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BcTetcdte the Interests flkc Ckcrekcc, Chectawi, Chlcknsaws, ScmlHelcs, Creeks, and all Other Indian of the Indian Territory
YOL. H. NO. 21.
fi aM eMfMim the faest iri etaIett store I ll IaUft Terrilerr is that ef
W. C. PATTON 6c CO.,
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OaV iWGLTDlUL BtPLESEST BfFAKEXEST joa cai art Weas Baggies, riows Sprla? Iragoas, Eta
E fjJWTAn SSaRTXEST Is weH stocked wH Ss Screw, daias, Hinges, Tinware, Axe, Utensil, Tools,
Jc XwTiSa4hi
Ci &1SP jjb qcmSSWlKZ SEPJLXTXEST every Tariety of Blsae, Crocks Jars, ln, EU. While la
W J3iJ OTWUt SPAXXXOT yea wlH sd a satd stock of Pare, 5le Brass, Medicines, complete la every re
. PiamtoMoat earcfagy eomaoanfed ay a skHtod afieHiecary. la tkb tanaecUoa we liare also aa Ia-.Bease
awH, t MWMI JuaaaWJSaj VJOCBhSj VVSBfC li O U vTj j JBvCo JaJaM. A
ftiniiSir 19 BC BCTaBTXEST where yea id Sad rrery variety of Writla? Materials, Fapcrj Blank Boob
Sole aad Bitilat Books, School Books, aad a Mm of good Reedlar Books Prose aad Toetry.
0r Prices are as
W. L KIOTT, Proprietor.
W fceg'i.mHiiMr oa laaMasawofbr Rati vc and Nortacra 1130 Lumber. Also Shln
aie.eetlgaa. Mb linia . BtrThe Sattre Plae, Pcing shipped from tfce Cboctow
Drags, Patent Medicines, IsTotions, Stationery,
Eta; also aFnllLine of Cigars, Tobaccos
and Confectioneries.
nESCTrmg gasef&ly mmm by dr. bagby.
1 fee Boston feTiaMa
geeapiioliiiHiieaaartlheQolKMtStapIoiri Fancy Groceries In the iUrfcct. JUta
ft, ifiWts, fid, Nmswve, Glasswari ani Titwari.
qW MiFitw Stwre.
B. T. 'EJSTTGc&rr,
ju rcEAJcnrBEa of
Jin's ii Leader
Thooe Xachiaei ar Twaraatgd to fcifeh a washtog ready far the llae Tiithaat
the art of Tah tr Wailiiiiriril Bo aot hare the haads la the sads froai hesiaaln?
to aad. Bow the ifork or aioaey refaaded.
jicas-coxpiLETE ihth wrixgek, ig.oo.
i-sh. X. A. tirar. Cheatcaiu L T.: 3Crs- JL. P. tivodykoeatz,
E.T.; Xjb. A. CBayatoad, TlaJta, L. T.j In. J. L. aadK. L. MarUa,
Sraad Barer. I. T.s Jin. K. W. Liey,
gafcr. Unheal Aaftot, L T.
Aracarnisff alaise and coK4eteatoek of .
Caaaed goode, SMaaan, Sfrafs, Soej aad Saaces, Caadles aad especially COFFEE
' aad TZXSf aiea atoaiwaro, (Uassware, Woodeawarc, Tiawart, Sails, .Powder
Mi JiaaiaalliM We earryaa kaaoesse ate of FEEB, Cora, Braa, Shorts, Baled
fata. WasoteaeeatotTIaiU for e celebrated EitCAlLtJUK.
oarsoofBrAsn.r osr nxsm all
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hrBaBm, AfeM, naaBBJa, IMi,
mwKwam a cajx.
mm UIMIiMTTT. FCKS ami PJWBUCE. Cash or CalUe faB ia Ex
Zimmi MMmW --, far Cm.
mat rmi Vj. r the very acst aaalltT to be had la the com ry.
swsrbBet a ererjaViaf; waatedor Hf cwslosaers.
itahu aa ioawase steck a every variety of the Tcst and most strrlrcable Dry
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faHy to Ci. Utaes la alTt 1 Latest Stj hx
JLldlL1X is reftete Ha em? Mad af Staple mad Faaey
Ml Mae oCSarHies, Harness aa3 Leather
Low as the Lowest.
& CO., Viniia,
at 3C. FRIZEE'S Bed Froat, oae door
Vkitaf Indian Territory.
Corser, tiro doors treat rfl. C
Washing Machines,
Choaleaa, L, T.; Xrs. Br. t. U ae-
also DEAixnnr
orncE A5D l'AHD
sad Fashlcns,
groceries, Flour, Bacon, Canned Seed;,
Goods of all hinds. In
Come and See TTs.
Indian Territory.
Hfcrtt Cah Price PM for FTHS, GAStE
and ruoDUCt
Locatrd at Et 9U Xrfmlr, III.
Dlreetlr orPue tho cltjr of St. Louis. Bnrcrt
for all description of Lire StocV alwmrs in at
tendance, and within the grounds of the Stock
Tarda ere Beef Canning- Companr, with a
capacltrforilaugntertng WO head of cattle
dally, and Pork Packta Establishment with
a apadtr for slaughterins- 1A0J) hoe dally.
ISAAC H. KX0X, President
Iii Pacfflo
PiilliTian Palace Hotel Cars
tlirougli to St. Louis, Yia
Scdalia, Daily.
Direct Eonto West and Soutk
Trest Tia Kansas City.
IT riHPlC BITVCnionDfpotrenKrn
Al rVARoAO III I I for Kansas, Colorado.
Xew Mexico and California connect with Ex
prex Train of all Une.
IT ITPUICnU Connection is made with
Al AluniOUnErprrM Train for al!
Points in Kansas and Nebraska.
T nut 111 Connection U made with aD
Al UHAnAlinesleadlmrto theSorth and
F. CHA5DLER, (lea. Pass. Agent.
C. B. KI5SA5, Ass't Gea, Pass. Agent.
F. L. BECKER, Agent at Ylnlta.
The Direct Through Houte Between
Fast Express Trains are Ban Daily. 5o
Change of Cars.
Throuch Pullman Palace Keeplnr Cars are
rnn dallr, without chanre. between ST. LOUIS,
3J3JM acre, of rich farming andmlneral
lands for rale by this companr In sOrTH WEST
SBTTor full and parfcular Information, with
Mans. Time Table. Rate, etc-call uronorad
dresa any of ou. fctatioa Ajcats, or oltherof tho
D. WTSHAHT, General Paisenjer Apeat, St
G.W CALE.OeneralFrc5ht Ascnt.St. LooJa.
C W BOC.ERH. Vi President and General
Manager, Temple BuiM-nr, St Lcui5, ilo.
Et-Sexator Davis, of Ulinois, was
reported to be ill.
Egttt, it is said, recently borrowed
S5.000.000 from Baron Rothschild.
The Senate recently ordered a gen
eral telegraphic investigation, directed
especially against the Western Union
and its recent conquests.
ivro srrCTAt. ngcbls, appointed by
tho Interior Department to investigate
the rival claims of Spicchce and Pcrrj
man to the Chiefshin of the Creek Na
tion, have reported in favor of Ferry
Jit the Trinity Methodist Episcopal
Church, at Trov, N. Y., the other Sun
day, Thomas Gardner created & sensa
tion by rising and declaring himself a
messenger from Heaven cnt to convert
the world.
P. J. Sextos, the contractor for the
Cook County (UL) Court Honsc,
brought suit against the county for ex
tras, and tho case was recently tried at
Jolict upon a change of venue. The
jury awarded him $135,621.
AjEwxtirr rtorc in Fnlton street,
Brooklyn, was entered by burglars the
other day in broad daylight, the safe
opened and four thousand dollars'
worth of goods carried off. and that,
too, while the street was crowded with
people and the police supposed to be
doing their duty. A similar robbery
had taken place in Maiden Lane. Kew
York City, a few daj-s prcvions. and
goods to ibe amount of twenty-five
thousand dollars stolen.
The year started out well in the way
of disasters. First came the BellcviUt,
(D.L) disaster and its twenty-six vic
tims; next the City of Colunibus horror,
with its ninety-seven human beings;
then the Crested Butte (Colo.) mine ex
plosion added lifty-sercn more to the
list, and later a steamer was reported
wrecked in the British Channel ami
twenty lives lo?t, to say nothing of the
nFual run of minor casualties that are
thrown in for good measure:
Mrs. AcfinsTA Tabor, the divorced
wife of Colorado's millionaire, was re
cently in Xew Orleans, on her way to
Cuba, as she stated. In regard to the
story of her elopement with a man
named Artman, she said: "When I do
get married I will do so openly and
above board, and let my friends know.
If I do marry yon can be certain it will
not be Mr. Artman. I will not' marry
& man whom I will have to support, but
will expect my hifeband to support me."
Mrs. Tabor did not like the idea of
Artman borrowing money upon the rep
utation of marrying her.
The late action of the House of Rep
resentatives upon the land-grant bills
rather unsettled the calculations of cer
tain railroad land-grabbers. First a bill
passed involving the forfeiture of over
seven millions of acres of land in Mis
sissippi and Alabama, and in about ten
minutes the fifteen-million grab of the
Texas Pacific was restored to Uncle
Sam. The Oregon Central is the next that
will have to forfeit about one rc:Uion five
hundred thousand acres, and two Cali
fornia corporations will let go about tix
million acres more. This will restore
about thirty million acres of land to the
public domain.
IlExmr S. Potter, of Rochester, X.
1'., died recently and left an estate of
about two millions. lib oldest s-on
some time ago married a highly edu
cated and refined lady gain the
father's consent. Totter stipulated in
his will that this son should have an
equal part, one-sixth, of the estate, iiro
vided the "said son shall not live with
or at any time contribute in any manner
to the support or maintenance of his
present wife." The son very sensibly
stuck to the wife of Ids choice, but pro
poses to contest his father's will upon
the grounds that it had a tendency to
encoutajn; imrcoralitv.
The Governor of Xew Jorsoy recently
sent a special message to tho Legisla
ture, reciting the refusal of the Hackcn
sack Cemetery Company to allow the
burial of a colons! man. The Governor
said that it ought not to bo tolerated in
that State. That a coqxiration whoso
existence depends upon the Legisla
ture's will, and whose property is ex
empt from taxation, because of its re
ligious uses, should not be permitted to
make any distinction between a white
ana a black man. The Governor closes
by requesting the passage of a law
which shall make such refusal, based
on color a criminal oflense, with such
a penalty as shall prevent the recur
rence of such act.
Another insult to tho American flag
by the Spanish authorities in Cuba has
been reported. It consisted in theforri-
ble seizure ui a. citizen of Philadelphia,
while he was on board an American
schooner. The wu who was arrested
is Colonel Emih iunez, a tobacco im
porter, who was formerly a Cuban
patriot, and served ia he army during
the recent revolution on the island. lie
escaped to this country when the war
ceased, and has since been in business
in Philadelphia. A year or more ago
his father died, leaving a large estate.
comprising an extensive sugar planta
tion, ia Cuba. Colonel Xuncz recently
attempted to visit his aged mother and
settle the estate, intending, however, to
remain on board while the vessel was in
Spanish waters. He had received his
brother and mother on board the vessel
as it lav in tho harbor. This became
known to Spanish authorities, and a de
mand was made on the Captain of the
schooner for the surrender of the Colo
neL This was refused when the Spanish
commander sent a boat's crew from his
raas-of-war and seized Colonel Nunez
and carried him to tho war-ship, where
ho was held a prisoner.
A Sanatarf nt tke Dally Xctts.
Is the Senate, the -23th, Mr. Vest, from
the Committee on Public Lands, reported fa
vorably the bill repealing- the Timber Culture
laws. Mr. Cameron, of TCUconf In. inlroducnt
a bill to ctabl!ih tho Territory of North
Dakota. Mr Sbcmian"s , reMullOna
on the VJrrinls aKd NlsUrtlnpl ejections were
tskrn Us and. after debate, adopted.
ISC Senate prjrrd the Houc bills maklna- ap
propriatlon of t-XT0.(tH for the rebate of tax
on toloccc, and tZlflGi for thcexpcncs of the
LealslatnrcofXew Mexico. In the House
bills were introduced, when Mr. Hopkins, of
Pennsylvania, riiln? to a qucMIon of prlri
lecr offered a preamble and resolutions which
ct fljrth that 1100. d. W Kelfe. member ef
the KMIM. had c&ltsed iL V. Hornton.tho
Waehlncton correspondent of the Cincinnati
Comwrriol-Garrtr, now holding-a seat in the i
prepaueryunuer tne rules or tne House,
with harinsr approached the Speaker of the
House during- the closing- days of
the last eIon of ConpreM with cor
rupt propositions intended to Influ
ence his niadal action and as such
yet was a rrou lrt-acli of the pHtik-sc of tho
House, therefore, a committee of Ore be ap
pointed to Inrestirate and report to tho
Houre. Mr. Krlfer then addressed the House.
In which be introduced some correspondence
between himelf and nornton. The resolu
tion was amended so as to Include any other
correspondent who may have abused his
prirlleges. and then adopted.
Is the Senate, the 3Kb, a petition was
presented signed by four thousand citliens of
the District of Columbia and several other
petitions shmed by a tarre numlier of citizens
of the Territories of Washington. Dakota and
Idaho, all praying the enactment if a law to
prohibit the manufacture and sale of
alcoholic liquors in the District and Terri
tories. The i-enatc then proceeded in a bodr
to the hall of the House to attend the funeral
ceremonies of the late HenrcsentatireMacker.
. -Inthellouscsrandliurconunittce reported, i
when at the appointed hour the runeral cere
monies or Mr. Mackey. of South Carotins, took
place, and the House adjourned.
Is the Senate, the 31st, floods of petitions
were presented from a down or more Stales
preying-for prohibitory liquor laws In the
Dltrict of Columbia and Territories. Tho con
ference report on the Greeley relief
bill was taken up and the Senate refused
to concur with committees of conference,
and resolved to appoint a new committee. The
Senate resumed conideration of the bill pro
vidltur for a method of scttilna- incomplete
titles to lands acquired by the I'nited State
from the Republic of Mexico. . . In the House
Standing Committees rerrtcd. The bill de
claring forfeited certain land grant In South
ern States were then takrn up and passed.
The next bill on the calendar was that declar
ing a forfeiture or lands granted the Texas
Pacific Raiiwsr Companr under the net of
Congress approved March X l?n,and acts sup
plemental thereto. This bill passed without
one dissenting- vole.
The Senate was not In session the 1st.
..In the House the conference asked by the
Seeateonthc Greeley Relief bill was agreed
to. The House then went into Committee of
the Whole on the Fritz John Porter bill. The
debate continued during- the day. when the
bill was reported to the House and passed, ISl
yeas, 3 nays. Adjourned until Monday.
Tnc Legislature of Iowa in Joint Con
vention on tho 3th formally proclaimed
the elec'ion of Senator Allison as United
State Senator. .,
A. W. Khelde.t, Associate Justice of
Arizona, died suddenly at San Francisco
the other day.
J'ost-ovftce IssrecTOR. Laxieb, on duty
in the South, has been removed for frauds
upon postmasters he visited. Lanier fled
to South America.
Wcrotu, Pnitxirs died at Boston,
Mass., the 2J, in the seventy-third year of
his age.
Bakxr Pasha was reported as havinc
defeated several of the False Prophet'
Chiefs, and was marching on Khartoum.
William Hattex, ajed eighty-one, re-
cently committed suicide In 2few York
Uarrt Lte, the Cincinnati forger, was
recently arrested in Canada.
Tnuvs of tho Howard County, Ark.,
rioters, who were under sentence of death,
were recently granted an appeal, and the
Judges who granted the appeal were hting
in edgy by some lawless parties. The de
cision of the Judges was generally sus
tained by tho people.
Axsox Lixsxeicb was recently arrested
at St. Louis and taken back to Germany,
where he, as postmaster, had forged many
post-offlce orders and fled to this country.
Several Leadville (.Colo.) banks havo
collapsed lately, the last being the Mer
chants' and Mechanics'. Only ono bant is
left in the cfty.
At Pittsburgh, Ta., the other day, as
three men were engaged In loading pieces
of steel plates on cars, and were standing
on the platform on which there was from
fifty to scventy-flve tons of the iron, the
platform gave way and the men fell to tbo
ground with tbo metal on top of them.
John Butler and Thomas Liner were killed
instantly, and John Roach fatally injured.
Br the recent breaking up of tho lea at
St. Louis a number of boat were injured.
The steamer Salvo No. 2 was wrecked and
snnk. The steamer Minneapolis had a
large hole store In her hull and several
barges were badly damaged.
It Is reported that the law governing
non-citlxens and Intruders in the Indian
Territory I being vigorously enforcel.
Thirty-eight persons In the Creek Nation
nave been declared non-citizens and noti
fied to leave. Seventeen houses in Musko
gee and vicinity, the residences of parties
who could not prove up their citizenship,
have been seized by tho National Inspector
and sold as public property of the Nation.
Much excitement prevailed at Dubuque,
Iowa, over the sudden disappearance of
Laura Rowland, a highly accomplished
and educated fcirl of fifteen.
Tns House Committee on Territories re
cently ordered a favorable report on the
bill providing that hereafter no Territory
shall form a Constitution or apply for ad
mission a a Stato until it shall contain a
population equal to that required in a Con
gressional district in order to entitle it to
representation in the House of Representa
tives. The safe in the post-offlce at Blue Island,
a suburb of Chicago, was blown open the
other night and stamps, money and other
valuables to the amount of $lj.00Q.stolen-
The House Committee on Banking and
Currency at a recent meeting discussed tho
resolutions offered by Representative
Hunt, which declare that tho public wel
fare demands that the benefits of Uu na
tional banking system be substantially
preserved and continued for the time be
ing, provided that the resolution bo not
construed to be a declaration in favor of
the perpetuation of the public dett, and
agreed to it by a vote of nino to four.
The annual report of the operations of
iho Patent-office for tho calendar year
showed an increase of seventeen per cent,
-in the number of patents, trade-marks and
labels issued over the preceding year.
The cash receipts Increased $137,000; excess
of receipts over expenditures, $300,000;
cash on hand, $2,677,476.
A DirrteuLTT occurred recently In Henry
County, Ala., between John Boatright
and Rev. J. TV. Malone, Baptist minister,
in which tho latter was fatally cut with a
knife. An old tued led to ths trouble.
Both were represented to bo men past the
prime of life, of steady habits and respecta
bility. .
Public debt statement for January:
Cash In Treasury, $0,133,360; debt,ltss cash
In Treasury, $1,SC,0S3,713; decrease for
January, $11,318,003; decreasa since Juso
The south-bound accommodation tram
on the Indianapolis & Chicago Railroad
while crossing a truss bridge at Broad
1 Ripple, ;even miles from Indianapolis,
Ind., the other night, broke through and
the wreck Immediately took fire. John
Brewer, engineer; J. S. Ricketts, baggage,
master! OevrgeLiwry,lrakeman; Thomas
Parr, bridgo foreman Abel T. Smith,
American Express messenger, and a pas
senger named John Bray, were killed, and
about fifteen Injured, several fatally,
Tnt breaking np of tho AUegheny and
other rivers In Pennsylvania did a great
amount of damage. Bottom lands were
flooded and families had to seek safety in
flight. The town of Freeport was at onO
time In danger of destruction, the Ice bring
piled thirty feet high.
The other afternoon a terrible gasoline
explosion took place in the business center
of Alliance, O., originating in the store of
J". Mi On. Three brick blocks were
wrecked and the ruins took fire. P. K.
Orr, bis son Elmer, Mrs. Homer Highland
and daughter, Mrs. Franz Evans and two
children were either killed outright or
burned to death, and many injured.
A Covxittex, composed of members of
different labor organizations with head
quarters at Pittsburgh, Pa, recently went
to Washington to urge the passage of a bill
restricting the importation of foreign labor
under the contract system.
Robest W. Leoxaed committed suicide
on a sleeping car Of the Ohio & Mississippi
Rtdlroed, at Cincinnati, the other night.
Bovs recently discovered the mutilated
body of a man on the prarie, near Gum
Island, Tex. Both legs were cut off and
his neck broken. Nodew to the perpretra.
tors of the deed.
The business portion of Itelmont, Wis
burned recently.
A srECIAL messenger recently arrived at
Tombstone, Ariz., from Oposura, Sonora,
and reported that the Apaches were mur
dering and ravaging that section. Four
men had been killed since January 23. The
Apaches are thought to be a portion of
Geromimo's band, for which Captain Rat
ferty is on the lookout.
At Lancaster, Tex., tho other day, John
Nash, an old gentleman, was fatally
stabbed by a maniac brother. He bad been
caring for the demented relative and kept
him in a room at his home for a number of
yearn in preference to pending him to an
asylum. On the morning of tho tragedy
the maniac escaped, got hold of a knife
and inflicted several frightful wounds
upon his brother before he could be se
cured. Tnr Hamburg American Packet Com
pany recently telegraphed the Secretary of
he Navy, offering to transport to New
York without charge the bodies of Captain
DeLong and party, expected to arrive at
Hamburg shortly.
Attoexet Gexebal Brewster recently
placed at the disposal of the House Com
mittee on Expcnditurr t In the Department
of Justice, the entire force of the Examiner's
Department, to be sen alone or with sub
committees, to inve.:-3to the alleged ir
regularities in the office of United States
ofQ'ials. It was said the committee would
proliably go to New York City for a short
timo end investigate the office of John L
Davenport, Supervisoi of Elections.
Tee Senate Committee on J udlcisry re
cently ordered the Lowell Bankruptcy bill
to be favorably reported, with amendments
It preserves State exemptions, and author
ize involuntary proceedings only against
persons whose debts amount to more than
one thousand dollars and only against
traders. It diminishes the number of Com
missioners in Bankruptcy.
Sixtt-two new pupils recently entered
the Indian Training School at Carlisle, Pa.
Millersbcko, O., was rrcently shaken
up by an earthquake.
Thomas Collter and his wife, residing
on Long Island, N. Y., were recently
posioned by pepper used in the household.
John Cowley and his brother-in-law, were
arrested on suspicion of having poisoned
the pepper. Annie Cowley, a sister to
John, was also arrested. The only motive
known for the crime was that they wanted
to get possession of their father's property,
which amounted to about $VX The
father died mysteriously some time ago.
FowixB, Br.or.iERS, tho pork packers, re
cently entered suit at Chicago against the
members of the- late firm of McGtoch,
Everington & Co., for half a million dol
lars damages owing to assertion made by
that firm against the purity of lard the
plaintiffs were putting upon the market
just prior to the collapse of McGeoch.
Elxvex men were recently arrested In
Robinson and Brown Counties, Tex., by
the Sheriffs of those counties and lodged
in jail at Jewett, for whipping a negro
mac .
Pettr Cli-tobd, a young man, was
railed to his door the other night at Rend-
ville, 0.,and shot by assassins. He fell
into his wife's arms exclaiming "the Rick
ey's have killed me." Four of the HIckeys
were arrested, and a mob bangeu xucaaru
TnK Texas Senate defeated the House
bill justifying the killing of fence-cutters.
L" the Senate, on the tth, Mr. Van
Wyck resolution was agreed to directing
the Secretary of the Interior to inferm
,.-. i..t, whrther the Union Pacific Rail
road had issued nny new stock or made
any mortgage, pledge etc., since .uarca j,
1S7X In the House tho business was of a
routine character.
The Humane Society of Masachuselts
recently made awards of money and medals
in .11 n-rxnns concerned in saving lifo at
the wreck of the steamer City of Columbus.
The cannon, gun ana otner munitions
of war Intended for the Hayti Insurgent,
and recently seized on board the schooner
Dewitt, at Richmond,, Va., havo been for
felted to the United States Government.
rtron-.--riTTiTr HinioiD has intro
duced a bill to amend the Constitution as
to the offices and duties of the fTesi
dent and Vice-President of the United
States, which provide for the election of
the President and three Vice-Presidents,
each chosen for the same number of years.
The first Vice-President shall be President
of the Senate, and the second or third Vice-
President shall occupy that position in case
of the removal from office of the President.
The other morning four prisoners at
tacked the Sheriff at Montieello, N. Y., and
attempted to escape. Two were securea,
one was bot dead and the fourth escaped.
The Chambers of Agriculture in several
counties throughout England havo passed
-MnlnKnni nrHnr- Parliament to restrict
,t. tmnn-tatinn of cattle from America, in
order to prevent the spread of cattle
There was recently a villainous attempt
made to poison Miss Fannie Murphy, tha
daughter of Rev. J. D. Murphy, pastor of
the Baptist Church at iort ftonn, lex.
Rt,. l t--rh-r in tho Texas Wesleyan
College, and on her desk ono morning was
found a not. waning ner not to eat any
thing sent her that afternoon. In tho after
noon a box of French candy was sent her,
which she handed to the authorities to be
analyzed and which was found to contain
arsenic No clew to tho would-be mur
derer. A beltoatiox recently visited Washing
ton composed of gentlemen from Colorado,
Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa for
the purpose of urging tho passage of a bill
locating a National Soldiers' Home west oi
tho Mississippi River- Senator Plumbi
bill locating the Homo In Kansas met with
general favor with tbo del-j-sUon.
Fire In the Missouri PenlteBllary PretH-rt
Action and Beady Appliances Coaflaa the
Damage Within Harrow Limit.
JErrEtiso-r Crrr, Mo- Feb. 3.
TUEr-nornlng about 10:13 o'clock a flro
aroke out In tho drying-room of the laun
iry at the Penitentiary. When it was dis
covered it was blaztr.-; up through the floor
sf the room above, which Is occupied by W.
C Boon's chair factory. An alarm was
immediately sounded, to which the city fire
jepartment promptly responded, Ia tho
meantime the hose at tho prison was at
:ached to the stand pipes and two jtrea-as
it water from the large tanks on 'jo top of
the Centennial Building were turned on the
Ore, which was now under control.
The building In which the fire originated
is a substantial stone structure, formerly
osed as the Prison Hospital. The laundry
Is -in the ba ement tory, the floor above
being used by the kitchen and Mr, Boon's
rustic chair factory. In the upper stories
ire the Prison Library and tailor shop.
Tho total damage from fire and water
(tnount to about $1,000. At the time the
fire was discovered Warden Willis was U
the barber's chair half shaved. Ha instant
ly jumped up, put on his coat and went
with one side of bis face covered with lath
er, prepared to combat the enemy which
has heretofore given him so much trouble.
He was considerably relieved to find it was
not one of the large work-shops and that by
timely discovery, with prompt action, the
fire was so easily controled.
Occuring, as it did, in the building occu
pied by the kitchen, it interfered somewhat
with the arrangements for dinner, bat
everything was soon put in order and
working as usual. It being Sunday tho
convicts were mostly in their cells. A num
ber of trusties, however, worked well and
faithfully in extinguishing the flames and
removing property in the building to a
place of safety.
There was little or no excitement among
the convicts, but as soon as tho news
spread over the city that there was another
dre at the prison a great crowd of people
hurried In that direction, their Interest and
excitement being considerably increased
by seeing Mr. Jesse Tobin and several con
victs on mule dashing wildly down Main
street after the city engine.
The arrangements for fighting fire at the
prison are much better now than they have
ever been. Two tanks, with a capatity of
20.000 gallons oarh, on top of the Centen
nial Building, -nhicn are supplied by a
large double action pump, provide an
abundance of water for any emergency.
Stand-pipes within the prison inclo-ure
are so arranged that hose can be attached
and several streams of water turned on
any building that may bo on fire. There is
a liberal supply of hose ready for immedi
ate use. In addition to those, the new fire
engine purchased by the Inspectors of the
Aurens Manufacturing Company, Cincin
nati, has been shipped and will be deliv
ered to the State this week. The man sent
by the manufacturers to turn it over is al
ready here. The engine wa expected yes
terday, but seems to have been delayed in
transit. It is named "H. Clay Sexton,''
after the veteran Chief of tho St. Louis
Fire Department.
Tbe Little Town ot Bandtille, O., Agitated
Oi.ra Cowardly Mnrd-r and lli-Snmma.
ry Action of Judge Lynch.
Coa-fixo. O.. Feb. X
One of the most cold-blooded murder
that ever was known in this part of the
country took place at Randville, one mile
north of this place, last night, Peter Clif
ford being shot through the heart and in
stantly killed. He had just retiredor the
night when he was called by two person!
to come to the doar quickly, and as he
opened it one of them shot him. It tctmi
that the trouble ending in the murder sup
posedly arose out ot Clifford's brother mar
tying a step-daughter of a man named
Hickey a short time ago, which marriage
Clifford had strongly opposed, and since
that time they have annoyed Clifford ir
every possible way. Five of the Hickey
family, including men and women, were
put under arrest and a atrong guard placed
around them to keep the citizens from tak
ing the law in their own hands. This pre
caution was not entirely successful, for at
S:S) o'clock this evening a crowd of SM, oi
which about fifty were masked, surrounded
tbe house which contained the prisoners
They took Hickey and his brother-in-law tc
a grove near by. They first hung Hickey
and were then stringing up his brother-jn-law
when the rope broke, letting him fall.
His pitiful pleadings for mercy and earnei
protestations of innocence finally caused
the mob to reprieve him. Hickey would
not say whether he was guilty or innocent
but said he would die like a man. Tht
Hickey family and associates aro of the
most degraded set in Southern Ohio, and
the country surely receives a great blessing
by getting rid ot them. The town is wild
with excitements
sai calaxity.
An Ohio Vamntr Betnrns from his TTora
to Find hi Home Morning, and kls Wife
and Little Damnter Consnmrd With It
G Aixirous, O, Feb. 3.
A most distressing affair happened yes
terday afternoon on the farm of Jacot
Blazer, four miles from this city. A ten
ant living on Blazer's place, named Mor
gan Martin, and a highly respected youn;
man. went to another part of the farm tc
work, leaving bis wife and little boy, aged
four years, and a little girl aged two, al
homo in the best ot health and circum
stances. Not finishing his work he did not
return to dinner until about two o'clock,
when a horrible sight met his gaze. Hit
h. use was wrapped In flames and falling in
rains. He was rev by his little boy wbc
was wringing bis hands and crying, "Mam
ma is burned up." The little boy said thai
he was in the yard and that the table was
set for dinner. He saw the table cloth'on
fire, and ran iu twice to get his little sister
out, but she wouldn't come. The third
time he went in the little thing ran into an
other room and crawled under the bd.
Everything in the hcuse was utterly de
stroyed as the fire was not discovered by
any one until too late to do anything. The
thigh bones and a portion ot Mrs. Martin's
skull and a portion of the little girl' body
were all that could te found of tha remain,
which were interred to-day. It is supposed
that Mrs. Martin's clothe caught fire in
jeme way, and titus set the house on fire.
fatal Railway Collision.
Maoiox. O, Feb. 3,
About eleven .o'clock last night, at Hep
burn, sixteen miles west of here, No. X
west-bound passenger train on the Chicago.
t Atlantic Road, when under full head
way, met an east-bound freight as the lat
ter was going from the main to the side
track, completely demolishing the rear
oaL ot tht freight train and passenger en
rtne. Engineer Henry Goff was instantly
tilled, and Henry Gregory, fireman, prob
ibly fatally in jured. Goff was fifty-five
years of age, and has a family at Hcntint-;-ton,
ItmL. where his remains W6re taken to
day by Knights of Pythias. Gregory lives
here, and has a wife and child.
Murdered at tbe Church'PortaJ.
BuM-tosoros, In-. Feb. 3.
Between twelvo and one p. m. to-day
fatal shooting with tho characteristics ot
rcld-blooded murder occurred at Sparta
Church, near Randolph, this county. As
-he congregation was filing out, Leroy
Smith, who had been attending service,
waited at the door and when Esquire Wm.
thompson passed out, shot him with a 33--aliber
pistol. The ball entered the left
breast and passed through to the left
ihoulder, where it lodged near the surface
and was extracted. The ball pastd through
he apex ot the lung. Thompson was seed
Spy years, has a family and was l-ighly
respected. The shooting was the result of
in plil xqda.
(even Uve Lot, at Xur Xorw Pi
Injured and Four BaJMsngs Tl ! il
by aaExpi-Ml-ro otgasoHne at Wiwii
Aluaxcx, OL TtM. i.
The most dreadful disaster that e-rer oc
curred in the city ot Alliance befell mm
about four o'clock this afternoon- At tfcat
hour a terrific explosion of sjaaollfte took
place in tbo store of F. X. Orr, tkeresait of
which was tbe entire desBolltloa of ttto Orr
block, together with tho XiSer ImiMia-c oa
the west side aad two frame baOdiaao oa
the east side. Bat great as was tfc loo ef
property, it Is as nothbsg compared te tho
loss of lifo which resulted from tho e-xsaVe--3
The following are tha names of thoee
tnown to have lost their lives:
F.M. Orr, proprietor of tho store aad
Elmer Orr, his son.
Mrs. Homer Highland, his daogater.
A two-year-old son of Mrs. Homer Kak
land. Mrs. Frank Evans.
Two small children ot Mrs. Fraak Zraas,
iged respectively two .cars aad fossr
Besides thosa above a-tmed there were
two" or three others in the store at tha lint
of the explosion, whose nmmr havo sot
been learned, but who were spokea with
beneath the ruins before Ufa had bees
rmsted or burned out of them. Atpreeeat
ill tboss positively known to have per
ished have been extricated froat the de
bris. Soma of these are charred aad saaa-
cled beyond recognition. The work, bow-
sver, of clearing away the
and searching tor bodies is eelas; vl
ly pushed forward by tho aid ot
as L c?orded by the mooa aad a
the street.
Besides those who perished the tuBowfo
persons were mora cr less iaiared: Robert
Joyce. Jerry Miller, Frank Evaas, Majjaie
Miller, Mr. Frtase, Mr. Baker, J. D. Lew
is, John Co-ry, Charles Baydea. Tho two
last named are of the asiaatrel troaae ot
Duprez & Benedict.
Some escaped, as It sensed, alsaoat by a
miracle. The giucery store of Mr.MoCass-
neu adjouusf . bad some sev&s or e
sons In it, but all of thaa were
out not severely Tsrt.
Tbo scenes In x eoiately f oTJowiaa; tha
disaster were wn calculated to asteet tho
most indifferent. Tbo boildisgs were aa
indescribable mass of- raias. Meat aad
women were rushing abost fraaUoaHy be
seeching that something might bo ooae.
Mr. Homer Highland, whoso wife aad
child perished, was almost beside hinseU
with grief and horror, as was also Mr.
Frank Evans, whoso wife and two children
likewise perished. Mrs. Orr was com
pletely prostrated by the shock.
The only person in tbe building known tc
havo escaped save some employes engage
in the workshop attached to tho rear, wae
Hr. Frank Evans. The great loss of Ufa
resulted from tha fact that the secnad and
third stories were used as dwellings.
The persons within were not all killed
outright, a could bs too plainly told by
their audible but unavailing cries for help.
Ev err thing was done that could be to res
cue the victimsbut tbe rapid spread of the
flames, notwithstanding the heroic effort
of the fire company, soon drove tho res
cuers back.
The explosion was caused by the faates
from the gasoline. A child ot Mr. Orr
turned the faucet in a barrel and the Said
ran out on the floor. Mr. Orr was mopping
it up which gas arising therefrom igsilted
from e gas light.
John Curry and Charles H. Haydea ot
Duprez & Benedict's minstrels were blown
out of Orr1 store through a jilato glass,
window and carried clear across tha street,
where they were picked up badly iajarod.
They were carried to a hotel. They win
Tho Orr block, one of the flnest In tho city
and completed only !sst fall, is a total
wreck, as are tho Miller block aad the
bulldl?T occupied by Mr. FuUertoa as a
leather store and by Miss Staalyasa mil
linery establishment. A reasonable esti
mate of the value ot the property destroyed
would be $30,000, a very small part of
which was covered by insurance.
The explosion was of such force that it
was felt and heard for a distance of two
miles. Those in the Immediate vicinity
thought for a moment that there had bees
an earthquake. Some idea of its force
may be glr aned !rom the fact that a team
ot horses standing in tho street ia froat
were thrust against the walls of the baild
ing on the opposite side of the street. All
the window-glass on either side of the
street for a distance considerably score,
than a block was smashed. It will take
$2,000 or $3,000 to replace the glass broken.
A Desperate Jfegro Thief's Deterzataec'
Fight and Escape from His Parsaen
The Booty Recovered.
Cuno. Ilx-. Feb. L
Wednesday last a negro named Chas.
Allen robbed a trunk belonging to his part)
ner. Luce Adams, of Cssventy-flre dollar,
and sloped. Yesterday morning oScen
Sheeban and Hogan wero placed in charge
of the case and were not long in locating
tho whereabouts -of tho thief, and at
nine a. m., yesterday, well mounted,
started up the track ot tha Cairo St.
Louis Railroad in pursuit. Seven railrj
out trace of the fugitive was found where
be had rested at a Methodist Church, tak
ing a short cat from there toward th
Cache River. As they came ia sight ot the
boose of a colored man named Henderson
the scamp was seen to enter the back door.
Riding up a call was tnada for him to come
out, which he did after a short interval, but
in such shape as Indicated business. He
carried a double-barreled shotgua in oa
hand, a revolver in the other, and another
large revolver in his jacket pocket. Upon
a demand being made to surrender he drew
a bead on tho officers with his
gun, firing both barrels In rapid
sucession, but without effect, ths
officers returning the fire. Ho than
brought one revolver into use, eaptyinx
five loads at his pursuers, missing themes
tirely. Both sides shot about a dozen time,
all remaining unhurt. Suddenly Allen
broke into a rapid run. leaping ditches aad
fences, rushing through sloughs, swasspi
and ice, hotly pursued by the officers whoae
horses at times sank into the swamp aad
water to their bodies. Tho fugitive anally
reached a dense cane-brake Into which he
disappeared. The officers deemed it im
prudent to follow further, as they were
short of ammunition, while the negro had
one weapon yet unused. Henderson's wife
wa tound by the officers upon the floor fas
a fit, frothing at the mouth aad giviag .
alarming demonstrations ot apprpacaiag
dissolution, occasioned by the exciteawM
during the shooting. She was flaally
brought to her senses and delivered $73 of
the money, which the thief bid leftfaraafs.
An Kzecntioa ia SUsabatppt.
Port Graso.-r. Miss. Feb. 1.
Simon Bonner, tho negro murderer was
hauged hero this afternoon at half .past cae.
A crowd of perhaps two thousand persons,
men, women and children, surrounded the
gallows. Bonner ascended tho scaCold
with considerable firmness aad stood
quietly gazing at the preparations for his
"xecuiion. His composure was marked,
but his countenance showed di tress aad
terror. After a hymn had been song and
s prayer offered by one ot the preachers,
the black cap was drawn over his face,
the coos slipped over his neck and tho
trap sprung. He fell about eight feet aad
died without a struggle.
Tha XoBoaKoeta Bisatier.
bniAXLJOLxs, Ia&, Fe. L.
The coroner this afteraoca began aa In
quiry over tho remains of five bodies that
were recovered from tha, wreck yesterday
oaths Air Lino Railway at Broad Ripsrfe.
Tbo testimony shows that tha brides was
built of good material and properly con
structed. The workmen were ref-akiag the
bridge aad had removed peraaaaaat sap.
porting rods, supp'ying their placa with tem
porary rods, which were claimed to b
strong enough to support tha ttractar. It
is generally thosght the aoddaat was.
caused by the weakening of tha bridge, the
result ot removing the permannt rods.
The bodr of Parr, the bridgo foreman, tit
not vet been recovered.

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