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Devoted to tlio Interests orilio Cherokee, C'lini'iiiwR, Clileltitsnw, Seminole, Creek, nml all Other Indians of the. Indian Territory.
VOL. II. NO. 10.
pioatict) liy Telegraph ami Mall
BEcnrrAnr Tilleii has rendered nn lm
bortant decision lit reply to'ho question of
tlio Commissioner of Pensions, asking (or n
propor nnd uniform construction of tbo ro.
rlsed statutes concerning pensions to de
pendent mothers. Tbo Secretary main
tains Ihnt If tlio ton wns a minor tbo fntbor
was entitled to his services, or, If not liv
ing, tbo mothor wna no entltlod, nnd there
fore tho dependent fntber or motber should
bo allowed n pension.
Aobnt Witxox.of tbo Ban Cnrlos Agency,
Arlrona, held qulto n long conversation
recently with Bccrotory Teller nnd Com
missioner 1'rlco, in regard to tbo captured
Apaches, at which, It Is stated, ho peremp
torily refusod to tako tho renegados Into
bis charge, utiles ton or twelve of them
ivoro hanged as a punishment for tholr
diabolical work In destroying tho whites.
I Hinck November 1 tbo Ucneral Land Of
llco at Washington, has hold for cancella
tion ono hundred nnd eighty entries under
tho pre-emption, homestead nnd timber
culture laws. Tbo majority of these en
tries were In Minnesota nnd Dakota. Most
of tho cases woro for fraudulent entries
nndcr tho pro-omptlon Inns, tho lauds hav
ing been entered by persons hired by land
peculators. Blnco March last fifteen hun
dred fraudulent cases woro reported to tho
Department and ovor thrco hundred nnd
Dfty entries canccllod.
f It la said no chnngo will bo mndo In stand
rd tlmo nt Washington for tbo present.
' Gknkral CnooK tolegrnphed to liend-
tiuartors iccently that Captain llolTorty
had arrived nt San Carlos with ninety
Chlrncahuas. Tho total numlier on tho
reservation l olghty-thrco bucks and
three hundred nnd forty women and chll
Uron. There nro only forty now out, nnd
they will lo In soon.
IN tho District Court nt Washington,
Judgo Cox set asldo tbo verdict for 00,000,
recently ronderod In favor of Hallott Kll
bourne against John O. Thompson, on tho
ground that It was excessive.
Tun resignation of tho notorious Major
Nickcrson has boon accepted by tbo Presi
dent, to tnko effect November IS.
I Beciiktaiit PoLaitn has called ton million
throo per cont. bonds.
. Accordiko to tho report of tho Comp
troller of tho Currency, tbo highest amount
bf tbo flrat Issuo of legal tenders outstand
ing nt nny ono tlmo was fHO.tol.TM.
Amount outstanding Kqvcinber 1, 1SS3,
' The Postmaster Oonornl has issued an
order forbidding postmasters to dlstrlbuto
Circulars not addressed, or to furnish lists
Dfnnmosto pension agents. This Is done
to provont frauds.
The Issue of silver dollars for tho week
ended November 18, was KIO.OOO, against
610,000 lor the samo tlmo last year.
The aonornl Commlttoo of Church Ex
tension of tho Methodist Episcopal Church
mot at Philadelphia, Pa., recontly. The
Corresponding Hccrotary of tbo Hoard read
a statement showing that tbo amount
nsked for from the Conference wns $133,000.
Tho amount received is as $108,4.13. Tho
reports of tho Corresponding Bccrotnry
nnd Treasurer for tbo fiscal year which
ended October 31, showed nn Increase. In
tbo net receipts for tho year nnd n cash
bolancoof $104,691.
The first public meeting of tho Huguenot
Bocloty ot America was held In New York
recently. Addrossos woro madj by John
lay. President of tbo Boclcty; Bishop
QuInUrd, of Tennossoo Assistant Illshop
Totter, of Now York, nnd Rov. Dr. Vermll
gal. I'eteh Riiull, tbo horso thief who fasted
)blrty-clght days, oscapod from jnll at
Dclvldero, N. J., tbo other night.
J. C. Rahne8, a well-known coal dealor
and Councilman of I'lttsburgb, To., com
mitted sulcldo nt tho St. Cloud Hotel, New
Castle, l'a., tho other ovonlug, by shooting
himself through tbo head. Financial em
bnrrnssmont was said to bo tho cause.
' Mns. J. II. Eldiied, nged sevonty-two,
was found dead In a pork barrel in North
Tetorsburg, N. Y., recently, with bor feet
protruding and with a wound en tho foro
hoa d.
I Woiikwkn In tho I'lttsburgb, l'a., Iron
mills arn reported to bo Illlod with tho
Kloomlost forebodings nnd approhonslons
tor tho futuro by.tha announcement that a
number of mills had closod down, owing to
lack of orders and n general unsatisfactory
condition of tho Iron trade.
I A nKCEJJT fire nt Philadelphia destroyed
tho American Lino of Steamship's Com
pany's wharves. Tbo piers wero enclosed
by largo frame buildings, ami tho lower
floors were used for storago of freight, and
tho upper stories as a temporary homo for
emigrants. Thousands of dollars' worth ot
goods awaiting shipment on tue steamer
lord Cllvo wuro swept nway. Loaa 1100,000.
James Doiibon has beon hold to ball for
Issuing fraudulent tax receipts on election
day, In Philadelphia, nnd George Holland,
colored, hold for voting a tax rccolpt on
which tho name of another person had been
erased and Holland's substituted. This
prosecution was brought by the Commltteo
Of One Hundred.
Tub Third Congregational Church, nt
Rlddeford, Mo., was burned recently. A
fireman was badly Injured.
OiconciK C. Munhoe, n prominent cltlr.cn
Of Newport, It. I., dlod suddenly tho other
morning of Joy at recovering n vordlct
against n bank. Tho caso ha' boon In
court slnco 1863.
The County Comptroller recontly en
tered criminal suit against A. H. Kownnd,
clerk of tbo Court, at Pittsburgh, Pa.,
charging htm with embezzlement ami de
falcation during two terms ot ofllco of
nuns aggregating nearly $47,000. llownnd
was arrested, and gavo ball In $0,000,
.,' Tin: wii.sr.
At Clovoland, O., recontly, John Waflln,
a Prussian, wagered ono dollar that ho
could drink flftoon glasses of whisky In
fifteen minutes. He won tbo dollar, but
dlod soon after, leaving a widow and five
ehldren. -i A
A becret organization, called tho Na
tional Leaguo for tho Suppression of Po
lygamy, at a meeting tbo other night, at
Cleveland, O,, considered lotters from Hos
ton, Philadelphia, Chicago and other cltlej,
promising co-operation and asking In
formation ot the methods ot forming
branches. An address was Isiuod, which
;losed with the hopo that "the public will
Interest Itself In the matter and seo Con
gress deluged with petitions during the
coming session. If It Is a general demand
from all parts of the country for the abo
lition of polygamy Congress will bo com
pelled to heed the demand, and tho only
way to make such a demand is by means
Df extenslvoly signed petitions."
Trcs general offices ot the Illinois Central
Railway, In the five-story Iron block, conier
pf Michigan and Randolph streets, Chicago,
were recently destroyed by fir.
Tux report thst Oeorge Shaw, ot Canal
Dover, O., had killed bis wife and six chil
dren proved to be untrue. He was crasy,
but killed no one.
Dr. Frank D. Smith, bf Detroit, has be.
jua a suit for fifty thousand dollars In the
United States District Court of Michigan,
jfalnst Dr. Jno. II. Itenob, Secretary ot the
Illinois Doard of Health, whoso name, ho
alleges wns signed to a circular revoking
his (Dr. Smith's) license, for dishonorablo
The wlfo of James Henderson, n wealthy
farmer, of Johnson County, Mo., wns re
cently burned to death by her clothes tak
ing fire from a grnto.
William KciiANKWxn.xn, twenty-ono
years old, wont Into tho past nro to catch n
horse, near Wcllsvllle, Mo., recently, nnd
was found dead about 'eleven o'clock nt
night, n horso having Licked him nnd
broken his neck.
A FRiniiTVUL accident occurred on tho
Rock Island Railroad, near Jnmeaport,
Mo., on the morning ot tbo Villi, by which
n car containing forty-threo excursionists
was thrown from tho track nnd rolled down
nn embankment. Adam (lotzlnn,n wealthy
rosldont ot Ht. Paul, was killed nnd his
nleco badly hurt. About a dozon others
wero Injured.
The propollor St. Paul recently took flro
on I.nkn Michigan, nnd nftor unsuccessful
efforts to extinguish tho tiro sho was scut
tled and sunk.
At 8L Louis, tho Jury In tbo caso of Ed
waril llickhrd, charged with tho murder of
Bcllnn Wilson, returned a verdict of not
guilty. This wns tho third trlnl of Rlckard,
who wns n nowspapor reporter. On tbo
first trial ho was sentenced to hangs on tho
second thcro wns n hung Jury. Rlckard
shot Mrs. Wilson, his boarding howso mis
tress, on Thanksgiving ovo of 18S1. Tho
detonso was tho accidental dlschargo ot
bis pistol.
A PABHKNOKn train on tho Fox River
branch 'of tho Chicago, Rurllngtou &
Qulncy Railroad, was telescoped by a
heavy freight train nt Otter Creek, near
Btrentor, 111., tho other day. Tho passen
ger train had lieen flaggod by nn extra
train, that was uuablo to movo on n long
grndo south of tho creek. Tho train stopped,
nnd another freight wns following closo
behind tho passenger, which ran Into It,
killing L. J. Pease, n lawyer, of Dwlght,
III., M s Alexander Henderson nnd daugh
ter, of Wedron,n Mr. lliimosnn, who wns on
his way to attend tho funeral of his brother
at Pontine, III., nnd Injuring ten or n dozun
others, several of whom it was thought
would die.
F. M. Ker, tho cmliozzllng cashier of
Preston, Kenn Ss Co., of Chicago, who woa
captured In Peru, South America nnd
taken back for trial, wns rocontly sentenced
to ten years In tbo penitentiary.
The south-bound passenger trnln on tho
Illinois Central Railway, collided with n
train bound north, near Hrndford Station,
Tenn., tho othor afternoon, killing n colored
porter, Telegraph Repairer Coburn, nnd
nn express mossonger. lloth engineers
wero badly hurt, and llvocars woro burned.
II. Findlat nnd Edwnrd Smith, injured
In tho Into railroad accident near Htroator,
111., died tho follow ing day, swelling tho
list of klllod to eight.
Nelliko, tlio murdorcr of n young lady
at Fowler, lnd., "lecnuso ho ccld not help
It," was taken from Jail by u mob nnd.
A special from Norwny, Mich., said that
tlio men nt the Ludlngton mtno Joined tho
Chnpln mine strikers nt Iron Mountain nnd
paraded tho streets with n brass Land,
eight hundred to ono thousand st-ong, till
forced to disperse by tho cold. Four hnn
drcd of them thon surroundod Superinten
dent Stockbridge, of tho Ludingtou mlno,
and upon his refusal to yield to tholr de
mands attacked, ktckod and boat him till
ho promised them anything thoy wanted.
Tbo mobthenstnrtodoutln search of Supers
intendent Cady, of tbo Chapin, but ho had
loft by tbo trnln for Mllwnukoc. Tho men
threatened nnloss their demands woro
yleldod nt tho Chnpln mlno that thoy would
compel a stoppage of tho pumps and nllow
tbo mlno to bo Hooded.
Bauuel Hemet, an old fannor living
near Swarton, O., recently killed his wlfo
and then himself.
AY tho farm of Frank Stopps, near Covo
Spring, Mo., Jim Cook recently cut his
wife's throat, nftor a quarrel. Tlio couplo
had been married, something over a yenr
and had separated. Cook had to bo hurried
oft to Jail to savo him from lynching.
The business portion ot tho town of Hell
more, O., burned roccntly. I.oss, $35,000.
Till! (SOUTH.
Rv tho rocont caving In of n gravel pit.
near Dallas, Tex., two negroes wero killed
and two whites badly Injured.
The Norton Iron Works' rolling mill nnd
nail mill, at Ashland, Ky., wero burned
the other morning.
llAiimr.T Hawkins and child, colored,
wero found dead in bed tho other morning
nt Lexington, Ky,, having died, it was sup
posed, from hunger nnd cold.
It Is reported that an organization of
two hundred and fifty members has twen
effected In Frio nnd adjoining counties ot
Texni, to destroy pnsturo fences. They
claim that thoy aro greatly aggrieved by
stock men, having large pastures, turning
their stock upon the commons to savo tholr
fenced ranges for wlntor use.
At Vlcksburg, Miss., tho other night, tho
theater wns the scono ot tho unprovoked
nnd cowardly murder ot D. R. Allen by
Frank E. Stark. Tho murderer, who had
been discharged from tho position of ad
vanco agent, went Into tbo drosslng room
wbcro Alton and his wlfo woro gottingroady
to go on tho stago. Aftor having somo
words with Allon hodrow a pistol nnd fired
four shots at him, two taking effect, ono
passing through tlio heart. Stark was ar
rested nnd Jallod, Ho admitted ho had no
provocation In committing the not, nnd at
tributed it to his bad temper. Allen was a
natlvo ot Ilrooklyn, fifty-five years old;
Stark a natlvo ot Now York, nnd twonty.
two y oars old.
A train on tho Texas Control Railroad
recontly jumped the track near Choctaw,
precipitating tbo engine, baggage nnd ex
press car through a trostlo, killing tho flro
man, nnd aovcrcly Injuring tho engineer,
baggage master and messenger.
A LATE Are ntColumbui, Miss., destroyed
J. II. Turner & Bon's warehouse, wl6i two
thousand bales ot cotton. Loss, $100,000.
The National Union League has post
poned tli 5 iheetlng tboy proposed holding
at Atlanta, Da., tho 21t of November, and
instead thereof, General James Ncgley,
Prosldent, has called a meeting at tho
Abbot House, Washington, on tbo 12th of
December. The Republican National Com
mittee meets at the same tlmo.
JonN Smith, colored, who murdered
Joseph Harding, was banged at Oakland,
The steamer Will Kyle, en route from
Now Orleans to Cincinnati, struck n pro
truding log while making a landing at
Australia, Miss., recently nnd sunk. Her
cargo consisted ot four hundred tons, prin
cipally of sugar and molasses. She was
towing a barge containing five hundred
bales of cotton, which was damaged.
Dr. D. M. Devereavx, an American,
connected with one ot the best families ot
Ban Antonio, Tex., and a pybslcian of no
ordinary ability, was recently sentenced
to four years' hard labor In the penitentiary
at Saltlllo, Mexico. A few months ago at
Monclova, while Intoxicated, he stabbed a
Mexican policeman.
Oreat excitement was caused at Wheel
lng, W.Va., recently, by the announcement
that Samuel B. McCollock, clerk et the
Circuit Court, bad nvystsrlously Ulssp
peared, He left for bis home, a few miles
In the country, About ten o'clock ono night,
rluce which tlmo be bnd not been toen.
The steamer B. II. Parlsot was destroyed
by flro tho other morning nt Rullct's Rayon,
eight miles nbovo Nntehes, Miss. No lives
wero lost. Tho Parlsot left Vlcksburg for
New Orleans, with 3,100 bales ot cotton,
7,300 sacks ot oil rake and W0 barrels oil.
Loss over $200,000.
A Dr.srEiiAno whom tho officers had becu
hunting for n numlier of years wns recent,
ly captured at Denlsoti, Tex. Ills name Is
Iheodoro Degrnfcnreld. Ho has a brother
In tlio penitentiary, nnd It was thought
thcro might bo n family reunion soon.
TiiEdrnnd Jury at Dallas, Tex., recently
returned over five hundred truo bills for
various violations of law, and In n report,
after retting forth tho lawlessness that pre
vailed In Hint section, soldi "Tbo peoplo
shouldorgnnizonndgo towork systematic
ally. Vlgllnnco Committees nro needed.
A strong, determined forco should bo or
ganized, lint nliovo all things our county
olllclals should bo held to n strict account,
ability In this matter. Tbo work of tho
peoplo through their Vlgllnnre Committees
nnd detectives will nrovu fr iltlesk and '
no nvail If, when tlio blacklegs nro n-rn'xi.
before our courts to be punished, tin rouiw,
jury nnd othor olllclals act IndlhTi.ently or
At r.llz.itwtlitown, Ky., May Hotel was
set on lira by Incendiaries nnd burned to
tho ground at thrco o'clock tho other morn
ing. Tho guests in tho upper rooms saved
themselves by making ropes of tho bod-
clothing nnd reaching tho street through
Windows. All tbo guests lost everything
savo tho nlght-clotlies which they wore.
Total loss $00,000. Bovcral persons were
dangerously Injured.
Tub Royalist troops havo been ovcry
n hero victorious ngalnst tho Insurgents In
Rulgnrla. General Nlcolles has subjected
nil places to n stnto of siege,
A Paiiis dispatch asserted ths Marquis
Tseng, tbo Chlncso Ambassador, wns pre
pared to present nn ultimatum to tho
French Government, nnd demand his pass
ports If tho French forces In Touquln litnko
nn ntttick upon llncnlnh nnd Honing.
Thcro Is reason tn bellovo that tho Mnrquls
Tseng is most desirous of averting war
with France, but is not prepared to sacri
fice tho honor nnd Interests of China to
thnt cud.
General Prtor, counsel for O'Donnell,
recently had n satisfactory interview with
his client, tho first tlmo ho hnd seen him
slnco his nrrlvnl in England. The prison
rules provcutod Pryor seeing O'Donnell
except with tho permission of tho Home
Department. Tho -solicitor for O'Donnell
wroto to tho Home Secretary, nsk permis
sion for Pryor to lilt his client. Tho Sec
retary replied Pryor must mnWo pcrsonnl
application, stating tho grounds for his re
quest. Pryor tnado tbo required applica
tion upon tbo solo ground thnt ho lclng of
'nscl doomed It expedient forthodefouse
ho should sao hi m. Tho Homo Department
thereupon grunto I tho request, nnd Pryoi
wna nlTonlod every facility by tho official!
of Nowgago for an Interview, which lastod
two nnd n halt hours.
The second election for membern ot the
Common Council, In Rerlln, resulted iu the
xcturu of fuur Liberals, four members ol
tho Civio party and twq candidates of the
Worklngmen. Despite tho efforts of the
nntl-Scmetlcs Straussman, President ot the
Common Council, wns ro-clccted.
T. G. Healy, memlicr of Parliament for
Mounghau, In seeking admission to the
Irish bnr, wns recently black-balled by the
law students of tbo Debating Society of
The German Consul nt Tnmntavo, Mada
gascar, has been instructed to hoist the
German Hag ovor h '.n Consulate tn that city,
Tur value ot exports ot hrcndstufTs for
Oc'ol'jr, 18S3, wns $14,031,530, against $15,
852,082 for tho same tlmo iu 1882; for the
ten months ended October 31, lia3, $115,082,
031, against $150,300,581 for tho samo period
of 1SS3.
The huslnoss failures for tho coven days
ondod November 17, woro 235, against 211
tho provlous w eek.
Returns of elections In Cuba for a par
tial renewal ot provincial deputies, showod
tho Liberal Conservatives successful in a
majority ot tbo contests.
The report that tho French Government
hnd presented an ultimatum to China Is
somi-ofUclally denied.
The Rrltish steamer Condor, from Liver
pool, sank olt Mondcn, Holland, tho othor
day, during n violent storm. Elghten
persons woro lost, Including tho engineers,
who woro klllod by tho bursting of n boiler.
Eight woro savod.
Till! LATItSTs
AmtiRAL roRTEn, In his nnnual report,
favurs tho immedinto construction of a
largo number of swift vessels with power
ful guns, rrd thinks we could build twenty
largo ship; in two years. Prompt atten
tion to lake defences ho considers ot
prlmo importance, nnd sees no reason why
wo should not commenco to build on tho
lako shoro two of tho heaviest Iron clads
with poworful guns nnd great speed.
Secretary Teller has sustained tho
decUlon of the Commissioner ot the Land
Odlco In refusing permission of certain
citizens of Loadvllle, Colo., to bring suit In
the nnmo of tho .United Btatoj to vacato
tho place.
It is stated thnt fresh confidential in
structions wero recently soiit from Homo
to tho Cnthollo bishops of Ireland enjoin
ing them to endeavor to create a sontlment
Influencing Catholics to act with the Gov.
crnmont. Tho recent orders forbidding tho
holding of Orangemen and othor meetings
wero considered duo to tho good unices ot
Errlngton, tho English agent sent to Rome.
The opinion prevailed nt Ilullalo, N. Y.,
that tho schooner James Wade, from De
troit, Octobei 25, with tho schooner It. F.
Merry, whis1! went nnhoro near Bilver
Creek, had foundered svlth all on board.
Tlit vessel wns loaded with 10,000 bushels
of wheat for RulTalo.
The Unttorsof thirty-eight Stnto Grnngos,
constituting the National Grange, Patrons
of Husbandry, met In Washington City on
the 20th, to rtmaln iu session ten days.
Hon. J. J, Woodman, of Michigan, Is Grand
At tho special election In the First North
Carolina district, Tbomns G. Sklnnor, Dem
ocrat, was elected to succeed W. K. Pool,
Republican, deceased.
George P. Ghaw, paying teller of tbo
Wall Street (N. Y.) National Hank, has
boen indicted by tho United States Grand
Jury. The charge against Graff was for
violation of tho act of Congress, In certify
ing checks drawn by tho firm of Cretl,
Ward & Co., when they did not have on de
posit at the time an amount ot money to
the amount specified in the chucks, aggre
gating $100,080,
Joe Haucjiins, tbo notorious Pike Coun
ty, (lnd.,) counterfeiter shot several weeks
ago by United States ofllcers while the gang
was being arrested, escaped tho other nlgbt,
as was supposed, by the assistance of
A barrel of oil recently exploded in the
office of the Hcralil at Springfield, Mo., and
the office was badly damaged by the fire
thst followed.
S. H. White, Civil Engineer ot the Den
ver & South Park Railway, was muidered
by a tie cutter at Roblson, Colo., recentl) .
Executions of persons connected with
the recent revolt are occurring dally In
Jnent, Net'lns;, Hie Murderer of Adn Atkln.
si-it In Inillimn, I'liirol Itesunil tlio l'o-
stblo KITpctof nu Inantiltj Pleti.
Fowled, Lin , Nov. IS.
Finally Jacob Nclllng. the murderer of
Ada Atkinson, has paid tho penalty of Wis
crime. Ho was taken from Jail last night
and lynched. Tho ntfulr was woll planned
nnd carefully and coolly cxecutod. About
hnlf-past ten o'clock "n lono horseman
might hnvo boon seen" riding Into town.
Ho rode completely around tho Court-house
and Jail, nnd seemed to be taking n survey
of things, nftor which ho rodo away again.
Two or three peoplo who hnpponed tolieou
tho street saw It was rather a curious ac
tion, but tbo Iden thnt he was n stout for a
party of lynchers nevor seems to have sug
gested Itself until, in nbout nn hour nfter,
three hundrcM masked men rodo into town.
They hitched tholr horses, posted guards to
svnr'n awny cillzous, went to tho east door
of the Jstl where thoy soon forced nn en
trance by breaking ttmsn tho door with
-I dge. T'loy then qulellv, but svlth great
lulnntt".., proceeded to break the Iron
i or leading to tho corridors. This took
.nn line. ncrhanS halt an hour. Boon,
however, tho doors gave way under tho
sturdy strokes. Old man Nelllngmotthem
nt tho door of his cell, already dressed and
ready to go to his doom. Ho was quickly
walked to tho carriage. In which was a
rope. The old follow took tho matter coolly
so far ns can be learned. He made no re
sistance nor outcry. Tho only remark thnt
ho mndo wast "Go a little slow, contlomen,
I nm older than nomn of you." Tho party
did their work with very llttlo nolso and
hnvlng scoured their mm rode out of town
toward Oxford. Liter news wna received
from Oxford that Nclllng hint boen hanged
there at half past ono o'clock.
a ROuin.R Mimnnt.
A Mother nnd DniiRliler 1'oullr Murdered
mill lli Illlnil nnl Cripple,! l'ntlmr Oil
ellr AMniiltnt All for l'luniler.
New York, Nov. 18.
On Saturday afternoon Mrs. Lydla May
hoc, tho wlfo of Gorrltt Mnybcp, an
ngod Long Island farmer, who has boen
blind nnd pnrnlyzed In his lower limbs for
fourteen years, nnd her daughter Mary
Ann, wero brutally murdered In their barn
nt tho hamlet ot llrookville, near Oyster
Day. At sunset the mother and daughter
went to tho num to milk, leaving tho In
valid alono. Miss Wcoks, living opposite,
heard tho cry of murder nnd srmn"nid
nclghliors. When they reached May.
two's houao tlo old man wna suffering from
wounds on tbo face and bend. Indicted by
a club In tho hnmU ot tho tlilof, who se
cured tho vnliiat'los of tho futility. May
boo sahl that ho feared his wife and daugli
tor had been murdered. The burn wns
searched and thu bodies of lxith found In a
cow stall, covered with leaves. Tho bo ,y
of tho latter was still warm. Tlio woman
had been choked to death. Nu truco ot tho
murderer has yet been obtained.
Tho murderer Is bellevod to bo a tramp
who has haunted that jmrt of thu country
for n yenr, nnd who, two or thrco hours nf
tor tho murder, took n trnln for Ilrooklyn
from Westbury station, nbout six miles
from llrookville. Ho wus last seen leaving
tbo tra ju tu Ilrooklyn. Detectives nro look
lug for him, nnd tho tow u Hoard of Oyster
liny hnvo otTcrod live hundred dollars To
ward for tho conviction of tho murderer.
A strange thing In connection with the
murder Is tho fact that exnttly ono year
ngo on Saturday, when tho younger of tho
victims entered a shed near the liouso, she
found n man behind the door, who nt
tempted to choko her, nnd who was only
proventcd from doing ho by thouppenrnnco
of Mrs. May boo, who dragged him oir.
Thoro aro no means of discovering now
whether the murdorcr was tho assailant of
n year ago.
Destruction lr VI ro or tlio "1"' T.lne Stenm.
er TiirUot Neiir Niitchei, MIsh,, Togethor
with n Largo nntl A'alniitile Onrgo Some
Loss ot Life lVnreil.
New Orleans, Nov. 18.
Tlio steamor S. II. Parlsot of tho "P" line,
engaged In tho Vlcksburg nnd Now Orleuns
trade, was burned this morning nbout day
light necr Uullot's Uayou, n tew miles above
Nntchoz. Tno Parlsot loft Vlcksburg yes
terday morning at ton o'clock with tho
largust cargo cvor cairlod by her, and with
n good passenger list. At n few minutes
before live o'clock, just below Goodhope
landing, the cotton stored amidships was
discovered on fire. Engineer Onrrlty be
gun working tho pumps without sounding
tho alarm, but tho tiro spreading, an nlurui
was sounded. Pilot Volts at onco headed the
steamor for the Louisiana shore. Tho boat
struck tho bank and lines wero put out.
Nearly all tho passengers rushed to tho
bank In night clothing, carrying other gar
ments, and nbundoued all other baggage.
Jewelry and money, llcforo tho crew got
snfuly oft tbo lines burned and the vessol
drifted Into tbo stream. Yell llorlng,
second englncor, stood at his post until sur
rounded by fire. Finding bo could do no
more, ho Jumped Into the river and swam
ashore. A portion of tho crew was taken
oil In a yaw 1. There was great oxcltemont
among them. Two Jumped Into the rlvor,
nnd one, Phil llurdbaig, drowned, When
tho news ot tbo disaster reached Natchez
tho steam-tug O'llrlen started fortho scene,
and shoved tho steamer on a sand-bar.
Soon after, tbo powder In Mm Pnrlsot's
magazine exploded. Tho steamer City of
Yazoo, of the samo line, en route to Vlcks
burg, took the Parisot's pnssongrrs out ot
the caucbrako and brought them to Natchez.
Origin of the flro unknown. Tho boat bad
llfty-elght deck passengers, many of whom
Insisted on smoking, nnd It ts believed tho
fire resulted from tueir carelessness. It is
feared thnt two or three deck passengers
perished In tbo flames. The boat's papers
wero lost. Tho boat had on leaving Vlcka.
burg 3,100 bales cotton, L'.tMl sacks of oil
cake and u5'l barrels oil. She look on after
leaving Vlcksburg. 404 bales cotton, bring
ing the total up to .7,504 bales.
, -
Hem y Loss bjr l'lre,
I'hilauelwiia, pa,, Nov. is.
Tho American Lino Steamship Company
fllclnla ostlmato tho loss by the fire at tho
wharves last night at $150,000. The proper.
ty used by tho company was damaged to
tho oxtent of $15,000. The buildings and
wharves wero owned by tho Pennsylvania
Railroad Company, and were Insured. The
remainder of tho loss was on freight lying
on tbo wharf awaiting shipment on the
LordCllve. It consisted of six cars western
pork, 850 bales of cotton, 500 barrels of oil,
0,009 bags of flour, 200 sacks of oil cako,
about 800 bags of Indian meal and u lot of
local freight. It is believed all Is Insured
Somo cotton and oil cako will bo saved.
CillOAOO, Nov. 19.
Tlio now standard tlmo ot tbo central di
vision or nlnotlotb meridian went Into gen
ral effect here at noon to-day. All roads
running out of tbo city except the Chicago
fc Northwestern, Milwaukee et St. Paul, Il
linois Central and Michigan Central began
running trains in accordanco therewith.
Others begin next Sunday. Leading Jew
elers set tholr chronometers back nine min
utes thlrty-tbreo seconds to correspond
with tho new basis. The Hoard ot Trade
will bo opened and closed by it to-morrow.
ine city lias taken no oiiicmi action in re-
gard to It.
Flie Iteport ot the Comptroller of the Cur
The report of the Comptroller Is in tbe
hands of tho printer. From returns re.
celved from twenty-four States It appears
there are 788 State banks and Trust com
panies and C30 Savings banks. Savings
banks deposits were $1,021,850,787 and de
posits In Stato banks and Trust companies
5U0.874,217. Tbeso returns do not Includo
bank depoilts, The deposits of National
bankr October 2, 1S3, exclusive of those
due banks, weie $1,003,0J1,150. There are
749 private bankers in sixteen prlnolpal
cities, with deposits ot 4t0l,4i5,m Tbwre
are 3,CU private bankers In thirty-four
States, exclusive of the above cities, with
deposits ot $181,270,757.
1 .'a nr.ifiv or Trillion.
A rtrtid Ttooso In ti New Meslenn Tosrn-
A Ilrspornilo with 8m en I.tvcs to Account
For Ttie lllril Unged.
Socotino, N M.( Nov. 14. T
This town has been In a state ot excite
ment for n week, when nt nny hour tha
worst phnso of Western life might bo ex.
pvcted. Joel Fowler, n man who has killed
oven of his fellow-lwlngs nnd gono nnnun
lahcd, has at last been brought to justice.
Ho sold his onttlo ranch Inst week for $.Y1,
W0 cash nnd with his friends took in tho
town. In liquor ho Is n very demon, nnd It
wns not long before, revolver In hand, he
terrorized tlio tos n. At lust toward morn
ing ho went to n hotel nnd proceeded to
mako every ono ho met dance or sing. A
friend named Colo nnd two others tried to
disarm him, and In so doing hodrownknlfe
and stabbed him to the heart. At once tho
people lieeamo Intui Intod, nnd there wns
every Indication that lynching would fol
low. Tho prominent citizens orgnnlzed
Into n commltteo nnd guarded tho jail. A
strangn stnto ot circumstances orcoi
There was ono party of men who were sua
ported ot on attempt to release tho culprit;
n second hat wero anxious to lynch
hint, and tho third, which prevailed,
to protect him In n fair trial. Fowler was
examined before Justice Ileal and bound
over w Ithout bull for his nppearanco noxt
Monday before tho Grand Jury.
A new warrant was ser ed on Fowler nnd
his cousin John Ilnrns last, Monday charg
ing them with the niurderof Pony Deal nnd
llutclierktilfe Illlltwo months ago at Aluino
ranch. Witnesses v ore brought In to-day.
whoso testimony shows thntthU was one of
tbo most cold-lilooded murdors ovor com
mitted In this country of desperate crimes.
Tho circumstances w ill I developed to
morrow In the examination before tho Jus
tice. Tills Inst warrant broke tho firmness
of Fowler. Last night In jail, ho wept Uko
a child, even prayed and called for n re
volver that ho might commit self-destruction.
The city has been placed under martial
law by tho Govornor to prevent disorder,
but tho publlo mind Is nttovor hentaud np
prehension Is nlivo lest sceuos ot blood
shed transpire.
Fowler Is n small man but as strong as n
plant. His Instinct Is to kill. While In
U'hl to Oaks thrco years ngo ho killed threo
men. He murdered one at Georgetown two
jenrs ngo. In August last ho klllod two
ni-ui nt Alamo ranch. Ills skill in handling
w mpons Is inarvel..u. It was seldom ho
dinnk, but on such occasions ho becamo t
VJry (lend.
. ' i
A l'nrty ot Dospomtlors Ditch nnd Kol n
Trnln on tho MexleniiNiuloiinl Itnllrond,
(securing S.H.IKH) In llnlltou Troops In
l'ursultot tliodnng.
Laredo, Tnx., Nov
In a wild, uninhabited region near j.ar
zorjtn, twenty-two miles south of Laredo,
at nbout seven oViock last evening tho reg
ular trnln from Saltlllo, consisting of four
conx-hes, ono malt and ono express car, with
lavcnty-llvo passengers nhonrd, carrying
tho mall and $8,000 lu silver In tho Express
safe, wero going twenty-flvo miles nn hour
when tho cnglno turnod a complete somer
sault, landing twonty foot from tho track,
follow od by tho oxpross and two passenger
cars. Tho other coaches woro derailed but
not capsized. In tho confusion word was
passod that Fireman Foaslcr was crushed
to death and Engineer Madden badly
wounded. Tho next moment tho fright-nc-d
nnd helpless pnssengors bernmo aware
Unit thoy woro surrounded by desperadoes,
who attempted to force Conductor Hurt to
glvo tbo combination ot tho safe, wbon a
momber ot tho gang Impatiently knockod
tho knob off with nn ax. llu.-t, with a doz
on Winchester rifles leveled nt him, was
compelled to strike blow after blow upon
tho hinges mil finally, when given the al
ternative of opening tbo safo In a minute
or having his head blown off, ho Informed
tho robbers thcro wns S'3,000 silver bullion
In tho Express car. The wholo gang en
gaged In tko work ot carrying tho burs to
paclc mules tied conveniently.
As tho last bar was pullod out ot the
wreck tho unlso ot an approaching train
was hoard, with soldiers coming up the
track from the opposlto direction. Iu a fow
minutes tho robbers bad disappeared, but
took no other linoty.
A Mexicnu customs officer had boarded
thu train iit Jnrlta, the last station passed.
mtd Immediately tho train was wrockod
went back afoot nnd brought his guards to
tbo rescuo. Tlio telegraph wlro had been
cut and tho train dispatcher reported sus
picions of foul play. Huperlntendsnt Les
ter ordered a special train sent out with
100 Mexican soldiers.
Investigation showed tho mules had been
kept in a thicket tho night beforewhen $15,
0WJ In silver was shipped from Monterey
and Saltlllo to Laredo, but fortunately the
train was ten hours late, passing tbo spot
in day-timo, and was thus naved.
Rut few or tho fUisongers woro robbed,
tho marauders dolaying so long with tha
safe nnd bullion. Dr. V. O. Ring and wlfo
ot Ban Antonio, and R. B. Vivian, of Kan
sas City, Mo., wero nniong the passengers.
Tboy say tho robbers wero nil Mexicans
except tuo leader, who Is an Amorican.
PassoiigtC furnished a detailed descrip
tion of the 1 ador to the authorities, who
think ho Is a well-known character In Lare
do. It Is bclloveil ho will not oscano tap-
turo. isngineor Jiauuen savon mo lives oi
the passengers by bis prompt application
of tho air brakes.
Tlio leader actod In a cool-headed and dot
liberate manner nnd spoke godd English.
All tho rest of the gang acted like savages,
utterly regardloss of dlsclpllno or com.
maud. The leader forcod tho conductor to
deliver tho treasuro, under tbo threat to
kill all Americans on the train. Tho rot?
bery was skilfully planned, but with a
reckless regard for human life. Thsj rail
was entirely rcmavod from tbo track, and
the telegraph wires cut, so as to destroy
communication botwoeu tho stations.
A Monster Cargo.
New Orleans, Nov. II.
Tho Rrltlt'i steamship Sllverton loft hot
wharf this morning for Liverpool with 10,'
018 bales of cotton, 21,128 bushels of corn,
300 tons ot oil cako and 13,000 staves. At
tho time of sailing her draft was twenty
flvo feet two Inches aft and twenty-two feet
Ix Inches forward. Sho went to sea
through tho Jetties to-rtlght without assist
ance or detention. This Is tbo largest
cargo ot cotton evor carried by any vessel.
Iu fact, next to tbo Great Eastern, this 11
Iho largost freight-carrier afloat.
All Waved Hut Two.
Early this morning a special from Sous'
atuck, Mich., reports that all men 'oh tn
tug Protection aro safo cicopt tw6, XV
Kelly and one of tho firemen, who were
lost. Her tow, Ibo schooner Arab, tvai
sunk oil Racine early Sunday morning.
The Protection was dlsablod while tfcklng
ot! tho crow of the Arab by a rope catoH
Ing in her wheel. The steam barge A. Kelly
towed the Protection until she herself be
tame disabled Monday night. The tug then
drlftod until she came at anchor near Baug
atuck. Of the nineteen men on the two
vessels seventeen are saved. Captain Kelly
wr nt down with the Arab.
A Tragedy Not on the Hills.
Vicksbuiui, Mils., Nov. It,
Just as tbe curtain was about to rite on
tbe play of "Top ot tbo Morning," by the
John F, Ward company to-ulgbt, tour pis
tol shots, fired In quick succession bohtpd
tbe stage, startled tbe audience, creating a
psnio (or a while. D. R. Allen, business
manager Ot the troupe, and Frank B.
Btarks, advance agont, baa some werds,
when Btarks pulled his pistol and shetAlt
len. twice, one shot going tbreugb the
. beart, tbe other through the bowelsJtllUne
l bitn Instantly. Tbe audlenco was dismissed
' nd money refunded. At the Inquest a veri
dlot was rsndered that Allen came to bit
i death by pistol-shot wounds Inflicted If
Prlu, BtrM U.Qw lo Mt
Btarks, advance agont, bad some werdi
A Rtnuillns PiiMeiiffrr Conrhaon tlio C. ri.
.t U- Hunt lelcM-opoil by nil" Koglne, the
Hotter of AMitrti lliploilos (Srotlrrlng
llentl, nml llrslrurllnii IHglit Persons
Killed nml n l.nrgo Number Injured.
HtllBATOIt, ILL , Nov. 1(1.
Tho twelve o'clock passenger trnln on tho
t'ux River branch of tha Chicago, Hurling
ton and Qulncy Railroad wns telescoped by
a heavy freight train nt Otter Creek, two
snd n half miles north ot Btrentor, to-day.
Tho passenger train had been flagged by
an extra trnln that was iinnbln to movo on
the heavy grade south of tho creek. The
train stopped north ot the bridge. Another
freight train woa following closo lieMml
tbo pnssengor nnd n lUgmau went baclt
but did not get ery far when tho trnlt
.a mo In sight. Tho grndo wns so heavy
thnt tho freight could not stop In tlmo nnd
suddenly appeared around tho curve. II
crashed nt nneo Into Iho rear coach of the
passenger trnln, mushing It into fragments
and burying itself In tho ruins, Instantly
killing four of tho unfortunito passengers
snd Injuring twelvo more. Tho following
Is tho list ot
L. G. Penrre, an nttoruey of Dwlght, III.)
bend crushed,
Mrs. A'.ox. Henderson nnd daughter ol
Mr. Hunilsnn, on Ida way to ntlend the
funeral ot Ins brother nt Pontine, HI.
Rov. Bnmuel Dlckover. Presiding Elder ol
tho Herman Evangelical Church, badly (lit
shout the head, and tiled.
Lewis Greener, Otter Creek, badly cut In
tha hendt slnco dlod.
Dr. J. II. Flnloy, of Btrentor, bad cut
about tho head nnd hand crushed, since
John Renders of Ottnwn. cut on liond.
Smith, tho firemen ot tho freight, ono leg ,
crushed nnd cut iu tho bend; badly hurt j
doubtful whether ho w III recover.
Hank Young, engineer of tbo frolgr
trnln, badly crushed.
Conductor Doylo of tho extra, rut in the
knee J not serious.
James Siillivnn, from near Garfield, cut
alwtit tho head nnd both hands hurt.
B. T. MiirthiLk, left hand burned.
Frank Bwnrlr, of Otter Creek, scnldod on
tho back, hips nnd right arm; Ills Injuries
nro serious.
As soon as word reached town an extra
train was sent with Dr. Smith nnd n rollel
corps of nil those alxiut tho ilrjMit that could
go. They gathered up the dead anil dying,
put them in tha bnggngo and smoking rnri
and came to tho cliy wlththem. Carriages
were brought nnd tho wounded carefully
transferred to them nnd taken homo or to
tho hotels tn lx tared for.
Attorney Murdoch, who wns uno of tb
slightly Injured, says it nil hnpptuod so
quickly ho could not renllzo whnt It was.
Them was n crash, the ear filled wlthstcnni,
nnd then lu n few minutes all wns still, lis
lid not ho..r nny cry or call from anyone.
Tlio two women thnt were killed were nn
tho sent In front of him, nnd when bo could
soti ho found them struggling p tho Inst
agonies. Penrro, ouuuf tlio men killed, wni
sitting iH'hlnd htm.
Freight englno No. 211 Is complotelu tel
escaped In tlio passenger coach. Tlisui
dor nnd first car remained on tho track,
while the succeeding two wero throw u olT.
Pieces of tho smoko-stnek nnd tlio bnilei
head woro thrown n distance of at 1-natniit
liiii.dred feet. It appears that I io jlllslon
wns followed by nu lniineillulo explosion oi
tho boiler, tho stenm filling tho coach In
stantly, scalding tho victims of tho colli,
slon. Everything within n radius of ten
feet from tlio boiler wns blown to atoms.
Tho track Is blocked and Impiiitsnlilo, hold
ing all trains on this rond. Tho wrecking
train nrrlvod from Aurora nt 11 vo o'clock
nnd Is nt work clearing nwny tho wreck,
Tho Rurllngtou Rond has ordered n special
train from Gnlesburg nnd Rurllngtou with
special surgeous. Drs. Ramsonuud Pierre
aro with thorn.
rATr.rui", lixcuitsio.v.
A Cnr Limited with Kiriiralon'ata Holies'
Ovor n Twenty-Foot Kiiilmiikiucnt Al
I.enst Ouo lVrsnu I'ntnlly mul n lnrgf
Number tinrlotisly Injured.
Kansas Citt, Mo., Nov. 1.
Abnd wreck occurred on tho Rock Is
land Railway at Jamcspurt, n small stntloz
sixteen miles south of Trenton, Grundy
County, nt eight o'clock this morning. A
speclnl conch tilled with St. Prtul & Mlnno
npolts excursionists, en route to Ios An gu
les, Cnl., attached to tho rear of tho regit
lar express train from Chicago, loft tin
track, nnd, breaking loose from tho re
mainder of t lib train, rollod down n twenty
foot embankment, totally demolishing tin
conch nnd Injuring twolvu passongers, oni
fatally, four seriously anil soven slightly.
When tho wrecked coa"h landed nt tho hot
torn of tho embankment tho stoves set till
splintered woodwork on flro, but tho firs
was put out lieforo it gained much head
way. The coach rolled over twice and It It
rcinarkablo thut ia few wero Injured. Tin
train olllclals went promptly to tho rcscuf
ot tho wouuded nnd convoyed them tc
Trenton, tbo headquarters of tbe division.
Tbo following Is a list ot tho injured:
Adam Gotzlan, terribly crushed; dlod
thrco hours afterwards.
Mrs. Adam Gotzlan, two-yenr-old child,
and grand nlocn, all badly cut on bund and
Inlured luteriinllv.
II. W. Hoiidrlckson, back badly hurt nnd
ono rib broken.
W. A. Wosslngcr, bad cut In bead ami
scvnro bruises.
Mrs. J. McSmlth, -bend cut and liUnred
Internally; all ot St. Paul.
J. M. Whitney, Intornal injuries.
Mrs. J, It, Wilson, hip crushed) all ol
Emmett Comber, brakeman; hip badly
Fully twenty others sustalnod tight
brulsos. Tho wounded wero left nt Tren
ton In charge ot railway surgeons. The
train proceeded on to the city, arriving
eight hours late. Tlio wrecked coach bo
longod to tbe Minneapolis cvfjt, Louis Rond
and tbo nccldent wns caused by tlio break
Ing of a wheel In tbo rear truck.
" ii.
Itnllrond Accident InTeias.
Tho wreck on tho Houston & Texis Cen
tral Railroad, nenr Shormau, yesterday
evening, killed tho fireman, N. W. Feregoj,
Instantly, Injured tho express messenger,
name not yet loarnod bore, about the spine,
supposed fatally, and Engineer Culpoppet
had his left leg broken and was seriously
Injured otherwise. Nono of tho passenger!
were seriously hurt. Central Railroad men
at this imlnt deny tho rumor that a coiivlcl
gang maliciously fixed the track for the ac
cident, and also that a collision occurred
with the gravel train.
i . i.i
A Sad Tale.
Dallas, Tex., Nov. 18.
Rov. Daniel Ruckner, a pioneer Rap
list In Texas and tha Indian Terri
tory, nged eighty-four years, was found
dead In a small branch of tbe Trinity Rlvei
In this city to-day. Ho has been very feeblt
for some time, and it Is believed he stum
bled by accldont and fell Into tho stream
and was unable to rescuo himself. Ho has
boen living with bis son, Rev, R, C. Ruck
ner, proprietor ot the Texas Raptlst nown
paper In this city, and was well known
throughout the country In tbe Raptlst de
nomination. A Wrecked Mcliooner.
Port Rowan, Out., Nov, W.
Captain Woodward of tbe Llft-Savlng
station proceeded to tbe wreck, at daylight
this morning, of the Ill-fated schooner re
ported ashore at, Longpolut yesterday. Tbe
vessel was completely covered with ice,
Her name, m near as can be mads out, Is
E. FlUfcorald ot Ilullalo, and is supposed
to be loaded with wheat. Tbe sea is still
lOblgbtbKy It Is ImDOislbla (or a small
boat to go out to her now. It Is said be
crew consisted ot six msn, Instead of eight,
as reported yesterday. All were drowned
In endeavoring to reach the shore la a
yawl. Noua of tbo bodies havo com
YiaiMvr.:s on avi'.nhkks i
An Attempt Mntle nn Iho t.lfe of Charley
rnrtl, tho Hlnjer ot Jessn Jntnes I Ired
Upon by n Putty of Hidden Foes, who All
Miss Their Aim In the llnrhne...
llll'UMDtn, .M0 Nov It.
General oxcltement wns created in this
city yesterday by tho news thatnn attempt
had boon inado to nssasslnato Charley
Ford, tho elder ot the Ford boys, tho slayer
of Jesao James. Tho account, following
closo upon tno alleged mysterious dlsap
penrrtneo of tho younger brother, Rob, In
Now York, created more of a senanllon
than It would otherwise hnvo done, nnd tin
opinion prevailed for a tlmo that friends o(
tho dead bandit had nt last organized to
leek revenge for hla death. Tho nows was
found to lio reliable, nnd prnvod thnt
Charley Ford had really hail n narrow es-
;apo from death at tha hands ot unknown
assailants, tist Tuesday night Charley
Ford was, as he has beon for two weeks
p.ist, stopping nt tho liouso ot Ins father,
.which Is situated in tbo country, nbout two
miles north ot this city. Tho liouso Is tho
Ordinary farm-house, with tho usual out
buildings, and having, llko most farmers'
places in this region, n dense growth of
weetls In tho ynrd. Thrsa weeds are
iiifllelenlly high nnd donso to afford
plaro of concealment tor n mini-,
ler of men, and persons hidden among
them could easily mid nn ambush com
manding tho entrance to tho hnusn. On
Tuesday night en men, nil well mount
ed, woro noticed riding ill tho direction ot
tho Ford place, but, though thoy do not np
Hnr to hnvo been mnikod, none of them
wore recognized by tho people they passed
an tho highway, f heso soren men reached
tonio point near tho Ford place, tothered
their horses, nnd thon, ns subsequent
evonts prmed, mndo their way to tho
house, and under rover ot tho Increasing
unrkness entered the ynnt anil conccoimi
'heniselves In tho heavy growth of weeds
trendy moiiti.iiicl. How long tho men re
gained thus hidden Is unknown, but they
waited until Charley Ford ramo out ot tho
hnuso, a in did nt nu early hour lu tho
evening. Ho had no sooner got fairly out
Ida tho door than n perfect ftisllndo ot
shots was opened upon film fromtho weeds,
and Hint he wns not shot down at onco Is
only explainable upon the theory that tho
darkness rendered the aim of hlanssnlhitits
uncurtain. Ford did uot rolroat Into tho
bouse, but drew his pistol In an Instant nnd
dashed nt onco 111 tho direction of tbo shuts.
As bo did so tlio men roncenlo 1 In tho
weeds leaped to their foot nml ran, Font
hooting nt them as they chtit.burod over
tho fence, but hitting nono of tliem.nt least
iu far ns known. The baud regained tholr
horsos, which had been fastened In tbo Im
medinto vicinity and gnllnpod nwny.
It Is said that Charley Ford's readiness
with his pistol si hen the nmbuah was
prune; upon him was becamo tho attack
was not n complete surprise, but whnt ho
hnd been anticipating for mime days.
Thore are rumors thnt he had been notified
ot nu attempt to homado upon his life, nnd
thnt slnco this notification ho has held him
elf in roiidlnosK for defense at a moment's
warning. It Is held by ninny thnt tho
woubl-lMnsansslns Were not exactly aven
gers of tlio James boys, but were mndo up
ot farmers of tho region where Ford's
father lives. It Is reported thnt a strong
feeling exists Against allowing either Char
joy or llob to livo In tho ni'lgliWrhood, rind
that Charley's return homo nnd prolonged
itny Induced n resort to summary means
for either putting him out ot tho way nt
onco or frightening him from tbo vicinity.
That such nn affair should occur, and so
closo to tho city, ami bo kept qulotfossoma
days, seems slrnugo, but persons occupy,
ing olllclul oHlon, and others ot good
Itnndlng, vouch for its tnitlu Tho ntrulr
will bo investigated, and an endeavor mado
to learn who wero Involved In tho crime.
Terrible Destruction to Shipping, Areotn.
pnnled by Iiss ot I.lf. n4 tlio Itooult of
Itecent tlntnstni the Clrent.ljikcs A l'ow
of tho Cnsuiilltles.
(I itANii Uru! Mich.. Nov. 13.
A special just received from Potoskey
lays! A torrlblo galo has blown all day
lm'. It Is harder than ever to-night. Tho
losses by tho storm In Potosky and vlolnlty
aro estimated at $15,000. Tho mnii drowuod
at Cross Vlllngo Biindny wero Mlko Hod
den, mato, nnd Eugone Onlway, cook on
tho schooner Lucy J. Chirk, which went to
pieces two miles northeast ot that vlllngo.
Engineer Moody of Milwaukee, who had
been pumping out tha schooner; Captain
Louis It. Johnson and (our sailors reach od
tho shoro safely. Noua of tho sovoit bodies
ofChasonnd othors havo been found yet,
snd nothing can bodouo till tho gala
A Grand Haven special to the Democrat
st eleven p. m.,sayst Thu schooner ashore
nine inlies south ot Grand Haven ts not the
Arab but tho threo-maater Clara Parker,
Captain A. Lewis, which left Chicago Sat
urday night corn laden for Colliugwood,
OnU At Rig Point Sahlo Sunday sho was
struck by a squall and materially disabled.
Much canvas was carried away, lilnce
then, sho lias fought tho seas against
heavy oddj, and springing n leak was
beached at l'lgoon River at 4 :30 p. m. She
Is owml at Evanstnn, III., by Johana I.lnd
bron, and valued ot $18,000; no Insurance.
Sho bail on board 20,500 bushels corn,
which is insured for $U,000.
Captain Lewis, junto tvro. raiieraon anil
Sailors John and William Oleson, Henry
Tuuvllle, Andrew Nelson, Robert Zlndre,
Henry Francis and Charles Blttwart woro
rescued by a lino by tho Grand Haven
Llfo-savlng crow, Cuutaln Young, amid
great excitement,
Captain Andorson of tho schooner Jo
seph Dresden from Chicago (or l'eut
iv.it.. r nut In horn last llluht. At nine
a. m. Sunday ho saw oil Itaolno a black:
ichooner svlth rod cabin, lumber laden,
with tho stern eighteen (aet out of water,
It is belli veil the schooner Arab has gono
down with nil on board, as nothing has
Ihjoii heard ot her. It Is blowing a galo at
Grand Ha veil and snowing hard.
Chicago, Nov. 13.
The schooner Potomac, lumber laden, fs
reported ashore near Frankfort, Mich., a
total loss. The crew was saved.
The colloctor at Saugatuck reports that
the tug Protection, which had been re
ported Tost, was ot( that port with a signal
ot dlatreas hoisted. Efforts aro now mak
ing to rescue the crow. Tho fate ot thi
schooner which was In tow of tho Protec
tion Is at present unknown.
The ;ifr-OcaM's Saugatuck, Mich., apt
clal sayst 10 p. in. Tbo tug Protection has
been sounding her whistle constantly slue
nine o'clock. Tlio wind has gone back to
tha watt. It Is snowing and blowing as
hard as evor. Tbe schooner Clara Parkor
Is reported ashore nine miles south ot Grand
A stiff breezo U blowing hero to-night
from the northwest. Tbo lake la very
rough ami further disaster Is anticipated,
A telegram received hero says tbe life
saving crew from Ht. Joseph could not iiet
outside tho Saugatuck harbor to rescue the
tug Protection. Tho owners here to-night
telegraphed to Muskegon (or a tug to go fo
her assistance. It Is uot believed It can go
before morning.
Chicago, Nov. 13,
The Valbj Attic Toronto special sayHt
ri steamer Francis Smith of tho Colliug
wood and Fort Arthurllne loft Colliugwood
the latter part of last week with ono hun
dred passengers. She Is overdue, and as
nothing has been beard ot her. and as she It
old and not very jtaunoh, it Is (eared she
went down lu tuo storm ot Bunday nlgbt.
Oswiao, N. Y., Nov, 13,
Tho schooner Geo. Fennoy went ashore
last Bight at Ford's Sboalt, about Rve tulle
west ot this port. When discovered this
morning she was about bait a mile out with
tbe sea making a clean breach over her.. It
is snowing so hard it Is Impossible t tell
whether the orew ot (our men are on boara
or not. A surf-boat capsized twloe, and
t4is entire crew narrowly escaped drown
ing. A tug has goo up wtUi a hw1Uo
DsmtotT, Nor. s.
Tha latest fmwi from Colebester, Oats
rto, Indicates all boo abandoned (or tb
safety ot Captain Forrest, of tbe foundered
lightship, save tbe very slight on that h
way have launched hi boat and restch!
leuio of tha islands.
A Tntiy nf Pomp Jtsn, Inetintlns; O. Jf.
C'linse, Hiiperlutenitnnt nt tlio Jltlrhlann
Btnlo Fisheries, llroniieit VTtills Attempt.
Ins; tn Cross the llity nt Pelnsltrr Merloos
llntnnge to l'roperty by Htoriu.
1'ETiUKr.r, MicHm Nov. 13.
Yestonlay ntwut noon tlio wind changed
round to tho wust, nnd by tho middle of tho
ifternoon n violent galo wns blowing n
tremendous sea Into tho bny. In tho fore
noon O. M. Chase, Superintendent of tho
rtatti Flaheilos, accompanied by C. H.
Rrowncll, hla assistant, nnd Oeorgo M.
Armstrong, foreman of the Petoakey hatehs
try, went over to Harbor Bprlngs to glv
mine final directions about the shipment of
ipawn. They chnrtered n Mncklnatsr tlsh
Iwnt, manned by Moses Dotwllers, his ."mi
Gcurgo nnd Charles, and nephew George,
all experienced nml brnvo seamen. At fltS)
p. tn. tho party loft tho harbor on tha other
tide, In splto ot earnest remonitrnnco
against tlio attempt. When about halt
wny across tho boat was seen to capsize.
Although it scorned imposslblo (or a boat
lo llvo In such a sen, n volunteer crew
made a desporato artmpt to reach two
of tho pnrty, who could bo plainly seen
from tho shoro clinging to tho boat, but
they wero unable to reach them on account
of a blinding snow-storm and honTy sen,
tnd wero hardly nUn to got back. About
nine o'clock the Detwlltr boat, with one of
its sides crushed in, was driven on tho
bench nt Rny VIow, bui not ono of tho
oodles has come to land. The probabilities
are that nono of the lo-Ilos will lie recover
(d Immediately, ns thoy sank deep In tho
nater wllli n heavy under-current making;
Out Into tho lake. At ono o'clock this
morning Uio now City Dock, Hell's Dock,
Rose's Dotk, nnd Iho Rny View Dock wero
iwept out. Pound and gill-nets 111 tho bay
woro ilostroyctl. tho ios imiivmuauy nnu
of publlo property Is very largj. Mr.
(Jhnso wns very popular with our iooplo,
mil bis loss to tha Stnto can not easily bo
made good. Rrownell nnd Armstrong wero
Itrnngers, having recently camo to the city,
mil lenvo. tho former, a wlfo nnd two chil
dren, tho latter a wlfo and ono child. Tr.o
Delwllnra wero sober. Industrious men, and
respected. Moses Dotwller, the father,
loaves nn nged wife, and George, tha oldest
Soy, n wlfo nnd two children.
"the Finn' rniND,
& Million Dollnr lllars nt Hliennndnnli,
l'a. Seven Hqnnres Sstrpt Awny Two
II ii nil red nnd fifty l'mnlllrs Itcuilereil
llnuinlcM An Apptal for Aid,
fiiir.XA.tixuii, Pa., Nov. 12.
A tcrrlblo flro occurred horb to-day. It
originated this noon In tho Uultftl Htatos
Hotel, n largo thrco-alory franto building.
Tlio wind was blowing n regular liitrrlcnno
from tho west nt tho time, nnd thu flames
ipread rapidly. Ry two o'clock seven
iqunres right In tlio heart of tbo town wero
iwept nwny as It by magic. Among the
buildings destroyed were tlio United States
Unto, Odd Fellows' Hall, Roll's Hall, Rose
Opern-houao, tho Academy of Miislo ami
Frauds' largo brick building. Over 230
families nro homeless, and unless help Is
out mpch suirerlng wilj prevail. Tha loss"
will bo fully $l,Qw,t"J0. The amount of tho
Insurance cm! not bd computed nt present.
Among thu .irnvy losers' ami P. J. Fergu
ion, George F. Lltzel, Charles Hlgglm,
MMntf Jlcralil Company' (limited), P. J,
Rose & llro., Wm. K. Relck, Win. Sawyer,
Rohblns b Co., Henry Wsrlenhuld, John
Cuthor,G. W, Dangler, J. II. Moors, Mrs.
Grant, Tlios. Engen, J. P. Williams A llro.,
I"rany & Kan, lloloney Si Boa, -Mrs. M. K,
Doyle, J. A. ltellly, John F. Hlggins, G.
liirschter, Isnaa Hull, Charles Rice, Thorn
is lieells, Dr. E, O. Iikes. Dr. J. O. Riddle.
Levi RofowUz, I. W. Delanoy and others.
Tliren )u)wsiiijier olHces were destroyed,
the Jlrrahl, Almlwj Jlrrahl and iSnturdog
litenhig AVtes. Thoy lost everything. The
Bra department from Mnhanay City, Glr
rd Vlllngo, Ashloy nihl Pottsvtlle wero
telegraphed for. Thoy responded prompt
ly, nnd did ellHent service. Oeorgo
lleaton, n young man on bis way to the llro
from ouu uf tho collieries, In attempting to
nmp on an engine, hail both ot his leg cut
off, nnd will probably dlo. A special meet
ing ot the Ilorougli Council ami ciMietM
was held to-tilght to take measures to pro-
tect property and appoint relief coumi)-'
tees, A lergu forco ol twlico was swosn iff,'
sua tno icuiwing appeal was issueui
To the I'ubltc: A torrlblo flro ha sWept
tha town. Two hundred ami fifty families
are homeless to-night. Most of them havu
lost all, and nro without pruvislim or a
rhango of clothing. The weather la bitter
told, and n strong northwest gala is still
blowing. Eyery tiling josslblo fur tholr Im
mediate relief fs lieln'g done, but wo must
havo help. Who will old us, and give at
Once! Tho Council mot to-night and ap
pointed a reiu committee. They named
lame Cathers, Treasurer, who will iwccIvb- -all
contributions ot supplies, clothing or
ttionoy n generous publlo may be charitable
Itiougb to send.
Destructive Flro With Attendant Loss ot
Life nt Charleston, 8. C
Charleston, B.C., Nor. 1.
Flro broko rut this nftmiooojcHayiw
street In Wilbur' clothing mnriufaesVery,
ipreadlng to Robertson, Taylor A Co.'
wholesnlo groceries. Roth building were
gutted. LudLug'sbng factory, -adjoining,
was damaged. Los estimated at $es9tM
Thcro were eight women and tnw boy em-
ployed In Wilbur's factory, mast of whom
jumped from tho third story.
Ellen Herron wi killed and wl Hood
mortally Injured.
Mary Walfo was badly burned, but may
Magpie Qulnllsk and Annie Tylee were
badly hurt, but will recover.
Abigail buy and Laura Greea are sup.
poseil to have burned la tho Iwlldlng.
A llttlo Ixiy named Llghtheart jumped
and was caught unhurt. Ojily tho ulna
person named wero on the third story.
The Ire broko out under thu stairway, on
the second door, rutting olt escape, and Mi
lira spread rapidly. Person on tho second
floor escaped with difficulty.
A Hwlntller Mlppctl. n
Wnltor Curtis, a prepossessing looking rj
KnglisbniHH was arrested Mil afternoon i
thp charge ot ulBg MuHMtll to tie fraud.
On Friday last he dtoltoil Mve dollar
with Fletcher ft Thorpe, bankers, and tWs
was followed by advertlsemeu in th Cin
cinnati papers, ami elsewhere, calling (or
copyists, mala and female, to be euapfoytxl
at fifteen cents per hour, each applicant to.
forward one dollnr (or contract, and be re
ferring as evidence of good fWi to Mm flva
dollar (act that "wo bank wish Fletcher
Tlionie." Last night th ItUvrt bsssau
pouring to hi net, and to-4y tho post-Hunter
confiscated an linmtmso batch, and will
(orward them to the dead letter onScv,
Missionary AH'.'uHrit4HM.
Nkw Youk, Noy. .
Tbe General Missionary Coinniitts ol
tbo Methodist KpWcopal Church appropri
ated $7,000 (or tbe Austin, Tex., Co(Mtc
Arkansas, $1,500 j Rlue Ridge, J8.W0; 0
tral Tennessee, $8,500; Colorado, fty); De
troit, $4,000; Kan, $,) yCrnkmky,
$5,000; Michigan, $3,590; NorUiwtMt Kan
sas, $3,700; St. Louis, $4,50; BostUi Kasv
s, KVVX); SouMiweot KHw,fl! "Wmt
Virginia, $3,300; Nebraska, ,;" Kartb
Nebraska, $3,000; Northwetrt Iowa, ,))
WofctWiacoHsin.fcJ.IWOt VIsmmIs), V;
MluaesoU, JW.WX.
The Cnr Cfup.
The November report ot tha Depart m
ot Agriculture give the local y laid pssr at)
In October, Hnol report t tsutttloa 4
corn, which' averaged 19, Mk lsi'l
to Bean a iroet'''4 so, Ihstnn mtr
dred million fast!." Tha sWlHpjjI'hlil
peracreappeMrato be, tWgV P
aero, m and bait bu.hfito fit mm to
than Mm yield ot WSi On tssessssnaM re
ported la July, Uty-fM r4
mtlllou. exact assure wouhi sss
QUO Ulbls, In tbe revision el MX sVfi
returns this result' win no aw mawrae.ii
cbaugrd. The product will, therefore, hf
sdwutsV'.WtfUubel short U the WMfc

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