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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, October 12, 1883, Image 2

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IksiM :M7ftftJika
TXarss. wwlAwil''l
Fot tho caino that lacks RMlMancp,
For tho wrong that nerds retdstniicu,
For tlio future In tho distance,
And tho rood that wo mil tin.
Published Every Friday by tlio
Indian Chieftain PunMsiiiKa Co
P. ltORK,
J. W. Schoons
VINITA. I.T.. 03 1'. 12 , 1W3.
Wo must
liavo bailor school
Tho payment at Tnhloqtiah ntul
Fort Gibson passed oiTquiotly.
Now is tho limo for Councillors
tt riso abovo parly hnd work for
tho good of tlio country.
Tlio illumination in St Louis this
week was tho finest and most ex
teiiBivo.cvcr seen on tlio globe.
Wo enn spend $1UJOOO on "school
liouspp.f'JC.OOO on bridc.es, $15,000
on tho roads nndthen hnvo more
left than wo will know wlmt to do
Dont forget that ilridgo over
Grand river. Wo can havoilasoasy
as not. Jhitjlont give it to us in
tlieshapoofa monopoly to hniiR
over' our heads and tho heads of our
postorityfor all timo to come. Let
u havo no special legislation.'
There aroTour things ovory body
is agreed upon, viz: tho building'of
bridges, court houses, working the
roads and assisting ncigbhor hoods
to build cchool houses. Tho Chero
kecs are not going to bo bohind the
ago in theso things any longer.
Thoro is no m ccssily or sense in
Council spending two or three
weeks in organizing and piddling
before 'gc'thig down" to business.
Two or Ihreo days arc sufllrient.
Last year was agreat improvement,
now let's boo this year) if things
cant bo done up about right.
" M ' lilb II
The jury, in tho caso of Dick
Turner, charged witli tho murder
ot Chfirlcs'Squirrcl, in Juno, tried
Inst week at Tahlequah, brought in
a verdict of manslaughter in first
degree, and sentence of nino years
in tlio National prison at Tahlo
quah, was passed on him by Judge
There uro.tlirco olJiccB.'of impor.
tanco shortly to become vacant,
which should bo filled more in re
ference to porsonnl qualification
mid integrity of character than to
party affiliation. Thcso aro the
Treasurer, Associate Justico of
tho Supremo court and ono mem
ber of the Hoard of education.
Thojolcction, Monday, inOhio,
for Govornor and Members "of tho
Legislature is claimed by both par
ticfl. Tho vote is eloso with tho
probability in favor of tlio Demo
crats. Iowa is reported llcpublican.
Have you an Orchard? If not,
p'ant ono. Now is a good timo to
tot out tho trcea. Ilavo you shade
trees around your houso to afford a
pleasant placo for your children
during tho long hot summer days ?
No I Tnen got them at once. Don't
put it off. You may never have a
butter timo in which to do it.
Tho Government of tho Cherokee
Nation nndall ita institutions arc
mipportcd by tho interest derived
from invontmonts hold in trust by
tho Secretary of Interior, under
treaty stipulations.- That is tax
ation, indirect to bo surcnitjnuvor
tho less taxation. It is equal in
ninouut upon all who meet it re
gardless of ago, sex or condition,
but not equal upon all who are ci
tizens many of whom enjoy equal
rights imdur tho law and' derive
far greator advantagoB from them
than do thoso who bear the whole
burden of government, Thia is
not right. Tho Ciiikitaix votes
that "every
man packs his rwu
Coowcepcooweo District is too
large, so is Delaware District.
Theso districts havo tho largest re
presentations' in council and aro
rapidly increasing in population.
If tho present rato of incronso con
tinues ilia probable that these two
districts will havo a largor repre
sentation than all tho rest combin
ed. Tho largo size of theso districts
renders tho execution of law very
difficult nnd burdensomo. Many
citizens livo over a dayB joqrnoy
from tho court house. To bo bum
moned as a witness is to a groat
many a veritable calamity.
It is bad statesmanship to have
pomo districts too much largor than
other, Tho nearer all districts
nro to being tho samo elzo, tho
nearer equal will be-tho represen
tation of all. Tho remedy is very
simplo Hoorgiuiieo thedistriols, ao
ni to havo threo distrier wect of
(J rand RSvor inttcad ol ono and part
" ofnotho. This is a saib praotiu.
able, reasonable plan and wo hopo
Council will consider it
Oin I Mtiurm
The fmlu lug artnh by Mr V
II. Hoiltr, Geologist and Mining
Kngineer, h full long for the col
umns of tho CiukI'TaIn. Bul as it
trentH of tho natural resources of tho
Torritory in which aro involved
untold millions, wo insert it to tho
oxclusion of items of perhaps more
Intorostto thogonoral reader. Let
Ihe people know and fully oitlmalo
tho value of their inheritance, and
their National Councils legislate
wlsoly in reforonco to it. look
ing to tho rights of all and not the
advancement of a favored few of
their constituents.
Tlio development of tho Indian
Territory will bo secured beyond
question by the abundant supplies
of good coal, which makes its np
pcaranco on all tho completions
linos of travel north, south, cast
and west. Comparatively littlo is
Uiicivn of tho extent of tho other
mineral resources; in consequence
they are but very imperfectly ap
preciated. So far nk ascertained
the indications are that they will
surpass the expectations even of
nor own people, wncn once me
treasures now lying dormant shall
havo been nmdo accessible by in
telligence and labor,
lu oneof my communications to
the press, I gave a short notice ol
the occurrence In theCreok'Nation
of immense stores of the oxide of
mangnncpo, a mineral which is ex
tensively lined in tho manufacture
of steel and glnsH, nnd for thu gen
oration of chlorine. It contains be
side alumina, phosphoric acid and
traces of oxides of coppor, cobalt
and nickel, Per oxido of manga
nese, 81.0 per cent; sesqui oxide
of iron, lfi.3 percent, which is fully
equal in quality to thu dumauds of
tho manufacturing chemist for
making bleaching salto and other
preparations of chlorino. It exists
here in two conditions, ono of which
is bard and crystalline, thu other
pulverulent and black,coutaining a
laigo jxiri'enliio of oxygen upon
which tho market valuation de
pends. Next in importance is the accu
mulation of largo beds of aaphal
turn, which has been observed in
Kovoral localities in the Chickasaw
and Choctaw Nations. In the vi
cinity of Maytoby Springs, tar or
more properly, petroleum Springs
occur over a space of about fitly
square yards. Thu surface of the
area which they occupy is covered
with a dark crust of indurated bitu
men, from ono to several foot thick,
which is used in immenso quanti
ties for illuminating purposes, for
city pavements, loots, cements and
in any situation where a per
fectly water tight construction is
required. Hero are tho samo indi
cations as were thoso of thu famous
oil wells of Pennsylvania and nor
thern Ohio, piior to tlio discovery
by deep borings of incxliMislibfo
quantities of petroleum or rock oil.
A number of acid springs which
surround tho locality present con
siderable diwndty both in temper
ature and relative properties of
mineral ingredient. All of them
yield potrolcum and carburotted
hydrogen cub In more or loss abun
dunce. Tho petroleum may be
seen constantly rising in small
globules which coalescing, form a
scum upon tho surface of tlio
springs, the sides of which aro
nho coated with tliiH subbtaneo.
Tho water is quite Four, owing to
thu remarkable acid properly it
contains. It. wmiis from both the
bottom and the sides of tho springs.
Tho disngreeablo foetid odor of it is
caused by tho presence of petrol
eum. Ik'Bidcs petroleum, bubblos
of carburotted hydrogen constantly
escape lrom every part ot tno
spiinga. Tho geological structure
of this region consists of alternate
beds of light brown and ash color
ed clay and marl, soft, calcareous
and siliceous Mim'stoncs and bitu
minous shales witii included beds
of coal and ironpyrltes, holonging
to tho upper carboniferous poriod
It is not hi'probablo I hat largo sup
plies of petroleum or rock oil might
ho obtained from deep excava
tions. It is a general beliuf that asphal
turn and potrolcum originate from
coal. In legard to this "Fraas,"
in his excellent book "From tho
Orient," has explained tho forma
tion of earth oil on the coral reol'of
Djobel. According to thia scien
tist, the oil there must bo a direct
product of decomposition of dead
uiaiino animalB. 'Credner" has
also comu to tho conclusion that
petroleum, if not in all, in most
easos, ban been formed in this
manner. The most abundantly
flowing wells in Nottli America are
in the deeper Devonian and Silu
rian strata, emanating from a bitu
minous blato, and are from ono
hundred and sixtv to two hundred
miles distant from tho out crops of
me great coal imsln. blnular con
ditions exist in lCurope. Tlio reck
oil of l)runswick,IIanovor,Galicia,
ivo, ascends from bituminous clays
not from coal donosits. In various
parts of North Germany, there oc-
turs asphaltum, the origin of
which can not bo explained but by
thu hypothesis that rock oil ux
udes, as if were, from bituminous
dejioaitB, uvaporated and solidified,,
I lie samo una cavities in geodea
and hIioIIs or the fissures of tho
surrounding rocks. A similar oc
currence exists in tho Devonian
system of New Brunswick.
As a third reason, that rock oil
must bo a decomposition of animal
matter, thu peculiar occurrence of
Uraocoalin tho Jurassic system at
Usnauruck Ib given. Togothor
with cnlcspar und partly with vory
thick deposits of bands of iron spar
tho samo fills hero tho fissures
which penetrate through regular
donosits of clay slatos. This coal
can only bo considered as a pro
duct of decomposition of animal
Prof. Peckhani, who has given
great attention to the subject, also
considers tlio rock oil as the pri
mary product of tho decomposition
of marine animal and vegetable or
ganiBin, especially of tho flmt, bo
Uuvina thai tho different kinds of it
originate from tho various forms of
ainnml lifo. Pi'cUiiiiii'h view is
1 H. prrt'd
v tbe fict tb,.' wb.le
m 'u
Itlp nitrogen, tho oil from the car
boniferous t and torliary epoch,
nliiiifwHnrr in fnaatl rnmnltid rif
higher animnta, is rich in nitrogen. I
Of this kind aro tho .Miocene pro
duets in Pouthorn California, on
the Caspiaa Boa, and in the Texas
Hlrala, where wo have found re
mains of elegantly preserved bones
of several species of horses, rhiiu
coros, tortoise, tigerj, sloths and o
number of smaller animals, most
of them saturated with oil, in exca
vations for wolls at depths of from
30 to 00 feet below tho surface.
Petroleum has never boon discov
ed under such conditions as would
lead un to bcliovo without doubt,
that its origin was from wood.
Wood in prehistoric timoa has
been converted into lignite and
coal, but it scorns that for its con
version into petroleum other con
ditions wore necessary, and Hiich
as were never known to exist. The
view that the older rock oils have
been produced from Sen-algiio is to
be sustained by chemical analysis,
tho difference between tbe compo
sition of the algae and tho animal
organism at the bottom of the sea,
being too small to bring about a
perceptible difference in the pro
ducts of their decomposition.
The co-existeneo of Pelroloum
with animal remains in tho Lias in
Kngland, thu Silurian in Canada,
and the Miocene in California and
lexasis another proof of tho ar
gument which is drawn from tlio
high percentage of nitrogen in po--..
Ti... .. ii. . ii... . i
muuuin. inu iuiv null lilt) puos-
phorous and sulphur of tho animal
tissues are not met with in these
hydro-carbons, must bo attri
buted to tlio circumstance that they
aro readily oxidized and then cur
ried away by tho wator. Sulphur
and sulphuretted hydrogen aro
nevertheless mot with in Califor
nia petroleum.
Tho various kinds of pelroloum
may bo divided into two groups.
Thoso of the first, form asphaltum
by a process of evaporation ami
oxydationj they and their products
ot distillation contain paraffin.
The first group is ropreonted by
the petroleum of Oil creek and its
neighborhood in Pennsylvania.
The second group forms asphaltum
by decompos'ib-u. It does not con
tain parartin, ...u tho oil regions
of tlio Indian Territory bolong to
it. They contain on tho average
1.010 to 1.105 per cent of nitrogen,
that of Pennsylvania only 0.10; of
West ugiiiia 0.05 per cent.
Very Respectfully,
A. It. UolMSI.KIt,
Geologist nnd Mining Eng.
The caso of "ox parto" Frank
Morgan, brought up before tho U.
S. District Court at Fort Smith,
on a writ of "habeas corpus," was
argued and submitted last Thurs
day. Tlio court took tho caso un
dur advisement, decision to bo ren
dered in a few days. It will doubt
leas bo nmdo this woek.
Tho facta aro those : Morgan
killed Albert Johnson in thu Cher
okee Nation, both parties being
native Cherokcea and citizens of
tlio Cherokee Nation. Morgan
lied into the Statu of Arkansas,
and D. W. Bushyhead, Chief of
tho Chorokeo Nation, made a req
uisition upon tho Governor of Ar
kansas for tho ajiprehonsiou of
Morgan and his delivory up to tho
Chorokeo authorities under thu
Clu'rokeo treaties and tho laws
of tho Unitud States in reference
to extradition. Tho Sheriff ofSo
baBtinn county, Ark., arrested
Morgan upon a warrant of tho
Govornor, and was procooding to
turn him over to tho Chorokeo au
thorities, when a writ of "habeas
corpus" issued from tho U. S.
Dist. Court at Ft. Smith, bringing
tlio caso before that tribunul un
judicial examination. Tho issue
in tho caso is this : "Is tho Chor
okeo Nation u conipolent party un
der tho laws and treaties of the
United State to demand fiom a
state in tlio Union tlio extradition
of a fugitivo from justice?"
Tho question is a now one, and
is likely to bo attcned with vory
important results whichever way
it ia decided. Tlio caso was ar
gued by 1). W. C. Duncan, Vinita.
on pait of tho Cherokee Nation.
There is great excitement in
Europe over the insults offered to
King Alfonso, of Spain, at Paris.
Tho Franco-Prussian war grow
out of a less matter. That "Thoro
is a divinity that doth hedge about
a king" is immeasurably ri
diculous in this age. Conceit,
pride, arroganco, vanity and pre
emption combined could not pro
duce a more monstroua absurdity
than tho "Divine Right of Kings"
An insult to King Alfonso ia really
of no more consequuneo than un
insult to an old woman who keeps
n peanut btand. The niiico ia to
be revered, but not tho officer. Wo
hopo they wont fight about it, but
if thoy do, wo will furnish them
Tho National Council of tho
Crook Nation luivu had a committee
of twolvo counting tho votu cast in
Soptouibor for tlio Chiofs. Tho
commituto havo probably nmdo
their report as the Council would
adjourn by Friday (to day) until
Deo , when tho mombors-oleat
will tako their seats.
Polrco City. A correspondent,
on hia travols writes that Poirco
City will booh hnvo gas ami wator
works, which in addition to other
improvements will mako it tho
most beautiful town in tho south
west. Tho Fair will bo a groat
I liinnzmr in
I Em JPuB X m'Mi Ff.'HI rVmt TRHU $' r?&i KJ mH
KB MWd MM HI Pj'f fLj K&fm
Mm MM mLm Pli Ml
Tho Fair is over and many failed to get premiums who expected Ihem and some got Uifn
wlio didn't expect them, but Iho groat
is unwftvorlingly awarded without any disappointment to anybody to
For his immensq assorlmont of BOOTS and S1ICES, HATS, CAPS, QUEENSWAItE, HARD-
tun"! !,. 4OT. ,
Did you hear amytliing. Well, tho birjgost racketlthat has been heard' ajiout
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Thoy have just received an immonso stock of every Btylo aud doBcriplicn)f
.'.full lint of ovory kind of rhcl' and heavy
AgrioulturAl implements of ovory kind. Carpontor's tools, blacksmith's toola, tirm toola
And the heaviest itock of
Weating Stoves!inSthG' Indian .Territory- ,
II as just been added to our already largo establishment, and is chuck full of now goods and
MoroSOomixig on ISvory Train.
R.oTnom.'taor tlao j5Xcvoo.
A- O. RAYIvlOD, - - Vinita, S. T.
Thoro4s ono plnco in tho Iudinn Territory whoroyou can buy any kind of goods you want.v Wo fccop
A General Store
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fas and Nebrabka.
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witli all lines lead.
nj to tb; Nor,th and West.
Superior Accommodations !
V. CHASDI.EK, Oen'l Pima'r Apcnt.
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w. II. FLI.Tlllfclt, Agent at V
St. Louis and Sanfranclsco
Indian Territory
Shorter thau any othor routo botweon
cerTnnouan expreos teains
) Aro Itun Daily. (
200.000 I AMlnoral'VamlH'
a.033L33S J for salo by this
Company, in
iSouthwoat AXIoBouri.
fl-For full nnd pnrtlcnlnr Information
with Maps, Timo TublcH, Hates, c,
call upon any of our fetation Agents, or
either of tho undernamed:
Qor.'l Krt. A(?t.. Ucn'l Puss. At.
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Tcmplo Building, St. Louis, Mo.
The Uirrauf Gems li I
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tain Information gleanod from tho ma
lct of the world. "Wo wilt malt a coiy
1' reo to any addrow upon receipt of the
postage 7 cent. Let u hear from you.
Itttpcdfully, '
T WakMk A,l, CkUaw, ia
Missouri Pacific
35 Miles
n o SCt T nn i
a bdu rcr
Ttvhloquor ..T.
f '. V Jff-2fcTrW3 JJ3
OOon hip and slioiildor, oltliorwdc,
wild various murks. None bl only
.1.1.. .. iu.iviiUnnlR river. 4 miles
east of Talilcqiinli.
Swnbow-fork nnd uiu'orblt In ono
car and undereUpe In tno otlior.
Vlulta, I. T.
Brnndodon both ldt. Crop oil lull
ens nnd split in right. iwMo-Locnst
ijijii n"Tr f (AH.
PoBt-ollle-i,. ii. r 9
Pralrio OitylCJff' '
Jlrnndcl with eniii' tirnnd oil both
Fides and both hlj. KAMiH-llkad ol
Iloase Greek.
J. W. ELLIOTT & Co.,
Vlnltm I. T.
IIor imirhs uuilerhit In afli car,
crop oll'ofthohift. Cnitlu brmuh-! nn
left hiii nnd HhouMer, KA.siijijKt'nbiii
joiik couNTnWAsr.
Koho, I. T.
llrand Buvon-up, 'tlu-i i.l.-. llurk
crop oil right wn uiidt r kI.h oirieft
ear. Ihinsn HuroCp.oi, C. X.
Evancvillo, lCanBtio.-
Hiilf.lirnoil Piiiint ft'i i.r,..i.iu,i i
. yiimij hum n ii. .-iiine '".ir-,at3
nne i-ur- UiSJbii
ll-tKail tho
.....I ,. ktrjnnm FA7i-l
tir iHt.ll.
liul) ill ii r
iunou Coiuuiaticliu county pool.
Ohotopa, KaiiBB.1.
Spilt and bit in iiu-'-tntr nnd allow
mrk in left. Itond-b. ,md V. ,,.,
iiAKUK Cabiu CreoW.
Ohorokoo Orphan Aoylum.
3Iark, smooth-crop In loft car, nnd
uuderbit In right.
Skiutook rost-ollico, C. N.
J i rfc3
Ilorso brand sumo on loft shoul
der. "W.R.D.A.VIB.M.D.
PftreticlBf Phytcilan.
fvrrffiiiwEt '
."S".JL-.JT Wh i E
vM.rjfZjr-j-z c-ji
Calls nmptly nlt.nlod to. day or
burgory uiHi,M iesortT..nu'
iint' eMidn n
I- .,.
-- j.A,-5S,Ww5!r ' - -v-n-r..
""! rvJ'f,Mfc-
BJ!"- "","WB

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