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Devoted to the Interests oftlio Clicroltcc. CIkkihui, Clilclumius, Hcinliiole, Creeks, unit all Oilier Indian of the Iiutliiit Territory.
VOL. II. NO. 8.
f, "
(alonucd by Telcgrnpli and Jlnll
OxitEnAL Hiucmdan nssumed command
'of tlio army November 1.
Tub Treasury, on tlio 1st, purchnscd 400,.
000 ounce of silver for tlio l'hllmlelnhln,
New Orleans nntl 8nn Francisco mints.
Tub War Department bin Issued n spcclnl
onlcr appolntliiB a Court of Inquiry to in
vcstlgnto tlio cnuse of tlio fnlluro of tlio
Droeloy relief expedition, nnit to report
whether tlio conduct of nny ofllcer In tlio
premises cnlls for future proceedings lo
foro rAlencrnl Coiirt-mnrllnl, nnil the rcn
pons for the conclusions they may reach,
i Tub Becrctnry of tlio Interior has sus
tained tlio Commissioner of Indian A fin Irs
In his decision to tio eft ret that tlio Depart
ment does not recognize, tho courts of Mia
Indian Territory ns .courts of record within
lho tncnnlnf&Jpf.ecctton 2,10.1, rovlsod
tatutes, which requires that certain agrcc
ments tnailo with the Indians shall be oxe
ruted Iwforo a Juilgo of n court of record,
ffho Secretary stated that It was not the In
tention of tho law-makers that agreements
hhould bo executed beforn tho Judges hav
ing such n limited knowledge of tlio laws
tin J treaties affecting tlio rights of tho In
dians, nnd such limited general Informa
tion as tho Judges of Indian Courts within
lho Indian Country usually possessod.
f The last nnnual report of (lencral Bhcr
innn has been put Jn tho hands of tho Secro
lary of War7 The nnny consists of 2,1ft
nnicors and 23,335 men, tho llguros being
nlinoat Idontlcnl with last year. General
Bhcrman considers Crook's Apnclio cam
ialgn as a success, nnd that If Crook is
permitted to manage tho Apaches In his
nwnway nil wars will ceaso In Arizona,
una tno complicated Indian question ills
nppear. I l'unuo debt statement forOctoben Cash
In Treasury, $mU,3tT,r01; dobt, less cash In
Treasury, -jl,Blf,&00,737; decreaso during
Octolior, $10,304,703; decreaso since Juno
!, $33,381,470.
Tub coinage nt tho mints during October
was $.1,24,70-1, of which ?2,aV),000 woro
silver dollars.
I Tub Adjutant General In his annual re
port, says the stato mllltla has steadily Im
proved In discipline, soldierly bearing and
knowledge Ho recommends tho retire
ment on full pay of men who have faithful
ly served thlfty-flvo yearn, nrtd nn amend
inont to tho statuto authorizing the Presi
dent toilrpp" from the rolls of the army
for (lescrtlonknny officer absent from duty
llireo mouths; without leave, so as to In
clude oftlcers on the retired list within tho
meaning of tho low. Tlio last recommen
dation has n bearing on the Nlckersoti cnso.
Tub Postmaster OenornI estlmaU-s that
for the past year tho rovenuo collected In
lho United Btatos from unpaid matter re
ceived from foreign countrlos exceeded tho
nmount of unpaid maltor sent other coun
tries by $123,333, and that tho amount of
Hstogo collected In tho United States on
foreign mall matter was $2,078,013.
Tub Commissioner of the General Land
Ofllco, In his annual rojiort, stated that tho
disposal of public lands during tho yonr
embraced 19,030,7H acres, And Indian lands
099,33.1 acres, an Increaso over 1SS2 of about
5,000,000. acres, and over 1631 of -about
B,000,000'ncres. Tlio results from nil sor
Mcosln connection with tho disposal of
public land woro $11,068,470, nnd from tho
sales of Indian lauds $02.1,401, or n total of
HBcntTAKY Telleji has written n letter
to tho Attorney (lonornl submitting tho
question whether lib can legally dotall an
BiamlnorluUiea'eusIoii Ofllco to .assist
Colonol Corkhlll, United Statos District
Attorney, in investigating tho frauds by
attorneys and claim agents upon pension
ers. Bocrotury Tellor soya bis endeavor
will bo to vigilantly carry out tho law re
garding this matter and to assist to the
best of his nblllty nnd authority in tho
prosecutlou of thoso persons who havo
committed offenses against tho pension
CoMrTnow.Kn Knox, It. Is said, will do
cllno to grant authority to' operate n Na
tional Bank in tho Indian Territory. Ills
declination Is basod upon tho ground that
ihe applicants n ro not citizens, honco not
entitled to tlio privileges under tho banking
ItJs estimated by tho Commissioner of
Tensions that $10,000,000 will bo requlrod
for Mio payment of pensions during tho
ooxt fiscal yoar.
Tub nnnual roport of tho Director of tho
Mint showed that tho gold received and
operated upon tho past year was nearly
I49.0d0.000: sliver, nnnrlv MMn.nnn. (l,
col nngo for tho yoar Is valued at $00,200,
704 total gold colungo, $3.1,030,027 silver,
$38,83.1,470, of which $23,111,110. were stan
dard dollars. Tho production of gold for
tho currenfrnlendnr year will bo $32,000,
OOOnnd thoiilvcr $19,000,000.
The Postmaster General has dismissed
from tho sorvico Postofllcu Insjiector Amos
V. Foster, for rendering false nnd fictitious
accounts. He was statlonod at Austin,
Jox., and was rendering accounts for per
diem sorvlcos which ho novcr performed.
The' Issuo of standard dollars for tho
week ondod Novembers, was 371,199.
In Brooklin, N. Y., Mrs. Charlotto Kur
long was sentenced to six nnd ono-hnlt
years Imprlipiimont for causing tho death
of Charley Lewis. Hex old ago, tho Judgo
aid, restrained him from Imposing tho full
penalty of twenty years.
Inpictments woro found by the Grand
JurjjofJiewYork against ten City Gov
ernment employes of tho Comptroller's
ofllco and llurcau of Water Iteglstrar. They
wero chargod with misappropriating water
rents and other city funds.
Annum IL Johnron, a lawyer and well
known politician, was. found doad In his of
flcoat.Utlca, N. Y., recently, a pistol ball
In his breast. Ho was nn uncle of Johnson
L. Lynch, shot by Howell, luDntnvia, ufew
nights previous. They occupied tho same
ofllco, Johnson probably" committed sub
cldoundor tho rinnression caused by the
(booting of Lynch
At Gibraltar, Pa,, recontly, twenty-one
Hungarian railroad laborers were arrestod
and sent to jail for rioting.
Till! VI'.8T.
Crow Doo, the Sioux Chief, under sen
tenco of death ntDenilwopd, D. T., for the
murder of the celebrated Chief Spotted
Tall, recently escaped from his keepers.
About a month ago J, W. Dowd, of Indi
ana, procured a livery team at St. Joseph,
Mo., and disappeared. Tho other day he
stepped off the tialn at St. Joseph, mlstak
Ing the place for Atchison. He was nabbed
by officers. He confessed that he sold tho
The five parties arrested for tho robtwry
of tbo trunks and diamonds belonging to
tho daughter of Secretary Teller, recently
bad a preliminary bearing at Dlimarck,
D. T., and were held for trial.
Mat M'AnMEji,of Ooshen, Ind., put a
pistol "that was not loaded" to his breast
and pulled the trigger to frighten his little
sister. He frightened tho girl, but fatally
wounded himself,
A m broke out the other morning at
the town of Garfield, Colo., and It reached
tfea store of Sperry Bros., containing over
lx hundred pounds of giant powder, which
'jjplodod, lulling the buildings, timber and
flro In ovcry direction, and totally destroy
ing the post-ofTlce, a hotel nnd, In fact, the
entire business portion of tho town. The
loss was over $.VJ,(W0. A number of porsons
were Injured.
J- M. CocKniLt., formerly editor of the
riattoClty (Mo.) Mroaite, recently sui
cided by hanging, near that place. Threat
ened softening oftho brain Is said to havo
been the cause.
Mtiu. Maiit WkLsii, aged sixty-five
years, and her grandson, Charles Bklllman,
ngod seven years, wero suffocated tho other
night during a fire In their houso .nt Cincin
nati. Mrs. Welsh, on discovering tho fire,
went out nnd gavo tho olann, leaving tho
child asleep, lletumlng torescue tho child,
sho was suffocated by tho smoke, llotb
wcro found dead when tho flro was sub
dued. Crnva Sauoent, of Grant County, Wis.,
recently fell f rom n load of straw and broke
his neck. Ho was ono of tho largest land
owners nnd farmers In Wisconsin, owning
about ono hundred fAnuJ.Jvsldes.Jnrgo
tracts of land In Iowa and California. Mr.
Sargent was n bachelor, and leaves his Ira
monso wealth to three nieces.
At the lato session of tho Womens' Chris
tian Temperance Union, nt Dotrolt, It wns
decldoil by n rising vole to set apart the
second Tuesday In January next as a day
of special prayer In tho churches for their
The tenth nnnual session of the National
Women's Christian Tcmperanco Union bo
gnn in Detroit, Mich., on tho 31st. Miss
Francos E. Wlllard, President, read the
annual address.
Two masked men, It wnsreported, robbed
the vault of tho County Treasury at Vir
ginia City, Nov., tho other night, then
seized tho Treasurer and locked him in tho
vnult, Tho affair wns considered mysteri
ous, ns $4,000 of tho nmount was silver nnd
too heavy to carry off.
Nraiily tho entire portion of tho village
of Wllloughby, O., was recontly destroyed
by fire. Loss fully $100,000.
OoVKrtNon OtiDWAY, of Dakota, In his re
port to tho Secretary of the Interior recom
mends Congress to provldo for holding a
legitimate Constitutional Convention to
prepare ono or two constitutions, or else
pass an enabling act to be submitted to tho
peoplo for ratification. ,
At Huntington, Ind., Charlotte Kpps was
recontly found guilty of murdering her
husband, by poison, hnd sentenced to life
Imprisonment. Epps wns a wealthy old
bachelor, who married his housekeeper
only two months before tho murder.
TiiEcnnnor. ball train over thellurncston
& Shenandoah Itoad, going west, was
wreckod the other night nt n trestle work,
flro miles east of Shenandoah, Iowa. Tho
engine, baggage car anil conch rolled down
tho embankment, fifty feet. A. II. Wor
don, engineer, wns killed and tho fireman
and express messenger seriously injured.
Mns. L. WoiTftTKix, well known In JoW
Ish cliclns, went to a window In tho fourth
story of hor residence at Cincinnati, the
other morning, to call the coachman nnd
fell to tho ground below. Sho was shock
ingly crushed and died soon nftcr.
Wilson's flouring mill at Oxford, Iown,
burned recently. Loss, $10,000.
ltonmr Sciioen, fourteen years obi, was
accidentally killed tho other day wbllo at
tempting to shoot n rabbit In the fair
grounds at Kansas City.
At an early hour on tho morning of tho
4th, as tho west-bound passenger train on
tho Indianapolis, Illoomlngton & Wostcrn
llnllroad was nenrlng Danvlllu, 111., tour
men, who had boarded It somo distnnco
over In Indiana, entered the passonger
coach, and, with drawn revolvers, ordered
tho passengers to hand out their monoy
nnd valuables. About $1,200 In money, n
check for $1,700 and n few articles of ap
parel wero taken. When tho tralu stopped
at Danville the robbers boarded tho cast
bound passenger train on the WnbAsb, fit.
Louts & Paclflo Itallroad, nnil roblxnl tho
passengers of about $300, and mado good
their escape.
AiiUNDLEof money amounting to about
$0,000, which was In the care of tho Ameri
can Express Company, was stolon tho other
night nt Portage, Wis. W.' P. Long, night
transfer agent, hnd the packages for tho
Chicago & St. Louis Hallway and Milwau
kee Company and In passing through the
door of tho ofllco tho bag caught on tho
staplo and was torn open on the side of a
Mllwaukeo package. Between $3,000 nvt
$0,000 fell out, but Long did not miss It till
bo reached the car. Heturntng bo found
tlio pnekago gone. No clew as to the thief.
The Fat Stock Show at Kansas City
proved n great success.
Juki, Binokii, a boy of fifteen years, was
killed in a saw mill nt Hock Island, 111.,
recently, by being caught In tlio belt and
.whirled around the shaft.
William CoNitav, n drunken St. Louis
policeman, tho other ovoulng mado an as
sault upon Peter Kcenan, In a saloon, shot
him, and then dragged him to tho pollco
station, clubbing his victim brutally on the
way. Keenan died soon after nnd tho
brutal pollcomau wow locked up. Kyo
wftnossos stated that Keenan was in no
waycreatlngadlsturbance whon Assaulted.
Henry Lonobtheet and Gordon Outran
der, two young men wore recently arrested
at Chicago, chargod with a scries of rob
beries from the United States Express
Company. Tho latter wns nn employe of
tho company, who stole packages and
Longstrcot disposed of them.
A riUE at Port Costa, Cab, recently, de
stroyed tho business portion of tlio town
nnd eight Central Paclflo car loads of wheat.
Lost, $100,000,
At last tho mystery surrounding the dis
appearance of Mary Churchill, daughter of
tho wealthy St. Louis merchant, who left
homo last August, has been solved by the
discovery of the missing girl In tho Insauo
Asylum at Indianapolis, Ind., whore sho
had hired ont as an Ironer In the laundry
of that Institution. Her father was at
ouco notified, and wont to Indianapolis,
wh.ro ho identified his daughter, who was
working under the nssumed name of Jennie'
Lockwood. She loft with her father to
visit her mother, but declared she would
return to work.
OmcEna recently captured In Harrison
County, Ind., Faulkner, chief of the gang
of counterfeiters, whose companions a
few days previous wero either killed or
captured. Ho was living In a log house,
built like a fort. While ho manufactured
coin his wife stood guard. She was also
taken to jail.
A terrible cyclone visited Springfield,
Mo., on the afternoon of the fitb, destroy
ing property variously estimated In value
at from $200,000 to $250,000, killing five
persons outright and wounding over thirty
more. Two hundred ind fifty buildings
were either wrecked or damaged.
At tho late term of the Circuit Court at
Gallatin, Mo., Frank James was sent back
to Jarkson County, where he will be tried
for train robbery.
Mrs. T. D. Buu-eni, wife of ex-Mayor
Oullene, of Kansas City, died suddenly the
other evening ct the family residence in
that city, She lived less than half an
hour after being attacked.
Highwaymen the other morning stopped
the Milton, Colo., stage and took Wells,
Fargo & Co.'a express box, containing $1,
700, ClURLrs Witteore, aged eleven years,
disappeared from his bom at P rinuetoa.
Wis.,about two weeks since. The other
day his body was found In shallow watnr
with hi i throat cut. It was evident that
the boy had lieen killed sovcrnl days, and
that tlio body had been In the water only n
few hours when found.
, 'run south.
The steamer Katie P. Kountz nnd enrgo
wns burned nt Dnvls' Lnndlng, La,, recont
ly. Loss, $18,000.
The other night, during n circus perform
anco nt Edlnburg, Ark., soma unknown
parties from tho outsldo fired n volley of
shots Into the main exhibition canfas, nnd
then beat n hasty retreat nnd disappeared,
In tho dnrknoss escaping. Tho scatx wero
crowded and bullets passed through nil
sections of tho nudlence. Cholmnn do
Cilenbourg, ono of tho circus performers, n
contortionist, wns shot through tho bend,
dying In the ring. Tbo cltirens wero mak
ing determined efforts to ferret out nnd
bring to punishment tho perpetrators of
thojlnstardly act.
The loss by tho late Savannah (Ga.)
flro was over one million dollars. Eight
bottle hnd been" recovered f rom'tho"ruIiiit,
nnd It wns thought n number of others were
under tho smouldering debris.
At lloltonjTex., tho other night, ns L, J.
Williams, n lawyer was passing Mil res
taurant of Goo rgoEcklcs, tho latter step pod
oid and emptied four chambers of a six
shooter In Williams' back. Eckles then
went Insldo and returned with a shotgun
and discharged one barrel Into Williams'
throat and Jaw. Ho agnlu secured another
shotgun nnd emptied both barrels Into the
prostrate form of his victim.
The Ilritish steamship Spenrmnn, that
sailed from Galveston recently, with 4..VX)
bales of cotton for Liverpool, put into Key
West, her cargo on lire.
At Argenta, Ark., the other day J, II.
Cavanoss, a wealthy merchant of Drew
County, on his wny Enst to purchnso goods.
was accidentally caught between tho plat1
form nnd n hacking railway itrnin nnd
crushed to death.
The country nbout Memphis, Tonn., was
visited hy n killing frost nnd Ico on tho 2d.
In n recent conflict between whites nnd
negroes nt Danville, Vn., Wnlter Holland
nnd Thomns Stewart wero shot fatally and
flvo negroes were killed.
It Is stated that silver ore from Moxlco
Is being shipped to Now Orleans, whoso
mint is more nccetslbla for tho mines
tributary to finltlllllo than tho mints of
Mexico. Five hundred pounds of pure sil
ver passed through San Antonio tho other
dayfor New Orleans.
A rARUEn of Pony County, Ky., recont
ly killed n man nnmod Ew Ing, for eloping
with his daughter.
Mn. Hazelton, tho American Consul nt
Hamilton, Out,, was nssnultcd In his ofllco
tho other night by n young mnn nnmod
Long. -
The report wns recently published, nnd
currently bollovod In Paris, that DoDrnzza,
tli-3 French explorer, hnd boon killed lit a
fight In tho Congo country, Afrlcn.
At a meeting of tho Consorvntlvor nt
Sllgo, Ireland, recently, Colonol King Har
mon, memborot 1'nrliamoiit for Dublin, do
Hvorcd an address, In which ho denounced
the Government for, permitting National
meetings throughout Ireland.
A recent heavy galo along tho lakes did
much damage to shipping.
Stamkoiiii, tho American ctmfldcneo op
erator, pleaded guilty at Toronto, Canada,
to forging n check on tho Hank of Toronto.
Forged American bonds wcro found upon
him. He tried to shoot tho ofllcer who
searched him.
The Fnlso Prophet wns recently defeated
In two engagcpionts, In Egypt, nnd lost
twelvo hundred men, killed.
Cook Taut, nn old cripple, was recently
nrrcsted at Flesherton, Canada, on tho
clmrgo of poisoning his young wlfo with
strychnine It Is said Mint just previous
to marrying her, a fow weeks ago, ho In
sured her life for n lai go amount. '
A Hermn dispatch stated that a man
named Plotrowskt had been arrested at
Dlrschar, charged with and confessing to
being sent by Nihilists to murder Ulsmarrk.
l'iotrowskl said that ho was n Husslau
actor; that Nihilists provided him with
monoy to travol to Da utile via Hlga, und
that his money had been stolen from lilm
at Dantzic. The Instruments for tho 'In
jection of morphia wcro found upon tho
While M'lle Van Zandt, the American
prima donna, was returning homo from
tbo Opera Comlque, ono night recontly, In
Parls,niuannrmedwlth a revolver mndo an
attack upon hor. Her cries brought tho
pollco, wb6 nrrcsted her assailant,
v 1
I First returns from tho November elec
tions were mongro nnd 'insufficient to form
nny conclusion ns to tho result. They in
dicated, however, tho defeat of Ilutlor in
Massachusetts and tho election of Carr,
Hepubllcan, In Now York, for Secretary of
State, over Maynnrd, who was badly
scratched by the liquor men of New York
City. Mahono seemed to bnvo lost Vir
ginia. Maryland Is Democratic, nlso New
Jersey. Pennsylvania returns meagre,
with Republican gains.
The returns from the Judicial election in
Kansas Indicated the election 6t John
Martin, Independent Democrat, over Webb,
Hepubllcan, In tho Topeka District, nnd
French, Independent, nver Snoddy In tho
Fort Scott District,
A dispatch from CJenornl. Crook con
firmed the surrender of the Chlrlcnhuns to
Lleutonant Hunter, ut Bllver Creek, Ari
zona. At Sanford, N. C, the other nighty a
ngro man nnd wlfo went to church, loav-
ing In tho houso three children. Three
hours later the houso and children burned.
Lee White, who bad been baggage
master on tho Northwestern road, nnd who
confessed to the robbery of a package of
money In the express ofllco n'tr Oakfleld,
Wis., six months ngo, committed sulcldo
the other night, Tho robbery had long .re
nialued n mystery.
Frank Wilkes, of Zanesvllle, O,, grand
son of Commodore Wilkes, Unltod States
navy, herding sheep n?ar Pleasant Valley
Station, In Utah, recently liecame lost and
died of starvation.
Mrs. Ellen Lono, a widow, and L. S.
Whlttemore, father of tho boy found In tho
river nt Princeton, Wis., with bis throat
cut, have lieen arrested for the murder of
tho boy. It Is said the woman onco at
tempted to poison Mrs. Whlttemore. Tlio
theory was Mint tho boy whs klllod by Mrs.
ioug inner cellar, and that the father
curried tho body to the river nnd bid It in
tlio place where ho pretended to first dis
cover. It ten dnya later. It wns thought the
little fellow was put out of tho way to pro
vent his telling what he know about the
guilty pair.
THE sou of Mrs. Clark Howard, of Cam
den, O., recently made arrangements to go
Hunting, nnd when about to leave thehouse
his mother objected and took the gtm away
from him, which she threw In the comer of
the room. The gun wa's discharged, tho
contents entering Mrs. Howard's body pro
ducing death In an hour. -
The town of Brookllne. Mo., wns also
visited by the lata cyclone. One person
was killed and a number of others inlured.
Several bouses were completely wrecked.
i he n weuing anil Darn on the (arm of
Fred Wettenlng, flvo miles south of Elgin,
lib, bumed recently, together wiMi thirty-
flvo cows and four bors.
formal Transfer f the Cnmmnnd of tn.
Army of tins' Iftillril Mntcs to Oenernl
fttirrhtiih Nn l"ii, Ho 1'nrade, but
'.-iWlolr Hm.Iih-m."
WASiitufiTON, D. C., November 1.
Tlio formal transfer of tho command
5f tho nrniy from General Sherman
W Lieutenant General Sheridan took
place at noon to-day nt the headquarters ol
;ho army In tho War Department building.
Hencral Sheridan spent tho forenoon In
Jinking himsolf acquainted with the bust
aoss of tho ofllco. General Sherman and
iiembers of his stall rendered him overy
isslstnncc. Shortly before twelve o'clock
;ho two highest olllcers of tho army called
n tho Secretary of War Genoral Sherman
to take ofllrlal lenvc, nnd General Sheridan
so report for duty. Tho transfer wns ac
:omplls!icd quietly nnd without any cere
lony whatever, beyond tho Issunncoof the
following general ordor, notifying the army
t tho chango of conunnndersi
IlEtTflJfrATtfKniror the Afcur, 1
Wasiiinotiin, 1). I'., Nov. 1. 1
or.xr.tm. oiuir.ii, No. 77
Urand with the consent of lho President, as
ntiilued In (lencral (Inlur No. 71 of October
Is, lwn, the unripi-nlimed rrllimullie tho com
stand or the army nt the I'nlMvl St.-iti" In
:hus severing ibo relations which liase hither
ioeiUted bclnrcnus.hotrrinknllthcimccr
l nd men for their fidelity lo lho trust Imposed
3ii Ihem during his ollk-ful lire, and will In his
(rllrcinent wauli Willi parentnl sillcltuda
Jielr nmnrefs upward lu tho nnblo profession
which they hno devntud their live.
INIirnntll ' T Mutttiiiw.
It. C. Drum, Adjutant-rionorrtl.
...n.r .." --- - -- -" --
llEMiguARTKiMorTiir. Aiuir, I
1 AHIIlMlTUn, II. i., nov. i )
nr.NKiiAt. fjutir.li no. 78.
Inoliedleticotothonnler or tho President,
pmmulirHtcd In General Order No. II. ticto
jer II, Iski . frointhcsohi-nilqnnrlers, lho tin
ierslKiusI hoi-city nssump command or the
Army or Iho fnllcd Htnlos. Tho following
inniotl officers will oomprl.o lho orsoiml slnn
'51 yi n ' " rnl: "J'r .nicnnci v.
Hun. Assistant Adliitant-Oencnih Mill'
uirr Hccrrtnrr ; rnptalntVin. J. Volkmnr, Fifth
uivniry.nKiiio-ciimp; L'aiitnluJiv
Corns "f i:turlnoers. aid do-canui.
ciimp; CaiitnluJns.1'. Gregory,
IMirnclJ 1MI. fiiKiillUN.
lOillclal.) I.loutenunl-vluncrnb
It. C. Uui'M, Adjutant-General.
TheBe orders were the first and Inst ofllclnl
lets respectively of tho outgoing nnd In
snmlng commanders. Tho two officers re
mained iu conversation for soma time nfter
;ho chango occurred. Gjnernl Sherldnure.
.elved tho congratulations of n number of
prominent gentlemen from nil over the
Shortly nftcr tho transfer Genornl Slier
mnn nnd (lencral Bhcrldnu held nn In
formal reception, nttended by nil tho olll
:crs of tho nnny on duty In Washington,
ilsa by the officers of the Second Artillery
itnttoucd nt Fort Melleury ami the bureau
Mllcers of tho department. All took official
leavo of General Sherman, ami were by him
presented to General Sheridan. Substf
luontly General Sherman nnd Goneral
Sheridan, accompanied by tho Secretary ol
War, mailunn official call Upon tho Presl
lent, and woro conlinlly received.
1 (June of Indlnnn Counterfeiters, After
Mouths of IViiltlng nnil Wiitchliu;, Cor.
rnleil nml Ciipturr.l, Though not Without
n Desperate right.
l.NWAiuroiiif!, Ian., Nov. 1.
On tho train nrrlving hero at six o'clock
Jo-night a gang of shovcrs of counterfeit
nonoy who bnvo been operating In Mis
outhem counties of tho-State wcro brought
under tho custody of United States Marshal
Foster nnd Chief Abbott, of the Secret Ser
vice. Tho sccno of tho oncrntlons ot
rUTls gnng bns been among tho hills
of Piko, Dubois, Wnrrlck nnd Crawford
Counties, nnd for more than nluo months
two detectives, Henderson nnd Klllaln,
hnvo been working with them nnd plannln3
for their capture, which was finally sc
skillfully nnd successfully accomplished,
Jimmy Kinder was taken nt bis homo It)
blind Tiger, Warrick County, twenty-fire
miles from Evansville. He was arrested
at his houso on Wednesday afternoon,
wbllo tho others were taken during the
night, the Inst nrrekt being made about four
o'clock this morning. Tlo names of the
others orp Jesse, Columbus and Joseph
Hanchln, llariwy Hmlthors, Herley Woods,
Philip Toylor and Henry Grossman, Those
men have been operating lu this section ol
country for the last two years, nnd hnyo
manufactured thousands of dollars of coun
terfeit coins.
The work-shop of tb counterfeiters Is lo
cated among the hills below Now Albany,
and tho man who does most of tho work It
n professional criminal, who has served
several terms In tho Penitentiary. Hon.
derson got In with tho fellows, and undo!
iirctento of obtaining letter money In lows
thnn they had been dealing In, got the conn
terfeltors to bo all In tho sumo locality In or
der to purchaxo from him w hen he should re.
turn. Reporting to the authorities an attack
ing party of fourteen was formed, undei
General Foster and Chief Abbott, with fout
uoiecuves nnu nine jjepuiy Marshals.
They wero divided into two parties, one ol
which started from Iloonvllle, Wnrrlck
County, nml the other from Huntlngsburg,
Dubois County, driving over the country
twenty-four miles and meeting near Hol
land. Tho Hanchln boys were at home In
Plkovllle, Pnrko County, nnd six of the
Cnrty, headed by Henderson, invested tholi
ouso while the otheri, encamped In tin
woods, a half mile distant, so as not to at
tract attention in tho llttla village Hen
Jeraou went Into tho houso, rftir agreeing
jpon n signal to his outside associates. He
remained there for nenrly two hours, when
ha said he would have tu gn outnndgct lit
"boodle." The suspicious of tho Hanchlns
wero aroused, nnd when Henderson started
out one of tho boys drew his revolver nnd
hunioillatuly tho firing commenced. The
Jtitslders rushed In and joined in the battle,
wbllo tho camping party, hearing tlio shots,
hurried forward to the engagement. Joseph
Hanchln wns shot through tho lungs nnd left
for.dend, while Jesso wns shot In the thigh,
but managed to escape. Klllaln, the doteo
live, was shot In the wrist, nnd throo oi
four others received flesh wounds. The
wounded Hanchln walketl four miles to his
mother's bouse, whoro ho was afterwnrd
arrested. Smlthers wns arrestod in Ills
homo nbout two miles distant, and Woods,
Taylor and Grossman wore taken from
their homes bi BU-ndnl, Plko County. Hl.v
dors, tho ono first arrested, was left nl
Evansville, while the six others wen
brought here nnd lodged In jail. It Is bo
lioved that Jesse Hanchln will die, tils ride
during the night over tho hills and his Ioiir
railroad trip to-dav having had the effect
tb greatly nggrnvato his wound.
It was n desperate adventure, nml the ot
tacking party was well armed nnd prepared
for dangerous work. Tho raid was well
planned and heroically cnrrled out. Hen
derson, the detoetlvo, Is tho one who sonn
years ago broko up tho gang In Tipton, Is
Howard County.
A Cnso for (scientists,
Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 1.
Physicians in this city are studying the
cnso of a girl thirteen years old whoso lrgt
bslow the knee are so sensitive they can not
bo touched between daybreak and midnight,
but at twelve midnight become so Insensi
ble to Yeellug that the strongest current ol
electricity has no effect on tbem. She walks
nud runs about at play In the daytime, but
It she strikes any object she is thrown Into
paroxysms of agony. Wbllo the lower
part of her limbs are In this condition, bei
legs from the knee up are completely dead.
The disease came on n year ago. Sho It
strong nnd healthy, except for cataleptic
The Verdict Injho .urn Hums Inquest,
LincOl.t, III.. Nor. 1.
The Coroner's Jury In the Zura Burns case
convened In secret session at nlno o'cloel
this morning and did not adjourn until twe
p. m.,hen they returned the followlnj
In the matteroftho Inquisition on tin bodi
of Missouri Hums, doceased, held at Lincoln,
II)., from October 11 to November J. 1M3, we,
tlio undersigned Jurors, sworn to Inquire ol
the death of Missouri llurns, on oath do find
thut she came to her death b,i the means ol
a wound in throst produced by some share
Instrument In the bands of some peii"o
parsons, to this Jury unknown.
Twos. W, Kenton,
The prisoner Is still lo jjll, under a war.
rant sworn out beforoa juttlcoef the pence,
riie'piisslns 81. ImiU Olrl, Mary Omrcti.
Ill, Ill.rtirrrcil nt I.nst An i:utrrrrlsliin
Newspaper Itepnrter finds Her Km.
plnjrtl nt Indlnnnpnlls Insnnn Asylum
Mnrj Hfiturns to tier Itumo lu Cmunnn)
llh her I'nllier.
St. Lot!, Mo., Nor. R.
After nenrly threo months of nnxtety,
during which time nenrly the entire deteo
llvo force of tho city, nlded bythorepor
torlal fraternity, havo followed clow nfter
Mew, only to find themsulves on n fnlse
scent lu their search for the missing Mary
Chuchlll, the girl has nt last lieon found
and tho credit vf her discovery nnd return
to her homo belongs to Mr. Thonins J. Gnl
Inghcr, a St, Iouls newspaper reporter.
On Saturday last, from Information ro
rrjvcd In tho courso of follow lug ap other
.lews, the reporter In qvrttlr.n became con
rlucod that Miry Churchill was nn Inmate
In lotno capacity of tho Insane Asy
ljsttsj Indianapolis, and. In company
rlth Captain Campbell, atTho Indianapolis
police, drove ont to that Institution, carry
ing with him n likeness ot tho truant girl.
Upon meeting Dr. Fletcher, tho Superin
tendent of the Asylum, and producing the
llkonrss, Mo Doctor declared It to bo that
ot a young lady employed In tho laundry
and known as Jennie Lockwood, who had
been Micro sluco tho 3d or 4lh of September,
llto Matron, Mrs. Francos A. Tnlliot, wns
ot the same opinion, nnd Jennie wns sent
for. Hera n now dilemma nrose she had
gono down to tho city and wns expected to
remain over night. With n hot clue, how
ever, tho reporter wns not to ho Unvaried,
and accordingly proceeded nt oncu to ns
certain tho whereabouts of tbo girl; nrtd,
accompanied by Jlrs. Talbot, proceeded to
lho homo-of Annie Holtgcn, In the south
ern part tit tho city, with whom "Jennie"
had gono to spoud tho night, and thorn
found her. Upon meeting tho reporter
Miss Churchill for such It was was
considerably taken by surprise, but finding
she was discovered mado no attempt to
deny her Identity and at once ongnged In n
conversation with regard to her liarents
and tho other members of tho family. The
party nt onco returned to the Asylum
sud Miss Churchill wt placed In
cbnrgo of Dr. Fletcher, who kindly
assured her that It she did not de
lire to return homo sho coutd remain with
(mnandho would do all lit his power to
ai do bcr happy.
Upon receipt nt tho Intelligence In this
city Colonel Churchill was at onco commu
nicated with, and be mado Itnmcdlnto
preparations to go nnd bring his daughter
nome, nrrlving In Indianapolis Sunday. Tha
meeting between father and daughtor took
place at tho Spencer Houso nnd wns strictly
privato, though from their manner at do
icribod when seed n few minutes Inter, It
aiust hnvo been ono of sntlsfaction to both.
Colonel Churchill, accompanied by his
laughter nnd hor cousin, Dr. Robert Van
V'alrnk, of Terru Haute, and A, J. Krlloy,
ilso ot Terre Haute, left Indianapolis Sun
lay night at eleven o'clock for St, Louis,
ml arrived here this morning.
Miss Churchill tolls, how sho loft bomo ai
.follows t
" I know that father and mother would
be back from their drive nbout 7:110, and I
knew that In ordor to get away I wbuld
have to leave home by that tlino or a llttlo
before. When the hired girl camo In with
the baby, I went aver to Lucas avenuo to
look at the chimes to seo what the right
tlmo was. Tbo clocks In the house were not
running correctly and I wns afraid to trust
them. I knew I was noticed, and tho oidy
thing that has made me mad was tho story
that got out that I went over there to meet
that nasty Mr. Caldwell. Oh I I despised
him when I went to his school. I never
looked at a paper, und I was afraid to, but
lhat story got to my ears, and It fundo me
lo mad that I determined to write homo,
end that was tho reason I wrote Hut, to
continue my story, I Went back to
tho houso, put on my extra dross
nd put a veil over my face nud went
ut tho back wny. Thoro wns nobody in
tho nlloy when I got out at the gate, and I
turned east toward Ileaumont street. When
shout half way down tho nlley a colored
boy, who lived Just ncross the nlloy from
siir gnte, met mo, nnd my heart came up
Into my mouth. I was just sure be would
recognlzo mo, but 1 didn't, and I felt
treatly relloved when I got awny from
aim. When I got to Ilenumont street 1
.Tossed and went straight down the nlley
to Jefferson avenue. There I turned over
to Morgan street an S went down on the
louth side of it, for a number of blnclcs, I
ran't remember how many j from Morgnn
street I went south on Washington avenuo
end walked east nlong It to Four
teenth streot. Then I turned south
sgnln nnd walked on the west side
of thut park In front of tho First Presby
terian Church, and kept along that wny to
the next park, on what strrets 1 can't say,
I was really too much oxclted to remcmlier
the streets I was on. I know that on
Twelfth street I passed the north end of tha
Four Courts and dually reached tho depot
st tho north end. Then I turned east to iho
sentral entrance ot the Union Depot anil
went Into the ladles' sitting room where I
remained until they called out some train
I didn't know exactly what nnd I wont
gut and got on board. Ifcuess It wns about
the Inst train that loft tho depot. Tbo Con
ductor suspected me. I know ho did. Ho
laid he would like to see me In daylight so
that ho might bo able to tell It I was the
the girl I represented myself to be."
Dr. Fletcher, In tho course of a conversa
tion with regard to Miss Churchill soldi
"Sho camo here nbout the 3d or 4th of
September. She came to me and applied
for work. I asked her what she could do.
hind she answerod tbat she could do any-
tiling, i was nirucK iiy iter npperrnnce,
and concluded nt onco thnt she was getting
beneath her station and trnlr.lng In apply
ing for the work we could give her here, I
took up her hands ami looked nt them.
They showed no signs of work, nnd I snld
to her, ' My little lady, you have nover
done any work, you can't do our work.'
1 Ob, yes, I can,' she answered. She acted so
much like n lady and pleaded so hard for n
place that I finally saldt 'I have no plaro
lor yes, hut I will mako one.' so I placed
hor under Mrs. Frances A. Talbot, matron
of the Iron-room In the department for wo
men. I am glad that I did so, for he has
proved an exemplary girl, and 1 think al
most as much of tier as If she were one of
my own family. When she cnnp sbo hnd
the life at Mario Atotolnetteunder her arm,
and since she has been hero she has read
works on history nnd Grecian mythology,
Ob, I tell you, she was a rare chnracier
tmong asylum girls, one aslceii permission
to practice on tbo piano and I gave It to
ber and she delighted every one with
A Serious Loss,
A Portago dispatch says; A bundle ol
money, amounting to about 1J,000, which
was In care of the American Express Com
pany, was stolen last night, W. P. Long,
plght transfer agent, had the packages foi
Chicago and St, Paul llallwny Company
and Mllwaukeo In passing through the
door of the ofllco the bag caught on a staple
and was torn opeu on the side. A Milwau
kee package ot between 13,000 and tuft
tell out. but Long didn't miss It till be
reached the car, Returning, be found the
package gone. Detectives hare taken tie
case but nnd no clew..
s- s
Daring Train Itobberr,
Danville, III,, Nor. 3.
At an early hour this morning two mod
daring robberies took place on roads run
ning nto this city. As tbo west-bound pas
senger train on the Indianapolis, Bloom
Ington it Western Itallroad was nearlnj
this point, four men entered the passengei
coach, with drawn revolvers, and relieved
the passenger of about $2,990 Inmoney
and a check for 1,700 on tha First Na
tlonal t Bask of Clinton, III. When tbi
!rln 'Vj-i-'d htra the robbers, ooarded tbi
eat-bouud passenger train on tha Wabash'
fit, Louis Si Paclflo Kallroad, aud ap!i
preseid Ing their revolvers' robbed Ike Wr
rifled paueugers ot (800,
1'HANK 1)1111018.
m wmtmm
An Interview wills, the Wife nnd Mother
Wild Deserted Hor I'mnllr, llnnued Mate
A)Mrel, nnd Harried Vunng (llrl.
Hkanuon, Wis., Nov. 3. Tho question
lof tho sex of Prank Dubois, tho femalo Int
pUind pf tho Wauputi young lady, bat been
'i-eiucd nnd nil doubts set at rest hy a Mntif
nicnt nude to n rt porter. Tho latter suc
ceeded In tracing tho couple from Wnitpun
to llrsiidou, where Ditboh had pro
ceeded to n old arrest, and finally followed
litem socn tulles Into tho country, whero
they bad taken rrfuo nt tha iono of a
farmer iininril llrtninn, lltinx on tho Fond
du I ju' road. There DnboU wai found and
questioned, ami finally acknowledged him
self tolm a wiiiunti, tbo wlfo ot 0. J. llud
ton, (if Uohldcrc.
Dubois was In his shlrt-slcevm, n slightly
built, cfTrmlnnte-lnoklng jiersonnge, four
feet eleven Inches tall, slight flguro, weigh
ing about one hundred xjitnds, hips broad,
rne.si him, arms sunn, .mil nitiui aim loo:
very-small nndidwMui-... .lie lm iiwty.sti
tv.irnco ot a worn in. The woman known
its lils wiro is apparently nbout suventem
)e.trs old, about Dubois' height, nnd Is
rather n prclt) blondo with daiklmlr. Sho
ww In tcjins nud npcarcd greatly dlv
tressed when tho question of her husband's
Hex was announced.
When first asked lho qtioillon DuImjIi In
slxtul Hint ho was n nun. and held stead
fastly to that st.itcmunt until lilt wlfo, with
tears tlrctmhur down her face, ox
noli "Oh, Prank, for (iod'a snku toll
nnd nn,o It over." Dubois looked
aril her, bis llti trembled, nnd ho burnt
ii,ii tears, aobs choking lilm for n tlmn,
llnnlly ho said: "It's true," nnd endeav
ored to learo Iho room, lie wns restrained,
and finally wna induced to tell his story.
He said he was really Mrs. Hudson, and
had tired of liusb.iud nnd family nnd de
termined lu ln.su all Identity ns the wlfo and
mother hy assuming the guise of a man,
" My iiiishaiHl," slw snld " went b JlllnoU
lust spring, I Immediately n-aiimtd nwlo
nttlro nivj went to Wniinuu, where I hnd
bruvlously met and admired Gortlu Fuller.
1 courted her nnd wo wciomarrlcd-she not
humlng mo to bo a woman until nftcr tho
rcromniiy was performed. I then Induced
her lo kenp silent, which she has tlono.
" Whllu living with my husband 1 holpod
him itupport the f.imlly peddling soap nnd
compounding (ixtrncta which I disiHised of.
I waslhuslcd to depend upon myself, nnd
when 1 took upon my shoulders tliojiuppott
ot Gertie, 1 felt fully nblo to carry tho bur
den. I pnpered, painted, mado and sold ex
tracts, nnd we weru happy. Wo wero pro
niln;t to move to Klghr, HI., when my hus
band camo upon tho acrno. After hu camo
to tho houso 1 concealed myself for a Minn,
ind then took the train for llrnmlon, Oettlo
icinnlnlni; nt tho house ot a friend, follow
ing Tucwl.iy to Ilmudon, wheru wo stopped
tt tliii Iimisii of nn acquaintance, coming
hero TiiewUy evening. I will not return
tu live with Hudson, nnd pmposo to wear
pnnla, nud smoko, nnd earn my living as a
Mrs. Dubois, or more properly Gcrllo Ful
ler, nprsnred utterly hcart-bmkeil, nobbing
fontlittiously during the recital of tho story.
blic, how cu-r, confirmed tho xltilcmeiit. Sho
laid when niuhtioned that her parents ro
lldcd In Watipun, whero her father nnd
t brother were engaged In the nursery
business. Sho had married Frank Dubois
(or Mrs. Hudson) nnd had nftcr the mar
rl.iga discovered that her husband wan of
tier own Mix. They had ngteed to llvo to
gether, and had douoab. It was an affair
f lli.'lr own and nobody was concerned but
herself. They proposed logo to Fond du
Lao nnd nrrnngo to rcntino to Illinois, m
was Intended, when tho sensational an
nouncement m mndo Mint the pnrtlcii wers
both women.
An Iinmensa Cotton I'nctory anil Thr
Iliindrril Othnr UulMIng! In Havnnnah,
(la., llurnixl Threo Lire I,ut l'rnm
lary Damage Ksthimtd at f 1,000,000.
Savannah, Ga., Nov. 1. A conflngra
lion which had Its origin Wednesday' noon
lu tho large cotton warehouse of Garoctt,
Sbibbs A Co., In this city, destroyed a waro
hotuo containing threo thousand bales ot
cotton, and three hundred houses, covering
in area ot half a mllo tujuare, mid cnusod a
loss of at lenat llvo lives and probably eight
or ten. An accurate statement ot tho
losses nnd Insuraitcu Is .unobtainable,
but a careful cstlmato fixou tha
former nt nearly 31,000,000, nud tlio latter
it not half Miat amount. Tho oxnet origin
Df tho flro will probably never bo known.
Air ehlpplng taught safety by" drop
ping down the rltor. Wbllo the fire
men wcro pouring streams on Mm
itlll-burnlng ruins of tho werehousm
they disco, eicd tho charred remains of threo
iersons, n partly-melted watch, nnd a few
gilt billions belonging to J, Cnsli, a wtilto
clerk aged twentj-flvo years, ono of tho
victims, and It has slnco boon learned that
ho rau back Jo get n hoso when the flro first
broke out Cash wns well known through
out the Stato, having played short-stop with
thh reason's Dixie llasc-llall Club. Tim
lecoud corpso Identified was that of Mose-s
Cot)ton, tho colored nsalstant-wareliouso-man.
l was President of tho Colored
Homo Afctoclntlou of this city, A colored
woman employed ns a cotton picker also
died with Uio men already mentioned. It Is
llmost positive that her child nml another
colored man perished In the warehouse, but
their remains Imve not Ixjeu discovered yet
Bocral other colored persons art reported
is missing at their liomcv aud march
among tho ruins will probably result In
iwelllng tho death list considerably.
Tho burned district presents n most deso
lata npoctaclo, and Is bounded on tho wost
by Canal street, on tho north by ltlver
itrrct, on tho cast by West Jlroad strwt, and
Oil tho south by Fnhnm street. As tho eco
tlon boro a bad name, nnd It wns feared
that tho ncgroos would becomo Intox
icated and riotous, tho Mayor called
out tho military, nnd a guard of one
thousand strong was established. No disor
ders wcio attempted, however, nnd tho
scone, ItiMend of being noisy and boisterous,
Ym sad In tho extreme. At one time the
whole city was considered in danger, and
the Mayor was urged to blow up buildings
nltli dynamite, but did not resort to litis ex
pedient, ,
A l'ersonnl Encounter.
Itr.ADmo, Pa., Nov, I, A sensation was
creates) hero Wednesday afternoon when
Consrefmai! Krnicntrout was beaten on tho
public street by (ioorgo;Smlth, Jr., of Iilrds
borougli, a prominent Democratic pol'ltldaa.
It seems that the name ot H Irani 11.
Behwartz, the Democratic candidate, for
Judjeof the Orphans' Court, vf as printed
on tho county ticket Instead of being
nut separate as judiciary, Smith accused
KrmenUout of having bad this done pur
posely to accomplish the defeat ot Schwartz.
High words ensued between the two, when
James M. Krmentrout, a brother of the Con
gressman, struck fintlth a blow In tbo face,
drawing blood. Smith then tltacked Er
inentrout, when Sheriff Gehert, who was one
of the witnesses to the iflalr.se parated the two
belligerents. Shortly thereafter the parties
ataln met on tho eourt-liousa steps, when
bmlth etruck Congressman Kraienttout,
knocking him down, when be was also
kicked by one of the crowd. Krmentrout's
face eltows visible, sljiu of the encounter.
The whole affair, It swems, was Indirectly
brought about through certain letters er
Harks County rolttlcs which have appeared
from time to tlmo In a PhlUdelpbht paper.
Thi.MIteiuent U Wgn over the matter b)
political circles,
'" '
Drlrea Mad br Star-utkn.
FAao, D, T., 2'ov. 3. Gecrgs) ?apf,
ot Dawson, who was Jott on tins prairie on
the 0th, was found yesterday wtitdtilM hi
a demented and 'starving ceMlMon, oa Kail
Dined trail, nwir Devil's Lake, two hupetl
wUcs front Dawson, ' w
Ina 1). Coolbrltlt, tlio poetess,
ptiuuo iiin-nnnit nt unklninU (Jul.
Miss Fletcher, lho dutmilng Amer
lonn fflrl who wroto "Kismet," lins fin
lilied nnotlior novel.
Miss Mlra Coiiipton, o( Hnncock
County, ()., engnped to bo innrrleil to
tliroo (llireront lovcw, eloped villi a
fourth ami married lilm. Detroit lt.
Miss Emily MoTnvlsh. ngod twen
ty, a vary rich hollo of HnHTmoro, has
Klvnn tin licr worldly iiososslons. nnd
Inkon tho. vows of tlio Flstcrs of Clinrlly.
-.Mr. Howkcr, tlio ngent In London
for Harper' t, siiyn that moro copies ol
tho mnn.lno nro sold Micro than of nny
of tho ngllsh magazines, except Owd
Mr. lllalno has rofusod nn odor oi
9100.000 for hit hlstorv "From Lincoln
to (iiirllclil," nnd will collect a royalty
'rTTl'. T,n
uy cejiwuiruiactuMwajpVjL
Times. .
S. S. Mnnt.'igno, who died recently
in Soiitliorn Orrgoti, soloctcd tlio routes,
ran tho lines nnd mndo lho grades ol
tho Central l'aoifla Itallroad over tho
Sierra Nevada. Tho task hnd been
previously pronounced Impossible by
r.tijrllsh civil englnocM.
Nov. C'hnrlos l'.ihvlu Iltmlottc, who
sailed from Now York recently for Indln,
whoro ho will Inbor ns a missionary In
Assam, li a brtithorof "Hob" Iliirdotte,
of llawkryr fume. Ho wns grndtint ul In
!8H0nt llniwii University, nnd In 1883
at Newton Theological Instant! v.t.
Of making books theio Is no end.
The American publishing houses nn,
pounce tlio forthcoming impenranen ol
no loss than 'JGU books, In the dlstrl
Imtlon of these books among publishing
houses, Now York, llosion nnd I'hllndei
phla nro tho great centers. Chicago has
two or tlirnn enterprising houses, nud
Cincinnati, llaltlmoro, ltulValo nnd ono
or two other points tiro represented..
CMcitio Journal.
-Fifty years ngo llor. Dr. S. Iro
tiiuiM Prime, editor nt thn Now York
Obrervtr, delivered nt Iledford, West
chester County, N. Y his first" sermon.
Dr. l'rimo pruaehed again In tho sumo
vlllnge recently, oceuiiylng tho pulIt
of tho I'resbyterianSChureli. In con
clusion Dr. l'rimo referred to tho fact
that ho is tho oldest editor In tcrvlco in
Now York, having occup'od tljnt posi
tion on tho Oh'cri'cr forty-threo jonrs.
Every minister of thn Presbytery ol
Now York ut tho tlmo ho joined it Is
now (load. V. Y. Timet.
Jules Vemo, tlio French story
teller, whoso "Kernhnii lo ToJu" Is
now In full swing lu Paris, is about
llfty years old; hit hair nnd beard nro
turning whito, und his onco supple end
elegant llguro is beginning lo glvo way
to a comfortable embonpoint: but Ills
fnci) is full of Intellectual vigor. Ho
was originally destined for tlio bar, but
fooii found thnt his true Held was lltor
ature, nud, nfter Hovernl attempts to
succeed on lho exchange, nt tho ngo of
thirty, ho published ills "Journey
Hound tho World in Eighty Days'
which lias attained a world-whin famo.
"Clovolariil has n
young inily who
lias hnd a bullet in hor
head lor turco
weeks." That's nothing. Somo society
young tunics, wno nro lomi ot dancing,
havo their "hoads full of balls" nil
winter. KorrMown Herald.
Quality and miantlty: "Tho Idea of
mylboing jealous of Mmi SmltHI" ox
olninied Mrs. Ilrown, indignantly; "tho
idea of my being Jealous of her, whon I
think so much of her?" "Yes, but
what do you think?" nsked Ilrown,
Uoi'.on Trameript.
"Yes," ald Mr. Dustlo. who
fought a duol with n duilo, "I didn't
lire nt nil. You sec, ovcry tjmo I
looked nt him to take aim, ho nppoarod
so ditnicd ridiculous I couldn't help
laughing, so I rould not hold' tho pistol
slill." 7foifon lost.
A legal geutlomnn mot a brother
lawyer ono dny last wctk, and tho fol
lowing conversation took place: "Woll,
Judge, how is business?" "Dull, dull;
I am living on faith and hope." "Very
(rood, but I hnvo got jmst you, for I'm
iving on charity." htchanqe.
A honvy rain camo up ns a Coney
Island party wns in swimming, nud
sovcrnl rushed for tho bathing houses
for fear of getting wet Thompson's
colt didn't know enough to come in
when it rained; but tlicso wero another
kind of fool. A'. J' Commercial.
A Gcutlo Hint.
Her lips vroio like tho lenves, he saldl
Hy autumn's crlmsuitlutodr
Boiuopnopluuiilumn leaves preserve
Uy pressing them, she hinted.
Tt.o iiieunlnir or thasentlo hint
'the lover did discern.
And so he clasped her round tbo noch,
And glued his lips to hnr'n.
Grocer, who has lately joined tho
mllltla, practiced in bis shop, " eight,
left, right, loft. Four paces U) tho fear;
mnr.'hl''--falls down trap-door into tho
cellar. Grocor's -wife, anxiously! "O
Jim, nro you nurt?" Grocor, savnjjoly,
but with dlgiiltyi "Go away, woninn;
what do you know nbout war?" C'Af
carjc Tribune.
"Docs a goose lay eggs?" Inquired
Hollo, ono brisk morning In breezy
March. And Hollo's father, slttintf be
hind tho stove, oatlng (mlnlBQ with u
spoon, and trying to shako his whole
rkctetoirout of his pockets, mado ro
ply: "Yes, my son, oguo slays ovtry
tlilng. It hits slain your father.". A'um
"Why, how do you do?" exclaimed
a gossiping lady to Mr. and Mrs. Itnt
tier as they paused on tho church steps;
"did you know that Miss Hlghscq, our
loprnno, is going to marry our first
bass?" "What ball club docs heba
long to?" Innocontly nuorled Ilattlor.
Tlio Indies continued tno conversation
without his. assistance Moston Cour
ier. Together they wero looking over
tho vnpor. "O my, how funny," said
she. "What Is It?" ho asked. "Why,
hero's nn advertisement that says
'no rcasonnblo offer refused.' " "What's
so odd about that?" "Nothing,
nothing," sho replied, trying to blush,
"only thoso aro exactly ray sntl
nwntj." If thnt young man hadn't
taken tlio hint and proposed then sud
there sho would hnvo bated hhn.-'De-Iroit
Sentiment and potry are really not
nocosiary In conducting a love affair.
A Urooklyn young man tired of- a pro
traded courtship wrotet "Darling
Allco It seems to m that we will not
havo much comfort in thle MfOs-W. aa
tll wo can spit on our own stove. We
will seo thut day yet with God's belp.
I want you to come to ten o'clook
church ou Sunday, for I would like to
ipond the afternoon "with you. Ever,
with a thousand kisses, Willie.' Alieo
understood his feollturs jut u we)) M
If he had said!
" Bo I love your DeI)ovjmJ
Ask the hatfM (bat ImhU aM m;
If tby k,t tK tevt ssiV1
They are married bow, mI bav set p
their .ot. mty JSa,' v J-
A Celebrated Caw.
Early In tho present century there re
sided in Paris a number of iHipecunlott
eentlomen, who styled themselves Jha
first society in Kurope, Among these
Englishmen was ono Edward Gibbon
Wnkellald, nophaw of tho colebratexl
I'riscllla Wakcllcld, whoso imrsory talee
nnd school-books wcro tho tfolfght of
children of that day. Edward was a
widower with several children, and
iu foni'MYhnt needy circumstances
lo support tho Ufa of elegant leisure
thnt ho wished. So It occurred to him
In clopo with an English heiress. Tho
Indy selected was a pupil at Mist
Doulby's famous seminary in Liverpool,
whoso father, William Turner, was a
woalllty Lancashire manufacturer.
Wnkolfold, nccompanlod by his shrewd
French valet, Mon. Thcvcnot, crossed
tho channel, and tho following scheme
wns selected ; Mr. Tnrnor had gone to
London en business, and Gibbon sent
sent himself as tho servant of a pbysf
clan named Armstrong, with a nolo to
MiMi Doulby, purporting to have been
mitten by a physician who wne attend
ing Mrs. Tnrnor, of Shrlgloy I'ark, and
It ropresontod that Mrs. Turner,
being in f.rgcnt danger from a para
lytic ctroke, wished tb sen her only
child as soon as possible. The
patient's condition required Mio
Initucdl.ito return of Iter dnughlor, and
tho nolo renuestod MIssj Doulby to In
trust Miss l.llen Turner, ngod fifteen, to
tlio physician's savant, who would con
voy her to her mother nt tho greatest
posting spcoil. The loiter enjoined
Mlis Doalliy not lo nlann- tho young
lady by tolling her of Mrs. Turner's ill
ness. Tho scheme worked to perfection.
Tlio deferential French valet drovo Bt
onco to Manchester, whero tlio elegant
Wnkollold was met, Tho young and
unsophisticated school-girl was mont
agreeably impressed liv his musical
voice and polltoncso. It was his sad
duty to Udl tlio young lady that her
father was In great financial dl-atrww
caused by tho failure) of two largo c.
banks, nnd could only bo relieved by -his
little dai'glilnr'c comiillance with a
certain ngreomeiit, wldcli was nothing
else thnn hnr marriage with the hand
somo stronger. Tlioro seemed nothing
strnngo to tho child about this. Her
own oxiioricnca had taught tier that
Lancnslgrn mnniilacturers. often fall
suddenly from wealth. Tho last half
year ono of hor favorites was removed
from school by her father's failure.
I.lko a good girl, sho replied: "Dear
Mr. Wtikolkid, you nro very kind to
mn, and I think I could learn to
lovo you nnd makb you a good
wlfo, though I am very young;
but I mny not marry you
till I havo seen dear pnpa and learned
from Ids own lips what ho wishes me to
do." They wort' on their way to Scot
land for a spocdy innrrlago, and at Car
lisle would b? mot by bcr papa, who
would neenmpaby them to Gretna
Green. All night they droyo with
greatest speed, where they learned that
her father hnd been thrown into jail,
nud hor only wny to rescue him from
tho cruel position was at once to go to
Grctun Green and marry Mr. Wakefield.
At tho samo tlmo sho received a letter
.purporting to havo been writtenjby Mr.
Grimditch, her father's London solicit
or, urging hor immediate compliance
as tho only means to snvo her father.
Those woro proofs overwhelming, aid,
tho young girl consented, and they pro
ceeded to Grotna Green, and, with her
commit, the terrified little girl beonmo
Mrs. Wakellold. The witnesses were
William Graham, Postboy, and John
Lcnton. From Gretna Green tho adroit
rascal carried the girl to Calais, and at
ouco proceeded to opon negotiations
with Mr. Turner. Ills demands were
not exorbitant. Ho would lie satisfied
with nil annual nllowance suitable to
his wants to llvo l"i tho first society oi
Kuropo. It is grnti'ylng to know tltat
tho father did not consent, and that af
fairs wero managed so cleverly that Mr.
Wakollold was o'entualIy &entneed to
throo years In Newgate. CinciiHWti
A Very Self-Willed Hem.
Thoro Is an old nursery rhyme whleh
teaches that kindness anil patience aro
tlio best methods to pursue lp the case
of a "donkey that wouldn't go." Ah
English gentkman relates that he hnd a
horso tbit "wouldn't go," but when-be
came to try the patience remedy lw
found that the horse had a larger sup
ply of thnt virtue than he himself pos
sessed, which, as will presently be sees,
was considerable.
Tlio English gentleman's horse was a
eonfIrnietr'balker." One Saturday af
ternoon, when he was returning home
in his dog-cart, the horse balked, as it
had often done before, and )M HtaMer
thought that tliU timet he wenld try
what caJmnoM and tience would
do. Accordingly he sat still' in. tho r
dog-cart, and addressed the' Bslmal lu
soothing tones and kindly words; but
to no purpose, It wae exactly ten min
ute iast four on Saturday afternoon
whon the horse stopped, in tie mlddlu
of tho road.
Tlio afternoon wore away, the tun
sank below tho boriaoa, darkiMM set-Ik-d
down over the lntnloapv, and yet
tho mnn and horse remained to tight
out tho battle between obsUtiaoy ntid "
patience. Through the long night they
staid thcro, the whip remaining (juUrtly
hi tho socket, and when the sud arose
after his voyage around the world he
found tho contest still going on.
At six o'clock In the morning the
owner bade bis groom feteh a eart-rope
and tio It to tlie horse's font-leg; but
whon the groom did so, and milled with
all his might, tho only result was 'that
the horse stood with Erie fore-leg- attwk
out as If it were a bronze statoe- At)
seven o'clock the horse became jMnrfeet
ly furious, seising the shaft with kit
teeth, and shaking it, kicking and
stamping with rage the while. At half,
past seven the groete tried to Utmpt
mm with a meatniN of oat, bst the
nnxry beast would have none of It, aot
wlthstftmllng that it was twenty hours
since he had had a uwirthful of food or
a drop of water. . o
Tlien'hte master hd"ts C.fs him
self beaten in the trial of pateace, and
having procured some tough shoot of
eround-ash, he applied them to Mn
Horse's back o vigorously that that
self willed riuadruped was oUiged to oon
ieM himself beaten so far as hU. hida
was conoerned. It was then twenty .-i
minutes before eight on Sunday morn
ing, the contest laving lasted .? '
hoHKtand a half, during whieh tha
hoow did not budge an Jneh, nor hie
owsmt atir fraot hfi seat in the ferriage, 'u
Thb l pfobaWy the wosi Minarkabtt
exklUion f obstinacy on the one aide
and of patience on the other that war
ever Xnuwn, awUho try as toMhen
U esaotly ttne. Jktrptt'i Tmm iho
pk. " ' a
" i ' ,J
1 T. BsvauH' (MsteMtel aka
Ut yeaan, but he anye WtuSm Mt he.
Wr In his, IMa, --ifln Omitm Jhyijtar,
"' ' iff
"-o '

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