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CTetcd te the Interest ef the Cherekecs, Choctaw, Chfckasawc, Scraluelcs , Creeks, sad all Other Indian of the Iadlaa Territory.
VOL. H. NO. 38.
Bejawl aB cMiwibM tie teest anil eosfletett store la tie India Territory is that of
Wo C. PATTON fe CO.,
Ih ess get Mythisg'
lad a fafl
9C& r CilBJ BEAXTXE5T eetehw s latsuasc stock of every Tarlety of the best and most serviceable Dry
UJt CLeTHUfG BEFAXTXOT Twnvfflgad the largest Ste:t or flrst-class Clothing, Boots Stio?s, Hats, Lad!eV ar.d
CabAi T I, hi-. - -J- Tklk
DDK jaLUSSSr MEAKTXOT Is faHy ay to the Uses iRall thi LateU Style d FasUsm.
krSPlXTXXT krerfeteTTilheTerTkldrStakaB"dFaeT
Crackers, Cheese, Bte.
- -;, ,
aaaMMW -dU L I 1 1 'i I
STATJOXEXr A5B B99E FAKTXE5T where yea will Sad every variety of
dete sjm Jteeetyt seecs, bcaeei Beeu, a4 a liae r gsei Heading Boats
Our Prices are as Low as the Lowest.
W. r. TROTT, Proprietor.
i am. i a puujii ui. ajsio u
jm. k.il .il..lu.l.
?.r.w aaa a aj?nMi.aiB evu..
Xatto to JU quality. OKDEK3 SOUCXTKD.
Drags, Patent Medicines, Notions, Stationery,
Etc.; also aEnllline of Cigars, Tobaccos
and Confectioneries.
fkH the Bftetors taTfeHa at X. TRXZEPS Krd Frsat, one door
West of 'Frfct Melel.
M. FRAZEE, Vinita, Indian Territory.
Xeepeeatlr on load Ctetast Staple aad Faricy Groceries In tke 2tarks. Also
Fruit BftiaMts, Fwi (NMSfiri, Gfasswari aid Tmm.
XawniBevarrtocfclntaelfeirlSaHMac fa Isse Coraer. two door. West of A. C.
Raf m44i C-' Hirltran Stere.
W r..U J Krtalt avalrn b.
AIm carry a complete lina of
Dry Goods, Hats and Caps,
"Boots and Shoes,
Rid Spl k Mmt Lw in M.
Don't fail to see our stock and learn oar prices
"before bnying.
-tfTM- LITTXiE & CO. Vinita, Indian Ter.
Later, Liii.aiiffeM
w wan mm orp. mtioml hotel
r .,.t ' " 1 1 i
HanvJI HnL 'srws.w
r1MTlrmLWS1TWtSmiTM. CaA .r CtUo taten In Ex-
joa Treat au tiutt ef tke wry best qnalit j
assorteeax of eTervtkliit; wasted by oar
feH U SUes, Maraess aad Leather Goods of all kinds. In
JJEFARTXEST yea eaa ret Wages, Basics, flows, Spring Wagons, Etc.
Trail steeled with Sails, Screws, Chain,
PEFJLXTJEEST every variety of Dishes, Crocks Jars Jngs Etc. While la
r yea will Sad a'Caleadid stark of 1'nre, 5Ice Drurs, Medicines, complete In every rr
y eeapeaaded by a skilled apothecary, la this connection we hare also an immense
ks, Ceafeetlsaery, Etc. And a
& CO., Vinita,
,4ua. r ausu iu --- - uin --......-. ,u-ir l u.u
tf.l tJ VtWkM TNka Tnml Itut CVItw
saTi Ti.. wi.A m ! . e-W j6m
r. a. aiLTor.
Notions, Etc.
will nmxisii ODD SIZES OP
T! l m a I 1"
I UU9A, I. 1.
to bo had In the coi a ry.
ensto mers.
Groceries, Floor, Bacon. Canned Goods,
Hinges, Tinware, Axes, Utensils, Tool,
Writing Materials Paper, Blank Boob
rrose snd roetry.
Come and See Us.
Indian Territory,
For the purchase aad ule of
13 Xtlnxl Stock Yards, E. St. Loui.
tB-LlbcrmJ adrances made on coaslynnicnM.
Located at EutSULonU, III.
Dlrrctl y opposite the dty of St. Ixtuls. Bn jm
for all description of Live Stock alnaj-n In at
tendance, and trlthln the grounds ef the Stock
Yard are a Decf Canning Oorapanf , with a
capadirforaUinshterics I.CU0 head of caltlo
dallr. and Pork Packtrq; Eftablishnients irita
a capacity for slangbterinjr liOM ho? dalljr.
ISAAC II. KOX, President
CHAS. T. JO.NES, Sopt.
In! Fail
Pullman Palace Hotel Cars
through to St. Louis, Yia
Sedalia, Daily.
Direct Route West and South
west Tia Kansas City.
IT VINCI? niTVl-'nlonPepotpasJcnccn
Al KAnOAO Ull I for Kansas. Colorado
New Mexico and California connect with Ex
press Trains of all lino.
IT ITPUtCnU Crmncctlon is made wit
Al AlunloURExprFM Trains for at
Pclcts is Kii" and h ebraska.
IT nUlUl Connection is made with aC
A I UHAIIA lines towllne to the North ne
F. CHA5DLEB, Uen. Pass. Agent.
C. B. KL5XA5, AssH Gen, Pass. Agent.
F. L. DECKER, Agent t YInlta.
- ATT.TJP'A.'g
Tto Direct Through Routo Between
Fast Express Trains are Hnn Dally. 5
Change of Cars.
Through PuHznan Palace Sleeping Cars ar
too dailr. wlibnut ebsnie. between ST. LOUIS,
lands fortatabrthiscorapanrlnSOCTUWEST
I jiLvJorni
BTFor f ufl and part cular Information, with
I Jlnpv Time TaUes. Itates. etc .call npon or
dres any of our fetation Arena, or either of th
t undernamed.
JX WISHAKT, General Passenscr Ascot, St
I Loalr.
n XC r ITT? rSwal Trrlvht. Apnci. St Tfflilt
lew HOGEKS. Viro Presldcnr aaJ Gecersj
I jaajcr,TcBStuJiij,i.Louii. Jlsv
The Arkansas penitentiary paid the
State a net revenueof twentr-fuur thou
sand dollars, the year ended May T.
Tex taen-of war of all nations were in
the harbor of Shanghai, at last report.",
with one thousand eight hundred and
thirty-six men.
TllEKEare still living in Rochester,
N. Y.. sixty-nine persons who voted at
the first charter election fifty years ia.
They will be asked to take part in the
approaching semi-centennial observ
ances. KoTwmisTAXDiXG it has been claimed
that the "Black Hamburg" grape
will grow nowhere in the United States
but in California, Baron dc Luttcchaw
has in his vineyard at Waldo, Florida,
a number of vines laden to their utmost
with clusters of the largest size.
The Lake Voorhces cattle ranee of
Yyoming is the greatest in the world,
no dnnbt. It comprises one million
acres of land, forty thousand of which
are cnclossd with a barbed fence, and
has a water frontage of thirty mile.
The "range will freely accommodate
seventy-five thousand cattle. It lias
fifteen thousand head.
A gentleman recently appointed con
scrvatorof a demented Norwich. Conn.,
man. discovered that lie had over Stl-,
000 to his credit in a broker's office in
that city. Being suspicious of 'the
ticker" and its environments, he drew
the money and placed it where he
thought it would be more" secure. In
ten days the broker's lirm had failed.
The stream of German emigration is
again rising, the total number of those
who left the fatherland for America in
the first quarter of this y ear having been
twenty-nine thousand seven hundred
and cightv-two. as compared with
twenty-eight thousand two hundred
and ninety-one in the same period of
1SS3, or considerably more than a
whole army corps on a war footing.
Pkof. Vincnow. the celebrated anat
omist, has written to the Berlin news
papers to express hi opinion, come to
after careful scientific investigation of
the subject, that the danger arising
from trichiniaM in German pork is "in
finitely greater than the peril of an
epidemic from Amcrican-brcd pigs, and
that, to be consistent, the Imperial Gov
ernment, which has forbidden the im
portation of all sorts of pig-fiesh from
the United States, ought not to alkw
thc rearing of anv nwinc at all in Ger
A Boston boy, i.vclvo years old, was
arrested in Portland, Me., the other
day, and in his pockets were found a
quantity of cheap pamphlets containing
Indian stories about 'One-Eyed Nick,
the Giant Scout," etc.; a revolver, a
bag of cartridges, two brxvj watch
chains, a cheap nickel-plated watch,
worth, perhaps, two dollars; a toy pis
tol, two old jack-knives, a quantity of
strings, a piece of leather, a strip of
calf-skin with the hair on it, a button or
two, a ragged handkerchief, several
pieces of woolen cloth, some candy, a
lot of dirty, broken lozenges, hntf a
dozen filthy raisins, and a, handful of
fine dirt.
The landlords and Vhopkccpcrs of
Switzerland are bitterly bewailing the
economical habits of the tourists who
have visited their country so far this
year. They say that they have had
shoals of German visitors, but complain
that there is no money to be made out
of their customers, because they bring
the frugal habiLf of the fatherland with
them, even when they come holiday-,
making. Very few of the richer classes
of tourists have yet made their appear
ance in the Republic, owing to the
backwardness of the spring, and the
bonifaccs are devoutly praying for
warm weather and rich Americans to
come their wav.
In England the first four Freemason
Lodges were cstablUhed June 2J, 1717,
the leading spirits being Dcagulicrs. a
French Huguenot, and James Ander
son, a Scotch Presbyterian, who com
piled the "Book of Constitutions.
There are now sixty Provincial Grand
Lodges and one thousand two hundred
Lodges in England, besidus a Grand
Chapter for the Royal Arch Degree, a
Grand Lodge for the Work Masons, a
Grand Conclave of Knights Templar,
and a Supreme Grand Council of the
Ancient and Accepted Rite of the Thirty
three Degrees. In Ireland the first
Lodge was founded in 1730, at Dublin,
and there arc now three hundred and
fifty of them; in Scotland the first Lodge
was opened in 1736, and there are now
four hundred.
Mn. Wiluah IL Vandekbilt's
treasure vault, in which he recently
stowed away some 100,000,000 in se
curities, is one of the most redoubtable
works of defense on the American con
tinent, though you may not be entirely
certain of that by surveying his man
sion from the outside. Its foundations
were blasted out of the rock; the front
wall is five feet in thickness, and the
side and rear walls three feet, the ma
terials used being pressed brick with
brown-stone trimmings. Tbo beams,
girders and main pillars are iron, in
cased in fire-proof material. Tbc doors,
window-frames and minor partitions ara
iron, marble and glass. No wood is to
be found in the structure. The great
vault is thirty-six by forty-two feet, of
wrought iron, steel and Franklinittf
iron. Is imposing in strength and pro
portions, and is situated on the ground
floor. Its four octer doors weigh 8,200
pounds each, and have every effective
and known improvement in defensive
devices. A massive wall of masonry
surrounds the ironwork. The vault,
which is burglar, fire, and water-proof,
constitutes a distinct bunding in itself.
A Summary of the Daily CHt
l.f the Senate on the 27th, Mr. Ingalls
Introduced a bill o provide for the sale o
Sands Ix-lonjrinjr to the prairie Land or Potta
watomie Indian. The Senate took up the
bm to irrant the Cinnabar (lark's For Itall
road Companr the rltht of way through a por
tion of the Yellowstone Park. After debate
the matter went over, and the Utah bill as
taken nru After debate a motion to adjourn
was made, to which Mr Hoar objected, and
the rote bclnjr a tie twcnty-even yess io
twentr-scrcn nars the motion failed. A
motion was ImWdlatclr made to poluto ex
ecutive fssion. resulting in another ti vote
twent r-nlne yeas to twenty-nine nays. Mr.
Hoar said he would notinsLton keeping the
Senate, but expressed the hope that next day
there wjutd be a tonir f ittinc in order to press
the blil tbroush Adjourned In the Houc.
the Speaker appointed Mrrs. UibrcU.
Williams and White, of Minnesota, to confer
with the senate on the Agricultural bin. Mr.
Ellis called up the joint rro.utlon appro
iiiiatlrura further sum of (luijun for the re
lief of pufferers ty the overflow of the MLst
sippi and its tributaiief. The r-solntlon
passed by yeas Cu, nay 7H. The House then
resumed consideration of the Waliacc-Me-Klnley
contorted election cafl. AHrr ilrt-ste
the liollse proceeded to Vote upon the minor
ity resolution, declarinc McKInley entitled to
the seal. It wa lot. y"a Vf. naylV. The
majority resolution seatinir Wallace was
adopted without division, and that Tpnticman
appeared and took the oath of office. Ad
journed. Ix the S nate, on the 2Sth, the bit was
rrportcd favorably to reimburse the several,
states for Interest pah! on war loans. The
Mexican Pension till was then taken up.
Vartou ameadmrnti. were made and pendinc
further delmtetbe senate adjourned In the
House Mr. Cobb, of Indiana, from the Com
mittee on Public Lsnds, n ported a bill to for
fnt unearned laud icnintcd the Atlantic
Pni lfic Itaiirottd Company. Placed on the
House calendar The mornin; hour was dis
pensed with and the Houre went into Commit
tee of the Whole, Mr. Cox in the chair, on the
Legislative bill It reduces the number of
internal revenue col led ton districts from
cljrlitr-four to slxty-tbrfe. and Increases the
force In the Penlon Olhcc. After completing
the consideration of thirteen of ninety-six
KK"s of the bill the eoramittee aroe- Mr.
brell submitle I a confercne s report on the
Atrriculturat Appropriation bill. Atopted.
At the crcalnr fusion the Houe went info
Committee of the Whole, and resurredconrlJ
eratlon of the Lca-istatirc bill until adjourn
ment. In the Senate, on the 2&th. Mr. Hale
submitted the conference report on the Agri
cultural Appropriation Mil. The report was
ajrreed to. The Dif trlct of Columbia Appro
priation oui was taxen up. aiscussea ami
rtasocd. The t'trh bill was taken un. Messrs.
Voorbccsand Williams endeavored to iret up
the Mexican Pension bill, but a motion to en
into executive session was ajrreed to. At the
cloj of the executive- session the Senate ad
journed Jn. the House, the following- bills
were reported and placed on the calen
dar. Ilejrulatinsr the exportation of
imitations of butter and cheese; to di
vide the Judicial Dl'trtct or Kan
sas: a Joint resolution proposing the
following as article sixteenth or the Constitu
tion: The right of citizens of the I'nltcd
States to vote shall not be abridred by the
fnitcd Slates or any state on account of na
il itr. The House went into Committee of
the Whole on the Legislative IhIL Ibe Mis
souri delegation attacked the pmro-itlon In
ine mn to repeal toe act estaiiiL-nirur an asa
oiEce at St. Louis. Mr. Humes moved to
strikeout the repealing ciauc. and insert In
lieu thereof a provision making an appropri
ation for salaries of officer and cmployxnf
the asay office. Agreed to. Other amend
ments were made, when the eominitteo rose
and reported the bill to the House.
The Senate was not In session on the
31st In the House the Mil passed restoring
the law of 1SC7 In the matter of appeals from
the Circuit Conrts to tbo I'nltcd States Su-
Kremc (ourt in list as corpus rases. This
iw was rci-alrd a fow years ayo. while the
McArdlecacot Mississippi was pendinr be
fore the Suprttno Court. Mr. l'erktns. of
Kansas, reported a bill granting the risht
of way through the Indian Territory to the
Kansas City. Port Scott Guir llatlroad
Comrany. On motion f Mr. Wellborn,
of Texas, a resolution was adopted au
thorizing the Committee on Indian Affairs
to Investigate the matters touching the
leasing, sub-leasing and fencing of lantU In
the Indian Territory, and the disbursement of
aw.UJU appropriated for the Cherokee Nation
during the Korty-ercntli Congress. The bill
tt anting the right of way through the Indian
Territory to the Gulf. Colorado li rants Fe
Hallway Company was finally passed, after Its
consideration had consumed a greater part of
the day. The bill was also passed granting
the right of way through the Indian Territory
to the Southern Kansas Uailmad Company.
Saxuzl M. SnoEXAKcn, i-ne of the most
I rominent business men of Baltimore anil
a director of the Adams Extra s Company,
died recently.
Jorx B. Gibsox, one cf the proprietors
of the Gibson IIonc, Cincinnati, ulctl re
cently. The National Grwnliaek Convention, on
the 2) lb, at Indianapolis, nominated Gen
eral B. F. Builrr for President and General
A. M. West, of Mississippi, for Vice-President.
A BEAVT frost was general throughout
the Xorthwest on the night of the SStb.
Crops were reported to have suffered se
verely. ColoxelJ. A. P. Buaxstnr, disbursinjr
clerk in the Post-ofBco Department
Washington, has been removolon a charge
of having ctnbrxxleil ft3,(XM and a warrant
is out for his arrest. He speculated with
Levis, the missing oil bn-ker.
The Mayor of New York has accepted,
the resignation of City Chamberlain Tap
pin, and apimintcd Henry Laidlaw, agent
of the Bank of California, in bis steaiL
Caitalt W. E. Dove, of the Twelfth
United States Infantry, was drowned wbllo
attempting to cross to the Canada sida
from Fort Niagnra.
The Spanish Liberal press is indignant
at tbo Government disolrlng a meeting of
thh opposition journals to dicus means
of liettrring the condition of the impris
oned journalists.
At the New York Clearing Hone on tha
th it was stated a large number of new
certificates wre cancelled and no demand
existed for lhrm. Brokers and banks re
ported broker' balanc s very large. Banks
rrported money as again rluwtng that way.
Firrxex hnndrcl coalmiqrrsot the third
pool at Pittsburgh, Pa., e "a ed to accept
the reduction of a quirt er of a cent and
threatened to strike unless the district price
was paid. A delegate meeting was to be
held at Monongehala City to consider the
advisability of ordering a general strike of
the fourth pooL
AT tho New York horse show on the 2S:b,
Cyrus MT. Field received the first prize for
matched pairs. Frederick Gebhardt Leo
received the first prize for hunter's mare
orgelding; also a special prize.
A cave in under the track ot the Reading
Railway at Turkey Run, Fa., recently, ren-
dered six collieries idle. All trade on the
rallroad was suspends L The body of a
workman was not recovered. Tha breach
covered two hundred feet. A new track
was being built around the breach.
Axnnxw Bruox, the defaulting Hot
Springs, Ark., banker, was arresteil at St.
iouis iu compauy h -u m, -
woman with whom he fled.
TriE Belmont coal mines, in Jaksnj
Ccnnty, Ala, which were purchased by
Grant & Ward from General John B. Gor
doa, shut down recently, throwing Severn
hundred men out of employment.
Tiiebe wlU bs no June term of tho Fee
era! Court at Springfield, I1L. because i
thoexhausUon of appropriaUons to met
Decobahox Dat was observed in nearjr
all tho cities of tie Union, on the 3H,
with more than the usual display ot bun-
ing, patriotic addresses, and so fors.
Some places reported exceedingly fine P
Jrx Tccxra, colwd, was hanged it
Paris, Ark., oa tho 33th. Homnrdore.1 Is
companion tor a soaa sua ot aoaey 1st (
Wn-iAjt Baowy, wpo raurdered tie 3-.
dlerLaYigna last February, at CahoVU,
111., was hanged at Belleville on the 53th.
ltoCRETOBTi editor of the L'lntranstge
ant, of Paris, continues his violent attacks
upon General Grant. It was reported his
reason was that Grant refused to receive
him when in America.
A scrr to enjoin Knights ot Honor from
removing headquarters from Louisville to
S'. Louis was filed in Louisville by G. W.
Trie Hooper cotton warehouse at Balti
more fell on the 3Uh. A large number ef
persons were killed in the rains and many
injured. The disasta r was dae to the build
ing being overloidea, the foandatioa sud
denly sinking;
The men who recently struck on the
Wabash Railroad returned to work on be
ing assured their pay would be forthcom
ing In a week.
Frost was very general on the S9th and
30th. The damage in the Eastern States
reaihed hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Along the West Shore Railroad and other
places there was quits a heavy snow fall.
Six degrees ot frost was reported in New
Tnr French Government proposes to
celebrate the centenary of the commence
ment of the French revolution in lTSfl. It
is also In'ended to make an especially bril
liant exhibition at Paris In 1SS3.
Tnt work shops of the Swan Electric
Light Cimpany at Lille, France, the capi
tal ot the Department dn Nord, burned re
cently and four persons wero injure 1 by
falling floors.
SriiGEL Bros., book and genti' furnish
ing stare, at Greenburg. Pa., was close J by
the SheruT on executions amounting to
FranrxAXD Ward the other day said tho
responsibility of General Grant and John
D. Fi in the firm of Grant & Ward, was
the sxne a his own;
Perrix H. ScxxElt, a brokefi was ar
rested at New York on the charge ol
swindling Daniel M; Davidson, late of West
Virgiiia, cut of $10,093.
Kate Coltox, a colored girl of Cairo,
111., was convicted of murder in the second
degree and sentenced to imprisonment for
life. She poisoned a whole family last
September, and one person died from the
Thi murderer Suggs, who escaped from
jail tiree months ago in Texas, was cap
tured at Carterville, Ark. He was the
actor who killed Manager Plotter In
Adairsville last falL
Tax Pittsburgh rollingznill men were re
ported to have signed a scale of wages
u hica settled the dUpute. The strike will
not tike place, though the mills will shu?
dowx ten days for repairs.
D.D. Htxax, wholesale liquor dealer ol
Gumison, CoL, has failed.
Failures reported for seven days:
United states, 131; Canada, Hi; total, 177
a drrease of fifty-five.
Ixthe burning of a transfer company's
statics at Glasgow, Scotland, recently, twe
huntrvd horses perished.
Tfoxas J. Watsox, oil broker, arrested
on tie charge of conspiracy to defrand tht
Pent Bank, ot Pittsburgh, Pa., gave bail in
the nun of 3,G00 and was released. He
reftxed to talk.
AMoxoxoabela Crrr special says the
debgate convention of coal miners ot the
thirl pool decided to strike agnst a re
duction of mining rates. Fifteen hundred
met were affected.
Tec cow boys were drowneJ recently ir
a cbud-borst duringa cattle round np on
Frenchman Creek; clnsi to the Colorado
anc Nebraska State Iin.
E T. O. Hubbard, wanted at Monmouth
111. for misappropriating $150,00) of bank
ing funds, was arrested at Waukesha,
We., by the Sheriff as he alighted front
tb train. He acknowledged bis identity
anl was taken back to Monmouth
"nc West Side Bank of New York ro
suned on the SlsL
a VlSALlA. CaL, special says: A clouu
bunt near here on the night ot the 31s!
will sich fury as to sweep away the tons
of Tetor Stewart and all of its inmate?,
cotsistlng of htmelf, wife, mother, twe
rhidren and JL Weisner, a sheep herder
Tie bodies of Stewart, his mother and ont
chM were recovered. They were fright
fuly mangled and their clothes torn intc
slreds. Weisner was injured beyond re
corcry. The bouse was dashed to atoms.
iiJiEDlATr.LT on the conclusion of tbf
Tlrodore Thomas musical festival in th
Exposition Hall at Chicago, on the 31st, at
amy of carpenters and gzsfittrrs took'pos
stition ot the building, refitting and alter
in; it to meet the necessities of the Repub
li-an National Convention.
Tnc Senat, on tho Sd, passed a great
cumber of unopposed bills. Many of the
Republican members were at Chicago,
at 1 the sma'l number present raids gool
rrk in ruthin; through bills. A resoln-
tun was introduced into the House for ad-
Iinment on the 23rd of June. A bill was
inroduced authorizing the President to
cary into effect the Mexican treaty as
som as be was satisaed the President of
Mrxico was prepared also to execute tho
Cossiueraelk work was done in Com-
nitten at the-llepublican National Conven
ton at Chicago on the 3d. Powell Clay
tin, ot Arkansas, was elected as Tempo-
nry Chainnsn. The usual scenes prior to
tie regular work of the convention wete in
nil force. Indications pointed to a deter
nined struggle between the Blahia o-nd
rthur delegate:, in which event tho elec
ton would go to a new man or result in a
d-ad lock.
AT New Orleans the Gulf States con-
vntion considered quarantine worthless as
elated to commerce.
ElSJtAttCX: has refoseil to pardpn
Irazuoski, convicted of treason. The bill
nr insuring tha German working peopl
.gainst accident has been opposed.
Miss Exxa Bosd, whose came became
mown throughout the country by terrible
reatment at the bands of unconvicted vil-
ains, was rrportcd regaining her health at
'almyra, Wis.
The Comptrollerof the Currency has de-
blared a final dividend of ll-'' per cent, in
favor of the creditors of the Miners' Nation-
h.1 Bank at Georgetown, CoL, making a to-
tat of 7GS per cent.
jnt Comptroller of the Currency has an-
pointed M. L. Lrrady, of Newcastle, Ind.,
Receiver of the Hot Springs National Batik.
,. .,,., f s rn!.an oldrsrorter
and iately employed on tha Missouri Ef
puWcaa as an editorial writer, commiued
suicide by poisoning. Drink had the best
0f tin,, and he told bis wife be took the
volton because ho could not conquer this
through the unskillful Uppmgof ablast
at Cleveland (O.) Roliing Mill Com-
panyf, furnace, fifty tons ot melted metal
( niiied oat m a aTalanche, overspreading
Lytidtuj m tha Ticinlt7, and fatally
scalding Frank Tanta, who tapped the
y Md peanIl Ryaaf who was thirty
feet jjon, a were ihockiagly
i Qmatsd.
i At stilesvflle, lad., a dmr stare was
J Mown op recnUy. It was ssid tie store
was little better than a saloon, aad that
tempmua, peop resorted to this
m to wipe eat dniakanBess.
DcacAa C. Boss defeated Srrailci, the
j.M -srr.rtW.ln a mixed wsss azline I
fa st yew york k other oigki.
Weitlnr of the National Greenback Con
vention at Indianapolis The Organiza
tlun llatler Nominated The riatform.
The National Greenback Convcntlcn to
nominate candidates for President and Vice
President met at Indianapolis on the ZSth.
A permanent organization was effected by
the election of General John B. Weaver, of
lovi, Chairman, with a Vice-President for
each State, and the following Secretaries
C F Davis, Iowa; CF. J. Doody, New
York; S. C. Post, Illinois; J. W. XorUirnp,
Ohio; C. Roberts, Texas; 8. F. Norton, Illi
nois; ft W. 1 criefld, rf Jersey. The re
Aalnder cf the day was occupied in ap
pointing committee and siieech making
when the convention adjonrned until mom
ing; pending the report ot the committees.
General Weaver proved to be a model pre
siding officer. IDs speech was only abou
fifteen minutes in lengtli, and was devoted
to a brief review f tlie work and achieve
ments of the party and a plea for it to con
tinue In the discharge ot its duty.
Second Iy.
Indianatolis, May 3a The National
Greenback Convention reassembled yester
day morning. General Weavct presiding;
After the adoption of the platform, the rcls
tst States was exiled and C E. Cunningham.
of Arkansas, nominated General B. F. Bat
ler, which was secorided by Chase; of Cali
fornia, and by the representatives ot the
States until Georgia was reached, when
Craven, of that State, nominated Jesse
Harper, cf Illinois. Jones, of New
York, nominated E. A. Allis, of Wi
eonsin. and Atwood, of Pennsylvania, nom
inated Armstrong, of that State. A ballot
resulted, Butler 323, Harper 33, Allis 2,
Davis 1. Solon Chase, though not placed
In nomination, received two votes, Butler
was declared the nominee. The convention
then proceeded to the selection of a candi
date for Vice President, and General A. M.
WesL, of Mississippi, was nominated by ac
clamation. Colonel H inston, ot .Nona Car
olina. D. A. Hopkins, of New Jersey, Gen
era! W. P. Innis, of Michigan, George B.
Hutchinson, of Massachusetts, and cx-Oov-ernor
Spragne, of Illiode Island, were ap
pointed a committee to wait on Governot
Butler and General West, to notify them ol
the action of the convention. Adjourned.
The Platform.
-Ttesnu-fd, That we hold the lite decision ol
the Supreme Court on the legal tender ques
tion to be a full vlnr'lcatlon of the theory
wblch this party has always advocated on the
right and authority ef Congress over the Issue
of legal tender notes, and we hereby pledgt
ourselves to uphold said ceclsifni and to de
fend tho Constitution against alterations or
amendment intended to deprive the people of
any rights orprlvUegeS conferred by that In
strument, we demand the issne ot such
money and In sufficient quantities to supply
the actual demand of trade and com
merce in accordance with the increase
of population and the development of
our industres. We demand the substi
tution of greenbacks for National Lank
notes, and the prompt payment of the public
debt. We want that money which saved our
country in time of war. and which has given It
prosperity and happiness in peace. IVc con
demn -be retirement c? fractional currency
and em til drnomlnatlou of greenbacks and
demand their restoration. We demand the
issue of the hoards ot money now locked tip In
the failed States Treasury by applying them
io ice interest ot me puouc ueoi now uue.
Second We denounce as dangerous to our
Republican Institutions those methods and
imUM nr Oin Hemomtie and HenuhCean
parties which have sanctioned and permitted 1 ercUtude for tie kindly wlstt. lTUer
the establishment of Un-J. railroad, money tnd I will probably go to the Penitentiary Sat
other gigantic corporate monopolies, and we I urday unless he Is detained by Lawyer
irman-l such Governmental action as may be
necessary to take from such monopolies the
powers they have so corruptly ana nnjusuy
csurpeaana reirro mm io ioe pcupio i&
whom they belong.
Third The nubile lands beinjr the natuial
Inheritance of the people, we denounce that
policy which has granted to corporation"vast
tracts of land, and we demamVthat immediate
and vigorous mcaurr bo taken to reclaim
from such corporations for the people's use
., K,rnt all surh Und grunt as hare been
forfeited by reason of non-fulfillment of cote
tract or that may have been wronxfully ac
quired by corrupt legislation; attl that such
railroad landand other public domains be
henceforth held as sacred trut to be granted
only to actual settlers in limited quantities;
and we deraard that alien ownership of land,
individual or corporate, shall be prohibited.
Pourtb Wedtmand Congressional regula
tion of Inter-State commerce. We denounce
"pooling.'" stock watering and discrimination
in rates and charges: and that Congress shall
correct the abuses, even if necessary by the
construction of national railroads. We alse
demand the establishment of a Government
Potal Telegraph sytem.
Fifth All private property, all forms ot
money and obligations to vzz money should
near their just pmponici of public taxes
We demand a graduated 1 icome tax.
Sixth Wo demand an smelloratlon of the
condition of labor by enforcing sanitary lawi
in Industrial establishments, by the abolition
or the convict labor system, by the rigid in
spection of mine and factories, by the reduo
tion of the hour" of labor In Indu-trial estab
lishments, by festering educational Institu
tions by aboll-hlnjr cheap labor.
Seventh We condemn all importations ol
contract labor made with a view to reducing
to starvation wage the workingmen of this
conntry. and demand laws for its prevention.
Eighth We lnsitt upon a coalltutiona!
amendment rcdudnc the terms of United
States Senators.
Ninth- We demand such rules for the gov
ernment of Congress as shall place all n pre-1
sentatlvu or the people upon an equal loot.
Ing. and take away from the committees a
veto power greater than that of the Pie "Went.
Tenth The question as to the araoun of
duties to t levied qpen various articles of
Import has been agitated.quarrelcd over, and
has divided communities for nearly a hun
dred years. It Is not now and never will b
scttled unless by the abolition of Indirect
taxation. It I a convenient issue, always
rslred when the people are excited over
abuses in their midst. While wc faror a wise
revision of the tariff laws, with a view to rais
ing revenue from luxuries rather tbao
necessaries, we Insist that as an economic
question its Importance is Insignificant as com
pared with the "nancial issues; for. whereas.
we have suffered our wort panics under
tow and also under high tariff, we have never
suffered from panic or seen our factories and
workshops stopped while the volume ot money
In circulation was adcouate to the needs ot
eoromcrce. Give our farmers and manufact
urers money as cheap as too now give our
bankers and they can pay uigh waxes to labor
and comrete with ail the world.
Kictenth For the purpose of testing the
ene ot the peeple upon the i-ubject we are
!n favor of submitting to the vote of tbo peo
ple an amendment to tncConstltutinn In favor
of suffrage regardless of sex. and also on the
subiect of the liouor traffic.
Twelfth Ail. disabled soldiers of the late
war should bequlta My ens!oneLand we de
nounce the policy of keeplnga small army of
office holders whose oaly business Is to pre
vent, on technical grounds deserrimr soldiers
from obtaining iusticcjrom the Government
they helped to avc
Thirteenth As our name Indicates, we are
s National party, hsinwice no East, no West,
co North, no South, listing no sectional
prejudices we can properly place In nomina
tion for the high offices of State candidates
from any section of the Union, to appeal to
all people who believe In our principles 'o aV
as by voice, and pen. and votes.
Suicide from Pecuniary Losses.
Waukesha, WLS,May30. John Nelson,
a prominent citizen of this place, com
mitted suicide by hanging. He lost con
siderable money In the late Doorman
failnre, and ever since has acted strangely.
Ills family had made arrangements to have
him sent to the asylum for the insane at
Oshkosb. His trunk was packed and every
thing In readiness. While his wife was pre
paring breakfast he slipped from the bouse,
and when, a few moments later, she went
in quest of him shr found him hanging In
the barn quite d i Deceased leaves a
wife and six children. This was hb
second attempt at suicide, he having taker
poison only a few ?ivs ago.
A Rowing 3Iatch.
Chicago, May 3L A rowing race be
tween Peter Conley. ot Portland. Me-, astl
John Teexser, of Flttssurgn, three miles
with a turn, for Si, 000 a side, occcired at
Pullman yesterday afternoon and was very
closely contested from start to finish, tht
xen srmrtlng again and again. Tbty
rcaehe-1 the Lming slate together In 10 do.
At co time was there more than halt a
length difference between them till withla
two hundred yards ot the Cnkh where
Icem- i 'jA fcy one length. At that point
Conley pat oa a tpsit, bat Tec&er finished
J;19 5piJaJJ, & tt0 tre:::ely SM
rrentlce Tiller, The St "Urals Tontn. Who
was Ambitions to Become is Capitalist or
Short Notice, GlvJn v Yaars Seelusloa
In "Which to Itumlnatx Dm- Hh l.ny.
St. Louis, Mo, May TT.
When the case of Tiller, the Express
robber, was called In the Criminal Court
this morning bis attorneys pronounced
themselves as ready to proceed. The ta
dlctment was then read to the prisoner
and he was asked to plead. To the as
tonishment of the Court Tiller answered,
without a moment's hesitation:
"Guilty, Your Honor!"
There was a sensation succeeding thl
but presently Jndge Van Wagoner
turned In his chair, ordered the prisoner
to rise, and sentenced him to five years'
Imprisonment In the Penitentiary. This
Is the full penalty of the law for grand
Mr. McBride, T,,-r's attorney, ap
pealed to the cotR' for clemency.
This, Judge W. C. Jones, representing"
the Pacific Express Company, opposed,
stating that there was no cause for
leniency. The defendant was In the em
ploy of the company In a position ot trust
and proved hiraselt unworthy ot the con
science reposed In him. In the opinion
of the prosecution the imposition ot a
heavy sentence was due the employers'
and the company. Taking the circum
stances into consideration Judge Van
Wagoner took the latter view of the case.
Tiller atood before the bar with hit
Bead hung down. The news of his ar
raignment attracted a crowd from tie
andience-room of the other courts. Sev
eral ladies had secured positions In the
Circuit Attorney's office In view ot Use
defendant's chair. When the sentence
was imposed In Judge Van Wagoner's'
ImpresMve tones, the defendant turned ta
go, when his attorney suggested taat the
other cases be disposed ot to-acy. He
reminded the court that the Indictment to
which Tiller pleaded covered the offense
In Its entirety, nd a nolle pros, of the
remaining charges was accordingly ug-
gested, and was granted by the Court.
This disposition of the cose
leaves George II. McFadden to
fight his battle single-handed. JLt
Tiller walked back to the dock ha
which had been given him by his attor
ney. After pacing the floor for awhile,
he seated himself near the door and pleas
antly greeted a reporter. "It's all over
now," said he, "and I have nothing to
say. I have no complaint whatever to
make. I think I have been treated fairly
and justly. I don't know whctAer ray
plea prevents me from testifying in Mc
Fadden's case or not, I expect to go to
the Penitentiary, and to serve my time.
The sentence ot fire years will, with good
behavior, expire in three years and nine
months trader the three-fourths rule. Tha
other charges again t me have been nolle
pros'd, as the indictment to which I
pleaded guilty covered aQ the amounts
mentioned In the other cases." To-day
Tiller showed none of that swasering
conduct which it was said characterized
his movements soon after his arrest. U
was quite polite and pleasant, and In re
turn fora pleasant word spoken by one
of the Deputy Sheriffs, Tiller returned his
I ,,,t. snd -ave neat exnresslon to his.
I lMn" .3n4 ST5 Hai expression wnia.
McBride for the JrtFadden case. Mc
Fadden was jointly Indicted with Tiller
snd awaits a hearing on the Indictment
for embezzlement and grand larceny.
Speaking of this case Mr. McBride said:
"We Intend to fight that out when it
cornea up, bat in the meantime this boy
will go to the Penitentiary."
tiller's atiMK.
It will be remembered that on Sunday
If ternooo, March 9, Prentice Tiller, then
In the employ ot the Pacific Express Com
pany carried away from the Express of
fice a satchel or satchels filled with
money packages. He remained In hiding
until Monday night, when he started for
Canada, passing thro'sh Chicago
and going thence to Milwaukee. The re
wards offered for his arrest amounted
to nearly 312,000. Ue was captured
Thursday morning, March 13, at Mil
waukee, and wa3 rctarncd to this city tho
next day and held by the company until
Saturday, when he made a desperate ef
fort to escape from the LlndeU Htei,and
was then jailed. Tiller was jointly In
dicted with one McFaddeo, who obtained
a severance. The Express Company re
covered nearly all the stolen money,
amounting to about 875,000.
Representative IVlilis ot Kentucky, Has
Hope t Getting Action in tho noose oa
This Important Measure.
WAsmso-tox, D. C, May Zt.
Mr. Willis, of Kentucky, the author of
the House educational bill, hopes to gel
that subject before the House for
its action this week. Now that the
bolk of the appropriation bills are
off the hands of the House, It is In
clined to turn Its attention to some of tho
more Important measures before it,
which are for the good ot the genera)
public In fact, the leading members'
recognize the necessity for doing some
thing. Almost six months of the session
have passed, and it Is difficiIf.opolntoQt
any general measure of Importance, aside
from the plenro-pnenmoula bill, and
one or two others of a general nature,
that have passed the House The gen
eral Impression among the friends ot the
educational but Is that it will not meet
with serious opposition at the House end
of the Capitol. It was pretty thorough!
discussed in the Senate, and the Senate
put the bill In such shape as to give gen
eral satisfaction. As amended by
the Senate, It Is now very similar
to the bill Introduced In the Uousf
by Mr. WUHs: se It Is proba
blc that Mr. Willis will, when the bit
comes up In the House, move to substi
tute the Senate bill for his own. In order
to lessen the complications which txcmM
follow, should the House adopt Its owa
bill instead of the Senate's, and the pros
pect that the bill may bcc-.xnealawscemi
to be very good.
The State Sailncs Banks, SU Joseph.
Sr. Joseto. MoMayir.
At a meeting of depositors ot thi
State Savings Bank, M. A. Read, attornej
ot the bank, made a statement of Its con
dition, showing $80,000 In the vault, 90S,
000 collected by assignee, 8100,000 to tht
credit ot the bank In Chicago and St
Louis; overdrafts, good, 833,000. fl
read a telegram from President France al
New York that he had realized 8200,004
In casa and 833,000 in bonds and left for
home last night. About 200 depositor!
were present. Most ot them are quiet
and have confidence.
A Horrible Tate.
Gratvilix, Ilt. May 3.
Yesterday morning while the sectioc
men were going over their sec
tion on the Wabash, St. Louis Pacific
Railroad, they discovered the body ot s
man lying on the track two mllea
north ot this place. He had been killed
during the night 07 some freight train,
his body being litera"; torn to pieces. 11
Is supposed that Uiree freight train
passed over the body during the nL.Jit.
His name was Keubea Taylor, of Vla
cennes, and he had been engaged la rait.
Ing logs down tho river. He was scz
by the section men the evening before 01
Vic ni.rvud with three other parties.

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