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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, March 20, 1884, Image 1

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Derated to the Interests of the Cltcrekce. Cl'ociRwn, Chickasawf. Scmlaelci. Creek, and nil Other Imlfan of the Indian Territory.
YOL. II. NO. 27.
"ejsi ail eeoparisan the flaest anil eea-pletest store In tbe Indian Territory is that or
Wo C. PATTON fc CO.,
Ymi ea get ajUda7 job want aad that or the very best quality to be had In the rot a rj.
And a fall assortment of everything wanted by onr customers.
OCJt Wtr CIBDJ BETAXTiOT ewitalns an lamcasc stock or every variety of tlic best and mo.t MTTircable Dry
tswsfe. I
OCK OMTEtSS RPABT03T ya will And the largest Stork or first-class Clotfiinr. Boots, Sho, IlaL, Ladle. atd
6ete' JfaralshlBg 6 fc. While
OUR XILLDTERr 9EPXRTSEST to folly ap to the times In all th La!et Sty let snd Fahien.
OCr QClItr KPAXTXE3T is nrpfelcwllfa every kind orstaple and Faaey Urjcerics, Floor, Baron, Canned Good,
0R MAJL3.ESS MEXKTXEST has a fall line oT Saddb-s, Harness and Leatacr (.'oods or all kind. In
W ACMCCLTURAL DBPLEXEVT BEPART3KST you can get Wapms Unties, Mom, Spring Wa-;oas, Etc.
MSR-XAXSHTARE BEFAXTXEST fa well stocked with Sails, Screws", Chains, LUngcs Tinware, Axes L'tensUs, Tools,
' e- Tm win SMI
ttC. GLASS A5B UEESSWAXE BEPAUTXEXT eTery variety r Dlhrs, Crock, Jars, Jugs, Etc While In
OCR BSC STftBE BEFAXTXEXT yoa will llnd a splendid stock of Pure, Sice Drnss, Medicines comple te In every re
pet. FFeeript!e careWIj compounded by a skilled apothecary. In this connection we have also an Immense
Tfcfc f Sttieas, I- acks, Confectionery, Etc And a
SIAI5EXI A5B BK BCTAXTXEXT where yon will Had every variety T WriHmr Materials, Taper, niank Dooki
3Me ad Xcealpt Bttks, Schol BooVs, aad a line orool Keadinir Books Proe and Poetry.
Our Prices are as Low as the Lowest. Come and See Us.
' i
WtX.ROTT, Proprietor.
SSartm tana a fwnrirof both Stive and Northern Tine Lumlicr. Also Fhin
.Bilalfc3ottiaiBB.Etc Tbe Xaare line, tpelr Ulrrl trom the Cbuctow
qj r - '
DrngsPate&t Medicines, ISTotioiis, Stationery,
Etc.; also aFnllLine of Gigars, Tobaccos
and Confectioneries. ,
gnilinrirmf-i" theBen iaTInita at M. FKAZEES Bid Front, one door
West or 'Frisco Hotel.
M. FRAZEE, Vinita, Indian Territory.
VliSTETA., I. T.
Keep CDBastlj-on land the Choicest Str "9 aad nncr Groceries In the Market. Also
F YtffiaMcs, Fni, Qwiswiri, Glassware M Tiiware.
toalae oar rtock In the Jlew BbHc o tbe Corner, two doora Wet or A. C
KtTBwl C'i Haritwtre Store. -
JUeR's Rmgteadsr Washing Machines
These XsstMms are warraate- la flaiih a wahin? ready for the line, wilhoal
ihe ase ef tcfe r her3; As Bet have the hands in the snds fmm brsinninsrto end;
a4 w wash aajtHtogr tnm a qallt to a gun patch, and are fully warranted
Effainrf hrr-Iarr far m jear. TERJUS: SIG.00 for Washer and Wringrr rem
Mnca; tli.QQ for Wariber aloar, with one cent per mile extra from Vinita to
S-tft06 m C-T,0 J
Are can J lug a Is ire and complete stock of
Fmarf Gs, Sstgars, Syraps, Soaps and Sanccs, Candies and especially COFFEE
mi TEAS; ris 4eMware, Glassware, Woodenwarc, Tinware. 5aIIs Powder
urf ImmnnHitn We carry a Im-nense stock of FEED, Corn, Brsn, Shorts, Baled
&J a4 Swts. We are sole -seats at Tinita for the celebrated SESECA FLOUK.
CISK rX T9& HIBES, FUKS and PROBCCE. Cash or Cattle taken in Ei
chasffe for Ge4.
& CO., Viniia,
- "'''' erncz, viairi.
Indian Territory.
IE jbe-t Cah Price Faid for Ft'Iti5, GAMB
and I'KUDL'Cli.
QFF&SI3 ?. H, CASS' Sis?.., TO 1. 1.
LoratI at Kat M. Lents, III.
Iirt-lr c.ncHr tbe cHr r -t. ln. nujrrs
fi.rnJ-rr(prtoorfUre Storfc atwajmat
tHfoklBne. aixl wMhhi IJm? jnn4 of tb Mek
Vnl air-aUo-f Omtin? Ciuapany. nh a
rapr ft"'"iSb,ert" ''J bimd 'f cauls
daHr. ana l'ork I'apklJW RM.hmrti wim
a capacity f r Haoi.tnn KJbti fasn UHr-
ISAAC II. KXOX, Prrsldent.
CnAS. T. JOSES, .npt.
Pulliiian Taluce Hotel Cars
tlirougli to St. Louis,yia
Scdalia, Daily.
Direct Route West and South
west Tia Kansas City.
New Mexico and aMfornia csmmjct with Hx
press Inuns of all lines.
AT ATGHISQNSPr-kmTri:i,r,ior,r
Points in Kanasand Nebrai-ka.
IT nlllU 1 Connection Is made with al!
A I UHiflUA Mnes leailmjT to the North and
F. CIIAXDLER, ("cn. Pa. AsenL
C. B. KIXXA.V, Ass't (.'en, Pa. Agent.
F. L. DECKEIt, Asentat viniU.
The Direct Through lloute Between
Tast Express Trains are Itan Daily. Jso
Change or Cars.
Thnmi ruBaian Pabie- Fleeplna- Cars are
rnn dstlr. wHbmit ehanso. between ST. LOUIS,
3HV1 acres ot wh fartnteK- and mineral
lands f sale by thtecompany In SOFTH WEST
tSTToT- full and ra t'eular iBrormatlon. with
.. -.wa... tfiiM m. HlltitAfiftriiA.
I aps. ilia" jbw . 'M"-'-.1 - -.. ------
! drr-i any of ou - Mat -n Agents, oreilhe- or tha
D. WIHAirT Geae-u Paseneer Ajsent. s
G WtiLE, Gcr-a. Frr.ii Mr' St Louis.
C W jlOCr't" Tlri .iect tl f,enerW
Manager, Xc p.e f '-S-". 5; Lo-r. Mo.
i Fan
The tirst shovelful J dirt on the Flor
ida MMlaml & (eorp Railroad was
thijj at Valdosta reccnU" by the wifo of
Hoiu a K. Pendleton.
Oncnos will votoon he 22d of June
on a proposition to so aicnd its Statu
Constitution as to ailmit he women to
an equal riht t vote wit the men.
TrtE Wabash Railroac authoriiics
liavo Fhut down on theprcticcof their
employes selling their tiro, and giving
nowcrs ot nttornev for racs. Tlic
practice was perniciotw ad has now
been forbidden.
A singula i: accident happned lately
at a mill in Nashville, Tcnn A work
man ra thrown toward a cirtilar saw.
and thinking he would striki it, ilietl
frum friiriit. When picked u he was
dead, but there was no sign ota hniisc
on his bod v.
Active preparations arc in rrogrcss
for the ejecting at Memphis of tie San
itary Council of the Misi.ippi TJcy.
Tlicrowill be delegates proent from
fifu-en States, and t!ie health f tkival
ley during the coming summer avU be
sarufully considerciL
II. h. MrmiEU. manager of the flobe
Tea and Oiffoe Company, of Wlics
barrc. Pa., and his x--itanU wen ar-
..mainin- money under fale pretel
- - -
and maintaining a lottery uy scmngiea
and coffee in cans coniainmg prize, in
default of bail they were i-cnt to prion
A fuiweu has lxn dlcovercl in
South America w ai-h is only vbiDe
when the wind is blowing. The shrb
Inslongs to the eacUis family.-aiid grots
about three feet in height, with a crtxk
an top, giving it the appearance ofa
nlack hickory cane. When the wid
blows a number of beautiful flowers d
velop from little lump on the stalk.
All the .Senators and mcraliers rf
Congress received in their mail reccntl
a sonrrilous pamphlet pretending to b
the prospectus of "An Illustrated BU
grapliy of the Sioux Chief." Tlic nane
of "Xancy Higgens' was given as tlr
sutlior. and the book pretended to In
Ik-dilated to the friends of women uf-
fragc. It was supposed to be a fling at
(jovcrnor Ordwav, ot uakota.
A max named Sraoll, of Lenawee
Countv. Mich., was recently divorced.
In order to avoid paying alimony to his'
wife he turncu over Ills iiniienaKing
buMnos to another man. Xow Smoll,
having cleared him-elf of his wife and
all future trouble, de-!rcs poscslon of "niomasjrffrr-u-n. was taken up. and a favor
;. . . -,.,- l able report was read. I onlrraMe opposi-
his busims again, but bis snppo-Hii tlon wa r,ontf1-.teil atrain-t tbe Mi. h 1-rtnz
friend still clings to it. and is selling ofl tan-fiE3,Sa ZZXgtfK.
j--oods at cost price, and Sinoll Is trying Tnc j,nate was cot in sotsmn ,n the
to rcplctin what is left. IMh The House went Into I.Knmilti-r of
'the Whole. Mr. Hkujilt In Ihe chair, on Ihe
Tim new fast mail train between Xcw
i-ork and Chicage is not looked upon 1 r'..-Val-r.. -waItA"r.r ST.' f .
very faverablv bv the people oi tne roaiUtosriy per cent aHom-.i tiiat or other
:!... ,,;i L,rr-Uf in Plile-iini It is Iroads. Mr.llolmaaoffiTi-il asa ulKtllule lor
railway mail service in Clilcago. it is ifh mo(on an amendment Inriudlnir
held that, as the train arrives in Ctuea-
jo as late as lCJ.r a. m., it is useless as
far as Chicago is concerned, as the
mail could not be deliv-red until af
ter the regular train had come in. The
benefit is observed at St. Louis, where
business men now receive Xew York
mail at 9 a. m.. the same time as Chi
cago, instead of noon, as formerly.
Two children ilietl at their home on
Twenlv-ninth street. Galveston. Te.xxs
from eatiug lu-a!il meat, the eldest.
Christine Wegner, lniing three years
old. and Man- Vcncr. the other vic
tim, eighteen months old. All the fam
ily. con-dting of the parents and four
children, soon after the meal, were at
tacked with an ailment roembling -dysentery,
purging and vomiting blood.
Dr. Ithodcs was called and treated tlie
family. Hie constitution of tlic parents
sided his M, and they recovered, but
two of the children ilietl.
TllK Wanlen of the Illinois Peniten
tiary at Jolict ha aktil the Attrne
General to tleehle for him a ijuotion
pnipounded by th State's Attorney of
Fulton County. That official wisheil to
know if the Wanlen could deliver up a
prisoner in bis charge on acapia iv-ucd
for the commission of another crime
than that fr which the pri-oner was
inrarwrateiL Tlie Altoniev General
ha advised the Wanlen that there Is no
authority in law for Mich deliver, ami
alo say. that to con-cnt to it would lie
to establish a very dangerou precedent.
A rrniofs duel with locomotives
took place at the Union Depot. Kansas
City, recently. Two Miouri Pacific
and Ciiicapi & Alton frcigiit trains
were disputing over Uio right of wa on
tbe fifth depot track. Failing to make
each other yield a imint they crowded
on Meam ami deliberately lorccii a col
lision. Fortunately they were too clo?c
together to get up much speed, but the
cow-eati'ier on the Alton engine was
smashed, ami the men on the train
considerably shaken tip. Then for
nearly an hour they tried to buck each
other off the track, but finally tbe Mis
souri Pacific yielded and backed off,
leaving the Alton train in possession of
the field.
A DisTCKBASCS took place on the
Mackay race course, in Queensland,
Australia, on December 26. It was
caused by the time-expired islanders.
Eight Europeans were injured by mis
siles thrown at them by the infuriated
Kanakas, une tvanasa wu iueu -uu'-- ......- - -
six were wounded in quelling the riot ! Coods; estimated cost of replacing.
J.nc .urupcau wu.&xiieu am uiui-ti Ab
renvd aainst the Kanakas. An open
air meeting was held at Mackay. at
which it was decided to convene a mon
ster public meeting to take steps to me
morialize the Government with a view
of compelling all Kanakas to return to
the South Sea islands at the expiration
of their term of service, or lo re--pgago
for a further tcrm.
A Summnrr of the Daily News.
In the Senate un the Illh. Mr. Allison
prcontcl a memorial an-1 Joint resolution of
iar ixTPiiuro ui mm, uir.ni: '.""" I
Carernment to aiall iiMrlf of the .power j
(rrantcd lir the I'.niMlllllH.n 10 m.unie nm-. - .u-t...
mercof theS!il.r. preyine onen- to pa Tlir week's business failures thronshcret
laws In pursuance ot that imer Tor the roru- Uiecountr', for the United Ktates, nnm
latlon of railroail farvK ami frrlpbt at sueh . . .... .-, , ,. nit ,,. nrnrince. 4-
flcurc!. a win allow a reasonable return lr" ' tanaaa ami the provinces.!-.
and no more for the amotmt actually
expenuci in ibo ron'initiiwti .....
The jH-nate then went into executive -Mnn
for further conMeratlon .if tlie Mexican
treaty. anl when tbe loor wetw npoed (
aujourne.1 Jr, the lloim- Mr Mrrij.n re. .
aujournni ioir' imi- i ..!.-. -wirteil
favoraMy fmm the Warn ami lino
. a ... .1 ..III . .. 1 ...k. -.! Jm ....ct
, II.I1.II11IT- llfVI'ffl l ll""IMI.-III- ...M.m .......
the war tariff. The new tariff blllwa accom-
oainlllcincni iu n..ucr-i-M iwm ..
iianled with a written report. MeK Wiley '"'e !,.,,-,,,.,,. . ...,
mlttertthevleworiherainritr.TlK-llouiK?.on i Ing it and flooiling it with steam. otone
motion or Mr. Town-lieml. went Into! ommtt-i of the one hundred and fiJty miners es
tce of the Whole on the Po-l-office Apprtipria- ,-,!
in ,it ,!... ll k... Im. ,ail lir fM ! .""f
Illin UfU. I III" ! UStlHi. !-.- - j
tlon. Mr. llorr mored to Increase to Jli2'.
oo the aiipmiirintiii fur "ontiaHn of
in! no. ,- ,.;.... ..-(-
jolmaMer. rcnulnjr action, Ine ctHnmiiiee
Ix tb- Senate, on Ibe lith, Mr. Jackson
suhmltteil a joint reHiJuttort provMlnjr for
iiutiini'tlon to the State of a constitutional
amendment makintr the Irellentil term fix
year, awl makinr a PrcMdent iHrt.cac to a
reflection. A mmit-rr of I'ilS wen- reirtril
ravoraWy and ilc-l on the calendar. The
-iMte took up the Mil forllie rrlier of Htz
John IHirter. which led toa hmcd'-liate with
out rrult. and after executive M--ion the
Senate adJoum-l The nouc- went !nt
Itimrailtee or the Whole on Ihe !Nlo(bce Ai
pmnristion ItUL Thetmramrtleeof the Whole
liy a voi- or 115 to 4.tnirk out Ihe elau-e
limltlniralrk-of tuaMler to f.mL An
amemlment 1t Mr. llorr men ainr from tiA
:jl,lltl to JtiiU llie appniprlallnn fiireirni
penatton to po-lmai-lcr. a hit :ito.
Sir. llorr moved to im-n-aiK- the ajiproprlaiion
for c!crW In xtomce by flSi.lJ. The
amendment was Iet .. to III
Ix rlio Senate, on the 13Ui, Mr. Harmon,
mw ,l.n i nmmftw en TitrHtorit. retorted
Urora th? f """"" " T'rri.rjes reported
fatorabir ami nail pucoi onineeaieuuar tut-
favors bl r and had pUci-d on the calendar the
tiUIIortneaumtvionoi uanim. Jir. i num.
rubmltted a joint nolutlon. which was re-
propriatlni: SZJxn to be maile Itamwlsstely
avaluiiHe umier sue mrecxioo u ' ,m.uii-!t"i.
on Ainicultun-. rur tbe unipif'lon or the
rt aixt mouth dlwae amine .-auie in iau-
a. The Mil lor the relief of HU i n nirter
wa taken up. awl Mr. MaiHWrum ,wreeii
t .? .... . mr.a t.... ... I, Ifln. . I...1..
lurrviutuin ifiiw.iiii ... ... ...
dlcUH.on the Mil was nti.l a tbint time ami
iuf"I by a vote r 31 to III Ibe
llouw a resolution wa adoiitcd dirrctlnir the
lommiweeon minic uiiem i iinr-iiiic
matter perlalnini: to the prant of3.lcn
fnik.Ct.fn nr lihifrn f.k alii in the efin
Mrnrtionofa breakwater, harlior an.1 -hip
canal. an.I ny mat Maie pira i im- u-r.-u-perlorand
PorUtre I-ake t'anal I'omiutn. awl
ileumine whether the STant i HaWe to for
rHtuiT'. The I lou went InloTommHtiv of
the Whole on the I'o'toSk'e Appropriation
lilll. Ihe pending- amendment lelnr that of In-
... .k .. ....... n.4. Inn . f.rf.fn f.rwn.fit
of letter carrier. ant Incidental exin-u-es or
. i-M... ...in ru. rxn,iM t l .
wi- inTumiiij t-i r n. . - . . ..
on.nm. Tin- anM-ilment wa ailoptt.1 by 1ST
n ir. C......I ..ill.. n.m1mfnf. ltra.nr Iff.
iff St. ii ...mi-. .. -..... ....- - .. ---
fent. anl t 5 o'rincl, the lloiiv wljoiirniil.
In tlio Senate, on the Htb, Mr. l'lnmb
ealleil up the joint re"luiln approprfcxins
IT3.0O for thr eradicathin of the foot -nl
mouth dlfCtw. Mr. Plumb afl It was a very
Mriitus dlne and did not affect the State of
Karoos merely, but all the States. He M-nt to
.. ..... .f f..l .tl..u.tlt tmat tlif.
iwuit. ain un n, a ..! . ....
Covenmr or Kan-a. urrlngj the ininanee
f Immediate action. Mr. Sherman tnovei.
to amena by 'triKius out ine i mu-- iuio
provWe that the money lf expended In co
ojieratlon with Ihe authorm!' or Kan
naa. as Ih lli-a-c was apt to f pmul
to other S-tatii and alli'et the ?wla
ami other animal- Mr fullora thousrht
tbe amount (-ImiuM lie J.0.il an.1 the ri-i4u.
;.iil.tt and the ri-nu-
fOflE? iltM-U.slfHl I'll-
tlon pa,M at oni-e
S;s tV Senate adurn until it.m-
day lnthelIou.-.thebiIIrrantlnir a pen-
iwithln tbe ntty jut ceni mniiniuin
daue the Northern Pji-iIU- ami f'nion
I'aciOc sjtem. aw! pi-wvwin-r tnat no
right now rxiMimr In raor of the
I nitetf Mate m reeani i ine ropn .-ii-iii
if drrmM lm!airi-l r wai..vd Iy thi- action.
-fr. iiiiimii r iii-ii.ii.i.-ii --...-fT -. . .--M.
When a midi ralhin nt the lln.t section
I. . I 1. I ...... a. Llnnf IK., ,ftA X1U
was ntuiiieir. 11 wT.np-iirnH m. .... ...
I could not be flnl-hcd and the rommittee rtr.
Jeannette fame has ten inarrl"il to Miss
Uelen Laflln Kioan in Oswego, X. Y.
Ilcsnv A. Tildes, youngest brother of
Samuel J. Tilden, died at New Lebanon, S.
Y., recently, aged slsty-thrre.
:mrKL s'roti-.
Vuextiss Till-b. tte Pacific Express
mbber at St. Louis was arrested recently
at Milwaukee and J M.69 of the money re
covered. Thearret was duo to bis own
follj In learim: Ins valise with the money
at a trunk store t bo repackuL His ac
complice, a man liamrd MrFaddrn, bas
also teen atre-tcd at Sbennan, Texas
The Attorney Seneral has Issued n cir
cular ts United States MarsbnU and At
torneys to enforce tbe la-saRaInt person
whom they find illec-liy manufaeturing or
eaporlin;t drnamite.
A shpckisb cne -f eruelty has come to
IiKbt in Xorwalk, O. Mnpgie Montemery,
agel cght yearx, was token from a charita
ble imditutiMi by a Mrs. Blinjdy, who beat
her and starveil her, fracturtsl her skull
and burned ber wHh a lnit !ker. There
were but slisht chances ot tbe ettlbl's re
covery. Ho ineenseil were tbe people that
they threatened to lynch the whole Itlinrly
TllElJovemorof Kansas ba calleil au
extra session of the Legislature t convene
at T'Pka on Tuesday, slareh lbs, to take
nr-ion in resanl to tbe eaUls ptaue that
nifT prevails in tbe State.
The Texas Land Ilonnl rrfuseil to accede
t tne r nuesi oi w-iMe n itumo m
price of lrased lands horn eight to Are
- . ,...... -. iasifn.l . Yt thn
l the rniuest oi stocmeo wreiiacejue
cents. Tbe stoekmen threatened to cut tho
fence of any man leasing at eight cent,
and tobl the Board so. They also inti
mate tnat tbey will orcaniu a powerful
opposition to tbe retention by the Board of
tho State offices now hebl by Ihe mrinWrs.
A DESTBl'CTiy-eyctone paw-e-inearuun
v.-iiiira. ......
S. Hes and
Tfrxville. Ala., recently. 11.
Mn. John Till mm e were killeil. and John
Tidraoreaml Mrs. Frank Farmer severely
injured. About thirty bouse were blown
to atoms The storm left the earth after
devastating nearly six miles.
A ttbjubLi: explosion occurrcU In tno
Focabontas Mine, near Petersburg, Va.,
nn-ntlv-. One hundred and'fifty men at
work in the mine were killed and their
bodies terribly mutilated. The explosion
ounded like the rumbling of an eartb-
:aake, and did considerable damage out
side of the pit.
George Tirr-ST, twenty years old, a
son of the absconding postmaster, of Ben
nington, Vt., has been arrested and con
fessed to stealing Government money. Ho
I implicated in bis father1 fraud.
T?f . re fcHflrr were destroyed be
tween PitUburgh and Cairo during the
r-T v Rnmtsnx has snedC.K. Garrison,
of New Tort, torecoyerSiSaiW.claiming
that amount on account ot sale ot bonds.
DrGAJcrr, the Russian Nihilist, sup
posed to have been tbe leader of the band
that murdered Colonel Sadeikln, has sailed
tor America.
M. ... . TM. -
LBS coatCDer OI sommerce, oi njnuii
Franre, p'Otcsts against the embargo en
rnrrnn, Walkzk, of Missouri, ha r
celred a letter from T. C. Campbell, ot
Kirk.iville, Infonninj; him :hat tie moutb
ami foot (Urease had broken ont among thi
cattle in Kurt beast Missouri.
Tun Aspen tage, which arrived at Lead
vllle the other night, brought news of a
fatal snow-slide which occurred at Apen
mountains. Three employe of thsValleJi
.;,.- .-:-.,. M.nhitl Willlnm O'n.-irn
itaai' a - v ua a,- ..va.f - --
t aad John McGunnity, were killeil. liito
aau John Jlcuunnlty, were Kiueii
hjsj n. anoth.r miner . hmlssinis.
if.1 fn. nc mmiurMt with 7: last week.
The decrease- was principally In the West-
era, juume and .w wiruwi ci.
Canada aas. the same number of failures as
. wn.fc
Tnc only way of putting out the Are in
..... ,-...j j v. - .-..-,.
,.. Pocahontas mine. Vircinia.Isbvse.nl
, i ,.,:. r:.
llUl.ll.I.lfT'ls, Cllfruiinu .j ...,, ....-
man bred pork, ami due in no wise to the
American proilurt, Is rarapns ranous
parta of Germany.
Matt Lewis, colored, was handed in oc.
Ixiuis for the munlerof his wife in Octobet
1(58. Iwi nnareelle 1 with her. and COt
her throat in a fit of jealoaiy. He escaped,
I n was arrested nearly a year afterwards.
He hail been in jail M-ven years, during
which time he had lour tnats.
A mmt Wifti.ttCltc thn other mnrninir
i..trnrl Wnmlwanl. Faxon it Co. tdace.
13 Hi to 13W 1'iuin avenue. The loss on drngs,
build ns and oilier property amounted to
nearly $l(.u . A youu man nsmeil Aber.
itathy was Lil'ed by leaping from a fourth
story w.n low to escape Lein;; burned.
WIMJAJI u. Smith, agru twenty, oi nan
Antonio, Tex., suicided recently by taking
mnttlilni- IIm hail tnarrietl a variety actress
n-med Lizile Mack, and got lalo domestic
Ix a row on shipboard In Chesapeake
Bay, VliL, John Wilson, mate, war st?bb-d
and kllUd by Gus I'eterson.
TiLLsn, the l'acific Express robber, of
St. Louis, mule au attempt to escape by
citmbinz down tho flre-ecaie ef the Lin
lell HoteL He was recsptured n ml" taken
to the Four Courts.
The o'her morninii two prisiaers con
fined in th Sandwich, Ont., jail, shot and
killed Jailn Leech and faUlly woundel
Turnkey Davis and escapeiL
A Torxo man named John DuCield was
held up recently nt Galveston by a trio ot
roughs. Watching bis opportunity he
kciz.-U th hand of the man holding the
pistol and plunged a lwwie knife into his
1ml-. Tlic dead robber proved to be a
John Kelly.
IrtsrrpTtcil that a snow-slide carried
away tho Samson Mining Company's Con
centrating Wotk-i, eight miles north we
of Silvcrton, Col., erected last summer at
aa expense of i,0o.). "b lives wero lost.
Tiic Ontario I-zislature passed a bill
giving widows and pintr hohave the
necessary property imalincntlon.a ngnt to
vote at municipal elections.
A serious railroad difficulty occurred
near Youngstown, O., a few days ago, over
.li.nttfn.t tract plaimeil bv the New York.
1'ennsylvanla o; unio anil ine i lusuurgn,
. , r. -Tf.ul.. ll.flH. rnmtuniM
Tennsylvania & Ohio and the Pittsburgh,
-.eve.a... .--, "?""rr
The emjiloyes oi cacn company wcrr
nriut.-it uii iv.iMv.. ..-.....--.-....-
but for the timely presence of the Sheriff,
who made several arrests.
A nnirnfi match at San Francisco, re
cently, mile and a half turn, ,000 a side.
cently. mUe and a halt tun,. -.. a siae.
tor the championhip of the I acinc Loa-r.
lietwcen IVterMinand Ie. was wonbj i
former by fillccn lengths.
I'lrrri! Srvniix and his son. Will O. Pe-
monin, have left Louisville, Ky., secretly,
leaving tbe I'lke Tobacco Warehouse Com
pany in inextricable difficulties. The
frauds of the younger Semonin are said to
amount to $KW..
The valuo of exports of breadstnlTs foi
February, fcsl, was 10,ln.SS against JI.V
771,1)10 for tbe same time last year. For
the ei;;ht month rndini; February y, il!l
XUffl, against J113,I01,I.V. for the corns
poiidin i?nol of lant year.
Scvr-X months ago Christian A. Iembke
left Akron, O., while under a chare of
burglary and mbb-ry. Hi went to Ger
many, returned the other day on tbe
steamer "uremburjr and was arresteiL
A tool named Dennis Reilly ointeil an
"empty" pistol at Cella Kenncy, at ew
York recently, and shot her dead.
rvT.nliii-T-ii a mechanic named Jens
Xeilson, has been Impnsonrd for life for
arson, lie coiiei.se aio m ihtui; i
are to the Victoria Docks in Londuu, lSL
AnnrnoiiAi. nisrATnyrrx.
Ix tne S-nate. on the 17tb, Mr. I'lurab's
resiilnlioii for thi purpose of daling with
the Kansas cattle plaguo wa adopted,
after the amount asked fur bad b-en in
craeil t jT.i.OJlt Tbe Ltoas was occu
pied with matters of little geueral interet.
15. Haze: tlAVLORn, ageil twenly-tliree,
killeil bbuself recently in Chicago, l-emuse
he could net monopwliie the all -ctiotw of a
.The Mexican Central, new completed,
will be ep-n to freight and limited pawn-gr-traSc
April lt. Tlie regular cxpre
trains, w Jib Pullman care, will commence
M-iy 1st.
TnE pollro of Brooklyn have lisen in
quiring into the burning to death of Mabel
ltnliinnn. of Xew vrk. ill Tumson's
Hotel, on tbe old Coney I-lan I road. The
body was found sitting upright in a chair
with all tbe clothing burned except shreds
of stockings ou tbe feet.
Two vocsn men named Martllle Wil
liams and Ama Clifford, near North Ogilcn,
U. T., both drunk, were racing their horse
! fioum a hwin roc.) niii, .uniw""-"
j , tumblcl and fell, throwing the
i -a a .1 I. . --,.1- It iuir li Ik
down a steep, rocky bill, when the latter'
rider bead against a rock, crushing his
skull, and bedieX
The wheat crop in tbo vicinity of Van
dalia, IIL. is reported by the farm-rs a
almost totally ruined by the recent cold
w eather.
j UEBl lUCKClUlf I'l JIUUI1I vuifiiti, fuH
ac!e,i seventv-onti years, a shoemaker by
Hcniit ItlCKEltD, of Mount Carmel, ImL,
I .-..t. rnmmitteil suicide by banging, lis
j vai alwut to lose hi eyesight and was
j Umj of Hvlng.
I yBK Omaha, Slinneapolis & St. Louis and
j Milwaukee & St. Paul, have effected a re-
; a,ijtt5tment of lumber rate from br. I'aul
to common polnU in .Minnesota, uarau
and Iowa.
Mi.il AR-mnn Read, the ciantes. was
x,une& jn Srergreen Cemetery, Xew York.
Eight mon were rcquireu locany iu m-u
Into the vanlt-
Prascx OaLorr, who hai been the Rus
sian minister to France since ISTi, and who
now rs to Berlin, bas presented his let
ters of recall.
Ir Is alleged at Berlin that Sargent bai
been nllowed by Secretary Frelinghuyien
the option of rt ruining at Berlin, or be
coming minister to some other country.
The Genn.n Liberal Union Secesslon
i,ti elided to j'dnthe Progressist-. Tbe
Fusionists will adopt the came of tbe
German Liberal Party.
The funeral of Ernie tVeathersby, the
actress, who died Saturday, took placo
from tbe "Little church around tbe cor
ner," New York.
i ax extensive spice mu. m - -
.. ntr.- .l..n1 hi. nr. tn
The extensive spice mill of A. ColSura 6r
t,ia rauaaeipuia, w u.uajc. j .....
the amount of 53,000- "jsorance SO .
I IrUassertedlhattheGlaiUtonemtalstry
son the eye of d;s4ution.
Official Itcport of tbe United SUtes Veteri
nary iuixeontothet-ovemor of Kansas
In rte-ptrd to the Ureadrul Scource.
TnmtA. Kas.. March IX Tbe fallowing
is the rejiort of Dr. Holcombe. the veterinary
snrrom commissioned by Gocrnor uuc: to
invr-iti-r-ile the dL-ease which recently mada
its appearance arooag tlie cattle In Woodson
County, Kas.:
Neosho Falls. Woodsos. Coc-rrr. ka-. l
March 10 ISSt. f
To Ihe Goccrnor of I'lnxu:
Pin I have the honor to rej-or- Here
with the results of my usrestlr-atlon
Into the natnm. cause and prosress
of the disease existin-c amonr the cattle
. . .- f a n. uvw.i.i.-An nr tin-
in iai, ucifTaiiuruuufi. jj ("".-rr"" ," SZ
eral Auzur. commandinu the Military Depart
ment of the Missouri. 1 reported to you in
Topeka on the 5th insL. and received verbal
inMruciionsioprocenxio iui.-. i--m. --.-delay.
I arrived here on tbe UthlnsL. In com
pany with yourcir and Colonel Sims. Secre
tary or Ihe Slate Board of Agriculture,
and a deleg-ation of citixenn of Emppria.
I first Insrectc-t the herd or Daniel Kelt h. loca
ted rour miles northwetor Neosho Falls, !n
.... r .... L'n. Tti. klctnpr nf nil Df-m
i.ikrTtiuuiiij.iiu. -..-. -.""'." T ".
Is as follows: ltconitor 130 animals, most
or which are yearlings, the remainder com-prUin-r
a tew cows and twt-vcar-old ttccrx.
All or these animals were picked up In the
surmumlln-r country lat autumn. Thelastor
sixty were received on December 10. 1SSL All
were apparently well alter Christmas. Some
time betweet. the SMh and 31t or December,
five or the yearlinirs were seen to be Ume and
to present more or lc swelllnz or tbe affected
feet. A day or two afterward six more were
fouivlwith similar sjmptoms. Arteratlme
It was noticed that the reet affected showed
sls-iis or slonchin-r at the coronet, or
abovo the fetlock jolnL This result
was attributeil to freexlns; cr the dLeaed
memliers. Notwlthstandln-r tho chang-ea In
tbe weather, new outbreaks In the herd con
tinued until at tbctimeor my arrival slxtywerc
or had been affected. I made a critical exam
ination of a larjrc number both or the well anil
the sick. A typical recent case, said to have
been sick fouror five days, wasa two-rear-olil
itecr. with the following symptoms: The rtsnt
'.ui inni v.. ntfin.Mmhl-r swollen, and tbe
animal limped as ho walked. A slmrle vesicle
wat- found on tbe skin In tbe cleft or the hoof.
I touched It with my finxer when It ruptured;
.f ...-i. a I .nn .n nlilnnr 11.
loeuuiu r-3t-i-i. w. ." "" ,
perScial ulcer. The foot was hot an I
tender to m-es-ure. while the swelling
extemle-1 as hiah as tbe .fetlock. TSe
temperature. Uken in the recline, was iwt
desrres Fahrenheit. An examination of the
mouth revcaicu tnrce smaii uii.t-n i '
recentlr fnrrocl ulcer on the nrjeous mem
brane of Ihe lips and sums. Another case,
said to have l-cen affecteil about ten days, was
aredyrarliniTsCcer.tl-crUht hlwl root sup-purattna-
at tho fetlock joint, while the parts
below wens dead. The mucous membrane of
the upper and lower lips of the puns
and palate as far back as to the
econd molar teeth showed numerous
ulcers, varrin-r In sue rrom a larse pln-beaa
to a Lima liean. These ulcers wereof a paie.
reddish purple color, or or a yeUowlsh Drawn.
On preparin-rtotake tbe temperature the pa
tient ilefacatrd. rrveallnir on the mucous
membrane or the rectum a small ulcer from
wbnh escaped some IdomL The thennoi-2Icr
rcsltercd lot dcsre-is FahrenhelL Auofier
case.said tohave beenone or tne first aS-xteil.
was a whit j carilnir steer. He rerused 'a cet
up. was rrcatly cmactatcd and suf
ferlnx Intense pain. The rtffht
hlwl les; pre-cnte.1 a stump at the
fetlock joint, coverc-1 over with a dark
brown scab from l-cneath which escaped a
thick yellow pus when pressure wasapplled.
The .tump was tender ami swollen about halt
way to tbe hock. The left hind le-wasswol-
Ifll. (nibWIU lUWitevij ,-...-.- "-- '
Xt-tioc't. Tr tor MochI wkle iart.5howtcx
a icnsrrTciHiwi-ii --.in-. m.i -m."- . - --
. - f.I-1- f..lAn. rtt .!, fulfill, Inff
neneain snicu wnf.--n.--. . .- -" :
relt. The horn or the outside toe wa de
tached at the heel, undermined with pus and
nearly ready to drop off. The expo--!
Bone was dead on tbe surface. The
mouth showed several ulcers, some
healed, others nearly so. The tempera
ture was 112 ili-iii it s Fahrenheit. Tbcso
three cae are tairly Illustrative or the dis
ease a It exiti l here In tho various staics.
In some cac the mouth lolons are compara-
.! !!.. ..I.II Ik.. r, mm ...HnilSlV Ml
inn mwhi .mil.- it"; .-. .. - -- r i
reet eil. ami vice versa. Some hae hail the ,
dlca-e !n a mild torm ami e-eaiiei. wuuuiiv
.t . .i.j 11.1... urn. lial
loss ot any ponion i iunr umi . . - .
lest one toe. some Nith toe. "me one Icir at
lest one toe. some tilth toe. 7"'"
the fetlocfcme both leawlone three Uxs
The okler the animal the les dlsutrous does
JVppear to . ror I
iyo ut even one foot. One
lf kwJJ ."'
IOr UUl 1CW funs
cow with a
ten davs old
look tho dlseae anil developed ulcers
on the teats and uaaer as -en j
Ihe mouth. Three day afterward the cair
died with all tbe s-mptoms or the dlv-ascln
Its early staci-s The sct-ond herd lnsiwctcJ
lmjrsto Mr. i;lrlch,or Kansas Oty, .Mo,
end Is Ircated on the opi-Kltc side or the biffh
wav. about one hundred yards from lr.
Keith's place. The Unit cae appeared In thl
herd four or Ave weeks ago. and th- number
alcctcdnn the th !n-t- was thirty-five out ot
a total or ninety-five heaiL llut two or the-
cace n-ultv sieelal attention. One is a red
rearlinir steer with one root affecteil. showing
. . ... i . .1. .B.....J innaii. .nn fin
ulcers on isim nis v j.ii..-i ..-..- -..- -the
tour or the mouth lack to ami
Including tlie soft (.alate. The other Is a
two-year! heifer that will kw all four letrs
Thl hcnl was In fim- eomlltton when the dis
ease broke out. Tbe third henl infected is .sit
uate! almiit two and a halt mite south or
Mr. Keith s place. In Woodon .un,TvKa,nr
ami Ifdones lo John W. II- ird. On the th
lnU but fmir ca-e hail IfCcn aCected. one ot
which died while the dlsea-ewa at its heiht.
The total number of animal In this hero is
seventy-nve. una wen iniecicu un
l.Es. .
n..r.lin--ih. nainre or the disease there
in be no ucthMi but what It 1 a rontagcou
, . . a l - -- nil in iti
one. Thi i shown by the repeateili-uUireBk
which have taken place in the herd
first injected, tbe spread or the dU
eae to the hcnl across the htahway. ami
finally So Mr. Heard's cattle by the purchase
or a cow rrom Mr KelthV farm. That it I
foot and ra.ith dieae cannot be doubted
t-r- w rmtm i r nriiii s-a ---. - - -
when the symptorasan- eon.nlertl: for. tore-
iitulatr. the various ea-e show: Veide
-wpiiut-". ;- .! .-.I ..I,
and Ulcer oi me mituiii. c-t.fv ..-. . -
In Ibe cleft of the root. Mippur-ttlon ami
shiucblnc at the reet. ulvers or te rectum.
. ii... .n.t ifL. i .nr the inltler. ilisrrhira. a
temperature varin:r from Ml loliM-s.de-crees
Frhrenheii. and tbe mwt markeilemael
atkineven In .-ases where lheappetitelirooiL
How Ihe disease nrtKlnatod lam at a loss to
know. In tbe pxt the font an. I mouth ill.
raseba never appeared m ihts oiuntry ex
rcpt when tironslit here fnml!is-at I.rttutH or
Kurope. That H can orhniKite sp.HHam-ou.lr
I ilo not beHeve. for many liTatMm have
bnwit that pe-iBe dlt-ie rann.it h- pro
iHenl exe-pt when Ihe vte vims is pres
ent in ihe M sti-m. an-l thai this vin IsalwaTS
ihe re-Mlt of a like preexist! virus
Tliat tb ftis-s was liroueht l Mr Keith
henl I am fully coHvinewl; l"it when, how
and where lrom. my inve-tieatHi up t the
pretent time do not enaWe me tn say On Ibe
iih lnt- three new herds were reported in-
frvteiL I vtsMed them awl fimmt the report
BTOUIidle-s Sim-e Ihe ih lnt. twelve new
raehave apeeaeeil in Mr Keiths henl h I
four or Be in Mr. (iooflrirh's Tlie ta-
.... .u..... K.. Iiium itrmll-)nMI with
ouarantlne notices but to all Intent awl pui
I ... 1 .l. n. .., IM .lltf.,CJ.
will appear In other bepM unlt-sr efficient
to all who r artutet-wl with ihi jat history
. . . .1. .11...... 1.. ...V ..tal.nfl
ot loot ami intuitu ui -w-.-. ... "I- "
Iholnrectnl h--nl .houhl all l" destroyed and
the Infected iren-eniiarantliiei aenint all
t-altle. sheep al doff Tor a irloil
tT one -ar. The beiMlHe. manure,
bar. f.Mrr. fences etc should Ik?
rleMrnyeit wMh Ihe ea'tle. and the staWe
IhorotwMy eleant! awl disinfected. TheilL
easr p now hi near tt the sn-at eallle ranr-s
of the Wet. to w hlrh it may 1-n.Hijr be earrird
n4 where Its iHarH effects would he In-ak-nlable.
and H enwIiealioB loipiwiNe.tlwt
my delay ot action Is most dancerou tn th"
reat Inleresls at Make, t am. sir. very res
peetroWy your ebeilient servant.
I&icnedl A- A. HnWOMBr, O. . S,
Iiucectlnr Veterinary surgeon. U.S. A.
Tli' young housekeeper i apt to
Itlame her inexperience for her failures
,. . , . i .. ,i
in IHC culinary ueparunuui. nneunu
fault lies in pour materal or want of
prop- care. Tlie yoast. in whatever
form it be used. niut begooilandfresh,
and the nour mut be gooL Next in
importance to malerial comes tlw
temperature; tlie jHinge for bread nmt
be kept warm: it i not enough to place
it near the fin if von allow a draft from
a door or window to fall upon it. Turn
the pan of dough occasionally so that
no part will become too hot. It i care
ful attention to little tilings that insure
success. Exjierience mut teaeh voti
when your sponge or dough is light aD'l
when your oven is right, what kind of a
fire yon need forbaking. etc. llut hay
ing learned these essentials, do not
allow your spongo to wait and become
too light while you finish a piece of
work, and do not use it too soon, be
cause vou want to get it out of tho
way." the former mistake makes sour
bread, the latter hr-vy bread. The
same rules are ncces-nt- to make light,
soft doughnuts Chris. m L'mon.
From twenty to fortv tons of oleo
margarine a mouth Is sold at Portland.
The Morrison Hill, as KeTlsrtI by tha
Ways and Means Committee, Reported
to the llonse Tha Majority anC Miner.
Ity lleports Accoropanjlne the Ooc
WAMHMrros; March 1 Tlie majority
Hid minority reports of tlie Ways and Means
Committee on tbe Morrison Tariff bill wens
submitted to the JJousa yesterday. The di
vision was upon itnet party lines, -union
says ha docs not know when be will
rail tbe bill up for action. Tho majority
report says:
The Chairman or tbe Senate Committee on
Finance. In explanation or the bill bctoro the
Senate Ust jcar. whlcn. anerjartoi amend
ments, became a taw. estimated at SU.OJUOI
he reduction In revenue which would rollow
Uie chances in the tariit. These calculations
bare not been verified. So the question si III
presses, what leiUUon Is neces
jarr to relieve the op!e or unnecessary
-axes? Tour committee and that In the six
months end mr liecemlera.lS.merchandle
was imported .nto ihe Cej'ed Slate valued at
t:Vs.lU. on which duties erepati amount.
value thereof. In the corrMpoodlnsr six
months ot !, unuer ine oiu mw, wjt .-j-j.
jl dutiable Imports amounted to fifo
.o. ih .ii.tv .ut was JIIL3t.Vrr. ortrt- per
sunt, on the value. It thus appears that tho
averase cost oi stuporous w umj - j-..
cent, less under the new than unJer the old
law. Tbe nom.nai reduction made by the pro
nosed bill Is tuentr per cent- or one-Wth tho
.. .f ,,n .ill ..tfr limit..
pre-cnt raie. niiumc -iwum. -.
IKids In tne bH . and the Iviuorand sMk scheil
.,. nnii ihe su-tusl reiluctlen will not ex-
f 'f.i-.5L-Pe JSSTHS, .Kfr
maue in ice i anun.wiuiMi.'wn." .. -
lo be made by the p-oposed bdl. torether. do
not rexeb tha reduction at which the omnJ-
tlon aimed. .
The decrease in revenue -uui j
receipuundertbencwlaw -Jjr than that re
lulimir f iooi tho nominal tcductlon or L.
?rr cen. results rrom the r-IHnr oS at neariy
SMUfiM or the Imports In the nrst hair year
under the new law. as compared whh the nrss
ballot the previous year under the OKI law.
The reduction or revenue under the bo! re
ported is eumated a: J31.l-M.iMk on the basj
Tr last rear's unions. To tfco extent or tha.
KLae.ixO the bht will relieve the people
ai unnecesary taxes. To that extent
U- i wUl bo reduced dlrettiy as a
meksure or jmtlce lo consumers and In-ilr-ctly
In lacreir Increo-'C't proportion,
r torn the statement made by the Uureau ot
Statistic. It apprars that the duties ortartl
taxes were decrea-ed on so mo and lncrca-e-1
on other articles under the new law. but.
.... ..... i. ... it.. i ! h. Inifn no lnereai,
wane mi. u iimi. ........ --. - . rr.
In wage In any. but a reduction ot waxes In
met laJustries. as wtU as lo those wbojo
comptunx; pro-iucis m-iw Kr, -those
that obtained less protection under tho
act or March last. ,
lterenina-to the condition or tho Iron and
steel trade, as one ot the leading- majiuract.
ure. the report attributes the depres-ion ami
the enforced lileness ot the wotklnzmen ;o
the enormities or the proicctIt system, ami
declares that, as such calamite a always rail
upon the laborers, the comraUite had d
ciled to report a bill tor the panUl rcUetor
tbe peop'.e Irom unntcssary taxes
Tbe minority report, which - as prepared by
Mr McKlnley. after rrcittns: the action ot tho
L.lConxrcsinnil-.iiK the tand in pLices
icc redi-cLoas were ncd-L oitri ttuit the
time mhicB has eUped sluce the new
ti nfl" went Into cCect has been too short
to give It a safcclrnt test, and as as thJt It be
elvcn a fair trUl before the suhj ct Is brouirfat
upsgain. AnoilHrtaijt-ctronurxedislnattaa
lAlucUon piorod by the bill under con
I ration has oot been asked far by a sinsle u
tercst in tbe whole country. COntimnjr;, th
Whue all unite In opposition to any reduc
tion some Interests acrt the ncees-ity ot an
in. n-,-. r finite for the actual maintenance
or an tndu-itry The woolruwers JT the
cminirv demand the restoration or tteool
duty of IT. Tho unden-istned have joujrht
to respond tavorably to this demand or aw
than a million ot our fellow ct-zsin
representlns the aanculture or the
country, but we have been overruled. Tha
opponents to our views, not con
tent wtth tho refusal to accede to the requests
or this lanre class r producers, deliberately
prupo-e to reduce duties still lever. Atnunst
thb -center a most earnest protest. Thers
are somolneiua.iiies. however, round In the
pn-sent law which it would be only Just to
awl tin plaics lar creatly dbprorprtJinal
duties to kind red armies, and should bunad
con-Went al barmouMms.
cm-,u" onoosed to the t
We are oDDosed to the bffl. because, flrsf
It will disturb buslne-s unseitlo lalucs.
n-t.r.1 ineiuieatenterDiics.cr.pIfe those now
etablihi-il. Impair the confidence snout
business men so essential to our development
and prosperity, and brtn-nt coJMenatlina
i It will or necessity rn down the prlo
or labor In tne Vnlted Mates, wl.l tamulaty
Imports, increase competition lrom abroad,
which can only be snccessrully met by n
duciQir the cost or home product, we cac
not too st-onsly emptia..Be our opposition M
any leiisUOm hicn evcnteodstoreiluceoui
labor to the forcixn siamUrd. either lu pnc
orcondiiion. ,,
X Tuai. ine proposed reduction wUl Inevlt.
ibly Increase f..rasa lroioitauons and as a
Sfrtiseniicnce wUl increa- our reenucs to
ahich lncrca-e every lnttrest or the country
The enormous Increase in the wealth or tbo
SHintry dur.nu Ue last niteeu J,""1"
piotertlve taiW.now force capital towj
imphiyoent In tbe a -velopment or aU mjv
eral. aiTieuttutal ami other resources and a
chasiae or nxxliBcatlon or the y'em wll
en ate such doubt of uccerul enterprtsci
as to chrck this u.eful t ndency.
i It ba none or the merit or carerully
. -.--.a tn.ll ,nd tannl thl? SUltOt a
i studious cons-leration ot the tmeie: or out
' .iiniiautoHiiii.'.' -r- .,
I r-wnle. It wopoes to reduce alie the dutj
upon every attie ot f o
' -,..-, -. i f n li
C.nvery attile ot f orehrn import, without
anr examinai.ot as to its effect upon particu-
9Ary rllccT in n-IrawiHS price -O.roal ojrtli
ucsinicifon oi ,-wi--,ii" - - v ---n.-minaHr
It is uiillorra reiluctlon. in fact It It
rros-sly unequal under the limitations ot th
. k. --.-- - - -- ... .. . . a
bM.an.1 It will be f.-und auccuit u noma-
practicable oi cxecu -
& That rraiure ot the Wll w
rln .m.ltitiesto IBOS' Ot 111
h-fti mmli'M A?
mlorrmUutirtto mo- of ibe nchc-lulesar
ru-e it lll Kieatly Increase tbe exisUne evv
or undervaluaii .n. and concueut trauill
upon the revenue, as well as so comp.lcatt
the rule ot assessment duties as vreatly tt
embirraM the admlnmratlon or the law.
Acaiust the Materoent or tbe majority as t
the effect or pro-ectlve dutsrs uiwn wasr. tt
th- statement ot the workmen therar!vc.
who unite In deel-irintr that protective dut.ci
-..i... ....., i ii ......... .1 .. .. H M I' ! A
(lltfWIllKll"twiinai....". - .
and that every reduction inevitab.y resnit in
kiwennc the -tawlard or Ann ican wsies
dis-ent radic-illy Irom the staiement or th
msjority that a re-lucnen ef dute llchteni
br so much tbe burden or taxation. Tn
w'kote hl-iory or our National rxperfencs
show a constantly decrenr price asths
effect or inerease-l home coniietit)i.
What the country wants oot is rebel
from roncT-ssonal asHation. All the indu
lrleof ihi-euumry aro extremely sensitiv
anil.uatthitlie. when busme s mors
orlrx depressed in evtry branch, th rear M
frar of chance introduce an element o' u
eertainlytbrouiboulthe cimniry the eiH rr
feci ot which no one cm turesee. Twvntj
percent, rrtluetion. or any reduction how
eter sil-bt. loltewlns s 'dose up-m the ream
tifMi m ide la.t wmter. enn not be derm lee
a to a sine-, oebeduie. an I as to man
tt can b- shown to w whoHr disasttou
w e brl-eve if. after a suOn-sent trial of the ef
rret or the la! rcvtta. shall appear tlwl
tbctndustral Inlen-Uof uw country can I
nwlniaineil wi b It. and that the condKlon ol
the treasury mill justify a further r-vls-ou
such action wHI be more wisely undertakei
by tbe friends ot Ibe protective sjsfm, ant
with k-s ilWurlnnre to puWie prospenty
than tt done now by tt avowed advoi-alcs a
tbe destruction or the American system a
PThenilwrtty report I sl-nM by ltepreent
.lieKaey.KasMKi. MiK.ney. Iti.S'ellanc
lU-.ork. eimpr.sins a'l ibe Kepublican mem
bcrs or ibe Wava-"t --i -nmlttce.
The Ran rrom Chicago to Barllnton,
la., a IilsUnre or 30? Miles Hade la
f-nr Hoars and Forty .Minutes.
Bt-nt-tsnTox. Mrch 12. -The fast mall
tra'a -l left Chicago at three o clock
yt-jj-nl . . . .-ntag over the Chicago, Bur
lintoii A 'iirnev RaHrood. and which was
de a lliirtiiigton at efc;ht a. ul arrived
here a: : la. having made the trip in the an
precnlentMi U-na of four hours and forty
ralnntes a dhtante of 207 tnHes. Fivesips
were cime, and at times a speed was
re-ched of .. mile a minute Tho splendid
toad-bed ami dear track put the enxineer
enhb mettle, ami be reached Burlingtoa
twenty mlmties ahead of time. In a few
minutes tne citiiens of Burluigton were sur
prised by the cry of the news-boys on tbe
street, "Here's your Chicago mornln;
papers, and some Incredulous peopls
refused to buy, on suspicion that tbe
papers were a day old. Postm-ster-Genrr-1
Gresham, First Assistant Postmaster-General
Ual'ca and Cneral Superin
tendent Thompson, to coap-ny with Vice
President Potter, accepted an lavitation to
breakfast with Presidont C E. rertin. at
hbresMecce, after whteh a reception wis
even Genera Gresham aad his party at tfca
"residence of Mavor Adaixs and many elti-n?nscbedtoeTprrsti-ir
gratins-iioa at
tbe establtshrnect ef tbo tst raaU. Th?
party started East at booju

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