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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, September 14, 1883, Image 1

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Devoted to tho Interest nfllm Cherokee, Clioetinvs, C'lileUun.v, Seminole, Creeks tiuil all Oilier nullum of tlio Indian Territory.
VOL. I. NO. 52.
Olcnncd by Tclcgrnph nml Mrtll
Mbtaluo rod Is the color o' tlio new
two-cent stamps Hint go Into ilrculntlon
'Jctober J. Tlio contractors nru fully
stocked, nml nwnlt requisitions fror, the
I'litoHlco Department. Tlio til ,,i iMon
lll lw mailo from N V rtcr Bop-
tender 15, iind n sulll i umbo of new
stnmps IU bo placed In ti0 hands of post
innalr to supply tho ,U nand caused by
tlio reduction of tlio letter rnto of portngo
Uctolier 1.
T,,E Commllonor of tlio General Land
Wllco lias prcpnrcd n yet" lutcrcstliiR
statement allowing tho number of original
homesteads entored In tlio several States
ml Terrltoilei slnco tlio pnssngn of tho
Homestead net, Slay SO, 187., to Juno .TO,
1SJO, Tim grand total of homesteads taken
In this tlmo was cns,0.1i, of which Kai.- as
had tho lilrgest nmlKir, PO.UOI, Minnesota
tho nest, 73,703, wlillo Dakota came In as
third with 70,701.
It Is thought that tho Inadvertence of
Congress In passing a bill to regula'to pot
masters' salaries to go into elTect nt ones,
Instead of tho 1st of October, tho dnto Hxed
for reduction In lotlcr rates of postage,
will cost tho Government n million nml a
half dollars In Increase, of salaries.
The I'rosldent returned to Washington
from tho Yellowstone, tho 7th.
8un(iKov-(lEEiiAL Hamilton of tho
luiT no hospital sei vice, received n telegram
from tho President of the I'onsacola Hoard
of Health, stating that tho yellow fuv or was
Increasing to an alarming extent on tho
naval reservation there.
The Joint Congiesslonnl Commltteo on
tho Newburg centennial mot recently In
Washington's headipiarters, nt Now burg,
N. Y., nml adopted a resolution In favor of
a granite obelisk for tho proposed monu
ment, tho largnst they can gut for the
money available, $.",(,(). Tlio commltteo
desire It shall bo quo hundred feet high, If
possible, and, If found necessary, will
again ndvcrtlso for proposals.
The l'resldeni has Issued n proclamation
announcing that tho World's Industrial
fVlton Coiilcnlal Exhibition will bo opened
on tho first Monday of December. 1881, at
Now Orleans, mid to continue until tho 31st
-IP pfMay, 1883.
' A tadlb prepared In tho Treasury De
partment of tho business fit tho sevcrnl ens
toms districts of tho United 8tnt s, for tho
llscal year ending June 3), 188.1, showed
5.'10,780,8ia collected ut an, expensu of
.'1,127, tho nvcrngo cost of collecting
one dollar In nil districts' twlng twenty,
nliio emits.
' Owi.no to a strike among tho driver on
tho Metropolitan lines of street railway In
Washington, tho cars had to ceaso running
Tin: ic.tsr.
A DIHKARE known as splenic fuverhns at
tacked cattle In Lancaster County, l'n., mid
raged with such violence ns to causo much
alarm. Thero woro a groat many fatal
cases, nml tho disease spreading.
At n lato parade of tho labor organ I ra
tions of New York, llrooklyn, Jersey City
mid ndjaco'ut cities about ttyOM men were
In lino, rcliresonUng ibjWstery branch
of libor. V
The excess of valuo Of exports over Im
ports for tho twelve months ended July 31,
ISO, was $I07,370,'.MO. Tlio Imports of mor
ihandtso ilecreased $23,783,031 for the year
ended July 31, 1883, compurrd with soma
tlmo last year, and exports Incresed $;u,-sS,77-.
Kikteek thousand persons wcro nt tho
reception given, by tho Irish National
leagues, of llrooklyn, N. Y., to Alexander
Hulllvnn, President of tho National Lenguo
of America. Tlio Ancient Order of Hiber
nians and Ht. Patrick's Alliance inarched
with tho Leagues to the grounds. A salute
of thirty-two guns was llred.
IlCKOHl. th Kcnato Hub-Commit tee In
New York, Jay Gould recently nppenrel
nml recited his history from n poor boy In
n country store to his present position of
llnilroad King. In regard tq what Is known
as tho (lould'Hystcm of roads In tho South
and West ho said: ltbegnn with tint pur
sliehnso of tho Missouri 1'aclllc from Coinmo
ilore Onrrlbon. Other roads woro pur
chased and connections nindo to different
points. Ho had nt thlstimo passed the point
, when money-making was an object, nnd his
only Idea was In carrying out n system to
merely seo what coutd bo done, by
romblitatlon. His lines now spread
through Ohio, Illinois, Michigan,
Missouri, Arkansas, Indian Ter
ritory, Texas, Inulslana and Mexico. Thoro
are central connections nt Cincinnati, St.
Louts, Chicago nnd Now Orleans. All tho
construction of this system of roads was
completed last year, nnd represented
nbout 10,000 miles of road. The earnings
of tho linos when he took charge of them
wero alwnt $70,000 per mouth. Tho earn
ings for tho pant month wcro $3,000,000.
In building up this system, tho South
west had been opened up nnd tho
country thrown open to civilization.
Hj thoughtlabor audi capital, If loft to
themselves, 'would, brlngynb'out n satisfac
tory adjustment. Thero was always more
or less dissatisfaction, nnd there was no
panacea that would remove- theso feelings
of discontent, "In my opinion," ha con
tinued, "theio Is a surplus of labor In the
rountry. Thero has beon a largo Immigra
tion, nnd recently railroad building lias
len stopped, and the market Is over
crowded with laborers. In time these
things will adjust themselves. This sur
plus of labor Is placing ilself lu tho West
nnd Northwest. Immigrants oro rapidly
occupying (lovermnont nml railroad lands
In the West"
llr an explosion of gas at tho Fair Lawn
mine near Bcrnnton, l'n., recently, Dan
Hausn Ine, Secretary and Treasurer of the
1'alr Lawn Coal Company, and D. O. lllack
wood wero fatally Injured.
Mns. Jume r. Smith, a well-known nov
elist, was killed at her iuminr residenco
nt Now Hartford, Conn., recently. Hlio
was driving with her husband when the
horse ran away.
rnKAiDEt.T Jamiett, of the Amalgamated
Association of Iron and Steel Workers, le
ccntly npionrod lieforo the Senate Commit
tee ut New York and In his testimony
Muted the convict labor system w us very
detrimental to the Interests of the working'
classes. People would not object to it, how
ever, If competition was placed upon a fair
basis, and prison laliorors were not allowed
to work for a lower price than Is current
In the market. The labor of convicts might
be properly employed in constructing liet
ter roads throughout tho county. The only
hope for the laboring man was to educate
him and liuprovo his morals and, he would
toon bo able to look piit for hhnseif,'
fHo.f.. J, D, ,I)Eii,t1lrex:-(Jaycrpor of Now
Jerey( bad his left leg broken by a fall at
tlieCourtland street iJJ. Y.) ferrv.
James IIiivce was recently arrested In
New York on tho charge of embezzling
$21,000 from Henry Ferris & Sons, brewers..,
IlimoLAns recently lobbed o Jewelry
store In Merldeu, Conn., of one hundred
waionesvaiuctiav iniiuijin iiiuuow
It'.... m Mil..Hnl . as tnl'lnn v.1 n r.M uf-
Colvllle'. Fourteenth street theater, New
York recently, In the play of "Othello," a
bridge on which Frederick Price and a
number of supernumeraries weio Handing
pare way, iireclpltntlng the eiitlro party o
distance of thirteen feet, nnd Injuring nlwnt
a dozen persons, sevcrnl qulto seriously.
K. U Halbrook fc Co., dry goods, of
No fork, failed. Liabilities nearly $700,.
000, assets nbout half that amount.
V.1.K Hons tannery, at Stroudsburg, Pn.,
owned by Michael D. Klstler, Unied re
ccntly. Loss $150,000.
The comer stone of tho new capltol build
ing was laid nt Ilismarcx, tho tuw capital
of Dakota, on the fith with great ceremony.
I.v the St. Louis Court of Criminal Cor
lection tho other dayover 800 cases ngnlnst
saloonkeepers for selling beer on Sunday
Were nolle prossed on tho suggestion of the
court. This endod for tho present tho light
ngnlnst the saloon-keepers. This action
was taken In view of Judgo Noonan's late
decision, sustaining the law of 1837, under
which, in St. Louis City, by n speclnl net
adopted by n vote of the people, tho snlo of
beer nnd wlno on Sunday was permitted.
A. S. IlAnrr.r., fourth of ngnngof dasper
ndoes who robbed' tho lllverslde? ftrlz.,
stngo and kll'ed tho express messenger the
10th of August, was captured recently. It
w ns thought ho w ould In tried nml executed
by tho Vlgllants. .
The President upon his return trip from
tho Yellowslono Park visited tho Cliambor
of Commcrco In Chicago nnd was received
with great applause. He was Introduced
by tho Vico-Prcsldent of tjo Hoard as
"Chief Maglstrato of a nation enjoying the
greatest prosperity over knbwiiln VVo his-tor-
of tho world," and appropriately re
sponded. John C. I). Wiiioi.mi, County Treasurer
of Montgomery County, Ind., Is reported
to lw short lu his accounts $30,000. Specu
lation in grain Is said tolm tho cause.
Dli. J. K. UlTCHKY, of Mcndoto, Ills., shot
and mortally woumlod his wife nnd then
The trial of Frank JamesatClallatlu.Mo.,
upon the charge of murdering McMillan, nt
the tlmo of the Winston train robliery In,
iii lesuueu in ntAqiaict of ncqulttnl.
After tho trial Prosecuting Attorney Wal
lace was presented with n $'J30 gold watch
by,a largo luunW of citizens in acknowl
edgment of the vigor nnd earnestness with
which ho bad prosecuted tho case, which
ho promptly declined to accept. Frank
James was remanded to Jail to answer to
other charges agalutt him.
Hklle HAnnm, who defied tho Court on
the Heaver' polygamy Investigation, In
Utak. was committed to Jail for contempt
nnd discharged tho other day through the
expiration jf tho term of Court, was given
an enthusiastic demonstration by tho Mor
mons, nnd was warmly congratulated by
tho Mormon neuspapcrs nther successful
refiisnl to nuswertho questions asked by
the? Com t.
V areciAL from Astoria, Orcgdn, stated
thJt tho. steamer Queen of tho Pacific, with
JJioVlllard party aboard, ran aground at
ClaTsop"l3plt, Inside of tho Columbia bar.
The.passongers wero safely landed on tho
tug-lmnts without serious accident. Tho
place where tho steamer grounded was tho
same bar on which the steamer Republic
was wrecked a year ngo.
At lUvcrton, near Springfield, Ills., tho
dwelling of John Kverts was recently
burned. Mrs. l'lieUi Hylnnd, mother of
Mrs. Kverts, aged sixty-eight yenrs, nnd
two" ihfldr.u of Mr.. IUerts, ir tniy- agetl
four nnd mi infant baby, wero burned to
denth. Mrs. Kverts wns badly burned in
trying to savo her mother and children.
Uev. Tiiomah JL Oaki.ev, general de
livery clerk In tfio postolllco nt Cleveland,
Ohio, was arrested recently charged with
stealing from prepaid parcels tho stamps,
selling them anil pocketing tho proceeds.
I he grain elovutorsof Ilenedlct Ilrothers,
and a store and dwelling nt Cedar Springs,
Mich., burned recently. Loss $10,000.
The Houthern part of Illlnolshsc suffered
from protracted drouth. Wator In wells
and creeks failed, and tho ground wns so
hard farmers could not plow. Corn suffered
very much and tho crop will bo cut short.
AT Mlnooka, Ills., Miss Mtdllda Vandyke,
an Intelligent young lady, eighteen years
of age, and daughter of a wealthy farmer,
had been engaged to n young man named
James Willis for over a year. Their wed-ddl-day
was set nnd tho preparations
were being mado for tho early day that
was to make her a bride. A week before
the appointed day hor lover disappeared,
and It was commonly believed that ha hail
changod his mind and lied to escaie marry
ing the girl, who waited expectantly till
evldenco of her lover's perfidy could be no
longer resisted, whenono morning recently
she was found dead In her bed, having
taken strychnine.
" A heavy frost on tho night of tho 7th In
Minnesota nml . Northern yfscpusin dam
aged the corn ill nil parts of the State, es
pecially near the Manitoba road and Sioux J
wity uivisiuu ui wiu en. i am rc umaua
road. Thero was also a frost In Iowm,
At Osago City, Mo., a colored mob at
tacked Constable Krautz and his deputy,
who had chargo of the colored man, Mings,
who stabbed Whitten, and getting Mings
away fioir thei.; .Cubbed him six times aud
left him for dead.
The lioller In a portable saw mill near
Manilla, Ohio, exploded recently, killing
Charles Palmer and Martin Ellison and
oercry Injuring two others,
UiiUKK t Son's mill at IJJlford, Wis.,
was destroyed by fire with 0,000 busliols of
wheat. Loss, $13,000; Insurance, $33,000.
rV notomoi'H character named Jack.
Kiln was recently convicted at Spring-
d, Mo for tho murder of John P, Henry,
1 given fifty years In the Penltenttj.iy-
The whereabouts of Man- Churchill win
so mysteriously left her father's house In
St. Louis, some weeks since, it Is though
has beon discovered In Mexico, alio liuvlii
eloped with a man named Caldwell, lata o
Topeku, Kansas.
At Krwlu, Schuyler County, Ills., recent
ly Hev. C. A. Obensbaln's church was
blow n up. Ho had prganizod n tvet knpu n
as tho Pilgrims, who were offensively
polygamous. Last July a number of citi
zens were arretted and punished for tear
ing down the tent which tho "Pilgrims"
erected. They had Just romploted n new
church and It was to be dodlcnted as soon
as tholilgh priest front Kuropo arrived, A
largo quantity of giant powder was placed
under tho stiurturu, which wus fired and
nij oxploblou followed, completely wrecking
V building.'
II. T Vandeniiuhq & Co., liquor dealers
of Deu'ver, havo fulled."
The lato frost prevailed generally In the
rforthwii and Northwestern States, and In
tho extreme Northwest com was reported
badly dam-ed.
The confession of Clarence Kite, one of
the James gang who was sou.tcnced to tho
MUsoml reultontlary for " t enty-dve
years, Is published. The confession was
mado three days before his death and is In
detail substantially the same as Dick
LIddlll's. It reveals Frank and Josso Jamos
as members of. the Winston, Ulue Cut aud
other Into train tubbuite..
A freioiit train on the South Park Rail
road .was. lately wrecked at Kenosha
Mountain, Colo., and seven men Injured,
three, It was thought, fatally,
Aa the steamer llou Hoy was returning
from Parkvlllo' fa Kansas (ilty with i re
cent Sunday excursion parly, Michael
Oc-ggin, v bo was desci Ibed as being "hilar
,ouy drunk." fell overboard..,,! w. lo:t.
reml'la S MT "" W ""', ""
from l lattsburg, Mo,
Tint south.
Montl.K and mnny other places In Ala
bama havo raised tho quarantine against
At Ualnesvllle, Texas, C. I). Sharpe, for
outrageously assaulting his step-daughter,
aged fifteen, wns assessed by tho Jury a
term of fifty years in the Penitentiary, and
ho is vet to Im tried for n similar assault
upon n younger sister of his victim.
Five thousand acres of tlmlwr lands In
IJot Springs County, Ark., wcro recently
sold to ..n Iowa syndicate.
Neaii Cisco, Texas, the other day tho
stage wai robbed by n solitary horseman.
After ti.itlng n few dollars from n Mr.
Owens ami his daughter, tho only passen
gers, nnd fifty cents from tho stngo driver,
tho robber picked out tho reglsteied pack
ages and dlsappeaicd.
M. UbskiiV, one of thi wealthiest men of
Lullng, Texas, was recently shot and
killed by Samuel Drown, n young man who
n attempting t0 ropB with Ussery's
daughter,. Drown nlso fteinpte-i ; kill
the wife of his Wctlm.
The Hemls lumber mill near Texarkana,
on tho Texas sldoof the line, burned recent
ly together writhslx millions fectof lumber.
Cadet 1Uishv, of tho third t lass, was
sontencedby the court martial at Annipolls
to cveu davs' solitary confinement for at
tempting to hazo Cadet Thomas C. Morgan
of tho fourth class.
The olllclal statement of tho cotton crop
or the United States for tho year ending
August 31, 18.VI, I, sued by tho National
Cotton KxcliMigo of Ndw Orleans, shows n
tntnl irop of 0,1)11,730 b.iles; Including the
receipts nt shipping ports, (1,000,(111!; ship
ments by rail routes overland to northern
spinners, direct from producers, 011,801
bolos. Tho report shows that tho southern
mills consumed 313,303 Iwles, nil Inercoso
over last season of 20.4.T) bales. Increase
In total crop compared with tho previous
year, 1,193,708 bales.
Heavy rains nnd high water recently did
greo,t damage In Western Texas. All tho
creeks which lad len dry tho entire sum
mer, suddenly b-camo raging streams
twenty to forty feet dep and spreading
ncross the country, washing everything
boforo them. Horses, cattle and sheep
wero seen floating by hundreds down the
current. Windmills nnd outhouses wsro
swept away. The loss to stock could not bo
estimated ns nearly the entire country was
flooded. The Texas Mexican Kntlway lost
eievou nringcs nna culverts nnd several
miles of trflckwlthhinwldthot slxtymlles.
At ono placo 1,100 sheep wero drowned.
Alxmt thirty miles from Laredo n shepherd
was found killed by lightning. Tho body
wns lu a sitting posture,, holding a pleco of
meat In its mouth.
ItrcENTLY the cottago of ltobort Adair,
of Houston, Toxas, was struck by light
ning nnd burned, and tho same bolt killed
Louis Stclncss. ' '
A won of citizens recently entered tho
Yell County, Ark., Jail ami took out Dr.
Flood and John Coker and bunged them.
Flood and Cokcr had harbored a bund of
outlaw's and led the Sheriff nnd posso Into
an ambuecado whereby tho Sheriff was
ALrXANDEn WonMi.Er, of llonham, Tex
as, gi.t drunk ami attacked his father-in-law
with a club, when the latter shot him
dead?-' - '"i1 '- W
At n recent party near Illarkspear, La
two young women named Wllsoi. ami
Smith wero tho favorites with tho young
men present, when tho Wilson girl becom
ing frenzied with her rival, rushed upon
and stabbed her fatally. The murderess
was spirited away by her friends,
IHmiNKs-) failures tho past week 137,
ngalst 100 the previous week.
The oxiorts of breadstuff's for tho seen
months ended July 51 wero $J3,3i3i;iJ,
ngnlnst $81,321,578 same time, 1S8J.
Ox complaint of Louis Foster, a mer
chant lu Moscow, llusslii, to the United
States Consul In that city, that Clerk Jo
hanu Qottlclz Joskosk, aged twenty-live,
lied to this country with 1200 toubles be
longing to his employers, the polite of New
York wcro lostructed to look for the fugi
tive. Ho arrived In tho latter city August
13 nnd was arrested aliout two weoks later.
Ho had not changed his namo or nttempted
to conceal his Identity. Ho told the pollen
ho thought this was a freo country and he
could not bo arrested here.
The Chinese Oovermnent continues war
preparations, nnd It was reported thut nt
Hong Kong tho question wns not "will
thorn be warr' but "when and whcio will
The Kngllsh Government has obtained
from dotcctlves Just returned from Ant
werp Important Information respecting A
'large supply of matei tals for making nitro
glycerine, shipped from that city. It Is
probcblo that witnesses will arilvo from
Antwerp to testify in tho trials nt Liver
pool aud Glasgow against dynamlto con
"uplrators. The PijMldrut appointed. Jnincs F. Le
gale, of Leaveuworth, Kas., Kllhu Cole'
man, of Fou du Lao, Wis., and IMwIn II.
Dlke.jptWoodstoek, HI., a commission to
InspectTlM miles oJ he Atlnutlo & Paollle
lla.lroid In Arizona. '" , ""
The September cottdn retiirnsiof the Dc-i
ft Hnt of AirrfrttHlire nt Wn.bfnrtnii
r, l.-f.-nmbl than H,ntAt Anm,.t.
11lf pnnclpalcausa of Injury i drought,
whlrj ifaslFreduced tho prngpevt In every
JfUu .xceptFlorlda and-Te nessee. Tim
dwMbd has been the greatest in Texas,
Httlf States report more or less n general
prevalence ot caterpillar and boll worm at
msnyjiolnts. Tho general nverago condi
tionals reduced to 71.
I.ATini reports from tho recent frosts In
tho Northwest are thnt tbo damago to late
corn wns very great. Tlio Injury was
thought to Ik fully twcnty-llva per cent.
The spreud of tho cnttlodlscaso Inneaily
overy portion ot Kngland caused tho
gi entest uneasiness. In koino sections only
American licet was obtainable., Reports
from Scotland stated tho dhtsaso had not
appealed there,
FaitEir fires In Dlmvlddln nnd adjoining
counties In Virginia spread overn largo
area aud did much damage. In somo
places wheat fields w ere burned.
- The dead-lock In the Pennsylvania Legis
lature over tho apportionment question
John C. Kyle & Co., and J, P. McKay,
both silk, manufacturer, of Patorsou, N. J.,
failed. Liabilities of the two firms about
A late Incendiary fire lu tho stables of
tho Islington, Ky., Street Car company
buruedJUty mules, tout teen earn, the en
tiro lot of harness stock ami feed, and the
new stnblcs.
No now cases of yellow fever woro re
iiorted at the Pensueolrt Navy Yard for the
week ending tbo 11th.
Seven bodies hate lieen recovered from
tho late tiro lu Drcman's rag and paper
warehouse In Cincinnati.
Ciiahlks Htwso.n, of Baltimore, Mil.,
was recently cronlng a high trestle rail
road bridge, wLu he saw a train approach
ing. In older to save his UpT ho propped
betweu the "rails and clung to the croi.-tles.
Alter the train r:ued he was unable to
" , 1,7
orbJiM J"mIw who was .oldltwa.
I Ufr Uutball,i wl) ,H0 ftU .j,!,
Vlow II tVns Itrrelved liy the 'illrns nt
I Clnllnlln nml llllier Points l'rononse,l
j mi OutriiKn on Justlre V Tr.llinnnlal
' to rnxrrullng Allorn.r tVnllarn Polite-
I)- Ilcillnr.l Iiy Tlint (Iriillrmnii.
Oau.atin, Mo, Hept.ft.
Within n few minutes after rendering
their verdict tho Frank James Jury lieramo
Invisible. They paid their board bills and
left for home, and ono at least was sni
?astlcally Invited to conio again and to n
uror nt tho next trial. Their sympathizers
Jlsappcared with them, and all Oalln'ln's
proper citizens nt once becalno an Indians'
tlon meeting, Oroups of men gathered oti
very curb nnd corner and denounced the
verdict ns nn outrage on law nnd order. A
conviction had hanlly lieen locked for, but
hung Jury was deemed n probable nnd
n rtcqultlal an Impossible thing. Yet thlt
ury took but mo ballots to arrive st n
reiiuct, tno nrst stamllm; eleven to osiiin
sonnunl. tlio niiATr uimiilinoiis
iioqtma.1, l'l-enle I i 'can notT un
itauii now tins veni'ct was nniveilnt
snd rumors of curious twpoit In resird
In the jury which have been floating round
lor days past wero suddenly revived. It
was icmcmbcrcd thnt tlio names of the
panel of forty had lieen on tho list of jurots
desluxt to bo summoned by thodofelie.,lt
the tlmo it was debated whether td have
tho ent.M panel rejetted and a new list
tuinmoned by an olllier other than the
Sheriff, or to strike tho fire names off In the
Slate's challenges, Tho latter courso as
sdopted wltlixome mtselrlng. Ilwas nlso
remembeied bow aninnlind rtddtii tliioueh
the western part of the county nml notified
rerinin parties irlendly to James to. lie in
hand fur Jury si rvlce. It wnji remembered,
toft, how olfb of tho tweho hod, lieforo be
ing summoned, stated that no matter what
the evidence uiklit bo ho would vote tot
acquittal If on the Jury. Another nt the
tw lvo was said to hae been brought by
the defense so that he could Ihi placed on
the panol. Tlui feeling against Sheriff
Crozler, who summoned tho sm-clal venire,
has lieon pntty strong from tho beginning
of the trial, nnd thnt odleer has been most
heartily ci Iticised to-night.
lying lieforo supper tlino the sympathy ol
Gallatin's best citizens. In behalf of law
find order, took n practical form, A fund
was ramed, clileliy tlirougli me exertions ol
T. II. Yates, of the Farmers Kxi hange
liank. and (leoriro Tul-l-Io. of tho Davlesi
County SaviiiES Association, to present Mr. J
,, iiiiuu i, im nuiiiL'iiiiiij iiiiivmiillllllmini
him of the esteem that Hallatiu's citizens
hail for tho man who had so vigorously
prosecuted James, Nearly nil tho property
owners nnd merchants of (Inllatlu met nt
Judgo McDougnll's law ofllco about 8:30
o'clock, D, llarllold Davis mndo the pre
sentation sjieech, and handed .Air. Wallace
nrold watch on U-half of the citizens ol
this lilue, In appreciation of his services In
theprostcutloiiof tlio mot famous crimi
nal case ev er tried in this Stnto. Mr. Wal
lace res)Kinded,decllnlngthooffered gift
e.iuso ho wns n public olllccr nml not yot
through with tho task of fitting n burden of
legal punishment on Frank Jnines-Pfiitl-ders,
and assuring Ids friend that he vif.
ued thilr offer of a proscnt oqilally with t.
present Itself, but treasured the feeling
which prompted It abyo all else. After o
few words by Judgo Shnnkllir, a resolution
was offered by Dr. DlnCk to apply tho
money In printing' Mr. Wallace's closing
speech. This wns cnrrled, and Messrs,
Davis, lllack and Yntcs wero made n com
mittee on that business, Tho mooting then
adjourned. Thero nro three other cases
hero against Frank Jamos ono for being
accessory to the kllllm: of V.'estfall bv Jes
se James; ono fur the Sheets murder in
connection wuu me rouoery oiiuoitnuniuiu'
Hank, nnd ono for simple larceny at Wl
lltll If III. Id lllbll.lM.1.1 l...A A.. Kll 1.a.a
there ts fctlll tbcfllluo eiiCcu.o to lie tlfrd ntTf;
Independence, and the Nurthflold aud other
cases after that, so that this alleged chlv
alro as bandit Is far from free.
KinsAsCiTr, Pept.fl.
Thoverdloi In the James caso was re
ceived with great Interest lu this city. Tin
report flew from mouth to mouth till It bo
camo tho solo theme on tho streets, In the
saloons, at the hotels, among business men
nnd lawyers, In iiollco and city circles, nticL
In fact, among nil clnssts of people. Itwai
talked about tn-nlght to the excl.islon n
other topics. Some declared that no othci'
result could hnve been reached; that then
was no evldenco to coin let; that the state
ments of witnesses for the Stnfo were not
Somo declared that no otllur?tJil"1,,,! b l'.er ct'"V Totn,1 ""cage, ns re-
worthyof belief. Ono lit a thousand thousrl
that James had received sl'onle lustif
A great majority of tho people, however.
M that thovirdlct of acquittal wns mi
outrngo which would odd to Mlsionrl'i
shamii lu many Instances, ,
Jr.rrEtisi)N ciTr,-to.vPcpt. 8.
Tlio liowrt of tho acquittal ot Franl
James was received hero between four am!
flvo oVlo:k thUafU'ruoou,andliiimedlateli
sproid through the town. Among thost
who have watched tho progress ot tlio trial
closely the outcome of it wns not it snr-
Some said thev were In hones wit
w ould be convicted, others were glad of hit
acquittal, while others made It tho occaslor
Kouri." Oovernor Crittenden, when np-1
tor reviving me epiinci, "iioor om jiiis-
nroached and nsked It ho had nnvthliitr It
say regarding it, replied that he had not
"It Is tho vordlctof a Jury," he said, "and
It would bo Improper lor iiio.to'eomiuent'bi
It "
Frank James ut UalluUu
The,l0.nro a few
Pof.thqpersopal friends of I'rnnk hero, who, J
of com set nro
-," lNIUVM,m.is, im oepi.jvv-s. ". , i Vi -.;
Telegrams have Just ton iecelve.1 conT '"' "- K,,,?ou,,l ,lm" ovor- "'"crop
talnlng inlelllgonco of the acquittal o, 'lJSffft.i'i 1 iU.ft" S'ltf""."
ru Ulilllllll, unv inn uiujuruy uiTlillil unless ruin inns BOOI1 OVO
the people am very Indlviinnt, nnd pro-
iiuuiico tuo vruicb un uuuiiKu uu jusiicv.
.. i
Ishianai-iimh, isn.,cpL o
slayer ot irauk; Janu-s' J
bsthefjesse, Isiow" ploying at the Zoc
Tlieater, In this city, In n play entitle
llie Ilrother's Oath."
rother's Oath." Ho was seen by a.
r nnd npprli h.1 of the vei diet In tji
sVoVjKn ,
reporter nn
James trial
m'se S, 1 In I l, I heinl V,1? Zl
e'lmt0 I
V.!. ti.I i
mv friends that this was nrobable. bi
es-sr lielleveil thnt It wns nosslliie for tlif '
Jury tnucqult, knowing ns did that Im win I xtr,,n'
KUlity. Bven thlt afu-rnooii I had olfer.jiLLil. . Hoc-motm, li.u Sept. 7.
to wager $1,000 on his conviction." v'sTrT;rity has lieen tho coldest day this fall,
Whrunkilf ho oppreheiidod personal tne mercury to-nzht droiipln below 13
danger from the probable i -lens . of Fi auV ,!.,,,., Xi.rtTi.rs rn ettina .tl.p.mrn.r,!
James, he sold, with n significant shrug ol "JS14 lrrixirt nro getting discouraged
tho shoulders; "Well. I should feel saUr II I nt tho poor liioipecU or n fair or an aver
i.nnrAWi.i u, i .tm,'! rn,A. t ago ylold of corn. The season III tho beuln-
provoke nuy quarrel, although I am Osgood
n man ns he Is with fire-arms. 1 shall try
to keep out of his way and live a peon abft
life ifho will let mo. If ho over does 8tr
tempt my life it will bo with a shot in tut
back, or when I am looking for him. 1
know very w oil If any one had killed my
brother ns I killed Jesse James I should not
rest until I had taken his life. Hut perhnui
r rank has bad ns much trouble as lie wanftJ
ami may cunoso to jet me maiterurop,willi
out becoming further Involved.
A Hu.plrlous I)fsuppeiirnnr
NEW VOHK, rVpt.,
Henry Lumhurg, n baker of Austin, Tex.
:anio to this city early In July, and stoppe
forn week In Hartmaun's Hotel, 13 How ory
On July II ho sailed for Huropo, and trav
sled throughout Oermsiiy. He returned to
this city l.i tho steamshln Fulda Septem
ber 1, aud again went to Hartmanu's. 11
was very liberal with his money, ami fre
quently Invited nil the persons in the bap
room up. to drink. He carried a valuable
t;old watch, ti, id chain, and reeined alwavi
tnhavo considerable monev'w Ith him. On
Monday morning he went out ut "Liner
a;o0teill0cV,0tbCC,,"SU r r',reaVhV..corXenif.l!
Fatal lleeklrs.ness.
Wan FifAncisco, pept, .
A frightful affair occurred this at'eruoon
In a saloon whereby Thomas Mullen, a
coopor, was shot dead by JCdward Lacey,
another cooptjr, lu drunken brawl. Uoth
men hsdspcut nearly all day- visiting M
loons and were much Intoxicated. After
taking a drink In the place where the tra.
ciiyuceuneii, juuien leu a, pistol in US
cey's, pocket aud old lilirv to ex,hltilt It,
wjjuu juniieii pisot-ii mo ntuzia m'Ult
month, lellinir his fritfid tonulLlhs trliraer..
licey did to, forgetting In his drunks,1
conotiion mat the piioln1.' self-oockp
nu sullen itii uesu. rss wo men "
lieen warm fiicndl'issr 4 Us eiv
jesrs. rKJsir
Tiy. cnoi's.
lUs-ills nf Hie Ulirnt Harvest from V.
zloiu t)onrti-r nml the Outlook fur Ci
Yt to be let iirnl,
H. PAUU Misx., Fept.7.
The month of Auzust closed w Ith tho liar
vest nearly end id In South Dakota, i"nl
Rapidly appniaehlngcompletlon,wtth ,f .
ly favorable weather, in North Dakota. A
week of rainy weather, with southeast
winds, Injured tho grain In tho shock slight
ly and caused some growing nnd blenching
of tho berry, thereby lowering tho quality
n little. The weather changed Just In time
toprovent n victorious harvest Iwlng turned
Into n disastrous dofent. The wind changed
to tho west nml northwest with n stiff, cool
breeze, nnd quickly dried out tho grain
reidy for stacking. A nntlceablo feature
jut the harvest was the slow and deliberate
insnncr lu which the grain iiimd. The
VJSbuiid being damp nnd tho wentheroool, II
ured fully w 11110111011,1 forcing process.
tlirestS. have brert nlwmV for weei
In Southern Dakota, nnd the vleld thus fat
is exciwnllng the expectations of farmers;
)lin extremes in Hanson County being sir
teen And ihlrtv-llve bushels, with n proba
,1'le avrrago of twenty-two bushels. The
report from Deadlc County Is exceptionally
flattering, ono Held reporting nt thirty
seven nnd two-thirds bushels of sixty
imunils, Tlio weather is now excellent for
threshing. Thnt being threshed Is moving to
(narketlilierally, tho elevator men paying
from seventy-live tu eighty cents for No. a.
Oats suffered, perhaps, more than wheat
from tho weather, as they were innradifll
cult to dry out. Corn looks well but Is
backward. The mouth has not been favor
able for pushing It forward, although dur
ing the last week of August tlio higher
rnngo of temperature exerted n good In
fljence on the crop. Corn enters Heptem
licr with Inrp-r demands ukii tho month
than usual, nnd whll-i the risk of n good
crop cannot lo classed as hazardous, It Is
largely Increased nnd hangs Its dependence
upon tho elevation of the temperature. Po
tatoes are yielding; well; the llrst planted
nre the liest, ns the weeds have contested
the later with great vigor, tho fnl mors hav
ing other crops that absorbed their atten
tion. Hnylng Is now progressing, nnd Is
rapidly going Into stack. It will continue
ten days yet. It Is nil cut from native
grasses nnd Is later this season than usual,
the blue-Joint and rod-top being in bloom
.on tho lost of August. Ttio hay crop of
Dakota is nssumlm; croater iironortlons
ea(h year its tho herds nnd flocks Increase.
The Ilnx Is nbout two-thirds harvested,
Iwlng sown nt different periods ns break-
ngwasmaiio renuy lor it, nils nop is
irincipaiiy ralsoit lu llio tlirro southern
lent of counu s, and the estimated yield Is
ver ow.ouu imsueis. 1 no general nverago
f Condition of wheat Is nbout tho same on
ho 1st of September ns It was on tho 1st of
August, and Is brought about by a alight
Ipwcring In South Dakota. Tho prospective
yield remains at 17,X)0,000 bushels.
Min.nkwoi.h. Minn., Pent. 7.
.SsTho wheat crop west of Uloucoe, and
more particularly west of Mllbrook, on the
Hastings & Dakota ltond, and tho crop of
tho James III ver Volley, will bo tho largest
and finest raised thero sloco 1S77. The
yield Is from eighteen to thirty-live bushels
er ucre, and there Is n very largo percent
age of No. 1 hurd. Wo shall get more of
this wheat than heretofore unless we make
serious mistakes. Tho best point about the
wheat west of Mlllbank ami the James
Hlvcr Valley Is Its dryness. They havohad
no rain there slnco June, nnd the wheat
w'ill never sweat. The wheat crown on the
', llreckeurlclgo Division of tho Manitoba, bo-1,.-,
p.i.ii.L-ir ... i.!i,s.Tf tnsnnttl.-cni.miaN
ty and yields largely. The tlmbc. wheat
this year will proo to lie badly shrunken,
One or two of the hot spells, which did not
at first nlfect prairie wheat, did great dam
age to timber wheat, shrinking It badly.
I.si.vn, Mich., Bept.7.
Ilrturns received by tho Secretary of
Stnto show that In tho southern four tiers
of counties 111,880 acres of wheat threshed
yielded 1,737,3:0 bushels, an average of 131a
bushels per- acre. The acruairo reiiorted
iiiiiu-ii ijjr uiiin-rviMir, yiem in souilieru
two tiers of counties generally better, but
111 central an northern counties not as. high
I s estimated lu J ill v. Fltrurcs Indlento n
fsjintal yield 111 the State of about ll.UOO.OOO
ir'pushols, or nearly (W,O0U busliols less than
, total projIuetcKtlmated In July. To
.iiu-juvaiiuit, IIIMI .IIIIVVJ 1,1 IIITIII. lint
given the hlghost yield per acrel" 101 cor
respondents lu the Jioutliern four tiers ot
counties answer: Clawson, IK); l'ult:, 63;
Dgyptlan U. - '
In tho southern four tiers ot counties,
21,18.1 ncres of oats, threshed, yield 710 b7U
uusneis, nverago -.t s-o nusncis per acre.
No estimate for corn. Hxcesslve rabis that
rontiuued until late In July, nnd severe
drouth since, havo nearly rulnod the crop.
Corn on hlirh. sandv soil will doubtless
yield fairly well, but crop oh a whole for
below average. Winter apples lu the south
ern nart of tho Statu nromlso Irsm than one.
fourth, and lato poachos about one-third of
an averago crop.
JlAitsit iT.r-, li.u, 8cpU 7.
AVhont threshing Is nearly oyor, nnd nc-
curding to tlio reports or tho tliroshors the
of nn nvorngo. The ncreago sown this fall
win do iriimono-rnurtutoone-Unltless lfii.ii
last year lu the vailous parts ot tho county
loss than
that. Tho ground Is too hard to plow In
some places now. Tho torn crop In the
southern halt of tho county will bo nearlv
up to mo average, nut ut mo northern sun
' " "" " u-uuw mi.
HrriNfliiAW. Ii.r.. Hcnt. 7.
Tlio drought still continues. Tliera has
been no rain of any umsoquenco for over a
, th. Tho wntcr n tho wells nnd creeks
!JM!!: Thegroun.1 Hso hard
U'st '"" " """ble to plow for wheat.
C"rn u urlnir very much, n
rut "ll0rt one-half union wo get
"'"B w" ,vel7 .hafWaril, luinsequently It
w not planted till late, 'lliero are acres
"f r.0"' throughput this county and vicinity
that have not silked out ot oil, and If the
i,ui Hum un wu wn'M longer, wiiih
now does not seem probable, there will not
be over half a crop, If there Is thnt. Should
wo bo visited, by n heavy frost, tho crop
.-III l.A ...-l.r'...r?l.l.... -! . I 1.. '
will lie nearly'worthless. the oats anil hay
crop was tho liost lu this rountv for vears.
vHbr vleld of farm products will alsoLoverv
j large.
DmiuguB, 10., Sept. 7.
Tlio weather continues entirely favorable
for com, and tho crops have mado wonder
ful progress In the past few days of warm,
rainy weather. Scarcely a doubt, exists
that it will mature In time to csrnpe frost,
In wh'ch case It will he tho heaviest crop
ever grown In this State. The ears are rww
almost matured and of full slzo. Fat men
are still engaged In stacking wheat, oats,
barlty and rye, nil of which have lieen
garnered in tne nest average condition ever
known. Tho country will lie amazed at
the wonderful crops of these grains this
riax is aiso a heavy crop, 'to-night
lies iioiMs, jo., tsept. T.
Tlio (Iry weather of the las. two weeks
has substantially saved the
com crop.
Some of tho Iowa seed-planting Is ripe now,
and ten days will ripen It all. Nebraska
corn Is as far advanced as the Iowa corn
wtxtf Nebraska wa planted, but thq mis
chief Is tat most ot the ste.I corn sold to
farmers as Nebraska was In fact 'from mote
soatVtrn latitudes r, . H who planted
..:.' -T -- -r - -.-. r..T-
! NebratVapu Jblo ssh1. s i I wtre sure of It,
flndtbelrrronifciiif' a inced with Iowa
ooru 8-iu ol tft'fuor'jju'.bcrn ed wih
sW4jbrW, curtcraMjof it will ma
t'lrs.MVJsVtlv Uft u L nod stall, fodder
hfni'sit.MtMlU'ffnHth I am't-d by
An Karlr, Severe nnd Dlsastrnn. TlallA
tmn The f.fterts Visible Tlirii(li4iit III.
Northwest The Corn Cnip nnd Sorghum
lnrliiu.ly .irfretrd In Jlnnj Loentltles.
St. Paiii., MtNN.,Hept.9.
Advices from all parts ot Minnesota nnd
Wisconsin slnto that great Injury was dona
by the frosts last night nnd Friday. Weath
tr reports received nt tho various railroad
offices show thnt n henvy frost formed all
through tho northwestern country, and
from every section como reports of great
damage to the corn crop. What little corn
thero Is along tho Manitoba Hallway has
been much frozen, and In many places the
rrop has been killed outright. Along the
Omaha Hood, where the greater parr of the
corn of this section of country Is grown, the
weather was not so cold, but stlli tho frost
vm hesvy, nnlt serious damage was done.
The rrop in the first of the week was lu
good shape everj wiin,and tho only thing
leared by farmers was the early rush
t)w!i,K lo the wet weather lu the eatlr
tiring the crop was very much backv.-ard.
No estimates ot ilnmnge done have been re
reived, and for a few days It will bo Im
possible to tll exactly how serious It Is,
Wheat, oats and othor crops were In no
way ibimagiit, ns they were pretty much
in gninereit several nays ngo.
lu Nurtheru Wisconsin Ico formed on
Handing wnter. Somo corn, much ad
vanced, will Im saved, hut the rrop lu geti
fral Is backward nnd will prove nearlv n
totnl Inns, Sorghum Is a totnl loss, 'Ihe
proprietors of large sugnr mills bare )ot
seres of standing enne unripe, which will
not lie worth n dollar. All other crops are
lecured and unusually good. The oldest
n stdeuts claim that yesterday was the
-oldest day over experienced in early Sep
tember, and last evening the thermometer
tank very rloso o tho frczlnz point,
Tho frosts of Fildsynnd Saturday nights
ere the most s-vere north of this point,
out extended over the entile State ami
into Northern Iowa, Corn has lieen se
riously damaged, and good Judjfessistlmato
.ho crop will be short of last vear's, nnd
a 111 lint go ner lO.uoO.uOl bu.liels nt the
mtslde. In Southern Jllnuesr ta corn wns
dtnnccd so tar It was not hint so badly as
further north.
Mll.WAL'l fK, Popt. 9.
Tho frost In Wisconsin setfns to hnvo
oeen very general, and, in unwt directions,
i cry severe. At Sturgeon Hay thero was u
repetition of thosovere cold on Saturday
light. Tho corn was totally ruined at
3conomowoc, tho cold wnve striking' Sat
irdiy night, nnd the buckwheat nnd snr
hum suffered accordingly. Tlio black
trust put In nn nppoirance on low lands,
slid corn 111 such places w. is mined. Two
weeks more were moded to mature corn.
tn Applcton dispatch says that corn Is
nilnod. There It wns planted late, and Is
nowhere nenr maturity, At Mursbllold
.oru will yield nothing.
A henyv whlto frost appeared hero this
nornlng, doing much damngo to crops,
specially to corn. An estlmnta of damage
'an not Ui had till valuable Information
:omes f i om tho funnel s. It lit certain that
lot more than a quarter of n crop of corn
tvlll I e harvested, ns n combination of clr
umstnnces hns nbout ruined It namely,
poor sik.iI to start with, theu Hoods, and
jow nn early heavy frost.
Deports received nt the railroad ofllcos
lore stato that n light white frost wns vJsi
jln tbjs mnrrtlnjr s,ll over the northern hall
)f tlm State. In low grounds corn has
xou Injured, but generally tho crop hns
lot been seriously damaged.
Iast night was tho coldest of tho season)
.ho mercury going down to thirty-seven
)r thlrty-flvo degree. A heavy whlto
frost was visible on tho sidewalks, nnd
fines wero scorched. Thiro nre no reports
is to tho effect on corn.
Decvtith, tk'pt.9.
Tills Is n critical season with the corn.
Vcstcrday there was a sudduu chango lu
.he temperature, becoming very cold nt
light. This morning there was frost in low
places, and n heavier visitation s exH-ctod
.onlay It the wind falls much. Solicitude
is felt for the safety of tho corn. A heavy
trost now would blast Ihe growing fields,
is much nf the corn needs at least ten days
aioro warm weather.
UmiANA, Pept. 9.
The cold winds ot last night wore fob
lowed this morning by henvy ftost all over
this region as far as can be learned. Lont
tioforo mldnlcht ovcrvthlmr was covered.
Ilie greatest apprehension of widespread
ivll has prevailed all day, but to-night it Is
believed tin extreme drynesH of all vegeta
:lou preventod nny wry serious damage.
An extensive killfug frost would destroy
tour-llfths ot the entire corn crop.
Cunton, Sept. 9,
Tlio weather hero for the last two days has
been very cold, and last night a henvy frost
prevailed lu this vicinity, which did much
lamage to corn and gariU-n vegetables. It
Is feared by farmers to-night that there will
be nnothoi frost, which would dp Immense
Jamngc. Corn Is lu too groen it condition
to stand the frost.
Lincoln, Hopt, 9.
Thoro svas a light frost horo this morning,
Out It did not hurt corn. At fl p. m. the
thermometer stood at 31 decrees. Fears
ro entertained of a heavier frost to-night,
a iiiu ni-aiun- is very com mis evening.
ltocKroun. BcnL 9.
There was quite a frost liero last night,
mil in tno low lands corn suffered consid
erably. A fow more visitations from Jack
Frost nnd good-byo corn crop.
Mattoon, SepL 0.
A thick whlto frost was visible In this
vlc(nlty early this morning, but onnccount
of very dry wenther It Is thought the dam
age will be very light to growlig crops.
' Tqi.kiio, BeptrtJ.
Thn Mack frost this morning ln.,t
parts, while It wns pretty severe on small
garden stuff, such ns tomatoos, cucumbers,
melons und other tonder vines, was not
enough so to do them very material damage
as far as can Im learned. Deports received
nt a late hour to-night from I'ut-lu-Ilay and
that region are that tho grapocrop Is unin
jured. All local reports nre agreed that at
far as tho grain crop ami com are con
cerned, no damage will lie sustained, ex
cept the slight check that may occur to the
Kowth and rlMjnlngof each, The frost Is
. far tho earliest and most severe one
known here for years, and extends very
generally throughout this locality.
Crushed to Death In n Mine,
DEAimoou, D, T., FepL 9.
All oxteuslve cave occurred In thu High
land mine, thu property ot the Homestakt
Company, last evening, Imprisoning thro
miners, named Powers, Johnson aud
Hosier, A hundred tons ot ore lay above
the Imprisoned men. To-night Johnson
came lo the surface unaided. A large force
of men have been at work to effect a
rescue. Ho took refuge In the powder
house in the drift, and by the use of giant
Kowder blasted his way out at great risk ol
olug crushed. The nther two men were
found hoi rlbly mauglid, They were single
man and came hero from Wisconsin,
Dsallmnil nestiuctlonon the Waonsh,
I'Eonu, III, Bcpt. 9.
Frank Seward, conductor on nn east-bound
freight train on the Wabash, fell oft tut
-am, while sitting' on a broken brake, neni
f'ecor, and was killed. He was not missed
till tba train had proceeded several mllw,
Tin train dispatcher being Informed ol
this, notified the conductor of the westward'
bouttd freight to keep a sharp lookout foj
Seward's body. The train, when at th
foot of a steep grade near Scor halted, and
a search tor tbo body svas made. AsccouJ
tralo, which wasclose behind, collldsd wttb
the rear of tho standing train, and wade t
irinmiiii utiu h .r.t.n . a, ..a ......m...
i ii j m wimi.wiv.j, i, uug TM
IIIhi. IIS nouy oi iaj ilfBO. CQtiaUClOl
was found not fur olti
When Henry Wnnl llcochrr win nt
Rr.itnl Fork, link., ho was Invited to
ampin n bftso-bnll match.
Miss Molllo (Inrficltl ami Miss
Pnnnv Haves, tlatmlitcrs of two nx
I'rpjlilcnls, ntloml tlio eamo school In
A yotins toolli, comlnp out as
nnttiral an If In childhood, Is nursed by
Mrs. Isabella WYiiilcn, of Colusa, Col.,
who Is tho mother of two boys over
lovuiity-oiglit years old. Chicago
Thoro nro two Indies In tho neigh
borhood of Newborn, Ala., who wcro
llvliur in that section beforo Alabama
iw n Slate. That was boforo 18111.
Tlio act orjjanlr.inj thu tcrrilory tlntcs
two years previously.
Tom Thumb's full ntmo wns
Chalk's Sherwood Stmtton, not Hoy
nijod, as generally nnnninn-od, In tho
MotinlnJn (Ir.ivtl Ccincloi'v in llrldtfo
port, Conn,, jcart ago lio liouht n lot
atyl t-reeled a tall marble shaft, sur
nunmtetl by a llfe-sir.o atnttio Of him
telC Xmr this momtmcut hu was
buriotl. .V. )'. W.
Mrs. l'.lla flrnclo Halcv. widow of
Ilov. t'liarles Haloy, nnd timizlitcr of
Iho Into Charles Kinp, I.I.. D 1'rcsl
dent of Columbia Cofiejp?, dlcilnt El'r.v
iM'tii, r. .1., rreenlly, in her seventy,
third year. Mr. lulspy, at Iho ngo of
fourteen years, welcomed I.nfnyctto to
New York, nt Castlo Onrilen, when ho
visited this country in 1821. A'. 1'.
TV we.
Colonel William 13. Curtis, mnnne
lug oillor of tho Inter Octiin Is, It
may not bo ;oiior.illy. known, but it Js
neittrtholcss thu fact, tho author nml
conimor of tho boaiitlful balltutswlilcli
sjmrauiuaiiy appear stippieiuentary in
tmr esteemed conleiiipornn. Quo ol
theso Imllads: "Wnlt till tho Clouds
Itoil lly, Jennie," Is now boforo us,
o nro not ncipinlnted with Jennie,
hut no conlldcncu is violated in tlio
statement thnt tho ballnd Is ono of ex
traortllnnry merit. Chicmjo itws.
Miss Murphy, of San tranelsco,
who wns umrrlud tho other day to
ll.ironut Wolsclov, eotihl not Jiavo
mnrriud him for Ids title. Her litis
bnnd, who is old tnoiii'li to ho her
fntiior, is only u Ilaronet. wlillo hor
papa, who wns plnln Dnti Mtiriiliy
tvlftju ho loft Cork -for Sun Frnneisoj
(overnl years ngo, Is now a Marquis
of tho Holy ltoman I'uiplre mid n
Knight of Si. Orcgory- Tho Popo
made htm both Ilvo ir is yvurq ngo.
Tho Popo nlso sent his blessing to tho
young couple. Old Murphy, when ho
gotHpllced to Lady Wolsclo" 's mamma
did not rocolvo any papal blessing.
They got on very wull, hoivover. Their
naiiK nocotmt runs into llio millions.
Chkwjo Tribune,
A lit tlo girl on Long Island ofTorctl
a rather renlarkablu nrnver a fow
nights ngo when cho fa!d: "1 do thnnk
1'lico, (lod, for nil my blessings, and I'll
jo ns -amen lorj-ou somo junc.
"Here. Ixivsl" oxcln mud a kind
Dltl grandma, "I wouldn't elhlo down
tliosu li.tulsters. I wouldn't do ill"
"You wouldn't do it, grandma? Why,
yon couldn't!" exclaimed littlo Tommy,
hi ono chnntcr. I5ov inolon -
thinly spot soeliutod nook ytimlyiiml
ill gono boy sighs collo comes hoy
howls mother scares - f.tthor jawH
iloetor comes collo goes boy well
tvanti moro Cnotico of funcrnfhoreafu
iv,)DilroU Free frets.
A prlvnto messago to tho Dost on
I)H says thnt tho Society for tlio Pro
rentlon of Cruelty to A'nimals threat
ens "to arrest Jay doubt, Cyrus W.
Field, Kussell Saire. and n immhor of
other New York fanners. Thoy liavou't
watered their stock for ovor a month.
Tlio speaker who alluded to his
cniuiiditu. as "tho war-horso that
stiuliril tho battle from nfar," climbed
up to the composition room with u club
nftor rending it In tho paper as "tho
ward boss that unatcheif tho bottlo
from a bar." Uoston Commercial Jlirf-
It Is a common saying thnt a wom
nn cnu't keep a Hoerct as well as a man.
All bosh. Why, a woman will keep n
secret that a man would forget in two
hours, longcnougli to spread Tt, over two
countiot. Shq never loses her grip on It
till sho gets n better ono, Jlurinigton
Free l'rai.
l'oot's wlfo remarked to htm, as
Ihcy started out tho other night to tako
supper with tho Ilrowns, that sho ex
pucted Mrs. 11. would havo a tdtymtnir
colllure. "Well, I'm suro I hopo so,"
gnimbled Pools, "I hnvon't had nny
itiiug good to cat slnco tho last tlmo wo
wero nt mother'." Lowell Courier.
"Mamma," cried a llttlu four-year-jld
girl, nfler coming from a walk
with her next oldest sister, "Mnmlo
thovod ngnlnst mo nnd pushed mo down
tight beforo somo gentlemen, and hurt
me, too, "Well, it doesn't hurt you
now, does It? Then why do you cry?"
"'Causo I didn't cry- any when tdia
mihtifii! vtui ih.ivn ' ' Aif.'l,f .Li,-.,,,1
Tho' high-school girl asked hci
lirothor Jlhi lo go with Jier to thu fostU
tnl Wednpslay nigld;. Forn wonder
ho was wllHiig,nud ronllcdi "I'm your
oster." "Denri tlearl shall I iiovet
bo ablu to impress upon your mind the
titter wickedness of slang?" sa d she;
"you should ay: 'I am our neephal
ous molliisk.' ,fOil City Derrick.
An nhlo-bodlcd Insect: Tho guard
of nn Kngllsh railway cirriago recently
refused to allow a naturalist to carry u
live hedgehog wl'h him. tL'lio traveler,
indlgmitit, pullod a turtle from his wal
let, and HtM: "Taku this, too;" hut the
guard replied, good-naturedly! "Hi no,
sir. It's tlogs ) ou can't carry, and dogt
I dogs, cats is dogs, anil 'edgo'ogs it
dogs, but turtles Is insects."
Why Ho Was Proud.
Two nrgro vagalwnds.who liavo been
up beforo tlio Kccordor Innumerable
time, happened lo meet iu Iho corridoi
of tho court-house. Ono of them held
his uoso up high in thu nir and put od
a great deal of ityle. Tlio other was lu
(hu custody of a policeman. Tho ptls
ouer said to his old friend:
"What's do matter wld you. nlggnhf
Has jou won do big prUo in do lottorv
dat ver holds ver head o bleb?"
"I doesn't want ter bo familiar wld
do criminal ekrulnt. I don't know you,
"Welt, den, what docs ver blow j w.
self out to much for? We ii beeu is
lull Ivr wueks nud wicks lergudder, Wt
has stole chickens tergedder mure dan
forty times."
"I wants yer to understand dat foi
once 1 docsn t como inter ills court house
lu do capacity ob , luakfactur. Ou till
heah nroud decasuu I s here in da ca
pacity ob a witness for do State, ivo"
not ns tlo prUoucr at do bar, an' 1 waali
., 1,
,,-., '
respecu'il iictortpn . Tetai
A Wall Street Turn Me.
Amonc tho thousand of outsiders who
Jftbhlod in Wall fctrcct ten yean y
was one I tlon't want lo irtvo lii real
nnnio. hut wo will call hint Rlchanls.
IIooncrntciLtliroiiirh our liotito. that li,
tho homo In which I was cniplb-reil as
book-kocpor, nml, as ha soon became u
dally visitor, I pot to know him so well
mat wo oitcn una a inmiiinr ciiau i
romctlmos mot him in thn rvcnlnz le
fides, and our acquaintance: ripened into
Intimacy. At Ilrst ills luck In tlio street
was pretty good, r.nd ono day, when lit
had mado a thousand or so in an ho'ir.
ho asked mo to cllno with hlni that even-
Im; at Dclmonlco's. Most of our talk
was nbout Iho street, and when a bottlo
of wlno had mado It pretty freo, I vent-
tircit to suzgesi mat, as no nati tionu
pretty well, ho should Login to think
aboutgcttlnz out,
"Well," ho said, "I havo thought
about It, but I tlonlt see my way Just
yet, I must hnvo C10.000 a year for
my fnmll, anil how elso can I get It?"
I nskod hint If his family was large,
nml hu ftaitl It consisted of his wlfo, two
daughters and n son.
"And you need 810,000 n year to IIvo
on; Isn't that pretty lilghP"
"Well," ho snld, "high or low, I
enn't got on with less. Tho girls arc
always asking for money. In summer
tltoy must go to tho watering-places
wiili their mother, nml in tho winter
thoro is n bnll om party every week. It
costs n great ileal of money, and tlio
mouoy must ho had In soma way."
"May I irk how much money yoti
havo as capital that Is, money you can
really call your own?"
" Well, nltosrcther, I suppose I could
rnko tip S80.000. Now, what I want to
know is how I could itso that, so a to
mako $10,000 n year. I don't really
Inner tho Wnll Htrnat hus'.noss. hut what
Urn I to do? I must havo 810,00(1 a yenr.l
and. tlior.gli l liavu iqoked aroumi a
good ileal, I can not find nny other 1
business that will produeo It." '
"Why not rcdiico your expenses?
You siy you can't tlo with less than
810,000? I think you nro mistaken.
Many families live on less thnn ijo.000,
and somo on 3,000. Docs your famllv
know Just how much money you havo?"
" I havo tried ovor nnd over to mako
them understand, but it is nfr.ne,
wiienuioy want nnytning thoro h. no
peace till thev get it. nnd when I ray
unn not afford It thej ic)l mo they know
I havo plenty of money. I really can't
mako them understand or bellovo that
my means nro limited, and thu nmoun?
of tho matter is I must have 910,000 k
I lost slglit of Richards soon nfief
by p'tiiR to another hotisu where I hnd
n liettor ofTer, but I heard from time to
time that his luik wns not to good., It
must havo boon live years beforo I met
iilin ngniu. Ho looked Ilka another
man: his face waa careworn and lib
clothing barely escaped shabbinasi.
After a fow words I asked him it he
was still In the street,
"No," ho snld. "that's all over."
"Well. I bono vou cama out all i
"All right?" Ym, If yod (Mil com
ing' out without a dollar all rlghl."
l was sorry, or course, to near of ins
Ill-luck, and asked him if ho had gonu
Into any busi.-.cs. No, ho said, H was
not easy for a man w'th nothing to go
into business; but his friends were try
ing lo tlo something for h!m, and thero
Wits gonm hopo that they would suc
ceed. Thoy wero trytng to get him it
tilnco in tho custom-house. I asked
lilm what tho'salary wns, and ho paid
hu understood it wns 1,000, with a
chnnco of something better after n
nwhllo. It would havo been cruel to
remind him of what ho had said flvo
yean ago about not being able to livo
on less thnn $10,00 J, but while we were
lunchhig together ho gave mo toiinder
Bt.tnd that ho was living, with his wife ,
nnd daughters. In n small bouso or tho
outskirts of llrooklyn, nnd that tho vou
had obtained a clerkship nt tifteeu dol
lars a week. Which was the chief son
port of tho family. JV. K Cor. DdroH-fr
t'rre J'rcss.
m .
A Fresh llomancc.
Mr. Thomas Evans, of Louisville, Ky.,
was formerly a photographer, iu tho
hopes of bettering his fortunes h went
lo Arkansas on a nrosiectIntr tour.
That was in thu oarly part of 18r. It
win no romcniuermt Hint last year a
sC-rios ot most destructive Hoods oc
curred in Arko nsns. Cities and villages
wero Invndqd by the relentless element.
Ono night tho rain raiiie, ami with
mores (if others, Mr. Kvang awoke tu
Iind himself iu tho grasp of the water.
Ho was rescued by Rome adventurous
boatmen, but iu fetich a weak, unoon
scions condition that for eight hours h
was believed to bo dead.
Ho was taken to a hospital, where he
was soiled with an Illness which kept
him in bis bed for twelve months, and
well-nigh proved fatal. When he grad
ually recovered ho found himself para
lyzed In thu arm and hand so that ho
could not write. Tha letters ho dic
tated woro cither mtscarriod or never
tent, so that tho only Intelligence ho re
ceived from homo was n report ot the
death of his wlfo. Ho recovered all but
'the tno of his hand after awhile, and
then It was months before ho wns ablu
to return to look up his children.
In tho meantime R was reports! Here
that ho was drowned In tho Hood,' from
which. Indeed, hu o narrowly escaped.
Mr. Kvaus refused for a kwg tlmo to
bellovo what overy ono elso aceoptcd hs
truth, until; ns tho weak and iivontlif
rolled on, with no other tldlu-js of cither
good or ill, ska was at lat forced tu
conclude herself a widow. Tnu pro
poetnli6j(l of her was a dreary one.
A Jovotis surprise was, howover, lu
store fur hor. As tdie sat at hor window
Thursday, near noon, looking out M
tho btrect, her cyo wus imught by what
seemed u familiar Hk""?. Hr heart
beat wildly, and looking closely. Me
naw what ecmctl to bo the gltot of hvr
husband hobbling along tho girwt dm
crutches and looking swrly arsMiud
for tho how) to which Im ihhI bwa di
lected. Had a t kit mWr bolt strstek bt
she. couhl not havo bs uora ato.
Ishod, and. almost falntiRf, sbo luiak
Into a chair, deathly white and
trembling. Her littlo daughter, fright
ened at her mother's unnatural appear
ance, rati to her side, and In a weak
vok'Q was told to mu down to tbe iloot
and meet Uov father. 11m child won)
to tho window, and kxikmr put, smsw
her father ajiproioblaf ,1h,1 u ernt'ebtx
deceived her, (wl, rvtutntttu; to Imn
mother, she tM tks kmmi wh hM ht
papa. BythU tl, thottfti, )w i kad
rcachwl tlm iteor, ami ha isshx.sk '
r WOUMHit WM !h tiW WrK5 ot bi wltv.
Tho tuet4tf( wtw sw asssK)lsst patk
Uwbnd ami wifst wtrsi 1U vswiojsjsl
t Iho (ltceovswr o! tbo'urMl wUt&lu
under which tkey VmhI bs)it JNsJmrtiiy,
and th clslWren wsira atawMst ilMsam
with bappluetw. Z.0Msvils( (Ak)C(a
't , ;i
Connecticut luw.a W'w)nri
grow put li ,4UU ol hi? hAvk..

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