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Beveled ta the In r erects ef tke Cberekees, Chectawi, Chickasaw, gcmlaelcs. Creek, anil all Other Indian of the iHdlaa Terrltery.
VOL. II. NO. 25.
aM eewfarise the est aad ewtaletest store Is tie Ia4Ia Terrflery is that of
VJ a set aajlalBr yoa want aa tkat ef tie wry best qaaHty ts be had la the coi n rj.
Aa x fall assertateut of ererytsalss- waateaay nr enstoaers.
Ovek $60.PH) has beca collected for
the foundation of a free public library
in Philadelphia. When the sum reaches
$250,000 the trustees will begin to erect
the library building.
At a meeting of citizens at Kiev Sa
lem, on the Northern Pacific, vest of
Bismarck, was resolved that the first
child born in the place should have a
choice lot assigned to him or her.
Eight men working in theOrrendorf
coal mine at Morris, 11L, recently beard
a rush of water; gnessing what had hap- emincr shall be with the consent of the State
A Summary or the Dally Xcus.
In the Senate, on the 2C'-h. Mr. Sewell re
ported favorably the Hook WU for the relief
of F1U John rortcr. Mr. Wilson rrortcd
favorably bill to prohibit mailing news
paticre containing fottrry aurerUcmrnt.
Jlr. Allison offend a vmlutlon (agreed to)
calling on tho Secretary of the Nary to rurn
lb the Senate Information respecting tho
ship canal et the Isthmus of Panama.
The Chair laid bcrore the Senate tho bllfto
authorize the construction of additional steel
vesse- for the Navy. The House went Into
committee or toe whole on the Pleum-pnen-monla
bllL Jlr. Hopkins offered an amend
ment providing that the appointment of ex-
pencd. they hurried to the shaft and
were raised just as the mine filled. The
water came from an abandoned shaft.
few, la
KI BWlltBWL JWTllTXOT yea will O&i tie largest Sterk of Irst-class aetata?, Boots, Shoes,
' w69vS. n HicC
iaimeaso stack f every rariety of the best and most serviceable Dry
Hat?, Ladle,' ard
SEE. MLLBIgmF UfAiMMf SI' is faUyBp(et!wtlBMJ hi Htk3 Latest Styles and Fashion?.
CI PIOCSIIS WPMCTMBfT is Wf4ete with erery kiai frfStafie rf Facy Groceries, Floor, Bacon, Caaaci Goods,
WiKlIST feu a fall Uae t Sables, Kzraess aal Leather Goods of all kinds. la
WK AjHUCGLTEKAI. QiLEXOT BEFAXTXEXT yes eaa get fTafaa, Baggies, Plows, Spring Wagons, Etc
C XlBBimtE BFARTXE5T IsVell stocked wila Sails, Screws, Caalas, Hinges, Tinware, Axes, UtenslL, Toot,
We. You wiM ! ia
C fltASS A fUlOSWARE EPAKTXEST crery rariety of Msaes, Creeks Jars, Jars, Etr. While la
C M06 STQpt VSeuamtST yea win and a salfta stack of Fare, Xiee Brags, Medicines, complete In every re
. rros treat ac care winy csttBOBaaed by a scaled afataeeary. ta tats connection we tune also an immense
:tf Jfrtt syl.saaff, Oeefcg, Caafcctiefiery, Etc. Aid a
STAXf&MX AMI BMC VePASTCEXT where yea will lad i-nry variety eT Writing Saterials, Paper, Blank Book;
3Me aa Bnaiattr gaefcr, Seieel Beaks, aad a liae ef goal Readtar Soaks Proie and Foitry.
Our Prices are as Low as the Lowest. Come and See Us.
W. C. PATTON & GO., Yfflila, Indian Territory.
W. ITBOTT, Bropidctor.
iracBtrof both Katre aa Xarthtm Pino Lmnber. Alto Shin-
, Xwtdlajrv Kc The SUive Hrsc, bdnrihipped Iram ths Choctow
mtmmm muctxed.
' or GKrayrAsr htxsk. ranr a.
Drugs, Patit Medicines, ISTotioiiS! Stationery,
Etc.; afcwaFnlliine of Cigars, Tobaccos
aad Oonfectioneries.
CaSMieBMlwsiaTbilta at X. FIUZEFS Red Frcat, eas deer
Yeat ( 'frise 8td.
M. FRAZEE, VrTHta, Indian Tfritory.
Hirhcft Cash Price PaM for FCBS, GAME
aad i'itOOCC.
(SKSIIS r. & QLS& SI9SE. 7B1T1 L T.
LeriSlatUm. KelnrtlvL A nxuilntlnn fmm
the Senate was submitted thanking Great
"nam lor ine .rciic Kramer .Men.
In the Senate, on the STth, Mr. Dawes.
from the Committee on Indian Affairs, re
ported farorablr the bill for the allotment
of lands In severalty to the Indians on the
rmatilla Uescrration In Oreaon. Mr. Van
Wyck offered a resolution for an Inquiry as
io wanorr me n esiem L man naa xormeu
a combination with tho Baltimore i Ohio
Telearaph Companr. Mr Blair introduced a
bill extending- the time for the completion of
railroads west nt tho JlKlilppl ltlrcr
to which grants of public lands barn
ijecn made, wuicn in good faith arc
proccut!n;r the work of construction.
without forfeiture of such Brants. The Sen
ate resumed consideration of the bill to pro
vide new cruisers for the Navy, and after de-
caie aujourneo. . in inc House a resolution
" adopted Inquiring of the Secretary or the
Treasury as to the extent of JJjo funds In the
Treasury. The House went Intocommittceof
the whole. Mr. Cox. of Xew York. In tho chair,
oa the Plcnro-nncumonla MIL The delate
I continued all the afternoon and was rather
dreary. Cot!lderatlon of the bill Iwln con
cluded, the committee roso and reported It to
the House.
Ix the Senate, on the 53th. Mr. Incalls
Itlt mdnrVol ft tttll f A llilnri. tka trtntiHlnH "
. 1 . w .-- as uata vr a v -u v i u iv UJ MMVMViJ Ul
. jugvuiuiu iujui si. icmpiu. .lex., serreey from the court martial that tried
A St. Louis merchant recently re
ceived a letter from a country customer
who already owed him one hundred dol
lars the following cool request: "I
would be obliged if you would kindly
invest for me the amount of my indebt
edness in Mar oats.'"
The Massachusetts Historical Society
Is preparing to bring out a vol u mo of
Judge Samuel ScweH's letters. Many
of these arc preserved, for the Puritan
magistrate was one of the most systcm
aticand methodical of men, and retain
ed copies of most of the epistles he
recently stole three shoes, all belonging
to the left foot, which a merchant had
displayca in his store tvindov. The
right-hand mates to the stolen shoes
were then put in tho same window, and
a hort time after they were also
Isr a local photograph gallery at
Springfield, UL, an original photograph
of Abraham Lincoln and his two secre
taries, John G. iNicolay and John Hay,
taken jast before he started for Washing
ton to occupy the Presidential chair
is on exhibition. It is believed no other
copies are in cxistance.
Reneral Htx John Porter, in order that men.
licrs may civo the details to the public and 1
iwuryto the caMir called upon. The enale
resumed consideration of the bill to a JthorUe
tho construction of teel vessels. Various
amendments were offered and debated when
the Senate went into executive session and
soon alter aljeurned In the- Houv Mr.
IlcuiT. rislnjr to a question of lirivileze,
rent ot the clerk's desk and had read a rcolu
tlon adopted by bv Executive Committee
of the Liberal t lion of the German
.Parliament, exprtnaif Its appreciation of
the aclnn of the House of Representative.' in
adopting the revIu' tons in honor of HJward
La!cer. The llouv resumed consideration of
the Plcuro-pneumonia WU An amendment
to recommit the bUI wa rejected, when it
passed by a vote of IS to 1S7. Public business
was suspended aad the Houe proceeded to
pay an appropriate tribute to the memory of
Hon. D. (.'.Haskell, late Kcnrcsentatlre from
Kansas. Mr. Ilelford deHrercl the nrlnctni!
1.U K..1 K.KM .las ..mat.. ... .. J
been paM the House adjourned.
Is ths Senate, on 'he 2) h. Mr. Harrison
reported favorably on the orlirlnal bin provkl
In? for the admission or the Territory of Da
kota. Mr. Itannm reported back adversely
the Joint resolution providing for an apiro-
. - i . . -, . , , pnatlon to aid sufferers by the sreat storms
was beneficial to UlO resident along the in the outhern Mate. Mr Lnran reported fa-
vorawy ine .Military Acaneray nm. ine senate
Ix a suit for damages against the Xcw
Fork Elevated Railroad, General Mana
ger Hain said the passing of the trains
line of road, inasmuch as fresh air was
thereby puffed into the houses. Mr.
Hain also said he would like to have an
elevated railroad in front of his house
in midsummer.
ITgiift nainfrtlrnB hmi ftin fTm.i rfnr7n tnil rntTrr fimrnrin tn thn Vi-Vrf Alto
rflK, HfMaHSf riii, iHnsfiri; Bwsswifi mm iMmre.
Mm's Riwlsadar Washing Machines
Located at Eaat St. I.onI, UU
Directly opposite tho city of . Louis. Buyers,
for all description of Lire Slock always in at
tendance, and within Use grounds of the Stock
Tarda are a Beef Canning Company, with a
capacity for aiaiiEbieriiur 1.OJ0 bead of cattle
dally, and Pork Packing Establishments with
a capacity f or.fc!augstcrinr K hogs dally.
ISAAC H. KXOX, President
CDAS. T. J0SE3, Snpt.
Tkese Mtk'.tts are jwiaatid ftalck a washlajr ready frr ike liae, without
the we af toh ar-'haatdt 4 at kare tfre hands la the sads Tram Brrfaaias (a end;
aadiFiBwacfc aaytUac frtm a aailt ta a cna patck. aad are fallr warranted
; iraaTrapi far aae yeac. TERXS: SIC.00 for Washer aad Wrkr rem.
I11.M far Waaher akae. wIUi ooe cent ner siile eiirm. tram Vtetta ta
lai Pacii
! Pallman Palace Hotel Cars
through to St. Louis,Tia
Sedalia, Daily.
resumed consideration of the but for the con
structlon of Mi-cl embers. Tho bill pased
by a vote of thfrt y-eicht to thirteen, when the
Senate ailjoumed until Monday . In the
Housn the afternoon was occupied principally
with tho question of the retirement nt Major
General Pleasanton. Dilatory motions were
made and the bill went over. In the evening
session about twenty pension bills were
The Ecnate was rot in session on the 1st.
....In the House Mr. Oates. from the Commit
tee on Puldie LanJ, reported a resolution
Iluxois labor statistics state that the
average Talue of 10,503,731 tons of coal
mined in that State last year was SMC, I
the price having varied scarcely anvcalHn?on the Secretary of the Interior for
lor three rears- The miners rccciv6d ' information reutive to unautaoruoi rencinx
' - """ . recaAba I of tmbilc land by Individuals or corporation.
Irom 45 cents per ton at the lowest, hi In several States and Territories. Adopted-)
V .Tilntrfrm t..t T..- .,,; i lv 'lv ,no n"u-o went mo lorn
Mastungton autl lern counUcs, to , mlttee of the 'Vbole. Mr. Converse.
S1.50 in low and wet workings in north- L0.V0-.l?,he,lUr" oll.,ho Xar1 AP":
, , ..I priation bllL Befom taklnir op the Naval
Cm nartS Of the htat Ttl rtllin'r ' hill thl. fnll.nrlnr hill. rn. ninnnl' Tn
fl,,.J,, ,1, ,ii ., r . I Provide for the issue of currency note to the j
pnee throughout the central part of the I National Banklns- Atwocatlons. To otablUh I
State is 75 cent, and in the northern : anrin"Ttatetmmerceandtororu-
a., ruvu iiBHiumi vr aaaa aia aaai a.l-
from 85 ccnta to SI per ton.
The long bridge over tie Quinnipiac
river at Xcw Haven has been assailed
by the ton-do. whose destructive work
is very common and surprisingly rapid
in Southern waters. A section of one
of the piles lias proved on examination
to be completely honeycombed. This
discovery lies made necessary a minute
examination of the entire structure.
Tho best protection azainst the re
morseless industry of the torcdo is sup
posed to be the impregnation of wood
exposed to it with the oH of creosote.
Axetv system for handling excess
baggage has been adopted by the Chi
cago Sz Northwestern and Milwaukee &
SL Panl. It will le known as the C O.
D. system, and takes the place of the
way-bill cxcess-Iiaggago system, which
is now in use. The advantage is that
it -Sill obviate much of the delay here
tofore experienced in checking hajrTagc
and making cash collections at the start
ing point, and delay (if anv) will be
j transferred to the point of destination
of baggage, where there is obviously
more time to collectthe excels charges.
structlon of a shin canal lietween Lake fnlon
and Pugct Sound. To provide for the con
struction of the Maryland and Delawair fren
ship canaL To Increase the pensions of
widows, minor children and dependent rela
thes of deceased totdirr and sailors. The
House then debated the Naval bill and after
wards adjourned.
Direct Route West anil South
west Tia Kauas City
Are cfttrybtgra lareand complete stock of
I IT ITPUlCflM Connection i a
fia-ask,SaatSyrfs,S8apsaHdSances, Candles aad especially COFFEE '"'" SFlEId.Ita
aad TEAS; aba Qaceaawarc, Glassware, Woodenwarc, Tinware, Sails, Powder i
aad AaaianHiaa W carry aa Immense stock of FEED, Corn, Bran, Starts, Baled i AT OMAHA lines WadSjr to'the North and
j ami 9aas. We are se sweats at Tinita for the celebrated NEXECA FLOCK. I West- .
IT PlV?t? niTYPnion Depot passcnirert
A I KAnoAO Ull I for KanM. Cotorado.
New Mexico and California connect with Ex
press Trams of all lints.
made with
is for cL
sand Nebraska.
XMBSfTi JmH, MBKa, Mttu,
F. CKA5DLEIT, Ucn. Pass. Azent.
C. B. KKSAX, Ass't Gen, Pas. Agent.
F. L. DECKEIL, Jsentat VInita.
The average number of men cm
ployed upon the railroads of the United
States is 418,957, distributed as follows:
General officers, 3,375; general office
Lflcrks.8,655; station men, 63.380; en
gineers, 18,977; conductors, 12,419: other
trainmen. 48.254; machinists. 22,766;
carpenters, 23,202; other shopmen, 43,
746; trackmen, 122,489; all other em
ployes, 51,694. The aggregate average
salary is $41.12 a month, the highe-t Jbe
ing paid by the Central Facilic, $63.21
per month, and the lowest by the
Chicago, Burlingoa & Quincy. 32 per
The Earl of Euston is figuring in Lon
don as applying for a dlvorco from bis
wife, who was formerly ft prostitute.
A VERT excitiag and unfortunate contro
versy occurred in the Senate recently be
tween Senators Butler and Vest. It grew
out of a discu-ision on the pending Naval
bilL SenatorBatler.whetherintentionally
or not, cast upon Senator Vest what the
latter thought unjustifiable reflections. Sen
ator Veat resented it, and in language
vigorous and pointed. At one time a per
sonal encounter appeared imminent.
The raniins of General Onl arrived
from liar ana, and will b; taken to tVash
ington. Pbixce BlSKASCK denies that Germany
has any idea to annex Holland; that the
Empire had already too many refractory
elemjnts to assimilate.
Tnc remains of General Onl Lave been
interred at Oak -Hill Cemetery, "Washing
ton. Tnc election for member of Congress in
the Second Kansas District resulted in the
return of Funston, Republican, over IUggs
Fusion, by a majority of nearly six thou
Ltdia J. Ilonzirrs has won her s nit for
LS53 against the Stuyvesaat Trut Com
pany, of New York, being the amount of
property the Trust Company allowed to be
seized and sold under a search warrant
while on deposit.
the Xew Csatle & Lake Erie Railroad. Thr
decUion is reserved.
A stejui pipo burst at St. Patricr'i
Church, St. Louts, the other evening. Full;
one thousand persons were assembled. J
panic ensued, and a wild rush was mada
for the doarx. Only one person was seri
ously injured, a lady who had fainted be
ing badly trampled on.
A srxcial. from Franklya, La., says: W.
Moore, colored, was hanged for the
murder of Lee Annan, a Chinaman, last
spring. After Moore had been hanging
about half a. minute it was discovered that
ths rope was too long and the feet of the
culprit rested on tho floor. lie was raised
tn the platform, the rope shortened and
the trap again sprung. He died of strangulation.
Business failures for the past week, re
ported by R. G. Dunn & Co.: United
States, 103; Canada, 42; against 216 the
previous week.
A BEiDcr on the Grand Trunk Railway
near Montreal gave way while a freight
train was passing over it, precipitating
eleven cars loaded with general merchan
dise Into the bod of the river, seven of
them being mashed ink) splinters.
PjLSarxGEBS from Northern Mexico con
firm the existence of the so-called yellow
fever at Mazatlan and Msusanillo, and say
it Is worse than last fall.
Tnr R?d Rler flood ic it stand a
I Shrcvcport. For one hundred miles above
and below the citr Um rirer plantations
are overflowed.
The hard glove fight at Pittsburgh. Pa.,
betweeu John Smith, of Colorado, and Wil
liam McDonald, of Liverpool. England, for
a purse of $100, resulted in the defeat of
Smith in the fourth round. The mUI lasted
fourteen minutes. Both men were bally
Tnr church trial of Rex. M. Spurlock,
charged with falsehood, immorality- and
undue IntlmacT with Mrs. George, until
recently a teacher ia th? Methodist Sunday
School, at Geneseo. I1L, has been brought
to a close. After being ont fifteen minutes
tho committee returned a verdict of guiltv.
This suspends Spurlock from the ministry.
George U. Mills, lately convie'ed in
Brooklyn of the murder of his wife, was
sentenced to be hanged April UL
Srx persons accused of selling pistols to
boys in the Thaideus Stevens PuujlAgaawSi
in Philadelphia have been arrelBYSSd
held for trial. -v
Thc Pennsylvania Society to Protect
Children from Cruelty, with headquarters
in Philadelphia, baa bent out agents to
every largo factory la every town i& Penn
sylvania, in an endeavor to compel factory
owners to diichargo children who are at
labor. A circular letter sent out to five
hundred factories has brought about the
dUmissal of two thousand children from
Towx MansnaLW. H. lI.IljcnAr.DS, who
was shot down on the streets of Cheraw.S.
C, on February 23, by J". B. Cash, son of
the notorious Colonel Cash, after lingering
in great agony for nearly a week, died
from his wounds.
Tncss has been no rain for weeks In the
vicinity of Brownsville, Tex., and a failure
of the crops in that region is feared.
The English troops, under General
Graham, have defeated Qsman Digma's
forces in the Soudan andbave taken Tokar.
The British lost a hundred killed and
wqunded, the enemy losing over a thou
sand. Annng the wounded were Baker
Pasha and Colonel Burnaby.
Fraxk: Raxde, tho Wabash desperado
Prentl.s Tiller tValks Oat of the raciae
Kipres OBn with 8T3.COO.
St. Lons, March 3. Prentiss Tiller,
money clerk of the Pacific Express Company
here, disappeared with one or two valises
full of money packages the tobl
amount being very nearly ST5,00U.
It is the custom of the company
to keep the money clerk and day watchman
an duty In the office on Sunday, the doors
being secured hy a chain and locks, and no
ane being admitted except the messengers
who arrive on the morning trains and hate
money packages to tarn o'er.
In thc afternoon Tiller was on
duty and the wstchmxn remained in the
back room tending to the door, the front
doors being locked. About two o'clock the
watchman went oat to lunch, levin;
three messengers sitting by the stove.
While he was gone Tiller west
onl and returned with a stranger,
whom the messengers took to be a new clerk
w ines.iicr. Tiller and the stranger went
bilb the front office and were tliought no
more of. An hour later Tiller came hitn the
back office to wash his hands and remark
ed to the watchman, who hail returned,
that he llleved he would go and get
some lunclu Washing his hands, he re
turned to the front office and was not
ccn again. Half an boor afterward
the watchman walked Into the front office
to get something and was surprised to find
the front door unlocked and Tiller absent.
lie spoke of it to the messengers who
were sitting by the stove In the rear, and
they told him of tbe'stranger. Thbalarmed
him and he summoned the superintendent,
who soon discovered that 'about a bushel of
money lockages were missing.
t tfea. X. Y and Portland. Conn.. Cacb
Eeeelre a ScorehL.rf.
Unr.v. X. T March 3. A lire was dls
sorcred in the new slie manuf-trtoty of H.
i. Holbrook Jk Co Catharine street, and
proved tn be the mot destructive In the his
tory of Vtica. The llolbrook building, M.
B. DeLong's furniture house and Jas. Rock
well's clothing house on Catherine street, M.
C & Ed. Comsiock's large btorehouse
on the Erie canal, th Utica First National
bank. Newell & Son's, paper and glass deal
er; the Utica ObGr building and office,
Comstock Brothers wholesale bouse. C. H.
dyers' hardware store, ami Edward Mar
tin' gas fitting and plumbing store. Stores
from "o. 1(W to Xo. 123 inclusive, on Gen
eee street, were totally destroyed with
uiot of their contents. The losses aggre
gate 5500.000; Insurance, 150,000. The
Utica Otfcrvcr will find accommodations In
the office of the HYrW Gliite. The safe of
tho City Bank contains securities ? 1,000. 000
in value and a large cash balance.
IlAtrrronn, Coxn., March 3. The exten
sive works of the United States Stamping
Company, at Furtlawl, this fttite Iiave
burned. They were filled with machinery
for stamping tin. and employed about 300
hands turning out and shipping six or eight
car loads of gooiU per day. The building Is
wholly destroyed. Theloss Is reported as
very large; and report says &L500.000. and
that one room contained $1,000,000 worth of
Republican National Convention Official
A National Republican Convection will
meet at Chicago, 111- on Tuesday, June 3. ISM.
at C o'clock, noon, for the nomination of can
didate, to be supported for President and
Vice President at the next election. The Ke
publlcan elector of the several Mates, and all
other voters, without rerard tn past political
iIHTerences, who are In favor of elevatinr and
i'gn fyuur American labor, protecting and
extrndinjr home industries, giving- free
popular education to the raasecs of the
jieople, securing free suffrage and an '
honest count of ballotv effectually- pro-1
Bad Tragedy Attending the Saralng off
Rickety Trnemeat-Housa ta Nw Tark
A Family of fir persons Voim Ttieb
Xzw Tons, Feb. 23. Five persons h
one family lost their live In a teaemeit
house fire on SUaton street yesterday mom
big. The family of Cornelias Van Riper
ocrapted two front roams on the third float
of 0i5 Stanton street, one of two frame tea
eiuents densely crowded with poor families
Frank Weaver, a single man firing la tfci
Tear rooms was aroused by smoka about four
o'clock yesterday morning. He msbedour
Into the hallway and there fount
Van USperand asked him what wastbt
matter. "My God! my God I the house b
afire I" exclaimed Van Riper, "and I must
save my wife and children." Saving this,
he ran into the front apartment, while thc
flames burst cut in the hallway, only giving
Weaver time o tumble down-stairs. Vat
Riper was nevor again seen alive. Mean
time the flames had burst through the reel
of 328 and were licking at ZZi.
A great crowd assembled In Stantoa
street, and when the cry was raised that
peojtle were still in 3i3 many heroic efforts
nere made to reach them by the stairway,
but la vain. The flames and smoke defied
entrance to the building by that means, and
thc fire-Ladders bad not yet arrived. Sud
denly the window of the Van Riper apart
menu was raited, and heartrending slnveks
tame from It For a moment the crowd
could see nothing. Then a gust of wind
cleared away the smoke from the window,
and the form of a woman, clothed In nsr
night-dress, stood like a ghost.
"Save my husband, save my children?
she screamed. "For God's sake save my
babies J"
The crowd In the street moaned, and sent
back cries of despair. "My children are
burning upP tht woman shrieked, evi
dently undetermined as to wliether she
should go back to her children or jump
iroin the window. Anotaer docd of smoke
obscured her fur an Instant and all was stUL
In another instant she gave a despairinr
shrk and jumped from the window. land
ing on tha sidewalk on her bead and shoul
ders. Thecrond ran to her and picked
her up. She gave two or three weak moans
ami died just as the poJUe ambulance
dstied up. She was within a week of coo
fineiuent. By this time the entire upper part of 325
was in flames, and the fire department was
hard at work. Just at daybreak the fire
was extinguished, and the firemen anJ po
lice forced their way to the rooms of the
'Van Riper. The family had evidently
been half suffocated before they were
aroused to Sad escape from an
awful death cut off. The bodies
ware all found la different places,
showing that the unfortunates
nulled wildly and blindly around the rooms
In their efforts to escape. In the rear room
was found the girl Jennie, with her nlgnt
elotbes buruedoi. Iter arms and hands
were terribly burned. Iter hands were held
to her face when the body was found, show
ing that she had made an effort to keep the
flames from her eyes and mouth.
Tee skin from the bands and arms of the
boy Albert hung In shreds, and hit left arm
was raised across his face. He was found
doubled up in a corner, and one side of his
body was badly burned.
The little child Frankle, charred and
blackened, was found near his father's
body In the front room.
Ibc face and head of Van Riper were
borrUiIy burned and the features were
scarcely recognizable.
Tnc remains of the family were gathered
In blankets and conveyed by ambulance
wagons to the station heese, where they
were laid out In a row. They were: Cor-
tcctlng au human Hunts in every section of. "; ,:, .
.... ... -.i ,.,. jL. . nelliu Van Itlner. i-ed ferret Reberea Van
and murderer. In tho penitentiary at linotefrlendlrfeelinirandiiermanentharmonv 1 Klner. ared thirtv-twe: Jennie Van Riper.
Joliet, I1L, made a terrible assault on the f throughout the land by maintaining a Na- I aeJd ten: Albert Van Riper, aged seven:
tt arden. Captain John McDonald, with an ilS nrineinleX aVe cordlabr btrtted wiiid , iraEl:l0 iurr, aged two.
iron bar and a knife. After a fearful strug-1 from each state four delevates e.t large, and 1
... . .. a ' . aL. " - .ItaSal .IaIa.
gie, ttanue was snot inrougn ice neaa and i """ " -""--""" -..-. y -
. ,. t, , ., . ,, , . , , rate, and for each Iteprfentative at lanre
SCCUr-d. McDonald's skull is fractured. two delegate to the Convention. The dele.
i " ; - . - . .:
and it was thought he would die. Randa
may recover.
The Treasurer of the United States has
prepare! a statement showing that the
total coinage of standard silver dollars
under the actof February 23, 1373, to March
l,11l,was 1C6.I2I.1I3; held ia Treasury
offices and mints, I25,SLSO; outstanding.
302.7:1. Of the amount held by ths
Treasury, there are held to redeem out
standing silver certificates, t$JW 17.721.
leaving owned by the Treasury $5J,574,G73.
Tnc following is the reported condition
of -Missouri State finances: Balance in
Treasury February, l,ffl,773,45i5S;rrceipt
during February, JSSS.TOL'S; disbursmenta
during February, 433,7:9A3; balance in tba
Treasury, ?2,0C3,107.10.
Cattle In the Indian Territoty are, from
latest reports, in fine condition, with abun
dant fejd.
ABBmertAL bispatciik.
Pnxxnss Tjllxr. a clerk in the St. Louis
office of the Pacific Express Company, re
ently carried off money packages amount
ing to $73,003. It is supposed he wes aided
by a confederate. The Express Company
jffers SJJOOO reward for bis apprehension.
Mo.vteeaL is complaining of half starved,
naked immigmnts who are arriving there,
and suffering gr-atlr.
GoyEmtOR C'ErrrEXDEX, of MisMuri, re-
fujed to issues ntu:sitlcn on the authori
ties of Wyoming Territory forthe return of
Jim Cummings, a member of the James
gang, to the authorities of Clay County,
Mo., where he stands indicted for horse
stealing. Camming was recently arrested
sates at
lar Delcmte
large shall be cbnen by popu-
Mate Conventions, called
on not lea than twenty Cajtr pub-
iiMjrvi nouce, ana neiu noi less iaaa , i,-,,i k.
,l-lv A-wm nn , fn.n .!- .t.v. ' liaiWCU, UUI
liefnrethe Uae Axed forthe meettnir of the 1 and household
National Convention. The Itepublirans cf the
various Concre-lonal districts shall have the
opttonof electina-their delegates at separate
Cipular dcleirnte conrcmliras. called on slml
r notice, and held In the Congrcsloua! dl
trits at any time within the fifteen cars next
prior to the meeting of the Mate contention,
or by sub-ill vl-kitw of thr S-tate'convenbons:
rvl such delegate, shall be chnnscn In tha
latter methrl f not elected previous
tn the meeting of the i'tate convention.
All dWnct delegate, shall be nccred
ited by the oOcer of such dWrlct con
ventions. Two delegates shall be allowed from
each Territory and from the District of
Columbia, similarly chosen. Notices of con
tests shall tie given to the National Committee,
accompanied by full printed statements of the
ground, of content, which shall also be made
fiubllc: ami preference In the order of hear
ng and determining contests .hall be given
by the convention according to the dates of
the reception of such notices and statements
by the National Committee.
D. M. sUnix. Mlnncota. Chairman.
Joil.v A. Maktix. Kansas. Secretary.
Public Debt Statement for February.
Knur and a-halfs $ ZUUXGnO
Fours ZT.Mia
Thrcr asLMOiSO
Laterln the day the bodies were remove
to the home of Mrs. Van RIper's brothers.
XTurles and Edwin Carpenter, from whence
they will be burlea on Sunday. There we-a
sixteen other people In 323 and eighteen
people in 334, all of whom escaped un-
lost their outfits cf clotnin-
geods. Frank Weaver
says that alter he left fan Riper
lie relumed and pounded at the door, but
It was locked, and his shouts indeed no
response. The Houses 321 ard 32G Stanton
were three-story frame dwellings, eld,
rickety, and dilapidated, and hardly fit for
human habitation, having no tieans of
escape from fire save two tumbie-dowu
stairways. Cornelius A'an Riper was a
baker, and an intelligent man, and his fam
ily was much respected by their neighbors.
At one time they were comfortably well off.
but business reverses made the husband
and fattier poor, and landed his family in
t;-e mberabie fire-trap that became their
Itcfundtar certificates.
Navy pension fund
A IUnglng Article from Leading News'
piper Agaln.t the IToposed Measure ta
Copyright News M.tter.
CDfCtsNATt, Feb. 23. Coacernlng Ibe
proposition to lntrodure a bill In Congress
to provide for the copyrighting of news
-r- .i I '
H.tuwu) i nsa!ier, the Enquirer has the following tc
say editorially: "Abnl I) indmg before the
.f j (inim
"S IT .. l-.,.rt . -l.. .
CIV77w t'USO V .MTl.lCUUC3 HI bVlJ.11. A.CI17
Total Interest bearing debt. . .
Matured debt
il?fd.iv:.::::::::: sSSsSS V:r othewo to, w ht
itnldandsHrerrertltlcates asjItl i duly newspapers for forty-eight hours.
Fractional currency nxyw; j The bill was drawn by the General
Total without Interest s smgif ' Manager of the Associated Press, ami
me corporation aiorrsiKt nas aa attorney
!ln tlVnnllnf- .n.t ttim KcmiW f,ntinrttl.
Ax applloition has been received at I he -,,-, , .n,u.i. - ,,h.
T.mT . . .. it--. i.. . t -- .,-- ,.... .
I . mvvuiiA inNU UhCUl b UUIUWa iUF
the appomtm-n: of Mis Lizzie Xult as post
mistress o' Uniontown, Pa She is a sister
.fIJ07.cn.ra '
Total debt.
Total interest. KVW4.10S
Cash In Treaury vtl.Ul
Del-t leMcashlnTreasury LltJl.r3
Samuel IL Horse was recently bur
ied at Galcsbtirg, I1L Ho went from
the Iowa Penitentiary to Eureka
Springs, Ark., where he made the ac- ;
of young Xutt recently acquitted at Pitta
burgh on the charge of murdering Dukes.
Ax inflamed state of feellngcxists among
the lower class of Mexicans on both sides
of the Rio Grande against Americans, con
sequent upon recnt extradition proceed
ing. Robert Halence, of Rio Grande City,
is the last one suppose! to hays been mur
dered because of his unpopularity with the
aforesaid class of Mexicans.
RErBEScxTATTVK BnEWEB, was directed
t aaaaire far Goods.
Cask or Cattle takes In Ex
hvjoxan tekritoky.
The Direct Xbroutb Ttoute Between
Fast Express Trains are Baa Daily. 5o
Change of (Jars.
quaintanccof a Mr. Montgomery, an old j "TWO "OU5e u7tBT,e?I Jfaonn
of not more than one hundred dollars
gentleman, from whom he obtained
SS47 by loans. House gave Montgom
ery notes on one of the wealthiest men
of Galesburg. UL, and when he fell sick
and died, Montgomery brought his re
mains' to Galesburg and paid the funeral
expenses. On applying for payment of
his notes, Montgomery found that he
had been swindled by House even to
the hour of his death.
Thomas L. Tnoursox is under sen
tenced of death at Fort Smith, Ark., for
thc murder of James O'HoIerand is
September last. Thc men were unmar
ried and lived in a cabin by themselves.
When O'HoIerand was missing. Thomp
son made inquiries of neighbors as to
what had become of him. A man who
was hired to fill np a dry well '"smelt
something," which brought a few in
quisitive pcoplo around. To these per-
TUL1A, I. T.
Through rnBman Palace Pleeplnp Cn are
rnn drily, without ch-vnte. between ST. LOUIS,
-aSirea rf rieh ! Urmtag and min-r.1 j sons Thompson said a dead hog was
lands for sale by this company In SOLTU WEST, down tho well, but on rcmovin"
tVFor fall and cart cuiar Information, with ' a few ashes from the bottom, tho
Maps. Tim Tablw. Hate, e'c-call ummj or ad- , j o'llolcran was discovered with ( burgh & Western Railroad Company and
his head crushed in and a knife sticking ' " wIIEn!a bef"ro JJ,ndco.ts5"r! "
riLUDiua, ra. a qiurier di s muuua qdi
lars Is involved, the Master decrccmg that
or punishment by Imprisonment for three
months, on any person Interfering in any
way with a commercial traveler selling
goods by sample.
LlctrrrxAXT G. IL IlAUBElt, who has
just returned from Siberia after a search
for Chlpp and party, of the Jeanette crew,
has Ik en tendered a reception by the citi
zens ot Youngstown, O.
James O'Boiev, ons of the men arrested
for the murder of 'William Pugh otrthe
nigh: of tho 19th iusL, at Phtlnd-lpbia.
confessed that William Casey, another of
the prisoners, struch the fatal blow.
A ncs broke out on the third
floor of a frame building occupied by
Cornelius Van Ripen, els wifo and Jhreo
children, and X. Connelly, New York.
Van Ripen and the three children were
suffocated and burned to death. His wife
jumped from a third story window and
was instantly killed. The damage to the
building it slight.
M. T. Pole, the defaulting State Treas
urer ot Tennessee, is dead.
Exceptions to the Master's report In ths
case of J. S" Lusket ah, against the Pitts-
drew any of our Station Agent, oreither of the
D. WTSHABT General Pawrayer Agent, St
G. VT I ALE. Geae-al Freight Agent t Louis.
C W KOGEIH. Vlre Presldect an! timml
Manager, Trmpki llulldlny, i-L Louis Mo,
in his heart. The reason for the mur
dcrwas because Thompson coveted he
few personal effects of his victim.
the defendants pay plaintiffs that sum for
depriving them by fraud of their rights In
Ir Is reported that the Atchison, Topeka
& Santa Fe Rtilroad has declared war
against the Western Trunk Line Associa
tion by putting Colorado rates at one dollar
and seventy-tive . cents, on first-clas
freight, which is ninety cents below the
Trunk Line scale.
Tnc corporation of Cork has decided to
give the remains ot Jerome Collini,anf tho
Jeannette expedition, a public funeraL
The Boston Board of Trade passed reso
lutions protesting against the excessive
coining of silver money, and the use of sil
ver certificates.
The Senate Committee on Public Lands
decided by a nearly unanimous voto In
favor of the forfeiture of the Texas Pacific
Territorial land grant assigned to the
Southern PaciSc Railway Company.
The report of the Pennsylvania Railroad
for 1&3 shows, that after meeting all its
obligations, thc company was abls to pay
a dividend of four per cenL and carry to
the credit of profit and loss a sur
plus of 572 621.
Petes, Senator, of Chicago, recently
choked his pregnant wife to death.
A rma iu Utica, X. V., recently burned
down tho Oterrer office and other build
ings, involving a lo.s of $303,000.
A llELE.tA,Ark., tecial says the rirer
Is stationary at that point.
Tnc trcastiry of Carrollton, O., has been
robbed of $ll,OX, most of which has been
recovered and the felony compromised.
At Martinsville, Ind., JJmes Babbinson
b-et his stepson to death. The child's
body was covered with bruises.
Hcmr Obeedecx, the base ball player.
discharged by the St. Louis club, obtained
a verdict for wages to the end of the con
tract time.
The Senate en Monday passed a large
number of bills authorizing appropriations
for various custom house and post-office
buildings. Resolutions of respec wer
passed In memory of Mon. D. C HaskelL
In the II juse, the Mexican Soldiers Pension
b$U was passed by a rote of 227 to fi
De reae iJur"nr February.
Decrrae .Iner June 30, 1SS3.
Current liabilities
Interest due and unpaid
Debt on which Interest has crawl
Interest thereon
OoM ami Mirer ccrtlOcates
I'nited State, notes hetd for rc-
demptionof certificates lSjnaXOil
Cash balance available lliSMSI
nA5lCl '
Total ?3M3tJ,Cl i
AvaHanic ats
Cash lnTreaury ZMXt,Ct
Bonds lvrne-1 to Iaelflc Itanroads
and Interen payable by ths
United Mste principal out
standing Interest accrued and not yet paid.
Interest paid by the I'nited Mates
interest rejwH by companies by
tran.portatton service
Dycash payments S per cent net
Balance of Inter -st paid by the
United States....
Jerusalem Will Arise igaln.
What man an reason himself into
the belief that the fond dream of the
Jew shall not be realized? Eighteen
hundred years of drifting, hither anil
thither, over the earth would seem to
settle forever tho question of return.
But who knows Uie plans of the Abso
lute? And who has ever thought ad
versely to thc union of tho tribes in tbo
fatherland? Our present-menU all tend
toward a rehabilitation ot tue name ana
at Washington to press its passage. Should
It become a Lw it will cripple every coun
try newspaper la the land, These papn
largely depend for the news feature ol
tlieir weekly issues upon the mciiopolitac
dallies. So far as the Enquirer is concerned.
U-sg i the rural pres: welcome to all It coa
lzjmxz i tains. We want no legal Inhibition
a.w a-ainst any one to helo hlmsell totht
raid things we offer three hundred and
sixty-five days In the year. The New
York newspapers, or a majority ot them.
favor the proposed law. The com
plaint is made that the Xew York cor
respondents for newspapers In Chieagc
and other points west to San Francisco,
by the reason of difference in time is
their favor, can, without credit, tel
egraph ail there is worth telegraphing frois
Xew York to their respective journals.
They not only can. but iu. One or twe
San Francisco newspapers, because ot this,
bate given notice ot a desire to withdraw,
from the Associated Press. This B why
the latter corporation favoM tho newt
The proposed law nould be the worst
I.nd of a monopoly. It would he withhold
ing for forty-eight hours the inteillgencf
of the land. It would tend to dwarf rathei
than enlighten the people as to current events.
It would lead to endless litigation and vex
ation. It would be a step backward rathei
tliaa forward. It is not asked In
the Interest ot the prepfe, and Ii
in fact, sgainst their Interest. It would
strike at the poor rather than the rich, fot
the latter class are largely within the rexm
of the metropolitan press. When a monop
oly of the Intelli jenco of the country Is en
tered In a drenmscrfbed space and kept t
nation nnder the sun of Palestine. The
sea can not give up her dead, for thera tied, as it were, for forty-eh-ht hours. It Is
Is no appeal or relief from the great stout time to give up the fast malls and the
law that dooms
ns to itust. uencra-
tioos of men anncar and vanish as tho
grass, and the countless multitude that
throng the world to-day, will to-morrow
disappear as the footsteps on the
shore. Foreign lands can not sire back
the senseless clay, but the millions of
descendants will" be restored and the
banners of ber ancient hosts will bo
Xew LoNTXKr, Conn., Feb. 29. Xews
has been received here ot the death, by
drowning or starvation, ot seven men ot
Cos crew of the schooner Sarah W. IdonLot
born in thc wave of rc-estaUishtnent ' this pott, while searrhlng for seals neat
and the van of a new cvanscL The . Cmpbell Island. In the Pacific Ocean. The
telegraph. The bill ought to be defeated.
and doubtless will be."
Terrible Suffering on the Facile Ocea
city will rise up and the land which
was silent so long shall bo robed and
mads ready for the coming cf a might
ier destiny and a grander coronation.
E. Farmer, in SU Louis ilaqa-inc
ntain. with the aid of a boy. kept his
vrsel on her course for a month, after
k 'ch he and the steward sailed the vessel
x hundred snd thirty miles to Xew Ze
lani, having lost thc crew,

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