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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, February 21, 1884, Image 1

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Devoted to Ike Interests of the Chcrekccs Clioctnw, Chickasaw. ScihIhoIcs, Creeks, and all Otkcr IhjIIhbr of tkc latitat Tcrrltery.
YOL. n. NO. 23.
Jjm afi eparisoB the finest and coaplctcst store in tbe Indian Territory Is that of
W. 6. PATTON fc CO.,
Ik cm get anvthln- you want and that or the Terr best quality to be had in the coi n rj.
Aad z full assortment of everything iriateilbf oar enstomcrs.
iC Wtr CTWS MPA5T.XE5T contains an Immense stock of CTerj Tarleij of the best and most crTkcabIe Vrj
vrve9 A
fiat dTKLS MPAXTXEXT yon will find the larsest Sto-i or flrst-class Clot'ii? Boots Shoes, Half, Ladle,' std
f gate' FnmirMwy Goeis. While
TO aSLLISlir BPAKT3SX is fully up to the times in all ths LalcU Styles :nd Fashions.
UK SaACESr BFJLSTXHT is replete mlherery kind or Staple and Fancy (iraxrics, Floar, Bacon, Canned Goods,
Crackers, Cheese, Etc.
C UJAW6 BEFASXXEYT has a fell Iiae or Saddles, Harass and Leather Goods of all kinds. In
CK AKCCLTUE1L IXPLEXEST DEPJLRTSEST yon can get Wagons Bug-pcs, Plow, Spring Waoas Etc
OR XIXBWjLRE BCPAKTJIEXT is well stocked with Sails, Screws, Chains IH-tres, Tinware, Axes, Utensils, Tool',
Bte. Ymiwyieaiin
TR (KISS a CEESSWiRE DEP.UIT3IE5T eiery variety ef Dishes, Crocks Jars Jags Etc. While In
U sTJ S7ME 9EFJLSTJIE5T yon will find a splendid stock or rare, 'Ice Dross, Medicines eomplet every ro
scet. PreseriptioKS carefHlIy compounded by a skilled apothecary. In this connection ire hare also an immense
M.ek of SotfMM, TmHj docks, Confectionery, Etc And a
SUTMKIKT ASS " 1-EPARTSEXT where yon will find CTeryTariety or Writing materials, Paper, Blank Books
Sote bT Jietlpt Beaks, School Books, aaid a line or pool Rsadin? Books Prose and Poetry.
Onr Prices are as Low as the Lowest. Come and See tJs.
W. I. TROTT, Proprietor.
Kim.iilTr ob tend a ripply of both XaUve and Xorthern Fine Lumber. Also 5hin
.asMfc.WlwW,Moniaings.Ete. Tbe X ativo Pine, bring shipped from the Cboctov
Drugs, Patent Medicines, Notions, Stationery,
Etc.; also a Full line of Cigars, Tobaccos
and Confectioneries.
- gta.eearters raK the Beetacs In TInita at X. FSAZEFS Bed Front, one door
West or 'Frisco Hotel.
M. FRAZEE, Ytnita, Indian Territory.
g t rr.Tii T? GSL
nnsniTA., i. t.
Kmc ceaotaailr on hand the Choicest Staple
Fi Ytffiiaiiis, Fwi, Qmnswtri, Glassware M Tinware.
swrtockJntp7feir KhHiIIhs ob
A Ca.'a H&nltr ro More.
Allen's ill Leader Washing Machines,
the e of Ta4 er Washboard. Do not hare
M ewk cs we wort or moarj- rciuuucu.
BefereMK 3b. Jt. A. Grar. Chontean, I. T.; Srs. A. P. CoodTkoontz,
Twite, I. T.; K. A. CKajiaead, Tinita, L T.; Kn. J. L. and It. L. Martin,
6m. Mht, I. T.; atrs. R. W. Lindsej, Ctoatean, I. T.; Mrs. Dr. F. H. Sc
Swr, grpimag Asjhw, I. T.
Are eanTtns' a larse and complete stock of
Ce4 Seods, St, Sjraps Soaps and
imlTEXS; fenswa, Glassivare, TToodcnTTare, Tinirare. Sails, Ponder.
d HwataaitlMi We carry a iraraense stock or FEED, Com, Bran, Shorts, Baled
I a.t. IT !... .1 Vtntf.. ftir- ! M.ln1.rtw1 SPVFn FtfinT?
nj aarm viuv ncoDwuiuu v
aar&coyfgTxsTLT ox ilixd all
Lskr, Lai, Hte,
xf ror vtast to 3 ofhce axd taud
CITS Hl3f A CAUL. -- cnETOP.t, KAS.
wmev wit re ski at iei-iick prices.
CXMK. TU9 TfK JUKS, FUKS and FSOBUCE. Casli or Cattle taVen in Ex
y r c3e for Gr3s.
tec ckm -rrocK. tulsa,i.t.
& GO., Vinita,
' or CHiKiTAxg orrzcz, vxmjlta.
and Fancy G roccric in the ilarkrt.
tlie Coraer. two doon Vnt or A. C
ia-a." '""J " aauw
the bands In tbe sails from be?innin?
Sanccs, Candles and especlallj COFFEE
i . ". ... .- . -..v- . ..
also DEAixn nr
Indian Territory.
Illrbe-t Cash Price Paid for FC1U GAMH
and I'ltODL'Cl.
Located at Ht f. Louli, III.
Directly opposite tbe city of St Louis. Buyer!
forall description of Live Slock always in at
tendance, and within the around nf the Stock
Yards arc a Beef Canning Coin pan-, with a
capcitjforlauiterin8' 1,(00 bead of osttlo
dally, and Port: Pacldiur Btabllumrata with
a capacity for slaughtering liOW nog daHy.
ISAAC U. KXOX, President
C1IAS. T. J05ES, Sopt.
.-llai Pii
Pullman Palace Hotel Cars
through to St. Louis,Tia
Scilalia, Daily.
Direct Route West and South
west via Kansas City.
1TK2UC10 PITY t'nkm Depot piwenser
A I kAnoKA 111 1 I for Kuiimu. ndoraila
New Mexico and California connect with Ex
lrcM Trains of all nnca.
IT bTPUKHU ronnection l n
A I Albni&Uir g- J""
rale with
for aL
nu.UI ronnrctkm i ma.ie with all
AT OMAHA line leading- to the North and
F. CH AXD LEU, Cca. Pass. Agent.
C. B. KISXAS, -Vss't Cen, Pas. A&ent.
F. L. DECKER Agent at Mnita.
The Direct Through Koute Between
Fast Express Trains are Run Dailr. 'o
Change of Cars.
Thmosh PnBman Palace Mcepina- Car are
mn daily, wtthrait chane. between ST. LOUIS,
301,00 crr of rih farminc and mineral
land for rale ry thiacomprar InSOLTHWI&T
fSFor full and part cular intnrmauon. wn ,
Mapi. Tirap labl-s ltates. Ca.call tition orad
dreManrorouiMautnAsrnt. or e-i he-of the
undernamed (
TL W1SHAHT General Pieltr Astn Et .
k Loaln. I
f ... .. ...I 1?mtht Imp Ct Tttff.
U TV UOOriW, fc rrcsMent anj General
Jlasagcr, Tcisp'c lTcildJirt St. Louis, Jlo. J
Seyex persons, jileasnrc-slicrs, wcnS
recently tlroAvncd at. Lundec, ScotianiL
Chicago helped Peoria in tlie law
contest for the Republican State Con
vention of Illinois, anil Springfield, trith
custom and the political wire-pullers on
her side, got left. Peoria secured the
(EXEKAL Guant was reported suffer
ing from kidney and liver troubles oVv
ing to the confinement forced on him
through the injury to his iiip abd thigh
growing otitof his late fall iipon the ice.
His physicians fcemeu to regard the
complications attending his cac as of a
rather serious nature.
Qcm: an elaborate reception was
given Archbishop Ryan by the clergy
and laity of the Catholic Church the
other afternoon at the academy of the
Christian Brothers, five miles from St.
Louis, in honor of his return from
Rome, Where he attended the recent
Council of American Bishops.
Ax armctl band of Mexicans recently
threatened to raid the town of Eagle
Pass, on the Texan side of the Rio
Grande, in order to get possession of
two persons charged with the aiurder
of a citizen of Saragosra, on tlie 5U'icaa
side. The Texan authorities were pre
paring to rcsUt, and lively times wcro
The Supreme Court of Georgia re
cently decided that a telegraph com
pany is responsible for the gross negli
gence of its agents in transmitting mes
sages, in damages to the parties injured,
anti that it is immaterial what condition
a telegraph company puts upon the
printed beading of its message blanks
so far as its liability for negligence is
Theiik is said to be a better prospect
for bankruptcy legislation in the
present than in tlie last Congress.
Tlie sub-Judiciary Committee of the
House will propably report to the
full committee the bill introduced by
Mr. Morse, which is tho Lowell bill as
introduced bv Mr. Hoar in the Senate,
which has been favorablv reported with
some tif the amendments recommended
by tho committee of the Bankruptcy
The inhabitants of the North Division
of Chicago, were recently thrown into
the 'wildest exitemcnt by the appcar
auce of a mad dog upon the street.
The animal was a large Newfoundland.
Citizens and police turned out and
chased, the dog from street to street,
and pedestrians yielded the roadways
cheerfully to his jiosession without
stopping to contest h.s right of way.
The chase lasted into the night. Several
person were bitten before the dog was
The Directors of the Yellowstone
National Park Improvement Company
held a secret meeting in New York re
cently, bnt it was learned that a com
mittee was appointed for the purjiose of
preparing and submitting to the Direct
ors a plan by which tiie financial Ufli
culties of the company can be satisfac
torily arranged. The total indebted
ness of tbe company in Montana is
reported to be about $70,000. So far
about $125,000 had been expended in
A yocxg minister recently eloped
from England with the daughter of a
wealthy subject of the Quen, married
the young lady, came to America and
settled in Austin, Tex. He was pur
sued, however, by a detective put on
his traek by the irate father. Recently
the detective, who had become quite
friendly with the young man, induced
him to go huuting. While absent, the
father suddenly put in his appearance
aud comielled the bride to pack up and
start for EnjxlaniL
It is said tlial among ail the frauds
discovered in the investigation of the
accounts of Marshals of tlie United.
States in various sections of the coun
try, those pertaining to South Carolina
have attracted the mo-t interest, be
cause of the number of persons in
volved, and because the Department of
justice has even arrangement for lajiug
its hands uon the criminals and bring
ing them to punishment. From reports
of special examiners, it appears the ex
tent of thec frauds is even greater
than had been generally known. Fraudu
ulcnt mileage had been taxed up, and
fraudulent charges of every possible
description had been made to increase
the fees of the Marshal and his assist
ants and to defraud the Government,
A call for a Mass Convention of
American Inventors, to begin March 25
of this year, in the great Music Hall aud
Exposition Building in Cincinnati, has
been issued. The call recites that "the
great monopolies of the country have
made strong efforts to destroy the pres
ent wise and beneficent Patent laws, and
there have been none to antagonize the
representations thus made. To this end
the inventors of this country have de
termined to form a permanent organi
zation, wholely and solely for the pur
pose of being able by combined efforts
to show Congress and the people that it
will be detrimental to the interests of
the country to accede to the de-
mands of the monopolists."' The con
vention to be held will seek to adopt
some united form of action, or form
State associations. All inventors and
patentees who can attend, and desire to
do so, are invited to address at once the
Chairman of the Executive Committee,
J. S. Zerbe, editor of the American In
ventor, 16S West Fifth street, Cincin
nati, O., who will forward each appli
cant the badge to entitle the holder to
admission on the tiooe as a delegate.
The citizens of Cincinnati have sub
scribed a liberal guarantee fund to meet
the expenses of the convention.
A Summary of lbc Dally News.
Bills aul resolutions were introduced in
the Senate, the nth. Mr. Voorhees offered a
resolution calling: on the Attorney-General to
explain his Icl In adrlflnfr the PotmatT
JicncnU a. to the interpretation of the la w relating-to
the adjustment of pottnater' sal
aries. The resolution waa taVen
up, and ftr a fhnrt debate iffreed
o. Mr. Vwirhres lntflueed, a bill
ll proUbit afcscMhienift for political purpose
tr Government official and employe, and
asked that It be referred to the Juillciary
(Tomralttee. and it was to referred. In th
Houc a resolution was adopted provMInsr for
a select committee to proceed to Hot Sprinss.
Art, and make a ireneral examination of all
noremranit Interests thero. Committees
then reported, when the lioufo went into
Committee of tbe Whole on the Xaral Ap
propriation Dili.
Lt the Senate, the 13th, Mr. Voorhees
offered a resolution directing' the Secretary of
the Interior to withhold for the present his
approval of patents or certificate for land
selected ljr the Northern Pacific Railroad in
lieu of other, sail to hare been lost by said
company, under octjif July 10, Ifd. The Sscn
ate then took up the bill to provide ror the
ne nf Flrctibtlin- note I" the NMional
Hanking Asociathn. which was debated un
til adjournment. . The Houc took up tbe
llsiipd contested election case of
nialmcr against Mannin. wcJehwas de
lated at length. Tlie SpeaLer laid before the
House a IcttT from the Secretary ol the Xary.
transmitting tbe amounts claimed by con
tractor for care of the doublc-t&rretcd moni
tors, aggregating fTS,6li.
Is the Senate, the 14th, the bill making
all public "'oails post-roads was Jcbaled
slightly amended and paseL Tbe Senate
then took up the hill for the relief of the
Louisiana Stall Itank. permitting that bank,
notwithstanding tho statute nf limitation, to
present to the Court of Claims its claim for
cotton taken by the United Mate la 163. Mr.
jaekson, who reported the trill, said tbe claim
waa for cotton worth fount. The bill
relating to National Hank circulation was
itien taken up and debated, but no final
action reached. The House resumed the
Chalmer-Mannlng contest fmm Mississippi,
and pending discussion the House adjourned
I. the Senate, tbe 15' h, Mr. Pendleton of
fered a Joint resolution appropriating an ad
ditional sum of (30,000 for the relief of the
Cood sufferers, which was read three timesand
Fasted. Mr- Voorhtss presented a petition
rom l.ICD rettlers in Washington Territory,
riraying protection in tbe title of their land
n the cmtmrersy lictween them and tbe
Northern Pacific ltailroad Company. The
Senate then resumed consideration of
the bill to provide for the issue of cir
culating note to the National Hank.
Adjourned until Monday The House pascd
the Joint resolution aimronrlatinr SaHuD ad
ditional fortbc benefit of tbe Coal sufferers
The Chalmers-Manning contest was then
taken up and after further dtbate the motion
declaring Manning's credentials rcirular was
defeat ed br a vote of 100 to I n, and tho mot Ion
declaring Manntnr entitled to the seat was also
defeated by '2 to 1ST. The majority resolutions
were then adopted. EX to M. This di-chanred
the Committee on Elections from the prima
facie e-e and lea re tbe .-at vacant until the
case is decided on its merits.
The recent city rlcctian in Salt Like.
City, Utah, resulted in tbe choice of a son
of Bishop Sharp for Mayor by a heavy ma
joiity. The Mormons carried everything.
Jcxurs Hick and Charles Hopkins bare
been jailed at Greenwood, Ij., on the charge
of conspiracy to murder lion. D. If. Sol
man, a wealthy citizen of Mills County,
and bis family. Their plana were over
heard by a Tonus woman, who gave the
information leading to their arrest.
The other nicbt masked men visited the
bouses of non-union men in some of the
mining districts of Pennsylvania, and
warned them not to go to work under pen
alty of being cut to pieces. Tbe warnings
had the deaired effect in nearly every in
stance, but some few continued work, and
every night since the mysterious baud had
paid tbem visits, until the families became
ro terror-stricken that many contemplated
moving away.
The report of the Secretary of State was
recently sent to the Senate in regard to the
ease of Alexander Trimble, whose extradi
tion was demanded by the Government of
Mexico, bnt who was discharged by the
American authorities. The Secre
tary, in his report, held that, accord
ing to bis construction Of the law,
an American citizen cannot legally
be held under the treaty with Mexico for
extradition, but be would inform tbe offi
cers in Texas that if anotherarrest is made
and a case of guilt is made out, tbe Presi
dent will not, on the ground of iitizcnhip.
Interfere with the orders of surrender, if
such be made, but will require that the ac
cused shall have opportunity of testing the
matter in tbe court.
Wash-outs caused by tbe late heavy
rains in Texas, did a great amount of dam
age to the Missouri, Kansas Sz Texas Rail
way, in that State.
At a Fifty-ninth street station cf tie
Third Avenue Elevated Railway in Zfew
York the other morning an unknown v
matt shot a man who gar e the name of Yi
tor Grafton Andrec, wounding him in lie
thigh. Thinking she had killed him, s te
placed the pUtol to her templo and blir
her brain out, falling dead on tho ifot.
The man said be knew the woman, bnt In
clined to say why she shot him.
The other day United States Treasurer
tVyman received from an Ohio ban'; tw i
packages purportingto contain $1,0C0 each.
One was found $33 short; the ober con
tained two pieces of flannel.
Secretaiit Lixoolx estimated that the
purchase of supplies by the Mej ors of i
tbe .arious towns along the Ohio and the J
costs of expeditions to sufferers from Pitts-1
burgh to Louisville, would aggregate $1),.
000, leaving $13,000 of theapprnpriation to ,
be expended by General Beckwitb, in
charge at Cincinnati.
Ix the trial in the United States Court I
at Partersburg, AT". Va., of David C. Kel- J
lar, pilot of the steamer Sciotio, sunk by a ,
collision with the John Lamas, July 4,
1SK!, at Mingo Junction, in which fifty-four
persons were lot, the jury the other day i
returned a verdict of guilty of voluntary I
manslaughter, with a recommendation to
mercy. ,
AfTEn reaching a height of seventy-two j
feet, the Ohio River began to fall on the ,
The wife of James Hunter, a wealthy
fanner "f Green County, TennM was in-1
stantly killed the other sight by some ona j
who fired a gun from tho outside. Hunter '
and bis wife and other members of bts
household were sittiett around the fire at
the time. Hunter bad just received a large .
amount of money. Two brothers named j
Moore were arrested. ,
A rEAHFTJL disaster was caused at Cin-1
cinnati on the 15th by the collapse of a
budding that had been weakened by the
flood, and occupied as a boarding bouse.
Ten persons were borne Into the water by
the falling walls and drowned. Their
names were: John W. Kyle, son of the
proprietor; Mary E. Coltsr, Maud Ellis,
James Ogoen, Baraey IVoenker, Mrs. Bar
ney IVoecjcer, Thomas Burke, Mrs. Lena
Burke, William Burke, Louis Burke.
Mas. Emma Cultr, mads notorious last
year by figuring in a murder case that
made a great sensation,died from morphine
poisoning in a 2ewYork hospital the other
morn inc.
Thomas Bxxtox was hanged at Plaqua
mine. La., for tbe murder of Robert
Delegate Sixcnisra, of Idaho, lately
appeared before tbe Committee on Indian
Affairs of the House, and mads an argu
ment looking toward the ratification of a
treaty made with the Bannock and Shos
hone Indians four years ago, whereby cer
tain ot the lands occupied by them were
to be thrown open to settlement by the
It was currently fepCrtedthat tbe Atchi
son, Topeka & Santa Fe Road had pur
chased the California & Southern Railroad,
extending from San Diego to Coltcn, ono
hundred and thirty miles.
The House Committee on Public Lands
recently agreed to report bills declaring
tho forfeiture of the land grants of tbe Oa
tonagan & Brule Hirer, Marquette & Stats
Line, and Marquette, Houghton & Ontona
gon Railroads, tbe rights ot cash and
homestead entries to be protected, the
preference being given to tho latter. About
twenty thousand acres are included in the
A fibe at Sprn-ie, Wash. Ten, recently
destroyed a bank and several store.
Loss, iSSflOO. The town had a narrow
escape from total destruction owing to tho
water supply being frozrn.
Turee attendants in the State Lunatic
Asylum at Ullca.X. V., have been arrested
for causing tbe death by violence of Evan
D. Ungues, a patient.
Tnz destruction caused by tt Ohb
River flood In what is known as Pomeroy
Bend was pecnliary distressing. The bend
is narrow, tilth bottoms en both sides ot
tho river, and contains sotce twenty Coal
mines, eighteen salt works and twelve
towns, aggregating 3),000 inhabitants, of
whom eight thousand are laborers. Sue of
tho mines are flooded and will not be
pumped out for six or eight months. Eight
thousand people are idle, and nine thousand
homeless. It was estimated that five hun
dred bouses had been swept out of ths
twelve miles of the bend. Government re
lief boats were busy dis'ribu'ing supplies.
Several weeks since a citizen of Minne
apolis, Minn., named Hotnerling, bought a
ham ami took it home. All ot the family
ate of tha raw meat. Some days after. Mr.
Homerling, bis wife, three children and a
sister of Mrs. Homerling were taken vio
lently ill with symptoms of trichinosis.
Mrs. Homerling died la great agony and it
wa thought her sister and two of tbe chil
dren would die.
Isaac G tewood, a St. Louis carpenter,
recently killed his wife with a club while
both were intoxicated.
E. Lathbcrt & Co-'s box warehouse at
Philadelphia was recently burned, in
which was stored twelve or fifteen thous
and barrels of flour.
Dies Craio and Wallace IJrwkman were
found dead in their room at tbe Ashland
Hotel, Lexington, Ky., tbe other morning,
having gone to bed while intoxicated and
it was supposed blew out tbe gas and suf
focated. At the Pbojnix Hotel in tbe same
city, W. D. Key was found nearly dead
f4-om the same cause, but was restored to
life wjtb difficulty.
Tuebe was a strong array of representa
tives of the steel and iron and iron ore
interest, in the room of the Committee on
Ways and Means tbe other day, to remon
strate agai nit tbe proposed cb--nge in the
tariff law.
Born tbe German MIn!s5fcr at Washing
ton and Uio Secretary of State say they
have no information corroborative of the
cable dispatch from London that Prince j
Bismarck had ordered the resolution of
condolence on Hcrr Lasker death passed
by the American House ot Representatives
returned to this country.
Mns.Jon.x. T. Wiccrxs, an elegantly
dressed and apparently refined lady, re
cently took lodgings at the Oiborn House
in Rochester, X. Y., and a few days after
wards shot herself in her room. Domestic
trouble and jealousy caused tbe ait.
Aoexts. of the steamer Xottinpvlll, re
cently lost at sea by collision with an ice
berg, stated that the steamer contained
merchandise valued at $130,00?, and the
vessel was valued at 5400,200.
The families of Charles Pitts and George
Leake at Hannibal, Mo., were dangerously
poisoned the other day by eating canned
tomatoes. Several had a narrow escape
from death.
Tue jail at Watuatt, WIsv, wa baixed
the other morning and two desperadoes,
Ed. Carey and Mike McDonohl.were roasted
The House Committee on Elections have
taken up the Wood-Feters contest from
Kansas. Mr. Wood is represented by Hon.
George W. Julian, of Indiana, and Hon.
John Goode, Jr., of Virginia, and Mr.
Peters by Hon. Eppa Huntou, of Virginia
all ex-Congressmen.
At St. Louis, the other day, ths steamer
W. I. Hawday, of tbe Xew Orleans Anchor
Line, was burned to tbe water's edge. The
private watchman, Matt Brown, was badly
AnECEXT cyclone in the northwesterr
portion of Georgia npnuted trees, tor.
down bu.ldings. At least three hundred
small Louses were reported destroyed, ano
fifteen hundred people made homeless.
Two negro children were killed, and a
young man named Green fatally injured.
Ix the Senate on tho 13 h Mr. Harrison
Introduced a bill for the admission of Da
cota as a State. The bill passed, fixing
terms ot the United States Court in the
Eastern and Northern District. of Texas.
Consideration of tbe lull providing for
National Bank circulation was then re
sumed. In tte House tho bill passed, re
lieving certain soldiers of the charge of de
sertion. The House got into a dead-lock
over the bill pensioning soldiers of the
Mexican war, and continued in session all
William E. Fiscn, Postmaster at Ellen
dale, D. T., has been arrested charged with
robbing tbe mail.
The Committee on Expenditures In tbe
Department ot Justice have determined to
begin March S and continue from day to
day until they have completed tbe exam
ination into the manner in which the star
route prosecutions have been and are being
conducted, and into tbe conduct, efficiency
and good faith of all officials or persons in
the employ of tbe United Slates. In con
nection with these prosecutions, the com
mute will also investigate whether or not,
guilty parties ha ve been duly prosecuted.
A kegclar blizzard recently swept
Northern Dakota.
The reports of starving Indians on the
Poplar River in Dakota are said not to be
exaggerated. Seven thousand have noth
ing but a little flour, all game having dis
appeared. Dogs and pomes have been
killed and eaten. In sixty days, without
relief, all must starve to death. Fear of a
massacre ot agents and post traders were
OrncxK XicnoLSox, of San Francisco,
was recently murdered while on duty.
Ix tbe United States Circuit Court at
Boston, Judges Lowell and Xelson recently
filed an opinion, which is practically in
favor ot the stockholders of tbe Credit
Mobiler against the Trustees. There were
two cues, both ot Hazard. Commissioner
vs. Thomas C. Darant- Tbe amount in
volved is ?16,000,0t.
A late fire in Jevne's grocery bouse at
Chicago destroyed property to the value of
$130,000; fuUy covered by insurance.
While John Beattywas attempting to
convey bis w ife and three children and two
yonng ladles named Wetherford across tha
back-water between Paducah, Ky., and
3fewburg, en the Tennessee River, the skiff
was dashed against a tree by the current
and upset, Mrs. Beatty and all tbe chil
drenand one of tbe young ladies were
drowned v
After Oo'ng Above Seventy-one Teet at
Cincinnati, the Flood Commences to
.Slowly Subside Scrne o' Ixsolation In
It Tr(c The Terrible Condition ol
Thousands of Homeless SoaVrers - A
Glimpse of What Is Ilelns Doae tar Their
Cixcisxati, O.. Fen. II.
T o flood reached its climax to-day 71
feet and ol an inch at noon. It re
mained stationary at that until two o'clock,
when a decline was noticed. At3:3)itbad
gone down half an inch, and since then has
continued to decline slowly, very slowly,
Tbe news that the fail hsJ began was
hailed with joy by every class of citlneasj
The city is in a terrible condition. Sosi
ness is suspended in nearly all tho whole
sale houses snd manufacturing establish
ments. As yet there has not been any
great catastrophe In Cincinnati, but every
body Is nervously apprehensive, of ono at
any minute; unless the waters fall Terr
gradually, it would seem almost impossible
to escape without immense losses from
warehouses and stores, filled with costly
goods, crumbling and falling from their
walls being weakened by the waters so long
alout tbem.
The situation at Newport, the second
largest of our Kentucky suburbs, la much
worse relatively than in Cincinnati. Th
water have risen, till out ot the 117 square
in the town eighty have been overflowed,
over two-thirds of tho town , and of tho IS,
033 inhabitants over 0,000 have been or are
being afforded relief, mostly food.
When half a city is in such a condition
the scenes of distress may be imagined.
The distress and grief can only be pictured
and hardly described. Looking over the
vast territory now submerged naught but
ruin and desolation can be seen. Tho ter
rific wind and rain storm last night laid
waste many booses. The streets are now
in many places blocked with houses, sta
bles, rorches, etc., makin; it very difficult
far the rcl.et boats to navigate. A reporter
went through tbe flooded districts with a
relief committee, and found people,
actually starving. As coffee, bread
and meet were distributed to the
r or suriVrers they grabb d at the eatabU-s
in a dazftl, half-famished manner that was
heartrending to witness. Twenty hoftse
were counted turned bottom upward. Ten
thousand peple were rdrcn dinner at the
soun-house to-dar. Seven thousand loaves
ot bread, iOCO pounds ot meat. 1,39.1 gallons
of soup and l.W) gallons of coffee were dis
tributed by the relief committees to-day.
In Covington the situation is not much
worse than yesterday. The town stands
much higher than Newport. About 1,000
people are being f-d there.
At Dayton, Ky., by actual count, there
are 313 houses submerged. Taking on an
average seven people to a bouse, it makes
over :tM0 homeless people.
On the Ohio side. Mill Creek Valley, at
the west end of Cincinnati, presents a
scene of the utmost desolation. Houses
are inundated, some of them to tbe second
story, and others submerged: stables and
sheds are overturned; tops of O-'rhtcars
protrude from submerged - acts,
and ail kinds ot rubbish ar . rfefuse is deal
ing about.
At Lawrencebcrg, Ind., over 3Cd bouses
have been swept away and upwards of
4,000 people are homeless. Fears ot still
greater damage are not unfounded, as the
liank built to protect the city from an
overflow of tho Miami river have been
brecen down, and a resistless torrcn of
twelve to twenty feet of water is pouring
through the heart of the city.
LOCISYTLLE. Feb. II. 6 r. 3t
The river continues to rise. The canal
gauge registers forty-six. feet, eighteen
inches higher than at any'time last year.
Tha strong wind of last night caused the
waves to do much dacMge in the sub
merged district. A great many house,
bare fallen or flouted off. The water it
still rising, though tbe ground Is hard
frozen, and this morning reached the cellar
of the Board of Trade building, putting
out tbe fire in the furnace. There is nc
likelihood of any further rain and the
river is expected to be at a stand by morn
ing. Inch by ineb tha water has coma up at
JeffersonviUa till nearly every street has
disappeared. If the water continues to
rise at tho present rate, by noon Friday
there will not be a dry spot in the town.
Sights are tbe most appalling and distress
ing. Houses hare caved in and hundreds
ot people are huddled, together in some
buildings. Many remain in second stones,
sbivennc suffering from dampnes. and
cold, and in many cases hunger. The pen
itentiary is still out of water, but a little
more water and the convicts will become
flood sufferer with nowhere to go.
Utica, Ind.. is almost out of sight. The
inhabitants fled to the hill for safety.
Clarksville is entirely depopulated.
iHOxrox, c Feb. It.
Telegraphic communication was re-established
to-day. Three-fourths of tho town is
underwater, including tbe entire bnslness
portion. The water is seven feet higher
than in 1SSS. Though it has fallen consid
erably, it is still above any known high
watermark. Soup-houses are open, but
are inadequate. Thousands are homsless
ami penniless. Even door is open, but
there is not enough room. Frame bouses
are swept from their foundations and brick
buildings crumbled into tbe water. At
Hanging Rock but four houses are above
water. Corynlle has but twro houses abov a
tbe flood. Starvation stares thousands in
the face. The iron mills have stopped, and
many employee were destitute before tbe
flood came.
GAixirou. ft, Feb. II.
Tho relief steamers Nora Boll and Mont
gomery returned from a trip down tho
rivr. They report the village of AUialia
almost entirely swept away. In MUlers-
Part twentv or thirty bouses are gone. At
rectors ville the water is in the second sto
ries. Ceredo, West Virginia, lost ?aw,0J0
worth of lumber.
Evaxsville, Isd., Feb. 1L
At Shawneetown the water is approach
ing the second story of the Riverside Hotel
and steadily swelling. Officers of the last
boat from there describe it as a scene of
desolation equal to that ot last year. No
botues as yet have been moved from their
foundations, bnt as tbe water swells the
danger inceases, and there is great dread
of wind, which would inevitably do grea
damage. One hundred and tweny pens of
corn in the water were counted on the In
diana side in a distance of ten miles below
Henderson. It can not be reached. This
represents 3,a bu.bels, the loss on which
will be at least 30 per cent.
Mauiox. Ixd., Feb. II.
Tho flood in the Ohio river at this point
will probably reach its height to-morrow
morning, two fe-t higher than the fl jod of
last year. The damage to property in this
cttv will be greater than last year on ac
count of the additional height of the water.
Lawresceboro, Isrx, Feb. IL
A fearful windstorm last night added
further desolation to tbe place by upturn
ing more houes. The losses on property
can be safely placed at not less than
H03JUM. Nine inches more would have
flooded tbe floor of the highest located
house in the city. Tbe cold weatLer, though
welcome as stopping the rise, brings much
suffering to the people in cars and other
places net prepared for flres.
M.imsos. Ixdl, Feb. II.
The river is still rising and is expected
to reach its highest to-morrow. It is now
two feet above last year. Seven bouses
were washed awav to-dav. and as many
mure from Milton, Ky., and others lost
their lounuations. is is csiimaica j,wj
people here are homeless and destitute.
Matsville, Kr, Feb. IL
Tbe winds caused much damage here and
at Aberdeen, Ky., last night by wrecking
bouses. The loss by the flood in this lo
cality cannot be less than SIOO.OOO. It is
snowing and freezing. The river rose
five inches last night and cams to a stand
this morning. It has.since fallen three
inches. Fifteen httadraX people are home
less. ""
AnLA3D, Kr., Feb. lt.
There is peculiar suffering here because
many employesot th Iron-works were
thrown out ot employment some tiiae ago
by the burning ot iho Norton Iron-Works.
Now the flood ass driven them from their
hemes. The river Is receding.
The towns ot Northern Ohio are gener
ously coccributlac meney and supplies fot
tho distressed crIo cAr b.e Qo lo. YaUey.
Mrs. Tennvaoti writes and 5g jdL
her husband's letters.
Thesalarrof Robert Harris-as
ident of the Northern Padia BshuI is
a),000pcr annum. Chicago Trilmne
Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes coatnt
dicts the cable story that he-is goiasr to
England to lecture, and says he doar
to pass the remainder of his Ufa fcx hit
own country and; by his own fircside.
Judge Tburgce says ia hk astw
lecture that there are 31,000 acwsppr-.
to publish the news of the day, awl
there are 330,000 reporters in tfcis asaa
try alone watching the world to ati
its actions.
2Tbt one of the six Congrcaeiof
front California w born in that State
Tnlly haaatireof Tennessee. Glascock,
of MisjissipDi, Hcnley of Indiana. Soe
crans, of Ohio, Budd, of Wiscossia, Mad
Sumner, of Massachusetts.
Chief-Engineer George "rT. HdviBe
has received a letter from the Goror
of Irkotrtsfc. couched in the moat fries
ly terms. It says that the Czar 1mm re
warded all those who aided 3r. MelvOk
and the other survivors of the Jean net.
One of the most highlv-praed arti
cles in the collection ol? Hartlocd
(Conn.) book lover is a copy of Rfece'a
"Chronological History Irbra 1639 to
1CS3" Riving a daily account of !
pilgrims" for thirteen years. ThevolMsa
is not easily duplicated, eren ia public
libraries of long standing and maws,
Boston Transcript.
J. M. Hill, the theatrical manager,
is said to bo so lucky that if he WvWto
leave his slippers at a hotel they would
be forwardeti to him to the next tow
wi .h a half-dozen pairs of silk steckkss
in them. The only time he ever WI
down he is said to hare picked op s
diamond pin. N. T. Graphic
Horatio King, though now U
man. is still hale and hearty; his ejz im
as bright, his step as firm and his ImmH
rw young as when he sat ia Bncbaan'i
Cabinet as Fostmaster-GeneraL Mr.
King enjoys the distinction of bariasf
entered tea Pcst-oflico Departneat as)
a clerk and working his way tip to .the
top. Chicago Tribune.
Mr. Joseph Hay.on: ot BoatofsV
most venerated citizens, celebratrd Re
cently tho ninety-fourth anniversary el
his birth, in the house which he baikim
1821. and where he "S2t liTed daws
sixtv-threc vears. Ha was5Teswerol
Boston's Common Council in leTC
he has misseu Young at oniy .wo .:
tions ia seventy years. Boston Uc
N. J. Morton, of the Boston QUAe,
who lost his life in the City of Colnrc
bus disaster, was one of the brightest
journalists in Xew England. He wa oa
his way to Florida to spend several
months' to avoid the dreadful disease,
consumption, the symptoms of which
had begun to appear. Some of the best
articles in tho Globe in the last few
years emanated from his brain. Chica
go Inter Occnn.
The banrlars pride U theyl
they could not have opened the wi
'.Ateago inbunc
Tho difference between a pate!
non-tip-orcrable spittoon and an ed
itorial is said to be in the fact that the
one will right itself while the oUmc
"When a man srets a sL'tch ia his
side while at iburcfi he is apt to lose
the thread of the discourse." Ol
course; and when he gets hemmed ia
by a crowd of pretty girls, it scami
good. Tankers ktntuman.
A Lltlo child of Rutland. U, be
coming wearied with the quarreling ot
two younger children bvcr a glass ol
milk, exclaimed: "What's the iwj ot
fighting forever over that milk? There
is a wholo cowful out in the barn."
Troy Times.
c "Frcd.whvdo yon call me your
dnckie darling? Is it because 1 floated
into your affections so swimmingly?1'
"Hardly that, my dear! It's becaise.
as a rule, you rarely advance toward
me bnt you are holding out a big biU."
Chicago Times.
"Is that little man married1" asked
Witbcrspoon, looking at a five foot-two
man helping a ladr npon the cars.
"Yes. iiny" "Isnonldn't think it
was consistent for a short fellow like
him to enter the bopds of high-men."
X 1. Mail.
A man who comes round-every few
minutes begging for a match is rather a
nuisance, but when he slides into a
rrowd and asks: "Is there any man
here who is mean enough to refuse to
Hive mo a match?" there fa nothing to
do but to hand one over at once. Bos-
Xot a Subject:
"Make me a pun." said a mnrTy Jvinar
To a J'llr JoVerat his side.
- Tien civc me a subjcct-anrthlnsV
The punirent puofter tulckly replied.
Make It on me. then." chuckled theKlrur.
A be Bvntljr stroked hL robe of fur.
I could make one that smf e would bring.
Hut the ivlmr is not a subject, sir."
In Julv and August last year each
United States Senator consumed a ton.
ami a half of ice. Altogether 00,000
pounds were used up. When the next
polar expedition is organized, the crew.
smitiui u? uraucu ixjui mv i uucia
States Senate, lt would not only save!
tbe country a handsome sum of nioncy,
but we shoa-1 very soon have an open
polar sea. Uosioii Trantcripc
A Modest Little Girl: "Mamma.'!
asked a little girl, "docs tho sun go 1
bed when it sets in the cvenins5 "
Miipoe so, abent-mindcdlv rcpla
the mother. " What makes evcryth?
so roil? Doe it blush because it hasi
go to bed right out where evcryb
can oe it?" " I shouldn't bescrpri
mv dear." " Well.' continued thi
tie girl, thoughtfully. " if I were in
jun's place 1 would" cover mysell
with the clouds. Vctrotl ivst.
ConfronteJ with His Villain
When Mr. Poppcrman threw!
overcoat last evenin? his wife saTfl
"Mv dear, this is vour birtbo
Now. wnat kind of a present would vc
"Well, money."
"That's just the kind of a present I
have for yon.' and Mrs. Poppcrmaa
took from beneath her apron a pletborio
bag. and emptied npon the table a pile
of j ingling co ns. There's your birth
dav present"
The husband looked at the coim. la
amazement, and then said:
"Whv. my dear, the money is bo
good. "There is nothing here but lead
quarters and dimes with holes in e.
Here's a quarter with a hole ia it, and
the hole is bigger than the quarter.
What confounded rascal palmed tha'"
money on you? Oh! the scoiiHdrels
there are ia the world!"
Calm yourself, my deer, " said Mrs.
Popperman. That money must all be
gooi That's what joa've given me
for pin money since we'vt been mar
ried." .V. X Homing Jwrnol

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