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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, February 14, 1884, Image 1

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Derated te the Interest of the Cherokee. Choctaw., Chickasaw, Seminole, Creeks and all Other Indian of the Imlian Territory.
YOL. II. NO. 22.
Jfejwri & (MftriuB the Qnest ami ceaplctot store In the Indian Tcni'orj is that of
W. C. PATTON fc CO.,
Ye m t Myth!;
Ami fall
tCK JWr CM9BS BEPARISE.YT cwtalns an isme-ise stock of every variety or the tiest and most KrTlccable Dry
I2aaJj lit
SCR CLOTXRW SEFAXTjfOT yen will And the largest Stork or first-class Clot .inr, Boots Shows Hat, Ladle. ard
MIX 30LLX5CKr WKAXTMSST is roily up to the times In all th Lale! Style .nd Fashlrni.
CZ CWKlirBEPARTJIEXT is replete wIlhCTcry kind orstaple and Fancy Grjccrlcs, Flonr, Baron, Canned Goods,
CnekcEs, Chewt, lie.
H7X KAB&B&S W&XKOrSX hs a fall line or Saddles, Harness and Leather Goods or all kind. In
K7 A6KICCLTUX1L IHPLEXE3T BEPART3F.EXT yon can gel Wagon, Bug-j Plows, Spring; fla-joas, Etc.
DK SAKBWARE KPARTjfEXT Is well itocked with Sails, Screws, Chains, Ilinjn, Tinware, Axe, Utensil', Tools-,
Etc. TMwiHSadia
UK CLASS A5B CEEXSWAKE BEPARTJTEST eTery Taricty of Dishes, Crocks Jars, Jng;, Etc. While in
OR nC6 ST08K, EPAKTSE5T yoa will nd a splendid stock of Pare, Xi Drngs, Medicines, complete in every n
speet. rrapcrifit' s carcfHlIy cerapoomlcd by a skilled apothecary. In this connection we hare also an immense
stock of S4iK, limps Clocks, Confectionery, Elc. And a
STATWXESr A5 YCFAKTJIEaT where yoa will Had ercry Taricty or Writing Hatcria's Taper, Blank Books
Sole a4 XeeeJft Boots, Sehool Books and a lime or z-aol Reading Bosks Pro-c and Fottry.
Our Prices are as Low as the Lowest. Come and See Us.
W. G. PATTON & GO., Vinita, Indian TerritoiTT
W. I. TROTT, Proprietor.
WTM keep cotjefantlr on hand anpplyof both Nat-rr and Northern Tlrw Lumber. Also Sb'tn
rteDoun.Mwk.BUBs.Xnu)Iins. Etc The Salivc rine, being shipped from the Cboctew
xn smss wjwc e? cujeithtw oixice, vxstta.
Drugs, P&tentMedicines, NTotioiis-, Stationery,
' Etc.; also aPullLine of Cigars, Tobaccos
and Confectioneries.
UMifartersofaM tbeBctrs inTIn.la at X. FR1ZEFS Bed Franl, one door
West or Frise Hotel.
""" M. FRAZEE, Vinita, Indian Territory.
"VIISriTA., I. T.
Keep coBStsutly ca haal the Cho!c"t Staple n1 Fancy C rocerics In the Market. Ato
Frwf, VifiWs, FNi, Itoesnsware, Glassware and Tinware.
KxteeoGrncktatkf NfWBalMiaa on lUe Corner, lwodoorWl or A. C.
RijntMlAC'i Hardware Sltorc
Men's Ring Leader Washing Machines.
ThM Xirkiam are warranted to finish a wahin; ready for the line without
UK ase of Tab or Washboard. Do not hare the hands in tae sads from be?innln?
to emi- Bes the work or rnoaey rernnded.
Befcresees-Xr. 3T. A. Gray, Chontean, I. T.; Srs. A. T. GcoJykMatz,
Ttetta, I. T.; rs. A. C Raymond, Ylaita, I. T.; 3rs. J. L. and IL L. Martin,
BthmI Bfcer. I. T.: Xrs. K. IV. L!ndsey, Chontean, L T.; Hrs. Dr. F. II. He
Stir, Brpl' Asyfex, L. T.
0M ts, Srs, Symps, Soaps and
ami TEAS; also Bcensware, Klassware,
uj1mhW. We carry an Immense slock or lEtU, torn, uran, buorts aieu
8r ai - We are sole arenls at Tinita for the celebrated NEXECA TLOCir.
G-IVJbit US .
CASi: FAEl FWt nBS, FTKS cad PBODUCE. Cash or Cattle taken in Ex-
eanj forGfods.
jen mat aau that of the Terr best quality
assortment of evc-jlh'H? wanted by our
Sances, Candies and specially COFFEE-
Hooacnware, unware. Aaiis, rowacr,
vm oa f f
to be had In the co. n ry.
Hicsen Cah rriw PM fr Ft-ISS. OAMB
an.I I'UUDl'CU.
GffGSnS ?. H, CA55' Sffi TOA, L T,
ErftcatoU at Cant St. Louis "
Directly o?p!!e the rHy r St. Ivmti Huyrr;
furaHderiptlnnof Uv J'tort ahrarm at
tendance, and wHhtn ihe rtuntl ut the Stsrk
Vnnli are a Bo?r Canntaj Owmpanjr. whh a
caparily for Wwhl1nit IJUD heid t ntlta
dally, and IVric I'arktn; BtanH4bi'MS wtin
a er4ty Iw -lausBerlnie 12,8 ) hts daily.
ISAAC II. KXOX, rroldcn,.
Pullman Palace Hotel Car !
through to St. Louis.via
Scilalia, Daily.
Direct Iloutc West ami Soullt
west ria Kana.s City.
New MexroiHidralHnta emnteet with III.
pros Tram- f all Itet.
imnfrtfcm fc tna.le wltfc
rwiw Tnlm Inr at
IT nUJIUA ronnortfcm l made wHh atl
At UMAnAanciteJiHnffto tbeXtwIh an
F. CHA.N'ItLEK, -cn. Tass. A sent.
C. K. K1SXA5, Ast (Jen. V. Agent.
F. L. DECKER, Ascnt at Vinita.
T TT.'PP-A.'g
Timor Git
Jbe DlrtjetTlinmirti Houle nnween
Fast Express Trains are Run Dally. So
Change of Cars.
Tiroucn PHHman Ialar Sephur rr are
run JHv. wubwit hanjo.ltw ST. LOriS,
3UIO rcrr of h Harmtas- and mli
land, for trie fey tMwipatrn',lniWEfiT
iJ"' - ....
EEf for uii aiei pati niw b;.tt... .i. ..
Mans Tltn- TaU'- itat. re.. 1 iiinti r al-
dre any o' mi M t:'-i Ag-.'! 'In- ''ne'
unrna'jcd. i
D. Wf.'tT ' neil Fi ".- -n Ft '
i v i nrf -.Tiirr- Amt i Lou a. I
iC W Jtin.r.lf lre 1t .J-nt nn-i l,rnnrai
J jiat-.4r-.Tc prui tc Kt i-ukso. j
Tue House Judiciary Committee has
unanimously reported an intcruational
copyright bilL
Frank Lewis (colored) was recently
tried at Memphis, Tcnn., for murder,
before a jury composed entirely of
colored men, and sentenced to the pen
itentiary for sixteen years.
Great indignation was reported at
Cairo, (Egypt), lioih v the Europeans
ttl 5lie natives, at the apathy of the
British Government in view of the re
rent massacres of troops scntagainst
the rebels.
William M. Evarts representing. tht
Western Union Telegraph Cortipduyi
recently made nn argument before the
Senate Comnillitc on l'ost-fiices aild
jttUfundi in opposition to the estab
lishment of the postal telegraph sy.-tem.
The new tarift bill introduced into
Ihe Houc by Mr. Morrivin makes a re
duction of twenty per cent, on numerous
article, while in a few cacs the reduc
tion is greater or les than this ratr. A
provision prevents any mltietion to n
rate lower than in the Morrill art f
M.VlHiL-13 t)fe MonES. who hipeil
Iwclvu thousand shcrii from Wsconsin
Snd Iova la-l July to ranpr in Moti
tana,reMrtei that tIfty-fieiHrceiit. had
died. 1'hb hnimal weli up and blecil
at the noo befon; ICath. It is .-aid to
bean incurable duease, heretofore un
known. A tkaix wn.- rwently .noweil in on
the Bio (I ramie Railroad, near the little
town of 0ier, Col., and the passengers
were in danger of .tarring, when two
trainmen volunteered to po in earch of
relief on snow hoes. After terrible
Miiierinjr. tliey reachM tMer Whbtl fit
lief partH wen .-cnt tint and rVIieved
the famUhin;; pa.M.'tip.T by carrying j
litem pnivbions makinjr their way on j
It was rejKirtol at Waliinpttm that
Hon. Tom Ochiltree, the Ltinei-tarCon-ireman,
would xmn wetl a daughter
of Bonanza Kinjr Mnekey, and tiiat Mr.
Ochiltree's recent vlit to Europe had
stimo ctinr.ii'tion with tin apjimaciiiHiJ
lmptiai. A Wa-hinf m correspondent
watmalieions enough to Miggi-L, how
eier. that the only thing that threw any
doubt upon the rcjHirt wa thu fact tltat
Mr. Ochiltree hiuiK'lf said that it was
SrKBS. tiie munlerrr of Kate Town
send, was recently acfjuittetl at New
Orleans. The murdered woman was n
eourttuan wortlt nbout one hundred
thousand dollars. .Vfter her Si-alli it was
dl-covcrei' that .-he had lott all bur
foriuno to Srke. He cunrertetl the
property into cash anil spent the rcol
of it in iilteral fev to lan-yers to defend
him. It i sid a dLtinguihel Criminal
Judge rti'uetl hi place on the bench
Ui act aaciHinM-1 in the ca.c The plea
wa elf-lcfene.asthe woman wa .shown
to be turbulent, and dangerous when
IlEroirr- of Adjutantsn'neral giving
the militia strength of each State, to
gethcr wili the imiuber of men availa
ble for military duty, were recently
transniithil to the S-natn by the Secre
tary of War. The rejirt showed the to
tal nnmlierof general officers of militia in
all the States to Ih S5: general stall offi
cers, 7C7: rogimuntal Held anil .tafliiHi
rers, 1.42?: cirapnny offittsr.-, 4,fiAt: loial
nnniii ittaetl. fi0i: total non-eom-mi--4inul,
niu4cian. ami privates. SI,
iGS; aggrtfgate. RS.070; ntnulicr of
citizens available for military duty. C,
?i7.92I. SoriETT circles in Moundrille. Y.
Va.. were nvently all torn up"' over
the marriage of a well-known voting
tHiety lady. Mml to lm talenteil,
beautiful and the heire of con-idera-ble
property, with a fellow generally
kjoMji as a tramp. Alxtut a month
prevbms the tramp wa engagisliiy the
jounglady unele. who was lier guar
dian, to l jib about the 1ioum, and
the litt thing lier gnanlian know i-he
had uUiel anil marrknl him. re
turned and announced that ihev ntiuM
uttlu down. It was Mated hc ilid this
U jite a recreant lover. It wunds
-erj- much like the old story of "biting
00" the noMj." etc.
The other .lav a bright little loy oulv
eleven years old, nnmed Francis Divine,
iva- taken to Ottawa, III., to be confined
in jail for illicit liipmr celling in
streator. Hie Sheriff lookol at the
tearful little fellow and told the officer
he would pay the line first before jmt
ing Mich an immaturo ciiild in jail
llong with professional thieve:, burg
lars and other criminals. The fact was
.levelojicd that bis father was an illicit
liiptor-seller in Strcator. and that the
boy was compelled to sell whisky by his
unnatural father and mother, for which
he was fined fifty dollars. When asked
why the father wa- not puni-lted, the
3llicer snhi he had OeiL Tiie boy was
rent back liome.
It is Miid that ince the revolution of
1813, Vienna lias never paed through
ueh a criM of anxiety aud alarm as it
a at present Mibjected to. Hie Govern
ment professed to be in po"eys:on of
tnttwortny evidence of a plot to assas
sinate the Emperor. Teaceful citizens
ivens in constant dread of two terrible
and dote?ted extremes the police on
the one hand ad the Anarchists on the
other- Among the list of persons pre
scribed for sentence to death by the
Anarchists were the Emperor and
Empress, the Crown Prince Rudolph,
ihe Crown Princess Stephanie, Baron
Kothsuhild. and several editors. Heavy
robberies had liecn committed of the
tKvtf-rifliees at Vienna and Pcstb.
Tnrops were held under rigid orders to
be ready to act a a moment s cr-tice,
and altogether the situation wns any
thing bu? pleasant.
A Kuniraarr f the Jai!r Xctvs.
Ik the Henatei the ith. Mr. Coke prc
Si'nlrlaairirti)(irisln Joint resolution from
Ihe LrxUUIUrelittriuS. lrilrtlctlnrtH-Halnrt
and lteprewitat!rc m- that Pal
fJeaHr In Sieilf lhklloil id Tf
open the Wetrrn 1HU IhnJuril
the Indian Territory, lnr-ed for irrmlcf pm
poe. The Senate roHJinot roai-MerillonoJt
unflnl-linl In:ips Ue .motion tjelns the
fichi1 prO'M I ly tlir n!!l n-pOrlfci frtim IOC
timmitf"p jn Private Ijuid na!m for the
FCttllrur uf IncoranWe titles tn lands at
j nulml by the l'nllr Mati- from Mexico.
in ini llourwantllnjr l omraittee reported;
anions other. J!r. rcrklo-S. Irom the ftom
mlttre nn Indian Affair reported a Mil crant
In; rurht of ay tbnni;rh the Indian Territory
In the Southern Kanvi!" Italltray t'ompanr.
The Houe went Into (Toramitter of the vhol
nn th? l.l!!-taULiilnr a Ilureaiiol Animal
IndUttrW Adjtelnel
1 the Kenate, the Sth. the bill patted ap-
pnirlatlnc f TTIW fur the completion of the
Capitol terraee ami rtainray connrctr-1
Wteiri:ht Inthecoure of the delate on
tnetiirlMr Incall" epret'd the boiw that
the funeral pile at the entrance to ttie rcain
approach to the Capitol on Pennsylvania
atenue and intetxlril for ornamental tatu
ary hould lx- remorr-l to iwkim adjacent
cemetery. It wu holly cuj of place, he
aid. in the Nitinn in whirli it now rtoml.
leple do not jro into puldic place to weep.
anyway. After the Introduction of UiHsthc
lexicnn Land-firant Title Mil eame up as un
finished. Iiuinr and was delated until bI
Journmcrt In the llone. Mr. Itelmont.
from the Committee on Fnrcijrn 3alr", r
iwrtfl a rriliitkin which wa adopted, re-luestlnx-
the t're-Hetit to tranrmit to the
MlUe rtirtiplrl' e!.ic ff a" trr-p(iurtcnc
l-.IB titfe C!H-rnment ahd fireat Hntairi.
it-cctlnrtbeextraditi.nnf jllejred fiisltlves
fnutrJuMiee that has taken place froce the
date of the PreMdcnt's rsi'ial menace to
Concre. December "2. 1WB. The llouw then
went Into Committee of the Whole on the
pn-um-ltienmnnla Mil, which wa debated un
til adjournment.
In the Senate, the Tth, Mr. Van tVyclr,
from the Committee on Public Land., re
ported favorably a bill to relieve the purchas
er and settlers on the Denrer i St. JoTh
Hallmad land. Mr. Hill's MtrelatlnirtiiUnd
oecuplisl by certain i-ettler ami formerly be
lieved to form a part of the Tie lleerTation.
was taken cp. art-1 after an
amendment by Mr CockrrlU prm Mlrur that
Ihe larcl rcfernsl to be returmI tn the
public domain, t he bill vaML The ileluUe nn
the MexWi IXhl-iJraet Title bill wa then re-nmt-1
After the mtridtictlon nl bills an-1
reirt of .omraittis-s Ihe llollw prtK-enUsl tn
the conridrratinn of the rrsolutten mak.'rl?
the rile of the Fnrty-fixtb inrres n
ameiKle.1 br Ihi Hour", the rulesof the Forty
rfchtil Citirtr in!J Iji-the brflerof the
Itourc Iur'n-rctnitcratlin t the rules an
amendment 0"-rel by Mr. T-HlTnn. f
Kana. retrctin? the pricibTe of Ihe floor,
now srantnl to e.racwilr of IVin?re. wt
lost by a lote or 117 ycu In ni nay. At this
mint lite Houre adjourned for want of a
Ix the Senate, the Sth, Mr. Frye reported
a new fWpidnir MH alrady Bjrreel upon by
the Committee of Comnerc". In cxplainlnc
the liMt Mr. Krye remar1 -.1 that it would en
able America to lake slrps to advance any
thing done In II bippinir IntcreM In the la.-t
two year", lienor"- the Imrden anl lama
Hcs 4acel on tit e Important inter-ei-ls
Ity our own laws would ! re
moved and foraethtnp done to enable U to
reeOver our former siiiT-raaey on Ihe oeeaii.
Mr. Vest. In lhair of ihe minority, said, al
thnush they Benin- cd in the bill n-iorted,
they di.1 not l-tlrvr the Mil touchi-d the main
disfculty. which struck Iown our eomjnerce.
Ot Uer count ! im! .1 'ed Hi teen to 1 sfTSt heir
shiis wherever they rnuM Imy them the
eheapet. anl he want-sl Hir own iwople lo
haveieiwmeri"ilece TheSenatelhen took
up snd iM-nl the Mexican Laml-t;rant Title
bill The House rrsinH eon'Meratlon of
the report nf tb Comraittee on ltnles. which ,
report was nnaiir B'lopusi. .ucr Mime lime
rpni.t in conMeratHHi of, the private calendar
the House adiourncd until Mondar.
The rreiilent h?s Kuel bis order form
ally retiring General SHenian.
Tun IIou Juiliciary Cmmilbw ha de
cided to Inveit iate tbo charges profcrrctl
against Chief Justice Axtell, of New Mex
ico, by K. S-tVclib
Tne tag of the Ohioltiverat Cincin
natl on tbe C h iru over sixty feet an-1 tllt
iing Iwo inches an JMir. Tbe flood
eipialed that of lsi- Tin gas-works had
been dosed and the vat-r invaded hun
dred of liouse. At Athens, O., the river
was within fire feet of the great flood of
ISTTi, and rapidly ri.ing.
The Cabinet at a recent meeting, with
all the memlwrs pres-'n, entere-l Into a
general iliscutMinof the qsestions IhvsIv
ing changes in the present classification of
tbe Ctvil-Servlce. It Wo tboHght the re
sult wouM be emlioitled in tlw President's
uirssagc to Congress transmitting tho re
IHirt of the Ciril-Serviee Commiion-
Ix rrgant to tbe irioseil amendment to
the Constitution to jvemiit an export lax
on ccUtn Iteprescntative Ilobinsn,of New
York, recently said that should tbe amend
ment be adnptnl it will be followed by a
proposition to fix the tax at one -ent per
imund, wbicb he estimates will bring an
annual revenue to the Government of ?1S,
(HOJLiH. Tun recent arrest of Dsnnis Downer at
Detroit, Mich., led to the discovery that
the robbery of the PaeiRe Express car on
tbe AVabash Ilailmnil lat September was a
put-up job, in which tho Express messen
ger. Hurt Ijoomis, was eoneemed. Loomis
and Downer were jiittsl at Walnsb, Ind.
The rie in tbe Ohio Mirer on tbe 7th had
reached the jiiBt attaine.1 last year and
the river was still rising. TheOhio Valley
was flooded and laceh damage done. Pitts
burgh, Wheeling, Cincinnati, IouiviIIe
and other miuts Mifferetl severel-.
A onwnov nnraeit Walwrn reeenllysbot
and killed Police Judge Edwards, of Mont
rose, CoL, ami wonntled City Marshal
Murphy. He eseaieL
Tue Uoue Invalid Pension Committee
recently agreed t report a bill, predicated
ujvon Congressman Morrrt'ji resolut inn, de
claring it unnecessary that soldiers whose
services were accepted by the Government
and who served in tbe war, should be re
quired to pptve that they were ound in
health at tbe date of tbeir enlistment in
onlcr to obtain pensions.
Wintx firemen were reeontlv workingon
a lire in tbe factory of Kassraer & Klnrh
per, at Allentotrn, Pa., the walls fell out
ward, killing five and severely wounding
eight firemen.
The infant son of Mrs. John George, of
Galveston, Tex., war recently drowned in
a boiler of water which bad been carelessly
lett where the child bad gone to pl.iy.
The town of Lonoke, Ark., was almost
-ntirely wiped out by n recent tire.
The region of country about Silverton,
CoL, suffered recently from tho most de
structive snow storm of tbe season. Tbe
snow was several feet deep on a level, with
prospects of being much deeper. Business
was at a stand-still, transportation blocked
and snow slides rejorted numerou.
Ketorts from the Upper Elkhorn conn
try in Nebraska were that Kid Wade,
leader of a band of Niobrara cutlaws and
borsj thieve, bail been banged by Vigi
lantes. It is stated that tbe Vigilantes
have headquarters at a place called "Tbe
Pen," at tbe mouth of the Long Pine, and
have arrcxteJ a large number of men in
various parts of Northern Nebraska and
taken them to "Tbe Pen," where they were
tried and disposed of in some manner. It
was said to bo positively known they had
lynched eleven mtn and equally sure that
others had met tbe same fate.
A mote was recently made in tho Cana
dian Parliament looking to the impeaching
of the Finanea Minister for having ad
vanced J.TW,0U0 to tho .Exchange Benk, of
Montreal, last year, when he was aware at
the time of making the advance that the
bank wax embarrassed. j
DtrccrrvE Brows, who was Investigat
ing tho murder of the Crouch family at !
Jackson, Mich., was assassinated the other
A mix has been reported faTorablybr
the llonse Committee on Banking and Cur
rency for the exchange of trade dollars fo
standard silver dollars at par, by Jonuarv
The President has appointed tho follow
ing Commissioners to the World's Indus
trial Cotton Centennial Exposition of New
Oi leans: Charles J. Harrow, of Louisiana,
Commissioner- W. J. Hodgson, Alternate;
Writ. V. Goaldlngt Maine, Commissioner;
II. K Howe. Alternate.
CAiTatx Joh.t S.vnozxT, of the steamer
ibtrrr" jrEentlf rot and killed his en
gineer. Wt'liam rbillips; fti the RanPowrr
Hirer, at Rolling Fork, Miss. Sargent rt
proved Phillips for neglecting tf boiler
and making an explosion imminent, when
tbe engineer attacked him and lost his life.
At the examination Sargent was acquitted.
A late fire in tbe Standard Oil Works
at Long Island City, N. Y., destroyed oil
ml other property to the nluo of 4T3.W1.
A JJofEET hie ben Ilangufafod at St.
Louis among some of tho carpenicfj and
plasterers looking tn a demand for an 3d
ranee of wages to iXSf) per daj during the
coming season.
CtJBTIs, the j'ottng Kt Louis dude who
about a year ago ran away with 2ri
Dixon, a married woman, end afterward
deserted her and sneaked Itack home, the
other day eloped with another married
woman, Mrs. Wilson, the wife of a grain
merchant. Mrs. Dixon never rurned to
St. Louis after her escapade with Curti,
and It is said fills an obscure grave in
T. t WeLLs. of Loekportj ?f.Y.. recently
killed himself at Dallas, Tex. He was sixty-five
years of age, and onen a prominent
merchant of Isvckport, but failed and went
to Texas to retrieve Lis fortune. He was
unab'e td find employment, and In such
straightened circumstance; Ittdl tiidittt-ek
before his death bo subsisted on one meal
a day.
TnE principal street of Hot Springs,
Ark., was h-cently the scene of n terrible
tragedy between two factions of gamblers.
As Frank, Jack and William Flynn, broth
ers, were riding in a hack, a rival faction,
seven lit numlwf. headed by Alexander
Doran, stepped olt of a solium and opened
flro on Ihe Flynn from doubled bar
reled Shot feUiH snd Wincbe-tcr
rifle. Jack Flynn was shot through
the forehead and died in a few
minute: William Ilyun was shot through
the breast; Frank Flynn received a shot
through tbe band; Frank Howell, a friend
of the Flynns, who went to their assist
ance, was shot through tbe back of the
neck and died an hour aiteward; liobert
Hargrave, a bystander, was shot through
tbe breast, probably fatally, and J. II.
Craig, a prominent lumlierman, rrceivrI a
charge of buckshot through tbe back, ami
his condition wa nrecariou.
A Losnosj psis-r stated that 'England.
althotigh opposed to the annexation Of
Egypt, will bo under the necessity of exer
cising absolute authority over the country
for the next five or ten years. TLc exfgen
cie of tho present crisis demand immedi
ate action, and further delay on the part of
England to assume control would be notb
ing less than crimlnaL"
The other night J. C. Deut, of the firm of
Wells & Dent, drrggist, went into his
wholesale and retail drug store at Bridge
port, W. Vo., a suburb of Wheeling, with
an alcoholic lamp. "Hie store had been
more than two-thirdssubiuctged and a Ixtr
r-1 of gasoline uptt;tLe gas from tthicli
Ignited and an explosion followed; setting
fire to the buildiig. Di-nt jumped from tbe
second story window, badly burned ami in
his fall was seriously injured internally.
The loss was about S1U.0W.
The House Committee on Post-offices and
Post-road has agreed report favorably
the bill providing that letter carriers h?
employed in overy city containing live
thousand Inhabitants, and may b? em
ployed in places containing not less than
two thousand and prvtdncing a gross postal
revenue of at least tt.0 X) per annum.
The eutlre Texas delegation have united
in a request to Secretary Teller to revoke
tbe order of Indian Agent Miles, closing
tho cattle trails through tbe Indian Terri
tory. DtrniMi the late fl wd at Wheeling, W.
Va., a woman fell from tbe second story
window of her bouse anil was drowned.
A ebild also fell from a house Into the wa
ter ami was drowneiL The house of a man
named McCarty wa swept away and he
lost r')0 in goIiL The total los of prop
erty would reach Sti.CV),''.
DcniSG a late riot at San Juan, in the
Argentiue Republic, the Governor was
killed and many other wounded.
TnE Senate, the 11th, was engaged most
ly In delating nnttert of little general im
portance. In the Iiou.se many bill were
efTered. A joint resolution was also of
fered appropriating f.1,00 for the Ohio
Valley sufferer which called fonh a long
debate but finally p-it-seiL
The Ohio River on the lltlibad reached
the high st stage evrr Leforr kntwn. Cin
cinnati was w it&out gas, and six thousand
persons without shelter at Kcwport, Ky.
Nearly every place in the flooded district
sent appalling reports of destitution and
Charles I!ii.Dl-rr.tt has again been re
fused bis seat in the English Parliament.
Tuz 1'ro.rcuting Attorney of Jack
son County, Missouri, dimied the
charges against F.-ank Jamas when
the C3e recently camo on for
trial at Kansas City. As soon a released
he wa arreste 1 for complicity in tie JIus
sel Shoal robbery, and will bj taken to
Alsbima for trial.
Dcmr o the late great flood in the Ohio
River and its tnbutari-, thirty-five houses
floated off together at Liwrenceburg, ImL,
and there n ere mi ny eases where houses
went off singly.
Kearlt five thousand bills had been In
troduced into Congrr-M, to the lltb, mostly
of a private nature, and less than two
thousand acted nj-on by tho committees.
A rAcnox fight occurred rrcently among
the Creek Indians, forty miles west of Fort
SmiMij Ark-, in which Yohola was killed
aud several others moundcL It was
feared that further bloodshed would re
sult, as a very bitter feeling between the
factions existed.
Owixg to the depression in trade, it is
said the North of England Iron Masters
are reducing tbe wage of workmen and
placing them under twenty-four hours' notice-The
Belfast ship buiIder,wbo recently
struck, have resumed work.
AlpiieVs Wilsox, aged sixty year, was
recently killed by bis son, near Union town.
Pa. Both were intoxicaleiLwhen the father
ordered his son to leave. He did so, but
soon returned to the house and shot his
Jonx Vax Pelt, a young man who
escaped jail at Buena Vista, CoL, the other
day, in company with eleven other prison
ers, was shot dead on tbe streets at Ala
mosa while resisting arrest a few da3
afterwards. He fired at tbe officers a
number of times but did no damage. Dar
ing the firing another man was badly
wounded by a stray bullet.
The Congressmen from Ohio, Kentucky
and West Virginia recently held a meeting
in Washington, at which Senator Sherman
presided, tbe object Iwing to press an im
mediate appropriation by Congress of
sX. -X) to aid tbe iuff erers by the f .eU in
the Ohio Valley.
A Railway Train Caajfil Ifl tfe's 0nnlalM
of Sonthern Colorado TerrlMtT itfr'ert.
en- of tbe Passengers The Baa JosiC
Country Snowed Under.
Dcrrxn, Cot-, Feb. T.
A special frm Durango to-night says
that the snow-storm there his abated, but
the country is literally inowdl Bniler.
Snow-slides between Durango and Silrar
ton havo completely prostrated the tele
graph and telephone wire, ond Silverton
nd all the upper portion of the San Juan
hiBt'y Is -bnt off from the outside world,
rbe Ilid Urandd train das In Durango on
Sunday arrived there thil evening after
having been tied np for several dayr. The
train-men made renewed efforts to pusli
the train through, and by using several en
gines and snow-plows succeeded in getting
In this even'ng. The passengers say they
fared better than could be expected unsler
tbo eircmrlstancest
Tho tram which left Durangtf on Sunday
evening, bfrand for Denver, after srfece"
fully crossing th) divide; stcck In d bank a
few miles from Osier, & small statlcri otj
the downward slope of tho main ttlvMc.
AH efforts to free themselves proved futile,
and p'reparationa were made by tbepas
engcrs to pass the night on the mountain,
as best they could. Next day tb" train
men, assisted by the passengers, put fCrtb
their tet efforts to cut a way thi ongh the
banks of snow, but Ihey were unsuccess
fuL Provision on the train were then be
coming low. Up to that time the content,
if the express car had supplied food for
h passengers. Then the fuel gavo out,
and ijule nuealnes began to be lelt.
Two of the trainee ri vciunteered to at
tempt to reach Osier and get flssistanee.
They started out to weather tbestorm,wilb
the chance i greatly against them reaching
their destina'ion. They relate their ex
perience as being full ot tbe greatest hard
ship add most perilous adventures. They
uld not follthr any trail and struck oat
iverland toward Oilers At time tbe t-va
men were covered over head with snow,
and bad it not been for the assistance one
was capable of rendering tbe other, both
would have perished. As it was, after
hours of the greatest fatigue, they reached
the snow-bound settlement of Osier, and in
formed the citizens of the perilous position
ot the passengers of the delayed train. A
relief part wa at once organized and men
started out on snowshoe for the train,
loaded with provisions. These men were
followed b7 others, and as the fir.t relief
psrtv has returned to 0ier after having
landed their load of food to the dlstrcsseo
passengers there need be no longer any ap
prehension ot their safety, as plenty ol
provision car thus be carried In on snow
Osier is near tho famons Toltec Gorge, a
romantic place, where Eastern tourists ar
wont to linger in summer and drink in uk
grandeur ot the finest scenery in the Rocky
Monntain. AH tho available engines ic
Denver and along the line of the Rio Grandt
have been sent out to assist in the relief ol
he snow-bound passengers.
An tUelllng Fight on the H'reets of Mont
rose, Col with a Cowboy Descerado
Two Prominent Citizens Shot.
MoSTnosr, Cor-, Feb. T.
There is great excitement in town to-night
.jver the shooting of City Marshal C B.
Murphy and Judge Edwards, a Justice ot
the Peace and Police Judge, by a cowboy
named Watson, who wa bound over it
July to the District Court for spitting it
the Judge's face. He was fined 3) and
cost, which amounted tonbout illX About
dark the Marshal was attacked and shot ic
the ankle "V just above. The man being or
his horse, he fired at him, but missed, tfcr
eral shot were fired by citizens. Eeturn
ing in about half an hour, tbe desperadc
drew his pistol on Frank Maon, wher
Judge Edward came up and drew his pis
tol on Watson, coanmandinghim to throw up
rishands. Watson spurred his horse, went
a few feet, reined up took deliberate aitr
at tbe Judge and fired four shots, one ball
entering about three inches below tho left
nipple. The town is in arms after tho mat
Watson, who has had more than a hnndrec
shots fiml at him. At a corner bis horst
fell, and persons, thinking he was hnrt.rar
to pick him up, but before they could get tc
him he was up and on hi horse again. Tbt
Marshal. Bob Murphy, started in pursuit,
but did not overtake mm.
Not only did he threaten to kill the three
men alreadv named, but he swore be wonlc
burn the town, and It is leared by somt
person that he may return here yet to
night and undertake it. It is now nearly
I wel re o'clock and Sheriff Johnson has just
called lo see your correspondent to give ar.
arcmnt of the first attempt to catch Wat
son t --night. The Sheriff was returninr
from Colorow. a town between here and
Delta, and when about four miles north
west from hero he met his deputy. Mr
Lnftu. wtth the other officer. They bad
followed Watson aero tho Uncoropaghn
River, but he eluded them. Five annr '
and mounted m-n were sent to Baldwin-
Cpwcamp to look out for Watson, and it it
expected that if he goes there be will be
captured, a there is but one man 'hero.
Tbe ramp is twenty-five miles to the north
east of here, where he could gel a frest
bono and a supply of cartridges, for whict
iignraj it is cxiectrd he will go there, a
he has doubtless mads up his mind by tbit
time to fieht a long ban!, and desperat
fight. Watson is probably thirty-eight
vears old, a stout built man with heavy
i lack hiskers, a determined looking face,
such a man as other would fear.
A ISIorls ot Hoose Mak Into a Cullrry.
Wit.Ki3in.tRRC, Pa.. Fell. T.
The ""orongh of Hazleton, in the lowei
end of thi cwnty, a town of ?,000 inbabi
lauts, was thi afternoon thrown into z
fearful state of excitement by the cavinf
in of an entire square in the central pan
of the borough. The drop was aboat thnu
feet, caused by the giving wny of the tim
b-rs in Sugar Loaf Colli'iy underneath
Three or four houses, including a ho'eL
were entirely wrecked, while numben
ot others nero more or less injnreiL Tht
residence of Master Mechanic Clark, ot thi
L-high Valley Ra-lroad shop, ws utterly
demoli.sheL Fortuna ely no lives wen
sacrirled or anybmty injured. It It report
rtl here to-nignt that grave apnrelitnsiot
exist in Hazleton concerning a further set
II ing or the surface, and much anxiety ex
1st.. Thi is the first town known to havt
juffcred from a cave-in directly in it. bus!
ness centr, and it naturally give rise t
much curiosity among residents ot othei
andermincd towns to kuowtheexactcauset
bat otrratod in bringing about the dlsa-
:er of to-day.
A Disgusted Judge.
M-vrH!S.Tcxx.. Feb. T,
The jury in the case of Pat Haley, tht
voung Irishman charged with killing Alex
Dunlap, an aged negro, last summer, bj
cutting hi throat with a butcher knife, re
turneda verdict at noon to-day of not guil
ty. This wa the second trial, he havinr
been couvictod of murder in the first de
gree, but a new trial granted on a technl
cality. When the jury announced the ver
diet to-dav Judge Greer remarked that it
was a perfect sun io to the court and t
disgrace and insutt to any civilized com
inanity. He bad the jury palled and then
nsmes spread upon the minute, with in
structions never to again be summoned a
jurors in his court.
Tired ot tbe Business.
SrnoGnrLD. Mo, Feb. 7.
Ike PrrJtt, the most noted of the illicit
whisky distillers of Texas County, this
State, yesterday vVmntarilr surrendered
himself to Depnty United States Marbal
Gum Roper, at Baikett's store, Texas
County, and was brought to this city where,
before the United States Commissioner, be
stated that he had bn operating an illicit
distillery and that he still owned tbe still,
but did not know where it was. In default
3f bond be wa sent to the Cc!e County jail
to await trial at he March term of the
United States District Court at Jefferson
City, Froitt says that be u heartily fcred
of runninr"" ""'id --. od mat ht
rr'T iltTote himseM to (some other ocenpa
fftttca In &a futarer
Sir. Ingram. .' founder jw4 pro
prietor of the Illustrated London Hews,
Sle fns; first fortnne by selling pill.
deJltTfll Jackson was the fas"
President to iruUjrtfrate the ctutom of
shaking the hands of all Who came 9
bis public lovecj.
Krr. Dr. John Hall, ofyewrerkv
fcoe ml nissetl preaching because a
slcfceas1 on two Sabbath days daria
his sixteen jcarV pastorate. K. I.
It is said that George Mnaro hs
built a publishing honse nine atoriet
high, and co-tng Sl.000.OOQ, ont of hi
profits on tnc reprints of English oooia
which hara no copyrights. X. K
Man Anderson says she has faita
fnliy followed Longfellow's advice,
given Ler at the thrcshoM of h
career, that she should sec a bssatifnJ
Eicture. read a beautiful poem awl
car sorrs beautiful music every day.
Jliss Alice Freeman, Ph, D.. the
President of Wellesler Coilegi, is a
slight, giriish. youns-faccd woman, ol
great force f character and brilliaat
mental endowments-. She is very
popular with tho -oun;; lady stadeats.
Mr. William Sisson and wife, ot
Portsmoulh, R. I., recently celebrated
.he sixty-cjgh.ii anniversary of tfceir
wedding by a reunion ol their friend"
in tho boiL-c iu which titer nave reakle-i
all the years of their Marrietl life.
I'rocidence. Journal.
Prof. Wblcott Gibbs. of ItarvanT
College, has been elected an hoaorsn-y
member of the German Chemical So
cictr of Berlin by a unanimous rot?,
lie is the Urst Am-rican who has lices
made a member of this disticwsbed
society. Ihuiford ibtf.
Mrs. BcLey Moody, of Capn .Eliza
beth, Me., who i one hundred and two
years of age, said to a friend who called:
"I told my husband when he died I
would never marry again if I lived to
be one hundred years old." She has
kept her promise. Dos ton ITeraVL
Mrs. Rathbonc. the victim of the
recent tragedy in Ilanover, supported
Prcsidunt Lincoln when he fell wounded
by the assassin, and tho dross sic then
wore, stained by tho President's blood.
Is preserved as s relic at tho family
homestead in Albany. Albany (X. Y.)
Colonel Macomb Maon. whom
Baker Pisha has appointed Governor
of Massowab, is a native of Vrgin'a.
and a gradua'.e of the United Mates
Naval Academy. He went with his "ictu
into tho war, and since then has 1 1 n in
the Egyptian service He is aa officer
of ability and resolution, with a long
training in African warfare and entire
familiarity with the native tribes ot the
Soudan. CAisajo Inter Ocean.
President Salomon, of the Republic
af Hayti. Ls described by one who saw
bim recently to be "a massive, broad
ihouldereJ giant, at least six fret six
inches high, with the physical propor
tions of a gladiator, a profile vfart as
the 'Night's Plutonian shore. with
snow-white Iocks, keen, restless eyes,
'littering like diamonds in a setting ot
let. high forehead, and a form, dep.te
his advanced age, erect as a pillar oJ
"A train behind time." remarfcd
Fotrrr. seeintr an elderly maiden tricked
ant in full-flowing robes. Boston Post.
Irato parent in the door to his
jlerV, who is caressing hi ilaughtcr
'onngman. von are not hired here
for that kind of work." "That's so.
I'm doing it for nothing."
"Backward, turn backward. C
Time!" Papa "According to this
new standard. Minnie, we must set the
clock back about four minutes, chr"
Minnie (still in the market) "Font
minutes! Fnt it back lot?, papa. Noth
ing les than ten vears will do me ant
good!" Life. '
--'Do yon krow why I am like the
new bridge at Niagara?" asfcedyouna
BliUk'-a of pretty Miss Smitbers, Hi
evpectett her to give it np, and Ihea h
would haio rung in a pua on cant-i-lc-ter,
lut she replied: "It must be be
cause you are without vi-ib!c means ol
support." Buffalo Express.
Johnny came homo from school the
.ithcr dav very much excited. " iVhat
do yon think, pa? Joe Stcwajt, one ol
the'big boys, had an argument with the
teacher abort a question hi grammar."
-What position did Jof take?" Hit
last jKitlon was cro-'s a chair, fact
down." Drlroit ybst
Brown "What! smoking? I thought
von swore off." Fogg "Sol did. and
1 got along bravely until 1 came lo me
that this was leap-year. I hadn't
thought of that extra day. A fellow
might be able to keep from smoking
three hundred and sixty-five days, but
a man's got to ilraw "the line somo
where You can't expect impossibili
ties' from afcllow.''--ffcMfoj '"ranscrijtL
What shall wc name bafir, sister?"
akcd a mother of her little four-year-old
daughter. "Call her Eaiy. mini
ma; that's a prcttr name.' "Early"
That' not a little girls nam-." "Ob,
yes it i.. Don't yon rcmen bcr read
ing to me about the little girl who was
to be the May Queen, and who wanted
her mother "to call her Early?' r
shan'jr. ' The Honker's Dream:
A donkey Uy him down to sleep.
And as he slept and snored full deep.
He wa oliscrved Ktranre slant) to weep.
As It In anguished tsoo-l.
A rentle mule that lay near by
The donkey roavt. and with a lzh
And kindly voice. In iii!r-d why
Those tears he did exude.
The donkey, while he Ir-mblcd o'er
And dropped coM sweat from every rore.
Made answer in a fearful roar:
l dreamed I was a dude!-
"Ah," said the nice young man
tvith bang, a the little boy let him la
Jic other evening, "Ah. mr little man,
.s your sister at home?" " Ves, she's at
some, but she ain't expecting- you."
"And how do you know she isn't ex
pecting me?" "Cause I heard her tell
na that yun'ro too mean to hire a horse
ind sleigh, and she didn't expect to see
sight of you while the snow lasted."
The little boy is now saddest when he
lit. Middletoien Transcript.
Partiralaras to Shade.
A consumptive man. knowing that
iis life was rapidly drawing to a close,
called his wife to fi'm and said:
"Madeline, you know that I am about
to die; shall you ever think of me when
I am gone?
"Oh, yes, darling." sobbed his wife.
"I neTer can forgut vou, and I will ever
ee that your grave Is kept gresn."
"Yes, my dear, 1 know you will; bnt
have one'last request."
"W t is it. darling?"
"L not keep It that vulgar, low
lown common green, like Simpsoa's
jTavc. which is so distasteful to the err.
Seep it a rich, delicate olive grevn.
Boston Globe

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