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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, April 17, 1884, Image 1

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Deveted te the Ih teres la aftke Chcrekcci, Cfesctaws, Chlckaiaws, Sera! coles. Creeks, aad all Otkcr IadiaBs ef the ladiaa Territory.
YOL. H. NO. 31.
Bsywd aH ecaipfiiisea
Ym sw get a-HjtiiHsr
Ami a. fall sssorlateat ef ererythlwr wasted by ear customers.
KB MIX 999S 9&1XTXE5T ceataiM aa baaKase stock of eTerj variety or tho best and most serviceable Drj
goofc. la
W C&MS06 ePlKTXE5T yea will fed tho krgest Stock ei" arst-dass Clotting Boots Shors, Hats, Ladle' sxd
cttt PwatiMag Goods. Watte
CK MLLBSRY BfiPASTXIST s folly p to the Mara la all tij Latest Stylo aad Fashions.
SCK M9CERT BSFAXTXE5T ia repfcle with erery Had or Staple aad Fa-sty Sraccrfcs, FIcnr, Dacon, Caaaed Goods,
HJ SAHAB8S aSRUOXEST has a ftdl Itee of Saddles, Harness aad Leather Goods or all kinds. la
CK leXKULTCSlL JSSLESEST 9EPAS.TXEST yea eaa set Wagon, Bngsles, Flows, Spring Wagons, Etc;
HK K1B9WXXE MPAXTXEST te well stocked with Sails, Screw, Chains, Hinges, Tinware, Axes, Utensils, Tool.',
We. ToawMtodte
tCi M.1S6 A3 CEOSWAXE BEPARTXEXT ercry variety r Bishes, Crocks Jars, Jugs, Etc. While la
fl MtTM S""E "ff ARTXEXT yaa will Sad a saleadid stock or Fare, Mw Drags, Sedicines, complete la every re
tjreet. Pieiaijptltm Mrefslly eoafoaBded by a skilled apothecary. la this connection we hare also an immense
toekoTSotfoao, lamp, docks, CeaFeeUoBery, Etc Aad a
gTATttBBRT AS MK BEFARTXEXT where yea wiH lad erery Tariety or Writles XaterlaLs Paper, Blank Beoki
5ote aad Beeelet Seeks, Scheel Books, aad a Use efae! Readia; Beaks Prose and Poetry.
Our Prices are as Low as the Lowest. Come and See TJs.
W. 0. PATTOM & GO., Vinita, Indian Territory.
W. X. TROTS, Proprietor.
Mr cm kond a supply of both
J f Css
lWafe, MooIJIbss, Etc
Drugs, Patent Mt iiicines, Notions, Stationery,
Etc.; also a Full Line of Cigars, Tobaccos
and Confectioneries.
gudtaarten ef aM tae Beeters te Tteita at X. FRAZEE'S Red Fraat, one door
West e? 'Frisco Hotel.
M. FRAZEE, Vinita, Indian Territory.
Seep eeastalroa hand te Choicest Staple aad Fancy Groceriei In the JUrlst. Also
FnX, YtfiliUts, FiH (miswari, Biisswari uA Tiiware.
TlT.mlnr nnrrtnrV tn thrTTrTT BnfUfnr ra tbe Cerser. two doer treat ofJUC
K;nesd 4: C.a Harrftrare etore.
mint's Ritg Leader Washing Machines.
These Baefcteea are warraated te Saiek a washia? ready for the line without j
am ase ef Tafc er Waawaera. je art kare iae kaaas ta iac saos inat Debasing
to emi Bees tte work er BMaey refaaded.
Baft i la wit Bin. 3f. A. ftray, CaoateaB, L T.; Mrs. A. P. tioodjkoontz,
TWea, I.T.; Xa 1. a Karatoad, Tiaita, L T.; Mrs. 3.L. ami K.L. Martin,
mrami Biter, L, T.; Xra. K. W. liadsey, Choateaa, L, T.; Xrs. Br. F. H. Xe
Are carrylas' a large aad ooaplete etock of
Ciirrd Good, Solars, Syraps, Seeps aad Saaces, Caadies aad especially COFFEE
aad TEAS; ao teeaVware, Glassware, Woedeaware, llawarr, Sails, Powder
ami Jiaiaianmira We carry aa IatBtease stack or FEEB, Cora, Bras, Shorts, Baled
Key aad Bate. We are sole areata at Tlalta for the celebrated .NESECA FLOUR.
iir mm eiEAF
-. .ur ii MS IES, FCKS aad FBBBCCE. Xah or CatUe taken In Ex
0rU" .hame for Geed. I
the fust ami eewprelest stare I the Iadla Teni.'orj is that of
yo waat ami that f the rerj best qaalif y
uve and Xonnern rims Lumber. Also Shln-
AStiro liar, beios shipped from tho Choctow
a caxaiiazx e-mcz, v i a i tjl.
OFF, fiinom HOTEL
iwf-,i. i.
to be had In the cot a ry.
For the purchase aad sale of
13 National Stock Tank, E. St. Lonli.
tTTlberal advances made on consimmertB.
Located at Eaat 3U Lonla, III.
Dlrcctlx opposite tho eitr of St. Loui. Barer,
foralldcxzlptioaof Live Slock alwars in at
tendance, and within the ground, of the Stock
Yard, are a Beef Canning- Onapenv. with a
capacMjrforilauchterinjr 1,000 head of cattle
dallj-, and l"ort Fackin? EttabUshmrcts with
a capacity for slaughtering- 12,0X1 hogs dall y.
ISAAC H. KXOX, Presidcat
CHAS. T. J05ES, SnpL
n m
PulLman Palace Hotel Cars
tlirongli to St, Louis,Tia
Sedalia, Daily.
Direct Route West aud Sontk
west Tla Kansas City.
ITVIHOI? plTYt"ntonDrpotpacnsm
A I RnROAO Ull I for Kanuu, Colorado,
Nov Mexico and California connect with Ex-
I proa Trains of all lines.
IT I TnUIOflW Connection I.
isado wit
A I AUinlOURExinva Trains
for a
Points m Kansas and Nebraska.
t nil .11. Connrdion is made with
A I UHAfl A lines leading to the Xorth and
F. CHA5DLEB, Gen. Pass. Agent.
C. B. KK3AX, Ass't Gen, Pass. Apeat.
F. L. BECKER, Agent at Tinita.
3ET (0TTi'7ir7VeVnar
The Direct Throorh Koute Between
Fast Express Trains are Run Daily.
Change of Cars.
Through Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars are
rtmdail-. wit tout.hsnse. between aT. LOUIS,
Mo. and SAX FltANClSCO. CaL
300,010 acres of rich tannine and mineral
lands for wUebr this company in SOUTHWEST
CJ-For lull and part culsr Information, with
Maps Time TiUk, lute, ccccall npon or d
dress anr of our StaUunAgcna. or either of th
D. wkhakt. General Pasarnser Mu
!' .
G. W CALE. Genenu FreJght Agent, 6t Loais.
C W KOGEIIS. Vite PresidcD. aad Genersi
lUn.fer, Temple I3aiM!ny,v-t. Lxu. .
The United States, it is said, is now
tho Eccond copper producing country
in the world.
The Swiss Government, at the request
of Spain, has expelled Zorilla from
The Haytian Government has put
into circulation the dreaded additional
51,000,000 of paper money.
Wrm the exception of six cities in
Ohio and three in Pennsylvania all the
cities cast of the Rocky Mountains hare
accepted standard time.
Bicyclists are to be shut out from
the public roads of most of the counties
sf Kentucky, in accordance with a bill
that has recently been passed by tho
Huuse of Representatives.
Some idea of the immense business
done by the elevated roads in New York
City may be gathered from the fact that
on March 29 they carried 30G.209 pas
sengers and received $21,004 in fares.
While ascending a mountain near
Charleston, West Vieginia, with a party
of friends, C. P. Willard i cached one
id of a rifle cane to a young lady. As
the caught hold it exploded, sending a
bullet through Willard's heart.
The proportions of the exodus from
Quebec to the United States arc alarm
ing to the authorities there. From one
parish in Montmagnizc, in one week,
three hundred and twenty-five persons
left, two hnndrcd of whom never intend
to return to Canada.
The widow of Alexander C Wingatc
was awarded 85.000 by tho United
States Court at Indianapolis recently in
a suit against the Ohio & Mississippi
Railroad for tho death of her husband.
who was shot on the cars of that road
by a drunken passenger.
Several colleges at Oxford, England,
have been very hard hit by the agricul
tural depression. Wadham College
revenues arc diminished by about fifty
per cent. Things arc so bad with St.
John's that the President has refused to
The proposed lease of the Cincinnati,
Wabash & Michigan road excited con
siderable intenvt in railway circles.
The bond and stock holders, most of
whom were Cleveland men, at first pro
posed to lease the road to any company
who would operate and fully maintain
it and par the fixed charges. They
were happily surprised at discovering
that both the Lake Shore and the
Unicago & Atlantic were anxious to
get it. This led the owners to hesitate,
and the Lake Shore offered a comforta
ble bonus over the original proposition.
The Chicago & Atlantic raised the Lake
Shore several points, and there the
matter rested.
The Custom House officers of New
York assert that the shrewdest person
lo smuggle cigars, cigarettes, and to
bacco from Havana with whom thw have
to contend is a Chinaman known as
"Chinese John." Ho goes to Havana
at least once a month, his ostensible
errand being to act as interpreter and
agent for a Chinese house. He arrived
recently in the steamer Saratoga, with
Eve other Chinamen. Customs Inspec
tors McCort and Van Hflrn took the
party in hand. In a barrel of sweet po- J
.aloes claimed bv Chines John ' they
found thirty one-pound packages of
tmoking tobacco wrapped in rice paper,
five hundred bundles of cigarettes, and
eighty cigars, all of which they sent to
the Custom House.
The Supreme Court of tho United
States recently decided tho question as
to what constitutes wearing arwcl"
af travelers as follows: First Wearing
spparel owned by the passenger and in
x condition to be worn at once, without
further manufacture. Second Brought
with him as a passenger, and intended
for use or wear -f himself or his family.
vho accompanied him as passengers,
and not for sale or purchased or im
ported for other arsons or to be given
iway. Third Suitable for the season
of the year which was immediately
approaching the titre of arrival; and
fourth, not exceeding in quantity,
quality or value what passenger was in
the habit ordinarily of providing for
Himself and family at that time and
keeping on hand for his and their wants,
in view of their wants and means and
ttation in life, even though the articles
had not been worn.
A brief dispatch from Tucson, Ari
tona, stated that General George W.
Dcitrler had been thrown from his
buggy and killed. General Dcitzlcr
ras well known in Kansas, and promi
acntly identified with the early history
of the State. He located at Lawrence as
jariy as 1855 and took an active part in
the early free-State troubles in the Ter
ritory; was at one time Speaker of the
louse. When tho war broke out Gov
;rnor Robinson commissioned him Col
snel of tho First Regiment, Kansas
VbluBlcers,which regiment immediately
arent into active service. At the battle of
Springfield, Ma.AugustlO.lSGl, General
Deitaler was severely wounded at the
bead of his command. He was subse
quently promoted a Brigadier-General
ind served in Louisiana, when his health
brake down. Returning to Lawrence
be invested liberally in all enterprises
having for their object the building up
af the young city that he had cast his
lot with at an earlier day. About the
dose of the war he was married to Miss
Keill, an estimable lady of Lexington,
JIo. About twelve years ago he re
moved to tbe Pacific Coast, in search of
a milder climate, where he became iden
tified with mining interests. He was
about sixty years of age.
A SHBfflarj ef the Dally News.
rnocnrmxGs or congress.
Tax Chair laid before the Senate, on Use
fth. a bill to provide a uniform system of
bankruptcy throughout the United States.
Mr. Hale stated that Mr. Hoar, who Introduced
the bill, did not wish to pre. It this time, and
ho (Hale) would therefore more to take up
Instead the Xaral ADnronriation bllL The
Senate agreed to take up the bin. Many of
the amendments proposed by the Senate Com-
minre were agreed to. .uter executive ses
sion the Senate adjourned. Tee House went
into uimmittee or tho hole on bills relating
to territories. Tho first bill taken up
was one to authorize the appointment
of a commission by the President to
run and mark the boundary lines between a
portion of the Indian Territory ami the State
of Texas, in connection with a similar com
mission to oe appointed by the Mate of Texas.
After debate the committee rtwe and the bill
passed ayes, K: nay. T. The next bill
passed was one declaring that the Supreme
Court of every- Territory shall consist of a
Chief Justice and three Associate Justices,
aod providing- that every Territory shall be
divided into four Judicial Districts, and Dis
trict Court shall be held in each br one of the
Justices of the Supreme Court. A bill requir
ing ue liovrrnoroi a Territory to Lea resi
dent of the Territory to which he Is appointed
at least two years preceding his appointment
was also passed,
fcc tho Senate, on the 0th, Mr. HHL from
the Committee on Post-oQccs and Post-roads.
reported favorably the original 111! to estab
lish the postal telegraph system. The Senate
resumed cnnsWeratiop of the Xaral Ap
propriation bill, which was debated until
executive srsMon, when the Senate adjourned
. . In the House. Mr. Honklns. of PennsvW
Tania. offered a preamble and resolutions
relating to the present method of transporting
live stock br raiL which were referral to the
Committee on Conirsrrce. Then a strunrle
arofo as to which of the many pending
special orders should obtain precedence
of consideration. Mr. Dingley essayed to
bring up the Shipping- bin. but the
effort was unsuccessful, the motion bcirurde
fcated yeas 76; nays. US. Mr Beagan met
T'itb a like fate on his motion to consider the
Intcr-rtate Commrrre bilL it beinr voted
down yea. Wl ; nays. BO. The Speaker ruled
that the unfinished business was the Orcirou
Central Land Grant bill. Mr. Stocktacer.
under an order made Monday, asked the
House to consdr the public building bills,
and moved to go Into Committee of the Whole
for the consideration of .nrh tittle Thn an.
i tagonirta or these measun and the mors
Ernmincnt edTCCJtrsof the Oregon Central
111 united In opposition to the motion, but
they .were unsuccessful, and I ho House, by a
rote of ICO to I. went Into Committee of the
Whole, as indicated. Much tedious voting
took place on the bills for various public
tiUlldTng-antII tbe committee arose and the
House adjourned.
Tna Cbair laid before the Senate, on tbe
10th, a communication from the Secretary
of the Treasury urging the necessity for a
now revenue cruiser for Alaskan waters,
and recommended an appropriation of $3,
tt for the purpose. Mr. Miller, or California,
presented a memorial Joint resolution from
tbe Legislature of California urging the
adoption by Congress of the bill Introduced
by Mr. Sumner in the House relating to
postal telegraph. Tlie Senate resumed the
consideration of the Naval Appropriation
biu. Pending tbe delate on the amend
ment providing for the "construction of
steel cr.oisers the Senate went into
cxecutlvo sevlon. When the doors were
rr-openedit adjourned until Monday. The
House met at eleven o'clock in continuation
of Wednesday's session. Mr. Eaton, from the
Committee on Laws relative to the election of
President and Vice I'resident. rrportcd back
the Senate bill on thai subject with an amend;
ment in the nat jre of a substitute. Then the
contest over public building measures was re
sumed In Committee of the Whole. The con
troversy continued sometime, when the :e
bato closed by limitation. Tbe blU having
been laid aside favorably, it, together with
those previously considered, was reported to
the Honse.
Tax benato was not in session on the
Tlth In the House.Mr. EUls,-from the Com
mittee on Appropriations, reported back tho
Senate blU authorizing tbe Secretary of the
Jiayy to offer a reward of 12.000 for rescuing
or ascertaining the fact of the O reefy expe
dition. After brief debate tbe bill passed. Mr.
Hopkins as a privileged matter called up the
resolution declaring that charges against II
V. Boynton were not sustained by the evi
dence and that there was no ground for any
action by the House. The resolution was
adopted. Mr. McMillan, from, the Committee
on tbe Revision of l-aws. reported a bill
limiting to two years' time within
which prosecutions may be Instituted
against persons charged with violat
ing the Internal revenue laws. Mr. Henley,
frota the Committee on Public Lands, re
ported a bill forfeiting the Northern Paclflo
land grant. The House went into Committee
of the Whole on the Pendleton Appropriation
bin. The bill appropriates I3M2M.WU and re-
appropriates an amount estimated at K&Qua,-
on. The
are JiaumOO. of which only tXiJSZ3Jjao is to
be expended the first half of the year. The
Speaker laid before Use House a message from
the President submitting a special estimate
from the Chief of Ordnance for a permanent
annual appropriation of 11.100,000 to provide
for tho necessary armament of sea coast for
tifications. Tax Senate, was not In session on tbo
12th. . . In tbo 4!ouc Mr. Reagan, from the
Committee on Commerce, reported back the
resolution calling on the Secretary of the
Treasury for conies of any correspondence
now pending with subordinate ofScrrs of the.
customs of New York as to the interpretation
of section 1TM. Kerised Statutes, cm. the Uvil
Service law in reference to preference given
In appointment to bor-frably discharged
soldiers and sailors. Adopted. A bill was re
ported by Mr Green, from the Com
mittee on Agriculture, for tho relief
of fr-jlt growers, and to encourage tbe
cultivation of fruit. It allows fruit growers
to manufacture brandy from the product of
their orchai Is without pavment of tax. Also
by Mr. Skinner, from the Committee on Post-
offices and Post-roads, granting letter carriers
and clerks in Crst-claM offices thirty days
leave or ausence vmjx year, rumic uusimsa
was suspended and the House proceeded to
Public buslnisa ;
we consiaeration ni oc resolutions rxprre-
si ve of regret at the death of the late Thomas ,
ii. iicrnuon. oi .uanama. inrreuiogies oy
Jones, of Alabama. Forney, Horr. Eowd. Cul
berson, of Texas Hsrbert. Shelly and Oates,
the House, as a mark of icpcct to the mem
ory of the decease!, adjourned.
H. C Aross, AassMant General Man
ager of tbe Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
Railroad, was stricken with paralysis at La
Crosse, Wis.
Tux time of holding the National Con
vention of the Prohibition Home Protection
Party has teen changed from May 21 to
July 3X This secures representation from
twenty-two States of the Union, The con
vention will bo held in Lafayette Hall,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Grxxaax. Geougk W. Deitzixr, former
ly member of tho famous Stubbs Company
during the Free State war in Kansas, ,-
thrown from a buggy and killed at Tucson,
The Missouri Democratic State Central
Committee met at St. Louis and named
St. Louis, June SI, as the time and place
for holding th convention for tboelediic
of delegates to tie National Convention,
and Jefferson City, Auiist 12, for the con
vention to nominate State officers.
CnaaLES Rxade, the novelist, died in
London on the ll'h.
Da. Jaaxs IS. Ramsxt, tho distinguished
physician and author, died at Knoxrille,
Tenn-, the. other night, aged eighty-seven. ' millionaires; also a bill looking to aeon
Ha wax the author of a history of Tenses- vention of the States for tbe purpose of
see and for many years President of the proposing constitutional amendments.
Tennessee Historical Society. A co.tvxxTIox of various Boards of
Grotto I A. Lxets died recently at Prori-i Trade was in session at Washington re
dence.R. I., of gangrene and pjiemia, after ' rently for tho purpose of taking steps to
an illness of two weeks, aged sixty-eight, i stop tho further coinage of silver.
Since 1S78 he had been President of th - The New York Stork Market has been
Providence & Worcester Railroad. I in a paralytic condition for some timepast.
; Matters have apparently gone from bad to
MISCELLANEOUS. i worse. A recent attempt to force a little
Tbe sheet iron mills of Reis Bros at business showed its extreme weakness In
Carlisle, Pa., have started up. ! further declines.
Accoani.to to the returns of tho Depart The Legislature of Ohio adjourned till
ment or Agriculture tho winter wheat area j next January A resolution was adopted,
this year will exceed that of 1S3 by 2,000,- I appointing a committee to investigate the
OX acres.
A serious political crisis is imminent in
Pekin. The Empress has publicly de
graded Prince Knng and four members of
the Privy Council. They wero atrippsd of
all their honors because of tbe dilatory
manner in which they have dealt with the
Tonquin affairs.
The Secretary of the Interior has decided
that tho affidavit required of homestead
applicants under section 2.2X, revised
statute made bey ma before Judges of
Probate tjj p.kota, such officers beitg, ua-,
dertheTerritoral coda ex-efflcio claries d
their own courts.
Q.te thocsaad fire bandred miners of the
TO est MoreJand and Pennsylvania Gas Coal
Companies, at Irwin Station, Pa, vest
out oa a fetrize.
Bcstaxss failures for the past week la
tbe United States were 173, Canada, 30,
compared with 217 the previous week.
Tax work of recovering the bodies of the
miners killed and buried in the Pocahontas
mines wss being; pushed forward rapidly.
Out of sixteen bodies recovered only six
were identified.
Tbe w-ecx on the Littlo Miami division
of the Pan Handle Head near Dayton, O.,
was a complete affair in its way, and the
wonder is that so few were killed. It was
believed that some miscreant removed a
rail with the purpose of throwinglhe whole
train into tho river.
A oowbot named Mitch Marcy killed
Joan B. Patron la a saloon at Puerto Do
Lena, U. M., recently. The murderer was
captnrcd, Patron was Speaker at the
House in 1378. He was a wealthy and in
fluential man. ?o provocation.
OaxBLxas of Buffalo, X T.t hare been
accused of attempting to bribe the Grand
Tax trial of Thomas Samoa, of La coals,
X. IL, for tho murder of Mrs. Ford, James
Kuddy and Ruddy's fourteen months' old
son lart fall, has ended, and Sanron was
sentenced to be hanged April 17, 1SK5.
FotmrxEt prisoners emptied themselves
out of Oe Des Moines, Iowa, jail ono night
Tax vapor stove manufacturers of the
country have formed a combination for
the purpose of hold'ng up prices.
A fioht occurred between a gang of sixty
Italians and an equal number of Irish la
borers on the Canada Southern Railway,
at St. Thomas, OnU It was caused by the
Irish objecting to the employment of
Italians. Tbe police, with the assistance
of 'itisens, succeeded in stopplnc the fiht
after several on both sides had been se
verebr wounded.
SjutEoa & Maxx, shoe manufacturers of
Stoneaatn, Mass., have posted notices dis
charging their employe, because they re
sitted a cut down in wagn.
Tax ship Mercury, f rota Port Townsend,
reports that she passed Pitcairn Island
January 11. The inhabl'-ants came aboard
and reported one hundred and fiva persSns
on the island flfty-twc males and fifty
three females. She took their mail soma
twenty-five letters for dilerentparta of ths
Tux Gaulolt says the Pope U preparing
a strong encyclical letter against the order
of Free Masons and othtr secret societies.
Eiciht prisoners made a desperate at
tempt to escape at Gainsville, Ark., re
cently. Thoy knocked down the jailer and
got out, and procured firearms. A desper
ate tattle then took place with citlxens, in
which a burglar named Breckman was
killed and ttea other prisoners were
wounded. The remainder escaped to tho
cypress swamp-t.
As attempt at jail breaking at Milwaukee
was frustrated by the jailer thrusting in a
bolt after he had been nearly bhnded by
the prisoners throwing ashes in his eyes.
Tax -published conditions of peace be
tween France and China, which Patendre,
the French Minister, was charged to offer
atPekin, were that China shall accept a
limited French protectorate over Tonquin.
There was no demand for indemnity men
tioned. Tax South TVarham Kail "Works at Bos
ton has resumed work. The Parker mills
will resume shortly.
A CAVr-i-x at the Excelsior Colliery at
Shamokin, Pa., killed Thomas Harper and
fatally injured Frank Gleshick.
Hkskt'S Bank at Mineral Point, 'Wis.,
closed its doors the other morning. The
coanty funds were deposited in the bank.
Tax United States dispatch boat Dolphin,
built at Roach's yard, was successfully
Boats from the flag ship Tennessee were
watching tbe island and light house at Key
West. Tho steitncr Laurel was cruising
ab-vut the entrance of tbe harbor to inter
cept any expeditioa to Cuba.
HxxnT Brnox, a well-known playwright
of London, died tbe other day.
A Mississippi Crrr special ssys Cap
tain Evans, commanding the Rnby with
the tng Henri-tta in row, left Xew Orleans
thirty days ago for Berwick's Bay and put
into Ship Island for repairs. In a gals
Friday night last both tugs were com
pletely wrecked. The Captain and crew,
after clinging to the ropes five hours, wero
rescued by the light house keepers.
Gbxat consternation was caused In the
Sharon divorce case at San Francisco by
the dying deposition of a man named True
who sai 1 that tbe evidence of a witness
named Wells was a put-up job between
them and Miss Hill to swear that Sharon
had introduced Miss Hill to them aa his
Tax irquest on the victims of the riot at
Cincinnati commenced on the Hth.
Ax unconfirmed rrpart existed at St.
Johns, X. F., that the Grrely party had
been rescued from a mass of floating ice by
a whaler.
Ax attempt was m.idn recently to assas
sinate the President of Guatemala. He was
.lightly woonded.
At Naples recently a drunken soldier
Bred at a number of comrades rooming in
tho samo dormitory, killing five and wound
ing three.
Ax explosion of fire-damp occurred in the
coal mine of John A. Wood & Sons, near
Elizabeth, Pa., recently. Two men were
Willed and several others injured.
Tnx Brazilian mail steamer Reliance has
been wrecked near Babla.
Tnx Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce
passed a resolution recommending a chan;e
in the jury system, so that three-fourths
of the jury can render a verdict.
Ix the Senate, on tho 14tb, the Naval Ap
propriation bill was agreed to after several
amendments bad been made. The Senate
liscussed the bankruptcy bill until adjourn
ment. A number of bills were introduced
into the House, one for the retirement of
John C Fremont with the rank of Major
GcntraL A bill was introduced to tax
' frauds at Cincinnati.
It is stated that England has submitted
proposals to tho powers for settling the
financial troubles in Ejypt.
The decree degrading the Chlness Prince,
Rung, states that bo accepted bribes and
aimed at the supreme power.
The Louisiana Stats Board of Health aJ
vited the Governor to issne a quarantine
proclamation of ten days detention from
ths lit of May against vessels from Bra
zilian, Mexican, South American aud
Cuban ports,
Explosion us a Coal Mine Wreck of a Bra
zilian Mall Ship More of Bismarck.
PrrTSBrnc, April 15. An Elizabeth, Px,
special says: Shortly after five o'clock yes
terday morning an explosion of fire damp
occurred in the eoal mine of John A. Woud
Sons, near here, killing two men instantly
ind injuring several others. The dead
bodies of James Painter and James Steven
sou have just been brought out of the
mines horribly burned and blackened. Tber
went to work at five o'clock and- had jus
reached the point where they work when
the explosion occurred, the fire damp ignit
ing from' their lamps. At first it wa
thought that many others were in
that part of the mine and bad perished,
but it is now certain that they wert
tbe only ones killed. William Kent was
five hundred yards from the explosion ana
was severly Injured, being violently thrown
Jown. A woman named Summers, wb
was a mile away, was struck on tbe bead
by a flying rick and sustained serious In
jury. A number of others were bruised and
cut by the flying debris. Willins workers
were at the scene early m the morning, but
their labors have been Interfered with by foul
gasss and they had only succeeded at noon
In reaching the bodies. Both of the vic
tims were young men of family. Some boys
who were playing in the mine yesterday are
supposed to have left the trapdoor open,
which allowed a collection of fatal gas. The
explosion, fortunately, occurred when but a
few men had gone to work, else the less of
life must have been great
Mali Ship Lost.
WASTrrsoTOX, April 13. Secretary Fre
Iinghuvsen received from. Thomas A- Os
bom. United States Minuter at Brazil, a
telegram announcing tbe wreck of the
steamer Reliable, on which be was a passen
ger on his way to the United States. Ht
telegraphs from Bahia and says the passen
gers, crew and mils were saved. The firm
of Arbnekle Bros., " brokers, of et
York, rccieved a dispatch from Babla,
stating that the steamship Reliance of the
United States and Brazil Mail bteamsalp
Company, a comparatively new corporation.
John ISoaeh, President, was ashore off that
port, and a total wrect. The pasfjererers.
mail ami crew viere saved. II. IL Snrift A
Co. also received similar Information. Ai
the office of the company the Superin
tendent was found examining charts to
learn where the steamer went ahorc He
had only heard of the accider through the
firms mentioned, and accounted tor not hav
ing been apprised of It by tbe conjecture
tint Captain G. F. Carpenter is aboard the
wreck. The vessel was a staunch one,
built a year ago bv John Roach
& Sons at Chester and having
a burthen of 1,953 tons net aud
3.A04 tons gross. In addition- to 7,000 bag:
of coffee known, shecarried also 1,000 hides.
The crew consisted of fifty-eight seamen
and officers. She was covered by in
surance to her full value. She sailed from
Rio De Janeiro the 9th instant, and Satur
day was due at Babla. Thence she
was to proceed to Xew York, stopping at
Pemambuco Maranhoa, Para and St.
Thomas, at all of which ports she was des
tined to receive and riepu.lt freight and pas
sengers. 51ie was to have arrived here
BUmarck Again.
W.vsnnroTOX, April 15. It is reported
that Bismarck ha determined In recall Von
Ebnbccker, German Minister here. ThM
determination I understood at the State
Department from official correspondence.
This action of Bismarck's Is regarded as a
pure piece of spite work, an official mani
festation of hH pique at the action of
this Government in offering tn transfer Min
ister Sargent from Berlin to Russia. While
BUnstrck's precie intention can not be
known, the belief at tbe State Department
is that be contemplates permitting the Ger
man mission here tn remain vacant a while,
as evidence of his displeasure, and to Xset
the recent action of this Government. No
other construction can be put upon the sud
den recall of the Minister, as It woula bare
no significance If another was immediately
rent. Xo hint of recall was heard of until
after Sargent's tranfer. If Bismarck does
leave the German mission vacant for any
unreasonable time It is believed It will cer
tainly provoke a decided feeling of resent
ment in this country. The evasive way in
which Congress arted about the Lasker reso
lutions displeased those people u ho believe
In maintaining national dignity, and now if
Bismarck gives another cause of offense,
proper notice will have to be taken of it
7-.Uouri Crops.
CoLrMTHA, Mo, April H. Mr. J. W.
Sanborn, Secretary of the illssouri State
Board of Agriculture, presents the following
summr.ry of the condition of crops, compiled
from answers to 430 circulars of Inquiry
sent to correspondents in every county;
Average condition of wheat April L 97;
eleven report extra, 1M says average or
rood and thirty-five report roor Seventeen
and sevrn-tenths per ceaL of the wheat crop
of 1S33 is reported as hi farmers' hands,
and 1,200,000 bushels in clsvators outside of
St. Louis and Kansas City. On the
rom crop of 1SSI. 2t per eenL still re
mains in farmers hands. Rvc Condition
April 1, 97 per cent Loss of cattle, 2J
per cent; of liars hs 7.3 per cent Cattle
are very generally reported as healthy and
thin from severe weather and poot
mm. Heavy loss of small piss reported
from severe weather. About one
fourth of the counties report cases of hog
cholera. Frequent cases of influenza In
horses are noted. In their present conat
ion all classes of :4ock are represented &
unusually healthy, excepting moderate com
plaints that sheep are Iaryruih'mc. An
estimated decrease of 5J per -? nt for cowsiJ
10.7 ier cent for other cattr ; 7.6 per cent
for sheep; 4-S percent for swine and no loss
of horses and mules is made from corre
spondents. reports.
John Hull Looks Into Ills 1'red Basket.
Loxdox, April IL The Jfitrfc Lane Ex
prcsa, in its review of the British grain
trade for the past week, says: The con
dition of the wheat crop has not changed.
Trade in brcadstuffs lias been depressed.
Wheat and Cour declined Is. Foreign wheat
off coast stands farther declined Is on finest
and l2s on American grades. Maize has
fallen Is, and barley fd. Oats have ri'cn
Is. Four cargoes of wheat have arrived and
withdrawn, and four remain unsold. Car
goes on tassage or for shipment are much
It is said that the chestnnt is fast
becoming a tiling of the past, and a
medical authority claims that its disap
pearance is a fixed process of
evolution. It says: "The chestnut treo
is going, just as" all, trees of a spongy,
inferior liber must go before such stout,
close-fibered trees as the oak. In pro
historic times the earth was covered.
with !. rant, nuiek frrinth that vietdcd
as the ages went on to the compaiter r
and stouter trees. It is in tbe opera
tion of the same law that the chestnut
is doomed." Chicago Herald.
The use of green and red seems
universal in Atlanta. Negro shanties
as well as the more princely dwellings
are colored in this way. There is a
regular craze for fancy paints. All
sorts of novel and even grotesque effects
are sought. Ono citizen has put his
tine house in a blood-red garb with jet
black trimmings, and the effect is not
by any incaos disrgrceable to the eye.
Sf. Louis Post Dispatch.
m m
Mrs. Miles, a Kansas widow. Iay3
claim to 5300,000 worth of land in Van
Burcn and Cleburne Counties. rk.. un
der tbe title of a Spanish grant dated
1793. Chicago Times.
Mississippians feel very proud of
of their State library in tho capitol at
Jackson. It comprises thirty-eight
thousand volumes.
It is reported in London accordinr
to the ralt-ilaU Gazette that an Ameri
can daily newspaper wQl be soon pub
lished in that city.
Tho Marquis who is to raarrr Ma.
Frank Leslie can shoot his initals in a
board, and he writes poetry with tho
greatest case. X. T. Sun.
Charles Oakley has lived ia New
York City for ninety-seven years, aad is
8owapDroachinrhis one hundred aad
second birthday. Si Y Times.
The death of Rev. Caleb Sprague
Henry, D. D., f.L. D., at Stamford.
Conn., was the twenty-fourth death out
of twenty-six graduates of the class oi
1825 of Dartm." th College. Hartford
Joseph K. Benjamin died In New
London recently aged sixty-nine years.
He set type on the first New York: Her
ald issue, was with the Sun for twenty
years, and afterwards was a compositor
for the Harpers. Boston Herald.
General Logan is going to write a
book. It will contain no reference to
the political history of the times, but
will be confined entirely to a recital ot
the General s connection with the ax
of the rebellion. Chicago Herald.
There is In New York a Bureau of
Revision, to which are sent ailsorts of
literary productions for criticism and
overhauling. It acta as an intermedi
ary between author and publisher. The
manager claims the idea as new. bnt
similar enterprises have existed in
other places and years. Si Yi Tri
bune. Isaac Reed, of Waldoboro, He.,
has been moderator of the spring meet
ing in Waldoboro thirty-one times.
Chairman of Selectmen nineteen times,
member of House of Representatives
six times, member of Senate four times,
has served ono year as State Treasurer
and one term in Congress. He is seventy-four
years of age and his general
health is so good that ho Is ready to run
for the next office that comes along.
iVrfVvJ Argus.
One of the most promising pupils
in the Grass Valley (CaL) public school
is the nine-year-old daughter of Tin
Lay. the Chinese interpreter. HernauM
is Lulu. . Tiie first year Lulu went to
school she dressed in Chinese fashion,
and her queer costume made her un
pleasantly consp'cuous. Then she
pleaded with her father to let her adopt
lflc garo ot civilization irom an Ameri
can standpoint, and after some reluc
tance he consented. So now she dresses
after the fashion of other little -iris,
even to her hair, which is braided be
hind and tied with two bright red rib
bon, and in frsnt is banged in tbe
highest style of sha art. San Francis
co OdL
The BarilnKaajK-Haickeie advises
those who arvsVarchiar ic Mapd
encc to lookJin-the'kiJcSeiJ.
WhatrVlake?"'aked tJsetestea
er. A brightTittle Irish boy rarswihia
hand. "Well. Mikey, what is it?"
"Sure its a hole in the kittle, mum."
A lover, writing to his sweetheart.
says: Delectable dear! You are so
sweet that honey would blush in your
presence and treacle stand appalled!''
xTefroa ibi".
"No, I lisvea't bee te Urn fed
show,' said a man. who was very deep
ly in debt; " thjere are too maay bets?.
there to suit me, rad Just nowPm try
ing to find a way to feather my own
nest," Golden hiys.
Tho lata husband, who removed hii
boot in the hall, thinking to steal up
stairs without wakinsr his wife, and
found that she was watching him from
the landing, admitted that it was a boot
less attempt. Somercille Journal.
A Toronto blacksmith advertise
for a helper who "must be as quick a.
ugnining. lae urs: man who applied
fur the situation carelessly picked: np s
hot horseshoe, and tbe blacksmith hired
him at once. Drake's Traveler's Maga
A ladv reader writes to sav that sh
has been losing her hair recently anc
wants to know what she shall do to pre
vent it- r.i tner Keep your bureau draw
er locked or else discharge the hired
girl and get another of a eoBjtlsfxiot
differing from yours; -Rockland Gazelle.
There is a fine distiBctioa betwect
a defect and a misfortune; for, while
one cannot prevent the latter, the de
fect may be due to himself. Said a
man toa dealer in horses; "You fooled
me in the horse I bought last week."
"What! I? Never!" "Yes, you said
he had no defects, and I find that he ii
blind in one eye." 'Why, my dear air
that is not a 'defect; that's a misfort
une." Chicago Herald.
It fell to the lot of an inebriated
person to be tarred and feathered by
his roon companions. He was pre
pared tu icw any freak of fortune with
equanimity, and after some hours h(
was observed to rise and survey him
self in the picr-gUus. Did he shriek
with horror? Oh dear, no! He aimplj
obscned'with complacent resignation
"Become a bird, by Jove!" and then
lapsed once more into slumber. .V. Yi.
Cleminta, said a sorrowful swair
to his heart's desire, "this is the third
time that your father has requested me
to remove my person from these prem
iscs." "Heed him not," sobbed tht
fair one: "do not go." "I must." Jus!
then the father's steps echoed adown
the hallway. "You need not come in.
old gentleman." said the departing
lover; "three removes are as good as a
tire.' and he clutched his eombrerc .
and departed. Boston ConrUr.
About Fools.
"Strang .-,'" he -began: as heahovtd
his hat back on his headland, tat down
on a tr nkon the platform, "what It
this 'ere about iLsicr exe railroad
"WalL then, what is a railroad
ny,-a numocr 01 raiiroaa lines put
all thoir earnings into & bag, shake it up
and divide even."
"What's that fur?"
" So that all can set a whack at busi
ness. "An' its according to law?"
7 he man pulled his bat down, rested
his elbows on his knees for a "think."
which lasted three or four minutes, and
then suddenly arose and said:
" Stranger. I've been a 'tarsal fool!"
"Why. thar'f a chap Hvin' aex door
to me at hum who has alius worked
four hours to my one. and who earns t,
dollar to my quarter, and it has never
occurred to me to make him pool our
wages and whack up'" Wall Strtii

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