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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, September 14, 1883, Image 2

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r 'J h f i
w .
J-or U o mrae thai lacks iuMntnncc,
Irr tlio wrnnR that ncpd rcmalnim',
i r hr- future In this dlntpnrc,
nd thn eood that wo ran ilo.
rntilWiwl Kv'ery Friday fcy Iho ,
ImTAX f'llHTTAIS Pyni.i8iu.vo Co
I . .. .
J W. Scboo,
'. Valedictory.
Kof cl?it inoitliH wo linvc given
car tiiuc?anl lnbqt io tftlitifig tlio
I-Mis'('iiir.FTAi.NVwUh the fix.ci.1
purpoip of serving Iho Chcrokco
iicj'le It hns hcon our endeavor
to give correct vie of public nf
fiir, to excite in the inimls of oilr
people a spirit of inquiry find din
msBUKiof tho principles of govern
ment, but above all to encourago
feelings of nmity and friendship be
tween tjioso of diircrcnt political
artie-i nnd Irj goften and change
ptirtfcnn bigotry mid rancor tolion-
otntil kiiutly consideration. If
till mnltt bu dono olr parties
notdd be run on principles and not
on iM'rsoiial Jsaucp, ourgovcrnir.eivt
would be Hotter, and social "inter
coor c would bojnuch mpro cordial
as it cbnuld bo where people nro ns
h . Iui"l;iw;d kind hc,arte.d ni it re
tho ( I.i'P'kco people. If wo linvc
c-'i-t-din mitigating tho evils of
P')iual hostility, in increasing
pubi . good feeling mid in exciting
n. fj int of honest public discussion
our time and labor has'.jiat been
The Indian Cnfi:mi.v now rjocs
into the hands of otlier'fi, abler than
ureclve9. wTiopledgo thcinsclves
lircnndocthn tho paper for biidi.
r. km, educational and religious
imrjocB. Tho editorial columns
wul be conducted by Hon. Win. P.
Kosb .i gentleman whosu intoltrc
( tUrtl nb Jity in toft. .well knovn to
not ' oinimtmlalion at our feeble
hands; tho local columns will bo in
0hnrg of Nov. J. V. BcroctM.- tho
father of Worcester .Academy; , tl)Q
uuBinejs management in tho hands
o"our reliable .fellow citizen, Mr.
G. 'A'. Miller. . '.,.-..
To thof o whohava given us their
patronage wo return our honest
thankfi, and beg them to remember
if wo have not altogether (fuicrvod
it, ut lcist, though under many dif-ikuItic-Kwc
ImVo tried tu da.PO.!
To tho gcnvrnl public wo would
H.ig,'est that'you Bhould" earnestly
- up)iurlajmblic enterprise of this
iiOrt, by KUl)8cribing and sendirtg
ail nawd'thiiH writing to ii thoys
nnd f-iends nt once nnd keeping!
yourselves from being forgot,' -i'nV
w ori 1 of furgetfulneM, Tq tho VU
rib nfort'h'anls;, wo would say: This"
is jour p'np'cr, it works loryoii day
'. I night, r.ud you rhould givo it
. t l'.ist;e(KX).00 in adverti'empiita
jiii" i nmim. ,'
F ro yon well, gentle render, you
hut i our good wishes for your ha
l"ni s and if wo havo snid might
'.iitjuslly-woundcu youf feelings
I it to our weak jicad not to an
muiulabio heart'. ' ' '
. . JlL. Owen.
1'ifhy ' .; i
Tl o proprietors' Knd conductors
of thu Indiam Cii:ektai.v, individu
ally and collectively, cordially re.
liprooato tho kindly sentiments
contained in tho valedictory of Mr.
Owen, and extend to lain nsnuran
c es of their best wishes. Endowed
by niMurcSwJth health, mental vig
or n.jjj jin aitrftfitjyo presence, and
v th all, yoimgj.cuftivated fi mjnd
. rd m.inner, there eoms to. oppn
beforo him a- future-of rare oppdr
tu.i ty and great promico. That
h may woithily grnsp and hold its
honors none nloro ardently desiro
thai thosowho succoed him in
conducting iht GnEfMS.
Wo desire also to extend to Mr
Bweosyj-lato ass'ociat'e editor, dur
b.cst wiihe,s for his futur.o welfare
3'hc Now lYcsbrtciJun Chiircli.
" 1 ho ni'w' Presiiyterinn churcji is
OH ccomlng tho public resort, of
both ladies.. .itijd gcntlcbien an. well
a" tlo children, and, though it is
unfinished, all aro mud.o welcome.
During tho past month from bo von
t j t' n men liavo lnsen at work early
'aid lato on tho building, and tnily,
tho work has- progressed very rnp
idly Tho workmen deserve much
credit not only for tlie houeBty djs
pluyod in'lhbir work, but also for
'thoirgontceldopolmcnt n every
rewpect. No quarroling or rough
laliguagcris heard, and ovorything
is conuuetodith (hat dignity bo
comlng'to'thft'warkmen'oli n houeo
of worship. Mr Ward has fully
euttaiiud his rej)iitation as a thor
ough workman and also us an ac
commodating gcntlohinn. Tho
church is-Jiovf,.rcudv,for plastcrinc
and will probably bo conipTctcd'by 1
tho urbt oi,,;yQioi)or. i no main
building 'is- to Incompleted for
$2,000; 81, MO'of which has already
bie;o paid, through tho earnest ef
iiirts of thoso interested, and tho
balance will bp paid when. com
pleted. Tho additional rooms in
the roor2will probably cost from
,three to four huudred'dollurs moro.
Th'o'nastor and 'in'cnibc'rs of the
ihiircharo rejoicing greatly that
(Sod is so graciously blcsting them
in their labors.
To Tho Public. "
Tho I.vdiak CuiEfTPAj.v having
changed hands, -will bo hereafter
condactcd for tho proprietors by
Win. P. Koei and Itov. J. W.
Fcroggs, editors, and Ocorgo W.
Miller, business manager.
In mnklng this nnnoimccmenl it
in- deemed sullicieni to eay that the
paper will bo herohfler indepen
dent and non-partizan. It will be
th, desire of the editors to mako it
the exponent of truth and too ue-fendc-r
of right. They will en
deavor to sustain tho treaties be
tween tho United States and the
Cherokccs and other Indians not
only of the Territory, but wherc
cvpr found. They will support
law nnd ouler among them and la
borcdnotantly for their educational
nnd moral interests. In short, it
will bo their aim to mako tho pa
per a reliable medium of informa
tion nnd worthy of the respect and
Eupport of the public generally.
i ' ' ,
Creek Klrctlon.
Tho rpsult of the lato election in
the Creek Nation 'has not reached
us. The latest intelligence wo
linvo is to the effect that in 39
towns Col. Chccotc is 90 votes
ahead of Mr. Perryman, with Spi
ccchco a few vote behind him.
There, ivfffjj'ton lowils to hfa from
which nro said to bo mostly in Ktf
fijla Iist., wherp Perryraan's main
etrength lies.- Tho vote, our infor
mant $afif, Would bo close between
Chicotc.and Perryman nnd' that
Spiceohve was out of the race. It
may be added, however, thataspo
cial ejection was held yesterday
at Urown's Frny, not far from
Muskogeo, to give thoo voters an
opportunity to cast their votes who
had been deprived of that privilege
on the day of olection by thq dis
turbance which occurred at. that
precinct, and that n squad of U. S.
troops were present to preserve
order and sco thnt the election was
fairly conduoted. This action was
taken by tho U. 8. Agent, it is Enid,
In conscnuenco of tho agreement
entered into between tho authori
ties of the. Greek Nation nnd Spi
eccheo and his follow.erH, before
Cqmmissioncrios Fisk and Whittle
sey, a short timo before at Musko-
(gee, that the election slioulil be
.!-.. . .. .-
fairly conducted and tho result ac
cepted by both in good faith. How
far tho veto cast thoro may affect
tho genrral result or further com
pi lento matters remain to bo seen
Sinco tho abovo was penned, wo
learn that tho vote past at Brown's
l orry, Wednesday, stood 100 for
Spiocheo. onVcnrh for Chicoto nnd
Perrynmn, and that if taken into
tho general count, it will elect Spic
oTico' Principal Chief of the Creek
Cattle still dying, supposed to
bo from tho Muriain. Somo hogs
dying aiul.sieft with tho cholera.
Tho wenthur has been exceed
ingly dry, but wejwuro blessed witl
a good rain yesterday,
Thu g.at-s is in good condition
for making hay, and thero is quite
n largo a.crt'beihg cut and put up.
Tho Dullard school opened Mou-
day, with-an n;tcndanco of HO pu
A very sorious accident .happen
ed on Cow Skin, lust week. A
young man by tho name of Andy
Allihon wiib riding on thtf'Tunning
gear of tho wagon whuii the coup
ling pin fell out and tho horses be
coming fi Ightcnad ran nwny throw
ing young Allison beneath thoir
feet, and kicking him in the head,
producing a very serious wound.
When found ho was in an insensi
blo condition, and lay in a coma
tose slato for 8 or 10 hours. Dr.
W. Walls was cnllod in nnd sewed
up tho cut. Ho is now out of dan
gor. Jno. Countryman, of Ilorso
creek, has n very line young horse
which ho intends 'exhibiting at tho
fair, rmd thinks--ho will take tne
bliid ribbon. '
Mr. Dennis Hildebrand, of this
neighborhood, has removed to Vi
nitn, antlintonds'lo make, that l(vo
little city hnsfuturo honjo.
Ono 6f Mr. JordanClark's chil
dren is quite sick.
As It is our purporio ttvdovotono
email share Of'our columns to tho
business and industrial interests of
tho,Turritpry, wo hppo 'lo receive
tho assistance of thoso engaged in
tho vocations of activo lifo. A fow
notes from tho rnneh, tho farm,
tho orchard and-tho gnrden from
tho work-shop nnd tho counting
ollico will aid us materially in car
rying out our design nnd enable us
to spread before our readers in tho
course of a year a largo amount of
information. YhToJi will lo of'grcat
vnhio to thorn,.
There are scores of men and wo
mo'iiln tin Torritory who can tell,
and tell well, tho results of their,
experience in growing wheat, corn
and potatoes, in raising and tuking
cure of horses, hogs sheep nnd cat
tlo, in tho care of orchards, in cul
tivating vegetables and small fruits,
)rt. raising poultry, and domestic
cookery and housekeeping gener
ally. Will thoy not do hi Let us
J hear from you friends!
It is stnted that the pending trea
ty with thcSiOtuc Indians contem
plates tho Surrender of about, 13,
000,000 acres of Innd-nt fivo, cents
or less per aero, payable In 25,000.
cows and 1,000 bulls. If they were
pure-blooded Sitting. Hulls per
haps tho "old tin" would not
have Ro far outraged tho dignity of
the Senatorial Committee in Dnkn
ta Territory before whom he op
peared recently as to have excited
the indignation of CScn. I.ognn, al
ways a friend to tho Indians, to
such an oxlent as to render un ap
pology necessary. Hut ns they
were to be of the ordinary kind
possibly, certainly, very ordinary,
ho objected to tho trade
and tho nnqnur of gotting it
up. Sitting Hull S ought to have
been more 'submissive. To be
sure o cjviiizud man might have
thoughtaa Mr. Bull thought, and
have .expressed his thoughts in
honest, blunt, nnglo-saxon lan
gungp, without ofjonse. Indeed he
would havq liqen'rcparded as defi
cient in spine r-nd caput both,
ifhohadnol done so; but Mr. S.
Bull is an animal of nrtothcr kind
and should have icmalned quiet
renervingt his injitteringij fcr the
few acrcs-of praido that Were to
remain nt least for a short timo for
his pasturage.
i. . .
The Barbour County (Kan.) In
dcvx states that J. Milton Turner,
tbo colored orator and politician
of St. Louis, Mo,, has been thro'
the Indian Territory, and is work
ing up a schenio to 1 oca to a colored
colony on the strip of country
called Oklahoma. Mr. Tumor
has been n frequent visitor to Vin-
Itn and other points in tho Territo
ry within a fow months, but with
what particular object In view, if
any, wo havo not learned. If it
bo however, tho ono ascribdd to
him, thero bcems to bo no reason
to doubt that it will fail. It is not
for tho interest of cither tho In
dians or thq colored people belong
ing to tho Territory who might be
induced to go thero if the opportu
nity wcro allowed that any such
colony should bo formed. This
remark applies particularly to tho
Chorokco Nution. In tho main
tho obligation sho voluntarily as
sumed towaids her colored citizens
havo been carried out in good faith
and thero is'no portion of tho race,
so far as wo know, within tho lim
its of the Tnitod States whose con
dition is so good or piiviligcs so
extensivo aild valuable". Let them
not ho deceived on this point by
any specious promises icjd out to
them from'whntevor source it may
como. - Their grievances, whatever
they may bo, will bo sooner romo
died by tho government under
which they live prosperously than
by tho iudulircncn of anv spirit
of discontent or participation in
any ijphtmo of race colonization
within tho Territory. The redicu-
lous luiluro ot l'ayuo in tins lino
hould bo a warning to respectable
pooplo not to full in with such
Rev. Worcester Willy, for many
years a missionary pf thu American
Board among the Cherokccs writes
from Andovor, Mass., Sept. Oth,
1S83, that he is trying to havo
something dono for tho Cherokee
bpoaking portion of our people, in
amoral and religious way, by tho
American Missionary Association.
This class of our people has been
much neglected by tho different re
ligious associations sinco tho war.
Tho chief laborors among thorn
havo been their own pooplo, sup
ported to somo extent bythc boards
of their rcbpectivo churches, and
the work done has been moro or
less efficient, according to tho
knowlcdgo and faithfulness thoy
possessed. Rut thero is largo room
for usefulness among them by men
of intelligence and dovotion to
their labor of love. Tahlcquah,
Vinita, Fort Gibson ond Muskogeo
whore ministers most do congre
gate, aVe all points of varying im
portunco ond doubtless need all
that is dono for thorn, but thoy aro
.nptUndiun mission fields to a largo
oxient. incsoaro to no lounu in
,tho moro retired portions of thb
country, remote from railroads and'
mail hacks, and receive only oc
casional visits from (ho "circuit
rider" or tho seeker after knowl
cdgo or novelty. Wo, therefore,
thank Mr. Willy for his abiding in
torost in tl)o Chorokco poople, and
wish h'im abundant success in tho
particular lino of his effort, in their
Another comit: C. S. Whitti
moro, Sec. of tho Rochester Astro
nomical Society, under dato of Sept,
A. announces tho discovery of an
other comet by W. Rs Phillips, of
New York. Mr. Brooks finds tho
chasing of comets profitable, hav
ing received 0 special prizo of 3250
from Mr. Warner, two months
sinco, and will bo entitled to $200
moro if tlu3ro is no- prior claimant
for tho last discovory.
Reports fly fast, but as a general
rule a healthy, nblo bodied candid
dato gets urouud pretty close' bV
IVr t'apHa JCriicHt- x
D. W Lipc,cq , treasurer ofUho
Notion, requests u"s to givo notice
that ho will begin tho pcrcapiti
payment nt Tahlrnuah, I. T.tlif
20th Jnst., and will then pay Ihofcrl
who aro entitled t" participate i
tho fund, who nro enrolled In,
Ooingsnake, Flint. Salino and Tab
lcqUah districts. After iinishlnf
thorn, thoe in Illinois district ill
lift paid at Fort CtibsOn, awl thiKMf rrV
thoso in Sequoyah and CenadLir
districts at Webbers Falls, and ji
nlly thoso in Delaware nnd Cpo,-
Mecficoowco districts, at ViniU
Duo notice of tho beginning of pay
incnt at each of tho ulnivo narittd
places will begiven. '
Worcester Academy begins" Its
second year with twico as many,
pupils ns were in tho beginning of
first, and a prospect for a fair in
crease. It has already takcn.it
tilncc in tho fiont rapk with .the-l
lll'Kt rtRlitlllltitlil in llin nnltntn.'l
ond will b able to maintain lt.ru).1
riuuii iiuiiiT ii prcm'in. iaculiy..
iii;ii in cniiinuKuu 111 new, 0 x.
Cundnl.ofSt. Louis, Miss AdaDw,r-
nain, .miu i'lnrence. uopuivprth
nnd Miss Mndgp poodykootffjM
.uiip uxpvriciire, muii 1)
ior devotion to duty nn
foi.nd intnrest In the ndvutfe
i uiopo orougui unocrtinoir''!
stiuction nnd su"pervTifin,"ar?t'i
qu.iiuics tiiHi- cuunontly lit ijti
ior uicir respecuvo poeuiyn.1.. i'W
rents nnu guaru.ans, wo nily (to.
licvo, may safely entrust lljcir
children to their, care with an as
surance that proper atlenion
bo given to tho oiiltivation vfhijir'
minds, the'r mnnncrs and 'tunc
morals, wo need only add thn
Rev. J. W. Scroggs will retain his,
connection with tho Academy.
Tho North Carolina ChcrokeCD
have instituted a suit in equity, ill
Washington, D. C, againsj Jjip
Chorokcc Nation for alleged int-ar-
estin-our binds ond fundi;. The at-1
tornoy for tho Nution has filed hlel
answer, and the nrguments in tho
enso will bo hereafter heard by tlie
court. Tho suit ia ono pf great im:
portunccMo tho Nation, and so roc
familiarity with the- law nnd tho I
facts in' tho case, lead us to expect;
tho decision will not bo adverser to
her Interests. ' M
. i
One day on old negro, cladMn
rag's and carrying a burden on his
head nmblcd Into 'tho Ex'ecubVc
chamber and dropped his lonpfo'n
the floor. Stepping towards tho
Governor he said: 1 '
"Am you do Gitbncr, sith?"Mjtf'
llcmg answqioa in tic. allirnia
five, ho said: 44.
"If dot uma facx-I'-se glmStor
meet ycr. Ycr sco I libs wyrup
dor in do b.ick'ob do countr.ywjd
if a no6r man. sah. 1 kVr-tlitf f is
Borne pejvishun in dacbnrf'nnuW
fer do culled man, anJ 1 um fwro!
'got somo ob '0111 j malwwlLTuMitU,
A prominent clerk in.0110 riflh
dopartments at Washington "wasn
.. . .
recently married to a Mr. Orubb
That lady won't sufi'erifthcadiu(n,
istration should change, us j)ho will
always have her Orubb.
Orubb. 'i
oontz Kfj., Sccrel)
a Fair Association,
A. P. Goody koc
tnrv of tbo Vinita
says that tho prospects, aro hjphTv,
promising for a good cxhiuuMW.1
good spot, and u very largo
nance at the Fair next week.
Fnlr Notlre.
A. P. CloodyVnontz, tfoc'y. of thV Kriir
ABHnrinlion. will bo nt the Knlr LTOflinIn'
Monday next for the purnnnoflcAai
booths to those who may dfnlTo'h'H-
tntn them. ' .
Xotlee. to Snhserlbers. 'fr
Thin numbor clones tho tlrnt i)luiin
of the Chibitah nnd with It cjp'ifp '
lnrne number of suuticripttnnii WoThiiv
spenk 11 runcnul of a'l tlicoe and h hcl-
ng hand frnm the. public in extendi &
thu circulation of the paper '
All persons owiaK'ns subscription! r
ndvcrilsements nro MHnestly riqw tr,
-.1 i !.... .11.. .! r.'tlll .1
utl 111 iiruilllinj duiiiu 1, u iiu tfjifc-ti
to dun nuyboily. Tho amount to X
In (minll: tho nvcrci'iitH Is ininortnrit '
us Wewlijh thq sum owlnc, Up
tho mnm owed by tho CnurrXiw 'f
you do not pay up, wo will bocomrDej
to pii7 0ut of onrown poclt iIiho pl
Vjiatlous 1'lenso remit wjieu-vj fcMl
this liotlco Vc-y ReopeffuJIx) '
MiE ai Fwid;jitj 1 st Louis.
With a full corps of thorough (
'i?oachers, and with thd bes, 'jnw
tit management. '
For Tuition, Hoard, Lodgip
Wushing, etc., 85.00 pcriwont ,
Strictly in advance. ; '
For Catalogues address M
Florence Wilson or Pro; 't
Davis, Tuhlcpiii, T. "' )
Boarders will bring, pairing
towels, etc., hedEtend and nutrts
furnii-hctl. . "' u
Primaries must report in mro
or by letter in first w.cek.)i foift
lMlVW3,J '
fc'tC. Ho;
JasHion Cataloeuo
Ja Oy ' pf f"inlin;j full nnmo nnd nd
tlf' M I'ofttahm lilhovrnlitHl Foshlon
J1 )( n'ld ahovo 1 flOO be utlful Wood
iUtn;i(, KRneyOooU, KilverwArr,
Jth'tlfy, Watt hen, Iwota Bnii hiiov?,
Iiilr Uodii. etc., etc, Trkes lower
Jl III" ltin. VII'., Mit , .I'Vvn
llmll tliqep of any ntlii-r honn-.
P. KOlii &bOy, fltll Vtr.C
ii. u
Oth Hi,
KnllJiewSlokJuiit boiiRli In faint
L )u! nt lowest wholeesle p CJJ nnd
1111W fur nntc t
Bed-rock Prices.
imrsr goods,
U-rDtiTS, I5tc. "
CattAiJiilfopnirv hides, qtfv Uh
er(Hxln iii exctiauge for cattle. Trudu
llclted. 24tm
Direct Hovat East!
"KTiJX St Xioixl.
Pnllwp.n Pp.l.ce Hotol Can through
to St. Lor.ii, via Ser'alia, daily.
Direct Routo West and Southwest
vip. iwAry.A.fc oitx.
AI AdfiSnS bliy j passe ih;
for K s CVo m o, Now Mo
co ft.m unifo Mi co in .c.
iih Ex-
V.'CfcS T.oi.i'j of nil line
"CriWcction is
1 1.) dc with Ex-
J)ftJ T ttrh for all points in-Kan-
Tiauna iH'unifMr.
At Omaha,
Coiii'ction is mado
j r:n nil i.nes' lead-
ng lo tho North aiu. Weil.
h(;ntl K, Oen'l I'ass'r ABent.
!'. Kl.WA.V, Ahi't Gui'l I'ass'r Aft.
T. I!. JFLpCHEIt, Apent nt V
5t. Louis and Sanfrancisco
Indian Territory
35 Miles
"Shorter tliauny"o'tIier route between
)A-e ruuD'.Uy. (
200.000 i seVra
ilOKIOS J for .ilo by t.i.s
Coii',iauy, in
Southwesc IWtlaeouri
i9"Vor t. ll fid iRt eu'ar i'lfu.uiuilon
with Mr(i T wo Tble. It3.es ic.-,
cull upon p jv of ou - Si-it a rljcjis, or
ell!ieroi" 10 iiio. jn.rifil
Gbu i'K 1 Aki 'ieu'l Vtw- J
hT tJ0I Mf. T t)lH, NO.
C. yi, Hejt,i3 Vic P-ct'dent
and Gtner.il Manager,
Templo TJuildiiig, St houls, Mo.
TheHcriJui' Ootds ti I
oed Mirth uvl Btpt, txcb
year 1 218 pc, Birlll
iBchta.whh orer 8.300
llluetrlIon hola Ji
ftur a r&llfrrr. CI 1 im wIihIa.
all prict dtrtct h tentumtrt oa kll goodi
ior xnonai or tiBUiyuM, Xviuiiow
to order, and girt txict cost of arerj.
thing yM vee, cat. drink, wear, or litre
fun with. Tbeco InTaluiblo boolu con
Uln infirniiUon gleaned from tho mil
keU of the world. W will mil a cony
Free to any addreai upon receipt of iht
l.pogo 7cesU.. Lei tu hair from yoa
unMTnnurpv wion m. rv
t ? WHM AT
fji"i iff, i iinmnmriK mo tp rj
Lfili I ! t'lonltn, 1'iulorncnr, IiifntiU
n.ni if.,.inrv Hi nl h iirnlnhliii
nr 'ill J LJAaii.ri -......-.
. jiU in I -.11.' j .! r ' )! Id r ti'
i im
Missonn mm
All our goods aro mado of tho
The Bat material and will bo so'd
for less, money than can be
bought elsewhere.
All work warranted to give satis
faction. .
Shop opposito "Frisco House."
srioa... JF1. 3F2
Having just rcccivcd'a"lurgo"and comploto slock of goods fortho
Trade invito every one to coll and cxamino our stock beforo pur
chasing elsewhere. Goods ns represented, and satisfaction guaranteed.
Mitchell, Lewis & Co
Racine, - - - - 'Wis.
X"i3JkfJS 3MLIB7Q3E- IH i" iT
Fan si Sjrii f ap.
The Latest Improved Road Carts.
e3f Ee.d for O.tslojaa and P:-lec. i
Mitclioll, Lewis &. Co., Racino, Wis.
XtlI iftil '-Lli
Vinita, Cherokee N'ation,
XcLisLiKL Terfit 03:37"
O?lao Indian ZQatlons Goxsx"otxtc)dL
SEPTEMBER 18 TO 20, 1888.
From North, South, East and "Wost-
a-xoxxxa.is V. ISTfttvucal VaaaxMxltla.oatcro.
A (arge sum of Money is appropiated for a Prommlum List
t jrertB wrr-Xi szj .a. nxru ifflpxa.-r op1
tec3a3sra?TJOBL"ae" 333jOor3ai boxuieis
Wild Blanket Indians, War Dances, &c.
R. W. LINDSEY, Pras. D. W. UPE, V-Pres .
6. W. GREEN, Troas. A. P. G00DYK00NTZ, iictitary.
VV Llll. O i-ill-'
- , .- . .-..
Call and examine our goods be
foro purchasing elsewhere.
All orders promptly ntlended to.
Repairing done with neatness
and dispatch.
"Vinita, Ind.'.Ter.
- JS13rCrS.
Inrf . o3c.
JL. Jl MJ "-S1U I Jill ! I lllll
mrrr .t-
Tahlequaf . T.
. jwffli ' . 1 ' r&v0Kfc
Jlrnnded on left sliK Somo brrtmlcil
' OO om hip nnd shoulder, eithprsido,
. -Willi vnrloiiM marks N0110 H..I T. -iJv
Itoshil) uisoC Illinois river, 4 ini"
HwAbow-fork and tindcrblt In ono
cr and underklopo In tho other.
Vinita, I. T.
Urar led on bot'i hMv. Crop officii
ea n.id split In right, kakob Locust
Prairie Olty, I T
IlrandM with nam brand on both
sides and both hit: iumue Hkad ol
lioaee C'.-eok.
J. W. HU.IOTT & Co.,
VInltn, I. T.
Hot !; i'Ju . 1 in e!ch ear,
f iimui i.if cfi (Ui! brandeil on
'" 1 ' i lu -huulJer. liA.iua Unbln
To-1 offiv,
Kotao, 1 T.
ll-."Ji -jifiii ptlicr.ii.lt'. Mark
t opod.'jHtr vn.'cr.i!oo olfloft
c. lU.uc -Mo eU jk O.K.
Evnn6Vlio, Kaiibno.
'1 f .
le. l'tt.,
n s .,
111. I r
d the
ntriTH -ond-bfnud
ide Vnrtou- a.
on nr&r
BA.Nfti: Coinii.tu)rIie con:
n ty powl.
Louts Roosna.
Ohotopa, Kftneal
fo. in ! 4. I 01. f,n4 Xi hip.
HM.'JB-CflM.i CiiL. '
Ohorokoo Orpnitn Asylum.
.i'&Sr1' to "" "' "a
JtUn rao inn M If
. iwunmver n voustf
HBf rr Jti-PwwSaiy
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