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Devoted lo llio Interest of llio ClicrAkcc;A'lfflrlh'v, CJilokitiuw. Seminole, Crcoka, ami all Other Indian of tlio Indian Territory.
VOL. II. NO. 0.
Of the Principal Chief to the Sntlonnl
Council of the Cherokee Nation,
Nor. 7th, ISSlt.
lb Hit UonnraUflht Memhtn of f'i Stnatt
mid Oiiiiuit In Xntlnnal Council Owrtiieir
Obnti.kmen! Hnvlmf been elected by tho
pcoplo to servo them, nml meeting many of
you now for thnt purpose It I proper lo re
mark nml to rcmcnilier Hint, should thn
Nation fall, or s tumble, or ko astray In any of
thollncaof Itscarccr through our selfish or
nrcllircnt handling of Its affairs, tlio lilnmo
will lo our who have accented tlio rcponl
Mlltynt KUlillntr It. Wo will. In audi event,
sustain n lemllnir part In tho Ins of iiatlonnl
chnraotrr nml credit, cvon nc mny, on tlio
other hand, fnlrly expect honornblo mention
nit loaders should tho Nation bo advanced by
our well-meant efforts.
I now call attention to tlio outline of tho
condition of llio Nut Ion, nil Indispensable In
formation to assist nml Kiililo you In tho work
Ul irKinimiu" inn'iu jum J
Tho debt which burdened tho strength nnd
iihstrnctoti tho progress or tho Nation rour
jcarsnirolincw pnid. Tlio Nnllnn enn onco
moro tako up It career fnrwnnl wllh nil tho
mlvantiuro of knowlnit by ojperlcnco what
Imil consequence will certainty follow care
less legislation nml cxtruvnirant administra
tion. Practical teacher of rucli lessons nro
nn exception to tho general rule tho moro
proficient being tho moro abhorred.
Tho other cxtrcmo, equally to lw nvoMeil,
I theilisusonnil misuse, under fulto notions
of economy, of tlio moans nnd power ontriist
od to tho servants of tho copIo for tho peo
ple.' IhiiicIII.
Tho following statement of tho nmounU of
our several funds was furnished mo from tlio
I'lnnnco Division of tlio Interior Department
on March Slut, IWIi
tiuacuAU runu.
scnoor, ruisn.
Olll-IIAS I-UNn.
IVmrfpn. nf"rf,
rOt.lli.lT VIW,M
i totaii rntKCirAt, Ann ixteiikst.
friiifliwl. Iiittrrtt.
nciiernl Fund ....!tc!,.-7 l.ei.M
Diiihan Fund . , nw.fn-i.no lnOdJW
Fchool Fund lM.ain.I0 M.OsH.Ki
Asylum Fund 64,117.17 3.207.l
"Total tWM.nM.'O II2.260
To thin total la to be added for general pur
iMisea tho revenuo collected and received by
tho Nntlonnl Treasurer tho past ycur, nnd by
lilin rcportod a follows:
1st. "From Traders," (presumably tax on
nicrchanilliM-). H0.(H.
lltmnrti. Tho legal tax on hills of merch.au
illso being one-fourth of ono per cent, of cost.
It would nppcar tliut only tliil.lW.dO worth of
f roods of ull sorts at wlioleoalo prices, liuvo
iccn tiought by nil thamcrchantsof tho coun
try during tlio past year, for salo.
3d. "From Sheriffs." f3.UB.st.
Ilanaik. Presumably from sales of strny
property, tax on railroad material, nnd tax on
cattlo of non-cltlzcns for graxlng on tho com
mon domain such bclnit tho main sources of
PhcrlttV collections, llio itfrirretrnto of their
collections, m reortol, makes thn nvcrago
sum collected by each Hhorllt f 3T8.17.
Ilrd. "From clerks." f.1.107.t:i.
Iltmark. 1'rcsuinHbly for permits to non
eltlieu labnrera nnd mechanics. This will al
low foronly(tai) four hundrol nnd twenty-nlno
iiermlta for(12) twolro monthithroiilrout tho
Dclawnrefl nnd Phnwnecs,"
itli. "From
ifrmnrfc. Tho ndmllnn feo to citizenship
lit ono Delaware belnir $ &C1.C3 nnd of n Shaw
lien f H(.8K. Total SI7H.M.
It Is to be presumed thnt tho tolnl sum pnld
under this head wns paid by ono Dclnwarr
unit ono Shawnoo (less (44! torty-four cents.)
k nth. "liawyera llcunso," f ID.on.
Tolnl miscellaneous revenue, S9.t.C1.2t.
It Is evident und notlceablu from tho forejro-
Inir figures nnd remarks that a more acciirulo
pnymont, hnd a moro rigid collection of thn
taxes dcrlrixl from tho sources ilclfrnatcd
would result In n considerably I. inter Income.
Tho rovenuo reort of tho Treasurer pro-ccod
fith. lteeclvod from leased lands, f 30.01)0.00,
, 7th. Gnlloctcd by Treasurer west of UU do
Brrecs, 1I).0I)U.00.
Totul rovenuo from taxes nnd lease, f 8V
Tho Treasurer roportsWiat tho BherlfTs nnd
' Clerks' reports arn not fully Ins nnd that tho
llgures under thosohendg ura only approxi
mated, nnd will probably bo exceeded.
Tlio (fW.(i)O) fifty thousand dollars paid in ml
. vnnco nn thn leased land on tho 1st of Octo-
lier, 1WCI, will bo doubled by another paymont
of same amount to 1 madn on tho 1st of
. April next making In full tho f lnU.UU nnnunl
fash rent for said lands, duo each year for flvo
yenrs. tthould you decldp to repeal tho fth
'foctlon of Hi,' net, passed May litli 1SJ, pre
maturely. I think, applying tho proceeds of
tho leased lands for three yenra, tuero will lie
subject to your disposal for tho general pur
kbo of Government nt this session of Council
Ihnsumor f ll,atl.09 nsldo f rom tho Annul-
ties for School, Orphan, and Asylum purpones,
Tho serious question for you lo ponder Jn
connection with theso sovernl nmounta for
Itencrnl and f poclal purposes Is, whnt aro tho
nctual uecils of tho Nation; and nro they
severally largo cnoi
I nm convinced brl
mt)crinca In this Denartment.
tlonnl Incomo should lio largo enough to meet
certain necessary expenditures not mndo
Tho piiccs for dispensing Justice should not
lie permitted to Iki so uneoinrnrtablo as to In
splro aversion. Proper District Court Houses
nhould bo built, nml theso and Other public,
buildings and eroundi kept In good repair and
ruilf-respect. It seems lo me, rcuulrevinat
lalior, nnd ho should bo compensated accord
ingly. 1 believe II hos Wen a grave mistake to fix
thc-lmy of member or the Hoard of Flnca
tlon upon I ho assuptlon thnt a imrtlon only of
their time Is lo lie spent In Die arduous work
of sutiervlslon ami management. There
should Iwi no viieatloit or suspension of actlvo
labor with them. The necesnry scrutiny of,
cnd selection from the hundrol of tho appli
cants to tench, of ovcry grade tho examina
tion" and choice or .tho various scholastic
methods and tcxt.bnoks. nnd thMr personal
oversight over tho operation of. themcthoJ"
chosen, and over tho hundred common
schools, tho seminaries, and Orphan Asylum
ilemand tho Industrious kxpentllturo of helr
whole Unto. If the schools prosper, ns thoy
nre exnccteit to nnd shouM prosper, they must
bo looked nfler by perso'ns, ablo and paid to
do tho kind and amount of .work rcinlm! for
vigilant supervision. I nm, therefore, clearly
of opinion thnt the salaries of tho members of
t ho Hoard or llduratlon, and especially of tho
Secretary of tho Hoard, should bo materially
Inertia ed.
Whnt has been said of the Editor's duties
and compensation will apply with equal force
to those of tho Translator. Whllu F.ngllsh
readers have tieroro them, to chooo rrom. n
thousand avenues of communication with tho
outside world, tho majority or our citizen
nro confined to tho alngio ono olfered by
tho Chcmkcn Department of thn National
Journal. Tho entire tlmo of the. Translator
should I io paid for nml spent so as to mako
thta channel of Information as serviceable as
possible to Chorokeo renders.
Tho duties of High Hhcrltf also require nU
constant presenco and oversight at this placer
nml those of tho Supreme Clerk nro madn by
law as qullo laborious ns thoso of n Supreme
tiik uruniii. ri'Mi siim-i.n he isciir.Asrn.
Ily all moans praotlcablo should our school
fund bo Inorcnsed for tlio nttntmncnt of tho
mot vital object of a free government tho
silltnblo education of 4ho people. Buch edu
cation liiust lio looked lo ns tho prcscrvntor of
overj-thlng elso of vnluo wo liavo bcsldos;
nnd tho foini.lntlonot our right nnd of our
Oovcrnmcnt will bo found to bo rock or sand
uccnrdlng tothoreganl woliavo for tho edu
cation of.tho Nation's youth.
t much regret tho confused condition of
ntTnlis luthoChoctnn- and Chickasaw Nations,
which tho (loveniors of thoso Nations havo
felt compelled to de'ortbo In their lato annual
messages, and which reflects moro or less dis
credit mi tho common namo. Thn samo con
dition of affairs In neighboring States have
sometimes led to n resort by our wlillo broth
era to mob law nnd violence. It Is gratifying
In mo to lio nbln to slnto that tho Cherokee
Nation will not suffer hr rotilnarlson of such
ovlls nnd their evil remedies with either In
dian or white. Tho lesson, however, which le
but n repetition of many others tnaght In his
tory, Is for nil nations nnd tribes nllko. ltl
this: flood laws will lm mndo nnd executed
Just so far and no farther as tho people son
need for I hem i nnd need for proper laws will
bo seen and felt In exact proportion to the
education nnd intelligence of tho people, who
make and exreuto thoso laws.
Tills simple but Immense truth stands at tho
lint torn of our national framework, and should
givo Incstlmnblo value In our sight to the
cause of education. If thn means wo uso fall
of their objoot nothing will keep tho Nation
from going down. If thoy succeed, tho super
structure nf our Oovernment nnd of our com
mon rights will stnnd firm and erect.
I nm glad to slnto thnt there Is no dlepurng
Ing luck of Interest shown In education among
tho Cherokee of to-day, as tho following ex
hllilt taken from tho report of thn Hoard of
Education, herewith submitted, wllljthows
Number teachers- I Present term.
Number pupils aggregated 10S Present
Number pupils nvcrago BO Present term.
Primaries Ml.
limit kciiooiji rr-UAt.E.
Niimlicr teachers, 4 Present term.
Number pupils nggrejrato 113 Present
term. t
Number pupils average 100 Present term.
Primaries 00.
Number teachers n, Including Superinten
dent, Number pupils aggregate, 80boy, Kl Bins
1M. v
Number pupils average Cl lioys, S girls
Tho ornhans In attendance nro nillto linlf of
nil the orphans In the country and are wholly
Upon a careful examination of tho two re
ports mndo by tho Interior Department- ono
lo tho Court of Clnlms.and for the benefit or
the parties litigant, or whom this Nation Is
one tho other being made to this office, a t my
request, nctlng In tiehairof tho Nation I find
thnt tho tirlco or tho Ponen lands, to-wlt:
f 4H,twi.4, Is Included with the prlnc ipalnf our
annuities In tho reimrt made lo thti Court of
Claims, and thnt H Is not included In tho re
port mado to this Department with theaggre-
Ihnt n Ju (tail in of their claims woul.l end
tholrpos sWb of such rcmnj.ablo advan-
flut n far at the Nation Is concerned, delay
Isilani rout In more ways than one. Tho
Nal lor cannot afford to bo reinmnslblo for any
suchr ly, Asmattem now stand "prtmrt
fntu: elwiLnnls In other word", claimants
v ho ro aw to make n fair showing of right,
whi! UArn l more to dlsputo It-enjoyall
tho lUtwInnllal property rights of natlvo
(loanriI liy Telegraph ami Hint!
gr'o sum drawing Iiitere-taaClicrokco Funds. , Clieiokefs, nnd wlllconllnun to enjoy them,
Stiictlng this amount from tho difference -mill seme method l grcel upon to havo
. ncroiinYrtlnr," found nlxive, there Is siIH them Inv MlgsK-1, which wIM bo satisfactory
left .mneenunict for Ihn sum of fKLKtl-Ot of to the i .llfed Slates (lovernment. In tho
Ihnwlinlnniim rermrted bv thn Interior Do- I meantime. untllS'ieh method. Is devled and
. . . . ' . r a. .1 ... . ,,... ...... ..., t
supported by tboNatlon nt n wst fortho tlscnl
year ending PeplemberSn. lbSJ, of fl'J.W.Tfi.
Numlier Teachers, 103.
Aggregato nttendanco (approximated) a.K3.
Averago " S.SI4.
Amount appropriated for cost of common
schools, $.l.f)(.1.uil.
Tho Hoard ot Kdueatlon makes n report of
upcnditiircs for tho tlscnl nnd not scholastic
yenr, nnd I nm thoreroro unable to compiro
from their report tho appropriations of Inst
IsMlllll'll, WII1U1I WKIV lllllllt, 1U1 liiu pvituiumiu
year, with tho exiKindltures reported, or to
submit estimates for tho scholastic year on
the basis or ineirreport.
purficntns having U-cn Invested slnco tho
war, .'Mil to tho amount lnvcsteil ltfore tho
warln iiursuanee of tno Treair oi ixn.
Conslilerliigtholmmenso value of llio peo
Wo'a proiierty In monoy and lands which the
fnrcgolnjrfncts ami llgnres cxiiHilt, they are
jiresenteil not at all as matter ot curiosity,
but ns Information you cannot do without as
trustees of tho Nation's common proportr
and rights. I'or tho somo reason, and consid
ering tho sourco or thn Information lo lie
perfectly milhenllo nnd reliable, ns it Is
otllrUl, I have thought proper lo add nreto
an appendix, showing more In dotall from thn
same sourco Of Information tho history nnd
condition of your lands and muds. It may lm
proper here to call your attention lo tho
article of tho Treaty or 1KM, which nulhor
lies tho Council, whenever they shnll see tit,
to appoint n Hpevlnt Agent for tho examina
tion or tho condition of tho Nation's accounts
with the Fulled Htntes flovornmont.
According to tho retiort of tho Interior De
partment, aliove referred to, tho Notion Is
charged with being In debt lo tho tlovern
ment or tho fnlled Stnles on account or llio
lands west or Ml degrees In tho sum of IHI,VJ.V
7.1. In this showing tho Poncn Ijind pniceeds
are charged up ngninsi mo nuuuu
twice onco In" the aggregate P"i
prlntlnn by Congress of .mi.
on Juno 10th, 1W0, nnilouco by sjicclal net of
Mnrch l, ls.il. under which tho proceeds are
represented ns having Veen, nnd continuing
to be, drawing Interest at 5 tier cent. This
mntter will lio more fully explained In tho up
pcndlxibutwo have seen that the Nation Is
drawing no Interest from llio proceeds of tho
Poncn Bale. With this error corrected, tho
Nation cannot bo owing moro than fm4inj.7
according to tho showing or tho Interior De
partment referred to.
rKxriMiTliB vsiMritnvEti roMMon komai.
Tho construction placed by till Department
uiMintho constitutional nml iegnl right of u
citizen to tho exclisliv, tiso of any nnrtof the
common domain Is, that n fenco that Is not
"'lawful" nnd so descrllHsl by law, either In rj
f nil or tmrfur. Is no fconl obstruction lo tho
common right of occupation nml uv, nnd nuy
citizen may dlsregnrd or remove such n f eheo
nt his pleasure, though nt his own risk, us oth
er of his rights nro exercised.
ir this construction or llio law Is correct, tho
null- amendments that should lie lierhups con
sidered necessary are, first. In reference to
tho number of acres of pasture nliowablo mi
ller present conditions to onocltlr.cn lo ex
clude other from: and second, by penal act
to prevent tho erection of any obstructions on
tho common rnngo by any citizen, licyond tho
amount of unimproved tlomnln so allowed
lilin bylaw forpnturo purposes.
There Is no doubt that many thousands of
dollar worth or property ticlonglng to citi
zen linVobeen nniiually destroyed br tho
Unregulated pussngo of ciltllo tlirougll tlio
country and tho consequent Intnxluctlon of
stock ulsensc In every part thereof. The ovll
grow worse, nnd tho loss greater, every suc
ceeding year. The remedy mny bo found In
the fuel that tho l niien mine uovorumem
has acquired tho right under tlio Constitution
nnd Trenlles with this Nntton.to open nnd uso
roads through tho country. Tlio nntlonnl
authorities may nnd should. In the exerclo of
their duty to protect thn common right of
eiiliens. Kcntn Itthnttholicrdsdrlvonthrougu
Liho Nnllon lm cenflned In their pnssajro to
thoo marl", uddiiig thereto nny oiuer rone, or
road which the Nation may gratuitously se
lect or consider necessary for tho purpo.o.
Such legislation will bo no Invasion or, or det
riment to, nny right of travel or transporta
tion belonging to non-cltlzens, nnd Is Impera
tively demanded In the Interest of our dock
holding citizens.
From tho foregoing statement or tho condi
tion of tho lands nnd money of the Nation,
you will nppreclato tho gravity of tho trust
confided to you, to secure, employ nnd lm-
Frovo tho pcojilo' property. In their bctiair.
t Is certain that wo should do our best to
corn their lasting approval, whllo enjoying
their favor and taking their money. Trlto ns
this reflection mny bo held. It I emplinslzed
nt till tlmo by tho fnct that tho people all
over tho country put partisan schemes und
objects to ono side, when making choice, nt
tho tato election, of member from nil parties
to represent them In Council.
Other subjects of great consequence, inci
dental to thoso mentioned, may engage your
agreed to, tho great power or the Oovernment
will probably com lime lo bo npplled n n
brake to our nttempt to clear our cstntoof
Tn'closo connection with this tonic, you nre
informed that thn authorities at Washington
ppnlntcd last summer illl)n Commission to
l,itnlit,t fnln nml nelrfirt tlt-ntl the ollostlon ol
cl-irtV of citizenship In the Territory, and In
regard In Intrusion. I hnvo twen furnished
with no certified copy of nny report from tint
Commission, nor. though Informed Ihjtnre
tmrt has been mado. novo I been Informed
how Its suggestions or recjmmendatlons are
received by the Depnrtmo-lt at Washington In
the light or the obligation. nd pledges or the
United Mate (lovernment to this Nation.
Gentlemen of llio Nntlonnl Council, all any
man or body or men can do Is to do thn la-sl
in their power. Mistake have been made
and will lm mndo wllh the iiest Intention and
the utmost rure, while human nature contin
ue Imperfect. Tho knowledge that. In the
end. errorshurt thnsv moslwhocommlt them,
I,,,,!,! 1m, m, nssiininenthnt the error nro not
Intentional on part or thoso. who hve
that knowledge. Sly object on this occasion
lias been accomplished Ir your present work.
In It more esenllal particular, ha boon
The I'resl.lent, It I reported, lm o
nmcndtil Civil Service Ilulo No. B Hint It
now distinctly prohibits tlio appointing
power nllko In every depnitmont nml In
every post-oltlco nnd custom ofllco from
making nny discrimination In selection!,
for appointment liy reason of any polltlcnl
or religious opinion or nflllnlIon.
The Chief HlRtinl Olltcer' nnnunl report
ays tlio service ha tieon seriously crippled
by the diminished appropriations, nnd
urge CoiiRres to Imi moro llliernl In tho
future, lio recommend n epnrnto olllco
on tlio 1'nclllo co.isl, nnd n decided exten
sion of the service In that Important ro-
The Chief of the Ilurenu of Ynrds nnd
Dock estimates that It will bo necessary to
expend $fflXl.no t tlt) Jdaro Island Nnvy
Ynrd for the flscnl yenr, ending Juno !W,
The Kenalo Commltteo rxnnilnliiB tho
Mississippi Hlver liiiproveiuents, recently
pnvo tho (lovernment work nt Vlcksbur; n
thoroiiKti inspection, Tho Committee ex
pressed satisfaction with the work nt dlf-
m int-iin vnnr notlco bv special mesfngo,
Hut In llttln nerninnent irood will theso or
nny other matter consume your tlmo mid
Illuor. lllllc- ino very iiiuimiuiuii ui uur nu-
Tlio main features of our present fchool i tional right nnd privilege nro more firmly
system should bo adhered to nnd considered
fiorinancnt. riovcriiicicsn, na experience n
veal defect, the system can bo Improved
without any radical alteration.
Among tho most upparent of such defect.
In my opinion, bolde thoso referred to,Js
Hie almost exclusive adaptation of tho sys
tem to tlio education of n fortunate minority
of our citizens. The. system should bo so Im
proved n to give a chaneo to thoso children
who are reared In Cherokeo-spenklng families
to bo taiiut tlio oral uso ot the F.ngllsh lau
gnago us nn lndlsonsablo Introduction to
tho benefit of the systom. Their scholastlo
education cnnnoi, oven train without such
acquirement. Tim unrair result i Hint mo
liencflts of our school Investment which be
long to all, nnd should bo shared equally, nro
II lUUrilllKllli UUIl WTO IIIUJ lUI'H W mi. Hliu ,u mnu nu -..,,. ,... v. ...... j , .., v
enough to sjiniily thoso needsfH coiitlnol almost wholly to tho more fortunnto
byfouryca'rs'obsen'nllonnnd nnd less numerous class of English-speaking
hi Department, that tho nn- children. Blmpln Justice) nnd equal dealing
Tiik President tins appointed Jnine T,
Dubois, of Pennsylvania, United titatet
Consul nt llplc, nnd recognized Hnmon
Uller Consul of tho United Btntoi of Co
lombia. AnotlMENT was commenced In tho Hit
promo Court nt Wnshington, the other day,
in tho ault brought by tlio helra of tho Into
Hnrah Ann Dorsoy, ot Ioulslann, for tho
purposo of setting nsldo thn will by which
Mr. Dorsey left her proporty to Jeffcraon
Dnvls. Iti maintained tho testatrix wn
subjected to undue Influence,
Ok.xeiiai. Wninirr, Chlot Unglncur, In hi
nnnunl report, urgently recommends Con
gres to iwnko aniplo npproirlatlon for
putting tho sea nnd lnko front In condition
for defense In enso ot wnr. Ho advises nt
lenst $.7)0,000 he expended nt Knn Francisco.
If reply to tho cominunlcatlon of Attor
ney Uoncrnl DrewsUr In regnrd to tho np
polntmont ot nn expert from the Pension
Ilurenu to assist thn District Attorney In
tho preparation ot causes against pension
ngenta charged with Illegal operations,
(Secretary Teller recently nntiouncod thnt
nn export would be dntniltd to examine pa
per, mid nil moan nt tho command of thn
dopnrtmout will be placod at tho disposal
of the Attorney Oeneral to punish offenders
whether guilty of attempting to defrnud the
Oovernment or applicants for pensions.
The Inst cotton crop returns to tho Do
fi,rnil. tinlnta nvnmltiml tiv litem, and all.
modemore clear to jour apprehension, amli. lrnvii .i, i,1n. of thn ltU'er Cnmnilsslon.
iheeills of tiKifflmi n well a or ll.JuilgeifTl,rv,;l1 "le P""1" " " "l'r ommiion.
action tieon made more mnniiesi.
I submit Tor your further Information ol
the condition nml needs of llio Nnllon, the
following reports of oflleer. vtt.i
1st. lictuiit of lllffli Sheriff.
Sd. IMltor Oienihte .l.lrcriilf.
ikl. Commission on Citizenship
4th. Nntlonnl Treasurer.
Mil. Secretary Hoard or IMucatlon,
flth. Auditor or Account.
. .
Tlio Host Dangerous Form of (ininlillng.
What U tlio worso klnil of gnmbllncP
mt"ht ljo a subject or fcomo of our ilo
li.nflnr iiock'llo. or Hingnzlno nympoal
nnis. Tlio moat public is, ns n rule,
considered lo bo thu most dUrcptitnblo.
I.ittio boys plnjinp; pitch-nnd-tos.s in the
streets recall tho shoekitij- career ol
Ilognrth's "Idlo Apprentice. " Tho open
doors, tho gilded nloon, tho gay crowd
nt Monlo Carlo repot tlio thoughtful ns
much ns llioy attract tho thoughtless.
Then playing high at a club Is general
ly considered woro than playing for
tno fiatuo stakes nt n friend1 liouto. It
would therefore seem ns if In this caso
"vlco lost half its sin by losing nil its
gro-isiiess." Hut if wo como to tho real
danger, it is open to question wnciiier
tho man who begins to tipectilato on tho
Stock Kxchango Is not in a more
perilous path than nny of his rivals in
tho other form of gambling. In tlio
first iilacc. thero is tho irrcat temptation
that ho can do it. so to speak, in tho pnrtment of Agriculture showed n slight
dark. Ho can live, to outward seeming, Improvement lnco tho former report. The
a quiet nml decorous lifo, Attending to i Indicated product 1 nenrly elghty-Ix per
his ostcnslhlo work with rigid punctual- cent, of Inst year' crop,
ity ami going to church with his family HEcnETAnr Teli-eu, It Is said, ha under
twico on Sunday. Yet through a fuw consideration a plan, indorsed by Commls-
lines a telegram, or n hurried visit to tloner Dudley, to prevent uch scandals U
thu city ho may bo gambling nwny, in ' have recently "been brought to light in tho
a few hours, sums so big that If ho
staked one-hundredth part of tho
amount on tho turn-up of n card ho
would consider himself, nnd bo hold by
his friends, wicked or Insano. If ho
went to Moiiaco ho could only loso nil
tho monoy in his pockets; but ono
glanco at an evening paper sometimes
tolls him that ho has lost far beyond his
saving nnd is doomed to beggary per
linns tor lifo. Ho often stakes what ho
does not possess nnd gambles with
attention, to somo or which 1 may havo occa-1 MJimtcrs ho cannot redeem. Ills wifo
ami ms cmiurcn Know naming oi inu
practlcoof certain pension attorney. Tho
suggestion I that only momber ot tfo bnr
regularly admitted to practice nnd fn good
standing, bo allowed to appear before tho
Tux Attorney donornl ha decided that
tho proposed chnngo In standard time can
not bo effected except by Congressional
tiii: It A ST.
General a iiakt has addressed a letter
to General Fltz John Porter, In which ho
uyst "As long a I havo n volco It hall
r:;1"!:1,!" i z.
IU lllVIlt W, ,,. 111,11. ,,..,,,..,-. uj ...
geographical knowledgo should, llko charity.
Iieirln at home, and that our vouth should
havo their natural prldo nourished and their
future duties defined tothelrniiprelieniloii by
o sutlclently specltlo account of their own
country 11 conditions nnd history and, ns
rar n prnctlcnblo, of tho IndlanTerrllory. Hy
llio same means, Ignoranco of Indian char
ncter and progress nbrond, which wo havo ut
times so severely fell In tho Indifference nnd
disregard of Indian rights, would Iki, In somo
measure, corrected, a no worn wouiu no n
allowing and n proof of Indian civilization,
und ot our just reeling or pruio mi no racu
Public I.llinirles at tulfablo locations, nnd
under proper regulations, might lioeslnblUhed
In order to foster the love of knowledge which
It Is tho main design or our school to dovelop.
A lasting monument or tho Nation's Intelli
gence and public spirit nnd n memento or It
origin nnd antiquity can Ik erected on tho
foundation laid by tho genius of fcquoynh in
llio Cherokee Alphabet. Huch n work would
havo tho eUect to prescrvo Iho strong nnd ex
presslvo language of our fathers, whllo at tho
samo tlmo iqicrntlng practically to solvotho
most difficult problem of Indian education
namely, the acquirement of the Unfjlish touguo
by tho truly "A'nHre" class of our citizen
Whatever appropriations on your part that
may lio necessary to unlto the Tribes of thl
Territory upon a common understanding of
their relation with thn United Slates and
wltli each other, should not bo withhold.
United counsel nnd nctlon nre plainly Indi
cated ns it measure of strength nml safety for
nil. 1 suggest und advocate such steps a will
Indueo n recognition by each of thoTerrltorlal
Tribe of their mutual denemtenco and com
mon destiny. There would then bo provided
International Councils, comoicd nt repro
hontattvc In proportion to population, whoso
duties, iK'Ing principally ndvlsory, would ro
quire ability enough to give good advice, nnd
lo glvo good reasons tor It. Tlio two or moro
Delegates from each Trbo would then bo
'enabled to communicate each to his local
Council what nctlon tho Joint Interests or tho
wnnto nau noeu jungcu ny an io n-manu.
Fatal precedents could not then )k Stirling
upon any of them, 4 from nmbush, by tho
United MUtoa Court. Thero would bo more
method and strength In our concurrent nego
tiations wllh tho Federal (lovernment. last
ly, should there spring up nny local dlsordor
threatening .the pcaco of any of tho Culled
Tribes, the others, or 6ino of them, would bo
In a position to proffer their frlondly office to
, restore harmony and obviate tho nocesslty of
appealing elsowhcro,
1 concur with the Muskogee Chief In his
observation upon this subject, nnd respeot
Tully solicit your attention to It as ono of
much conscquoncc.
. In tho selection of officers of any (lovern
ment tho main consideration should be com
petency and character. They should bo ca
pable and honest, Hut no honest and capablo
man can afford to sacrifice his private and
family Interests to the public by doing mora
work fortho pu Win than tho publloU willing
to pay for. with the salaries largo enough. It
the kind and amour t of sorvlco doslred bo not
then obtained, the fault will bo with the
elector. . Hut it tho pay li too small, the
blame for Inefficient servants and lnsufllclant
eervlco Is In tbo Legislature who fixe t,.
pay provided the means of making full pay
ment Is la their hands.
I am convinced by the exporlenco and ob
servation ot four years In this Department
that aome ot the salaries paid by the Govern
ment are Iniuftleler.t In amount, whllo somo
are large enough, and that the people's Inter
est have suffered and aro bound to suffer In
proportion U any material deficit. Tbo alsr
Rivmi tnreoulro of tho Nation n larircr nro.
portlonato expenditure of funds trpon tho I
plan of learning u languago by social Inter
course with thoso who seak It, approved In
thocstabllshmcntot primary departments of
tho seminaries.
HKNTEll. Theso suggestion In regard to additional
oxpendltuves would bo lll-tlmod. If tho In
creeso of our national Incomo were not only
practicable, but demanded by our obligations.
Tho Incomo can bo enlarged for tho puroso
mentioned In two ways! 1st, My Investing or
uslngniiart orlho wholoof Ihn proceed de
rlvablo from tho lands west of 00 deg. 2d. Hy
n discreet development of tho national re
sources of tlio country, and n moro carartll
collection or taxes.
A simple order to your delegation lo Wash
ington, and n rcneal of thn section of tho net
providing for a per capita payment three
yeurahenco will bo all thnt I necessary to
anchored by n settlement of tho question of
ciir.iiuiiKn i iTir.Knriiii.
Citizenship In this Nation, n you know,
doe not mean tho poi"csoii or civil rights
merely as it does In countries outsldo of tho
Indian Territory. Tuorlghtor cltlzonshlp In
thl Notion moans the right to n homo nlrcndy
provided for ench nnd every citizen right to
dm suit of Ihn countrv -the right to erect
residence and mako farms on land bought
and paid for by tho Nation In liehnir or It
citizens. It menus tho freo right to school
t.lnnilfiillvnrnvlded. It means tho right to
materials and benoflts which elsowhcro must
be purchased by tho citizen himself, but
which In our caso havo liccn bought ror us
and been paid for In advance, nnd which each
and overy citizen holds and expect to hold
and enjoy for himself nnd posterity without
condition or limitation except that ull shall
share equally, and Hint no transfer of tho
common rigui snail uo muuu num wiu ww
inon consent.
Buch 1 tho meaning of citizenship 111 this
Nation, Including, beside civil right, ull tho
most vnliiablo iironcrty rlghti. thnt cun attach
to n civilized condition.
It I no matter for s un'rlso thnt, where tho
advantages of citizenship nro so valuable,
somo hnvo beon found who oliilm tho right
upon false pretense. Henco, tho question
was bound to nrlso, sooner or later, who'liiT
thoso resident who were not unanimous! i- r
cognlzed ns citizens, were really such or not.
Thus It bccaino necessary to tako n periodical
census of tho population nnd to havo nn nil
ihontin resistor of undoubted citizens. o
that both (lovornment and all ioron liner
esteil might know who were tho real owners
or tho common estato nnu wuoruuuiu mw
ciuueii an uiiciiiiiiev,, ui iiBiiiivn.Kip.
In preparing I hi Indlspenslblo census nnd
miristnr. thn National authorities found It
necessary to pronotmeu somo resident
put tho first-mentioned method Into prnctlce.4...,lolmflfp. , ', rraiidulciil. A trlbunnl
suicide. Minor catastrophes nro nt
tested Jn tho domestic talcs of many
thousand households, and often in thoio
where tho loss means all. Sometimes n,
man, through tho very limit of his
capital nnd tho iinrrowness of thu In
como derived from it, is tempted Into
dangerous Investment, or speculations
supposed to bo fnfo, and loses In a few
weeks tho wholo of tho littlo storo on
which ho and his family rolled. If wo
could by any means draw n cordon
around the Stock Kxchango nnd its en
virons and forbid tho entry of nny
"small outsider," cither personally or
by letter or telegram, n widespread and
insidious ovil, moro dangerous to tho
peaco and security of Kngllsh homes
than all thu card-parties In town or
country, would bo arrested at its sourco,
London Telegraph.
A riiciiomcuul Jlnlno (llrl.
Tho iinlngonist of modern advanced
education, ft thero bo any, should havo
heard a littlo lecturo that a gentleman
gave on tho street Wednesday morning.
Tho question had arisen as to tho ten
dency of modern advanced education to
creuto a disgust for manual labor. Tho
Your restoration to tho nrroy limply, I
would regard ae a very lnadcqunU) nnd un
just repnrntlon. I hope for your thorough
vindication, not only by Congress, but In
tho minds of your countrymen."
Ex-QoVKRNOit IUndoltii died suddenly
at Morlstown, N. J., on tho 7th.
Adodt ono thousand members of tho
i Ornnd Army of the Republla tendered
Oeneral Bhcrmnn a reception at New York,
llio General mndo a long Address, which
wan well received.
It Is believed by tho glnit manufacturers
of Pittsburg, l'n that President Cllne's
mission to tho East Is to secure financial
nld for tho atrikers from Importer, instead
ot Mtompttng to stop the Importation of
glass, as given r -c. It li said the strlko is
a rich harvest for Importers, and It is not
unlikely that they will secretly nld the
Hunoi.Ans recently raided the store of
Bnmudl Bcliultz, near 1'ittsburgh, I'a.,
hauled the safe out ot tho building on
plank', blew It open with powder nnd got
j'.'-J.OOO u cash and jewelry.
The Trenton, which mado her trial trip
from Now York to Newport, nnd which
was supposed to bs In perfect condition,
ha already been laid up for repair, nnd
nor date ot sailing for the Asiatic station
has been delayed.
The official majorities for Auditor Gen.
There Is no sound reason, to my thinking,
why tlio national Incomo should not be In
creased aTIeast f 2S.no! by wlso laws for tho
mining of conl nml lend, by tho manufacture
and export or alt, by tho saving nt grass
which will otherwise lm burned, nnd of tim
ber which will othorwlso rot In thowood. If
such nntlonnl wealth could ho hidden away
from tho covetous oyos of tbo world, wo
might feel n miser' pleasure In knowing that
thu Nation has plenty of wealth which is se
cure, though It does no good. Hut sued
wealth cannot bo concealed by not employ
ing It. 'Its presenco In tho country to n largo
though Indcflnlto extent Is known to tho gen
eral public, und wo hnvo cbolco of two courses
either to let It remain as It Is, within reach
of our labor and enterprise, unworked and
profitless, and un object of cupidity todo
pravod men who make It an excuse for at
tempts to rob us of our homes, or to uso It
while wo con, for our benefit In tho way I
havo suggested, ns materials for labor and
A consideration of very considerable Im
portance In this connection Is. that regula
tions for tho emplormeut of this surplus
wealth will necessarily be attended with a
constant and vigilant survollaiico over It, and
no put a stop In somo measure to open nnd
clandestine schemes to take It without leave.
I now nrocced to a statement of the condi
tion of tho great landed property of our peo
plo, which the"Natlon owns by patent In feo
from tho United Htatos (lovernment. crrantcd
In ISIS worth many millions of dollars be
sides penig ino issi unu oniy reiuge ana noma
for our iiooplo all In your charge to watch
over und preserve.
Tho following brlof statement Is made up
from tho samo report of tho Hon. Secretary
ot tho Interior, berorn referred to, nnd from
our treaties with tho Untied Stalest
Wholo number of ucres conveyed
to thn Nation by deed In foo Deo.
31st IMS Hri.ino.ii
Total numbcrofacrcjioldtodalo.. 3,xi0,oio.0i
ltemalnlng unsold 10,0i.U08
Unsold wiatotlMdegrcs..0,0Z,TM.ll acres
Unsold east ortA degrees. .t,JK)a,iM.97 acre
Total amount received from salo
of lands 3,3aj,873.M
Totnl amount received from sulo
of land und from Delaware and
Shawnee.., .l,fi07,3IT.M
Total reulnod for investment. .fillon.Oil
Total ipontfcr other purposes.. tl,a0o,H3.n
This sum was retained for Invest
ment, to-wit:. ?J.211,3iW.M
Ot which the sum of I lnvuM
was expendod by the Nation as pre
miums on bond purchased for
Investments leaving the sum of (I,On,O0SX3
as all of tho "Principal" of our
Hiiniiltlci since the war.
Tills sum added to the several amount let
apart ana taken rrom tna prices or our land
oast of the Mississippi Hlver by the Treaty of
or 1S.1V0 makes the sum total of the principal
of Cherokee annuities before and since the
of tbeF.dltcrof thoCiruK-dio-taloneIn. f wr . . . j . . t .t --j f3rW.ws.nj
stance. The Editor u the accredited inokesmin
of the Nation, through tho National Journal,
to and boforo the. world. The duo perform
ance of his responsible and difficult duties
il'imnd hlk'entlro Hair, spent In the severest
The total turn from which the'Na-
tlon draws Interest It reported by
mi, jcpuucm fu m
Dlfterenco not scrounted for.
was thereupon specifically nnthorlzed to In
quire nnd dldo upon tho "doubtful case
a well n upon tho claim of now nppllcunt.
Of tho latter (Lo. recent applicants) somo ac
cepted tho privllego of applying with Iho
monstrous resorvntlon thai llio Nation hud
no authority In tho premise except to con
codo their claim, and possessed nouuthorlty
to deny. Tho excluded and the rejected thon
combined to Invoke thn power of tho Federal
(lovernment to force admls.lon for them Into
tho ranks or property holders In common or
thl Nation.
Tho Nation very naturally resisted such u
terferonru In Its u If a Irs, und cotitoniled that
application to tho Federal (lovernment couid
have been madn with the aino propriety nml
J list Ice, Jin t ns Uut. and that considering itself
In tho light or a parent to n family. It hud iho
right to count und clnlm It own children for
Itself, nnd to tw let olono whllo so riolng, Ir It
had tho right at nil. Not only o, but tho Na
tion protested thnt tho Federal (lovornment
was pledged by treaty to abstain rrom lnlor
feicnco und in guard It from any coming
from other source. On tho oilier liand, tho
department nt Washington clolmoit tho au
thority to put all thoso person In possession
of tho country a citizen, who had acquired
tho right of citizenship through treaty pro
vision. Tlio Notion answered that to ploeo
Individual In nossesslon of tho country as
owner In common under Iho treaty was to
hold that tho treaty had tK'on mado wllh 111
dividual member nml not with thn Nation a
a wholo. and that such construction was re
pugiiunt to tho plain wording or treaty nnd
patent In roe to the land.
Thus, tho voxlng question of "jurisdiction"
arose, to wlti which or tho two parties to tho
treaties between tho Nation and tho Oeneral
(lovernment wn uutnorlzod to settle claim
to Ihcrokeo elizensiup noin oeing equauy
bound to fullfll und havo fullfilcd. If possible,
tho pledges each had muco to tho other. Fend
ing the solution ot this question, an attempt
was mado by our national uuthnrltles to tako
possession for tho Nation of tho icul estato
proiierty which bad been decided to bo wrong
fully held by tresspasser. Tho Department
at Washington Interposed to forbid: and It,
waatheu (Feb. 18T! agreed between tho Do
fiartmnnt and the Chcrokeo delegation,
leaded by tho t-'irn Principal Thief, Hon.
Charles Thompson, that thu declared tre-
F assets and new claimant, should have all
ho common property benefit of residence
and of citizenship until the question or "Juris
diction" should bo finally nettled. Thus tho
doors which the General (lovernment had
pledged Its faith nnd power to keep shut
against Intruder wero flung wide open to all
who could utter the magical password of
"claimant." The question of clllzuushlp be
came more and moro entangled a the swarm
ot claimants Increased and a settlement or the
question wasdelajcd, You have now before
you as briefly as 1 can glvo them the principal
Coints of the history of this viral question up
I this dato.
Thn pecuniary aspect and Importance of the
question may be presented by a .Ingle state
ment. Estimating the land yet subjected to
our postcsttoii and Jurisdiction after all ac
count are settled In relutlou thereto, at f 100
in acre, and eitlms'ing the number ot re
jected resident claimants at the tho low figure
of (3,060) three thousand, tho value of Cherokeo
citizenship to an ordinary family of five per
sons cannot be lets than IWUi.oJ. A final set
tlement of the question mutt, therefor
for from desirable to clnlrusnts who know
gentleman told an nnecdoto. A young
ladv. who Is vorv well known In luwls
ton and Auburn, and who has had n I tral and Trensuror, tho only Btato ofllce
liberal education In America, n course balloted for In reniisylvnqln nt the Into
of fttudy in tho German bchools, and
who has slnco taught lu somo of tlio
leading hchools of tills Stato nnd others,
camo homo to her fathor's farm this
summer. Tlio hours hung rather
heavily. ''Futber, your olllco needs
shingling," says sho ono day. Tho next
day tho shingles wcro on tho spot, nnd
thn young lady proposed to hnvo some
fi-.n und cotublno It in tv legltlmato wny
with solid work. Sho built tho stagings
geometrically, ran tho lines after Euclid,
and shingled tho ofllco ns neatly nnd ex
peditiously ns tho vlllago professor of
shingling himself could havo done. Sho
pulled down tho staging nnd erected It
nirnin over tho ell to thu house, nnd, In
Hiiito of parnntal injunction, shingled
tlio oil nnd ft sloping shed attached. She
practiced musiu for pleasure In tho
meantime, However, nnu reaii iiormnn
for n pastime. "Nothing," added tho
gentleman, "would bo further from hor
own Inclination than notoriety.-"
Lrwiiton (Me.) Journal,
Married for Keeps.
Tho skipper cf n coal boat on tho Dal
timoro & Ohio Canal recently decided,
after tnaturu deliberation und careful
consideration, to marry his cook, who
had been a tried and faithful servant to
him for quito n number of his periloui
trips on tho stoun-lashed canal. So he
spoku to her about tho matter ono day,
and nfter securing her coy consent, no
ordered tho boat tied up at n small
town, and being a practical skipper,
skipped up street, after a parson, l'ho
nuptial knot wni soon tied, tho patson
beaten down to a dollar nnd a half for
his feo, and tusn thn canal boatman
"Well Melindy, wo aro married fur
keeps, now. We hto hitched fur life,
and mn.t pull together. I'm a little
short-hanao'l to-day, and as that lead
mulo has got saddle galls on bis back,
you jUt tako the tow path, ami lead him
down to Harper's Ferry, an' I'll steer,
bu' kinder lumlnato on somo plan to
gtvo you wo.'k on tho boat without go
ing nshoro U tho mud. 1'vo got a pow
erful sight more respect "for you now,
that you're my wild. Texas 8lflingt.
si i-
Tho Crow Indians nro estimated to
be worth $2,500 each lu land,
election, were Nile, 10,72(1; I.luvsy, 10,880.
OrrciAi, returns from nil but two coun
ties In Now Jersoy gavo Abbott 0,078 nm
Jorlty over Dlxou. 1'ursons, Tompernnco
candidate, polled about 0,000 vote; Minor,
Nntlonnl candidate, about 3,000.
The tannery of James Cellcry & Co.,
at Allegheny, I'., and a row of brick
dwelling bouses belonging to the same
firm, were destroyed by flr tho other even
ing. Lots, $123,000; insurance, $719,000, In
home and foreign companies.
Til hie men wero killed by a recent ex
plosion nt Wilkesbarre, I'a.
At tho recent New York election, tho
proposition to abolish tho convict contract
labor system received an alllrmntlve ma
jority of 2JM70.
killed his wlfo nnd daughter nnd then him
self. Ho shot hi victims with n double
bnrreled shotgun nnd completed tho affair
by swallowing polon. The trngedy wn
not discovered until his four other children
returned from school nnd found their
motjier dead dtcsed n If nliout to go out
visaing. Mcden was from Kentucky nnd
bad beon qullo wealthy, but bad met with
some rovcrsc within tho past fow yenrs.
He was reported to bo a stern, exacting
husband nnd fnther.
The entire roof, Intldo wall, iron nnd
stono columns of tho new south wing ot
tho Cnpltol nt Madison, Wis., fell the other
afternoon, hurylngnbonttwcnty-flvo work
men In tho ruin, llernard Hlggln, Wll
Ham Edgar, Mlchnol Hewanlt nnd William
0. Jones wcro killed, and nbout twenty in
jured, somo fntnlty.
Judoe llorrXAX, ot tho United Htntes
District Court, nt Snn Francisco, recently
decided thattho Chinese whowont to Chlun
prior to the passage ot tho Restriction net
nro entitled to Innd,
Char. 1'.. Dix, Cashier of tho Hnvlng
Ilnnk at Council llluffs, town, shot himself
through the bend tho other day nnd dlod in
stantly, Ho wn twenty-nlno yenrs old.
No cnuse for tho net could bo assigned, ns
hi account were reported straight.
The Executive Commltteo of Iho WomnnV
Foreign Missionary Hoclely of the Method.
1st Kplscopnl Church, nt Italntennnunl tea
slonntDes Moines, Iown, voted to rnlse
!3,000 for tho estnblishmont ot tho first
woman' periodical In India.
ItE.tnr McUee, a (Sheriff, mndo nn nt
tempt to nrrest n drunken ninn namod
l'nrkor, nt Mohlmlngo, I, T recently, when
l'nrker drew n revolver nnd killed him nt
tho first fire. Kncollng liesldo tho dead
man, lie blow his own brains out.
A nECENT firo nt Troy, O., destroyed a
portion of Hcedlo cv Kelly' foundry nnd
corn-plnnter fnctory. Isj, $.10,000; in
surance, $ld,r00.
A ni'ECMI. sny that Mrs. Siisnnnnh Nel
son started from Anderson, lnd., to No
hrnakn, September 0, nnd has not since
been honnl from by her friends. Bho had
n lnrgo sum of money with her. Mnrshnl
Coburn recently mndo known to "her
brothers thnt ho had found n tiro Insurnuco
policy, Issued to Mr. Nelson, In tho woods
near Tone Haute, where somo time ngo tho
badly mutilated Iwdy ot n woman wn
found by hunters. Ho claimed to havo
proof thnt Mrs. Nelson wn murdered.
At ono o'clock tho othor morning, Mr.
Bpledel, bnggngo-master nt tho depot nt
Forest, 0.,wns called, with tho Mnrsh.ll, to
nrrest n burglnr In M. W. Onlo's store.
Bpledel entered tho window nnd wns shot
by tho burglnr and fntnlly wounded. Tho
burglar wn arretted nnd recognized ns
Mnurlca Hally, n resident of tho town.
The Illinois Central ltnllrond manage
rnont has decided hot to adopt tho new
standard time, soon to go Into effect, but to
ndopt Chicago tlmo. The renson given for
this I, It numerous suburban trains must
necessarily be run on Chicago time, nnd to
runs Its other trnln upon n dllTerent
schedule would mix up mntter ami In
crease the danger ot nccldents nnd colli
tons between train running by the dilTer
cut schedules. If the city ot Chicago
should ndopt tho standard tlmo tho rood
will do likewise.
The main walls of tho Harmon Temple,
at Salt Lnko City, were completed n few
dnys ngo. They nro ten feet thick nnd of
solid grnnlto eighty feet high. Tho founda
tion was laid twenty eight yonrs ago nnd
tho cost to tho present time Is $l,.V)0,000. It
will tako six yenrs moro to complete It.
While Q. Mills was closing tho store of
Owen Sc Myers, nt Altoona, Iown, tho other
night ho was fired upon by two masked
man. Flvo bullets pierced his body.
At tho preliminary examination of 0. A.
Carpenter, at Lincoln, 111., charged with
tho murder ot Zornh Hum, tho dofendant
wns held In $10,000 ball to nppcar for trial.
At Ornnd Forks, D. T., recently, Colonel
H. Ullne wns arraigned on an Indictment
found by the Ornnd Jury for the murder of
Charles nnd Frederick Wnrd, of Chicago,
In llntiuoy County, May last. He was ad
mitted to ball in tho sum ot $10,000.
The mystery surrounding tho disappear
ance ot Hannah Doncgau, of Bt, Louis, who
had been missing slnco October 10, wn
clenred up recently when her husband
Identified a body taken from Iho river as
that ot his wife.
The rag nnd paper wnrehouso ot Q. K. C
Wheeler, nt I'eoria, 111., burned recently.
Loss, $17,000; Insured.
Jt Is said that owing to thn Inadequate
railway sorvlco no hundred nnd fifty
sucks ot mail from Bt. 1'uul and Katterti
cities for point between Helena, M. T.,
and l'orlnnd, Oregon, .nre lying at Tort
land, nnd the quantity dally increasing.
Two atockdealors named Drassflcld and
Pryan wero murdered tho other evening
In an unfinished hotel in which thoy wero
looping nt Camp Caldwell, lu tho Indlnn
Territory. Thoy had sold n large amount of
stock and pelts, but bad deposited nil tho
monoy except three hundred dollars, ot
which tho bodies had been robbed. The
murder was committed by two notorious
characters, "Hngollrusli Jack" nnd "Whist
ling Kid," both ot whom were cuptured.
Hom. Hajiuxl, Maoill, ono of tho oldeat
and wenlthles'. citizen of Central Illinois,
nnd, who had been for lnishy yenrs a prom
inent buslnoas man of UloouiSngton, com
mitted sulcldo recently at Clinton, III.,
dying In the presence of bis family.
Hecent severe gales upon the lakes
caused much damage On Lake Michigan
tho schooners Arab nnd Protection wero re
ported lot with nil on board about twenty
men. Thore wore also a number of other
cases of drowning.
At Akron, 0 rocontly IU F. Palmer's
family wcro all taken violently illuppJed
to bo trichinosis, from eating head cheese.
hTwo would probably die.
quarters department of thft Kentucky
Ornnd Army of tho Hepuhllo,and thenco to
all tho depnrtment headquarters In the
United Htntes for concurrence by all TosU.
When returned they will be sent to Con
gress with n proper explanatory letter.
Bexatoh MaIioxe's) son wn llnod fifteen
dollars In tho l'ollco Court, at l'ctenburg
Vn., for drawing a pistol nt tho polls on
election day.
The child of an immigrant died at New
Orleans recently from yellow fever, a few
hour nfter landing.
At Lnurinburg, N. C, recently, Mclnn'
Hall, In which wn a lnrgegnthcrlngot col
ored peoplo, fell, creating n wild sceno ol
excitement. Two wcro killed and a num.
ber Injured.
Tiik passenger nnd freight depot of the
Arkansas & Loulslnua ltnllrond, nt Well
ington, Ark., burned recently. Half n
dozen keg of powdor wero lu tho depot,
nnd thn first Intlmntlon tho pcoplo hod ol
tho tiro wn n terrlno explosion.
The grenter part of the town ot IlliiHtou,
Tux., wns recontly destroyed by an incen
dlnry tire.
At Mount Monroe, N. C, tho other day,
party of lxty-flvo negroes captured
Ijiwronce White, colored, and hangod
him. A few days beforo White killed a
colored man named Frazier. Whlt was
under nrrest when captured by tho lynch
ers. NRAn Ilrynn, Tex., Joseph Deboltky nnd
his sister Mnrgnrel, both ndullt, wen
drowned tho other night with their horses
whllo attempting to cross Cnrter Creek,
which wns swollen by rnlns.
TlIK steamship Tnllahasi-eo of the Ocean
Bteamshlp company, Ot Bnvnimah, On.,
sailed from that port recently, with over
three thousand bales ot cotton and a quan
tity ot turpentine and other Inflammable
material on Imard. Bho had ncrew of forty
ovou men nnd thirteen passenger. When
off tho highlands, nliout seven o'clock on
tho evening of sailing, sho wna discovered
on flro In tho forward hold. Finding It Im
possible, to extinguish tho fire, the Captain
ordered tho engineer to run nt full speed,
and tho vessel reached Now York the next
evening nnd nil on board safely landed,
but tho cotton continued to burn. Tho loss
wn heavy, but fully covered by Insurance.
A I.ATE flro at Charleston, H. C., do
nlr'jiA Wilbur's clothing manufactory,
Taylor it Co.' wholesale grocery hotua
nnd Ludlg's bag fnctory. Lots, $00,000.
Eight women nnd one boy f.vero employed
In Wilbur's fnctory, mot o. whom Jumped
from tho third story. Ellen Herron was
killed, Susan Ilond mortally Injured, Mary
Wolfo badly burned, Maggie Qnlnlltk nnd
Annie Tyleobndlyhurt. Abigail Gray and
Laura (1 recti woro supposed to have been
burned In the building. A littlo boy named
Llghthcart jumped nnd was caught unhurt.
Dumxa n recent flro in n factory nt
Roubnlx, France, a quantity of benilne ex
ploded, killing ten pcnion nnd Injuring
forty. Three hundred persons wero em
ployed In tho fnctory. Thirty women were
working In tho upper stories. Tlio flames
caused an explosion, cut olt their eacnpe
and they lenpod from upper windows.
Since tbo ro-appcarnncn of cbolora nl
Alexandria, in Egypt, thenttackof tho dis
ease Is confined to Europeans.
Lonn LonifK bus bctn suggested for
Viceroy of Irelnnd.
A rEAitror. explosion recently occurred
in Mooresdelil ColIIory, Lancashire, Eng
land. There wero one hundred and ten
persons In tho colliery. Blxty-threo minors
woro killed, and the others wcro taken out
badly hurt.
The IlrltUli steamer Iris, from Cardiff to
Port Said, was lost oft Capo Viilano, Spain,
recently. Ot a crow ot thirty-six nil but
ono wcro drowned.
IIuiikxss failures for tho week ended
One of the Most I'.ipert flnng of OotinterJ
feller In the Country Captured by Mew,
fork Ilelerllfe, Including WHInm J5j
llrockwny, liver Whose Hen.1 n Sii-pendJ
ed Thirty Yenr' Sentence lime A Fin'
l'leee of lleteetlv Work.
New Tohk, Noy. 11.
ffrn. C I)roe!c-y, Jm Doyle ami
Charles II, Bmlih, professional forgers and
counterfeiter!, wero rreted In Brooklyn
en Octobers, 18S0, for forging $1,000 six
per cent, coupon bond of tho Unltl
Htntes, I)oyl wn sent to prison for
twelve years. Bmlth turned State's evi
dence nnd Brockwny was sentenced to
thirty year Imprisonment. Sentence was
utponded on his undertaking to surrender
ill tho plate for forcing United State
bond which ho had. In hi possession or ths
whereabouts of which he knew, nnd other
counterfeiting apparatus, and to give what
Information he could In regnrrt to the pro
feislon of forgery He wns told that If he
wns ever rearrested In the United States for
practising forgery, the thirty years' sen
tence which wn suspended, would go Into
effect. Brockwny dug up a lotot plate
and turned them over to the Oovernment,
as per contract, Und dlsnppeared. Two
months ngo Detectives Mnngln and Cos
grove dltcovered that he was making dally
visits to a boarding home at 331
Islington Avenue, where be met
Nathaniel D. Foster nnd Louis
Mnrtln, both counterfeiters and forgers.
Inspector Ilyrnes suspected that Brockway
was at hi old trade and ordered Betectlves
Margin, Cotgroto and Head to watch him
and lil two confederate. A room was
procured In the neighborhood ot the Lex
ington avenue boardlpg-houe, and the de
tectives took turns In watching the suspect
ed promises with an opera-glnss. Iirook
way, on leaving the house In Lexington av
cnuo ono day, was traced to a flat atSTO
West Eleventh. Ho went under the name
of Spencer, and pasted a n boarder. Tbo
woman, who passed as Mrs. Ollbert, ths
landlady, proved to be Brockwny' wife.
Inspector Ilyrnes hired a room In West
Eleventh street, oppotlto the place whem
Brockwny lived and directed DeUctlves
Blevln, McClosky nnd Richard Field to
watch him. They learned thnt he spent
hours at tho Ut, James hotel, where Martin
lived. About a month ago thoy picked up n
letter which he toro to pieces nfter descend
ing tho stairs with Martin, with whom he
had been consulting for n long time. The
fragment of tho lcttor on being put to
gether showed that Brockway, Martin
nnd Foster were engaged In wholesale for
gery. On Saturday Inspector Byrne ob
tained search warrants and arranged a
simultaneous descent oil tho houses In
Eleventh street and Lexington avenue.
Brockway, who had Jutt left Lexington av-
enuo when the descent was made, wn
caught on tho elovated railroad. In the
Lexington avenue house the detective
found plates, stamps, dies and every other
thing necessary for forging money and
Essex Ilallroad $1,000 seven per cent, con
struction bonds, paynblo In 1001, and Cen
tral I'aclflo Ilallroad Company $1,000 six
per cent, gold-bearing bonds, series B.
Btnmp intended for botli bonds, Including
tho London stamp ot the last named, wert
also found. A large number ot the bonds
already printed were seized, and there
wns nUo captured the set up type used to
print tho certificate on the back of the
Central I'aclllo bonds. There were also
telzed eighteen sets ot type for each ot the
eighteen coupon. Type set up for other
parts of tho bonds, together with the. ftg
tire uaed for printing the scrolls, war
A genuine bond also was found and ths
counterfeits were as genuine looking.
Chief Drummoud, by mean of a micro
scoie, discovered that thn revenue stamps
on tho liondt wero a forgery. In the flat on
west i-leventn street me ueteciive iounu
comparatively little to prove that forgery
had been attempted, but In room Win Hi
Bt, Jnmes Hotel, the. room which .Martin
Nov. 8, 211, against .l.'i tho previous week. I baa beon occupying for nearly s year past
The Irish National League, of Dublln.had F""!1?"; i"v"
a telegram from John lledmond, their agent
in Australia, atntlng that tho Convention ol
the Irish National Leagub, nt Melbourne,
wns n grcnt success; that I'nrnell's pro
gramme wn adopted unanlmomly, anil
that Hod inniiit, was about forwarding ten
thousand dollars to tho Looguo In Ireland, ' were wraped up In the bundle of bonds.
.tnl, lis.lmnn.l nml 1,1. broth.r. Wlllliim. I Tlilrtv-tlires more bonds not vet numbered
who hnvo boen In Australia several month and also unsigned were also found In -Jr
. ,. , . , . ,. ,. , tin's room; in urockways pocket were
In the Interest of the Irish Nntlonnl Isngue, i t(mnA im , ,wr cenU frocM,,., bond
or l'ie 41 orris c jwiex ivaurunn ann a tijuuva
per cent, gold-bearing Central l'aeltlc Kail
twenty-one counter
feit Morris nnd Essex Itallroad Company
$1,000 7 percent, mortgage construction
bond. All these bond wanted wn the
signature ot the President and Treasurer
to be put upon the market. The signature
would toon havo been added, Snui Sloan,
I'reldent ot tho company, write with a
quill nnd a bundle ot q Ills, ready for ute,
The large new barn of Andrew Hnrdway,
s farmer living near Martinsville, 111., was
burned to the ground tho other night, while
tho family were at church. Ten horses, a
full set of farming Implements ot all kinds,
thirty tons ot hay, a large quantity of
grata, wagons and pther Implements wero
destroyed making a total lots of nearly
(10,000, with no Insurance. Thought to bo
The other night the mall between Malta
Bend and Mount Leonard, In Saline Coun
ty, Mo., was robbed about one mllo from
the latter place. Tbo mall carrier was at
tacked by three men, two ot whom covered
bltu with revolvers, while the third made
awny with the mall pouch. The two men
who had guarded him ordered him to pro
seed on bis route, and threatened blm with
death If be gave the alarm, but he gave the
tlarm as soon as possible, and officers
started in pursuit, Tbo mall pouch was
found cut open a short distance from the
ceneot the robbery, and all the letters
were lying In tbo pouch, not one having
been opened, except a registered letter
containing $173, which was gone.
Oeoroe West recently shot and killed
Williams, editor ot the Advocate, at Lo
rsntport, lnd.
About 'four hundred miners, who have
been on a strike at La Salle, III., since the
beginning of July, wont to work the other
morning and the shafts nre all now In full
operation. The leaders of the strike have
been black-listed, and several ware making
preparations to seek work elsewhere.
Hlsrt C McOie, a well-to-do farmer,
residing near Independence, Mo., recently
The boarding house of James Hluur.t, at
Austin, Tex., burned nt two o'clock the
other morning. Male and female lodger
bad to fly In their night clothes, losing
everything, several barely escaping with
their live. Total lot on building, furni
ture, clothing, etc., about $11,000,
Am a solution ot the fence-cutting dllll
culty in Texoi, it Is proposed to Increase
the penalty for that olfente and to Ux the
penalty for Inclosing laud without author
ity, also to place the venue ot all such cane
at Austin, where conviction is more cer
tain, Juries there not being swayed by sen
timent, which renders fence-cutter' con
victions so dlfllcult in the disturbed coun
At Hearne, Tex,, there bad for somo time
beer n bad feeling between City Marshal
Oraon and Albert Bl-bop, a promising
young lawyer. Tbo other morning, Can
non, with pistol in band, followed Illthop
Into a yard, where the latter unexpectedly
produced c double-barreled shotgun and
perforated Cannon with twenty-nine buck
shot, killing blm instantly, Cannon bad
the record of killing two men.
The Garfield Pott ot the Grand Army ot
ths Republlo at Covington, Ky., recently
adopted resolutions declaring that in view
of the eminent services of Lieutenant Gen
eral P. H. Sheridan, anil especially bis
bravery at the battle ot Winchester, be
should be promoted to General, and that
Major General Hancock, for like reason,
especially bravery at Gettysburg, should
be made Lieutenant General. The reaolu
tlon are to be trawroIUed to tfeebe-
will retuni to Ireland shortly, via Ban
Francisco, and will mnka a lecturing toss1
through tho United State.
Hundat, tho 11th, the P'rotetnnti
throughout tho world telebrnted the fovr
hundredth anniversary of the Wrth Ot
Mnrtln Luther,
TUB tVlTKfvr.
A Finn recently destroyed the TJnlttd
BUtes Hotel, at Shenandoah, Pa., together
with a largo number of other buildings, in
cluding Odd Fellows Hall, Academy of
Music, Mining Jfcrald and JVcim ofllce.
Two hundred and fifty families woro left
homeless. A young man, George Henton,
on bis way homo attempted to Jump on a
passing fire engine, and had both legs cut
AT Comanche, Tex., the other night,
while the Sheriff was abtont, fifty armed
masked men battered In the Jail door, over
powered tho guards after a hard struggle,
and, taking out tho two Bailey brother,
hanged thorn to a tree in tho grave-yard,
one mllo from town.
The Mexican Government definitely re
fused the demand ot tho English bond
bolder to isaue $20,000,000 in tkroo per
cent, bond, in addition to tho recognised
debt of $80,000,000. The decision ends the
negotiations. Tho Mexican representative
in London has been recalled. The Mexican
Government desired settlement, but con
sidered the bondholders' demand excessive.
A dei.eoation ot Mexican merchants
and capitalists wero recently given a pub
reception and banquet at Kansas City.
A 8H0OTJXO affray occurred In tho Cher
okoo Nation, near the Arkansas line, re
cently, resulting in the killing ot James
Boyd and wounding of II, I BuramerlMU.
Tub committee of expert builders and
architects, appointed to consider the cause
ot the recent collapse ot the new cnpltol
building, at Madison, Wis., found nothing
defective in the. plans, but did find serious
latent defects in the iron work which bus
tained th roof ot the south extension ct
the building. Some of the supporting col
umns rovealod Internal flaws which ren
dered them worthless. The flaws in the
iron were not visible until after the eel
umns were broken. I
The annual report of theTreasrer of the
Unltud States showed a total net revenue
of $Wd7,&81, n decrcatoof $6,387,088. The
only Increase in the receipt wis from the
salo ot psbllo lands. ThoTreasarer recom
mended that tho compensation and mileage
of members ot Congress bo made by the
disbursing officer Instead ot the Treasurer.
II alto urged the restoration of salaries in
the Treasurer's oMca reduced lu 18t
Near Arnold's Station. In Clay Couaty.
Mo., the other day, George Noll tbot and
mortally wounded 8. Arnold, and than shot
and Instantly killed his son Josepli H. Ar
nold, who went to the elder Arnold's as
sistance, Tbo trouble was about the ue of
a gateway between the two tarpw.
Asoiuinlu Pond'ey- Bgr hou5, at
Bayou Bluff, La., recautly explodad, kill
ing the chief engineer and two otter men.
Chwei.tt o tu part a her brother
caused Mary Kueroll, aged eight, ot
PUUburcb, Pa., to commit suicide.
road bond, series B, No. 3.0. The bowls
aro believed to be genuine. The prUoner,
Lewi Martin, is believed to be the capital
ist ot tho gang Jutt arretted. He 1 sixty
year old, nnd is a fine-looking man, who
face) familiar to the frequentem of raco
tracks East and West. ' lie had handsome
rooms at tho Bt. Jamea Hotel, and was ac
quainted with wealthy nml reputable
horsemen and sporting men. He waa
formerly, it Is said, a member of
tho Jockey club. In his poeseeetort were
found a number ot letters and paMn
thawing hi connection with the counter
fetters' gang. Other letters showed hi in
terest In burse racing and extensive ac
quaintance with reputable horse owners
throughout the country. Other letters, It
they are genuine, indfeato that he wa a
butlnes man of flrttaHdlnfc', tomeof them
being In the form ot recommendation from
railroad president nd other otHclals to
others in the same line of bulMs, and
speaking of Martin a a capabWpenion and
one to be trusted. In IB7.1 he wa Indicted
In the United State Court of the Western
District of Pennsylvaola m an accomplice
ot Henry Makll, alias Sweet, in, paulng
counterfeit $W0 note, llewas-tevnrtrted.
1'revlout to that time Inspector Byrsa says
he baa been known as en. engraver and
Srlnterof counterfeit under the name of
lartin Luther. Nathaniel B. FCster, the
third prisoner, I about fort y y ears old, and
a native of Bradford, 111. He was a pal of
Theodore Shotwell, alias Tom King, who
died recently In Greenland, Col. tMaee
the latter' death Foater ha bees pasting
as the husband ot tthotwell's slater, Mr.
Brockway la a native ot Oemwesleut.
txty-one year of ae. Ha U a printer and
electroty per bv profession; stud"! chem
istry under 1'iW. Kllllm ot Yah CUe.
In 1853 he obtained au imore-to on lead
ot a genuine plate of bill ot the Mate Hank
cf 'Connecticut, aa4 printed a hundred
thousand uollaN in five-dollar net. Sine
that time he baa bean rw-Mir oounaoUd
with tome of toe keavteat counterfeiting
venture In tna country.
i I. -- i .
A PnwU-iwiM Sntaah.
Nokih Abams, Mass., Novlst.
A trnln ot freight tMura on tna Troy
Gre '-U4.R;lroad imnd watt, took tna
eatt-Kni'it .rack at XoaBtatlon today and
stopped JO let the peaaauger, train bound
west pass. WhIU standing wtM Mm atwtn
derailed a cowtruotlon taaln rnanad laa
ttte dat and Into the (rst. train with
twin a fore. The antlne darUtad was
Kftod from tna traek and fall an tna eatsar
engine and several ear war a)" promts
ttttewly about tna engine. The WsWaman
os the construction train Jumped and ' was'
sarlansly ialnred. Tbe mghtaar ad if- '
man Jumped and eeaapeA in Jtvy. t3aaos
Dattruettve Vtre-
riTTSaKBOH, r A. JfV. M.
Th tannary f Jtma ColUry Oo., en
Hlver avenua, AllegHany. a! a raw at
brMc dwelling be belantin- te Mm
same Arm ware dastrayad Vy if ta avast
lag. lnfaWoaottatUtraftna
tannery bulWloa; and' epraad so ra-aisHy
Hwt a number at ns tat Mm jtianlia 4a
iparttnaitt waoanad with tUMowlty, Ot.tna
'dwelling bouse tkU'Wrti totally -,, :,
strsyad and eight UHs ,4mmugAl-j Viae
low ia U,aaa. iMUitg, ts- nssna "'
and foreign eotnnauto. Tna na-aUag wa '
"seated by Uaw, and th rigits ot tn trf L
kawyttary. a a

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