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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, November 30, 1883, Image 1

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win mi .Musjimtnn nmm.iii
, nwfi fc 111 us,
Devoted to tho Intcri'M oftlio ClirrUccs. Cliocltm n, ClilcUu.nu, Seminole, Crock-., ami nit Otlicr Imllinn or thu Intlliui Territory.
VOL." II. NO. 11 ;
ftlcnncd h? TclcRrnph ntul Mull
Ex-Sknatoh OEoiian K.SpuNCKn.of Aln
tmmn, wa. arrested nt Austin, Nev., ro
ccntly, on nn order of Attorney (lone ml
Hrewster, for contempt of court In not ap
pearing In tbo rjtnr-Koutn cases. Bpenccr
denied cludlne tho olllcors. Ho loft ullh a
Deputy Marshal for Washington.
Tub President has approved the sontenco
of clf.inls.nl In theensoot Medical Inspec
tor Stephen I). Kennedy, charged with
dmnkoneas and absence without jenrc.
The Secretory of tlio Treasury linn on
thorftcd tho payment without rebato of
three per cent, bonds, cmbracod in tho ona
hundred nnd tn oiity-sccoiid call, maturing
December 1. Tho amount outstanding I.
about f 14,750,000.
At tho request of Secretary Teller, tho
Altornoy OcnorPl recently ont to tho
District Attorney paper, to bo presented
to tho Oro-.id Jury charging Mr, llclvn
Lockwqrd, tho femalo attorney nnd claim
ngent, with collecting and retaining monoy.
duo pensioner..
. Oenkiiai. (iKonoic 1. Iiittte, elected to
Congress from Alaska In 1ST0, has been re
quested by numerously signed petition, of
citizen, there to represent them at Wash
tngton and endeavor to obtain omo tort of
civil government for tho Territory.
Tub number of national banks In opera
tion on November 1 was 2,622, tho largest
number In oporntton nt any ono time.
Hecuktaut rnKi.tNOituYMCN has cabled
tho commander of tho Asiatic lleot Instruc
tions abnuttbo course to bo pursued for tho
protection of American Interests In tho
caw of war between Franco nnd China.
The Bonato Committeo on Hule. 1ms
created a new Commlttoo on Internal Im
provement., to consist of nine Hcnators, to
havo Jurisdiction In nil matter, relating to
tho Improvements of. rivers, harbors and
tho harbor bill, A now Commlttoo on Kx
pendlturo. ol Public Monoy Is created, to
consist of .oven Senntor., to consider such
measure, tending to economy of public
expenditure, a. .hall bo roforrcd to it, and
tho conduct of ln estimations into tho ex
penditure of public monoy ordered by tbo
Till! IIASr.
Btiokney & Poon'a four-story brick
splco mill, nt Charleston Neck, Ma...,
burned recently. Thrco firemen worq seri
ously Injured by a falling roof. Los., $73,
000; Insurance, $01,000.
Patrick lliiADV, of Weekawln, N. J., a
pronounced burglar, wns .hot dcod recent
ly by a New York policeman, who was en
deavoring to arrest him on n canal boat
A late flro In tho Havcrmoyer Sugar
Iteflnory nt Jersey City, N. J., damaged
the establishment to tho extent of $73,000.
At rittsburgh, rn.,tho othcrday, lloorgo
Dnrroll nnd Qodfroy llnind wore arrested
for attempting to wreck a passenger train
on tho Pittsburgh & Lake Krlo llallroad.
Tho previous week they had a dispute with
Conductor Davidson about faro, and slnco
then thrco attempts to wreck his train havo
been made.
Miciiels, Fmedlaxdeh & Co., wholesale
dealors In furnishing goods, San Francisco
nnd Now York, mado an assignment re
cently Injnvor of creditors. Tho failure
was duo to heavy endo-sement. for Hon
foln & Co., nnd 8. Lautenhncb, Now York,
loth of which firms recontly failed. Lia
bilities $-100,000, of which half Is No. York
indebtedness. Frledlander .aid tho assot.
nro $&Y),000, and otery ono will lio paid in
full. Tbo firm stood high, and had boon In
cxlstcnco thirty year..
John Chisiiolm was hanged nt Nowark,
N. J., for tho murdor of his wife.
Mns. Mvllex, on aged woman, was fa
ally Injured by a locomotlvo nt Krlo, Pa.,
recontly. A fow weeks ago her sort and solo
support wan also killed by n locomotive.
1m n lato ult of Mary O'Connor 'against
Hamuol J. Kceloy, a Mouayunk (Pa.)
manufacturer, to recover damages for per
sonal injuries, tho plaintiff got n verdict of
$10,000. Tho girl was employed In tho de
fendant, mill, and, during n flro n year
ago, in tno ansonco of a nro o.capo Jumpod
irom tno window nnd was crippled for life.
Neak Krle, l'a., recently, tho houso of
James Lavory burned. Ho rushed In to
save hi. children nnd perished In tho
flames. Tho children wero savod.
A VEnmer of $V),000 was given In tho
Unltod Btatos Circuit Court nt l'hlladol
phla, reentry, against Albort II. Stonnker,
formerly Collector of Internal Uovenuo of
Phllad-lpbta, In a suit brought by tho Gov
ernment to recover that amount on tho
Injnd of rnjamln B. Emory, defaulting
Collector of Interim! Ilovonuo of tho Third
District of Mississippi.
l)EHNAnn Uoland, sentenced to Stato
Prison for life in 1873, was pardoned by
tho Oovcrnor nnd Council of Massachu
setts. Poland, In 1873, when barely fifteen
year, of Ago, wont Into n storo to tap a till,
but wn. selzod by an employe, whom ho
.tabbed In tho arm, cutting nn artery,
which resulted In death. Dolaud was found
gulltyof murder In tho second degree. After
sorving ton year. It has Just been discov
ered by his friends that tho statute, pro
tide that no person under sixteen shall bo
sont to tho Stato Prison. Tho pardon was
tha result.
The po.t-ofllco nt Pott.vllle, Pn., was re
cently entered by robbers, who blow open
(ho safo and stole Ave thousand dollar..
Rev. J. WiLDxn (colored), of l'lttsburgh,
has prepared papers In n suit for conspiracy
nnd defamation of charactor against Kevs.
Drs. Wllltgan, Bloannnd Wilson, minister,
of tho Reformed 1'rosbyterlan Church, ask
ing $150,000 damago. and alleging that tho
defendants, by conspiring, declared him n
monomaniac and Injured his reputation so
that he could not pursue his profession and
gain a living.
Uev. William Mitchell, newly-lnstallcd
pastor of tho Westboro (Mats.) Congrega
tional Church, was arrested tho other
morning on the charge of stealing books.
It Is stated that when ho was arrested ho
offered ono thousand dollars to keep tha
matter quiet.
A late flro nt Thomas Kvans & Co.'s
glass factory, at Pittsburgh, l'a., destroyed
property to the valuo of 400,000; Insurance
flO.OOO, Tho firm was ono of tho largest In
the United Btatos.
The one hundredth anniversary of tho
evacuation of New; York was celebrated tin
His 26th with a grand procession, speeche.
and the unvolllng ot tho statue of Wash
ington. Many distinguished people were
At Laconln, N. II., on the morning of
November 23, 8. S. Andrews, a neighbor of
James Ruddy, aged forty years, employed
In tbo Laconla Car Works, wns alarmed.by
s woman's .creams. He aroused Ids .on
ind hurried to Ruddy', house. They found
Mr.. Ruddy, aged thlrty-.lx years, lying
en the ground, beneath a front window
through which .ho had leapod. She was
bleeding from a number of frightful wounds.
Upon entering the house, they found tho
Interior of the building on flro and tbo
sdles of an Infant and Jsmos Ruddy, who
l.d been murdered, also tha trunk of tho
lifeless body of Mrs. Ford, who had beon
murdered at her home nnd the body taken
to Ruddy's house surreptitiously, lb.
murder, were committed by a mail named
Damons, who wa. arretted, together with
tbo husband of Mrs, ford, who was suipt-
cloned ot being Implicated In tho killing of
bis wife.
Tint m;vr.
A CTCLotn .wept through Oregon County,
Mo recontly, uprooting trees und doing
much damage to property.
At Portsmouth, O., recently, Post-oftlco
InSnCCtOM nrrpstpd flonrc-rt IV tUllnr. ptnrl
on tho lino lietween Columbus, O., and
A.iiianil, Ky,,chargodwIth cmbctzllngnnd
riding letters.
ItKCK.tT henw rnln nt Inillnnnnntl.
Ind,. flooded tho northeastern portion '.
the city, covering tho first floor of hundreds
of smnll dwelling. It wns thought tho
damage would reach a quarter of a million
At Mexico, Mo., John Kchlo.ser, n car
penter, took "Rough on Rats" with suicidal
intent. He died several day. afterwards.
James Davis, Secretary of tho Loudon,
(Kng.,) mid Hon Fraucl.cn bank, hni ab
sconded. Ho embezzled 30,000, Including
ono hundred nnd eight of tho Oregon nnd
California railroad gold bonds of tho valuo
of 30,100. A warrant wn. Issued, nnd
200rownrd offered for hi. orroU.
At Rushvllh', Ind., tho other morning,
Edward Payne, cashier of tho Rushvlllo
National Bank, was awakened by n noNo
in tho kitchen nnd started down stairs. He
met a burglar coming up who ordered him
back, threatening to .hoot. Pnyno hurled
n uilssllo at him, whereupon tho burglar
flrcdn. hot which took effect In Pnyno's
right lung, Inflicting a wound which It was
thought would prove fatal.
The propeller Manisteo as recently lost
on Lnko Michigan with all 'on board.
The prisoner. In Jail ot Indianapolis,
Ind., recently nttemptod to csrnpo by the
Usoof dynamite, .nnd succeeded In blowing
n holo through tho walls largo enough to
crawl through, Thoy wore, how over, con
fronted by tho Slicriir with a cocked ro
voher nnd ordered to their coll..
Last February Patrick Ryan and wlfo,
of St. Joseph, Mo., got on a eprco during
which ha smothered her to death with a
foather bed. For this n Jury recently gavo
him six months in tho county jail.
Kansas City was considerably excited
recently over tho dlscovory of tho fact that
somo butchers wero .laughtcring and sell
ing for beef cattlo affected with all manner
of loathsomo disease. Sovcral arrest, wero
Rev. Nathan Phiwce, of tho Methodist
Episcopal Church, wns recently tried by a
Church Court nt Urhnnn, O., on tho charge
of Jealousy and ill-treatmont toward his
wife, causing her Insanity. Tho judgment
rendered wns that ho was gulltyof Jealousy
and Ill-treatment, but tho court did not And
that tho latter caused his wife's Insanity,
though It might havo facilitated it. He
was suspendad.
Two women nnd thrco children wore re
ported drowned and much llvo stock lost
by tho recent heavy rains nnd flood in
Reynolds County, Mo.
A RPLEinio reception was accorded Gen
eral and Mrs. Hlioridan recently, in Chica
go, by tho members of tho Loyal Legion of
Illinois, of which General Shcridaii Is still
nominally commander.
Tub town of Piedmont, Mo., suffered se
verely by tho lato lain and Hood. Fourteen
housos wero sw opt awny nnd six porsons
wero reported drownod.
Anotiieii hundred sacks of mall matter
had accumulated at Portland, Oregon,
owing to tho Inefficiency ot tho mail ser
vlco on tho Northern Pacific road
Mns. John NcniEinKn, losiding nenr
Laclede, 111., was recently standing with
her back to a hot stove, when her clothing
took flro, fatally burning her boforo tho
flames could bo extinguished.
The house ot T. W. Huston, a well-to-do
farmer, two miles from Uulonville, Mo.,
w.as destroyed by flro recontly. Mrs. Hus
ton and two children perished In tho
Ose hundred members of tho Chicago
Commercial Club joined In gl ingjn ban
quet to General Sheridan, tho other even
ing, at tho Calumet Club-room In Chicago.
Aiiout four o'clock on tho afternoon of
the 21th as tho cast-bound Southern Paclflo
passenger train was about four miles east
of Gago Station nnd thirteen miles wist of
Dcmiiig, N. M., it was stopped by a party ot
so ven cow boys, n ho opened lira on tho
train. About twenty shots wero fired, nnd
AVebster, tho engineer killod, Tho robbers
took out a date and spread tho rolls,
throwing tho engine, mall car, ono conch
and tho front oud ot tho sloepcr off. After
tho wreck tho robbers secured about seven
hundred dollars from the express car and
The Paclflo Southern Railroad Company
nnd Wells Fargo Express Company hno
offered $2,000 for each, or $10,000 for tho
whole party that robbed tho passongor
train near Denting, recently. It Is believed
John Price, tho notorious Now Mexican
desperado, was chief of tho gnng,
Alo.izq Wood, nephew of Martin D.
Aood, manager of tbo Western Union
Telegraph olllco at Kansas City, recently
committed sulcldo nt Albuquerque, N. M.,
by cutting his throat. Iho cause was tho
receipt of intelligence of tho marrlago of
a young lady who had not favored his suit.
A cyclone, recently nearly destroyed tho
vlllago of La Crosse, La. Tho flno academy
was destroyed nnd only six houses loft.
Thrco persons wero killed mid sovcrai
seriously injured.
At llnltimore, tho othor day, Llzzlo
Ilurmelster, aged twenty-one, nttctnpted to
kill hersolf by hanging, but was discovered
and savod. Several weeks ngo her father,
whowac reported to boon industrious,
temporato man, for somo unknown causa
got on a spree and whllo crazed with liquor
mado a deadly assault upon his wife, for
which he wns arrested. Tho wlfo soon otter
hanged herself. Tho affair so workod upon
the mind of tbo daughter that she went
crazy and attempted self-destruction. Tho
husband and father was also safd to be
nearly crazy over tho sad result of a .Inglo
A collision occurred on tho Alabama &
Great Southern Railroad the other morn,
Ing, nt Coaling, Ala., between! tho south
bound New Orleans express and the north
bound freight train. It was reported that
tho number killod wo. four, and that sev
eral wero seriously injured.
The large planing, saw mill and box fac
tory belonging to tho Pnducali Lumber
Company, at Pnducali, Ky.,burnod recent
ly. Loss, $30,000; imuranco, f 13,000.
The convention ot tbo National Cotton
Planters' Association, at VIck.burg, Mis..,
adopted a resolution memorallzlng Con
gress to inako an appropriation for the Im
provement ot the Mississippi It her, nnd
urging Congressmen to advocate the ereo
tlou of levees. A resolution commending
women to membership on the tarns basts
as men was adopted. It Is the first step In
this direction ever made In tho Cotton
Nr.An Hickman, Kv-, recently, Hillman
King nnd wlfe,au old and respected couplo,
wero murdered nnd tho houto robbed of
$2,000, A peddler was suspected,
A. J. Leo, a member of the Texas Legis
lature died recently at Hidalgo from the
effects of n poisonous fly-bite in the face
ANurTATLon.the laid llvlngof the tbreo
Taylors brothers who murdered two Bberl ft.
anil captured R railroad train with one
hundred passengers on board, compelling
the engineer lv carry tbem twenty miles at
a dangerously high speed, ntiout n year
ago, wa. tinged at Loudon, Tcnn., oil tho
WniLn diaries Kcuulennd hi. clerk, who
kept ft country store In Leo County, Tex.,
wore reccnMy preparing to lenvo tho
store, ft man entered, caught Ketiflle by iho
shoulder, and demanded moiiny, Kcullto
went to tho drawer and wa. unlocking It
w hli tho robber s liothlm through the head,
killing him Instantly. The roblier tedd the
Clerk to pull tho drawer out. A. the clerk
wa. complying ho received a bullot In tho
brain nnd dropped dend. Tho drawer con
tained otily fifteen dollar.. Mrs. Kcuflla
nnd flva children remained In the building
till morlng, too terrified to glo nn nlarm.
Govxnvon Cameron, of Virginia, recent
ly ordered ono gun of tho Petersburg ar
tillery to be sent ntouca to Matthew. Coun
ty, to bo used ngninst n fleet of oyster men
engaged In Illegal dredging of tho Happa
hanock Rlvor. A largo quantity ot am
munition was also sent to tho Sheriff ol
Matthow. County to bo utcd for tho pro
tection of tho river ngaln.t dredgers.
FotiTY-TiinEE negroes were recently tried
nt Center Point, Ark., fui participating In
tho Howard County riots somo months
slnco, when young Wyatt nnd seeral oth
er, were killed nnd Wyott'.body mutilated.
Thrco wero sentenced to hang, ono sen
tenced to tho penitentiary for eighteen
year., ten for flftoen years, nlno for ten
years, ten for flvo year, nnd ten ncqulttcd.
Charles Tntw shot himself twloo In Iho
head tho other afternoon In tho cemetery nt
Pittsburg, Pa., during tho services nt the
grnvo ot his intended.
Tun Republican Military Society of
Spain link Issued nn address to tho ormy
and people, declaring that If tho Got em
mont docs-not ostnbllsh unlver.nl suffrago
at tho next session of tho Cortes, tho so
ciety will adopt a revolutionary attitude.
Canadian dlrpntchoi stated that there
was little probability that tho Government
would assist tho destitute Immigrants sent
out by tho Imperial authorities upon Im
perial responsibility. It wns suggestod
that tho destltuto or undoslrnblo Immi
grants bo shipped to tho plnco whenco they
came, as dono by tho nuthoiltlcs at
American ports.
The boiler of the brig Erie Hollo exploded
recently nt Kincardine, Out, blowing tho
stoamorto atoms and killing Engineer.
William Osgode, Frank Eckonihurst, Fire
man William Sa les, and tho cook, tiamo
unknown. The remaining eight of tho
crow, who wero struggling In tho water,
were picked up uy a Ilfo boat crew.
Recently whllo tho Communal Council,
at Rome, was dlscuislng tho question of
Intrusting priost. with religious Instruction
In municipal school., a crowd burst Into
the bit 1, whistling nnd hooting. Tho hall
was dually cleared and tha discussion re
sumed w 1th closed door.,
A tuai.v on tho St. Martin's & Uphnm
Railway Jumped tho track nenr Hanaplon,
Canada, recently. Threo cars rollod over
an embankment Into n ditch. Sixteen pas
songero aboard wero more or less injured,
some fatally.
Count Castlemonte was recently cap
tured by brigands In Italy nnd ransomed
for $30,000
Colonel Coetian, with Hicks Fnsba,
sont a telegram from Khartoum to General
Sir Evol n Wood confirming the previous
report, of tho disaster to Hicks Pasha's
(Egyptian) army. Ho say. tho whole
country lies risen. Tho Go eminent has
asked Ilaker Pnshi to send 1,000 yens d'
nnnei to Suaakim to help clear tho desert,
but Baker Faska rofunpd to send them,
thinking that they were required In Upir
Ugypt. It Is stated that Turkey offered to
send 20,000 troop, to re-establish Mussul
man authority In Soudan.
A Hono Koo dispatch stated that three
thousand Chlneso attacked Hnld Zuong tho
17th. Tho French garrison, supportod by
gunboats, malutalnod Its position. Tho
ongagomant lasted from nlno In tho morn
ing until four In tho aftoruoon. ThoChlnoso
retreated. Tha loss of tho French land
forco was twelvo killod nnil wounded.
Later reports received nt Cairo con
firmed tho now. of tho defent of Hicks
Pasha. Tho panic nt Khartoum was said
to bo Increasing, owing to rumors that El
Mahdt (tho Falso Prophet), with a largo
force, was advancing upon that city and
had cut off all supplies ot grain.
The Emporor of China has privately In
structed tho Viceroy of Nanking lo begin
hostilities against tho French In tho event
of nn attack on Racnlnh, and strictly en
joined him to maintain order at tho treaty
A few weeks slnco the Commissioner of
Pensions suggosled to Secretary Teller to
formulato rules to prevent nny but roputa-
mo mourners of tho legal profession prac
ticing before tho Interior Department as
claim ngonts. Tho Secretary recently ro
plied declining to tnko auy action in tho
direction proposed for tho reason that ho
consider, the present rules of tho depart
ment sufficiently explicit concerning tho
exclusion ot "disreputable" persons, und
the lnw doe. not compel a claim agent to
boa practicing attorney.
The friends of General Fremont, In
Washington, nro snld to be considering tho
propriety of doing something to placo hhn
abovo the necessity In his old ago of tolling
for his dally bread. Precisely what thoy
will bo oblo to do does not yet appear, but
an attempt will probably bo mado to re
Instate him in tho army as a Major General
nnd put him on the retired list.
The other day a mau roprosoutlng him
elf as Colonel W. P. Perry, of Plnkerton'.
detective forco of Chicago, applied to C. II,
Bush, Superintendent of tha Michigan Cen
tral Hallway, at Jackson, Mich., for a
special engine to go to Mason and arrest
the murderer of tho Crouch family. Not
suspecting anything wrong, tho Superin
tendent granted b j request. Perry went
to Mason, got the Sheriff, and nrrosted a
farmer named Anderson and took hint to
Jackson. Thu excitement was so great that
tho prisoner barely escaped being mobbed.
Perry turned cut to bo a crank and an ex
convict named Howard, and Anderson a
respectable farmer. Tho latter was sont
back to his home.
The labor organizations of New Orleaus
recently had their annual street paiado.
Ten thousand men were lu lino. The pro
cession mado a fine show ot able-bodied
men, nnd was conducted with eiillre good
order and decorum, whlta and black men
In many Instances marching together In
tbo samo organization.
Some time ngo, at Pittsburgh, Pa., Frank
Heed, and Andrew Wllbort, neither over
eleven year, ot age, quarreled a. to which
should furnish the fuel for a Are which they
had built. Reed refused and Wllbert, utlng
a kulfe supplied by hi. older brother,
plunged It Into Reed's side, from the effect,
of which death subsequently ensued,
A laroelY attended meeting of prom
inent citizens wa. held at Indianapolis,
Ind., tbo other evening, at which resolu
tton. were pa.sed requesting the National
Republican Convention to bold Its next
session In that city, pledging all the neces
tary accommodations to delegates and ths
erection ot a largo building for lh use of
the Convention.
Warrants were iitued tor the arrest ot
the Weston paity engaged In the late Mtir
raysvllle, Pa., rlotu, including a number of
prominent cltlztfns,
ANOTIUMl mux itoiuintv,
Ah tttprrst Train on Hie Onntlirrn t'ndfla
Hallway AVrerkril nnil Uolilird j it
Part nf Slnskril Men Tho Ilngtn.er Ti
O. Aettpr Killed.
Hr.rAo,TEX., Nov. 21.
At 1 ! p. m. yesterday, as the east-bound
mall train on the Southern Paclflo Railway
from Ban Francisco nrnred Oago Station,
Southern New Mexico, It wns thrown from
the track owing to tho rail, having been
displaced. At the same moment a body ol
five moti commenced firing Into the train
without etcn demanding of tho engineer,
conductor or express agent that they should
hold iiptholr hands. Engineer T. C. Wobstei
wa. Instantly killed by the shot, and A. N,
Swan, the malt agent, tartly saved hlmseli
by retreating to tho rear ot the mall oar.
The passengers wore all either unarmed or
perfectly demoralized, nnd mado no at
tempt to return the Are. Threo thots were
flred through tho mall car, which was en
tered, but the mall was not touched. From
tho expros. car tha robber, took $8M, and
from th conductor, G. Vnll, they took .
gold watch and $230, and from A, Gaskell,
nt tho Unltod Btate. PuMlshlng house, In
Chicago, they took fifty flvo dollars. All
of tho robbors wM-uinaskod except cie, nnd
after having robbed tho train they went uit
toward tho read to Old MexUo, the road
leadlnr toward Ascension, In that republic,
llage Station Is a desolate, war tide station,
about fourteen miles wost of Demlng, but
two nnd a half tulles south of It I. tl'uated
the largo mining Camp of Victoria. Ths
distance from (iiiga totbe Moxlcau frontlet
Is forty miles. Although otllcers stnrted
out from Demlng Immediately on receipt ol
the news, It Is balievrd that the robbers
havo made good thlr escnpo Into Old
'ills railroad officials bava telegraphed
from San Francisco offering $2,000 reward
for tho capture of each or either of the
robbers and $10,000 for the whole party.
A large poiso has taken their trail. Engi
neer ebttei lonvc. a w Ifo and family.
Tho reward offered for tho urrest of tin
robBers 1 equally divided between the
Central Pacific Railroad Company and
Wells Fargo Express Company,
A HOllKIIlLi: CltlMI".
A New Ilninnslitre l'mnlly Murdered nnd
Chopped to l'leces nnd Tlirlr !trnlllii
I Ire.l to llliln tha Crime The Ililteher
A rr ruled I'rospret of n Lynching In ths
Laconia, N. It., Nov 23.
This morning residents were startled by
the story of n tcrrlblo tragedy, which oc
curred at four o'clock. S. 8. Andrews, a
neighbor of James Ruddy, agod forty years,
employed In tho Laconla Car-Works, was
alarmed by a woman's screams. He aroused
his son nnd hurried -to Ruddy, houso,
whence tho screams proceeded. They found
Mrs. Ruddy, aged thirty-six years," lying
on tho ground boneath the front window,
through which she had leaped. Sho was
bleeding profusely and said she had been
cut nil to pieces. She wn. properly carol
for. Assistance was obtained and the door
of Ruddx's houso forced open. Flames
burst forth and an alarm of flro was
sounded. The flames wore quickly extin
guished and tho bodies of Ruddy and an
only child one nnd one-half years old wero
found lying on tho kltchon floor, both cut
In a terrible manner and covered with the
content, of a feather bod which had beon
saturated with korosone and sot on flro.
Tho bodies wero so disfigured by tho flames
as to bo nearly past recognition. In tho
bed-room was found In n trunk tho lifeless
body of Mrs. Ford, which was Identi
fied by her husband. Ono of the limbs bad
beon chopped off and the detached member
and remaining leg bound to tho w Oman's
body with n clothes-line. The bod, clothes
had been saturated with oil and piled on
the body nnd nn attempt mado to set them
on lire, which failed.
Mrs. Ruddv. being questioned, said tha
erlmo was committed by Thomas Samou, an
Englishman, and an acquaintance ot tha
family, n cook by trade, about thirty -six
years of ago, with a hatch) t. .Mrs. Hud
dy's statement before thu Coronor's Jury
wns as follow. 1 Wo went to bed about
nine o'clock. Atelo, 1 Bunion camo into
tho front room nnd looked nut tho window,
saying hx was nervous ami could not sleep.
I got up and mado him a cup of ten and
went back to bod. At ono o'clock Samon
camo Into tho front room and acted queer
ly. Ho wont back Into tho kitchen and my
husband and I got up and be also went in
to tho kitchen. I soon hoard a f nil, and go
ing out found my husband hanging over a
chair with bis arms down. Samon started
for me and struck mo with the hatchot on
tbo head. I grabbed his arm, but ho then
struck mo and threw mo to the floor, lis
went Into the front room and killed ths
baby, who was crying. Whllo he was
there I tried to unlock tha kitchen door, but
ho returned and again .truck me on the
head, knocking me down. I laid perfectly
quiet. He went back into tbo front room
and got the baby ami then came back and
poured feather, and straw over u and went
out. I got up and tried to open the front
window but could not. I then broke a pan.
of gins and Jumped through. Ho was very
noitous In tho kitchen nearly all night.
Tho hatchet with which the crime was
probably committed was found In ths
' rlvor.
I It I. stated that Samon took Mrs. Ford's
j body to Ruddy's house Saturday morning
in a ironic, wiiara 11 remained until me
tragedy occurred. The Coroner's Inquest
rendered n verdict that the porsons camo to
their death at tha hands of 1 homas Samon.
'I he latter was arrested this afternoon nenr
1'1 mouth. Ho did not resist arrest, and
has been taken In cliarge by Plymouth off!
cars. Suspicion being nrouted against
Ford, husband of the murdered woman,
tbut lie might lo Implicated In the affajr,
he wa. arrested this forenoon and remains
In custody. Several suspicious circum
stances tend to show bis guilt.
At Ford'. Mid Ramon', there wa. no evi
dence ct Mrs. Ford', murder, and it Is
thought hor death was accidental at
bamon's hands, and that, wishing to con
ceal tho body, he took It to Ruddy's, think
ing, perhaps, he could carrv it from tha
house during tho night! that Ruddy refused
to assist him, when the struggle ensued.
The supposition Is that Mrs. Ford died
eithor from strangulation or drugging, ai
she frequently Indulged lu strong drink.
Snmon will be brought to Laconla on
Monday for trial. Great excitement pre
vails, and fear, are entertained that n vig
ilance committeo will be organized ami the
prisoner lynched upon his arrival at the
depot. A later report from Plymouth states
that Samon donles all knowledge of tho af
fair, and bis arrest Is a perfect surprise.
Samou has never been regarded as vicious,
even when Intoxicated. At a late hour to
night Mr.. Ruddy's condition was no worse.
. .
Shot by it Jealous Huttinud,
8tXTAFr,N M.Nov. 21.
A few days ago a murder occurred in the
vicinity of Bald Mountain on a lAoep ranch.
The tragedy was enacted by Eugenlo Ha.
con, and hi. victim wa. a lad named Da
mat Garcia. Rascon wa. jealous ot Gar
cia, and meeting him be asked 1 "What
havo you been saying to my wlfel" On re
ceiving tho answer, "I havo beon .aylng
nothing," he tired two shots, one entering
UiH breast near the sternum and the other
interlug tho back near the .boulder blade
and ranged downward, pasting through
the heart, comln; out near tho nipple. Thu
murderer escaped.
- '
An UnpioTokeit Murder.
New Voiik, Nov. ft.
Owen F. Plunkett, a cigar-make, em
ployed In bis brother's factory, at No. 2!
Ilowery, wa. shot dead to-day by a disso
lute, fellow named John Si-ullen. Scullen
worked at the bench near tha murdered
Man on ths top floor of the building. lie
tween the two wn another workman.
Without any known cause Scullen drew a
revolver and fired at the other workman.
The ball misted it. mark, when Scullen
I recoeked tho weapon and fired at Plunkatt,
who fell dead. Scullen was arrested. The
murderer Is aged Afty eight and half-witted.
He l.a widower. Tue murdered man
was foreman In the factory. Scullen says
bo bought the rwvolvcr to snoot biii,cl
An Aged Farmer, Ills Daughter, Kon-lli'
Uw nnd n lain Msllor Chloroformed
nnd Murilrrnd InTlielr llrdt Nrnr .tuck
son, SllehlEnn A Lnrg Ruin of Money
Known to he In the House the Prolmtrio
Inrentlto A Negro fuller Arrest on On.
Jckon, Mich ,Ncr.22.
This morning (our persons, Jacob D.
Crouch, agod seventy-four, w Idower; Hen
ry White, aged thlrty-c Ight, son-in-law ot
Crouch; Eunice White, aged thirty-three,
daughter ot Crouch, all of Summit Town
thlp, Jackson County, nnd Moses l'olley,
iged twenty-six, of Transfer, Mercer Coun
ty, Pa , were found murdered In their beds,
U having been shot through the head
behind tho ear, nnd are supposed to have
been chlurorformd lint, as no signs of a
struggle appeared, l'.ai h victim was lying
ss It asleep, nnd the odor of chloroform wns
noticeable, when thoy wero discovered.
Mrs. White was also shot through thojeft
srm. No clew has ns 5 et boon dltcotercd,
tllhough tracks around the houso Indicate
s guard was placed whllo the murder wn.
belli" perpetrated. Crouch wa. n wealthy
inrinor, living set en mllot southwest o(
Jackson, and ownor of an extcnslte sheep
nnch In Texas. It Is rumored that
ho had Just received nbout $d0,000
from Texas In pnyment of sale,
made on tho ranch. Banker, hern statu
that no money was deposited by Crouch,
ind it I. presumed the monoy wn. In
( rouch'. hands. Polley wns stopping nt
Crouch's, having Just camo from Texas
with a largo amount of monoy for tho pur
nose of liuvlnc blooded stock. Tho theorv
Is that be (l'ollej) wa. tallowed from
Faxon by thu murdurcrormiiriKier. for tha
purpose of robliery.
Crouch slept In nn alcovo opening Into a
sltting-rtHim, tunr the front pari ot the
house. HI. daughter and her husband oc
cupied the front bed-room, while In another
bed room, opei'lng also Into the parlor, lay
thu ri mains rC l'olley. Crouch wa. lying
with hi. faio to the wall rnd had n bullet
hole In tho left side of tho bend, two Inches
back of the ear, tha ball passing through
tho brain. Dentil was Instantaneous.
White wn. .hot twice, one ball enterlngthe
right sldo of tho neck threo Inches below
tha car, severing an artery, tho sorond ball
entering tho temple, nenr too right eye. lis
was discovered lying on hi. back, as II
peacefully sleeping, ill. wlfo wo. shot live
times, nnd inadu n hard struggle for life, as
judged by the position of her arm. and tlif
disorder of her clothing. Two bull, passed
through the right arm, one through tho left,
ono lu tha right breast Into the limes, on.
through the chin and neck, and another in
tho lelt w rist. Polley was shot twlco, one
bullet entering thu opening ot tho right ear
directly Into tha brain, tho second passing
through his chott from thorlght.lde. There
were no Indications of n struggle. Ths
Sheriff believes tho shot, were flred by on.
ponton nud 0110 revolt er, ns a number ol
empty cartridges found on tha II' i all
how the .anio cullbcr. n'hore are conflict
ing rumor, regarding the usoof chloroform.
Physician, claim 110111 w a. turn!, bat tb.
theory of ono person doing tho butchery,
nud tho testimony of the Hist noighbora at
tho si-eno, who claim that tho odor ol
chloroform on eutei Ing tho house was suffo
cating. The young negro Holes has beon
arrested and jailed toawult tho result of
tha Coroner's Inquost, which will bo held
to-morrow. Crouch wnt worth $2,000,WO.
Ho had property In Jackson County ard
sheep ranches lu Texas, no.ir Forth Worth.
He leaves two sons nnd 01 ro dauchtor. A
pocklt-book containing $105 and n certifi
cate of deposit for $.VI0 was found mi tho
window hill ot White', room. An empty
rartrldgo-box, 32-callbre, was found in ths
negro Boles' room.
The New Time Adopted !r Most of the
lltllrimd nf the Country nt Nnnn nil
Nntenilirr 18 Only lira Instead nf (s
1'orinprly) I Iftr-thrc Kinds of Time
The Arrangement In IlltUlnns The
Difference Calculated for Many Cities.
Ve tiro Indebted lo tho coiirtosy of
l!io Clilcnffo Tribune for tho initp glrcrt
below, uxplAtnliirr tho stnmlniit tlnio
which hn beon niloptnl ti llitirnilromli
of tho Noith American Continent. In
connection with tho map tho 'lYxbuiw
also published tho tnblo Riven below,
allowing the illfl'onMco between tho now
time nnil tho local or solar llmo of tho
lcmldig cities of tho country.
A clinngn In time, .ays tho Trihune,
fontowlint similar to thnt which Is now
cllectod In America, was brought nbout
In Knglntul ni long ngo ns Jnnuary 111,
1818, ami a reform couhl no longer ho
ilelnjeil In tlui country owing to tho
complications arising uiulor tho old
dispensation. It mny not ho gonornlly
known tlinttho rnllromltot this country
haw been conducted of late years tin
tier llft- threo illl!orant kinds of time,
tho illllorenco between Iho times being
very slight In somo InMniicc.-i, but
enough to mnko people mis. trains
repeatedly, besides causing other Incon
Tho llfty-throo kinds of time wero
represented on tho old railroad tnnps
by nn elahornto natem of coloro which
would coufit-o nn ordiunr) obsortcr.
Untlct tho now system there nro ilv,o
Central tlmd. raciflo time, based upon
tho 120th meridian, in two hours-slower
than Ccntrnl time.
Thesoornl meridians nro indicated
upon Iho man, ns woll ns tho territory
Iticludod In tho different divisions. Tho
Iriegulnrlty In tho boundaries Is caused
by tho various roads wishing to adopt
ns Ihclr stnuihnl tho tlr Jo of tho merid
ian nearest to which tho greater num
ber ot their lines nro situated.
VAI.t'B op tiik T.ni.n.
It may bo slatcil that many of tho
towns lu Illinois nud Iowa nro run on
Chicago time, which tho railroads run
nlng from this city Introduced. Tho
tables herewith printed show tho dlflor
rneo between tho solar tlmo of thoso
towns nud tho siandnul tlmo. This ex
planation may prevent tho towns In
question from confounding tho Chicago
six hours: tho lOTHIi.tcvcn hours; and tho
time, which they now use, with their
solar time.
MS, t-.Trn-coumAi.TiUB
11 31 fnMrr than llalUar, N. 8.
lit 4S raster tlinn Hi. Johns, N. V,
21 li futtur than lit Johns, N. II. .
Rtirrruv tik.
IS 57W .lower than Portland, Mo.
Hi ta slower 'him llosmn, Mass.
It t slower than l'rmldcnco. It, f.
It i 1 l-o slower than Nowiort. It, 1.
II 17 slORerltmn Hartford, Conn.
H 11 .lower than New listen, Conn.
H A slower tlmn Oitcboo, Can.
ft 41 .lower than Mor nnUl-'an.
!i 40 faster than Ottawa, Can.
17 !Di fnstor than 'lorontn. Can.
n Ml .lower Hum Now Vork Cltjr, N, V.
R W slower than Allany, N. Y,
n ID faster than llutrnli,N. Y.
0 411 luster llinti 1 lillalolphto. Pa.
7 SO foster than Ihirrlstnirtr, l'a.
10 93 faster than Hudson, Wta.
a 41 slower than Waupaca, wis.
4 SO slower t'tan Dartlorrt, Wis,
4 51 slower IhsiCllerlln, (V'H.
0 13 slower than rtrenah. Wis.
its slower than (Upon, Wis.
4 slower than W.tortown, WH.
ft A slower than Waupun. wis.
It 4S .fdnrf than Depere, Wis.
5 !tl .lower-tian Madison. V.l.
1J SS .lower Ihrt! Urawfortlsvllle, rtd.
18 4. lower than K.'scan. jmi.
U 44 sower than KrnnS'illo. Ind.
IB Si slowor than Fort Wav? ''
IS 40 .lower than Ooilien, lnit.
13 X! .lower than (Irennca.tle, IrM.
1ft flower than Imtl.napolK Ind.
17 4 .lower than JelTcrsonvlllo, Ina.
U S4 slower than I afajetlc. Ind.
lit ss slower than Kokomn, Ind.
II SS .lower than bos'nn.part, Ind.
is 74 .lower than Madison, 1 id.
IS 2. .lower than Mlehlfsn City, Ind.
is Si .lower than Muiioln. Ind.
IS mi slower than Now Alranjr, Ind.
14 41 flower lb. u Plymouth, Ind.
15 1 .lower than I'emi Ind.
u 40 slower than I'rlnrcton, Inn.
III Si .lower than IlMimond. lnl.
Id ai .tower than jrw""r. ind.
10 SI .'owrr than Torro H.ato. Ind.
11 4S .loner than VaUwraLo. Ind.
11 SO slowor than Washington. , Ind.
1 1 SI rnUr than Albert LSX Minn.
1 1 S4 fnstor than Anoka, Mlmf.
II 40 faster than Austin, Minn.
H 18 faster I han Duiiilb, Minn.
13 M fiuti rth.n Karlliault, Minn.
11 U faster than HaMlmrs, Minn.
n 4 faster than Jjiku t Ity, Minn.
15 4S raster than Manrato, Minn.
1 1 0 faster than Minneapolis. Minn.
10 0 faster than Itod Wlnv, Minn.
0 41 raster than Ito-hrstcr, Minn
11 i faster thanrillltwatcr. Mlnn
U S fuste r than Ht. Paul, Minn.
a 2S taster than Hinona, .Minn.
B) ZS lister than Yankton, D.T.
ss ;e fatter than Kort Qary, Man,
1 !V faster than Dubtiquo, la.
U IS farter than lies Molars, la.
4 SI ratter than luirllnsion, la.
5 '( faster than Kc-okuW, la.
21 SO fatter than Council ItlutTs, If
U 4(1 fattor than Mason City. la.
B si faster than Otluinwa, la.
The Mysterious Attasslnnllnu of it Itn
County (Sin.) Farmer Tho Dend Sinn's
Nephew Is Charted wttli the Deed A
Lyncldusln l'roipeet.
Hiciivroin, Mo , Nov. K.
Monday night' tho family ot Jell Uvil
Iter, it well-to-do farmer In tho Mud Creek
neighborhood, were aroused about half an
hour after thoy had roiio to bod by somo
body calling. It was the voice ot n man,
but wn. not recognized. Mr.. Kvilslzer re
sponded by asking what was wanted. Ths
voice replied; "I want to sea JolT." "Who
Is Itf tho woman nsked. "Johnnie Kvil
slzer" (o younger brother of Jeff), was tho
answer. After venting her mind on ths
Imppjpilety of calling folk, up at that time
ot night, tho told her husband to go to ths
door and seo what Johnnie wanted. Uvll
slier got up nnd opened the door, nnd stood
sovorul seconds peering out Into the dark
ness. The voice did not .peak, neither did
Kvllilzcr. A brief period passed perhaps
a quarter of a mluute then a shot was
fired, And tho farmer walked to the bed and
lay down, lie had received his death
wound, but lingered until morning. Tho
bullet penetrated the bowels.
In Intervals ot consciousness the dying
man told hie wife that be could not recog
nize mho wns standing In front ot tho doer
until tho pistol wa. (lied, and then ha saw
distinctly that It wa. WIlllo Miller, hi.
nephew, llo .aid that Miller was scarcely
thf 00 feet away when he flrod. Kvllilzer
ropeated this several timet. A posse wa.
formed and armed, nnd a visit mado to the
house of Tlnfina. Mlllor, tho father of IVIII1.
Miller. Ihe elder Miller t. ono of tho
wealthiest men In that part of the county,
having afaimof 400 acres, well Improvoil
and stocked, lie met the nolgbbors with
out nny show of foiling, and told them that
nis sou nan gone away mesday morning,
and would nut come back for several days. '
'Ihe Mud Creek locullty Is twenty miles
from hero, and rvinoto from the telegraph
and the railroad. Iho roads are bad and
liowj travels slowly. It was not till this
morning that full details nf tbo tragedy
reached Ith-hmond. The Miller nnd Evil
ilzer families are related. Thomas Miller
married a, sister ot Jefr. Kvilslzer, and
Willie Miller it one of the children, lha
families are mixed up In a curious caso now
In court, and this Is supposed by thos. who
believe Willie guilty to havo furnished ths
motive for Mr. Kviltlzer's removal.
Miller was arrested here this morning,
whither he hail coma to be present at the
trial of bis father which was to have been
had to-day on the pending clfarge, lie
rode nJiouiQK hat jaded horse, but upon being
questioned gave a reasonable account of his
movements, though acting strangtly Indif
ferent with regard to the news of the mur
der. Later the elder Miller appeared,
where pon hit bondsman surrendered him
and he was hurried before the Uraud Jury,
and notwithstanding he Is reputed a wealthy
man, such was the feeling caused by thu
tragedy and the supposed connection of the
Millers with It that noons could be found
to ncaln 1:0 on his Itoml nnd ha remained in
custody of the bherllf, Iho feeling emoug
the community Is Intense ami the slightest
particle of corroborative evidence against
the younger Miller may result In a teuton
of Judge Lynch'. Court, lu which case It It
not difficult to predict the result.
Kxecutluu or n t lie Murderer.
NEWAHK, N. J., Nov. 1.
John Cbtsholm, for tho murder ot till
wife, wa. hangod In tho Essex County Jail
tt 10:10 o'clock this morning. When the
Bberlft announced In his cell that the hour
of execution had come, Chlsholm declined
to bear the death-warrant read, stating that
.11 he wanted was to be prayod for. He
walked Irmly to the gallows, holding a
crucifix, and attended by Fatbtir. Toomey
and Connolly. At 10.10 the trap wa.
sprung, and at 10:32 Chlsholm was pro
nounced dead from strangulation. Only
thirty-six persons wore present. The body
was delivered to hi. relative., who gavs
bond that the funeral should be private.
1 s
Something Like it Ilnttle.
FLEMiNosotma, Kr tor. ti.
Hamuel Carpenter, a reputable stock
dealer, who bs just returned from Morgan
County, gives the following particular, ol
a fight In that county Sunday, The locali
ty ft White Q.k, which 1st cry far removed
from telegraphic communication 1 There
haiboen a feud between th McKenzie and
nitcner families for yean, and armed par
ties trout both tides met Sunday afternoon,
and at a range of sixty yards exihapged
from seventy-five to one hundred shots.
Mr. Carpenter beard the shot., and de
scribes tbo noise as approaching a battle.
Only ono shot was effective, that striking
ar9 o l-16 l"ener trty n UiejlioulOar,
divisions of tlmo on tho North Ameri
can Continent: Intercolonial, embrac
ing Nova Scotia nnd Now Hrunswicic:
Kiisteru, taking in tho Now Knglanil
States, Now Voik, Pennsylvania and
tho States Bouth of Pennsylvania: Con
tra), including Illinois, Ohio, Indlnua,
Missouri nnd tho States north ntul south
of them; Mountain, comprising thu
roads west of tho Missouri Kler in tho
mountains; nnil Paolllc, taking In tho
lined 011 tho Paclflo const.
Tho flro colors can not ho glron in
tho map presented above, hut tho divis
ions nro marked by shades, nud tho
chnngo will bo comprehended at 11 glnnco
when these facts nro recalled. Tho
llmo In hlch tho earth ret olvos upon
its axis Is divided luto twenty -four equal
fmrts, tunned hours, and for convon
enco in measuring distances tho
dlstanco around tho earth from Kast
to West Is divided into SCO parts,
called degrcos of longitude. Tho
surfuco of tho earth, therefore, travols
as many degrees in ono hour as twenty
fonr Is contained times lu SCO, or lif
teen. From this it Is seen that tliera is
a dllTerunco of ono hour actual tlmo
botwecn cacli succeeding fifteen de
grees of longitude around tho earth,
foster going cast ami slower going wost.
Tho railroad oQlelals of tho Continent
decided to adopt as tholr standard of
regulation tho tlmo of the Greenwich
Observatory, London, Hngland, nnd as
tho longitude- In which thofr roads woro
situated was to many times flftoen de
grees westward fiom Greenwich, thoy
mado their standanl of tlmo that many
hours slowor than Greenwich time.
Hciico tho COtli dorrroo of loucltudo Is
four hours slower than Greenwich tlmo;
tho76tb, flvo hours slower; tho 00th,
120th, olghthouts tlui-) making flvo dif
ferent standards between tho Atlantic
nnd l'uolllu Oceans. Theso flvo standards
nro shown on tho map lu tho order Just
mentiouod. v)r.t intercolonial, tasieru,
Contra), Mountain and Pacilio time.
The 00th meridian. 011 which Central
time is based, Is nine minutes slower
than Chicago solar time. Tho 75th
meridian, which gives Eastern tlmo, Is
ono hour fsstor than Control time, or
four minutes slower than Now Vork
City solar time. Iutcr-colonlal time,
being based upon tho GOth meridian Is
two hours faster than the Contra) time.
Mountain time, which Is based upou the
J05th meridian, Is ono hour slower than.
50 10 S IS faster than I'ltttburali, l'a.
0 n taster limn Ila tliunre, if J.
8 1 1-A fatter than Washington, D. O,
0 V) faslor than IllchmomUVa.
!S H faster than t hecllntr, W. Ve,
14 tn faster tlian Italclirti, N. a
l'J 4S iuttir than LtiarUstou. B. a
B 00 slowor than Chicago, III.
1 M slower than FprlnKlloUl, lit
0 II slower than Aurora, lib
41 slowor than Jollot, III.
8 41. owvr than W uukcjtan. III.
a M slower than IHicln. III.
S 40 slower than Itotkford, III.
1 V slower than Kreoiwrt. lib
1 40 faster than (lalona, III.
S 4 slower than DUon, III.
a ft! .lowcrthnn Mondola, 111.
3 13 slower than l'rlncjton. III.
8 la farter than Hock Island, lu.
2 it! faster thautlalcsburir. 111.
8 it! raster than Qulnor. 111.
2 41 fitter than Macomb, III
4 40 slower than Streutor, 111.
1 113 slower than 1'eoila. 111.
0 M faster than Jacksonville, III.
8 bl slower than llloomlntinn, III
ft 21 s'owor than 1'onUao, 111.
J s slower tliunUrlwna. ill.
Z XS slower than Lincoln, III.
4 8 slowor than Decatur, 111.
u SS slower than Dam tile. III.
3 ft! slower than Vandalla, lib
3 oi slower than t'alro, 111.
27 is slower than Detroit, Mich.
-I is slowi r than Pag-lnnw, Jtlch.
30 IS slowor than Port Huron, Mich.
?4 4H slowor than Hint, Mich.
IT S) slowoiCihan (I rand itaplda, Mich
11 8 slower than Orand Haven Mich
51 41 slower than iJtuslnir, Mich,
!M 48 slower than I'onllac, Mich.
25 I slowor than Aim Arbor, Mich.
m 20 slower than Jackson, Mich.
21 24 slowor than Hillsdale., Mlctu
20 8 slower than Marshal, Mloh.
li 8 slower than Hatlle Creek. Mich.
17 40 slower than Kalamazoo, Mien.
II M slower than Nile, illch.
23 M slower than Adrian, Midi.
13 M slowor than Coldwator, Mich.
2 28 slower than Ypsllautl. Mloh.
15 4 slower th.n Muskeirou. Mloh.
It 10 slower I nan I'ontwaicr. Ml.h.
II 4D .loner than Manistee, Mich.
1 12 (lowor than Mackinac, Mlih.
13 ) slower Ibmi I'scanaha. Mich.
II 60 slower tl an Manlstiuue, Mloh.
J u) slower than Marguetto, Mlcb.
3 41 slower th.n (inuinairon. Mloh.
8 48 .lowerth.n Kaicle KHor. Mich.
8 24 slower than Mllwuukeo, wit.
5 U slower than ltaoloe, wis.
5 U .lower than Otkosli. t 1..
S 20 flower I hnn fond du I.ao Wis
II U slowor than Manltnwoo, Wis.
0 16 slower than Menasha, Wis.
T S3 slower than flrten Hay, Wa.
IUi ower thtn movent I olnt, Wis,
1 21 slower than Wausau, U Is.
a 10 ratter man Atniano, his.
9 13 flower than rihebojriran. Wis.
8 8s ower than Ooonomnwoo, Wis,
8 18 tlowor than fleneva Lake, Wis.
3 M slower than J.nesvllle, Wis.
4 M faster than i Crosse, wis.
A ta faster than Pau Claire. Wtt.
U 64 flower than Melon, H U.
a 41 slower than W.ukojfaa, Wis.
8 44 slower than Ktnosha. WU.
5 JO .lower th.n Mcnoraonoe, Wis.
8 8 slower than Oconto. M.
J 14 taster Mian Hl.ck Alt r VtiK Wis.
8 13 faster tbsn buerlor CMjr, W te.
0 28 slower than Appieton, Wm.
4 3ft farter than l'roirle dn Cue, Wis.
1 8 slower than Barabeo, W I.
a n futf Waa Wpi. r, k
8 OS faster than Codar Itaptd., M.
V 12 faster th.n Waterloo, la.
11 :tJ taster than Marshall town. la.
8 4 foster than Iowa (Mr, la.
IS faster than Duvenpoit, lo.
2f. 38 faster pious ntjr, la.
SI 2 slower than Hot eland, 1.
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