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n&SSa. t "JJ ,
Derated te the Interests f the Cherekccs, Cftectaws, Chlckasawa, Semlaelcs, Creeks, and all Other Indian bT the Xadlaa Terrltery.
VOL. IL NO. 32.
r- -T
Jtyaa aM ewfris the laest aaj ceaialelcst store te the Iaaiag Territory Is that of
W. O. PATTON fe CO.,
SL 1- I .. ii. - i ' " " "" II II "'"' ' '
tu-4'- ;!"- TMesAtuytk!ByMinjrtaritataftlWTen'bcstqnaIitrtobchadiatIiecoiRr.
Aai a Ml
C Mtr 63wS MIPJLRTSEST ccwUim as taneasc steel: ar every variety or the best and most serviceable Dry
Hsoan. Is
Gfc CLMBBG 9&XS.TXEST yea k1 ftatLtfec largest StbcI: af Irsi-eks Clotalnj, Boots, Sfcaei, Hats, Ladled acd
MiKJEBXERSa: JrPATX5T U fatly ap to tte Uaes bt all Us Latest Sty fee and Fashions.
m SMCERT WWWStoM I W I Is icplete wHk erery ki4 tfSUalc a4 Patty Groceries, Flour, Bacon, Canned Goods,
, iCnefcers, Or, Jtte.
WW XABftBfPfiHJLKiaSST lusaMliwrf Settles, Karats and Leather Goods or all kinds. In
-WR AeMCCLTUKAL MfLEMEST BEPARTXEST yaa eaa set Wagons, Boggies, Plows, Spring Wagons, Etc
GKJi'BWAKE PAXT3lEXT k weU stocked with Sails, Screws, Caalss, HlBgts, Tinware, Afts, Utensils, Tools,
Lr j i " w4 Saw fat
JE"fsLiS6 !i JEOSfTXXE MJLXTXEST erery variety rf Biskes, Crocks, Jars, Jugs, Etc While la
1Mi jMGS STE 9EPLB.TXEST yo will fi4 a spleawM stosk or rare, Sice Drags XrJlcIaes, complete in erery re
BJL "' fat at. PrMertpWomi eareMIy ctmponaacd by a ikifea apothecary. La this connection we hare also an immense
i& Vi!f ofSoMaas, Iwy, Cfeeks, Cfecttoay, Etc. And a
STntHBRr XSm SMC EPARTJIEST where th wI Ind rTcry rarieiy or WriUnc Xatcriais, Paper, Blank Booki
5te aaC TteBtlat Batts, School Books, aad a Use of foe J Reading Books Prose and Poetry.
Qr Prices are as Low as the Lowest. Come and See Us.
1 M u
"i- "
W. X. TROTT, Proprietor.
teadr on tent a sspBlrot both Native and Northern Tlno Lumber. Aim Shin-
3T ?
.?. JHBiH.3tonMHMra.Ete. Tbe
.ktatoaHr OHBKa SOUOTED.
Drugs, Patent Medicines, ISTotions, Stationery,
Etc.'Sfeo & Full line of Cigars, Tobaccos
rf - f" and Confectioneries.
Tail tt Boetori (cThdtc at X. FRAZEITS Bed Front, oae door
Wert of 'f rises Botol.
M. FRAZEE, YInita, Indian Territory.
on. haednse Choicest SUpH
ftftiiits, Fad, lotMSWiri, Slasswarc M Twm.
ear stock te ti ICesw gsttUtnc
Unf s Riif Letier Washing Machines.
tTsMf&XswsMawS ajtaarrantoi to Saish awash; ready tor the line wltfeoat
e fte-aC Tah sr Miiiari. W nt hare thehanfe ih the sk from bepnniaz
fitcE--corMjrnE" with wringer, sia.oo.
"jUltaaaeat 3aa. 3L. X. tirar. Chsateaa. LT.: H. A. P. (Jtooivkootitx.
,X X,jlfa. a. a aUyatMd, Tlalta, L T.; Xrs. 3. L- aat R. L. Jf srtin,
. Strcr, L T.; Srs. Jt. W. Uabey, Caowtoas, J. T.; jars. Br. F. H. Me-
i-? -ruta
An cair7Uw a targe
smtiu. u
TUSf aiwsl-earrrare, Isware,
neearryaaiins'in'8ocK0i Jt-LB, tra, trraa, awre, saiea
sryaats- WesHVawkacesrts at Ttolta for ahe celehratod .SEXECA FLODB.
rUt -v
' .jum t uotoyASTLT ox hakd all
&?&--W TwWJW ST TO
"nruiTii EiEir
CiJML PA 7S MOW, FCXS asvi FBwBUCE. Caah or Cattle takes In Ex-
chssBfe fr6ews.
afisertsKftt of ererytfclaf Treated by onr
& GO., Vinifa,
NaveFJBe,beln - shipped from tbe Choctow
, ttaiTt,
and Fancy Groceries In the Market. Also
n tfae Censer, two dears Weaef X, C
sad eoasplete stock of
tm "
Woeweawarc, Tiaware. Sails, Powder,
Indian Territory.
For the purchase a&d tale of
13 Nalionil Stock Tarda, B. SL Louis,
7Xneral adrances made on consignments.
Located at Eaat SU raia. Ilk.
Directly opposite the city of St. Louis. Duyert
for all description of Live Stock always in at
tendance, and within the grounds of the tock
Tarda areallecf Canning Company, with a
capacity for slaughtering LOW bead of cattle
dally, and Pork Packing UnablUhmenU with
a capacity for slaughtering COM hogs dally.
ISAAC II. KXOX, President
01 Pil
Direct route east
PiillmaiL Palace Hotel Cars
thronsli to St, Louis.Tia
Direct Koute West and Somtk
Trest Tia Kansas City.
IT vlsi?l? piTYt'nlooDepotpas-engea
ni fvnnuno 'jii i
for Kansas. Cbtorada
i New Mexico and California connect with Ex
J -press Trains of all lines.
rn-rtion u mad. with an
hi unnnn lines leading to imaoiui an
F. CHA5DLEK, Gen. Pas. Agent.
C. B. KDfSAS, Ass't Gch, Pass. A seat.
F. L. DECKEK, Agent at Tlnita.
p vr.rjcrA.-sg-THROUGH
nrrT-drf territory.
The Direct Through Boute Between
last Express Traias are Bun Daily. So
Change of Cars.
Through Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars are
nm dally, without chanre, between ST. LOCIS,
la. and SA.V FHANflSCO. TaL
3X0U0 acres of rich farming and mineral
hnds for sale by thUcompanytnSOCTU WEST
t3TFor lull and part cular information, with
apj. Time Tables, Kates, ctc-call upon or ad
dress any of our Station Agents, or eitherof tha
It 'WlsiiAItT General Passenger Agent, 8t
aw CALK. General Freight Agent. St-Louia,
C W H0GEK3. Vice Presidesr sod General
Manages, Temple Iluildins;,bt. Lvm.ila,
The stockholders of the Franklin
Rubber Company of Massachusetts have
voted an assessment of fifty per cent, on
the capital stock of $75,000, owing to
losses during- the year and the largo
stock on hand.
The Buffalo Historical Society appeals
for subscriptions for the burial of Red
Jacket's bones in Forest Lawn Ceme
tery. It is also proposed to erect a
monument to Indians friendly to the
cause of America and onr allies in our
second great straggle for National exis
tence. JonxRcssELLYotrxG, our Minister to
China, is now dean of the diplomatic
corps at Pckin. He possesses a certain
adrantagc over his colleagues in his
warm friendship with Li Hung. thej
premier, who liked him first because he
Was General Grant's friend, and then
for himself!
The First Comptroller of the Treasury
made a decision in effect that a liquor
dealer who sells at one time different
kinds cf -liquor to the amount of fire
gallons is to be considered a wholesale
dealer. This action reverses the ruling
on the question made by Judge Drown,
Eastern District of Michigan.
iGbext anxiety was expressed at Ber
lin over the vast spread of the indus
trial agitation. Strikes were increas
ing in every direction, and it was evi
dent that the propaganda which was
being extensirrly preached by Hcrrcn
Hasenclcver and Bebcl was taking a
firm hold of-tlic Inboring classes and
bearing important fruit.
iLauiuiMu.iuui vl uuv in uic m
dianapolis roads states that since be has
t .., ...... .-.,.-.- ..f .... . .1. t
cniorocd tne oruer tnat train men
should use sticks when coupling cars
there has been ninety per cent. less
accidents on tiic road. Ho added that
seven-tenths of the accidents that cause
men to lose their hands, lingers, arms,
legs or their lives can be traced to their
own nezliirencc.
Trrc statement prepared at the Post-
Sfilce Department shows that while tho
revenue for quarter ended March 31 was
less than the corresponding quarter for
the previous year, the is.uc of two-cent
stamps exceeded by 27 per cent, the
combined issue of two and three cent
stamps in that quarter. The issne of
postal cards has fallen off 13,000.000
pieces since the inauguration of the two
cent rate.
AsrxriAL from the City of Mexico
says the recent reports of disturbances
in Northern Mexico were wholly fake
The entire country was tranquil and no
bridge was burned on the Mexican Cen
tral Sail way. There was great indigna
tion at Boston, over the malicious stories
sent abroad for the purpose of depress
ing Mexican securities. The report of
the. attempted assassination of Diaz,
was without foundation.
Jcltts and Curt Linbacb, aged tea
and twelve years, are brothers, and livo
with their parents, at the corner of
Ashland avenue and Twelfth street,
Chicago. They were suspended from
school some time ago for bad conduct.
Their parents knew nothing of this, and
the boys continued to leave home every
. -
morning and return in the evening, as if
.. ,. , . .. . ...
aucnoingscnooi. .rneiear ot puniu-
tnent from their parents, however, !
Weighed Upon their minds SO heavily
.,., !, i.ji , i. tt.:. ,. It
that they rcsolrcQ to icaro thu sphcrooi
whippinss and scoldim. Each took a I
dose of rat pouon. A physician arrired
tn time to pump them out, and it was
thought that they would recover
Tue mining- towns of Colorado arc
excited over alleged important golil dis
coveries in the vicinity of Pike's Peak,
seventy-five miles southwest of Denver
Crowds of people from the neighboring
towns are flocking to the new camp.
Passenger and freight transportation
lines from Canyon City, Fairplay and
Leadville are already es lablished. Gro
cery and outfitting stocks are en route.
It was impossible to obtain reliable
information concerning the importance
of tho discovery. The mineral was
said to be carbonates. Samples assay
ncarh a hundred ounces of gold.
Amidst tho excitement Denver mining
men wtre unmoved, and will await de
velopments. Tac papyrus collection recently pur
chased by Archduke RcmiT is now be
ing examined under the direction of
Heir Earabacph, at the Vienna
museum, and one-half of them arc in an
excellent crate of preservation- Among
them are two papyri dating from the
beginning of our era, and alao a frag
ment of Thucydidcs, written about the
ed of the third century after Christ,
and therefore of great value, as the
oldest manuscripts of IhucydHcs arc of
the eleventh century. There is also a
Latin papyrus of tho fifth or sixth cen
tury, fragments of Greek Gospels of the
fourth century, and a large number of
Arab and Greek, writings, many of
which will bo interesting to men of
learning and others.
The Supreme Court rendered a de
cision recently in the patent case of the
Turner & Seymour Mannfacrn ring Com
pany, appellant, vs. The Dover Stamp
ing Company, oq appeal from the
United States Circuit Court for tho dis
trict of Connecticut. This was a suit-i
brought by the Dover Company against
the Turner &. Seymour Mannfacturing
Company for alleged infringement of a
reissued patent on an improved form of
egg-beater. The court holds that tho
earned rmfpnt 5 T-nid fcmiisc it rl.iinw I
" , . , . - - i
are broader than those of tbe original
patent, and were mrde broader simply
to maintain a monopoly which was de-
tired, but which tho claims of the orig-!
Ir.r.1 did T.nt r. Th rlnere of the
Circuit Court was reversed, and the
same remanded with directions to dis
miss the bilL
A SflBBarjr of the Bally News.
Mr. Fjun laid before the Sonata on tbs
15th a Joint resolution from the California
LccUIaturcurrinca passage of the bill to
amend the Chinese restriction act. Mr. Blair.
from the Committee on Education and Labor,
reported a bill to proride a commission en
the iublcrt of Alcoiol and Liquor Traffic,
The chair laid Wore the Senate the llank
ruptcy bUL After debate the i-ecate ad
journed . la. the IIoum Mr. Tcrkins. from
the Cbmmlttre on Indian Affairs, rrtnrted a
bill for the saleof the Sac and Fox Indian reser
vations in Nebraska and Kanras. Mr. Grates
reported a bill authorizinr the appointment of
a commlMlon to dlipose of claims of citizen
ship in the (Ire driltzrd nations. Mr. Matson,
from the Committee on Inralld Pensions. rc
j ported a bill for pensions for soldiers and sail
ale? or arm. Mr. Urrwer. of New Jerxx, re
portrd a bill to resmlata coamerce between
the States as far as It pertains to commercial
travelers. Mr. Morrison moved that I ho
House go Into a Committee or the Whole lor
the consideration of the Tariff bill, and as
there was no dlrislon. the motion was asrreed
to. ImmeiUattlr upon tho committee's ss
sembunr, Mr. Elton objected to the consider
ation of the bill and the objection wan re.
roncaioueuouM. oiya voieoz.uojoas.to
nara the committee deeh'eJ to eontider
uw measure. J tie uiu was men aeoatea unut
In the Senate, on the loth, the bill left
nndlspocd of to diride s portion of the
t great reservation of the loux Nation of
Indians of Dakota Into separate reservations
anil secure the relinquishment of the Indian
title to the remainder, was passed. The Sen
ate proceedel with the consideration of tha
Dankruptcr bUL Amendments were offered by
Messrs. George Hosr. IncnlU, Wilson. like.
Harrison. Garland and Call. tnot of which,
were airried to. The bill was read to the end
and substantially agreed to. several amend
ments, however, beins; Indicated, to ber made
when the bill was report ed from Committer of
the Whole, several sections bctnjc meanwhile
agreed to. merely pro iorma...mc House
was occupied almost entirely with debate on
the Mormon Tariff liflL
Tne Senate on tte 17th went Into execu
tive session, and when the doors reopened,
Mr. Cbcxrell Introduced a bill providing for
the appointment of a Ml'fouri Ittver Com
mission to carry into effect plans for the Ira
Erovemeatof sakt river from Its mouth to its
eadquarters. Consideration of the Bank
ruptcy bill was then tesumed, and amend
ments were offered by Messrs. Georre. Mor
gan. WIlMin. llcur and nthera Mr. llnarand
other Senators were anxious to have the bill
i uiucr A11.1UIT wen iniiuui uj obtb uw uiu
that considerable discussion would arife on
some proposed amendments, the Senate ad
journed. Among the amendments axreed
to was one proposed by Mr. George
to give debts due to laboring men and do
mestic servantr priority ores debts duo to the
State r rnltr State Tho House went
IntoComir" e of the Whole on the Pension
Appropriate n bUL After an hour's general
debate the bill was read by paragraph for
amendments. Mr. Hrxocrans offered an
amendrernt striking ouLlhe provision for the
pay of pension agents, and transferring the
qutlca of those olbcers to the Pay Department
of the Army, rending a rote on this amend
ment the committee rose and tho House ad
journed. Ix the Senate, on the lSth, Mr. Sherman,
from the Committee on Library, reported
adversely the Newspaper Copyright bUL The
Scutate took un the Post-officC Appropriation
MIL Alter debate the amendment was agreed
to striking out the lions- provifkins which
wcnld reduce tho compensation of railroads
by Eve per rent, and would reduce
the compensation of bind rrant reads
to Sfty per cent, of the amount
paid other roals. After other amend
ments, tne bill was arrred to as a whole.
The liankruptay bill was then taken up. but
without proceeding to its consideration, the
Senate went Into executive session and after-
ward adjourned until Monday In the House
a bill was paased autboriticgtheconstructlon
nf a hrfdrt ami th MtAtiri nirrr at Kit
ley. Mo. On motion of Mr. McMillan, the bid
limiting to two years time within which ! York and proved untenable
prosecutions may tx !ntMutrd against pcr- "'"iF,"TBa'"'":2"""D-
sons charged Jrith violating tho Internal ;
revenue laws, was taken up for consideration
and passed. The He use then went into Com-mltu-e
of the Whole on the private calendar.
At the evening session the Houe passed
twenty-six pension bills and adjourned.
The Sena'e was not in session on the
1A.1, Y,. I.m ITm... lf nv rAv4k
Carolma. reported back the'resolation calling
the certlScatcs Issued by the late enezuelan
MUed Commission, and for information as to
the amount of money on hand applicable to
the payment or new awards. Adopted. The
House went Into Committee of tha Whole on
The Srst bill cousldcn-o. wast bat for establish-.
lng and maintaining a department or labor
statistics. Numerous amendments were
uffered. and severally Toted down, and
although no debate was allowed upon
&S deS SmcViorI"nl.rSo ar5
was reported to the House and pssscd yecs
1C nays 19. It prov.de for the encashment
Boawaaaai iuivu uuna. siiju
' yi a uurrau vi uudt iausucb in cuai
lihe Commissioner at a salary of fliou.
( shall aonulre all useful Information urw
s 4r4a a a aVsAavst l ttttiva (ia vuai,b aa
upon tho
,boct of tabor, its relation to capital
pltaL and
PF n,or rremowng the material, social.
men and womrn. Me Is authorised to employ
neh employes as he may deem necessary for
tne Rjecessrol workrog or the bureau, pm-
r1lo1 the tot1 expensn shall not exceed K-1
1 COT per annum.
Tnt Republican 'State Convention of
Illinois at Feoria nominated IUchard Ji
Oglesby for Governor.
BataxDicn, Gexxral James A. Fannxxx,
of New York, died recently.
Tboius G. ArrLrrox, of Boston, a noted
art critic and onnolseur, died in that city
Edward A. 'Wkrsias, formerly private
secretary ot ex-President Aa4ar John
son, Is dead. I
EarxBOR IViujax's departure for TVels
baden was postponed on account of the
Empress' Illness.
XamxsRcsseu. howzix and 51. Do Ii
eps received the decree of LL. D. at the
Edlnburg University Tercentenary.
Bxt. AlrnxD A. Watsox, D. D., was.
consecrated recently as Bibopof,tbe Dew
Episcopal Diocese ot East Carolina.
Tnr health of the Emperor of Germany
was Improving.
HranT Gxoroe recently arrived in 2?ew
Tork from England.
Dr. Ucstav- achtigal. has left Tunis
for West Africa and the "Congo country.
I He was sent out by the German Goven
xnont, and his mission has political, scien
tific and commercial features.
Rsv. titu Ukxexwat, Trofessor pf
'Hebrew Biblical Literature in the Garrttt
Biblical Institute at Eranston, IlL, fur
many years a prominent figure In the
Methodist Church work and renowned as u
scholar, died recently in Chicago.
Jams Ccetj.t, alias Riley, accnted ot
murder at Salem, Mass., was diseoveregc
work In the Gloversville mill, Troy, If.' Y.
Curtin knocked an officer down, Jnmped
from the second-story window, and fled to
the woods.
Tax performanes at Chicago for the ln
efit of the Actors' fund netlod J1,VX). Miss
Fanny Davenport sent a check forJJiin
lien ot a pert ormace at Baltimore. At Bos
ton the performance netted $1,163.
Tnx coroner's jnry exonerated Frank
Sbenton, who killed his father recently
near Cambridge, Md. It was proved feat
his father was about to murder his motifor,
when Frank struck bim over the head .with
a dub.
Thkkz was a large attendance at tho
Wendell Phillips memorial services at the
Tremont Temple, Boston, on the S:h.
George William Curtis delivered tkelom
tion. t
Tnx Southern Press Association hasi for-1
warded to members of Congress a protest '
w H"1B tt-
ment telegraph system and a resolution In-
dorjincU, Newspaper Copyright bah
a hill near CotnatKn, Mexico, called
theCcrro Del Agua, has shown recently
tbe effect ot volcanic disturbances, and a
,'on,D" portion 01 is nas soosaaway ,
I 1bwbi.S - a
and itmnct dlcjtnnAar).
Tee Custom House at Mazatlan, Axlco,
haa issued an order that hereafter aH pack
ages containing an InfUmable roattrial
likely to explode shall be Burked wis a
largered skull and crosabonec.
Thx people o-f MaaHroa expeeted aa Is
dlas outbreak kn the Korthwest Territory
Edwix F. Sierra, Secretary of the State
Agricaltaral Society, tfeiaks tha wheat crop
of. California this year will exceed that of
Ttfc Lathrop, CaL, levee broke the other
ssomlng, asdths San Joaquin River was
spreading rapidly. If the break cannot be
repaired 10,060 aires of wheat will be de
stroyed. A death from cholera occurred on a
British troop ship In the Snex Canal.
Tbs failures daring the past week la tho
United States were ICO, ia Canada, 16;
asainst 31 i the previous year.
CarTAlx Wrxsza, of the steamship
Jamaican, stated at STew Orleans that tha
report of Yellow fever existing at Vera
Crux was untrue.
Tour Tckizb, who was -waiting to be
hanged at GreearlUe, Os-, for tha murder
ot Sacttlcs, choked himself to death with
a silk handkerchief.
Xxxz. CouucHxx, the writer of the book
"Sarab Barnum," has been committed for
trial on the chargs ot outraging pnblic
Tex United States Navy formed a corden
around Key West to prevent the sailing of
any more flllibusters.
AooLORtn school house was bl-wn down
recently at Dallas. Tex, Injuring several
children, one fatally.
Tns stimship lines of thsXorth Atlantic
Conference have reduced the steerage pas
sage from ??rw York to Liverpool to 18,
and stai farther rrdnction will be ma-fo If
-neceatary to compete with outside lines.
Br the neglect of a telegraph reporter at
StenbenTille, O., to deliver the proper train
orders, two freight trains on the Pan-Handle
collided near Wheelbig Junction. Both
engines and tea. cars were completely
Aaxix WiGirrs was fatally shot by her
aunt, Mrs. Maher, at Earrisbsrg, Pa-, who
didn't know the pistol was loaded when
she playtnlly pointed it at her niece.
2?cw ILlxpshibk and Maine towns report
heavy floods. A pier of the Maine Central
Railroad bridge at Orenie, Me., was con
siderably damaged. Saco River was higher
than sIdcd 1STU and still rising. At Union,
on the St. Croix River, the 2Tew Brunswick
pier and two spans of tha bridge hare
Thb Excise Commissioners of New York
refused to renew the licenses of Harry
Hill, the notorious sporting man, and Billy
Madden, formerly backer of Sullivan.
It was tha opinion of the German Cholera
Commission, which returned recently from
India, that there would be no outbreak of
cholera in Egypt this year.
Dswalt, the defaulting President of the
First National Bank ot Leadville, which
failed last January, was captured recently
at the homo of his mother la Canton, O.
.Vnvicia from the far East bring rumors
ot fresh massacres of Christiana In Laos.
Faaxzu. recently received a verdict
agaiasta tenant whom he hsdsaed to re
cover arrears In rent.
Oakkt Haix, ex-Mayor of UewYork,
writes the London Time denouncing the
London Government bUL He savs the sys?
teo of grand centralized municipal gov
' eminent was tried temporarily In Jtfew
Two colored girls were drowned the
other day in Lake Edwards, near Cairo,
IlL, by a boat upsetting.
Tnx re'irement of R.T. Merrick from
the Star Route cases leaves Mr. Ker the
only special counsel now employed by the
Governnent. It i i through Merrick OM.
an mdictmeat was found lathe Kel.ogg
jjn. A5D Mrs. IL a FtlXXORX, of Fayett-
, " "- yr 3
TilJe,. k., guests at ie l'alpier ilunse.
' Culca go, who blew out the gas on retiring
a few nights ago, hare since died.
Tixw stock yards are to be establisbei
near Pittsburgh, Pa., to compete with the
.. .
liast Liberty stock yarns.
Tna rainfall in Arkansa. recently was
excessive. Many streams overflowed and
considerable damage waa done to pianta-
A lxros nuraler of refugees, owing to
the shortness of provisions, left Shendy,
Egypt, a few days ago In a steamer for
Berber, and the suamer ran aground near
El Baala and was toon surrounded by
swarm of rebels, who attacked the steamer
on all sides and massacred everybody on
board. The refugee namberixi four hun
dred and fifty, including a portion of the
tshendy garrison and many women and
Talks with the whisky men at Louisville,
Ky., indicate that no effect will Le pre
duced on the whisky trada by tha break In
higbwines tnrthrr than to stop present
Rrv. J. V. Grvxx waa expelled from the
New Ycrk conference ot the African Meth
odist Epicopal Zion Church on a charge
of tmmoraliiy. This was the reeond ex
pulsion at the conference for tho ssbd
nox. J. VT. Fostxr, United SUtes Min
ister to Spain, has returned to Washington.
Tnr French steamer Marseilles, from
New Orleans to Bordeaux; waa fUscovered
to be on Are three days after leaving New
Orleans. The hatches were battened down
and the steamer wa beaded fcr Bermuda,
two hundred and fifty miles distant, where
the tire was extinguished.
Tnx Senate Ccmmittea on Privileges and
Elections has deciJed not to call any more
witnesses in the Danville and Copiah
County cases, and to lay tbe evidence taken
before the Senate.
Accordiso to Washington advices, Ger
many Is siill scandalized at tbe doings ot
Catlln, American Consul at Badsn.
F. A. Vox Gasst, the absconding banker
who left Effingham, IlL, recently, went to
Chicago and it waa supposed fled to Can
ada, lie took all the money and securities
in the bank, amounting to about $9,000.
The heaviest loser waa Joseph Partridge,
a merchant, who was out about $10,000.
Sxow was very general in Kansas and
Western Missouri on the 21st, said to be
unprecedented for so late in April. Tbe
fall was quite heavy.
NlTAWXtKBOW, the Dakota Indian train
ing for the six-day walk In New York, ran
four milea in twenty-two minuses.
Ax Indian Territory horse thief escaped
from Jail by setting fire to tbe building.
Ills clothes were oa fire when be was
rescued and he got away in tbe confusion,
stealing the horse of the man who rescued
Tue stove-moulders of Peoria, UL, went
on a suite.
Tnx Southern Exposition at Louisville.
Ky., will be opened August 16th and close
October SJth.
Tnx Senate, on the :1st, passed the Bank
ruptcy bill by thirty-two to fifteen. The
House was occupied with miscellaneous
matters of minor importance.
.ai 01 six umeren xamuies irvnrg-
'in the west end of Louisville, Ky., were
poisoned by a cake bought from LogmU
Iter's Confectionery. A child ot George
Gross died and ten others suffered terribly,
(but will recover. The poison was arsenic
now it got in me cage was not mown.
nrRnim t. t.i.ii A .. Ii.-. m.4. -
Ueaty with an African King by which a
groat portion of the Congo country has
been ceded to France,
Rich Gold DUeoverlea Reported at Pike's
Peak The Censeqaent Kxcitvmant.
Leabviixe, Cou, April 19. There is
considerable excitement In this city over a
new gold discovery that has jnst been made.
The country of this latest cram is located
west of Pike's Peak, about twenty miles
from Colorado Springs, thlrty-firo miles
from Canyon City, and from Leadril!e
about eighty miles in the most direct line
that could be traveled. .Eighteen years ago,
it is said, tbe same gulch was overran by
prospectors and miners who were enticed
there from the sorrounding contitry by the
report that rich placers had been found.
With the exception of a few encouraging
colors of gold nothing was developed, and
the excitement died out. For years and
years nobody visited the isolated rrgita,
save a few hunters. Two years ago Mr. S.
S. Btadbnm, a former Denver drnggi-st,
who had turned his attention to prospect
ing, was informed by a South Park ranch
man about the early excitement, and his
curiosity was aroused. He obtained the In
formation necessary to guide him to the
gulch. Starting out alone he made his way
to the place and sank a shaft. At a depth
ot eight or nine feet he struck a
and after having made several raia at
tempts to pan goM from it returned to tbe
valley. Since that time he has wandered
around the country without making perma
nent locations. The more he sbought about
the peculiar formation which he had dis
covered the more be became convinced that
there was something in It. So impressed
was wis Delict, be went bacJc to toe gnlcn
about four weeks ago and obtained a sack of
the gravel and came to Leadville, where ho
had it tested with the most astonishing
results. The material yielded from thirty
to a hundred ounces of gold to the ton.
Being without means he enlisted a number,
ot Leadville men in the scheme,
and led some of them to the scene of
the find. The shaft was eon'taued to a
depth ot eighteen feet, the crea. st secrecy
being maintained by the people interested.
The next set ot samples gave about the
same returns or goio, tne average being
overSl.OOO to the ton. In sinking the shaft
the large and barren-looting pebbles and
rocks encountered were thrown to one side
as worthless, but one of the party, curious
to know it they contained any mineral, took
away a sackful with him. The assay of
these pebbies gave an average of
to the ton. Tins proved to theu that tha
entire body of gravel was pay ore. Tbe
gravel was found at a depth of eight feet
below tne loamy dirt, and tne oed-rock has
not yet been found. Tin expedition with
which the mineral could be mined can be
imagined. If the ore is as rich throughout
as the assays indicate anywhere from 53,000
to $13,000 can be produced per day to the
man employed in the workings. Taken
altogether the discovery is the most mar
velous and promising that has been
made for years. In the twelve lo
cations mads ia the guk-h tbe dis
covery shafts have in every instance pene
trated this gravel after having passed
through from six to eight feet of dirt. Tbe
mineral belt has been exposed for a distaace
of fire miles, and there Is no telling its ex
tent, or bow many other gulches there are in
the country of equal resources and richness.
Quite a number of reliable authorities have
visitrd the camp, and all pronounce it a
v -wder. Among these is Mr. Arthur Cha
nute. There is a large quantity of the ore
in Leadville in the hands of assayers and
Egyptian ACairsj
LosrJox, April 20. It is reported that
the English Government will convoke a
European conference to regulate the affairs
with Egypt After several conferences the
French Government assented to the modifi
cation of the Egyptian law on liquidation
and agrees to support the English pro
posals for financial reform in Egypt.
A European conference on the question
is now needles. ro iuruier opposition is
expected from any power. General Gordon
has notified the British Government, owing
to the difficulty and delay experienced in
sending and receiving communications, that
he will henceforth art on h"w own Judgment
and responsibility. General Gordon
telegraphed Sir Samnel Baker under
date of April 8. as followsr "We
have pruvbious for five months but arc
hemmed in by 500 officered ami 'i,0O0 ragtag
Arabs. Our position will be much better
when the Nile nes. Senmar, Jssals, Don
gola and Berber are quite tofe for the pres
ent. Do vim think if an appeal was made
to the millionaires of England and the
United Slates for 200,000. it would be
available" If the Sultan of Turkey will
send 2,000 or 3,000 .Nizams to Berber under
Zebehr Pasha, we could not only settle af
fairs at Khartoum, but do for EI
3tabdi, in whose collapse the Sul
tan hi jicecssarily hitercstet I am
sun If it was known how loyally the in
habitants and garrison of Khartoum bold to
me, and how my lot U involved in theirs,
my appeal would be considered fully Justi
fied." Kassaia is sut rounded oy o,wo reoeb,
vflio fire Into the town nightly. Itisreported
that Osman DIgna. Willi 2,000 followers,
again threatens bmklm, and if he attacks
the town, many neutrals will Join him
against the bated Egyptians.
St'AKIM, April 21. Tbe Government lias
Irsnrd a proclamation to the friendly sheiks,
abolishing their taxes and requesting their
assistance In openlm: the mads to Berber
and Kassala. Shpii Morghani approves the
proclamation, which he believes will calm
the natives.
AxxXAXimiA, April 21. It is the opinion
of the German Cholera Commission, which
arrived from India, that there will be no out
break of cholera in Egypt this year.
Strike at w Orleans.
NkwOrleax, April 21. The carpen
ters and Joiners and other house-bulldicg
mechanics have been f often days in a state
ot dissatisfaction. They have been pro
testing agabist middlemen, or con
tractors, wbo take contracts to build
houses. The workmen want to deal
directly with the owner of the work to be
done, and they demand three dollars a daj
wages for alt Journeymen regardless ot stllL
They also demand the excinsTon of all non
union men. A refusal on the part ot bosses
to class all Journeymen as worth the same
wages culminated in an order from the Cen
tral Commit tee of the House-builders' Union
for a general strike. This will stop the
work of about 1,000 men on the Exposition
Trying to Get up a SecretRate.
PinLASELritiA, Pa-, Apnl 21. Charles
Francis Adams, of the Arbitration Board ot
the trunk-tine roads, was a visitor at the
Pennsvlinia Railroad office). The object ot
his visit, it is said, was to ascertain if the
Pennsylvania Railroad would consent to a
secret cut rate. It appears that this is the
only point upon which there is any differ
ence between the (Pennsylvania Railroad
Company and other trunk-line roads. The
Grand Trunk and the longer lines are in
favor of the differential plan, hot ako desire
that In the erent of any further cut ratcs.be
kept secret. Tbe Pennsylvania Railroad
Company will not consent, and so inforxnui
sir. Adams.
A fAilare.
PrrTSBCZQH. April IS. The threatened
strike ot coal miners in the third pool
against a reduction of one cent in the mini'
ratuicafaiture. A number of the miu
are idle kvause of the refusal of their men
to aeeept the reduction. Mt - m3jr,fy -
the pits are in operatm as ureal. Too
miners' officials claim th - n& hare theai
all out la a few davs.
John C Perry, who a
the position ot Justfe at she
Court ot Wvominx Territory, waa
with taralysis ha the pubSe a eti
Brooklyn, while walkmjiwj abjtjirhte
On Hmidred aad Xuie Bodies ot TteUsas
of the Recent Disaster Recovered frossi
etsa Pocahontas Mine.
Twenty bodies were taken out of ta
mine on Saturday, nine beicsidentI8ed not
withstanding their decomposed condition,
Martin Klspen, a German, was Identified
by an envelope In bis pocket which, bore
his ..tame. Peter Hanlsz, a Hungarian,
was Identified by his clothing; a Hnngx-
I ihn n4med KIshhanrerbTa nairof boots!:
a j , r
Jjhn Kay by his pay checks and the-loca-
Uoa In which be was found. John Kiss-
car, a Hungarian, was recognized by his
brother. Edward Mitchell, an American,
was identified by a pair of red drawers
and Boon Maxey by his belt. It
was supposed the latter body
had been brought out before, but la this
case his sisters knew some of his cloth insr.
The body of Rush Davis was Identified by
his curly hair, iiifce. Johns, a Hungarian,
by a peculiarly made jacket. This makes
109 bodies taken out. Seme half oen .
or more are supposed to be bsried i tha J
fan entry. These will not be recovered ?
until the mine is cleaned out, and it Ia J
inougnt uere are some wno wm. never oo
found. All but three of the bodies bara
been buried near the scene of tbe explosion
in a burring ground selected and allotted
as their last resting place by the corn.
pany. Tne managers of the mine an
nounce that they will resume operatloaa
In a lew days.
tad-icatlBE FmUtsUsl Preferences at
Various Polats Wbera Delegates Have .1
Been Chosea Tho Blaine Starla UmA-.
cendant TUden Still TnUud ot.
Dra Mots as, Ia, A prfl 2L
Republican "County Conveatioas held
on Saturday show the following stun-
mary: Appanoose Instructs tor Blaine,
and for an instructed Blaine delegation to
Chicago; Allamakee nnlnstrncted with a , j
majority of the delegates for Blaine; Os- j
ceola delegation unanimous lorXUaine; so '
Is that ot Iowa Coun.y; Adams instructed
for a Blaine State Delegation; Linn
delegation unanimous for Blaine; .
Cedar, a majority for Blaine;
Delaware unanimous for him;
Henry, eight for Blaine, three for Arthur;
Clayton, mainly for Blaine; Davis, nnln
strncted and UDCoramltte.. urawiora,
three for Blaine and four artlalne; Bb-,
chsnan nd KeokuK - aiutrrrclcd and
divided between Blaine, Arthur and Logan-
Twenty-seven ot ninety-nine coun
ties In lows have now held their Republi
can Conventions. These tweuty-sevca
counties will have 259 ot the 917 votes
that wilt bete tho-Stac; COMTOattassr Of
these 219 are for JNalskvt fatty other
candldatea. c
The last of the District Conveatioas waa.
held here Saturday night, and of the six-,
teen delegates chosen Arthur has aUtatsB,
General Anson G. McCook being agtsssac
him. In Niagara County no crave nta
was held, on account ot local ill lasjawni
ments. The Congressional district eWe
cates will not stand far from: Artssasr,
twenty-nine or thirty; Blaine, twsarty
nve, and the rest for Edmunds, or do-
f uL The four delegates at large, t an .
chosen at the State convention at IMca i
next Thursday, will be against Arthna. Jk.
maiority'ol the New York delexatioc is
Chicago will, therefore, be against Use.
President- j
CiscrrxATT. O, April &
An election was held In Hamilton Owav
ty Saturday to select fiity-etght dele
gates to the Cleveland Republican Swsta
Convention to nominate State oficatat
also delegates to the Chicago Conventsass.
At midnight report ot thirty-six dteiJ
gates are classified ?thns: tor Artasar,
ten; Sherman, with Blaine second choice.
eighteen; Blaine, with Sherman tt
choice, four; unknown, four.
County conventions Were held la'stst
State for a similar purpose with the sal
lowing results: Scioto County, nlne-teattst
Blaine; Summit County, Blaine; Prcfca
way County, Sherman; Holmes CouRBjr,
Blaine: Marion County, Blaine; Cotoa
County, Sherman four, Blaine three; Siaa- 1
dusky and Jackson Counties instrucasst
for Bialne. ',
ClIAttLESTOX. W. Ya, April 3.
The Republicans met Saturday aasi
sent delegates to the Republican Staae
Convention at Martlnsburg. InCuentW
delegates from the county say they are lac
Blaine and Lincoln, first, last and all the
time. From what the press correspoasl
ent can learn from prominent poliUciaaa,
the State delegates will be Instructed Sac
Blaine and Lincoln.
Cixteijuto. CC April zL
The Republicans of the Twenty-aM
district on Saturday elected for deltgnaa
to Chicago A. C. riurd, and Edwaa.
Cowies; for;alteruates, G. T. Chapmeta
and D. A. Dangles, ill for Blaise, bmt
Kl otxx. Ll, April 2L
Resolutions indorsirg; Tildes for Presi
dent were adopted ty the Lee Coaaty
Democratic conventk n on Sataruay.
A. SlnrderiMis AhsiH.
Qiisct. Ill, April 31.
About eight o'clock Saturday
evening James McQuade, a no-"
union molder who recently canst
here from Chicago and obtained work la
the stove foundry ot Shannon, Emery k
Co., was returning to hlsboardlng-hoase..
When near the corner of Third and Ken
tucky streets he was pounced upon by
three unknown men and cut In a f earta
manner. He has twelve severe cuts oa
the bead tnd two on the body. He man
aged after being cut to draw and fire a re
volver furnished him by his employers for
protection. Ills assailants; fled before
help came. McQuade was taken to Dr.
Shawgo's office and his wounds sewed
np. He will probably die.
A'l.ood Recovery.
A ladv in Brooklyn. X. Y.. took out
her diamond ear-rings rained at SiOv- '
eaoh, tho other night, and wrapptn
them in a piece of paper left them on
the dining-room mantel. A relative.
very neat housekeeper, finding tha
crumpled bit of paper on the mantel,
threw it into the kitchen, stove. Tha
next day the owner of the diamonds
asked if any one bad seen a bit of pa-
Eer on tho "mantcL the careful houso
ceper stated whatsbo hail done with
it. and then two anxious ladies got the
ashes out of the stove and proceeded to
pass them through a Coursieve. When,
abont half the stuff had been emptied
oa the sieve a small black and yellow
chunk rolled over the edge ot the coal
ttl It trss a rorv warm niece ot
gold, and was all that remained of tha ,"
setting. A little more-raking and twr j
euib tn handle Jhey Wbpt i
rw? .. .....w ... ..... u. .. ,b
cndrmislssett hf btn'y
Atvcrxork jsrwrTi
aftaraoOB. 2- lv,

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