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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, May 01, 1884, Image 1

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Beveled ta the Interests -oftae Otcrekcc, Chectawn, Chlckasawi, Seariaelef, Creeks, and all Other IadlaB of the Iaalaa Tcnltorj-.
JSejwrf itS wifMfeH Utt teest aad caBpktest starts la lie Indlaa Territory is that or
T get aaTtfcgriwwtdUMter tie Terx best qnallty to be had in thecal it ry.
Aa a rail
G MtT 8MM BEFAXTXE5T eoatahu m Imkih stock ef eTerj Tsrirtj or the best and most serviceable llrj
, 6tk. Ik
OK CUWMS6 jAKEXEST yea wffl to tie targrst Sleek or ant-class dotalnr, Boelsj Sboss, Hat, lailiei' are!
UK JQLLDfgKT BSEaKT3QST is laSy f to tietiaKS iaall Uu Litest Style rod Fashions
CS 9WCKRX MCPlSTXEXT is realete wilk eferj kid erstafle aad Paf Groceries, Flour, Bacon, Canned Goods,
Crackers, Cheese, Bte.
UK XARABSS SEPAKTJreXT has a hi Itec rf SaABes, Karat and Leather Goods or ail kinds. In
CK AGRICULTURAL UTLEXEST BPARTSEXT jn cm get Wagon, Buggies, Plowc, Spring- Wagons, Etc
UK EARBWARE WEPART3ffiSX k well stocked with .Tails, Screws, Chains, Hinges, Tinware, Axes; Utensils Tool.
Bte. Tea irtH 84 is
UK (KASS A5 CXESSWARE F.PARTXXT every Tartety r Dishes, Crocks Jars, Jogs, Etc. While In
UK BROS 3T0&E BCPARTXEST y will fed a splfsjiti stock or Tare, Nice Drags, Medicine, complete id every re'
saeet. PreserifttlwH eareMIy cefMded if a skilled apothecary. In this connection ne hare also an immense
at rf Ratbag, Laatf, decks, CBrerfiaaery, Etc Asd a
STATMRBRr A5B 9 BEPARTXEST where yea will and every variety r WriUnj Materials, Taper, Blank Boob
Sote aai Jaeatlat Boats, School Books, sad a itee or goo J Reading Books Prose and Poetry.
Onr Prices are as Low as the Lowest. Come and See Us.
W. r. TROTT, Proprietor.
F keep reiiM.iilJr oa hand supply of lKth Native and Xortbern PJne Lumber. Mro Shin
tea. Bout. Sash. Minis. Mouldings. Etn. Tne XaUve Fine, bainr shipped from the Cboctow
&atfea.iBnCqwttr. OKDEBS SOLICITED.
Itevm, JPateaediQiri, ITotions, Stationery,
- Etc.'; also a Full line of Cigars. Tobaccos '
and Confectioneries.
Sea4Barten of afl tie Sectors is Tkilta at K. FKaZEETS Red Front, one door
West r 'Frisco Ktel.
M. FRAZEE, Vinita, Indian Territory.
Keep esaataatly on haadtfes Choicest Stable and Fancr Groceries In the Market. Also
Fruit ftftiaites, Fn Qmisinri, Glassware aad Tinware.
Bxaaalae ortoclc to the ?f eir BuHMai n (be Coraer. two door. Km of A. C.
Kafaws4 4c Co.'. Hardware Stare.
Wa.Inale uU Ketmlt Braltn la
Also carry a complete line of
Dry Goods, Hats and Caps,
Groceries, Queensware,
Ctothing, Tinware,
Boots and Shoes, Notions, Etc.
tack Spfe iff Mm Always i Stoct.
Don't fail to see onr stock and learn bnr prices
before "buying.
TVjSI. I.ITTXJE & CO., Vinita, Indian Ter.
JL151 FAIB r IL9ES, FOKS a FBBDCE. Cash or Cattle taken in Ex-
efcaas far Gee-
Mwrtaeat t eTcrytktag wasted by ear
& GO., Virata,
tajx mis, VI WIT,
r. a nhutot.
Indian Territory.
' W W JAHV13.
For the purcture and fide of
13 NsUrad Slock Yard, E. St. LouU.
tZnUbenU sdranccs made on consignments.
Ldcstrd ai East M. Loulr, III.
DUrwllr opposite the city of St. Lout. Uu yen
far all description of Live Stock alwarsinat
tendance, and within the rroand f the Stock
Tards are a Dwf CitininK Onnpanr. with a
repacitj'forfclaughtcriiur l.trM head of cattla
dailr. and roric Paekins BrtaWUhmrnU wita
a capadtj- for rlaushterlns COin nopi daily.
ISAAC II. KXOX, President
Pnllman PjiIjicc Hotel Cars
tlirouglito St. LoulSjTia
Sedalia, Daily.
Direct Route "West ami South
west Tia Kansas City.
IT P11ICA? niTV Tnion Depot passunrrn
ftl KAnoAd Ull I for Kane., Coionvlo.
New ilexico and California connect with Ki
pren Trains of all lines.
IT lTPUICnH Clonnpction Is mado witi
A I AlUnioUnExprcvi Trains for aC
Points m Kansas and Nebraska.
IT nUAU A Connection is mails with BE
i umnun
l line lsadlns to the North an4
F. CHAXDLER, G'en. Pass. Afftnt.
C B. KI"XA', As't Gen, Pass. Agent.
F. L. DECKER, Agent at Vinita.
p a -r-r.-oP'-A.Tg'
Tho Direct Thronrj Route Between
Fast Express Trains are Itun Daily. Si
Chan;eof Cars.
Through Pullman Paloco Sleepinc Cars ere
run dally, whhout rhn.p, between ST. LOUIS,
Ma. and SAX FRANriSCO. raL
anjUUO acres of rkh farmin? ami mineral
lands for fate by thlscorapanr in SOUTHWEST
CSFor full and part'eular infnrmatJfin. wttb
5Ihp,TimBTaUen. KaU- tcraH nrn ormi
dreiuiyoroarMati)nAcent,oroitterortl.o undernamed.
D. WISIIAUT. Ceneral Kwner Agent, St
C. W. avLE. Connral Fnasht Aarat. St. Loula
C W. KOOEUS. Vita Pnsidev i-kI Oenerai
Uasagcx, Tcsplo UtiHdin, al Lcuii. iia
lai Pas
A tVEUDnEssEu man wasdclectetl
on Broailwaj-, Xcw York, the other day,
squirting oil oa people's clothes from a
can concealed on his person.
A bull-dog in France bit off a lad's
two fingers. The owner of the animal
jwore the dog was like a Iamb, till the
fingers were found in its stomach.
The body of a rabid dog was rcccntlar
rliwccicd at Chicago. In its stomach
was found the remnants of a rubber coat
which it had torn from the back of a
man it had attacked.
Over two hundred Confederate sol
diers draw pensioris frorti the Stale of
Virginia at the rate of sixty dollars a
year for each limb lost, This is intend
ed to corerthe cost'of artificial Ktabs.
A Siieltok, Conn., man recently sold
a farm on which be had lired for nearly
fifty years, and gave a warranty deed
therefor free from all encumbrance. A
search M the town records revealed the
fact that there were not only two uncan
celed mortgages on the property, but
'that he bad not been the owner of It for
eighteen years past,
Tue Supreme Court of Missouri has
decided that a warrant for a misde
meanor cannot be issued by a Justice of
the Peace on an affidavit by a private
person. Prosecution mtit be by indict
ment or by information of the Pro.ecn-
timr Attorncr. A knowledge of this fact
will save the officers of the law a great
deal of annoyance and unnecessary
Tiiere '-ill shortly be shipped from
London to 2fcw York fifteen pairs of
swans to replace the same number that
were poisoned by oil escaping from the
pipes of tiie Standard Oil Company at
Bamapo, X. J., during the freshet last
year. The company was not liable for
damage under the circumstances, but
decided to replace them. They cost
about live hundred dollars.
John Paukott, the pioneer banker,
of San Francisco, who died rcccnty, left
a curious will. His estate, valued at
$j.000,000, was not to to dirided until
the death of his widow. She will act
as trustee of the property devised to her
and her children. Even one son, who
is of ace, was willed 2c profits of a
large ranch "as long as his mother ap
proves of his conduct;" in contrary
event she has power to divide the in
come among the other children.
dm. n an .-,..-. n JM J?4 -l.l..
ottttiXennsylvaBia Road tia numbrfeeT,
cracked during the past three years was
at the rate of 2,863 per year (0.55 per
cent), or (0.C55 per cent in all. An
average mileage of the wheels re
moved from Pullman passenger cars
was very nearly 70,000; under ordinary
pajengcr cars. 52,000; the largest aver
age mileage under locomotives was 49,
12, by thirty-inch wheels under freight
engines; the shortest was 35,5&'J by
twenty-eight-inch wheels under passen
ger Wouiotivns.
Carlos Agueiio, tho Cuban Kevolu
tktnary leader. Is a man below the
medium height and weighs onU one
hundred and If 1 eon pounds, lie has
black curling hair and a small mustache
which turns up at the ends. Ills smiles
arc grim, and there is a look of fierce
ness about his face, but ordinarily he is
the mast harmless terson imaginable in
appearance. Agucro belongs to a wealthy
family in Puerto Principe. He b not
yet thirty, and has been in arms against
Spanish authority in Cuba almost con
tinuously since he was fourteen. No
one who knows him doubts bis braverv.
It appears from a recent statement
made by one of the most extensive iron
founders in England, that owing to the
improvements lately made in the manu
facture of coke, the yield of the latter.
cr ton of coal, has been increased
from about sixty per cent, to seventy
five and seven ty-tcven per cent. At
the same time that the yield of coke has
been thus increased, the by-products
have been utilized to the extent of seven
gallons of tar anil thirty gallons of am
moniacal liquor per ton of coal. This
advance in the utilization of by-pro-ducts
means, in a word, a reduction in
the cost of the production of iron.
A region of ridge lands in Central
Georgia, embracingfour hundred square
miles, is pronounrcd the finest peach
growing territory in the world. Re
cently large profits have been made
there. There are eight hundred acres
of peach trees in the immediate vicinity
of Griffin. Lands contiguous have fruit
killed by frwst two years out of three,
while the fruit on the ridge escapes.
Not only this, but 'he soil makes an
unusually sweet-flavored fruit, adorned
with uncommonly tivid coloring. The
Chinese cling -.-nclies raided on this
ridge bring six dollars a bushel in the
Northern market when other peaches
tell for only two dollars a busheL
The seacoast of Southern Florida is
to be brought into competition with
Ceylon, the Malabar and Coromandel'
coasts of India, the tropical inlands of
the Pacific, the West Indias, and South
America, where immense groves of co
coanut trees may be seen. An enter
prising capitalist of New Jersey, who
itcs millions in the project, has started
an extensive plantation of cocoanut I
trees in .Dade Uounty, along tne coast
of Southwestern Florida. One hundred
thousand plants have been set out on a
tract of about one thousand acres at a
. i i..siniAi .-.!.....-;.....-
cost of nearly c-10,000, and next winter
the number will be largelv augmented.
The plants were placed in holes three
feet deep and from twenty to thirty feet
apart- It requires six years for the
trees to begin to yield returns, but it is
estimated that in ten years tho grove
will pay tea per cet. oa a valuation of
A SBntaarr or the Daily Newt.
Ca motion of Mr. Cameron, of Wiaccn-
tin, the Senate on the 3d lookup tho bill to
accept and ratifr certain agreement made
wtththeSloox Indiana, and rrant the right
of way to the Chicago. Milwaukee &St- Paul
Hall-ray Company through the Sioux Reaerra-
tion in Dakota. Tho bill paawd without de
bate. On motion of Mr. Cameron, or Wlcon
(in. the Senate took nn a timllar bill to c
rrfcl and ratify a certain a,ere3irjBt llh the
Sioux Ind ana and grant the right of way to
use msota central Railway Company
through the Sioux Reservation. The bill
passed without debate The !loue went
Into Committee of the Whole on the Tariff
bilL After debato the committee rose and
the House again wrnt into Uommitteo of the
Whole on the Pension Appropriation MIL Tho
committee arw and reported the blUtothe
Hoove, when, it paved. At the erening scs
sloa Mr. Evans, of Pennjrlranla. In the ntns
of fourteen hundred manufacturing Indus-
inn in nis aisinct. Drotrtini aninsLine na&s
age of the Morrfeon til'L Mr. EMrk'ge favored
a complete revision of the tariff.
Jkja. Vest, lathe Senate on the S3., re
ported farorbly a bill for a bridgo over the
Missouri near Sibley. Mo. The bill amending
the. revised statutes In relation to timber
depredations was pawed. It protects Indian
reservations from the unlawful cutting of
Umber. The Chair laid before the Senate the
special order, being a bill to establish a bureau
of animal Industry to prevent the exportat'oa
of diseased cattle, provide for the extirpation
of pjeuro-pneumonia and ot her contagioudls
caacs among domestic anjnuls. The House
bill was substituted for the Ssn.te bilL Pend
ing debate the Senate went Into executive ses
sion and soon adjourned.. Jn tho House. Mr.
Turner, of Georgia. Chairman of the Com
mittee on Elections, called up the Kansas con
tested election case of Wood vs. Peters. A
majority of the committee declared In favor
of the sitting member. Mr. Peters. A resolu
tion by the minority provided for the seating
or the contestant. Mr. Wood. The greater
portion of the day wa consumed In the dis
cussion of the cac. Finally the minority
resolution was lost, only two members.
Mera. Bennett nnd Welfrr. voting In the
affirmative and the majority resolution was
adopted. The House then went into Com
mittee of the Whole on the Naval bilL The
evening session was devoted to a disras&ian
of the Morrison Tariff bilL
Tire Chair, on the 21th, laid before the
Senate a communication from the Attorney
General rcnnettlng that immediate provision
be made by a Joint remiutlon of Congress for
the psrtneot of Jurors and witnesses in the
United States Courts. The sum recommended
sas fQ.0U). A bill was passed providing for
the disposal of abandoned military reserva
tions. Tho bill amending the revised statutes,
relating to trespasses on Indian lands, was
passed. It adds Imprisonment to the One
already provided for. The Chair laid before
the Senate unflnbhed business being a bUl to
provid? for a bureau of cnimal in-
ausiry ana to suppress cattlo diseases.
In the House, a ioint resolution
was parsed autborizisjr the Secretary of
War to lease to the Board of Fish Commis
sioners of Michigan a certain strip of land
adjacent to the bault Ste. Marie CanaL The
House then went Into Committee of the
Whole for the consideration of the Senate
amendments to the Naval Appropriation bilL
Some discussion followed regardinr the bill,
when the commttlro ros and thrt Hnnw
agreed tn its report, the vote on concurrence
ininooranancn amendment Dcinr: Vrasias
mines of the Whole, and the House nrocced.
Ing to their consideration the amendments
were non-concurred In. A revision of thfc
vote in the House on tho ordnance amend
ment snows that It stood yeas, IT;: nays, 108.
la the Senate, on the 25th, Mr. Blair, of
the Committee on Education and Labor, re
ported favorably the House bill to establish
and maintain a bureau of labor statistics:
also, the bill Introduced In the Senate to pro
vide for the study or physiology and effects of
intoxicating narcotics and poisonous sub
stances on life, health and welfare among the
fienatn on
his Joint resolution recently submitted and
several mus already introduced relating to
inter-state commerce. The Joint resolution
was referred to the Committee on Railroads,
The Pieuro-pneumonia bill was then taken up.
.. The Hoiik; went Into Committee of the
Whole on the qriratp calendar. I'n to 3 JO
o'clock the time of the committee was con
sumed in the consideration of the bill for the
relief of Myra Clarke t:ins. The unfinished
businesscomlng over from last Friday was the
Mil relioTlng certain soldiers of the late war
from the charreof desertion. Mr. Steele moved
to rerer the bill to the Committee on Military
Affairs. Pending a vote, the House took a
recess until 7 JO o'clock. The House at the
evening session passed fifteen pension bills
and then adjourned.
The Senate was nit in session the 2Glh.
....The House proceeded to the consideration
of the special order to remove certain burdens
from the American merchant marinejicd to en
courage the American foreign carrj in trade.
Mr. Cox. of New York, offored an Imp dment
provMIng from and after the passage of the
act it shall be lawful for any citi
zen of the United States to mport
iron or steel built steamship ' f not
less than l."0 tons, measurement ne of
duty, and such ships shall be adirlacd to
American rcrh-try; provided said sLips shall
be theexcluive property of a citizen or citt
xens of lira United State;; and prori led fur
ther such ships shall t excluded f.sim the
coartwise trade. The amendment wts agreed
to yeas III. nays . Other amendments
were made and the bill passed.
TnE National Committee of th IroLiLI
bition and Home Protectlou party an
nounces Its national con vent it n, which was
to have been teld at PiUsbtush, May SI,
postponed till July 22.
The Democratic State and I'arish tickets
were generally success ful In Lonlsiaua at
the recent electian. A light vote was
PaoFESSOR Wioci.is claimed that the re
cent storms and earthquake in England
were a fair fulfillment of bis March predic
tions. The death is announced of John Lan
caster, fellow ot the Royal Geographical
Society, London. It was Mr. Lancaster
who brought his yacht under firo during
the action between the Krarsarge and
Alabama, oT Cherbourg. In 1S9I, and who
saved Captain Semraes and several ot the
crew of the Alabama.
Isaac If. Arxolo, a well known barrister
of Chicago, died on the 21th.
RrrftEsrjcTATiVE ItEAoaa, of Texas,
Chairman ot the House Committee on Com
i5ere, was reported seriously Ut from
bladder complaint. Two operations have
been performed. Apprehensions that he
will not recover are entertained by bis
Vox Mgltke was ill with catarrh of tho
lungs. lie has obtaineda long leave of ab
sencr, and will retire to his estates In Si
The KnJghU ot Pythias had a grand
parade In New Orleans on the 21th.
Halt of the Arab quarters at Port Said
burned recently. Four thousand Arabs
were rendered homeless.
The Canadian Pacific was about to re
dact the locomotive department one hun
dred men, owing to depression in iusl
ness. TflE Secretary of the Treasury has
notified Wicker, Collector ot Customs at
Key West, of his removal from office.
J. C Bu&sows, of Michigan, recently
nominated and confirmed as Solicitor of
the Treasury, has written to the President
formally declining the office.
Saqaxobe Mill o. 1, at Fall River, I
Mass., was burned the other mornin-. j
Loss, ?ju,wu; insurance, uQ0,Ou9. The fire
was alleged to be incendiary, the mill be-
me the scene of a recent strike.
TnE British Government has decided to
send aa expedition for the relief of Berber.
The remains ot Julien Martinetti, the
;e"-known down, who fell dead in the'
nng recently, at Davtou, O., were taken to i
jtBiujaa,, ...
Tnz American Oxk leather tannery
Ibarned recently at Cincinnati. Loss about I
KSXtyWO, nearly covered by insurance.
Twelve business houses wire bnrnc.1 at
H"oosl4:r' u" nur- Supposed incca-
Ynv ,. . . .... . ..,, f ..... . . .
struck at WeIULurs.v". Va., recontly.es
depth of 1,235 feet, Tho well was owned
MAY 1, 1884,
byDaUelt Breth-rs ft Gillraore, of Pitts
burgh. Tho gas escapes from a six inch
pipe with a deafening sound.
The wholesale drng store of Rumble,
Cutter & Co., ot Cincinnati was destroyed
tty Are on the morning of the 23th. Los.
very heaTy.
The Henry County Lottery oi Louisville,
Ky., has suspended operations. The offi
cers claim the company could not bs oper
ated under existing laws.
The strikers of the stove foundry of
Sherman 8. Jewett & Co., of Buffalo, X.
Y., resumed wotk at fifteen per cent re
dttctiolt in tt&ges. They were satisfied
after ft. conference with the firm that the
reduction was necessary:
FalLCaxs the past week in tne United
states, IG3; in Canada, 21; compared with
1TG the previous week.
FaAXE .Luces was acquitted at Hunts-
ville,' Ala., ot the Mussel Shoals n&bery.
He wa immedUUly re-arrested for com
plicity in the train robbery at OttarvL'le,
Mo., on the night of Jnly 8, ISTd. Tl Ian
arrest was thought to be for the purpose of
thwarting bis arrest by the Minnesota
aathorities for the bank robbery and mnr-
dsr at Nprthticld, in that State.September,
Advices from India state that the ehol
era was abating at Calcutta. One death
from cholera was reported at Bombay.
Ruoo was found guilty of tbemtuderol
Mrs: Maybee and daughter at Oyster Bay,
L. L A motion for a new trial was denied.
THE clothing establishment of J. Knox &
Cc, at Akron, O., burned the other morn
ing; Loss, $4J,00J; insnrance, $40,000.
The official report of the inquiry Into the
loss of the steamer Daniel Steinmanc
states that Captain Schoonhoven made no
observations on the day of the disaster
and was, therefore, uncertain of his posi
tion. The night was dark, foggy and
rainy, and It was highly Imprudent, under
all the circumstances, to attempt to enter
the pert of Halifax. To these eiraam
stances alone can be attributed He kiss ot
the fine ship and the lives of 121 persomi.
The Anchor Line Steamer John Scndder,
from St. Louis to New Orleans, while max
ing a landing at Bradford's point recently
swung in broadside on the point and stove
in thirty feet of her larboard hull.
Tax steamer Peruvian, from Liverpool
for Quebec, was forced to go to Halifax to
discharge mails and passengers. She
ccnld not make Quebec owing to the ice.
CaaaLES HASTtxas, William Cann and
Frank Pease were drowned the other after
noon at Midland, Ont., by the upsetting of
a yacht.
The grain elevators of Smith, Hippen &
Co. and Hudnnt & Co., at Pekin, I1L, were
destroyed by fire the other night. Ths
grain was partially insured. The total loss
was estimated at 450,000.
Ax old man named Jellenson was
dragged out of bed at Audubon, Iowa, by
four men and hanged naked to a tree. He
was an inoffensive farmer and the'erim
was supposed io have beea committed by
relatives, one ot whom was a desperado.
The arbitration committees of the Carpet
Manufacturers Association and the Carpet
Weavers' Protective Union of Philadel
phia agreed not to change tho present
scale of wages. Daring the past five years
the manufacturers and employes have met
together every six months and arranged a
schedule ot prices. Trade was reported
A terbible cyclone devaitated Mont
gomery and Greene Counties, O., on the
afternoea of the 27th. Jamestown, a city
of seven huridred inhabitants, was almost
swept out of existence, and six persons
were killed. There was loss of life at other
points devastated by the storm, and the
destruction of property was immense.
A baxd of fifty-three Haytian Creole
landed in Cuba to reinforce Aguero'a band.
Gbaxo Master of Orangrmn at Belfast
has received a letter warning him that ths
Inviccibles are on his track.
The Polar conference at Vienna has ter.
minuted its labors. Lieutenant Ray of tbt
United States and other delegates wen
presented to the Emperor.
The International Exposition at Turin,
Italy, was opened to tho public recently by
Kin; Humbert and Queen Margaret. Man
foreigners were present.
UxcstJAL activity has been displayed .by
the potica of Dublirf of late. It is believed
the Government ban received Infonnatior
which' renders it expedient to be keenlj
Farlet's stave factory at Paducah, Ky.
burned recntly.
Bcltsax, ToaTxras & Co., of N-
York, have made an assignment.
A txretblx fire raged at Panama on ths
27th and 2Stb. DU orders prevailed an J
several plunderers were shot by citixens in
protecting their property.
Two thousand miners who were recently
on a strike at Irwin's Station, Pa., resumed
work, the Westmoreland Company yield
ing to th. demand to remove one inch of
the screen.
A couple of prominent colored politi
cians Isaac Leggin and James Parker
Speers, were arrested reciutly at Grays-
burg, N. C, when about to engage In a
duel. Legrin bad on two overcoats and a
sheet-iron plate fifteen laches square as a
chert protector "to keep out Ihe cold." he
explained. Bad blood'grew out of differ
ences as to Presidential candidates.
Ir was recently announced at Vienna
that a new planet had been discovered at
the Astronomical Observatory. It appears
like a star of the second magnitude. It was
first observed about ten o'clock on the
n'ght of the 26th in the constellation of
Ax the last sitting of tho Medina County
(Tex.) Grand Jury flfiy-three men were
indicted for one hundred misdemeanors
and forty-one cases of fence bnrmng, fence
cutting, conspiracy to murder State wit
nesses, etc.
A bill was recently introduced in the
Rous, providing that it shall be unlawful
to collect fare on any conveyance through
out the United States when passengers ase
unable to secure a s.-at.
The issue of silver dollars for the week
ended April 26 was 23C J97; for the corrcs
pond.ng period last year 103,000.
Arbccxle's coffee mills, Brooklyn, were
destroyed by fire on the 23th. Loss esti
mated between $100,003 and 130,000.
The negro Rngg, convicted of the mur
der of Annie Maybee, at Hunter's Point,
L. L, was sentenced to be hanged June 6
The farmers in the vicinity of Columbus,
Tex., have to replant their cotton on ac
tount of cold weather and heavy rains.
Tnx Senate, on the 2S:h, again discussed
the bill to provide a bureau of animal in
dustry. A bill was passed to consolidate
the Bureau ot Military Justice and the
Corps of Judge Advocates ot the Army.
Nothing of importance was transaced in
the House. The evening session was de
voted to he Tariff bill bet there was only
a small attendance.
Forest fires in Mihigan and Pennsyl
vania, recently, destroyed immense
amounts of property.
The report recently published in New
York that negotiations vera pending be
tween the Governments of Spain and
Mexico looking to the transfer by the
former to the latter of the island of Cuba
ras regarded as absurd by tho Spanish
Minister at Washington and altrgather im
probable by ths Mexican Representative.
'!.- ftJU
A Destmetlre Tornado la Ohio Andertoa
Canty, Kaetaas. also lias a Cjctoor.-
CiNCiAAATi, April 2X- A Jaaiestows;
Green County, 0., special says a terriblo
syclone struck Jamestown Sbeut tire o'clock
esterday afternoon: two-thirds of UW
town was completely rained, and six per
sons killed, Mraely: Miss Stella Jones,
ged 15, Esculapia fepriCj! Ky.J Mrs. Ansa
Carpenter; Letltia Jenkins, daiistt't di &
3. Jenkins ;Miss Kate Boetler, Mrs. Ste
art, a colored woman and a son of James
Paulls. Several badly wounded. No es
timate ot the damage is possible now.
Further fictsifct cnnot be xiren at this
rcjrmxK r.uttfctLAES
V'rhx. 0 Aoril 2S.- ShoTtfr feffrTa
five o'clock fcrday afternoon tie. most
, destructive cyclone efer known in thb part
of the country passed over the scathem part
of Montgomery and Greene Counties, devas
tating everything in its course. It appears
tofagorilftaiednar Woodbury, a small
town abotit ten" tailfa soath of here, and eye
witnesses describe; it fe appalling W its 1 ury
Authentic statement is that the tyeloHe
was fenned by a union of two light ftomv
clouds from the south and northwest
wKch immediately assumed the form of a
water-JpoM, rising and descending like
waves of fie sa, and destroyed everything
in Its war. Mr. . Best of this dty, who
was near enough to obxrvtj (separately, tars
that U was fully oneeighta or a nam wise
and moved about over the country like an
immense cloud of smoke, while everywhere
iri 14 path the an- was dark with trees and
rutns 01 nounes: rorewweremoweauowii
like weeds, fences uestrtfyea for miles and
It U estimated that In this county alese
at least twenty residences are' in mins,
to say nothing of the less va
otfc buildings, Uvo stock and faftn
property. At Axandersvule, six miles
south of here, several peC?J9 are known to
be injured and one lady reported JHAl,
while a saw mill, bams and other buildings
are destroyed. At Carrolltoa Friend's
paper thill smi other 'buildings are badly
damaged, while a number of residences are
reported destroyed. Telegraph lines are
down In all directions and the toads aw in
pasable from the ruins that fill them. Neaf
Woodbura residences Mid -other bandings
belonging to Edward Wheatley were de
stroyed, with other property, amounUna in
all to S',000. Two farm hands are
A brick school bouse, No. A is destroyed
and the root was carried five hundred yards.
Mr. Harris' house and bam was destfDTdf
One child was caught in the cyclone ana
carried two hundred yards and dropped to
earth slightly injured. Mr. Mltchcls' house
and barn was partly ruined. Mr. Ridenour's
property was badly damaged. Abner Har
ris' barn and other buildings were destroyed.
The names ot the other losers cannot
be ascertained, but considering the large
number of houses destroyed, thae must be
a heavy loss in the -vicinity of Maimbburg.
There's a heavy damage in this city. There
was heavy rain and hail, but little wind. One
ot the freaks ot the cyclone is that in
Dajrtra and a few miles south of it there
was rain and halL, while south of it there
was rain and nn nail, still further hall ami
no ram, and in the sections ot country de
vastated neither rain nor hafl. At Bell
Brook, Green County, at learf C"-'- ann
houses are more or less duruged, b-: the
families, generally, esca;d by taking
refuge in cellars. From Carrollton the
cyclone took a direct easterly course, aad its
force was not in the least spent when it
reached Jamestown, a thriving village of
six hundred Inhabitants which b reported
with only a few buildings standing; Xeage
telegraph reports state that four people ara
known to liave been killed while twenty are
more or lens injured. Among others the
residence of L. Ulcxersnam was lifted from
its foundation and carried quite a distance.
Owing to the scarce settlement of the coun
ties and the blockaded roads accurate
derails cannot be obtalaed, but with such
a loss ot property that of life must be
terrible. Near NeLia there was consider
able destruction. The Soldiers' and Sailors'
Orphans' Home was badly damaged; the
bam, laundry and other buildings were de
stroyed, while the hospital and otlicrs were
unroofed. Miss Harvey, matron, and Night
Watchman Richardson were injured, but no
children hurt. Between Jasper and Cedar
Creek, on the narrow gauge road, the dam
age b great to farm property, and at this
point trains were unable to move on
account of the wind, while others didn't
dare to pa over the Cedar trestle, dur
ing the cjctotie. J tl all directions south and
east trf here the scene of destruction defies
description. Wliole forests were cut down
like weeds. Trees and small bnildiugs were
can led long distances in the air.
Gaknett, Ka, April 23. The whole
city was thrown Into a fever of excitement
at half-past five o'clock Saturday evening,
by the appearance of a cyclone, which
teemed to traverse the west part of this
county, and was plainly vKibie from the city
tor a tx-THxl of nearly half an hour. It was
so Plain that our photographers took good
views of it from tills city. It had the appear
ance of a large rope, black In color and as
large as a Iiorseslioe, extending all the way
from the earth to the cJotuK It was aImot
perpendicular near the earth, but leaned
northward at the top until it reached the
clouds, when it stretched almost horizon
tally through them for a great distance.
Vbur correspondent visited 'the scene and
found that it was a dry cyclone no water
falling wiUt it It formed near West
phalia, seventeen miles west of Gamett
and passed northeast a distance of eight or
nine miles. Three miles north of West
phalia it cauzht David Metheney driving
home on a load of lumber. It carried, him
a considerable distance in the air and
dropped him. Although no bones were
broken, he sustained Mich severe internal
Injuries that it may prove fatal. His wason
and lumber were scattered all over the
township and his horses carried sixty
feet and the harness stripped from
tlicm. Its coarse was over an open
stiftch of prairie, else it would
have done great damage. It broke lust
north of Captain Kcppert's farm, through
which it pascd. It left a zigzag track about
twenty feet wide, and moved wonderfullv
slow. At Reppert's farm It circled around
between his house and bam, destroying his
garden and barnyard fences. It was not
remarkable for the damage caused but for
the, excitement it creatcil. and an the people
in Anderson ami Coffey County must have
teen it plainly for fnlly half an hour.
5rr West. Fla, April 2S- The
fcbooner Wlnfield, twelve tons, was taken
from her moorings at Key Largo, Thursday
night, between eight and nine o'clock.
Largo is about one hundred miles distant
up die reef and about thirty miles
frtu where the frigate Yantic Is
lying. It is thought another small
party may have gone across to Cuba,
altliough it is supposed the leader of the
neat expedition is still here. It Is rumored
that some men are missing. That another
expedition lias started or will start is un
questioned. It is generally believed that
only funds arc wanting and that the present
.Vdcral fore, would avail nothing if the
blhusters were ready.
No Compromise Made.
Chicago, April 26. The conference be
tween the representatives of Burlington
and the officials of the roads in the Western
Trunk Line Association was concluded at
rwo o'clock yesterday afternoon. No defi
nite or final settlement of the differences
was made, nor can there be until the basis
for competing for the Colorado and
Nebraska business between the Kurlington
and Union Pacific has been agreed urea.
If a satisfactory understanding tctween the
two roads can be reached a to this ques
tion, it was conceded at tie conference that
the adjustment of thi other matters la coo
qroversy will be possible.
VOL!!. NO, 33.
" m i.stw
An America laveatioai Whereby ry
Jfavy May Cot Soeeesifnlly tTlHi to
Most Fretentloa.-ByMjnlla Hosbb. Tit
front Ordinary Cassm Good Bf Woa
Ctads. New Tore, ApnlSBL
For the first time, a dynamite bomb was
successfully tfcrown frora an ordinary
sannon. The plae selected for the trial
of this new projectile a trial which, 11
claimed, marks a red-ietter day la the his
tory of modern warfare waa a long, lew
swamp back of Greenville, N. J. A little
jroup ot men bung about aa onHiiry
sannon, pointed up the salt massa. 7
the left lay Newark, and ttf tae right
Morris Canal. Another group ol asea
stood on a bridge across the canal aAest
block from the cannon, looking at tae
first crowd through field-glasses. Mr.
F. II. Snyder, the inventor of tie
projectile, exhibited tae eaaaes,
in ordinary fcror-incb, twelve- poaa
der, from Governor's Ialaad. It WSsU
loaded with one and oae-talt pouada ot
powder. Next, a wad made of roaad
disks ot leather, with apbal spriag
separating tbexa, held the powder ia
place. Then the projectile Itself waa
put In place. It looks Brack like -a
very large cartridge stoat a foot long.
ind four Inches In diameter, live
peaads of dynamite were stored la tae
upper end cf the projectile am! the
lower end slldca Into a case contain
ing a rubber cushion fall of holes.
The dynamite represented tbe ballet of
an ordinary cartridge, and the casbioa
was In the place occupied by the powder.
This rubber cushion was the secret of
the invention. Through It the dyna
rrile is thrown from tbe gun wlthoat ex
the shock of the cxplodlnsj powder woalJ
Ignite the dynamite before it left tae gun.
but this cushion counteracts the effect of
the shock, and tie bomb is fired wltioat
feeling the suddea blow aa tin powder
behind it explodea. Tie cannoa was
loaded, and a long wire attached to it
leading to the bridge. The men who be
fore had occupied places on tie
bridge moved to a hill several block
further away. A bald-headed man, with
a blue coat hid behind a boat with his
fingers In his ears'. There was only room
for one there, and his companion, with,
his silk hat grasped firmly la his band,
went scudding swiftly np the tow path
at the canaL A third spectator strug
gled, ankle deep. In a cistern marsh.
'Are you aU ready?" sang out the maa
at the wire. Everyone on tia bridge tried
w get behind bis neighbor aa the word
.vas given. A puff of smoke, a loud re
port, and the rubber buffer and the wad
were seen to drop a hundred yards away.
A second later a shower ot earth flew up
nearly a mile distant. Where the shot
struck the earti was soft and, as ex
pected, the dynamite did not explode. A
party ot men seat to dls ap the missile,
after digging down six feet, gave up for
the evening. Next a projectile for naval
warfare was shot across the water. TaU
was of wood, brass capped, four feet
long, tbaped like a cigar, and at the lower
end bad four wings ot steal, placed pre
cisely as the feathers of an arrow.
The theory was that the shot
would strike the water, ricochet,
and, skipping over the wares',
to the most powerful vesseL A yoang
-nan brought the missile on his shoalder
and placed it gingerly by the side of the
cannon. Mr. Snyder unscrewed the
pointed end and put In more dynamite.'
Again the word was gives, and the bomb
went skipping over ths bay toward New
ark. The wooden part broke, however,
so the rotary motion expected to be given
was not shown. It had been intended to
recover the projectiles that had been fired
and explode them afterward, but aa one
was too deep In the marsh and the other
in tbe water, the dynamite la tbe dinner
pall was touched off Instead. Explaining
his invention Mr. Snyder said, "Ihavu
been working on this for two years. A
twenty-pound projectile, sufficient to an
nlhilats the most powerful vessel, can be
made for $20 less than the cot of an or
dinary shell. The invention of this rub
ber seems a simple, evcry-day thins, bnt
that Is its beauty." The experiments
were made br the Dynamite Projectile
Company, of No. 20C Broadway. Ths
Government will try the shells at Sandy
Hook in a few days.
An Itjlnol. Banker Badly Fleeced by Den vet
Dnnku Men He Beturn. to HI. Horn.
Only to be O.ertaken Suddenly by Death.
PzoniA. lix-, April 2C
When Harvey UoIman,an old citizen and
bmnVerol ChlUIcothe,in this County, died
suddenly here last Sunday, on his return
from Denver, it was rumored that while
lu that city he had fallen a victim to the
binlo stealers. The amount of which he
had been defrauded was placed at several
hundred dollars. Yesterday It was ascer
tained that the sum was really $16,000. Mr.
Holman bad drawn checks forthesam,
and, as he supposed, saw them de
stroyed. This pretended destructloi
wa. simply to keep Mr. Holman from
complaining to tbe police. The checks
were sent oti to Chllllcothe, and the face
paid by Mr. Holtnan's bank. Mr. Hoi
man became aware at this when be
reached here, and it ts probable th
distress and anxiety ot mind he expert-
enced hastened his death. Mr. Uolmae
was one of the oldest and most highly re
spected citizens of this county.
Dynamiter Sentenced.
G LASCOW, April 22.
Teter O'Shea, charged with the nine
Glasgow dynamiters sentenced some time
since with causing the explosion ot the
Trateston gasometer and blowing up tho
shed ot the Caledonia Railroad station,
was to-day found guilty and sentenced to
eichtcen months imprisonment Tha
Chief Constable received a letter this
morning In which the writer informed
him that his life had been forfeited for
the activity he had displayed In the con
viction of the dynamiters, and stating
that the avengers were on his track.
Slightly Poxxlgd.
Washixctox. . C. April 24.
Politicians are somewhat puzzled
over the result of the New York Stat
Convention. They do not clearly under
stand the meaning of the scrcess of the
Arthur-Edmunds combination. Some ara
Incline! to believe that It confirms what
has been asserted for some time, that 11
Arthur cannot receive the nomination al
Chicago he Is desirous of the cotaisatioc
of Edmunds. The Blalae men hers dc
not like the turn of affairs at Utlca. The
think their forces nave been ost-geaer
lied. - -
" p&Em
-. S

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