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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, January 11, 1884, Image 1

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' aBaaBS
Berated ta the Interest eftko Chcrekccs, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Scralaelcs, Creeks, am! all Other Iadlaa of the IndlaR Tcrrltery.
YOL. II. NO. 17.
aa fTamaraasals - Va
wy -aV CTsTWa.My aaJWYn. Mnn
Le the 7th. "In tbe
n a3ifc,B8hee3ates Jf pc-UtJun from
laC Brag ami Washington Ter
ser the- Tin-
I Brant of e Omasa Central-': ail- i
1m OwMMMcot rtBlft the aaate
SSSSiSLSZl 2?ii525:
MexlaaattetBdoaendajcMifcMio'i which was J
wia.miMijrecrao ma m lit to ruraisn
- . . .. . .. .- " . - " -M
'' JH" """" I"""- Vr ." unuuo,
NUHMnHM iwo ks ports or I """'ji - - ---lafAatarieaa
full, aad rwhwvor jro-1 killed br the cars on ber war to church the
"aaaswiBss the Predtatt,
fctt(M ST MCB
U litm, ftttem er fees other mer-
, v1-
....A .... r.H i
C w uu u j m tae president
late nnUUilsn to rnn-
, the vreedbttioa of vuch rorebrn
asawftea. About seven hundred
were istrodiseed- and le-
oamtttCactfK cast oC States the Bouse
. Tib KatfoaalSaara of Health has Infer-
fuatcat'd by tho State Da
tes! the continuance of cholera in
has '5ridrd that
in avaarto U .-.titled to
eeTaa wiuanaW- pewriAed by the
Ferffad tasflig lS- thar- and paying
Ssfe. perform the
irewNredtfce mas-order fcusi-
t at Mroffee. la the sens tkat if the
:is.aac alir.lnltv tustaal. br- Lis
tMdMstiweBBKttiedaMfcRbi- icime-
aaprrffoaV clerk uiaaluj id by
atyrposa, aad who ria bo way
by the Peat-oSce Ircpartment
, ar yM. treat tax postal fond as dts-
i tae-xaosey fsnd.
t talk: is Ifaahinfton ththotber
state (Usaoreryof the alleged for
al, fct of Clareace M. Birtbn,
at ! aHuaaiasaditor of tha Xuiicual
mpitJkm. Mr. 3artea. will be remean
asscd as taa pai'j ijm Attacked the pri
rale rtinmetur at- tte -weH-latown Joornol-
fat, A.3C BalaMs, -far the columns of the
growing1 oat of
of a fallen
had aest aesssHed by
fermerir a reoorter
mrimt.Mmr Tert Jfenld. This reralted
ta a pwnnasr anpwHJT-, ta which Sateldo
was hated ta the edits rial rooats of tbeJTf-
Jt tai that these for-
i had beaa haows to rarioB partifcs
ar aajaa days, bi wra aat Made pnblic
ataaniirMm iathaaH,1fcriBaaiJtofyapathy
SarBattaaaMc-waw jhmI helpless cbfl
drea. wTaaJrlaaaaiSf aald to hare been
sed are.'WBHrHB 3C. Dickson, foreman
f the Sntstar-rowte jary, and Henry D.
aaMfer, HJinaT Geseral Brady's name
Is a aesM pa par,' hut kit boc ascertained
hataflr filmed ar -aot: Tha araoant of
Seaeral has based en
rate of rostara on a
reCartsefes heretofore rated third-
eaaaserpriatedmtatter, paying postage at
fce gate a aae eant for erery two ounces.
Paderlass uriii these articles are hore-
taaaasTiaaiUii., cr foorth-
aKwt whwh 'the nostagn is
aaeeeaCpwaaee. Be jalss that labels,
paWsraa, phetagrcphs, letter heads, enrel
ftes aad nrtmraisMicof the same character
ara.aaara siMrtuuuf aaerchandise, and will
he rated aa toaith-cless matter.
TKimBisK o J- V. Garvey. at Dnke
ra -haraad recently while the
abseat. Fosr little children.
te six years, who had been
lett at tha haase, perished ia the flames.
ltil IIBURIUK ia traae caased the Copley
t "Koeha a. akiwiyPa' to shnt
ir ia
Mate: gnat petition for a
etilatcaaal aaMedmesv will be
seat eat bytha.3tHoiial TTaaan's Christian
i Uska, aad presested to the
jwmiaatlwc CoBrentions cf
parties. It will ast for pro-
Lot the ballot for woman, as
A eewnoHaroc of Colorado politicians in
yaahlagtoa. Ac other day, came to the
essMaassoa that ez-8eaator Chaffee should
heaaaaaiaato tac the Senate in place of
E waster at 'Seesatary Teller, who wants
tha plan jt-s-aa gd woald not stand in
the war f Jar. ChaaTsf.
T a aal at the rreafdeatial posto!Sccs,
aiafsiati in the Wert, were through a
gseaat Miwjiislsunt, thrown out of the
Tiiahhiathil Jam because the annual
MMStiiala iaHelaw one thoasand dollars.
Aa there k mo law prcrridJig forthereduc
tie, at peatBBaaters' salvies the Depcrt-
i it diMcnlt to decide how the re-
will be made It was thought
' sae twenty ofices will be abolished
aad tmwuiHately re-established as fourth
asaas eaacaai.
It k stated' that Congressman Calkins
ptuaiusn i haaaaaes bills to arbitrarily
taaalhi't tha haaorfsHnaor French wines
aad biaaeSec.se long-as tha prohibition up
wk the .mi k jn fecg is allowed to stand in
Raaca, JTathialo thf t Congress will be
faraeC to" take peremptory measures to
raaaedy the lajastice done toonaof the
eWaC proaaets of American export. He
buiie i Ceasgei has the right to retaliate
far the hihw. at"of oar commercial relations
4tk aayjstlBr coastry in the world.
. Xabx, oUTew Tort City, was
strack In the eye by a cinder
mas aa eeg&e of the Xanhattan BaQway,
aad lost has ey. e recently brought suit
torptjm dswsgp.
Waabb of eiaplqyes in Jobn E. Boobling's
' wire. laUl, at Trentoiu 2s. J., were re-
l teat per cent, from January L
awe Aaaavnay
iitasa. aa
Thk Tharadyke (llas.) Company's new
eattan atm harned recentTv C VVUson,
Use cswfWBy's agent, fell aoad of heart
eases a whB on the roof fighting the
aamet. L', 50,090.
?tut .TtsW, a postal clerk between
$few Toric aad port Jerns, was recently
atreatcd lee i'utaiii-the mails.
IB- Caaaac A. Gcjatzr, of Syracuse,
X. Y-. was T iixMiatlyjurested at a betel in
Kew Tork Gry Sor Surging "bonds and
asarteaaea to the amount of sereraj thou
,aad aaBers. When arrested ha stated
vJsat he was about to mortgage property be
sgiactohiaaandTalaedat$io,OQO in or-,
iarto pay the amount of his forgeries.
X. H. Soasr, exchange clerk lor Sperry
a-3Ure. of Sew York, American agents
far the lane Liverpool commission house '
j Baifnrl Bras-, absconded after forging
fteUsewattte $Ii,WJ la i
He and a friend named Van-1
, went to Chicago where they com- I
I a fast life. Both were subsequently '
-oabe waa taxsn to Sewlorx ,
Ike- saau aj" ot ms arrest, and toot!
a mwrew. wyw ,.-.. .,w
i tsey recovered from a dry
in a hermetically sealed
LlLi aiae aad wrapped ia oQed silk, Gov
rll'ia, to tbe amount ot 20,000.
JfJZrtfceaee to Brooklyn aaother piece of
ZlTyfeiaed .-
WM J s. .K FraTi;r tfrVari
HJK. tr w-w-j "-" -
; Ito&se At Hount Cr-
- m t..t...wt T.t.
. f'rTr and a child. Ser-
-of the Pittsburg
ri-jtae other morning, after
i' 'uiuii nf Blight's disease,
tast eaBaeta
Colonel 2Cevin iru forty-sir years old, and
lean a wife and'five children. .
Axace Major and Sarah Marsdenwere
drowsed while recently stating sear
WUksbarre, Pa.
E. B. Smith & Co., cotton broker of
IfewYej; failed recently Trith liabllitJ-s
of 1153,993, and at orth Leominster, Mas-,
Pataaat Philips, tanners, failed for 275,-000.
I Cbasxzs Deueosico, the great Sew
?" ?. t mysteriously mlss-
PJ" suspected.
jtis Cuuu. Thcrstox, aged elghty-
S. Thurstoi
Ui BMUlf CWJHUlMMlVt ..-..
i j. l-J.l-Cn,ntA-
... , . T-1-.1-. X- V ..
pjmlnnt also reited
the same day over the discovery of the
body of a young woman frozen solid in the
ice in a stream in the suburbs. Supposed
to be a case of murder.
A lussrxGES train on the Illinois Cen
tral struck a broken raft btnv!i Hanson
and Banram, Iowa, the other i? wntas? A
sleeper end two passenger coaches were
thrown down a fifteen-foot embankment.
Mrs. J. H. Smith, of Ohio, Baitram County,
IlL,was Instantly killed end seven per
sons were more or less injured.
Tint terrible Crouch famiiy murder near
Jackson, Mick-, some weeks since, was sup
plemented TU3Btly by the suicide of Mrs.
Dan Holcomb, oaughter of the- murdered
rnitw. She locked herself into a room after
dinner, undressed, went to bed and, it was
believed, took laudanum, as an empty hot-tle-K-bich
had contained that drug was
found laker re tu
Asxer, BoxB recently committed suicide
by banging, at TaTlorrille, 11L He was
one At the saost respected citizens in the
cnsnty.acilconsidercdau exceedingly sen
sible man Uie very last to commit suicide.
He was a relative of A. D. Bond, the father
of Miss Emma, the victim of the unhuxnan
outrage last June. He had worried a good
deal over the affair, and the general opinion
was that the mental anxiety over the trial,
in progress at the time, had added to his
pbysicial debilities, and had something to
do with the final tragedy.
EiKrrsT Dtr. of Bloomington, HL, died
recently from trichinosis. At a party sev-
eralweeks ago nine persons ate of smoked
sausage quite heartily, and were soon after
taken ill. On m,mintnr; the uncooked
meat they had eaten of, millions of the para
sites were foasd. Gull, the man who raised
the swine and prepared the meat, and his
-wife died threo weeks afterwards, and sev
eral of the sick, it was thought, would die.
A post mortem examination showed that
Dir?s body was literally alive with
Tax west-bound express on tbe Wabash
Road struck a wagon containing five young
men near Ztapoleon, O., the other night,
tiffing Frank Ijong and tVUllam Rbores
and badly Injuring Georgn Arps. locg
Tax thermometer ranged fromthirtyto
thirty-five degiee below in Minnesota and
Dakota during the late cold snap.
Stxxixt GatrrrrH wsa recently arrested
at Salem, O., upon the confession of having
ain-dered his father.
The other morning the sheds in front of
tbe tunnel at the Utah Central Coal Mine
at Pleasant Valley, UUh, took fire from
the stove ia th weighing room, and in a
few minutes the flames had extended into
the air-shaft of the tunnel. Only fire men
ir- the mine at the time, three of
whom escaped, though they were nearly
suSocated. The other two, John McCIean
and his son John, perished!
Is the case of Frank James, recently ad
mitted to baft in Jackson County, Mot, aad
immediately arrested by tho United Sites
Marshal for complicity in a mail robbery
in Alabama, Judge Krckel, of the United
States District Court, at Kansas CJ--. re- j
cesuj ueciucu tuafc aio inwuK cuiut1 nut
bo taken by tho United States authorities
until the greater charges against him bad
been disposed of In the State court v.
The old SL Nicholas Hotel in St. LouU
burned the other night- The fire also .de
troyed adjoining properry, the' total loss
being over 090,000 ; well Insured.
Tnr Tabor Opera House, In Denver.CoIn
was recently damaged by fire to the extent
TntBTT-nvx degrees below zero at St.
Paul, Minn-, on the 4 th-
A BTOCC train of twenty cars was recent
ly snowed under on the Wabash Rnad
eleven miles from the Chicago stock yards.
Several attempts to reach the train and
save the stock failed on account of heavy
- Tide other morning when an extra freight
train on the Missouri Pacific Railroad, con
sisting of eleven cars of mwes,took the
side track at Independence, lib., to let the
east-bound passenger train by, an exami
nnlinc iras made of the cars, and showed
that between eighty and one hundred head j
had perished from cold and starvation. I
Those that were yet alive were gnawing ,
the sides of the car, and in some Instances
were ating the fljjh of their dead compan
ions. It was stated that tho stock had been
loaded at San Antonio, Tex-, and had not
been fed or watered since leaving San An
tonio. The males were consigned to Kan
sas City.
Thk Park Theater, at Cleveland, O., sup
posed to be fire proof, was burned on tbe
night of the 5th. It was valued at 5200,000.
Adams' Humpty Dompty Company lost
SBOO or $9,0 worth of property. Tho
Wick block In front of the theater was com
pletely gutted, and the First Presbyterian
Church damaged to the extent of 520,00(1.
Tilt Institute of Immaculate Conception
of the Skiers of "otre Dame, at Belleville,
I1U, was burned on the night f tho 5th. j
About sixty pupils were in tbe school, '.
ranging from ten j ears, to full grown, all j
giris, and several teachers. Tho flames j
spread so rapidly that no order could be
preserved, and a panic seized both children
anl Sisters, and there was wild confusion '
in the rush to escape. Tbe Mother Supe
rior, four other Sisters and twenty-two '
pupils were reported as having perished. I
Tax large furniture establishment of j
Barrel, Comstock & Co on ?7orth Fourth
street, St. Luuis, was destroyed by fire on
the night of the 5th. Loss, $5,0M; in
surance $93,000. The-jewelry store of Mer
rick, Welsh & Phelps .adjoining was also
barned. Loss, SOfiW, and tho queensware
store of Withman, Gray & Co, containing
$75,000 worth of goods, was badly scorched
and goods damaged.
a sxssxnosr was recently created at
Omaha by the announcement that Major
James A Jewell, manager of the Consoli-
dated Tank Line Company, was a defaulter
to tbe amount of nearly $3nH. I
SjLTTntDAT. the 5th, was considered the;
cojdejt day thnmghout the west that bad
been for many years, the mercury ranging
at an average ot about twenty-five degrees
i below zrro.
Tax court-house and jail at Jerseyyille,
i HL, burned the other night and four prison- ,
era were suffocated.
! Tnr boilers In Hoed at Parson's mill at (
' Merrill, Mich., exploded the other morning ,
wrecking the mill and killing tbe engineer '
and another man. , '
The family of J. B. Zeifried, of Hannibal, i
Mo., was recently poisoned by drinking cot-1
fee that had been adulterated with some I
poisonous ingredient. The wife was In a
critical condition.
Tnnxr hunters, Henry Shields, Edward
Shields and James Anderson, warn frosen
to death on the prairie in tha Chickasaw
Nation, V T-, the other night.
Proctor & Gamble's extensive soap and
candle works, at Cincinnati, burned the
other night. Loss about $250,000.
A riRE recently starUd from an over
heated stove In a passenger car in the
switching yards of tb Louisville, Xew Al
bany Sz Chicago Railway, at Xew Albany,
IncL, destroyed four passenger cars
and damaged one sleeper, also damaged
the PresldentV car "Monon." Total lost
THE SeiTH. "
SmaTTZ & Co.'s cotton warehouse at At
lanta, Ga burned recently. Loss on cot
ton, TSOjOf?; on warehouse, JStyXW; In
surance, J1,0&X
James A. Walxacx, Cashier of the
Bank of Hopklnrrille (Ey.) is missing with
a reported shortage of $40,000.
Statistics recently published showed a
remarkaUa increase in cotton manufactur
ing Interest in the South the last thre-f
years. There are now 1,314 cotto mills,
having t7C,tH spindles and 24,573 looms,
whila in 1SS1 there were ISO
mills with TISS9 spindles and
looms. In ISO the value of the manufac-
I tured cotton produced was a little orerSi,
j P00,000; In 1SSS3 it had risen to $33,000,00i) or
I $40,000,000. Daring :the Ust three-and-a-
half years J2D,003,0y havo been invested by
new and old cotton mills In machinery, tha
. .- ... . - - . .i
Eastman. Ga recently, forthe murdero!
James Mitchell. When the Sheriff and as
sistants opened the cell door Crummidy at
tacked then- with a small knife, wounding
two assistants. He was'seixid, but man- !
aged to free his arm, inflicting a terrible
wound in his own throat, aod becoming un
conscious, was carried to tho scaffold on a ,
stretcher aad supported until the drop felL ,
lx a late shooting scrape between Jamn
Hare and John Scanlon atDaltlmcre, McL. ,
Hare was killed and Scanlon mortally
At Charleston, S. CL, the mercury on the ,
Cth stood at thirteen below zero, the coldest I
weather for one hundred and thirty-five '
years. j
A touxc blood at Monroe, Ga., made an t
assault upon a Mrs. Whitley, when she
eluded him and seizing her husband's rifle '
blew the top of his head off. When the '
neighbors, who had beea alarmed by het '
outcries and firing, reached the house fbey
found the young man dead and the woman
frantic and loading and firing at random.
Tnurs of tha Southern Pacific train rob
bers were recently captured in H-.m,
One was a negro.
Two Rusian officer were recently assas
sinated by 'lhflits at St. Petersburg. The
. - . . .. ' .1
muruers creawa great constcrnauon, ana ,
it was suggested that the Imperial family t
should remove secretly to the palace at
Feterboabut General Tcherevin had under-
taken to guarantee the safety of the Gats-
U....U it.u.i;uiM.c.j ui u"u";
china palace.
TnB Mexican Government has declared
forfeited the concession made Genera
Grant for a submarine cable connectinc
Mexico, the United States and Central
America, no work having been done within
the prescribed time. j
The report has been confirmed that the
Black Flags massacred the French prison
ers captured before Sontay. Admiral
Courbet decided to take active measures fct
redress. i
Tax Marquis de Rays-was recently tritd
at Paris (France) and sentenced to four
years' imprisonment for falsely inducing
many people to subscribe for the alleged
enterprise for the colonization of the Island
of Port Breton, in the South Seas, and with
the misappropriation of the funds, and
also Inducing several hundred persons tc
settle upon the island, most of whom per
The business failures In the United Statse
for the first two days in the sew year num
bered 319, said to be the largest number
ever known in a similar period.
Sixrxxx boarders and three sisters in a
Convent at Montreal (Can.) were recently
poisoned by eating tainted meat. Several
were dangerously HL Tho meat, although
condemned by the Inspector, ha.d been sold
to the Convent.
Six of the rretr of the steamer Silver j
Spray, recently started from Silver Islet
(Manitoba) to Port Arthur, thirty miles
distant, and were caught ia a blindii g
snow-storm. Five reacjud their destina
tion greatly exhausted by the cold. The
sixth, named Farter, p-risbed.
A rounox ofa bridga on the railway be
tween Wiganand Preston (Eog.) collapsed
recently, killing seven workmen aud injur
ing many other.
A BHJ.receaJl introduced In Congress '
by General llseecraus provides that offi
cers of the army below tbe rank of Major,
who served twenty years in anyone grade,
will be entitled after such Ume to pay and
allowances of the next higher grade.
Tne connecting rod of an engine on the
Long Island (X. Y.) Railroad broke the
other day and Engineer Feeney was killed.
The fireman waa badly scalded.
AT Little Rock,lArk, the other day,
Mrs. Ja .et Chastian, John Chasttan, Jor
dan Baleyand Dr. Jackson were taken into
custody by a United States Marshal upon
the charge of attempting to fraudently ob
tain n r-nsion for Mrs. Chastian.
Isstrx ot standard dollars for the week
ended Januarys. "t2,43$, against $jl0,00i)
for the same time last year.
A baxge in the residence ot Robert
Matthews, of Pittsburgh, Pa exploded the
other day, completely demolishing the
furniture in the room here the explosion
occurred and quite seriously injuring
Matthew's two daughters, the youngest a
mere child, who was thought to be fatally
The Egyptian Minlrtrytendered thelrre
signations to the Khedive recently. Cherif
Pasha, Prime Minister, accompanied tbe re
signations with letter to the Khedive, ex
plaining the reasons for the action. The
resignations were accepted.
Tax Senate, on the 8th, further discussed
the new rules. Tbe introduction of bills
, ,,.. .. ,.... I
coniinuea in me uouse, six nunureu ana i
seventy-four having been introduced. The i
Doucoi wwen waa paw to .aoruiem ana time in repairing to the scene.
Western machinery manufacturers. He says on reaching the building, the
A SKGBO man named John Burton got on windows of the third story presented a
a Christmas spree near Richmond. Kr, PcUcle alculated to send a thnll of bor
n. wuuui,i , ,. " , . rorthroush tho stoutest hear. In their
lay down by the roadside and froze tc . night cloibes, about the windows stood a
death. I large number of the inmates of tbe con-
Jet Ckcmbidt, colored, was hanged at ' vent, with faces white as snow, screaming
O'DonneU corrnpondecn was referred to Miss Agnes Schneider, whose remains were of visits I o country houses, where a repe
the committee on Foreign Affairs. I identified by hex name on her nndercloth-1 fition of the gaitics awaited them.
Tnr Woman Suffrage State Executive
Committee ot Xew York denounced Sena-,
tor Edmund's proposition to disfranchise ,
the women of L tan as
non-polygamist women.
gross wrong to
SccsrxasT Folgeh recently transmitted
to tbe Senate a transcript of the expend!
tniet of the Department ot Justice. In
cluded In the mass of vouchers were those
UlUUCli i inn T a s sv-x. o a J as9
Repayment of acunta for servicesot
in th lamilA rfcf
TwrXTT Inches of scow fell at Wheeling,
W. Va oa tha eight of the Stu. All trains
were blockaded.
The Opera House et Meadriilc, Fa.,
. - -- -- .
burned rccentlv. The total lots was esti
mated at half a miKJ'jn.
Burnlneof tbe Content of the Sisters of
the lmmaaiiBlfl Conception at Hetle
TtUf, IlltnoI .V Fricniful HoloeanO
Twenty-vlcht Ilumnn Lire. Sicriflrrtt
Tlie bearrh lor tbe Vlrtimw-roll I4t
or the L.tn.I Sil-Tlie Ieatta Iloll
'""" imjnra .uMrn.. Muu
TlTft Sllcr, AmoBS Tbem the Mother
St. Lons, Ma, Jan. T.
Amongtbe many calamities which hare
made memorable the first week of 1SS1 in
the United States, cone comes with sack
crushing force or appeals more directly to
our sympathies than the terrible disaster
which overtook the Convent of the Sisters
cf the Immaculate Conception at Btllerille,
HL, on Saturday night tbe 5th inst., by
which twenty-three of the young lady stu
dents and five of the bisters, inc nding the
Mother Superior lost their lives. At a
quarter before eleven on the night in ques
tion, as nearly as can b ascertained, a fire
started in the basement, and before the in-
mates,wnn naa ior me mosi pan "urea haU tour o'clock, but will be resumed
forthe night, were aware, of the danger to-morrow. Coronr Jbvier trill a!s m
wbich menaced them, the building was en- mence the inquest to-morrowat nine o'clock
veloped in flames and nearly every avenue I a. m.
of escane cut eff. The Are ilrr.mrtmrnt was I Tu VICTIMS.
nmmoimi trr tolenhnno n nnlrtlv nos-
sible and responded with three engines.
- " . !
but when they arrived were nnablo to do
anything toward saving the building, and
all that could be done was to endeavor to
rescae the unfortunate inmates, in which
work, horrible to relate, but little success
was met with.
Mr. James Stout, of tha City Foundry,
rhf, mHv ltoj-tfttrt-Mat fit, fir. lfMfc nd
" - ... ....-. . .-, . .
lor Help and wnncing weir nana mago-
nliinir despair, fbev had already bem
aroused from their slumbers, and in their
fricbt and desperation ran to the first point
which offered the 1 att passible means of
escape. But the building had already be-
come pretty thoroujily wrapped In flames, j
and there wa noth-ng left bat to jump.and ;
some of them accented the dreadful alterna
tive. Soon afterward there was a heavy
explolon and almost instantly the umcr
portion of the building was wrapped In a
dense vol ume of smoke. The crltion was
,nproed to ban. been caiiseAhv eoal ga-
Mont ot the white faces at the window dis
appeared with the explosion and were not
seen again.
A fow of the girls, however, remained at
the windows, apparently determined to try
theordealot leaping for life- The flr.it to
try tho experiment was Miss Mary Camp
bell, of East Et. Louis. Sie threw Jiersrlf
out of the window, but caught bold of the
eating as she pased through. In tbe mean
time the brave firemen bad thrown a lad
der up againtt the building Immediately
under ber, and for an instant it seemed
that she would be saved. Ike lad
der unfortunately proved too short, and
she hung by ber bands, her feet almost
reaching iU top. Suddenly she released
ber grasp of the windcw-sill, and falling
down struck the laddsr about iour feet lrnm
the top and bounded off to the hard, frozen
pavemrnt below. She was hurriedly
Ecked up and borne off to the office of the
arrison Machine Works where, after a
tew gaps. e expired. Her back and neck
were both lirukcn in the fall.
Soon after thu ir-r ui xene Sister llo-
drata was lound In the open court oa the
vouth side of the building, silent ami still
in death. It Is not known how she died,
bn l' u apposed that sheeape J from the
I?"??1 ot . ',0Conl to'Tf ?m l tr,
limbs were broken and her body presented
sickening evidences of the fall. This court
was pared with brick, whica of course add'
ed to the chances of death in reaching it.
At the same tane two of the girls were
saved from the top of tbe veranda of the
second floor. They had evidently lfeaped
out of a window above and in striking the
roof were stunned. Being fn their night
clothes they were very odd, but having
been rescued were borne off to a place of
safety and through restoratives wero soon
resuscitated. To Mr. John Steinacher and
George W. Merker belongs tho credit of
saving them. They saw them in their per
ilous position and procuring a ladder res
cued them.
At this time the flames were fait envel
oping the builJing. All the engine had
been placed in position and were fighting
the fire with an energy and determinatiun
that refircted the h'ghest praise upon tue
firemen. But notwithstanding their super
human efforts, the inside of the building
began to surrender to tbe flames, and tlie
fire, having originated In the basement in
the west end. all tho floors in that depart
ment seemed to give way at once and com
menced tar falL The firemen saw that all
efforts to stop the flames aad save the
budding were futile, and they turned their
attention to saving the wall. The walls on
the west were the first to fall, and as they
went down they carried with tbem the tim
bers am flooring of the different stories
andalsc he precious lives of the poor girls
who had sought safety iu the rooms ol that
part ot the building 'It is believed, how
ever, that many ot the inmates had nut
death before tho falling of the walls in this
wing ot the building. It is thought that
they were sua seated in tae first explosion
of coal gas, as the smoke was seen to shoot
up the stairs leading from below.
When tho walls ot tbe wing ot the struc
i tore gave way all hope of rescuing the chil-
dren was abandoned. The firo then spread
j out through the halls and doors of the east
I wing and seemed to embrace its work ot
j destruc ion a if it bad a duty to ptfnrm
I and desired to show tho wonder-stricken
I spectators how well it could be done. The
I flamei reached out through the windows.
; insinuated themselves through tlie crevices
I of tho cornices and shot their rod tongues
up through the. shingles ol the roof-oon
KuiiiucujDvuiue iuunua in a ureas ul
lurid ure. Soon the tire burucd great
boles in the r -of, which begnn to fall iu
sections. As tjese portions of the roof
went down Isre portions of the floors be
low were carried with them, and when the
burning msss reached the bisenirnt a
solid nx- of dense, black smoke, mingled
with rcu flames and millions of sparks, shot
up high into tbe heavens, and, floating off
on tbe frosted air. presented a scene at once
a-re-lnspiring aad wonderfully startling.
After a while the entire roof gave way and
went dnrn with a fearful cra.li.
At this mr-nent all eves were turned
across the street to St. Peter's Church,
which stands not more than a hundred feet
to the east. The sparks that had been sent
up by the falling roof and wall; came down
The-hoso of rbaeol the engines wis turned being ab.e to read tngllt. the papoi
uponit however, and a delpge of water ' nas untonclietl until three days after
saved it. One fortunato c.rcumstance that I the arri-al of the b ig at this lmit. whi n
contributed to the confinement of the flames it was accidcntall v difcovc. etl. and the
to the convent alone was based In tbe ab-! tjjjujjs wcn. givJn to the eoule ol
sencaof much winsL The night was la-1 - " .. !T .!.. , A, ts-t
ten,elr cold and the firemen worked at a I Texas ourte a days after the Prtoi
gTeat disadvantage, yet they managed to ! dent s death,
get completa c-introl of the conflagration in I ' '
thren hours after the alarm wrs soandeJ. ' The old custom of tho Virginia cl
After that not much could be ujne except tj,c cavalier period have not cntireh dis
throw water on the burning mass and cool -. ' , ,i, ,--,if - n,..!
itoff. This was continurd until daylight. fPPcarca. nolw.th-landing a pni-ral
About eight o'clock a. m. SumUy sVveral ' impression to the contrary. An kngltn
volunteer corps of workers were organized traveler who has Leen present at a wed
under City Marshal Louis Williams and din" in Virginia describes festivities
l-MJ.a... ...j ca, .-.... -. a .-.., ...iu ....
-...ffa. kiratn I'hl.r n. ,m,A wntl mum
bodfeaof th"
un to four
euort was maue to recover tne
victims. The work continued up to four
o'clock, at which time the remains ot
fourteen of tho victims had
been re-
covered. Some ot thee
dirt. t
died ci
dote together.
r. ., ., ,v.-i,r i.' i.i T-.JiT
-; oUiorVirmi. rin vmimr ...tc-.
'' 7 ra""7.,"4",1Dr
n-f all had gone down f-xim the dormitory i
tr the basement, and was so quickly cov- '
sredovrr with falling brick that the led-
stead and a portion ot the clothing of the ;
bed reaisei is
x a tolerably fair state ot
preservationr '
All those recovered were found immedt-
itely beneath where tbe dormitory was Io
ateL One theorv Is that thev soueht
- -- .-.. ,. ,- .- r w i
lows waa cut off; and another is that they
lad never gone out of the room at all, but
. . swu-w wsv w.v a v-a --- m !
vrished frcm the smoke even before they
ad lelt their beds. The dormitory was ia
ie third story of that portion of tV build-
eg which connected the east ani west
7i&gs. ivbtleibentg&t was lull 01 nor-
;- r-rs. there were also some pleaslni. acta of -vpum u hiiuhu m . w .".
J roism. Miss MaggieDonohoe, in defiance J neso a oa at S-aa JracKsco, - Sm
it warnings of the danger of running down I i'rancUco Call. '
stairs, snatched little Proxie Schlerntt
zauer, agt-d five years, from ber bed, and,
wrapping her in a sheet, took her in her
arms anil ran down two flight of stairs.
She did net stop until she reached St. Ag
nes' Orphan Asylum, over a block away,
and they both were saved. Her appear-
I -harge, was greeted witfi loud cheers.
, -it,,, srenn mnrrounainc ice Duuainir. uoiu
during the fire and while the bodies were
being recovered, can better be imagined
than described. Heartrending anguish was
vividly pictured on every countenance,
and tbe sorrowtul visa ires of those who had
relatives and friends in tha ill-fated con
vent were enough to bring the tears to ev
ery eye.
Coroner Bader, with several assistants,
conveyed the recovered bodies to the resi
dence of Henry Relss; and they were care
fully laid on boards (or purposes of Identi
fication. The remains of fourteen bodies
lay there In all kinds of shapes not one
presented the semblance of a human beinir.
j in who) tenement so recently moved tbe
spirit of life. In consequence of the possi
bility of somo of the walls falling at anv
moment, and the tact that the fire still
burn dalonzthe cornices at the top. fur
ther seirrii lor Ixkliet was stopped at about
i According to the most reliable Informs
! tion tbe following comprises the list of
Mother Superior Mary Jerome, Sisters
Mlerat. Styllta, Edwins and Agnelia.
Marv Campbell, teecner. East St. Louis.
fa-ife Weinor, aged la, St. Louis.
Mamie Scaling, 10, Agnes Scaling, 18, St.
Lizzie Ich. 17. Centrrville, BI.
Mamie Pulse. 17, St. Louis. '
H Ida Hammel. 13, Trenton, IR.
Kitty Urbans, 17, Vandalla. 1IL
Marr Bien. 10. IMleville. III.
Drlpbia Schlrrnltxiur, II, BelleviUs, DL
Anna Franfce, ."
llartha Mannel (or Mauntel), 15, St.
Mary Bariels, 17, Centervflle. IIL
Josephine Ploudre, 1G. CeaUrvllle Sta
tion, IIL
Lotta Pierson. IS. St. Loui.
Emma Surk (or Stock), 17, Carbondale,
l 111.
i Liura Thompson,
J7. Chctr. IIL
Ulnnie Bailey. 17, Belleville, IIL
Virginia Hcintzelman. 12. BIlevillo
Gertrude Strunck, 10. Du Oucln, IIL
Mary Manning. IS. Sr. Louir.
Agnrs Snyder, 3), Brllerill-, IIL
Minnie Fitzgerald, . Philadelphia, Fa.
Amelia Leonard. 10. Trenton, IIL
Daisy Ebberman, Kunmiwick, Mo., se
vere contusion.
Miis Brink, broken foot.
Miss Lou Mate, spinal injuries and cut
Mist Fchneidcr, Mascoutah, bruised.
SNter Manneso, fracture of right !?g.
Sister Kepearto. compound fracture of
right leg: amputation proDaue.
Sister Paschall. injured back and broken
Mis Mary Campbell and Sisters Styllta
and Moderata wro killed by jumping from
win-low. The rest of ta above list were
burned In the bulldlni The bodies of Susie
Wtiner, Gertrude Struack. Mary Mauning,
Emma Stark. t-lrgiula Heinzelman. Lizzie
Isch, Mamia Pulse and Sister Mary Jerome
have been positively identified and tha
others are in doubt.
Diisy Elierman, Belleville, IIL
Louie Mate, East St. Louis.
Maggia Donahoe,
M. I. Faurnier, .
Christina Horn. Du Quoin. DL
Proxl- Schlernitzauer, Belleville. DL
Dora Montgumerv. k
Fannie Drinker, Washita, Mo.
Sisters Beparta, Meverss, and Paschall,
and Misses Bridget, Grtcben, Josephine,
Johanna and Eliza, candidal?.
The buQdin:, knawn as the Institute ot
the Immaculate Conception, was erected
in the year 1S7, and was opened for the
reception of students on the 15th of Octo
ber, 1XO. When fltxt occupied it consisted
oi a inree-story front, and a wing runmn
rtirectly west from its center,
inc in tbe shape of a T. It i
'cS &
nUnfrti ifi
?w ol ?"1.,un5 1?":1 .5 conmimtea
uv non-iatsniits of B-llevllle. in tne year
ism .n -,.iih,. ... ,:i, , it on t. -.t
nnTn-rlr: Zi.U 1 h, m-ln .Trturn
on Race street, .his addition cost about
fH.0-0. All the walls were of brick, hav
ing a stone foundation. It was four
stories high. Including a ten-foot
basement. It was surmounted by a
substantial wooden root, ot modern
design. It covered a space of ground
of l$- feet front bv 10J deep. Tbe whole
structure was lighted by gas and heat
ed by three furnaces, located in the
basement. In the front wing was a largo
exhibition hall, decorated with fine paint- '
lugs and supplied with stylish and sub- I
stantial furniture. This room contained a
stage, wolch Was ornamented with a finely j
painted drop-curtain, 'hitting Menerj, eu-. p,,, itween Hamilton and the point ot think, to pay as they go. Two hundred
Jf.."!? Z!SJV,J!S,S" !Ei "n", accident was the newspaper train, going ; and twenty-seven bills! For things thoy
the chapel, constructed in the Byzantine wu pa , 3UmIe. He sotlatvcar. of course. For my part;
Th4 altar otthi.chap-1 was beautifullr JML; ?!?, ah" 2 rSnrZlUx l ihiV positively scandalous."
decorated with a figure of "Our Lady"- A I u"b1ban.U, CltT atX"D mi" "" J Boston TranscnpL
silver lamp in the sbape of a dove gave j
forth light by night and dir b-f.re the i
sancturr of the "Holy -l Holies." The de- i
sign ami decorations of thi mini wem the
result cf tlie refined tatJ ot Mary
Jerome, tbe Ladv Superior. It was
a cosy and delightful room, and was
kept so scrupulously neat and clean I
that it always looked as if it had jut i
come from tha bands o tbe carpenter ami
painter. The building was alo supplied
with large, wide halls and staircase, a
number of r-ceptlon parlors and several
large recitation rooms. These rooms wera
supplied with rich furniture, and the walls
wrra hung wi' h line oil-paintings aud cray
ons, the work of the sisters and their pu
pil. The laundry and culinary depart
ments were in the baement. ft was in
sured for jiiJUl, as follows:
tondon -fu.air- J SOTO
Inuranre Cnniiisnv or North America. &.OJQ
Home of Xewl oris . ZSM
Continental of New York guil
In-urancc companies r. men-Mod by V.
II. Slckcma IP. 01
Respecting thf early postal facili
ties in Texas a writer in the Galveston
Aetrs savs: ""she intelligence of the
1 death of President Jack-ou wis brought
I to Galroton by the ni .-tvrof an Ital'ac
brig, whose crait b: d siopin-d at the
mouth of t!.o Mis-i-ippi ami rcceird a
j New I rl ans pajn-r conta ning an ai
count of the death of -Old iTickorv.'
jCjihcr the I anUin "nor an v of his crew
worthJ of tho P611 ot a Thackeray. The
M waint-otted rooms rungvrith laugh- j
ter as the company performed the old j
Virginia reeL The colored cook suu-!
Pl:edthedantitstdshcs. and after tne !
festivities at tbe paternal mansion, the J
bride and CToom w ent away on a series
2MaVrfsMs iiw.
Patrick Murray had a talk about
matters tvith his vf'fn in New York re
cently, and she advie i him to go to
cuafi'ssion. Ho wont directly to the
Church of the Vi-itation. went "into the
confessional and had just started on bis
storr when be fell dead. A. I'. XaH.
-- --
. n """i "'":' " " .i i i
In Qucbtc, t apada. the ol her day. and
baptized, and when the parvnts and
friends returned home the child xvas
found dd Jn iu WT3,,s. Toronto HaiL
- - -
- . . .
upium is smirgica in Foics oi vui-
... , s. ,
A Ssburban Train Loaded With Worktaav
men In Collision wHh a Frelzht on ta
Grand Trubk Railway Jt'ear Toronto,
Canada Twenty-two IJrrs Int mad
Sfanr Injnred, Soma Fatallj -Th. Vlo
Ums Scalded and Boasted to Death Ust
ot tha Dead aad Wounded.
.Tooo-vro, Ost., Jan.:.
One ot the mist frightful railway acci
dents that ever occurred in Canada took
place this morning-at five minutes to sev
ea. About fifteen minutes previous a su
burban train consisting of a dummy engine
and two cars oa the Great Western division
of the Grand Trunk left Union Station,
having abjard about sixty passengers,
chiefly employes of tha Bolt and Iron
AVcrks at Uumber, residing in th? city, who
were going to their work. Each was hap
pier than tho o:hcr, and, although the
weather was severely cold, a gale blowing
the snow against the car windows, the
merry crowd did not heed P s they told
how they spnt Sow Tear.
On rounding a sharp curve just before
taichingthe Bolt Works tha engineer saw
a freight train coming thundering down
the grade toward him. lie reversed the
engine, blew a warning and with tha fire
man jumped for his life. Tho conductor
Leinl tbe warning, and shouting "Jump,
boys, for your lir?,n sprang into the saow.
In a second morn there was a terrific crash.
The engine ot the freight train knocked the
boilers of the dummy clear through the
first car, crushing tho unfortunate passen
gers in every direction, and pinning many
to the floor. The hnpstus was so great the
engine actually mounted the truck of the
dummy,which kep the rails, aad remained
on a balance.
Tbe engineer of the freight train, when
be saw a collision was Inevitable, sprang
from the engine, but Thomas, the fireman,
was killed instantly.
To add to' the horror of the scene, the
boiler of the dummy exploded and tbe
strain and boiling water caused the death
snd terrible Injuries to the mangled and
bleeding men. Then tbe fire, as if mad
dened at other age-ciet clutching so many
victims, broke uut and completed tha sick
ening work, ot destruction. Shrieks,
, groans and heartrending cries for help
iroin ice agontzeu suaerersrent tne air.
Several poor fellows, suffering untold
agonies, with limbs and bodies burnt to a
cri-p. piteouIy implored those near them
to p-jur water upon thrir scalded limbs or
put an end to their sufferings. Strong
men looked on appalled and many an eye
was dim with tears. With every possible
pbae of disfigurement to be seen, limbs
cut, bruised, mangled, half eaten away by
fire, swollen to enormous size by steam and
water, no possible horror was left to tbe
imagination. So mere awful scene could
be witnessed.
The first pasenger car was a terrible
wreck and niveral hours elapsed before
the poor fellows buried beneath tbe debris
! were extricated. A relief party of thirty
I or forty men were soon on uie scene and at
occj set at work slowly and tenderly to
rerce the sufferers, tni about ten o'clock
i a car-load of drad and injured was on the
. war to the cl'y.1
On arriving at the Union station an am-
bulani-f , station wagon and several cabs
auf! 'busses were in waiting. A large crowd
had gathered, and as one after another of
the dead and woundtd were carried from
tho car to the conveyances many turned
ick at th sigh- Tbe wounded men bore
their sufferings with fortitude and pa
tience, a few groans being the only indica
tion of their intense agony.
Tbe s-csne at the tnoigue beggars descrip
tion. There were fifteen bodies laid side
br kide in rows. Mothers, sisters, fathers
and brothers were to be seen passing from
liody to body, and with trembling bands '
lifting the coverlet and gazing on the faces ,
of the dead. Sow and then aery of anguish j
would tell too plainly of tho discovery ot '
somo dear one cornea on in tne crime ot
At tbe hospital on arrival of the wound
ed, doctors et to work sewing up wounds
and did all in their power tc. alleviate the
sufferings. Oua man, J no. Rowlett, died
n?ynattcrU.rriv.?at thSl tapSE Vheo
. f ootid among the debris he spokecheerfn.lIy
. . . -. -, to ,ik. On look
.-. ,, . n fj..i mvlini
tag down hecrie 1. U. U.xl, my legs are
'J-" A?'1 " Were-bUmeU Off.
The Coroner empaneled A jury, whe
viewed the bodies and then adjourned till
two o'clixk, when" they again met. Some
evidence was taken anil a lurther adjourn
ment had.
Uaber, the conductor of the freight train,
was immediately placed under arrest. Hi
admitted he got orders at Hamilton to run
to Queen's wharf, avoiding all regular
trains, lie iookvu va nis umc-iauie, n
. 1.... .i. . . ii., nt m-w
ular trains. Barber did not show the order
to the engineer. Jeflery. of Stratford. This
was Jeffery's Unit trip oa this iart of the
road, and be was totaiiyunacquainiea who
the trains. Tbe ouly tram which was
Public svmpathy Is thoroughly aroused doctor is called ia to prescribe
for the unfortunate widows and children. ' for a sick child, and having examined
Already subscription lists have started and ... ... - ,; rnunnnr, ,.
offers of cnt.rtalnments made to provide , J1'0 Pat'.cnJ T?163 a prescription and
funds. Several families cf tho men killed, leaves instructions as to the treatment
are ia poor an.-umtances. I of the little sufferer. On making hL
Besides Chtrles Thomas, fireman of tbe
Tight train, tho following were killed in-
freight train.
(!. Aggett; leaves wife and child.
Joseph Keefer; leaves a wife and two
C. Spohn, single; was to bo married to
night. It- Mulligan; leaves a ife and child.
J. Kernahan; wife and family.
Alex. Unrrutliers; wife and large family.
J. White; wife and five children.
Joseph McDonald, single.
W. Teriir. siugle.
Tbos. Bums, single.
n. I'ierott, single.
G. iVarl. single.
John McKenzie, single.
CUas. S.anlejr, a ly, aged fourteen.
Jno. Rowlett; leaves wife aud child.
J no. Lvncb; wife and family.
Eddie ltobmson, a boy.
Sam Baily. a widower; leaves a family.
IL C KerUan; wife and child only sir
davs old.
Fred Soetliroyd, single.
Uu jh Cunningham; wife and three chil
dren. Threo othe are not expected to live
through the night.
The severely injured are W. Rogers,
Patrick A'oiton, Matthew Walker, Patrick
Tho following were slightly Injured: W.
Fi'xgrrald, Richard Carutners, Michael
KViiv. n:.ariix Mptionaiii. James Keiir.
Alexander Banks, John Aggett. John Coi ,
ngan. Victor Gireaux,Thos.McDcnald and
two Montgomery brothers.
Tha damage to rolling stock is 2,000. I
mediately wired Ragge, local manager, tt,
give every care to the wounded.
Mormon Kxclnstreneso
Salt Lake. Utah, Jan.
The High Council of the Mormon Church
have issued a circular ta all the faithful
governing their winter amusements. It
-:v- --fTL" -""'."--"-" '
toils them to bold their dances in the dis
trict school houses, which it styles ward !
meeting houses, the two phrases being in-
,i,:er to mingle with teem, and further that
if acv voung saint o.-saintess goes to any
ntde party the 0
good deal of murmuring and complaining
st this exclusive appropriation of the pub
lic buildings by the sect, but there's no
remedy lor 1-
rerUhed In a Burning Mine.
Salt Lake, Utah. Jan. a
Yesterday morning at 3:30 o'clock the
tbeds in front ot the tunnel at the Utah
Central Coal Mine at Plerjant Valley took
fro from the stove in tbe weighing-room,
and in a few minutes the flames had run
along the sheds in the tunnel aud through
the tunnel into and up the air-shaft, an ad
vance of 363 feet from the mouth of the
tunneL Only five men were in the mine at
tbe time, three ot whom escaped, though
they were nearly suffocated. The other
two, John McCIean and his son John, per
ished, and their bodies could not he re-
oorereu. il wcx iuuu,
It was tbongat tbe tlie had been
imou,ered, as all tho openings of the miae i
wen, completely closed with earth-
rlfti htUl I
A voiame ia the peHic library ca
Boston, Mass.. contaJas tho aatograph
af Martin Luther. Boston Boat.
It takes Wilkie CoIli&3 six months
to trrita a story. He griads ost aiae
pacs & daj and then stops. 2 11
Jim 'WintoTSBiiti. the sew Door
keeper of the House, is a soa of the
tsmocs Kentucky wag. Colonel Dick
wlntersmith. Washington Star.
-'Mrs. Lippincott "Grace Grcea-
... ... - . . . . . -i
wooa- wm stay ia trans cinnng we
winter, and has jjivea up all idea ol re
turning to America. Chicago Journal.
W. S. Chamberlaia. of aevelsvad,
father of the American beauty, so fa
moos in Europe, gives notice that he
will prosecute any ce found selling
photographs of Miss Jennie. Chicajt
A grand-niece of Kosciusko is em
ployed in one of the Government de
partments at Washington. Ex-Gor-srnor
Curtin, wLo is interested ia bet
trelfare. secured her the appointmeai.
Philadelphia Press.
-The wealthiest man la Connection!
is ex-Governor James E. English, whe
began life as & farmer's boy and a ear-
S inter. He is worth six millions,
ost of it was mado in the lurabci
business. Hartford Post.
Annand Heine, a wealthy banket
who recenly died ia Paris, France,
made his first start in New Orleans, He
was the first man to ship cotton'dircct
from this country to North Germany.
Ho married Miss Cohen, of New Or
leans, who brought him a fortune ol
8200,000. X. O. Picayune.
It is a very rare occurrence that the
mmber of years of a person's life will
eseed the number of pounds he weighs,
but such a case is in existence
in Lawrence County, South Caro
lina. Mrs. Sallie Culbertson. who lives
in the northern part of that county, is
eighty-five years old. and weighs only
seventy pounds. Chicago Times.
When Weston started the other daj
from Westminster Bridge. London, to
walk fifty miles a day for one hundred
days, to illustrate the physical advan
tages of temperance, a crowd of distin
guished doctors and eminent clergymen
and benevolent Barons and fair ladies
gathered- to see him oflT, and he start
ed to the strains of a temperance hymn.
Amanda Mackindcr, of Geddes.
and Charles O. Bowles, of Syracuse X.
V., arc the latest couple whese ac
quaintance, courtship and marriage was
attained through the aid of a newspaper.
The groom inserted tho "want' in a
Syracuse newspaper, the bride. who was
a widow, answered it, andy everything
proving lovely, they were married,
Syracuse Journal
What is it has a mouth and never
speaks, and a bed and never sleeps? A
nver. Portland Transcript.
Oscar Wilde savs his poems will be
' read after Shakespeare has been for
gotten, mat s tne proper Ume to read
them. Hartford Post.
An Albany (N. Y.) paper tells of a
woman in that city who waked her hus
band during' a storm the other night,
and said: "I do wish yoc- lould stop
snoring, fori want to hear it thunder."
"Got touzh iob on hand to-dav."
j Snooks to a friend on Canal street.
"borry, old fellow; whatis it?" "Prom-
iscd to carvo turkey at our boarding-
nousc a. u.i'tcayunc
The New York Graphic says "thai
burglars may be kept out of any house
br leaving the valuables out at nijrlit on
tie front doorstep." Which is all very
well so far as it goes; but suppose one
has not the valuables, then what? De
troit Post.
Oid bills: 'Two hundred and twen-
' tv-seven
bills were introduced into
tTift firt ilnr seliiT " ".Tns
, Congress .the first tlav s session.
think of it? remarked Mrs. Simple:
" isn't it ridiculous? These Congress
men get salaries big enonrb, I should
visit the next 3lol!'T the prince ol
KI.:rrn ;a .nrnr;At tn"find thn l.nnv.
sconce is surprsed to find the house
hold in tears. "Mv poor child." sobt
the mother, "I never thought that he
would havo died of croup!"' "01
croup?" echoes the doctor; "do yoc
mean to say the child had the croup;
Whv didn t you tell me?" Indianapo
lis Journal.
Town mouse and countrv mouse:
Ethel "Look look. Dorothy! There't
Richard Marvel!" Dorothy (countrv
cousin ("Richard Marvel! Who's
he?' Etbel "What, never heard ol
Richard Marvel? Why, bo's the actor,
you know, at the Parthenon!" Dorothy
Oh! an actor, is he! He's something
like Mr. Osbaldistone Smith." Ethel
"Who's Mr. OsbaJdistone Smith?"
Dorothy "NTiat, never heard of Mr.
Osbaldistone Smith! ! Why. he's the
greatest breeder of shorthorns in all
Cumberland! ! !" London Punch.
"Howstupid I am!" said Birdif
McHcnnepin. languidly, executing at
the same time quite a respectable yawr
act. "That's true," remarked Gas De
Muitn. ratber impulsively, "air: ex'
claimed Birdie, "you are lmpcttinenL
"but you ; jursclf just now asserted
that vou were stupid." "I onlv said
so wfthout thinking." said Birdfe. pct-
i,i ..x-, -Jj i. -L
ulantly. "les. and up to the time yon
j ri i , .1 x. r.i .
saving: it." Hang crape on the door ol
Miss Birdie. Another lover scratched
off the L'it of one of the Austin belles
Texas Siflings.
CoBgressKeBTs IgBeraat TTlTes.
Ttii nfiea nf tmv IVaelaiti manas
,- , i,i . t-.-l.it' .-it...
fTPlied r lodgings for herself and has
week. She said her husband was it
flnnm Sh w?i askixl whfeli branch
the Sppcr or lower. This newly-fledged
offidalTwife said that she beleved'het
husband was a Senator. At least the
people who elected him intended him tc
nave the best place he could get. Th
landlady, who was a keen, shtcwd wom
an, said, with a touch of mild sarcasrc
in her voice, that if her husband
should get up very early next Mondai
morning, and go up to "the Capitol be
fore the crowd arrived, be might securi
a seat in the upper house.' and the
member's wife actually thanked herfoi
th's kind information. It does not seem '
credible, but it is nevertheless the fad
that there are wives of members whe
are so fenoraat or in-liflereat as ta con
found the offices of members aad Sena
ars. Tbe wife of a raemoer who has
been in. Congress eightyears habitnallj
spoke of her husband's associates in the
House aa Senators,-- Y.'athinqton Post
- -i -
A Twisf s AtffMUrft
Mr. Isaae W. Cottoa iiiXnr Haap
shire laas, who iawell ksowa torongt
the Southern States, aad tlie little ad
venture with "whkh be et afewilari '
ago' in the swoUee. waters of Stttei
Creek,ust beyoad the teekfeobarg
line ia South Caroluu. will be af farter
est to his friends ia the Soetk aatlwill
startle his friends ia theNortit. 3fr.
Cotton, accompanied by hfe son, is mak
ing his way to Florida all fee way front
New Hampshire, through the cottatrj
in a buggy. For many years past hi
has spent his winters in Florida, bat uff"
to this winter Las always gone by raiL.
His scheme of making; the trip ia a
bngsy was adopted upoa the adviee oC
physicians, who thought the overiaad
trip would do him good. besieWs giviag
him a fine acquaintance with tae coun
try. Mr. CoUoa and his sots, pot ottl
from New Hampshire axrt thrift
month ago. aad. found that tke trip
fully came up to the reroHtmeaoataoiis
until they passed Charlotte aad eacoan
tered Steel Creek; when a waity start
ling adventure befell them.
The creek was greatly swoltea by the
late rains aad was far out of its betaks.
Mr. Cotton had crossed strewasrtwvx
that width in Florida, and, s&apaeiasr.bc"'
could do it here the same tray, kedroTt
into the swollen waters. He had drfv- L
en in but a short distaBSC when he dis
covercd his mistake, but too latv fffcer
he could ses nothing but the head ot
himself, soa and horse above tae water
he realized that trouble cacoajpasaec
him round about. The carreat af. tin
stream bore them swiftly aieaff, aad
men, horse and buggy tnuekly -partocl
company. Mr. Cottoa caaght the
branches of a tree and drew hisaseu ant
of the water. In a tree a little below
him he suw that bis soa had s Ted hicav
elf in like manner. Tho hors at
buggy had disappeared freat Mt- U
was growing late ia the cvatsiajr. aatf
Mr. Cotton and his sot bejraa to sfcoal
for help and kept ii. up until a coople ot
farm Lands, attracted by their cries;
came upon the scene. Alter coasidera
ble maneuvering the father aad son
were rescued from tha trees ad eon,
ducted to the rcsEdeace of ahosartabk
farmer neir by, where &ey ifere Bjiek
comfortable for the night.
Mr- Cotton losliis horse, and boggy,
besides two (ranks and a valise con
taining his valuable;. One of th
trunks was afterward foend about a
mile below the scene. His valuables;
were kept in a rough, unsnapkios
looking valise, aad were carried in tfce
foot of the fuggy. It is haniiy pos-s
sible that tbe vabse will ever be fottwu '
Mr. Cotton spent two days at the bouse'
of his newly-found -friend, aad the,
setting a new rig; proceeded on. hit
journey, leaving instructions 'or tie
forwarding of his remaiaiag goo
should thoy be recovered from thf
good. Tb-ite are a good many streaaat
between Steel Creek and Florida, btK
if any of them arc swollen, when Xr.
Cottoa drives up to the bank he will
be seen going through the eye of. a
needle rather than through the water.
Charlotte (A1 C.) Observer.
- i
I am no educationalist, and
accused of speaking about wr,Tt I aa
ignorant of if I suggest that too bwbj
things are taught at the same time, aac
too much time is taken for the whole
Crocess. Think of an uadeTeJoped
rain getting up book-k&owledfe oc
ten different subjects all the same day,
and this going on day after day kit
years. It is altgether contrary to tin
principles of a sound psychology o fat
agine that any sort of mental" process,
worthy of tbe name of thiakiar, cm
take place in that brain while that it
going on. The natural tendency of a
coed brain . t that age to be iaqaki
tive and receptive ts glutted to more
than satiety. The natural process of
building up" a fabric of mental complete
ness by having each new fact and ob
servation looked at in different ways,
and having it 'suggest other facta and
idea., and' they settle down as a part o)
the regular furn'tnre of the mind, car
not possibly go on where new facts an
shoveled in by the hundred day by day;
The effect of Una is bad on boys,
but is worse on g'ris, becaase
it is more alien to their mental
constitution. The tOect on them ol
this unnatural process is to chaaat the
nervous powcrat the t'rae, and to leave
the brain afterward filled with aeele
things that are soon forgotten aad pase
away; as Goethe said about professton
almcn: they labor under a great disad
vantage in not being allowed to fceig
norant of what is to them useless. Xm
vital energies and nervous power thai
bad thus been thrown away should have
roue toward a feminine equipment of a
healthy, well devcV)ped body. mind
built up and stored with knowledge that
bad a relation to its own nature and to
the wants of its future life, affection
not attenuated by scholastic routine,
and a cheerfulness that is only compat
ible with jrooil health. The cramming
np of the dry facts of those many sub
jects is in most cases a weariness and
pain, while the intell'gent study of one
third of them, selected on account ol
their fitness to the mental constitution:
af the learner, or her probable require-
luuQis in juiure iiic. migu oc a piqj
ure and a lastinjr profit. 1. S. 'VSms-
Ion, 31 2?.. in Ibpular Science Monthly.
X Pair of Old Turtle eres.
That age is no barrier to the teodet
passion, and that two heal ts. no matter
how tou;h and callous, can be made to
flutter and respond to each other's ec
static beatings when pierced by one of
Cupid's arrows. lrv often been exem
plified. Bnt it is ixn. tften that persons
so far advancetl in the jonrney of Lfe
that they are in tbe cightla-.'and who
stand on the verge cfthe giive. bo
mme so "spooney" oa each other that
naught but hymen can make their de
scent to the tomb one elysium of bliss.
There is, however, a genuine '-ase in
Ibe town of Vassalboro. where tiro will
shortly wed who are octogenarians.
The happy pair are in an excellint
state of preservation, the lady with an
3ve sparkling like Promethean fire, and
the old fellow as sprightly as a boy of
fifteen. They are highly respectable
people, and "both are well o& In this
world s goods. The lady is a prom
inent member of the Society of Friends.
Ihcy arc like a pair of turtle doves,
and'appcar to be as delighted in each
others presence as when, in their
younger years, they just experienced
the thrills of love. "Their intention of
marriage, when announced a few davs
ago, created quite a semntcn in. the
staid and venerable town, and, when it
was discussed at the village store, it
could scarcely be credited en scconat
of the great age of tho contracting par
t es. but, whes the town clerk attested
to th fact, that settled It. The aged
j 'j in their roatrimonial alliance
fcaT ,a wishes of all who know
thettitia they -mav lire lonr and pro
o, r ,rJuusta (Jit-.) Cor. MosU.it fifr-eft.

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