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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, April 10, 1884, Image 1

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Berated te the Interests af the Ckerekecs, Cfeectaws, Cfclckasaws, SeralKeles, Creeks, and all Other Indian of the Iaalaa Terrltery.
YOL. n. NO. 30.
Beys a ewfis tfce feet a ctetest store hi tie Ias Terri.sry Is Uut or
W, C. PATTON fc CO.,
Tss 8tTlBg:xHTrBt&a4 that eftteTery lest aaallty U be hadia tlie co:h ry.
Ai a fkll tswrtaeat ef ererjitoff wle4fcr r customers.
tCR JWT CSSBU WEPAKTXETT rnnfiini aa Iwaease stock ef eTerj rxrlctj of the best and most s rrlceaMe Drj
WW t
CLWK156 MFAXT3DE5T yon -win 14 tfce krgest Sleek ef Irst-cl-ss CWjIht, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Lsdtoi' axd
Seats' teatehfag C d. White
tCX X&LDOKX BtfliTXETT is fully f to toe Uatsi la all tin Latest S-ty let and Fashion.
CfflieCEKYPJJtnCESTtawpfeteTTlUieTerTkliftrSt?!e4FHwr Groceries, Flour, Bacon, CasHed Geeds,
Crackers, Cheese, He.
UK KUQ1S8 BEPAK-rXEST has a faH Ibe tfSaddks, Harsm asd Leather Good or all kinds. la
UK 1&KECCLTCK1L DffLEXEST BEEJLKTXEST ye caa set Wagons, Baggies, Plows, Spring Wagons Etc.
UK HiBSWAsaE MTARTJtEST Is well stacked wila Sails, Screw, OuiIbs, Hieges, Tinware, Axes, Utensils, Tool?,
B(e. TsvwtHftndta
UK B&aSS AS UEESSWAKE BEFARTMST every Tariety rf Bister; Crocks, Jars, Jngs, Etc. While la
UK MHJ8 STWtE BePAKTSEXT TMirlferii sateadid steck of Pare, Xlce Brass, Medicines, complete In every re
latet. Preseriatfcas ea-rWy coatpoanaX ay a skilled apoticcarj-. la tkls eoaaecUon we hare also aa Immense
H k of Setts s, Timpr, Oasts, Coalectlsacry, Etc. And a
gTATWHERr AS BK nAKTXEST where yea will and en-ty variety of Writing Xaterials, Paper, Blank Books
5ste and Kewlpt Books, Sdwel Books, wrf a llae of goal Reading Books Prose and Poetry.
Our Prices are as Low as the Lowest. Gome and See Us.
W, G, PATTON & CO,, inifa, Indian Territory.
W. I. TROTT, Proprietor.
teen cesttmma on hand a rupply of both JtstJre awl Northern "aoprraber. A!? "!
SSt-Tbaek. sfclsda, Mouldiaas. tkTtre Native Viae, Inane shipped from the Caoctow
l. nil! mil IK J UH1MUB auuil.l I Ml.
Drugs, Patent Medicines, Notions, Stationery,
Etc.; also aFaRTiine of Cigars, Tobaccos
ancL Confectioneries.
SeadfaacteaoTall tfce Beetocs taTWte at M. FRAZEFS Ked Fraat, cae door
West sT 'frisc KoteL
M. FRAZEE, Vinita, Indian Territory.
Fni, Viftiaftfcs, m gnnswiri, Glasswari vi limn.
Tl i rrl-- --- - eB tbaCorser. two oor Wert fX. C.
Rim4 C.c Kri!rr Store. .
k. r. KNiaHT,
Men's Riig Leader Washing Machines.
------ ' to SaldiawankteereadrforeBeliaewitkMt
aVe ase of Ta or WasWward. BaliaTetaehaadsaitBesadsfrwBeslBBlas
toead. BoestkeworkorawaeTrelaaded.
Befereoee Mrs. X. A. Grar, Choateaa, L. T.; Mrs. A. P. Geodjkooatz,
TIaMa,I. f.; Bks. A. a Kajatead, Tialli, L T.; Mrs. 3. L. aad R. L. Harila,
8nwd Blrer, J. T.: Krs. K. W. liadsej, Choateaa, L T.; 3Irs. r. P. K. Kc
k;, rsteaa' Afjhm, L T.
Are carrjteff lsTe sd ooaaplete stoclr of
CsaMteoos, Sars, Sjrafs, Ss aad Saaces, Caadlesaad esperiallj COFFEE
aad TEASj also fweasware, Glassware, Woodeaware, Thwart. 5JIs, Powder
liidAimanWnn We earrj as iawKase stock efFEEB, Cora, raa,Sorts Baled
Kaj aad Octs. We are sole aceaU at TfeMa lor the cekhraled SEXECA FLOOR.
m ldmiei fQEir
CAM PALI J H1M3, FCHS aad PBwWCE. Cash or Cattle taJra la Ex-
caaace fsr Goods.
ctitw exTsac, TZXZJU
ForUtepurchaMkod nlccf
13 Xatieoil Stock Trd. E. St. LonU.
tarxibrnl adranocs ciade on cxraslffxtmesti.
Located at East St. Zrral, III.
Directly opposite the cJty of St. Louis. Barer
for aU description of Lire Stock always in at
tendance, and witlsin the ground of tbe Stock
Yards are a Dcef Canning Companr, with a
capAcUr for slaughtering LOCO bead of cattle
dallr, and Pork Packing- Establishments wit
a capacity for slaughtering COOO bo? dally.
ISAAC H. E50X, Presldeat.
CHA& T. J05ES, Snpt.
Tit '21
di Fai
Pnllraan Palace Hotel Cars
througli to St LouiSjTia
Sedalia, Daily.
Direct Route West and Soutk
west via Kansas City.
New Mexico and California connect with Ex
press Trains of all lines.
AT ATCHISON gTrlunrfor
Points m Kansas and Aebraska. v
T nUlUl Connection is made with all
Al UMAUA lines leading to tneoru ana
fast TraiE.
F. CHA5DLER, Gen. Pars. Ayeat.
C. B. KDiXAS, AssH Gcb, Pass. Ajeat.
F. L. DECKER, Agent at YInlta.
The Direct Through Iloute Between
Fast Express Tralas are Bun Dally. 5s
Chaage of Cars.
Tbronsn Pullman Palace Sleepingj Cars are
run dallr, without rhiuise. between ST. LOUIS,
a.oo acre of rich farming andj mineral
lands for sale by thiscomptnyln SOUTHWEST
jaTTor full and part'cularinformation. with
Maps Time TaUw Hates, etcrall u jon or ad
dress any of our Station Agents, or either of tha
D. WISI1AKT, General Paseajer Agent, 81
G. W LALE. General Freight Agent, Pt, Louis.
C. W ROGE11A. Vice President an! UenerW
Manager, Templo lluildins;, fcL Louis, Mo.
Prrss Vigwe, a prisoner in the
lockup at Waterrille, Me,, set the build
ing on fire and perished ia the flames.
TimEE large devilfish, two of them
measuring eight feet between tho tips
of the tentacles, were taken atAaa
cortes, W.T., recently by some Indians.
Coloxel George L. Pebkixs, of Nor
wich, Conn., who is ninety-six years old,
said in a recent interview: "I have
buried sir family phvsicians, aad still
At a not aear Canton a March 27,
three thoasaad Caiaesc declarbd against
the present dynastj-. and demanded the
ro-establishsacnt of the Ming or pure
Cbisese dynasty.
The fishing tugs Sullivan and Bird
lifted seven thousand pounds of white
fish the other day, near St. Joseph,
Mich. Two other tugs lifted nearly
three thousand pounds, which makes
much the largest lift of the season.
A statement, prepared attheGeneral
Land Office, shows the number of acres
of public lands patented to the settlers
under the homestead laws for tic six
months ended December 3L. 18S3. ex
ceeded by 267,227 acres of the number
of acres patented the corresponding
period of 1882. Receipts of cash-sales
for the same period exceeded those of
Otto Milleu, of Woodhaven. Long
Island, who is the defendant in a breach
of promise sjit preferred by Caroline
Lion, gives a very unique excuse for
not performing Ids part of the ceremo
nies. Miller claims that Miss Lion is
only twenty-nine years old, whereas she
told him she was thirty-nine, aad being
a middle-aged man, he did not want
to marry one so young.
Tot school teachers of France num
ber 81,000, and no fewer than 48,043 of
them receive salaries below $200 a year.
Salaries ranging from 200 to $260 are
paid to 22,355 teachers; from S2C0 to
$320 to5,963 teachers; from $320 to $360
to 2.2W; from ?S80 to ?440 to 1,354;
from $440 to 9520 to 786. and only 579
teachers receive above $520. Of the
48.042 teachers, 10,058 do not receive
more than $130 a year.
In a suit in the Supremo Court, Brook
lyn, the other day, Jane M. Sixcms re
covered six hundred dollars from the
Hew York Dental College. She assorted
that she employed the defendants to fix
her teeth, aad they advised her to havs
two front teeth placed on pivots. She
alleges that the operation was done in
such an unskillful manner that the in
strument was broken in a side tooth,
which she had to have extracted by
another dentist. The extractor of the
tooth testified that he found a piece of
the broken instrument in the roof of the
According to the Annates de Statu
tique there were on the 1st of January.
1883. 1,378 newspapers and periodicals
published in Italy. Rome published
200, Milan 141. and Naples 120. There
were 159 daily papers. 539 weekly ones
aad 258 monthly magazines. There
were no less than 267 scientific periodi
cals. The oldest journal in Italy is the
Gaztlia di Qcnora, which dates from
1797. Tne astonihing number of 333
hcw periodical publications of various
kinds made their first appearance dur
ing 1882, and 31 were started on the
first day of 18S3.
Joel Bktan, an American citizen,
who had been in confinement at Vic
toria, Mexico, broke jail, and is supposed
now to be on the Texas fide. Several
months ago he and another American
were pursued by Mexican soldiery
under command of Captain Foster.
The two Americans resisted arrest, and
in the affray Foster was shot and killed.
Bryan was captured, but his companion
escaped. The case reached considera
ble notoriety. The facts were brought
before the State Department at Wash
ington and a lawyer was employed by
the United States Government to defend
Excessive smoking of cigarettes was
shown to have made a raving madman
of a promising young man. Judge
Pendergast, in the County Court at Chi
cago, listened to the testimony. Na
than Rogalsky, a very emaciated lie
brew clerk of twenty-two, was the luna
tic, and the evidence proved that be had
been in the habitof smoking daily thrco
or four bunches, or sixty to eighty
cigarettes, of the noxious weed. For
two weeks past he had shown un
mistakable signs of insanity. The jury
found him insane, and added that
nervous debility caused by excessive
smoking was tho cause, llogalsky's
friends will pay tho expenses of his
keeping in a lunatic asylum.
A last who had imported a dress
from Paris, sent an anxious letter to the
Custom House authorities at New York,
a few days ago. She stated that she
paid duty on the dress when she re
ceived it, but Uat it did not fit, and she
wanted to send it back to Paris to have
it altered. She wanted to know whether
she could get it back again without pay
tag the duty the second time. Collector
Bubcrtsou said that the law required
that the duty should be collected a sec
ond time, as the garment was not in
actual use. and could not therefore be
remitted as a "personal effect" A
short time ago a gentleman imported a
fine bicycle from England and paid the
duty thereon. He used the Tehicle in
this country for several months, and
took it with him on a trip to Cuba,
When he returned home with his bicycle
he was astonished to find that the cus
toms regulations required him to again
pay an import duty upon It. He was
told that the bicycle was a luxury of
foreign make and must pay duty every
time that it re-entered the country.
A Samraary ef the Dally Xews.
I.-f the Sena'e, on the lit, 11 r. Morgan
pretested a memorial from William Webster,
an American citizen, praying tbe aid of Con
btvss to secure him In tne right ownership to
J4l,tfO acres of land in New Zealand, which he
claims he bought from tho native chiefs Nv
fore the ilritlja Goremmrnt had any rights
of posfciwlon to that countrr. but bis right c
which was reji-ctej. Sir. Maxry. frrm the
Committee on Military Affairs rnttrd faror
ably a bin to authorize the Secrc'ary of War
to ascertain t he expenocs Incurred by the Ter
ritorial authorities and the people of Idaho
in the suppression of Indian hostilities In 1P77
and 1B78, known aa the Dannock and Xez
Perres outbreak. The bin introduced by Mr.
Edmunds abd reportrd fsrorably from the
Committee on Naral Affairs for the relief of
Jeannette lurrirors was passed. The Chair
ui.fosate Education.bni.
House. Mr. Tucker, from the Committee on I
Judiciary, Introduced a bill to amend natural-'
izauon laws; aim. as a suDsuiuie tor a nuia-1
hti.nf trffl. n Hfltua mnA nnwtinitt fliAMy I
Alabama Palms, and for the distribution of
the Genera award. The House resumed
the consideration of the trade dollar
bill, and was addrrwd by Mr. Pusey in
iu support. A long debate followed, when
Mr. Illknd moved to strike out the fourth sec
tion, which proridra that trade dollars re
colned into standard dollars shall be deducted
from the amount of bullion required to be
coined dt the rcmonetization act. Agreed to
yeas, lit: nays. IIS. The bill then passed
yeas. 198; nays. &.
Tax Chair laid before the Senate, oa the
Id. the credentials of Henry B. Payne, Senator
elect from Ohio. Tbe-e credentials were trau
mltted. owing to the Informality in the cre
dentials when first presented, various bills
relating to claims were considered. The Edu
cation bill was further discussed, and after
executive session the Senate adjourned.. In
the House Mr. Dorvheimer presented a memo
rial of the bondholders of the Northern PadCo
Uailmad Company, praying to bo beard be
fore, the Committee on Public Lands on the
bill, declaripg the forfeiture of land granted,
and arkinv Congress tn protect their Inter
ests, lteferred. The House went Into Com
mittee of the Whole en the Indian Appropria
tion bin. A recess was tben taken for the
Surpone of giving a reception to General
rant. When the Howe reasembled the
Speaker laid before it a message from the
President recommending an appropriation
for the protection of levers on the lower
Mississippi Hirer.
l.t the Sena'e, on the U, petitions and
memorials were Introduced and referred. A
number of unimportant bills wero referred to
committees, and reports were received A
resolution was agreed to Instructing the Com
mittee on Library to inquire into the expe
diency of purnha..lng from the Lewis family
for the United Stales the sword -worn by
Washington on the occasion of resigning his
commission to Congress The Senate then
took up the Education bin. and debated it
until adjournment. In the House, a joint
resolution passed authorizing the Secre
tary of War to loan flags and bunting to
the Maror of Itlchmond. Va to be used
at the fair in that city in aid for the home for
disabled Confederate Foldiers. Mr. George, of
Oregon, from the Committee on Indian Af-
xatrs. reponea dsck a revolution wnicn was
adopted, authorizing the Secretary of the In
terior to make tn examination Into the
tcafcaacre or Dr. Marrus Whttmore and others
in Orrgon in IN7. The Indian Apprepriatioa
LIU was further discusMtL, and a ruling of the
Speaker on the prrrralng day sustained by
IK to 11. After concluding the consideration
ot forty-six of fifty-two pages or the bill the
committee rcs ana the House adlourned.
In the Senate, on the 4th, Mr. Vest re
ported a bill favorably from tho Committee
on Territories to authorize the appointment
of a commission by the President to run and
mark the boundery lines between a portion of
the Indian Territory and Texas. In connec
tion with a similar commission appointed by
the State or Texaa. Mr. Jones submitted a
Joint resolution which was referred to thei
Committee on Improvements of the Missis
sippi Klver. making an appropriation of
JluXOOOfor the protection of existing levee
in tbo Lower Mlmlslppi. The Education btll
was then taken up and dcucd until ad
journment. In the House. Mr. Acdersan,
from tho Committee on Pnbllo Lands, re
ported a bbl to provide for the adjustment of
land grants made by Congre to aid in the
eonstructinn of railroads wilhln the State rf
Kansas. The ITour e went into Committee of
the 'H hole on the Indian Appropriation bill.
Consideration of the bill having been con
cluded, the committee rose and the bill pased.
The House went into Committee of the Whole
ou the private calendar. The committee re
mained in version a long time considering the
bill to relieve certain soldiers of the late war
from the charge of desertion, but no final ac
tion was arrived at.
Ix the Senate, on the 5th, Mr. Garland,
from the Committee on Judiciary, reported fa
vorably, with an amendment, the House bill
making it a penalty for a person to falsely and
fraudulrntlr assume or nretend to oe an
officer or employe of the United States Got-
ernment. Parsed. Abillpassed to authorize
tho construction of a railroad bridge across
the St. Crotr Klver In the States of Wisconsin
and Mlnsessota. The Education bill waa
taken up and debated.. . The House
went into Committee of the Whole
on tfce Agricultural Appropriation bill. and.
after amendments were made, the bill paewd.
The Sntaker laid before the Houe a com
munication fpra the Attorney-General di-
nrtnl to Mr. HandalL submitting the eti-
' mated deEelene'e In appropriations as fol
lows: Pees of I ni'cd Males Attorney. so.-
(! i-lrrka of United State Courts. WO.0BO:
Jurors. JfltUXW: witne.' fJIVW): mlfeellane
tiusexienscs, J33JJA and fees ot Marshals,
GkxzhaL Graxt tUI'o-1 the Bouse ot
Representatives on tho 2nd and a recess of
fifteen minutes was taken in his honor. He
held an informal reception daring the
Gexhul J. B. Gordon, formerly United
States Senator from Georgia, states em
phatically that Samuel J. Tilden will
not be a candidate for the Presidency
under any circumstances.
Exaxcex. GriBEL, the celebrated Ger
man poet, is dead; aged slxty-eiht.
Senator Miuxb, of California, declines
to be a candidate for the Presidency.
Esxcnd Yates, editor of tho London
irbrM. has been condemnedto four months'
imprisonment for libeling the Earl of Lons-
dale, judgment nas ceen rtspiiec penning
The steamer Rebecca Evtringham took
flro on the Chattahoochle River, forty
miles ortow uoiutnous, ui, earty in wo
morning of the 3J. The vessel was loaded
witn cotton aca uurnea witu amazin; rap-
idity. Seven or eight persons were burned
to death. Mjny of those who escaped
were In their night clo'hes. Tho fire was
causea oy a rpars irom tne eiccinc larop.
Seven Anstro-PolaDders, looking for
work, were struck by a backing engine at
Scranton, Va.r recently. Five were tEleJ
one lost hia arm and one was unhurt. Bis-
membered heads and limbs wrre scattered
over the read for many rods around.
Miss Goddakp, an American,
married in Paris to Prince
The register was signed by Morton, the
United btates Minister.
Five rrisonrs escaped from the Jsil at
Lexington, Ga., by knocking the jailer
down when be was giving them their'
The steamship Neptune arrived in St.
John, N. F., Thursday, with the largest j Cou Hoffman, of Painesville, O., regis
catch on record 41,300 seals, valued nt lereJ at tel In Buffalo, March SI. On
5125,000, taken in twelve days. j tj,e following day he left to visit a friend
A xeeino of barbod wire manufae- j scro4s Eufolo River, and has not been
turers, held in Chicago on the 3d, advanced ieen or btanx of since. His trunk and
tho prire of wire ten per cent. Thia is tbe j rai!se bearing his name remain ntlhehoteL
second advance within sixty days. An j Tux riot of the striking coal miners nt
advance of half a cent a pound was made
at St. Louis recently.
The result ot the late three days' riot at
Cincinnati was fifty-one killed and one
hundred and ninety-live wounded, a mag
nificent court bouse in ruins, nearly all tbe
public records and a magnificent library
wiped out ot existence and some destruc-
lon of private property. Tbe city has
quieted down and troops gone borne. A
bill passtd the State Senate providing for
the maintenance of the aged mother of Cap-
tain Desmond, who was killed at thehead
of hia company; also granting one hundred
and twenty days' pay at two dollars per
day to all State troops disabled by sickness
or otherwise during the riot.
The New Ycrk P? Commercial Bull
tine of April i, gives the details of fire tfl
March, showing an aggregate of $8,JWJRfl
destroyed during the month. Of thtt
amount 13,013,000 was bersed op la tea
fires. Tho January, February andMarci
fire record shows $i7fil)fiX, being $3,099,
CX) more than in the first three months ci
1S33, and at the rate of $106,060,090 for tho
TwzxiY-nvx persons were injured in a
railroad accident on the Louisville & Hath
rillo Railroad at Belleville, IIL, recently,
caased by the train backing into anopea
Bkxbt S.CHTRCH, the defaulting City
Chamberlain of Troy, X. T., now ia
custody, has returned to the authorities
$13,000 cf tbe money stolen try hlra from
the Municipal Treasury. From whence the
money earns is a mystery, as when arrested
Church had only $31 in his possession. It
waa reported that some person who profited
by Church's speculatiom retaraed the
amount, fearing exposure.
The body found in tee woods near At-
I. G-. othor day. tamei oat to be
the remains of Dr. Hugh FoUand, ot Clif
ton, 8. C. Ho was a hard drinker, and it
was supposed he bad shot himself.
TazoDoax A. Perry, a train robber, was
arrested in Boston and sent to Chicaco.
Theki was talk at Mahoning, Pa., ol
patsln: aa ordinance prohibiting any Hun
garian from finding lodging there. A
dozen Hungarians, including a woman,
took quarters near the East Franklin col
liery and were willing to wo-k at any
price. The miners notified the boss to give
tbem notice to leave the place. One even
ing recectlr, a lot of laborers and miners
made a raid on the place with shot guns
and revolvers. The Hungarian quickly
buckled on their cooking utensils and ran
down the mountain tide and disappeared.
Miss Jornsox, aged sixteen, living near
Forrest Park, N. Y., was murdered by her
demented mother.
A Txsnrstx explosion of powder occurred
the o'her morning at William Buery &
Co.'s powder mill, Shosaokin, Pa- The
report was heard within a radius ot twe
miles. The smoke and ashes shot np bigb
enough to te seen fifteen miles. Houses
within a mile and a halt were shaken and
windows broken. TVilllsm Yocuin,
Superintendent, was burned beyond
recognition, but was still alive; the other
people escaped. Damage, 7,O0Q.
Tnx steamer Newcastle City sailed from
Halifax, X. 8 for Boston, rect ntly. Dur
ing a thick fog she struck a shoal and
knocked several holes in her bottom. The
captain attempted to return to Halifax,
but the water poured into the steamer so
fast that it became necessary to beach her
in ord-r to aava tho lives of the passengers.
Tax inquiry into the lass of tha Jean
netta has been reopened at Washington.
A sraexu. from Su Josiph, La., says the
Government relief is entirely inadequate.
Abott sixteen colored tie loaders wert
Injuted and one was killrd on the Transit
City. Memphis and Springfield Railroad,
near Spring City, recently.
W. H. Temps, a stone mason, late ol
Baltimore, was killed at New Albany,
IniL, by drunken roughs who struck: him
with brass knuckles.
Tar west-bound Texas Pacific passenger
was derailed lour miles west ot Baird,
Tex., oa tha 5th. The baggage cor and
three coaches ran down a fourteen foot
embankment, making a fearful wreck.
Twenty-five persons wrre injured.
A nrmcci.TT the otker night at Vieks
barg, MUs., between David Martin, a
watchman, and Walter Gwess, colored
constable, resulted is the killing ot the
former and wounding of the latter.
"J ex" Wakd, an old pugilist, died re
cently In the Licensed Yictualen' Asylum,
Thx murder of Mrs. Swears at Story
Creek, Wanen Cousty, 2. Y.. is still a
mystery. Miles Murray, son-in-law of the
murdered woman, has been released. Mrs.
Swears was not known to have an enemy.
A San Arttwio special says: Colonel
Breckenridge, President of the First Na
tional Bank of Saa Antonio, baa closed the
purchase of 2M,0 acres ot land in tLe
State of Taroauiipas, Mexico.
A sxow storm set in at Minneapolis oa
the Gib. Specials isdicate the snow as gen
eral throughout Northern Minnesota and
Heavy rains have been falling in the
ovei Sowed districts of the Lower Missis
sippi. H. L Harlxt, convicted last January ot
bigamy, at PitUburgb, Pa., his punishment
being fixed at six years in the penitentiary,
has been granted a new trial.
Cambridge beat Oxford la the annual
boat race at London on the 7th.
The House Committee on Revision of tha
Laws unanimously agreed to favorably re
port Representative McWilliam'a bill to
amend the internal revenue laws. The
measure reduces the time within which
persons shall be prosecu'ed for violations
of the internal revenue liws from five to
two years. The bill wa recommended by
both Secretary Folger and Commissioner
AS Conductor Green's passengertralnon
the Maysville Branch was Hearing Meyer's
Station, Ky., the other day, a laborer from
i - ,n.tTnctinn train
bo was aboard feu
j bom la ,,. wal killed.
. Tne tattl of Shlloh was commerno-
ted on the 6th.
j THr aanMt report of the American
j gteomship Company shows receipts, CS1,-
j. cXpend.tures. J0Cv93;
Monday, the 7th, was another panicky
ity. jj, tho Chicago grain pits. A. C.
& Co. succumbed.
Tni gtamp tu has produced a general
I ttf&e of shopkeepers of the City ot
I Tbe EagUsh Franchise bill was rassecl
b Uj8 HonM of Cmnn, by a Urg, m,.
. , ..
Da. Beach, a prominent physician of
Altoona, Pa., murdered his wife, recently,
In a dreadful manner. He was insane.
At a meeting of the Denver & Rio
I Rrande RaOwav stockholders at Denver.
j u,e annnai rcrort was submitted, showing
I a surplus of $150,000 over fixed charges.
I .a. tire In St. George's Flats, New York,
, completely destroyed the buildings and
There were several narruw es-
capes. Three firemen
' , badly- burned.
and an engineer
tnaln. France, assumed serious tironor-
lions. Cavalry charged upon the crowd
and wounded several. The rioters fired
back and cried: "Long live the Social
Republic !"
IN tbe Senate, on the 7th, the Educational
bill waa passed. It provides $77,000,000 to
' ba distributed among the States in the pro-
pom,,,, 0f illiteracy, on tfce basis ottbe
census of 1SSJ, the payment of the money
, to be entered over a series ot eight yean,
j jn House, a motion tore-impose tie tax
jan woolwal jot. A notion was carried
t wa undesirable to reduce tho tax on
afctflled liquors.
The Supreme Court of Spain sentence!
to death fifteen members ot tha Black Hand
Society, found guilty ot murder.
Feterana Meet and Have at Good Tlma Ot
Scenes and Incidents Talked Over Camp
Fire Again Lighted and Hard Tack
XAsrmLLE, TxNN-n April 8. A special
from Shlloh via Bethel, Term, says: Tho
lay broke bright, mild and beautiful over
Shlloh yesterday morning as tfce steamer
lohn Gilbert andW. T. insect lashed to
fether steamed np to Pittsburgh Loading
gltli about four hundred excursionists on
board, mortly members of the Grand Army
of the Republic of Illinois, Indiaa aad
Iowa. Flscs were fijiag fresa the mast
irads and riggics, and two brass baads
playing "Home, Sweet Hoae-" aad "Auld
Lang Syne.'' A number of dtizens on
Aore cheered tho excursionists as t&ey
landed. The column formed and led by the
lands marched to the flagpole la the center
3f the National ceaetery, the bands beating
the dead inarch with mufied draas. Here
ihey played Webster's
the men standing with uaeovered heads,
tears running down the cheeks of ataay as
they looked around and recognized the
names of many old comrades, while tbe
marble slabs at the heads of the graves rose
like undulating waves as far as the eye
could sec. The column formed again and
marched to the platform erected for the
speakers and the band at the west end ol
tbe cemetery. Prominent among; those
present were Generals M. R. M. Wallace, D.
a Smith. T. L. Dickey: Colonels. J. L.
Godfrey, W. T.-Hayes; Major B. B. Bing
ham; Captains S. S. Garrett, H. R. Slnkle,
T. D. Patterson, F. M. Kyle, S.L.JSnxen-
ger, George C. Jenteries, T.S. Bryant, il
C. Clock. David Jones, S. S. Garrett,
Jndson McCoy, Fred. A. Smith,
Charles Yangardtn. A. IL Neershy, D.
C. Andress. M. T. Russell and C. P.
Slarle. All the above-camed took part ia
the battle of Shilch as Federal omeers.
The cress was represented by Mr. Clarkson,
of the Des Moines, Ia IirrjUter; Bljler, of
the Grarul Army Adroaite. Dcs Moines,
la.; B.T. Green, of the Ioica Sale IUvUcr;
Duncan R. Denis, of the Chicago Time,
and Owen S. Prentiss, of the Xsahvilfc
.American. Tbe ceremonies opened witn an
annrom-iatc nravrrbv Contain Bryant. Eer.
Thomas Cotton, a local preacher, explained
tliat the small assemblage was dne to the
fact that many people had been scared
away In consequence of tne
small rox "CAET.
Captain IL. R. Hlnkle, of Savannah,
TemuamemberoftheG. A. IL, said the
Governor pronuSed to be present and make
a speech, and Captala Payne, State Super
intendent of Education, had promked If
Governor Bate did not come he surely
onItL and deliver the address of welcome
to the visitors. Mr. Hlnkle heartily de
plored the fact that there were no represen
tatives from Tennessee ana irom uic army
to welcome the visitors. Hon. B. F. Smith,
of Illinois, was orator of the day, and de
livered a speecn eniogisuc ot oom
Federal and Confederate dead. He con
eluded as follows: "As thequlet, steady
flowing current of the beautiful Tennessee
which perpetually Dawes me leetoi ice
hill in which rst onr beloved dead, comes
down from the uplands of the South to Join
its waters wita that of the great rivers ot
the North, so may the current of the
patriotic love of country come from
tbe Southland and Join others from
other parts ot the country tin all
are embraced in one sentiment of love
and respect for the Inseparable union of
States." General T. Lyle Dickey, Judge
of tbe Supreme Court of Illinois, spoke of
the motives that animated the parties to the
contest and the substantial benefits that re
sulted to the South, even from the fire
through which she had passed and the ter
rible experience always realized by the peo
ple ot a soil where armed hosts come to
gether to prove the earnestness of their con
victions by appealing to arms. He said
that from the
that had become a political necessity the
South had suffered greatly, it was true, bet
was recuperating so fast that within the
next decade she would be far more prosper
ous than before the war. He then related
some personal experiences of the battle and
interesting particulars regarding General
Lew Wallace and his command. He spoke
of the great sdf -sacrifices of the soldiers
of the North, and said tbe Union had been
cemented together by their blood. The
entire audience, which by this time had
been largely augajented by people from
across the river and the neighborhood, then
sang "Nearer my God to Tbee." the band
leading with cornets Tbe children of the
neighboring Sunday school sang a hymn
founded on Stonewall Jackson's last words.
"Let ns pass over the river.' This affected
many of the audience to tears, and was
well received. This was all that was said
or done In memory of the Confederates
dead wlio He buried In the surround
ing fields without a stone to mark the
spoL The audience then sang "I love to
tell the story," led by the corneL The vet
erans then dispersed over the country as far
as Sr'lou Church, looking for the places
where their comrades fell, and they fooght
and nrtny were wounded beside them.
f ;reat interest was manifested "in searching
for old bullets buttons and the like.
and a large number were lound
on the field near by. every member
of the party carrying away some relic el
ShIIoh's dreadful dy. There was an old
time ramp fire on the battle field by the
spring, hard tack, bacon and beans being
cooked and eaten from tin plates. "The en
tire day was spent In visiting points of In
terest on the battle field.
More Gald.
LAjtorKE, D. T, April 8. The rush tc
the Fort Ransom gold mines has begun. H.
W. Griswold, of Chicago, arrived with his
family da party of friends. He appears
x confident as ever. Two large lots of rock
have been tested at the smelting works of
Chlcagu and Omaha recently. In one
instance there was a showing of eighteen
dollars to the ton, and In the other over
forty dollars of gold and silver, irortng
the winter Mr. Griswold visited some of the
Colorado mines to Inspect tbe machinery
In use, and he has alrcaly had
placed on the ground In the Fort Ransom
District the best crushing apparatus
extanL Operations will be conducted on a
large scale by the Griswold party, their cap
ital being ample.
CAino, April 8. General Graham reached
this city yesterday, and General Stephenson,
Commander-in-Chief, will review the troops
returned from Suakim. Major Hunter has
reinmed to Aden, having v'slted Berber.
Uarrara and Zcila, points in the Seraala
Territory south of the Gulf of Aden.
There has been some doubt as to the feel
ing of the tribes Inhabltiug that section, but
Major Hunter rrports them well disposed
towards the Egyptian Government, al
though agitated over the condition of affairs
nSoodan. There will be no danger or
trouble, be bdicAes, so long as the British
gunboat Is allowed to remain In the vicinity.
There are also four French men of war In
the Gulf of Aden.
s m
Sunday Boiler.
Cleveland, O. Arril 7. The tog Peter
South left here Saturday nhiht for Toledo
with two lighters In tow. About S o'clock
yesterday morning she exploded her boiler,
killing John Perew and John Cado, en
gineers, and Captain SmltU of the schooner
Sherman, who was making a trip for pleas
ure. Thomas Dwyer was badly burned
about the face, and Dennis and John Sul
livan were slightly Injured. John Hobsoa.
captain of the tug. is unhurt. They are all
from Cleveland except Smith, who lives
In Buffalo. Toe tug Arcadus was sent to
Vermillion to bring back the bodies and
survivors of the crew.
A Day's Record of SaK-Bettroealea hs CM.
engo Poison, Water mad Heaa? sta .oeww
Agent, wits, WWtky GtvIastSMSenanl
Chicago, Ii-t-, Aprfi X
A local nancr la its dally record.
his the following list of suicides all aa-
der a single heading. This city is as
healthy that the only way to get out oc k
Ix to more away or commit salclde. aad
ot coarse an true Calcagoans prefer the
tatter route:
Titn TV rlmnrth. s. man lortv-eMtM
.,-. niA M nHnter bv eeesnaUaa.
committed suicide by taking Uactare ot
aconite, at his house at No. 431 Seminary
avenue, la Lake View, dying yesterdaj
morning at aeons tnrcc uuw. ulimi
worth was at obc time the possessor of
imrwri t f mI nf nmnertv. and Use loss
that and the death of a favorite sob, abeat
four years ago, causea mat to netware
caaaged saaa. Saadnyevesls he objected
to a young man remaining ia the aoaae
with his children aad caused coasWen-
ble disturbance. Aconite bad oeestia tae
house for some time, having beea nseft
tnr (vphlM. asd Ledswortk aaaoaae-
ed bis Intention of taking It, aad did so la
the presence ol nis son ana uasgsicr, wow
endeavored to prevent Mis, bat coald
-. (T vtllmml the contents of a
small Tie, aad In a few boars was dead.
Ledsworta bad Dees mimes Buwsew
years, aad leaves four cblldrea. Aa la
,. m heM far Tienatv Coroner Swan-
ahaa,whea the facts above given ws
testified to oy jsrs. ieaswena wi .
Newell, and aTerdlct of sakMso was xw
tamed by the jury.
This is the way a coroser3 jury pat H
In the case of Gustav Baals, who hanged
himself: "That be came to his deatk at1
No. 153 West Erie street from straagahv
tioa caused by tying a wash-Use abowtai
neck and hanging himself, he having beea
at the time suffering ,froia delirium tre
mens, caused by excessive drink. Peter
Goudolf , driver of a ner wagon, testified
that he discovered deceased hanging
from a knob on the ice-box la a talooa
kept byBahlsat ths place above aea
tloned, and cut him down. TJie wlie of
Bahls testified that he had beea drinking
constantly since the 14th ulL, aad be
coming delirious, had killed himself while
In that condition. He bad beea married
over nine years, and leaves two children.
A verdict ot suicide by drowabtg was
returned by a Coroner's Jury In the caw
ot Otto Fhtlo, a German box-tender,
whose strange freaks were related by
Loals Sewing, steward of the County
Democratic Club. The latter sold he had
known Phllo for two years, aad he 1-sd
been latterly emplojed by Charles Koester
at No. 49 South Clark street. He was
tw.,...--!,- .--af nlft jwimsp knew ol
bis receiving some money from Germany
aboat three or four months age, aad he
began to artnx to excess, iic buku u
V..-I.K. . MtrH nlrl f1m immllv. asd tkea
destroying himself. After spending a
Ms money cs pawocu jus uuuuk '
jewelry. Oa January 13 he weatto Mr.
irvv Tn hnrmir nUtnl far the esrsose
of shooting himself . but Hertz woald not
let him nave IL lie saia it maae bo au
terence, as he was determined to kHI
himself anyway. He took oS his under
coat, suspenders and necktie asd wafted
to the lake at tne loot ox uamsoa street
and deliberately jumped In aad drowned.
His body was foandatthefootof Tweaty
seventh street on Saturday last.
TKp Inrmect fcplrf nn the bodv of the as-
known man found on Sunday morning at
tne loot Ol AJeiawarc pace, ia u imc,
resulted In a verdict of death, by drown
ing, but whether with suicidal latent or
not the jury were unable to determine.
Annihr T-lMi1e firi;urred at 5;3fl a. BS.
yesterday. Dcltrich Netmaa,a Gersaaa,
also about sixty-three years ot age, who
boards at 337 souia uanai street, asageu
himself la his room with a rope. Thomas
Fralzer, a room-mate, discovered the sus
pended body. The cause of the act was
supposed to be, as In the other suicide,
excessive drinking.
How tfte People Pay for aa Administration
ot Jostle That Bears No Fruit.
WASuzNaros-, D. C April 3.
George Bliss continued his testimony
before the Springer Committee. He testi
fied that his relations with the Star-route
cases formally ceased last week. Exam
ination waa then proceeded with as fol
lows: "What was your entire charge?"
"Fifty-nine thousand flvo hundred aad
thirty-two dollars. Ot this amount JJi,3J3
was for expenses. About 53,000 Is still
"Gibson says you got S150 a day."
That Is not true. My bills covered
greater periods than he reckoned."
"How many men did you coavIctJ"
asked Reprcscntetlve Fyan.
"Only two."
"Were they punished?' '
"No, sir."
"Did you collect any money for the
"No, sir; I have not gone Into the In
surance bcslness."
"Would you charge for Sunday?" Mr.
Springer Inquired.
"I think my bills will show that I
charged for Sunday. I know I worked
on Sundays."
"That Is probably why you did not
succeed?" said Mr. Springer.
"Whose fault do you think It was that
there was no conviction," asked. Mr.
"I think It was the fault of the jury,"
Continuing Mr. Bliss add: "I say dis
tinctly I never charged more than 9100 a
day, except possibly when the trial wa
being conducted. I consider It a might
poor day in New York when I don't get
9100. Herman B. Eaton said to me the
other day: 'They are finding fault wltr
your fee. For Tears before I gave u
practice In New York I did not think o.
leaving the city without charging 9100 a
ay.' "
The examination win be continued to
day. A TerriMo Pes.
H elxsa. AosL. April 3.
The great Southern pest, the buffalo
gnats, are injuring stock to the extent ol
thousands ot dollars on the plantation oi
John Klechcomb, In Western Mississippi.
The gnats to-day killed seven head of fine
mults, and on other plantations where
taey had not properly cared for the stock,
several more bead are reported to have
been lost. Immense quantities of deer
and wild game are being killed In the
highlands ot Arkansas by the hunters
building smokes and awaiting the ap
proach ot game for protection from gnats.
Lone Dlstai.ee Ttlepeanlnx-.
Chicacq, ILT-. Anrtl 2.
A great telephone experiment will
be made between this city and New York
on next Sunday night. The wires used
will be those of the Postal Telegrapt
Company. The distance, over 1,000 adles,
Is the longest over which a message has
ever been sent by telephone, aad ap to
within a short time it was supposed to be
Impossible. If this experimeat prove
successful those who have fsjtk la as .
ocona telephone will be greatly escoar
aged John W Mackey and James Gor
don Bennett will watch tae expertises
wltk a great deal of taterejt,

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