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Berated te the Interests ef Ike Chcrekccn, Chectawn, Chlckasaws, ScwIhgIcs Creek. aBd all Other Indium of the Indian Territory.
VOL. II. NO. 18.
W A VSOaTBfHB BvrCK .IKslstn
flBMBliiSKUAH ft T
Ir Ik B mats, e Mb, Mr. Anthony of
Mtaargolaa'ja1imim flatthe Committee
i la inquire Into tho el-
enable the Execn-
w n ateit our Interests
at whiea nrohlhltnd or rr-
mei the lawiailalsoa o tmatbTal ndlu
ineCiMilMaL Xr. Marfan offered
tecSaSa7SwM CmrrSTn MZ j
8eorrV AiUiiii ami
Ton. which was
mmm. lMraw
wye then discussed
watfieseeattre enter.,., la the Hou.e Mr.
t. t
a resolution, which was
; 1Mb the fact that certain
9 lawwrtation of Aracr-
Comxnltlec on
i Jaeestiecte and u-poit
arxaaaeatT UaWattoa should be re- f
.DUMafMa-: The Speaker laid I
-J. ' WWW I Ml lil I
ttellBmii.aienwsieoftB President,
se aasnal report .or,-
Mm Osmatiaston. Also '
ilea sail tram the President tranMolatna- i
aaearaftof a Ml to aOow Indian homestead i
easiLatao'Hala caws without the payment I
acfeesta Caauakefeaen. Aim a mesjire Is
Twj'M'd sa a seaehtMeB rcspectm? the alleeel '
Mlvnin Bciftltasi
aaaaaHsaaahaaar -laJal-at-a
1jS?J ?,!,?. S5 pedilion in search of the ArcUc exploring
awriag ror contribauons rori. . . .. ut-i.-.-
aeses aad tee. rentvof the Scctc- i steamer Jeannette, and the hardships then
C BUrte thereto. Aim a letter from the
SLaiiMMj'af the Treawtrr xsttnr for adefl-.
3C iVKkwa ror prrnans I
rrBoKf. r. ucu-
a nMliltw of twapathr to the I
'wSatei I
ImsflBsaatBtBhsfte Mth, Xr. Da wes in-
m-Wt ferfebeceeatioa of a United
iPyugelatiaya Cbapany under the
af"! ef Ihi Tiiia. ! i fi in ! VrSav-
y-rvuuemcGJ. a Mil pronstiunir tne mainnf
af Isewsaasera eeataiBiBs- lotterr adrrrtie
wa. ,ri fllliiai wtje Tirt-wTitcd. imnar tLem
eae hr Kc. Plumb from SF-
sees hiteJjed efjmu of Kansas and
Mhwnui t arirtii- that the Oklahoma lands be
flint Tut 1 1 lllLimat. 3e resolution or Mr. j
aettee asto luinr natenta
to the KewOrl rans It Paelac Railroad Company
thVeSanTmroKed In tS
the leauislluu. was acreed
aeaaaisn suum msitt
BBSsaaasBMr aasf tfeal aalaasl avaaaAai
saasD V. HR) OawS JsnavaBam
atMWward Ijysasvwalek
ISl. JfeLv...0"1.. .. " I actress of considerable abUity recenUy
3ee-rSeultr It was thought she would
or see kase war who eerrca one I
i aad the amount
LsBBsew statu nspllvelr. Also, to in-
i sue ! ewaie ue sis front ox money tnat
equals the bountte of
hi aaM war. The Sen-
the new rules
lato executive es-
Hr. Kin Introduced a
aa She Immriiaia annronria.
assa et e ihIMIiiii aeHaes tor the preaerra-
aaknaar aaa eaaaaraanon oi certain woras
of haetoviiuiuat ee she Xisslalnpi Blrer.
Ot IIIIIUUIL1JIIL isdoii.ii. AOjoumcu
Tub Pi ato, tae Utk, yawed a biU ap
se eon tome Mississippi
BtOs were tntrodaced.
br Jar. Call piu:idlngfor
C Pwtai Sartwr? Banks.
nt tie mnrains boar,
the Senate In resnrd to
4he leaislaave power of
tat the suieiunieut of
Cs, It
of a Governor and Council
at atae.se he
g amnmuii br the President and
r the Seaatc aad that they be dtl-
aeae and it voters of the Territory.
After nushet dHumJoathe Senate resumed
the new rale which were
" tweeted. Adjourned till Monday.
awe nroae was bbcih eeseioa.
IX she senate, the 14m, Xr. Vest pre-
taf aork packers of St. Louis
n lailatory lesisUtion aeainst
IHauue aad Bum any. Mr. Sherman called
r ise eiecuon or rrenaent
Shir Senator Anthony be
Ttte resefenion nrevafled. but Mr.
B nHieaf deoHnod. when Senator Elmundswas
aas aaiy pusiujcu. itte
aftmraeas weia. into ex-
Jo the iltrnte Mr. Belf ord
1 a bfil to sromote the nublie sd-
tare hy seenriac rwsyonar rates of trarapor-
mbh i iimnmiia aiaea oy ibo issue or
Pasted Btahw heads. It recites the annual re-rhieftheCaleB-aBd
Central Padnc Kail
wis dt. sbowshasaesws as net earnings above
tea per cent- aad yreyides that tariff charges
Bseat aad tluouea fecbrht bo reduced to
aw; hwsf thi. syeiaaeraseealeaacln le and
Sid III 1111 1 111 i illnii Tba In.
i at Mai euuMuuiiJ until adjourn-
"'adhsseeiajTsr 1I6T9S
T gome Cnpiialrnn on Agriculrore
I te a saaseal way the subject of
fat caUle. The Cony
af AgriecltiHe expressed his
viewer the sabjecsia a short. speech. Mr.
flrlmiaW, eC Iowa, ChIrmxHt the earn
tUtaii eppotated by tha convention of cat
tle aaes te CUeaaa ta visit Washington in
tee iiilm.it at legtilatjaa in reference, to
present Fluero-
wOlbe the first
saajset aomHwit by the House Commit
tee est AarioaHuro. It is expected a bill
watt be reported at aa early day.
-Karros fren the Secretary of the Inte
rior, with tetaapaass from the Governor cf
Jtww Mm i if, sayiag the Legislature of the
TerJsery was aexmt to meet and there was
an pamiiitsaiuii for expense, were laid
belaratae Soase CoHamlttee ca Appropri-
r. The Secretary rccom-
artion on the commn-
Acmccs of Sepahllesu Senators was
eWiwesatly teeoniiifr the expediency of
vreeeesac at eaea to the election of a
FreeWeat pre tesapsn. Friends of Senator
Anshuuf i epei st d that be was gaining in
health, bat had doabts as to theadvisability
at aaderlabtag the dalles of the ogee.
& 9. SsUKBX, a lawyer of ITaahington,
has smptn suit against Cart Schurz. ex
geeresary of the Interior, for $3M,000 dam
ages fsrdebarriae him from practice. The
which resntod in his disbarment
the alleged payment of money to a
dark is the Geaeral Land-office, a case in
whiah BH I ii was interested.
A HU. has beeB iatrodaced into Congress
te laajoWe a GovcrsBtest building to be
uuasti acted, to every town and city in the
Uafaa at wtiea the postmaster draws a
saaaryatfM aad over. The authot of
the hat heDeVes this poUcy wOI save the
Sot eraiiM nt Hj9g093 per year rent.
TaxBeaate has decided to go at once to
the oonaidnraMpa of :he Mexican Rednro
ssr Treaty. It had not been settled
whether te hare the discussion wi:h open
or atese doors. A peat number of pti
tisea have bees received, chiefly urging the
ratWaiitiim at the treaty-.
TfflC TreaiL Theater at Fneblo, Colo
IvcnBsBs w ovo6tr us
Jar view af his physic: condition. Senator
Ajstbuuy reeewtly said t a a committee from
the aspwhitPSB eaacas that it is inexpe
JtnTit fnr hba to accept the Presidency pro
teas. t the Seeate.
TS Senate Committee on Foreign Rela-
. at a reeeat meeting, took up the LUI
L by the Pacific Coast delegations.
laai-' rnrl fat the Senate by Senator Miller,
ef CaJUorala, amending the Chinese Immi
- .Hnn Act of last Congress. The discus-
thaws a leag oae,the tone of which gave
in . at far the opinion that a measure,
laiwasTWP'l1"1'11'" the correcting of tho
iiiiMtl prchibitlon of the importa
"f CliiTT- laborers, wOI be reported
TBElTac BeparBent has bees informed
. miHaii ii of General McEenrie Is
uniMrreMr "l" ' rri1 The medical oO
eeM of the Mj refrained from the ex
sseiea of an oaiaioa of hia chances of re-llZr-K
ii geaeraay believed the present
i-Jreaeatfa oaly temporary and a re
MaiaB wOI follow. K restoration to com-ai.Te-rfitP'ay-"
6tTefthe Treasury has gi ven
iiaamr that " rf1 dccnled iptCT'
Z tt'!!1St1'
r!L- -J- m actagprood July U, lStfi.
StTl rorMarch,!. Tho
naterastwiSetoM that day.
Third Aa-ta"t rottiawtei-Gensral
, eaeepite ---: 72,
wMeeresiihLid te
these whs emrvt
ass shea. Mi it
twam aalar h
iststi HllllIlM
-aAaBMMT ttMsfA. BC
Anarthe eaatrassea
Mr.CaAecs fcsenwia
hundred and forty-nine
post-oOces which twually return one-half
tho reveune.showingtbat the gross receipts
for the quarter ended December 81, 1SS3,
were $.(3TG. This is a falling off in re
ceipta compared with the corresponding
quarter of the previous year of $1X5,85.
Attsgale and high tide on Coney
Island, If i V., flooded the meadows and de
stroyed property to the value of ei,O,000.
Th Legislature of New Tork unani
nmlv TwmiMtMl th. senators and Repre-
seutative. in Congress to urge the speedy
passage of laws for tho suppression of
pleuro pneumonia, or lung disease, preva
lent among cattle.
Ltectecajct Jobs J. Arocs, of tho
United States Navy, escaped from the
Bloomingdale (N. T.) Lnnatic Asylnm the ;
other night during the terrible storm, and
the next morning niswwy was .c-uuuhi w
. .... . j i- .1
roadway. His death was due to coiu ana
ttl father. General Aurur. U.
" "" "' ",. " ; .
to. iU. is in cuargo oi mo buuukjt .
Fort Leavenworth, Has. lieutenant Augur
. . , . ,- -. .i ism. He
hd been " Mry "nco "Tu Ue
was one of tho oficers sent outupon the ex-
rvt,v1 hi. mlnil.
. .j,ttnT, if ran Into a cane
"-" - -- - -
oi snow snoveierson icnu.jn.ji.
n.nm.j. -st nQn east of rUUburch.
the other day, killed three men andseriousr
jy injured lour oiocrs.
Fxass were entertained of a
flood at FiUsburg, Fa.
Two boys aged fourteen and fifteen years,
residing at Schoencx, Pa recently en-
!ticed a small boy into an isolated place, f
and nnderthreata of cutting his throat In- '
flirted with blunt instrumtnia in juries irom
which he died.
TTszeqcito love caused Slim Johanna
!Tfft to shoot herself the other night at Erie,
p gi,e as found insensible, and said she
wanted to die because her lore for Mr. Max
Ddlerwas net returned. The girl is an
di - v
Thx Board of Directors of tho Philadel
phia Zoological Society recently decided
not to accept the $50,003 offered by Joseph
E. Temple, on condition that the garden be
opened free to tea public one day each
S-TOWnndico recently crushed In tho
roof of the warehouse in the yard of the
Delaware, Lackawanna 8: TTestern Rail
road at Hoboken, IT. J., fatally Injuring
Jchn Jordan, an employee, and wrecking
two engines.
E. VT. CCLBtlS & Co., and J. M. Fuller
AS CVu, heavy brokers of Kew York, faQed
recently each with large liabilities.
Aboct forty delegutas were pres-ntat
the late labor conference in Philadelphia.
Jchn A. Rooney, of Brooklyn, presented
resolutions declaring that the protection of
home Industries was one of the fundamental
principles of civilized government; de
nouncing the proposed changes in the tariff
laws, and pledging the conference to refuse
to support any candidate for National or
State oflices not In accord with the senti
ments of the conference.
THnrrr-fiEvrx flats, containing three
thousand bnsbels of coal each, were cat
f-om their moorings at Pittsburgh, Pa by
the heavyicetheothermoming,and drifted
down the Ohio River, nineteen were re
covered the same afternoon. One sunk and
the balance floated away.
AT3-US which left Buffalo for Xew York
and Philadelphia on the morning of the
13th, encountered a fearful storm and
struck a snow drift five miles from Dun
kirk, the snow covering the entire train
and locomotive. The passengers remained
inaccessibly snowed up in the cars seven
hours, and provisions were sent them from
Wouix PowTraii, an employee of a
grocery house in Philadelphia, was lately
sentenced to five years and three months
imprisonment for embezzling about $3,0CQ,
which he lost in gambling.
The body of Charles Delmonion, who re
cently disappeared from Itew York, was
found by two boys the other day in the
Orange mountains of few Jersey in the
woods sear Gen. McClelland'a summer
house. There were no marks of violence.
Ho died from exposure.
The Produce Exchange, ot Boston, has
adopted a-resolution calling upon repre
sentatives in Congress to urge the
passage of a measure prohibiting
tl;o importation from France and
Germany ot adulterated wines and
other articles Injurious to health, in view
of the interdict placed by those countries
on American pork.
Richard BuAxenx, of Aspinwall, Xebt,
fifty years old, was recently found dead in
bed at St. Joseph, Mo having taken an
overdose of morphlna Dills.
Charles Whitehead, formerly city
editor ot the Kansas City TTiaes, but lately
n-anaging editor of the Los Angeles (Cat.)
DaOf VrpvUimn, was fatally shot in the
latter dry, recently, by a discharged
Governor Out) wat, of Dakota, informed
Commissioner General Morehcad, of the
World's Exposition at Xew Orleans, that
Dakota would make an exhibit there ot her
mineral and agricultural resources.
At Weisser, Idaho, recently, a masked
mob took Charles Dieterd, the murderer of
Buck Bozie, from the jail cellhotand beat
him and then dragged him a half mile to a
slaughter house and hanged him to the
windlass used by the butchers.
A special from Wausau, Wis stated
that a fight recently took place between
Chippewa and Fottawotosue Indians, be
longing to reservations in that State. The
fight took place within the borders of what
is known as the township of HuIL A short
time ago a band of Pcttawotomies and
Menominee encamped for a time in
that section. The camp was moved an-I
subsequently a band ot Chippewas en
camped at the same place. Two ponies be
longing to the Chippewas strayed Into the
camp of the other savages and was shot.
The Chippewas assumed a hostile attitude
which resulted In one of their number be
ing shot by the Pottawotomles. A few
days later the bands came together and in
the engagement which ensued five com
batants were killed.
At Uokomis, DJ-, the other night. Dr.
Thomas J. Whitten, his wife and son
George very nearly lost their lives from
gas, which eKaped from a base-burner
stove. In their sleeping apartment. The
doctor wat in a critical condition.
A THRXE-TKAa-OLD colored child froze to
death near Pilot Grove, Mo., recently, and
investigation showed it to be a case of will
ful neglect.
AJiORicoxpaperof Salt Lake, Utah, re
commends "boycotting'' the Gentiles. It
calls on the Mormon people to quit all deal
ings wilb their "demonstrated enemies,"
and adds: "If this proper policy were
strictly adhered to the power of the would-
i be opprefors would be greatly curtailed. If
they iuld only realize the fac the peopie
have In thi connection a powerful lever for
their own protection within their grap."
Wheat recently took a decided tumble at
Chicago, which created quite an excite
ment. The Coroner's Jury that Investigated the
recent burning of the Convent at Belleville,
IlL. by which so many lives were lost, re
turned a verdict that the use of donsitsrief
above the second story in such buildines
be condemned : that there should be legis
lative enactment on the subject; that the
blame must rest upon the management of
the institution for not taking precautions
which the size and character of tho build
ing and number of inmates required.
Hxxrt Rohjls, thirty-five years old, who
killed McGill at Othkosh. "Wis., in 1S73, and
was sentenced to the State Prison at Wan
pun, escaped the other night.
Recxxtlt, at Kaufman, Tex., Hampton
Bird and eight of his family were taken
violently ill with strong symptoms oi
poisoning. Subsequently Bird and two ol
bis daughters died and the others were in
a precarious condition. Foul play was sus
pected. "ear Samuels' Depot, Ky., the other
night, an old man named Robert Runner,
who lived alone, was burned to death on
the hearth In his house. It was not known
how be took fire.
A Sheriff's posse, searching for a des
perate negro, named Sandy Robinson, sur
rounded his cabin on the Bannerman plan
tation in Taylor County, Tex the other
night, when Joseph Lathrope, one of the
poss, opened the door and was shot dead
by Robinson, who seized Lathrope's gan
and escaped.
Jot Gilxjlaxd, known as the Jesse
James, of Arkansas, was recently killed In
a fight with one of his clan.
Ox the plantation of 11. G. Taylor, in
Lenoir County, X. fi, the other night, the
bouse of IVilliam Crooni, colored, wat
burned. Croom, his wife and six children
perished. The night was unusually cold,
and it was supposed they built a large fire
and went to sleep.
Mrs. Cabexxx, wife of Colonel Conlten
Cabelle, a prominent citizen of Richmond.
Va.. was fatally burned toe other morning.
While dressing her clothing took fire from
a grate, and before assistance arrived she
was enveloped in flames. She died in a
few hours.
Is Pulaski County, Va., the other day.
Robert Todd, a railroad contractor, was
-,-..: ...I,- tk. -.. A. .
" "J -K- " j-j -v
was wounded in trying to stop the fight.
jEBr.rAtxXA.iDrn was hanged at Spirta, '
Laforthe murder of Sam nemming.ovet vented any messenger trom reacning me
r"l., main land and the nearest point to a tele
a year ago. I . , i-j. i.h. rr
Sear Colorado River the other night ,
theSLAngelo (Tex.) stage, south-bound,
was halted by four mounted men, whe
robbed the mail sacks and passengers, then
delaved the coach until tho arrival of the
north-bound stage, which was also plun-
-dered. There was a large amount ot regis
tered matter south-bound. It was believed
the road agents made a heavy haul.
It was estimated that the late cold snap
damaged the Alabama orange groves fully
one million dollars. Great damage was done
to the grutcs of Florida, but many orange
growers profited by the Signal Service
warning, built fires in their groves and
saved their trees.
A bill before tho Texas Legislature
makes fence-cutting a felony, punlr.hable
with five years imprisonment, and makes
it .',. iflable homicide to kill any person
foujd In the act of fence-cutting.
A3 officer of the American navy reported
at Dundee, Scotland, recently, for the pur
pose of chartering a whaling steamer tc
engage in the search for Greeley, the Ardic
The Minister of the Interior of Russia.
Chief Public Prosecutor and Public Prose
cutor received letters that they had been
sentenced to death by Nihilists.
Tne English moderates almost unani
mously approved the decision of Mr. Glad
stone to abandon the Soudan,, and argue
that it U time to put an end to the business
r. irf..,i.i.-..l s..t m.--
a vas
;.T . I . u "ii ,. 7T ,
in the task of upholding purely barbarian
interests, in which England should have no
concern. I
, , , I
nrrrnrain were sioien recrnwy near
uZ,1"' :Uel,Th, "?? f Jad
herding them was discovered in thesams
vicinity having been shot. Tt- mules were
recovered by tho Texas Bangers, but the
bandits escaped.
It is said the Chinese fear the French are
entertaining designs upon Canton. Tbi
people are very uneasy. It wat said Ad
miral Courbet would advance upon Bacnib
without awaiting reinforcements.
At Victoria, British Columbia, a stringent
anti-Chinese law is proposed. It will de
clare It unlawful for Chinese to enter Brit
ish Columbia, and imposes an annual tax,
to be fixed by the House, on Chinese over
seventeen years old.
xiracx touMtory warenouses, Belonging
TDCfv0. '-'.V".,
, "-" " " "."."-- -- j rort In Franklin County, .eineaay , irticle was used was putlnthe family wa
terbury stCo-hadln storage thirty thousand, h fa wnich tho efforts of a party of ter-bucket about Tlmrsday evening.
roiis oi jme Dating vaiuea at j..w,wj.
t-w . . .. ..a .1 ... ' ,
..... ..... .t. v.vvw. au..u. - . .
fc D. S. Bicker had two hundred aad
eighty-seven casks of garnacine dye stuff,
i. .. . . I "have a time." Tney visne.1 uie nouse o;
At Alexandria, Ky., recenUy. Miss . jj,,,,,,,,, UammUU Tney knocked at Ham
Weaver. the affianced of Ed. Bcir, went to ! mUlf door and , j ins,j, inquired,
church with another young man. BIr be- j vTio's there" The only reply was more
came so enraged that he went to the house oQl fcnock jns on the outside. Again Uani
where Miss Weaver was stojiping andde- al !! out. "Who is It and what do
mandetl bis presents. Being reiusea ne
put a pistol to her head and snapped i.
twice without shooting. He was then put
out of the bouse, when be went to the back
door and shot himself t ice, one ball pene
trating the heart.
Is a recent executive session of the Sen
ate, the Reciprocity Treaty with Mexico
came up for consideration. The only vote
taken was one to recommit. The purpose
ot that motion, it being understood, was to
defeat the treaty by referring itback,where
it would be pigeon-holed until the expira
l tion of the limit tor its consideration. This
i was in the interest of the sugar producers
i of Louisiana, who were foremost In oppos
ing the treaty. The motion to recommit
was defeated.
A BILL has been introduced into Congress
to transmit in the mails, free of postage, all
newspapers sent to actual subscribers.
Scxon Romero, Mexican Minister, re
cently paid to the Secretary of State the
eightieth installment ot the indemnity due
January 3L 1SS4, from Mexico to the United
Governor Hoadlt, of Ohio, was inau
gurated on the 11th.
A stream of waste oil flowing from a tank
across tho Bradford, Bordeil fc Kenrua
Railroad, near Bradford, Fa., caught Are
on the 15th. The passenger train from
Wellsville for Bradford ran into it, and
the train was immediately envel
oped In flame. The track, for a
distance ot fully one hundred yards
was covered with oU. There was a rush
for the door, but the beat was so intense
that the panic stricken passengers were
driven back and forced to jump through
the windows to a landing in the snow.
Three lady passengers were burned to
death and fully a dozen persons badly
burned, some fatally.
The discussion ot Mr. Anthony's resolu
tion concerning the prohibition ot the im
portation of healthful American meats
mostly occupied the attention of the Senate
on the 15th. The time of the House was
chiefly taken up in bearing reports of com
mittees. Tuc Ohio Legislature elected Henry B.
Payne United .S-ates Senator,
a, Wreek on the New Jersey Coast rntile
Kflort "t the Life-Savinff Crew to Bw
cne the Sailor Fire Udles TTaabrd
Bzucn Haves. J. J., Jan. 11.
The barxentine Elmlra. from Salmaneo,
England, struck on Long Beich nearly op- J nroca Aipnonso iweii, n teen years
posite Ufe-Saving Station So. 21. about a !d, was In Judge Snell's court this morr
mile east of this place,onTueIay evening ingfer commiUIng a series of atrocious
tbout seven p. m. She was soon discoveret , - He lives with an uncle, a respects
ay the Ufe-Saving patrolmen and they i We colored man, who testified that about
ootified the crew of tho Lire45.ving St, the jlXh oCUst month theboy bought a box
Uon. After several fruitless attempts lines "fh on Rata" and a quintity of ar
were shot over the Elmira's bow. The wUd ! '""e- "cn he went hota he put tho con-
blowing a gale autfthe rain fell in tor- j
rents, making tho work of tho men both on
ihipboard and on shore especially difficult.
d impeding the movement of the line.
the rope, however, was
finally pulled up '
oy tho barkentine'a cww and tho usual I
questions shouted from the craft to land
ill was risht and tsnt. and if it was safe
to hang tha life-car. While the work of ad
justing the car was in progress, delayed by
the ice-covered rope, tha Elmlra swung
iround side to the sea, slippingthe ropeaft
tnd throwing It out of position Those on
the shore could bear the shouts ot the sail
3rs and the dash of the breakers on the
aulL Steadily the Llfe-Saviug men worked
to adjust the car, when suddenly a great
wave struck nlio barkentine and swept
Drer her, carrying everything with it.
When the spray cleared as the mammoth
wave receded it was evident that thoe on
board had been washed Into the ocean. It
required but a few minutes then for the sea
to break the vessel in pieces, which were
strewn along tLe beach and carried over it
to the bay, a body of water some fifteen
miK-s in length and seven in width. Koth-
ing could be done further by tne men on
the liearh. Thev watched the timbers as
they were dashed on the sands and swept
away again. Every fragment was exam
ined in the hope that some ot the crew
could be found clinging to the wreckage,
but without avail.
Alter the high tide had sulnided and the
dawn of morning aided, be search con
tinued and examination was made, but
nothing cuuld be found to show that there
had been any life on board. Save a worn-
an's dress and a Bible, everything bad
.went oui I
liMin ,,nt im! tn soft or over the beach in
to the bay, excepting some debris lodged
amons the auis. ine ice in mo uy prc-
L-.'hed on the beach, evidently those ol
the ill-fa'ed Elmira's crew. Tbreeof those
bodies came ashoro near Life-Saving Sta
tion. So. a, one nenristation o. is, ana
one near Slatio'i 2Co. 1'J.
French -lonomista Alarmed Over the Pro
posed KeprUaU.
Pari, Jan 11.
Regarding the retaliation proposed in
Washington againit the prohibited Im
portation by France and Germany ol
American pork. La France publishes a
most sensible and forcicle leader, written
by the distinguished economist, M. Simon
in, protesting against the present policy ol
prohibition, and clearly demonstrating
that Franco will bo tho greatest sufferer.
M. Simonin writes: "The bill ot M. Bert Is
a most absurd and most dangerous meas
ure. Tho official returns show that the
value of the imports of po tell In the last
year from 50,OCW, francs to 1M.030 franca,
r-ibjectlng the ports of Havre, Bordeaux
and Marseilles to a loss ot at least that
amount of trade, and depriving the pooret
classes of cheap and nourishing food. The
members of commerce throughout France,
the Academy of Medicine and the Council
of Public Health have protested in vain
against tho action of the Government
Tho war against American pork beguc
and continued in tho Interertof a ring o!
nmiKrdnniits. pork-packer: and raisers al
w-.- --- -a
Kantes. who want to monopolize u i
market themselves. . ow, it U high itimt
tho French people sbouiu c.jen useir eye.
to tno danger which is now menaced by
American reprisals. The reports of the i
American Consuls to their Government.
have directed attention to the alleged adul ,
Oration or French wines. Theanaiyilsoi ;
JH-Elif-aKer '
to this charge, and perhaps jncause lot
the action ot tbe American vongrrs. n
' the Uuitea States restrict or prohibit the
I importation of French wines anothet
j enormous loss will be Inflicted on French
commerce, ami mi ." . "-""
when our economic disturbance and dimin
ishing exports are the greatest. In the
event of such prohibition STwOJ.w) francs
i wdl b lost, thus making a to al of nearly
I 100,U,500 francs, and thus payoff dear,y
I for this protection of a few pork-packers ol
Brncic Ssqnnt to a Practical Joke .Wlc.
tlm that Didn't Scare Probably ratal
Itrsnlt to Oae of the Jokers.
Dcqcoix, 1u Jan. 11.
reached here to-day of a sad affair '
that occurred at the little town ot Frank-
t okers resulted disastrously tc
! ane ot tnein.
.... ..
Some of tbo boys" arranged
. -.. . -. ... .w.n.. r it V
i . . ,, .,. ,.. . .,,.-. of ll E.
' ii., ,w.rf-tt tWr ni,,.,.
i iui.a aai. uic lavusu a .
i 3V- iU Carter to.go out and
u aut
Receiving no answer. Ham-
mill suddenly threw open the daor and be
gan to shoot blank cartridges at Wayne
and Carter. AVayne, pretending to be badly
scared, ran as if lor his life. Carter took
a different view of tho situation. He didn't
stop to reason with the man who was
shooting at bim, or to give or ak any ex-
fi'anation. He simply saw that, as be be
ieved, his life was in jeopardy, and arte'
on the first impulse. A the second report
of Hammlll's pistol rang out.lt was replied
to by a well-directed shot from a W-caliber
revolver whicn Carter brought into requi
sition. The bull st struck Hanmiil in the
jaw, and was immedia'eiy lcllowed by a
tecoml shot from Carer's pistol that lodged
a bullet in HammlH's neck. Seeing Ham
mill lall. Carter stopped shooting and com
menced shouting, soon drawing a crowd tc
th scene. Latest news Irom Frankfort
was that Hammill was still alive, but hu
wounds were con.iderrd mortal.
An Arkansn Traced.
FATrrrrvitxr. Ant, Jan. U.
A shooting affray occurred about three
miles south of tow n Wedncsdav afternoon
about five o'clock betwren Jeff Gilllland
tnd Jchn R. Malone, which resulted in the
death of Gilillsnd. They, in comjany with
athers, were returning home from the Clr--uit
Court. Gilliland. Enos and Seth Mills
were together and under the inflnenco ol
whi.kv. when a quarrel ensued between
them and Malone. growing out ot an old
feud between Gilliland and Malone. They
ill dismounted and Gilliland stood with
pistol m hand, when MjUone being a depu -
to arrest Gilliland. Both fired simultane
ously with the result as nbove.
raid the Penalty.
"onrouE, Vjl, Jan. 11.
John Jarvis, tho murderer of Claudia?
W. Boncey, was hanged this altemoon at
rrinctas Anno Court-House. Ho went tc
the scr.'old calm and collected. His neck
was broken and death was painless. A
few months before the murder Jarvis par
chased a small farm and paid part ot the
purchase money; being unable to meet the
first deferred payment he was dispossessed
and the farm soiu to iwnney, uu rciuiuoi
' Jarvis the amount be paid. On tJeptembet
IS, Jarvis went to the term and began talk
ing plea'intly with Bonney. and finally
asked the latter to take a drink of whisky,
producing a bottle. Bonney raised tho bot
tle to his lr.x , when Jarvis shot bim kilUnj
I him instantly.
A. tTahliiCton Xexrn Itoy who Undertake
Wholesale l'olaoninc f Human Relngf
end Cattle. He C"nferm liming Killed
hta 3Iother and Aunt.
Wjunixoros, D. CJan.9.
A deprave-land vicious-looking colored
J nnree 1M1 """ " ""
1 tention ot poisoning the family, but failed
, la the attempt. JCext day ho renewed tho
, ESS.
from the bucket and were taken with
pains in
the stomach, but all recov-
He also cave arsenic to cattle.
which nude them sick and killed one.
pig. Ue sprinkled arsenic en Mrs. Benja
min's bread. She, however, dl-covered it
and threw the bread away. Ho also at
tempted to set flro to the barn, but the corn
ihucks burned so slonrlv be thought he
I would be detected
the fire. Just before Christmas
ored to cut one of the
while asleep, but she woke up just as be
bad his ban raided to cut her. He built a
fire, ailed his aunt out to see it and then
threw ahanJful of cartridges into Uia tiro
and ran away, hoping she would be killed
by tee explosion.
The bov stated that while livins in Balti- '
more be poisoned his mother and aunt, who
died from the rffec-s. and one tiraaattemiit- '
ed to set his mother's house on fire. He(
also said tCat while in Baltimore he used '
to poison p-ron and cattle for spite, lie
will be examined as to his mrn.al condi
A Cone or Twrnty-flTe Men Working in a
Railroad Cut Rnn Into by n Train Three
Killnl and bcrrral Injnred.
rrrrsBCHGii. Pa, Jan. 9.
Brin'on Stat'on. on the Pennsylvania j
rlailroid, eight miles east ol Eere, was tne
scene this evening ot a terriblo accident,
which resulted in the instant killing of two
men and the severe injuring of Bve others,
one of whom has since died. All day a
large force of men had been employe! on
the Pittsburgh Division of the Pennsyl
vania Itailroad cleaning the snow from the
track. At a cut just east of Brintonsome
fifteen or twenty men were engaged th i
evening about seven o'clock, chen the
Walls accommodation suddenly rounde
tho bend at Brinton, and before all the men
couSl get out of the cut they were run
down. The train was stopped as quickly
as possible and backed to the scene of the
accident, when a terriblo sight met tho
raze of the passengers and train men. The
dead and dying were scattered along th
track lor fifty yards... The bodies of twe
ir.en were found badly mangled and life
extinct, riveoiners were uaaiy mjureu,
and one has since died in the hospital. The
names ot the killed, with the exception ot
Jaoob Heidelburger, aged 2S, are not known.
as the men were only engaged to-day, and
were not even known to their fellow work
men. The names of the injured are Frank Co.
lia. aged 27, tingle; bark hurt dangerously.
Herman Sands, aged 3J, single; right leg
T. Chilli, aged 23, married; dangerous
scalp wound; left knee and una fractured.
Joan Fisher, aged SO, single; rigat knee
Alter the accident the men crawled out
ot the snow in all directions. The accident
was caused by the failure of the meato
have a lookout to warn them ot the ap
proach ot trains, and as It was dark and a
locomotive standing nearby with steam
escaping, it was impossible to see or hear
attain coming. It is known thit twenty
five men were working in tho cut "-hen the
accident occurred, and all have been ac
counted for.
Oat of a Family of XI ne Persons
Zul.oned Three llead nml the Other
'. .. . ...!, Pi..rh. i'.,i. i. 1
D ltxis xex., Jan.
The detail, of a horrible crime come from
,.., , -, A
. t.Bu. j -- - --
poor, but honest and respectable, family
named Byrd have resided several years
o,, near Kaufman. renters of the fannot
Dr. Bennett. Last Thursday night one after
another of the family, beginning with the,
father, was attacked with a violent spasm
like sickness until seven out ot the nine
members were prostrated at the point ot
death, iledical aid was summoned. Ev
ery symptom Indicated ,KionIng, and the
treatment was for that specific kind o-
S1CSUC3S, CUICUC1 UU Vtaici u.uu,va tv,.a
tdministercd. but to no saving purpose.
By Sunday evening last the father anl t wo
it his little daughters were corps , aad
., . ' ..... a, ........(...,... Ii. In. '
four ether members of the family were not
,xlw-ed to live through the night. The
-jirorr of the po.soniug is that whatever
investication established the fact
that every
' irunc from
ot the sick bad
' drunk from the bucke', while the
I two who were not stneken hat not tasted o.
-- . ...
name not learned, is strongly suspected.
The reasons for susjectin btm are teat a
f-w weeks ago one of the Byrd boys wore a
suit of clothes of the accused without his
cnnsi-nt to attend a circus at Dallas. He
had young Bvrd tried before a justice o.
the peace for tli-ft. Byrd was acquitto-1 J
and set free. Ill-.relin lias since existed,
and the arcued is said on everal occa
sions to have threab-ncd to have resenge
for what he terms pene-ntlon of hlinselt
by the Byrds. The dead have all I -en kept
in the house awaitinz results of the othet
sick members, that post-mortem examina
tion may be made on the iKxlles of all, that
the fact of death from poisoning may be
iully established and material for criminal
prosecution se-antl. Sheriff Wilson, who
arrived in Dal I is this afterno n from Kauf
man, says that two more of the victims are
undoubtedl dead, as they were given up
lv the physicians a a late hnur last night.
He says Uie affair has created great excite
ment in the commumtv. and the most ex
treme feeling against the suspected party,
against whom strong threats of lynching
are freely made. He had not b-e . arrested
when Sheriff Wilson left Kaufman this
rnominz, but it was probable that be
would be, or surrender to the authorities
for safety tlunnr the day.
An Entire Family Cremated.
lUuaou, X C Jan. 9.
Saturday night on the plantation of W.
G. Taylor, Lenoir County.au entire family
of negroes, Wm. Croom, wife and six chil
dren, were burned to death. The weather
was the coldest of the season, and it is sup
posed a large fire was made lefore retiring
and the house caught from brands falliuc
on the floor. It was not discovered till
noon Sunday, when neighbors who went to
visit the famdy found nothing but the
, ashes of the bouse and t'f?, 0'eg"
, rwcenthenL where tue bed had stood. Th.
others were In their usual place of rest.
Another Female College Bnraed.
Coi-cmccs, Gj- Jan. s.
The Colum' us Female College burned
down this morning. The fire originated
from a defective flue, and when discovered
was so far under way i. could not be con
troled. Hydrants wvra frozen and the
firemen had difficulty In thawing them.
All the inmates were aroused in time tc
escape. The building cost 2,00, and wat
insured for fJO.OOO. The furniture was ln
sured for $3,000. Tho entire loss is est!
mated at about 30.030; loss over insurance
probably s3,W0. The college was the prop-
irtyofastockcompa3y,O.ILGlrnn,Presi -
dent. It was established seven years ago,
tnnouruningronauion. u wiu m
I rebuilt,
There is on'y one Scaitb in tha
present Congress, but four JoaeLCs.
A Bridgeport (Conn.) gentleman
a-ill publish all the rejected poems he
a lind.
Mrs. A. C Tond. a sister of the fa
mous Sam Patch, died at Petersburg.
Va., recently.
Senator Colquitt, of Georgia, and
Congressman MUliken, of Maine, are
ia'd to resemble each other as closely as
:wo Dromios.
David Pnlsifcr, who has been clerk
.n the Massachnsctta Secretary ol
Stales oflicc for thirty years, retired i
. few days ago. Botfon I'ost.
I Rev. Dr. Backus, of Union CollbJ
it Schenectady. X. Y., who has be-a.
! slind from eatarats ten years, ha
fully recovered his sight as the rrenlt
it "operations performed by s Balti
more physician. Troy Times.
I Mr. Bennett, the owner of the New
York Herald, b sa d by persons who
1 have seen him in Paris lately to have
" and put oat become "prcmat'irelr old. ilis hair Is
istmas be endear- nn,jn;r pray and he is as slow and pn
. children's throat . , j . M ,-
;iso In movement as an old man.
A Waterloo (JT. Y.l girl was mar
ried to a young man who fell in love
with her photograph, and the courtinz
was done throinrh'thc medium of wr-
'esponilcnce Thr couple met for the
Srst time at their wedding. BuJJala
u i. t
Washington as the Mini-tcr from Vcnc
tncla, is the father of A M. Sotcldo,
tha yonng gentleman who lot his life
while trvinj to rczulatc the editorial
management of the Washington Rcpub
'iean from the outside.
It is proposed- by some of tho
friends and admin-re of the late Will
iam Cullen Errant to erect a statne to
his memory in Central Park. New
York. As Mr. Bryant was President
af the Ccnturv Club at the time of his
jcath. the preliminary arrangements
for this tribute have been placed under
the direction of that body. A' IT. jTri'6-
' What sort of s. man is Undo Re
mus?" I asked of a Georgia friend,
write a Washington correspondent.
"Joel Chandler flan-is," he replied,
smilin?. "He's a little, rvd-hcadod,
freckle-faced farmer's boy from Putnam
County. Just about as handsome as
a burnt shoe. He's a good fellow,
though, and bright, but indolent. Sort
of a singed cat. He has been verv well
treatrd br the Atlanta Coniti'ution
people "they give him a good f alary
fr rriting an hour or two cverv ilav,
. .,-,-" , , - ho-,-;-,,
in addition to a very nice house, which
they cave him outr'ght as a Christinas
r.ft. I think. So he has plenty of tine
for literature and a pleasant place io
write it in." Imluinapolis Journal.
"There is danger in the electric
wire." remarked the criminal when
overtaken by a telegram.
" Lands are measured in rods,
leagues, and st forth," said the teach
er, "now what is a surveyor?" "A
land-leaguer!" shouted one of the boys.
X. 1'. Commercial Adcertisrr.
Young farmer: " Are vou fond ol
beast, M:ss""Gnherton?" 31iss Gusher
ton, Oh, really. Mr. Pawkcr. if you
mean that as a declaration, you must
jpeak to mamma." Detroit FosL
Tho newspapers often print the
"last words'' of men. but never those
of women. The latter would take up
too much room and crowd out all the
advertisements. Xorrisloicn JleraliL
Caw! caw!' screamed a Britisher,
waving his umbrella at a Market street
, dummy the other day. "Get in, you
;row, said the conductor. Ice man
was raven. Sun Francisco FosL
First swell "By Jove. Fred, that
is qui'c the highest collar I'.c struck
ycL" Second swell "Think so. old
man? Well. I don't mind tcllinjj you
' it's a little idea of my own. It's one oi
the guvnor s cuffs." Chicago Tribune.
Down in Xcw Jersey the greatest
barbarities are perpetrated by tho
who go out hunting snipe. A very com
mon occurrence is for six sportsmen to
surround a single .snipe and go through
j such ridiculous, though highly sports-
maniiRe. penormancrs mat tuc pour
bird actually dies laughing at ticm.
Lowell Citizen.
"I wi-h I was a star," he said.
smiling at his own poetic fancy. "I
uould rather you were a comet."' she
said, in a dreamy tone that made his
ptilc quicken with hope. "And why?'"
he asked, with suppressed anxii-ty.
"Oh." she replied, in a freezing tone,
"if yon were a comet you would only
romc round once in fifteen hundred
years." Detroit Free Frets.
"Wasn't Mr. Thornton mad that
you went into his woods and cut all that
' birch bark?" asked a little girl whoc
I..mI..m Ma fmm wnml t TrinT?nr
to a nc'ghbor with their arms filled with
Treat .-trios of the birch. "No." said
the boys; "he saw us and never said a
wonl." "W ell.' end tho little sister,
triumphantly, "that's ,ut it. He was
io mail he wouldn't speak to you!"
Harper's Bazar.
"Why. how are you, Gilpin!" ex
ilaimcil an erratic Austin man. trving
to thrust his hand into the nnwilfing,
clammy paw of the supposed acquaint
ance, "how you have changed! Never
ww a man change so in my li-'e." "My
same is not Gilpin," said the stranger
In a thirty-six-degree-bclow-zcro tone."
"Heavens!" ejaculated the Austin
man." wore and worse! You have
not only changed wonderfully in per
sonal appearance, but have actually
changed your name" Texas Sijlings.
Eating Lemons.
A good deal has been said through the
papers about tho healthfulncss ot lem
ons. The latest advice is how loust
them so that tht-y will do the most good,
as follows: Most people know tho ben
efit of lemonade before breakfai t. but
few know that it is more than doubled
by taldng'another at night also. The
way to get the better of the biTotis sys
tem without blue pills or quinine is tc
take the juice of one. two or thre; Iem-
ons. as apatite craves, ia a? much ice
,t . tQ
without sugar, before gong to bed. In
the morning, on ris ng. at least a 1 all
hour before breakfast, take tho juice ol
one lemon in a goblet of water. This
will clear the svstem of humor and bile
I with effciency, without any of te
weakening effects of calomel or coi
gress water. People should not irritate
the stomach by eating lemons clean the
. powerful acid of the juice, which is al
ways most corrosive, invariably pro
duces inflammation after awhile. Int.
properly diluted, so that it does not
burn or draw the throat, it docs its
medical work without barm, and, wLoa
the stomach is clear of food, has abiui-
dantopportunitytowork overthesys-
tem thoroughly, says medical author-
, hv. JLXCJianac
A Fricaw of "TJascr Fritz.
Mr. Henry Saner, a- genial German,
tccps a saloon at No. 8 Grand street,
Brooklyn. The surest way to his sym
sathies fa to recite the glorias achieved
by Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhdni in the
!ata Franco-Prussitr war. A recent
scenrrenee, however, has soured his
iithcrto guileless affection for his illus
:rious fellow-countrymen.
About two weeks ago a burly German
arith a big? scar on his neck entered the
5oarding-hou-e and applied for two
weeks' lodging. "I have just come
from Germany," he told the worthy
proprietor. " and am on my way to Cali
fornia. Do you see this scar? Donncr
wcttcr, but 1 laid out the rascal of a
Frenchman who gave me that!"
"You "were in the Franco-Prussian
.var?" asked Mr. Saucr, at once inter
ested. "Was I? From tho time the first
shot was fired to our triumphant entry
into Fans: I fought at ciscnoourg,
Grarclotte. Sedan, everywhere. How
did I get this scar? AtGravelotte a
Frenchman drew his sword on Unser
Fritz. I see the danger, spring to the
rescue of the Crown Prince, and receive
the thrust in my neck. The blood
quirted up so as" to almost blind me,
but I up with my needle-gun. take aim.
and bang the Frenchman lies dead at
mv feet."
"That was a heroic act, meinfreund,
axclalmcd the enthusiastic
landlord; j
"von take a drink.
Oh. that was nothing," continued
the hero, wiping the froth from his lips mean disagreeable to dnro a use team
with his sleeve. "At Sedan I received , over good roads, through a beautiiol
the commission from Moltke himself to country, in the cool of a summer ti
capture Napoleon. With a dctachnwnt ing. from twelve to thirty miles, which
of ten trusty men I crept in the dead was abont the range of the d staaces.
of night into the enemy's camp. We ' But in Tery hot weather the drives were
throttled the sentinels and were already made at night to spare the horses, and
before the hoaxj where the French Em- t thus the people often lost a great deal
peror was sleeping, when the verfiuehte ' of rest. The way through the country
Turkos sprang on us with their scimi- was found oy two meu. who, ib a wig
tars and chopped off the heads of all my try, preceded the show, and. aide by a
companions. "Luckilv, I escaped with synopsis of the route furnished them
onlv thi scar." i hy the advance agent, inquired the way
Some of the bystanders suggested that ' and marked doubtful parts of the read
the hero had but just now declared that j with rails taken from the neighbonng
he had received tho scar at Gravelotte. fences. At one time there were a aain
trat Uie patriotic landlord frowned upon . ber of circuses which exhibited oalyj ia
their hints as traitorous, and bade the river towns and traveled by steaaboat.
valiant stranger continue. j but of late years this enterprise seems
"That was tough, but even that was to have been wholly abandoned
mere child's play to what I encountered "Has there been much chaago is tie
when 1 lav in the trenches before Paris, character of the performancer
Tho Commune had been declared, and "Yes, many acts that were P1"1
tbe Communists, havitur defeated their j vorites once are now never dene at au,
own National Guard, made a sortie ' Most prominent among these a scenM:
on tw and captured ma with a num- riding, that is, the enactracnt ct a ara
bcr cf m v comrades. We were brought matic scenic by one or more roomers
to the " Place des Greves, where on horseback. An idea of what IS sesaf
Archbishop Hartoy had just been shot may well be gathered from the deserip
bv McT. and it was ordered that we tion of one of the most popular ol tbes
should all bo dynamited. I had to wit-
ness with my own eyes my comrades
one by one blown to pieces by those
demons of women, the petrd'euses.
Fnally mvturn came. Already I saw
the hand-bomb filled with nitro-slvcer-
ine raised to be dar-hed at me, when our
brave troops made their final attack on
the city. Every one rushed off and I
was alone. I "made my way to the
eccne of combat, and boforel conld re
cain pur lines was stabbed in the neck
here by one of our own people. You
can still see the scar"
"Mcin fretmd and I rudder." enthusi
astically interrupted Mr. Saner, utterly
. WKSWVi .
oblivious to tho fact that tho same only off in the uurtance. nope seem to
wound had been received on three revive within him and the nog-master
separate occasions, "vou shall lodge ! exclaims joyfuUyt -Aha, Jack: A sail!
with me. Evervthing in mv house is j A sail! Signal it." Jack signals it. is
yours." " " rescued, and is finally brought safely
The militarr stranger took him at his back to the port from which be tailed,
word. After'living like a lord for two ' where, to lively music again, he is
weeks, he vestcnlar morning decamped greeted by his over oyed though iaag
with fifteen dollars in monev and an , nary sweetheart and friends. Thascemc
overcoat. Since his disappearance 31r. riding twenty-five years ago was the
Sauer. who does not even know his i pnnc.pal feature of every Circus Now
name. ha dis-overed that his lodger
has been all over Brooklyn tcllins tho
same stories showing tbo wonnd, set
ting credit for his lodging, and then
leaving with whatever he could lay his
hands on.
"Dot vas a fine conndryman, aind
id?" patheticallr asked Mr. Saucr. as
he reported the circumstances to ihe
police. .V. r. llorW.
History of an Oak-Table.
A handsome oak-table, elegantly
carved, stands in the parlor of an up
town house.
"How did it come into my posse
sion?" said a gentleman who was writ
inz at it to a reporter of the Sum. "Ob.
oddly enough. It was si ven to mo by
a ( onvi t just released from the Con
necticut State Prison at Wethersticld."
"He made it hiniielf?' asked the
"Made it! Not he. Bnt he stole the
monev that bought it. O. no. 1 am not
a receiver of stolen goods. I will tell
vou the story.
About thirteen years aio 1 rented a
boue from arden n illant of tee
Connevtirut Stair Prison, who was
after .rant murdered by the convict il-
son. The prisoners used Ui be hired
onx io iarcner- aim uuiu-ui. ua,.
. ,orkeii-on tlie roa-Ls. Amon- the lat-
i , . .,, no-erful. full-blooded
nezro. who was scrvinz a ten years j "What was the usual finale of the
term for robbery. I made his acquaint- Optimo circuses?"
ancc. and often prevailed on the keep- ..The performance used to mneludo .
ers to allow him to pass an hour in my I Arjth aa equestrian drama or a panb
house, where both I and my family n,imo. srtch as 'Dick Turpin.' or 'La
zrew to reganl him as a quiet, inoffen- ! statue Blanc Then lan Rica origi
iive fellow, who had gone astray once, j natej the idea of ending with the intro
but would probably lead an honest life , auction of two trick mules, and offered
after his liberation. At last ho I gvc dollars to an one who would ride '
teok me into his confidence in ejther of them three times around the
the most astonishing way. He said j jjnz without fallinz oft This custom
the money he had stolen hail never
been recovered by the owners. Ue had
turned it all into cash and burien it. He
as-ured me that it amounted to fifteen
thousand dollars, and he offered to
share it equally with me if I would dig
it up and keep it until he came out of
prin. Ul course i reiuseu, mu
nn'cd him to give np the money or tell
me where it was buried. He declined
to do either.and thereafter he lost no op
portunity to renew his propcsaL At
last he was liberated, and left the prison
a few days after Warden Willard was
murdered. Three mont hs later a negro
who attracted the attention of half Weth
ersticld bv the splendor of his dress
called at'my house. It was my old
friend, tho convict.
" So you have dug up tho plunder?
I said.
"His face assumed a vacant expres
sion. What plunder yon 'lude to sah?'
he asked.
Why. the money yon stole and
Case of 'staken 'dentitv, sah
said, with dicnity. ! never stole nc
money. Never buried none. A lyin
verdict, sah. sent me to prison.
" I never saw him again; bnt a week
later an express wagon stopped at the
door, and the driver delivered this table
and a small parcel containing a band
some set of ewelry for each of my
dauzhtcr". AYith them was an cnvcl-
opo containing a sheet of paper,
which were the words Wel. ;
I boss. Xuz em all up. .1. j
Secaes ef lie ?$(!.
Very few of the presest geBrst"ow
Save any idea of the complete ch$
jrhich circuses hare nad-ergoa -ritaiB
:he past twenty jears,1 said Kkhanl
Hemmings. tho retired circns aaaagef
md performer. "The mode of traiwl
the tent, the ring- the performaaee, tb
salaries paid, the method of rrs.iain
riders are all Tery different. AU circus
is twenty vcafs ago traveled Jc wagon
drawn by horses; now all but the saial
sst and most insignificant travel by
raiL This change is rendered necessa
ry by the enormous proportioas to
which the modern circns ha grown.
To transport by wjgea such imaeaeo
organizations would require am. rBX
ol men and horses, and tho cities aaa
towns to be visited are so far apart that
it wonld be impossible to reach them
within tbo required time. The labor.
small-sized wason shows of the past
were terrible. In bad weather, over
muddv roads, hotses would become ex
hausted and haye to be lsft to die, wag
ons would be broken to pieces andthfl
$how wonld often fail, day after day, to
reach in time the towns where it wa"
, advertised to perform-
" Still, traveling witn a wagon snow
had its pleisurcs for tne performers.
Those of them who received large sal
aries had tbir own conveyasoe nni
cor.ld choo .heir own time for aaakfacr
their journeys, provided they amTed
at tncir u rsunaiion in nine i jikhu
and in pleasant weather it was by so
scenes caiiea -ae ompwrrocu ?a4-
A rider appears dressedas a sailor .The
band plays live y music. descnpMTe ot
his departure from port It changes
gradually, and soon indicates ItotJ
storm has arisen, which fact is made stHi
more palpable M the audience by the
pitching and tossing or me aauor vpaa
the horse and the descriptive exelamaj-- "
tioms of the ring-master, wao TeToauy
makes known all that the rider seaka to
convey in pantomime. At last be fa
supposed to be completely shipwreckeJ
and to be floating upon a spar ia mid
ocean. His face and attitude indicate
dpsnair. SndScnlv. as he is lookiasr aax-
i TV. a a.
"is never seen, except wiin very raau
snows in rcoiuic tuuuuj uuuku.
"Other acts which were
winch were favorites.
but are scarrelv ever seen now, are injr-
glingon horseback, walking- and bal
ancing on decanter? and bottles, double
leaping, which consisted of jumping
from one" spring-board to another, then
jumping from the second one aad
jumping Irom the set
throwing a somersault
I .ml .1,11 sr.nlttnr. urnti
throwing a somersault over aa. oD,ecit
and still vaulting, which consist in
turning somersaults, one after the oth
er, in rapid succession from a spring
board, and alighting on the same.
Some performers could tnra avastEum
ber of them. Arthur Barnes, an En
glishman, having frcrmently turned in
the neighborhood of ten. This is avery
fine act, and might be revived with ad
vantage. Running-vanlting was anoth
er act which was very popular, and
which has been revived of late years,
though it is not done to anything like the
same extent that it once "was. It con
sists of runniuz. vanlting from the
ground and ilightingwith the leet upon
the back of a rapidly-moviag horse
" The cavalcade of riders, which al-
wavs commences a circns performance.
J amJ caUed by showmen the entry.
nsclj j0 be much more elaborate in the
. character of the riding than it is now.
xhe entries at the present time are
ncariy aii alike and are mere meaning-
less processions: but there used to be a
great variety of them, each having a
dramatic plot as distinct and intelligible
: -, .h.t fr...
i generally prevailed until so rsanv were
; jn ured bv being k eked and thrown bv
i the mnlci that it had to be abandoned,
j Lare shows generally conclude now
I wjth a tumbling or leaping act by the
entire companv. or with races if there
ie a hippodrome."
Has it always been the custom to
give a so-called" concert' after the per
formance?" "No: but it has prevailed for a very
long time. But twenty years ago it wsa
not so universal as it is now, aad those
shows which gave a concert did so ia a
separate canvas; bnt the side-show and
candy-stand have been insepar ble
features of almost every circus thie
country has ever known." Philadel
phia Times.
A story is told of a Wequetequock
man being brought to a Stonington
doctor in an ox-oart, having been han
dled without gloves by a brother. While
tne aoctor was aressing tne wouno tae
i man asked: "Doctor, if I die from the
he J effects of this beating wdl they hans
mv brother?" "I'm afraid they will."
replied the doctor." Thealetmedic."
said the Wequetequocker. Xorvcirk
Conn.) Bulletin.
.a a
A young bean at his sister's evea
ing party began to siagt "rVhy ami
wsak and weary?" when a little brother
brouffht the performance to a sadden
close-by calliag out "Anat 3iay says
it's 'cause you come home so late every
tilchu" X. I'. Graphic.
tagfg fpjm ottfl

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