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Beveled te the Interests af the Cherokee, Ckectaws, Cfalckaiawi, Scralaelcf, Creeks, and all Other Indian of the Indian Territory.
VOL. H. NO. 35.
BefMt aM evtvparis the drat ad cefcfletest stare Is tin Iadlaa Territorr is that or
W. 0. PATTON fc CO.,
- ,
Tarn earn tvsMC T wast a4 tfeat f tie very best rraalltj to be hid in the cot s it.
Aatl a feH assartsMst at everylkiajf wasted ay ear customers.
UK BRT WWJ MPAKTJTEIT eestabu an Ieasc stock of every variety of the best and most serviceable Dry
6m6. is
WCE. CLSTKDrS MIXIXOT ys will ferftfce largest Stock of flrst-class Clothing, Boots, Shoes, ILiU, LadJa.' ac
fosto x: an. anvKn ottw nwic
- XLLLDrER? StEARTSOT Is fUIy f t the tiara In all ths Latcjt Sty tec
C G&C1ST FJLRTXE5T k replete lrilsererykted of Stasleaadyasar Groceries, Flonr, Bacon, Canned Goods,
Crackers, Caeeseylte.
02 XAKs-ESS fiCPJlXTXlXT has a fall Ha of Saddles, Maraess asd Leather Goods or aU kinds. In
4K7S ASECCLTUR1L HLTLEXEST BEFJJtTXEST yes cas gfei rtapoas, Ungues, Flows, Spring Wagons, Etc
OR JtARsHTAXE BEFASTMEXT i well stacked With Salts, Screws, Chains, Hinges, Tinware, Axes, Utensils, Tools,
UK 8L19S AS 4JC035WA1E BEFARTME5T every Tartet j of JMnhcs, Crocks, Jars, Jags, Etc While Is
HJK BjaWf STtBE B&A&TXOT yos will lad s splendid stock or Par?, Sice JJrngs, Medicines, complete in erery re
fact. Pfeseriflioaft eareMly eesposaded by a tkiWed apothecary. Is this connection we hare also an Immense
atook of SotfoM, Inapt, Ooeks, CosfecUosery, Etc And a
SEAIMRKr AM B0 BEFJLSTXE5T where yos will Hod every variety or Writing Materials, Paper, Blank Bookt
Sate asd Beeolft Books, School Boob, asd a lbw r pool Reading Books Prose asd Poetry.
Our Prices are as Low as the Lowest. Gome and See Us.
W. L. TKOTT, Proprietor.
keess estutsnttr ca fa a sstpplrofrxrfb Native and Northern Pine Lumber. Aim Shln
Peogg. Seta, amtola, XauMlairs, Etc. The Native flag, being shipped lrom tha Choctaw
uarstqaautr. usmmts eoi.ikitkh.
3rugs, Patent ICecficines, Notions, Stationery,
IStc.; also aPuHTiine of Cigars, Tobaccos
and Confectioneries.
of the Boaters' hi TkttU at X. FSAZEETS Bed Front, one door
West of 'Frtseo Sol-el.
M. FRAZEE, Vfoiia, Indian Territory.
Soap cssMtastly oo aasdtse Choicest Staple and Fancy Groceries In the Market JUo
Fnfl, ftfnaiits, Fiti, torn, Siasswan art Tiiwiri.
Baasalac gar stock 1st ttc Wear BHiu R Coraer, two doora Wat ofA. C
WM. LIHLE & 0.,
"" - 1Tka4caI mbA Xctail BVrmlrr 1b
Also carry a complete line of
Dry Goods, Hats and Caps,
Groceries, Queensware,
Ototning, Tinware,
Boots and Shoes, Notions, Etc.
Bad Sqfta k Mm
Bon't fail to see our stock and learn our prices
before buying.
TOI- X.ITTXJ3 fc CO., "Vinita, Indian Tex.
ye roc wast to
ffllirWR HH.L E !-
& CO., Vinita,
LDffi, 111, mSTEB PARIS.
will rcnxisn odd sizes of
Al ICi'MfclrV rniwca.
FEMCCE. Caak or Cattla takes In Ex-
r " -
1'-" " !
and Fashions.
Indian Territory.
Forthepurcluseaad sale of
13 Xatlenal Stock Yards, E. St. Louis.
ryLrberal advances made on consignments.
Erfcated at Eaat SU Zrfata, III.
DlrcctlroppaiitethecUj'ofSLLou!. Buxert
for all description of Live Stock: always in at
tendance, and vttnln the srtrands of tte Stock
Tbnls oreaBeef Cxnnlnr Company, with a
capadtrfOTflimstitcring IJXXi bead of cattla
daCy. and PoricParVIng Eetbllhm- U wltk
a capacitr lor slaughtering- 12.CW lus dat!y.
ISA.IC IL K30X, President.
Missouri Pais
Pullman Palace Hotel Cars
through to St Louis, Tla
Sedalia, Daily.
Direct Houte West and South
west via Kansas City.
1TV1HP1P fITVl-ntonDcpotpaa!ensri
Al RAHoAo Oil I for Kanaa, Colorada
Xew Mexico and California connect wita Kx
press Trains of all Hnes.
AT ATCHIS0Mg?SmiA5,iSr"a
Fdnta in Kb" and Nebraska.
IT nUltli Connection U made with aE
Al URAnAllnejleadinjrto tneNortn n!
F. CHANDLER, Gen. Pass. Apent.
C B. KIX5AX, Ass't Gen, Pass. Agent
F. L. DECKED, Agent at VIniUu
The Direct ThrouKh Itoute Dctween
Fast Express Trains are Itnn Daily. 5
Change of Cars.
Throosn Punman Palace Sleepiror Cjra ara
run diilr. wiiboiit change. between ST. LOUIS,
3SUM1 ec-rs of rirt. fannlnT nodj mineral
lands forwleby tiUco-npanjrlnSOCTUWEST
jiissoriu ... ., ,.w
sMc...it mwjt vmr tfit.p Information, witn
MapTim-TaU!. Itati-a. eJeuraU nronorad-
fiSan, ror ouTtSici AimoTdite of u
a. wisiiAirr. Genonu viacnscr Acnt. st
LouK. .... . . . ,.
(j, CALE, Oeneral KrcurniJiRcru, t uwa
C. W UOGnU.. Vice Hnaddertf mrl Cenoraf
TnocGH the population of Colon,
which is springing into importance as
the starting point of the Panama canal,
is only 9,000, yet the death rate averages
150 per month.
TrtE Stockholders of the Michigan
Central Boad placed Chauncey IL
Depewin the directory of the road to
fill the vacancy caused by the death of
Augustus SchclL
Mes. Katrtxa Gofta, of La Salle,
EL. serenty-six years old, had been
missing for four days, when she was
found beneath her bed. where she had
crawled away to die.
The French rerenne returns for April
shows decrease of 6,500,000 francs be
low the estimate. In view of constant
deficits, the several Bndgct Committees
have under consideration propositions
for selling the State railways.
A coal mine worked by Crowson &
Watts, at North Alton, I1L, vas flooded
recently by water from an adjacent pit,
and thirteen miners had a narrow escape
from drowning, the water being np to
their necks when thev were rescued.
Twohugo blocks of ice, the fir.it
made at the Tallahasse. Fla., ice fac
tory, were recently placed on the side
walk in front of a drug store. Frozen
in the center of one was a dozen Florida
oranges, and in the other was a beauti
ful wreath of Tallahasse's choicest
The tea inspector at Chicago recently
condemned 100,000 pounds of tea sift
ings which arrived from Japan. As
protest was made, an examining com
mittee was appointed by tho Customs
Collector and the Importer, in accord
ance with the statutes, and the stuff was
pronounced, unfit for nsc.
The consolidation of the St. Louis &
San Francisco road with the Atchison,
Topeka & Santa Fe, for which negotia
tions were said to be pending, would
include the ownership of the Atlantic &
Pacific road, with 674 miles of com
pleted track, giving the consolidation
an aggregate of over 5,000 miles.
The 21st of April was celebrated at
Borne aa the 2,637th anniversary of the.
foundation of that city by Bornulus.
The tricolor was hoisted on the tower of
the Capitol and the Civic Guards wore
their full-dressed uriform. A bust of
the poet Giacoma Leopard! as uncov
ered in tho Glyptothcca of the Capitol
by the Syndic Duke Leopoldo Torlonia.
A vessel off Para reports falling in
with a mass of spiders floating' in the
air- The rigging and sails were cov
ered with the web, -the long threads of
which formed the balloon fjr the tinv
aeronauts. For several mF.es this spider-swam
continued, the Captain esti
mating that there were millions blown
from land
The United States is.the only Govern
ment which imposes no burden on com
merce for the support of the lighthouse
and buoy system. At present there are
over seven hundred lighthouses on. the
American coasts and rivers, and also
twenty-five floating-light stations, the
total annual expense being $1,889,017.
In addition to the above there arc nearly
six thousand buoys and beacons, which
mark danger of less threatening char
acter. A DisrATcn from Concord, X. IL,
relates the circumstances attending the
death of Franklin P. Xorris, a young
lawyer, which show it to have resulted
from starvation. The deceased was un
til within two years a telegraph opera
tor in the South, but two years ago was
admitted to the bar in Concord, having
obtained tho requisite legal rcatling.
He was Tery poor, but was upright,
temperate and industrious, but did not
develop much aptitude for the profes
sion. His earnings were not enough, it
now turns out, to pay for ordinary
table-board, but his straitened circum
stances were not suspected. The other
day late in the afternoon, a visitor to the
office in which Xorris had a desk, found
the poor fellow alone and in convul
sions. He lay on a sofa with n. thin
quilt over him. The only food in the
room was a small bag of crackers. It
transpires that he had no other lodging
place but the ofuc?, and that he ban no
food during the ds.y except a few crack
ers. Five hours after he was discovered
he died, medical attendance being un
able to restore his vitality. There were
many in Concord who would have helped
him had they known bis destitution.
Is the base of the Capitol aCnsh
ington is the enginery by which the
House, the Senate, and the committee-
rooms are warmed and ventilated and the
gas lighted by electricity. It is alto
gether a big apparatus, consisting of
three Immense fans, four engines, and
eight boilers, with the necessary appli
ances for regulatiwr the temperature
and moisture of the air supplied to the
Nation's Legislators. The instrument
which tells whether the air is too moist
or too dry is operated by a single human
hair. A perfectly dry air is put atO;
saturated air, that is, air carrying all
the moisture it will hold, is put at 100.
A dial with a hand like that of a clock
represents the different degrees from 0
to 100. The human hair absorbs
moisture like a rope, and, like a rope,
it becomes shorter when wet. The dif
ference in length between a hair six
Inches long when wet and the samo hair
when dry is made to represent the 10i
degrees of moisture on the dial, and the
hand or pointer moves backward or for
ward as the moisture in the hair varies.
If it becomes too dry more steam is
thrown in; if too moist, less steam is al
lowed to escap., and thus the atmos
phere for the Nation's statesmen is
regulated and kept at the healthful point,
which is about 50.
A SHBamarj- or Ike Dnlljr Xevrs.
Is the Bthateori tho Cth. tho Shipping
bQ was further dlscnsfed. -The report of the
Senate Committee on Privileges and Elections
In relation to the Copiah County !nretira
tions which that commllUe bare Len mak
ing, hearing the signature of Ore Hepurtlican
mcmLcr of the committee, was laid before
the Senate. The Democratic membera of tho
committee wiU make a minontr report- Ad
journed... The Honiw went Into Committee of
tbeWhoieontheTarUTbUL .fiercon?WeraI'lc
debate Mr. Converge moved to strike out the
enacting danfe. which was carried by Vt& to
liL On Mr. Conrcrw's motion the committra
rows and the chairman reported its action to
thellousr. The Speaker stated the qucitinu
to be on striUDff out ten eoaetinr rtiuw and
Means. MorriJon and Turner died for tho
yeas and nays. Jt was acrwl to. yrax UP.
nays US. An analysis cif the roll call (hows
that only three UenuliHeans Xelon. tral
and Wakefield, all of Minnesota, rot clairalnt
strikioirout the enartlajr .clause, lony-cno
DemucTBts voted In the aSncatlve.
Is the Senate, on the Tth, Mr. Sewell,
from the Committee on Military Affair", re
ported farorablyi bill to authorize the rale
of a portion of the Fort Hays military reser
vation in Kansas to tho Ellis County Agricul
tural Society of Kansii A bUl to place
ClyssesS. Grant, late Oeneral of the Army of
the United State, upon tt retired Ht oftho
armr fts Jyferrt-d. The ecftatr rerumed con
sideration of the Shlpninp biU. which was W
bated until adjournment In the IIue. Mr.
Stewart, from the Committee on Foreijrn Af
fairs, reported a bill authorizing the appoint
ment of three commissioner-" to Tfeit tho
principal countries of Kouth and Cen
tral America and Mexico, for the purpose
of collecting lniormation tonkin to the
extension or American trade and commerce
and strcncthenlnK mmnally adrantaxcou
relations between the Tntled S'-'cs ami all
other American nationalities. 1 Perkins,
from the Committee on Indian .JTalr. re
ported a Mil jrrantlnc rlj-ht of way through tho
Indian Territory to tho Southern Kanas
Ilntlroad Company. Mr. Willis, from the
Committee on Itlvrrs and Harbors, reported
the lUrcr anil Harbor Appropriation blU.
The House then proceeded to the con&Wrru
tionof cuzinc-aon the S-neaker's table. The
Senate amendment to tho lloufc bill repeal
ing the "Iron, did oath" was concurred In.
The next bill was for the relief of Flu John
Porter, .f lth Scnato amendtm-nta. After ar
rument a motion to refer the bill was lost
and the Senate amendments wrre non-concurred
in. The Scnato amendments were
non-concurred in to the bill tstabUshirur a
bureau of animal Industry-
Tun Chair on the 8th laid before the Sen
ate a communication from the Secretary of
the Interiorksubmittin? supplemental provi
sional estimisr-s. 031101? for tiS.(S0 lor fur
ther clerical Ikre which would tie necessary if
the pension bljls now pending lie passed. Mr.
Mitchell, from the CommiUeeon PeussonK re
ported favorably, with an ameudment. tho
House bill -rrnntin-r pensions to soldiers of
the Mexican War. Mr. Dawes offered a reso
lution, which was arrt-rd to. raltiiur on tho
Scisetary of the Interior for information
whether an r steps hare been taken to proc
Cute one Holfrine for sbootlni sn Indian
named IiUick Wolf. The Shippra; bill was
dlscus-4-d anil the Senate adjourned In the
House tho Senate Joint resolution paisd
In rt-panl to the ceremonies tn be author
bed at the completion of the Washing
ton monument. i:r. i lardy, from the Com
mittee on Commerce, reported a bill autboriz
Inar the appo.ntmcnt of a Misori lllrert'orn
mlssion In Committee of the Whole, on mo
lion or Mr. Ellis, all prior bills were set asH"
and tho committee nroc!eJ to the consider
ation of the bill apprnpriaiin? SUMUOUU for
- - ... . . n. .1.,. ,t...t. liulnU.I ..
tcnnial Exposition at New Orleans. The com
mittee rose and the bill passed yeas IS. nays
ST. The Speaker laid boforo the House a com
munication from the Secretary of tho Interior
submlttin? a supplemental estimate of IIT.z.
ea) for Additional clerical force In the olEco of
the Commissioner or Pensions. Adjourned.
TnK Chair, on tho 9th, laid before the
Senate a resolution offered by Mr. Van Wyclc.
dlrectlrur the Secretary of the Treasury to
withhold patents for lands on the Purallup
branch of the Northern Pacific Railroad until
Congress decides the question of forfeiture of
such lands. Postponed. The Senate took up
the Indian Appropriation bill, and Mr. Dawes
brieny recapitulated Its provisions. rrndUur
debate on the Hous amendment the Senate
went into Kxccuiire Session and when
the doors vcrc reopened aUoumed 'till
twelve o do. nexi uay. in tne noue
Mr. Willis presented a remonstrance frcm
the Louisville Hoard of Trade acaintt the en
actment or a bankrupt law. The bill (-rantinr
an additions! pension tothe widow of General
Francis r, uuur. was passeu. it crams urr
SiUOO for her bus-band's services in thcorsanl-
satiou of troops and increases bcr pension f3
a month. Mr. Follett. from the Committee on
Appeals reported back the District of Coium-
.ifl-a Li..i- .tii m... ?. .i b ,-.. .
um Jlliprvpriauvii mu. Aiir ?itm.i;s uiiu 11-
forctuc House a communication from the
Secrctarrof War. recommendinsanaiklitioaal
appropnatloa of tiOxuu for the rcrk-f of suf-
lerers oy tne coous ox ire Lower jiiseissippi
: the Senate, on the 10th, the Chair ap
pointed as Visitors to the annual examination
of the Naval Academy, Senators Miller,
(Call and Pendleton. (.. Mr. Farley, of
California, presented a concurrent resolution
from the Is arislature of California relative to
appropriations already raaiV by ConrrJ for
improretdent of the Sacramento Hirer. lrt.t
which, aecordlnir to tho resoluUjrt. the Secre
tary of War refuses to permit to be expended
on the around that the amount of debiU con
stantly Coatlnjr in the river makes the ex
penditure of money useV-s. The resolations
urge the expenditure of money. At a ft-w
minutes before one o clocV proctodlrurs were
suspended to permit the attendance of Sena
tors nt the unreHlnE- of Lie statue of Chief
Justice Marshall. The liou'o was not in
Joxrx F. Hlxtteb, who ksto Sl.OOOXX) for
educational purposes in th South, died at
rforwich, Conn., recently.
Tnc funeral of Bishop TobbI took place
recently at St. Mary's Cathedral, Louis
ville, Ky. Archbishop Elder was the cele
brant of the pontifical mass, and Bishop
Dwenge.of Ft. Wayne, preached the fu
neral sermon.
Em CiuutLXS Tcrrrn has resigned tie
office of Minister of Railways in Canada,
and will permanently establish himself in
Londo as Canadian Mich Commissioner.
CoLoaxx. Tuouas IL Hcxr, the Treas
urer sf tea World Expoltion, died re
cently at Hevr Orleans, cged seventy
seven. Jcdaii P. BctjAJilx, well known as a
member of Jeff. Davis' Cabinet, died in
Paris recently.
Midiiat Pasha, thi somewhat famous
Turkish statesman. Is dead.
- The train from El Paso, due at the City
of Mexico on the morninc of the Tib, was
maliciocslr thrown off the track, add the
agent was reported killed. There were no
other casualties. Thieves fired on the
train, but fled without molesting the pas
sengers. The wrecking of this train gave
rise to s report that the special train from
Topeka, Kas., conveying directors had
been wrecked, and that General Manager
Robinson had been assassinated.
A ronox to set asido the verdict and
award Aew trial In the case of Halle t Kil
bonrn vs. United States ex-Sergeant at
Arms Thompson was argued recently at
Washington. Tho District Attorney sold
be would advise the Government to let
judgment go for HOflOi, and if the verdict
was reduced to that amount ho would fur
ther suggest that no appeal be taken and
the money paid. The court reserved Its
Micuaxi. DAvrrr deniss the rumor that
bs has quarreled with Parnell, and says
he is going to Australia to fill a course of
lecture engagements, in the hope of restor
ing his health.
Ir was reported that the affairs of Grant
6: Ward, the firm which went down with
the Marine Bank of 2ew Tors, were in a
far worse condition than at first expected.
One report said the liabilities reached up
to $10,000,00), while tho assets would turn
out to be smalL Generel Grant was
believed to have betn sadly victimized, as
ho was in the habit of giving his notes for
worthless paper.
MBro" Cxrnrs was found guilty of tho
murder of Mrs. Cella Buib, at Baltimire.
A rrsniLMiAST guard in cbargo of
eight, convicts whom bo was transferring
from Frankfort, Ky., to prison on tho Ken
tucky Central Railroad, reached Frankfort
J safely and artal on foot tor tho prison.
Later five of the prisoners were met who
said one of the prisoners, complaining that
his handcuffs wero hurting him, took ad
vantage of the opportunity to overpower
tho guard, seized his gun and killed hlra,
when thrro of the prisoners escaped. Tho
other five were trying to reach the prison.
DtKUO the tn: recently tn Russia of
the MhilisU DubeUki and daughter the
prisoners stabbed themselvss, the father
fatally and the daughter dangerously.
At Wssbington, on the 9th, Judge Hag
ner set asido tho verdict of 57,500 as ex
cessive in the coso of Hallet Kilbourne
against ex-Sergeant-at-Arms Thompson,
but said if the plaintiff would accept his
judgment for J2J.O0O it would be allowed to.
! stand; otherwise he would grant a new
The steamer Thetis, of the Greely expe
dition, arrived atSL Johns,?. F., on the 9th.
Ex-MaTOU Saxdehs, of Lawrence, Mass.,
bos been held for trial for ballot-box stuff
ing. Tnr business failures for tbo part week
reported by R. G. Dunn & Co-'s mercantile
agency are as follows: United States, 138;
Canada, S3.
Dasicl C Krrzxa and Alexander Burket
were crossing the Allegheny River recently
at Frecport, Fa., in a sandboat, when it
sprang a leak and tho two men were'
fnc Uoae Coram itta on Expenditures
in the Deportm-nt of -Justice decided u)
make no Investigation of Senator Kellogg's
case except so far as it may be necessary
to prova the good faith of Government offi
cials in securing indictments.
A Mocmox Missionary has been con
demned to imprisonment at Trieste, Aus
tria. Teats; robbers, forty miles below Quere
taro, on the Mexican Central, succeeded ic
derailing a train. They were shot at and
ono of their number killed, when the rest
Fnrn Horr, sentenced to death at Salt
Lake City, Utah, having the right of choos
ing between hanging and shooting, chose
the latter method. The execution Was
fixed for Jane 13:h.
The town of Zancsville, O., hsa been in
an excited state over a supposed earth
quake,. At ten o'clock the other morning
a terrific crash was heard and about three
acres of ground sank several feet, carrying
a number of houses, which were badly1
damaged. A fissure opened about one
hundred and fifty feet deep. Ko loss of
lifo was reported.
Tnr Alert soiled for tho Arctic regions
on the 10.E.
Miss Lcla. Hctchwo, IivfcignearBates
vllle. Ark., was Lurned to death recently
by her clothes catching fire.
Tnr Northwestern Manufacturing & Car
Company, of Stillwater, Minn., of which
D. M. Sabin-nras president, failed recently.
Liabilities, SlfiOlfiOO; assets, $4M,0XL
Tnc telrgraphers at Pittsburgh, Pa.,
disclaimed all knowledge of the proposed
reorganization of the brotherhood and a
strike during the Chicago Notional con
ventions. The Ontario Cabinet has offered a re
ward of $1,000 for the conviction of the
man who laid dynamite cartridges under
the Parliament buildings at Toronto.
Tnr Swiss general elections resulted in a
full coiuervative victory. AU tho Gov
ernment measures, including one providing
for an increase of salary of the Minister to
the United States, wero rejected.
Three policemen attempted to quell a dis
turbance at Mottoon, III., recently, which
had arisen between ten tramp, when the
emire gang turned upon tho officers. The
latfer finally used their revolvers, shcotlng
two of their assailants and cp taring seven
Seniors assaults were made.on non-union
moulders at Quincy, DL, recently, by
masked mem There was some talk ' ,tp
pealing to the Governor for militia.
A srenxT trial Was held it Leipslc, Ger
many, recently, in the cases of Kraxawsk
and Heutcb, charged with conspiracy to
furnish important military information to
the Governments of France, Russia and
A rcw days before the failure of the Srrr
of Grant & Ward, General Grant borrowed
1.-10,004 of W. IL Vanderbllt. After the
failure, Vanderbflt learned of the particu
lars from General Graut, when ho gener
ously presented him with the papers re
lating to the debt, telling the General tlut
bo had no use for them.
CaSTBO, the filibuster, was reported M
have left Key West, probably for Nassaq.
where be would be joined by the balaaa
of the filibusters now in Key West. Thji
party included all that wero ready to leav t
The treaty bstweea Franca and China
has bern signed. The terms wero faTOra
Mo for France.
The Emptror of Germany refused to
unction tho betrothal of Princess Victoria,
daughter of the Crown Prince, to Alexan
der L of Bulgaria.
A rrnnoj -signed by Florence Night
Ingale, Mrs. Kendall and many other ladles
was sent to the English House of Commons
asking the passage of laws for tho en
franchisement of women.
Axgvs Smith died recenMy In London.
A nan at Oswego, Y., the other night.
destroyed Arcade block, the loss being at
least JIOO.OM.
The returns of the Department of Agri
culture estimate the wheat crop at SSflflOO.'
f bushels. Tho May average is W,
against S3'i for the samomonthayearago-
Sekiocs charges have, been made against
John Kurd, of Bridgeport, Conn. His prop
erty has been attached by the stockholders
of tho Houjatonle Rolling Mill Company.
The Senate, on the 12th, discussed tho
Indian Appropriation bilL The other bus
iness was of minor importance. A largo
number of new bills were introduced in tho
House, tho principal business before It
being tho District of Columbia bilL
Hos. Butler B. Stuosc. a Republican
politician of Westlleld, Pa., killed himself
recently with a revolver, because ot III
The Studebaker Brothers' Manufacturing
Company say that tho report that they
have bought a college In Mount Morris, HL,
and intend converting it Into wagon shops,
"has not the slightest foundation in fact."
S. P. BCBT, Vive President of the North
Chicago Rolling Mill Company, dropped
dead In a hotel in Northern Michigan. Two
months ago, in Milwaukee, ho married a
woman who had been a domestic in his
family, to whom ho leaves a costly man
sion and JMO.000 In mining property.
Isaac D. Edbehi, a New York chemist,
recently shot his wife fatally because she
refused to live with him.
It was said In New York by people who
have seen the just-completed accounts of
Manager Abb-y that bis personal losses at
the new opera touso aggregated no lest
than SwynOi This is probably the largest
amount ever lost in one sesxon, as even
Ma drice Slrakosch, ia his most disastrous
vear. lost only 5123,003.
The Secretaries of War and Navy have
appointed Qeneral John Newton, Chief of
Engineers of the United States Army, and
Colonel F. A. Gilmore of the Corps of i.a
ginrers of tho United States Navy, men?
bjn ot tho Board erected by a resolution
of the House of Representatives to con
sider the expediency ot the construction ot
aliceot Interior waterways for tho pro
tection ot the seaboard ot tha Atlantic and
gulf States,
Jewelry and Diamond Thieves Come to
Grief A Rich, nad.
CmcAOO, Hay 12. At noon Satrmfar
prang, genteel-appearing Jew entered Marti
Bssengarten's tailoring establishment, No.
361 State street, and calling the proprletoi
wide drew from his pocket a morocco Jcw-ilry-easc
containing a set of diamond
which he wished to sett. The jewelry, con--Jstlny
of a cross, solitaire earrings and
ring, glistened temptingly upon the crimson
ntin lining of the case, and after a pre
Umlnary bargaining one hundred and fifty
dollars was offered and accepted for the
jems. The money was paid the stranger,
who placed it In Ids pocket and
turned to leave the store. At that
moment the aubiju diamond purchaser
rave his acquisition another glance of ad
miration which suddenly cave place to con
iternation. The diamonds were pastel B-v
fora tho young man had reached the door
he was seised by tbo victimized tailor, who
accused nlm of fraud and demanded the
return of the S150. The demand was re
fused. Rose ngarten detained- the Tender
untiL the arrival ct a patrol-wagon which
had been summoned, when he was given
over to the custody ot the police. At the
armory he gave his name as ludore MandeL
He was taken Into the presence of Detec
tives Gallagher and McDonald, who
roBCED rnoM not
the confession ft$t be had an associate at
Ke; 839 South ClaxE stRst- whither they
proceeded,-Mandel meanwhuaisring beea
placed In a cell. lTpon arriving at the lo
cation designated the dtieetlres burst into a
room, where they surprised a mlrl in the act
ot melting a miscellaneous coHectiori of
Jewelry In a crucible. He was promptly
placed under arrest and locked In a separate
cell from MandeL He said his name was
D. Weisenbergeri The room was then
Searched. It was a small, scantily-tarnished
apartment, bat a medium-sized,
strongly-constrwted trunk was found which
from its weight bore evidence of containing
other than weaiing-appareL This trunk,
together with the crucible, which had been
removed from its lamp that it might coo!,
was taken to the police station. A ley fit
ting the trunk was found among the effects
of the rnen,attl when applied revealed
an assortment ot jewelry that in value and
extent exceeds any discovery of thj police
in this city for years. Competent Judges
appraised the contents ot the trunk at $3,000.
it consisted of nearly four hundred watches,
half of which were gold: numerous gold
and silver watch-tfrrN from which the
works had been removed; tralcb-works of
all manufacturers, not Incased; one Inmdred
solid silver table, dessert and teaspoons;
rapkin-rings, silver goblets, gold spectacles,
opera grasses, field glasses, gold snuff-box
and match-safe; rings, scarf-pins, bangles,
bracelets, and a cigar-box fllW with antique
gold coin, evidently a part of A ctfleetkrc.
There were also
ennstmcted from melted metal, each the
size of an egg. and a bar of silver about two
pounds In weight The attlcl$ were all of
the finest quality and of various patterns.
Some of the silverware was of a design and
bore a monogram that showed ittohavd
been ancient family plate. Nearly all the
pieces bore monograms, as did many of the
watches, bracelets, rings and toilet articles.
Notwithstanding that Mandel had admitted
having an accomplice, and that Weisenbef
ger was found In the room whither the offi
cers had been directed, yet on being exam
med separately In their ceil both denied all
knowledge of one another, yet they agreed
in their accounts ot themselves. Both
of them claimed to have purchased the
artbles from various pawnbrokers In this
city for the greater part, though some else
where. Born aee well deessed
and decent In appearance- They are Jews,
and have a decided accent The police re
gard the men as what In their vernacular
are designated traveling fences" that is
persons who move from city to city, pur
chasing plunder of thieves r from other
purchasers who have acquired stolen prop
erty which they In turn fear to retain In
their possession or sell openly lest It should
lnpu the suspicion of the officers.
s. m
Crop Keport.
WAsmsoToy, May 13. Returns to the
Department of .Vgricullure for May make
the wheat prospect nearly as favora
ble as in ApriL Then the general
average was within five per cent of the
standard full condition. The May average
L 9L It was S3i Ia 1SS3. Barring chanses
In the future winter wheat product of about
350,000,000 bushels Is Indicated. The tem
perature In April lias btn lower than usual
and low lying land have been saturated
with mottun, retarding the growth. Well
drained wheat soils nearly everywhere are
bearing a vigorous and healthy growth
Few reports of injury by fly have
been received, and the aggresate loss
from Insect ravages will be triviaL Win
ter wheat. In New England is a scarcely
appreciable quantitv. Its condition fe
quite uniformly high- The Middle and
boutbero States make averages ranging from
P0 to 100. The Ohio basin makes a less
favorable showinz. There is little differ
ence In the StatoTon the northwest side of
the river. The fol'owing arc the averages,
100 representing cot an averago condition,
but a full stand of healthy plant of nndiura
growth: New York, STT; Pennsylvania. W;
Kentucky, 00; Ohio, 83: Michigan, 85: In
diana, 80; Illinois. S7; Missouri, m; Kan
sas, 103; Cal'f.mla, 33. The seeding ol
spring wheat Is neatly finished. In Minne
sota It las been delajed by heavy rains and
low temperature. In Dakota It is not yet
completed. Returns of area will be made
on the 1st of June. Rye promises fully as
well as wheat; general averace, 06. It b
several points higher than wheat In the
principal Stales of the West The general
artrage for harley Is 101. Iris 100 in New
York, 100 in Pennsylvania. OS hi Mich
igan and 103 ui California. Meadows
and pastures arc generally prom
blnz. though falling to come up to the
standard of healthy growth and unimpaired
condition. Spring Rowing U a little de
layed by the Imperative and excessive mois
ture In uudralned soils and tenacious soils.
For the entire ronntry it Is two-thirds com
pleted. In an average- year seventy-two to
seventy-five per cent should be done on the
Ut of Slay. The progress of cotton plant
ing has been delayed fcerywhere bv low
temperature In ApriL In some Virginia
counties none was planted on tho 1st of May
anil very little In several counties of North
Hard rn tba UriJce Itnlldrr.
WcenpEo, Max., May li Advices
from Emerson. Maru report a sanguinary
engagement between the citizens and a
party of men headed by Dean Westbroofc
The latter built the iron bridge at Emerson,
but the town could not raise the money to
pay them and they seized the bridge- The
citizens opposed their attempts to levy tolls,
whereupon the draw was swung out and the
contactors retained possession. An attack
was organized, and all available boats and
rafts were secured. The fleet botvi down on
the bridge. A fierce struggle ensued, in
which the citizens were victorious. Several
narrow escapes from drowLv occurred.
The key was thrown Into the tt and tht
draw remains open.
It Was a Xe Boner.
East Sagecaw, Mich, May IS. A
boiler used to generate the steam for a salt
block at the works of Green, King & Co,
in Saginaw Cly, exploded with terrific
force, wrecking the boikr-oouse and salt
block; doing damage to the extent of 83,000.
John Crate, the fireman, was taken frori
the rums ma horrible plight Hisrightleg
was broken, his head and face burned, and
his chest bruised. His Injuries are likely to
prove fataL Kelsa married man thirty
seven years old. Frank Wilkin, who had
charge of tho boiler, was severely hurt, and
Rudolph Dell and S. W. Bacon were slightly
a. Crowded Grand Stand Falls With K
ZJvlatT Load at Callllcotfce, Ohio Forty
rtnouXnn or Leas Severely iajnred
More Sertoos Result Averted Irj Cool.
Headed 3fu.
CmxtcoTirE. O., Xsy KL
An accident occurred at the Base BaX
Park near this city yesterday afternoon
The first ot the Ohio League games was
being played between the Logans ot tal
city and Riversides ot Portsmouth. About
three hundred people were on the grand
stand, one-third being ladles. At the
end ot the second-Inning- a enwk
Ung was heard in the rear ot
the building and immediately after
WErd the entire structure col
lapsed with a tremendous crash. A scaao
of Indescribable confusion ensued. Faie
faced, horror-stricken men rushed to tha
rescue of the unfortunates la tho wreck.
Cool-headed men Instantly set about re
leasing those burled In the ruins, and la
a few minutes they had all been liberated
or succeeded In liberating themselves.
The most exaggerated reports reached
the city and in a few moments a stream of
backs, carriages and people rushed to the
following Is a list ot those most seri
ously Injured. Fortunately none wero
killed, slthongh some may die:
James Roberts, of Portsmouth, bade
badly sprained, Internal hurts.
Clifford Douglass, bruises and inter
nal Dr. J. 3T. Pauley, serious internal In
jarles. Jerry O'Kelfe, ihe same.
Dure Mitchell, badly hurt about th
Jos. McGulre, ugly scalp wound; skull
John Hippy, leg broken.
Warren Chapman, ankle broken.
Frank K. Gilmore, gprala of right thigh
and Injuries to abdomen.
Miss Clenc Fans, the only lad; Injured,
scalp wound nearly encircling, the- back
part at the head.
To add to the horrors of the affair
burses attached to carriages In the field
came near stampeding, and but for the
strenuous exertions ot a few cool men
another catastrophe might have trod o
the heels of this one.
The total casualties foot up about fifty.
The greatest wonder Is that some ono
was not killed. The Umber used la the
stand was very light, but the carpenter,
Mose Miller, la turning It over to the
club said he wouM stake his reputation
as a carpenter on Its security. That he
did not do his worS properly has had ter
rible demonstration.
Michael BUey, Simp, CosrrletsKtof Xa-lauc-nter
for HartHS Aided In Catmns
tha Death of a Chicago Alton Irakc
mas, Sentenced to Ten Tears Is tie Fenl
teatlary. CHICAGO, In-, MA7 '
Michael Riley, Impleaded with" Richard
Haley, charged ulth murder In having
caused the death of Zacharias Brown, a
brakeman on the Chicago & Alton Kail
road, was tried yesterday before Jndgo
Williamson. The testimony was ill la.hy
ten o'clock, and the prisoner had testified
In his own behalf, denying that he had
thrown the missile which had caused
the poor brakeman's death. Mr. A. S.
Trade, on behalf of the prosecrtion,
frankly stated that a conviction of Hr
dcr under the evidence wouhi be too se
vere. The defendant, Riley, threw the
stone which hit the deceased. Brown, oa
the head, and caused him to fall from the
car to the ground beneath, where he was
run over and killed. This act did not
have In It the clement of malice or delib
eration that stamps the murderer, but
was none the less the act ot a reckless,
abandoned wretch, whose punishment
should b; Imprisonment in the peniten
tiary for a good long term of years.
Mr. Trade then reviewed the evidence
at length, and closed by say
ing: "Acquit this man and joa pro
claim to the hundreds of railroad men
whose duties bring tbem in close contact
with the tramp and vagabond that tho
law will not afford them protection; that
their lives are valueless in a jury's esti
mation. To the tramp you Issue procla
mation : 'Go on ; mnrder, rob, and rape,
for a Cook County jury sanctions your
acts.' You cannot conceive with what
rapidity yourverdid In a case like this
travels! Every brakeman of the 4,500
which form an association In this city will
learn It In twelve hoars after Its rendi
tion. Every tramp now waging warfare
aa!nst society will learn It In about tho
same length of time, for there Is an odd
fellowship and community of Interest
among tramps. The moral effect of a
verdict Is Indeed great, for good or evil.
The result of a verdict which was an In
sult to the administration ot criminal
justice can be seen by looking through
the flameand smoke of crime-stricken Cin
cinnati. Justice-Insulting verdicts made
the temple of justice so obnoxious that
the people arose In their might and burned
It to the ground."
Mr. Longnccker made a strong argu
ment In behalf of his client, claiming
that there was but one witness who
swore that his client threw the atom
which caused the death ot Brown, and
that this witness was an tccompllce.
Mr. Anthony closed the case by read
ing the law to the jury and asking for a
conviction of manslaughter, after which
the court read the Instructions to the
jury, who, alter being out two
hours, rendered a verdict of guilty snd
axed the term ot Imprisonment it tin
years In the Penitentiary.
The vigor with which offenders who
commit these depredations on the Chi
cago & Alton Road are prosecnted will
Induce the thief and tramp to avoid It.
Vice-President McMillan Is an unrelent
ing prosecutor, and through bis efforts
the Brighton rioters now wear convicts
clothes in the bridewell, where they art
working out long sentences, and the mas
Riley will tramp no mote for ten years to
come at least.
MnrdereU by Convicts.
Mr. SizBLZxo. Kr.. May 9.
A guard In charge ot eight convicts
whom he was transferring from Frankfort
to a prison on the Kentucky Central Rail
road, reached here yesterday alternooo,
and started on foot tor the prison. Later
rive of the prisoners were met, who said
one of the prisoners, complaining that his
handcuffs were hurtles him, took ad
vantage o the opportunity to overpower
the ;t .. 'elzed his gun and killed him.
TIh.. tKre- of the prisoners escaped.
The Q'fi r ' a were trying to reach tho
ii mm
jxevurClns Crop rrospecta.
SnrurviT r,r. frx. Maya.
The prospects for wheat In this set.
tlon are much more encouraglpg than
they were two weeks ago. Abundant
rains assisted by tbo recent warm weather,
have given It a wonderful lmnetus, and
In some places the plant Is gmwlng so
luxuriantly that It will fall down and
lodge. Some wheat growers who, dis
couraged with the outlook, were" thinking
of plowing up their ground and puttie;
In corn, have abandoned the idea and are
jubilant ovei the change Icsuad ot a
meagre half crop, as reported ten days
izo, experienced t&rmei now prediff
fully a laree-fouith j crop.

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