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Derated te the Iatcresu f the Ckerekccs, Ckectaws, Cklckasawi, Sealaelci, Creeks and all Other ladiaB of the Indian Tcrrlterr.
VOL. H. NO. 34.
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Indian Territory.
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it nil 111 Connection Is made with aE
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D. WTSHART, General Paeeaarr Aes, 81
G.W CALE. General Frdsfct Atent, Et-Loula,
C IV KOGERS. Vice President aod General
Mannycr. Temple Bulldnjr, feu Lul. yav
A large publb cistern It: Bd ma, A1&.I
is bcinj; used as a pond for German
carp. The tvatcr b furnished by one of
Selma's artesian wells.
A lettek f rom Havana to a Cuban
in New Orleans states that the Governor
of Cardenas is confined in Moro Castle
for baring failed to prevent the landing
of Agncro.
Pketabatioxs are being made to put
on a lino of ocean steamers between
Victoria, B. C. and China and Japan
upon the completion of the Canadian
PaciGc Railwayi
The latest novelty in dentistry is
teeth-shaping, or dcnDcuIalibif, ar itis-j
called. By means of a liquid applica
tion the teeth arc softened and pressed
into desirable shape.
TnEitE is a project on foot to drain
the Okcfccnokeo irsamp in Georgia.
The lands are said to be Tery rich, and
the swamp is interspersed with a num
ber of high and dry islands, some of
which arc fine oak, and hickory hum
mocks. There will bo big money in
the project forthc party who may pro
cure the swamp from the State.
The seal which has been seen so
many times In Henderson harbor, a.
x., has at last succumbed to the skill 01
the fishermen. 'When taken to Water
town it was found to weigh over one
hundred pounds, measnretr four feet,
and was of a gray color, spotted with a
lighter hue. Seals, although a rarity.
arc sometimes seen in Lake Ontario.
A novel decision was recently ren
dered by a justice at St. Mary's. Md.
A cow was purchased on condition of
safe delivery. The vender succeeded in
getting the cow to the fence of the ven
dee, but ia getting her within the in
closnre she fell when half way over the
gap and died. Suit was oroiight to re
cover the value of the cow and judg
ment rendered for one-half of the beast.
A Frenchman, Stons. W. do Fon
vielle, has offered English railway com
panies a novel suggestion for detecting
the presence of infernal machines iu
baggage. All baggage received should
bo laid flat on wooden tables supported
by iron feet, but not nailed to them,
when the slightest noise made by clock
work on any of tho parcels would be
come audible if a microphone were
placed on each table.
The Kusian Mcnnonitcs in North
Dakota build houses of four rooms, all
cornering together in the center. Bight
there they put up a great brick oven,
with thick walls. From the furnace
door to the back yard is a passage-way.
Every morning, noon and night they
leg a jag of straw in froai the stack and
burn it in the furnace. The thick brick
walls become red hot and stay so for
hours, warming every room in the
The emancipation of the slaves in
Cuba began in 1879, when all above the
age of lifty-five were freed. The
emancipation act provided that slares
from fifty to fifty-five i-hould be liberat
ed in September. 1881: those between
forty and forty-sis in September, 1884;
those between thirty-five and forty in
September, 1885; thoc between thirty
and thirty-five in September, 1888, and
those under thirty years of age in 1890.
There remain now less than 110,000
slaves on the island.
There is no blue grass in the famous
blue-grass region" of Kentucky, and
whv it is called so is one of the unsolved
problems. The term applies to a body I
of land in the center of the Mate under
laid by a decomposable body of lime
stone, vhich imparts to the soil an un
surpassed fertility, and gives to the
grass a rich and permanent luxuriance
which it attains nowhere cl.se. Tho
grass is always green except when in
bloom, when the heads have a brownish-purple
TnE officers of the British bark St.
Lawrence, at Philadelphia, from Dcme
rara. report a remarkable experience
during the voyage. When about live
hundred miles off Cape Ha ti eras the air
suddenly became very dense, and great
difficulty was experienced in breathing.
A strong odor as of burning pine timber
was also perceptible. The misty mass
is described of light bluish tint, forming
a zone extending from the horizon
toward the zenith about fifteen degrees.
Within the radius of a mile the water
was inky black.
It is claimed by certain old residents
that Beaufonl, S. C-. is one of the oldest
towns in the country in point of settlc
mcnL Jean Ribault, commissioned by
the great Admiral Coliny in 1560 to
found a colony of Huguenots in Ameri
ca, having landed there, or near there,
in 1562, to be followed two j cars later
by Laudonnierc with three ship and a
large company. Scarcely bad the little
colony reared its homes than the Span
iards followed and slaughtered them,
and more than a hundred years elapsed
before a permanent settlement was
made. The old Episcopal church, built
in 1724, is one of the relics of this latter
T Thet tell a funny story in connection
with the race won by Zatnora the other
day at New Orleans. She was ridden
by aliUle rnite of a white boy, and it
was his maiden effort in a publin race.
He was apparently out of the hnnt
going down the back-stretch, but, on
commencing the run for home, was up
in the ruck, while some of the leaders
were falling back, beaten. Here tho
tiny rider lost his whip, and realizing
the desperate situation, he yelled out to
some of tho already beaten jocks:
"Boys, give her a few belts behind,"
which waspromotly done, when Zamora
airly flew from the punishment down
tho stretch, winning the best short race.
of tho whole meeting.
A SHmcaarr ef the Dally News.
Ix the Senate, on the S) b, Mr. Morrill,
from tho Committee on Finance, reported
farorabllhe joint revolution appropriating
CSiOCO todcfrarthecxbensescnnnertnl with
the approachinx- completion and dedication
of the Washington monument. A lull to
prrmde for the sale of the Iowa Indian ltcser
rction In Nebraska and Kansas was read a
third time, and after a short debate, passed.
The Chair laid before tbe Senate the un
Qnished business of the day before, it being
the Pieuro-nneuraonla biU. After debate the
Mil pasted. Tbe Chair laid brfore tbe
Senate the next special order. It brlnjr the
Ehlppina- bill reported bjr Mr. Frro from the
Committee on Commerce. Adjourned .. In
the HBnt, Mr. Lafnh called np the joint reso
lution directing the President to brinz to the
attention of the Government of Venezuela
the claim of J. B. Wheclock. a cltixcn of the
United States, forindemnitr Tor stoss out
xares and tortures inflicted upon nlm bj- an
oJSu adhat Goremment, and to demand
and enforce "Tn-rueluamannrr as may bo
deemed best for an Immediate "'"""' of
the claim. Pasvd. The llonxi wi-?
Committee of the Whole on the Tariff bill.
Mr. Fornej". from the Committee on Appro-
Eriations. reported the Army Appropriation
ill from the Committee of the Whole. There
wcrevery few members present at the nlx-ht
session of the House After a short speech
by Jlr. Wlnans. of Wisconsin, on the Tariff
blU. the Houvf adjourned.
Ix the Senate, nn the SOth, the joint resolu
tion relating- to the Washington Monument
dedication ceremonies was passed. It appro
priates K3,(Xn to defray the expenses of the
celebration. The following bills were passed:
To authorize the Oregon Pacific Railroad Cbm
panyto construct one or more bridges across
the willemante Hirer, between Salem and the
br! of navigation of tbe river In Oregon. To
account and ratify the agreement wtth the
confederated tribes of the Flathead. Knotnag
and Fend Dorrelles Indians, to fence a portion
of their reerrat'on In Montana, required for
the use of the Northern Pacific Hoad. The
Chair laid N:forc the Senate the bill to remove
certain burdens on tbe American merchant
marine and encourage American foreign
carrying trade. AfterucbatcMr Dawes, from
tbe Committee on Appropriations, reported
the Indian Appropriation bill, and gare no
tice that at an early opportunity be would
call It tip. Pending the debate on the Ship
ping bill, the Senate adjourned. In the House,
on motion nf Mr. Korcirans the joint resolu
tion was pcued authorizinr tbe Secretary of
War to loan tents, etc- to tbe soldiers' reun
ions, and grant condemned cannon for monu
mental purposes on proper application. The
morning hour beiogdlspcnsed with, the House
went Into Committee of the Whole on the
Tariff bUL Afierdelte tbe committee rose.
Mr. Rogers, of Arkansas from tbe Committee
on Post-otSces and Post-roads, reported a bill
to secure telegraphic correspondence; placed
on the Houe calendar At the evening ses
sion. Messrs. Wa te and Ray. of New Voclc,
spoke against tbe Tariff bill.
Tuk tve nae, on th- 1st, considered tbe bill
Introduced by Mr. Inralls and reported fa
vorably from tbe Committee on MilCsry
Affair to release memlersof theoriginal Fitx
John Porter court martial fromtbeobllgation
of secresy so far as relates to tbo votes of
members. Mr. Logan said Congress had no
right to release. Mr. Garland moved Indefinite
postponement of the bllL Agreed to without
opposition. The Chair laM before the Senate
undntfhe-I busine., living tbe Shipping bilL
After deliate the Senate adjourned... Tbe
morning hour in the House was dispens 1
with and Mr Morrl-n moved that the House
go into Committee of tbe Whole on the Tariff
Mil. and perwlins that moved that all gen
eral debate on tbe Mil be closed at four
o'clock Tuesday nrxt- In reply to a
question by Mr. Deuster the Speaker
stated that up to tbe present time
forty-three gentlemen had addressed the com
mittee. It was agreed that private business
be suspended Friday and tbe 'ay awarded to
tbe tariff debate. Mr Murrivu's limitation
was agreed to without dhision. an J the
Hoiiw went into Committee of the Whole as
indicated. Debate continued until adjourn
ment. Tax Chair laid before the Senato on the
1 a telegraphic communication from Mr.
Wicker, late Collet-tor at Key West. FbL, ask
ing that a full investigation be made into his
conduct In connection with the discharge of
his official duties. Mr. Van Wyck offered a
resolution, which was agreed to. calling en the
Secretary of tbe Interior for information as
to what action, if any. had been taken in re
gard to the entries of public lands by the East
Park Company, organized under tbe laws of
Great Britain, and Join j business In Colorado,
and made in the Interest of Earl Dun
raven. The Shipping bill was then
taken up. Mr. Vest made a formal offer-of
his amendment permitting admission to tbe
American registry ships bought abroad, and
the admission free of duty of ship building
materials. Pendinr debate the Senate went
Into executive session, and when the doors re
opened adjourned In Monday.. The House
went Into Committee of tbe Whole on the
Tariff bill. After debate the House took a re
cess till eight o'clock. At theeveningsesiion
the House passed thirteen bills. The bill
rranting 3.u to tbe widow of General
Francis P. lllsir. as compensation for moneys
expended by her husband in unranlzlng forces
at the beglnnlnr of the war. and increasing
her pension to f V) a month gave rite to a good
deal of debate, but no opposition. Toe pre
vious question was ordered on the bill, and
tbe House adjourned.
Trie Senate was not in session on tbe 3d.
. In the Rouse, on motion of Mr. Morrison,
the order for an everting session was vacated.
The House then went Into Committee of the
Whole on the bill amending the Chinese Im
migration ae lonfklerable debate took
place, and the bill was read by section for
amendments. Mr lllc offered several amend
ments which wcrevit"d down. Mr Ilarnum
offered an amendment applyinz proriion
of I his MIL as far as practicable, to persons
from whatever nation imported to this coun
try under any system of contract. Ruled out
on point of order. On rrtcUon of Mr. Ham
mond, an additional sevthm was agreed to pro
viding that nothing herein contained shall be
construed to affect any prosecutions or other
proceedings, civil or criminal, begun under
tbe act of which this Is amendatory. Mr. Rice
moved to amend the title so as to read, an act
to violate our treaty stipulations with China
and other nations. Lost. The committee then
rose and the bill pased. Teas. 1st: nays. IX
A negative vote was east by Adams, of Illi
nois: Brewer, of New York; Browne, of Indi
ana: Everbart. Henderson, of Illinois: Hitt.
Keen. Lyman. Price. Skinner, of New York;
Smalls and Ppooncr. Adjourned.
IIox. Johx Jat Kxox has assumed his
duties as President of the National Bank
of the Iteputilic of New York.
Georok IV. Tradcz, Gencrel Superin
tendent of the southern division of the
Western Union, died in New York recently.
Sexator 'William 1. Killoco was ac
quitted by the jury at Washington of the
charges of bribery mad against him in
connection with the Star Route frauds.
Bisnor EbdcoI tbe Roman Catholic Dio
cese of Covington, Ky., died recently.
Exriucss Axxa, widow' of Emperor Fer
dinand IV., of Austria, and aunt of the
present Emperor, died recently, aged
eighty years.
Firrr workmen were buried by a felling
wall at Whiteiey's building, London, Eng.,
the other day.
Twzxtt-foCR buildings at Presqu'Isle,
Me., including the Prcqu'Isle Hotel and
post-ofllce, burned recently. Tha contents
of the post-office were saved. Loss, $125,
000. Ix suppressing the riotous striking la
borers in tbe diamond fields of South
Africa, the police killed and wounded
Exocn Baowx, colored, was executed at
tbe Halifax Court House, Va.. the other
morning for wife tnnrder.
Lupfebt's saw mill at WiHIarnsport, Pa.,
burned the other day. Loss, 520,000.
A Georgia postmaster has sent to Wash
ington a letter enclosing a circular request
ing contributions of M for campaign pur
poses. Tbe circular was shown to Post
master General Gresliam, who says be will
protect any postmaster who refuses the
contribution called for by the circular.
A sxw labor organization called the
Workingmen's Protective Association has
beea organized with headquarters at Scott
dale, Pa.
Tbe four hundred Italian laborers on the
Schuylkill Valley RaUroaa, who struck for
an Increase of wages, bare returned to
work at $LU a day.
Tar underwriters of London demanded
a premium of twenty-five guineas to rein
sure the State Lino steamer Stats of Florida,
overduo at that port.
A msrATCS from Qnebec says the ship
of Drammen. Nxrway, was
wreckttj recjTitly '4 a northeast cala aad
sleet storm, fire miles north of WooIfsl&Btl
station, Uagdalea Island. She broke np
immediately and nineteen Uvea were lost.
Till? secotid Kats was the only survivor.
Trig French Government has requested
Zorilla, the Spanish agitator to leave
France and avoid expulsion.
The Berlin, O., flouring mill burned
recently, causing a loss of $35,600.
Kexxe, the New York stock speculator,
has notified tee holders of privileges to
present them for adjustment.
Tiie Union Pacific men strode against
the reduction in wages, and the order cat
ting down their pay was rescinded.
Wholesale robbery of mails from Brit
ish Columbia for Europe is reported to
have taken place over the Northern Pacific
Tbb Interior Department reports exten
sive frauds In the methods cf acquiring
title to public lands by certain foreign cor
porations. Great excitement prevailed '"tJQ!7
of Mexico over the condition oi MsB
PiedadBank. XSri .i
.Si April . -ttafct-lfa
everything, was quiet at
that trade was being carried
Aejoral Hxwrrr has senl
dred bashi bazouks, as tha King of Aby?
sinia refused to allow them to cross the
Five buildings of the Cboteaa & Gay
Iron Companr, at Bradley's Pond, near
Trey, N. Y., burned recently. It was re
ported that one man, a woman and two
children perished.
Oxe hundred thousand dollars damage
was done at Burlington, Vt., by a severe
gale recently:
Blue Mocxtazxs, along the northern bor
der of Berks County, Pa., were on fire in
every direction. Serpens danger was ap
prehended. The Quebec Provincial Treasurer re
ports, that there ha; been for years an
annual deficit of $993,000 to $300,000, and
thatretrenchment or an increase of revenue
was necessary.
Owixs to the discovery at Moscow of a
plot to assassinate the Czar, tbe festivities
in honor of the coming of age of the Czaro
vitr wilt be held at St. Petersburg.
Axotuer overflow was anticipated at
Shreveport, Liu, which -will be a great mis
fortune to the planters below, who have
their cotton crop planted. The river was
rising very rapidly. Heavy water was
coming in from all quarters. The heaviest
rains for years had fell incessantly for a
Astor'S new steel yacht, Nourmahal, wu
launched at New York recently. It is said
to be tha largest pleasure vessel ever
launched in America and the largest yacht
Ax Independence, la., special says:
John Duffy's house, near here, burned,
and his thirteen-Year-old daughter per
ished in the flames. Her parents were
also badly burned and another child wa
not expected to recover.
The conference at Paris to determine the
electrical units adopted resolutions con
cerning the electric currents and standard
of measurement of electric light and elec
trical units.
Retorts regarding the fate of the Atlan
tic steamer State of Florida, were indefi
nite, but it was thought the crew and pas
sengers, or nearly all of them, were saved.
TflE New York walking match ended
with Fitzgerald in the lead, his score being
C10 miles. Rowell made Oi, Panchot SCC,
Noremac 543, Herty 333, Vint 530, and El
son 529. Fitzgerald and Rowell both beat
all prsvious lix day records.
The members of the Siamese Embassy to
the United States arrived in tbe steamship
Alaska. The native Siamese members
were attired in European costume.
Exronrs of specie since January 1 reach
$4I,1W,3; during last week, j0,l,GGX
A Bnrnsn war ship has been sent to in
vestigate a report that a vessel had been
burnt and the crow murdered by tbe na
tives ot Cay Island, West Indies.
A VAX named Alfred Poe, while trans
ferring freight on tbe steamer Sidney, at
Eagle Point, la-, accidentally fell over
board a-id was drowned. He was from
Ml. Pulaski, HL, where "his people reside.
Tnnrs daughters of James E. Sherman,
a famtet near Numedia, Pa., were thrown
from a swing, and twe fatally and one
seriously injured.
A beavt snow fell in the bills around
Salt Lake City. Utah, on the 3d.
At a meeting of wholesale butchers' em
ployes at New York it was decided to mail
eacb retail butcher In the city notice that
they would be boycotted if they bandied
Chicago beef in any way.
Ix the Senate, on the ."tb, a bill was In
troduced prohibiting foreigners and aliens
acquiring lands in th; Territories. The
Shipping bill was further debated. In the
House an acrimonious debate took place
over the election rae ot O'Ferrel vs. Paul.
D'Ferrel was tented by HO to SI a party
vote, excepting that Cook, Democrat, voted
with tbe Republicans. Tha Tariff bill oc
cupied the Houe at its evening session.
The Pebbly Beach Honv? at Gloucester.
Mass was bumrd recently.
The National Convention of Under
writers will be held at Pittsburgh, Pa.,
May 23 end 23.
Tiie National Anti-Monopoly Convention
will be held at tbe Briggs Homo in Chi
cago May 14.
It is estimated that 1,000 acres of land
were burned aver at Freehold, N. J. Loss,
TnE General Con'erenceof the African
Methodist Episcopal Church ot tbe United
States assembled at Biltlroore on the o'Jh.
WnrLE a ear load ot Italian laborers was
being hauled to tbe dock at Buffalo, X. Y.,
the other day, union men uncoupled the
car. The Italians fled and the unionists
scattered before tbe police arrived.
TnE friendly relations between France
and Morocco were ruptured because of the
refusal of tho authorities of Morocco to dis
miss the Governor of Waxan at the de
mand ot tbe French representative. The
French Legat'on has hauled down its flag.
A torxado swept througb Northern Illi
nois and Southeastern Iowa on tha after
noon of tbe 5 h.
A Graxd Trcxk engine Lumped into a
passenger train on tha Chicago & Eastern
near Chicago recently. Two persons were
fatally and several others seriously in
jured. M. M. FarxcH, Assistant Claim Agent rf
tbe Gould and Wabash systems in the
vicinity of Muskoges, Indian Territory,
was arrested recently at St. Louis for
forging names to claims and defrauding
the company.
The United'Stove Manufacturers' Asso
ciation, of Troy, N. Y., adopted rules, the
substance being that tie right ot hiring
help must not be interfered with, each
workman to make his own agreement for
TnE suit of Mary E. Booth, daughter ot
Jcnlu Brutus Booth, against Agnes Booth
U recover part of the property left by her
'.athrr, has been compromised.
At a meeting ot the House Committee on
Expenditures ia tha Department of Justice,
Mr. Springer read a letter from W. P. Kel
logg, in which tbe latter aked that he be
allowed to appear before tbo committee
with counsel. Kellogg further said it tbs
committea did not investigata him ha
would ask the House to appoint a special
commit?? 9 to conduct tbo investigation.
rue Mountains of Ne- Tork. refmsyt aJ
and New Jersey a Blaze Ot nr Lowof
life and Property.
Kew York. May 3. Forest fires In the"
xrantry round about fill the atmosphere
here with smoke. Middletown, X Y., re
ports the mountains west and north of tbe
! Bbawargunts and Calssills on era. A
Urong wind was blowing. If was Impossi
ito to see only a short distance. 7o dsat
lge reported yet, but the danger to isolated
farm hemscs and farms was great. Clouds
3f smoke and ashes filled the air. Fins
were raging on Storm King Mountain, near
Cornwall, and In the Highlands west of
Havcrstraw. Tbe air at 2?ewbnrgh was
filled with smoke and ashes of burned
leaves floating about. Much damage to
standing timber was apprehended.
A Wiikesbarre, Fx, special says forest
fires hare been raging fiercely thereabout
lately. The first serious damage was re-
iiiernoon. ttnitenaven
and for
a aaVM faaaaaBaVaBaaW,aKilger, owing;
a saassaciav-4JBfcKpanment ot
vs,... .- ;amaa.kaimIation of.
town M2
and elerasj
booses occupied byTHrrftsssssen were con
sumed. Two-bridges on the Beaver ureex
branch of the Lehigh Valley road were de
stroyed; also the stables of Albert Lewis
Co, lumber eontractoTS. Eleven horses also
perished in the flames. A large quantity ef
valuable timber was destroyed. The total
loss islestimatcd at $50,000. Tbe fire is now
under control.
Washtxgtox, JT. J., May 3. An exten
sive con&sgration is ragUig in tbe Blue
Mountains,' twenty-five miles from here.
The wind carries tire smoke in dense clouds
ever this part of Warren County. At five
o'clock yesterday afternoon it became com
pletely dark and a smoky pall, almost suffo
cating, rests over this town. The Inhabi
tants are alarmed, Md the Mayor has re
quested a number V the members of the fire
department to remain on duty. A large
tract of valuable woodland is burning about
three miles from Mattawany, tbreatenlw: a
number of residences. Farmers are fighting
the flames.
"ear Ashland. Il, extensive fires are
raging, and tha Ashland fire department has
been ordered in readiness for service. At
the State Miners' Hospital workmen are
now fighting the flames near the buildings
Tbe loss to timber tracts will be large.
A heavy wind storm visited Northumber
land County,PaYesterday.and fanned to in
creased fury the forest fires. The worts of
Charles Woods and 5,000 cords of charcoal
were destroyed. The fires also Ignited
Culmbank at Mine Hill Gap. The Colliery
mine Is in danger, and 300 men are thrown
out of employment. Tbe towns are be
fogged by smoke from tbo burning mountains-Emporium,
ri-, sends word of forest fires
raging all through that section. Tbe season
is unusually dry and tbe wind is blowing a
perfect gale from the west, sweeping tbe
fire through the forest with great velocity
and destroying a large amount of property.
At Sterling linn, nine miles from Empo
rium, several buildings belonging to the
tannery company burned yesterday, and a
large mill was also destroyed. The village
was only saved by aid from Renova. Two
families are reported lost, and It Is feared
tbe loss of life will be great. At Srriss
mont, fifteen miles west of here, two mills
with a large amount of lumber were de
stroyed. Scuaxtox, rx. May 3. The barn l mill,
press bouse and canning mill of the Moosie
Powder Company, CoL H. M. Boise, Presi
dent, blew up. and the soda grinding and
pulvcrbang mills were fired and burned yes
terday. Tbo mills were Ignited from the
forest fires. Several days ago one of the em
ployes was bumed te a crisp in the wash
bouse. Several hundred cords of powder
wood are now burning and it Is expected
that the glaring mills will go. The iron
magazine containing several tons of pow
der is so far safe. No one dares to travel the
road to Archibald for fear that tbe rest of
the milts will blow up. The loss thus far Is
Cattle Disease.
Jettecsox Crrr, May 3. Governor Crit
tenden has received a letter from Governor
Glick, of Kansas, requesting him to unite
with the Governors of Iowa, Illinois, Ne
braska, Colorado and Kansas In establishing
a quarantine against tbe introduction of dis
eased cattle into the above States from cer
tain districts In the Eastern States, where
plcuro-pnenn:onia exists, and the following
reply was sent to tbe latter:
Jejtebsox Crrr. May I. ISM.
To His Excellency, G. W. Click. Governor
nf Kansas:
Dear Sin: T am In receipt of your letter of
tbo th u:t-Inviting me to co-operate with
tbe Governors of Illinois Iowa. Nebraska.
Colorado and Kansas In Issuing a proclama
tion quarantining thoso several states
-against tho Introduction of cattle from the
Infected districts of other Stales.- I fully
appreciate the Importance of such a move
ment, and would join you if I were inveted
with tbe power. No law exists In this State
giving the r.orrnwr the right to issue such a
Proclamation. It is an omission which will
a remedied In the future. Tbe stock grow
ers or this State are too largely interested In
that industry to suffer future legislation to
longer overlook tbe enactment ot such laws
as will more securely protect that Important
part of their property rights.
Very truly yours, Thos. T. CnrxTEXDEjr.
m . m -
Favorable to Rallrom Is.
Sax Fkancisco, 31ay 3. The railroad
till in the Legislature known as tbe "Barry'
bill, and which, in the largest measure, cov
ens! the object for which the extra session
was called, was. In an amended form, passed
by the Senate by a unanimous vote. Under
the bill as passed by the Assembly, where It
originated, the railway companies would nave
forfeited their right to operate within the
State, first, IX they suffered dlcrimlnatlons
in freight over their roads; second. If they
failed to keep track and structures In efficient
repair; third, If they accepted charters from
any other Government. State or sovereignty ;
lourtli. if they failed to comply with the
rare and freight schedules fixed by the Rail
road Commissioner. In its amended, form
the first and third conditions arc rendered
nngatory. the special contract system re
mains intact and the forfeiture of railroad
charters Is placed beyond State laws. At
tbe present moment the relations of railway
companies to the State Government are as
before the call of the extra session. It is
now clearly established that no radical anti
railroad measure can pass the Senate. An
early adjournment is quite possible.
Watching for the Itulldlngto Fall.
St. Pact, Mixx., May 3. Tbe wall of
the wholesale millinery bouse cf J. Oppen
helm Jc Co, on Fourth street, cracked, and
carpenters were set to work to brace tho
building while the work of removing S"0,
000 worth of stock was In progress. A
large crowd collected, and considerable
money, on and against the building falling,
changed bands, some betting that the whole
building would fall, and others that only a
bole in the wall wonld result. Durimr tbe
afternoon a portion of the wail feu, making
gap twenty feet wide, from ground to
roof, and letting a portion of the root down
Into tb second story, crashing a large
quantity of stork to tbe amount of 32V
A. Robber Attempts to Flnndsrthe Kansas
City Post-OOce.
Kansas Crrr, May 3. This morning, at
three o'clock. Joseph Fell, who sleeps at the
Post-office, was awakened by the draught
from an open window. Discovering a bur
glar, he grappled with him, when the
Utter drew a pistol and struck Fell
down. FeH again made for tbe villain
as he was climbing out ot tbe window, when
the robber turned aad shot at him. the bullet
taklnjf off piece of his ear. The robber
then escaped. The police believe two men.
at least, were concerned n the attempt to
job the Post-office,
aal Sato BaaaaBBBBBalBkhilUca&ght fire
f -a4akBiPrri&:SHp,
Tha Finish ot the Great Co-as-yon-Plean
TValklog XaicU In New York Float raid
Use Winner, Lowering tbe Six Iteadred
Mile Record Over Four Roars WweU. m
Close Second An Exciting; CoBlest
Honors far the TVlmner.
New York. May 5.
There was an Immense crowd at the gar
den on Saturday morning, drawn thither
by hc closeness of the contest betweea
Fitztxrald and RowclL Fitzgerald looked
thorousbiy tired. Howell looked freshen
olXTH iat 2 r. M
Fitzgerald 5SS Vmfc.....S
Eoweil S3 Herty ........ MS
Panchot ..........S3 Elson...... ...501
Noremac . ... ..... .521
sixth day 2:30 r. M.
FIixgera!L. CRT Hertv .. J5
rtowcli Jl Panchot. .. SSS
Noremac. ....... -M3 JOson. ....... 8S
Vint. ... .53
Howell -AH Fitzgerald
Noremac - MS Vint
isot .. ..... .5w sterty .
Fltigerald braced up In the early part
of the afternoon, . and for a couple of
hours maintained his lead. He fell off
again, however, about 4 p. m., and acted
very groggy. After this Fitzgerald and
Eoweil bad frequent spurU, and oftea
passed one another. The ex-AIdcrmaa
had to take frequent rests doting theso
spurts, and It looked as though he was
running short of breath. Rowell stock
to the track without Intermission daring
tbe afternoon. Charley Mitchell, tho
pugilist, was In his hut and showed great
interest in his countryman. He frequent
ly patted Rowel! on the back and whis
pered words ot encouragement.
At 1:35 the tired Elson stopped at tbo
scorer's jtand for a couple ot minutes,
resting. Little Vint came along and en
couraged him to start again. Panchot
and Herty frequently went off the back
for rests. Tbe latter held to tbe track
notwithstanding he was suffering paLss
that would discourage any but an ex
tremely plucky man. Many thought he
would withdraw after making 525 miles,
but he was determined to stay until tho
Noremac went nnder his roof for a Ions'
stay In thu afternoon. His right kg had
not held out so well as his friends had
hoped. Little Vint walked laboriously
around tbe track during tbe afternoon.
His right leg also troubled him.
At 5 p. m. there were between 5,000 akd
5,000 people In the garden. Fitzgerald
made bis COOth mile at 5 h., SO mln. and
10 sec, and It was greeted with the great
est enthusiasm. Cheer after cheer rent
the air. Caps and hats were flung; Into
tbe air and handkerchiefs were waved by
many people. Fitzgerald was then four
miles and three laps ahead of Rowell. He
took tbe uproar very coolly. He finished
bisCOlst mile before retiring. He bad
only been out of sight six minutes when
Rowell pushed out on the track. Fitz
gerald heard of this and Immediately
went after tbe Englishman. Thu)
caused another outburst ot cheers.
When Hazael made his previous record
of GOO miles In six days be completed bis
task about 9:30 o'clock In the evening.
Fitzgerald beat the record for that dis
tance by over four hours. Noremac was
adding miles to bis score daring the af
ternoon. It was said that daring tbe
earlv hours ot tbe morolns Fltarerald
had accused his backer, Tom Davis, of
poisoning him. Davis and Smith, tbs
trainer, however, paid but little attention
to this, knowing that It came from a pain
full r excited man.
During the evening Fitzgerald was pre
sented with a sliver goblet lined with
gold. He carried this to Rowell but be
paid little attention to the gift. Rowell
completed bis six hundredth mile at 6:53,
beating Hazel's record by two hours,
eighteen minutes and thirty-five seconds.
Peter Duryea, Rowell's backer, jrave up
the contest at seven o'clock. He at
tributed Rowell's defeat to a badly
sprained left ankle, from which his man
had been suffering two days, and wanted
to make another match with Fitzgerald.
He will let Fitzgerald name tbe time,
the amount to be over $5,000 aside. Two
large floral emblems were presented
Fitzgerald during the evening. They
were borne In front of him
around the track, Fitzgerald fol
lowing and warlnz the flag ot x.rin.
During the evening tbe garden was
packed, as on Sunday jig'cL. Fitzgerald
remained on the track and was cheered
Incessantly. Rowelt retired at 7:11,
but afterwards came out and was loudly
applauded. He then retired again and
bad his ankle bathed. It was swollen
to nearly double its natural size and
was black and blue. He appeared
asaln on the track, but did not
lira d perceptibly. Noremac and Fitzgerald
Joined him and they tramped around the
ellipse at a rapid race. The house rose
at them as they were joined by Panchot.
Fitzgerald hanaeaJoweu nis insn nag,
which the latter took courteously. Fitz
gerald caught up the American flag and
another lap was made. Tbe men then
pulled up to the scorer's stand and shook
hands. Three cheers were civen for
Fitzgerald and three for Rowell.
The tyedestrians then went to
their huts, and at 8:4o p. m.
the six-day race of 18i ended.
Preparations are made In Long Islanc
City for a reception to Fitzgerald. He
will be received by the 5Iayor and Alder
men and tendered tbe freedom of the city.
The entire police and Are department
with members of the Ancient Order ot Hi
bernians will meet him at tbe ferry and
escort him to bis home in Rarenswood.
Wealthy citizens will present him with
mansion and It is said he will receive an
Important municipal appointment,
A Desperato Tbler.
PxoaiA. Ilt May 5.
J. L. Compton, a chicken thief who
was arrested here a week ago, dug his
way out of tbe calaboose and was rear
rested on the Peoria, Decatur & Evans
viilc Railroad, near Mount Pulaski, has
since the latter event been confined In
tbe County Jail here. Yesterday morn
ing on arising he made a general attack
on tbe other prisoners, using anything
be could lay his hands on. For thts he
was locked up in bis celL About two
o'clock In the afternoon be made an at
tempt to commit suicide by hanging, but
was cut down before life was extinct.
Railroad Accident.
Cairo. Ilu, May 5.
The removal of a rail on the Illinois Cen
tral Road near Duck Hill, below Grenada,
Miss., resulted In throwing the locomo
tive attached to tbe north-bound passen
ges train down an embankment, de
molishing it badly and scalding
to death the engineer, named White,
brother ot the Master Mechanic of the
road, at tbe Water Valley. Baggage.
Blaster Harris had his left ana broken.
The fireman and express messenger wen
shghtlylnjured. Several passengers were
bruised. April 1 a similar accident took
place at the same point. The coaches re
mained standing upon the track.
asWiTFMW'11 J 1 1r
9 BBaaSSKsnaanirlaaV?
BowcU.....T!sljCBMfiiHMilHflLJS ""
Vint - SaslVraPltHf.-
Herty- KO- Panc53li8?Usj,"pV
Elson. ... SS-3 a . .

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