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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, May 29, 1884, Image 1

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Berated te tke Iatercsts .ftko Ckcrekecs, Ckectaws, Chickasaw. Scmliielcs, Creeks, and all Otkcr IadlaRn of tke Iadlaa Tcrrllerj-.
YOL. II. NO. 37.
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Xm as get MytWssc;
14 x fcH
UK NTWWtS MPAXTXEXT wmtitm a kraease stock f ercry variety or tho best and most serviceable Drj
OUR CttTSISG BEFAXnTCfT yw wit i ll basest Stock or trst-dass Clothlnz, Boots, Shoes, Hat?, Ladle' and
UK JOLLIinKr 9KA1TXSST k fcBy wp U thetiaes in all thj Latent Style and Fashions.
eCr MPAXTXBrT kipk4eKitkeTerykiBdorsUpkudFltr
XAK&B8S MPAST31ST kuMMurf S4Ues, Maraes. and Leather
UR BLISS AM CWHSWAEX It&lXXXEXi etery Variety or Kshes, Crocks Jars, Jugs, Etc While In
CUR H0 8TtC 1BPARTXOT ye KHs i a pleii steck errors, Xice Drugs, Medicines, complete In crery re.
. Praseriftfau mrefctlsy wpoiaaed by a skilied apothecary. In this connection we hare also an immense
tteok eTSett g, Ttmft, Owfa, C fccttery, tte, And a
W-iJlMSItr A BC 9&AXTMEST neryewl Bad every variety or Writing Materials Taper, Blank Boob
Sate BeseJyt SHta, Sefceal Beaks, ad a Ikte of rod Keadiag Beaks Prose and Tostry.
Onr Prices are as Low as the Lowest Come and See Us.
W. Ii. TROTT, Proprietor.
sea. Dean. Sasft.
HlUi; TJ-mYT T.TITTri cmnTii
Drugs, PateatMedicines, ISTotions, Stationery,
Etc. also aFnllliUie of Cigars. Tobaccos
aad Oonfectioiieries.
fa the BwHms iaTMU at X. FRA2EFS Red Front, one door
nil 9C kXIbGV Jawfci
M. FXAZEE, Ykiita, IncHan Territory.
Xu!Mii1lr iin Camiuust flsplii sad Faacr Groceries la tfca Market. JUso
Fruit, VniiiiiK, Fiti. tMMSfiri, Stowifj vi Tmwu..
sY!Bsssss4tssia&tss' aaasst 1aawBsU. 4amstW aH.
Abs carry a complete line of
Dry Goods, Hats and Caps,
Groceries, Qneensware,
Boots and Shoes,
- End Safe r Mm iliays in M.
Don't fell to see onr stock and learn onr prices
before buying.
WI. JLITTXJE & CO., Vinita, Indian. Ter.
eoeiwr axtlt ox ham) all
errs mim a caix. chetqpa, kas.
eajk rim p es, 3J 2S?
the beat j eeatpfetesl stare Ib Ike LbU
ft. msts that flic rery best quality
asBartseat f cverythosg wanted by oar
MPJLRTXE5T ye can get Wagea, Baggies, I'lorr, Spring Wagons, Etc
Tfa stoeked with Sails, Screw Ckaiasi
& CO., Vinita,
mmt a lomlr ot boat Xatlve and Serthcra Pine Lumber. Also 5h!t
Mrnititnm.mtL TteXairoPie,keiaKUppcl from tho Choctoi
ininn jducrrgp.
CWPimEl BY m. 3A6BY.
m. Use Ceraer. tro doers "West of X. C
r. n. HKrx.Tosr.
Notions, Etc.
CaA er Cattle takes Is Ex-
Terrf'ory is that of
to be had in the cot a. ry.
Groceries, Flonr, Baron, Canned Goods,
Goods of all kinds. In
Hinges, Tinware, Axes, Utensils, Toolf,
Indian Territory.
! W.TJ. trtTLES.
"W W.JA11V1S.
For the purchase aad sale of
D Xatlanal Stock Yards, E. St. Louis,
ty Liberal sirasces mrde oa conslrnment.
Located at East U Loots, III.
Directlj' opposite the ctt j of St. Louts. Buyers
for all description of Lire Stoek alwsj-s In at
tendance, and within the grounds ef the Stock
Tarda re a Beef Canning- Company, with a
capacity for slaugutcrlnjr LOOO head of cattle
dafly, and Perk PacUss; EstabtHhrnents with
a capaHty for slaushtcrin? COM bos? dally.
KS0X, rrttdcnt
J05ES, SnpU
PiilLman Palace Hotel Cars
throiiglito St. LouiSjTla
Scdalia, Daily.
Direct Route West anil South
west Tia Kansas City.
IT yiilCHO pi TV Cnlon Depot passengcrf
Ai rvAnonO oil I for Kansas. Colorado.
New Mexico and California connect with Ex
press Trains of all lines.
IT lTPUIOnil Connection Is made wltt
AI A lunloUri Express Trains for a
Points in Kansas and Nebraska.
it fill X U 1 Connection 1 made with J3
A I UMAI1A lines leading to the North and
3BtVST TX3133.
F. CHA5DLER, Gen. Pass. Agent.
C B. KIXXAS, Ass't Gen, Pass. Agent.
F. L. UECKEB, Agent at TInlLu
rrriAJ tekritory.
The Direct Through ltoute Between
Fast Express Trains arc Bun Dally.
Change of Car.
Through ruHman Palace Sleeping Cars or
I mndaHy.wnhoHtrnanEe.Detween3iiuui,isj,
aM.no acres ot neh farming and miners!
lands for sale by this company in SO CTU WEST
FTFor tult and parfeular information, with
Maps. Time TaUe Ilatrs. etC-call upon or ad
dress any of out station Agents, or either of tha
D. WISHAnT General Paxscuger Ascot, St
C. W CALE.Ce3eralFreishtArmt,St Loti
C vr KOGEtA, Mce PrcsldcD aod Ceueza
Manager, Temple Buuain&fat. Louii, 11.
i Pad
AcconbiMJ lo the census of 1583; fo
pan then had in her pablir schools 2,
979,795 students, and in private institu
tions 103,651.
The natives of the Island of Chileo,
use the shell of a crab as a barometer.
In dry weather it is nearly white, but
oa the approach of rainy or stormy
weather it is flecked with red spots. In
a wet season it is red.
A New Jeeset capitalist has set 100,
000 South American rocoanut plants on
1,000 acres of scaccast land in Southern
Florida at a cost of $40,000. lie ex
pects that in sis years these trees will
pay ten per cent, on an investment of
Tns town of Atkinson, Me., has a
man whose principal trade is black
smithing. He has in one corner of his
shop a dentin's chair, and will stop at
any time to relieve anyone suffering
with toothache. When business m dull
in these two branches, he is transformed
into a lawyer. In addition, hi is a very
good cabinet-maker.
A xev post-oflico in
County, Pa., was rec.-mly nametl ile
Cbia. after Representative McGoid, of
that State, without the knowledge of
the Congressman. Mr. McCoid object
ed to the honor, and requested the Tost
Oflice Department to name the oflice
McJunkiB. after a prominent citizen of
tho connty tvho latch- died. The request
has been complied with.
Ix the Government Mntcum at Wash
ington there is a coat with cilt trim
mings, bearing this inscription: Coat
worn by General Santa Anna. This
coat was captured by Captain Wheat,
commanding General WinGcld Scott's
body-guard during the Mexican War."
The Mexican Minister pronounces the
garment a fraud first, because it is too
small to have been worn by a man of
Santa Anna's stature; and second, be
cause from its trimmings it must have
belonged, not to the Commanding
General of the Mexican army, but to a
lieutenant of artillery. The garment
was presented to the Government by the
heirs of Captain Wheat in 1852.
The new system of interlocking rail
road switches was recently pot into op
eration on tbe Pennsylvania It ail road at
Dillersville, and was said to work finely.
The switches were ot the sama kind as
those Used at the Broad Street Station!
Philadelphia. They control all the tracks
of the Heading as well as of the Penn
sylvania Railroad, being operated by a
scries of levers in a telegraph tower
erected specially for the purpose. By
the new fysteni it is impossible for col
lisions to occur at this rather dangerous
crossing if the signals are properly ib
served. The officers in the new tower
bare control of all trains on the Penn
sylvania Railroad as far cast as Witmcr
Station, and as far west as Landisville
ind. Mountville, respectively.
Dk. Ckichtox Bkowxe in a recent
lecture called attention to what typhold
fevcr really means in England, and tho
amount of death, disability, and ex
pense for which it is responsible. It
caused 5.52) deaths in the United King
dom last year. The nnmber of cases re
ported was 27.G00, their average dura
tion was three weeks for the illness and
three more for convalescence creating
a loss of productive energy which should
have been expended in sanitary meas
ures. He furthermore said that a man
cannot be said to have fully recovered
from therflects of typhoid forfheycars,
and be enumerated its many scree re
sults. The fact that typhoid is the re
sult of negligence and dirt, and is easily
preventable, was shown to be indts
nutablc. The Russian Finance Minister attrib
utes tbe gloomy condition of finance,
trade and industry in Hussia to the com
petition of the United States. Canada
and India as the wheat-exporting coun
tries. This stagnation in the corn trade,
it is added, affected land owners, who
consequently bought less of manufac
turers. Manufactured goods also suf
fered from ovcr-pnxluction, chiefly as
regards cotton goods and railway roll
ing stock. .Mr. Kennedy. Secretary of
the British Embassy at St. Petersburg,
in referring to these circninsLnnces, ob
serves that the tone of tho Minister's
statement on the budget estimates for
the current year, i- -Mespondent;" that
the report anticipates no improvement,
while it announces the necessity for in
creased taxation as a means of raising
the revenue and developing manufac
turing industrv.
An event, the importance of which to
cattle-raisers can hardly be estimated,
has occurred in Arizona, in Sulphur
Valley, hitherto streamlcss and decided
to be in all respects of tbe common tvne
of dry vallcvs which are so abundant in I
that Territory. An cnterpnsiu;
was led to experiment for water by bor
ing last month with an artesian well ap
pliance. At the shallow depth of thirty
eight feet water was struck water that
rose to the surface &nd is now giving a
a steady stream of from fortv thousand
to fifty thousand gallons every twenty- j
four hours. Within c distance of eight j
miles, eight of thc&i wells have been I
sunk, none of them deeper than eighty-'
three feet, the flow from which is twenty
five thousand to lift- thousand gallons
of water in twenty-four hours. Tbe
water already obtained in this way is
sufficient to water at least thirty thou
sand head of cattle, besides affording
sufficient irrigation to maistain the
gardens that a population attending
the stock would require, and perhaps I
tree plantations for the relief of stock
from the sun and wind. If the success
which has attended the former operation
continues to the line, the artesian wells
of this part of Sulphur Springs "Valley
will supply water for at leass ns hua
dxed head of stock.
A SHamarj ef tke Dally XcwL
rnocEEDLxcs or congress.
Is the Senate, on the 20tb. the bill passed
extending- to August, isse, thlwime to com
mence laying cable authorised by tbe act of
August f. Inc. On motion of Mr. Palmer the
bill providing for the conjtru-tlon of a pub
lic bu"dlng at Detroit was pasd. It provides
that not mure than tSUUM) thall be ex
pended fur the Me and building. The
Agricultural Appropriation bill was
passed without division. On motion of
3r. Henderson, tbe Smite pacd tho
IIouk bill authorizlrur the construction
of a bridge sctom the Mitwiuri in Uouelas
Oogntr. Nebraska In the liouw, the Senate
amendment fo the Uinslrr Shipping; bill
were non-concurred tn The llouw procreded
to tbe conaideratian of tbe Indiana coincti-d
election cam of te.rs. Enziirh and l"eele.
The mtorlr resolution declared Mr Wil
liam E. Lnctih duly elected a member of the
Fortr-dsbth fonjrev The Hoiine adjourned
with debate on the bill still pending.
Ix tbe tsenate on the 21st a resolution
cailinx'on tbe President for Information con-cernins-the
appointment of a Commissioner
to examine certain sections of the Northern
Pacific Railroad wa referrol to the Judlciarr
Committee jras 17. nars SL A bill was
pasta autooniinp tne construction or a
bridjre across the limnri at MMejr. Mo.
rnanimouscnnscqt wa obtalnol to put the
roiiowinjr Mil upon psicc namely, the bill
permittinjr tbe erection of a bridge across the
ML'souri at White Clou J. Kas.: another across
the same river near Itulo. Kas.: another
acrrw the air.o river between its mouth and
the mouth of the Itakotah on tbe James
Itlver: another acro the MIirslppl be
tween St. laul and Natehez. and an-
' otl,er across the Illinois Itlrcr bc-
itrn iu inouin ana t'eiina; also a
ui.a iimiTuinc me ucinncnam nay iiaii-
war iNarl-miion rnmiwr to build ifridm
lntbeTrrritor) of Wahlturton Tbe House
rrsumtd tho consideration of the EnirlUh.
Teille contend election cae. Mr. Hart
offered as a stiuUtutc for tho majority reso
lution the roolurkin of the mlnoritr conflrra
Inirtbe rurht of Mr. Feelie to the scar. At
tbeconrluclon or the roll call, when It was
evident that tbe suLstltut" ial been agreed
to. Mr. S'prinser. who had voted In the neira
tire. cbanKvd bU rote tn the affirmative tor
tnepurpowMir roorinriora reconMeration.
The rote was then announcrI yras, 1T1: nays.
117. Mr. $prinzer immediately moved for
a reconlderation and Mr Jlunt movrd to lay
tbat mo' .on on the tab'e.pebdlnir which Mr.
Con vttms moved to mtjourn Tbe motion was
carried -yeas. HI; Days, IIS amid appUuso
on t he 1 tcmocrat ic side.
Tns .Senate, on ihe itl, took up the bill
to prohibit the mailing- of newspapers and
other publications contalnina- lottery adver
tisements. Mr. Vest objected to its consider
ation, and the Senate, by a vote of Syeas and
SI nays, decided not to consider the MIL and
it eot to the foot of the calendar. The Utah
bill was laid aside atid tbe Senate resumed
consideration or the Labor Statistics MIL
Pending- debate the Senate adjourned Tho
House resumed consideration of the English
Ieelle contested election case, the pending
question bcin? on a motion to table the motion
and reeonsMerthe vote bv which the House
airreed to the minority resolution cocnrminir
"i-elle and his rixht to a seat, a substitute for
tho minority resolution. Tho motion to table
was lost by a tie yeas. PC; nays. VS. The
question then recurwd on motion to rccon
ridor. and it n apred to by yeas EH. nays
Ot The question n-curriniron the minority
resolution. It was lost yeas, C: nay. 1;
and tbe majority resolutions were adopted
yeas 130; nays. CI. Mr. EnjrlrAh then ap
peared at the bar of the House and took tbe
oath of office.
Ix the House on the 23.1 Mr. Blairyieided
to Mr. Loran, who asked and obtained unani
mous consent to take up and dispose of tho
Annual Pension Annronriation MIL which was
then taken up and in a few minutes passed as
reported by the Senate commlth-e. The Labor
Bureau bill was then taken up and Mr BlAIr
withdrew a number of amendments, leaving
the bill as It eaue from the House. Mr.
Aldrich moved a substitute, which was asTeed
to; yeas.3: nays, IS: and.the MIL as amended,
then pased: vra. : nays,:; the nays beinr
Culquitt and Sautsburr. Adjourned to Monday
In the House Mr. Kelionr offered a resolu
tion statin? t bat in the Invest bra tlon of the Star
Houte cases before tbe Committee on Expen
ditures in the Department of Justice, evidence
had been taken reCectiuc on his character
and intructlnx- that committee to inrestlsate
his alleged connection with tho Star ltoute
service. The matter was laid on tho table.
Tho house at Its evening session pascd forty
six pension Mils, including one tor nrty dol
lars per month to the widow of General Ord.
and adjourned.
The Senate was not In session on the
:uh.. . . In the House. Mr. Hatch, of Missouri,
presented a conference report on the Mil to
establish a bureau of animal Industry. The
report was agreed to. On special order of the
House, the day was assigned members called
by the Committee on Naval Affairs. The Brst
bill called up was the Senate Mil granting per
mission to L. K. KeynoMs. of tho I'tuted Mates
Navy, to account for tbe decoration of tbe
royal and imperial orler of Francis Joseph
from the Government of Austria, for gallantry
In saving the Hits of eleven Austrian
sailors. Mr. Iloblnson. of New Terk. op
posed the MIL saving: The dudes of the
nary are continually asking permission to re
ceive decorations." The Mil psed without
a division. M r. Robinson belnr unable to mus
ter a sufficient following tncall for the yeas
and nays. Tbe next Mil restoring Alfred
Hopkins to the rank of captain In the navy,
gave rise to a long delate. Hopkins is the
officer who left Pcnsaciila without leave when
the yellow fever prevailed there and was dis
missed from the service Tho Mil was laid
aside with favorable consideration, and when
the committee rose the bill passed.
The Louisiana Legislature elected James
B. Enstis United States Senator to succeed
The Ohio Democratic Stabs Committee
fixed on Columbus as the place and June
21 and 23 at the time for holding tbe next
The Democrats of tbe Fifth Indiana Con
gressional district, in convention at Bloom
iugton, renominated C C Matson on tbe
twenty-first ballet.
I'nuccE Vicroit, the 'Napoleonic leader of
France, has fallen beir to $J0,0iM from soma
unknown person.
HattVEY D. Pareek, proprietor of the
Parker House, Boston, was reported dy
ing. S. J. Drake declined the nomination of
President of the New York Stock Ex
change. SI ISC ELI-YN no OS.
Postmaster General Grxsbam has
ordered that all mail matter heretofore
sent from "New Yoik, New Orleans and
Galveston to Mexico by sea shall here
after be sent via El Paso, Tex., over the
Mexican Central Railroad.
The Committee on Public Health report
that it would te unwise to confer upon the
National Board ot Health the ms.iaje
ment of quarantine and epidrmica, but it
would be hest to have it where it now rests,
under charge of Dr. Hamilton.
Minister Mortox has written to Premier
Ferry, of France, denying that the House
of Representatives rejected the bill reduc
ing the duty on work of arts, or that the
Hu" pp!del n te.
I I. vi. MiwiptMl fh. K.nlr or MnnrrpAl
" , ' . .. .... , ,. .
I cxponcu CIUb UlllllUli UUllOIB iu I,"' t
New York during tbe recent financial
Tue Supreme Court at Yankton, D. T.,
reversed the decision of the lower court on
tha question ot tbe location of the Capital.
The decision is in fay or of Bismarck. An
appeal has been taken to the United States
Supreme Court, which will delay removal
two or three years.
McRCtAwas tbe prircipal city damaged
by the floods In the southeastern part of
Spain. The roads were rendered impassa
ble, bridges destroyed, and travel sus
pended. Twenty persons were reported
Failures for tbe past seven days in the
United States were2l2; In Canada, twenty.
Total, 232 an Increase of twenty-three.
Lord St. Leonards, who was Indicted
for indecent assault upon a servant girl in
England, was convicted. Ccurt reserved
The French brig Senorine, with fifty-
tnree passengers aau nine oi uer crew, i - - -
sunk to tho eastward of tha Great Bank, j Z' J' Pre'Idef '
AUperisbed. SheleftSL Malo, FraccejBldetookaheavy dose of chloroform in
on thVithot March, laden with a general a-ttaeh of sickness, and was rendered
cargo, bound for St. Pierre, and succumbed "sus' . ?
to tbe gale on tho 3th of May. the ciirectors dtdded to close tha bank. It
AjtowWutcoctaigteg- four meu c i thought tbe matter would end in Uqul-
nine ot her crew.
sized the other morning at Port Haron,
and Thomas Mooney, John Ford and
!fti8maj HcRwan were drowned.
Tax Eureka fcapfcr mill at Bridgeport,
Pa., owned 2nd operated by Dager & CoX,
burned. Lots $40,000; parti y insaredr
A wxu. of natural gas, ot eir,ht thoux
and horse-power, wax struck ta Pittsburgh
at a depth 6 1 fifteen hundred feet.
L. L. Majors waj hanged at Oakland,
CaL, on the S3J, for the murder of W. P.
Renowden and a man named Mclntyre,
about a year ao. Majors mads a desper
ate attempt to" escape jest before he was
bong, knocking down his guards and get-
I ,, ,. , . v.. u . j
i "" "" "" "":l " WB cayiureu
by two firemen, who broke his arm, after
which be was executed.
A lad of eleren years, living with his
uncle in Will County, I1L, hanged himself
In a barn recently.
Rbioas' that Union Pacific would pass
its quarterly dividend carried that stock
down five points in Wall street, one day
recently, nnd Central Pacific followed with
a decline Of three points. 2few Jersey
Central fell from 65 to ST.V, but reacted to
j0. Pullman and Northwester-! eech
touched par.
Ix a farm house eight miles from Ports
mouth, O., Samuel Ockerman, his wife and
e!d-st daughter were burned to death alter
tix small children had been rescued.
Two or three boilers in the sash and door
factory of Corr, Rider & Wheeler nt Dn
buqne, la., exploded with terrible fcrce
itcenrly. The boiler bouse was completely
destroyed. Five or six persons wero
t-iiij .-,i .,. i-lj
. killed and as many Injured.
x u eus were inirceen araui irom yellow
fever at Havana during the week endin:
th Mk.
The Spanish Slavery Abolition' Society
have petitioned the Minister ot tbe Colon
ies to put a stop to tbe flossing of negroes
inCubi. Ibe Minister promises a stricter
execution of the law.
Ovxr fire thouand immigrants arrived
in New York one day last week.
It was reported that the Union Bonk at
Uhr.ckiville, O., bad suspended.
Tnoif as J. Cboxbie, a lumber dealer of
New York, has made on assignment.
Thomas P. Giuksell, tbe Kew Tork
merchant who committed suicide the other
night, was a son of Judge GrinneU, ot
The Chancellor has directed the Re
ceiver of tho Jfewark Savings Institution
to pay a dividend of fifty per cent, to de
positors on July 1.
A Cocsuatta, La., special ot tho 25th
said: The heaviest rains on record have
fallen here during the past ten day.', and
tbe river is higher than for a number of ye on
Crops are suffering, and bands are unable
to work. All the creeks and bayous cf
any consejuenca are swelling into im
mense proportions, and planters and busi
ness men are vrry much discouraged.
A raILEoad collision at Savannah, 21. Y.,
on the 25th, caused tho death of four per
sons and the injury of seven others.
The fire at the oil works of the Atlantic
Refining Company at Philadelphia con
tinued to burn on the 25th but it was
tuonght the danger was past. The estimate
placed the loss at about "HOO.OOO.
The Committee on Ways and Means re-
cently continued the consideration ot tbat
portion of tbe Hewitt Tariff biU relative
to tbe administration of the present law.
"tVhlle having taken no rote on the ques
tion of considering that part of tbe bill
proposing; a reduction of tariff, members
of tbe committee say positively it will not
be discussed in committee.
Father Eo.iirACX has brought suit
against the Boston era 7d for flOO.Ono dam
ages for associating; hl name with a cer
tain crooked money transaction.
Ax insane woman named Edmont, living
in EL Louis, murdered her two infants,
recently, aud attempted the murder of an
other child and of herself. She was the
wife of a railroad engineer and formerly
lived at Poplar Bluff, Mo., and had rela
tives living in COwley County, Kas.
Exo, tho defaulting New York bank
president, is missing. Warrants were out
for his arrest.
Haxlet, one of the principals In the lata
priza fight organhud in Omaha and
fought in Saunders County, Neb., after a
trial of a week was sentenced to three
years at bard labor in the penitentiary.
The case was to be taken to the Supreme
Jake D. Fish, tbe President of the de
funct Marine Bank, of New York, was
jailed on the 25:h on tbe charge of mlsap
propriatlrg the lands ot the bank In col
lusion with the Arm of Grant & Ward.
Ix the Senate, on tbe 2C:b, it was agreed
to concur in tbo House amendment extend
ing the time ot tbe Court of Alabama
Claims to December 31, 1883. Tbe Utah
bill and the bill to pension Mexican war
veterans weto discusseiL In tbe House
Mr. Morey introduced a LIU to pension all
honorably discharged soldiers of the re
bellion who have attained the age of forty
five years. Tbe McKlnley and Wallace
contested election case was discussed and
the matter went over.
A Desisox, la., special says the Craw
ford County Bank, which bad been consid
ered one of tbe strongest in the t estem
part of the State, closed its doors on tbe
2tth. The assets and liabilities were not
made known.
Two men were arrested at Charing, Crois
station, London, on the 2Ctb, having in
their possession dynamite and infernal
Robert J. Dter, ct Shady Hill, Tenn.,
and Troy J. Williams, of Decaturville,
Tenn., have been debarred from practice
as pension attorneys before tbe Interior
Miss Arabella Hazard had been miss
ing from Cincinnati for several days, when
her body was found drowned at Hastings,
N. Y. She formerly lived at Hobbi Kerry,
near Hastings. No information was given
as to the circumstances under which sho
left ber home and lost her life.
Tildex G. Abbott, lata cashier of the
Union Market National Bank, at Water
town, Mass., was recently indicted for
forgery and embezzlement.
A Miles Citt si eclol says: Jack Mor
ris, the cowboy who shot Iron Heart, c
Cheyenne chief, surrendered. He claimed
self-defense. The Indiana threatened U
take the war path. Women and children
were coming in frcm the ranches in great
Tue Chicago Carpenters' Union has de
clared the strike at en end, the demand for
an advance being conceded by, practically,
all the bosses.
At Boston recently Vice-President Ward
said of the statement that tbe Mexican
Central Railroad Company would fund the
July coupons, tbat no action whatever
had been taken. His opinion was they
would not be funded.
A Brussels letter says Belgium and
Holland have agreed to exefuda the Ger
man princes from succession to the Dutch
The Peon Bank, ot Pittsburg, Pa., closed
its doors again, after two or tbare days
rheTenn nank.of 1'ltUbt h. Fau. Af
Closes Its Doors The Consequent Ex
citement The President Takes Chloro
form H Lives, bat the Bank will Prob
ably Succumb.
PrrrsBcno, Pa Way 2C The Pcnn
Bank closed its doc s again at twelve
o'clock to-day, and posted the folfowlng;
notice on the door: "Mr. Kiddle the Presi
dedt and chief exentive officer of the bank
having become suddenly and seri
ously ill anC Onable to communi
cate with the Board of Directors, it is
deemed proper to close . bank under ex
bUng circumstances until he sufficiently re
covers to be present at the adjustment of
its affairs. By order of tht Board" Officers
were placed in charge who refuse to permit
an audience with any of the Board, There
is great excitement.
PmsBUiM, PA., May 27 The cause ot
Riddle's iilnes was an overdose of morphia
or chloroform taken. The physicians are
endeavoring to relieve him ot the medicine.
The news of the second suspension spread
rapidly and created immense excitement and
surprise, owbu," to the fact that everybody
had faith in the bank's ability to pay all
claims against it. The immediate" cause is
at present unknown, and nothing definite
can be learned, as the directors positively
win not be Interviewed. Large crowds
have been flocking to the bank,
and the pavement in front U filled
with anxious depositors and persons at
tracted through mrio-Ity. President Riddle
appeared in his usual health at ten o'clock
in the morning, but about iialf an hour later
was prolrated with hemorrhage, and since
then be has bad three repetitions thereof.
He U lying at the Dnqnesue Club rooms un
conscious and with nly a slight hope of recovery-
Close friends c Mr. Riddle are
unable to give an explanation of the sudden
turn ot affairs. It is said, turn ever, that
there had been a heavy run on tho
bank, principally by checks, and that
$260,000 were drawn this way through tho
clearing houscand that the crash was brought
about by the clearing house throw
ing out checks to the amount of 5263,000.
According to the statement of the directors
the bank had raised 931,000 to pay liabili
ties of $918,000. It is said that there were
5300,000 In certified checks which were not
included hi this and which had to be paid.
Banks which loaned the suspended institu
tion funds to tide them over are amply se
cured. When it was discovered that Presi
dent Riddle had taken a narcotic great ex
citement prevailed, and the club building
where he bad been, taken was besieged by
anxious inquirers after bis condition. For
a Ion? time nhvsieiacs were unable to tell
j whether be had taken morphia or chlero-
a stomach 1-oir.
was brought into requisition and last even
ing the patient recovered consciousness. It
was learned that he had been attacked with
severe pain in the morning, and while suf
fering Intensely had taken an overdose ot
chloroform. The physicians are ot the opin
ion that be will be able to attend to business
in a few days, when it is expected that he
- ill make a full statement of the condition
of affairs. Tne bank directors have
i oecn in session, since uie ooors ctoseu.
, but refuse to say anything whatever
concerning the suspension. All sorts
of rumors are afloat, but none authen
ticated. One is the renewal of the report
tbat the bank Inst heavily hi oil speculation.
another tbat there had been a heavy defal
cation and that tbe doors were opened to
allow certain depositors to withdraw depos
its. Bank officials arc dumbfounded
by the turn affairs have taken and profess to
be entirely ignorant of tbe cause of tbe sus
pension. Tbe impression is given out that
there were ample funds to meet all demands
and continue business. The feeling Is that
when the affairs are in vestbrated there will
be so alternative but for the bank to go into
liquidation. Tbe directors meeting ad
journed at a late hour last night Those
interviewed stated that the books are being
examined, but are not yet prepared to make
a statement. Dr. Sutton, the attending
physician of Mr. Riddle, says the latter Ls
subject to attacks of accute neuralgia and
when attacked took what he supposed was
a mixture of hydrate chloral, but subse
quently proved to be chloroform. There
was no label on the bottle. After the pa
tient revived the doctor casually remarked:
"How's the bankT' and ITesIdent Riddle
replied: "All right when I IcfL" Dr.
Sutton says be has no knowledge of the
present trouble.
Tbe Third Wife of a Mormon IJlshop Ite
rates to Testify liefore the Grand Jary
And U Committed to Jail for Contempt
of Conrt.
Salt Lakc V. T May 20. G. ltoundy,
Mormon Bishop at Wanship, was under In
vestigation by the Grand Jury. His latest,
nhethlnl" wife, knonnas Xellle White,
was called as a witness, and asked about
ber iiurygainous marriage with ltoundy.
She refused to answer, and on being bronght
before the Court persisted in her rcfnsaL
She was tlM-retiioii committed forcontcmpL
She is a bright woman, twenty-live years of
ace. She went b jail as a martyr, and
was kissed, petted and caressed by Koundy's
first wife and a crowd of admirers. The
questions she refused to answer was in
writing; as follows: I. Have you ever
gone thro-sh any religious marriage rite or
ceremony with (tirant Round-? Have
you, in accordance with any religious rite,
married Girard Round)? 3. Did jou at
any time marry Girard Roundy in plural or
celestial marriage, for time ot eternity, or
both? 4. Are you his wife in plural mar
riage? 5. Are the relations existing be
tween yon anil Giranl Roundy as those of
husband and wife? C Do you decline to
answer because it Is a fart tbat yod are his
wife, or are not so? 7. Did you ever go
through the Endowment House in this city
with Girard Roundy for the purpose of as
sisting or undertaking any covenants of
marriage with him? S. Have you ever
been in tbe Endowment House? 9. Do
you know n bo are the officiating prints In
the Endowment House? She wer co jail
defiant, and is much encouraged by the
demonstrations of her admirers and of tho
priesthood to hold out till after the discharge
of the Grand Jury, when she wilt go free.
m m
The Dead Itoatman.
Xobwicil Cosx, May 2". As the eight
o'clock tram from "ew London was pass
ing Thaniesville the passengers noticed a
Iargu fishing boat with all sails set beating
aimlessly about in the river. There was no
sign of life on board. The wind blew her
against the wharf at Thamesvlile. Charles
Wheeler, i.t that place, peered into the open
bold and saw a dead man reclining on the
seaL His bauds tightly grasped tbe tiller
and as his body lurched with the motion of
tbe waves steered the craft. The body was
tbat of Charles ChappeU, a fisherman,
seventy years old, ot Mammacook, near
New London. Death was caused by heart
New Tork Clearing House.
Knv Tons, May 26. The clearing house
has issued tbe following, signed by F. D.
Tappan, Chairman: "Issue of loan certifl
eates bv the Clearing House association so
changed the relations of banks to each other
that a publication statement in detail w ould
give an Incorrect Impression as to the actual
condition ot the banks."
Robert J Dyer, of Shary Hill, Tcan-, aad
Troy J. Williams, of DecaturvUle, Tesu-,
have been debarred from practice as pes
sion attorneys before the Interior Department,
Fn-dlnand Wartf, BMud tha Bars ef Lad.
low Street J nil-Urn eccBytas """
men Ox Taaaona irmiaaa X. lww
Died Depcty Warden Kleswan TOH
tTatcb. Wall his Threw Hcadred XfcewasM?
Dollar Prisoner.
New YcaucMayS. "
Ferdinand Ward, the captive swindler,
watched by Deputy Sheriff Brows, slept
fzst night la the Sinclair House. He
spent raost of today in Receiver Davie
oflice. Mr. Davis read and reread papers'
with Ward and others to nnnUmlted ex
tent. He said that he had heard tlat Mr.
Ward could easily have obtained the
$300,000 ball, but had refused to accept
It, knowing that he would probably bo
arrested Immediately on otter suits,
which might run the batl sp te two mil
lions. Deputy Browa all (Jay
m one position, looking straight at
his prisoner. Tbe prisoner represented
to him a responsibility of $300,000. At
3:20 the office was cleared. Almost tho
last to leave were Depsty Sheriff Brown
and his prisoner. They slipped quietly
out of the side door on Wall street and
walked to the offices of Butler, SUllmaa
. Hubbard.
taken to prison.
There they were met by Sidney Green,
TTard's brother-in-law, and Dy Order ot
Arrest Clerk Moore, with whom they left
the office. Halt an hour later a
hack, with two white horses, drew
np in front of Ludlow Street Jail.
and the coachman got down and
rang the bell with all his might, while
Ward, Brown, Moore and Green stepped,
out of tbe carriage. Deputy Warden Kler
nan unlocked the three iron doors sepa
rating the prisoner room from the street
and Ferdinand Want preceded by his
falthfnl custodian, who still diplomatical
ly said, "Step this way, Mr. Daris, and
take a look at th jjgs." Mr. Ward was
led Into au inside office by
Deputy Brown, who still called
him Davis, and there swore that ho
was able to support himself and wonld
pay for his board. Mr. Kbrnan gave a
receipt for his body. Ward sat for as
hour in the prisoners' room with bis
brother-in-law. At 7:30 o'clock they were
ti'en to the room which Ward is to oc
cupy, fronting on Ludlow street.
comfortable quarters.
The gas was lighted and the room,
small, comfortably furnished, was very
cheery. Ward brightened cp fortbe first
time since morning and his brother-in-law
lancaed when Invited by Klernan to look
through the window and admire "Goose
town," as that section ot Ludiow street
Is called. Mr. Ward iasshed, too. quite
naturally. "I guess," said be, "I shall
be all right here among the zcesc If na
foxes get In among them. Thca
the warden went away to ordex
some supper for the new prisoner
aad to see about getting him a bed, and
tbe couple were left alone. The room in
which Ward Is to-stay Is the one in which
Tweed died April 12, jjlx years ago. Th
watch cf the prison will be augmented to
six men, and two will have tbe special
duty of watching Ward, both asleep and
awake. "At no time," said Klernan,
"will he be left unguarded. I am re
sponsible for the prisoners, and I'll look
out for him as carefully as I would 9300,
000 with legs."
Commune by Cable on the Sltnatloe Noth
ing further In tbe Outlook otmTbreateB.
tng Nature AU Qolet Along the Lines.
Nsw Tors. May 2.
The following cable correspondence
passed between Gould and Vanderbllt oa
the financial situation:
Naw Tons. May 2LKSL
To Vr. H. VAXDraatiT. London since tout
deyarture the failure of Grant i Ward, the
Marino llank, the Metropolitan Dank and oth
ers have to greatly disturbed confidence that
good securities hare suffered a Urge depreci
ation in common with poor.-r ones, but to-day
we have a steadier market and a better feel
big, with no further failures and none naVy to
occur. Mr. Sage opened bis doors to-day and
accepted all of his
outstanding prtvuegca.
I think matters will
continue to im-
prove. Tho
ncw pool between the trunk
lines on a money basis were com
pleted and signed to-day. Mr. flak is now
considering an advance of east-bound rates
to twenty cents, which he will probably order.
All the threatened disturbances amors? the
roods west of fh.caro have been averted.
Tbe crop prospects throuzhcut the West and
South and Northwest were never looking
more prosperous than now, which will guaran
tee a Jarre fall business.
ISlgned Jat Gould.
rax ninr.
Losrxix, May 2. 1SSL
To Jat Gould. New York:
Very much oblbred for your message. My
advices look as it the depressing Influences ot
the past were aboitover. I think you will
9nl the results win be In accordance with tha
views expressed In your dispatch.
iiigied) W. IL VAXDERBirr.
The pools referred to by Mr. Gould la
his dispatch to W. II. Vanderbllt are
taose at Peoria and Indianapolis, tha
agreement respecting which was signed
on Monday. So far as can be learned no
definite steps have yet been taken toward
an advance In east-bound rates. At the
Windsor this evening it was a matter ot
gossip that, as furnished for publication,
both dispatches had been slightly expur
gated. It was said tbat Mr. Gould con
cluded bis by wishing Mr. Vanderbllt a
pleasant journey and safe return, aud thai
he also placed the cable service at bU
disposal. Regarding Mr. Vanderbilt't
reply It was Insisted that he also said thai
his brokers had their orders before he
left cw York.
Justifiable Homicide.
it AtVERX. Lt, May 23.
C A. Wallls, of Glenwood, shot and
killed John Cllngersmith at that place at
noon yesterday. Ctingersmlth, who Is
Mrs. Wauls son-in-law, has been abusing
Wallls for some time, and not long ago
L had thrashed him severely. Yesterday he
went to Wallls' office and began threat
ening blm again, when Wallis drew a re
volver and shot him. Tbe ball took effect
over the right eye and crossing tbe base
of the brain passed out behind tbe left
ear. Wallls gave himself up to Sheriff
Farrell and was lodsed in fail. There Is
no excitement over the affair as the klli
In? Is considered iut-tlab!c.
A pretty young woman, with fair
banged hair, attracted considerable at
tention in lower Broadway yesterday
afternoon. She wore a silk dress,
which changed to a different color er
erv way it n as looked aL Her hat was
bell-shaped, and was profusely trimmed
with bunches of Cowers, on which rest
ed several butterflies and beetles. A
largo bronzed owl, with diamond exes,
fastened a bow at her throat. Stitched
on her blue silk parasol waa an enor
mous pescock feather, and a handker
chief, carried in a tiny belt, was esa
broidercd with birds and animals.
x. r. Sutk
Lonls Stervoski and Harris Aaron
son claimed the same dog tefore the
New York Tombs Court, and the Court,
with a wisdom superior to -lomon,
told the officers to kick the d out of
cog and let him decide which was his
legal residence by going to it. AC Y.
s .
Chicago is to havo an artificial
island ia the lake to cost $1,000,000. It
will contain a summer hotel. Tho next
thing Chicago will havo a sca-bcach
and salt water bathing. St. T. Graphic.

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