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Bcretcd te the Interest f ike Ckcrekcc. Chectaws, Chlckasaws. ScalRelcs. Creeks, and all Olkcr Indiana of the Indian Territory.
VOL. II. NO. 28.
Befwri all ewftrim
W. 0. PATTON fe
Xm h get aaytklag yw want aad lt or Ok very best qaallly to bo had la the coi n ry.
Aa4 a Ml assertawat of everyhsiae; waaled by oar customers.
MTS r MS 9FJUtTXOIL ewtalai
Beats' Faralr Umg Sds. While
an Btuwvr BirrrET t. vu
Ct," HAR&BS6 MFARTXEXT tas a fell Use of SaHcs, Harness and Leather Goods or all kinds. In -CJt
ABKiCCLTUKiL IXPLEXEST BEPARTXEXT joh cm ret Wagons Baggies, Plow?, Spring Wagons Etc
Cm BAftBWARE MIPARTXEST to well stocked with 5ILs Screws, Chains Hinges, Tinware, Axes Utensils Toolf,
k. leawHUtodla
tC. .AS6 AS CEEXSWARE BCPAJtTXEST eTcrj variety of Dishes Crocks Jars J5S WMe In
PmoWiMS eavefeilr cMHded by a skilled apothecary.
jtoefc af Srtfeas, fimpfj Oocks
gTAHOMEKT A5 BC EPAltTJIEXT where yea wffl lad eveirvarietyor Writing Materials iFapcr,
Xb. sd gtiilut Seels. School Books, ad a Hk of wei Keadia? Books-Prose and Poetry.
Our Prices are as Low as the Lowest. Come and See Us.
W, G. PATTEN & GQ Vinifa, Indian Territory,
IAX1AXXA AiViU.WAiJ.v .-.w-,
W. I. TROTT, Proprietor.
iiuiiifirtitf m hand a sepely of both
teoMldiaELEtr- TheNattveHrie.belwrs!iIppcd from tlo Choctow
Drugs, Patent Medicines, Notions, Stationery,
Etc.; afeo aFnlHiine of Cigars, Tobaccos
and Confectioneries.
f a the Beeters I TialU at X. FRAZEFS led Fwat, oho door
West er 'Frfcee KeleL
M. FRAZEE, Vtnlta, Ifickan Territory.
on load tfeeCfcolcest Staple
F mis, m mum, Sitsswri i Tirol.
In il rim "-"-- " e
jciKUFAcrniEii or
JUtei's Rill Leader Washing Machines.
These JUehUei am wacraated te telsh a wahir ready frr the line withont
tte we ef T or WaoWwerd. Be ant hare the has ! the sd fro hesiaalag
fteearf. Bees the work er noaey reraaded.
Befcrae3-B. X. A. Hray, Choateaa, L T-j Mrs. A P Goodjkoontz,
TMta, L T.: Xrs. A. a Kayaioad, Yialta, L T.; Mrs. J. L. aad K. L. Sartin,
UraaTKfer, I. T.; Jlrs. R. Iff. LIntLoy, ChoHteaa, I. T.; Xr. Br. F. H. Hc-
r, Brfka. Ajla, 1- T.
Am earijlns a Urge and coaplele stock of
Seeds SBrs, Syraps, Soaps ad
TEAS;lseeeBware, blassware, noeaeawarr, iir. "j i
MrfAwmHie. Wcarryaalmaease stock of FEEB, Cora, Bran, Shorts Baled
We are sok areata at Tudta for tke celebrated SEXECA FLOUR.
m imui ciEir
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I y i
. .-
the Iest aad cmf tetcst stem Ib tie Iadlaa
ioBse stock of every wrlctj
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F te thctlwes iaall tfc.3 Latent Sty k
ttb everr kid ofStanlc aad Faaer Gr
will fed a J j, X
iU iU
Cectlery, Etc. Aad a
Not.ro aad Northern rjnoLamlwr.
Aim STrin-
er esxsxAnr ernes, tzxxxa.
aadrancy Croccrtcs la tke Xaikct. Also
o CBer,
tire 4e 1Tes of A. C
Saaces, Caics and especially COFFEE ;
Woodeaware, TlRWare. aaiiR, rowaer ,
Caoh er Cattle tiferz Jx Ex-
TULtA, I. T.
Terrl'ory Is that of
of tho best and most Munlccable Drj
Hals, Ladle' ac.
and Fashion.
- Kxrics, Floar, Bacon, Canned Goods
Dpu Xclnes complete In every re-
V.UUtVMWU III.MMIW Wv . . -...
Blank Boeki
HIrhct Cah rrioo PaU for ITKS. GiMM
and fltObCCH.
emsns r. & ca&t sies, tbita, l i.
ZxtcatrdatEaKtNU I.oala, III.
IMredlr oppnelte the eitr of PL Lnuis. BujTrs
fornlldearlptlonorLir Slock !wylnt.
tendance, and within tbe sround of the Stock
Yardit are a Beef Cranio? Cesopanr. with a
capacity for sUucnterins MHO neaJ f eattle
dailr, and I'nrk rackbur DtaIH'limnta with
a capadtr forrisuchterins liOW htnw iUIIj-.
ISAAC II. KXOX, President
Pullman Palace Hotel Cars
tliroiiglito St. Louis,Tia
Sedalia, Daily.
Direct Route West antl South
west Tia Kansas City.
IT VlllCtP PITVlnionTepntpaicnsert
11 KaM.A till I far Kan-aa. Colorada
Hew Meiico and t alifomla connect with Ex
press Trains of al! lim-v.
v irnllipnu (Vmnccllon
mado witk
l$5EiJ.S- .clraska.
Al AIUnliUBExpre Trains
for aX
nUIUl Connection is made with all
Al UtnAnAnntaieadimr to thc.Vorth and
w nrm-uKy
F. CIIAXDLER, Gen. Pas. Aent.
C. B. KIXSA5, As't Gen, Pas. Agent.
F L. DECKER, Agent at YIniU.
The Direct Through Itoute Between
Fast Express Trains are Run Dally. 5
Change or Car.
Through Pullman Palace keeping Cars are
rnn daily, wti boot hsnxe. between ST. LOL is,
-siouo acres of rich farming" atrimlr.eral
uuids for sale by this company in SO CTH WEST
t2rFor full and part cular Information, with
Map. Tim- Tables lutes. etccall upon or 4
dre any or our Station Agents, or e her of the
D. "KT5HAKT. General Passe nrer Agent. St
tr vr CALE. General Freight Aect,6c. Louis.
I C. " KOGEKS. Vice President and Genera
tiTH ager. Temple IluiMiiur, S . Louis, Mo-
fcli F
TiiKararm rains of the past few days
were general in Uio West. Report
arriTO of Uio improved condition of
winter wheat.
The Ohio House has adopted a reso
lution creating a commission of live
State officers to adopt a uniform syMcm
of school books, to be furnished at cost
to tho pupils.
Txtr. Xew Zealand Shipping Com-
nanv a steamsnip longanro reroiiy
accomplishel the royago
world, excluding detention
at porta of f
call in tho colony, in the short space of
seventy-eight nays and twelve hours.
A YincLEST disease resembling blind
staggers has appeared among the horMss
of Oregon, and a large number of valu
able animals have mccumnnl to it.
Oer four htmdred have died in two
counties. The distemper has so far
baffled veterinary skill.
Mit Gladstone, on tho occasion of
the election of tbe new Speaker, re
ferred to his father. Sir Rolfcrt Peel, as
a man "whose follower I have been,
and forwho?c name and character down
to this lato hour of my life I retain an
unbroken and uadirainisbed venera
tion." J. A- F. Kockafelek, an old Cali
fornia -19er, familiarly known as "Old
Kocky." died recently at Salt Lake City,
liaving taken a fatal doe of morphine.
He left a paper saying he bad been
cheated out of his projorty and was
desperate. He was well-known . in the
mining camps in the inti-rior and on the
A short timr ago a traveler saw on
the Musselshell in Montana a herd of
about tnirty cattle surrounded by a
pack of sixteen wolves. They were
standing at bay, with tlu calves in the
center of a bollo.v square, which the
animals were protecting from their sav
age enemies. The wolves would make
an attack on the cattle in front and
rear, hut were every time driven ofL
The Bombay Chamber of Commerce
has submitted a memorial to the Viceroy
of India urging that railway extension
be prosecuted at tho rato of 2,000 or
3,000 miles annually for the next ten
years, at a cost of 20,000.000 per an
num. They recommend that this sum
be raised by sterling loans in London,
at guaranteed interest of 31 per cent, in
perpctnity. Tho greater the railroad
extension in India the less risk of
Ox Saturday, the 15th inst-, the body
of a man was found in the Bath schute.
one and a half miles north of Bath, N.
Y. From the clothing ami letters and
notes in his pockets the jury identified
it as that of W. Woodruff, who drove
into the draw of the Havana wagon
bridf" soraemontlts ago. Some money.
two watches and other valuables were
fonnd in his pocket, showing that he
was not robbed and then thrown Into
the river, but that he drove in. The
bridiro tenders are alreadr tinder in
dictment by the Fulton County Grand
Jury for manslaughter.
A siioirr time ago, in opposition to
his parents wishes, John W. Johnson,
of Staunton, Va., a member of one of
the proudest families in theStitc, wooed
and won the band of Abbte Peters, aged
nineteen, a poor girl. When the wedding
tla was only a few weeks off he cruelly
wronged and deserted her. Her father,
furious at tho insult, had Johnson
arrested. The court last week tva
tenced him to two years in flic jienitcn
tiary. The girl tried to save her lover,
and nearly cried her eyes out. Her
people locked her up, but she managed
to get out. and saw the prisoner,
begging him to marry her. The Attorney-General
promised to secure a
pardon if the wedding was consum
mated. Under tho cinnim-tances the
Johnson family gladly acquiesced. The
ceremony was celebrated, and the pris
oner was released as soon as the papers
were made out.
Railway oflieials seem to have a
first-rate niviuorj for keeping record of
irregularitir . A few years ago the
pastor of a church not far from St.
Loufc resigned, antl for a tim$ refused
to surrender hi half-fare permit ix-ucd
by the Illinois Central Railroad Com
pany, so that his successor might obtain
a similar fair. This year the same
minister is preaching in Missouri at a
cuuntrv town. And the asent indorsed
his application, but no permit has been
issued. There is a mark on the com
pany's book agint him- A idiort time
ago an editor loaned an annual pa,
issued by the Illinois Central people, to
a clothier, who, in return for the favor,
presented the newspaper man with a
suit of ready-made clothing. An officer
of the company found it out, and re
voVed the pass. Years have gone by,
but that editor has never since rode on
an Illinois Central pass.
GoYEusoit Cleveland, of New York,
has approved the Roosevelt bill, giving
the Mayor of New York the power ot
appointment without confirmation by
the Board of Aldermen. The Governor
saj s; If the chief executive of a city is
to bo held responsible for its order and
good government, he should not be
hampered by any interference with his
selection of subordinate administrative
officers, aor should he be permitted to
find in & dvided responsibility an excuse
for any neglect of the best interests of
the people. The plea should never be
heard that a bad nomination had been
sjade because it was the only one that
could be confirmed. Absolute and un
divided responsibility on the part of the
appointing power accords with correct
business principles, the application of
which o public afiairs will always. I be
lieve, direct the way to good adminis
tration and protection of the people's
A SHmmarr of the Daily Xews.
Is tho Senate, on tho ISA, Mr. Hawley
Introduced a bill to authorUo tbeSecretarjr of
the Navy to offer a reward of fW for rocu
injror a.YrtaIninjr tho fate of the firrelrj
Arctic npoiiilmi Mr. Itawiry raid such a
reward micSt induco fhi cruWric In or
about the Arctic was to keep a lookout for
the cxplorinc party or to turn occasionally
out or their enuw in order to rather infor
mation aliout it. The bill to aid the etatIIrb
nirnt and lrmorary supprt of common
fchool wa taken up. It appropriates the
..! , I nri year i.uiuiu; me kohn. n.
rounil me , (mooi; tbe thinl f linmTO: awl o
n for ten rears, decreasing- suui.-
scnool clucallon. The expenditure for each
State will be on the tiai of Uliterary In
tne House Mr. TownMicna mcrcl tnai ino
House po Into Committee on the IotonSce
Appropriation bill, and declim'd to yMd to
Jlr.Curtln.wbo wished an opportunltrlo sub
mit the report of the Koreicn Affairs tommlt-
tec upon tbe I-a'kcr irsolutions. Alter an
acrimonious drluite. the amendments agreed
to in Committee of the Whole were then
adopted with tbe exception of that Incrrnslnir
by fttHOl tbe appropriation for letter carrier
service, which was rejected yeas. 3: nays,
5T. The bill then passed yeas. 1G0; nays, 77.
1.1 the Senate, on the 13th, Messrs. Sher
man and Fendleton presented memorials and
resolutions of the Chamber of Commerce at
Cincinnati, rrtnon'trstfnir aralnst tbe con
struction of a hrtdirc across tho Ka-jawha
Hirer, on the jrround that It will t an inter
ferenrcwlth eonimeree Tfic Chair laid '
fore the sVnate as unfinished bulne a bill
to aid In the establlshiarnt and support of
common schools. Mr. Miller, of New York,
moved to lay tbe bill aside to take up tho
House Plcuro-pneumonla MIL Lot StnSL
A few amendments of details were made In tbe
bill and tho Senate a.Uourncd. Tbe House,
In the Laskrr matter, after the reception
of reports and resolutions from the Commit
tee on Foreiirn Affairs, and dchstc thereon,
adopted fie folktwlnr resolution: ifesrrfml.
That tbe Houv corditlly reeipmcates tho
wishrsor tbe Liberal I'nhin members of the
German Parliament lor the closer union of
the two nationsaod rrcnrntirs tneir pracciui
appreciation of lu sympathy with those who
mourn the death of Edward Laker. Mr.
Illackbum moved to ro Into Committeeof tbe
Wholeon the ltevenue bills. Mr. Dowd raised
the question of consideration and Mr. llandall
demanded the yea anl nays. The motion was
aim-cd to yeas Ml, nays CI. and the House
went into Committee of the Whole. Mr. Dor
sheimer In the chair. The flrst bill was the
Ilondod Ilxtension biU. This bill occupied tbe
House until adjournment.
Ix tbe Senate, on the 20th, Mr. Hoar
called up the bill Increasing; the salaries of
rolled States District Judges to J5.au. The
pcndlnjro,uestin was on Mr. Morgan's amend
ment providing In this rate It shall only apply
to Judge hereafter dectid. The bill went
over. Consideration of the lllalr Education
bill was n-umed. After debate tbe consider
ation of the bill was pnstonned till the next
day. Mr. Lopan then called up the re
port of tbe Committee or Conference on tbe
Military Academy Appropriation MIL and
moved concurrence thcrHn. Ajrrccd to. In
tbe House, immediately after readluc the
Journal. Mr. Turner, of (ieorpla. called up the
Virginia contested election cao of Garrison
airain.t Mayo. TbercportdccIaresCnntcstant
Garrison entitled to the seat- Mayo, tbo sit
ting; member, was beard In tls own bchaif. At
the conclusion of his sreeh and after further
delate, tbe resolution declaring Garrison en
titlnl to tbe seat was unaslmously adopted
ami that irentlcman took the oath of office.
On motion or Mr Keifer. tbe conference rc
ort on the Military Academy Appropriation
bid was taken up and agreed to. (The hill as
passed appropriate $31LSl.l The Houe
went Into Committee of the Virile on the
llonded Extension bill, and pending action the
House adjourned.
Ix the Senate, on the 21st, Mr. Blslr Vein
cation bill was brought up. belnjr unfinished
business of Thursday At the request or Mr.
Allison, however, -Mr. Hlalr rave war to per
mit conlderaMon of tbe Dcncicncy Appropri
ation MIL The amendments recommended
by the Senate Committee on Approprlstfcins
were agreed to and the Mil passed. Messrs.
HarrisonHorand lllalr entered Into a dis
cussion or some length a to the precise
meaning of some or tbo sections or tbe MIL
No attempt was made to call up the
Bonded Extension bill In the House,
and the Speaker proceeded to cull
ror committee reports of a private
..h.Mrt.' It the conclusion of the
call Mr. Mooney. Chairman of the Committee
on rotoffiOfsand Postmads, reported the fol
lowing resolution. JWwxpni. inminecnargcs
rcSeeting on Mr EW. lleprcsentatlve from
Louisiana. In connection with the Star-route
trials, recently published, are untrue. Mr.
Kunsion appeared at tho liar or the House awl
took the oatbor office as rtepresenUtlveof tbe
Second District nr Kansas to succeed the lste
D. C. HaskelL Tbe greater part of the day
was consumed In the discussion or the bin for
the retirement of William W. Averill with the
rank and payor toionei. jir. uiorui movco
to recommit the Averill bill to tbe Committee
on Military Affairs. Lot-yeas M; nays, HX
Tbe Mil then passcL
TnE Senate was not in session on tues.1.
. ..In the House, Mr. Cox, of the Committee
on Foreign Affairs, reported a resolution call
ing on the President for Information as to
what action had leen taken by tho Tnlled
State or Venezuela under the provjflou of
the Joint resolution, providing for a new
mixed commlsoion. and whether Venezuela
declined to make payment of any award.
Adopted. Tbe House then went Into
Committee of the Whole on the llonded
Extension MIL After debate, and wltbeut
action tho committee arose. Mr. Iteaeh
offered a resolution calling upon the Secre
tary or the Int. rlor for copies of all lease
rojde by him for ihe uc or occupation of any
gmund of the .ellowstone National Park,
nd al-o Information whether the lesces com
plied with tbo condition r tbe IcaMrand as
to the provisions made to prevent tbe wanton
destruction or Csb and game in the park.
roiaficAi. A!D rER.ie.wAL.
It is alUVl at Berlin that Sargent lias
lieen allowed by Secretary Frelinghuysen
tho option of remaining at Berlin, or be
coming minister to some other country.
Cnowx PntxCE OcsTAr has been ap
pointed Vicerov of Norwav.
Lawrzxcz DAHarrr has sailed for Liver-
TnE Republican State officers of Rhode
Island hare been re-nominaUtL
Tue Democrats of Kansas City have
nominated tho following persons for city
officers: Mayor, Ioander J. Talbott;
Treasurer, Lewi IL Kveland; Auditor,
John Conlon; City Attorney, John J.
Campbell; Itecorder, Charles M. Ingraham;
Superviwof Registration, George Selmin.
The funeral of t?eneral Godfrry Wcttr-1,
at Spring Grove, Cincinnati, the 23rd, was
very numerously attended.
Maxt Important levee letween Vicks
burgand Babn Rouge are in immiutut
danger. Great efforts are making by the
Federal, Slate and partchial authorities, American Ship Building Company, says
and tbepcol-' along the river, to prevent , so far nJ fa. ,, Reo the assets of the corn
further breaks nnd hold the levees now j pany are abundant to pay every dollar of
.landing. i inilebtedn-ss it only given time. There
The Maryland Hwtse of Del-gates 3aU ' wm not, in hi opinion, be the slightest
on th-table a bill prohibi'ing th sale of difficulty in raising ail tbe capital needed
Western slaughtered Uef iu the Baltimore j Btter py iiave completed the vessels now
market, by a vote of sixty-six yeas to jj, po,,, 0f construction,
eleven nays. The Education bill was laid before the
The ravages ot locusts at Ticnl, Yucatan, Senate on the 21th. the dbate upon it last
are causing a gen-ral emigration of the! jc-most 0f the dsy. Other makers dis
people, and have paralyzed all industries. pj weIO uo mrTeaso of salaries to
The English language is to be taught In rjnlted States District Judges and the
the public schools of Mexico. matter of the exclusion ot American meats
Admiral Hewitt has withdrawn his re- i trom fojgn countries. In the House, Mr.
ward of 1 ,000 for Osman Digna's head. j jjjf introduced aresolutlon to appropriate
Frascis W. WiiittaExr recently se-' j33ojfW) for nood purposes in the Lower
curedavenlict against the Harlem Railroad jjjjgtjjipp which was referrel to the Corn
Company for $,10,010 for the loss of bis arm. j m Mtv oa Appropriations.
Ax explosion of sulphur in tbe Enter- crrniso is known at Washington re
prise colliery at Mount Carmel, Pa., in-' yarding tbe complaint of the Grand Vixler
stantly killed Carl Yakubokoskey, Beach- r Turkev against the recsnt conduct of
aiy Younger and Peter Spoloskey. The
brattice work and other timber in the mine
was badly shattered.
The river at Yankton, Dakota. Is on a
serious rise. Farmers are leaving the low
Frrz of the officials of Sew York City
have been indicted by the grand jury. The
charges comprise forgery, perjury, extor
tion and theft.
The Southern Pacific Railroad Company
has notified th Secretary of the Interior ef
tho completion of another section of tho
road, 242 miles In length from Mohave, A.
T., to the Needles, Colorado.
Tnx freight rates on grain from CMeagtj
to yew York lave been further reduced,
causing an immense morrmrnt in cereals.
Tho railroads aie much demoralized by re
cent rate culling, and have a dubious out
look for the future.
Twaxrr-Two fn ijht cars were destroyed
on the Missouri raciflc near Kano City,
by a collision rccen'ly. Fourperaons wero
slightly injured.
JrdOE OARDxrn in tho Supremo Court
jf Illinois decided against tho validity ot
the Chiras" ordinance requiring commis
sion merchants to pay an annual license of
Coloxei. lUrLtsox, of Her Majesty's
Opera, was fonnd guilty at Sao Francisco
of violation of tho city fire ordinance by
blocking tbe aisles of the Grand Opera
Kcdouti and Champ Fitxpatrick were
bung at Columbia, Ky., recently, for the
brutal mnraer of Miller Brewster.
Titr Uew York Coffro Excbanse was
acain excited over a refusal to readmit the
Brazilian firm of Wolff & ScUzshurg, who
had suspended. A further decline took
A.1 en rt is being mads to consolidato at
Dallas the cattle intrreits of Xbrth Texas.
A mast meeting baa been called.
Bcsixxss failures last week: United
.States, 17G; Canida, T7; total, 21i; as
against 216 last week. The failures are ex
ceptionally ferr in tho tVestem and Pacific
Statos, an I in New York t fly. Soma de
crease in Canada.
Six children from the village of Vallonia,
Pa., went oat in scirch of sugar water.
Not finding any Uio boys tapped some kind
of a tree with a pocket knife and all the
children sipped tho juice and all were taken
sick. George Custy, aged ten, died. Three
others expected to die.
A sraiocs conflict of authority is threat
ened at Gallipolis. O., between the United
States Marshal and the State cQcers. Tbe
Western Union Is involved, and the dispute
is over the right of way across a bridge.
AaCKBzaof important Nihilist arrests
were mado at KiefiT, Kuxaia, recently. One
officer was mortally wounded while assist
ing in making the arrests. It is rumored
that d'Oaeffe, tbe leader of the rarty who
murdetod Suderkcin, is among the pris
oners. Tnr French Communists, Russian Tfihil
!ts and German Socialists united in cele
brating the thirteenth anniversary of the
Paris Commune at New Tork on the STV1.
Herr Most and Victor Drury were the
Joe Fostto, the gambler who was
wounded at the time King Fisher and Bn
Thompson were killed at tbe Vauderille
Theater in San Antonio, Tex., has died of
his injuries.
Tux Neir York bank statement for the
weekrhowsan increase of nearly 52,000,
000 in the reserve.
Tue Pension Appropriatioi bill reported
to the Home, appropriates JJO.CSl.t'V) out of
tbe revenue, and reappropriates OJ,J,0W
otexpendol pension balance.
ATacova, IV. T special says fire is
raging in the Sew Castle coal mines, the
nioit raluable belonging to th- Oregon Im
provement Company. The mine has lieen
on fire for eighteen months. The fact that
it had obtained mastery over the manage
ment has been concealed.
It is understood that the Grand Vizier of
Turkey has complained to the United
States GoTemtneat of Minister Wallace's
recent conduct.
The body of Mary TVeilde, a young
woman, was found in the river at St. Loni
recently, she having committed suicide.
Her ruin and desertion by a feUow named
Stebel. a 1 akcr, was the cause.
The Catling Gun Company of Hartford,
Conn., has received an order for ten more
guns for th Chinese Government to be de
livered In sixty days.
Tint old church building in Twenty-third
street. New York, transformed by Selmi
Morje into a theater for presentation of hit
"Passion Play," was rededicated and will
be known as the Twenty-third street Taber
nacle. The acid works of Thos. C Chappell, oi
Federal Hill, Baltimore, wero destroyed by
fire the other day, and one ot the buildings
of the FlamingoGuauo Company, adjacent,
partly burned. Building and stock of the
acid works insured for J11.,000 in fifty-nine
different companies. Loss about equal.
Joux JaT Cisco, a well known banker,
died at New York recently, of liver com
plaint. The deceased was serenty-nine
years old. He was Assistant Treasurer ot
tbe United States during tho civil war.
Btsvancx gave a dinnerto the diplomatic
corps at Berlin oa the 22d, In honor of the
Emperor's birthday. Sargent was present.
Trax sroaTATtov lines at Buffalo, Jf. Y.,
have decided to employ I-alian and non
union men to ban lie freight the coming
seasonattherateoC forty dollars permonth,
for ten hours labor and fifteen cents an
hour over time.
Pexxstlvaxia Moll To Maguires, in com
bination with outlaws and dctperadces,
threaten outrage in the coal regions.
WtT.i.iAV Rtuzit was found cuiltyot
j themaiwlaughter of a nun named Kirk re-
I cently at Cincinnati. Kirk was robbed and
I mrdered ami his body thrown into a creek
J at Cumminsrille. The minor verdict of
manslaughter for such a crime wascon-
siiierod an outrage anil the jurymen were
hisrI and hooted as tbey left the court
A scrr hasb-en brought by United States
Attorney Channing Richards, at Cincin
nati, against David H. Bailey, lcte United
States Consul to Hong Kong, to recover
STSOyJ said to have been collected by him
a Coniulon feesand wage of seamen, ett.,
which he had not accounted for to the
United State nor to iniU viduals to whom it
was due. Suit was nlso brought again:
hi bondsmen.
Hwrrcx axt Gorsisoe, Receiver of the
. TJnited States Minister Wallace.
A big rise is reported coming down tho
The trial of the suits brought against tba
Acgnrtinlan Fathers and Archbishop Wil
liams, of Lawrence, Mas, for misappro
priating funds deposited with them, ha
A pistol, shot was fired the other day
Into the room occupied by Governor Hamil
ton, at Springfield, I1L
Tax Kansas Legislature has passed the
Live Stock Commission biU aad also tbo
bill creating a State Veterinary Surgeon.
J?ut a tVw minor matters rnnain to be trass
acted when the special session of the Lffe
Utore will adjourn.
A. nut Agreer Tpon by the Senate Cam.
rnlttee nanklng Investigation A Sew
WA-sinxoTOX, March 2L The sub-com-mittcoof
tho Senate Committee on Fost
jfnees and rost-roads, having several postal
telegraph bills under consideration, formu
lated and caused to be printed, as embody
ing the views of the majority of the sob
committee, a bill providing that tbe I"ost
cjaster General shall establish telegraph of
fices at all post-offices on telegraph circuits
and ail other post-ofiees within ten miles of
any such circuits where the salary of the
postmaster Is not less than S500 per annum.
The cliargcs for the transmission of tele
grams shall be prepaid by telegram stamps
or by postal telegraph cards and maximum
rates for telegrams of twenty words or less
shall be a follows: When the distance of
transmission is 1,000 miles or under, twenty
cent; when over 1,000 miles or under 2,000
miles, forty cents; for all greater distances,
fifty cents; for telegrams directed to be trans
mitted by night under 2,000 miles, fifteen
cents; for greater distances, twenty-five
cents. All words to be counted and for
every five additional words or less one-fifth
additional rate to be charged. Government
business shall have priority in transmission
without prepayment and rates shall be an
nually fixed by tne rosimasicr uenerai. aji
other telegrams shall be transmitted In the
order received except night messages. The
charge f or the transmission of special tele
grams to newspapers and commercial asso
ciations for each one hundred words or less
for eadi circuit of 1,000 miles shall not
exceed fifty cents If sent at night, antlono
dollar during the day, but when -copies ot
the same telegram are dropped off at one or
more office, the rate for each office shall
not exceed fifty cents at night and seventy-
five cents during the day, and at the same
pro rata rato for each word In excess.
Where special telegrams are delivered at
the Fame office for two or more newspapers
tin cents additional shall be charged for
each one hnndred wonts or less for mani-
foldlng for each newspaper receiving U
The Investigation of the PariSc ational
BnJik was begnn by the House Committee on
liankingandCurrencr. Lincoln andVrost
apieared on behalf ff. the stockholders ot
the bank awl charged that the directors ol
the bank had been guilty of fraud towards
the stockholders, and Knox, Comptroller ot
the Currency, and Xeedbara, Bank Exam
iner, made this possible by their dishonesty
or lacompctency. Mr. Knox appeared la
vindication of his action, and denied having
done anything to justif; the accusations
against him.
The bill Introduced In tho Senate for the
admission of the State of Taconia, provides
fur the erection of tho present Territory ot
Washington and part of Itlalw Into a State,
and Its atlmissinn to the Lnion suascquexu
to the formation ot a State Government, and
the adoption of a constitution by a conven
tion of delegates representing the electors ol
tbe proposed State, to be held at Walla
Walla, and the ratification of tbe action ot
the convention at a special election by
electors residing within tbe limits of the
proposed State. It provides, however, that
its admission shall not take place until af tei
Report of the New Tork Senate Committee
on Food Adulteration.
Auiant.X.Y., March 22. Tho Senate
Committee on Public Health which has been
investigating the adulteration of food, re
ported Friday. They say they have discov
cted wholesale and alarming adulteration,
dangerous to tbe consumer and df preeiatias
the property In rural districts. The adul
teration of butter Is by tallow oik
bone oil and lard oil, found In
almost every town and city In the State and
In amount equals half the production of
natural butter. Tbo Imitation has been
so disguised, that It Is often only dis
coverable by chemical analysis. Out of
th'xty samples of butter purchased by the
committee in New York only ten were gen
uine. 'o labels to distinguish pure from
bogus butter are displayed as required by
the existing law. Boras butter L largely
purchased by saloons, boarding-houses and
serrmd-clas hotel. Foorer qualities ot
Iwgns butter sell for twenty to thirty cents
to laborinc men: better grades thirty or
forty cents The manufacturer's cost ranges
from twelve to eighteen cents-verro
foucen cents Several Xew York and
Brooklyn concerns manufacture over 3.000,-
rxw noiind each out of fats from the Vest,
from France and Ittlv. The bulk of tho
bogus butter U manufactured In the West
and sold in New York to the detriment of
the State's dairy InteresL Tbe dairy
farmers have been driven out of business.
The continent ks to the State Is esti
mated at S.7,000,000 to 510,000,000 yearly.
The committee estimate that 40,000,000
pounds of tbe product are sold annually In
tho State, and the ilircitiniate business Is
breaking up our export butter trade. Tho
effect of the deception In trade I deleterious
to buNiness moral. Butterine can be sold
at eighteen cents less than the natural but
ter. The committee quotes extensively from
the evidence to show the moral, commercial
ami sanitary effects of the adulteration. The
use of nitric and sulphuric acid in deo
dorizing adulterated butter L particularly
condemned. The committee recommends
the lolal prohibition af tcra given time of the
manufacture ami sale of all butter adtdtcra
Uons. The living cow. assert the eomrait
!kv cannot eomneto with the dead hog. The
committee also found 200.000 out of 500.000
quart of milk furnished In New York daily
In ls2 were water ami skim milk. They I
recommend the appointment of a State milk
Inspector, ami that this official be chosen to
enforce antl-adultcration laws, and be se
lected to represent tho dairy interest.
Accompanying the report was a bill,
prohibiting, under penalty of $200
or six months' imprisonment the I
sale of adulterated milk keeping
cows for production of milk In un
healthy condition, or diluting milk with
water. 1 1 provides that every manufacturer .
of butter shall brand his name and tbe,
..!. f th. Iiitttn. nn Mlh Mrri?S. Cans
for the sale of milk shall be stamped wth'
the name of the county where the ntllk Is
producciL unless sold exclusively to the
countv. A penalty of $500 to S1.000 and
Imprisonment for one year is Imposed oa
tbe sale or manufacture of bogus butter or
The Pocabonta. 3IIn Disaster.
Por-AiioxTAS, Va March 2L The 1,500
residents of this village, each of whom has
a relative or near friend buried a half
mile underground In the blazing mine,
bae become Intensely excited over
tbe action of the Company in sealing;
up the drifts in order tb smother the
flunes. They regard this as virtually Ieav
mg the 130 bodies to be consumed by the
flame, and arc beginning to make threats
against the company's officials. Tha
culmination of this sentiment was had latt
night when a meeting was held In tbe
.'nion Church for the purpose, a the call
announced, of making it compulsory on the
nan of Superintendent Lathrop to open tha
rune and seenre the bodies.
Supposed Murder.
Sr. Loris, March 22. A special dispatch
from Chilhuahua, Mexico, states that at tea
o'clock Wednesday night, William Keller
recently from St. Louis, and lately foreaaa
oa a railroad bridge it Chihuahua, was
found stabbed to death near the street-car
track, between the city and tbe depot.
Near him wat a Mexican, named Jose Goa
i!m shot through the head, but sot yet
dead. HedledThursdiyaftercoonwithoBt
speaking. la the abstace ot any witnesses
the inference Is that the Mexican attached
.Votbtr with his knife, inflicting a death
I wound, but Keller was able to shoot his
I saiiani oeiore yieiam up aa iuc,
Action of the House f Kepresea
rtlcnlfled Keboke to tbe Col maw Cfcw
etlltr-Congrmmea OeheltrM asal &mf
ter olecie the Dead Stateuaaa.
"W'sni.icrox. D. C Marc Jfc
Mr. Curtln from the Committee m
Foreign Affairs, submitted a reyort. o,
the President's message and aceoiaf-
Inz papers In relation to the death of Dr.
Lasker, In which the committee approved
the resolutions of JanuTjr 0th, and regret
that they were not rec- .vcd In tbe sffeU
In which they were adopted. The report
also compliments the State Deprtse
for Its course In the matter, and JhBiI
ted the f olio wins as a substitute f crJL
cock's resolution:
Itaolrtd, ThattberesoIuUonsrefcrrlag
to the death of Dr. Lasker, adopted by
this House January 3th last, were iatead
cd as a tribute of respect to the meerT
of an eminent foreign statesman who deed
within the United States, and as aa ex
pression ot sympathy with the Geraa
people, of whom he has been as honored
JUsotted, That a House having aooV
cial coricern with, the relations bttweea.
the Executive and LeglalaUve breaches
o' the German Government, does so
deem it requisite to Its dignity to critic!
the manner of reception of tho resola
tlons or the clrcnmtaaces prcveatiBjf.
them reaching their destlnatloB. after they
had been communicated through a
proper channel tc the Gersaaa GoTerm
ment, Mr. Reagan protested against aay apet
ogy by the House for Its action.
Mr. Curtln demanded the jwevlo.
question, which was ordered.
Mr. Ochiltree took the floor for the
fifteen minutes allowed to the oppoaeata
of the resolution, and said that bo aaa.
on the floor had more confidence la r
esteem for tho Committee oa FeteK
Affairs than himself ; but this matter had
assumed a phase which called upon evwy v
member to see his own dignity aad
dignity of the House maintained. Itw
nnt heromlmrln the House to explain the
meaning. The resolution spoke for ltelf
An apology was unworthy the body. H
then went Into aa eulogy ot Lasker, say
ing the resolution was a corajlliBcst to
Laske-butar.buke to Bismarck.
Mr. Jjcustcr, of Wisconsin, followed Ix
a set speech. He said: "I sincerely rs
ere: the hasty action of the German Chaa
cellor la refusing to transmit the rcsola
Uoa of condolence of this House on the
death of Lasker merely, as It tppcars, oa
account of antipathy for a departed polit
ical adversary. Ha know., as doea every
sane person, that to place before the
Reichstag a resolutloa of the America
House of Representatives dlda't la
lur way Imply the IndorsctBest
of" sentiments therein expressed,
his office, so far as the resolution was
concerned, was that of a medium rather
than a master. His assumption ot the
latter Mas unfortunate only for hlaMclf.
We can afford to cover the act with
the charity of iorgetfulness. "To err la
Quman, to forgive divine," we may y
with Pericles. We are liberal la oar pk
Uc admmUtratlon- WIthreapa to re
trial jealousy ot our dally puraalts,
we are not angry with or
neighbor, U ho doea aaythlag to
please himself, nor wear
our countenance, offensive looks waca
though harmless are unpleasant. Tks
Parliament sad people of Germany are ha
possession of the letter and spirit of the
resolution, even though the parchment
upon which It was engrossed becomea
moulded In the Chancellor's waste
basket. The action ot our State Depart
ment cannot be too highly commended.
It was not only dignified, but did Bot
overstep the bounds ot intemctloaal
courtesy, while at the same time adaia
Istering a rebuke to what la justly coa
sldcred an unwarranted usurpation of
the rights and privileges ot the Gcrmaa
Parturient and people.
"Mr. Speaker, I was, I may say wth
some degree of pride, Intimately acquaint
ed with him whose death has givea-ris
to tab controversy. 1 was amonc; tbe
last persons with whom he conversed, fcad
In justice to his memory, r deem It
my duty to make another statement. I
have Dr. Laskcr'a word for It, taat he bad
the highest regard for the German Chan
cellor both as a man and statesman. They
Jim A 1 a Ana nnaatlrtn ! fie t tASI .
orcu j -sT ". idcai
sir, upon which not y two poIKlcat
parties upon this floor : differ, but apoa
wntcn inaanicmu "--"-" - -
i lASxer was jjroiuun
Thls waahht
only offense. People uninitiated In Gei uaa
politics have stigmatized htm with Nihil
ism, Socialism and nearly aU other "Isms"
In tbtt vocabulary, simply because he was
a Liberal and believed In opening the
marts of Germany to the competition of
the world. It Is not my purpose nor Is this
the pace to eulogize my friend, nt In
my heart I mourn his loss as a ma a pf
broad views, grand Inspirations andn no
ble heart, who, as an American cIumb,
would have achieved distinction as the
advocate and guardian ot Instltations
broad enough for bis broad mind. As a
German he claimed the right to expand
beyond the boundaries of arbitrary pow
ers, and the result L seen to-day. Tho
resolutions were adopted.
A Calrgui leal Inquiry.
SrnixGraxn. Ijj March 30.
A dispatch was received yesterday f rou
thcChlet Veterinarian ot the Agricultural
Department at Washington, as follows t
Kecslet, Ka., March 19, 1831.
To Dr. Jons II. Rtrcir, Secretary Illi
nois State Board ot Health Foot and
mouth disease at Neosho Falls not
spreading: no contagious disease; among
cattle in counties further west.
This Is tho flrst authoritative Intima
tion that true foot and mouth disease ex
ists anywhere In this country west ol
Maine, where It was Introduced direct
from England. There Is certainly none
In Illinois, and In the hope that Dr
Salmon's tl
lis patch may nave oeea injum-
clously worded. Governor Hamilton has
caused the following categorical qucs-
tlons to be telegraphed him: "Have yo
found veritable" foot and mouth disease,
anywhere? If so, to what extent? In
what localities?"
A. FortEono Coaclnsloa.
CatCAOo. 1li- Starch O.
A special from Salt Lake City says: An
drew Petersons, a MonnoD ex-Congrcs
man Indicted la 1832 under the Edmunds
law for voting. Is oa trial to-day. Sevea
polygaalst Mormons are on the jury with
consent ot Chief Justice Hunter. One
has three wives. Ad Seven swore they
believed the divine law superior to the
laws of Congress, and believed polygamy
right aad revealed from Heaven- Dcfead
ant admits his marriage, according tc
Mormon law, but says it waa a proxy tot
eternity and not for time.
Over Game ot
Cbtcaoo. In-. Mart .
Dispatches report the oecarwee ot t
fearful tragedy at Big Bc-tteas, awr Hat;
burg, Tena., last Bight, th sort bloody
that has startled this conunwdty staee the
war J. E. Gossett, W. G. Creefcett, aad
smaa who called hlmselt a "Ihainier
head," were playing draw poker- Th
iiakes were very heavy tad aB ttetaes
were slightly Intoxicated- "Hamjacr
head" wa raising his oppeaeat oat oi
the game, and whea accused of ehaatlat
be crew a revolver aad shot CtaaMttaud
Crockett, dead. He-
Cantata Careaacfc Jjd is w J JOB.

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