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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, November 09, 1883, Image 2

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For the miiw that lark aMUt&nrc,
for the wrmijj thai titmU mtUtaur,
For th futnrr in the illrtonrti,
Ami the ciKkl thnt we ran tie.
Inllihcd Kvcry FrMrir by tin
W. I. Ho.)
J, tV. Si ftvjrtfX,
VIXtTAl. T.. NOV. 9, I8S3.
Thr tlierolec Xatfonal Cociirll.
Tahlwiuali, Kor. 5, 188.
The members-elect to t.w Na
tional Council met t-day .Vomit 10
'o'clock and effected on organisa
tion without delay. In the Henata
S. IT. Benge was elected President;
John Drew, Clork; John II. How,
Assistant Clerk; Win. Ilewbanki
and "U'ni. Mayes, intrprlr.
In Council, Itird Jones wn elect
ed Speaker; 0ar Adair, Clerk;
Ilonrjf Critlonton, Assistant Clerk;
A. X. Uhainbpriin and John So
vicr, Inforprctera. .
The Union party organized both
I lollies. The attendance of mem
bers was full except two member
of tho Sonalo and ono of the Coun
cil. A Alt organizing the Houiaa met
in joint soiiion and proceeded to
open and count the returns of the
election held the flnst Monday in
August for Principal and Assistant
Chiefs but boforo completing the
?ann, adjourned until to-morrow.
Tho number of people in attend
ance is unusually large and candi
d (ted numerous for thcoflicca lobe
filled by tho National Council.
General good feeling exist. The
message of tho Princip.il Chief is in
type and will be delivered to-morrow
afternoon or the day follow
ing. The two houses of tho National
Counrjl, in joint ?osion Tuesday
concluded the count of the return.
of the late election for Principal
and Assistant Principal Chiefs and
declared Dcnnio W. Buahyhoad
and It. Bunch elected. The nowly
elected Chiefs were Kworn into of
fico the 7th and Mr. Hushyhcad de
livered his annual nietage. Tho
lateness ol tho hour at which it
waa received and its length pre
cludes further reforence to it in
this issue.
The Klghtsofthol'oor.
A man with a family often pays
just twice as much tax to tho sup
port of our government as a man
with a family of five. The rich
man has property to bo protected
by the Nation; the poor man has
none. Tho rich man has contracts,
obligations and trusts to bo on
forced by the nation; without tho
law they would bo worth
less; the poor man who works for
his daily bread put no such bur
dons upon the nation. Tho rich
man has cattle on a good many
hills, which the cyo of the law
must watch by night and by day;
the poor man hasn't von the win
U r'a neuds'pro vided for. The rich
man has his comfortable home
with its olegauoiod and doligbte
and tho law guarantees him ite
peaceful ond undisturbed powses
sion; tho same law guarantees to
tho poor mini tho scanty cabin, the
children shivering dround the nro,
poverty, sickness, ignorance and
dexj.nir. To sum it all up:
Tho rich man owes mora to the
natiou than tho poor man doos.
It is worse than folly to say tho
. jK)(jr might be rich if they were
prudent, economical, etc "The
poor yo havo always with you,"
and while tho' misplacements and
uncertainties and misfortunes of
life continue, the multitudes must
always be comparatively poor.
It is also true universally that
tho poor have moro children than
the rich. Go into any public
school and the groat majority of the.
children como from the families of
the poor. But every poor 'child
pays the tetno j roportion of the
cott of our government that the
richest man pays. While tlw rich
man owes morer tho poor man
pays moro.
As a christian nation we oaght at
least to havo got as far along with
the law, "Bear ye ono another's
burdens," m at least raako every
man bear his own burden.
Tho Cjiikftaix is tho friond of
the jK'or man. By being so it is'
jill the better friond of tho rioli
man. What wo favor is exact jus
tice to all men.
This is a hard question. Lot us
meet it honesi'y und manfully.
Vo may not live tbseeitnnsverod.
It cannot be disposed of in a day,
but for tho present we want to use
all tho force of those considerations
to emphasize the call for good
nehool houses, good roads and
bridges acromj our fctroama. Tiiese
will iiolp all, but especially the
poor mart. We owe theso things
to those- who boar tho boavlor bur
djli; Bridges, good roads and good
(jchool h0UHC-3.
Chief Jmtico Scales has desig
nated the 3d Monday in December
for Iho trial of Thomas French for
WWing Alul-olm Moon at Fort I
fttlsuu ljrtiummer
' Important Arrest.
U. S. Deputy Marshal Mark
caused the arrest last week of
Win. Clyrging and Char lea 1 loynea
on indictment of the Grand Jury
for the U. S. Court at Ft. Smith for
thp murder of Itobert Jones and
Monday RulxrtB in July 1M0 in
the Crck Nalim near Gibaon Sin
tion. It will be remembered thAt
for years part the-- hn 1" n com
plaint of the lawlasx and thieving
rhar.'vler of some of the rehired
penile of the Creek Nation living
in the point between the Verdigris
and Arkansa rivers and commonly
known a Marnhalltown. Horses
anc citUle were stolen and ran off
or killed that belonged to citixenflj
f the Cherokee Nation in the im
mediate vicinity which led to sac-h
a atat of affairs that the lo men
were lynched by persons in dis
guise at night. Other were sought
but not found, who, if tak-n, would
have met with the same fate.
Within a day or two of these
summary proceedings a dosm or
more oi the colored people living
In the poinr&ssud into lite Cher
okee country in two- pertlee well
annod and intent on revenge. Just
on the line ner the elation named
they met with William Cobb and
Aleck Oowan, two young men of
mixed Chorokee blood and belong
ing to very highly reepectubte fam
ilies, when a shooting acrxpe took
place. Cobb Was shot in three
plseos and died in a few hoars at
the house of his uncle, Win. Clyng
ing. Cowan was wounded and in
jured for life, while one horse was
killed and Dick Gluts, the leader
of the negro party was wounded.
Thoso acts produced groat ex
citement and several hundred cili
xens of the Chorokee Nation as
tumbled near the scone of the fight
fully armed and with tho determin
ation to cross the Creek line and
destroy the settlement; Through
tho interference of Chief Bushy
head and other friends of law and
order this was prevented and a
conference held with Col. Chicote,
Chiof-ofthc Crooks, and several of
ins loading officials fit which it was
agreed bv the Creeks that Diok
Glass and his followers, for tho ren
dition of a dozen of whom, domand
had been made by tho Chorokeo
ChieJ, should be immediately ar
rested by the Creeks and tried by
the Creeks if it were ascertained
tint the killing ol Cobb took place
in their couutry, but if not, then
tlioy were to bo delivered to the
Cherokces for trial.
It was a.soertniuod that the of
fun eo was committed in tho Chero
kee country but iho Creek authori
ties never made the arrests. Two
jf tho parly, liowevor, have been
cilice killed; Dick Glass wounded;
and Dan Lucky and Douglas Mur
rcll caught and tried by the.Chero
kees and convietod and are now in
prison at Taloquah under respite.
Ami now as tho closing seeno in
the tragndy the U. R. come in and
the arreste noted have been
made .
1W ltlght of TrnuH.
.We have shown in a former arti
clrthat tho law giving Ft Gibson the
odd lot wsj a perfectly just, sound
law. Asnnmltorol right all the
proceeds of such lolj after paying
cost ol administration ought to be
expended in the town. The na
tion has no right tnV&r tho Consti
tution to give a title to a town lot.
It oan only give- the right to occu
py. The proceeds from the sale of
a town site ought to be spent on
the town rite. Tho price of a lot
is only a municipal tax. The
Council has no right to sell an inch
of public domain; but it dues have
a right to ask thoso who oome to
liveln n town to contribute in
proportion to the desirableness of
their location in such town to
tho grading of street, drainage oi
pestilence breeding ponds, erecting
of publio buildings, etoi It al.o
has, without doubt, the right to act
as guardian ovorall such funds and
auperVHo their expenditure. The
nation has virtuallr confekl half
of this by the Fort Gibson law.
Half i bettor than none. The na
tion did the right thing with Fort
Gibson as far as it went. Now let
it treat all alike.
An intelligent U. S. official, in
reply to inquiries on the subject,
stated thtit there is more crime in
the Territory tlian thoro was three
years ago, and attributed it.to two
causes;' the increased number of
unauthorized persons who aro aft.
lowed to come into the country and
tho inadequate punishment inQiet
od upon tho perpetrators of oertalu
crimes by U. S. law: and as nn il
lustration, reieired to the fact that
the penalty for stealing a horse in
the Territory was only u year's im
prisonment, while the law of Texas
admitted of fifteen years. The
remedy for these two sources of
crime is simnjo, if applied the
removal of 'intruders from the
country by the United Stated Agent
in accordance with lew and duty,
and an amendment by Congress to
the laws regulating trade and in
tcrcourse. . SuuMf.be for t'u I'n. n
wM him n.1 mm
The Jfew l'rrsbjterr or the Indian Ter
ritory. At the meeting of tho Synod of
Kansas bold at Kmporis, October
-Uh and Oth, 1883, that tortion of
the Indian Territory formerly con
nsjeted with the 1'resbyity of N
oshn wnsset apart as a separate
body to be known ae the IVcsby.
toy of the Indian Territory. Pur
suant to the action of the Synod,
ministers and elders representing
the r)inrehp within said territorial
hounds met at Ft. Oibeon, I. T.,
last Thursday, the3latdy of Oc
tal r, and proceeded to organize
tho new Presbytery. Iter. John
Edwards preached the ojiening ser
mon from Kph. ?:f, hit theme be
ine Um "Unsearchable IUrbes of
Christ." Following the sermon
the body was constituted with
prayer. The election of officers
resulted in the selection by accla
mation of Kov. Jno. ttdwards as
Moderator, Elder W. L. Sqtiicr as
Stated Clerk, and Rev. W. P. Ha
worth as Treasurer. The organ iz
ation was completed by tho adop
tion of rules and the appointment
oT permanent wraifiittoe. The
prindjml permanent committees
On foreign missions Ilov II. M.
Lough ridge, chairmen.
On home mlarfons llev. John
Kdwards, chairman.
On church erection Hev.T. A.
Sanson, chairman.
On education Kev. It. C. MeGee
On publication Rev. Win. P.
Ilaworth, chairman.
On ministerial relief Rev. J. R,
Ramsay, chairman.
On freedmen Rev. Alexander
Ueiil, chairman.
On board of aid for jolwols Rov
0. P. Stark, chairman.
On systematic benifjeenco Rev
T. A. Sfitmon, chairman.
On Sunday Schools W. L.
Squier, chairman.
On examination of candidates as
On arts and sciences Elder W.
L. Squfef.
On languages Rov. T. A. Son
son. On theology Rov. R. M. Lough
ridge. On chare?.' history Kov. W. V,
On church government and sno
ramonta Rev. A. N. Chamber
lain. On parts of trial Rov. R. C. Mc
Geo. Licencinto Chns. II. Miller wa
ordained as nn ovangeltel and to
tho full powers of the gospel min
istry. The work of this church in tho
Territory was thoroughly canva3S
od and measures instituted for
greater and better organised
Among the resolutions spread
upon tho minutes of the Presbytery
are tho following;
llcMtud, That this Presbytery
horeby extend sincere and fraternal
sympathy to our absent brother,
Rev. Samuel A. Stoddard, and our
prayer is that Our Father may
grant unto both himself an wife
restoration to health, helpful chris
tian fellowship and abundantly of
the grace of our Lord, Joans
Following tho rejwrt from Mus
cogee church and school this reso
lution was adopted by a unanimous
vote'ofthe Presbytery:
Iluotved, That the. Industrial
School foe Indian girls at Muskogoe
Creek Nation, is hereby endorsed
by this Presbytery, and earnestly
commended to the sympathy,
good oilicos and prayers of our
Tho Presbytery adjourned to
meet at Muskogee, I. f ., March
30th, 1SSJ, at 7 o'clock p. m.
Webber' Fall.
The new Baptist meeting houso
at this place was dedicated last
Sunday. The houso is very neat
and attractive. Its size is 20x40
and through the middle of the
house, 18 feet in height; wainscot
ted -I feet in height around tho au
dience room; plastered, with hand
finish, on the walls and overhead.
The outsido walls are weather
boarded, and both outsido and in
side painted. On tho day tho
houso was dedicated the churc was
presented with a moo pulpit Bible,
a silver plated communion service
and a stove with pipe. The occa
sion was a joyful one to the church
and an interesting one to all.
Tho "Inferior racoR" aro faring
hardly boforo tho greatexpounders
of law in thoso United States of
America. Tho Supromjr Court fe.
manded tho Darkey to the kitchen,
Judge Field applied the tip of his
boot to the heathen Chinee and
Judge Parkor flattened into a hoe
cako thp rotund Cherokoo. These
groat achievements are based upon
thoso soH evident truths "that all
men are created free and equal
and cntitlod to'oertain- inalienable
rights, among which arc life, liber
ty and the pursuit of happiness."
I'sc the revenue where it will do
thi- mo-.t jjuod Buil-i sih joI hotis
tM'iilbr.dt ar.dn ik th roaJs
Vinila, C. Ni
Practicing Phyiciian.
Calls iirotaptly attended to, oar or
night. Mrwoal attention idvati te
Surgery al Uiues of women
and ehiMreu.
The Largest and best selected
stock at Bottom Price.
Sewing Machines, Organs, Coffins
and Metallic case always
kept in flock.
Sooth side of Maple St..
CnimirA, - . . K.u.
J. W. Stapler & Son,
Tnhloqxaali C. INV,
Take pleasure in announcing to
the public that their
STOCK is now complete in all
its Departments. If you want fair,
square dealing and the full worth
of your money call on them.
Tahlequih, - - - C. N
Dealer in
Dry G-oods,
And everything usually kept in
a well assorted store. I sell low
as the lowest for cash. Call and
zee me and price ay goods,
C. M. Keys & Co.
Commission and
Forwarding Merchants.
OOice Xns. and 10 Exchnnge Building,
Oliver E. Hindes,
3Ianufocturer of and Di.itarln
IlltiDLlCS, Willi's!, CO.M1W.
UKUtSIICS Ktc., Ktc.
Repairing neatelv done. All work
'warranted. St. Louin; prices dupli
cated. Orders from a distance
tilled on short notice,
Give lis a call before you
buy eliieivhcre.
J. T. Roberts, of I)altni)lTex.,ln vbafge.
Muskogee, Ind. Ter.
The Live Stock Market of St. Louis
Located at East St. Louis, ill.
Directly opposito tbo city of St. Louis.
iJuyiTs fur all descriptiun of live stwk
alua.VH in attendance, and within the
jeruuuds of tho stock yards nre a beof
cmmini; rompnn). witli a capacity for
tdatrghUriK l.OuO Iieudxif rattle daily,
and xrk parking e-Hnblifthinunts with
a rapacity for lHiig'itring ll',(XX) lion's
ISAAC 11. KNOX, lWdi.nl.
On a. T. Jocs, Sunerintendont. l-'l
FulfKeivStocltlirsf boni;li in S'alnt
Louis at lowyt wlioleealu i. ks and
now rbr sale at
Bed-rock Prices.
3X11331,32:3, 3Stc.
Cash paid for far,- littles, etc. Cali
or zctcxU in exchanger for cattle. Trade
solicited. ri-sm
OTlio Butees' Ocide U t
sued March and Sept, each
Tr: 216 paew,fexlll
Inches, -with oTtr a.UOO
Liuttration a tihoU pic
ture gullery. Girwwbole
rtl prices illrttl la tomuaurt on all goodi
for pcrtotud cr fuuiljr mo. TvlU how
to order, and girts exact co cf crcij
tbUiR ;roo u, tt. drink, wear, or Hart
fua vrtlb. TbcM invaluable booU corr
tain information gleaned from Iho tiup
Lett of tho Horld. AVe will mail a Co; 7
Frco to any address upon receipt of the
jxtagc 7 cent. Ixl us Lear from you.
r Jk ai HW Atic lUw. UW
--2Hl Zanci.rr.exLse
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots anai Shoes, Groceries, &c
. .A.T
I exteiwl a cordial invitation to the public generally to call and oxamino our immefltto elock of goods,
which is now replete in all of its departments, consisting of Dry -goods, Clothing, Hats and
CajMT, Boots and Shoes, Groeeri?, and in fact, everything usually found in n Firat'Class
Store. We will not be undersold by any homac In the Cherokee Nation.
-A.- .C.
Largest Line of Hard-ware, Stoves and
Tin-ware kept in the Cherokee Nation.
Doors, Windows, Window Glass,
In fact eveiything you want in the
For Good Goods at
Thfffc.s ono place in ihe Indian
IF' YVU WAST Harness, Saddlery, Leather Gooda of any kind
c3ro to "'stv. o- jhjrucxnsr
IF YOU MINT Wuoner Agricultural Micliinory, Duggios,. Sjrring WagJng, etc., etc,
IF YOU AUK SCXTnudwant jrediefnes, Drugs, Proporiptionsoarofttllyiiroimratl, otc,
IF YOU M'AXT Clothing, Boots and Shooa, Hats, Capa.BaTu'dhtf, otc, oto, oto,
IF YOU AliE IWXGItYafid want Groceries, FloUr", Dacon, Ooimod Goods, etc, etc.
. IF YOU ARK IX LOVE and want Candies, Porfumios, Toilol $000. Soap, etc elc,
o-o c-o -sat o 3PJiL.Trnoisr'&.
IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAMIY and want" a coinplete otttflit of cvorything,
Go. to W. G. PATTON & Go's.,
.Yinita. T. T.
i.. n,-uSm,lm.m,r tl Twrt-vwrewrM-r - -- rmm.rhfM wWW.V.aaVT..iaMaat.
3 - ""v:03TID c2s Co.
-03ST TI-IE-
Bottom Prices go to
Territory where yon can buy any kind of goods you want, "tfe keep
General Store
Toy Ovir Oxustoxnors.
aBI&m. sLtk
C YjlKSfiSKiESisaUiaaBBapl '
ffWfia'nBr"' :
Faints and Oil.
Household Line.
Ind. Ter.
1 r,o olDc
Tahloquat .. T
ilriiill on l ft Hide. Some bran
OOonhlp and stionldcr,' either
frith various mnrkn. Hold ontv
sfcip. Itnnpe Illinois riir, 4 unit
east of Tnlilcquah.
Swalio-f irk and umlcrblt !n or
par ami U!ili-rI"K iti tlio other.
Vlnlta, L T.
llran'led nn liotli slil6. Crop 'ir ; r',
onx ami ilit in right. rtA.NOK-I.ovin-.
j Prairie City, I. T.
ilrando-l with f.iiiio lirnud on both
Mn aiul both hips. K..Nfra Hktl l :
Hoaco Creek.
J. W. ELLIOIT fc Co.,
Vlnlta, 1 Tl
Hog r:..-': nn icrbit in each ear.
cr oti ..f tlif Irft Cuttle brandi-d i
li'fi !ii; ami ulioirlik-r. iia-.x C.iLh
Echo. I. T.
, IImiM-m 'Oll-I, till.crsidr. '.TKf
- i r.i nH il. -lit v.-tr nildvr 8ltijH ni ir.
..r. lUni-i-llarHeCnsik. C. X.
2vonaviUo, Kansas.
l( U-VT
wi'.-i: :zrt
II!f.Tmw.l ..! .11 1 I. 1 1
on left siilomij hip. .Smuu vnr- Imfith
tbo at- prj u-t U call.l2l ed t .
jinirje- -n-J bob ruarlc."nila Texa
!!iftM vro?t,-l,aa, BHK3 on n. &r
hide. Various car-aaMB ,narj-h "
bascie (,'omnianche county jxxd.
Oh'jta, Kanaal.
Sj.iit and bit in rht'.ir and awallo
fork in left. It.md brand L bin.
IU1.0B Cal in f "reek.
Oberokoo Orphren Asylum.
Mark, 6mootcrop ic left car, and
undcrbit in ripht.
Skiatook I'ost-oillco, C. N.
llol-se bl-nnd samo on left shout
dor. Ranch on Uomiiiy, Ofing'.
Pust-ofnt c,
Skiatook, J. T.
Lift aflLVaSJriaLft 1
m w tin
:fvWlU .-n.
-taM??iBBji ' l ft

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