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"I J
Dcrofcit In Iho Interest of tho Cherokee's Cliocttuv, Clilcluisiiw.s, Seminole, Creeks tuitl nil Oilier Indian or llio Iiiillaii Territory.
VOL, II. NO. 5.
Gleaned l)y Telegraph and .Mall
It l stated that the Civil Bcrvlcn Commis
sion lins asked tlio President to direct tlio
ftvrtlior classification of employes In tlio
Uovornment ervlco, so na to brln" vtthln
tlio operation of tlio Civil Borvlco niton tlio
data of employe now lccclvlnglos tlmn
nlno hundred dollar per nnuiitn. Tlio
I'rosident Is believed to favor tlio proposi
tion. Tun opinion prevailed In Washington
that tbo President would noon pardon Her
Reant Jlnnmi. Tlio pi tltlou for Ills pardon
segregate inoro that 000,000 signature.
An order was recently Issued by tlio
1'ostofllco Department establishing n dally
exchango of through registered pouches
ltweon postmasters of Now York nnd
Portland, Ore.
HrcnETAnY PoM r.n ba written n reply
to Senator Oarland, who recontly pro
lent d n claim of tlio State of Arkansas for
moneys alleged to Ihi duo under the deposit
net of Juno 21, I KM, In which ho sayst
"Hinco tlio indebtedness of tlio United
States has been sufllclont to absorb tlio sur
plus rovonues, I understand tho usage of
tlio Department has been to look upon tho
deposit act as lioliig at least suspended, it
not entirely obsolete, and until otherwise
directed by Congress, I am disposed to con
cur lu'lint usage."
Tub STi Wished statement that tho Presi
dent had directed that tho mutual reports
of nil the. Uurc.au olllcers of tho dlfTcn'iit
Department lie withhold from publication
until after ho shall havo sent his annual mes
sage to Congress, is ofllclally denied. Pri
vate Secretary Phillips said tho President
had never mado such n reqnost, nor had
ho over intimated that such was his pleas
ure. After, tho retirement of Ocnornl Sher
man and tho accession of Uoncrnl Hherldan
to tho command of thu army, (lenornl linn
cock, at his own request, will remain in
ronimnnd of tho Division of tho Atlantic,
with headquarters nt Now York, (leneral
Hchofleld w 111 tako command of tho Divis
ion of tho Missouri, with headquarters nt
Chicago, and Ocnernl J'opo w 111 succeed
tlio last iiiimod In command of tho Pacific
Division, with headquarters nt Han IVan
Cisco. Ilrlgadlcr (leneral Augur w 111 succeed
Major General Pow in command of tlio
Missouri Department, with lrendqunrters
nt Port Leavenworth. Ilr(radlor(lcneral K.
8. Mackenzie, will sitrcoed (leneral Augur
inromniand of tho Depaitmcnt of Texas.
Tlio Department of tho South has been con
solidated with tho Department of tho Hast,
Major Oonoral Hancock In command,
Ix flvo cases taken to tho Supremo Court
of tho United States, nil bnsetl on tho first
nnd second section of th Ch il Mights net,
being prosecutions under tho act for not
admitting certain colored persons to equal
accommodations ami privileges In Inns, or
hotels, in railroad cars nnd in thoatres,
tho Court recently decided that tho ilrst
nnd second sections of tho net of Congress
of March 1, 1877, entitled "An Act to Protect
nil Cltlrens in their Civil nnd Legal Itlghts,"
nro unconstitutional nnd void. Tho Court
w ns unanimous, except Just Ico Harlan, who,
tiii: KAr.
At tho Lancaster (Pa.) County PrHtti,
the other evening, whllo two watchmen
svero on duty, lko JJuzznrd,o( tlio notorious
brothers of that name, Rot out of his cell
nnd locked tho wstclimen in. Securing tho
cell l:eys ho released cloven other prison
ers, tho worst criminals hi jail. After help
lug themselves to something to cat they
loft by tho front door. Tho criminals w ero
under sentonco of from flvo to ulnetoen
DuniNO the session of tlio (loner.il Con
vontionof tho Protestant Episcopal Church.
nt Philadelphia, tlio Committee on Amend
meiits of tho Constitution reports It Inex
pedient to chango tho wtmo "Piotestant
I.plscopal." Tho report that It is inoxpo
dlont to chango tho iiamo "General Conven
tion" to "Triennial Convention" tvns
adopted. It was nlso declared Inadvisable,
to introduco tho proposed canon against
At n school election, In Ijinslnglmrg, N.
V., recently, tho ladles cast two hundred
and twontyflvo votes out ofn total Dl ono
thousand. A number of women i ore cjinl
longed, it being alleged that thoy .vero lm
)ortod from Troy. lVOral u&grcsscs voted.
Tub Bprlnghuirt summer rosldcnco of
Thomns W. P'.nrHoll, tho Now York Uukor,
nt Graves Hill, Conn., burned lira uthcr
inoniligj nlso n groat part of tho olegant
furniture. Kvorytlilng nliout tho Irtliso
was of tho most costly lnxrtrial. Tho
'liouso was finished nbo-tl n year nnd n
linlfngontn cost of OVor $100,000. Tho loss.
nas lSi.OOOj iusiiranco, JJW.OOO.
Tiik other morning a special train ytscd
through Pittsburgh, Pa., en rtMW KVolli
rortlnnd, Ore., to Now York Vtfmprlslng
irru uunureii vrcgon lowers, not ono of
tho party having settled In Hint State later
than 18JI. This tho first through train
over tho Northern I'nciflo rood. Tho ex-curslonlstA-frent
to New York nnd there
wparnte'J, n h.rgo mnjorlty having Iwou
iiutlv'.s of that State.
, V.kv. Kiiastuh Bkymoi', ft Vreslrytcrlan
minUtcr of Now Yerk, was In court In
Uosten, recently, Wbon his son was being
MHVtencod for torgory, nnd snld ho did not
wish te Interfere with tho judgmont of tho
Toari. Tho mother of tho piltonor cnused
nscono by rebuking tiro Inther for his
rourso. Young Bcynsour forged his father's
1 John B. OMrriu, Sonecn II, Miller and
Oeorge Mulskln, charged with dynamiting
tt houit) at Pawling, Dutchess County, N. ,
rvtulting In tho ilealh of Samul Urover,
wero subsequently captured.
Tun ProMliltlonlst6f Now Jcrsoy ironi
Inatcd Ilov. Solomon Parsons for Governor.
Through tho carelessness of 'n young
man who was acting ti, engineer mi Uio
Southwest rood, sear Unlontawn, Pn,. re
cently, n collision took pi nee, resulting In
tho wrciclng nnd burning of sovernl cars
nnd tho serious Injary of n number of pas
Jeagcrs. I Tint two hundred nndflftletlinnniversarv
)ftlM organisation of tho Hrst Coneregn
lional Church in Hartford, Conn., washi-bt
In that city on tho 11th and 12th. Tho
church was organized In lGfi3,tn Cambridge,
Mass., and afterwards removed to Now ton,
nnd tho church company, with its ministers,
Thomas Hooker and Samuel Stone, emi
grated to Hartford in ICM. Tbs anniversary
celebration was that of tho first organiza
tion In Cambridge.
i Helen I.roxino, tho woman who shot
nnd seriously wounded Mrs. Clarence
Smith, In New York, last summer, was re
cently convicted qf assault In tho second
degreo nnd sentenced to tho penitentiary
for threo and one-half years.
GmebaUIogerA. Pnron, of New York,
whq was retained as counsel for O'Donntll,
the slayer of Carey, has arrived In Eng
land. The otberafternoon.at Connellsville, Pa.,
a young lady, named Cumin, and three
children wero out walking and when re
turning along (he railroad track, stepped
Oft ono track to get out of tho way of a
f 'eight, and wero stiuck byn train going
In an opposite direction. Two of tlmcbll
dren weye killed instantly, nnd Miss Curroo
and the other child fatally Injured.
Qovenosn DUTtrn, of Massachusetts, np-
pointed Ed win (I. Walker, colored, n Justice
for Charlestown, but tho Executlvo Council
rejected him, alleging that his record was
bad. Walker subsequently stated that bo
never wosarroglncd In court (that In 187A ho
was nrresled through conspiracy, and In n
short time was discharged) thattho records
produced liear strong o Idenco of perjury.
A neat swindle was perpetrated upon
tho pool sellers of tho country, at the time
of tlio Jerome Park races, In Now York,
recently, involving losses te pool sellers
nnd bookmakers throughout tho country,
which It was thought, aggregated JKXyXW.
Uf this sum nlut i"i,(X) was lost by the
pool sellers on Coney Island. Ihe swindle;
was accomplished by tapping tho wires
of tho Western Union nnd sending false
reports. The fellow who did tho mischief,
It was thought, cot nway with from six to
ten thousand dollars, and successfully
eluded detection.
Duni.vi tho Court nt Ion of tho Protestant
Elfscopal Church In Philadelphia (on Sun
day, tho 14), Ilov. II. Hylo ami ltev. A. W.
Mann, two deaf mutes, wero ordained
priests in that church. These are tho llrst
deaf mutes over ordained priests In tho
Episcopal Church In thla country. Hylo
will labor in Philadelphia, and Mann will
tako chargo of work among tho deaf mutes
in tho West and Northwest.
ALKXA-uiKn TiurKAiiA, n prominent
Philadelphia lawyer, is mysteriously miss
lug. Two largo paper mills, tho property of
Godfrey fie Clark, at Pittsburgh, Pa., were
recently totally destroyed by fire. Loss,
$101,000. Insurance, $!A,0C0.
A nr.CF.NT cyclono did great damage at
Arcadia, AVIs.
TnnER men wero lately nrrelUcu' AtUratiil
Forks, I). T., chargeil h lth fcountef feltlilg,
ChamWsi Wnltei-s nlid iUGovern, all
residents of t'nllrtda. Mcflovern Is known
to l rticctnbly connected. Ids brothor
having held high municipal and Govern
ment positions In Canada. Chandlers was
founorly In tho employ of tho Canada
Pacific llallroad, nnd reported tobonflno
penman. All the parnphernnlln fot'l'ounter'
felling wns cnpturedi
Jack UU.F-ntOV, mall carrier lietwoon
Greenfield and Stockton, Mo., wns rtrbiltljf
arrested for robbing tho htal) in Ills chargo
of n registered lAtteft
A nrWBhT collision between two freight
trains on tho Chicago & Northwestern
road, near Janes llle, Wis., wrecked threo
engines nnd killed n fireman.
TilKwIfoof Samuel Whltmani l'tttdlllg
near Penuvllle, Ind. VcCclllly hangeil her
self In her klU'htin, No reason Wns know u.
As Mr, Trongcnt, n section boss on tho
Mlhvnukco A: St. Paul road, his with nml
baby, necoinjmnlcd by ills llnligiiter,
her hushnutl ftnd Child, were riding
on rt band Car near Woukcgnn, Wis.,
recently, tho lint of Sirs. Trouscnt blew off,
nnd In attempting to grasp It her baby
slipped out of her hands in front of tho
car. Tho child caught In tho gear hoe's
and wns instantly klllcdi The Wl Wns
thrown from the Irtfch ftnlV ihoso upon It
werohllrleil irtJblO ilUtftnco. llolh women
'wero prubftbly fatally injured, and tho
Other child would die.
Goveiikoh Gucict of ifflWls, n few dnys
slnco received tt Idlegrnm from Hon. 8. J.
Craw foYil, State agent nt Washington, that
''all Indemnity Lands heretofore .with
draw n for tlio Santa Po road, and not certi
fied, nro restored to tho market This
opens to scttlomont over ft inlllldh hrres
between Lamed Olid tho west lino of the
Btnto." .
AT Knrleyi loSa rtPehlly, Daniel Mc
Kendry, whllo vxtlflg his dinner, fell from
IdsWinlr mid died before o physician could
bo summoned. He was supposed t'A lilVo
been choked with something lons eating.
Ho was sixty yee Srt bf age.
Gkoii?e WEim, n resident of TcoOnrden,
ten miles north of Plymouth, Ind., whllo
under the Inlluoiico of llni-or, rccentb.
killed his two- ear-old child and then blmv
out his brains. The husband nnd wife Imd
lived unhappily and tho lnllcr h&d Applloil
for a divorce.
It xvat ttccnlly discovered Vh'rtl Wo
CUVult Attorney's ofHcoAV fit, luls had
heon entered nnd VlA short hnnd records
of tho lnst"l'iVlid Jury, which Investigated
the Unmhllug ring, wore missing. Tho
missing stenographic notes cover all the
testimony of some twenty wltnessM rd
tho gambling investigation) nnd Holes bft
other important caseSt
NUAIU.Y CoWblcto returns "flffitA il& Dhlo
eicvtldnsliow odnrotMVOthuf nearly 712,(J0.
The FrUhlbltlvA umeudmtmt wns defeated
by nltdill 70,nO) majority. Hondly's ma
jOrlty seomod to bo between ten and twelvo
thousand, wl(h tbelglslnturo PemocrAttfr.
The llepiibllcnn majority In lown Uill JiHt
nt .10,000. Igstlatllro strhhgly UoYillbllcnn.
Tim l.yrtiUrtt UiV3r In Chlcngo, built
immmUatoly following tlio grcnt fire of
loll, nnd then known ns tho (Hobo theater,
was partially burned tho other morning.
In the second story woro a number nt
(deeping apartments, occupied byi'ho'mas
Oreuler, les.eo of tho UiPhWri fthd Amlly,
lx persons In hlli All Cstaled except
Harry Ivrth W.Mdyfour years of age,
wtooW Is forgotten In the excitement ami
tuffocntcd. Tho loss was placed at about
A VEAn ago tho wlfn if ;i 11, Ulrrick, n
well-to-do rniivbPriU Tl'ehr Grnnd Junction,
Colivi lft lilm. Herrlck nfterwnrds ob
trtliicd n divorce nnd married Margaret
Thompson. Mrs. Hcrrick returned ft ihott
tlmo since, nnd upon meeting Hettrck ftiui
wife, shot and Instantly Mile Ml K-Colid
wife. She was ndlrtiltoi Vi) bill, and com
monccd ln-ocWnlii H recover somo of Mr.
HerrUK's ly,erty. Tlio other nfternoon
AVhlh tho Sheriff nnd Mrs. Herrlck were ut
llio ranch looking up the cattle, Herrlck
shot nnd killed Mrs. Herrlck nnd then Rttvrt
himself up to the KherifTi
Ax-rnKP Wlllti'ttlid youngest of the gang
of liorsn thtoves known as tho White Hoys,
recently attempted to commit sulcido nt
Mndlsou, Ind., by tnklng morphine in jail.
Two of tho boys were recently sent to tho
poultentlary nnd the others were being
hunted down.
At Denver, Colo., the other day, William
Harrison shot his slxtecn-ycaroldwlfeand
then himself. Cause, jealousy nnd domestic
trouble Tho couple were married at
Shaw nee, Kan., last March.
A. 8. IIlundell, manager of tho No
braska Telephone Company, at Lincoln,
Neb., has absconded with $14,000 of the
company's fundsi
The calaboose at New Franklin, Howard
County, Mo., was burned tho other night,
and a negro named Charles Nance, confined
for larceny, perished in the flames.
The last spike of the Kansas City,
Springfield & Memphis llallroad, connect
ing Kansas City, Mo., and Memphis, Tenn.,
was driven at 6:30 o'clock on the evening
of the 14th, at a point thirty mile west of
Memphis, nnd there is now nn unbroken
Una between the two cities.
At Sedalla, Mo., Mrs. Anna Trevera at
tempted to cross the railroad track, and
was run over and killeU by a locomotive.
The late municipal election In Nashville,
Tenn., resulted ill an overwhelming victory
for the Citizens' Ileform ticket over the
candidates for re-election of the old muni
cipal regime. The Ileform ticket was com
posed of blacks and whites, Democrats nnd
Hcpublicans, and party lines were obliter
ated. It was the ilrst time In tLo history
of tho City Government, slnco tho negroes
were Invested with citizenship, that tho
whites and blacks wero united.
An Austin (Tex.) special says the Austin
& Northwestern Hallway was placed In
tho hands of n receiver. J. A. llhomlierg,
tho President of tho company, wns np
olntc4 to tho place. The embnrrassment
Is claimed to lie duo to tho failure of tho
Htnto to afford public domain for the loca
tion of land certificates to which the road
Is said to lie entitled. The creditors nro
less thuh a dozen In number.
Tub negro who murdered Policeman
Street, of ltnntsvllle, Ala., recently by
splitting bis head with nn ax, was taken
from Jail by fifty masked men nnd hanged.
Ho refused to glvo his name. His confed
erate was still at large, wlllin heavy reward
offered for his arrest.
A vouno Jew named Halpert, was re
cently arrested at Han Antonio, Tex., for
forgery upon tho banking houso of Kidder,
Pealiody A: Co., of Uoston, for M,.i00.
At Danville, vn,, recently, John A
Ferguson, tried for tho murder of Police-
man Parks, was declared not guilty. Tho
Jury acted on tho Instructions of the Court
that a man has n right In defend himself,
even In killing an officer, If ha endeavors to
arrest him si ithout n warrant.
MoniLE and other towns In Alabama
have quarantined against llrcWtOn, when)
j ellow fever Revolts
Wllll.r Jailer Halliard was attending to
his usual duties In tho Jail nt Clinton, La.,
recently, ho wns seized by tho prisoners,
bucked nnd gagged and six prisoners
walked out.
J. M. TunrKlf, postlnasler Ht liastro)
t.a, was found dead In lcd tlio other Ihoni
lll( Dl'dtliwas sltipocd to bavo been
Callsod liy nn over-dose of chloral.
Two drunken negroes recently murdorc I
n man nt Itiisscllvllle, Ky., for which they
were lynched.
A Kl-rciAi. from White niuff, Tenn., gavo
an nrcount of n remarkable nttempt nt
murder near that place, recontly. Ilov. A.
A. I). Nicks was shot In tho arm, nnd fur
ther up thn road ho was shot agatm It wad
lloveloped that n stepsoil of tho brfcnchcr
llollle Nicks, aged thirteen, nnd K negfej
Ikiv. Albert llelli Illntteil thn murder nf
thtlr rcspcctlvo fathers, nnd Nicks dangor
ously wounded his. Tlio negro boy con
fessed and lioth wero jailed.
While recently attempting to nrrest a
negro, named Wyntt,nonr Lexington, Ark.)
Deputy Sheriff Illount wns killed by tlio
VfcI.Lr)V fovcr has disappeared from
Within the last two months forty-thr'fo
incendiary fire lmVd bbhlrrnd nt Lynch:
li'lfg, u., nnd nltliougli tho police forco
has lieen Increased nnd guards employed
all over tho city, tho firebugs havo escaped
At Austin, Tex., recently n ferry liont
containing two men, several women nnd
children) broke loose from l!lJ CS'jlo and
w-elll0er ft dam. Tho men jumped out
nnd wero drowned. Tho other person
wero rescued; --
Mfjonr nnd Sankey nro reported to lie
holding n successful scries of meetings In
Limerick, Ireland.
Guv, solicitor for O'Donnell, tho murder
er of Cnrcy, says he lins received only )
so far for tho ilofehsu of lil client; which
litis betn )Wnt bringing witnessed fron
t'npe Uood Ho()C UMldntiell lnlllilalllcl
bf the ruNrlly of Uio prison rules.
The bursting of tho boiler of tho drnlnago
engine nt tho Santa Itita mine, near Pleves',
Mexico, recently killed scVernl pViflnS,
among thef tW: Superintendent.
Small-i-ox nnd yellow fovcr still nfllict
portions of Mexico.
A CaItaih of nrtlllnry, nt the City of
Mexico, recently killed his sweetheart nnd
then himself. Jealousy was tlll IHiiliM.
TIIM flMlOHol Ix-ngUo. of
llOtlnfced l Vcc'eibt nf tl,0f
tValln And n,like M Oo'in A
LeflgitetoWdcnillbd tho partlst
TIIS flMlOHnl Lenctlo. of Dublin nn;
f tl.OOO froM AltJ
Ahlerlcn. Tlio
nnrttitnn rnmtitet nt
lutl Bpeneer, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
In proclaiming tho League meetings in
County Clare, whllo tolerating tho nd-
dresses of Nortbcoto In Ulster, which
suited in an nssnult upon A
ManaiIkii UliKKA reeotlllv
RssasMnftWlliVJ lrestVloUtfii Badt
bt NoYbAt lUVti; and tho President shot his
ftsUUaUt dead.
The failures in tho United States nnd
Canada for tho week, endoj October l'.'th,
were 187, against 18.1 for tho previous week.
There wns somo Increnso In tlnj BoutherA
States nnd In New York City,
The President hat confirmed tho sen
tonco of dismissal in tho caso of Com-
mander Frederick It. Smith, ot tho United
States navy, tried by court-martial for
duplicating his pay nccounb, but lifts Ijlltl'
Beted It to sHsjiHnslUH fruUA Hlnlt Hltd Uutjr
toVoHeXelh ft'M bS roprlmanded by tho
GoVKitNon MunnAV, of Utnh, lins Just
sent his report to tho Secretary of the In
tori??, whorcln In stnles that ther? his
long Ptlslct h,U'h ft MWuJtl&lluti lo nnl
jlfir tiWi iavio of congress. This conspiracy
lod to open rebellion at ono time, and con
tinues to evade and defeat the plain win of
Congress. Ho urges Congress to take somo
action to secure Rood trovot-nWentibl H
rely Upon lithe Hnd fnllronei lo elloot the
A MKETlnO of Massachusetts Greenback
crs assembled nt Worcester, who, nfter
nn nddrcss by Solon Chase and others,
nominated J. Arnold for Goicruort A. II.
llrown, Secretary of BtnteJ W, N Wenbi-h
Treasurer, nnd Urehro V KtWbAllJ Audi
'"ft -11.
S. Williams, ta passenger on the
Council Illuff a road, cut his throat with a
pocket-knife Just ns the train reached Kan-
sas City, the other evonlng. He stated
that his mother and sister lived In Livonia,
N. Y., and that ho was agent for tho New
York Mutual Life Insurance Company, It
was thought ho would die,
DuiiiKn services in ft Jewish synagogue
nt HlmonValii, ltussln, recently, n false
alarm ot fire was raited in the women's
gallery, w hlch caused a panic. The people
rushed for the door, whero there was a tor
rlble crush. Forty women were killed and
thirty others injured.
ltKcciTLT the two-span bridge on tho
Central llallroad, near AguaCaliente, Mexi
co, fell with a construction train of eighteen
cars nnd two engines. Knglneers Dileney
and Hopkins nnd, three Mexicans were
killed. The train wit a complete wreck,
Tiik Governor of Texas has called an
extra session of tho Legislature. The sub
ject of legislation will probably relate to
the fence war on publlo lands, and the In
vestment of school funds under the recent
ly adopted amendments to the Constitu
tion. Niarlt complete official returns from
the Iowa election gave Sherman 1i,iTi
majority over Klnueand about 3,400 oyer
nil. The exact official canvass, it was
thought, would not vary much from these
Ir was feaied that the strike of railroad
yardman, at East St. Louis, would occasion
a freight blockade.
Ix a recent quarrel, John Irving and John
Wath, two notorious New York burglars,
shot and killed eaCi other,
Josei'H TAqoART receutly suicided In the
8t, Joseph (Mo.) Jail,
Il, 11. Van Drnrer, n 1'rnmlnent Oil,l.rel
low Tnkes Ills own I.tfo with n l'Mitt nl
Clinrltstou, Mo,
Cinni.KSTOS Mo , Oct. II.
A cldlid of gloom has lieen thrown ovel
this entire community by n sulcldn com
mitted here to-day. D. II, Van Druvei
nliout ono o'clock this ovonlng shot hlmsoK
on the right slda of tho head, two Inchci
nhovo tho ear, w lth ft pistol, from tho ef
fects of which ho dlod in less than two
hours, Tho deceased has been In falllnd
health for somn months, nnd this fact to-1
gether with financial embarrassment II
.imposed to Ihi the causo that led to Ills
selt-destiuctlon. Mr. Van Druverhss ro
sided hero for two years nnd owned and
conducted n msrbla-ynrd. During his rest
dr nee here he has made many warm f rlendi
nnd was highly respected by Ml acquaint
ances. He came here from Diiquoin, III.,
where ho had llvjd for twenty years, hav
Init there lieen connected with it nowspil
per. Ho wns also at nun tlmo the auditor
of tho llepubllc Fire Insnrnneo Compan,
nv ol
of hit
. uirngo. lieceaseii was nt iiiaumo
death an Odd-Fellow In good standing.
having once lieen tho Grand Master Of tin
Grand Lodgo of Illinois,
a TKititiiii.i; citnu:.
An Indlnnrt 1'afnier Jlnrilrteili Ituhlird
nnd his llo.ljr I'lnced nn the Itnllhonc
tKimr. llAtrrn, lMi,(kl. 11.
Yesterday morning Iho remains df Hob
Inson llrown, n well-to-do farmer of Diet
Thompson Township, lav CUuntvj werl
found lying Oil the, trn . i thn lndlanaid
lis eV Ht. Lmls Itallroii I, i ear Coal Illuff
this county. Tho suipos It nt Ilrst wni
that ho had been run over by th birs, I ill
InTOstlgntlon proves that ho had been mur
dered and laid on the track. One of hit
pants-pockets was found somo dlstnncs
from where thn IhhIv was lvlng, and gnvt
evidence of having been cut out. No money
was found In his clothes, although ho wns
seen to havo considerable In n Coal 111 tt II
saloon, where ha was drinking the night
before tho crime. Edward (limn, n black
smith at Coal Illuff, was arrested In the
city this afternoon on tusplcion t being
ronnected with flit) crlm"! IJunll hld mjtdi1
alMaHntktlowlilg Innro dbpht Iho nntttef
Ihnn any ono else ami on tlio strength df
mis no wns nrresicu. nn wcnkeneii, now
ver, and tho authorities do not place much
belief In his story. Uoyond this no dew
os been discovered. 1
Twrnlr-Thtra Vnluntllt) llor.es Klllni
llm rniui-A of Aimiionla nused hy tlic
Ilnmllnc nf n Tunk of the l'lnld In nil
Ice Manufactory.
Cincinnati, O- Oct. 11.
A singular accident happened nt nine
o'clock to'itlght. Through somo careless
ness of the engineer in charge n ciiicieilscf
In n lingo Ico machine at Moorlclu's brewrry
contalng scvral hundicd gallons of ammo
nia burst with n grent report, doing some
damage and causing n tiro alarm to b
turned In. Tho fumes, howavor, rota In
great white elouds and In a moninnt had
permeated the entire neighborhood, driving
people out df ticir rooms for qtllto n ills
laricoluhc'thn.ste' (Juo iilifrj Itilie) (lre
Hy" wns rcifderod Inseiitlblo, but nttcr
wards recovered. Others may be In the
brewery dead, It having been lniposslblo to
cuter tho room. Iho white cloud rolled
Into tho street nn I nonrly prostrated the
car-drivers and passengers on a line near.
Tho stables wero directly adjoining tin
building containing tho condenser, nnd all
tho AntS horses In tho stnlls-Mwclitr-thres
In nil wcio killed
!..!. l! .JUKL.I
ItiliiOssibla tO illti'r U10 stn lCi sChl
tlmo. The entire squire wns deserted by
iitiman beings for some time. Tills Is tin
second nccjdriiior mis sortluuiu trowery.
IhiiilK Ailllibiifiii?i
A Yoitti); !llnn of Twenljr-une llecomes n
Murderer Through Indiilsriiro In Intuit
cnt ng Drinks.
DunuquB, lo., Oct. II.
A fatal affray occurred In this city Inst
evening. A ) 8 rtz Itldlt, httiried j ohnlly
A peril elU'ert'd Putlic'r s talopii', on Seventh'
Btrcet, about eight o'clock, being at the
time under the Influence of liquor. Step
ping to tho bnr ho called for u drink, nnd
after obtaining It got Into a quarrel with
the bar-keeper, n small man, named Geo.
Iluchte. Offensive words patted between
them, wlion Aprn plekod Un ail tsinpb beef
nicked un i
to his room, nnd nfter having his head
dressed, lu which wns a deep gash just
above tlio ear. the uoeior ten mm reeling
quite comfortable, and be to continued up
ta mldlibcllt, when ho silhk lllld U stUjibt
nnd died Tit half rtu hur; The young mur-
if-Hf;iln Pf;r"iwy!n:wH u "I'r.wlJi
keenly gnu-nr iwBiny-iwg years oiui cuu
Worth cofttldcrnblo property, to which he
has lately fallen heir. When solier ha it
quiet and inollvnilve. Tlio dead man was
aliout the same age, and leaves a widowed
mother and sister dupondont on him. Sov
tral affrays, but not so deadly, have oc
curred In the same placo at various times,
"" v
iihooisiii:i imminent.
The Slnlr nf Rlege nt the llrndford (I'll.)
Coal Mines Two Thousand Armed
Strikers Knrnmprd In the Melnltjr Work
lo lie llesilinsil nnd A Cunniet Deeniell
A :zy.vn irn.) (peclat says: Thort
were no new developments In the minors'
strlko to-day. Trouble Is expected 10 begin
at slf t-hji'cllclt TQ;mortow,nldrn"mg; wllei)
n5!i'i'.neia iu IhOfeniployot the Hochestet
& Pittsburgh Ilosd will attempt to resiimt
work. The strikers, who are heavily armed,
are encamped near tho initios. The railroad
authorities anticipate n bloody time, nnd
will use every precaution to proterl thelf
men Said ail bmclnP ''Tho ihiilei will hi
ULL.i.f. I. t- i I''- '-'I " J '
oppq-iiji an nnrarus ,io morrow, ..anu w
expect tho strikers will ttitdrt t3 vloiencc'l
but we nro prepared for them In every way.
Uitr mines are guarded by 100 of Tinker
ton's detectlvot,nll armed wlthWinchettei
repcatlnc rifles and 38-callbtr revolvers
If tho rioters attempt to Interfere or ut
force to prevent our men from working
there will certainly he bleodihedi The At
tectlVes art) accustduted 10 Jeal Willi rdugltl
blid, rit a m jority nrH cbtid shbtst ther carl
create terrlbla havoO with the strikers. A
force of llfty of l'lnkerton's police pdstod
throueh 1'lttsburKh last nlitht) ahd twelve!
more In command of Foley arrived from
Chlrogo tonlKht- 1 have delivered to Foley
twolve repenting riflesi twblve revblvert
nnd 3,300 rOuildt df nnuildnltlotl. The cat
contained twenty nidttrestet f jlr thH lite Uf
Ihe men. The entire force will he there ill
one o'clock Monday moniliip. and will r'
main on duty until the difficulty la set
lied." ' '
It Is reported here to-night that evory
firecautlon has been made to open by force
he mines at lleynnlds. Over 3,000 armed
linkers are encamped at these mines. Tht
owners have engaged special policemen
ind say that tbey will resume work if It
becomes necessary to kill oil tho entire
forco of the striker.
4 t
Mayor Kdson, of New York, reuoved
from olllce the Commlttloner ot Accounts
for giving premature publication to an of
ficial report.
lloumanlan and Auttrlan troops have bad
t collision In the Vulcan Pass of the South
Carpathian range.
Tho. London police find no evidence con
necting Carey's slayer with thu Invisi
bles. it
In the Albany legislative bribery case,
the motion to quath was overruled.
Tho last case of yoHgyr fever fit Temiacpla
lis been dwenarged. -
conventi K1"" n".1' nurii-ii it nr. juicnu ttrlklilg ths
HtH-hiWed lA Inttcr on ino temple. Iluchte sank to the
aDomln floor and AM-rn ran from the house. The
wounusu man was mticea un ana carried
rr.nso.wu. .tsiM.iTKit.vnr.
(icneml McClcllnti will licrenitci
Ivo In Wnshliiton.
Henri I InllliH, nwd slxlv-two, nml
Hallo OltiH'cnil, nKcil llfiron, vioni
iinirlcit nt Urcle;. N. , recently.
(icorjjo Alfred Tuwntcnd lins writ
vt-n n mivol, "'Iho r.utallcd Hut,"
aIiIcIi Uio llnrppiM lmvo ncct'ptinli
Stniri'Dti, tho f.iiiioiis London mill'
jter, lins but two children twin ron
r-ntul thoy nro both ll.lptlst clergymen.
- Will rnrlcton lin Written n pornl
in ii inor no. It Is cnslor to jmcln il
.iiiiitiin tltitii to innrtgnejo n noiri.
C'Aioiro iifcr (fccttn.
- ll.nrtlinloinow Tnrnij', nf Until,
stcnl en I'o.inty, Now York, slj;ii.ii;.iil
tils ono hundredth blrilidny tho other
Jay by iviilMiig throe mllos.
M m Mnntl tnhk, dnnpliter ol
.'icni-r.il Ni l'i llitlikS) (rot's on the plat
form this senfoii IU tin olnclltlonlst. Bin)
tins been ntlldyliip; 111 Europe,
Mr. V. I). Hmvelln, tho novcllsl.N
forty six .-aM old. Ho Jove quiet nml
homo nnd si.uns soelrty nml Hold sports.
Ills rotiscd nnd Intorlliicd tir'oufs nro it
terror to tlio printers. -.v. J. Autis,
lr. Walkef, tho rolureil lawyoi
ippoluted by (iovornni1 llil'.ler to tint
bciieh of tlio I'hnrlestoiVn City t'oiirt, 14
ltotnntl t'ntboll , liolons to tho uholt
af St. Vincent Cllnrcli, nlid has it whlUl
vita lloitoii lil.
Dr. Mary Wnlkor nuts' 11 ml Hon)
compensation for the sllnps nnd itrniw
of oulnipcoiii fOittiUo III tlio !?-000 left
hur by ino will of nn cicontrio M?ss;t
cliiisotts man who died tlio oilier day.
Intil'Wtpoll Journal.
-Jtiktli'o (ir.iy, of Urn United States'
Supivnio t'o irt.'hns ridden over three
hundred miles on horoback on eonscc
lit 1 10 dnys tills summer without fa
llno As Uioiltido Mi'Mn threo linn
d ed pounds, bin liurn lins not come
out row oil. -Ghieago Journal,
11 Is reitnileil that llit'olliillilllt (inn
of bis btloks Jdliil Jtorlt'r Iilsl'sletl upoll
ptlntinp: tho nam's of tlio DcHr williiml
' ,,nni,ri luin.minn mui nf bl rhb.
n caP' ' ,w ' "''"l10.1 "' ('";5,, '"
cm published bis erillquo With freitierit
ot mo nuinor ns "inr. jouii
Tho flp!t Itcwsboy who ever sold a
copy of file New To-k Suit 111 Utc
sticels of New York becniilo I.linnlM
nnd rich. Ho was toil years old, nnd
from Cork. Ills nanio was lternnril
Flnborty, but bo win nftcrwnnl known
ns llarnoy Williams, tho coiiiediin.
'Jtlllt'. Nnilini), ii incmbcr of tlio
Now York -Stuck i:clhln-f'. lilt." hM lij-
name climbed to Julius New tori. Hi'
lias dono this because, ns stntcd, ninny
people nbrond wanted to know if ho wns
In any wny relnlcii to the. Nathan fam
ily, tlint was made unfortunately con
cplcuotis by tlio death of tlio Into licnja
inin Nathan. A' Y. limes.
In Hurilctlo plirascolocv: " Wbal
lias went" wltb all tho cooking clubs?
If brevity is Uio soul of wit, there
Is n irood deal of fun in n dodo's coat
tall. Qarl rretxed Weekly
"WliJ-ni'ojMiiM) ttls-nut?" said
Iritmi) to il bcbislcith lb loo retnurattl
window.' ' Ch icwjo Hermit.
Two Skunks is iho cognomen of n1
Sioux Chief. Win not niako him Head ,
ui'iiter oi ino iiiuiau iiauuns. --uoiion
It bus been siijrjrostcd tlint n tlttlif
cpltnb for Captain Webb would bo: "Ho
was not a f.ivorito in tlio pools." Mer
chant Traveller.
"What nrc you writing micb n big
linnd-fdr", J'nlP" "Why, jou sco njy
Lnrlni!rililthMt'J .IS(H, Hllil JVt ixrhlilg it
loud lettbvr to lier." Detroit Post.
Miss Knto Field believes in lint
water ns ; euro for dyspepsia. Well,
yos. You let a mnn gat into hoi
water and bo'll forget all nbout dy
pepsin. Ilcston Post,
Whnl 13 Unit Is It ft clrttls ncrt"-
bhlf Ull. Ho, iliy Miiil lllal l H marl
wno is KiDKinrr niinscii. mini liinnes
tho mnn kick himself? Ho has been to
n raaaqucnulo party nnd llirtod with
Ids w Ifo nil tlio ovonlng. Toronte
An nttorne', nimiU" filrnlsb null
Bt cost, was roqtle
estcd by his Client,
Ar. J. urapntc.
"Como hero, Matilda, and
lhco oulnccs from burninc whllo
nnd innkn Un Ihn beds." said nil Iti.litl
gunt mother who liiid Uectl itlrrlrii? titd
gunt nil
fruit for soma
minutes wlula
her daughter stood idly considering tha
lllv nnd thosunilower intho front yard.
"No, mother, 1 shan't stir," replied the
lanautd mnldem who had ruccnllv bean
Pending oi'cr sOmo sccoiul-lianu ptliis Id
I nn ancient almanac. J'oiuU:r, State-
The Professor, from his officio!
ftialf "Wo wjinmirselrcsilrdlcnto to a
Hnb'le UUcf lllld ifecV';liW.tf llifi t'pcdi
ploto fullltlmcnt of our tiilssloii ii iargi
development of tho body as well n n
MwerfuI unfolding of tho intellect. (Jut
duties aro labornus and painful. Wo
must nccustom oitiselves to pprforui
hem wmout licms axirancoti or urn
llclal: TH gfjoif Cnfillleerj lk ll
ablo, 16 ftt.svf
a, looking
tho dark.
how might a looking-glass fM him'"
Tho Professor "Silence tho mouth, sir.
You romo hero to learn." City of Mex
ico Monitor.
ii m .
A Nan I leal Curiosity.
Mil CrnllWlalVrjf'i ad lllgelilrliil
(Oltng iilan of Krnllkfdrtl, hiisconiniCt
ed n clilidus lllllH enndo with heavy
mdstln rind barrel lioUps. Tliti craft ft
fourteen feet loilg and Iwcrity infchc'f
WidO In tbb center. Tho stem nrid rterfJ
pollfl arc sailed out of plno knee knots,
and tho lateral si ps over which the
fibs nro fastened aro nlno of plno. Tht
rest of tho little bdat Is cotntritctert en
tirely of muslin and ordinary ilour bar
rel boons, tho latter bolng one-qu.rlci
of nn inch apart and fastened to tb
lateral sllpj, which oxlend from stem
to stern. Over th's skoloton tho mus
lin, having been thoroughly soaked In
oil, l strotchei , Two water tight com
partments nro mado fnro and aft, by
stretching the oil tonked muslin entire
ly over tho canoo, thus making a deck
which can not bo penetrated by the wa,
tor. Tho paddlcr's place contains
iraall scat, and spaoo enough to lent
tho occupant's leg and foet. A light
board floor keeps tho latter from knock
Ing hole In tho craft's muslin bottom.
Wlieil the canoe had beeu completed,
but not painted, it weighed only six
teen pounds, but ha sineo boon given
lecrral heavy coats of white lead, nnd
now weighs thirty-eight pounds. It bai
been successfully put to a test, and Ui
owner, with his doublo-bladed paddle,
uses It almost every day ou tks river.
b.lKer, "to nuiko It as llgnt ns posstl)Ie.' nro: nnd tho' you llml sotnti 'Ulier rna j W-, . if.r, V ,r ., ", '' ,i,.f .I,, f. . i-,
"Jill" renlied tho attornov. "that'i f'l nmUiiif'-tliotioiktan.ltiiolit'rustfrtifil tll I h not Know that that U a vlrtiio
hni vmV mir C " ill Hii J Wtimnn ii.ii 'PM t'' wur0 tl,l,, formotiy'-jot )iiu rejoica ij Hi, ell m Js ontitlcd to much credit,
whntjot in.vSaJtOlmrfmnn,but ,,,, veianl sun-voii aro cheered by the . ,,.,, (i ,,1-,. ,, ,nnnv.l..n.lnri
m k n niv nrnnii . - I Tft'm f.i. irif'i.ii.iiin. Knu .in iiiil rit'ivipvu
skillful manner, must bo
III ttself Irl.tho. dark, without
Mass." AfMil-"llllt. Uln
Moicni Sources of I'lu Money.
"Tliero nro liiinilreds of ladles 111 the
5lty of Albany, far reunited front no
uisslty, who turn their skill, Ingenuity
nil energy In account In thoso icsthotlo
lines, of whoso handiwork litllo Is
tnown oeept to thcmsoltoi, but thn
pnillt on which Is n very hnndsomo
oeimy," sild n gentlentnn whoso roln
inns u lib nn cnterprbo In this olty
ainkes n largo nniount of Information
ivulliihln In hint. "I bnie means of In
forming myself regarding Uio extent ol
bs Ibing, and lmvo been stlrtirised lo
(Ind It so gniinrnl n prnello - Ten j ears
tgon lndy Who worked with her hand'
ivoubl lm frowilnd down In soo.i.'lv.
Now many Indies cultivate Mjtnn of tfic
tine nrls for no other purpose: In the
iiorld llinn to replenish th Ir purses y
lie eniilii. inetil of leisure time. Paint
ing nnd embroidery ntv Ihe most popnlnt
forms of nrt work, ehlolly, perhaps, lm.
ailso nnj thing good In these lines, par
ticularly that created by tlio needle,
finds ready snlo nt goihl round price.
I'ho decomilon of inetiti canls nnd
iliin.i Is nlso n rciutlnoriitlviMH'ctipntlon,
ileldlng excellent pay for Hit' Work,
Tho nrt rooms of lloston, Vin York,
I'litlndelplil i and our own city accept
tftoo pioducti oncontiiiissloit. I ituder
iluud that a ) (mug l.ulv llilitg In Al
bany wields one olllio daintiest hrtisho!
in npphlng t'olofs lo iiientl crtrd. She
disposes of nil her Work ill XetV York,
by means of tho Decorative Alt itiioiu.
-oieral ladles not (hill do entbrohleri
for silo, lint ono or twoof Uio deftest
glre lesson In the nrl, nnd get rt nice
return for feafcliing billets what tbej
know. It soiiuils olid, btlt some of the
nicest people In All nny sell their luuiill
iork. 'Ilicy do It occasionally i n
crnltllcallon Of their pride, to couvnico
Iheinsehos Unit it ptit lo II Ihey cotl'd
earn their own lit lug. These; nro wbal
nro enllcd In polllo circles urlstocf.'ttic
"Is not the prevnlenee of iho custom
fnlal to Its probable contiuiianco?''
" It Is very npt to be. that Is true, bill
Within n vciir n Hew art tins bo'n dui el
oped eah'tllalcd to icllcfc Ihe presMirc
oil tlie ctiibfoalory null )ialntiug busi
ness, lllgli nt'l has bfc'eii iutlOdtircd 111 to
tho tircservntron bf fruits find (he bnktlli!
of cakes and sweetmeats. 'J hl( (oM; ha?
beeomi) n jiopuiar cniploymcnt ttilfl
nsiplo who are nblu to nciptlro tho skill
necessary JU thn various nrt rooms
now jou'wlli liiMfflinieil fruit nnd fancy
buku Atuflsonoblbitloii, lliatlt'tf) InillM
for tho most part who do it to employ
their leisure tlmo. Theso goods com
mand tho highest price, being bought
rnlm which dealers in tho stores
Nrifflll nt llar6 (p ftsl Tim Ill-success
ofsointiili pr'ojdV irtJilakifi their pro
crtes makes this busiiics4 stinilj aoilhf
thing of n want. Ciike-baklng, to; I
in equally prolitnblo lenturo I sdd
ailvcrlUcif in the Albany papers the
wares of n lndy resident in n oity in
f'entrnl New York, who supplies cakes
!o ft rlsl number of customers. She
inndo licrsclf fflinOnrt My bnblliK what is
cnllod 'Angel's 1'ood.' 6b0 V h JHcm
bor of n family who wcraoncolmiiieilno:
ly wealthy, but nro now reduced to
straitened clicumstnnces. Hcrbtisinoss
1 worth lito thousand dollars n year to
Iter nt present, mid is growing nil tho
lliiloi Another cnto Is that of n lndy
iMfti jdlts tip cOnhcd frulls. Klia is Uio
daughter of fin fcc-f'0llgreimiltii nlid i
married to tho son of Uidgfealc'sl dljilo
mat Aniericn tins produced in recent
wins. 'I'liorn Is no iinnil of her liiinh-
ing her skill In this' manner, but sfic
nns lii"IIc?d mko a business of what
n pastlmp b tlio" Urgent solicitation I July lo provide matches for tholr ohll
lends who ato her preserves. Rim aran as soon as thoy nro of marriageablo
was n p
of fr ends wlio nto her t
now gets n cry hnndsomo roi cnuo from
Iho work." Album Journal.
Tho Weight of Orcnt SIcn.
A curious iettor i3 Jitt brought to
light by llio unngor (.flic.) ndj
tJourler. In which is rcconlcd
ivo'ght of certain reioUttlonnry olllcers,
uIiij wero together uticst rob
nt n bun
ilrod vcars nun. Tho letter was w rltten
by Jo'seph May to (Jdnornl IJnyhl Cobb, '
Hi J-Tllllt.villll J juilll'f mill in na iwr
lowi '
nostrt". AWilt 111 lfll
linn lliitlil rnhli. flnulil.hnrnilirht
" '"' -.- -. '" ;." ---- - ..
Hnrch, .written when conDncd to your house
My Hear uonerail lour itiier or iiu
by Indispotulon, muda me. for h inument, feel
iliilnipiiy 'twas painful bull tunc loo much '
reypttt l)'inh mdnlifo nek lenrs. when I
ico JOU pislnii (lie fllotte J
unit or htitiiBii
ti in
byactui.1 j-nM, )fir mKli1'iPi ,,"',, m'
ploymont and onJoymii.J, "l'rl Hip strnnuor
Intermeddles not njti, o srp inUr.'Ulir to
.deirwXwher'it i
t llfo. wo may liotin"Aaiii 2 ,
io srlto and coed whom wt '
I u hMlar onuntrr.
riiitu weu-.peiifc
inn Ho
lth tlio srlto and cooifwhoni uc
0 ktlOirn In'rowhoro nnd hiw it Is to be I
urn not cnsltius. Ilvsiviw; ecrinin or tins, u i
will uotlni tltlckt nlii nrt titsti;innim wis-1
dom una Inflnllapoo'lncascuuprOfUr ,,
Our friend Hayes bus luto'r visited us. 110
tpoko of you roi-oatedir as of a man whom lie
loved and letpectcd bo'iklnz toxetltnr nvn
somo papers In Uoncral J.ickwn's pocket
h'k wf, found a curious paper, of whlclt I
ulvnioJii hOy(. .. .
Wobrlied at thu scii'W Itt Westpnlnt, 19 Au
Ifiitt. tiSi ,
ieni ral IVnfhliiRton 303 pounds.
OeiTofAl IiUVJlhl-r-i iwiinds.
tleneral Knox im rounds.
Oencrnl lluntlnirton ! pounds.
I-.I...I II la.kuin.nn
I.toiltoniiut-Totoncl HimtliiKtoii-ZK poufidi
LlcutonaiiWo'onel Cobb- l-fl pounds.
Lloutonsill-Co'onel Huinphilcs-JJl pounds
1 send you aiouploof pamphlets which raaj
nniuto you. .... ,. .
Yours, airwotlontttoly, dear Lenoral,
iiow t'o'fraVfTlflil'o'itf it 'I'MtU
A "Traveler"" writes to LoiirfoiJ
Tri'l'v Perhaps tho following story
may bo liilcYrVlnfj to somu of youi
readers, if thoy over sh'MM lj iindot
tho necessity of traveling without .1
tlckot) Tlio other day, on tho Hail-
way a man got Into ono of tho car
riages find presently began talking to
a fHllow'pSssi'llgeT. Alter a tlmo he
.ukmi llit crintieliiftti if lm bad heard
.y firr:
Hid stdry nUoill hot d iniln tratcled
wlthdiilii ticket. The gentleman Ai
lid liail ilit: to (lib rrtiiri asked him to
lend him hl tlubel, Unit lo might sjiow
him how it was done, anil began lid
dllng nbout with It, but protended that
tho story had suddenly slipped ont ol
Itll beaiii but that ho would bo suro to
tomembor il sdon. After a tlmo the
train got near Lonudti, and niho man
still could not remember tho itotv he
returned tho ccntlcman his ticket, l'hli
itrutk thogciitlemun as being very cu
rb'iis, and so ho watched the man.
Vhcii l he man got to tho barrier and
wai asked for his ticket ho said ho had
?iirn it up, but tho ticket-collector do
n cd it, aud after a good deal of alter
.aUon tho man pulled somo silver oul
of his pookct and uas about to pay foi
his faro when he suddenly said (produc
ing a small piece of ticket) that ho could
provo mat no nan given up ins rcnei,
because hq rememliorii playing about
with it Intho train and tearing off a
imall piece, nnd that If tho tUkot-cob
lector looked ho would tlnd a liuket
with tho piece toi it oil, Ob looking tht
licket-collector found a tlckot with o
plc-s torn oft, and of course Immedi
ately begged h jMan a thousand par-fooV'
Tho 11 urn! Masses In China.
A fnnillv. C. 1)
conslsllng of eight
persons, owns nn ncro nml n
nan ot
land. Tho land wns bouirbt by Iho
grandfather of tho present bend nnd lins
lot or lieen subdivided slnco nor ndded
to. Ho grows nbout soienty bushels of
flee nml thlrty-llvo of wheat nnd somo
mirctnbhii Mid cotton besides, worth
lltogcther lit money nlKutt llfty dillar.
He liai two nephews who work outside
mi! bring homo something to help, nnd
In that wny Ihey get nlong, but they
iro ver) poor. Ho pays (lovernment
laud tax to tlio extent of ono dollar nnd
lltty cents n )ear. Ho nnd nil his
neighbors tienrnallvo blue cloth, spun
nnil wovo In tho family by tho women
from cotton grown by themselves. Ho
hover woro foreign cotton. Tho coat
hu had on (n Well-worn iill'alr) had been
mado two .lows' previously, nnd It would
last two j ears more, It served him nt
night ns n covet lot ns woli as it coat by
Another fnmlli owned four ncro odd.
only part ot winch nn sultnblo for rlco
zulltire. Their Income was nbout eighty
biHhol of wheat nnd one hundred nnd
fifty of rice, nbout n fourth of n blob
Ihey could usually soil. Thoy paid
something orer throo dolhirs a year ns
Dot eminent land tux. They nlso grow
inoro cotton than thoy could uo, nnd
mid every year nbotit'teu dollars worth.
Thoy woro bettor off than souioof tholr
hit'ghbors, but not or saved any money.
They had llfleeu motlths to feed.
J'lio fon'galilgcasnsnro given becutt'o
Ihey leprcsent fairly tho averngo ron
liltott to bo fmtiitl in rtiml China. Tint
zre.iter minlln'r of cultivators belong to
Iho class df tenants. Somo wty thn
froportlou rf tennuts to peasant propri
Jlors Is asseteii lo UiiTfoi (rt burs' put it
is three (o twol bill, whether lonanl or
proprietor, the condition of thn culti
vator is much tho snme that Kit raro
ly f.i'o nLove what is just cnotlgli for
iho bam (ItVeeirios of life. Aby own
abservallons havo Iji'cti mostly conllned
n this nnd nd.oliilng proVitli'et, nnd I
j.xulutle tho cultivators of tor. illL' tnt
mliim. who. irrowlti'r a commodity
more nnd .noro In deinand and easily
Irnusportnbhj, nro n a far bettor posi
tion than tho ordinary peasant; but
ipenklng for tho greater part of (.'Mnn,
i ue i love i nm not overstating ino caso
ill Hayitlg that for tho working ngrlcult
itra! ma-.'S It 1.4 n daily hnml-to-hntid
itrifgglo with want. In n hi 'cession of
rood oars they aro very Cmifmlablo,
flioy Haro j'nougb to oat ami to wear,
imltliov 1avM fovt other Waiilij but
population is ovet fm.'f'0.Hng tip to tho
food limit, nnd when n bid j't'ilr' f two
sonii's thoy dlo off by hundreds of thfif
Two or threo causes may readily bo
tlameil .1-1 Imrlug mainly conduced to
dils'strttu Of thing's imuhm which nro
ironcrtlllV id l found nulolig Asintlu
races. Tho nlid pYitilbitliig tbtf iloVoln
iion of property by will, nth! making1
division comnulsory nmong itll Htitw
children, tends readily to redttco nit
lioldlng) to a minimum that is, to tlio
'ery lowest quantity out of which It Is
Joslbif to tmWti n living. Hero, ns
8verywhdnf else1 cflefgy nnd good luok
ralso Inillvlduats til i nusltlnff of Wealth.
who may, if they choosX', lAjeomo largo
land-OM nersj but In tlio courxo Ot H low
oneratlons this universal equalizer',
tided by tho npalhy Of tho onllrnary
('lilnmo when in comfortnblo clrcutn
rfililcTiM) win lmvo reduced things to tho
former" ueail Ulinh yinothcr cipially
potent factor Is fhfl IlltWti'f tooonrly
marriages. Parents deem It tt fellirfoiw
yeai, ami mo young peopio go to tuo
altar in intldli tlio snnio way as tlioy go
lo school in Europd. Jt novoroccurs to
them to nsk llrst whether they lmvo tho
moans to marry or whether thord Will
bo enough to Jill tho months that may
Como afterward. Tho ovtl Is furthor
Aggravated by tho Joint family system,
nhlcli takes tho ro.siluiHlbllltv oil ono's
awn shotihlors nnd puts it jointly on
that of half-a-dozon othors. When ft
mall knows that ho will got an- equal
iharo of nhnt Isirolmr. whether ho earns
It or no, and that tho benefit of his douy
lhr liinlwlf any particular Indtilgonco
Will ncortld to othors as well ns hlmsolf.
a ureat inotlvo for thrift Is ivlthdrawn.
In ono rcspoct tho Chinese peasant is
In n better iiosltlon than tho Iudlnll
..... j... i. nn, t,. debt lo monnv.lemlnrs.
.,.. .. - ---v v
lo whom ho could get in debt. Indeed,
I nm not suro tlint ho Is not thereby In
" , advantageous posiUon,
hard j'lVlro mmw ho lias no
..I,.., Jr. - 1.1 iiih,itI wli
lor ivuon
means of
pleilgliiu his properly, which, If ho
could, might eavo hint Iroiu shoor
Hi I a melancholy thought, but It
sor-niH li76rHablii, both in tho caso of tho
Chinese and ludlu'ft JiOiMant, that tho
great bulk should necessarily 1m In a
jtato of constant poverty. Tho ICWd
production Is limited. A good, rtablo
llVvWiincnt may romovo many natural
checks oil file JilMcr, with the object of
Improving tho condition pf tho people!
but It is doubtful It that U any real
kindness. It only postpones tho Indf
ll able, and drives them onto another
iittlcU ill! tho inoro torriblo bocauso do'
layciL iliillfffrtlWm and self-restraint,
thn only trao nnlMlet Ara hopeless in
dealing wltlt an ignorant pwmilallou
Mtiuted by hundrods of mlllloiw.
CAir, London Times.
Tho Kgyptlau Army.
Thoro exists a ddilsbltfVWbJ) diversity
of opinion about tho national clwraclto
9f tho fellaheen, but on ono point all
su'iKirHriM.hivo boon hitherto agreed
(hat tho fciltt'i! h tint at tho moat tin
warlike tyties of nlafiKlHil nd hwrtlly
detests military service. Any W8 Who
travels In Kgypt during tho tlmo of the
t'onscripiiou must, no paiiuuuv jra-
niimia witit mis iaci, in tue villages
lid ihny ba often roused at night by a
violent altercation outside, whkli begins
will, o-rnn". hum ttiitlM tiiiiiiM and culm!.
Wtcsdn shrill, hystcilcaj, falsetto tonw.
l'hti Ir.t tlmo ho
is so disturbed 1m
probably a&UtiJ that lt is a case of
burglary or manslaughter, and rushes
out with llio intention of supporting
rigorously tho party of law and order,
bill Ii4 finds to his disappointment tha't
it Is nothing mora serious than the
oapturlng of a re em 1 1 for the khodlvlal
irrnvj and though it tttay be oulte true,
si the women declare, that Mm village
ilieikh in making tho choice of his vic
tim Uis been Inlluenccd by conihlara
tlons of bakshcosh, the arguments pro
duced pro and con involve such contra
dictory statements o" fact ami such
complicated consideration! ot law and
morals that a a stran er he cab hardly
feel justified in interfering with the
action of thn authorities. Ia the prin
cipal tovvas, where the recruits are col
lected, similar wn take plac en a
larger Kale. The ooasoript are
brought Into the publlo square uqderao
soort of kaiasMi, armed with slicks
and twitches, to be exaUd by tha
nedleal otsjeer and the. talbUry authori.
ties. Among them aro n jrood nwy
representative of tho hall, tho mnlmeit
and tho blind, and these, after beimt
separated from tho others, are allowed
to return to tholr homes. Of tire re
mainder n few conthiet themselvfs wlUi
thn apathetic, dignified air of the trust
Mussulman, but tho majority en
deavor to provo by wordy argu
ments, solemn nssnvrralions, express
Ivo gestures, or revolting contortion,
that thoy nro totally unfitted for mili
tary service nnd, wiion arguments fall,
Imjiortunaloentrcatles.beart rending ap
peal, or Indignant protests aro em
ployed. In vain tho kavassc, with the
aid of their sticks anil switches, en
deavor to Keep order and Impose si
lencoj tho obstlnnlely Importunate per
sistently break from tho ranks nml have
to bo put back Into tholr places by force,
I'll nt last a rough assortment has been
made. Thoo vho havo no glaring cor
pornl defect nnd who havo not succeed
ed In privntelv conclll.ttlng the willior
itiea nro then unrobed off to prison, to
bo kept tliero until tho arrival ot th
train or steamer which i to transport
thorn lo Cnlro. When tho moment ol
departure arrives the most extraordi
nary heartrending scones aro to bo wit
nessed. HcnvSt.: -nt Iho conscript,
who nppenr titltv resigned trt" their late,
but tho women, young and obi, that
play tho chief part. Kach concrlpt hai ;
nn iron collar round his neck, and by
means ot nlong chain, which piw
through n ring In tho collar, they are
bound together in groups of ten or a
dozen. Around them stand their fe
male relative, weeping and wailiry.
As tho moment of separation approach
es tho excitement of tho women l
crease, tholr moans beeomo louder and
their shrieks morn shrill, until, as tie
train or steamer movns 'aT, there I
terrible moment of climax. The ivlvcf,
mothers nnd sisters sit down on the
ground, throw dust upon their beans,
ejaculate, shriek nnd gesticulate llk
innnincs, whllo tho more oxcltable, ti
not restrained, literally rend their gar
nienls nnd show all tho symptoms o!
tho wildest despair. A spectator igno
rant 'it tho cnitso of all this excitement
and grin wmild naturally stippoi that
tho men in chains had been condemnec"
to dentil and were being taken to Cairt
to bo executed. Cairo (figypO Cor.
London Timet,
i ii i ii '
A. SI. Louis McloMramn.
A story comes from SU Louis having
all tho elements of a thrilling melo
drama. A young boarding-school mis
wanting her watcli rcptdro-l went to a
sin-ill establishment near by. There
wero two men present, om of whom,
.ipfrirently tho worso for Honor, was
restitig hi head upon the enow-oas.
.Shu handed her watch la tht other mao
standing by, giving ilireotlcn as to n
whnl should bo dotiu with It, lIb,Aat-(,
parontly on purpose, let it fall, brvt,-'.
Jug tho crystal: but on his promising W
ntakii I' ccxl slio left It with hlrn and
aiflv montly slio returned and risked
forhr mtol,, -Tho proprietor, wb
proved tolo tho man whoso head wal'
resting on the show-caw, denied hav
ing It, Tlio mnn to whom she haniksl
It hail disappeared, and .um not re- ,
turnotl. The pronrIetorJ"gave haa
othor watch, which she;,,wast 1eep un
til she reentered her own. llatliHj iv
with flirt amngoment, theolice-'rert '"
cnllod In. Tlio proprlutor of the tr
insist nd that tho watch was not in bit
possession, but had boon taken awr.y
by tho man to whom tlw ywiiy
lndy bantled It. Pressed to ec
plaltt hu admitted that the missing man
was a fr'mid of his, but that he had
proved falsi) and treacherous. Whoa
tho young woman camo to his store
and found him leaning on tho show
caso ho was nearly Insensible. In uom
rrany with hie friend he had beH d ring
ing it g(X)d deal and uubsenuentlr h
smokeil a cigar with him. The oust
was drugged. Ho became. tupened.i
and whllo in this statu his friend had
not only taken the young lady's watch,
but had robbed tho money-drawer of Iti .
ohnngo, tho aafo of two hundred did-7- "
law, and his pockets of their oonten.".
Tho proprietor awoke next morning
from Ids bed in a room adjoining bis
shop, and found himself stripped ol
much of his property, with bis friettd
missing. Ho lias not seen him since.
Ho mado, he said, the best reparation ir
bis power by giving the youBjf'lal.r.- n
a watch as valuable intrinsically o
horn, ftlllintifrb ns It ivim a memento ol
liar dead mother, it possessed a valiw0
widch nothing could replace.
If his explanation is true it hi ati ve
mantle ns plaji astoryj if mttrw,
it doos equal JtJUw to aa ImogrMtlM '
which could Invent It so rdlly. &
troit Fret lYets.
"S La-ly Telegraphers. js
Tlio olllce telegrapher ot the Oh$i
sat listening to tho tiok of his Instru
nwnt with a peculiar seraphk lhi or
his f.fw, when a reporter isttvrHptee
him vitli the remark: "I'll bet ta tt
ono thoro's a feraabi operator on (J:
other cnu ol mat wirv, , iMyttl
jseuuing is a special xor
"It u twrtalnlr a lad v WMl siMtMi
tho message," sUl the relegmpl er,
and she is doing It very well, Intk'i'.
1 l...ra mm n.iinv
excel Ht operaiort
Bmongthe women, ami though they cat
not duwich hard work as a maa, thj
fund mcssAecfl in verr eood shape."
"AW ymi sura just who itla thr.t V
"Certainly. I wa tell aa quioklj at
I could recognise frleniTs hand
writing. Each operator suNmire p
ctillarktile of handling a key, awl then
ia not mueh dlMculty in riofbdiig i-, .
tender wheti ose but styk H Known l?
you." a
"Where do all the operator
"The eity telegraph operator arv
supplicil mostly by young ukui whea
have learned the biwlnoM in country
otnoes. Iu many mum tuo ttoa ci s
country telegrapher learn tlw rt Iron' '
bis father In spare monwuU, ami MdHj
sueeeds him iu the tHielnea. a
time he la sat sneu witn his poemon.
and the novelty- of 'busaitur' a, fwitiaU
operator In a town thirty mRm dlU;
is very pleasing, but soon h geti t
talking with olty operators over th
iviitw, and when fie Hud out what the
am paid he lieeoousdUiatiiilM with bu
own little salary of Kext-to-nofadag s
month awl find hinwoW, awl 4wru
his post for th olty. Those young fe
lows from the nountry aak very mi,
operators, for a a rub they begtu ti Q
learn .when they arotklrUwiar fourtiwi w
year old, al that an locator thnuW
twgia youag i positively taseatW h hit
tiiwni. j. uwj rmj r - i -
be a good vtoMoU sutlw b bfl2
wheat a ehiW, aa it U t.Tsofc the aa
vvfth a tolgnph ojraor. TWj sgli
willy awl seuw; ? -"vb,-"S!!
lltfjsdk liurf nam sPWs.

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