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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, April 03, 1884, Image 1

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" J1
Beveled te the latcrcsU aftke Chcrolcei, Ckectawa, Chickasaw. Semlnelc. Crecki, ami all Otkcr IrtdlaHs ef tke iHdlaa Territory.
YOL. n. NO. 29.
Bert &M eeafftrfeea tie teest aed emffetest store 1 the Iadlaa Territory Is that or
W. O. PATTON fe C0.9
Ye cm get a jthiHg- jm vrast ad that or the Terr best quallt j to be had la the coi n ry.
Asda Tall tssKteat ef eTerythJag; waatedby oar easterners.
Cat Ml" 6MK MPJLRTXE5T cwtalas as taawase stack rf every ranety or tlie best and most serviceable Drj
tToodJL Jst
SUK CLSTHUSe 1MEAXTXEXT yea will Bad the krjest StoLkor Mrst-claw Qotlln?, Boob, Shots, llaL, Ladle j' atd
tte'Fanikia7 6M4s. While
MJK XLLLUWKT KEART3B3T. is faUy te theUatu Iaaii tho Latest Sly lei and Fashicn.
CK CEIir BCPAITXEST is rjte wilh every kii or Staple aadraswy Groceries, Floar, Bacoa, Canned Good?,
KI XAB&BS6 MPAKT303T has a Tall Ihe of Saddles, Kanifja aad Leather Goods of all kinds. In
UK ABfCELTUAL DffLEXEST BEFAKTXEXT job caw get Wagons BH?s!es, l'low, Spring Wa;ons Etc.
CK HABB7AKE jPAKTJ(EXT Is well stocked with Sails, Screws, Chains, Hinges, Ticware, Axes, Utensils, Toot,
Ste. iHiiMMbi
C 0LASS A5B CEOSWAKE BCPARTKEST every Tarklr !! Biskes, Crocks Jars, Ja?s Ete. While la
BBBC STfE JMPAJtTXEST job will lad a spIea4M stock or Pare, Xice Drags, Medicines complete in crery re
ssjeet. PreseriaMoas eascially campwded by askilted aimtheeary. In this connection we hare also an Immense
sMk.r 5ts, I sip, Docks, CMrfectieaery, Etc Aad a
STAXMffSKT A C BCPAX.TXEXT where ye will Ited every variety or Writlnc Materials Paper, Blank Boola
Soteaai Btea.pt Books, School Beaks, asd a Use of aoi Readia? Bosks Proe and Poetry.
Our Prices are as Low as the Lowest. Come and See Us.
W, B, PATTON & GO,, Vinifa, Indian TerriforyT
W. lu TKOTT, Proprietor.
UMiHwatir oa hand a supply of both Satire and Sortbern Pine Lumber. AUo Fhln
n. Tarsi. Winn -Tmilrlinr-. TT The Sative Pino, being shipped from the Cboctow
b Sis quality. OKDEBS SOLICITED.
e? cinwru ema, tzxxza.
Drugs, Patent Medicines, Notions, Stationery,
Etc.; afeo aPuULirie of Cigars, Tobaccos
and Confectioneries.
rf aJtlfce Batten taTIKa at Jt. FRAZEFS Krd Fnmt, oae door
West or 'Frisco Hotel.
m. FRAZEE, Vlnita, Indian Territory.
XeyeaMttfr oa hand te CSwiccstStoplo and Fancr Groecries In the Muluit. AUo
Ff INcits, Fin Hmtswart, Gitsswari M Twm.
hl Sa-tockiatheetrBBHABC H tte Coraw, two door Wert or A. C
ARen's Ring Leader Washing Machines.
Trcss MaeiiwM are warranted te ftsish a wahia ready tor the liae without
the see of fa or Waahhoard. Bo ant hare the hands la the sads from beianln?
to ead. Boes she work or atoaey rcraaded.
Bitfereaeet Mrs. X. A. Gray, Choatean, I. T.; Xrs. A. P. Goodykoentz,
TMta, L.T.; Srs. A. C. Bayaioad, Tlaita, L T.; airs. J. L. and K- L. BarSIn,
Vii Bfter, L T.; Brs. B. W. Lindyjr, Cbocteaa, L T.; Xrs. Br. F. H. 3Cc-
Are caityins a Ure and complete nck of
HIrbeft Cash Price FaM for FTK. CAMB
CrrSUl ?. S, CASS' 5T0SS, TDHTA, L 7.
Located at Kat XU lionlm. III.
Dlrcctljr oppwhe the city of Ft Louis. Buyers
for all description of Lire Mock nlwarslnat
tendusce, and vtthln the grounds of the S tock
TuiU arealtaef Cannlnx Company, with a
opciT for dlauctitcrlns 1.0M bead of cattle
dallr. and Pork racking EstablLhmnit( with
a capadt" for claaghterins- 1X0)0 hoc? dail;-.
ISAAC H. K50X, President
CHAS. T. J05ES, SnpU
1 Pii
PuIInian Paluec Hotel Cars
tlirousli to St Louis,Tia
Scdalia. Daily.
crreet cojmzst.
Lacker Cocxtt, Gs., was shaken
up rccvuJbr an earthquake.
Two enteprl "n sugar jnanufactur
ing firms of hilaUelphia have resorted
to unilcjromd pipe lines for conveying
molasso fron their wharves on the
river fnnt to 'heir respective works.
TnE Cmmiaec on Banking and Cur
rency is considering the propriety of
amending the National Bank laws, fo
that damnations may be made more
frequently, md directors be held to ac
countabilityfor irregularilics. This Li
the outgrowt) of the failure of the Pacific
National Ban; of 'ioston.
The bill inUxluced in the Senate for
the aJmision f tho State of Tacoma.
provides theerettion of the present Ter
ritory of WasbinrUn and part of Idaho
into a State and its ailm:.--sion to the
Union sub-cqient to the formation of a
State Govcrnncnt and the adoption of
a constitution Vv a convention of dele
gates reprcsentug electors of the pro
posed State, to b; held at Walla Walla,
and the ralificatiin, action of that con
vention, at a sprcial election by the
electors residing within the limits of the
proposed State. L provides, however,
the admission shall not take place until
after March 4th. 135.
Is constructing the new Vanderbilt
route from Ilarrisbcrg to the Western
Pennsylvania bitunuiotis coal field?, it
will be ncceary to tunnel tlie Blue
Ridge, Kittanning Mountain. Tujcarora
Mountain, Sidelon-r Hill. Raj's IlilL.
the Allegheny Mountain.. Quinnama
honing Range ami tlie i-'ewickley Moun
tains. The Kitlutning tunnel will be'
4.G35 feet long: IKue Ridge tunnel. 4.350
feet; Tuscarora, 5.400 feet; Sidelong
Hill, G.700 feet; ltay's Hill, :5,6iOfcet;
Allegheny Jlountains 5,J00 feet: Quin
namahoning. 2.6W feet, and tho Sc
wickley, 1,800 feet, a total of 37,000
feet, or over sis miles of tunneling.
A SHBusarv of the Dally News.
Tnr Chair laid before the Senate, on the
Sth, a resolution offrred the daj- l-'ore by
Mr. VnnWjxk.cal!lnir on tho Atloroejr-ocn-erol
to rurclf li certain Information a to the
Star-route attorneys, or to Mate to the pmate
why he docs not lurnlih it. Tbci-cnate airrced
to tfaa resolution. Mr. Hoar then called up
In acconJ .he Tiews of tie President
on the subject, as expressed labis last aa
nual message. The treaty wili to referred
to the Senate Committee on foreign Re
lations. The stag-? rnrninc from Sat An?ailte
Burnett, Tex., was stopped byroad-a gents,
the driver robbeJ, and lettcrspencL The
thierrs built a fire and awaitd tho other
I rtaje, but fell asleep and le- it pass on-
Daxiel S. Holcovb and Jad D. Crouch
have teen committed for Vt murJer ot
ih. hill tz InrtmM. the salaries of United ! . , -- , . . i M fti. tj
LVr."V.;j : VZT.. ,.t , linno. Mr. Jacoo u. uoacn nt. -.iu.... --..-
k7l.C9 Jtr.s.v wu.. mm- . . ----
WniLE digging a grave in the town
of Plymouth, Mass., for the grave of
Mis Judson, sister of the famous mis
sionary, the workmen came upon the
foundation of the pilgrim watch-tower,
erected in 164.1, and several of tlie
bricks were thrown out and appropriated
as souvenirs. All mo lotinuations ot
the tower remain, even to the hearth
stone, but they are hidden beneath the
sod. The four corners of the structure
are marked by hammered stone posts.
The bricks were somewhat larger than
those now made, and were brought
from England. According to the
records of that date they were sold to
tho town foi eleven shillings per
Direct Boutc Wcs't ami South
west Tia Kansas City.
IT V IWPIO PI" Tnlon Depot rawenrrrt
A I fvAnoAO 111 I I for Knas. Colorado.
I New Mexico and California connect with kx
press Trauu of all line.
I it I TO U I PflH Connection Is made trltt
. Al AiUrlloUriKxnnrs Trains for at!
A qceei: relic, evidently the produc
tion of ome lost race was recently
found near Little Rock, Ark., in a load
of sand taken from the bottom of a well
thirty-five feet deep. It is a plaster or
clay cast of a head and neck resembling
the human head of a low .grade, or of
an ape, and is tuo inches in diameter.
bair cropped, ears prominent, eyes per
fect, forehead broad, fiat, and receding,
neck well proportioned to the" head.
The material used i-ccms to be clay, and
appear to have been baked, as a glare
is visible in places. The workmanship
displayed in the construction of this
piece of statuary Is of a better diss
than any yet found emanating from the
hands of any of the Indians wbo have
inhallitea this part of thcglobe in later
Dcring the month jf February there
arrived in the customs di-triets of Balti
more, Boston, Detroit, Huron, Minne
sota. New Orleati", New York, Pasa
maquoddy. Philadelphia and San Fran
cisco, 20,030 pa-M.'ngcrs of ttflom
15,862 were immigrant. 2,700 citizens
of the Unitl States returned from
abroad, and 1.4GS aliens not intending
to remain in the United Slates. Of
this total number of immigrants, then
arrived from England and Wales, 1,885;
Ireland, fc64; Scotland. 215; Austria,
C80-Bobemia. 12S; Belgium, GO; Den
mark, 131 ; France, 227: ernian , 5.43G;
Hungary, l,8filt Italy, 77C: Netherlands,
66; Norway, 10S: Russia. OKI. PolamU
106; Sweden, 156; Suitwr and, 625:
Dominion of Canada. 1,637: aud from
all other countries. 175.
Call's resolution providing for the paymen
tMltfirortt In fioreramrnt emnlor the M
wajrcs ror holidays as lor omer uaja. w
paired without debate The Senate azain
took up the Education MH. thepend
Ur question bclnjr on Mr. HarriJon a
amendment to rojuire the i-tatcs to con
tribute annually an amount equal to
the amount severally received from te Na
tional fund. Aficr eiecutlve eion the Sen
ate adjourocil In the Ilnus) Mr. Urown.of
Indiana. introdtit el a bill msklnx It felony
for a leTSon lalwly and fraudulently to as
sume tn be an oQcer or employe acticjr under
authority of the I'nlied States or any drpa-t-mntth-rror
Ia-L InCommltice of the
W ho'c. on the Donded Rxtcns ton bill. Mr rot
ter bneHy a-ave VM reaoons which tmpelled
him to support thj mearore After con'Wer.
able discussion tho committee ro and the
Sneaker announ-ed th.- appointment of
Messrs. ItandaU. Hurces and t alklns aa con
ferecs on the Utile L'enc eacy bill.
Is the Senate, n the 3.13, Mr. ilaxey in
troduced a bill to chance the Eastern Judicial
District of Texas and attach a part or the In
dian Territory to mrh dbtrkt. The Senate
thn tnnk tin the bill rrrmrtel from the Com
mittee un ImlUn Affair rrmidlnjr for the al-
hitmest of Unas in severally to me i nuiaus on
various nxtvatious and to extend the pro
tection of the laws of States an J Territorie
oxr the Indjar. After debate the bill
pa5cd. Thebtliti au'horlro toe scrruiry
ortheTrfaury t.eaueto be examined cer
U!n voucher or th- Ute of Ml'oouri Tor
sums claimed to b- duo by the Cnlte-t Stat-a
to officer and men ot the mTUtla forces of
that State for aid In jpi.resinjr the re
Iirllion wa pamcL Tho Educational hill
u then taken up. when a Ion? dtbxte en
sued. Mr. Joce called up the House joint
rftnlutinn reannronriatlno' for the aid of suf
ferers by the Miii-sippi Hirer floods SE3.UM
not expended for the relief of sufferers by the
floods in the Ohio Ulicr.and it was pasvd.
In tlie Houiie, Mr. Kill reported a Joint
resiiiutlon providing for the use of t5,UU.
urexpciided. for the rellf of the destitute In
tho district oversowed by the Mississippi and
tributaries. Pfod. The Houe went into
Coramitlee of the Whole on the Bonded Ex
tenlon bill. After several speeches bad been
made the committee roe Informally for the
purpofe of limiting the Keneral debate.
Ix the S. nate, on the 27th, Mr. Miller, of
California, reported favorably from the Com
mittee on Kara! Affairs, with an amendment,
tho Inlnt rrwlutlnn autborlxtnir the Secretary
of the Navy to offer a reward or t2.UU) for
nacuinit or ascertaininsr the fate of the Gree
ley expedition. The Senau passed, amonjr
other relief bills, the bill to provide for the
payment of ten claims for depredations com-
miiieu uy me l ic inuuni b& w iinc u& iuc
massacre of the White lllver Agency
in VTf. The Senate then took up
the Education bilL and debated it until
adjournment The Houc went into Com
mittee ot the Whole on the Bonded Extension
bill and Mr. ItandaU spoko In opposition to It.
i:mrnl debate followed, when Mr. Illounl
moved to strike out the enacting clause of
the bilk Aareeato,Ki toit7. Tne committee
then roc and reported Its action tn the liouv.
hiHi It was mnBrmwI. Yeas. lKti nars. IS.
Mr. Dowd was permitted to call up the bill
for tho retirement of trade dollars, when,
after debate and without action, the House
Is the Senate, on the SSth, Mr. Talmer,
from the Committee on Woman Suffrage, re
ported favorably a Joint resolution propositi?
an amendment to the Constitution to extend
the rtht of suffrace to women. Mr. Plumb's
revolution, callina- on tne tecrciaty oi me
Treasury for Information rclatlnartothe un
laid twrtlon or the war tax or Ml, was agreed
to. The Senate passed the bill autbortilnjc
the Secretary of the Navj to Issue a proclama
tion offering a reward of Sruitk to be paid to
private parties, wbo shall discover, rescue or
satisfactcrily ascertain the fate of theGrecly
expedition. The Senate took up the Educa
tional bl'l, and Mr Lamar addressed the
Senate In It support. Mr. Georsc also
favored the bill In the Houc Mr. Ander
son Introduced a concurrent resolution
for the final adjournment of Conrress
at twelve o clock. June I'M. Mr.
Tucker reported adverety from tho Coro-
mitti-enntbc Judiciary the Mil lorinercuei
of William McGarraban. Mr. Ocelli, or
renn.ylvanla. prest-ntea a resolution oi we
convention ot wool irrowers fa orinc the res
toration of the duty of !; on wool. At the
evening-seolon the l!one passed twenty-to
pension bills, amorjr tbcm one srivinx a pen
sion of S3ua raoutn tn the widow of Major
General James E. sttvdman. aI a bill ffrant
injr a pentia to Mr. Sarah E. E. Seeleye. who
served a a soldier for three years under the
assumed name of Franklin Thompson, ami
when sick and about to lie sent to the hospital
deserted to escape dttection of her sex. Ad
journed to Monday.
CoLOXtX J. F. InXAan baa been ap
pointed Cntral Manager of tho Hannibal
& St. Jiweph Koad, vice John B. Carson.
AoGDsies fc'cniLL, the well known ew
York business man an I philanthropist,
died on the 27lh.
rnisce LEOroLn, the youngeat son ol
Queen Victoria, fell en the stone steps of a
club bouM at Cannes Kraaoe, on the ;th,
striking his bend, fnini the effects of which
ho soon alternants died.
Caaae jrfs, San, Syraps, Soafis aad Bees Cawiles u. especially tur t r.c - "Kaknd N'ebra.ka..
tat TEAS; afca eeaaware, Glassware, WoodcawaiT. Tiawarr. Aaiis, i-owacr
mi AmiaanrHnn Weeorryaa Immense stork or Ito, Um, Bras, snorts uaiea
Soy d (Ms. We are sole aeaU at Tlaiti for the celebrated M3ECA. r LOL it.
IT nil 1U 1 Connection is made with a'J
A I UMAHA lines leadlmr to the Noith and
I West
rndPtm w
F. CHANDLER, Gen. Pass. A?enL
C. B. K1XXAX, Ass't Gen, Pass. Agent.
F. L. DECKER, Asentat nlta.
CAM TXmvm $, FCMS'rf FKWCCE. Cak or Cattle taken la Ex-
ppc our rrocK,
The Direct Tbrouth Heme Between
Fast Express Trains are Ran Daily. S
Change of Cars.
Through Pullman Palace SleeplnaCara are
runtlally.wtibout'hanie.betwecnST. LOUIS,
3.ttl acres of rith ""' nd'nT5l
lands Icrsalcby thicompanylnM)CTll EST
DrFor tall "" P8' cular n formation, with
Map Tim Tabl-s. ltatf fc ..all upon or ad
dress any of ou. UtlnnAgents,oreSthe'Of tha
D. wraHAUX Ceneral Paniw 2cnt, St
G. W CALE. General Fre'ght Accnt St Louis.
C. W KOGERS. Vice PrcMent anj GenerW
JUnasrr, Temp-o Building, St. Louis Mo.
D. Crouch Is also charged widtbe shooting
of Galen T. Brown.
AViscoxstx winter wheat is reported
looking good.
Tira Poplar River Sioux bve been re
lieved. There were severaldeatha from
starvation, but the reports o cannibalism
are unconfirmed.
The jury rend-red a verdtt in favor of
Lady Colin Campbell in a ait against her
busland for divorce. Herfansband is tho
youngest son of tho Duke ol Argyle.
Ir is reported it was Besaarl Coleridga
and not Lord Coleridge srbomado Mary
Anderson an offer of mairfagaand was re
fused. Bernard is a soa of Lord Cole
ridge. Thb Southern Railway ant Steamship
Association has decided t m.ko a reduc
tion of rates between varbis points, in
cluding Atlanta and Acntrt Selma and
Montgomery, Ala., and Cbutmooga,Tenn,
SccscTAnT FRKUsantmiyias received
a dikO-Uch from Ymcks (tatiig that the
American Collego will txexsnptod from
the impending salo of ie Propaganda
Bceiscss failures repoet for the past
week for the United Staes, number ITS;
Canada, S; total, 3, agdnt 213 the pre
vious week.
Race troubles tern re r?rrd at J?anders
rille, Ga. The Mayor tefrpued for one
thousand rounds of aniioltion. and a
later dispatch says tbeTJco was again
A colusio.x has occnrM between Rus
sians and Turcomans in lie Merv district.
Jessie Peetles, a jrl fourteen years
old, committed suicis at Hamilton,
Arab SnatKS have asM for the appoint
ment of a British Govcior fcr Tokar.
CnmsT. Robbuxq ws convicted of tho
murder of Al Lucia, alSterUng, 111 and
sentenced to death. Tt munler was com
mitted in Lyndon, in innary.
As attempt was mat to poison a woman
living in Fort RinggoL Texas, by throw
ing strychnine into hewater bucket. The
man put the poison I through a broken
pane of glass dunhg night, and as bo
couldn't see the bncke-misaed it, the poison
falling on the floor, tot for this his in
famous attempt woul have succeeueiu
UxsttT S. Cncacnio defaulting Cham
berlain ot Troy, X.r who left that city
February 4, wi'h a eflciency In his ac
counts of S77.W), wasrrestednt Sow York
and taken to Troy-
It was stated on U Board of Trade at
Chicago that the La la wanna had" refused
an off-r to carry 000,0 bushels of grain to
tho seaboard at'a IS'cent rate, and that It
was taken by the SKel Plate.
Eight men were lied by an explosion
of nitro-glycerine atfhompson's Point, 2t.
J., recently.
RlOTWQat Cincisati continued on the
2:h and 35th. TbeJiob fired the County
Court building, atact of pure inssnity,
destroying valuabj retxnls and one of
the most valuable francs in tho country.
Governor Uoadlv hurried troops into
the city from all parts of the
State, aud it was report el tho
authorities bad otaiued control and
dispersed the mot Some murderous vol
leys were fired r the militia, many of
whom were undlsplined boys. It was re
ported that frot forty to fifty persons
were killed aJ over one hundred
wounded durin the two days, mak
ing it the darest hour in the history
of Cincinnati. Ikner, the murderer, who,e
recent trial watbe causa of all this blood
shed, escaped 4rtng tho confusion, but
was recapturedn the woods near Fester's
Crossing by tscers who started in pur
suit, and safeSdandei in the penitentiary
at Columbus. In assailing the train on
which he fe, tho mob beat an
innocent ma: nearly to death, mis
taking bim forjcnier. At Columbus mobs
were waiting or him, but by a secret
movement thetflrera conveyed him safely
Into the penj-'ntiary. The arrest was a
skillful plea of work on the part of
Deputies Moss and Devo'o.
The Troubles In Cincinnati Continued with.
AUrmlnirKnalU TbeMacnlfleent Court
House and all rublle Records a Mass or
Kobis The City ruled wlUi Troops Tfce
Killed and Wonnded Further Saets.
A fearful riot commenced at Cincinnati
on the 2sth, occasioned by a. jury bringing in
j verdict of manslaughter against young
Bcrner, who hail pleaded guilty to
the murder ard robbery of hurt, his
employer. The priscner was sentenced to the
penitentiary for twenty years, and a large
meeting of citizens met at Music Hall to
protest against fie laxity of the courts and
ituies in punishing erinunaK Xotwith
standing the good intentions of the
leaders of this niovunent, an nncontrolable
nob took possession and rushed for tlie jail
to hang the prisoner and threatened at the
same time to lynch other prisoners. In the
attempt to get Deroer out of the way he;
escaped but was subsequently recaptured
and taken to tlie penitentiary. The militia
were called out to preserve order, a.idthe
first day a'number ot persons were killed
and wounded.
The riotous proceedings continued
on Saturday the 29th, with terrible
tesultt The fine court house building,
which cost 5250,000, was fired by the mob
and reduced to ashes together with the
public records, and one of the finest libraries
in the country met a similar fate. Troops
were sent to the scene from variocs parts ot
the State and lively fighting took, place In
the streets. The killed and wounded the
second night of the riot were:
James Conden, John Ilaverkamp, Fritz
HavcTkarap, Frank Hettenheimer, Ben.
Fink, John Lasscr, Joseph Bude,
Mike O'Day, Anton Folder, John
Dickey, Frank Bergman. Thomas A
Green, Anton Gieger, John. Goible, Samuel
Heron, Jacob Metzer, Fred Sleusser, and
four jiersons nnklentined. There were also
dead at tlie hospital: Jolin J. Hennessey,
Henry J. Pusir, Walter Fay, Peter RaiU,
Conrad Buslan, Captain Joint J. Desmowl.
and an unknown man.
Frank Rock, Micliael Rafferty, Michael
Slur. FJivanl Zehurd. James LeonanL
Jesse Bright. Adolph Ruzen. Charles Bread
weiL HrarvDulle. Samuel Fox. James Tay,
Jaekxrn Todd, Charles Carber, Dan Christ-
man Feldv RreitenbacE. Wm.liucn.ciianes
Bloom, Henry Bardy, YII!iam Batehe, 1YU
liam Kelly, John Kelley, Joel Knause,
Tlico. Klecker, Jllchael Mack, Henry Xie
mier, Harry Powers, John Prath, Fille Bee
bee. EdwanL Rheu, George Ransom,
William SuUIran. John Shay, Leycshn
moas Herman Shesupf, Edward Sliven,
Henry Xetnusli, William Woteaoff, Joseplt
Tsc. Io Vogcl-on, Charles Miller, J. F.
Hackcrnun, Charles Eberiiart, Conrad An
gles, Alfred Uopkms, Philip Herman, Gf
Kemif. Louis Kolp, Fred Enkenherst
Louis Kriner, Andrew Nicbobt. George
Ligch, WUIiam Mcilugh, Edvranl Gallagher,
Dr. Arthur Leboutiller.
Further Details.
CcfcnraATL March 30. Over two hun
dred of tlie mot prominent business men
of the city met at seven o'clock to-night In
the council chamber of the city building.
Mayor Stephens presided and briefly stated
what hail been done to protect tiie city, and
asked If It met with approval. Ex-Govemor
J. D. Cox and General Andrew Hicken
looper were among tlie speakers. The gen
eral sentiment was In favor of upholding
tar Mayor and Adjutant General In this
etinn- After cxiircssinz confidence In the
management of affairs the committee ad
journed to meet at nine o'clock in the
ARiurAL or troops.
ThUmomlmr tlie Thirteenth regiment-
under emumond of Colonel F. Hckard, with
unattached second troop of cavalry, Scott
dracoons of Hillsboro. under command of
Captain Ed. E. MulHnix, arrived by special
train, and in the evening the Seventeenth
from Coshocton arrived bj the way of the
Fanliandle route, and were marched to the
city park to be held as reinforcements to tlie
wildieryon duty at the jail; besides there
are en route ami to arrive to-night one sec
tion ot tlie Fifth battery of Dayton, the
Eleventh batterr of Cleveland, and Thinl
regiment of Covington, O. This makes In
nil six reciiueiit. two batteries and one
Lonihix Birs as known to Ameri
cans contain ery miie meat mws.
Only the mot important local events
are narrated in the Times, Xcws, Tdt
grtiph clc. Rut London has local jour
nals which have lare circulations in
the city and which are never seen out
side of Loudon. Their names even are
not known abroaiL They give little
space to tho outside world, but arc
made up of the full narratives of the
minor happenings and current gossip
of the neighborhood in which they arc
published. Not one of them pretends
to gte all tho Iiwal news of all London;
each Iius a section of the city to itself.
They line off the small advertisements
of the tradesmen of their several quar
ters. There are one or two weekly pa
pers of the same class published in New
The name Soudan means the country
of tl' blacks. Thi agrees with iU old
appellation of Cttsh, a term derived
from the son of llaui, who we arv told
was the great progenitor of tho black
races of Af rica. It is at the same time
the countcqiart of the word Ethiopia,
by which the same region was desig
nated in the Bible, as well as by all the
writers of antitjuitj. As a division of
the earth's surface Ethiopia was not
very clearly defined; this resulted from
its almost inaccessible position, on
which account authors could only
speak of it from the vagntit hearsay.
It is only in our own day that travelers
can be said to have penetrated into this
part of thi world and brought back
reliable accounts of it. Even yet our
knowledge is far from complete, and
information regarding manydtstrictais
itill to 'jc desired.
Ax assignment has been made by James
D. Feny, Son & Co., cutlery mannfac
turersot Bridrep-r, Connecticut, whose
The movement on the part of friends of
Carl Schurr to raivs bun a testimonial of
KW,0O0 has been absu loned at the earnest
request of Mr. Shun.
TnE private tanking house of William
Locke, of Xnbleville, Ind., failed recently.
RostE RoBtssov was fatally shot by
Charlie Still, a joalous lover, in Sew York,
Letters of convocation have been sent
to all the Catholic Bishops of the United
States convening tbe plenary council at
the Cathedral in Baltimore on the 3th ot
Sovemlier next. Provincials of rrUgiou
communities and superiors of seminaries
wjl! also attend.
Jjlt Got'LD'.s yacht Atlantic made the
trip from Fortteo Monroe to Sew York in
eighteeu boar.
Tue American Bell Telephone Company,
experiment -d ia conversation between
Boston and Sew York, over a So. J2coppr
wire, and with the aid of ordinary tele
phone instrumects tbe faintest whisper of
conversation could be heard.
Sexatobs Ix.iAiis, Sawyer, Jones, of
Florida, and Mandenon, wilb their fami
lies, lelt Washington on the 2Tch for a
pleasure trip to Jacksonville, Fla. They
were accompanied by Scrgeant-at-Anas
Canailsy, of tbe Senate.
Tun British captured Tamanieb on the
STth, mi-ting with bat little rwUtanc.
Osinnn fled t a village five miles distant.
Aboct fllty buildings were unroofed by
the storm at Denver on the 27tb.
Leslie Lavesdeh, a boy ruffian, aged
sixteen, attetnpled to rob a farmer named
Owens, near Lynchburg, A'a., shooting the
aged 21, was shot while en his wayhetae
from the tlieoier. The military seem to be
getting entirely demoralized In their
firing. The Catling gun on Court street ha
charge of Companies A ami B of tbe Fot- j
teenlh Regiment, from Columbus, is belna;
used. The druggist above mentioaied
telephones they are yet firiR, ojost
the corners, ami the mob Is en
tirely dispersed. He says that half the
bottles on the shelves In his store an &
molished and other parte ot bis stock aad
fixtures destroyed. There are as macy a
200 or 3,000 soldiers In the city stationed
at various points.
March 31, 2:13 a. m. One-hall of the
militia on guard at the jail has been re
lieved. Since the firing at eight p. m. no
one has been shot Volleys since that time
have been merely blinds to dear the
streets. It has been ascertained that at the
eieht rm- firing no one was killed, hat
tliree persons were wounded, the two
men, Pfeiser and Cooper, aicBoaei
previously, and one man whose
ram l not renorted. Br order of the
Secretary ot War a 'etaebment of UaMesl
States regulars was hcid In readiness to pro
tect the United States property here if nec
essary. Dc Rttwhoff reports that the
chances for the recovery of Brigs Swift are
very remote.
bejuter's trip to feww.
Cor.rancs O., March 29. Bemer wa
landed In the penitentiary at eight o'clock te
nignt, beffigaecompanied by a strong; gsafd
of specials commanded by Deputy Sheriff
JoeMoses of Cincinnati". He had a most
eventful experience of escapes for the part
thlrtv hours. Alter lapinff from the Er j
last night, he wandered over the country,
keeping In sight of the railroad, aadteaUr
rested In a box ear on a sUI
till neariv daylight when he bwae
for tho woods ami was overtaktsi
about ten o'clock bT Deputies Moses aaa
Dcvoto. who kept m tlie chase with bag
gies. They bad difficulty In keeping Mai
concealed during the night, and finally drova
to Foster's Crossing, the next station above
Loveland, where they had previoesly ar
ranged to meet some newspaper correspon
dents. Tlicy had changed Bemer's clothes,
put a Derby instead of a soft hat on Ids,
and had him so changed that no one woeW
have recognized Mm from the descrip
tion. They turned him over to
two correspondents, and then claimed that
they bad failed to find their man. Thew
was quite a crowd at the place, however,
betorc the train arrived there at four o'clock,
and the people suspected them and CsJied
for Bemer, but they got off safely Beraer
was at once taken Into a closed express ear
by the journalists, and the officers were-ta
the etaches pretending to be en rente to the
capital for advices and ski. They kept the
Governor advised by the conductor sasssV
icg dispatches from every station, anal the
Governor got the officials to have the hJs
stopped half a mile from the depot here aad
rio?e to the penitentiary, when Beraer waa
taken in on the run. There were crowda at
all tbe stations making hyiuirics. atsia.
multitude awaited tho train in and about
tho city here, but &. were give.
the slip. A detachment of fifteen police
and a large number of prison guard
had been quietly located at the suberbaa
crossing; where tlie party alighted and they
succeeded in getting there one by one with
ont arousing suspicion. They met a lance
crowd, however, on the double-ouick to the
prison gates. Bemer was scared nearte ,
death. He was the first man WardenThoaiM
ever saw glad to get behind the wails.
He was rejoiced wlien be got on the Inside,
and wanted something to eat and a ebaaea
to rest After supper he related bis trie
with everyone he met cursing and boOhsc.
for bis bUod. He Is eighteen years old,
sentenced to twenty years, and hopes to out
live It He retired early and will aifcsaC
chapel to-taorrow, resting the first day.
Execution of the Baodlta Who HaMed
Blsbee, A. X, Last November.
Tombstoxe, A. T., March 29. O. W.
Sample, James Howard. Dan Dowd, W
Ham Delaine and Dan Kelly were hanged
here yesterday for the BMxe murders. Th
tandlts marched up the steia of the scaffold
without flinchlnc. AU declared their inno
cence ami aid Heath, who waslindipi here
February 22, was also Innocent, gave good
bye to their f ricmls exprewed faith In the
Christian religion, and renui-sted that thek
bodies be delivered to Father Gallagher.
Nothing occiuTel to mar tlie Sher
iffs plans. The murderers were all
drooped off together. and. ex
retitirer Dowd. died without a
uverotie wonsanu persons wii
troop of cavalry to arrive here during the j nesscd tlie execution. A large balcony had
..i-ht been erected outside overlooking the jaD
Lv the Sente, on the 31st, various bills
and resolatlas we.-a introdaced, all of an
unlinportan nature. The Uooso bad some
little drbxteta a resilutioa to iaqnire into
the adulteraion ot foo-J. The resolutiov
was recomntted. I' was aimed at the
practice ot siting oleomargarine for but
ter. Robert Smalls took tLo oath and his
seat as rtptsentatlve to succeed the late
E. M. Slack-, ot South Carolina.
McaSET, n trial for killing his cell mate
in the p-ultntiary at Joliet, I1L, has been
sentenced t death.
THE Clevland Oii Exchange, organized
some eight (Mnths ago, has died a natural
death fromlack ot business.
Travel o the Union Pacific is heavier
naw than or years, caused in a great de
gree by Ih'rusii to the Cu?ur D'Alene min
ing region; Train are frequently delayed
two orthre hours at Granger, transferring
pansenger and baggage for the mines.
Fon thofirst quarter of the yetr ended
March 31s business failures in the United
states wea reported by It G. Duun & Gx.
of the Mecantile Agency, to the number of
3W, as iraimt 23W for tha corresponding
quarter bt year. The Iiablities amount
to 40,(Xp),"compared with j37,0J,Q90 tho
first quarer of 1SSL
Axdret J. Kokrxer, who brutally mur
dered hi: wife at Indianapolis December
a, has Lcn sentenced to death. He took
a new Ual, however.
GcxeiaL Millot telegraphs the capture
of Hung noa. Ihe troops will return to
France. Auxiliary native regiments will
be organzed to defend Tonquin.
Tue rcurns of tho Auditor of tho Treas
ury for be Postofflce Department for the
quarter aiding December 31, last, show tbe
gross reeipta of all Postoflices to be $11,-
riitifo oomvesceo.
About eight o'clock to-night the regiment
from Columbus guarding the Court street
approach, was fired into by one of the mob
from an alley between Main and Walnut on
Court street The troops an-wcred the chal
lenge by a few slwts, which were followed
by a volley, and so end shots from tlie Gat
ling gnn stationed there. The number of
Ininred at this hour cannot be ascertalnoL
Tlie firint Is now continuing at Intervals In
all directions. It I t'.i purpose of the mi
litia to clear the street.
(hie volley was fired down Main street
ami woundeiL among other. Mr. Briggs
Swift a prominent pork packer, wlio was
standing at tlie corner of Seventh and Main,
three squares from the Court House. In cou
kPrsation with Henry Hamia, a Thjnl street
broker. He was strttrk, n.ost scriiasly
woundoL and was conveyed to his home in
a carnage.
At U:23 wonl was recehed at general
ucadiuarter tliat a large mob had broken
into the music hall by breaking down the
door and was trying to man a cannon on ex
hibition In Power UalL Companies D and
E of the fcixth Regiment were fit to drie
them away and succccdeil without blood
slied, capturing tlie cannon and taking pos
session of the halL
At 11S p. m. the situation was most en
couraging. The brtel aitacs on jiuw nan
for the purpose of getting tlie cannon there
was the only thing in tlie shape of an organ
ized effort of any magnitude. It may be
the vicou volleys tireil Into Court street
and down Main street at 3 o'clock were suc
cessful after all, as they seem to have pre
vented the gathering ot any large crowd at
any point
yard, tlie builder Intending to charge one
dollar ami a uau atuiussiuu. .i uc juwi un
came Indignant and tore It down. In the
row which followed seven persons were In
jured, One man hail hU leg broken, an
other his arm. The balcony would have
seated five hundred persons. With thb ex
ception everything passed quietly. The
men were executed for the murder ot
Deputy Sheriff T. D. Smith. John Tap
pciner, Mrs. Roberts and one Knolly, while
robbing Castaneda's store and raklingBLs
bee.last'o ember. They died game.
Mntton Grabs.
XnwcojicusTowx. 0 March 29. Tha
peculiar malady termed grub, Is just now .
carrying off many sheep In thb section, and
ad havoc b being made among some of owt
wool gro-ver' flocks. Tbedhex- b caused
by a worm called tne cruo, anu a ery
dbtressltigone. Tltergg uf the worm ia
deposited in the nostril of the sheep In
Jnly or Angust l a peculiar ktntl of fly and
the grob liatcbes'out in Mar and begins
burrowing towanl the brain, which, when
penetrated, kilb tlie animal at once. Thert
Is no known remetly for It The worm b
about the size of thecomnxm grub worm,
and has the gimlet apearance of that
worm. Mr. Rlchanl King, a prominent
farmer, has alreaily Urt thirty of hbJSnest
sheep, and other farmers have lost nearly
their entire Cocks.
The llank Itobber Captured.
Wichita Falls, Tex, March 29. SherU!
Davb and a ranger natnvd Scott Hayes fol
lowed the bank robber, Wiley Hayes, who
made his escape at ( tlmeof theatlcmptea
mm at lajiors-Muve,
At about a crow-d I SJS i, &&tSS?.
ffZJZ a close of twen.y-fiye miles. .The
other man. who was n witu tne erowa an
account of being hurt was sent for and
brought In. Hajesaudtheboy ranncntet
were arralgnI and waivetl examination,
and their ball was fixed at 200 each, hi
default of which they were remanded ta
jail to await the action of the Grand, Jury.
Owens, near lyncuourg. ., suoouob .c , - ies is th.n tho receipts
latter .d bis wife, supposed fatally. Lav- j ''1 ' '"IT:,IX(n,,tns. narter of the pre-
ceding Iscal year. Tbe sum realized from
ender then stole a horse and fled.
At a meeting of tho Seamen's Union held
at Cleveland, O., wages were fixed at one
dollar and a half per day on sailing vrssils
and one dollar and a quarter on barges fcr
the spring, this indudingfltting-out, paint
ing, etc
The failure of tho paper-manufacturing
firm of William Butler & Co., whose mills
are located In Wrst Philadelphia, is an
nounced. The firm's liabilities are ati
matd at $20,000.
Ixdictuexts against Henry W. Moore,
manacle c editor, nnd Florence White, re
porter of the rott-Dispatch, for abstracts r
the saletot stamps for the same quarter Is
$10liKIll. against $l0fllo,K7 in 1SS2, a de
crease f $313,131
GEXirtAt-GRAXrisst improved In
healthas to be able to w from his hotel
in Wohlngton to tho resilience of his
friend, General Beale, three blocks distant.
Chases L. Kuy, editor of tbe GHogo
and Gfaser, atManxano, Valencia County,
S. M- was fatally shot tho other morning
by untnown parties.
At Cincinnati, on tbe morning ot the 1st,
i skirmish took place with a mob, in which
urt recess.; S Z. inkl three persons were wounded. Otherwise
LTuYsSnal C-urt. Thes, indictments , he city wa, quiet The numterof person,
grew out of the publication lnthoPI-Za-WUed to that date was fortyoaud one
h ef an inveklgatioaby the grand jury I hundred and wenty wounded. The num
i f-ti .-.tK-.mMinrin- . ber woundeil U probably much larger, as
teSaStamW a mtaTnsinnrredwerocarrledtothelr
copy ofVne propose 1 treaty between Great bone, for treatment whoso case, have not
BtSaln and Portugal, by which American b "PortKa ?' "'"LZtZ
Interest, on the Congo are affected. It I .. "! dJ'edJ? eJSL-I
Buderstood the terms of tha treatr ai J rat , and the deed, are aR right
i.uini. A detachment of police soon set
tied tins party and arrested a number of
thieve without bloodshed.
There has been much feeling against the
jure that tried Bemer. and in some quar
tets agatust lib attorneys. One juror liv
ing In tlie city has left home. The attorneys
bae been quiet and it Is possible they
might be roughly handled If good occasion
offered. At the opentug fire at eight p. nu.
four or five persons were killed and
as many wounded. Including; as re
ported, two women on Court street The
names of the Injured lune not been leared,
hut one man b reported shot at the Main
street tiring. Mr. Bnggs Swift shot as re-
St. Lons, March 3L Lewb Enos, travel
ing auditor ami paymaster ol tbe St
Loub and Cairo Narrow Gauge Rail
road, absconded last Wednesday night
with $5,000 of the company's money, which
h nmniml un forreil checks on a local
potted aheady, while standing In conversa-1 ank. which was tbe depository of the com
tion with a friend some squares away from VUiy--!i funds. Encs b a well-known rall
tha Court Hoase. Since the above hour oe- . na uavingerved In various eapaci
casional shots are fired by the military, of .,, on veral Western roads. Hb wife
either blank cartridges or into the air, to
keep tlie street clear within range.
the ston still at work.
March 31, 12:T a. m. The mob has
taken possession of the roofs of the houses
n the vicinity of Court and Walnut and are
firing down upon the militia in line In
front of the Court House. The crowd ha
almost entirely fallen back from Court
street leaving the street dear to Vine. Two
men were carried Into the drug store at Court
and Walnut seriously If not mortally
the mob
and family reside here. Hb whereabout
are not known, but detectives are looking
for him. He b bonded in. the Canada
Guarantee Company.
Towlnc rufU.
La Croi.e, Wts March SL -The raft-
towing fltet for the ensuing season f r.
mouths of the St Croix. Black, Wl
sml Chintewa Rivers numbers
steamers, wjtli 1,600 men. Many of. theae
Ven-evidently the backbone of boats are furjifchea wita eieernr xaw
,. ., . n. .n m,m, vhA'nunieuflDio pronwai uikui. vmu
uiukci. iu . -. - --.- - . i:r t-n
. a. - i- n w orv imr x i-ar aiLTi itiui LFjaAia sa ni rr uiu.
SS" &2ISrZ - CSS rafte had'not beeit thought of, Og
and Walnut were Erml PfeHer. tailor, used logo dvn the river as large as a farm,
who ilonls aboheTonbStt office, shot with a small regiment t men to . raard
whllecrosshis the street on hb waylx-ae, Utethe unwieldly ears with which they
and 'lllaui Cooper, Kew Richmond, O, were eulded, 'r

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