers.
The river bed al the whirlpool rapid"
is much narrowed, and also su.bit-ti'y
ns-unit . gn-ntlv iiicrcised preeip tan -.
I he w.it.-r sirikes tin- tint iciding rocky
banks with gn at i"loinr. an-l by react-on
nests with auch resistance a to
form in the center a niount,n;nous r-
ul i-n.-ro a--long w ster. f-oni twenty to
t thirty feet in I ..'glit. Intoth ( 'apt n
I Wel.n wa aiibnn rgt-d a'ter ps riff the
j first breaker, and itWaiitiy su'-jt-i ted lo
! the immense pre- ure itnl caied upon
hi Ksiv as the i sii-eof uis di atn.
Ti e nHsti -n has
bv d t b----.- w car
rsa u -t nwi-r the ij'i
to us it, nt tht v are ii-.
p, a-in.e ext. rt, ir:'!-r
t-ht. Tite tri-'-t !
b-cn -ke.:
'inker-7" We
i-n. It aeetrj.
s. ugly, an-l,
t to tne eie
f ul feature "of
the h"!"e is it e- e. If it were rnd "til 1
fr m o ;r gsre." it smrd aerre to de
r.ee -. kp ss. ps n or pVasT-re." Many
ItTtsw -ll I'rr.f spore the whip
cn --js th- i-srr- il' i'r jl-.r ' g eye.
1 be t-;- irr-. r- in l-itor oi lo-V'-s K.
we .nc. t st I, -sc. tK- fn I est
IS 'g - - j1. 1' . t-1-e .-fi. ;f
i si -i, i- ft ' ' -v-t. a p h I i,-d-
-- ! a I-.- i f - s'.
r sr ti c---- ' 1 i- ' 7 -" fi Is 1st . ) ( Hsl
B- 1e. "hot h' - ! t "t".t ri
a C - -s-e w I I. - .' 1. we fc, ' s-- i.
.-.- - w a 't . r s-" r- .? rrjvj.
I -ae J '
- , is ' r
f . ' I s-.
15 - i
I ' ' -P
M. I ,,
. t

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