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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, September 28, 1883, Image 1

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ggtZ .ftSt ttcvoti'd to (ho jHlcrcts or the Chsrnlioi' Clioclann, CliU-kMsiitva. Scminalo. Occks ami Hll Other Imlliun or Uio Imlliui Torrllory. o - Q
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IchhoiI by Telegraph mid Mnll
WAntiiMiTo hotrs,
(jTurt Sccretnryof War has received n let.
i rJrom CJcncml Crook, ntklnn; that nn In
Miff la undo as to ttio omissions In the
$ihlshed copy of hi , letters of AiiR-tut 17,
JysN Homo of the telegrams lnmla Clenernl
iJrosf c say, In referring to tlio Chihuahua
Wagners, that thoy stii rendered with tho
jHiHrtnnclliij? that their pnst mls-
, 'Jjpili would not lo punished, pro-
4 rjded that thoy behaved them.
J XlZtB n "10 fiituroi whereas ho
f iv'roto that It won with tho understanding
jf "on their part." Ho mi tliun inado to eon.
M Midlct hl repcatotl iitatcments that ho had
Mnritunl 4n llm 1.lt..... 4. . .
nfety from pitnlnhmcnt. (loneral Crook'
ocount Of tho matter was clear to tho Hec.
ctary of War and tho Bocretarv of tlm In.
UTlor. AVIillolnAVnililiiirtonlioiilnlrrltlmf
nhllo ho had made this refusal, It was dim
wit, ll not imposslhlo.to niako tlio Indians
understand that ho could not control mat-
UFXCtAT. AOKST KVASd. sent hv tlm
Treasury Dopartmont to Inquire Into tho
nmiKllnB or Chinos Into Washington Ter
ritory from IlrltWi Columbia, stated that
In his Cjihilon tho reports w cro oxnggeratcd,
out Jio adnitttcil that n number of men In
that section employed largo numtiers of
Chinese, and were vrJlllna to tako nil thoy
.,0t"!iFct of """ft withJaTttRutlng to know
""?.. w 'Uinomg i amo rrom.
v T?ne requisition jijhjii !in .l'ostolllco Do-
- ixflffitft'it by postmantors ll r new tw o-cent
ltwnplwisd iarco that tho contractors
oro unablo to supply tho demand, and tho
Department consequently reduced tho
,i iinoums caucu lorin mo requisitions. In
l ...t. .1... v.11 ni ii i ...
iriiivi hiidh itiiuiurei niigiKiiavo soniooi me
aow stamps on hand wlicn tho law goes In
to effect.
IVm. 8. WiiiTsronn wns committed to
(ill at "Washington City,, tho other day,
elarBed with forging checks on tho Ser-cvant-nt-nrmi
of tho House, representing
ibout 700, In tho names of United Htatcs
Senator Gorman nnd Congressman Talbot.
iVhltiford was nt ono tlmo private secre
tary to Gorman.
Ilironn tho Sennto Sub-Conindtteo on
Cilurntlnii nti1 T.ntu 1f. Tr.l v. -
L of New York, testlllod that tho dldlcultles
aiotwlthby labor rcfonnors woro tho In-
m MH'triunj iinuiiH oi mo mooring classes in
ciues, ami mo linpropor methods to w hit h
labor resorted lu endeavoring to accom
plish Its desires. Tlio groat want of tho
peoplo, ha cousldoml, wns Industrial edu
ration. Instruction In public schoqls whs
roefully ilcflclont, nnd Its tendency wns
snllrcly ono-slded. It hnd given to the
j-nuttis of tho country n dlsllko for manual
- auor, wlilcli was n very dangerous tend
y. t,TilK Civil Bcrvlco Commissioners, tho
t ither day, recclvod a letter from cx-Ucpro-enbitlva
Daiondorf, of Virginia, stating
lit CCIark, Houator Mahono,spolltlcal
iwHraent agont,had madu nnothornssess
(ontjof nvo jicr cent, on tho salaries ro-
jived by alt tho employes of tho Norfolk
ivyjynrd, and thnt this wns tho third
Mwsniont lovlcd upon tho snmo employes
,tbe snmo man tnsldo of nyenr. Mr.
.iyman, Chief Kxamlnor, said If Clark Is a
jjHovernment employe ho has violated tho
"Civil Henrico net, Theinatti-r was laid be
fore tho executive authorities.
IWAsniNOTox claim ngouts hnvo been
tending out circulars stating that by nti net
of Congress the Becrctnry of tho Interior
was authorized to Increase tho compensa
tion of nil Assistant Marshals engaged lu
taking tho ninth cvntnis. Tho Secretary
,iays he additional pay c-xn only bo nllow od
in n lliitttod number of csos, whero ho Is
witlsfled tho pay was insufllclont. nnd
narns Assistant Marshals against mislead-
lug circulars.
SixiuctjIUY FoLanu has raised an Im-
iortant numtlon In rcsard to tho operation
"pf t)io now Civil Sorvloo lnw, which ho
t'ted In a letter nddressed by htm to tho
commissioners somo days slnco. Ilomado
s requisition on tlio Commission for n
orsou to nil n . $000 clerkship,
nd tho Commission cortlflcd to him
Mio namos of four persons, from
S'hlcli to make his selection. Tho Secro-
tjiry found hlmsolf In doubt ns to whether
Miction 1734 of tho ltevlscd Btatutos did not
linM him lu mnklng his selection from four
aatnos. Other things Iwlng oqual, this sec.
Ili gives preference to honorably dls
ItirgedVjldlcra nnd sailors of the lato nr.
,11b oidnlon Is that it one of tho persons
tertlflcd to him Is nn honorably dlschnigcd
lnllor or soldier ha must select that ono.
It has been decided by tho Treasury Do-
artmout that hemlock bark Is not dutlablo
ndor tho provisions ot tho Tariff act,
hlch fixes the rato of duty for oxtract of
cmlock mid other bark used for tanning,
ut Is freo of duty under the provisions ot
ho frer list.
The I'rcsldont of thoNcwOrlonnsNatlon-
ll Dank, against whom Postmaster Oonoral
Jreslyin's recent order In relation to tho
itiri roKinnnv's mall matter was directed.
Jubqucutly hail nn Interview with tho
Bocretnry of tho Treasury on tho mibject.
cretnrv Foliror told him tho (iiicstlon of
illvcrv of mail to banks was ono over
hlch 1st had no direct control, that being
ier tie Jurisdiction of iho l'oitofllco Do.
CBrrAnr roLOKn recently sont n com-
icwloii to tho Collector of Custom nt
Y.irlr. In which ho stntoil Hint thii
WsW10 Htatcs Cattlo Commission had been
, WrB,l ot nn alarming Increase In tho
wld-mouth disease among the cattlo of
IJ"' 1'rllnlu. Under these circumstances,
VilPCers of 4lirt pnilnint ervlf-n wniltil linrn
r "erclso tho itrlctcht enro in exam-
" loti the sanitary condition of all
"ei steon. swluo nnd goats Imported
O thettnlfnil Htnt...
'ft8 ptistmaster nt Now Oi loans has
i.' notified tho I'ostofllco Department, nt
Washington, that ho had boon ordered by
no nuiie Court to dollvcr tho mall matter
what ho
obey tho
or modi-
Jf Hod, and to consult with tho United States
UUtrlct Attorney nt Now Orleans.
i-iik lEAnr.
H Tmc Republican State Convention of New
KJerkey nominated Judge Jonathan Dixon
$ior Uvvcrnor.
1 Ak oxplnston In the Bllgo Irott Works, nt
PltUburg, I'., recently, killed John W.
Allen, Charles Douglas uud John Mrdnv
'gan, fatally Injured Iwls House, William
Stewart and William Hodman, besides
lerlously injuring four other men, and four
:iiildrcn of Charles Douglass.
At n conft-renco of Maine Ore enbackers,
it Ijewlston, recently, resolutions were
idepted Indorsing the Chicago platform,
cstructlng tho comiiiltteo to call a Btato
ijuvetitlon tlie first week In May, nudde-
Iftrlng ippOtitlon w fusion with ritlior
Capet J0 V. hamiltoh, of tho fourth
;;s, ot the West Volot Military Academy,
!?p. disinUscd irem the service for
aduct iiobeooinlng an officer and geutlo-
n. C94t Then. Ii. Kerin, ot the tame
ss, hat been suspended with loss ot 1ay
411 July 1, 1864, for.Tlnlstlons of the rules
ijlUiIiVasta; to the New Orleans
mi'a"i mteniloil for the lottery
snu ask.it (or instructions ns to
lhoulddo, Ho was directed to
ff jriler until it should bo reversod
in Miuwry Academy.
.-a New york Hefubltcan State Con-
Tintlon nominated tho following ticked:
Hcciotnr o Ktato, Uenernl Joseph II.
Carrt Comptroller, Ira Davcnportf State
Treasurrr, l'Hny T. Sexton; Btntn Kn.
glneernnd Burveyor, Silas 8yMour At
torney (lenernl, Lesllo W. Husscll.
I.AWnicK llRAmnn, A. O. llralnerd nnd
C. yuinn, of tho BL Albans (Vt.) Trust
Company, wero recently Indicted by tho
arnnd Jury for tho vlolntlon of pcnnl
clausos it tho charter. Thoy wero held to
ball in hi nvy sums.
Use hundred prisoner In tho Btato
l'rlson nt Wcthcrsfleld, Conn., wero re
cently token sick suddenly. It wns sup.
posed they worp poisoned by corned moot,
UicnxAnn (ULLAOiisn, brother of Dr.
(Inllngher, tmtlrr senttnro to- Uf n j..
gland for bAnK I eon oii-r i m iff m.
mlto plots, v as tntei; wm, uj tlw -w Vck
Inebrlato Aftrluin.
TltK steanishlp TAiM nnd '.. jMeh
nrrlviil nl Now York from Kumpc, recent,
ly, brought 2,W)0,00D francs In gold.
Yrkb V. Jknks, n well-known cotton
brokor, recently hired rooms nt tho Tro
mont House, 1 11 Iloton,ntul was afterwards
found dead, Laving poisoned himself. In
vestigation proved him to hnvo been n for
ger for various amounts, aggregating $1,1,-
Tub Sovorelgn Ornnd Idgo of Odd Fol
lows, recently In session at l'rovldence, It.
I., refused to strike tlio word "whlto" from
tho constitution. Tlio next meeting will bo
at MInnoipolls, Mlnu., In September, 1831.
Tub Covlllo hi-uso, In Wntcrbury, Conn.,
narrowly onchk destruction by nn explo
sion ot n rango tho other morning, caused
by tho shutting off of tho city water. Sev
eral employes miraculously escaped denth.
Tho building wns fired in several places,
but the flames ncre extinguished. Win
dows and partlllnns wero shattered, nnd n
general panic among tho guests ensued.
TwK.iTYyou.nc women of Warper's silk
mill, nt Allentonn," I'n., recently struck
ngnlnstn reduction from fourtothreo conts
per ono hundred strings. They wero mak
ing tl.CO per dny.
Hkckxtly tho Infant daughter of Mrs.
Heron tioodwiu, ot Castletnn, Vt., ns
killed while sleeping by tho sldo of Its
inothor. Tlio woman stnted that early In
the opening somo ono, fired at her through
the window, and that sho found her bnbo
dead, Iinvlng been killed by n second shot.
Tlio mother wns subsequently nrrdjted for
tho crime, but clinrrU:iintoa'uTkhown
man did the shoeing. ',
tiik wnsr.
Tub town uf Uo"iiRon7XvVzoun, burned
recently, fha luIUvny depot, Wells &
Fargo express nnd tlxi posto.Eco wero
saved. It was tho work'of incendiaries.
Drsi'KnADOCS hnvo lcomo so liold nt
Tucson, A. T., in tholr Outrages that tbo
Governor of tho Territory has been called
upon to suppress them, to citizens fearing
to attempt It themselves. ;
Sexto.i, tho bllllard-blayor, had- bis
championship badges stolin. after tho closo
of his Into tournament nt tit. Joseph, Mp.
Jaur4 H. Vauhh!, a tanner, wns re
cently killed by tbo nccldoktal dischargaot
a gun In tbo hands of his S5n, near Spring
field, Mo.
At Olnsgow, Mo., tho otlr day, Agnes
Halt, twenty-threo years ot'neo, n Ocrmnn
girl, committed sulcldo by lying down lu
shallow wntcr until sho drownod. A love
nlTalr was the cause.
Miih. Kmma Fiscnen wn nrre(od at
Cincinnati, Ohio, recently, chnrged with
murdering her husband, Ailrm Fischer, by
Itolsoulng. Henry Kalsvr, with horn Mrs.
I'lschrr w as Infatuated, was also ai rested.
I.i a running fight nt tho village of Uto
Creek, N. M.,butwoon a storekeeper named
Don Mnccdouis Arngon end fit o cow boys,
Arngon killed two and woumiod n third,
nnd diod himself toon nftorrnrds from
wounds ho received. ,
ATtho recent nnnual ii"ctlngpf the II roth
erhoodof rocomotlvo Firemen ot tho United
Btntcii and Canada, in Denver, Hoy. Henry
Ward Hcvcber, who was in thajcity, made
a speech, and was warmly appltudcd.
Til it Lutherans of Shello vlllrl Ills., nnd
vicinity celebrated the 400th nnnlversnry
of Martin I.utlior with a grand basket din
ner nnd celebration. t
O. A. Wauu nnd Cbarlea Johnrton wero
accidentally poisoned nt Camp t'olut, 111.,
recently. They procured what thoy sui
posed to lie a quart bottla of bitters at a
drug store to be drank as a beverage.
Drinking freely of It they both droppod
dead in a short tlmo. Tlio third man who
drank with them was seized with spasms,
but, it was thought, would recover.
Burr wns recently brought In tho United
States District Court at Omaha, Nob.,
against Low K. Cropsoy, foruiorly United
States Consul nt Chemnitz, Saxony1, for the
embezzlement ot Government t funds
amounting to $3,400, whllo ho was Consul
about eight years ago. Cropsoy Is well
known throughout Nebraska, and for two.
or threo years past has been connected with
tho Chicago, llurlington & Qulncj' lloll.
road. , j- f
It Is estimated thnt about on ' t j,f
tho corn through the central part " o,
along tho lino of tho Narthwes nj jfR.
road, lias beon damaged to tho xt8t.t
fifty per cent, by frost. '
ATtho closo of tho porformanct iii tio.
Alhnmbra theater In St. Louts, the i'ir
night, lllclmrd Whalcn, nyoungmn i n' iptl
twenty years of nge, fired a shot frd. a ij-
volver nt Carrie Hart, or Howard,
tho actresses of tho place, and theti
his own brnlns out. Whnlen wns a t I
Ing salesman for n St. LouU houst i
was reported to bo In trouble because i
loss ot funds of his cmployeniin gntiili
and drii:klhg.
Tun rar shops of Uio Hannibal A BL
soph Hallroad, at Qulncy, 111., burned
cently, . '
AnViCKs from tho Indian Territory sat
that four men named Saddler, Tipton, nnd
two brother named Gray, from the vicini
ty of Tails, Texas, camped on Dl? Crock,
In tho Choctaw Nation, some tlmo ago, trt
t'.io purpose ot hunting and fishing, nnd
that the other night tholr camp was raided
by n party claiming to Iw pursuing fqur
horse thieves, A light ensued, nnd ono ot
tho Orny brothers and Baddlor were killed.
Tlio other Gray nnd. Tipton escaped. Tho
posjo then plundered tho camp, taking
iway nil valuable cxt.
ItETUnKS from tho election for Chief of
tho Creek Nation, in tho Indian Territory,
indicated tho election of Bpfcrhe over Ier
rtmau nnd Chlcotebj about forty majority.
The result was a dofeat for tho liberal and
progressive patty.
nvo miners, Patrick Bulllvrm nnd John
McNeil, were killed the other mornlug by
cave-In oil the Iron Hill Consolidated
mines, at Leadvllle, Colo.
HIE bandsume new passenger steamer
Gem Cltyt which had Bn. 'n,Q. winter
quarters at St. Louis, was recently Wrwd 'kV5JaiB accidentally shot while preparing
to tbo water's edge. Its value was WW- -gifcfci.nlng, and only lived n few mln
Two passefiger trains came In col) n r'Slttiir bolng found.
Anll.AfIl.lA fc VII I 1 I n-M..1 . ...-
,jii u9 ifmu i- iit.m.iiii iiauruBH w-ci
Beyinour, HI., on tho night bt thtv Sfd, by
which tho engineer of on train nldtb.
child of one of th passengers were Wtfi
Rev. J, Boyktb, prominent MeUie
Hilnlstcr. was recently found oa tf e
nk In front ot U house, at ?
and fully a dozen nasuturers Injured. tome KV M...i. i, ...m ..,;. 1 ... :
- - - - t i "nji vjryr "ft" "v " "u '", p'! union hiuhuwiiw, nnu vmiguing in 1110 neiiii.
qulto seriously. ' v,jiirt m tho army until the 8th of , "rbood of tlghty pound. Mr, feleln-
'I he report of the Auditor of tUe Bute of J-.s-narM I bauer ha 1 suffered frout this dlsoaw for
Ohio showed the collections under tb4tdU . ijMi'rf'.tirm rti m..ei. ,1 m. 1 .1 "i1" . f0 yearf' ?ni1 tho operation was
Llquorlaw to be nearly M.W.000 , JUn'itt, TnS 'l'.a!i",t! "s-hf"" t rjwr , a I lWQUHt
Mich., in n dying condition. His trouble
wns heart disease.
Thk Jcwolry storo of T. nalshover, of
Detroit, M4ch., was recently robbed oi
$15,000 by burglars.
A 1.ATE flro nt Haley, Idnho, destroyed
tho Merchants' Hotel and other projierty,
KSgregatlng 50,000.
Tilp New Orleans National Hank hnvlng
made arrangements to hnvo money orders
Intended for tho Louisiana lottery Com
pnny sent to tho bank (ns tho I'ostofllco Do-
pnitment had forbidden their being paid to
the lottery company), the lVstmnstcr Gen-
crai recently Issued nn order to tho post
master nt New Orleans .not to hereafter
"ililltm i- tin. y.qflatim.Natlonal Hank
h reistrsH Ietlii(fi6r,redevm any
mov r order lnAMjataM, but deal w Ith
Mine dHWMs,fJb7 tho56Dopartment
?foTuibwl,JM0 .Ihts order will tw ro
vokod whenever tho bank gives satisfactory
evidence that It has abandoned tho abovo
Larhy lttrgREt.L, mail carrier betnecu
llockwood and King's Creek, Tenn., was
recently arrested for robbing tho malls.
Tun Sheriff of Cass County, Neb., re
cently returned from Texas with U. A. Mo
Kco, of Geneva, Neli., whom ho arrested nt
Gnlvestoc, Tex., on n charge of forger'.
McKeo bad Iwen n lnwycrand money loan
ing agent at Geneva for several years.
At Shrcvcport, La., on tho night of the
821, tho lmller of tho cnglno running nt
tho bridge being constructed over tho lied
llhur, by tho Bhrcveport & Ivrtflo Hall
road Company, exploded with terrible
force, killing five nnd wounding flvo mon
who wero at work' ns tho nlgbt force. A
boy named Wntts was the only person on
the boat who escaped unhurt.
Tiik Jncksboro, Texas, stogo was robbed
the oiher evening, eight miles out, by n
lono highwayman, ono of tho two who
roblied tho same stngo n few weeks previ
ous. Tho passengers, threo Indlos nnd one
gentleman, wero not molested, tho robber
demanding only tho mall sacks., t
Wool, was reported ns coinlng'ln freely,
nl San Antonio, Tox., nnd selling at bettor
prbes than Inst spring. ,,.
Thr Colored National Convention, which
nsseniblednt Louisville, Ky., onthoStth.
" vAi-iuiig couirsboioverour noursf
in tho nttempt to choose n prcsldlngofllcor,
filially elected Fred Douglass.
Tub rrlnio Minister of Hritlsh Columbia,
in rosponso to n tonst nt nn entertainment
given tho Vlllnrd party nt Vnncouyor, re
cently, said tbo nnnexntlou ot any pnrt of
Hritlsh Columbia to tho United Ktntcs wns
impossible, but that tlmo would rovcrsa the
case, nml seo tho nnnexntlou of part ot the
Pacific coast section of tho. United States
to Hritlsh Columbia. Ho predicted n disso
lution of tho Union, becnuso tho elements
of population In this country wero too
nrlitl, and when It went to ploccs Hritlsh
Colmbln would stand ready to recolve hor
part of the frngmonts. As ho was a guest
of tho party, his spoech was considered lit
Tub fntluros throughout tho United
States and Canada for tho week ended
September 21, wero ISS, compared with 173
for tbo previous week. 1 '
T:!e cholera has broken outnt Tckln,
Skbartu! Hemk, of 1'nissln, charged
with embezzling JiO.OOO marks whlld ot the
head of tho munlcipnl insurance system ol
Glodbnch, In tho early part of August, and
nbscondlng therewith, was arrested In St.
Louis, recently, nt the houso of his sou-lu-law.
He freely admitted bolng tho person
wanted by the Gorman Government, and
stated ho lost tho money ho is chnrgnd with
endiczzllng whllo convoying It to his supe
rior oOlcer.
Tiik clearing-houses reports of tho eotim
try for tho week, ended September 2J,
showed nn nverngo derreaso of business
of J1.3 per cent., as compared with tho cor- I
responding- cr'c of u.tjeor. Now York
City showed n decrcaso of 20.4 per cent.,
whllo Memphis, Tenn., increased M.O pet
cont. Tho gross clearings for tho week ng
gregated O.nSO.lO.', against f 1,014,732,03d
for tho corresponding week of Inst year.
Tub Vatican has authorized the Catholic
bishops, who vcro expelled front 1'mssla, tq
open negotiations with tho 'Prussian Gov
eminent for n return tn tljclr pastorates.
Tub postmaster at VIdalia, La,, has been
arrested for robbing registered letters. He
confessed his guilt.
Within six weeks nftcr tlio nppenrdnce
nf vellnw fever ,.t. Mll, .ll.w ii
hundred died. Tlio panic wns so great
many wero buried before death ensued.
it is roponcu turn oecrotary lolger will
notopiolntnnyot the subordlnatos In tho '
by Mr. Hill, but will call to tho position
some outsido man. Dcrlng Mr, Hllls's In-'
cunjlMiney ho disbursed tho vast sum of !
injrs, Thero was somo talk of not appoint.
ingtin architect to tho position, but some J
jiUvInuaM man w ho bns Iwen n professional
contractor, as tho duties ot tho olllco aro
rrrr to t,mt of a m ,
an architect,
The Becret sorvico bureau of tho Trcns-
nry Department hns been Informed of tho '
iifapture at Duluth, Minn., ot plates for
printing counterfeit tcii-dollnrsllvcrccrtlfl-iatos
and ten-dollar notes on tho Bank ot
,Davio K. Aikkx, Inspector of Water, In
Itivf York, was rccontly nrresto'd for com.
I pllcity In frauds In tho Water lteglstor'n
1 bureau, nnd Indicted for forgery lu having
dUred tho book of record.
TflK Steamer Centennial, from St. Louis
' New Orleans, recently struck a snag nnd
si.ru. some dl.tanco nbovo Memphis. Sho
varneiin largo cargo of freight, including
jiio thousand barrels of flour.
Two boys wore recerltly sentenced to
denth at Mount Vornon, Ind., fpr murder.
Dn. A. 1). MoKumb, t prominent phy
sician and druggist, ot Council Utuffs,
Iowa, was recently shot and instantly
killed by Dr. It D. Cross. He was on his
way borne to supper when ho met Cross,
with whom ho had (or somo tlmo licen 011
unfriendly terms, A fow nr?ry words
passed which resulted In tho shooting.
Tub values of exports of breadstulfs for
August, 1883, was $18,810,129, and for tho
same month of lf&!, $28,051,320; diiring'tbo
eight months ended August 31, 1SSH, 1H,.
tna.WS, and some tlmo in 16V2, $110,275,608.
SitVKRAl. heavy failures lu Now York
rccotitly created a flnaurlal flurry lu Wall
Lymam Hl.Ain, ot the long-established
aud.henvy grain commission firm of lilnlr
A. iKJalr, Chicago, was recently found lying
Iii,!i room on nn upper floor of his real.
1 oenot. dying from a gun-shot wound. Ho
MrirAl, KiteitUAM has fixed upon the
rst'Vi.riLIInvnni - ier n thn iInIa ininn wlii.1.
M tl! turn over the command to General
Cukhik, of Bpr.on, Mass., whllo
ocrntly hot bis wife. Bho
f "-sr sivaiuiii. jnv uuu aiau uihui tin u. a tviovist li aiasti nun nrrr ntiaiiaiui. unit
-:-"" " -" 4-- "--s;
.1 1. .s n,i.
, iv"sr-"tvr'i
x years; o)d.
. '
millain i rry f HprliiRnrld, 3tns., Inn
tit nt itiiillv, Mnkes n llenilljr Aaanufl
nn t If with n llnsnr A Nrlfttihnt
who ln( Ii,mm1 H51II Cut,
I SrtHKinci.ii, Mass., Fept SX
Uud cis 6ff"Munterl'' nnd "Help!"
famo from p hoMoo pn Iiist Union street
'JiIsnoon,b 4 wfceH Mrs. Hnrry Mnyher,
alio lives Imowj pan ot tho bouse, burst
Into the (nnU.it of her nelghlior, Wllllnm
Perry, n mot .Sickening nnd horrlblo sight
met her oyefr " Wllllnm Kerry, n respecta.
bio working f 11 of fortythreo years oi
ige, Was idniilng Over tho kneeling foim
Df bis wire, t tli a Moody rizorln ono hand
ma tho othet lioblHt; tho crying woman by
i i " J, ' -"nm "y n
.1 T?6 Ln ot torVvo
hiw niiir. mi pniM. nnu nrms were iiaiuy
rut, nnd twt deen and fresn gnshe had
!enn mndii i,i s few neck. Mrs, Mayher
rushed towari tbo kiian and Implored him
U stop his bloUy wrk. Ferry took no no
llco of her, Int mssio another dash at his
ire's thrnntJ Mt', Mnyher caught tho
man's band, .rMmig, for help, which
(might llkO . eoriwed nnimil, cut.
ting right nnd lei tvlWi Ids nzor, nnd say.
Ing he would IfJ niM-one Who prevented
Mi w otic. Help I m arrived, Ferry wns
it-cured nnd tho ft f.co called. It wns then
found that 1 orry as Tlolesit! Insane, nnd
In no way oceoart blTjsVr'hls terrible net.
In the liK'niitfine Mrs? Kerry1 had fainted
troin bws of b:oi hwS frluht, nnd Mrs.
Jlnvher was foiimt 0 b tt-rribly cut nlout
ho hands nnd nrm t IVrry, niter a sovero
itrucgle, was ham Iftodaml tnkon to tltr
itatlon, wherrt he hvittwHrily ror somo
line, but nt Inst nppjrd tn rcnllzo what
10 had tlono and leJ tie more calm. Mrs.
ryrry'B wounds bn,i ij been sewed tin to-
Jight, nnd It It tint ibt she tuny recover.
Her hiMbnnd will 11
lug. nnd "III nroKlbl
tniiilursl In tho morn
'I111 lull xli 4n tin nsir
lum nt Northnmiitph
Hie i:art nf Aniinlktiilnr llenlh nu n
Onllljr Murilerer tlitoA n rllnc-, Whose
llenth KPhlrnri- tli (liArmir of tlrtirgln
llrfnsMl In t'oiiiiniitil lcuniri n lliivlim
.llnnlnc. I Vf
8ArAVli;8A., PepU SJ.
From present Indict tJpij the bunging of
3eorgo Wnllaco, tho coift, I hiurdircr, on
t'rldoy of this week, It bo n horribly
Iraglo occurrence. Abo4 tin o'clock this
noriilng tho doomed inail laiintentcrcdMs
:elt and showed him last! Ijht's dispatch,
vlilch nnuoir.iceil that Oo waor McDanlcl
lad rot used M. romuuiteMi-.vl ith sentence.
Clio news was ovlilontiy &dlrely itnex
jetted by tho prisoner, ii d'( ho atjpenrcd
tliuost stunned by tho nnitc in -cmeul. Tho
A'oinnu and the jailers tried td nruuso hint
(rom bis lethargy, but theli fl orts proved
nine iiua no romaiueti ivt if on ills uoa
iiuttcring nu Incoherent i bl of words,.
u mum jnnsonio expresaiot t vverw (reciy
uterspcrsuil. Atfouro'clacU Hhisftenioon,
ion ever, Wallace's coiidh-t siuiddenly
hnngeil nnd ho liecnrtn mknlncal In his
riolentrago. Springing from his bed like
in iiirurintcd tiger ho dlvcxUd himself of
viry stitch of clothing nnd thon toro tho
;armeuts Into shrods. Tyln,j tho strips
together ho threw one nd over tlio
Iron grating forming th,o top of
his cell nnd apparently intended bo
romlng his own executioner. Changing his
mind, however, ho attacked tho woodwork
of tlio coll, In a vi ry few minute, succeeding
lu wrecking; everything lnsbli. Fearing
Hint Wnllaco would dasli bis brnlns out, or
In somo way nnko way with himself, flvo
of the most powerful of tho attendants
about tho Jail nindo n rush to D-rrpowor
tho prisoner nnd shackle him, Henltzlng
their object Wnllaco picked up n heavy
nicco of timlier, which ho hnd torn from
Ibo wall, n-id fought wKh furious despera
tion, during which nl) of the turnkeys woro
more or loss seriously hurt. Wallace was
dually overpowered, how ever, tiy sheor
foix-o of numuers, and carried stmggllng
to n cold bath, into which ho wns plunged.
Its cooling effect was only temporary,
how o er, nnd to-night his heart-rending rav
ings nro so loud thnt they can Ira hoard n
block from the Jnlt, despite the thickness ot
thohenvy stono wall. An oxtrr. guard Is on
duty nt Wiillacv's cell, but his freaks nre
so sudden thnt self-destruction at any mo
ment would not be surprising.
11 hit tlio iNiiilden Ariposlnn to Comnnrn
tle AllIutin.o Upstt the IJfonf iil'runitik
Ing Vniinir Mini mnl Mnilo n CVImllilil of
lllin Vast IJfn nnd l'urgvrr lliuul 1st
Hand nt Usual,
The day of tho shooting of President
Dnrlleld by Gultenu, District Attornoy
Corkhlll engaged n young lawyer ami
itcnographer to go to Gulteau's cell nnd
report nn Interview between tho nttorpey
Hid tho assassin. Kdmund A. Bailey was
tho naino of tho reporter, nnd representing
I himself to Gultenu ns nn attacha of the
i Now York llemhlAha asoasslit tnlkod very
' roeir.' 0l.t,.,?,.'",8r.vl.mv wa8 tu"""1. ovFr
"' v,o - uorKiuii ntm tiecnmo pail OI tnq
lecoidln the celebrated case. Afterward
lialleymado frequent trips to tl.e jail and
llultenu told him tho story of his lit.
Ilailev wns svell nnltt for lilt xervlea nml
lubsciiuentlv sold conies nf tlm tntervlmr
lo "lu Jirmiu exclusively, receiving inoro.
for WSW. Tlm possession of so muolt
recklessly upon n llfo of dissipation,
iid sin-.-oodnd in maintaining bis ex.
tritviigaiit cotirso of llfo i(p to six
.vory ),. la.., m,i ,, hclt In n grent
mensuro nccouuts for Itallny'4 hnvlng so
""d t-'ionev , Col. Hunch Tiitten, a lending
"ii'tnlior of the district bar, and ono of tho
i,ci; t,0 jttur ncted ns his secretary. It
!,,ow nl'l;,,l,rH Hut Halloy took advantage of
!" 'SS" "".mr ln J" ""' 'or.e"
Lol.Toltcn's namo to papers to the extent
of 11, 01) J. Hu liecamo so exiort lu counter
reltlng Mr. Totten's name that tho latter
llnds some dlDIculty In distinguishing the
forged from the geiiulno signature. A
uuinltnr of other persons who Indorsed
Hallo) 's notes for small amounts have,
found that their names wero forged and tho
amounts Increased. !o passed tho spurious
notes on tho dirferent banks, nnd It Is
Uiought thnt ut least f 10.W hns been pro
ured In this manner. A nuinlnr of bills
for small amounts nt hotels, stands and
restaurant nro left unpaid. Bailey's
wherrnliouts nro not known to nny of his
former associates. Ho Is about twenty.flro
year of age, nbout tlve feet ten inches in
lielsht, with nn Incipient blondo mustache,
probably weighs 13Q nourds; dresses neat
ly, but not expensively. Homo days ago he
itnld at tho Lafayette Houso, Philadelphia,
whero he ofton .topped before. On his last
visit ho departed by carriage, anil told the
Jrlver to collect faro at tho botol. Tho ho
tel mourns his loss
Jlrut.il Anult by nu Unknown I'erson.
BvrroiiT, 'i'Ei.i., Kept. 1:1.
N6wa reached towu thin morning that
threo men last night entered tho hnusii of
Alexander Allen, four miles In tho country,
nnd rmde a murdoroits assault upon him.
Ho was brutally beaten, receiving deep
cuts and bmlsos about tho head, mid may
not recover. His wife and son interfered
to help hint and received several seiere
blows 'rom Until In .the bunds of their
nssallnt.tn, Su-j'iclon falls, upon Charlla
U ashburn, lien Chamber and John Holf.
Her. Chambers ha been arrested and tho
lllcei havo oecn searching for tho otbe r,
rin-ro Is sold to be n kuklux organization
In that county.
A Hazardous Surgical (tpi-ratlnn.
fi-iiiMuriKt o, III., Kept. si.
Dr. Dnvld Prince, of Jacksonville, Dr.
Walter Jlyun and Dr. Oforfco N. Krebler,
assisted by Doctor Townsend, Price, Con
verse and Van Hook, to-day removed from
Mrs. Dabara Stelubauer nu ovarian tumor
Involving the pregnant uterus, which was
r the oeratioti was one ot extrein danger
1 and may vet nrove fatal, the nttanilln.i,r.
I and may yet prove fatal, the attending ttr.
geons express themselves as well (atUAnd
, nrita me pprrnnou,
1 Itmulrrd CnnvlrU In the Conneetlent
hint" I'rlMin UnlTrrliiir Its I'nnicsnf I'nUon
( nrneil .Miitlnn tlio Nuppos.d Cnit.e No
l'ntnl Con.niiipneiHii
II tltTroiti), Ciwx., Pcpt fU
Thursday nfteriluOn, lelwen threo nnd
our o'clock, one of tho Inmates ot the Com
nectlcutStato Prison, nUtork In tbo shoe
ihop, cotnplnliied to the overseer ot being
tick nt tho stomach, nnd he was Imm.dl
itolv sent to tho bospltnlstoward for treat
sienU Hnrely had he reached tho steward'
quarters wheu another convict who was 1
ieathly pale also complained of Illness, atu
ho llkcVlso was referred to tho steward for
treatment. Within n short tlmo tbo num.
tier of applicants from tho" com lets liegnit
to Increase rapidly, causing nl-irm and ap
prehension among tho prison nlllclnls. All
the men showed unmlstnknblos) inptomsot
poisoning. They wero nlTtcted with grip
ing pains In the abdomen and stomach, dry
ness of tho mouth, a parching thirst, fre
quent vomiting and severe retching, AN llhln
su hour nl tho time that tbo tlrst complaint
wns made twenty-fivo convict wero being
treated for poisoning. Tho additions to
the ranks ot thn sick woro frequent nnd
rapid, and nt six o'clock one hundred con
victs wero stricken, Dr. Wnrren, tho
prison physician, wns Vent busy ndmlnts.
tvtrlng opiates and antidotes, nnd it was
10 iM p. 111. before all tho n filleted hnd re
Jovcred. Medical treatment In sotrte cases
and tho nntldoto hnd nn Immediate effect,
whllo oilier case wero stublmrn nnd re
fused to yield. Tlio majority of thn con
victs wero kept in their cells, but font of
them were so bad that their removal to tho
hospital was necessary. After administer
Ing to the wants of the men. Warden Ser
geant mid Ids sulHirdlnati's berin to look
fort lie cause of tho trouble. Thcv exam
ined the food thnt had been served to the
men nt dinner, ami concluded thn poison
emnnnted from tho turned mutton which
constituted thn moat ration ot the convict
thnt day. It w a purVhastil nf the market
man whe vcgularly supplies tho prison, nnd
wns considered unusually lino. The prison
oHlclnls never buy barreled corned mint,
but purchase sufficient to supply the re
milrciHrnt ot each day. In addition to the
corned mutton tho only rations served thn
men oil Thursday werebiead, potatoes mid
wnter. Tlio women prisoner wero sup
piled with tho snmo rations, but did tint
pirtako of them, preferring to save It for
the evening meal, so tlm they could havo
It cold. It was, however, inken from them
snd they wero not nllowvl to cat It. War
Jen Snrgeaut to-dAy visited tho dealer
from whom the meat bad lieen purchased,
and learned thnt ho corts nil ot hi own
meat In the same gahftlilzod liontnnks.
From theso tanks Inrga q't-ttitltlos nt meat
had been sold, but no coitirdnlnt wns niado
,1-iciTptj that which came from tho prlsoi.
')r. Warner, tho prison physician, bellou-s
rilie syMitoms were moso 01 zinc or cepper
polsonf nnd may hnvo come from tho brine.
The condition nt tho men to-dny is much
Improved, nnd many of them hnvo been
side to return to the shop, though souiu nro
mil coiilineii o moir cells.
A 111(1 11I.AI.
Dcslrurllnii of tlm Ilnunllinl A SI. .Tn Hull
ronil Slioi nt Ilnunllinl liy l'lreTlirrn
Liicniiiiithet nml Several 1 rclcht Cnrsln.
eluded In tlm I-1.
IMNNinAr, Mo., Hop t. II.
At J:-iO this morning tho city vm
awnkcucd by the blotvlngnf whistles, clnng
of bells nnd the cry tho Hannibal fc Bt. Jo
shops wero on fire. Tbo citizens turned out
en masse and discovered the shops to bo
ono sheet of Haines, Tlio flro department
arrived promptly on thn scene and began
throwing stroams of water upon tho burn
ing mass, but finding It Impossible to save
the mnchluo shops thoy turned tholr nttcn
tlon to tho other buildings nnd worked with
such n will that only tho machine nnd
i.if.....m. .1. ...... . . 1 .. 1 nil 1 ..11 1
blacksmith slops were bumod. This build-
l?l"t..0.?.,. ll!.V.c". ''". cnr n.n.'1 .in-Tr."1"
?"")""" "" iiisnii iwiiiui ui
millillupi wore, savtd Tho machine nnd
blacksmith shops woro totally destroyed,
with tholr contents, Including tools, ma
chinery, material nnd threo locomotlvo en
gines that were undergoing repairs. On
ot those wns completed nud would have
left the shop to-day. Tho fire on the
east communicated with threo freight
cars, valued attogcthiitjrftt $30,000, and
burned theso nnd their contents.
The root wn burned frptn tho rnglno boiiso,
but tho englno Itself wn uninjured. The
cnr building wns nlso badly scorched, but
otherwise nut damaged. Tho loss will fall
heavllv on tho laboring men, nearly 2,0UQ
of whom ore thrown out ot employment,
nnd whoso tools, which wore very valuable,
wero burned. Tho total loss Is estimated
to bo from $10,000 to Jl),00), but It Is bo-
uovou to tie covered ny insurance,
to eighteen hour a day
hnd beon working In tl I
In .i.n Bl.n... I
in .!?A 'in.i
In nil ii. .hi
' ronnw-tn l' wiih
p.m.: but thero hail been
room nil dny, except thnt ronnectoj with
the-rivctlug machine, nor Is nny smoking
nllowod on thn premises. Tun wntchmnn
says he pnssed lin-jzli the building at two
o'clock, aud at that time saw no signs of
An Illinois Shoot lit lines Out tohhoot nn
Cuiurs Hume nliot-Aii Old I'u.d Set
tied. CAIHO, ll.tJ.,Pcit. 1.
A gontlemnn from Tie w Buhisldo, on the
lino ot tho Wabash road fifty mile north
of here, glvos tho particular ot a savnge
alfray which took place thero yesterday,
A banl character named Frank Smith hav
ing a grudge against a couple of young
men named llowertoti, concluded to gut
even, nnd, to screw bis couragq to the
propir degree, ho liecamo partly intoxi
cated. Mounting hi horso ho sought the
brothers, who were engaged In thteshlnR
near tho Tillage, announcing bis approach
by firing oil his pistol. After reloading
and when in good range, he directed Id
f tot ot tho young men. They naturally,
In solf-defense, opened lire on the
fiiemy, which restiltod In Smith
hat receiving bullet holes through tho
crown, brim and outside, ono lutll, which
caused his death, entering the loft breast,
about four Inches below the nipple, ranging
downward. His horse wns Instantly killed.
Ho 11 n cored until to-day, when death ended
bis suffering. Previous to his demise lis
expressed a wish to be baptized, mid lu
tho iibecnco ot anything else n new wagon
lied was Improvised, filled with water and
tho dying man's last wish gratified. The
Howerton disappeared nfter tho affray,
but will no doubt surrender, as tho shoot
ing wa clearly a case of self-defense. An
old feud Is said to baveUAltted between th?
parties, In which It appears that Smith was
the original aggressor.
Secretary Teller's Admlulon,
. VAMICITO"f, Sept, 21.
Secretary Teller has admitted thnt ho hat
promoted several department iiioasengoi'i
to the grade of 4900 clerkships a grado em
brncod in the classified civfl service as laid
down In the rule and reinilntlona promu.
gatod by thn President. The Secretary de
fend himself by saying ha thinks ha had 11
right to make the promotions, because he
does not regniit the rules rrlatlngtocomivetl.
live examinations as applicable to messen.
wrvio law took effect. The Civil-Service
CorniuliMion takes Issue on this point with
the Becretary, and tfee matter wll bt laid
before the President.
The Norden.kjolil Artlle Kspedlllou,
CorEX.Uor.s'. Kept zl.
Advice from Piof. Nordenskjold's ex
pedition to Greenland are received via
Thurso, Scotland. 1 hey stale (he exprOl
tlon started from AuMelkslvIck Hentemlier
i, and reached a distance of SHO kilometre 1
Inland attalHlnc height of 7,W feet abora
Hi ;es. 1'hltU t4io first Una human Ix-lng
have pntratel so far Into Oi-eenUnd.
The whole region I n Ice desert, proving
,l?Sre '! ",0" w WT intanU. Very yaltT.
We sclentlHe. tla
the noi-towe.t co
r ouiaineo. Along
cold stream flow
waica indue ,
w tmpratui, but
ha weather I not
on ui eastern sli
Itvere, and that coat)
s vi nuiumn rate
iwilt.---' s
9 viui'fwm x
1 nn tirn iiriifinnieii in in.. Aiiiinni mk nl .
tho machine shop, and was first dtscovtve'l . ' ,i,nerliiimlnn of itenm cen.
t " C.""u.0,i' ?r..'-".' f. J'11," !ul. ih'; '-Inner. They nlso incline to tho Iwllet that
" ... -.n. .-.. ... ....- .-'... ,. .. ... , nr.. ... vi... .i..i.,,., .. .1.,. n.r..lnH,A. . m
iiu iiivii iiiiio ihvii vv u niiik. iiiiiii 111 btruii s t. i..ii. .. . m
rrlKhtrul t'.ffrels nt n Under i:sp1nslnn In n
l'ltlsbiirgli Ktet-1 Mill rite Pel-son.
Killed, I'.lKVrii Kcrlmislj liturnl, rlniu
Mnrlnltr, lind Imiuniiso "llfstrmtlnn ol
l'topcrtr by the Kipln.lnn nnd I'lre.
Pit ranritmi, 1U-, Hept. 9J.
The Steel Mill nt Phillips, Nlmlck ft Co.
was the keeito this nftemoon of tho most
dlsXttrotis boiler explosion that bns oc
curred In this clly for innny years. Flv
persons wero killed almost Instantly, nnd
I lnven mort) nro Injured, threo so seriously
:,'"' ",J "T'J "
',"t n"IWte' o die
' "" wl'c1' ,,'?1
before mon-
nrnlnslnn bo.
j curred Is sltitatcl 011 tho south ride of Mis
Monongnheln Itlvor, surrounded by tin
hops nud depot of tho Pittsburgh fi Lokt
l;rle Itnilrnad, nnd the homos ot tho work"
men, and Is neaily opposlto tho busbies'
portion of tli dry. Shortly ntttr on.
o'clock n sharp, deafening sound wns
hrnrd, followed by n concu'Sioit which
shook heavy buildings Hint wero squares
nwny from tho si-cno of the disaster.
iieoy pieces 01 iron nnu timuor nni) uncus
liiuuiuernbln were bulled lit ecry direc
tion and (ell Ilka n vliroroiis hntl-atorm.
Then llame were seen to shoot from the
mill, tho rail road binding nnd n- row ol
dwellluz-hntises near by. nnd from ncros.
Ihu river women nud children could be
seen rushlnir hither nlid thither. I
iinraut of tun 'irct of the dlsnster,
but i-onsclnus thnt the llvct of bustvinds
nnd fntlurs wero lost or In nrril. An 1 111
mense crowd gnl.heit,l nbout the plnro nnd
tbo flru was quickly rxttngulslu-il, but fora
long limn It was linpaslblo tn learn hnw
many inrson were kllieil or lojurrd. AH
that was known wns that n brick building
lu which twen-y men wero emidoyid wns
In mlns. Ahoe t) e shouts of the distrait-
nl crowd could lis heiitl the groans ot tho
dying, somo pleading lor nsslstnnco and
othtrs begging to bo kilted. Among the
latter wns n tnnn 11 tinea ijqw 1. houso. 110
hnd been pin tly covered by Ibo ruins and
wns terribly scitblwl by tho hot water from
I ho exploded boiler. "Kill met kill me, for
Gixl'ssnkill" ho shrieked, and oven when
extricate I from the mass of brick and tim
ber he licggodtn ho put to death. Ha lived
only a few minutes niter ho was romoved.
When thn explosion occurred four children
nnined Doiulns .sern playing behind tho
high board frneo surrounding the cttvtiic
house, 'fho eldest wns eight years ot age.
Tholr plny-hnuso was ngnlust tho ho.ivy
wooden gnte of tho mill yard. A henvy
pieco ot Iron struck this gate, knock
Ing it olt its fnstenings. It fell directly on
tho group of little ones, A portion of the
brick wall fell on It, holding tho children
down. Tho gnlo took lire. Steam nnd
scalding wntcr nlso poured in under tho
gate, nml tho littles ones wero In tho process
(if being iniistedallvo whf "ywero dis
covered. Before thoy wero . u ved tw o ot
them wero fntn,llv burned. Tbo others wero
nlso terribly Injured nnd nro not expected
to recover. There were other scenes equally
illstrc.slug, and many miraculous escapes.
Althouch tlio tiro that followed tho explo
sion wns quickly extinguished there wn
cnnsldernblo loss, nud whllo hundreds were
trying to nsslst those who wero Injured,
other hundreds wero compelled to mnko
grent oxertlons to stay tbo flames. Tho
building In which tho explosion occurred
took lire Immediately. A heavy ploce ot
red-hot pipe was thrown ono hundred yards
nud set 111 v to tho supply warehouse, of the
Pittsburgh fi Lake l.rlo Hallroad. This
building was stocked with Inflammable inn
terlal, and was quickly destroyed! A hot
brick, thrown a dlstanco ot threo squares,
set tiro to a row ot tenement bouses, but
theso wero not badly damaged. Other
buildings wore slightly dnmaged by fire.
Tho building In which tho explosion occur,
red, n substantial, two-story brick struct
lire, known a tho llaugo department, was
completely wrecked. The main part of the
boiler was thrown Into tho river, n distance
of three hundred feet, nnd another largo
pleco stnick the roiiml-liouso ot the Pitts-
1 '""K ft- i.iiKn i-nq juiiiriKiu, Hurrrni nun-
,irotl ynriU ,i,tant. A largo Iron tank,
weighing a ton, was thrown ten feet from
I . v. r -I.- i.-i- it !.. 1 ,
ii,., wrerlr. Another
thu wreck. Another Iarco tank wns blown
I high In tho air and (-tuna crashing down
through the slate roof, through a ton ot hay,
I and lodged on a Moor, wrecking thn build.
Ing completely. A row ot toremont houses,
occupied by employes of tho mill, wero nlso
wrecked, nnd railroad curs and mills and
glass factories, located near by, wero
more or less damaged. In one llistanco
a brick wall, two feet thick, was
vBttcrcd through a though it hnd
lus'ii paper. Ibo damago to property
.vlil not fall short of $.'3,000. Tho frailer
which caused this ilcstruitlr.r. lit life ami
proporty wns an upright cylinder uf vftt
usual proportions an 1 capacity, being six
feet In ulnmuter. Tito proprietors of thu
mill say thoy considered the boiler entirely
lafe, nnd can not assign any causa for tho
. explosion. Practical engineers who have
I Sxamllitf! litpr-ra nf thn irnn this Avsnlnn
l,u" tl10 l'. f01"-'. twisted thai
llJeynrniiotposltlvolu this assertion. A
f "'"rel'InK Investigation will be commenced
somo respects.
Tlio following Is n list of tho killed!
John W, Allen, ton of his head blown off,
Chas. Douglas, sldo of tho head blown olf.
John McGnvlgan, scalded and side crush
ed In.
Loul House, leg and arm broken and
Otherwise injurod.
Tlm In fared I Wm. Stewart, both legs
broken; injuries believed to Ira fatal.
W. M, Ilodeman, compound fracturo of
mo right leg and other Injuries t probably
Thus. Smith, hand blown oil and other
Injuries! probably fatal.
Christ Miller. Indlv scalded.
IMwanl Malloy, head hurf-by falling
debris, J
Patrick. Lee, leg and arm blown oR
Patrick 'Welsh, shoulder-blade fractured.
.101111 uougmss, noy, raidelt sorlou.
Jessie Douglass, Ilttlo girl,
Willio DoilElnss, Injured nbout the head,
Baby Douglass, scalded with steam; vsry
A Daring lla.li for Liberty,
Ilri.KH.t, Mo.xr., BejiLje,
Last avonlng when tho turnkey wont Into
the ragn to lock (ho prisoner up In thi it
cell for tho night they sprang upon him,
hurled him on the floor and rushed out ol
the rage. At the door they met Con My
Qlnley. a guard, and, seizing him, used hi
ns n shield ngnlntt tho bullet ot Deputy
Bherllf Steele, who was standing near by
with pistol In hand, The live men managed
to get outside without catting hurt. HteoU
chased thenv.up tho alley toward Hodri.y
street, llrlng at them In tho dark at every
lump, When Ilmlnoy street was reached
three surrendered, on.! or tunied over to
thn byttai.dius. A fourth was chased sey
ernl blocks lwforo ho wa overtaken. The
fifth, Charles, Cooper, got away and has
not boon recaptured.
Accident to nn lltriirslon Train.
CAIHO, lM-.,8cp.4.
A train containing fjQO cxcur.ionls from
Dycr.burif, Tuin., to Iulsvllle, en tl.
Chesapeake, Ohio & Southwettern Hall
road, while rounding a curvo about imn.
dredmlloseastof Paducah, Ky., ran over
n couido of steers. Uirowlnirtho 1-ocotnotlrs
from tho track, dragging (he bgage-cat
across the track, atidliadly shaking up tht
rest ot the train. Matty jumped from the
train In terror nml trk to the field. ,The
llriinnn, Mi. Powell, wa instantly kHhd
by falling iindgr the wlioe) ot th towler,
A Mr. lfolt, a dentist, fnim Newlnii
Tenn,, had a leg broken. Several PtbT.
were cousl'isralily luulsea rrvMN Hh audw
stoppage of the IralH,
.I 11 1 1 mi
A Filial Wiot VrvHtd.
Kokt WArHK, Ina, fft. x.
Tbl evening ex-Deputy Blirl J, 'W,
Campbell attempt! to ahoot WKUn D.
tlchlefer, Isheriir, with a rfwIOi & WNi
revolTtrtpurcbaked atlboiif Ixfoie forth
lmrpM. tlrwn BenlMt. Irctn Hhwn Canvp
bell purchod lb revolver, was supleleus
ot ttM Mranf acMol 1 -if fJajjaptMll sill
)Ucd rim An cartrlj; 1 .'ir Ota rvolrei
asHHonaii tor central r ni y, sirK- hv
ing "cnieier's me, as; o)ii(-it
revolver 10 111 M( Tj'l
Tk m
volver failed, Cautt-ttU'.va aatarUvsd at
aftKr' steErssSsr. pr Sss?a-!sft &
HMrt " Sr
-.TT- ..-.-,-,-.--..,' f-Aifimmt w
I'"" muajsii nuajwiisi
fVinnnell, the Munlerer of Car.r tli In-
fnrtn.T, I,nilril In n l.niutnn rrlinn
Kxlrnnritlnary 1'nllre t'rernnlloiit to I're.
vent l'oiiilnr Deinuii.trnilontn. Attempt
nt Itrsfio,
Jionmt, Scpt-JW.
O'Donnell was taken from tho steamer
Athenian when three miles olT Southamp
ton, by a pollee tug, and brought to th
Sal tie sheds nt tho end ot the ipjny. Tin
ietoctlvci kept their inovemonti so secret
Hint few jiersous were ttwnre of tlm landing,
ind with th nxeepl'on of tho police there
wero not n dozen peoplo present to wltttes
It. The quay wns closed to tho public, and
tbo local pollen guarded the gangway. A
large dotnchiuont nt I-omlon police sur
rounded O'Donnell nnd his party as they
landed. The Police Inspector and some
Jntcctlrc hail Immediate personal charge
jf tho prisoner, who was not handcuffed,
ind who olieyed tho order of his guardians
trlth alacrity, As soon ns It became pub
licly known thnt O'Donnell had landed n
rush wns inado by the crowd niJig the
neighboring quays, but the measures taken
by the pollco wero so excellent that tho
ptlbllo obtained only n distant vlow of tho
party. When the baggage had been landed
tho prisoner was conducted to the rear of
Ihe sheds, whero n locomotive and two cars
wi ro In waiting. O'Donnell took n sent In
a flrst-clnss rnrrlngo, the policemen Idling
ine remaining seats, inu train wns men
rapidly driven along thn dock sidings until
It reached tho ilcx)t, where It was learned
thnt I hero would ben delay of halt nil hour.
In view of this the train ran on a siding
inma distance frnta tho main lino to nvold
the public, where it awaited tho departure)
of tho mnll train for Londun, nnd to which
It wns nltnchod. The start wns mnde at
ten o'clock, tho trip Indwr accomplished
without Incident. O'Donnell maintained a
cheerful demeanor, and talked freely, but
without reference to the crime With which
ho Is charged.
uu nnguiing 1 rom mo train u-uonneu
was Immedlatt-ly surrounded by an un
penetrable body ot police. The spectators
made n rush to obtain n view of the pris
oner, but tho pollen were too alert, nnd only
an occasional gllmpso of tho captive was
obtainable, O'Donnell at first nppearcd to
tie nervous, nnd stopped off the train some
what hesitatingly, surveying tho KCi-no be
fore him. Soon, however, ho drew hlmsUf
up erect and descended the stall way more
boldly. Outside tho station, whilo entering
the van, n few roughs attempted to raise n
cheer, which wns met with some hisses. A
strong guard was placed Insldn tho van,
behind which followed a cab filled jvlth offi
cers, The procession then started, the
mounted pollco encircling tho van. A few
hU.es and cheers worn onln raised, but tho
crow d generally wn n pathetic. On nrrlv-
Ing nt tllll bank the Deputy Governor ot
thn prison received tho prlsonor, who wa
forthwith placed In a cell. Subsequently
ho wns vl.ltcd by Pollco Superintendent
Williamson. O'Donnell appear more dis
tressed slnco his Incarceration.
Hu wns brought to tho Bow Street Police
Court this morning, closely guarded by
mounted police, nnd pnssed through thn
streets nt n rapid paco. On arriving nt the
Coilrt-hou3o bo was Immediately placed in
tho dock. Fredet Irk Flowers was the pre
siding mnglstrate. Poland appeared for
thn crown, and stated that the prisoner
was "charged with murder upon tho high
seas within the Jurisdiction ot tho Admiral
ty of llnglnnd and ot this Court."
Tlio wltnesse for the crown barp not
yet arrived lu Kngtnnd, ns It wa not
deemed advlsnhlo to bring them on tho
same vessel with the prisoner. Poland
nsked that tho prisoner Ira remanded for
one week, nnd stated that he would prob
ably, at tho expiration ot that time, again
ask but a short remand, as ho believed tlm
wltnossos would by thnt time have ar
rived, and ho would bo able to liegln the
rase. Magistrato Flower accordingly re
manded tho prisoner until Tuesday next
During the hearing O'Donifcll was permit
ted to sit In tho dock. He manlfented great
Interest In the proceedings and inaltiUlned
a respectful demeanor.
It hn transpired that O'Donnell, after
shooting Carey, .aid: "Shako hand.. Mr.
Cnroyt I had to do It," and not! "I did pt
do It, 'las first reported. It Is stated that
thn crown has engaged tho services ot Po
land, who ha already npimared In tho
Irish Btato trials, t & prosecute O'Donnell.
Hverythlng Indicates that tho trial, whleh
take, place lu Novemlier, will bo a tnm
orablo one. It Is understood thnt Mrs,
Carey wilt offer evidence of n most aston
Ishtng nnturo, which she declare will
clear her husband's character. Site hu
handed tho letters to the authorities, whleh
Includes tho correspondence of member ol
Tho prisoner gavo bis name at Bow Street
as Patrick O'Donnell, though he Is de
scribed In the charge sheet ns "Michael
O'Donnell, puddler, of Qndoure, County
Donegal, Ireland." Ho will l-jive able
counsel, steps being taken toseenra the
mrvtccs ot a well-known IrUh memlxw.ot
Parllamctfli Tho police were extremely
active In Nationalist quarters, London, to
day, mnklng Inquiries at to what con
nection, If any, O'Dohnell hnd with Irish
tecrbt societies. Jillbank Prison has been
placid under extra guaid, ns when the
dynamiters were prisoners.
1 ' '
A Cowardly Assassination N.nr Tomb
stone, Arlsoula.
Toukktonk, A, T., Sept. W.
Saturday Inst two men named J. II.
Jones and John Jarvls, left 011 horseback
lo visit tho ranch of J. K, Hand, located
about n milo ami a half 1'rom the mouth ot
Hninsey's Canyon, Hniicbticn Mountain.
After their arrival tjiay had a dispute,
which resulted In a fight. Jarvls whipped
Jpner, who, going into Hand' house, re
turned nnd said to Jaivls, "You have
whlpied me In your kind of a fight, now
fight file my kind of a fight." JarvM re
fused, stating that lie was not armed.
Jours answered, "I'll give you a
show." ltntuiulng to the house, Ik.
brought out another gun, which, after
examining and finding It contained no car
tridge, lie loaded from his own weapon.
At thbv point testimony conflict, some wit
nesses slating that Jarvls took thn gun and
walked off a short distance ami then threw
It down. Others ttaU that Jan is refused
to take the gun and it wa thrown down by
Jones, who walked away from Jarvls, Mi
latter following him up and say lag be was
a coward and darn not shoot him. Jon
then raised his rltle and;flred, Hie ball strik
ing Jarvls In the right breast ami bringing
him to the right knee, from whleh he arw,
and Jones Hrcd again, the lull sstikrHtf Jar
vls In tho right eye, killing him ltty,
lho purtle present attempted to approach
Jones, but he warned them olf, aud, Kndttsg
hit lur.o had lieen scared away by the fir
ing, he mounted a horse b4u-liitoHi,L
which was hitched Uosss by, ami drove oj
toward thn canyott. IWor UMvIncb took
d hat from Hand' head, laving Wt Ms
own In tba melee, and alto pished up tfe
rIAe previously thrown down uixl toe Mm
lead from it-
11 1 .. ..
Atuerlean He-Kcir,
Tomonvo, Our, Sept. VI.
The thirteenth annual Conventtati of tlx
North American Bee-kupr' Awoeiaitofl
nwt here tody, with iteWtzate frotvt na) Ij
every State ami Province. whre honf'jr'U
cultivated. D. A. JovOIkete4VyOt.,
PftsUUnt, pwupld obairTIwiiort
the honey crop wr result From IIHa,
unfavorable; from Michigan, halt a eftsu;
Georgia, falrj Texas, Romlt Wt Tmum,
fair; Iowa, yield o( whit clovr bstany
heavy, hut since then nothing; KensucJuy,
above the arerage; Cbvuls awssw
HsVe, average; Ontario and QtiUi, mwW)
Pciifi.ylvani, half a crops nesrttla, RMfl.
. 1 i 1
A Ymdh.im Mrevd ot TMt,
KASHVin-xTtwu., ftept.'M.
For tswBo Une eatUe In D vWao Co-
have b dying talame auwlnw fvom
an unknown mhm, aad. It wasogH(
that Mtey wr mm yleMHM ot trntrtiin. An
expert who xamtiwd a large nussbr al
eaMl M-day errU thl ImpHMlon, )
Inif that Mm anluula have tsMt po(tonwl
uy a lonucsi ieo-u f sitbs. an ngv. mm
M t .....-.-,. J. --. , I 1 1 1 1 ,. iff-
I brcught to Ttnnot. by to
h- .
bu ly
fe; A tSL
"" T5
tpltow. " "
a KEff XBXWA rn&m&f
A Typtent UpbioiU t tut ""
VlieHHllettlHiAthlor In h stlBiif
nf Personal WrUvaww Tl.teattv
AmorHt the Hitttmen
tsSIVJOMMI, If f PilW. ".
Ono tf thow tm-rit. MiyuJti WV
rrn life which owmetoiially rssjsn1s ttlaxs
Monday evening on tht Ahsitto r"i
Big Four Cattle CWpnjr, In Mw Q"" ca
MnMntntnn, abont fifty mtttss wJ M WPeor-
ro, amlnncxamlnatfimaf Ms MrttM'istik
place this mwt'slrs ttmp ,
Joel Fowlor, who MMMt
nbout n year K), rtartwl 5J?J? tssh
for a cow limit. He dlesrrw llsasj sate of
his men, known n Vwy. wm a bfothssr of
me of the men whew hsi bsl MMt
illscharged him. Pony ewin hsto1 ewrro
and wIMi Butchr-klfs WH rsststrtusd to
Fowleri ranch to kill Wm. Fowls wa
riding to Alamo ranch wtth S3Tm, "
when within iwetty.)nu ot wsswi
houso saw Pony ami HMU Mtifh
drew revolver. 8111 flrasi at Fswtar. Tha
latter drew hit shot-ipm and kHhid WJ1 at
lho first shot. Potty Mum tn hu Mrtud'
tho house, and fired ftv thw Ffcwler,
who had dismounted and ran tosvartl hint.
Pony escaped Into Mm host nnd ol o
At this tlmo McGre, wHho oswttptssl to
house, rode np ftml learnlitsr ot th twniMe
told Pony to conto otrt of Mm hsiis. A he
reuilTcd no answer, Wa tWesti.; Mtsst TPj
was dead, so lte waHwd to Mm or ami
Licked It open awl imtMhed K look
around. Pony hot lilm throi ths? Will
killing him nt one.
Fowler then proioed to rW' &
come -out and Hght hWtialowe satWI iwitnls,
or glvo hlmnelt up and 1 tkB t awtsuiu.
Pony did not answer. The hMe vasi ti
fired to drive him out, hH mthr' Mtsju.h
taken Pimy kllll Wnwdt ttf Imllet.
Hirough the bead. TJ iriteHMMi
dently to kill Fowlw, a Wth M h
at blm nt om-e, Thy had tw oMtat
In going to the Alamo ranott. tysy y
nld when he name t ltootToMtasUw wtiW a
leave for Toxo. Tho three hasllll
burled In the seme gravis. MeOe Y"J
grnid man, rejecteit by all who iHrtjss' W".
riutrhrr-knifo HUP real nam) I td fci be
Childs, lIowasagatnWirawdlKHSsiMS "
avory rcputalloH. Pony Fofsnrt ha-1 only
lately conio from rort iti-imn, rwc. "
A. FUlKFtir. WKKCt.
1 1 ,. 1 jf
Deslriutlnn of n, Cnootriietlnn lrlMl sty:
Over n. lliimliMt LaHnrrr on, -wtirili tje-.i (
ernl Jtlen KHUit nud n I nin--SHitM.r
Trrrlhly Mntllnlisl-A Hnml.Oar on th
Trarlt tlm Cniiso nt the-jaetilBt. ' " 4
fsrHAoeaa, K. T esift. W.
The most iliatsrsM nechtaMt that ha yet
occttrretl pn the New York, Wast 8hort A
Buffalo Hn'llrond took pl"tWB.orriliKat,,
Do Witt, n small station six Hie sstat of
this city. A cotMtrHecfoH tcahs ot
flat cars. left bora at 6M a. m.; '
ahead of the engliw. There wan. aMtttotk
hundred laborer, mostly Italian tw Mas
car, on their way to Klrkvlll io munnhMa
the ImllastlHg of the rtwil fratory to
opwlng the liew line io this city em Octo
ber ). Arrlvlna; at Mm pe4wt of Mm Wa
ter, the train wa morlttg at Mm rat est
about twenty mil ap hswtr, IkaiMMag
n curve a hand-ear w eM staMilatg est
the traok. The anaimsr ooW not ot tn
Mine, nnd the train Wa pomptatoty 11 nuawit
The eara wero broken Into
piled uiHm Mcb oUwir, Moat at
jumiieil and ewmpwd with klight tnjMrie.
Other ware thrown a high a forty t
In tho air. Abtmt thirty mn wsstst Wtad
In Mio debrl. Heaths, arm dlMaj could
be seen sticking outt Bwar'iH point.
Word reached Mil ultv thaf-taitsMy man
had lieeti ktlletl oulrtthU Heltat tnttn
were sent to tlt aeen at one. Twajttjr
two bodies, were tnken from Mm wreck.
Peter Schmidt, John Carr and May Ahx
auder were taken out ilead. (JwUemM
Warella dleil while bing conveyed to Mil
city. Ten men wero found vry Mrtatialy
Injured, and the remainder with broken
limb and dbtlgured fentnraa. rft 1 x
1H td that five mora nwm will dw. An In
iiiM-kt will afwii to-mornw. FaraaMa
Haliies, who hadrharaa of Mm kand'tsar, k
said to be at fault for Mm asatiiku, '
-- ' ii U
Tlie Ksperlencn nf a Mew'Vsvk Pvniwiwe
ift the llnnd f ,; Vonnff Iulr ut -nub,
tfenritla, whose AssinalutsintjM Jj
(fought Inipropwl-. . u
1 VAXKAH, fl A 9ct4.tr. '
A oowhldlng sorap, l wltW a zstMeh
Ing brun4t pt Mm upper tT MMtMWtd
(ilayed tho leatWog roist, grsjaM a VHUmHu
OMtatlon in' Mm city tsiMM. Hm bad
been anHoye-l by wvwal new frwna nmm
iqHjetl to bo n commantlal tmvajar tor) n
Kewr York; house, and ihhhi Mm ad vie ot a.
gnMMH friend granted Mm unknown
arrepontnt the prlrilefje ot Nlij( a
her hoMl. Not aHtlclpaMug a trap Mm
ttf nr appaared to-liil, ami hnd hard
ly gained the parlor when h asMsal Mm
lady' cenMiiy ter a HroU. Ao
eevUng lb invlUMoo tlm Mt Mm
botMw, bnt had not. pmntwted bit
bloxk whan Mm genthnaaw who Had aest
coeted Mm plot pasiunl her and hautdad bar'
a heavy cowhide. Without a, .word of.Trrn
Ing Im wiiblenlv coswiitigtenO lalaahlmrhw ,
Imwlter aerom Mm faen with Mm whrp, and
lieforo he could realhw Mm ltuatioM b waa
streaming wltb blood, ami hail
nearly cluwM. HI attwnidasl anoWy oal-r
druw forth more blow, a ml he RnalTy took
lo hi heels. Tha Udy'uunarird not Mm
least overcome by Mm tuvowauMnt. anil rtv
gained her two lwfore Mm fatally wr
nwarv of what wa golnc ou Sad Mtaohaa.-,
tlswl duM fallen into Mm hand of Mm'
huly's brotbM- ha would to ail nreteMUty
havo met with a do ot ooid Itstii. KnTort
are mk!n to frrt otrt Mm man, and tf
stKcewf ul f urthsir HMUonal tVrraloatMnt
may be locked for.
nattnrdly Attoatt afTHwlH WwhtiNC.
Hoxwnmu, Um, BocsV U.
Om 6t the UldtMt atstntupsa MtM syn avtjr
made In thla ssscMon to wraek a inaama
train occurrd Want Mil Tko
son opnil a awHah on
Kond, and M Um
cssn thundatina; aioaf II n
and down at siaaanamuit
Tho aMaTtoaar rirrsai Ha
tw Mm air-hvak, and Mb
vrotlld htv Ttin Otht; IM tvjt J -imtpow
aaoaiM for hundisasi C Mv ,
trow denth, "' I -j. -.-I
,..,,.., ( , ...,. D
1,iM ft , ' c
nfj y UluAl IliHa- alsafjjtaak )UfatMs4M
"' t, .,."' wmnwM WWPWtsssssl ittrJsTaTats's'JJOT a
tvlCSiwtjMltitBft. Man. htaiaaMlii
UrandHMlka, picked npOH Mm MM. M.
tha two -Mcwfoundlaad asharntao, Walsh
mil MatMvew, In Mm dory, havtag Imi a(aj
day s sdrtft without food or water, Thsjy
tMsoain dollrtoaa and j"?rriT& IM velaat
awl tttekad Mmu- bloodlO iitteiKh MmsT tsvr-
ribla thirst. Thess were so h.luli
tttayhadtoU holtd abosud th
with a rojM. Toe MerMury also
Captain itUooek aud thrsw of Mm
tlMwrai'had Cwfoundlaad bauka
ttana. They knew tvithlatf ol t
W-.t4. K.,
A farm hast ft) thk euulejt 1
Prowa, , the nan, ot Ifriuejk V
near yE CUaWa. tn rog
4hOmff4str awnsjhu :
I CHittMlbV
ri Mi ho-
th mil
avrl - k
M " . ...Ii
9m0mmt tnlti tmj
lfcatsMt: KL
imSmmwum. n -nk:
Wtffay-vvlifi ,
i V 'V
jfx Ik
-, S TL .1 ' -

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