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VOL. II. NO. i.
GlcnncU Ir Tclcsrrtph nml Mnll
A ra-Mnr.u of department employes, In
Washington, who Imvo resiliences In Ohio,
went homo lo vole. Those ului loft, how
ever, will not l allowed any tlrno by tho
Department, except such ns Is token from
Ibclr niimial Icavo of nbsenc.i.
Tiik Commissioner of Immigration of
I'lillmli-lphliv reported to tlio Hwretnry of
tho Treasury Hint lfl,oni) immigrants ar
rived nt "hllatlolphln fnm Novt-nilier 1,
l!S), to Octolwr 2, IRO. Ten iH-rsons sscro
rpt'jrncil to Kuropo for various reason not
specified, nml tho fJointitlsslomtrs sold of
this fcaturo of their work that It was nt
tended hy good results.
Tub Director of tho Mint lias lieen au
thorized to purchase 410,000 ounces of flno
liver for the uss of tho l'hiladclphia, New
Orleans and Han Francisco mints.
Tiik Director of tho Mint tins prepared a
statement showing tho profits arising from
tho colnngo of tho standard sliver dollar
for tho flvo years, ended Juno 30, 188.1. Tho
amount In gross for tho live yenrs slnco
July 1, 1878, was tho enormous sum of 41 V
ai2,113.0-J. Nearly nil this profit has gono
direct Into tho Treasury, for, nfter sub
tracting tho wastage, cost of colungc,
transportation nud other expenses, thero
Is left n net profit In stnhdnrd dollars
nml tubsltllnry coin over bullion In
valuo nt tho respective dates of ptirchnso,
of over f IO,WJO,000. This la equal to an
.vornc" net profit for tho flvo years of
KVitO.OOO annually. Iant year tlio profit
from tho colnngo ot nickels nml one-cent
pieces nt tho Philadelphia Mint nlouo wits
nbout $1,000,000. Tho Director of tho Mint,
it Is thought, will recommend tho repeal of
tho compulsory coluago clause In tho law,
In his mossngo this year.
Tiik Now Orleans Nntlon-il Ilnnk hns
brought suit against Postmaster Ocncral
Orcthom, for $100,000 damagos alleged to
hnvo been sustained by rcastmof his recent
order directing that money orders ad
dressed to tho bank, but intended for a lot
tery company, shall not Ikj delivered.
The caso of First Lieutenant James F.
Simpson, Third Cavalry, tried by Court
Martial on tho chnrgo of conduct unhcroin
Ing nn olllcer and gentleman, In hnvlng
married a woman who had been his mis
tress, Is now boforo tho Beon'toryof Wnr
for transmission to tho President. Tho
court found him guilty nml sontencod him
to dismissal. It Is understood that Judge-Advocnto-tlenernl
Bwnim takes exceptions
at tho action of tho court, nud recommends
that tho sontonco bo sot aside.
HicnwAnv I'ouir.n hasdccldl It liicom
pattblo with tht) Interests of tho public ser
vlco nml sv Ith publlo convniilenco to pro
vldo n iltstinctlvo Issue of gold certificates
for Chlcngo.
With n view to facilitating nml hasten
ing tho delivery o( mnll mntter In lnrgo
cltlos tho l'oxtofllco Iepartment is gradu
ally extending n system of sorting tho city
malls In postal cars, hlch wns trleil on n
small scnlo wlili very satisfactory results
some time, since.
Tiik Commissioner of Internal llovonuo
tins decided not to remove tho ofllco of Col
lector of Customs from Santo To to Albu
querque, N. M. Undoes not think the in
terest of tho service calls for tho change.
An ordqr has liecn Issued establishing n
dally oxchauge through registered pauehes
between Hstmasterx of Helena, M. T., and
Ht, l'nul, Minn., to go Into effect Immediate
ly. Tub nbldlng plnco of tho notorious Major
Nlckorson has been discovered. Ho Is re
siding In Tliprpltl Canada. Tho Secretary
of War, tipoirlearntugjiis vvhcrcnlouts,or
ilorod him to proceed nt once to AVnshln;
ton nml report In person. An answer wns
received from lilm In which ho declined to
obey tho order. Ho defies the authorities,
feeling sure that ho cannot be extradited.
A HEi-oiif having recently reached Wusb
Ingtou that thoro hd Iwen nn outbreak at
Canton, China, and American Consul Key
mour killed, in Btnto Department tele
graphed to Canton but had received no re-
Tub Superiirtonilont of tlio ltallwny Mall
Sorvlco has mails up his ostlmato for tho
next fiscal yonr. l'orlerk hire ho will ask
Congress to appropriate the sum of lfJ,?J3,.
239.G0, an Increase of sHS.IfiO.O) over the
currout oenr. This Increaso Is simply duo
to tho (.rowth of biisluoss throughout tho
country nnd the now railroads upon which
tho sorvlcois to bo placod. For transports
Hon ho will nik for between $H,00O,OO0 nnd
Fouhtken persons assembled in n largo
linll in Washington City, tlio other night,
In response to tho call for a mass-meeting
of citizens, to urge upon Congrois tho re
t'Stabllsliment of suffrngo In tho District of
Issue ol standard silver dollars from tho
Mints for the week ended Octolx-rt), JillS,
DOOj corresponding period last year, (W),
98. y
A CsifTK message, wns received nt tho
Department of Btnto from Consul General
Denny, stating that quiet prevails In Can
ton, China, nud there Is no truth In the re
orted assaislnatlon of United Htates Con
sul deymour, who is ullvo nml well. This
telegram was received In reply to onp sent
by tho Acting Beu-etary of Htate, asking
for Information on the subject.
TUB President ha accented two sections
of tho Northern Pacific Hallroad, ono of
sovonty-IIvo miles In Montana Territory,
tho other of over thirty-six miles from Co
lumbia Itlver to Portland, O'o.
Tiik President has nppol.itcd Hon. (Icorgo
H. luring, Prof. C. F. Chandler, Illlphnlot
W. Ulatctiford, F. I). Curtis ami Prof. K,
D. Salmon a commission to Investigate tho
curing of jiork In this country.
Till; KA1T.
llKCEMLY In n scliooMioy quarrel nt
Dorchoster, N, II., Digcno Cloburu fatally
ihotJohu W. llrooks.
William II. llr.o.NBO.x, aged seventy,
lilUn, his wife, ngctl slxty-slx, nud Amos
E. Ilronson, their son, hnvo lieon found
guilty of manslaughter nt New Haven,
Conn., In causing the death of Carrie K.
Dordon, n married daughter. Deceased
was abandoned by her husband ami went
to her father's house, lielng sick, and asked
for a physician. Her parents refused, and
mpv uvr in u ruum wiicru sue iliea. licr
V; 'brother Amos claimed to bo n physician,
n snd lireaerilMxl fer f h wntnnn. ivlm rriiKf.il
!.. , ... . .. . -.., ....v ....v..
to submit to his treatment.
"I II. Hitchcock, formerly of Hitchcock,
McCrccry & Co,, grain merchants, and one
of tho most prominent nnd wealthy citizens
of Pittsburgh, Pa., disappeared mysterious
ly from his home, recently. His health had
not been good of late, anil It was feared
that, while laboring under aberration of
the mind ho had committed suicide, or else
bad met with foul play,
John A. Deckeh's paper mill at Lee,
Mass., horned the other night. Loss, $1V
300; Insurance, $21,000.
Dr, Fi.ancu C. Herr and tils brother
Homer were recently arrested at Philadel
phia, Pa., on the charge of having commit
ted extoutiro frauds in Harritbuig by the
tats of worthless mining stocks. Dr. Herr,
It ! said, Induced patients and friends to
take an Interest In several mining com
panies with which he and his brother were
connected, and which were bogus concerns.
James McHteex was hanged at Pitts
burgh, Pn,, tor tho murdtr of his wife.
A I-ATE Uro at Handy Lale, Pa., do-
stroyed nearly tvo business blocks. Ijss,
A TKAIX on tint Phlladelplitn tS Heading
Ilnilroad recently ran lulu n street carat
Philadelphia, entirely demolishing It.
James Itammll and James Devoro wero
kilted, Mary Sellers fatally wounded and
fully one dozen others, all street car pas
sengers, Injured.
A PonT Jeiivi,'(N. Y.,) i)Umte1itlioMh,
said! "Tho thermometer was 20 degrees
this morning. A whlto frost covered every
thing, lex formed hnlf nil Inch thick, nnd
nil crops in kllleit by tho Septcmlier frost
nro now det royeil. Many grapes in the
Delavtaro Valley wero frosted. Ilurkwheat
ami com nro total failures, Tho drought
ntnilo them Into nml tho first frost hns de
stroyed them."
At Allegheny City, Pn., recently, n
street car becamo unmanageable on a steep
grade, and ran through tho safety gates at
tho Fort Wayno llallrond crossing nnd
Into n passing freight train. Tho car was
wrecked, nnd all tho passengers, tvtenty
flvo In numlter, mora or lei Injured, four,
It was thought, fatally.
In n lato accident on the Delaware ti
Lucknvtnnnn llallrond, near Scrnnton, Pn.,
John Dunn, the engineer, wns scalded to
(tenth, nml Archibald Ixird, llrcman, fatal
ly Injured,
Tub Germans throughout tho United
States, nn the Cth, celebrated the two hun
dredth anniversary nt the landing of tho
first Herman colony In this country.
Tiik Dover furnace, hi the town of Dover,
N. Y was destroyed by flro recently.
I.os, 00,000; Insured for 20,000.
Kiev. Dn. llVRii, of St. 4gnntlii' Church,
New YArk City, was prostrated by paraly
sis while delivering n sermon recently In
St. John's I'piscopnl Church, nt Montrcnl,
Tub Apncho cltlof, Juh, It Is reportod,
wn n cutty killed by falling from his
hnrso whllo Intoxicated, Charley Mc
Comas Is said to bo In charge of his widow,
who dislikes to give him up,
J. I SniAMiEn, n young farmer from
AVayno City, Ills., iccently visited New
York to learn tho wnys of tho world, nml
stopped nt tho I'rcscott House Whon ho
retired at night ho blow out tho gns, nml
wns found next morning nearly dead.
Tiik first niinunl meeting of tho Lumber
Manufacturers' Association of tho Noith
west, which Includes practically nit tlio
wealthy and U'mllng firms engaged In tlio
trade, was held at Chicago, recently. It
wns ndopteil as tho sense of the meeting
that n curtnlln.cnt of log rutting should In)
mado from thr doublo standpoint, namely:
That tho forests cannot stand tho present
drain, and that the present production
caused tho market to becomo largely over
stocked. Tiik business portion of tho town of
KIrknood, Ills., was recently burned.
Tub priests nnd prominent laymen of
tho Iloman Catholic Church of Chicago
presented Archbishop Feehan with a purs')
of $8,000 on the evo of his departure, for
Home. Ho Is expected to lo absent tilt
May next.
CimiRT. Prot'iiN, of Menominee, Wis.,
wns troubled by n bear in his neighborhood
and went out recently to shoot it, seeing
what ho supposed to bo tho nnlmal, ho shot
It nnd went back to got his neighbors. A
pnrty went to Urn placo next minting nnd
found tho dead lnly of Ileguhu's brother.
Ho had mlstakon his brother for tho bear.
A Dtsi-ATCli from tho Indian Territory,
stated that a party of fourrohlmrs, rocently
broke Into tho caliln of Isoma, an Indian,
eighty years old, nml tortured him to maka
him tell wbcro ho kept tils money, a lnrgo
amount of which ho wns boarding, lie
remained obdurate, when tlio fiends shot
him ami plundered his house, carrying off
tho money, stated to bo several thousand
Senator Shauon recently commenced
suit In tho United States Court, nt San
Francisco, against Aggie Hill, ucclarlng
that )ho alleged contract of marriago lw
tween himself nml her claimed by Miss
Hill to bo In her possession Is n fraudu
lent document, that no such contract was
ever signed by him or promise of marriago
given. He nsked tho court to compel Miss
Hill to prodiica tho alleged contract
and retain possession of It, that
tho frauiluloncy of tho document
may lw proven. Ho denies over having
been married slnco ho liecamo a widower.
Ho states that tho object of Miss Hill In
perpetrating tho alleged marriage contract
Is to lay claim to his cstnto in tho event of
his death. Miss Hill, In nnswer, replied
through her nttornoy, that sho will com
menco Immodlate proceeding against tho
Souator in n Superior Court and not nwnlt
tho decision In tho Federal Court.
John David, n full-blood Choctaw, has
lieon nrrcstod In tho Indian Torrltcry, fop
tho murder of William llultock, In lied
Illvcr County, Choctaw Nation, las sum
mer. A kirk tho other night in tho lower floor
of Hahnemnu Hospital, In Chicago, did
damage to the amount of $7,000. The In
mates of tho hospital wero bndly scared
and n panic prevailed for tho time.
TACon Huier and Charles Hluslcy, two
stage rubbers lielonglng to the gang that
killed Messenger Collins on August 10, InJ
Arizona, wero overtaken by rilierlfl Paul
nnd posse, ten miles from Tucson, recently.
Klmer was killed nnd Hinsley wounded.
Tho latter escaped Into tho mountains, but
was pursued nnd killed.
Tub rcsldenco of William Dutton, n
capitalist nt Adrian, Mich., wns entered
the other night and $KO,000 worth of bonds
ana mortgages, besides a small sum of
money and artlclos of family Jewelry,
stolen from tho safe, which was In his bed
room unlocked.
A QUAU, hunter tho other morning dis
covered In tho woods of Sail llafnol, nn
nrlttocratlo suburb of San Francisco, tho
skeleton of a well-dressed young man. It
was in a sitting position, with ono end of a
piece of hay ropo n round his neck, with tho
other end attached to tho .llnib of n tree.
Tho peculiarity of tho position and the rope
remaining unbrokon precluded cither the
theory of suicide or murder. The skeleton
apparently had been thero six or eight
months, as the llcsu was entirely gono from
tho bonos.
At Kansas City, tho other day, a horse
driven by Mr. Hoyburn, a prominent citi
zen, becamo frightened at n baud wagon,
ran away, throwing Mr. Ileyburu out of
the buggy and inflicting Injuries from which
lis soon died. r
A iiecent flro at Cleveland, Ohio, de
stroyed Mayer's planing mill, and dam
aged fifteen dwellings. Loss, 33,000.
A catti strain was wrecked near Sedalla,
Mo., several days since, and fifty husd of
cattle killed.
While going rapidly around a curvo
near Custer avenue, In the western suburb
of Chicago, the other afternoon, a dining
car tilled wlfi passengers wns derailed and
thrown into a ditch. Nina passengers were
more or less serioutly injured.
EnwiN Butt, a Chicago drummer, re
cently cut his throat on sleeping car at
Ilay City, Mich., and died soon after. He
bad been on a protracted spree,
Ambrose Daooitt, a young man work
lug on the farm of David Greely, near
Liberty, Mo., recently shot Ml.s Klla, a
young daughter of Orecly, causing instant
deq(j), Daggett ImmcUlate.'y went Into the
orchard nearby nnd shot himself. Jealosy
was tho rauso of tho tragedy.
tiik Miir-riL
TUB IJxecutlvo Committee of tlio Btato
Central llcpubllcan Committee, of Mary
land, nominated W. II. Stockett Attorney
General in plnco of It. Stockett Matthews,
declined. Dr. Washington Smith declined
Clio Republican nomination for Stnto Comp
troller, nnd Colonel Jnmes Merle, of Talbot
County, was nominated In Ids placo
HzroiiTH fromelocn counties In I'.nstern
Arkansas and Western Mississippi, em
bracing n territory that usually produces
annuully l.V),000 bales of cotton, wero that
tho crop was fully fifty 'per cent, short,
owing to drouth, and Hiiro-fourths of tho
crop nt the mercy of tho frosts. Tlio re-,
ports, however, showed tlmt tho condition
nt tho planter nud tenant farmer Is better
than last year, and In many cases excep
tionally good.
On tho morning of tlio nth, n flro broke
out In tho eugliio room of W. C. Howard &
Co.'s elevator, at Dallas, Tox., and soon
nfter the flames wero Issuing forth In nil
directions. Tho flamos spread rapidly,
and soon tho cotton yard of tho city coin
press, occupying n block of ground Im
mediately adjoining tho elevator, caught
flro and was rapidly consumed, A largo
amount of cotton wns burned, nlso ntiout
1)0,000 bushels of : bent. Tho total loss wan
On n ranch near I.mnpnsses.Tex., resided
a Well-to-do .Mexican, named Anthony
Vamlalezatid his wlfo and flvo children,
tho latter nged from two to ten years. Ho
cently tho wife, in n lit of Insanity, mur
dered all her children with a butcher knlfo
and then killed herself.
Near (latesville, Tex., somo tlmo ngo n
sou-lii-lnw of Mrs. Shaw lost his wlfo nml
turned over his llttlo two-year-old child to
Its grandmother to caro for. Homnrrlcd
again, and was desirous of regaining pos
session of tho child. Mrs. Shaw being tin-
Illlng to surrender tho ihlld, it was taken
by force. Aggrieved by tho loss, sho recent
ly suicided by lashing .herself In n very
ingenious manner to n istono fence, first
raturatlng her clothes with kerosene. She
then struck n match and applied It. When
found sho was dead.
Wim.iau STiiKKT.n policeman of Hunts
vllle, Ala., while rrcently attempting to
arrest two negrothleves, wns seized by ono
whllo the other killed him with an ax.
A kiiik at Memphis, Tenii., on tho night
of the Sth, destroyed Colo & Co.'s extensivo
paint, oil nnd sash and blind establish,
rnont, Greenlaw's Opera Houso nnd other
property, making n total loss of $170,00.
Tliis was tho second disastrous llru In that
city within n few days.
J. E. Hi-angler, n merchant of Prince
ton, West Vn., was recently found dend in
his bed nt tho Niagara House, IiiUaltlmoro,
Mil., sulforntcd by gas.
After being hissed In Paris, King Al
fonso returned to Madrid, where his loyal
subjects gavo him nn or ition.
At a meeting In Longhron, County of
Oalwny, Ireland, recently, Illshop Clonfcrt
delivered a speech In which ho dwelt nt
great length upon tho fact that millions of
Catholics havo lieen lost to tho Catholic
faith In America, nnd denounced In set era
terms tho rystom of Btnto aided emigration.
It was rumored Hint tho German Govern
ment had addressed an energetic nolo to
Franco concerning the treatment, In Paris,
of Alfonso-
Hear Admiral Pierce Ciios.nr, com
manding naval forces on the Asiatic Sta
tion, has telegraphed tho Secretary of the.
Nnvy, asking to lw relieved of duty and
placed upon tho retired list.
Michael Davitt president nt n lato meet
ing In Dublin, held for tho purpose of raU
Ing funds to erect n monument to tho nivii
sent to penal servitude fur their connection
with tho Fenian movement In 1NJ7. A con
siderable sum was subscribed.
llUHisrsH failures for tho week, ended
October 0, 188, against 180 tho previous
The Spanish Ambassador has sent to tho
Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, n
lioto sotting forth tho grievances of Spain
In connection with tho arrival of King
Alfonso in Paris, and demanding tho pun
lahmcnt of tho authors of tho manifestation
ngnlnst his magesty, nnd satisfaction for
Spain In proportion to its gravity.
PnvasiA has prohibited tho Importation
of swlnn from Hussln.
The paymaster of tho Mexican National
Ilbllway was recontly robbed of.$ll,0oi) at
tho City of Mexico.
the EiATitrr,
Tirbt roturns from tho Ohio election were
meagre with tho result doubtful, Imtli
parties claiming tho State. Tlio returns
Indicated Republican gains. In Iowa tho
Republicans clnfmo-1 the Stnto by 25,000
majority, and tho returns indicated tho
sumo result.
Arranciementh nro being mado by Mr.
Dlackfalii, Superintendent of the Foielgu
Postal Service, to admit the Australian
Colonies Into tho International Postal
Union. When this Is accomplished n rate
of llvo cents will pay for n letter to any
placo on tho globo with tho exception of
Tub Hank Presidents of Ilostou recently
adopted n resolution that the speedy enact
mont by Congress of n National Bankrupt
Law, equitable In its provisions for debtor
and creditor in all sections of the country,
Is Indispensably necessary to the mainte
nance of confidence bolvtcoii banks and
tbelr constituents.
Tiik German bi-rentonnlal parado in
Philadelphia, was one of the largest of Its
kind over witnessed In that city, fully 20,
000 men and 6,000 vehicles lielng in Hue.
The street? along tho lino of tho procession
wero lltornlly Jammed nnd windows and
.eats wero at a premium. At Newark, N.
J tho celebration was also a great success,
fully 20,030 people, being in Hue, nnd busi
ness generally was suspended.
C. II. Iiin, Postmaster at Tucson, Ariz.,
lato of the firm of Lord it Williams, In
dicted for cutting Government timber near
ly two years ago, was recently tried nud
found guilty. Ills punishment is ono year
in thq Penitentiary and $1,000 flno.
Hkhry T. Wrioht, defaulting Assistant
Postmaster, of Itnclne, Wis., was recently
sentenced to five years nud ono day's ni
prUonnien! at the Chester, III., peni
tentiary nud to pay a fine of $3,000, which
was tho amount of the deficit.
The Irish National Leagua of Ban Fran
cisco, recently received a communication
from the Treasurer of the National League
In Dublin, returning a sum of mo-iey sub
scribed for the families of tho men who
were executed for connection with tho
Phuenix Park murder. The Treasurer wroto
that It would be Impossible to glvo tho
money to those to whom It was donated, as
the League would be adjudged as sympa
thizing with murderers and encouraging
Through the breaking of an axle of tho
baggage car, three passenger cars of the
Canada Pacific Hallway were thrown from
the track and burned near Deux HlyJers,
Canada, recently. Nearly two bundled
passengers were In the cars. A number
were severely Injured, but none were re
ported killed.
Samuel McDamel was, hanged at Fort
Wayno, lad., for tho murder of Louis
A T.oenmnttvo Dashes Inlo n I'litlsiletpMi
Nlr'rt t'nr lllteil Willi I'mirniri, Kill-
liifC 1'unr l-eople unit Wottmtlns; Several
Villt-UirLrlilA. Oct. 0. A frightful nc-
rldint woutrctl jestcrdar morning nt tin
rorncrof SiisqiirhnmM avenue and Ametl-
rin street. At this point tho I racks nt th
I'nlou Horo Hallway trots tluw of the
Noith I'cunlnnla branch of the I'ennsjl-
tanla A Heading Hallroad. Tho lncuniliu
pssscnirer tr.dn r.in Into n crowded street-
rar jesterday, completely demolishing If,
killing four perrons ami mlously Injuring
ten others.
Thero was no conductor on tlio car, nnd
the ilrhcr's tint) required him to giililo hit
le.iui, see that farei aro desisltrit In the
box, and nt the snmo time watch fur tialm
st tho railroad crossing. Tim railroad com
pany had no safety gsto nt thu rnwihig,
although they had been directed by
tho City Council n jc;ir ago to
rrcct ono nt Hint place. Tho drivel
hnd stopped tho car whllo the
north Ixjiiud train paused, but had not no
ticed the iipprmch of the train on the other
Irnek. lie st-irtK. hi honon, an '
the passengers h.ul n inoinrnlV In
south-bound train, ruiiiiir at ' r to t
twentj-fhe miles an lint.,, sttmK tho rat
mi tho side, teni...k' It to spllir
lers, and Imrlivl tho pasiongers,
bruised nnd bleedl'i?, Into n pro
liilscimus heap. Ambulances from the Epis
copal Hospital united qulekl), nud most
of tho surfeicrawcroirmovetltoth.it Insti
tution, while others wcru taken Into neigh
Ixiriug houses, nud n few of the Injured were
taken to their homes. It Issild by a man
who watched tho accident that n Iwy wa
acting as driver whllo tho regular drhir waj
ln-lilo tho rnr.
The names of tho dead nro as follows
John MeKcnwn, gardener, lenves wlfo and
Keen children. .I.tmr Itammll, coil deal
er, had log cut off and died in twenty min
utes after entering tho luKpllnl.
The names ot tlio, wounded nro: Henry
Schult, foot torn off at ankle, mid had tc
bo amputated. Jacob Iseiiilngcr, scalp
wound, not serious. Adam Kramer, scalf
wound nnd Injuries to shoiildir, back nnd
leg, Hot Mrrious. Chailes Young, dan
gerous wound, leg broken, ankle
tmnslipil, nnd niuputalloii necessary-
Henry Postol, scalp wound, Injury ol
leg, not serious, Mary Sellers, Severn In
jury of scalp, fracture of skull, ono leg torn
olT, both nrms fractured; will probably ill.
James Mcllciiry, slight sculp wonud; MIu
Annlo bhaw, Injured Internally and scalp
wound; Gtorgo Fredericks, not serious.
I'u-ilerlck 11. Young, not serious.
Ch.irloM Young and Mary Sellers men-tlon-nl
nbovo as wounded, have since died ol
their Injuries. Such n complete wreck wni
iioutw-vii. Tho car was smashed tospllnt
cm. Tho Iron wheels wero broko Inlo Mil
nml the thirteen pacngeis u-io thrown I
distance of twenty feet. Tho Iran dash
board nlono remained whole It was i
sickening sight. The grnund was rotcrod
with debris and died with blood and Hit
cries ot tlio wounded rent tho air. Not l
p.wvcnger cwiipcd unhurt.
Three more are expected to d'o froir
their Injuries. Thoclght remaining victim!
'if tho cntastrnphn nro badly hurt nml nil
tie crippled for life. Two men on tho back
platform of the car Juiucc.' off n mnmrii
befnto tho collision and escaped uninjured
Andrew II. Little, who saw tlio accident
.ijs tlio crush was !il:e srhlilwlnd, am)
a cloud of dust nrnso and cotriec
Etcr) thing. "I heard some hcaitrrndlui
cilcs" ho says, "and saw a number ot bod
les of tho pnuMMigcrH In tho horse-car lylnj
aioiind In illlTcrent directions hi tho Vtrcct
suit fragments of tho rar wero spatlerce
with tlio blood ot tho Injured passengei .
As soon nn 1 could collect ni)self 1 Jumped
In nud helped to lift up nml carp away tin
bodies that lay wounded on tinground, niu)
(ho scene pit-.eutcd mim heartrending. 1
saw ono man with his leg coiiiplctc-lj
oil, nml I helped to nlaeo, tho I03
over his body. I think ho died going to tin
hospital. Tho driver of the car was picket
up In tho middle ot thu Mrcc-t dliectly nftoi
the ncclclim, nml he wns heard lo crj : ' IV n
God's sako pick 1110 up.' Of tlio man win
wns picked up first 1 heard tho (lenth-rntlli
hi his tlucMt, nnd tho woman presented 1
hoirlhlo nppcanmcc-." Thero nro no gate!
nt the cms-dug, nml the flagman said In
h.illoed lo thu boy wlip was drhiug tho car
but ha would not mind.
iii:.vvr uoimEitr.
rim Ilrslilrnre of an Adrian (Midi.) Capi
talist l'lumlcreil by Slilllrul Thieves.
AtnilAN, Mich., OcL 0. A darln-f burg
lary was committed In this city Thiirsdas
night, tho victim being Mr. William Dutton,
n man of great wealth, which ho has no
qnlicd bj long j ears of prudent living am)
Judicious Investments In notes, bonds and
mortgages. Mr. Dutton lives In a modes!
brick houso on Butler street, near Main, In
me central part of tlio city, tho only mem
bcrs ot tho family being his daughter, Mis.
It- T. Stewart, her children, and a conielv
lady who seems to lilt tho doublo roll
of housekeeper mid domestic The plundei
-.ccurcd consisted of n small amount ol
money and Jowi-Iry, and nbout SS0.000 wortt
of lunula and mortgages. The thieves ef
fected ai entrance through a window of Mr.
Duttoii's bedroom. Ho retired leaving tin
iloqr between his and tho family sitting
room oic-il A coal-flro mado the nt
ino-iplic-ro too close, nud ho had Ills win
ilnw, which Is on hinges, slightly opened
This left tho matter ot Ingress an cm)
pioblem for tl-.o thieves. As Mr. Dut
ton'a safo was not locked they ox
porlenced no trouble In helping tlicmschci
to tho papers. Among tho things over
looked by them was 11 gold watch which
belonged to a now deceased brother, nnd
unecmt-lopo of mortgages representing
largo ninoiutt. Mr. Dutton's clothing was
relieved ot flvo dollars In chango and a gold
watch ho had carried forty jcars. Mrs.
Stewart had left her purse, containing
Mivernl dollars, on tho sitting-room table,
This was rilled. Tho robbery wa,i ery
quietly performed, It n ot being dlscovcroii
until this morning. Tho thieves e-Kaped by
unlocking n door nml passing Into the gar
den. Tlio bonds taken wero registered,
but 87,000 In Monroo and bherldan bond
weru not. Payment lias bec-n stopiied on
all tho paiers taken. Thero Is lie
clew to tho robbers as yet. Mr. Dnt
ton was formerly a farmer and for sonn
oars President of tho Inaweo Count)
Savins Hank. Holms largo Investment!
In Gratiot County and other parts of th(
State. Although a member of the I'xocu
tlvo Committee of the Lenaw eo County Sav
ings Bank ho lias eccentrically routined lilt
valuable In a small safe nt his homo In
prctcienco to tho solid vaults of the bank.
XntnrrtlUatliui of Clilunmeit,
Phila-ikm-iiia, Oct 0. Hie naturallzv
lion of Chinese came to nn abrupt termina
tion to-day, when Chong Nem apjic.iieil bo
foro J udgo Yorkcs and was refused his pa
lers In spltu of compllauco with nil tho ro
qulremcnts of tho regular Naturalization
law. Tho Judge's netlon was based iqion
thu fourlcciilli section of Iho aejof May 0.
US'), le.strlctlng Chlnoo Immigration. Thai
section proildes that "hereafter no State
?nurt or court of tho United States shall nil
niit Chlneso to citizenship." After hearing
this decision Judge Arnold mado an order
revoking the paiers hlcli ho granted
Looking (0 a Still Further Reduction.
Wamunotox, Oct. 0. It i understood
that Postmaster-General Greahain In Ills ro
poit will discuss the advisability of Increas
ing the weight of letters from one-half ounct
to one, the rate of poibigo for the same lo'
einsiii as ai prencin. IV Mia not, tliereiorts
reduclvg tho lato of postage, It will In effect
do so, us an Increased weight can be carried
for the same rate of jastago. What his rec
ommendation on this subject will belie him
:lf list not yet determined, but he Is busy In
collecting data upon which to form an opin
ion. It Is not at alt ImprobaU'e, alo, that
ha will rocommend a one-cent rata of notu
i)S 'V local letters,
a iT.vitrm, Tit.Kii'.nr.
A .'Mnnlne Miitlii-r Xtniigtilers Her five
ClitMreii mot llnils Iter Own Life wild a
1. Vlir.no, Tr.T., Oct. 3.
Details of a horrible tragedy nt Lnmpns
s, Mex., nn Importnnt (own on tlio Moil
rnn National Hallway, hnvo just l-oen re
ceived here. Tho Information comes from
a Texnn who hnd been prospecting In Mex
ico, and who loarnrd tho particulars from
an oyo-witness of the butchery, nnd who
afterward assisted In burying the liodles.
Mr. llolllns said that on one ot the largo
ranches about twenty miles to southward
ot Lampasas thero lived for years past ,1
quiet, well-to-do Mexican nniiied Antonio
Voider, whoso family consisted of a wlfo
suit five children, the eldest of tho children
lining nged ten yenrs, tho youngest two.
The wife, ntiout thirty years of nge, had
been subject to epileptic tits and spoils of
melancholy of long duration. In tho past
few months sho hnd exhibited many marks
I f temporary Insnnl'y, and when In such
II - n'al nberratlon Invariably sought to do
violence to her llttlo ones. On Wednesday
tho allllcted woman was attacked with ono
ot these fits of unusual soverlty. When
sho bad recovered from tho spasm her hus
band went lo work to herd n flock of sheop
belonging 011 tho much. Ho had been
goiui but n short while when his wlfo nmse
from her rouch, nml taking n buteher-kulfe,
which had lieencnrelessly left within reach,
at onco begnu tho work of des'ructlon. Her
oldest child was the first to fall brneaththe
wild mother's heavy blows, tho victim's
head being almost severed from Iho body,
Ih quick succession sho slew tho other chil
dren, hacking and stabbing them In tht
most barbarous and sickening manner.
There thoy luy scattered over the room, tire
bleeding nnd mangled corpses, Thnfrnntia
mother soeined to view them with grim sat
isfaction, filling tho air with wild nnd weird
pxelnmatlons. Suddenly taking n parting
look at tho dead boforo her, sho plunged
the knlfo Into her own heart, reeled ton
corner In the mom and fell dead. During
all the tlmo this fearful tragedy was being
enacted eyo-vvltnesscs wero powerless to
prevent It. The husband was som ap
prised, nnd returning to tho house ho found
his wife and children weltering In their
gore, Tlielaiucutntlons ot the poor man
w ero ptMablo In the extreme. He could not
bo consoled. In duo tlmo neighbors came
and nrrnngemeiits wore mnilo to bury Hie
dend. Six graves wen d.ig. Tho next
morning the parish priest nrrlved, nud His
snd funeral rites wero performed. Six
fresh mounds now mark tlio siiot where He
burled nil that Antonio Vnlilez loved on
- .
Tntnl Destruction I17 I'lra of lit I'illslMirRli
i:x.olllon Ilullillntjs A Million Dollar's
Worth of Property CoiiNiitniMl--Murli of
Hie Lust of Trrnsureil Itellrs Irrtparnlilt.
PirrsiiL-nnii, Pa , Oct 3.
Tho magiilllcout buildings ot tho Pitts
burgh, F.xposlllon Society on the north
bank of tho Allegheny Hlvor Iu.vo been to
tally destroyed by Are. The immense
ttructitrcs, with their almost endless vari
ety of exhibits, lllustratlvo of every branch
ot art, sclonco nnd mechanical skill, which
wero yesterday -visited by thousands ol
people, ami slnco tho opening on Septem
ber 0 by hundreds ot thousands, Is now a
mass of splintered and powdered cnibori
and curled and tangled Irmi. The destruc
tion Is complete, nnd nothing but tho site
remains ot tho homo of tho specimens ol
brain nml brnw n In which Pittsbiirghen
felt so much pride. Tho flro was first dis
covered nt two o'clock this morning In the
holler-room nttnehed to the machinery hall
at tho south end ot tho building, and before
tho watchman coutd glvo an nlnrm tin
flames had spread to tlio Moral hall, ma
chinery ball and the main building, and la
less thnn ten minutes tho buildings wero on
flro from end to end.
When the Flro Department nrrlved on
tho grounds thu flnmes wero lioyond con
trol. Tho firemen turned their attention to
saving tho adjacent property, many real,
donees on South nvcnuo being In flames.
Hy hnrd work, however, they succeeded la
saving nil those, with no mora damagt
dona than tho burning of fences and
cornices. Tho alarms soon aroused almost
tho outlro population ot two cltlos, and II
1 estimated Hint not less than from 73,00Q
to 100,000 peoplo witnessed the conflagra.
Hon. Tho reflection of tho flames lllumtuat.
ed tho country for miles nrouuil, making
posslblo tho reading ot tho finest nows
paper print. In one hour from tho discov
ery ot tho lire n niero attenuated skeleton
of tho onco magnlflclont stnicturo was all
that was left. Nothing wns saved. Nu
merous theories ns to thu origin ot the lire
have been advanced, but so far most ol
them liavo fallen to tho ground. It li
known to havo started In tho boiler houso,
and may havo been causod by a spark from
tho Ciirnaco or tho accidental Ignition ol
(Oino contiguous mihstanco from a gas Jet
left burning In Hie liollor houso. Tho loss
will proUbly reach $1,000,000. Secretary
Patterson plaeos the valuo ot tho building
destroyed at $1.1 V00, tin Insuranco $10,000.
Tlio oxhlbltors will sustain a loss of nbout
An Irreparablo loss, howover, wan occa
sioned by tho destruction ot the relio depart
ment. Tim ensh valuo of tho articles con
tained therein did not exceed y (1,000, tml
many enn not bo replaced. In tho annex
was Arabian, the first locomotive ever run
In tho United States, ltwns also destroyed,
and tho Great Western Hnnd case with a
full set of splendid Instruments. In the
safo wero $0,000 cash receipts from yoster
day's admissions nnd lovy'v gold cornet,
Thoattondanco nt tho Exposition yesterday
was tho largest ot aiy day In Its history.
Admissions day ami evening were 27,000.
and tho crowd last night was so great that
tho building was packed to its utmost ca
pacity. The bulldiims which wero destroy
ed wero erected in l7.'. The main building
was 0(0 feet long and 150 feet wide. Ma
chinery Hall was 400 feet long and ISO feet
wide. The other buildings wero small.
The safo has been opened nnd tho content!
Including $0,000 In cash nnd Levy's cornet,
found in good condition. Tho cornet vvni
somewhat discolored, but It Is not thought
Uie tono has been Injured. At a meeting
this evening ot tho Directors It was decided
not to rebuild, Thero is a strong feeling
among business men, however, In favor ol
rebuilding with Iron. Several have already
offered to contilbulo liberally.
A. Crime the rennlljr for Which It Dead.,
I'liikAUELrnu, l'A.,Oct3.
In the trial ot Capt, Darker on the ctmrgt
of throwing his vessel, tho Mary )). Leach,
upon a reef and losing her, the mate, Cross
well A. Hinlth, testified that when tho ves
sel left Old I'rovldenco the reef could not
be seen from the harbor, but In going out
broken water was seen. Capt. Darker gave
Bmlth orders to tack ship, at tho tame time
adding: "I want Hits to bo the last tack the
ship shall ever make." Hinlth trwhls made
answeri "U'liero aro you going toyut herr"
to which thu captain replied! "On the
reef." Couvlrtiou entails tho death
N asuviu.e, Tr.sx., Oct. 8.
Cap. TV, A. DeUow, proprietor of a
restaurant, was found dead at Qlleweit'i
Hotel to-day, having committed suicide by
taking a lares quantity of morphine. II
secured a room In the hotel yesterday and
ordered the clerk to allow no one to disturb
him. Tbls morning he failed to respond
when called, and tho door being opened be
was found lying on the bed. The deceased
wot formerly connected with the Corumer.
ctal Hotel, nnd during the war served
Captain of the 2d Tennessee Cavalry, lie
bad been financially embarrassed for soma
time, and several uyt ago was convicted
and flucd $121 for keeilng a fiambllnj
rr.itsoN.vr, and litcuaiit.
r'rant-H Murphy, iho temporAnro
i;iost'.a, hns retiirnoil from Kunipo.
-Joint CookeroH, of tlio St. Louts
lit-lhinleh, Ins llnnlly scttlcil itown
vi iimtmtriiiir editor of tho New York
It H wihl lint Chnrlos Itn.iilo. tlio
English luivi-ll't, Is cnfftigril In wrllln
1 serins 01 uvea ot 1110 lKurmrciis
(lonernl Grant' llfo has been iiiib
11 shed innro tltniH tlmn that of nn;
itht-r l'roslileiit except Washington.
VAieitqo lleralil,
-Mr. H. P. SliUliitier (Mrs). Parting
Ion) 1 n!d lo bo much Improved in
hi'iiltli ulnwi tlio Imliinlngof tlio sum
incr. Ho li.is rotitrucil homo to Choi
on. lltttton 1W.
Mr, (JeorRo W. ClilliN, of tlio IM1II.1
tclplila t,eilir, lirw recently milled tc
his nlrc.-itly Inrjnj nml remarkable cob
lection of clocks onn tlmt lisml In he
jwneil by tlio first Napoleon, nml for
which ho paid l,"00.
llvl'rvslilenl lVlk'n widow was ro
jMitly intulo tlio reolplent tif n largo,
tint boilitli!t, skillfully .irr.iiiroil with tlio
llgtiro eighty in tlio 1 enter, on tho eight
loth minivers try of lior li'rth. It win
from her neighbor's In Nnshvlllo, Tentt.
Mrs. K. Lwm Linton, tlm Kngllsh
story-writer, Is n j-lensnnt-fnroil lady ol
sixty years, with gray hairs nml siieeta
jIol Sho spiimli litir winters In Hiihh',
1111I !; 11 goner.il fnvorllu in society bo
?iino of her brilliant ciiiivt-rs.itlonn;
Ar.ibl l'nsha li tlovollng hl-thotiri
In oxl'e to lllur.itltm. Ho writes n beau
tiful stv lo, nml nltliougli hU inntiiiserlpK
look li'ko lly-speokeil wall-paper, they
a-.-ul its smoothly 111 tho How of sorghum
iiuiliissDi from 11 two-Inch spigot. C'ii
Vigo News.
Tho wMnwof tho Into l'lillllp Simesl,
if Li.uHvllle, tiled recently nt (Tolnirg,
Ontnrlti, having survivetl her husband
inly n few months. Sho wns tho tlnugli
ter of (leorgo Kuals. a brother of the
poof, whosi' name Is fnmillnrtonll n-ntl-im
of Lord Houghton'. "Llfo." Mm.
Speed ln-Mclf wroto poetry, which she
refused to hrvo published during hot
lifo-tlme, lint wl-l-li Is lo ho given to tht
world m 11 memorial of hor hy hot
Tho ClilnoM) MI- 'stcr n'ecntly celo
hratctl tho event of his little d.tiighlPi
niaohlng tho ago of four weeks, necortl
ing ti a (.'hlnesu custom, hy n dinner
served In American style. Cowrs were
lnltl fur twelve, and nil tho Chinese Le
gation In Washington wero present ami
toasted tlio youthful heroine Miss Ml
.In U tho lirst riilnoto child born in
asiiiiigton. M10 receives tlio name
Ml, which means America, as a compli
ment to this Government. W'athiwitun
A nipping nlr Tho ono tho mos
nulto slng-i heforo ho hltcs. Ihiladcl
fii'u llcraht.
When n hen retires for tho night.
It is qulto proper to apeak of her as 1
rooster. Jlochcstcr I'osl-l'xpresu
Philadelphia Indies nro Innrnlne
haso-hall; ono of them has caught hei
husband out neveral tlmos already.
ltoston lluUMn.
" Well," sa:l Amy, after jiatientl
trying for nn hour to drown a worm It
Horse Creek, without being rewarded
hy even a nibble; " well, lishtng isn't
what it's cracked up to ho." "More
slang!" exclaimed tho liigh-nchonl girl
"you should says FislilW is not pill
rurlzoil nccordlng to tho original Inten
tion.' "-7if City Dtrrl'k.
"How is it you can tell Mich whop
per?" asked a caller, addressing tht
editor of tho fish-story department.
"Well, vou sec," replied tlio editor,
"our wife' namo Is Annn." "Wlial
linn that fo do with HP" "A 1rre.1i
deal. Wli"ii wo am writing llsli-storh-5
wo usually hao Anna nigh ns to heir
us." Tho caller wns carried to the hos
jiltal. Chicago Times.
Tho old gentleman met him nt the
door, nlmost heforo Hernandez' hunt1
had loft tlio bell-knob, nnd with one
courtly gesture of his paternal hand
waved tho joting mnn in tho genera
direction of tho front gate, llcrnanilej
obeyod, with Inlinllo tact nml courtesy,
remarking as ho mosoyed down tho de
serted street, tlmt he fenow tho lgtia
H-ryieo hnd predicted a cool wavo froir
tho northenst, hut ho had no idea il
would get along o soon. Detroit iVtf
Flvo or six couples had lieon invited
n to play cards and listen to miislo,
nml peaches had been passed with othci
refreshments. Tho pnrty wns jni
ready jo break up when tlio terror of the
family entered tho parlor nnd called
out: "Thero, pn, what did ma tell jou?"
Tho " governor" probably knew whal
was coming, hut heforo he could get the
youngster out of tho way ho shot otT the
other barrel with: "Ma said if w
bought cllngstono peaches wu'd avo nl
least halt, nml wo have." Detroit Fret
Llttlo Mar, who Is very much in
tcrostcd in studying "tho law ol
health" slnco school began, hail bcon
asking Mr. Hauler all torts of qucstloni
about disease and tholr remedies
"Now, papa," alio continued, "If yot
neglect a hail cold you lny n foundatlor
for tho consumnt'oii, don't you?'
"Vos, v answered her father. "Anc"
consumptives nro thin nnd palo, nr'if'
tho?" "Yes." "What other flgct
aro thorn In. well, in quick consump
lion, papaP" "Fivo minutes for icfresii
incuts, posted In railroad stations," ro
spoiidoil It. Tho examination closed
Boston Courier.
Ho Humored Hint,
A New York stock-broker, who wsi
on his way to ItiifTnlo, observed that out
of his fellow nasscnecrs was closely rev
guiding him, and nfter n tlrno tlio inns
came over and nskcilt
"DM I sco you In Chlcaco. In 1879?'
Tho broker wasn't In Chicago In thu
year, but thinking to humor tr
stranger ho replied In the aillrmntiv".
"Don't you remember of bunding t
poor dovil n silver dollnr ono night lo
front of the Trcmont?"
"I do."
" Well, I'm tho chap, I was hard up,
out of work, and about ready to com
mit suicitlo. That money made a now
man of mo. lly one lucky shift and
another I urn nov worth twonty-lhe
thousand dollars.
Now Iwant you to tako five dollars
in placo of that fifty rents. I can not
fcol cosy until that hill Is paid." ,
Tho broker protested and objected,
but finally, just to humor the man, ha
took his twenty-dollar bill, and gave
him back fifteen dollars. The ttraugei
toon withdrew, and everything might
have ended there if the broker, os
reaching HulTalo, hadn't ascertained
that tho "twenty'' was a counterfeit
and thst ho was fifteen dollar out t
yxkot Ji'uK Strut New.
Tips hi I'ngl.itiii and Amrrlrn.
Tlio conclusions of tho "Uncommer
'nl Traveler" nro suhstmtlallv to tho
licet that tho civility of hotel servants
varies almost constantly In inverse pro
portion with thu llxotl charge for attend
ance, hccatlso tlio more the guest has to
pay tho hotel-Keeper tiro loss the servant
expects for himself; nnd that the nholl
lion ot gratuities would soon put an
end to tho Mimll remaining stock of civ
ility and attention which may ho drawn
on by thoso who think it worth paying
for. Let us pass from theory to fact.
In no London club worth tho name Is
any servant permitted to receive so
much as ono farthing In tho way of
a gratuity. A club-servant w ho nccotit
ett a "tip" would ho Instantly tils
mtssedt whllo tho member who, hy of
fering tho bribe, had violated tho regu
lations of the club, would he liable to
tho severest censure from Iho eommltt-o.
Vet In every chili not only civility nnd
nttoutlon, hut obsequious deference to
tlio minutest wihes of tlio members aro
Iho Invnrablo rule, tho servant know
ing full well that tho slightest trans
gression of ills duty in this respect
would lead to Ids Immediate discharge,
while no other club secretary would en
gage a servant who nan oeen dismissed
for Incivility. It Is plain that a hotel
keeper has no disciplinary power over
Ids guests to thu evtent of f'jrhlddlng
them his houso because they hnvo foeti
tho servants, hut It Is not aiittally clear
why a landlord should not let Ills' ser
vants know Hint If a complaint for rude
ness nml incivility were made good
against them thoy would ho sent nbout
their business on tho spot.
What Is, In line, the materlnl dtfVer
cneo between a hnlel-waiter nnd nn as
sistant In a shop? Wo tell ho"i what
commod ly wo want, nml they . ng it
to us. Is the labor in la) ing tlio break
fast table and bringing us our tea nml
toast more arduous than In banding
down a heavy roll of silk or cloth,
measuring, cutting and making it up
Into a neat parcel? Hut tines Iho shop,
assistant over expect n gratuity? lie,
wo over dream ot giving lilm one? Ho
Is, as a rule, a pattern of civility nnd
attention; nnd for the constant display
of such qualities tlio customer is In
debted, lirsl, to tho assistants own
knowledge of whnt Is right anil proper,
and iiovl, to his equally strong convic
tion that wero bo to lie rude, ami weru
tho customer to complain of his rude
Hois, his employer would very speed ly
turn him out of doom. At the same
time it is undeniable that tho custom of
giving optional fues to hotel servants is
nn Immemorial ono; that It Is intimately
Dounii up with tiiuoiiinstoi our social
customs; that it is, In short, "largen"
a modern survival of tlio very ancient
practice of Hinging n p!eco of money to
tho chamberlain ns tlio guest rode away
from tho hostel door. If, on tho other
hand, we turn to tho United Slates, wo
II ml a country In whie'i . cvalls a hotel
system the most elaborate and the most
extonslvo in tho wljolo world, A gifest
may obtain nearly nil tho requirements
in life in an American hotel. Thero
ho can eat and drink nrtd slocp, wire
telegraph messages to tlio uttermost
ends of tho earth, read at Chicago by
means of tho " perpetual tape-worm''
machinu tho quotation of tho Kx
cliaugo) of London nml Paris, havo his
hair cut, bo "barbed" nnd "llxcd" pur
chnso tickets for tho play, read the pa
tters hy the electric light, hnvo his visiting-card
engraved, Ins hoots polished,
nml his corns cut, borrow umbrellas
and dress suits hy tlio day or night, ami
buy cigars, chewing tobacco, railway
tickets, conilo publications, whlto kid
glrtvcs nnd mulnssos candy. "Ksson
tials" and "iion-csontlnls" nllkq aro
provided at fixed prices, and no fees
aro nominally expected. When tho
traveler pays his weekly hill for board
lie does not Hnd it supplemented hyn
elmrgo per day for attendance; tinifjf
tho traveler bo really what tho Ameri
cans term a'Tlghtmcnn cuss," ho may
travol from Capo Cod to tho Ooldon
(Sates, nud from the Gulf of Mexico to
Washington Territory without, ko far
as ids hotel hills are concerned, disburs
ing a single tout beyond thu stipulated
It will ha asked how such a system
works. In reply It mny ho explained
that tlio iinfeod hotol servants nro toler
ably civil, f-.rul that is all. Tho negro
waiters aro usually obliging follows
lo be obliging is tho characteristic of
their race but when tlio waiter Is a
white man. Us Is usually nn Irishman,
and ho takes caro, when unfoed, to
make tho traveling Englishman awnro
of that xrtont!ous fact. Tho foreign
guest nt first exults in finding hotels
wherein thero Is no fixed charge per
diem for attendance, nnd where, when
ho Is taking his departure, tho servants
arc not rnngod a terrible show! with
hungry eyes llxod on his wallet of dol
lar notes. Hut in yroc.es; of tlmo tho
traveling llrilon is oppressed with a
growing souso of bolng neglected nnd
uncomfortable, anil by thu uneasy per
suasion that thoro aro th'vo among
Ids fcllow-guosts who nro taring better
than ho does, lly anil by somo Ameri
can acquaintance lets him Into tho se
cret of faring better. If ho wlshos to
ho attentively and promptly waited up
on nt breakfast, let him slip "a quar
ter" Into tlio waiter's hand; If ho bo
anxious to havo a good dlnnor, In Hon
of a succession of tophi anil llavorless
messes, let him send down a frequent
dollar to tho cools, with his namo and
his compliments. Thero is no fixed
charge for attendance in American ho
tels; but tho tourist who wishes to trav
el in comfort must "lip," and "tip"
largely. London Daily Telegraph.
A. Oreat Deer Story.
"Speaking of strango attachments,"
said a well-known Arkansas railroad
conductor, "reminds moot the strang-
ojt freak ot affection of which I think
nny record has been kept. On one ot
tho railroads centering at Little Hock
thero Is, a short distance from the city.-
a stretch of wood pasture about a mile
anil a half long. Iho land Is as level
as tho floor ami is surrounded by a high
fencc.with deep cattlo-gaps where the
road runs through. One day while wo
wero rushing through the woods a deer
Jumped up and ran close to the train
until we reached tho fence, when he
turned and was soon lost to view. Next
iiay,whon the train carau along again,
the deer met " st tho feoco and ran
along in great glee until we, reached the
othor side of the woodi, Vhen );o turned
asldo. My cn;ineerbecMB0 Trv much
attached to him, and always blew the
whistle Just before entering the woids.
The old engine, too, seemed to have an
aft'ectlon for tho animal, and would seem
to chuckle when the deer was at its
" One day we were delayed by an ac
cident to a fiolglit-trnili, nlnl did uol
teach the woods until after nightfall.
The engineer bJew his whistle. A light
Hashed In the wood, and, I hope iwrer
to tell the truth afaiit If thst deer wasn't
there carrying a lantern oa his horns.
won't preteZd to explalu bow he got
tho lantern. I nra giving yrw tho ft,
nnd you can draw your own ik-doclkMW.
When wo passed no tnscd tho Isnte-ni
asldo. One of tho. boys told mo and
mind you I don't vouch for Its truth
-Unit the lantern fell from a freight
train, anil that tho deer look it p anil j
kept It on a stump until our train oauie
"How do you suppose) tho deer light
ed tlio lantern?" asked ono of the
"It mny hato been already lit, brit II
It wasn't it's no lookout of mine, for I
nm only giving thu facts as thoy oc
curred, leavltiff all speculation to you.
Somo tlmo after this wo were nislilnr
along, nearlng tlio deer1 woods, wher
wo saw tint animal standing on the track
waving n red flag. Wo stopped an-'
discovered that nn Immense treo lint
blown ncross thu track. Well, slr,whon
wo chopped tlio log out that deer put
his horns against It and helped us roll
it nwny."
"Wliero tlo yon suppose ho got tin
red Hag?" asked an Incredulous list
ener. "I won't nt tempt to explain anything.
I am giving you tho fact", nnd, ol
course vou can do vour own llzurinr:
lor conclusions; but ona 01 tlio iioyi
snid that ho took up nn old whlto rap
that he found on the ground and rubbed
It In a bed of red clay."
"What boeamo of this wonderful ani
mal?" "That's what I'm going to tell yon.
One day, about six mouths ago, wo ar
rived at tho woods as usual. Tho tleci
mot us nnd leaped alongside of us. The
engine, feeling pretty gay that room
ing nnyhow, seemed to pranco along the
track. Just ns we got about halfway
through the woods an Immigrant looked
out the window, and yolliiig, "Look at
that nrdecr,1 snntched up adouhle-har-relied
gun and llrcd a load of buckshot
Into the poor thing. Wo stopped and
wont over to where tho door lay on thu
green sward In tho last agonies ol
death. He held out his tongue and
shook linmU with all tho trainmen, but
when ho saw tho immigrant, whom we
dragged to tho spot, ho frowned dark
ly, folded up his tonguq arid psit it bneje
Into his mouth. The Immigrant was 11
nervous fellow nnd Vas much excited.
He bent over tho tlcer ns though to get
forgiveness, whentho nnlmal, oravo and
revengeful in death, raised up and
brought lilm n crack ncross the head
wllli ids slick-ilkn foreleg nnd laid him
low, Tlio deer nnd immigrant arc
burled near each other, and our cntriiie.
which has never recovered from tho lo
pressing effect of the tragedy, alwayi
moans when It goes through the Ueer'i
woods. Little llofk UiizcUc,
Fashion Notes.
Tho English In rim n Is a very ponuki
hat this season.
Dclicato nuns' gray ktJ sandals nn qj
worn with home toilots, over silk stoek-a
lugs of palo lilac, black, or dark red.
Charlotte Corday cloaks of golden
fawn-colorctl oashmoro, linod with deer
cardinal, am tlio latest of stylish and
elegant traveling wraps.
.Spanish Jewelry, showlnglarge leayee
nnd llovvers tinted In their natural col
ors, and studded with tiny diamond
and pearls, is Just now in hljjh vogue.
Nuns' gray cashmoro or cloth of the
finest quality and golden brown velvet
nro beautiful combined In walklne
dresses and carrlago costumes lately
sent over from Paris.
Golden fawn-colored French oasli
mere, trimmed with panel, rovers.
sliouhlcr-cape, nnd pockets of dark
Ktrssiau green velvet, tortus a novel ami
elegant oarrlago-dress of Worth's late,-,
desiirnlnsr. "
Tho newest brocaded ottoman sllki
aro In designs of fruits ami trailing
vines, and tho Sv-lssors of the drenmk-'
era will make as great havoo with n
apples, plums, apricots, hopi. nastur
tiums, grapes and the Ilka as Ihey did
last season with tho hrads of beasts and
Cachcmero pattern bauds are quite in
favor, and nro likely to ho morn so oi
tho autumn advances. Most of thet
imported Indian trimmings, with dree
fabrics en 'tV, aro of sufficiently high
price to add considerable value to the
possession of a toilet of this kind. The ,
rich Oriental trimmings are employed,.,;
only on dark dresses or those of neu
t ml tint.
Humor reaches America, that the meet
fashionable ladies oi Parts are going
from ono extreme to the other in the
flatter of the shape of the sleeve, and
that tho very close-fitting style will, in
a measure nt least, give way to a 'full
tiowlng one. The "pagoda'' aml'''aB
gel" sleeves aro to bo worn, as well as
the arllstio "Vandyke" ami leg-o'-inut-ton
shapes. 1'nlTed sleeves are to be In
varied styln, end sleeve-distendero and
"aim-Improvers" are to be worn with
sleeves cut close up the shoulder and a
puff at tho elbow
Where to go and what to wear In a
great measure hang together, and the
choice of dresses Just now must deiiemf
entirely on the places where tha eotuluf;,
wet-k are to be spent, and the statsi
ot the weather. As regards the latter,
wo aro told lo "prepare for the sewjonj"
but lfw we aro to do this is a question,
when ono moment tliere blows a pene
trating.north wind that chills the, very
blood in one's veins, and tho nest oome
a Juno breeze, calling again for dis
carded muslins, linen dusters audsoda
Ono of tho newest ot the fashionable:
corsages for autumn wear Is made ol
black velvet, open, over a waistcoat
black satin, heavily embroidered hi
black silk fioss. It tateu at the throat
by a knot of black satin ribbon tnate;i
lug tlio vest. The back fits thu figurst
closely, ending In a postilion basque,
hut in front it is looMi-tlttlng over Uw
waistcoat, which Is closed by a row ot
small et buttons set very closely togeth
er. Tho sleeve is close and small, with l
a full put? at th top, ami, buttoning uu
the back of the arm nearly to the el
bow This corsage is to be worn ovet
skirts of any description, particularly '
those-of silk or brocade. -
Autumn mantles of a dressy style aw
made eltlier In the visit shape, with sash ,.
drapery In tho back, or In modliteillhife
bard shape, these lined with ibp Yeae
tisq red and trimmed with aatlu and n
lact the favorite material of the wrap
being a fine quality of Usok vigogne. ;
These shapes seem likely to eoatfiius) in
fashion through the. autumn, while t
stylish French redingote Is ptskforawlit,,
for fabrics of a heavier. eieeeripttoo. TIm
black satin noli, lined wrta t-rigat-colored
surah and triiuinsd wish real
Spanish lace, shell plaMikfs, and Hots
of black satin ribbon, or with re
bBd of Jet-beaded nanMyw (V-ork.
form an elegant tramwws) trass. tt.c
iwni summer wmm ss we matrj winter q
-rThe (Uwecs tiwtt ikmbtmtmm
o4cuuitNtwaft and sinus.
gtteHUUiU,tkU: the In npHM ,
tcA(WbiMliUerpoUrtf Mt
WIU; the tetter lit tawstlig We pU1sv
.mtsWyA ZWsWitsjt. "

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