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BcTeted ta the Interests sftbe Ckcrekcc. Ctaeclaws, Chlckasaws, Scmiaelc. Creeks, and all Other IhIIhb oT the Iiidlaa Territory.
YOL. H. NO. 26.
Jfefwi al ewBfftriMK tfce fittest Hi efetest store Is Ike IwilM TerriSery is that or
W. O. PATTON fe CO.,
1h mm get aaythlo-g J wt asd that ribe very best qulitj to be had la the coi & 17.
JLbJ a fall xasertBcit ef ererytaijtg wasted by oar customers-
A heavt movement of grain East
from Kansas and the Missouri River is
reported, and some of the roads aro
bothered !o furnish enough cars to carry
the stuff.
As a result of the work of "spotters"
on the Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St
Louis & Chicago Railroad, several of the
conductors on that road have been dis
charged. The spotters" were disguLv?d
as drunmers.
WWaPBfc, Mm
JLiaTXOT eeatahtt am kwease slack ef ererj tarlctj of the best and most serviceable Dry
'AJtlJHUJI y will ai the largest Stark ef lrst-clss ClothlHg, Boots Shoes, Hats, Ladle' ard
MTLKTOgf T: Is frHy f ttettaes ktaJI ts Latest Styles sad Fashions. -
8ftSRr PWAKrMlST bnfleteiTHaeTCrjsJBiofSUfleMrfFaBej Groceries, Floar, Bacon, Caaaei Goods,
WWime BBAXXmST has & ML Km ( SaMes, Harness aai Leather Goods or all kinds. la
JMCIJLTC1UL rXPLKM-KXT 9SAXTXEST jm cm get ITagsa, Baggies, Plows, Spring Wagons, Etc ,
KJvMWABE PAVIX13T Is well stocked wHfe Sags, Screws, OuIbs, mages, TinTTare, Axes, Utensils Teofei
". aamwsaanmsst
OS fHiJ6 A fCIXJfSYABE KEPARTXOT eTery-nriely of Msacs, Crocks Jars, Jngs, Etc. WhQe fat j
The remains of the old time residents
and pioneers of Southwestern Montana
who were killed by Indians or died
away from home arc to be gathered
together and, interred in the Bozcman
The cost of marriage licenses varies
from $4.50 in Maryland to twelve cents
in New Jersey, the average being 8L20.
New Mexico, Colorado, Pcnnsvlvania.
South Carolina, Rhode Island and Wis
consin make no clurre at alL
A Summary er the Dally News.
I.v the Senate, on the 4th, among the
memorials prevented wesono by ilr. Inealls
from the Grand Array Post of Kansas,
reraonstratint- asalnst the passage of the
Dill ITlnJtatinir MM Jnhn Vnrter Th
Senate took up ami passed without debate
ice Diu reported by Mr. li
S&AJLTJlEXT jm itM ami a pipM stock ef Pare, Sice Drags Medicines, cumfieit Iq'eTery re
tilCoas eareJaUr eoMnocadod bt a sksHed aaoUteearr. la this connection we ham also ten Imnmui
stooa at Manama, I wat, Ooefa, Coafccti.aery, c Aada
ffillWIkr in INC IWrAKOreST wre yew jr Sad every variety r Writ!? Jtalrrhk. Blank Koola
amm inw.ww. MkM aac a He or sees JUMiar Boots rrose ea roetrr.
as the Ifewesk Come and See Us.
G, PATTON & CO., VifaV Mm Territory.
W. !L. TROTTr Proprietor.
1""! STssWaW '
t a mum! r of both Katlvc end JTorthern Pins Lomber;
, jwiricica. ise. ine Aaore line, oeiac auppea iram.
-.siaiBV s srt '
"--ii 5HH J1" . .--1
-a-- a--K-
Per IIBEnsTaaV avafJCJrl
" O
Drugs, Pateri
Etc.: also a
and (Jpofectioneries.
Hlhrt Ch Price Peld for FCRS, OAMB
sd I'liODUCt.
emsis r. e cass stcst, tbhta, l t.
Wiiex the law for the manumission of
tho Cuban slaves was passed several
years ago they numbered 385,355. It is
estimated that all but 100,000 have
alreadnbeen set free, and it is thonzht
ithatrall will be free within a vear.
y. Mississiiti has something over 30,-
000,000 acres of land much of it the
richest known to man. Less than
5,000,00 acres arc cultivated. This is,
however,, an increase of several hundred
thousand acres over the number in 1870,
and nearly equal to that under cultiva
tion in 18G0. There are now 75,000
farms, as compared with 08,000 ten
years ago, and 4?,000 twenty years ago.
The number of acres comprised in the
plantations is nearly three times that
actually farmed L e., there are 14,000,
000 owned and but 5,000,000 cultivated.
raKteefersisHiUt X. FSAZETS Red Ftm, one door
West of 'ft-feeo BoteL
M. FRAZEE, Vkiita, Indian Territory.
Ideated at Eaat St. Lonia, III.
Directly opposite the city of St. Louis. Buyers
furaUdcMripUosof Lire Stock always In at
tendance, and within the grounds of the Stock
Yards ore a Beef Canning Company, with a
capacity for alanahterlny UOO head of cattle
dUly, and Fork Packing- Establishment with
a capacity for slauehterlnr C,0T0 hos daily.
ISAAC H. OOX, PresldeaL
1 aaiKtfceCwotmt Staple asdlancy Groceries la the Jtarkat.
rmi nPHiK, fin, fHPRWij mmwiii mi inniiiii
an the Corner, tro deera Wot of 1. C
Mit's Rgitadr Washing Machines
laatoi fa taiih a waahif njr Cm- flu ir. vtf iu
U. . 1, .. J . .L. ... . , .. - , . ' "'. . '.' " '-
r mtK m. mm mc rm, hi owe uh bmh u an saas rB BejrlaBiBi;t eas;
aadiriHiNwk laftMec frsea aaat fa a pw aatek. aa are fallywarraated
Jiiet hwikeat Jw eae year. TEXX3: $IfcWhr Wasber aaa Wriaer r eoas
Untif S1-2.M ftrWaeker aieae, witii eae ccat per mMe extra frost Ylalta te
1 ei oBioiy.
Are earrylc alarce sad eosplcte Mock of
fiacMMHiHRslpaS8MtH aad Saaees, Caadies aad esfeckHy COFFEE
wmi TEAS; al $aisajB?!iaarware, Wooieaware, Tiawarc, Sails, Fowdcr
'tmi iiaaiaaHfan, WeearrjaieasaiLii'ie stack of FEEB, Cora, Braa,Sorts Baled
Kayaa4ata. yawieageati at Tialka r fte eeieferatea SI3ECA. FLOCK.
Miii Fai
PaUman Palace Hotel Cars
tkrough to St Loiiis,Tia
Sedalia, DaOy.
Is" the building in which arc the main
offices of the Postal Telegraph Com
pany, New York, a number of gentle
men experimented recently with a tele
phone, with which the inventor says he
expects to talk across the ocean as
soon as the Bennett-Mackcy cable is
laid. It is the invention of Webster
Giilett, of YpsJlanti, Mich., who claims
to have solved the problem of adding
battery to line almost without limit. He
savs a current of sufficient strength is
generated on the line wire to overcome
very high resistance as high, ho be
lieves, as will be found on the Atlantic
cable. The experiments made were in
speaking through the tun-point multiple
telephone over about three hundred and
twenty miles of wire between New York
and Washington en a wire of the Postal
Telegraah Company's system, and close
conversation between the two cities was
sarried on successfully.
Direct Route West anil Soutk
irest Tia Kansas CSrj.
aJaVKt, I'M, bAssm, JRd,
IT KlHCaO niTVCnlon Depot raeruie!i
Al rvARdAd Ull I for Kaieu, Colorado.
New Mexico and California connect with Ex
preaa Ttalns of all lines.
made with
Exorca Trains for all
it nuiUI Connection U made with ell
IT JTrlUirnU CrmnecJlon is
Al Aiunioum
i lines leading to the Xonh and
F. CHA5DLEB, Gen. Tass. Agent,
C. B. K155A5, Ass't Gen, Pass. AecbL,
F. L. DECKEB, Aentat Tinita.
Gaek ar Cattle take la Ex-
TiajlS ami FMWICE.
fat Cooes.
TirDicnn 1 mr "
rillUVW bllltal
The Direct Through Route Between
Fast Express Trains are Rnn Daily. Xo
Change of Cars.
Throuto Tnllman Paha Pleepinr Cars are
rnn dallr.wiihoat change. between ST. LOUIS,
Hev. Dr. J. Packer, of London, de
clares himself out of sympathy with
some of the common talk about the so
silled outcast poor of London. He says
that many of the families which are
pitied for having to live in one filthy,
nnventilatcd room, neither ask nor de
serve pity. In fact ihev prefer to live
in that way, and would do so if they
had all heaven at their disposaL
"Dirt," ho says, "has its warm friends.
even among people who arc not num
bered among the ontcast poor. I say
this to guard benevolent persons against
ihc notion that dirt and poverty are
synonymous terms. I am given to un
derstand that even some Christians have
ajvaadcrful likeness for anything slov
enly and slipshod; at least I have beard
women screaming to other people to
hold the fort and rinjr the bells of
heaven, whose stockings would hare
been tho better for r. day's darning.
9ium aerrs of rich famjiiur and mineral
lands forsalebrthlsconipanrln SOUTHWEST
rwFnr fun and ort:eulr information, with
liana. Tltaf Tahlxft. Itatr. el c call uron or ad- i inr
toj-orourStatlonAsents.orcitherof th. , aU u has been claimed
-It is interesting to notice, as news
comes to hand from day to day, the
growing prosperity of the South. A
report from Atlanta tales that in that
city there arc contracts for about $200,
000 worth of new buildings in the hands
af contractors and architects, besides
tho new capitoL which will bo started
during the spring. Large sums aro be
ing invested in private residences. In
Macon contracts for over $500,000 worth
af new buildings have about been cloed
out, giving a new appearance to tho
aty. In Columbus $200,000 worth of
residences has been erected since last
summer, and about $300,000 worth )l
work is engaged for the coming season.
A half-dozen new residences recently
erected cost $10,000 to $15,000 cadi.
In Savannah $1,000,000 has been ex
pended during the year in improve,
ments, much of which has gone into the
river front and much into private resi
dences. There is scarcely a large town
in Georgia from which the same story
floes not come. Calculation shows that
over $5,000,000 will be invested in
Georgia during the present year in new
A host important original Masonic
record has been discovered in thi library
of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania,
by CliflordP. McCalla. Junior Warden of
tho Grand Lodge of Masons of Pennsyl
vania. The relic consists of the original
ledger account of tho firstilasonic Lodge
organized in Philadelphia (St. John's
Lodge), from June 24, 1731, to June 24,
1733. Among the members of the Lodge
was Benjamin Franklin, who became a
member, according to the records, in
Februarr, 1"3L Tho exact dato of
Franklin's admission to the order was
cotknuxn until thediscovery of this ledg
er. It is claimed it is the oldest Masonic
Lodge book in America, and one of the
oldest In the world. It was presented
to the Historical Society by George T.
Ingham, of Salem. . J., on 2ov. 8,
18S0. Mr. Ingham received tho volume
from a descendant of David Hall, who
was the partner of Benjamin Franklin
in tho printing and publishing bus-
Its crcat value consists in its
I.aHtm1 fmmlhN
Committee on Judiciary, to punib countcr-
iciuoj .iub me 1 nnca Mates or notes ana
bonds or other securities or foreign Gov
ernments. The Senate took up the bill to
Firoride for the ciercire of J ur&diction con
erred upon the United tatr in placet out
or their territorr and dominion. When
Uie readinjr of the bill was concluded the
Senate went Into executive session and soon
adJoumedIn the House. JJr. Lamb,
from the Committee on Koreum Affairs re
ported a Lilt to amend theChtncro Immigra
tion act. ilr Wi-mple. rrom the Committee
on Hallways and Canals. rrportcU a Mil for the
i-ci wailful iraproTxioeni or me trie canal,
and maintaining- the same free to the people.
Mr Hewitt, or tho Wajrs and Means Commit
tee, reported a bill to prevent the adulteration
of tea. Tho H nu Wfnt Inm rYtmmfttM, nf
the Whole Mr. Converse in the chair, rorcon-
FiQrrauoo. 01 toe aral Appropriation bilL
After debate, and without action, the commit
tee rose and the House adjourned.
Is the Senate, on the Stb.Mr. Garland,
from the Judiciary Committee, npjitcd favor
ablr the original bill for the collection of sta
tistic touchinjr marrlaire and diroree. Mr.
Cockrell introluced a hilt to amend the re
ricd statutes, so as to jrlvo to processes of
united States Courts the same force In all
States that the processes or the several States
baveintheirrcsprctireatps . In thellouse.
on motion or Mr. Iflanchard. a bill was
passed maktnr an appropriation of SS.100 to
supply tbedeadener In tbe amount required
Tor tho expenditures to ascertain the depth
or water and width of the channel at Sou:h
Pass. MUsixlppl Hirer, and xaujre the waters
of the M!s!eipp! River and tributaries. The
House then went Into Committee of the
Whole, Mr Conrrrsc In the chair, on the
aral Appropriat.on IhIL Consllerable de
bate was had. most of the amendments belnjr
rejected. Jir. TuIIey, from the Committee on
Public Lands, reported a bill forfeiting tno
Octonocan Brule River land grant.
Ix the Senate, on the Ch, a petition was
presented protesting asalnst the importa-
1 tion or forchrn laborers undercontract. Mr.
Maxer Introduced a Mil flrlnir ihn nt.
or postage to be paid upon mail matter or the
second class, when sent by other than putt
Ushers or news asrnts. (It axes the rato
or transient newspapers at one cent for four
ounces, the present rate being; one cent tor
luduikts mt. MaiKcr introduced a bill to
crant the Kansas City and GulT Railway Com
nanr rtcht uf var ibmurh thn Indian TptH.
tory rrom a point near and south or Baxter
springs, nu, 10 a point near tno city or Kort
Smith. Art: The House was occupied nearly
the whole or the day In licusimr the Naval
bill In Cbmmitteeof tb Whoie.wfaen it was re
ported back to the IIouv and passed by a vote
of so The only negative vote came from
White, of Kentucky.
Tub Senate, on tho 7th. passed the bUl
reported by Mr. Garland, rrom the Committee
on the Judiciary, constituting-a majority of
the Judges of the Supreme Court of the
United Mates to be a quorum of the court,
instead of six ludjres as heretofore. The bill
abo prohibits the J udre who Ieard a case at
a Circuit t ourt froranttlnr on the Supreme
bench when the case comes up for appeal.
Mr. Plumb, from the Committee on Public
Lands, reported farorablr the IIrusa bill de.
clartnir forfeited the lands irranted the Texas
Pacific Railroad Company, and stated that the
minority of the Committee desired the
privilege or submlttlmr at their convenience
their views in dissent, and the majority re
served the right to present hereafter their
reasons in support of the bill. The Senate
then adjourned till theluth in the House
a bill was reported rrantimr a pension to the
wlJow or General Francis P. Hlalr. The
Speaker announced unfinished businass to bo
the further consideration of tbu Mil authorizing-
the, retirement or Airred PIcasanton
with the rank or Colonel. Mr. Steele moved
to recommit tbe bill without instructions.
Carrie!; yeas U2. nays Hi At tbe evening
seion the House pasted a number of pension
bills and adjourned.
The Senate was not in session on tbe 8 th
in the Houe. under call of committee tbe
following; reports were submitted: A resolu
tion confirming; the rUhta qf Mr. Skinner, of
North Carolina, to his K-at in thellouse. To
divide the State of Illinois Into three Judicial
districts. For the erection or public build
ings at Duluth, Minn- and Akron. O.
Authorizing- tbe purchase or loreigu built
ships by United states citizens In rorebm
carrIns trade. Mr. Morrison moved that the
House co Into Committee or the Whole on tbe
revenue bills, pending- which Mr. Tuwnshend.
or Illinois, moved that the Houe into
Committee on the General Appropriation
bills. The object or Mr. Morrison's motion
was to take up for consideration the Iiondcd
Extension bilL The House, however, refused
to adopt It: yeas 115. aays K7. The House
then went into Committee or the Whole. Mr.
Hlount in the Chair, on the Postoffice Appro
priation biU. and afterwards adjourned.
roLrnuL ahi personal.
YrjkDDixGTO.r, tbe French Ambassador to
Kngland. has been summoned to Paris to
confer with Premier Ferry In regard to the
proposed Anglo-Portuguese treaty regard
ing trade and navigation on the Congo, and
also in regard to Sir Eveljm Baring's
schema for financial reform in Eypt.
GEXZBALGujLSTisat the Hygeia Hotel,
Fortress Honroe, for a month or six weeks
Rev. Joas S. LtSKir, editor of the Chris
tian Standard, and well kaown as the
leader of the "Holiness" movement, is
Spcncrox, tbo Baptist preacher, has
fallen heir to a large fortune left him by
Joseph Pool, of Leicester.
D. WISHABT, General Paenser Arest, St
G.W CALE. General Freight Agent, St. Loo!.
C. TV ROGrRS. Vice President and Genera?
Jttnacer, Tcroplo BulMuur, St. Louis, Mo.
ami proved in behalf of Philadeiphia
as being tho "Mother city of Masonry
in America."
Some of the jury in the Dukes case are
suing the Uniontown JtepMiam-Standard
for libel in condemning the action of the
jury in acquitting Dukes.
The Ifiw.piper Copyright bill has been
introduced in both the House and Senate,
It prohibits the use of newspaper articles
by other newspapers nntil eight hours
shall have elapsed after publication.
AnaCT thirty representatives of the
barbed wire manufacturers of New York,
Pennsylvania, IllinoU. Iowa and Missouri
held a meeting at St. Louis. The meeting
was secret, but it was learned from a relia
ble source that it was decided to advanc:
the prico of barbed wire half a cent per
These were 3IG failures in tho United
States during the week, an increase over
the previous week.
Petttioxs are being circulated for an ex
tra session of the Missouri Legislature to
consider the repeal of the old statute which
led to Commissicaer Phillips' recent decis
ion. Governor Crittendon, however, says
he does not think the occasion warrants an
extra session, and that there it unneces
sary alarm.
VT. H. Orx.cn, agent at Kansas City of
the Continental Fast Freight Line, com
mitted suicide recently by shooting him
self through tho head. Despondency and
drink was the c -ase.
Da. S. AV. Kikk, of Atlanta, UL, Ulna
critical condition, from tboprictof a needle
which bad been used in a post-mortem ex
amination. The New York Chamber of Commerco
adopted a resolution to tho effect that it is
desirable that the money of the United
States should consist of gold and silver
coin of exchangeable relative value, and
that coinage should be regulated by the
publicdemand; that the coinage of silver
dollars cease for two years, and that on
address should be seat to Congress upon
the question.
Milas L.TERI.T, colored, was killed by
Major J. F. Stansill, in Rowan County,
C Milas was raising a riot, and on being
requested to desist, shot a man through
the arm. Ho then advanced on Major Stan -sill
with the above result.
The employes of Singer, Mmlek SS Cc's
lowed to remain at Clairvanx as being
near Paris. He will then be able to obtain
scientific documents to assist him In his re
Txx towns In Jvlngxton County, 5.Y.,
have voted for no license.
A rrraRO has been arrested for tho mur
der or the peddler, whose headless body
was found near Cabokia, UL, recently.
The missing skull was found In the negro's
house and also an axe stained with blood.
The Parnellites threaten a fresh agita
tion in Ireland.
Fbask Rasde, the notorious despetadc.
who recently nearly killed Warden Mc
Donald at the Joliet, I1L, penitentiary,
committed suicide while In solitary con
finement. The Premier of Canada thinks the
trouble in Manitoba is due to political
blackmailers who have been besieging y,a
for oQce.
The German Minister at "PTashincton has
received tho rejected Lasker resolutions
and Lismarck's letter accompanying them.
TnE examination of Jud Crouch and
Dan Holcomb for tho murder of the Crouch
family has begun at Jackson, Mich.
The Italian ambassadors are instructed
to confer with the powers In regard to the
proposed European demand upon thj
United States Government to legislate
against dynamiters.
Two indictments for murder, three for
assault with intent to kill, and one each
for robbery and burglary, were found
against Charles A. Rugg, the colored aj
sasin of Long Island.
It is reported that the moonshiners
hanged an Internal Revenue Informer in
Floyd CouutyYa. As Floyd is fa.- from
tbo railroad or telegraph, it Is Impossible
to verify tho story.
It has leaked out that a robbery of $37,.
COO took plaei a few days ago In the ofHce
of the Paymaster of the Chicago, Burling
ton E Quincy Railroad at Chicago. - No ar
rests have yet been made. The Paymas
ter was discharged for negligence.
Ageabxax disorders ore reported In
Southern Russia, the Cossacks vlolentlv
resisting efforts of the Government to col
lect taxes.
Deas Mcbrat, at the closa of a lecture
to tha Seniors of Princeton College, stig
matized the charge against him as utterly
baseless. The feeling is still strong.
As Indian Territory special says: Hon.
J. M. Ferryman, to whom the position of
Principal Chief of the Creek Nation was
awarded by Secretary Teller, has taken
possession of the office and is doing all In
his power to prervnt any further trouble.
The friends of Speichee aro awaiting his ar
rival before making any movement. Spei
chee is in Washington ar a delegate from
the Creek Nation, but is expected home
within a few days. The adherents of Spei
chee and Cbecote have a majority in both
branches of the Creek Legislature.
Axothxb arrest has been made in the
person of Henry Jackson, a negro teamster,
in connection with the butchery of the ped
dler Lavine, at Cahokia, I1L There is no
doubt that he assisted Brown In the horri
ble murder.
The Duxbury St. Pierre section of tho
Anglo-American cable, which has been in
terrupted over three months, has been
Scccx tho Introduction of two-cent letter
postage, there has been an unexpected re
duction In tho number of postal cards.
A sxow-ftUDE half a mile wide, extend
ing from the summit down, at Alta, U. T.f
swrvt away the works of the Xew Emma
mine, killing Gus Lebecker, foreman; D.
D. Wesson, machinist, and his brother,
Samuel Prcthers, Charles Colgreen and
wife, Edward Crockett, Lottie Pleon, O. J.
Johnson, X. S. Deland, Willard Stephen
son and John Richardson.
It is given out as one of tbe results of
the recent meeting at St. 1xuis of, barbed
wire makers that steps wera taken for a
practicable consolidation of all the barbed
wire manufacturers in the country under
the name of the National Barbed Wire
A LAitor deputation of Italians from New
York City visited tbe cottage where Gari
baldi lived at Cifton, L. L. and placed
over the door a white marble tablet, in
scribed in Italian: "Here lived in exile,
from 1331 to 1S33, the hero of two worlds,
Gniseppe Garibaldi. Dedicated by some
Ax attempt was made recently to arrest
W. B. Cash, who killed Town Marshal W.
H. Richards, In Chrraw, 8. C Young
Cash escaped to the swamps, but his father
and brother were arrested as accessories to
tho crime.
n- XT. S. Saprme Cmrt Beetares Cos
tltutta-aal th IUIhk or Xnl-Tadi
ITatM f 1S7S KnkUx Cum BIspasad
"Wxsxsvnrt, March A. A decision was
rendered by tha Soprano Court of the
United Stales jrastecday la tbo long feadlnf
legal-tender easo of Augustus D. Jaillerd n.
Thomas S. Greenaaa, bronf ht hero by a
writ of error In the Circuit Court of tbo
United States for tbo Southern District of
New York. The question, presented by tha
case, as stated by tha court. Is:
"Whether the notes of the United State,
Issaed la a time of waruadcraa act at Coa
tress declaring- them to tw legs! under tn
payment or pnrace aeats. aaa aiterwara ra
peace redeemed and said tor la gald coin at
the Treasury, and then reissued under the act
cr 137S. can, under the Constlration ef the
Untied States, be a legal tcaaer ta payment of
suca ceoia.
Yds court la unasfcaeualy af tha oalalea
that the present case can not be distinguished
In Drineinla from tha cases atrstef era dectaed
and reported under tfca Basses ar Legal
teoder Cases" 12 Wall. T : -Dooly vs.
Emits" (U Wall. 0841; -Xatlroad Cosa-
rtanr vs. Jehnsoa fli WaU. Isai:
and "Maryland vs. Kaflroad CaaBaay S
WaU. lost and all the Justices except Jostles
Field, wbo adbara to tha views expressed la
the dissenting opinions ta lhos eases, an of
the oninioa tkat ther were rlxktlv decided.
The court holds, therefore, that Caagress had
power to Issue oblliaUon of tha United
States in such form aaa to Impress upon them
seek qualities as currency for U pure has of
merchandise and the payment of csbu Ims
cord with the usages of sovereign Govern
ment. Tie pewerws Incident to tha power of
borrewing; moaay and Issuing bills a&d notes
of tha Government for money borrowsd of
Impressing- upon those bills or notes tha
quality nt being; legal tender for the payment
of private detta. was a power universally
understood to belong to sovereignty In
Europe and America at tfcetimeottko fraalag
and tke adoption or the Constitution of ths
United Stares. Taia power at making notes
or the United States legal-tender in paymsnt
or privata debts, betas' included la Us sewer
to borrow maey and to provide Nations! cur
rency. Is not defeated restricted by the lad
that its exercise mayafect taevaraeof pri
vate contracts If. upon a Just and fair Inter
pretation of to whole CcDStltotJcs. a par
ticular powx or authority appears to b
vested la Congre. It lins constitutional ob
jection to th existence ar to Its exercise that
the property or contracts of individuals may
be lncoentally asected.
"Congress, the court says, tn coaclutlon.
"as the Lezlsiaaue of a sovereign Nation, being-
exprely empowered by tbe ConsUUitioa
to lay and collect taxes te par debts and to
provida for the common defense asd general
welfare or the United States, and to borrow
money on the emit of the United States, and
ta cola money and regulate the value thereof,
and ot foreign cola, and being; dearly author
ised, as Incidental to the exercse ot these great
powers, to issue bills of credit to charter
National bents, aad to provide a Na
tional currency tor the whole peo
ple la tha form or eolcT reasury nates
and Nauoaai-bank mils, and the power to
make tke notes ot the Government a legal
tender in psyment or private debts being oaa
or the powers celoaging ta the sovereigns la
other civilised Nations, aad not exprasely
withheld rrom Cosaress er the CaEsuuiUoa.
e are imeUtlBly lapel ed to the coaclssloa
that the iBprwstng upon the Treasury notes
or tha United Mates tbe quality er beings
legal leader In payment of private debts it
aa appropriate means. conducive aad
plainly adapted to tke executlea or undoubt
ed powers or CoBgresf, sod cossisteat with
the letter aad spirit ef tke Constitution,
and. therefore, within the meaning ot that Ire
trumeat. neces.ary and proper for the carry
ing lata execution of tke powers vested by
the Constitution la 'he Government at ths
United States. Such aeing our coaeiusion ta
the matteref the law question, whether atany
particular time la war ur pesce tha exigency
Is such by reasoa of unusual and prseaiag de
mands ea the rmourcesof the Govarasasat,
the Levees Along tha Lower 3Hosts,l;n
Arkansas, Wblte and OUttr Rivera fMac
Way aad tha Consequent Flood- Keens!
leg: tn Great Damwge Gorgsawat AM
Being; Provided For
YtcsssuBO, Mrss, Mare C
News from the Sunflower River to ta
the effect that a general overflow of tho
section Is almost certain. The water
which comes through the break 1b tkw
Hughes levee at Beuleh Lake in Bolivar
County has not yet reached the SonSower
Elver through the Bognephalia, In addl- w
tion to the water coming through tho
Lewis swamps already In. the river, will
cause a general overflow. Telezraraa
were sent from here yesterdaf notifying
Governor LOwry of the Impending dan
ger up the Sunflower River.
A telegram was received by Captain
Marshall, United Stated endneer la
charge of this district, from the Chief ot
Engineers at Washington, asking what
etcamers and barges belonging' to the
Government were in Ids chaige that coald
render assistance to the citizens of thhf
district, which extends from the ntouLa.
ot White River to Warrenton, twelve
miles below this city The steamers
YIdalia and Jrto. G. Fisher and some
thirty barges are at Wilson's Point aad
In readiness if It becomes necessary to
use them for that purpose. Mr. Copple,
United States Assistant Engineer, goes
np by the Anchor line steamer la the
morning to inspect and direct the neces
sary repairs to levees in the vicialsy (
Omega, Madison Parish, La.
The State levee at Longwood, La., six
miles above Lake Providence, Is cavlteg;
fast and washing badly. The caving: has
reached the crown of the levee. Thiol
will be revetted vt'h plank: also the new
lcvcc at Omega, which is wave-waskeei
for three hundred feet, will be protected.
The State levee, between the Governmeat
levee In the same vicinity, is too low, aad
will be raised Immediately. These levees
are new safe, bnt will be made secare
against an anticipated rise of eighteex
Inches, which is expected from the Yaaeo
basin In the next three weeks.
Information yesterday from the Gener
al Manager's office, In this city, of the
Louisville, New Orleans i Texas Bailway,
Is to the effect that all work on the line
ot the road from Memphis south Is sus
pended and some eleven miles of track U
overflowed. Work Is also suspended from
the Yazoo Hlver north. No track has
been laid since the twenty-third-of last.
Ltttle Rock, Ark., March 6. Reports
received from Southeast Arkansas repre
sent a sad condition of affairs in the
counties bordering along the Arkassas
and Mississippi Rivers. The water has
broken the levees and a large tract of
country Is Inundated. In Lincoln and
Arkansas Counties tbe loss Is very ereat.
Tbe Arkansas in Arkansas Counvv was
lour Inches above the marks of 1877, the
highest within eighteen rears. It Is
$itt''&'& I ?I"Tlr idling. The loss from crops still
usesortheGoveraiEeatandortho people. that ' lD e neI" small, bnt the loss In hogs.
Tnr Republican Convention, of Kansas
City, nominated the following ticket for
city offices- For Mayor, Colonel R. H.
Hunt; Auditor, Ben D. West; Treasurer. J.
U. Fink: Attorney, R. B. Middlebrook; Re
corder, C. A. Kenyon; Supervisor ot Regis
tration, oamuei Alcwracken.
As x result of investigation cf tho Post
office of Stantwrry, Mo., it is reported that
W. F. Wood, the present Postmaster, will
be removed, and Alexander Stolon,
pjeent City Marshal of Staubirry, ap
pointed In bis place.
Tiie cigar manufacturers of Cincinnati
have decland lockout, whichthronsover
1,100 cigar-makers out of employment.
The cause of the trouble was thi amount of
wages iaid to two men for making a pecu
liar brand of cigars. The union demanded
they should bs paid more, tha manufac
turers refasetVaml declared a lockout.
Ix the Supreme Court at Jefferson City,
Mo., a motion for rehearing was filed
in the rase of Long vs. Long; The
rules of the court required a motion for re
hearing lo t filed within ten days after
th delivery of the opinion in the case, but
in view of the magnitude and importance
jf tho interests involved, the court was dis
posed tb make an exception in this case,
and Chief Justice Hough, aftet consulting
with the other members of the court, an
nounced that leave would Im granted to file
the motion. The status of foreign capital
loaned in Missouri will then be definitely
Peter Scnurrz, the Chicago v-ontractor,
who choked his wife to death ten days agn,
committed suicide in his cell by strangling.
TnE Masonic fraternity of Buffalo are
agitated upon learning that the colored
men of the city have seven lodges working
under a charter issued by Henry Frederick,
Duke of Cumberland, September S3, 1734,
claimed as Grand Master of Masons at that
time, and was granted to Prince Hall and
other colored men.
Ten men, wbo tried to strikeout anew
trail to the Cceur d'Alene mines from
Rotbdrum. Dakota, are reported lost.
Is the Senate, on tha 10th, the Mexican
treaty was further discussed anil a motion
carried recognizicg tbe constitutional right
of the House to inaugurate all appropria
tion bills. The House was concerned
principally with the Lasker resolutions,
which were returned without comment by
the President. Considerable feeling was
manifested against Prince Bismarck, and
It is as a matter of fact wise aad expedient ta
resort te this at aa is a political question to
b determined byCoagreM, when the ques
tion of exigency shall arise, and net a judi
cial question, ta be afterward passed upon by
the courts. It follows that tae act of May af.
ISTS. !s constitutional and vUd.aad tkat tha
Cu-colt Court rigktly held that the tender la
Treasury notes icissued and kept Inelrcnla
Uoaaader tkatact,wae a uadrr of lawlul
money, la raysieat of defendant's debt to tke
pUintlS." Tae Judgment of the Circuit Court
isasrmed. Wpioloa by Justice Gray, Juruca
Field dissonthuc
The Sapreme Court has refused a writ of
habeas corpus m what are known as tho
Kuklox exxs of Northern Georgia. The
parties to the cases were tried and eoBvldr
rd last fall of mtimrUtlng voters Just prior
to tha election of a member of Congress.
Justice Miller, speaking for tho court, holds
that the offenses are provided for
In tho revised statutes. The Government
must have ths power, to protect tie elec
tions, on which, its existence depends, from
violence and corruption. It can not bo
doubted that Congress has the power to pro
Tide laws for tha proper conduct of tha
elections ot representatives, aad because It
has for years refrained from exercising
the powers they are now doubted, but
they are nevertheless Tested in Coazress by
the Constitution.
A Desperate Position.
Lx.vnviLLE,Cou,Mareh T Richard Swan,
a mining speculator of this city, was rescued
from a horrible fate, being found in the bot
tom of a deserted mine shaft, Into which ht
had fallen six days ao, and which has since
been his living tomb. His rescue was bj
the merest accident. James Iiarry anc
Charles A. Dean, two miners, while on Uieil
way to work heard the groans of some oni
in itbtres. For some time they were urublt
to locate the sounds, but finally fount! tit
cattle and mnles will be considerable.
There Is an average of one break In tho
levee to every five miles on tae north aide
from Swan Lake to the month of the Big
Bayou Meto.
ANnrrr at heuena.
UEtxNa,ABK., JIarch 6. The ralafall
here in the past thirty-six hours amounted!
to nearly two Inches, which has assisted
materially the one-Inch rise In the river.
Reports from MadUon yesterday la
dlcate a continuation of the rieo
In St, Francis Bottoms which leaves
no hope of a decline here for some days
to come. This prolonged rise in the St.
Francis basin after nearly Ave feet fall at
Cairo fs unaccountable, unless It be at
tributed to rain, and Is another evidence
of the mvstcrions workings of this zrestt .
river at flood tide. The levees are hold-1
ing still by virtue of unremitting labor osi !
the part of the people. A heavy
prevailed Tuesday night which cj
something of a panic, bat the sight
pasetl withont disaster. The Jcdlar is
generally better now, though aaach
anxiety Is still manifested as to the re
sult of the present high water.
Corning, O., All Torn Up Over Tbe Keeest
Expulsion of Andy SfcDevltt from tha
Town A War of Faction likely to KesoM.
Counmcs, O. March t.
The trouble over the McDevitt abdao
tion at Corning Is getting worse. Every
torn of affairs seems to irritate It, till there
is danger of violence. Andy McDevitt,
who promised the mob last Sunday night
that he would never set foot in the tows
aain, returned yesterday accompanied by
opemngof a shaft which had almost beer ; bfcj c oa McDcvittwas
-lKi hr th snmr anil Iei Tliev mule! J
given a royal reception. Fully 2,00a
people met him at the depot and
itsel mills at Pittsburgh, Pa., have decided I the matter was referred to tho Committee
to strike if the firm Insists on reducing r-i Fort ign Affairs.
The railroad coal miners at Sheners
Station Slop-J Mines, near Pittsburgh, Fs,
resumed workat a reduction of half a cent
per bushel, and alto signed a contract to
continue at tha sama rata for one year.
Fsxscx KsA?prjnsx has a .ed to baal.
Tbe financial condition ot Cuba is very
critical and a general panic is feared.
Numerous failures hava already occttrretL
Witt try Ross wan the boat-race with
George Babear, tha English oarsman.
Bibbop CXABXS09, of tha Eplscapal Dio
cese cf Nebraska, Is dead.
then more plainly bear the distress eries"
aad knew that the ieison wbo uttered then
iHtv-t be lying at the bottom. How dee;
the shaft was they could not te!U for tht
leplhs were black as midnight. Ropes anc
mining timbers were procured and Barn
was let down the shalt. On reaching tht
bottom and striking a matcli, he fotmd a mar
I) ing face downward Jiit in the entrance ol
a drift leading from the f-haft. The mac
was unronselou-S and Ills face unnii
takably depicted the agonies of death bj
-Urratiou. The unfortunate man was ralsec
to the surface and carried to the city, wbere
after restoratives had been applied, he re
covered consciousness. He savs that kli
days ago be was walking up the gulch to loos
at some mining property, then all of a snd
ti-n he was precipitated down the defence
iliaft spoken of. He was not aware of Its
presence, as the mouth was completely
blocked over with snow. From the fall h
ufleral a sprained ankle and a braised arm.
but was not otherwise hurt, as he struck
upon his feet. All that night he made at
tempts to climb out of the shaft, and onlj
leased his efforts when his strength had com
pletely given out. His suffering was terri
ble. As near as he can tell for three dayt
ind nights be kept np the endeavor to es
ape from his tomb. Frequently, he say
he heard men passing by. but he called tc
them In vain. Finally hunger and the ex
posure made hint so weak that he could noi
stand up, and giving up in despair he la;
down on tbe spot where be was found.
An Oreson Murder.
Irtijind One-, March ".After several
hours deliberation the jury In the case ol
William Bioxam, charged with tilling an
old man named Jacob Fisher, near this city,
some weeks ago, returned a verdict of mur
der In the second degree. The murder nl
Fisher ended a long, deadly family fneo.
Mrs. Fisher, the divorced wife ot the mur
dered man, was indicted along with Bioxam
for murder In the first degree, but her case
was dismissed. Murder in the second de
cree Is pnnhhable by Imprisonment for life
ander Oregon statutes. Ten days have been
xnsumed in the trial, and the casa, owing
to Its pecullai features, has been one of tht
most remarkable trials la the criminal his
tory of Oregon.
m m
Train, Wreckers Arrested.
LociSTTT.T.r, Kr, March 7. James BUI
and Hyson Freeman, farmers, went before
Justice Gomel and f-ore out warrants
against Spencer Tuttla, faamuel CraTeas, S.
Jackson, alias William White, and Thomas
Jackson, charging them with train wrecklsg.
On the night ot January 13 a passenger and
freight train on tho L. 4 U. Narrow
Gange Railway was thrown from tha trade
and badly wrecked. The conductor was
mtTid for life. The parties arrested to-nig-it
are accused of that outrage, and It Is
understood that one of them &as admitted
his roil, and will pjrn Slate's evidence;
escorted him to his store, where
be held an ovation during tha
lay, bnt did not remain In tbe tows over
night. He and Father B. M. O'Boylaa
have, however, not as yet been In the
town at the sams time since last
Sunday. The revcx-nd father left for
New Lexington on the train previous
to McDevltt's arrival, expecting to re
turn on the next train, but when he
raw the McDevitt party on tbe cars he
did not board it, and remained at tho
Connty Jail with the members of hi
comrrcsation, who are under arrest. Tbe
caMtof Father O'Boylaa was postponed
till Friday. The others will hava
no hearing till the Grand Jury
meets next Monday, as they waived a
preliminary eramlnation. Andy McDev
itt came np to New Lexington lit the af
ternooa, and Father O'Boylaa retnrred
to Coming. McDevitt swore out twelve
more warrants, making twenty-six in all,
with more to follow. To complicate tha
present desperate social condition of this
mining region, four arrests were mude
for the lynching of Richard Hlckey, two
weeks ago, and efforts arc being made to
have Andy McDevitt Indicted for tilling
Ira Quick ban m in self-defense a
year ago. There Is a desperate state
of affairs at Corning and Rendville.
Secretary Folscr on the Patten mil.
WxsnrsCTOX. D. C, March 8.
Secretary Folger suggests several
amendments to the Fatten BIU, and says:
"I doubt whether the people would ap
prove Its provisions. It Is certainly
open to the charge of being partial to
the banks; and its effect, whether In
tended or not, would seem to be to
defer calling in security bonds nntil such
times as bonds sot used as a basis of
clrculatloa shall have beea called, and I
do sot think It wise policy to thus dis
criminate In favor ot banking associa
tions, and against all other bond-holders.'
Waxaad to Lrava.
Soxeksxt. Kr, March 0.
A regularly organized body of aea
tn Harrison District hold meetings
In a church for consummating plans
to drive George and William Carter
and William Troxtlll from tha Stata.
They were tried la court for tha mur
der of Harvey Rnssell and becsit.
ted. Tbe general belief Is that they
were guilty. They have been notified to
leave, and Troxtili has disappeared. The'
Carter brothers received notice, bat re
fused to leave, and say they will ahoot
very man whose same- Is attached whe
approaches them la the least suspicious
suumer. A tragedy will probably end
iff om

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