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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, December 07, 1883, Image 1

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Hcvulcd to the Iiitvrc.il of tlio Cherokee.,. Choctaw, Clilckitfttiw, SciiiIiioIcn, Creek, nml nil Other liitiluti r the IiiiIIhii Territory,
. VOL. II. NO. 12.
Teslflent's Message.
to the Cmioitm th Vnlinl Stair :
1 At the llirrfthnkt ,.f Mini 1,.lll.AMlt...a 1
gnnffratithitc you upon t, favorable aspect
if tlio rtoiapslly nnl forclirn alTulr of this
pMivniiiu'iih uur relation Willi ntner couii-u-loa
continue In he n n rrtt.11.11v rn..f in..
KWIMl,!ho Arupiillno Itemilnlo, llclirhtni,
Iraxll. Denmark, Unfit, Hidr, Pento nomin
ee and Sweden nntl Nnrtrnr, no Incl.lont hug
r-vutix-.i iurn cuus wr special comment.
'onillltinlrKtllm With IVntml Ainxrlra, ..I.. I
Iriirilprmltted tho Interchange of liiraitt.s
ii iviiu.iuii wiui Tiiouovcriimcnta or these
ountrlcs. iMirlnir the )ear thero have been
Ttiret ami prncuiimcti cousu'ttr anil com
ncrclal treaties with Hot-vli niwl it pmntitn.
rcaty with Itnupianln, thus extending our In-
roourso wiiii ini irannbbin countries, while
HirKastern relations have been put 111.011 a
lilorhaslshy treaties with Corouiind Jlniu-
.J!'".1 . ,,cw tioumliiry surwy Ireiitlo
frlcriicntnry tmitynf fxtm.1lltn Willi Pimln
ftndn convention o-ttcndlug tho duration 01
ino rrnnco-Amerenn niim I'ninmlaslntts
nvo film) Ik-cm prooltthncd.
Notice of the trj-nilimt Ion of thn fisheries
rtlclo or thn f'uty of WnthhMton wan duly
lycn to tho, .ritlsh (lovernment, and reclpro-
" . ITininw nml exemptions or the treaty
111 atHyVuTnitl cloo on July I. ISSfi,
I'AurEit iMiimiHTlnN.
Tlio nnostlon hm arisen toilohlnir Iho doiior-
intloti to tlio fulled Ktutr from tint llilllsh
Islands hv (Ititcrtinicntul or mnnlttlhnl aid of
Wrsons Uiintilo thorn to inilu n llvlmr. ntul
equally a hurdentnthe community li.ru. Such
tf these !riiii 119 ntiirnr under tlio pauper
rhiss.ns defined by the lnw, huvo been senf
back in accordance with tlio provisions ttiiir
statute. Her Majesty's flovertimi'ht has In
sisted thnt lirecnutloiis hat tn-cli taken bo
ror shipment. This hit, Iiowovit In no
ninny runes proved Inolfcctuul. nml espe
cially so In certuln recent Instance or needy
i-inltrranls rvnehlnir our territory tlirouich
Canada, that n revision of our IfaislaUtm i7i
pii tht" subject may bo deemed nuv-Wablo.
Thn IcKlslatlott of France ruralnsl tlm Itn.
Iportntlon of prop'Tvi' awlno lirtKlucln fnim
llbo I'nltcil State" hn hern rcmiAlott. Thnt rt
IrUlt lmi lioen tine, no lrt in tlio frlpiiillv
I reprrKcntntloii or II In fit rcrmnt-nt limn to it
. rrowlnit conviction In Trance thnt tlio rttrle-
non li not tlonnindoit by nny it-it tluntrcr to
honllli. (Irrmuny mill pmhltilt tlio liitrixluo-
flacln nhonirt liMl t.lltilltlfxl inul timinnlirniral
! that 1 have nppnlntoil ll comiHitent roniint-
i mm nirn utnroiiKii luvcMimilinn or tlm mili
lect. Ita inomticni Imvo (liown their nbllo
iplrlt by ncceptlnir their trust without tipMirii
of compcnHtlon, but 1 trunt VmiKTcm will
too In the national ami liiteruiitlonnl l'iirlnirs
Of tho matter n milllrlont liiBllnrntlnn fnr nni.
vltllnif at leant for tho n liubiirrenit'iit of such
MpcascB us they may iieeoosarlly Incur,
otrn roiiBiaN iiei.ations.
Tho coronation of tho Pinr nt llmmir
ITonlcl to tho (iorcrnment an wonslon for
testitylnirttacontlmicil frleinlnhtp by femlliiu
a sjM-clal rnvoy un.l u reprcncntutlto or the
navy lo littenif the ceremony.
Whllo there huvo arUeiitlurliiK the year no
riavoqumtlon. atloctlnir Iho stutu 'In thnt
hinplroor AinV.cnn citizen, except as they
iro utlecteil U: tho National t'hiirch, this (lov
rrninent ror.ialuii Drill In u conviction that
tho rlKhl of Us citizens nm-oinl nhoulJ bo In
DO wur affected by their religion fecllnif.
ova MTi:rt nr.rtmi.ic.
At no tlmo In nurnntlnnal history has there
been more inunlfi"t. eloo nml laslfnx
relations with 11 nelKhborluir Ctnio than now
rxlsta with rosiieet to Mexico. Tho rapid In
flux of our capital and cntcriirlo Into Hint
lountry shows, by vrhut hna already been no
minplisheil, tho vat.t reciprocal ndvnntngc
which must attend tho proKreSS of lis Internal
ovclopnienu Tho treaty of commerce and
navigation' or 118 has been terminated by tho
Mexican aovernmout, mid in tho ntisenOo of
tonventionnl enmipeinents, tho rights of our
Citizens lnMpxlcoiion-tlejciidiipin thoiloincs
tio statutes of that Ilepubllc. Tlierolmvc tiecn
Instuneos of hnrsh onforceincnt of tho laws
Bfralnstourvi'HNelsaud eltlreus and denials of
thn tllplotnatlo resort for their iirolectlon. The
Initial step towanl ll betier iinilcrstandluir has
lieon taken In hu iieKotlalion liy the commis
sion which whs authorized by tonuress, of a
treaty which Is still licfnrv tlio Si-nnte uwnlt
Inir Its approval. The provision of thercclii
rocal srossliin of the f rontior by tho troops In
riursult of hnstllo Indians hnvo lieen tiro
onjted foranollieryear. Theoporiitloiinftlie
troops of tjoth llovcriitnents tiRiiliift thesnv
rkos have bt'on successful, and several of their
most dangerous hamli hnvo beencaptiiroil or
dispersed by tho skill and altir of t'nlted
Stales und Mexican soldlem flirhtlnir In acorn-
moncnuso. 1 ho conventions for Iho ro-sur-vey
of tho boundary from the Itlo tlrando to
Iho I'acltlo havlmr lieon ratltlcd and ex
nhaniceil, tho preliminary reconnnlsnnoo
tberclil stipulated hns Iwcn eiTcctcO. H now
rests wllh Congress to mako provision for
romplctlnit the survey and reseatinir the
tioundarv mnniimeuts. A eonventlmi was
ilimcd wllh Mexico on July in, IKS!, pro Idlnir
for tho ro-henrlnir of tho caso or llenj. Well
nd tho Idru bllvcr Mlnlnpr Company, In
whoso favor awnnlswero niuuo by tho late
American and Mexican Commission. That
convention still nwalta tho consent of tlio Sen
ate. Meanwhile, because of tho charges of
fraudulent nwunlswhlch have been mnje, a
now Commission Is necessary, and tho Hxeeu
tlvo hns directed tlm suspension of payments
of tho distribution mid quota received from
The, transfer to China of American capital
tor tho employment thero of Chinese latmr
would In effect InniiKiirato a competition for
Iho central markets now supplied by our homo
Industries. Thero Is Rood reason to bellovo
(hat tho law lestrlctlnir tho Immigration of
CMnesu has liccn violated Intentionally or
otherwise by tho olllelals of China, upon
whom Is devolved tho duty of cortirylnir that
Iho cmljrranls belonir to tho exccpt(l classes.
Measures have been taken to nseertaln the
facts Incident to this fciipposod Infraction,
tud It Is believed thnt the Government of
China will cn-opcrato with tho t'nlted Mates
In securing the faithful otiservaute of tho
law. Tho samo considerations which prompted
LVmarcsii at Its last session to return to Japan
Ihn Btmoenskl Indemnity seems to me to re
a u Iro at Us hands liko action In lvf it to the
I anion liulemulty fund, now nniouiitliiir to
t.'l,(i). Tho question of the ireneral revision
of tho fnrclxu treaties has been considered In
an International conference, heldat'l'oklo, but
without definite result ns yet. Ihls tlovern
mejit lsdlsposiMl to ronccuu tho rotiuests of
J a pun todeleriulmilts own Inrllf duties, to
provide such proper Judicial tribunals as may
oommend themselves to tho Western powers
for tliu trial of causes to which forclimci-H nro
parties, and tnnsslmllato tho terms and dtira
itlon of Its treaties to thosoot other civilized
Tho report of tho Becretnry of tho Trensury
rlveH n lull and Intcrcstlnjr vxhlhlt of the
financial condition of tho country. It shows
that tho ordinary revenues from all sources
for the fiscal yoaronded JuneUi, lsxi, amount
ed to WnWIial.to, whereof thero was ro
cclvoil: I'rtira customs fZlLTOMfA B
r'nim Internal revenue H l,?J),:w tw
r'mm sales of publlo lauds 7,ICA,M 13
from tax on circulation and do-
posits of National Hanks 011,00s 85
From prollts on cnlnuiro of bul
lion deposits anil itssaya 4,160,am IT
from other sources ntJ.un go
Total ?!li7,681 U.1
Tor tho samo ncrlod tho onllnarv oxnen-
allures wcrei
Kor civil expensos t 7SflttJ!& 76
I'or foreljfii Intercourse !.',U!C75 H
For Indians 1.8ffi.',!W0 at
Kor pensions 6U,01i,fi7:i ill
For the military establishments
and arsenals 48,011,333 10
For tho huvhI establishments, hi-
cludliik vessels and Improve
ments at navy yards 158:1,137 17
For mlscelleanous exendturcs,
Ineludlnir publlo bnlldlnirs,
HkIiI hnutes und eolloctliiir tho
mvcuuts 0,W0,a TJ
For ex pendll tires on account, of
District of Colu.ilbla,... 8.817.028 18
ForlntuiX'Ston tho publlo debt fj'j,IU,131 5
Total , tSii3.l(W.137.M
Leaving a surplus tuvenuo of H'iS b"fun,tl.
which, with an airouut drawn froji thu last
balance In tho treasury of Si&QjiWA, maklnir
(W1,17,7M.W, which sum was applied to thu
Or bouds tor tho sliikluit fund. . U K0,700 00
Of fractional currency lor tho
slnklnirfund UfiM W
Of f u.uted loan of Itwit, continued
at 311 per cent (.1,38020 00
ui loan 01 Jiuy ami august, ihji,
continued at 3M per cent,.
i,lttl.fiuO 00
l,U8,tO) m
710.10 00
1I8.K.VJ 00
7,bV) U)
T.dVi ft)
40,8(0 00
SIV700 00
lM.a'iO m
MX) 00
Of funded loan or pur.
or funned loan of ltl
nfloanot l-'ebrliarr. 1MI
Uf loan of July and Auust
leei . .;
Of loan of March. IAA3
Of loan of July, lfcW
Of flvo-twcntlea of ItXS
Of nvo-twciitlcs of 1MI
b rflve-twena nf 15. - .... .
tf ten-forttCM of; teal . .
ofcontolt of w-5
Of consols of 1x17
,OfcousoJs of IMS
QtOitgoa War debt. , , ,
iiou in in nwiiio proiiuci Irtnrr JVinerlca. J,
jitonrtoil ntli,linTer!ul,JlpTcriiniorit, fL
friontllv liivltiUloUkfli-BciHl txiierl to M
lho pndwetwSlilrcrrrti i tti hVnltll. TIM
lllch linnorlntiOu.tlinirovor. thut flui i.Tirnt
Of refundlnir certificates...
Of old demand, compound (ntei
est, and other mitt's
1W.1M Po
him oo
Tlnt, 13t,17,7M tl
tur. nKvrNt'x,
ftlrthn present fiscal yenr, actual Itlid esti
mated, (a as follows!
E lS1.$&2.i
Z 4 9 SSj IB B
c f9 &
w c "
e. .;.;
': i
88 1
3" J
for the samo crloil, actual mid estlmatod,
e o a etc
t , -i n -i n
2 o.?8gga
3 1 2 M -i O
; 3C.
3 sStS's:
I &ai5?a:
3 SfiS8.is::
: o m.
: 3 o
. -1 ir
: c 3
: x
15 cr 2,g.a:
1 -iiril:
Z ! -
: . s-aaje
: : (s:
: : C: ":
i s; :$:
3-: i.: :
i :&iB:B;
: : H-.- 3: .-:
: : 5: s: a:
: : P: S": :
: t
I 1 I S S
9 SB'
1 ,
Total receipts, actual and esti
mated 3I.1,000,000 00
Total expenditures, actual and
estimated ZifioafiOO 00
f M,OU0,0U0 00
4j.8ia.7n 07
Kstlmnteil amount duo tho sink
ing fund
Leavlwr a bnlaneo ofi fJl'.lKUiVi 08
If Iho rovenuo for tho fiscal year, which will
end on Juno lio, I8X bo cstluinlett Unutho
lwslsof existing laws, tho feureUry Is of thn
opinion that for that year tho receipts will
exceed sixty millions over tho ordinary ex
penditures, lut'ludluv amount devoted to tho
reduction of the national debt. As u result
thu only Iionds outstanding which aro redeem
able at tho plcn.'uro of tho (lovornmcnt nre
tho three er cents, amounting to alxnit t-M,-000,000.
The four and one-half per cents,
amounting to AV,WA),ia) and tho (7ll7,nin,tu
of four per cents aro not pnyablo until 18UI
nntl 1WI7 respectively. If ther surplus -shall
hen'afler be lis largo as thetreasury estimates
now Indicate tho three per cent, bonds may
all bo redoeihed at least four years before any
of tho tour and nno-hnir per cents can bo
called In. Tho latter, at tho samo rata of ac
cumulation ot surplus, can ho paid nt matur
ity, and tho moneya requisite tor tho redcni
Honor the fourjair cents n 111 bo In tho Treas
ury many j-cnra before those obligations be
come payable. Thero nro cogent reasons,
however, why tho national Indebtedness
should not be thus rapidly extinguished.
Chief among them lathe fact that only by ex
cessive taxation Is such rapidity attainable.
In 11 communication to Iho (Jongresi tit Its
Inst session, I recommended that alt exclsu
tnxes bo nbollsbcd except those relating to
distilled spirits, and that substantial reduc
tions utso bo made In tho revenue from cus
toms. AHatutohaa since been enacted by
which tin) annual tax nud tariff receipts of tho
(lovernment havo been cut down to the ex
tent of ut least .'i0,0hj,iiu) or fi.0U0,m). Whllo
I hato 110 doubt that still further reductions
may be advisedly made, I do not ntlvlso tho
adoption at this session of any measures for a
large diminution of tho nnllonal revenues
Thu results of tho legislation or last session
nre not ns jet bceomo sulltelently apparent
to Justify nny radical revision or sweeping
modlllcatlnn of tho existing1 law. In tho In
terval which must clapMi lieforo the effects of
the net of March 3, laitl, can bo definitely as
certained, a portion, nt least, of tho surplus
rovenues may lo easily applied to tho long
neglected duty of rehabilitating our navy and
improving tneeoasi ueicnses lor 111c protec
tion of harbors."
Thin is 11 matter to which I will again advert.
Immediately associated with tho financial
subject dlsciissotl In this Important question,
what legislation Is needed regurtllng the na
tional I'tirrcncyr Tho aggregato amount of
bonds now on deposit In iho Treasury lo sup
port thn Nutli'iint Hank circulation is about
PEVi.ou.OUd. Nearly fx"l.iu),0il of this amount
consists of three per cents', which, as already
btilted, ure.payuble nt Iho pleasure of tho flov
crnmc lit, und are likely to lie called In within
loss than four years unless meantime tlm
surplus revenues shall bo diminished. Tlio
probnblo elfect of inch an oxtenflvo retire
ment or securities, which nre the basis of tho
National Hank circulation, would be such a
contraction of the volume of tho currency ns
to produce grave commercial embarrass
menta. How can tho danger bo obviated?
Tlio most effectual plan and ono whoso adop
tion ut tho earliest practicable opportunity, I
shall heartily approve, has already been In
dicated. If tho revenues of iho next four
years shall be kept substantially coinincusii.
rata wllh the cxnenses. tho volume of circula
tion will not Ihi likely to surfer any material
dlstuibanco, butou tho other hand, If thero
shall bo groat delay In reducing taxation, It
will bceomo necessary either to substitute
some other form of currency lit placo of Na
tional Hank notes, or to make Important
changes In tho laws by whlbh their circulation
Is now controlled. In my Judgment, the Utter
course Is far preferable. 1 commend to your
attention tho t ery Interesting and thoughtful
suggestions on this subject which apjiearin
tho Becrotary'a reiiort. Tho objections which
ho urges against the acceptance of any other
somirltlea than the obligations of tho Oovorn
mvilt Itself as a foundation for National Hank
circulation seems to nut Insuperable. For
averting tho threatened contraction two
courses havo been iiiggestcd, either of which
la probably ft-ailblo. Uno Is thu Issuance of
new bonds having many years 10 run. bearing
a low rata of Interest and exchangciiblo upon
ipccllled terms for t lioso now outstanding. The
other course which commends Itself to my
own Judgment a the lietter ono 1 tho enact
mcntorulawiimlilbltliigthotax on dicta
tion and permitting th6 banks to Jtsuo notes
for on umount equal to ninety per cent, tf the
I'qarkct value instead of now the face value
of their dcoltcd bouds. I agroe with the
Secretary lu the tiellef thai tho adoption o(
this plan would afford tho necessary roller.
Tho trade dollar, coined for the purpose of
trallio in countries where sliver passed it Ita
value ascertained by weight apa Oneness,
never had a legaltcnder quality. Large num.
ber of theso coins emored, however. Into tho
volume of our cunency. Jly common cousent
their cumulation In domestic, trade has now
ecu scd and they hvo tbusbocome a disturbing
climmi Thev should nnt be longer nrrtnlttca
to embarrass our currency system. I recora-
mond that provision lorthelrrecepiionoyine
Irea.itrv and mints as bullion at fitUftll Per
centnge above, the current intrket price of
silver of like fluencv.
Thu Bcvtetary pf the Treasury 4vt4
5: 3 2S-: :
! Si: ffi If! !
' is: Ssfli
. a, Sb,-; no:
: $7: Ig: : : : :
i : i:.j-i Ll: r
::::::! a-: : :
:::::::: S; : :
::.::::: a 3 :: :
::::::;: ET: : i
ItW U l H k-tuSH
nmm Um
munm &te
consolidation of certain ef Vhe eulom dl
trktsof Itlo country and rfuifirestl that tho
rresldent lK)vestel wllh such imwei' In rela
tion thereto as Is now jrlven him In respect to
tho collection of Internal revnue by section
3111 or tho ltcvlcd Statutes. The statistics on
this Milder! wh:.'h are contained In his temirt
furnish of themselves n stronx nriruinent In
defense of his views. At the adjournment of
Conaress Iho number of Internal revenue col
lection districts was lai. Ilyexecutlve orders,
datcilJuncSMSKI, I directed thnt certain of
those districts bo cousollda)cd.' Tho result
has been a reduction or one-third lit (heir
number, which at present Is but XU
tn several occasions diirniir tho past yrar,
nfflccreuf theanny hae, nt tho miiicst of
State authorlllrs, rlsltol their military en
eampiiieni" for tho Inspection of tho troops.
From t hd report nof theV) olllcers I am Indiieetl
toladievo that thn enrourmicment of thoHtate
mllltla oriraulxatlons '.y the National tlovern
incut would lie followed by very urallf) Itur re
sults nud would Hlfiinl II, In sudden emeritcn
eleS, tho aid of u larprc liody tit volunteers ed
ucated In the ierforinance of military duties.
Tho Secretary of the Navy reports that mi
der tho authority or the acts or Atlirilst '
ltwr, and March d, isx), the work of strenxth
enlnir our navy by tho tnnHrurllon ot intal
ermessels has been nusplt Inusly lievuit.
Tlirvo cruisers are In process or enlist mot Ion
thoClilcnan of I.Ws tons illsphioemeiit.aml tho
Huston nnd Atlnntlo, each of Si) ions. They
nre to lio built of steel with thn tensllo
strength nml ductility preerltHl by law, mid
In combination of soed, endurance and orna
ment, are expected tti compare favorably
with tho best unarmed war wolJir other
nations. A fourth teasel, tlio Dolphin, Is to
bo Constructed or similar material ami Is In
tended to servo as a licet dispatch Ismt. The
double turrotcd monitors, 1'iirltan, Ainphl
trllo ami Terror, have Iw-en launched on the
Delaware Hirer, and a contract has been
made for the supply of their machinery. A
similar monllor, thn Mouaduoek, has Iieca
liiuncbed In California. The Naval Advisory
Hoard and the Becretnry leeomnienil tho
completion of the monitors, tho construction
..'.'iL...ii,ii uiv,iiu,iiriP ,,,7 v.. ,,,, .,..,, u, .
111 luurgiiu ooiiis, aim iiireo nijiiuinnai sieei 1
vessels like tho Chicago. Iloston and Dolnhln
as nn Important measure of defense. Tho
Ceoretary iiiycsalsotho Immediate creation
of an Interior eoat llni- of water ways ncrtes
the I'eiiliiMiln of Florida, nlong the const from
Florida to I lampion Heads, between
the Chesapeake Hay land Delaware
lllver and through Capo Cot. I feel bound
to Impress upon the attention or Congress tho
necessity or continued progress In the recon
struction or tho navy. The condition or tho
publlo Treasery, ns I have already Intimated,
makes the present mi auspicious tlmo for put
ting this branch of service Hi a stnlo of elll
clcncy. It Is Is no part of our policy to create
and maintain 11 navy nble tocopo with that of
tho other great powers of tho world. Wo
havo no wlh for foreign conquest, nnd tho
cnca which wo have long enjoyed Is lii.no
seeming danger of interruption, but that our
naval strength should m inado ndctpitofor
thodcfcnsoofor.r harlMirs, tho protection of
our commercial Interests ami thn mainteniineo
ofouriiutloiial honor, is rv proposition from
which no patriotic. cill.cu can withhold his
inn piiRT-nrrcK hkpaiituknt.
Tlio reptnt of M10 I'oMuuistor-llcncnit con
tains n gratifying exhibit or the condition and
pro'pcctsnf the Interesting branch of tho
publlo service committed to his care. It ap
pears that on Juno (U, lsxi, tho whnlo number
or pot-ofIIees was 47,M3, or which 1.SB wero
nstiilillihetl during the previous tleal yrtir.
Tho number or ofllces operating tmder
tho system of froo delivery was 151. At
theso latter olllces tho mlago oil local
mailer amounted to fl.llfiil.rd, n sum ex
tectllng by l,u;i,i.01, the entire cost of tho
carrier service of tho country, 'ilio rnto of
postage on drop letter passing t.'iruugh theo
olllces Is now tlxcd by law nt two cent per
halfounceortraellnnthcreof. In olllces where
tho carrier sj stem has not licen eslabllshed,
tho rnto Is one-half ns large. It will bo re
membered that In 1JI, when free delivery was
first established by law, tho uniform single
rate nostajru iiihiii local letters was ono cent.
nnd so It remained till IB?-', when In those
cltlc where carrier tervlco was established It
was Increased In order to defray the expense
of such service. It seems to me that thu old
rnto m-iy now with propriety bo restored, nud
thnt, too, even at tlio risk of diminishing, for
11 time nt leust, tho receipts from postage Ukii
local lelU-rs. I can sen 110 reason why that
particular class of mull matter should Pu held
accountable rortho entire cost, or not only,
Ha own collection and delivery, but tho col-
u el Ion nud delivery of all other classes, and I
am confident, after full consideration of tho
subject.thattho reduction or tho rate would bo
followed by such n growing accession of busi
ness as to occasion but slight anil temporary
loss to tho revenue of t ho pnst-oftlcu.
ThoPostinastei-flenernl devotes much of
his report to the consideration. In Its various
nspec's, of the relation or the tlovcrnment to
tho telegraph. Kuch rolled Ion ns 1 have liccn
nble to givu to Ihls subject since my last an
nual messago has not list mo to cliango tho
view which I then expressed III dissenting
from tho vecommendutiou of tho I'estmasier
(Icncral, that tho (iovcrmncnt assume tho
samo control over tho telegraph which It has
always exercised over tho mall. Admitting
that Its authority In the prcinbo.hi ns timplo
as lias been claimed for It, It would not. In my
Judgment, bo 11 wlso use or that authority to
purchase or ussumo tho control pf existing
telegraph line, or to construct other with a
view of erjlerlng into a general coinlietltlon
with prituto enterprise The objection
which may Ihi Justly urged against either of
these projects, nml, Indeed, agnlust any sys
tem which wot 1 in require 1111 Vnonnous In
crcnso in tho civil service list, do not, how
over, apply to some of the plans which have
lately piovoked public comment nnd discus
sion, it has tieen clnlmod. for example, that
Congress might wisely iitithorbrtho Wistm
ter-uenerat lo contract with some prlvato per
sons or corporations rortho transmission of
messages ut specified rates and under
(lovernment supervision. Various such
schemes of tho samo general nature, but wide
ly tllirertug in their siieclal characteristics,
havo been suggested In tho public print,
nml tho argument by which they hnvo been
supported and opposed I11.V0 doubtless nt
tiacted your attention. It Is likely that tho
whole subject will ho considered by you uMho
present session. In tlio imturo of thing
It Involves so many questions of detail that
your deliberation would probably bo aided
slightly, if ut nil, by any particular suggestion
which 1 nuw submit. I nvowmy belief, how
ever, that tho Oovcrnment shall lienuthorlml
by law to exercise some port of supervision
over lutei"stnto telegraph communication,
and I express tho hopo that for attaining that
end, some measure may bo devised which will
rc.ccivo.ynur approbation.
Thm Atlnrniiv.tlniiHPdl nllnliina In lit, v...i,.t
tho provisions of the existing law fixing tho-j
icesoi juror mm wiiueasea 111 1110 i-etierai
Court. Theso provisions are ehlclly con
tiilncl In the net of February !SI, bra, though
mmoor them were Introduced )nto that act
from statutos which had bean passed many
year pievlous. It It munltctttliat such eom
peusatlun as might, when these law wcro eu
ncteil, havo been Just and reasonable would.
In many Instunces. be Justly rrgurdctl at tlio
nresout dav as inadciiuiito. 1 concur witli tho
Attorney-Ocnoral. In tho liellef that tho stat
utes should bo revised by which theso tec urn
regulated! so, too, or District Attorney nud
Marshals. Thcv should be nald wholly bv sala
ries. Instead or In part by tees, as is now tho
rase. The change would prove to bo a meas
ure of economy, nntl would dlseoiimgo tho
Institution ofncctlleij ami oppressive legal
proceedings, which It Is to ho feared have In
tonic Instance liccn conducted for the mere
sako of personal gain.
Much Interesting und varied Information I
contained In tho report of tho Hecretnry of
tho Interior. M particularly call your atten
tion told presentation of certain phastaof
the Indian question) to hlsireommcndaclon
for lh" repeal of the pre-emption nnd Umber
culture acts, und for more stringent lctiilii
Hon to prevent frauds iindnrthoiieiiilou law.
I have previously referred to (ho alarming
state of Illiteracy In certain portion of tho
couqtry, ami again submit for the considera
tion ot Congress whether somo Federal aid
should bo extended to publlo primary educa
tion where over ndequuto provision therefor
has not ulready been made.
Tho Utah Commission ba submitted to tho
Hocretai-y of thn Interior It second annual re
port, Asa result or Its lalvors In supervising
tho recent election In the Territory pursuant
lo tho act or March M8&. It ajipcunt that tho
persons by that act dlB.piMllIlitf.fo thniiuinter
of about b!,0U0, wero excluded from thn polls.
This fact, however, affords lllllo cause for
congratulation, and I (ear that It 1 far from
Indicating uuy it ul and substantial progtess
toward tho extirpation ot olygamy. All of
tho meiuber of tho Legislature nro Mormons
and there I grave reason to bellovo that they
aro in symputby Willi thu practice that this
(lovernment I socking to suppress, ami thnt
llscllons In that rcgurtl will bo more likely to
.encounter their oj position than to reer-'vo
their encoiiiugemeut and support. liven If
this view should happllt be erroneous, the
law. under which the Commissioner havo
been acting should Ihi jnado more elfectlve by
the IncoriKjratlon of some such itrlnjrut
moasuresusthey recommonded und witrelu
eluded In bill No. KW on tho calendar of the
Penate at It last session. I am convinced,
however, that, polygamy ha become so
strongly Intrenched In the Territory, of clan
that It ft prolines to attack with any but the
stoutest weapons which constitutional legisla
tion can fashion. I fat or, therefore, tho re
peal of the act I'pon tho existing flnrcrn
ment depend the assumption by tho National
legislature of tho tutiru political control of
the Territory and tho establishment of a Com
rulMlon with such lower and duties a (halt
bo delegated to It by law.
The Department of Agriculture Is aocom-
S llhlng mucii.ln thu direction of agricultural
eveloptnenton tho country, and the report
of the Commissioner Klvlng the result of bis
Investigations and experiment will lie found
Interesting and valuable. At bl Intttncoa
cjiiirentfoii of those intereiitcl 111 thn rattle
I Industry of the country wa lately held at
Chli'nitn, Tho presence of pleuro-pneiimonla
nnd other eontaiflous dlseaws of animals waa
one of the cmr topics or illenslon. A com
mittee of tho Contention will Invito your co
operation In Invest Icntlnif tho causes of tbcc
diseases ami provldlnit incthtslsforthelr pre
vention and cure. 1
1 trust that Conifreswlll not fall In Its pres
ent session to put Alaska under the protec
tion of law. Its Hoplo have repeat
edly reinonlrateil iii(slnt our neir
lect to nltonl thenv Ihn maintenance
and protection expressly" guaranteed
by tho terms of tho treaty whereby
was added to the
UuttnU3Utcs. iVorjslxteril jenrs they have
Ideadt-tl In vain for that which they should
havo received without Iho nsklmr. They hnvc
r 10 law for thn collection tf iledts,
lortof eiluentlnn. theeonrevnnee-
Is, tho sup
tf-of proH-r-
IV. the Hilmlnlslrnlloil of estates or the ell
forcements of contracts none Indeed for Iho
punlthiilfnt of crlmlnaK except siioh is nro
iirfonletlnKiilnsl certain violations of thecus.
tnms, of commerce nml tho nnvlitatlon acts.
Tho rt'sources of Alaska, especially In fur,
mines and lumber nro conslderalilii In humliet
nnd enpablo of Inrire detelopmeut. while Its
Keoirraphleal situation Is ono of io)llleal and
commercial Importance. Thn promptings ol
Interest, therefore, as well ns consideration!
or honor and irond faith, demand the cslnlr
Ushlneutorclvii government In that Territory.
Complaint have lately been Jiumeroiu and
iira-ent that certain eornorntlnns rnntmillng
In whole or In part Ihn facilities of the Inter
statoenrrlagn or persons and merchandise ol
the great railroads of tho country have re
sorted, In their dealngs with the public, to
divers measures unjust and oppiesslve In
thclroharnctcr. In some Instances the Plate
Governments have aattcked and suppressed
these evils, but In others they have boon un
able tit iitTtml ndctiuatcrrcllct Ik-cmiiso ofthr
Jurisdictional limitations which nrc luiHised
upon them by the Federal t'onlltutlons. The
uuostlon or how fnr the National tltivrrnment
may lawfully Interfere In tho premises and
what, .If any, supervision or control
It ought to exelclso, l 0110 which
merits your careful consideration. While
.... ...... ..., r..ll ... .uu... ....,. .I.A l.n.ui.
u ,-iii 111,1 ii,it 1, i-vn iii.u ,,.,- n,.-
tance 01 uie vast railway sysiemsoi too conn
try and their great and iH-netlelal Inlluenees
upon thotlevelopmentnf ourinalerlal wealth,
wo should, nn llie.otlicr hand, rumembcr.thal
no Individual and no corporation ought lo Ik
Invested wllh nbsolute power over tho Inter
est of nny other citizen or class of citizen. The
right of these railway corKi rations ion fulr and
profitable return iiinm their- Investment nnd
torensonahlo freedom In their regulation!
must lie recognized. Hut It seems only Just,
so far as Its constitutional authority wllliier
mil, that Congress should protect tho people
nt lurgn In their lutcr-stntn tranio ngntnst aetl
or Injustice which the ftato Governments nre
powerless to prevent.
In my last annual message I railed atten
tion to tho nococ'lty or protecting by suitable
legislation tho forests sliuutetl upon tho pub
lie domain. In many portions of the West the
pursuit of general agriculture Is only made
practicable by recourse to Irrigation, while
successful Irrigation Is ImiHissibln without
tho aid afforded by the forest to eentiibutliia
to tlm regularity and constancy of tho supply
orwnlers. During tho past year severo ut
tering und great lessor property hnvo been
occasioned by proruo Hoods, followed by ia
rltxls of unusually low water In many of the
great rh'ora of the country. Those Irregulari
ties were, In U great measure, caused by the
removal from about the source of the
streams In question of Iho timber by which
tho water supply had been nourished ami pro
tected. The prescrvallouof such a portion ol
such forest on the national doMialn 11 essen
tially contributed to tho equable
flow of important wntcr course It
of tho highest consequence. lmjair
t nil t tributaries of the Missouri, the
Columbia nnd Hie Saskatchewan rlo In the
inouutninsnf Montana, near tho Northern
boundary of the United States, between the
lllackfeet and Flathead Indian Ilescrratlon
This region Is unsuitable for settlement, bill
iiHn tlm river which How from It depend Ir
tho future agricultural development of n vast
tract of country. Tho attention of Congress ll
culled to tho necessity of withdrawing from
publlo salo this part of tho fsnbllo domulii uno
establishing thero a forest preserve.
The Industrial Inhibitions which have beer
held In tho Culled Stales during thn present
year attracted attention In many roretgc
countries, where tho announce incut of these
enterprises had been inudo publlo thrpugh the
foreign agencies of thn (Inveriiment. The in
dustrial Kxhlbltionnt Iloston, and the South
ern Imposition at Louisville, wero largely
attended by tho exhibitor of foreign couu
tries, notwithstanding the absence of any pro
fessional character In theso undertaking
Thu Centennial l'.xposltlou to lo held next
year at Now Orleans, In commemoration ol
tho llrst centenary ot tho tlrat shipment of cot
ton from 11 port of the I'nltcd HUlcs bills full
to meet with like gratifying success, l.'ndei
thoact of CongreSHof tho 10th of February
1bs:1, declaring that Kxposltlou to lienatltuui
nnd Inlc runtlonnl'ln (Is chnructer, ull fmclgc
(Jnvornmcnt wllh which the 1'nlted Htntel
maintain relations hnvo been Invited to imr
tlcll xto. Tlio promoter of tho Important
undertaking have nlreadv received assurance
of tho lively Interest which It excite abroad
Thorenort otlheHomnilSKloners of the Ul
trTctorratimbhi Ishertfwlih-tni'usinlite.U 1
ask for It your careful attention, especially
for thoso iiertkin which relate to usscssmeiiti
otnrrenrs of tuxes and the water supply.
'' VlVirirRIIVICK,
Tlio Commissioner who wero npiiolnteiS
under the act of January 18, lsus.1, entitled "At
act to regulate nml Improve thu civil service
of the fulled States." entered nromntli- uiair
tho discharge or theso duties as soon, as thf"
rule framed In uceomanco wltntpo spirit 01
tho statute we-ro approved and jiromulgalct
by tho l'rcsldent. it will lio onserveil thai
they dIseoiMitKiiuncti uuy Klltlcul orjellglyui
test ror admission to the publlo service tc
which tho statute iclutc. Tho act 1 limited
In It original application to the classified
clerkships in tho sovcral executive Depart
ments at Washington, numbering about 0,uU
und slmllnr positions ill custom districts nut)
post-offices, where n many as fifty personi
n-.-fi employt-il, A elasfitlcatlou or these posi
tions niialagous to that existing In Washing
ton ofllces wus duly made before tho lnw went
Into clloct. Kloven custom district nnd
twcnty-thrropot-o(Mfcs wero thus brought
uu'ier 1110 immctiiaioopcniiionoi iuu siuiuie
The annual report of the Civil Hervlco Com
mission, which will soon bo submitted to Con
frcss, will afford tho means of a more definite
udgmcnttlian I am now prepared In oxprcsi
us to tho wants of tho new system. I am per
uadiHl that II effects thus far havo proved
Vnetlclal. Thn practical method appeal tc
1k iidcquato for tho ends proposed, and there
ha been no serious dlttlculty In rarryliii
them Into effect, binco thu lllth of Jul)
lust, 110 cron, so fur us I am aware
has been uppolnted to the publlo ser
vice In tho classified portions thcrcol
at any of tho department or ut an)
of thn Hist-oftlce anduslom district above
named, exeeptthoso certified by tho Cointnl
slontnlmthe most competent on tho basil
of the examinations in conformity to the
At tho time when the present Kxecutlvo en
tcrod upon hi olllce, hi death, removal, re
Ignatlnu, or Inability to perforin hla'dutiei
would have left tho (lovernment without I
constitutional head, It lpos(!blo, of course.
iiiae 11 similar contingency may again ansa
unless tho wisdom of Congress shall provldt
against It recurrence. The Senate nt It lasl
session, after full consideration, passed an act
relating to this subject, which will now, I
trait, commend Itself to the approval of hott
Homos of Congress. TIiucIuumi of tho Con
stltutlon upon which must depend any law
regulating tho Presidential succession pre
sents also for solution other question of par
amount Importance. These questions relate
to the proper Interpretation of tho phrase,
"Inability to discharge the powers and tlutict
of said olllce," our organic law provldlm
that when tho President shall sulTer froir
such Inability tho presidential nffico shall (In
volve upon tlio Vlco-I'rcsldctit.whn must him
seir, under like circumstances, give placo tc
such otUcor a CongTcsa may by law appoint
to act a I'resltlent I need not here
et forth tho numerous and Interest
ing Inquiries which are suggested bj
thcio word of thu Constitution. Thej
were fully stated In my first -communication
to Congress, and havo since been the sub
lect of frequent deliberation In that body. It
1 grcttt.y tu be hoped that theso inomontoui
question will find some speedy solution, lest
an emergency may arise when longer tlt-lu)
will bo Impossible, and any determination
allielt tho wisest, may furnish cause foi
anxiety und alarm,
For tho reason fully stated In my last an
mini mesagu, I repeat my recommendation,
thnt Congress propose an amendment to that
provision of tho Constitution which pre-serlbod
Iho formalities for the enactment of tuwt
whereby. In rt,-ia-ct to bill for the appropria
tion orpuhllu money, the Kxecutlve my be
enabled:, whllo giving bl approval to particu
lar Items, to Interpose tils veto as to suet
others a do not common-! themselves to lilt
The Fourteenth Amendment of the Constl
tnilon confers iho rights of citizenship upor
nil person born or naturalized In thi
United Biate and subjected to the Juris
diction thereof. It was tbe speclA
purpose of this amendment to fnsuro tne
member of the colored roto tbe full elijoy
ment of civil und political right. Certtilr
statutory provision Intended to secure the en
fnrcementof theserlghts have beeu recentlt
declared unconstitutional by the Hupreme
Court. Any lenlslatlou whereby CongreM
may lawfully oupnlumrnt tbe giuranteei
which the Constitution afford for tho equal
enjoyment by all citizen of the I'nltcd Btatn
of every right, prlrtlcsr ?d Iwrnunltr of clt
ij-niblp, will recelvo my unhcsltallng ap
(Slgnedl . CHESTER... ARTHUR.
WASHtqTOJt, t). C, Dee. 8. 1M8.
A man )n Denver kteu a wowac
on tho street, anil she put out one of bit
eyes with n iirnbreilft Zn-ver Tribune.
fslcmicd hj' Telrgrnpli nml Itlnll
Tlia Bonnte met on tint ftil with I'resltlent
pro tem. IMiiiuniU presiding1. After tho
newly-elected members had lieen sworn In,
the House nnd president weh liollfletl that
Iho Cenate was ready for business.... I'lrrk
Mcl'hi rson called the llouso to order at noon,
with MB meiiiber present, lion. John (I,
Carlisle illein.i, of Kentucky, was elected
poVor, nwlvlng HM votes to 112 for lion. J.
V.. Ktirnrtll.pl, or Ohio, nml tlte scattering
votes. Fending netlon iiiHiii the ene of the
?eeom1 Mississippi Dl'trtitf il'hnlmcr VS.
Mnhiilugl, Iho House adjourned.
Ix n late enso rejiortetl to tlio (Isnornl
Land Ofllce from WnshliiRtoil Territory"
where n stpiatter was clinrseil with tres
pass forciittiiiK timber from n claim ho bad
taken, (Secretary Teller ilecltleil that "the
accused, although n squatter, I rightfully
on the laud If lio Intends to. mako hi liqnio
on It nml take It under the settlement lnw
when tholninl lsui'Y"ye(l,nndhe Wallowed
to ilo so. Wliather he I or Is not n tres
passer itoe not lU'pcml on how ninny tree
lie ruts, but ou the bona, llilo character of
tho settlement. If ho hns taken lntul In
pood faith, ho I o per thereof to nil prac
tical purposes, althouRli Iho tltlo may re
main In tho Government."
TltK C'oiiRresslonnl Deinocrntto t-nurii
held nt Washington on tho 1st, nominated
John 0. Carlisle for Hprakcr on tho llrst
ballot. Thn Republican caucus nominated
ex-Hpenker Jvlofer.
UomiukhkiIan llAKKKt.L, nt Kansas, was
reHirted ttt bo o seriously III nt WathltiR
ton that none but most Intimate fi lends
wero permitted to seo Mm.
I'l'lil.tc tlebt stntcinont for Novembert
Cash In Treasury, :MI,7rfl,.11.1; debt, less
cash In tho Treasury, $1,50!) "."l0t50 do
crcnso during November, $1, "'J 1,071); do
crcnso since JuuuaM, 1HS.1, jll.lMtl.HO.
The Postmaster Urnernl In hi report
recointnontl that tlio unit ot weight for
rnttng first-class inntlor should lio chnuged
from one-hnlf nil once to on ounce. Tills
rlinngo, ho says, In connection with tho re
cent reduction of letter postngo from threo
to two cents, would placo till country on
nn equality with nny other in respect of
chenn postage, lie also recomnionds that
tho rato of postago oil notvspnpor nnd pe
riodical publications, sent by others than
Iho publishers or nows agent, be inado 0110
cent per threo ounce.
TilElasnoof slh-jr dollars for tho week
ended Decemherl,wuro $ni.1,tKS same time
last year, SO.'.noO; colnagont the mint for
November, $3,821,010, ot which 2,n.V),000
wan silver dollar.
The Adjutant OenarnI of tho army has
received Information of tho surrender nt
Cnmp Poplar Hlvor, of llvo lodge of Bit
ting Hull's forces, from tho British prov
ince. (lENKnAL DuiiONT, Bupcrvlsliig Inspector
of ttsnm vessels, report nccitlent for the
year, thlrty-four; live lost, Ut; passen
gers carried, 475,000,000, ot which number
one In 1,750,000 perished.
(lovr.tiNoii Cnosnr, of' Montoiin, recom
mentis to Congress, through tho Secretary
of tho Interior, the liumodlate cutting down
of nil Indian resoryatloni, now covering
two-fifths' of tho area, of Montana, to tho
actual want ot 18,000 Iniltnna njul throw
ing tho land open to settlement; nlsothnt
icliools for, the educating of Indians In
agricultural pursuit be established.
TnK atrlke of the oil cloth printer nt
Philadelphia, resulted lu a general lockout.
The men refused to sign nil ngrccinoiit tp
abandon Trades Union.
Dk. J auks C. HucK, n prominent resident
ot Crndtlock, Pa,, wn sontunced to live
years and l month In tho peiiltontlary
for complicity In the (Jordan gang of high-
'eitB wlntlkor Tlieator, In tho Bowery,
Neto York, burned tho othor evonlng, oon
afU-rf Ij2.njdle.nc0 had left. A number of
adjoining buildings nlso burned. Tlio
theater cost $30U,0OO'
At tho late annual meeting of the Penn
sylvania Pence Bocloty, In Philadelphia, tho
report 01 vuo i.xocnuvo woiniulttce re
viewed tho work of tho rear, ami cited a
number ot case whore national dlfllcultlc
hod been settled by arbitration. A resolu
tion was ndoptetl pr&poalng arbitration as
n mean ot settling nil social disputes, and
thnt nn International Arbitration tribunal
I the best substitute for wnr. A letter wn
read from President Arthur In reference to
the suggestion thnt he ask the attention
of Congress to the subject of International
arbitration In bl messages Tho President
promised to glvo It consideration. The
society resolved to tolegraph tho President
It wish that ho urge the matter In hit mes
sage. Mis. Sarah T, Rogers, M. 1)., was
ro-olectcd President.
Rev. WAmiEX II. CunwonTli, pastor of
dead while hiking part at the union ser
vice In the Vnverlck Church, In Iloston, on
Thanksgiving Day.
It wiii feared at Worcester, Mass., that
six fishing schooners with sovcnty-ilvo men
had been lost by tho late gales-
The Hotel Clifton, n flvostory brick
building, corner of Ilorwlek Park nnd
Columbus avenue, Oosfon, burnotl tho
othor tromliig. Tho Inmate lied In their
nlgbt clothes wlthout'tnsfjWltnU Tho fire
originated In the furnace-room, in the base
inotit, followed the elevator woll to the roof
and spreatl through each floor Into the
various room, Tlio lire was a stubliorii,
one, but was confined to ono building.
Ueorge B. Taylor, the owner of the build
ing, loses $43,000. The occupants' losses
were slight. Tbe building was Insured for
The roar passenger coach of a train on
the Boston, Barre & Onrtlncr Hallway, was
recently precipitated down an embank
ment near North Worcester, Mas, Be
tween thirty and forty passengers were
Injured, fifteen qtilto seriously.
Ah Harry CasteHo ami his aged mothor,
of Butler, Pa., were driving home to speifd
Thanksgiving tho vehicle upsot overall
rmbatikment and both wero killed.
W. J. Kauwz, proprietor of the Allegheny
(Pa.) Jilatl, tvns recently convicted of
criminal libel ar.il sentenced to thirty days
in jail ana '.wo line.
Tug woolen mill at Haxonvllle, Mass.,
burnil recently. Loss, $300,000; Insurance,
XjAWheuce Keemet, aged seventy years,
recently starved himself to death at Slug
IlEV. T. "J. 'ConaLY, of Massachusetts,
Treasurer of the I'nnie-il Testimonial
Fund, recently transmitted lo the Treas
urer ot tbe lund In Ireland $17,910, It In
cludes contributions from thirty-five Btates
and Territories. The amount Is not Included
In tbe report cabled from London.
Tub coinage at tbe Philadelphia Mint
during November was $1,072,410,
The excess of value of exports over Im
ports of mercbandlso for October, 1833,
was $15,061,580: for the twelvo months
Hided October 34, $121,110,01 1.
The machinery moulders employed by
Oliver Bros, ii Phillip's, at Pittsburgh, Ta.,
threatened to strike utiles the notice of
tea pr cent, reduction In wages was with
drawn. It was thought likely similar re
ductions would be made In other establish
ments, and that there would bf numerous
0(919 the lasuguration of (be window
gins strike nt Pittsburgh, Pa., over 100,000
boxeaotglars (mvo been linporteil to that
city, Klvo year ago tho annual foreign
Importation wn reduced from 1,000,000 to
000,000 lioxes, but the - lain strikes rovlved
tho Importations, nntl It Is asserted It will
ngnln rench 1,000,000.
I.KH'tH (I, ButTlt, sexton ot tho church In
Kast Iloston, where I lev. V. It. Cudworth,
Iho pastor, dropped: tlenil Thanksgiving
Day, died n similar tlealli In the church the
noxt dny while Cudworth' Imily wn lying
there In state.
Ate nttctnpt wn inado recently to wreck
the Washington express on tho New Yolk
ifc Now Ktiglnnd road, by placing obstruc
tion on tho track, but I hey were tllscpv
rrrd In time to prevent nny serious results.
A HitvunK now storm prevailed through
out the Northeast nml nlmig tho const on
the Ski. Telegraph nud cnhlii wire were
erlomyly ntlectrd.
Till! MUST.
An a section gang of flvo men on n hand
car w era returning homo ou tho Bouthern
Ohio division of the Indlnnn, Illoomlngtou
fi We'slern ltnllrond nenrllethradn, O., they
wero overtnkou bv n construction engine
running wild. William Clny and Michael
McCormlck were killed, William Mortimer
severely nnd other slightly Injured.
W. I). Dodge, ot Drilling, N, M n shoo
tunLnr. who had been notorious of Into for
reckless nnd lioltteroti conduct, lint! n row
In n Riitonu the other morning with Frank
Bhndrick, n miner, after which ho foil
heavily to tho floor nnd almost Immediate
Iv expired.
TltK largo wholesale itnighnusa of Moye r
Bros,, ou Delaware street, Kansas City,
wn totally tlentroyoil by lire, on tho nfter
noon of the 2vth. Io on stock $170,000;
Insurance, $125,000, Thn building eost $i"i,
000 nml wn Insured for $22,000. several
nltncfaf of tho honso wero Injured In get
ting from thu third story, thn most serious
ly Injured being Dr. Robert Hmltb, who fell
nml bad both arm broken.
P. K. Biumd.vs, ex-cashler of Totnpkln's
bank of Kl Paso, III., which failed recent
ly, wn nrrcsteil tho other dny on n charge
of forgery nnd tho alteration of figures In
tho book.
The bog cholern I reported to lio doing
great datuago in tho northwest part of
Chnmpnign County, III, especially along
tho KniiRiimnu River, Many cntlro herdsJ
hnvo been swept nwny.
ItAnnv yiixvncn, while recently drunk,
got Into a dlfllculty with n stieet car con
ductor nnd driver nt Cincinnati, and shot
both. Tho driver died ami tho conductor
could not live.
At Dixon, HI., the) other ovcnlng, Miss
Klccta Lewis, n milliner, and two llttlo
girl wero otlt driving, nnd the homo bo
coining frightened ran Inbi tho river and
nil wore drowned.
Uiieat excitement Is said to exist
throughout Western Montana over rich
mineral discoveries In Cajtir do I,cott
Mountains. Miner and prospector who
returned stated thnt there had been nothing
in t'n) history of thn Western Btates or
Territories equal to tho richness and vol
ume ot tho liowly-illscovered held. Tho
minerals consist ot silver, tellurium and
Llreo milling gold, ono hundred dollars per
man per day being taken out of rein rock
of gulches, white In the gulches twenty-flro
lo forty dollats per man per day pannod
At Now Washington, O., four burglars
recently cracked a snfn nnd escapod uu a
hand-car to Bhelby, whore a telegram had
been sent ahead ot than. A largo party of
citizens wont lu pursuit. Tlio burglars
fired upon the party, dangerously wound
ing one man, and lu their flight also fatally
wounded another. Tho citizens continued
the pursuit, nnd succeeded in killing two
and capturing n third. On ono of tho dead
robbor wn found $2,700.
Ik an altercation nt Caiudon Point, Mo
recently, Thomas Tipton shot ami killed
John Wood'pn, Deputy BherllY. Bail feel
ing had existed between tho partlei for
somo tlmo past. Woodson died soon nfter
being shot.
Ik tho Circuit Court nt .Bprlnr.lleld, Mo.,
Charles Blind tvns convicted of embezzle
ment. Tbe Jury asssssod his punlihmolit
nt three years in tho penitentiary, At the
race ot tho Bprliigfltild trotting associa
tion, last August, he had sold jtool and
absconded with $27,1 of tho money, hut wns
caught at Holla and taken back.
The wife of E. 8. Johnson, Hpcclal Pen
ion Examiner, nt Indianapolis, Ind., com
mitted sulcido recently.
JciHxril Jewell, ono of tho threo men
who last March murdered M. 1. Renowdon,
to got possession of his earnings, niuonnt
ing to $24,000, was hanged at Ban Joso, Cal,
The other day n 11 ro broke out lu tho
Parwoll.blocU,the largest business building
in Chicago. The throe lower lloorx were
occupied by Metzler Bros., notion dealers,
and the upper Hoars by Itenk & Bucht-r,
furriers. The latter firm employed nearly
two hundred girls, all but about seventy
five of whom hml gone home when tho fire
was discovered. These remaining In tho
building be-oamo panic-stricken, and their
terror Increased by discovering that
the main doorway leading to tho
lower floors was - locked and barred.
Two young women, Kitty Hilger and
Francis Kairwoather, msdo their way to
tho lire escape, but? through terror at the
view of the flumo bursting from the build
ing Immediately below, dropped to tho
tons sidewalk and both weVo Instantly
killed. The others wero saved. Lossnbout
$109,000. Whllo all tho engine in tho city
were at this lire, another lire broke out In
tho Journal oOlco building, which waa de
stroyed, together with the printing house
of J, II. Jecltrey. The Journal loss was
$13,000; fully Insured. Jeffrey's toss, $15),
000) insurance, $.000.
A Bt. Paul (Mmi.) special ayst Tho
skeleton of twenty-throe persons and
about the same number of hone wero dis
covered n tbe northern part of Dickey
County, Dakota, near tho head ot the
Moose River, by a party of explorers a few
days ago. Among thn skeletons wero four
brnss cavalry buttons, spur and other
effects of mounted men. It Is supposed to
bo the remains ot some party traveling
with n cavalry escort, but there Is no
record of any such missing expedition.
At Cincinnati, O,, recently, James Boyd,
aged seventeen, was shot and killed ma
liciously by his father.
The sash, door and blind factory of
William Hume fc Co., at Oshkoth, Wis.,
burned the other morning. Loss, flS,000;
insurance, $30,000.
The mechanical department of the Ex
celsior Manufacturing Company's works,
at Bt. Louis, better known as Pilley'n stove
foundry, closed dswn recently for ait In
definite period, greatly to tha surprise of
four hundred and fifty men, who were
thrown out of employment.
AT Fremont, Neb., the other morning, a
book agent named Jurgen Vass was killed
by tha Union l'acllo train, which severed
bis bead completely and cut off his hands.
The body of Henry I. Eseu, wholesale
clothing merchant, of Milwaukee Wis.,
who disappeared mysteriously October 31,
was fountl a few days sluce floating in the
flako nearly opposite the Northwestern
depot on the lake shore.
Three young wen caxad William C.
Black, Robert Black and William Brown
recently got lata a dllHculty white at
church In Barry County, Mo,, when Brown
fatally stabbed one of the Blaeki,
Tlllt MOUTH.
A nxcxKT fire In Baltimore destroyed
several warehouses containing about flfloen
hundred bale of cotton, seventy-five hogs
head of tobacco and threo hundred sack
e coffee.
After n quarrel Frnnk Williams, of
Vamev, Ark., blew hliwlw's brnln nut by
firing both barrel of n r jot pin. Ho es
caped. A large crowd went In pursuit.
Judoe rir.oiuii: Dbn.iv, who assisted In
the prosecution ot Congressman l'hll.
Thompson, of Kentucky, recently ihot ami
killed James II. Anderson, at Lancaster,
A liKOEKT lire burned tti ltte portion
of tlm town of Ocnla, Kla., Including n new
brick hotel, tho ofllco ot the Jlanntr nnd
several stmts nnd residences. Loss ovet
$200,000; Insurance, $80,000.
Mns). Mahy A. (InkE.f, a wealthy nnd
eccentric nged lntly, tiring nlono lu Louis
ville, Ky., was burned to death thn other
night, llerclottilitgtvns Ignited by n candle,
It tvns supposed. When found she wn
seated In a chair, the roam disclosing art
deuces of n severe) itrugglo against her ter
rible fnte.
At liOiilsvtlle, Ky., recently, I Jacobs, I
wtin nnti two cniiurcii, .mim Amelia nam
tiels,MITeresn Btoll.and Mrs. Ed. Nathan,
of Lcadvllle, wero made 111 by eating food
which had Iwen poisoned, nnd placed on
the supper table. Mr. Jacob, Ml Btolt
ami Mr. Nathnn wero not out ot danger.
Tho other worn Improving, Tlio servant
wore under suspicion.
Rev. Hr.Niiv Clay David, wlm lived nine
miles north of Columbus, (la,, recently
committed sulcido by cutting his throat.
He left til homo in tho morning for n trail.
In tho woods, and bcliie: absent Inmror than
usual, senich was inado. Tlio cause of tho '
net wn. attributed to temporary fits of In-,
sanity. HI mother put nti-eml tobor llfo
by Jumping Into n welt when ho wn n child.
riie '
Tim otliT day, John It. Lowell, James
Houston, Joseph Bapp and Percy llhnfer,
prnmlnont rlllzeni of U.iltlmore, Mil
star" d down tin river on a cuiinlnc exno-!
dltloii. When nbout sevou mite from tlie
city, n flock of duck crossed the stern oft
i... i.., .i... ui..... i i .t..T
i .. , : 11 .1 - ..- 11 1 1
tHDW.rose nntl fired. At tho samo time
and the contents ot Khnfor' gun struck
him in tho head, cnrrylpg off the whole
ot tho crown nnd causing death In
stantly. Houston was forty years of n;
nnd loaves a family. Houston and Bbafer
wero brothers-in-law. ,
I'nwAno D, Kaxtok, once cashier ot tin
wi.voussf ...... (-n (!. nisi wiJVf
Texas Pacific Railroad ofllco nt Dallas,'
lex., and for tho past several mouths cm
ployed by tho samo company at Bhermnn,
recently disappeared, a defaulter for $12,
000. It Is said ho had no bondsmen, but
thu Canadian Insuranco Company stood
for hi honesty.
Ak engine on tho H, fi N, Railroad ex
ptottetl near Montgomery, Ala., tho other
morning, killing a man immed Allen. The
engineer wn fatally scalded nnd ,the flro-
nun seriously injured,
ArTEit six mouths' Idleness, tha cigar
operatives' strike nt Montreal has ended.
Or tho six hundred gens d'artnos who
left Cairo (Egypt) for Sunklm the other
day, to light tho Falsa Prophet, twenty-six
deserted on tho railroad Journey to Hues.
The French decree abolishing the prohi
bition ot the Importation of American pork
states that it the pork is carefully sotted
thero Is no danger of trlchlnoisl. Tbe
municipal authorities will seize any bacon
Impel fectly salted.
EtniiT blocks of stono wero recently
placed iipdn tbe rnllway trnck near Wol
verhompton, (Etig.) It waa surmised for
the purpose of wrecking tho train In which
Oladatono waa expected to travel.
Within two week over thirty proiM
were arrested In Ireland charged with a
conspiracy to blow up the residence of a
County Mayo landlord nnd with belonging
to the Fenian Brotherhood.
Tux Lower Homo of tho Hungarian Dint
has passed a bill permitting civil marriage
lietweeu Jew nnd Clirittinu, nntl legalizing
civil marrlngea contracted broad.
The business failures for the seven tly
ended November !), lu tho United Btates
nntl Canada wero SSI, against 217 the pre
vious week.
O'Dokkell, the elnyerof Carry, was con
vlctod of deliberate murder and sentenced
to be hanged.
ALL the London papers Indorsed tho ver
dict In tbe case ot O'Donnell.
A Halifax (N. B.) dispatch stated that
Captain Brown nnd tovtm stamen, of tho
Oovnrniiieut strnnmr Newfleld, wero lest
while try If g to savo another vessel.
OORrt's building, one of tha most Impor
tant block In Burlington, Iowa, occupied
by a clothing film, tho American Express
Company and containing n large number
ofllce, burned recently. Lot, $30,030;
Insurance, $30,000,
Bamuel Wilsox who tvns employed lu
thu City Mining Company' building, In
Kansas City, was recently caught n tho
machinery ami so frightfully mangled that
he died lu a few hours. He was twenty-six
years old and left a wlfonud child at Rose
dale. Tux. German Foreign Odlco ha lamed
notification that the port ot Foo Chow,
China, is Infected with cholort.
A thaoio affair took place In the court
roomot Chief Jiutleo French, ot Prescott,
Ariz., the other day. Tbe case of Kelsey
vs. MoAtee, regarding a water right for
Irrigating purpose, was on trial, when At.
torney General Churchill and District At
torney Ruch became engaged In a quarrel
which lctl to blows, and while the olllccry
woro attempting to restore order, MoAtci,
defendant, drew n knife, rushed upon a
man named Moore, seventy years of age,
and Inflicted a fatal wound, then turning
ujxin C W, Bench, late editor of the Pres
cott Jfiier and son-in-law of the plantlff,
Kelsey, stabbed him lu the neck. Then
mndo a rush for tbe court reporter.aml was
about to plunge tha knife Into him, when
Beach draw a revolver anil sent a ball
through McAtuo'j spinal column, Inflicting
a mortal wound. ,
A Ml'UBtn of bill were Introduced In the
Beuutu on the Uh. The House completed
Its organization by tho election ot the Dem
ocratic caucus nominees for olHcer,
headed by John It. Clark, of Missouri, for
A bill has been Introduced In the Kenato
providing for a Territorial form ot Govern
ment In Alaska, and establishment ot
schools there under the management ol the
Interior Department.
BEVitKTARY Teller hat decided that ttte
Choctaw and Chickasaw Ind tan Nattcua
havo no claim against tho Missouri, Kin
sas fe Texas Railroad for material furnished
In Its construction, a the Indians were
paid Individually,
Rev. Ho bix son, pastor ot tha Het-hodlst
Church ntl'epln, Wi., and C. II. Conan,
principal ot the llhjhtkhool, broke through
the he 011 Lake Pepin, recently and were
V If rt.ut.nvr JuiaI iua! nt Slui
Louisville & Nashville Railroad at Farts, I
Teuu.', was shot and kilted by Frank Wll-
llama the other day, Tbe diMcuHv sFw
out ot the ditfchargs. of WilUavt, who had
been clerking for Campbell.
B. M. M KYEkMM & Co., silk maMttfeettir
era ot New York aitd Hotsoketi, X. J., have
fatted. LtaUlltW. $860,000, The llrui.ui
ployed two jp.ud red bauds.
He Favor Hie Olstrlhtillon or the Kevenit
from the Wbltky Tux Aniens; the Muveml
I'ltvLAnr.i.piirA, Nov. 30, Tin iv
rublllia tlio following letter to It editor
from Hon. James O. Htnlnn' "I Iwve ro
relvett your note. Inquiring whelher I would
bo vllllrg in 1 Ire, In tho mora authentic)
form of n lctlcr i.y r my own wiiiiature, cer
tain yIow which I expressed In conversation
several week since touching nn luiiiortniit
llimnclal qucslloii, 1 understand you to re
fer to otue observations I nt 'do lo ono oj
r mr nss'stnut 0 1 1 tors on the projiosltttm of the
ltrpubllcan Mate Convention of Pennsyl
vania for ' Iho ilUttlbutloit of the surplm
revenue of the National Treasury amniia
tho .State.1 I understand yon to refer stilt
moro particularly to n suggestion of my own
a ftiuVtltiite for tho lVnnsylv'iuil.t propo
lllloiu, to which I thniinlit I saw fnbil ob
lertloti. I hnvo no reason for withholding
my views, nml I mlmlt tho wisdom of your,
iiijCgctlon that I would lietter stalo them
myself thnn to lituo them posilbly lnlsUtcd
by others.
run proposition or tuo rcnniyivann rw
publican Convention ! In distribute ' anion:
the State nny ftiirplui In tho National
Trct.-isitr) that may nriso fiotri n redundant
revenue.' Tho first objection which I eo
to thl proisrdtlon I the utter tinccrbtliity ol
tho amount ot redundant ruvemir. it may
bn $1,000,000 or It may bo StOO.000,000.
Here In Malnn they mndo an atplute poi
capita distribution ot It nivon; the
entire population n trilling sum to each.
That, of roiino, threw contempt upon
Iho whole iiirastire. Thero Is n two
ond objection to tho Pennsylvania pro)sI-
lion, wiiirii, nt my jiidgment, M mill more
K'.rlou. It would 1)0 unfair to Senators and
le'nciitntlvc to lay upon ihcm oblla-
Ibuia siii,I liittllwit IvhlAli aaiAttl.l assitt1tTo
'" 7 , , . , h . , r" I , V i T TCui ZT, 'H
v .- ".'." - - ,...---.
duly to the fsalional tiovennuenr. You
can not hnvo Iho National Government anil
Iho Stale Covcmmciit Joint owners of th
lama treasury without mischievous conflict.
Buch n pnttiiershlp I at war with tho welt-
being ot tho Statu nud Nation. A third
oliJrctlon to the Pennsylvania
uo" " "" ,
tho nfwimiitlon ol
procceds upon
cuutlniiliig retlun-
"? Nnltot.nl rovenuo. This 1 oppte.l
, u,f ,,, vlmvs ot ,inlnlstratlo.t t 'Hie
Uovoriimeiit wants Just enough rovenuo. A
redundancy nlwnys lend lo extravagance,
to many forms ot corruption, nnd lunll mari
ner or schemes for getting rid of money.
The time is rapidly nppro.ichliig, however,
when, by rca.-toit nt the terms lu which lbs
National debt I funded, tho payment of the
remainder mutt ot iiecesiliy bo postponed
for years -tho l.irger juirt of It, Indeed,- to
tho licit century. Tilts, brings with it tin
necessity ot reducing the National reTenuo,
"The prntcnt system of taxation Is yichl
luff lunio thnn $100,000,000 beyond. the
niunitiit rcqtilicd for the ordinary expense ot
Government. Its icdttrtion will soon bit
ruuio en imperntlvo ilu'.y. Indeed, a stroni
biovi'iiiunt I already on foot fnr the rcw;il
of the entire system of Inter11.1l icvenuo, oe
the asMimiitloii, tvlilclt Is Justified by fact.
Unit- receipts from customs will Afford
nbundant ruvciiiin for the needs of tin
GovcrinueiiL The Prt'tectlonlsts desire Oil,
but not they nloue. Judge Kitlleyl not more
earnestly In favor of It then U Mr., Cox, ol
New York, who Is n most litteUlneiit repre
sentntlvo of the free-trade Intern. Man)
of the leading free-iraders In Coi.gtess an
opposed to the rontluuntlou ot tlte tax'oc
spirits. It Is, therefore, quite evident It b
l least highly prolmblo tlrnt a eenllMtm ol
men hohllng antagonistic views o t$w ssseer
tlo't of protection will, at ttte fisst etsjiortiv
nlty, cllect the abolition of the System of h
tenia! revenue.
"pur state and municipal taxation, W di
rect It comes upon the property wHft
rnishlng force. Tliere ere few ootuuiiiHl
ties In the United States that iy so little
ns one cent per nunum on the actual valm
of their real ropcrty. Tliere are nmnj
couiuitinltles thnt pay more than two eenbt
on the actual value. The houses, tlie farms,
tilts fnclorles, the stores, tlie sntpa,
all feel It Is a heavy burden a bur
den unrelieved by nny form of kid I reel
taxation. Why, therefore, should nil
the States be criiiltoil to have the tai
on spirits for their own benefit, If the Na
tional Government .Iocs not need It? "lit
National nml State GovcrdinciiU, as I think
I have iliown, can not rafely share the same
revenu-j; but If tho National GoveruuieiU
has no longer need ot the tax on tlie splrlta,
why should bin the entire itMouiit which It
ylelils annually be paid ovet' V Hl.l Sjtatsef
Could It be recanted as wise tAteuisiilflu'-''
to coutliiiie the haTy.oppruslre direct ta oe
nil property under thu tjtate tiovernmeuis,
nml at the same tlmo ccwmatid ; hurtrttl
luxury like spirits to go fit'0 f That s-auM
be a folly which no oilier1 Getemnrettt uc
the globe couhl by nny posdWIHy ewmmlt.
Tins tax on stitrlts ojijires! ho ono. It b
imiuI only by consumers, nnd the meet ev
ireoie ndvocite otleinixirauce can not' main
tain that taxing' the article btereaees Um
eei'suiiiptlon. . n
vThe more I hare relteetafl vvpon It ties
more evident It lias becoiHe to mr Mlml that
It Is wiser to tax whisky than It sstnttu
farms nnd honieeteadsaud sIitis,vmm1 UMt H
would bo nnaetot tne deniable felly tit re
mit the Sfl,000,000, IstoteMl ofgrvinc H tc
tlie State for tlie relief of opefMive Uxt
llom I trust X Iwvo tunUt tbe UWuroeee
U'tweeu thl proiieMltlon and the Penusyl
Vanla iroiKtltl.i suftkkntly lln. Th
oee wlilcli I have.' sugKtod give
the revenue from a Kpaclfto tas
wholly to the States, and does not
deiiend uiH a chsHoe surplus or an acci
dental remainder In the NatkNtsl Treasury.
It makes the tax on spirituous nd wall
tltiuore a permanent resouree to ait Um
State, eoaWliiK thent therelfy defailWy k
reatljust ami retlnce their own taxation.
Kacli S4ate could most wMy use Its ahM
sccordlfKC to Its own necessities.. In Maine,
for example, our share would enable 0 tc
repeal absolutely the Stale tax proiier, .levy
ing only the county anil town taxes upon tin
people. InyourBtatoof Pennsylvania, wlier
I Iconic support tlie State (QVerneteHt, lb
cities end town could receive pro rata Ui
87,500,000 which wouW fall to yiK sliar
Your rlty ot Philadelphia would receive
nearly 91,690,000 vex aniinm. States that
have been so oppressed by debt a to Ik
tempted or driven to repudiation would' be.
tnnblcd to regain their rredlt, and ever
community from ocean to ovean would, lu
ono form or another, resllxe that buttien ot
taxation vere In some, degree ameliorated.
I believe the measure would prove a ' attwl
beneficence to the people In alt part of the
Republic. Yery Hwpectfully.
Nott The revKtuo of tho List lineal yed"
from spdlltioiw and ihU llituors was a t)ttle
moiethsn SW.WO.OW, This amount, riT.
vltJetl Miiorig Iho ssn'eral SStatee amt TerrTr
ttirlet aceoritlug to tlie plait ouUhMd In t'j
prwnllng Mter, would give Mm foitowkic
inns to each tho staUHUeuts Mug :3iad
bi round thousand i '
Alahsuna K.Wt.OM.N'ew JerMr.
Arkansas. l(A.Iilitew Tork.
Caliro.nla. , LW,li!.S.CaroUa.
Colorado ... a,ll(,lihki
Coiineeti.;ut. l,H.LOrerO?i
Oolaware. ...
Illinois . .....
India iu
lovin. ,,,
Kansas.. .A,
Knnlituky ,,
id'juuiua ,.
, 'ei
S.fiil.uuiW. VlrsTinla.
i,i,w .iriAinw.t
i.s,i.mi iikuisi .,,
MWhinan . . a,res.t
SWIItMi..., 1
Lleatenant VMsrilMisss.. wise
Use Greeiy petlHiou, wm tniotM Hjr,t
vMottt IvoJm M Washusf loo wi) seMa
t: "ij
nw ifumm
.soi,o a
T VUUlll
I a,uj
,. W.t
-31 tl ,-.. JTCT.I
iw "sty o.. isws
skJie,,,,!?; SaVUN: d
..wi 1 Bi X mil. 1
5 O

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