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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, May 22, 1884, Image 1

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Bereted te the I merest ef tlie Ckerekec. Cliectaws, Chickasaw. SemiHelc. Creek, aad all Other Iad'aae of the Indian Tcrrltery.
YOL. n. NO. 36.
Bfa aX wiyirtw Ike fees aaa wale test store la the IacM TerriSorj- Is that of
. C. PATTON & CO,,
Tm hi get aayIc yea
Aad a ft
Ut RT OfaBu MFAXTXIIT eaatotos
Ci: CLBTKOICME?l13tt3fT?wTra11itketorswt Stock wfAret-ektaCWuInT, Boots, Shoes, HaLS Ladled ui
L-- atoT FwiiijMag.g de, Wtife
IT MrAXTXST k MkaUl!tis iaatl ths Latest Sty 1m
. WffAXTJEKfT hrWawHkeTerTkidfStleadFiaw
J7o -jOMMjIte
HAEXB88 MPjLSTXSXT aaMMMr SeABe. aaraess aad Leather Goods of all kinds. In
IGaJCVUeKiX HHTf.TBrrrr EPARTXE.ST yarn am get Watresw, Bfjpes, Flows, Spring Wagons, Etc.
aisr. ittmsMta
IUX BLAgg AM CEEJSWAXE KPAXTXE5T ererr Tariety f Bb-es, Crocks,
RB STfBg AXT3H3T jh will Sad a spteawM stoek of Pare, 5tee Brags, Xediclnes, complete la every re
ffeet. fi wwhMi eafehMy temaeaiiae br a tkiiies afoHtecarj. la tkis canaccUon we haie also aa Immense
vteekoTSotfoM, Ttipf, Clacks, Ceafectiaaerj, Etc. And a
riTWIKItr ASM BMC BcUXTXE5T where thiiHM every variety of Writla XalerlaU, Paper, Blink Booki
Sate tad Bceutet Seeks, Sekaal Beaks, aad a Mae of gaei Keadia; Books Ptojo aa'd Poetry.
Prices are as
W 0.
:ta lumber yard,
)rogs, Patent Medicines, Notions, Stationery,
jBtc.; also aFnllljne
and CJonfecnoiieries.
itfafltiwBoetoniBTiaitoat X. FK12ErS Ke4 Frwrf, ee door
Vert of 'Friseo KotoU
M. FRAZEE, Vinita, Indian Territory.
ea haa the CholentSMplB
Ytftbiitt, FNt, iMMStii! Statswan Mi Tiwnfi.
nia aor stack fca the Weir 1
yam 4C cw STiarawf SSvraw
Taalieala . sTTInIT rmlm tat
Alee carry a ceaplete liac of
Dry Goods, . Hats and Caps,
Grooeries, Queensware,
Nothing, Tinware,
3oots and Shoes, Notions, Etc.
Eat SmiB k Mm
itfeiL to see our stock and learn our prices
T l t
ueium uiiyjiig.
IA auks, Urn,
mutt aa4 tact erf the wry best Cfa&litj
asBriet of everyta-af; waatedbr oar
aa kwMase stock ef crerj Tar'etj of the best and most serviceable Brj
stocked with Sails, Screws, Caaias,
Low as the Lowest
k CO.. Vinita.
lasaMtrettaaklfatlTesstdSoFtkcrnPine Lombec A!o 6h!r-
Kaarre bb, being saippcd from tee CEoctt
of Cigars, Tobaccos
and Fancy Qroaerles la tfce atsafcat.
Hi Cerater. two ioora Vest T A. C
r. a axaaureT.
ii M.
Vinita, Indian Ter.
te be bad la the cot a ry.
casta atem
and FasHlcas.
yrocerirs. Tlonr, Bacon. Canned Geeds.
Blages, Tin ware, Axes, UteBsib, Tool,
Jars, Jogs, Etc. WHile la
Come and See Us.
Indian Territory.
For the purchase and sale of
13 Xattraal Stock Tarda, E. St. Louis,
jy Liberal advance made on consJcnaeBtA.
Locate at Catt St. Louts, Hk
Directly opposite the city of St. Louis. Doyen
for all description of Lire Stock always In at.
tendance, and within the jrroundi of the Stock
Tarda are a Boef Cannlns; Company, with a
capacity for alauTbtetins IJOCO head of caul
dally, and Fork ractlns Establishments wltk
a capacity for slaughtering; 11,0 W boss dally.
ISAAC II. KSOX, rrrsldeat
CHAS. T J0XES, Sept. --
iai F,!i;ii!i
pKHMatt Palace Hotel Cars
tkroHgk to St Louis,Via
Setalia, Daily.
Direct Route West and Soutk
west Tia Kansas City.
Al KANoAo Ull I for Ksn-xs. Colorado.
New Mexico and California connect wlta Ex
press Trains of ell lines.
'IT ITRUIPnU Connection ' made wit
A I MlLnliMlR Vrm Tnln for aC
Poln,a,nKims,,,"xl - NebL" -
t nuiui unnKnon u maae mm au
A I U m Ail A lines leadlns; to the North am!
F. CHA5DLEB, Gea. Pass, jfgtnt.
C. B. KI53A5, Asa't Gen, Pass. Ageat.
P. L. DECKER, Agent at Tinita.
The Direct Throoth Boute Between
Fast Express Trains are Bon Dally.. 5s
Chans of Cars.
Tfaonsn Pullman Palace fileephur Cars are
rnn daily, wit hotit chance. between ST. LOCIS,
31o and SAN FltA-NriSOO. TaL
SIUXO acres of rich farmlnr and mineral
lends foriwleby this company In SOCTU WEST
CPFor full and particular Information, wits
Maps. Time Table, llrrs. etersll upon or ad
dress any of out fctatiua A feats, or either of tas
D. WIsUAirX. General Pasaenjer Areat. SI
C. W CALE. General Freijit Asest, St. Loula.
C W BOGE1U. Vice Prcsidcnf mod GawraT
ifiBiger, Tcmsla Uolitiln, W. Louis. H.
A tJEtiCnsikST bf the regular army
stni stands gnard at the tomb of Presi
dent Garfield.
Bn'obE Island savings banks hare
5S4G0,205 intrusted to their care bj
120;482 depositors.
It is impassible to take fish with a
net from Indian Hirer, Florida, as the
sharks attack the nets when filled with
fish, and tear them to pieces.
TwH jfew Tork psliccScrt. l"lhissctl
fire years ago, haTc been reinstated br
the Supreme Court, with the order to
pay each $5,000 back salary.
Six wholesale stores under the Brook
lyn Bridge arc in operation. The stores
are each two stories high, serentv-fire
feet deep and twenty-one feet wide.
The average rent is nearly 2.000 a
year. Other arches will be fitted up
and ready for occupancy within a year.
The Post-office Department reccivel
recently the following brief but com
prehensive letter from C. JL Grcpjr.
Postmaster at Xutt, X. JL: "Our
town has gone to the sweet bj-and-bv;
only one family left. I respectfully re
sign my position as Postmaster here.
Westward the r of empire takes iui
way, and also the rotmxtcr."
THE new port recently opened at
Trieste, Austria, hs altogether
iboUt fr-.300.00ij: lliree jetties, rcrcn
hundred feet long by three hundred feet
broad, b-iTe been built, and thus has the
former northeastern harbor of Trieste
been converted into three basins, with
nearly two miles of quay. ThtiM.' basin
have a depth of water varying from
twenty-five to forty-five feet.
Tils members o! the Mexican Con
gress wear faultless salts of black. A
great many of them also wear white
neckties and white gloves, so that the
HoufC looks like a full dress party. A
recent visitor in Mexico say that almost
all of the members are middle age, rhh
oiack eyes and black hair. Ilardly a
gray-haired or bald-headed man could
be discovered among them.
TllE public-school system of Xew
York State needs remodeling, and a ne
cessary step to this, it appears, is an ex
amination into the systems of other
States and countries. Accordingly, a
bill hs jnst bc-Cn passed bv the Senate
authorizing the Governor and Senate to
appoint three commissioner, and ap
propriating $14,000 to meet salaries
and traveling and ether expenses.
The late Lharics O Conor j reason
for living at Nantucket is thus explained:
Teats ao life was engaged in an im
portant lawsuit, in which many of the
witnesses were wcll-precrved old peo
ple. Struck with their bright health, he
learned that most of them came from
Nantucket, and he thereupon promised
himscif to withdraw from practice and
kettle down for his old age by the Jca.
Foci: large cold storage warehouses
are now in operation in Xew York City,
and it is said the time is not far distant
when cold air will be served in pipes
throughout the city just as gas and
water are now. One of the novel fea
tures of the new Washington market,
now being constructed, fa a nrtwofV t
bipts fuhning through the building,
through which frozen air will be fur
nished to the different meat stands.
Recently forir well-dressed men
entered . London tavern and had din
ner. 'When the moment came to nav
they said they had no money with them,
but would leavp a valuable diamond
Hag. A few days later they called, set
tled the previous account, had another
dinner, talked to the proprietor, and
finally sold him the ring for ou. lie
considered that be had made a good
bargain, becanw whilst it had been in
his possession he had taken it to a jew
eler, who pronounced it to be worth
100. The gueL, however, had on
their second visit substituted an imita
tion fac-simile for the genuine ring.
Ax Incident showing the hostility of
popnlar feeling in Italy against Austria
occurred recently at Turin. .1 leading
firm of Turin m-rchants. naving al-so a
large branch establishmen' at Trieste,
erected an elaborate gilt -"."n having at
its two ends the coats-ol-arms of Italy
and Austria respectively. A crowd a
sembled to view the novelty and soon
began to murmur at the idea of the An
trian arms being displayed ?n a Pied
montese city. The crowd ocn greir to
a mob, and final v began btrabarding
the hated double-headed eagle ot Austria
with stones, clubs, and every available
missile. The proprietors of ihe store
wire finally compelled to remove the
Austrian arms in order to save their
store from detraction.
The Indian population of the United
States now numbers 2G3.000. This does
not include the Indians of Alaska, who
number about 30,000. Thev Indians
are scattered. Aboi 75,000 of them
are in Indian Territory, where they arc
divided into five civilized nations. Theo
are the Cherokees, Creeks, Choctaws,
Chickasaws, and Seminbles. They have
a civilization pretty well advanced.
Each tribe has a Government of its own
modeled somewhat on the Government of
the United States. There b an upper
and a lower house of the Legislature
a Senate and a House of Representa
tives. Both arc elected by the people.
The Senate they call the House of Kings,
and the Hossa of Representatives is the
House of Warriors. This Congress
makes the laws for their Government,
and the only restriction on these laws is
that they be within the laws of the
Congress of the United States Tbcro
is also an executive branch of the Gov
ernment to carry out these laws, judges
sad courts topass upon them, and
aheriife aad constables to impose the
pnaiahrrirnt prescribed in ticra.
A Santaarr er the Dally News,
Tax Senate, oa th. 13th, receive 1 a com
munication from the Secretary of Wr rec
ommending an appropriation or WWW for
repairs of the Jackson Barracks, at New Or
leans. Mr. Learn, from the Committee oa
M Hilary Affair, reported favorably tl Mil In
place General n rant on tbo retired UsL Mr".
Lojrsn asked that tho bill be put at once upen
Its paape. t'nanlmona consrnt wa irlren
and the bill wa at once real the third time,
and pawed. The bill prorldea that in rccotrnl-
Cnitnl tatcs-1
.p oi oiun(rawifi aerncef renaered tne
P. CSrnt. lateGMfral of tlu.
In the lloum- Jlr. Pot rubmitted the rJes of
themlnoritr of th Qtmmliti. nn PnlfiA
Icailroad on the Mil to amend tbeTburman
sinking- fund act. Placed on the Houre cal
endar. The Hoosc tbrn went Iclo Committee
of the Whole on the bill prorMini; for a civil
rvefl!n-nt for tbeTrrrtiftrr f AUta. and
h" Mil wes piwl wltbrHl nmctMipeftf. ,1"lv
next meuure considered was the TowriihciM
MU. proridlns; that hereafter no Territory
shall form a constitution or apply for adm!-
iuu u oi.w into me i ninn until i; snail
contain a permanent population equal to that
required in a ConcresaKmal Iiltricr. In order
to entitle It to representation In the Houc lr.
Hammond moved to ar the Ull on the UMc:
asrreed to lue In I&. Th.- Mil pasvd extending
the juriMicibm of jU-ikt- or the reace
In Wjonrnr. and provHllncthat hrreaftertbe
Lea- statute of Dakota ball i oaaiat of twenty
four mcmNrs of th Council, and f . rry-dabt
memU of th? Home.
It tne Sena e, oi the 14'h. Mr. Call in
troduced a MIL which was referred to the
Commtit-eon tlie Jullciarr authorizing the
Sretsry of the Treasury to overrulp end re-verwtberfc-ijWnpf
inferior offlc?r of tic
Trrajury Deirtment in respect to all matrer
Of ncemint. A lilU poi alithorislnv thn
eantruction of a pontnoa waron brMcO
over the Mirslsslppi near Dubuque. :r.
Itlatr movcil lo take up the IIoue
MH prov.d n- tor tbo cstaMlshmrnt
nj a but.1,1 .if ,wr statistics.
Ajayd In. Alljnurpei. , In h Uaif
h li!ll wd rfrorlcd faVoPtbl-. .. tji- a
mint at St. liuul. 1 be House went into rom
mlttecol the Whole on tlielnnsularand Dip
lomatic ApprC'priaUan tilU. Mr. ltoblnson. of
Xew Tork. nun e.1 to alwlih the office or illn-lt-r
to Great liritaln. The motion was lot
and the Committee ros Mr. Sprintrer asked
ununimou.convnt to put on lis naa?e the
hill autlxirizintr the Secretary of theTreasurr
to putchaso atiout M4UUUD In bonds with
ctwitoiciK held in the Treasury for the rc
drmtlon of retired National bank circulation,
wh'cb would rcllere the money market to the
extent of addliur Sajni.tnj to the circulation.
Mf. WC.rolJPrtt. jdjtirted.
Ix the Sena:e, on the lith Mr. iiorru oP
fered a resolution which, under ihe rub
went orer one day. dlrectlne-tbe Committee
on Unanee to examine Into tho causes of the
failure or such of the National Ilanks In the
City of New York as have suf Tended business
in Slav. 1SS, and report whether the said
failures hare to any and what extent resulted
from any violation or laws or regulations rey
nUtln" their eccdliet. Mr Clllftm Introduced
a bill which was referrol to tbo ('omimttci
on tins nee, to prevent speculation on
the part ot officials of the National
nankintr Associaton. The bill Birinc
Il.iaXt.o to th" Nnr Orleans Exposition
passed. Adjourned till ihMStb. The House
went into i ommlttce or tbe whole on the Dip
lomatic and Consular Appropriation blu.
Amenunents rriatlnir to tho mUsiaas tn
Uoumanla. Servix and Creeco and various
amendments for Incrcatlnc- or maintaining
salaries In certain cafes, were all rejected.
There betas' no quorum the eommltt rose.
Tbo benate amendments tn the bill for the
World centennial anl Cotton Exhibition at
New Orejnff m. mnrtlrtMl In AflnMr-r?!
The Senate was net in session on the
Ith. ..In the House. Mr. Willis, from the
Committee on Hirer and Harbor, reported
back the Hirer ni Harbor Appropriation
MIL Tbe House then went Into Committee of
the Whok) on the Consular and Diplomatic
Appropriation MIL Alter deba to the bill was
finally laid aside with a farorable recommen
dation, and the prtntalttec proceeded to con
sider Ihe Array Appropriation btlL Th,eom
S litre arose and rt-orted the tllte till to
c House, but nn further action was taken.
The Hourc at the evening- serlou passed
thirty-two pension bills. Adjourned.
Tbc Senate was not in session on the 18th.
Intbellouoe a Mil wa passed granting- tbe
consent of CbngreM for the construction of a
dam acros the Mississippi at St. Cloud. The
Senate amendment to too Indian Appropria
tion bill were non-concurred In. A bill was
pertl -ttuidlHjr intil December SI, 1SS5. the
durtiitta ot the Court ot nmmii''nfrs "a
the Alabama Claim. The bill pawd tocbnre
the Eastrm and Northern audlcial Districts
of Texas and attach a part of tbe Indian Ter
ritory tn thoc dlstrlcta. On motion of
Mr. Caldy the bill pawd to re
lieve settler on the Duck Valley Indian res
ervation. Elko County. Nevada. The Mil also
pasted for tbe appointment of two additional
Associate Justices of tbe Supreme Court of
Dakota. The next bill was the bill to amend
the a-1 llri.llntr tbe State of Miouri Into two
Judicial. Distant, and to dirlde tbe Eastern
and Western Du-tricta thereof into divisions,
and to prefcribp times and place for holding;
courts therein. Altera sharp deha:cbctw?rn
tho mrmlKTS of the MUsouri delegation, and
there -x-lnjc no quorum present, the House al
Tue BerHn enrrespondent of tin London
77rae is authorized ti announce thsmnr
Cnnatic marrigeuf Grand Puke Louis ot
Hese, at Darmstadt, with Madame Kola
mirxk, le;a ly .Ilssolred.
Tna Kinjj of Uneco entertained the
American Legation at lunch on the Ilh.
Schuyler, tho Ameriran Minister, care a
garden pa:ty to the Diplomatic Corps.
"W. G. ILiunucTO.T, telccrsph editor of
the Baltimore Ertniag .Yctrs, died sudden
ly the other evening. Ha was discovered
in nn unconscious condition and before a
doctor reach d bim, expired. He was
forty-two years of age.
Tax Stem-so Embassy left TTashington
for New Tork recently, with the intention
of mating a tonr of the country.
- Coloxel J. F. II. CLAiBORxr, historian,
ditd at Natchez, Mis.,aged aerenty-seren.
rle represinted Mississippi several terms
in Congress. His late yeara hare been de
voted to the preparation of a history of
Mississippi and the Southwest.
Ax exciting crn occurred in the Senate
the other day. Vjn YVyik severely criti
cised Blair for eoine'hin; he bad dene In
comiu.Uee. He ww rep atclly called to
order by the l're-idriit ot tbe Sonata. Blair
a!d lliat Van Wyck was either grossly
mistaken or an intentional falsifier.
CaBLsaiuxs report that IVcolwIcu ar
senal narrowly escape I destruction by
dyamite recently, a del oaa tors and explo
sives were found under thr wall.
Wrraix a few days a woman and a child
at Pittsburg, Pa., have Inst their lives by
the blundors of drug clerks. Oce of tbe
latter has t'n held fur munier.
Ix an attack upon frirn ily tribes near
Tauiani. b, recently, Osaian Dtgna and bis
men ktllrd twenty-oao of tje friendly
Arab, took forty women prioners and
capturej many cartle- Of the rebels only
fire were killed. The tribes attacked are
ablo to tnnster 0p3i men. They are deter
mined to fiTenge tbe death of their comrades
ami recover their weraec.
A coon deal of excitement was raised in
Denver tbe other day. A new City Clerk
had been elected by the Council and the
office was refused to him by the old Clerk,
who thought the election was a fraud. Tbe
new Clerk, sided by his friends, forcibly
took possession of the office and stood the
old Clerk in the strost.
A Glexmye, M- T., special, says: While
United States Paymaster Whipple was en
routa to Fort Baford from Glendlvo re
cently, about forty miles on-, be was at
tacked by road stents. Eergjaat Conrad
was killed and two privates seriously
wounded. Tbe mules attached to the am
bulance in which the paymaster, clerk and
treasurer's box were, ran away and thns
made their escape.
A HazLrncRST, CopUh County, Miss
special says: "The jury la the cas of E.
B. Wberler, for the murder of J. P. Mat
thews, was out about an hoar and returned
a svrdict of cot guilty."
Judge Rich an Kszs, of Mount Stcr-
tr. v:irj,t;r rr: " r.r.t''v.T; i
XnTJ rddi-lsrafcS li-Eif Vc , clheUa
when he Kdderly sto. hfaalf. o cL.er
teSseti fScept that ha was iniane was
Kiren for thi mCL
,A SriCLii frorrf Cfcerfwj & 0.t eaysl
IV. Bojaa Cash; tin fngiUre murderer of
Manhal (Ucharda, wffii killed th other
moraine while relisting; arrest by a" bosse
In charge of Deputj Sheriff Kin;. One of
the posse was slightly wounded, and ore of
Cash'a astociatea was seriously wounded.
Toe president has issued a proclamation
re:or.'ng to the public domain the lands
et apart by the eXrcutiTe order as a reser
vation fof th Jeircll Apache Indians in
the Tiorthwestefil part of 2few Mexico' em
bracinc 3X1,000 acres.
The financial cri.ls had consId'eraU
tnoderatel on the 13th. Fisk & Hatch
i '"'" "i1" '.' bM -!" 1.1" "V"
matters wer? abom riihtol. OuUide of
New York the flurry hafdly stulaad di
memions worth mentioning.
Tnr Duluth and Superior City ferry-boat
Mary Martin, collided recently with a sail
boat need as ferry between Rice's Point,
L'ulnth, and ConnotN Point, Wi., and
smashed It tip: Twontyne perons were
in the sail-boat at the time. Isadofe Fkjtfl'
madore, who ran it, aad tbreo Swedes,
dock laborers, names nnkaown, were
Tna repair shops of tbe New Tork &
Harlem Railroad Company at New Ycrk
were b-irne 1 recently. The bu!ldira- c
ered a large area and contained the ma
chine shops and work rooms where all the
reyairing ot the rolling stock was done.
apark from the burning building set fire
to -ereral small dwellings. Loss, 200,0nu.
Recxxt advices from Vera Cruz state
that that ci'y was remarkably healthy and
exceptionally dean. Tbe inhabitants did
cot fear an epidemic this season, notwith
standing the fact that yellow fever existed
at certain points below, on tho coast.
!n"r.T Ilo-.rt.zn. ot St. Louis, mislng
Id New York fof several days, had a large
amount of money libed he disappear.!.
Hoeflerand his wife only recently returned
from Gi -.nany.
Tna Treasurer of the United States for
warded S.OJO.OOO iu legal tenders to the
Assistant Tica.ur-r in New York recently
for use in case of necessity.
A xephzw of Henry Ward Beecherwas
n member of one or tbe firms that failed in
"iee York during the recent panic.
Tna Secretary of th. Nary re
cently received a telegram from CcmzSo
doro Batcheler, commanding the Galena at
Key West, saying the threats against
the life of tho Spanish Consul at that place
were made in a bar-room by two or three
drunken Cubans, but that neither the Con
sul ncr tbe authorities there attach much
Importance to them.
A Bxxxtsox, Tex, special sSys" A
freight on the Missouri Pacific was derailed
near tbe city limits and tbe fireman, en
gineer and brakeman seriously injured.
A Toaxano, on the ISM, was reported to
have done considerable damage in the
vicinity of Quincy, IU.
Tna Stadt Theater at Vienna was not
totally destroyed. The library and soma
it-efdrobes were saved by Iron doors.
Cottvissio.tER Kixic express's the 1-j-Uef
that railroad freights will continua
very low, and that east bound grain will
probably not advance above fifteen cents
per hundred pounds.
Browxlxx, ex-Treasurer of Marion, Ind.,
was arrested at Chicago recently on a war
rant for embezslement. It is charged that
he Is than in bis accounts li.KO.
BcanxLi,TBoAS,iu endeavoring tore'
move drift from the Texas & St. Loais Rail
road bridge aerois the Arkansas River at
Rob Roy, Ark., recently, slipped from a
log in the river and was drowned.
A xax named Ward, or Sevrlng, lately
arrested at XsrshaU, JJL, on a charge of
horse stealing, was said to be wanted for
mttruer in BsILmorei Md.
A xovxxzxr to secure the repeal Of all
Internal renrnue tax on tobacco, started
by officers sf the New England Tobacco
Grower' Association, took definite shape
rre-nUy. An appeal to the tobacco Indj
try ot the whole country wad adopted at a
meeting held at Hartford, Conn.
Tbb Freud! Ministry asks for a credit of
83JXX,000 francs on account of tbe Tcnquin
expedition Snd 1J&dflQ0 francs on account
of the Madagascar expedition.
PaiVATB advices state the Madagascar
Governmmt offers France I,030,'V0 In
demnity on condition that France shall re
nounce all claims to territory in Madagas
car. Frvr prsoners were publicly whipped at
Newcastle, DeL, the other day, a burglar
(felting twenty lasb'i in addition to an
hour in the pilloryi
A Wtxcirra special says Plapot an-1
Tallow Cilf Ihrcat-n war on the settlers of
the Noitiwcst Territory. Tie Indians
complain ot scarry superinduced by the
Domlnioi 1 neon and the loss of their old
fishing grmnis.
ExcrrmexT ran high at Cust-r, D. T.,
over tbe lecrnt developments in tbe tin dis
coT'rirs. The asay of tin a'one taken
from some recently develoi-ed mica mines
showed on unpretedented iercentage of
The Erie County (Pa.) Bank failed on
the lflUs. Liabilities, 43W.C00. Tht Presi
dent ni said to have dabbled in otL
Tux HanUfi aud Mechanic,' Baak, of
Pctersltrg, Va., faile.1 on the liHh.
Tna Oty Exchange Bank, of Liporte,
IntL, male an as.itmtnt recently owing
to tbe fa lure of Donnell, Lawson ic Simp
son, of New York. Liabilities, $31,000 ; as-
sts. SilffXi.
CaxoxBotd CABrrxTEa hs boen created
BUhop tf Ripon, Eng.
Tnr .American Lacro.se team won the
first match game with the English team on
the 1'Jth
Mil S.nCEL Ward died at Pegli, Italy, on
the I9th
Tna will of the Iste fyrns H. McCormick
was adnitted to Pi ot a e at Chicago. The
estate nos valued at ten million dollar-.
Two hundred tebels bombarded Suakim
recently for one hour. Two inhah.tanU
were wimded. The rebels carried off one
thousand sheep.
Joiix Tatlob, the Mormon President,
made a prayer at the opening of a new
temple it Logan, Utah, which occupied two
column; of fine type in the church organ.
Howtt-L Ca's Baxk, of Spokane Falls,
Idaho, ailed th other day.
Tna Cambria Iron Works Company, of
Pennvjirauia, filed a bill in equity in tbe
Suprrus Court at Boston against tbe Cin
cinnati & St. Liuis Railroad Company.
Plaintif alleges that defendant road is in-
debtedto it ia tbe sum of 2)19 for steal
At Mo Razor City, Asia Minor, nine
hundrii and fifty dwelling, five hundred
and Orty-foor warehouses and shops.
mosqies, fifteen schools, nine khans and
otherbuildings were burned. Eleven per
sons rare burned.
Jeez Josbca Tbact. President ot tbe
Cedst Rapid, Burlington & Northern
Rallpad, died at Burlington, la., recently.
Deceaed was bom In Belmont County, O.,
Tas Senate, oa tbe 12th, was o;cml;d
withk mass of bills and matters of a pre-
limitary nature, and adjourned with de
bate pending on the bill to establish a
Bunan ot Labor Statistics. Tie Consular
acdDipiomatJc Appropnattoa boi ud
tia House; also the Ansy and Diarl
rba Effect or the Eat rsllnres Tn 31 tas.
lion Orare, bet Store Rnurlot.
Hk York. May l&r The market at the
Produce Exchange Iras feverish yesterday,
tad at the opening prises iell off a little,
indriWnfmttSof fsilnres la fins West
rrcra started. 5ibseqnenUy ihe taarkel
regained what it had tet only to fall cfl
again. However, on announcement Of far
Iherfallores, Will street, It closed slightly
Irftrcr than on Wednesday. There
was talk at the cxebscge of abolishing
nils, as has already been dofic" In Chicago.
It w th? cneral opinion that this WfraW
be done immed'Uttlyi At the Cotton Ex
banrUie market opened fifiJer, jfrices be
ing hisb-r than at the close ot fc&friess
Wlncntay. There was little business
iSAS, J3Twver Wbert the news of the
failure of mk Haicft reached the
sxcliange. the maffcn btokt sonKWhaL
kt. locis mrASCEs'.
St. Lopis, May 16. The sltoaifca hero
Is practically unchanged. Bankers and
RHimps Ben aenerally have no apprdien
ou for ft? utnfd. Mere satisfaction Is
expressed at ths reMimptidn et the
Metropolitan Bank, ttid whil a little
mieasiuess Is produced by the ti;f3ictt of
Il-tk & Hatch and a very slight flatry
is created by the temporary trouble In Kan
St? City, I1 the general opinion is that
nflliiffeierHte ttfli result outside otXew
York. CotsrrabIe"ftentioflw5aHitcd,
however, to Donnell, Iawsofi & Simpso&v
end there Is consldenui!: desire' id knov tbe
condition of that firm and xtuSi Its future
action will be. It has intimate rdst
tions with and is correspondent ot nearly
a hundred banks in Missouri, some sixty
in Kansas, thirty or forty In Texas, and has
ntuncrou connections In all the extreme
Western States and Territories. It is not
known, of course, to what extent they an
Involved in tills course, but their Indebted
ness to Western tankers may run into miV
linn. L. V. Stephens, of Boonville, one of
ti!i mnst prmnlnest bankers of the In
terior bf Otis State, estimates that
In ease of i complete failure ot
the firm the loss itf MLSn3rl wh'I be folly
S.VX1.00Q. It is a!o feared tfte less W TeJds
b nkers will be heavy.
rxnisnitnED in s.vn rnANnscxj.
Sax Fb-vxcisco Jlay 10. The suspension
of FIsfc & Hatch, of New York, crea
ted more surprise Uian any yet announced.
This k chieily due to the fact that the sns
Aled bank was such a heavy dealer in
Government Qml?: largely held on this
yjast: secondly, ticy were fiscal iteentt
of the Chespcake fc Ohio" Railroad sy
tern. RontTnlled br C P. Tlmi.
ington, first Vice Presklent of the Central
Pacific. Tlie announcement was immedi
ately followed by rumors as to the effect tin
suspension mleht have on railroad Interest!
ot tbls cosL Charles Crocker, President of
the Central Pr-ciBe, stated emphatically tc
a representative Of the Associated Press thai
it would have none, mat neither tire Central
nor the Southern Pacific were ttrctfuMbi
Involved with the suspension of the firfii
NEW xokk. May 15, 10 a. in. me Met
ropolitan Bank posted a notice that the
bank examiners having made an investiga
tion, the bank will resume at twelve o'clock.
Henry L. Jaques was elected President oJ
the. Metrojiolitan Bank In Dlace of Georgt
J. SenfT, resigned. Tbe floor of ths
Stock Exchange had more than thi
usual complement of btiyers, end by 9iX
crowds of operators gathered ia knot
waiting tbe signal to commence the day'!
business. Jut as the clock marked tea
Chairman Mitchell gave three raps of tht
gaveL In an instant the pent up excite
meat of the brokers gave vent to a howl,
aria fits hundred bands were lifted In tht
air, andtiic various pools were formed ix
which different stocks were dealt in. En
five minutes had elapsed tlie gavel waj
agaia heard among great flirt, and Hie art
nouneement was made tliat Ditmnki
A Co, of the United Bank had sus
pended. Dimmick U President of the
' Bankers & Merchants' Telegraph Company.
Jay Gould stated to tlie Tribune: "Thii
dUthrbance Is a senseless tldog. It come:
from a fear of each other by both banks an
broliek.. t think, rather than anythlns
else. The gefkrai eflin? of loam
la wholly nnnecessirj" erJ foolbh
I suppose the banks are a lift!"- tsoM
cautious than usual on account of tiiJ im
suffered by the First National last week
but I think the wort Is over; people wil
regain Uieir sense, and there will be orden
here from all over the country from personi
eagef tn pick tip bargain. Tbe action of tht
banks Is excellent. Every one will see that
there can be no panic while the banki
stand together. I am sure all the eelb
ment is at an end. He says tne action o
banks, in deciding to pool issues, has de
cided the situation favorably. He does not
anticipate further failures of either banki
or banking houses, although he admits tht
possibility tliat some weak stock house
Way sUsfend temporarily. Tlie failure ol
the latter he dties not rrt-anl as a mlsfor
tune, as tlie weeding out ot small detilert
helps to give a healthier tone to the genera!
chant a WAnn.
Receher Da-les reports the liabilities oi
Grant & Ward, so far as he Is able to ascer
tain, at ;M,50L53L Collaterals held bj
creditors between ten and twelre millions,
leaving an unsecured indebtedness of be
tween two and three millions.
Kaxsas Crrr, May 15. At an early hom
this morning crowds began to gather around
the banks. The news from "ew York yes
terday hail created tont excitement
especially among small depositors, many oi
whom had all their savings in bank and
naturally felt a little nervous. As the houi
for tlie opening of the banks approached,
the crowds about the doors grew denser,
and speculation were rife as to what would
be done. While some wore serious coun
tenances, the greater portion of the people
were good natured. At nine o'clock the an
nouncement was made that an agreement
had been entered Into by all the bankers ot
the city to pay twenty per cenL on deposits
ami give. If desired, a certified cheek for the
balance, payable only through the Clearing
House. Tlie purpose of this measure was
obviously to avoid the dangers of a panic
stricken run. The large depositors were uni
formly confident and kept away from the
banks. All of the large mercantile bouses
made their deposits this morning as if
nothing unusual bad occurred. Thi had a
decided tendency to check alarm on the part
of those who were disposed to be frightened
at the outlook and the crowds soon began
to perceptibly melL
Another Diamond
MavwAiKrE, May 16. A rumor was cur
rent that two other large diamonds had bees
found in the diggings near Eagle, in this
State. Tbe report was only partially true.
Mr. Boyutcn informed a correspondent that
one small diamond of the same shape but
lighter in color, and a half carat In weight,
had been found. The stone was exhibited
and formd to be several shades lighter. The
atoTM was found in the sasso hole as the
first one, at a depth of twenty feet. The
shaft had been rank down forty-five feet. Ii
a stratum ot gravel similar to that In which
the other stones were found should be
struck. It was the plan to stone up the shaft
and then drift in either direction from th
main shaft
Flattered Odd Fellows.
SAS Fhanctsco, May 15. The Odd Fel
lows laid the corner stone of their new ball
ia his city yesterday. The ceremony was
the most Imposing demonstration ever gives
by that order on thlsccasL Twohuadred
and nlsety-fonr lodges, all belonging to the
State, wens :ep.-esented, with over 10,006
seabers In lnxesslon. Governor Stoae
aaa pnwaiiaed tho day a legal holiday, a
templbaeat never before paid any order lu
this State. The banks closed and all busi
ness waa suspended. The new ball will I a
of seders Gothic azchltectnre acd. cost
AWreaaedHoslMusd K1H Use Iirradvr at
th Sanctity of Us Horn. Tofeiker wt
tn Partaar of 1st GoUty IOjuois Tw
families Plaagad In Mwarnlax
Colcmbu, lit-. May IX.
A terrible tragedy ocearred at tbe resi
dence of Monroe Gray, ten miles southeast
ot this place, yesterday morning, which
has planged two families Into deep
inotrrnlag. An erring wife and an un
principled hasband have been harried to
untimely graves.
Monroe Gray, with his wife aad two
children, a girl ot ten aad a boy ot twelva
lived oa a farm which he rented froa
Wi, Bitch, a wealty farmer who
lived on the eastern outskirts of the
village. Until a few months ago Grs)
lived la this town. His eyas
had bees diseased aad he had used a?
nearly all of his money Ja haviag them
treated In East St. Louis. He ftaally de
cided to gc to farming agaia aad as he
had little or bo money he applied to Ditch,
who advanced him funds and let bin. go
en the farm where the tragedy occurred.
Thcrsday Gray drove to Ditci'a house
and asked bim to go with hla te- hie
(Grsrf7 farm to ace about repadrtaa
dike a few rallea to tbe east. Ditch ac
companied Gray back to his home aad re
mained there all night. It wa arranged
that yes terday morning they should go over
to the house oi a contractor named Axley,
a few miles east ot Gray's, to engage kits
to do so! work.
About eight o'clock Gray went oat to
his barn to hitch up fcia team aad left
Ditch sitting with Mrs. Gray la the sitting-room
of the small three-room aoaae.
Gray had been rn the barn but a short
time, when, in reaching up to take dow
some harness, some Umotby seed fell la
one ot his eyes, lie placed hi hand ovef
tne optic and started oaclc to tne aouso
to have his wife get tho need out. As he
opened the sitting-room door he saw that
the room was empty, and Instantly bis
suspicions were aroused. He bad heard
that Ditch had been In questionable rela
tions with the wires of other men, but
cercr suspected that his home circle
wocld be invaded.
He stealthily entered the room, crossed
it to the east side, pushed open the doer
of his wife's bedroom and there witnessed
a sight that aroused all his manhood to
the highest pitch. He closed the door ot
the bed-room and crossed to the wctsldu
of lb- sitting-room to a stand, In the
drawer of which were two large navy re
volvers. As he grasped the weapons the
door of tbe bed-room opened, and Ditch
appeared. The latter Immediately grasped
a chair with which to defend himscif, and
as he did so Mrs. Gray also came out asd
begged her husband not to shoot.
Gray, however, took deliberate aba
with one erf the weapons and fired two
shots, both of which took effect In tho
body of Ditch. As tbe Utter fell to the
floor Mrs. Gray again appealed to her
hesand lo spare her life, but he refused
to listen to her. He fired and the ball
from the large -H-caUbre weapon passed
through her abdomen and she fell by the
side of her paramour. The first ballet
fired at Ditch entered his right side Just
below tbe nipple, and the second .paised
throughhla abdomen.
Gray left hla wife and Ditch lying oa
the floor dying, and started with, hla two
children to the house of a neighbor, to
whom he told the details of the tragedy.
When he returned an hour later, bota vic
tims were lying dead in almost the same
position la which Gray had left them.
Then the Bews of the affair spread over
the country like wildfire and before noon
the little cottage was filled with farmers,
and In the yard outside stood little knots
of people discussing In subdued tones
tite details of the aorribie drama that had "Sf
beea enacted. J v,
Mrs. Ditch, the wife ot the murdered x
man, was Informed by a messenger ot tho
death of her husband, and not being ad
vised of the particulars visited the houso
ol Gray, where a most touching scene
was enacted. No one had told her of tho
cacse ot tbe shooting; she had simply
been told that Gray cad shot her hus
band; bnt when she reached tbe bouse
the nature of the tragedy dawned upo'a
her sl c burst Into a violent lit of
weeping. She embraced life body of her
husband and seemed to have forgotten
everything bat that be had been ruthlrsa
ly taken from her, and to have forgiven
film lor nis lncdeiiry to ner. Jfrienus
took her away and soon after she accom
panied the dead body o( her husband back
to their now desolate home tn the vil
lage. The Coroner was not la the County and
his Deputy held an Inquest, which was
rather an impromptu aftxlrand developed
nothing beyond what has been given
above. He decided to require Gray
to give bond In $1,000 for his appear
ance before the Grand Jury, but this
did nut seem to be necessary as
Gray showed no inclination to
make hU escape. He seems to
feci fully tbe nature ot his act
aud displays no grief over It. He acts aa
If he was convinced that he had dealt
justly with those who had so deeply
wronged him. He Is willing to take ail
the legitimate consequences, and will
stay here until wanted.
bheriff Wilson went down to Gray's
farm as soon as he was notified, but did
not offer to make an arrest, as he felt
confident that Gray would not attempt to
leave the country.
lit-Was Wanted.
Koodpocse, Iix, May IT.
Sheriff W. 31. 3lo-row received a
telegram yesterday morning from
Deputy Sheriff Phillips ot Louis
ville, Clay Countr, this State,
telling bim that be had Newton Field
under arrest aud to come and get him. II
will be remembered that Fields got Intc
a dlCiculty some time last winter with hh
father, A. J. R. Fields, and a brother,
Louis J., just north of this city, shooting
botb, and made his escape. He was In
dicted br the Grand Jury at the last term
of our Circuit Court. Sheriff Morrow
left on the first train.
Triple Lynchlag,
Lxrrxx Rocx, Aax May la.
A peddler named Ward left Prescott
recently and entered Howard County, bat
not returning when expected, his brother
went in search. He learned of suspicious
circumstances which led to the arrest ol
the two Pope brothers and King Kendall.
One ot the ropes' confessed, giving the
details of the shootlnz ot Ward In the
back of the tead and burning the body.
It 1 reported here this morning that
the citizens of Howard County took the
three men ont and promptly hanged
Tne Titled Rancher.
Lord Aylesford, has just arrived ic
London from 'c York. He returned tot
a few weeks' visit to his ancestral halls,
fa Kent aad Warwickshire. He Is en.
thuslastic in his praises of Texas,
which he says la the "greatest country
Is. the world for the pursuit of wealth,
health and happiness." He will return
to the United States early In the autumn,
and will be accompanied by a number of
his aristocratic friends, who propose tc
pass a few weeks roughing it oa the
Earl's Texas ranch, asd whoai he hope
to perssada to purchase laad 4d set(l
, J3

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