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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, October 05, 1883, Image 1

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Devoted to tlio Interest" of lite mcroltccs, t'liocluws, CliUltiiiiv, Seminole, C'rccUa. unit nil Oilier Itullinis of tlio Itnlliiii Territory.
VOL. II. NO. ih
.. iir
f. following message was sent to Prett
Artlmr recently In answer to Hie
stent's congratulations upon tlio open
'f tlio Central anil Koiith American
rnph Company's llnost "ThnlJmporor
'Iriprcss of Uracil thank Iho l'rosldcnt
lovornnicnt of tiro United Btatc, nml
.iirnliiB their sntulo concur wltli them
I iissurnmy, Hint tlio now channel of
I comtmtnlrntlnn open lictwcen tlio
mmtrles, vln Valparaiso sud Halves
till contrllmto to the, maintenance of
t nr
fjqiy relations exltllng between them,
Sj tliolr material benefit,"
s understood Hint the Secretary of tlio
hns approved tlio notion of the Omitt
. ' W In tlio enso of Cnptnln F. It. Hmltli
.luitcnnht Daniel F. Davit, lioth of
ut Were convicted of Kros violation of
ftuvy regulations, nml sentenced to die
il from (he service.
' it
' j expected nt tlio Nnvy Department
l l.leut-nnnt Harder, who was rent to
h,W la to assist in the Jcniiuctto search,
su -f sdio wns ntuinvnrds ordered to bring
.mcrlcn tho IxmIIcs of Llcntcnnut Do
1j t f, Dr, Ambler nnd Jeniino Collins,
v a leave Irkoutosk nbout tlie flmt of No
vr tir next, nnd will reach tlio United
(it ' ik with tlio bodies somotlmo In Janu
lie resignation of Judge liny, cfilef of
I ho Division of Postal haws nnd lteguln
Wn of tlio lostonieo DcpnrtmouU lia
icn'leird to tlio 1'ostniaster llenernl.
BLi'ifn.llr IlniinHniAHt ItMntitlir tii..
r - -'rf -"I "" '-"j i-
l 34,uuu minces of Hno fnvcr for tlio
Iclpbln, Now Urlon'ns and Ban Trail-
riM n mints.
v V rttf MtrvtniTilAM 1. In 41. 4il. !... II
. -Miiiuvi jii iu inngiii iiiu iiisi
olll Department issued l02,fl,oiX) ncr
o' nt )iostngo stamps.
Th I'oatmastor Clenornl ntWnsblngton
lecitlly rcuucitcd tlio Postolltco Depart-
inepi of Cnntvlh to fiiiuisti lilm with n full
ni nt f tlio working of tho l'ostolllco
Hnrft g llank. Tlio report wan according
ly in iled to Washington.
;rf Hoacii, tho slilp-liullilcr, lias pro
eni i n bill to tlm Secretary of tho Navy
I 3,000 for taking enre of tlio United
NtnUk Btonnishlp ltoauoko from 1ST" to tho
prvMlil time, tho charges being nt tho rato
of Jier day.
Ta adjustment of snlnrles of postmns-ter-
of tho Presidential flosses has been
cotu1oled by tho Postbdlco Dejinrtmant,
una tho salaries Adjusted took effect Oc
tober 1. Tlio adjustment affects tho sala
ries of 2,t"0 postmasters. Forty-four olllcos
bare beon ndded to tho I'msiitcutial list and
Iwenty-llvo Presidential offlces havo len
roihicod to tho fourth clans, leaving tho
number of Presidential h)sU!1Iccs oh Oc
toiler 1, 1,570, with salarlei amounting to
$.1,""'0.000. i: ery part of tho country la in
cluded in tho readjustment.
Boon after It was determined that tho
United Stntcs Navy was to havo several
now cruisers, a ltungarlnn navigator
named Kumstadter nppeared lwfor tho
Na,vnl Advisory Hoard nnd rcimestcd them
to exnnilno his now patent screw stcorlng
iiiparatus. The llonrd found tho nunarntus
'vlmplonnd valuable, nnd tho Bcrctary of
llio Navy has dlivrtcd that It to givon a
trlnl on tho Unltod Status steamer Nlnn.
l'unuo debt statement for Bfptemlier:
Cash in Treasury, $n,1l4.'Of770 debt, less
tnsh In Treasury, ft3t,SIIM"; decrenso
during Bcptombci, $ll,T07,S)i decrenso
since Juno 30, 1SS3, .0,2711,071.
8unap.c Maw, of tho Marino Hospltnl
r?rvlc at ifc.Viivlli.-lTwai!, telegraphed
Wo t;lorltJtiJVn'slllBt.nth'tI panic
proTolkd at Tanncliula. Mexico, on account
t, nf tVtr-grnaC inw-tallty cjusbd Ay4blaclc
liosltlon set in in tnntiy cases beforo death
A nnE nt Iluffnlo, N. Y lately destroyed
tho Btenlierg' elevator. Tho original cost of
tho building wns 100,000. Tlio grain it
contained was valued nt iflO-J.OOO. Tlio
total loss was estimated nt $175,000.
A fiiie originated in Allen & Totmnn's
hardware store jit Fairfax, Me., rccontly,
nnd burned out several Arms, causing n
loss of $2 1,000 partially Insured. Tho
heaviest losers were Allon & Totman, $ l'.,
000, Insured for $0,000; Sumner Asborne,
$2,000; Ht. touls Flour company, $2,000.
James F. Fee."i:v, who attempted to
shoot tho British Vlco Consul recently, In
Now Yori', wns examined by tho physician
nt tho Tomlm, nnd found to bo suffering
from meloucholln nnd nervous debility.
While not strictly Insane, it was found
necessary to send him to an asylum.
DuniNO a recent lire in n Dollnr Btnro nt
Troy. N. Y., thore nm n gns explorlop by
which Ocoiro Hurt, n flrcmnu, was fatally
injured nnd n number of firemen hail their
linuds nnd faces burned.
JosF.rii Mkoim., of tho Chicago Tribune,
was recently before tho Benato I.nbor Com
mittee, In Now York, nnd testified thnt ho
believed tho thief cnuiu of, tlio impecuni
ous condition of tho wngo classes of this
country was their own Improvidence ami
lack of thrift. Too many pooplo wero try
ing to get along without work. Those, w hn
do toll squander tho greater part of their
wagos In drink and tobacco. Those who
have closely examined the subject havo
stated that tho working men spend nt least
flOO.OOO.OOO per nnnum for lin-.inr aiftl nenr
ly $2,000,OliO for cigars nndrtobneca Tho
money thus thrown away during the last
ten years would havo been sufllclent to
provlda a comfortable home for every fam
ily in this country. Another great evil, he
thought, was the existence of wretciicd
teneitient houses.
The Democratic Btato Convention of
New York, nonilnrtnd Isaac 11. Maynard
far Secretary of Btato; Alfred C. Chapon,
Comptroller; Ilobert A. Maxwell, Treas
jrer; Dennis O'firion, Attorney Uoncral,
i nd Klnsthan Bwoet, Knglueor nnd Bur
The Cathollo llonevolent Union of tho
United Btates, recently in session at Provi
dence, IU I., re-elected A. M. Keeley, e;c
Mayor of Hlchmond, Va., President, The
bxocutlve Committee Includes J. J, Ollll
tan, of Grafton, West Virginia; Maurice
Cole, Jeffersonvillo, Indiana; Darius
Dwyer, of Dayton, O. Wlieollng was
Chosen as the place of the next Convention.
At Albany, N. Y., vocently, Judge Hand,
referee in the tax suit brought by tho Btato
gainst the Western UnlonTolegraph Com
nafl)', rendered a decision in tavor of tho
dtuts for $178,07, for taxes for one year.
The total amount Involved was $020,000,
which the telegraph company will liavo to
Tire steamer Colorado laden with freight
for Chicago, left Ilnffalo, N. V., the other
night, and when a quarter of a mile out an
explosion occurred with terrible force, car
rying away the smoke stack, decks and
wood work I from te cabin to stern. Tho
r eel wU be a total loss. The first and
ie fJsf !rf Inter and fireman and four deck
ban! "ore terribly scalded. One man
Wibls injuries; fifteen weromlu
- jut, -weeks since, Dr. Orrln Newton,
. Ji suicide at Pittsburgh, Pa. He
li ' t rltuburgh two years ago, bavlug
f 4 btt' family at Cincinnati, where he
i A Urge fortune. When be arrived
Tt ilitrgHr, Newtcn, who was an elder-
j t9 aoinps;i4 by a baudfe-me
ytmng woman, wist mid fcef ttnnto was
Mrs. Jovphlno HrVant, end Hint ho wns
IttntilnWd.l tV ll.j. .l..i. -...a - ...-.
.ThTtor. TuTm ouTlnd
then Mrs. llrynnt descended trt the position
of housekeeper. When the doctor wns
found dend In his bed sbo appeared greatly
depressed. Tho other day the young
wunlitn wroto n number of letters, signing
herself "Mrs. Newton," and then took Jml
son. Bho wns highly accomplished, nnd
was ii niece of Aloxnnder ITompliel), found
er of tho Campbrlllto Clunxh. Dr. Newton
was a descendant of Blr Isaar Newton.
11? n recent railroad collision nenr Uticn,
N. Y., six men wero killed nml n munbel
Ur to tho close of buslttns huUrs lit JfeW
York City, nil Ihw 1st, there WCre sold Ht
tho jwjsttimco ,SV),WU two-cent stnnipsi
SN.tWO four-cent stamps and 4C0,0'''d two
cent envclopos,
A rinit tho other evening In tho tin shop of
Fad banks' Canning Company, at tho stock
yards, In Chicago, did considerable dntn.igo
to n lino of valuablo machinery on the floors
above tho tin shop, which were used ns tho
manufactory of buttorlne. Two hundred
barrels of oil wero consumed, tho liquid
running dmwithu narrow gutterslnstreams
of fire. Loss to tck and machinery, $l'v
OWr.N Umnnr.cit, a prominent fnrmrr,
of Plko County, Mo., was shot nnd killed
on his farm thoothef in Footprints In
tho cornfield nrr by were tracked to the
house ttt Wesley Collins, lietween whom
nnd Uttcrback there wns bitter feeling.
Collins was arrested.
THE other morning, near ltoonvllle. Mo.,
ono section of a train containing a circus
Jumped tho track and threnrars wero over
turned. A couplo of vkluahle band wagons
were used up, nnd two brothers named
Thpmns, who were sleeping In tho wngon,
wero badly hurt. Twolvo horses wero
killed nml other stock Injured. Tho es
timated loss wns marly $li,000.
Titr. other nfternoou Cevhtis Atkinson, n
wealthy farmer residing near Iifayetto,
Iud., left home on business, taking
his family, except a daughter, eighteen
yearn ntage. Upon returning about six
o'clock, Hie family ore lion Hied nt finding
tho iKxly of tho yuung lady lying In n ;ool
of blood In nil tip-stair room, with her
throat cut from ear to ear, while many
knlfo wounds were found an various parts
of her liody.
ATBaguaeho, Colo., tho other afternoon
Captain Hawkins and two little girls Wero
out driving, when all threo wero thrown
down between tho horses, nnd lllancho
Cort, six years old, Instantly killed by n
kick from n horse. Cnptnln Hawkins was
picked up horribly mangled, and in a dy
ing condition.
Intense excitement wns crcntcd In Kt.
Louis recently, by tho rexrt of tho (Jrnnd
Jury, who brought In sovernl indlcttncr.ta
against well-known nnrtlos. As n result of
Investigation, the Grand Jury snldt "A
well organized ring undoubtedly exists In
this city In tho Interest of professional
gamblers nnd lottery dealers, who nre
really willing to pay largo sums of money
to secure immunity from police inter
ference, nnd who to this end linvo aided
notorious individuals whoso audacity Is
equalled only by their ability, so fnr ns to
keep themselves nnd their employers, with
fow exceptions, beyond tho reach of In
dictment. Prominent officials havo beon
directly and Indirectly approached nnd
threntenod, nnd the Chief of Police Colonel
Campbell, has been especially mniked for
removal, sololy liecauso ho has proved him
self to lie most efficient, fearless, Incorrupt
IMo nml determined to honestly discharge
tho duties of his oftlce."
Hnow fell at Minneapolis and Bt. Paul,
Minn., nnd Detroit, Mich., on tho28tb.
Fiikii AValsen, Treasurer of the Colorado
Land Company, nnd Chnrlos W.'Konncdy,
of tho linn of Wnlsen & Kennedy, late tie
contractors of tho Atlantic & Pacific Hall
road, filed suit against tho company In the
District Court nt Albuquerque, N. M.,
recently, for $100,000, balanco due, nnd
damages for violation of contract. Bevernl
others talked sf following suit, ns tho
company was reported to bo behind with
tho contractors.
The steamer Nowbern arrived nt Ban
Fruuclsco, recently, from tluaymas nnd
Mazatlan, and brought five cases of yellow
fever. Bho was quarantined. Thecltywas
much excited.
Fhank IU BiiKnwi.v, n millionaire, and
owner of the largest cattle ranges In Now
Mexico, was arrested In Chicago, recently,
on n requisition from Now York. In lh73
Bhorwln, then n banker In Albany, N. Y,,
refused to testify against Charles Phelps,
cashier In tho Btato Treasury DepartmenU
Phelps Vas afterwards convicted of lar
ceny, forgery and jrnnd larceny, nnd sen
tenced to threo terms of Ave years each In
the Albany Penitentiary. For refusing
to testify six Indictments were subsemient-
ly found ngalnstBherw In for contempt of
court. Tho prosecution failed nt tho
time and Bhcrwln entered tho stock busi
ness In Now Mexico. New evidence wns
discovered nnd iu.lKSJ, when on a visit Knst,
ho was rearrested and gave homing Blnco
then his liondsinen have bocomo alarmed
and put detectives on his track. When ar
rested ho wns on his wny Kast with his
family, traveling in princely style, not sus
pecting that he was wanted.
IlAmiY Donnelly, a barkeeper, and a
man named Denn wero arrested nt Coolldge,
Knnsns, nnd lodged in Jail upon suspicion
of being connected with the lato attempted
train robbery. Circumstantial cvidenco
wns said to be strong against Dean.
John Caswell, a farmer residing near
Celinn, Ohio, recently shot his wife whilo
sha wns digging potutoes, and then shot
himself. He was sixty yenrs old.
The country alout Winston, Mo., was re
cently visited byn severe ball-storm, which
lasted for nearly half an hour, and the
ground was covered with hailstones, many
of them ns large as walnuts. The storm
embraced a strip of country five or six
miles wide.
The other night two roughs named Spur
rier nnd Adams, attempted to rob two
young men upon tho streets of Lafayette,
Ind., when ono of the young men shot Spur
rier dead and Adams was arrested.
Tiiiiee Inches of snow fell in tbe northern
part of Franklin County, Minn., ou tho
night of the 30th.
The station agent at Iluckner, Mo., was
struck and killed by lightning during tho
stonn on the 1st.
A heavy rain-storm visited Kansas City
and adjacent country on the lit. Much
damago wns the result from wajh-outs and
flooded premises.
The (lr.-l House at Oiceols, Wis., was
recently trrned, together with the out
buildings Tbe f.ro was supposed to have
boen set by n gang who had been at simi
lar work In the neighborhood for two
years. Beveralbsve been arrested at dif
ferent times, but juries never agreed. Tbe
farmers have determined to And the guilty
parties in this case, and threatened to lynch,
them if discovered.
Tin: south.
FENCK-OCTn,q has become such a
nuisance ia some portions of Texas stst
(he Governor has issued a proclatsatlon
offering a reward of thirty dollars tor the
arrest and covlct(ou of fesce-cutterst
thirty dollars for tto conviction of parties
with feneest thirty dollars tor the coilvlc
lion Of pArtlet Inclosing tho Btalo school
lands Alld Hot paying annual rental, as
required by law, and ono hundred dollars
for tho conviction of each of the parties
concerned In killing sheep nnd maltreating
Mr. lllley, In Hamilton County oil Ihtt illgllt
of the Slli of August-.
MotTiioMitnv, who last summer mur
tiered Qulgley, n railroad contractor nt
llrnrkett, Tex., was recently sentenced td
nlnety-nlno years In the Jioiiltentlary.
The Uepubllcan Htoto Convcrit'dn Of
Maryland, nominated Hnrt 1). Hotdcnibt
lldtliriora UolliitniorUovorndr; Washing
lm Hmtlltt for CUhiptrollcrv nnd IU B; Mat
thews, Attorney llenernl.
llAltnv BiiAnk nnd A, Welmer, while In
toxicated, recently had n religious discus
sion nt Dallas, Tex. A quarrel followed
when Shanks gnvoforcotohls argument by
stabbing Welmer, causing Instant dentb.
Bawnky YouKoun, Houben King nml
Isaac Kvnus were hanged nt Chatham,
Plttsylvnnla, County, Vn., for tho murder
of William P. Bhcppnrd, n fanner, who
they met upon the fond sotilo months since
and shot nnd rubbiM,
Tim other day tit lllno )lot-k Bprlngs. kfi
while threo brothers, Bnlltilel O., Willlaul
0. and Thotnns ll'lgers, wern taking depo
sitions In It t'ltsb Of Contest nt their father's
Will, Samuel Hn thinking his brother wero
nlHiilttuilnlw Weapolts, qulckl)1 drew bis
And shot Thomas through tho head and
WtlllAut IU tho abdomen. Bnmiiel Is Presi
dent nf tho Farmers' llank nt Carlisle, Ky,
William n Bt. Imls lawyer, nml Thomas n
fanner. William died the next morning,
nnd Thomas wns expected to dlo nny hour.
A married sister who was present unsuc
cessfully attempted to restrain her brother.
Nashville, wns recently threatened with
n water famine owing to tho breaking down
of tho water works engine.
Duiiii.o n Into thunderstorm the residence!
of Harvey Wheeler,nf Amherst, Tenm, Was
struck by lightning and Mrs. Wheeler1
m:.m:u h
lTwn reported nt Dublin that Farnell
had lieen shot nt by Orangemen,
TllB official rcportrof tho fatalities coll'
sequent upon tho lata earthquake nt Ischta
stated thnt 1,000 persons were killed nnd
Si I Injured.
The reported shooting jof Pnrncll, lit
Dublin, wns n canard. Ho Was tafo In
England nt tho tltno of tho.renorU
The business failures for tho week ended
September 2Sth, numbered ISO, ngnlust 188
tho previous week.
The report of failures for tho third quar
tor of 1SXJ, showed n grent lucrcaso In tho
number of mercantile disaster ns com
pared with last year. Tho number of fail
ures In the quarter Just closed ts 1,883 with
liabilities of $,'i2,000,on0, while for tho samo
quarter of 1SSJ there were only 1,300, with
liabilities of $18,000,000. For tlio first nlno
months of 188.1 the failures reported num
bered 0,110, against 4.N07 In tho samo pe
riod last year. Liabilities for the first nlno
months of tho prcsont year, $118,000,000, as
against $00,000,000 for 1882. In Canada tho
failures for the nlno months of 18S.1 wore
over 1,000 in number, ns against IU7 In 1882.
YiCTon AunuHTE Isaiiouk DeChamp,
Cardinal of tho llomnii Church, Archbishop
of Mechlin, nnd Primnto of llelgium, Is
Kmn Alkonso, of Spain, recently visited
Paris and wns hissed by tho jiopulnce. Tho
Paris journals denounced the net, nnd tho
French authorities apologized for the dis
graceful proceedings.
iNTr.nEST In tho trial of Patrick O'Don
ncll, for tho killing of James Cnrry,tho In
former, It is said Is becoming intense iu
London. It is liellcved that tho Govern
ment Is comparatively Indifferent ns to
O'Donnell's into, but Is quito determined to
connect him with tlio Society of Irish In
rinclbles, for tho purposo of making a
thorough exposure of tho society's meth
ods. Ireland Is being still scoured fur In
formers and Information.
Paius was much excited over tho report
that tho Spanish Cabinet will domnnd that
tho French Oovcrumont shall mnko n puli
llo npology for tho Insults recently offered
Alfonso, nnd thnt he Herman Government
will make n diplomatic rcmnnstrauco, at
tho indignities to'which tho Spanish King
was subjected.
A dispatch from Bt. Petersburg stated
that tho Nihilists there havo Issued circu
lars demanding that the Husslau Govern
ment shall put a stop to tho cruel treatment
of prisoners, especially woman, ami on
joined tho greatest caution on nil Nihilists
In consequonco of recent arrests.
The Commissioner of Pensions, it is
stated, will nsk Congress for an appropria
tion of $10,000,000 for the payment of pen
sions during tho fiscal year ending Juno 30,
18X5. Of tho $100,000,000 appropriated last
session it has beau estimated that about
$39,000,000 will remain in tho Treasury to
tbo credit of pensions nt tho clnso of tho
present fiscal year. Since January 1, 188-1,
fully 30,000 names havo been added to tbo
pension list, but even this lucrcaso, tho
Commissioner thinks, can bo taken rare of
In New York the othor night, Christo
pher Farloy and his wifo quarreled In their
apartments. As n result tho man was
taken to the hospital and tho woman to
The National Cotton Planters' Associa
tion of America w ill hold Us annual Con
vention In VIcksburg, Miss., on the 21st of
November, Instead of the 14th.
The Berlin nowspnvcrs regnrd the in
sults recently heajicd upon Alfonso in
Paris as tho moral defeat of France. No
power, they say, would now wish for al
liance with her.
At three o'clock on the morning oflhe
3d, tho Exposition building at Pittsburgh,
Pa., caught Are, and In twenty minutes tho
entire buildings, with the machinery and
floral halls, were in ashes. Tho reflection
from the Are lit up the country for miles
around, and In tho furthest cud of the city
a paper could be read as easily as In day
light. The loss wns estimated nt $2,600,000.
Anna Helms, eighteen years old, recently
committed suicldeut her mother's residence,
in Indianapolis, Ind., by taking arsenic,
and the mother, upon discovering that sha
had taken tbo drug, attempted suicided by
swallowing the froth as it poured from her
dying daughter's mouth. A quarrel be
tween the mother and daughter was tbe
cause of the trouble.
The resignation of Judge Hay, law clork
of the Postofllce Department, wns ncccpted
and John A. Jenny, a lawyer of Indian
n polls, appointed to All tho vacancy.
IlunciLAiis recently entered the poitofllro
nt Gloucester, Mass., broko open the safe
and stole the entire contents. The property
stolen consisted of $1,430 In money, $."M in
pottage stamps, book of postal notes, and
other notes and securities, aggregating in
value about $10,000.
As a contractor named Henry McNIcbols
was working on a store at tbe village of
Roger's Park, a suburb of Chicago, the
othir morning, the roof fell in, Instantly
killing McNlchols, a man named Tatrick
McDonald and another workman whose
name was uuknown.
It Is stated at the PoitofMce Department
that the reduction of letter pottage rate
from three to two cents will involve a de
ficiency of about $3,000,000 from October 1,
ISM, until the end of the fiscal year, end
ing June 30, 111.
I'll U.N llOtlllr.KS rUlI.I'.D.
In Attempt In Holi nil r.tlres tUrnf n
Alrld-o". TiMifUrt ft tinlil Mililtitt I'tiife
Irnlrd-tbk Wiliild-lia itntilirU Kill tlifi
Knilnetr mill llniigrrnusti- Uliiind Hie
kNsn Pity, Mo.; fc.-.t :r.
An attempt wits mado to rob tho 'Tlniij
derliolt' Hantn Fd express trnlil lit Coot
Idge, Kns., 3 "ti 11 station on tbo Kansas
tnd Coloiado line, 4V) tulles west of here,
lasl night, news ot which caused exelto
ment I ere sneh ns has not lieen known since
the nieudale, Wint.on nnd Mine Cut traTn,
rnbtierlo. Tlio train was the regular east
bound passenger train, which left Denver
last night and was duo here tn-ulght. Cool
Idgo is n small cattle station and liesldo the
lelegrnph opera'or is almost uninhabited.
As the tinln wns nliont to pull out I om
Coolldgo three men nppenred and onlewl
the engineer to atop, lie refined nnd wns
shot dead. Tbo fireman wns alio shot
through the neck nnd badly hurt though
not fntally, Tho men nssnllcd the express
car, but Hahlurl Peterson, Ibo Hxpress
messenger, lilalle such n vigorous fight that
llio mliiiers were driven off. Finding tho
trnln liroilsed and themselves likely to bo
worsted, tho tobbers then lieat a retrrat,
having failed to sccuro tho treasure which
they were nfter.
Information wns nt o)ee telegraphed stn
ttons nlniif tho line and n special train
started for Coolldge from Kmporln with n
posse of armed men In pursuit. Tlio dead
engineer, whoso namo wns John Hilton,
lired at P.mporla, his run being between
that point and Dodge City, ltouta Acent
J. C. Wnlkenshnw and Clerk C. A. Jnir.es
were In tho mail ear next to the engine,
and witnessed tho whole affair. James re
lates the details in substance ns ftillnwsl
"Our train Wits duo at Coolldgo at two
o'clock a, Ittii nnd arrived ou tlnWi Wo
changed Engineers nnd engines there, nnd
Usually stop hbbitt fifteen uiiniitesi While
Ihe engines Wero lielng Chrtnged t noticed
two mull who, ln.'J:ii(atktics, appeared to
lino their lieails and fare tied up, walk
ing up and dffwn tho platform nt the side of
tho enr several tpiies. I wns lrisy ot tho
tllnn nnd paid no special attention to them.
Just As the: trnlil v as ready tn mill nut and
Conductor tlreelv sitncnut "Alt nlxiard." I
looked nut nt tho door nnd snw one of the
men cross to tho opposlto side of the track
and tho other wnllr up toward the engine.
AinlnutonftcrwarH 1 hoard several snots
upon tho eugliio and aninsVnnt later two or
threo more In tho express cnr. I looked out
sgaln nnd snw the; fireman, Gen. Fnddlc,
Jump from tho engine, and run across the
platform. Just as ho reached tho other edge
another shot was fired, and be fell back up
on tho platform. P,y this tlmn everything
was contusion, nnd hll of the train lnrlit ns
t. nil rt evert- nns nlsn wlitl knew W hrtt H ns
F;olng on, seemed perfectly paralyzed and
ncnpahln of action, I knew the trnlil wns
being roblied and Mr. WnlkenshaW and
myself bcgnll to think nlioul preparing tn
pioU-ct our car. In the mealitlnio themnii
we saw cross tho track wns making nn at
tack upon the express cnr and manaceil to
get Inside nf It. Ho acted ns tholtxhbe wns
dmiik nnd fairly fell InU) tlio side door,
shooting his revolver its bo did so. The
Express messenger, B. B. Peterson, armed
w Itli a revolver, succeeded ill driving the
robber frill tho cur.
After this the man on tho engine jumped
down on the platform and tho robbers skip
ped out together, going across the pralrioTn
a southerly direction. Everybody was so
paralyzed with the audacity of tho attempt
that no movement wns made, to pursue tin
robbers or do anything elso for fully ten
minutes nftT they Lad disappeared. A
nish was made for the engine nnd we found
John Hilton, the engineer, lying dead In the
rab with n shot through the heart nnd an
other throuch the head.
Fireman Faildlo wns lylngnn the platform
opposite ho engineer entirely unconscious
with a bullet wound iu his neck. He re
covered consciousness a few minutes
later, lone; enough to stato hat just ns thoy
i were rcmng reauy 10 start me train n
1 masked man jumped on the engine with a
Jdstol In his hand andordeied tho engineer,
lllton, to pull out. Hilton refused ta
start the endue, but tried to rench for the
whlstlo lino to give the danger signal. Tbe
robber saw this movement nnd Imniedlnte.
1 commenced to shoot. The engineer fell
from Ids seat nnd Faddle Jumped off on the
platform. Tlio robber shot at him ns b
ran, but missed him. Just ns ho wns step-
' Vllnr- nfT tlim .itnlfnr... Ilin.nnrt.itiAnll.Abuil
tho express car came mnnlng up nml ilrcd '
nt r acinic, me snot taking cnect in ins neck-.
, This was all the fireman know-about It. He
was very dangerously hurt. Wo left him
at Coolldgo to be taken care jof. Ho was
about thirty-five years old, and had lieen
on the road for n longtime mnnlng from
Coolldgo to Dodge City. 1 don't know
whore ho lived, but I think at Coolldge.
1 Enclneer Hilton wns about fortv vrars of
ago and had a family at Dodge City. We
brought bis body to that place on our train
where an Inquest was held.
Tho town was all atlrcp nnd there were
only six or seven people betides our train
crew around the depot nt tbe time the at
tempt vrs made. Thoro Is an o.itlng-houso
In tbo dciot, nnd the men were lounging
nround Inside and on the platform, watch.
Ing for the train to pull nut. The popula
tion of Coolldgo Is pot over 2-V) souls, nnd
there wns no show to organire a pursuing
nosse before wo left. Wo only stonned
long enough to tnko care of the fireman and
tho dead engineer, nnd get new men to take
mcir places, ami wo puueu out ot i;ooiiiig
nliout forty-five minutes Into. Heforo wo
left Conductor Orrcly telegraphe.1 to Dodge,
City, nnd Iho officers ot tlio road there nt
once orgaiil.edn pursuing posse nnd stnrted'
them via a special train for tho sceneof tho
tragedy. There wore nliout fifty armed
men In the posse, nnd wo passed them nt ,
Cimarron. I
There were only two robbers, but I Ihlnk !
that originally there wns a gang organised i
tn rob the trnln, and that theso two fellows
came to town to got the lay of things nnd1
jnnko arrangements, nnd got dnink nnd
spoiled the scheme by attempting to do then
jon inem8eives."
Tho story of Express Messenger Peterson
Is very similar to that of James. He says
while the engines were being exchanged lie
was lying In the car, and was In adore
when tho conductor yelled "all aboard."
An Instant later n masked man attempted
to get Into the car, firing a revolver as he
did so, Peterson awoko to the sltustlou,
nnd as tho man entered tho car lie drew hit
revolver and retUrnod tbe Intruder's nhot,
and advancing upon him forced the man
back out ot the CHr, At that moment Ihe
fireman ran across the platform and the
robber fired at him, the shot taking effect
in the fireman's neck. Peterson was greatly
excited, but was determined to defend lift
safe as long as pooslble. Ho thought ht
saw another man outside, but It atterwsrdi
proved to have lecn the conductor. He
also thinks the men were drunk, and that
the original plan was to rob the train east
of Coolldge,
Deputy HherllT Mather, In Charge of the
Dodco City posse, wns met at Coolldge by
Bherlft Parsons of Hunt County, Colorado,
and they arretted two men and took them
to Dodge City on n special this evening and
lodged them in Jail. The feeling there wai
Intensely bitter, but tho men not being af
yet fully Identified no steps will be taken
lo avenge Hilton's death on an uncer
tainty, Another man baa this evening been an
retted at Harden City and will be taken ta
Dodge City Iu the morning. It is though!
that only threo were engaged In tbe shootj
Poddle has a bad flesh wound, hut It It
thought that with proper attention hit
chances for recovery are good. Ho is being
cared for by friends at Coolldge.
Kansas Citt, Ma, PepL.30.
Messenger Seward, o( the Wells-Kargo
Express, states that for several Uipi prior
to the attempted robbery he had noticed a
gang of ten or twelve armed cowboys
ramped at the side of the track several
miles from Coolldge, and that be believes
these were the parties who concocted the
icbeme brrob the train. When he passed
Coolldge llilt morning the town was still
greatly excited, and a large gang of heavily-armed
cowboys were hanging around
tbe depot platform, eagerly listening to
eterytmngthat xvat taldTln regard to the
I obbery. The pursuit it being kept up, but
nothing late hat been heard from it. (Ito.
Faddle, the wounded fireman, is still alive,
and chancet of bit recovery' are graving
more favorable, x -s
hnMn-rrnf nn llspress Onrnn HieWnhnsh
Itunil nl-nr rem, Inillnnn, li Mnkr,t Men
Tlie Messenger Hound nml tlnKRed nml
(llliilMt.e llniiKlilt llnndleit-Tlie. Itulli
l.brsl-l'iirt i..oii;
ijmt.lNArot t, Iiil , Hept. A
llert tKunls, the Wabash Express mes
senger and bnggnge-masler on tho lletroll
express, which arrived In this city rit 2:13
this morning, wns nvt-. powered by roMier1
nl rut midnight lietw ecu Itmiiii. and Pent,
on Ihe mnln line, andn large sum ot money,
supposed to bo nlsiut il,S0), was taken
from Iho car. Tlio robbery was unknown
to nny of the train men until Peru was
reached. Loomls wns the only ono In the
bicenco cnr. nnd. not appearing nt Pern,
where tlio train stopped, Investigation ills
covrrcd him lying Insensible on the floor of
tho cnr, bucked and gngged, and badly
handkerchiefs, heavily knotted. Conductor
C. E. Wells nnd Ids b iikeman IniinedlateljJ
relieved tho messenger nnd Instituted
search for tho rebliers, who apparently had
bad things their own wny nnd bad success
fully escnped with the money pneknges.
Tho train brought, nil the parties tt! tit It
city and gradually tho true story was
learned, but hot until the wildest minors
had oh' allied wide circulation. The sum
stolen bail reached, bv minor, $41,000. Tho
facts ns nnrrnted to n repoiter by Mr.
loomls aresullUli'iitly thrilling, although
tbo amount taken Is shorn down to JI..VW.
Ho saysi "After tliolrnln lind passed like
ton, twenty miles from Peru, threo masked
men entered tho cnr from the rear. There
wns no othir train mnii lieslde myself In
thn enr. Two of tliem stopped to fasten thn
door and the third approached mo With A
foeki it revolver nnd snldi 'Throw up 1 bltf
iandi' t.lroOtied behind it I'.lic.LKnd.lltlll'
ing liiy pistol, rtllswered, 'Not by n r
s-glit.' I followed up my remark will! il
shot, which In quickly nnsworod with Hu
iilnt behind Ilia conl-lMix. Meantline, Hid
bther fellows took a hnnd. nnd I heard nut)
illii.n U'n lllr
lliru iiiueueu, nun t mrcw
of them snyt 'Knlfo him If lio will not glvii
In.' I wns stmck heavily tn the pit of the)
stomach and became Insenslhlo nild kneW
nothing lurther Until I bennl somo
I oily calling my nnino nt Peru." Mn
IK'inls further stnted thnt lie wns cer
tain that only $l,.Vs) wns tuken. The money
wns In the safe, which tho robbers opened
wltu tlie kev tnken irpm lioonus' pocKeu
It wns railroad money consigned to tho
Third Nntlonnl llank of St. IaiiIs,
Tho messenger .tn-day exhibited tho evi
dences of hnrsli treatment. The skin wns
peeled from his wrists by the tltht cords,
nnd his neck was swollen and black from
the effects of tho vlse-llko choking at the
hands of the robtiers who cnino to the help
nt their mate, Mr, l,oiinl Is a well-built,
Inuscular young lllall, nnd has the reputa
tion of hAvllig everlasting grit. Ills hoiiid
is in Detroit, rtnd he mns regularly iM-tweuil
that city nnd Indtminiiolls. Wells' theory
pf the robbery Is that tho masked men
tionrded tho train In tlio woods alwiut the
Chicago and Atlantic) crossing, where thrt
last stop was mado this sldo of Laketoil
Thoy passed nt once Into the express nnd
baggage cnr, the door to which by tnmi)
mlscbnuco had not lieen locked. Two sus
plclnus characters havo been arrested nt
ognnspoit, supposed to bo Implicated lu
pott, i
mo ion
Ilxploslfm of the llullrr nf the Stoanirr
J. N. Itoblnsim nt Alhnnx, '. Y. Tlire
l'erjons Kilted, Hesernl Injureil nnil
Miirlt I'rtipnrly Daiiiiicd-Sevcrnl Niir
row lCcnicS
Aldan r, N. Y 8cpu J8.
Early this morning tho boiler ou the
stenmer J. B, Ilobtuson, which lny nt the
foot of Westorloo street, exploded with
frightful force, Instantly killing tho cap.
tnln, George S. Warner, nnd fireman, Win.
Clrnry, nnd seriously Injuring Fred
Tenslnr, engineer, who w as blown Into tin
water nnd narrowly escaped drowning,
and Wlllard Durand and Melvlllo ltyen,
deck hands. lUclinnl Van Kandt, sou ol
Capt. Van Znndt, ot tlio tug Corn, from
New Ilaltlmorc, lying alougtldo tho liobln
son, wns also killed, Capt, lloblusoil ol
tho Hattte M. llctts, wns blown from his
pilot-house onto the wharf and soverely In
jured. The TJotts, which lay at tho stern
of tho Iloblnsou, was damaged $1,000. Th
Cora, alongsldo, was a total wreck. Tin
C. P. Grout, lying ahead ot tho Robin
son, had Joiner work carried away nml im
chlnery dnmnged. Tlio Iloblnsou snnk im
mediately, carrying with it tlio body ol
Clrary, the fireman. One section of ths
boiler, weighing two or three tons, wai
burled 400 feet against the top story ot a
three-story building, crushing In a portion
of the wall, Another section, weighing
nearly n too, crushed in the roof ot the coal
luirgii E. M. Downing, and still another
section was hurled to the rear grnzlng tlw
cabin of the coal Wt Apollo nnd tearing
away tho roof before It fell into tho river,
lluildlngs were shaken, w luttows shattered
and genet. I consternation prevailed in tht
vicinity The exploded boiler was built by
Hobert Livingston of this city In 188J. Ths
ejrploslon was probably caused by negli
gence nf the englnrcr in allowing water in
tho boiler to got too low.
Captain M(.Audrew, of the canal-boat
Apollo, in the rear of thn Iloblnson, nnd bis
Ife bad a narrow nscape. They were
asleep when n pleco of tho liollor carried
awayn section of tho roof nbout threo and
a half feet lonjr and ono and a half fret
W''V together ylth a portion of the Ir end
O'tno cabin, nearly down to the bed. The
roof was only two feet above their headt.
McAndrew say tho first thing ho know he
wn, "'"'"S a the floor with his back
against the wall ami things flying nl
around him. Ills wife was senseless In lied
covered with the mlns of pictures andn
looKl'ig-glass. Captain Hcblnsoii, of the
iiifl 4Jvit. nni usn-rj ju mo liiiui-nuuse.
no turned a complete somersault In tlio air
and suddemy found himself on tho dock.
Officer iu the first precinct station-house,
eight Mocks db tant, were thrown f loin tliolr
beds on tho floor and tbo whole building
shook violently for threo seconds. They at
first thought It was an earthquake.
A Hold nnd aiireird Operator VIrtloilirt
Jlftiikt nnd I'rudure Men to the Tntio SI
MOffTIIEAL, Sept. S7.
In August latt an Englishman named C
J. Dowey came hero from Liverpool and
began business as a produce shipper tn
England. lie showed letters from the best
bouses all over England, ordrring goods,
ami got all ho wanted. He raised $25,000
from Molson's bank on tho strength of bills
ot lading. The drafts were duly honored
when presented In I,lvorvool. The noxt
shipment was on the 14th Inst., and he got
advances from the tame bank ot $30,000,
alto on bills of lading. It is now discov
ered that Dewey had patted forged bills ot
lading In Boston and Mew York for ad
vances there to a large amount. One hank
In Iloston Is taken In to tho extent of $3,000
and the agents ot tho Drlstol produce house
In New York for over $20,000. A produce
merchant In xndon, Ont., was also do
frauded out of one thousand boxes of
cheese, for which he holds forged securities
on New York, The total amount ot the ab
tconder's frauds will reach at least $100,000.
Detectives are after him, and n large re
ward it offered for his arrest. He It sup
posed to be in the Eastern Ntatet.-
t .
The Bt, Domingo Cyclone,
Jrr YOUK, gept. 2S.
Captain Davit, from Santo Domingo,
speaking of the terrible cyclone there, Says
at least one hundred sailors mutt have per
ished within a dlttanco ef eighty raUet
from South Santo Domingo City. It will
take years of labor and an Immense amount
of money to repair the damage caused by
the ctorra. (Jreat destitution among the
poorer classes must surely follow, as nearly
all plantation trees, on the fruit of which
they depend lu a great meaturt for food,
were blown down. One half ot all thovll
lns abwig the eoat tar destroyed. .Jmong
the buildings destroyed at Asua were tit
factories of Cuptaln Hardy, of Beaton, who
!2?iRl!,,JWM' lb t t least
bruised nnd bleeding, lis legs midfeet -f , ,, , , ,.i .V .. ..i T.
had l.en tightly Umnd with qunrter-lnch l-el"K fuly occupied with the tax nnd as-
rords, 1,1. hand , U lsle.1 hh, tied linmivW I0"""1 7;,,,nf h "7 .j
1,1V behind hlnl hud ills mouth filled will! "'J" '" ,1,',lc, loIJ h "mr ' "
Arrest or nn KtOtiinlelpnt Cterk of New
York Cltr for l'oraery A Delinquency of
81.1,00(1 Ho for Discovered.
New Voiik, Hcpt. n.
initoct6Y tlnles rind his detectives ha"o
tK-eli mysteriously nfctitd df latei Init nil ef.
foils til tlud (hit whrit was In tllNwIti't werd
uimvtillliig Until this cvcnlngi then the
Inspector nniloiineed thnt rt fornler clerk (if
the bureau Tor the collection1 of nfiossmonl
nnd of arrears ot taxes hit he Comptrollers'
olllcownsn prisoner In the police bend
quarter's on n chnrgo of forgery similar to
the chnrgo upon which David E. Aiken, ol
tho Department nt Public Works, wat nr
rested last week. Tho prisoner wns Join
II. Curjvll, who for two yenrs previous U
Inst March had been n clork In tho bureau
to I'hlrh the nrcouuts ot delinquent tax-
On iatutdnr list tiin Comtitrnllcf i wild If
makUgil veijr tlutfoilgll eilairilnatKhi Init)
nil Hi. nffalrs of his oillctf rind the dllferfill
bureaus connected with It, discovered souls
discrepancies lit ilih nt'collrils nf tiirt Ixf rrfntt
of nrrriirs. In ono (If the' book hit found
i 1.1,000 posted up ns Hald whoro tho citV
had not received tho money, lid reported
the matter tn the District Attorney nml
they bad n consultation to which Inspector
llyrnes wns called. On learning tho fncts
tho District Attorney said there wasn rlonr
case of foruery ngnlust John II. Carroll,
who wns discharged last March. The cause
of Cat oil' discharge wns general Inatten
tion c, Mislness Mid no suspicion of Irreg
ularity lu hli accounts attached to him at
thn time.
Comptroller Grout furnished tho District
Attorney livldeilCo sulllrlent to secure ths
Indlclmeilttit tMrrolh Ha was Indicted nnd
n beiieh-wrtrriillt w.1 Isshled for 111 arrest.
It wits learueil that Crtrroll s mother lived
nt the Hamilton House, Stamfnid, Couttii
nnd on Wednesday morning Detectives
Mcvcn H. O'Oonnoritlld llelliy wi're Honl
up there. They found otlt that n Mrs. Cni.
roll did Ixirtrd At thnt hdtlse, nml that sh
bad two Sons. Who did tint stop there regu
larly but Wore thWro very frequently. The'
detectives Wert) t'orvltlCed Hint olio of tbd
nous wn the mail lliey were Hulking foi,
and decided to iva'ch the hotel till be
should put In an appearance. They think
that Carroll had been In the hotel all th
time, for nt noon to-day bo was teen com
linrout. Ho walked dlrectlv toward the
railroad station anil the detective followed
him nnd arrested him in thu station. They
had a Htnmfont officer with them, nnd they
told young Cniroll thn as they bail a
bench-warrant for him it would lo only a
mutter of n couple of days before extra
illtloit paper could Ihi perfestod in hit
case and that It would l just ns well It ht
would consent to lrnvo Connecticut with
them. After snnto talk tho prisoner pnvi
hi consent, The Connecticut officer, how
ever, nccnnlpalilctl tho party until they
crosseii tho Htnte Hue.
"Tho mode nf operation In this ense."
said Inspector Iryrncs, "seems to lirt Vo liei-r,
similar to thnt ill the recently discovered
frnuds 111 the water nccotmt. It a lars
account agalnut a delinquent tn-payerwni
squared on the iKijk without the money
going to tho city, It must have been worth
soiiiethtmr to somo person or lierson. I
can say nothing ns to tbo extent ot tht
business. Tho nmnunt discovered Is $1.1,
000, and It I principally on hccount ot ar
rears of tnxes on pi oiierty belong jug to a
brother of ex-Mnyor Ely.''
Tim Mysterious Murder ot Adn Atkinson nl
(Itrnrd A Ntriingly Suspected flirty Jlc.
lug ttliitiluweil,
TitrwrtTr, In., Pcpt.ST.
The Oxford horror, tho bloody murder ol
tho beautiful yoimj woman, Adn Atkinson,
ts still a mystery. Tho mangled romnlns
of tho onco Imudsomo girl, who wns a gon
oi nl favorlto nnd the pet of tho nolghlwr
hood, vecro followed to the grnvo by lbs
largest funeral ever known In tho county.
l'i lends of tho family, detectives and others
nre ttialulng cvory nervo In their effort to
discover the fiend ot the mo it brutal mur
der otcr committed In Western Indiana,
A doresi theories have been advanced, but
all seemed to hnvo lacked proof enough to
JHjfnt out the murderer. Sovernl persons
have lieen suspected, and lu the nbsenco nl
direct evidence are shaduned. Ccd. Jncll
lempletou Into lart night dls"overoil e
bloody handkerchief bearing tho trade
mark "O-l s 10," hid nwny In n bolt ol
muslin In a room adjoining the one
In which the liody was found, An
other Important discovery wns a let'
tcr written by the dead girl to hef
botom friend, a tittle girl living nenr Ox
ford. Col. Templeton refused to give any
information resecting it other than the
following: lids letter was found among
thu dend glfl't papers. Tho sitter, Lucy,
wa biought Into the room and questioned
by Col. Tomploton and Harris, the detec
tive. She w as evidently t-mtuirrassod, mid
her answers wore to some extent unsatis
factory. Neither Col, Templeton nor tho
detective think her the guilty party. Thoy
nro Confident they enn lay their hands on
the right man when ho was wanted, lid
hns liccn suspected till along, and hns lieen
under survellanre. lie is evidently a man ot
nerve, mid hns displayed the greatest cool
noss nnd sangfroid, although fully nwnro
thnthewnt suspected; but bis manner 1
almost too cool nnd delibvrnto for nntual
noss. jnd ha is evidently on his guard
continually nnd has his mind fixed pn soma
mrpose which he nuvor for a moment
allow himself to loso sight of.
Ths lettor contains the vital claw. In it
she speaks of a quarrel with n low fellow,
whom s'ue nicknames with a stinging term
(hut exactly flit tho suspected man. Mho
expresses her fear of htm, and speaks of
his hatred for her, the remit of her scorn.
This man's clothe were bloody, ami ho
hail a long, deep rut diagonally across thn
forefinger of tho loft hand hear the knuckle.
lie rnld ho did this with his bi-dgo-cutter,
nnd hnd fulled to bsndsge the wound,
which had bled freely. It Is thought by the
detective Hint tills may have lcn but n
trick to account for tlie blood upon bis
clothes. He claims that lie was at work
trimming a hodgo south of the scene of the
murder at the time of the troyedy, and has
been among the foremost of Ihoso wbohavu
Joined In the search for the criminal. To
day tho Commissioners of Ileuton Cocnty
met to otter $.1,000 for tho discovery of ho
muidcrer, to which Mr. Atkinson was to
have added $2,000 more, but Col. Tomplo
ton advised them to defer tliolr action, as
he said he thought It would not 1m nera.
sary. He was confident they wero on tho
right trail, and the monny might as well be
saved. Acting on this advice the Commis
sioners adjourned without offering Ihe re
ward, but will again meet for that purpose
should It bo found necessary,
Steamship Mranded,
Nr.w Yomc, Septan.
A London special says I Tlie steamer 'lot
lerdam ol tbo Netherlands American Steam
Navigation Company stranded at noon to
day In Ilenjaard. and lies lu a bad condi
tion, lionjnard It on the coast of Zealand,
and contains numerous sand banks, on one
of which, the Zeehondersfloat, tho Hotter
dam lies stranded. Casaux, general agonj
ot the Netherlands-American Navigation
Company, said: Tlie spot oil which the ves
sel stranded Is about two hours' dlstnnc.
from Zlrrek Z-je. The passenger, num
bering upward of thirty, Including Theo.
Koch and family, ot fjt. Louis, Mo., wcr
safely landed.
- - -
Serious Aceldtnt to ihe John H. llorrli
BCDAI.IA, MO., fopt. ST.
The John B. Doris circus rallroud train
met with an accident nur Hoonslllo, Mo.,
this morning, whlcbentailed a lottof nearly
$13,000, Something wrong about the rails
at th frosting of the Missouri, Kansas A
Texas and the Hoonville Versailles
branch threw three cars otf the track.
Twelve horses were killed an I others
wounded, Two splendid chariots, valued
at 45,000 each, were ruined. Two lirothci t
named Thomas, employs of tbe circus,
who were sleeping in one it Mm ckartott
were badly Injured, and owe of tha men Is
reported to b dangerously ,urt. The show
arrived bare tsvday a tUns to give exhibi
tions, - i.i
ox .ifira.l I Isat tiitmilail I n v rtftln
X Ojrelnne (u the llnlnmns t'auses Serlailt
lllsnslers In MilpplriK Mnnr Vessels
Vreekrd-A Town ,lnliul llrstrojt-d,
mt Neveuly I.ltr Itt.
Nt:w Yoiik, SepU 37. Tlio sloamshlll
City nf Alexandria, whldi hn arrived from
llftvnlMi tilings Ilia following tuny of the
Orrlblfl hlifflcalio at 'nssnn, Bept. B. The
rtofnl bnfko' nt nbout into o'clock on Ihat
ilty. All llht wharf iinqsTly ot Ihcrlty
tins' tle-iifoycil, M well in tint spoilJO rx
eliaifge ami Hid lnukel. Abuut orw liiut'
ilfcil fr.mfo bdlldltigwcrd blmvn d(nv.
Mi.te Hinil it tiftudrisl vchh-M tteru" KM "il
Iho linrlnu bt Nft-mil iili-lie, Rial mntly nlofd
lliarcil tho aamo fMo nt llio nt'lglibotlnif
IslauiK Tho onlj voascli HI IIM liarliW ol
Nnwi in that o.oaiioil ilcstrucllotl wtfrc hef
Mnlesti's mirvpiliiK revels Hpar'ow-IInwH
fciid Hlchmond. About seventy lived wore
Among Iho vessels that wero lost wero the
brut lVrrli-Mt tho a 'homier: Mlllstv Trnsk,
ot Hapgor, .Me.; Mary Jann and llll.slicth,
of Hnltlmnri), Md.; Ilcstor nnd Cornucopia,
Hello of the Hov, Pioneer, Flight, Hesoluto,
r.lichantrcs, Ciuiiicp, General Whitfield,
hilly Urtliicssy, Trlnl, Speedwell, Neva,
Mnlltli llcx'tle, lloll. 1'rliln, Cas and Vlo
Ihri Iho tMlk Kllr.1 Willie, the sloops Pro
j-ci, iKfjnl Hclmti?i', Deflanco. Plinnlnui,
Eva, fiml, Sllaliirock, Nlnllile. Jlary I'.lletl.
NoiUKdi, lleimlc, John lljroil, Island
(jntcii, Amm bImI Llla-rly
The iilnlldxAillMtlctoif, Cnptnln Dnrsctl,
which left Ma-witl Willi srintretl passen
gers on tho 4tlt, fof flttgila, was nt
nxM im S.iturd.iy rtlld twclvo of Hct M
seiigcrsiliiiwuisb On Iho Victor went Charles Sliwli, il
lady, and nnernl pisnenp-is, Mcecb, the
lady, and three men wero ilmtriiod, The
real were sa vim inmost ny n in ir.tcuv ah
mi Ini.Hd the Molitenglo were lost, while) on
tbo Cnr.clou, wbhh wns ilrhcn by tho tlr
on Ihe reef north ot Elcnthern nnd tot.illy
wrecked, the iloith-llst Include llcv. nnd
Mr. .1. U. J. Illu'gs, W. A. Anderson; wife
and daughter, Nnncy Simon and her two
rhlldiiu, Elizabeth Colcbrookc, ltoit Dc
venux nnd licr child.
Tlie M.'litinnrr Sk-lecf, from Grand Itnlirtr
nm, lias Hot slnco been lironl nf. Tho fish-Ing-suiack
Whlpido I supposed to ha
fouudi-rnl. n the Ixslle ot two of her crew
lnwo drlfied toUmg Hay kc). Tlntcrewt
o' most of tho lessel lost wero Med. Th
American llitee-lit.islisl arliraiiicr Mcllssj
Triuik, chartered to obtain h cargn
ot Mil for Now York, wni
driven nslttrrii nt Norman' Cnr, Ship
Chnimel Cuy. Cnpttln Trnsk, mastoi
of tho vessel, lonched Nn..nu In tho shlp't
UiAt. Tim sloop Liberty wns crushed Ir.
In thu same place, llorcrew wort
Tho sloop llnudsoiuo nrrueil nl
NnKstu from the enjs, baln In tow tht
shsip Hob, disabled.
inbleil. The scliiHiner blHel
finmy enciiuiili-rj-. thrt Imrrleann nt (Ireiil
Hnrlsir, K 1. T ho niAstcr of thn teasel pul
hvr ashore on irld.iy, me .iu inst., om kiiu
UllV llltllltlUII. I
Bad accounts of disaster lavu been ro-
relted fruiii theoilt isbuids. The Hchixinct
llcitiiicgnril, bclnngln,; lo llnm'ii -t Mr.
giute, chartered to carry wood to Cnj
Jilsis, V.HS stink In it whlilwliid lu four
fathoms ol Mater. The crew were sated.
Tho lioveritiicnt hn dispatched the
schooner Wmuleicr lo piocecd to the slllr
channel nnd other bn)s to lender succor and
relict to any mariners tt ho may have been
wrecked on these desolate sw(s, nnd t
tiling to Nassau nil tt bom the hurricane mn
havo spared.
IDstov, Sept U7..V. letter from Sf.
Pierre, M.titliilquc, dated September H, u
f rlveil hens My! "On thu ulglil of tlio 4tli
our harbor was completely swept by a most
tlolont cyclone. Eighteen teasels welt
wrecked. Only.ono In iort was saved."
Hciolntlona Adopted by tlio National
Colored Contention.
The National Convention of Colored Met
recently in session nt Louisville, Ky., con
eluded Its Inlmrs by thu adoption Of tho ful
! living resolutions!
Tlio National Contention of Colored met
icspcctfully present tho fnlhitrliur aseintirn)
loir nnd representing tlielc vlcs nnd tout!
m ; n si
1. Ihat wearegrstoful fnr and rejoice hi
Urn miraculous iminuclpullon that cumc K
our line lenty je.irs urn. The rliockof i-m
tiilttled anus wu thn lu lulijr of Die .Nation
born In dny. tt e don t, wo can't, tontct lilt
great tner U -e of tho women and the hero.c
Hum trim iniido io-lh:o tho strmiirlo In whlct
irensou nnu niverr wuni luiisisuuu u aconi I , , .. - .. it i
mon seiiuicher. if wo did wo wimUi he me Is only my nerves, my poor nerves," 1 1
iniiidfuiorthiiinensurtMirdovotion and pu-' replied, "which are so very weak that 1
fonderiuUN!.0tim!:1,on,,Ucol0el'''m trtlI by every hliipkl thing J
2. We are not liisenslliln to thn fact thntttit ,
I unKres ot tne t'liitui einiosuas tnieiui utuic
tlio sintulu Uioks ninny lairs talculntitf tc
inuku usfcnro lu our rutin as clttteus; nm
would wo bo forirctful of tho rnnjrnlfleoiit
nmendmonU to the Cunitltiitloii lulended tc
rcn ler foroVerlmiKisilljIo tliucrline ot humai
slat err,
:i. Wo do not ask any more class Iculslallon
Wo had nnoiiKh of tills; lint wu do bvllvvc
that moil)-of the laws Intended tu secure ul
our r flit a Amerloaii cl. twins uro nothliu
iiiuio than Uciiil letters. In thu Coutnnrc
Mutes, almost wltluiut miTpllon, iho colored
p onlo are denied Jusiloo In tho courts, do
uled Iho fruit nflhulr honest Inlior. dofraul
ed of their olll.-ul light! nt tho hntlot-ltov,
shut out from Icnrnlmr trn-tos.dicnU-duutoi
Ihelroltil ilBhtshylnnkeeiw-rs a 'id common
rnrr er oonipun'es and left b ttlait-s to nn In
ade'iuule opportunity for education and gen
eral iiiljirufen oni,
1 U'n'innnl l,ll,or ml Ihn .mesllnn nf rilil.
cation iinifroornl trjlniiur at paramount to i jScltwl boys: "Dldll t it kill yotlT'
all ollieriiii"tlont. Holiellovo llmt thoiiuo o.. ' ,,- lM.IIIIr.lli-t- Wtvl
lion, esiomilly In Ihe Ninth, needs reca4injr, omPP0', l'"" InillHeruMlIt II WtM,
and thV plantation cioll'S nnd the wortgaitu no; It all rail lloWII HIV UmK." t-xcltl
sislemtliouM bo aholl-liert. Honest latwi , K,y! "And what llht VttI lio then?"
should Ihi remunerated. The lamtbnldert ' ";, -j0' : ' ' ." ,,io-.i. ,.t i.j ,A
ot ihe south should recognize that this Skipper (most Indifferently)! "Ihaslw
question It to bo solved by encouraging, tho . haul oil IUV boots and pour UW light
neitroes it Imlustrr, frueallty, and bus!-1 t mi, ., Um iLuL- "
nrss linblle, by Inelllnir them lo hhlt ol 1 11"1!? 0,,t ou lHe "k'
thrift, by asltliur them to noiuiro nn Inter- I "Why do VOH mit those horrid
est !u Ihe soil, by pa) Inv ilium hine.t wnyrt ' ,,,,, .ji,- Vi,. i,nu enws?''
for honest work, ami by inHVImr them con- gS ,ul ttlQ JiecKS M U9 COtvsr
tenttxi und happy In tu n id ot their mitir- asked thu ViKiiig Isuly-lMstrnnr o: rami
tty. Tho nhlto men ami ownors ot the roll of I ,. Vnrniw as Im tvaa drtvltisr a t rtko ot
IhoPoiilhcan M-tlo tho qie.tlon of labor'01 'i" '., , ..rL'..,.-.W
snd capital between white and black. We nxotldown IM 1IW. ' Xhat S to ltta
h-1Iovo In a bread und TOitiprohentlvo system. I 'em keep etlll white I'm mjlkht'-'em,' .
KlrlsottlattheylnyHcomomlelllntnd1l,ljl,hJ',1, tj, M he wmxetl nl nil
fallhfiilwomeo. and that yoiiuir colored boys wile. "Oh, vest" eiclaiHel the city
may iriirn iru-je. nmi ih-viiiuu uf.-iui iuvii nie,
food cituens, Thu rcllKtuus and moral train
nir of the youth of our rn?o ehould oot be
uezlceietl. The hole of et ery pooplo Itat
heronen to sound Kclal and ethical princi
ples 'the moral element In thu churni-lcr is
of irn-ater tnlue than stealth or eduoatioii.
and this must bo foitere.l by tho family and
encourased by tho pulpit,
FrlKliteneil to Heath.
MT. CAtiUKt, Pa., Eept. 27. In a hand
tome tenement resilience hero lives two
PolUJi fainlUe, Zuplill and MolliuVy. Sat
urday tho fo'iucr accused tho latter of steal
Ing from her, and the latter denied the
charge. Mrs. Molltisky and her tnubaiut
were both threatened with arrest. Tly
wero totally Ignorant of American law, twtd
firmly bolletlng that n terrible fats jtwrtHtid
him and bis wife within the walls of cow)
penal Institution, Mollnsky sat down stid
commenced to cry bitterly. Ills wife wt
four children wero soon seen bi tears, five
minutes afterward Mollnsky was ajorre.
While crjliuc. a child had scUwd hl,
and bo caucht hold of the bedtat
to steady hluuelf, his quaking shaking every
nioveatile tlilt-K lit the room. Ho coiHpUUivil
ef a jialit In tlie teglon ef the hatt, tutd
with a loud, iilc-tcljj? cry, fell lo the. floet
dead. Jt Is said sVas uuquuHlonaMy tht
vlcllm of a brokci, neart, taused by frlsjht.'
The neighbors hurrli-d In and fouud.ths
widow and four thlldren taluly trj 1 113 to gel
the dead man to iiek.
Ho lifew Out the Urn aad IHed.
iKDiAXArous, Eept. 37. W. 1. 'Wta
field, a dealer hi agricultural ImrSsssMassa t
Uueaa Vlsts, Ind., came (town to Ms etty
snd stopped at the Shermau. On letlrlni
be Mew otit the gss liiti-vU of twraltMf n
tK, awl Mphyxtatkm must hte iu!ttd ks
a lew ininuM, as hm wy u iw
sred -until Jjto last trrcnbiaT.
1 . e - -.
While essgwed at lsallss, Tar., la
.?v ta ft sbi
a C-od. Hennr
huts m to tlie xMeuce et
tmanluittaltfcstf AAun Welmer t the m
tail Pd r.t, . . '
- JIrt A. T. Stflvrart ki M bf 9n
topi otwIfM ItfhtirevfllW nil Wrmp
frty to Jmljfo lUlHm-tf, 1' Sun. ,
Tlio London jtUtriterwH sUmm Hit
I'jO gnwUnther of I'rsmWent I.Jwcolu
km r n'sldcnt nf Norwich, in Kngland.
In s'x monlbs 7.0J8 liooks rn tht
flernmn Jnnrnaxo liate boen jmblWiol,
Dinklnjr nn nverstgo of -fA wVrk tjf.y.
A Mr. Cox, who l bsM to lie a
lister of OortfO W. Cable, t!w norfllst.
Is milking r n-putntlon for huraott In
Now Orlrans as a painter of animal. ,
" Hlmkrspoaru's Hone" Je the tin
nny tlilo of volume by Dr. Injjloby,
tvlio, ilostHta the p-oft's cur. wanU tc
dig tip Iim bones In order to wttle some
nuetlon about tho busts, portrait and
(leatli-niaslc, Vhieago Journal.
C. V. Huntington, lite great raH
road mannto, was a poor loy al n
linnl-worklng )onn man. He ilW nol
begin to noctimulato hU Immcneu fort
lino until ho wns past forty, when he j
itaked nil hi saving oh tho scheme ol
thu Pacific Hallruad. JndUtnapoKt
Mr. John It. French. ox-Sergeant-nt-Arms
of tlio United Stales Senate, In
tlelhrrliig throtighmit the eonnlry a
Iccturu entitled " l'cn Years About the
Senate." It contains ft aeries of Inter
ellni ami olctr-ciit akctchesof tho lend
ing Senators during tho period between
Will mid 1H7U.
Tlio library of thn llrltlsh Museum
Insurer l,K.ti,(XH) volumes by actual
(mint unil tlio sum expended annually
In purchase amount! to over f oO.OtXi,
besides, tinder Iho copyright act.
copy of every book published In the
United Kingdom Is sent to the library.
Vilrnija Jitter Ocean.
Tho ilomcslollfo of Ktelko flerste
shows that pho Is a homt-tevlag woman
ns well ns a great aitlst. Her unfile.
Anton (Jureter, is n catTieiiler In Prov
peet l'nrk, Now York, and he says, not
withstanding thu fast tt at sha has been
feted by nil l lie principal potentate III
Iho world, shu has not grown proml and
Is lust thn satiiu as ho knew her when u
ch Id. ,V. V. Mat'.
A guntleninn who was very In
llmnto w.th thu into Judge (Hack say
1 hi dead Jurist's ' literary production
willlji) publlsliml In book form, anv
will comprise threo largo volumes. ,J 1(
Urst volnnn was ready for publloatloti
l.fnrn hi. ilrntb. tttnl thn others will
promi,iy bo eompllcd soon. I.ltcrarj
,,,,,. ' .u.,1.1 f,niar with the
, f ,n.i,nvril In uvervthlnir thi
, ,- l, ..f.l.l...
iiieso to times ns taiuaoiu acquiitus
to their lib. nrlt-r.Ztefroff iYjjt.
Tito following is extract wl from 9
smart boy's composition on " llablea";
'The mother's heart elves 4th joy at lbs
babv's 1st 2th."
An old lady late at churoh, entered -
as tho coneretration were rtsing ioi
:ongreratIon were rising foi
Eal" said she, court erftvr,
ise on my aeeotinL"(iy
prajer. "i.
"don't rise
A credulous man Mht to avog.
who liuil a wooden legf "Hew canw
j ou to havo u tvoodon k'g?" , ' )Vhy,';
answ ercd tho iviur, my father had one;
so had my grandfather. It runs in the
A Yorkslilre man whose well lately
n...,l I. fa.tlvt.'uil ,.. ...utrn tLx. n,,tltM-f.
I ltn. U..B..M.., ll..., I.,. l.M.I .UItNMr.1.1 rt
man ami put tils Imdy at the bottom of
tlio well, and took ikltiff ensy at the
f nil while they dug his well out for htm.
Lu now talks of stung the town for false'
Wives ought really lo be more care
ful nbout teltin? all tho truth to (hell
husbands. "Why do yott Urt te
whenever Ieomo Into tho room?"askwl
a brusiitio man of his better-half. "It
ipe," Chiawo Tritmnt.
7K siiort time ago a IlUle lioy weal
tvth his father to sou a oolt. He patU-d
the coil's head and made quite n fut
orer It, unlit the stableman told. him 4
Im careful that the oolt did not ton)
round anil klek him. When-jounu
I lope fill wont home his motlier asked
him what he thought ot the colt. "J
like him pretty well," wai tlie reply,
"lie's very tame in-front, fet he's aWuJ ,
wild behind." Harper' itesw.
Chorus of excltetl boys: "Then tht,,
IlKlitnlnz stmck you?" Skhtpsv (in-
, diflertaatly)iri Oh, y, I ws IsmmiIii-
I nTill the inallllHftSt WllK it SintK tt.
maiden! "Iotwht to haya known
that." Then she ran up-Main to etstei
thu Information in her Ulary. X i'.
How It Struck Her.
A little rmme-1 orphan xlil. who ne'er
Had had a homo nor Ubowh a prnl's eare,
Anilfbo, with shoek-ss feet ao-l SHMIesahwid
Nexpai-ort sold to earn her aeaatj- bitxsd,
Wat tuken from the city far awaf.
With otliurs of her kirn, owe ansasssr day.
To look upon the ooer.n. At tse stsrlit
Her thin, sharp fsou was Mttat grave Us
And somo ono ssldl "I wosr what can bo
Her thongs, poos- cMW, sbewt tats satsbli
$he benrit Iho wortU, a4 quteily luriual aei
hesd. ,
And In low tones, "Ps rkhtklti', aw'atB," aht
il. '
"l'sil4 1 eo wni. ssoause 1 inivwwr '
Knousih at anrtliansT at wet assfwg. '.
-"ssjretsest Jsr-sstjs.
a '
A mH at the Csssti
be CMstsasLJUArM was ia
aeetl of a Uov I
Hisft rrtMwI. awl I
kaowH ta a colored man ra'"llTtslHSUB
Hreet, X eetefday nwrnlatf be Mt 1ft
aptoearawe, aevo4Hpanitl by his Nyr,
UA of twelve, aivl applied for the pfaee,
j "Can yor by reasl ami writwf,'1
asked the pwtaututJMi."
"Iltt kin, asth," O
Isbe wilHtAg ashshjriofc''
" Ife aw, U7'
" Cast you ktiarajit hb bsegrrtty f "
"I Ji drs Wtle :tiixsJ, bo.
Dsmm ye relet' to hlf triUtxt up'a'rtj '
'Jl reter to hU honesty. If I shonW
leave him in eswge hersuisff-iNtsratjd,. '
ttestrs would -Ms iMtM y oemQMmmf
1 'U. ." aUl tU nuut m he
Walked arotsod Ihesttud to see wr It
ciostrf p.J wif jwt sV - "'
an IttrH d) key ast' sKa iMjf WH
PI! w.nul his IsttMPtttsi tsskst stay tatssssTs.
!.iui Mai. in IVdisUsr'Zjkstistssr Jntu"
SS-S7 ' -- " J-JB-

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