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BeTCHed te the-latereH el the Caerekees, Checlawi, Cklckasaws, SeralReIe, Creeks, aad all Otker Indian ef the Indian TerrHarr.
I i
VOL. IT. NO. 39.
Btf a aK ariiam
lfeaa8etMy1M7MifatM4tbtftlMTer7fce$tqKalItjtabchadlB theco ary.
Mtr dMK 9tlMTK3T mfalu mi tetmase Meek of every Tarlety of the best and mast Krriccehle Brj
i JL Xm
CUrtJKSm MP JjraKTT 7M M AmI e largest Stock f fast-class CWlIa?, Boots, Shoes, Hat, Ladle v act
M.MMIK 9WJOTra8TlsNfMewMerylf4fStarieaFaBr
Ci ashen, ttmi, St.
MJtramT baa a
WaHS A CMJWWJJUE BWARTJgOT mr Tariely tf Msbrs, Cracks
STMB MPUffiT' JT yea iriH ftad a tpfraiKa stack f rare, Xlee Brotrs, Medicines, complete in erery ve
liiajwat?tjas aartfaHr esaaeaaaacd by a skilled aaethecary. la this ceanectlon ire hare also an iatatease
1M09K C MVMMj jMHBfty vJwMKSy vVBsCCwvvvay .BrC. JaJarm Js
MttST AH 1WC slARTJaf3T where yea weft1 lad every variety ef
Veto aad Bswkjt Jsafcs, S ratal Beats, aad a Kae af geel Keadla; looks
Our Prices are as Low as the Lowest
"W". X. TROTT, Proprietor.
sawsly of hnek
Drugs, Patent Medicines, Kotioaisr Stationery,
Etc; also a Full line of Cigars, Tobaccos
and Confectioneries.
reseTrTws cmefilly cwpiwiei'iy k. usiy.
laiaaariswafast Ike BtaleH hi Yiatta at JU IimVS Bed Frost, oae dear
Wast rfrsses BaicL
NT. FRAZEE, Vkwtr Indian Twrltory.
Mrin ii mtaaaaj uahnilaic UmlmiifTlail i anirmiry 7n rT" ---"-- - Aba
Fill, ftpttiis, Fni, lnmswaVi, GJtsswtri ait Titian.
um ck m aVe Ttew 1
C- Hrw.wa-re Srs.
X WUInliiH Blew ta
Aire carry a ceasplete liaa of
Dry Goods, Hats and Caps,
Groceries, Qneensware,
OioiMag, Tinware,
Boots aad Shoes, Notions, Etc.
tet Stpdc fcSldMili is M.
Boa.ti!ail to see our stock and learn our prices
before baying.
"WIMT- X.ITTX.E & CO., Vinita, Indian Ter-
m milt ciiaf irr.MTiomiiTEi
J p
mm vrtLL k ski at ki-hx puces.
the tawt aad eentfifetcst Mere kt the Iaa TeTrilory Is that f
f ererytkiag'iraeteJfcx ear
feHy ap te the sitae hi all tks LateU Styles
M Mae ef Sedate, Karats sail Leather
MTJLRT3I1ST jh caa ajrt J-erae, Rubies, Plow, Spring- Wagons, Etc.
wM rteekeiwtta Salfe, Screws,' Chain?,
& CO., ViiiHa,
Satire aadKaraBeni Pine Lumber. Alto Shtn-
HaNPkBtc TtteJhiatrePlBe.BftlBt-sfcippri from the Cnoctow
aba Goraver, tw deera Vat f A.C
CaakarCatUc tafccalalx-
d Fashions.
Urjceries, Floar, Bacon, Casae Gees,
Coeds of all kinds. Is
Wages, Tinware, Axes. UIcrsUs, leek,
Jars, Joys Etc. While la
Writtag Xatcrial, Paper. Blank Boob
Prase and Poetry.
Come and See lis.
Indian Territory.
Commission Merelitints
For the purchase and sale of
13 Natlenal Stock. Tarda, E. St. Louis.
HfTJbcral advances made on consignment.
located at Eaat SU IiOUla, II U
Directly opposite thocity of St. Louis. Bnyers
for all description of IJvo Stock always in at
tendance, and within the grounds of the Stoca
Yards are a Beef Canning- Company, with a
capacity for Blauxhicriaa; WOO head of cattle
dally, and Pork racking Establishments with
a capacity for slaughtering liOM hori dally.
ISAAC H. E50X, rrrsldeat
CIAS. T. J03ES, Sept.
Pullman Palace Hotel Cars
tkrough. to St LouLs,Tia
Sedaliar Daily.
Direct Koute West and Soativ
west Tia Kansas City.
IT KlktriO niTVCnlon Depot paa.enge
A I ILARjA llll I for Kansas. Colorado.
New Mexico and California connect with E
press Trains of all lines.
IT iTrtUICnU Connection is made Witt
At AlUnldUHEiprr. Trains for all
Points m Kansas end cbrsaka.
t auiui rVmntsrtion is maile with
A I UMAnA lines leadins; to the Xorth ns
F. CnASDLES, IJctU Pass. A seat.
& B. KI5XA5, Asa't Gen, Pass. Ageat.
F. L. DECKER, Agent at Ylnlta.
The Dirtet Through tlouto BerTeen
Fast EspreM Tralai are Ran Bally.
Ckaage ef Cars.
Thnrarh Pullman Palace Sleeplns- Cars ars
run daily, without chanae. between ST. LOUIS,
UC ceres of rich farmb!ff and mineral
lands forMlebTthlsoompanyinSQUTUWEST
ry for lull and partcular lnformction. with
Map. Tlma Taals. Kate. etccall upon or a
drew any or oar fetation Aa-rats, or either of tha
O. WTSHABT. Gcaer3, Paoeascr Aseat. St
C. W, CALE. Ceneral FreJsht Agent, St. Loui
C W. 20GSKS. Vice Vraddot aod Gecaraf
. JUcwcer, Teae BulWlaf.W. Leuw. Ma,
in Fat
Ovek sixty par cent, of the adult
sale population of New Mexico can
neither read nor write.
It is estimated that the exportation
of wheat from South Australia in 1884
it-ill amount to eleven million bushels.
Ax old bay fisherman says that lob
sters in New York Bay and financial
panics throughout the country always
come together once in seven years and
declares thst it uercr fails. This year
is lobster year.
A Germas scientist has drawn atten
tion to the fact that the Sntlej, one of
the great, streams of British India, is
probably the swiftest largo river in the
world, having a descent of 12.0CO feet in
ISO miles, aa average of about fifty
seven feet per mile.
The Mcscalero Apaches, formerly no
torious cattle thieves, arc now large
stock raisers in Lincoln County. New
Mexico. The Government some time aco
set up these Indians in the cattle busi
ness, and now they find it more pleasant
and more profitable to raise stock hon
estly than to steal it.
A MJWBEK of human bodies in a good
state of preservation, ilresvnl in orna
mental Costumes, and evidently belong
ing tb a prehistoric race, have teen
found in a mound in Desha County,
Ark. The apartment in which they lay
was paved with Mone, supported by
stone pillars and overlapped with huge
wooden beams in perfect condition.
A Belfast (Me.) firm baa received
an order for doors, frames, etc, to go
to Turkey. The doors are to be shipped
all supplied ivith locks, hiujrcs and
handles, and done np in packages of not
feaore than two handled pounds in
ircight, in order that upon arrival in
Turkey they can be taken into the In
terior of the country upon the backs of
Oltyek Wexdell Holmes recalls the
fact that sixty yean ago three little Bos
ton boys might have been seen in patch
work costumes of raclo-dramatin heroes
performing in a garret theater before
an audience of young acquaintances.
As he remembers them they had remark
able aptitude for acting. But they did
not stick to the stage, for they greir up
to be Wendell Thillips Thomas G. Ap
plcton, and John Lothrop Motley.
A max worthy of memory in aa ill
governed land was Prince Stourdza, ex
Hospodar of Moldavia, whose death at
the age of more than ninety years is an
nounced. His first official act was to
reinstate sixty thousand peasants in
land which bad been taken from their
fathers by Turks. He freed all his own
feorfs and three thousand others, greatly
improved Galatz and Jajsay, endowed
hospitals, schools and asylums all this
eutof bis private fortune and gars
agricultural interests such stimulus
that land during his adramistratiosi In
creased in value fifteen fold
James E. Keexe. when he left Cali
fornia, was worth an immense fortune
The Sunday before he left be said to a
friend, who was expressing regret at his
i departure and predicting evil from it:
There is my balance sheet; it shows
that I am worth $5,G0Q,00Q. That is
$5,000,000 In round numbers against the
$40,000,000 of the bonanza firm. The
larger will always attract tho tmallcr.
and it is only a question of time as to
my losing my fortune if I remain here.
I will travel. I am sick and have
enough, and will keep out of specula
tions." He told a truth, but unfortn
satcly did not act upon it.
Ax expert connected with the Penn
sylvania Geological Survey estimates
the amount of the coal still remaining
in the anthracite region at 8,000,000.0'
tons. Should the present rata ccal
production be continued tbs sapply will
last about two htmdrv and fifty years.
Only forty-ix per cent, of the volurao
of the cost m any given vein gets to
market. The pillars left standing to
rapport the roof take thirty-three per
cent, of the whole, and twenty-four per
cent, is wasted: Until ipiite recently
only twenty-seven per ecnt. of thj coal
vein could be used. The pillars required
forty-one per cent- and thirty-two per
cent was waited.
Or all horaos in President Arthur's
(tables the one which, perhaps, excites
more inquiry aud elicits from visitors
more of interest is the clean-limbed,
trim-looking little Indian pony given to
Mr. Arthur by an Indian chief last sum
mer oa his trip th'ough the Yellowstone
Park. In the inter -al of the gift of tho
pony and the present time every effort
has been made to tame and break him
in, yet without avail. Those in charge
of him state that never for a moment is
he off his guard; ever keenly alert
and watchful of the slightest movement
on their part to prevent and balk their
?nct(m hn TinMfnllr iltif?, nrnnr r.
... .. . , . ' .. ,.'
uuco waicu nuniau ingenuity cau uncut
whereby to subincatc and render him
like unto other horses.
The explosion in the Pocahontas mine
in Southwest Virginia, by which m i
many men lost their lives, is now at
tributed to the presence of a great deal
of fine coal and coal dust on the floors
of the mine. The dust, mingled with
air. constitutes an explosive mixture
which can be fired by the approach of a
flame of any kind. In the Pocahontas
raise, wbere this dust was very abu ndant,
there waa so lack of opportunities for
tha Introduction of flame, as it was cus
tomary to ne a great deal of powder in
blasting out the coal. Some of the
powder was undoubtedly wasted by the
inexperienced miners and mingled with
the fine coal, thus adding to lite danger.
A locomotive with an open f re was also
being coflstaatly rna into the mine. It
is considered certain that Uwre was no
A SeiBiBarr ef the Dally Kevi.
Ox motion of Mr. Irgall the Senate, on
the 3d. resolved that when It adjourned it tie
until the 6th. In accordance with unan
imous undctsandlnx-the Senate proceeded to
the consideration of the calendar or rax- un
objected to. Amont the bill reid a third
time and tossed was a bill intmluce-l by Mr.
Conrer riantiaz an anneal leave of hftren
dar" absence with pay to lettiTcarricr. The
bill passed authorizing- the al of a portion of
the Kort liar military rcrervathm to tha
Ellis County Acriculturel Society of Kansas:
the bill prnvidlnc for the sale of the Kickapoo
diminished reservation In Kansas. A bill
pasMd fiilrw the coat of the rite for
the public tmlldin? at Lcarcr.worth. Km.
at not to exceed tlai.HO; and the
uourc uui auinonuny tnc contmcuon or
brklsc arroM the Mbouri Ulverat Lcavrn -
worm. &-.. ana near tac town oi uuio. men -
werepacd. in the llouw. Mr. raysen, of
cu3,'u uuuix cd. sixty iwo i-um m au
lumuiR. u a nuauan oi nnvuerc. cu cu un
for eonldrratinn the bill reported frura tit
lumnimreun rauuc until, m prevent tae
unlawful occupancy of public lauds. PatMd.
Tne tloura resumed contMlcratlon cf the blU
to rorfeit the Oreron Central IandsTant. An
amendment offered by Mr Gcoixc of Oreron,
to conflno the forfeiture to unearned lands
wai kwt by a vote of UJ to St. The vote on the
parage of the bill stood yeas 13t, nays no
Tns Senato wai not la im'on on tlo 4th.
.. In the Houc Mr. Hopkins, of Pennsyl
vania from the Con-mlttce on Public Build
In;, submitted a rero t on the rharsc of cor-
rupuon or co'iurton n rrtum to tne ivlcctinn
of a sl.c for a pnU c build nx at Brooklyn, .V.
V. Ihoi-epoit wasacietd to and a subcom
mlttre was authorized to be sent to Brooklyn
for limber invi-sitcatlon. Tho On-iron Cen
tral land rract forfeiture was taken tin
and pasel Yea. 13: nays, 18. The
Scnatn co-Ddrwnts were non-concarrod
In tho bill cstabiihina- a Bureau of Labor !ta-
ti.'tlcs. Th" senate amendments wete con
curred in In- joint reiuiiutinn makinr an
additional aprrr prist 'on fnr the relief ofsuf.
f erers in I oui'Uua f mm the ovcrtlow of the
MlMlsj.ppL AM wnpacd amendinffthe
act to cxclrde public lamls in Alabama from
the oprratim of 'jw relating to mineral
amis. The provision of the bill were ex
tended tn ibe $iate nf IuiuiIana. Florida and
rkan-a. Mr lien or. of California, then
called up the b 11 fm l-ltln the lands g-ranted
to the t allfnmia A urrjon KaHroad. except
such lands as nrrp srjntcd for that portion
or the r-a I b.t h completed before the
1st of July. I! After vleorous remark" by
Mr. Cobb, of Indiana. In support of the bliL a
vote was taken on lis ps3e. It stood:
Ycav 13; nays, IX There bun? no quorum
the Houe adjourned.
Toe Senate was not in session on the
Sth. In tho House, on motion of Mr. Peters,
of Kansas, the Senate bill nased authorizing
the construction of a bridze acroM the Mis
souri Hirer at Leavenworth. Kas. The I!oue
then proceeled to vote on the California and
Oregon Land Grant Forfeiture bid. with the
reult of yeas ill. nays 8. There was no quo
rum. A call of the ilouro disclosed the pres
ence of no members, and tha bill was
pasd: yeas ISO, nays lu. Mr. Payson.
of Illinois culled up the Senate bill to re
peal section ono of the act entitled "an act
maklnjr a crant of land In alternate sections
to aid ir the contraction ami ei tension of the
Iron Mountain Kailroad from Pilot Knob. In
the State of Missouri. Helena. In Arkansas,
approved Julv I. I-d. In contlJeration of the
forfeiture the Iron Mountain Uailutad Com
pany In released from the obligations of
land m-ant railroads. The amendment
was auoptcu excluding- Irom tnls re
lease Unit part or I tie railroad between
roplar Bluit. Mo, ami tho Arkansas State line,
and aaamendedthe bill was pawed. Mr.Iwis,
of Louisiana, called up the bill for the forfeit
ure of the Xew Orleans, Baton Kou-re & Vlcks
biinr land irr-an t. Messrs. Ellis, of LouKana.
Bclford. of Colorado, and other Bcpubllcans
Qlibustered. Without acting- further the
nouo adlourned.
The Senate was not in session on the
Tth.. After minor businers the House pro
ceeded to the consideration of the hill f orf elt
injr the unearned Atlsn-ic & PsciSe grant.
Altera brief explanation by Mr. Cobb, of In
diana, the bill was pased. Mr. KandalL of
Pennsylvania, from the Committee on Appro-
Eriations. reported the General DeDcicner
HI and It i referred to Committee of the
Whole. Mr Cobb then called up the bill re
pealing the nre-etn tlon and timber euLure
laws and amending the homestead law.
Mr. Ifolman. of Indiana, offered an
amendment, which was adopted, repeal
ing the act providing for the sa!e of
desert lands In certain Mate and Territories.
On motion of Mr Nelson, of Minnesota, an
amendment was adopted providing that all
persons who have, bcrctnioru tn good faith
made settlements nu public lands under pre
eupJon laws shad be permitted to make final
Srcof and entry upon not exceeding one bun
red and ttxty acres. A long dLcnlon fol
lowed. conOnrd principally to declarations of
the necessity of rcv-rvin? the public huxl for
actual settlers. Upon an amendment offered
by ilr. Herbert, no jnonim voted, and Use
House adjourned.
A POBTLA.tD, OkC, special of the 4th
cays: Complete returns of the State elec
tU-n are still trantln The majotiry of
Herman, Il:pnbl!can, for Congress, will be
fully 1,730. It is believed Thauer, Demo
crat, has been elected Supreme Judge. The
returns rrctivedar that the Legislators
will have a Republican majority of four on
joint ballot.
Five members of Iho Democratic Na
tional Commiltee, who form the snb-cum-raittt-e
of arrangements for the coming
National Ccnrtntion, met in Chicago on
the 4th and appointed local committee.
EaBX. GR&xVlIXEwas preparinganoteto
Washington in relation to the collection of
conspiracy fund within the jurisdiction of
lbs United SUtoi.
OutKBSO UoiDLXThas issued a procla
mation calling the attention cf the Ohio
people to the World's Industrial and Cot
ton Exposition at New Orleans.
The following ad Jitional particulars of
the death of General Babcock have been
received: Gcne-al Babcock, with clerks
irom the Fifth and Sixth lighthouse Dis
tricts, arrived on the tender Pharos off
Mosquito Inlet, FlaM on Juno 2. A large
whale boa' with s-ven men went off to him
about twelve o'clock. On her return Bab
cock and party embarked in her to come
ashore. On the outer bar breakers the
steering oar was broken, and the boat filled
and capsixed. The General beld on to the
boat nn'il she reached the shore breakers,
wben he and all hanli were torn from the
boat and bo with three others were
ADOLpnes BLOoxtrx.tr, of Bay City, the
jtcier crushed under his horse at the races
at Lansing Jlirb., died next day. tU.
Nichols, injuiel at the same time, was re
covering. A CA30 of drunkrn roughs went to the
agency of Gipp' Brewing Company at
Streator. III., and demanded drink. On
bemx refused they assaulted the son-in-law
of the agtnt, who was in charge, and he
drew bis revolver and shot one Mike Ryan.
The wounde 1 man was not expected to live.
j inx lauurrs oi seven nays reported are:
In the United Slates, 193: Canada. 16.
. . ,.
i .
Ulysses Gitaxr, Jr., was a defendant
in the Supreme Court at White Plains, N.
T rocentlv. in a suit brought br John P.
Bailey for 410,000 damages for injuries
alleged to haye been caused by one of Gen
eral brant's Arabian nallions which wrre
presented bv the Khedive of Ezypt. The
case was continued.
Jons Staxtox, a steamboat engineer of
St. Louis, threw a gobletfnl of sulphuric
add over bis wife as she lay in bed early
tha other morning. Inflicting injuries which
will kill her. Her eyes were eaten oat,
and she was tembly burned on the face,
neck, breast and shoulder. On a previous
occasion Stanton shot her twice and then
attempted to kill bimtrlf. Jealousy was
the cause.
Tec annual statement of the Nickel
Plate road showed a deficiency of $933,000
in meeting its fixed charjres.
D. Lctz & Sox's brewery beraed at
Pittsburgh, Pa., the other night. Loss,
Is the Court of Claims atWkii8t,ca
tha 4th, the cases arising oat of rh-raasat-tled
dlffe rlfea tttiws tia VnVtA Siflta
and the Union Padc Railroad Company
were et for a hearing Sorember SI, tJ
which date the Court adjourned.
The American cricketers set the Gcatle.
men of Ireland at- Dahlia. The American
scored In the first !nisg 233 and Ireland Sb.
Uxlcoatx Maxzitahct, of Jfew Xexico,
appeared before the Comniee oh Appro
priations asd aslcsd for Congressional aid
fnr sufferers by tha overfljw of the KIo
Grande River. He read a telegram from
the Santa F Board of Trade argtng Im
mediate actios. The telegram announced
many people ia distress.
The FreDca Faritemeatary Committee
inquiring into the imporatioa of American
salted meats approved the report, agreeing
to such imports after the meat Is by micro
scope or otherwiie minntely examiBed. At
tie same time it nrces the prohibition of
. ; - :, ," . r
J the importatioB of fresh meats from coun-
1 triea where It is known tricbinosia exists.
1 The schedule in the Insolvent assign
ment of James D. Fish, ex-President of the
Marine Bank, shows: Liabilities, $40,
SI: nominal ralne of real and personal e
ta'e, $4,179,392: evtlraat.-d actual -value,
G. T. FosTta & Ck, wholesale medicines
at Detroit, have failed.
It was reported that fourteen persons
were killed recently ia an accident en the
Missouri PacISc Railroad between Den
nison and Gainesv.Ue, Tex.
Tnx Comptroller of the Currency has
authorised tho Unioa Natioaal Bank of
CIi?dand, O., to begin basiness with a
i apital of fl.Oa0.0J0. Hd has also extended
a corporase exUteaee of tha Merchants'
Na'ioaal Bank of Boston, Mas, to Jane
10, 10 X
Geobce Do.TOVjlX) fourteen years of age.
itabbel Martin McGlvea wits a penknife,
at Cincinnati, severing tie femoral artery.
His wound was believed to be mortal.
Donovan was arretted)
Tut Baltimore & Ohio Telegraph Com
pany has reduced rases from Chicago and
St. Louis to Nw York, Philadelphia,
Baltimore and Washington to forty cents
a message.
BRixrtBHorr& Bsioutsox, trimmings,
of Neil York, have assigned. Liabilities,
Tue Nationalists paraded the streets of
Ncwry, Ireland, os the 8th, with bands and
banners. A meeting was held outside the
town, and on the return of the Nationalists
from the meeting they threw stone, and
when they reached the Protestant qtfartrr
of the town the Protettants retaliated. Sev
eral shots were fired. Tto polica and troops
interfered. Foar National!' and several
Orangesen were arrested. Many persons
were injured.
Twextt deaths occurred at Havana from
yellow fever during the past week.
Fnarcsand England have agreed upon
a b:s of conference upon Egyptian af
fairs. The terms of tha agreement have
been imparted to the pon-ers. They affirm
the principle of temporary occupation of
Egypt by England, to which bo limit is
fixed, propose an international control of
the rowers to audit the whole rvstcmot
revenue and expense in Egypt. England
recognizes the suzsrian rights of the Porte
throughout Egrpt, iaclad sg the Soodan,
and France formally abamloBs all claim ot
dual controL
J. B. Sqcier k Co., bankers and broken
o f Washing J, closed their dcors and made
an assignment recently. They dealt prin
cipally in army and navy accounts, and
were unable to realize on them In time to
meet unexpected demands from outside
The corner stone of the new Catholic
Church of S Francis Xavier, corSef of
Grand and Lindell avenues, St. Louis, was
laid on the 8:h with trapesing ceremonies
and in tbe presence ot aa immense throng
of people.
A scrr has been filed against the direc
tors of the Pcnn Bask, of Pittsburgh, by
over two hundred depositors. They
charge cegHgeocs and dishonesty, and ask
the court to make the directors and officers
personally liaLlo for the deposits.
Tns other evening the large round house
and repair shop of the Wabash, 8L Lout
& Pacific and the St. Louis, Des Moines fc
Northwestern Railroad, at Des Moines, la
burned to the ground. It was supposed to
be tha work of an Incendiary. Nine en
gines were destroyed, also all the ma
chinery stalls in the repair shops, together
with one passenger coach. The approxi
mate loss was JIJj.OCO. The two latter
roads were left with no engines to
send out train. The St. Louis, Des Moines
& Northern had only two engines left on
the entire road, and tha St. Louis, Ts
Moines & Northern only one.
Gctxbal Aax Sctord, of Kentucky,
rroimit'cd suicide at Danville, Ind., on the
h, at the residence of his nephew, Benja
min E. Buford. General Buford went to
Danvillo to visit relatives and attend the
races. He seeaud much depressed, which
visibly increased after reading an article
in a newspaper giving an account of the
decadence of the Baford family, -written in
connection with the return of Tom Baford
to the AncLorage Asylum, a physical and
financial wreck. Tbs General's fortune
also bad ben swxpt away. He shot him
self with a revolvor through the head.
A dispatch was received at St. Louis
recently from Philadelphia stating a cable
gram bad reached that city from Rome,
annousc ngtbe appointment ot Archbishop
Ryan, of St. Leuis, to succeed Archbishop
Wood, late of the Archdiocese of Philadel
phia. Gexebul Beismx, in command of a bat
tal'on ot troops marching from Montana to
Idaho, crossed the main range of the Rock
ies the 31 of June, and reported snow sev
eral feet deep and weather verr cold.
ExUxited Sra-xs Marshal Jonx
Hall was arrested at his homelnWsb
ngton. Pa., charged with making fale re
tarns to the Government. Examiner Ball,
of the Department of Justice, who made
the information, alleged that during his
ttna of office tho total amount received by
Hall was 3,103, while the leceipU of the
offlce were $!&W5L Hall's frienda claimed
that a thorough Investigation would dl
charge him of all blame.
Irwas announced recec'ly that Secre
tary Stevens would issue a circular an
nouncing the indefinite suspension of the
Whisky Export Association known as the
whisky pool.
The Senate, on the 9Ui, advanced the
Mexican Pension bill a stage. The Homo
was reinforced by the return of Republi
can members from the convention at Chi
cago, and various appropriation and other
bills were pushed toward conclusion.
A raRTT of five strolling Italians were
struck by a train at LeeUdate. Fa., re
cently. Two were initantly killed and an
other was fatally Injured.
Tue elevator war at Buffalo, N. Y-, bas
been adjusts 1 by the Bennett elevators
again joining the pool. The three-fourths
cent per bushel rata charged to the grain
for elevating thrown off daring tha trouble
was again added to the one-eighth cent
charged to grain, making tfee rate the
same as befote tha war broke oat.
At Chappaqaa, New York, recently Miss
Uabrielle Greeley was strewn from her
carriage by a runaway, breaking her right
CajsiSTiAX Haxtxax, anjiploye of the
car-bop at Fort Warned lad., became is
sane oa tha subject of electrical inven
tions, an-l hanged airaeelf IrrbU room,
Some people get iato s fsry of ex
xtement whenever they see a bee or
jcar its hum. though it be oaly latent
ja gathering a little honey from the
aearcst Cower. They shout and wal
lop about them with hands or handker
jaicfs. as if they were being attacked
or aa cnemr. Such are just the people
who generally get stuag. Let tue bee
Uone. even though it is buzzing cloe
to your face, in all likelihood it is
jnly animated by cariosity. Make a
fuss about it, strike it, or get it en
tangled in your clothes or hair, and
blame yourself if you feel its javelin.
When encased in collection- honey
sr pollen lrom the flowers, no amount
of teasing will cause it to sting unless
you hurt or entangle it. Even when a
swarm fills the a r von mar safely walk
about in tho midst of It, only 1st your
motions oe slow and iieiiocntte. nouid
they alight on your hands or face,
never mind, they will soon fir again;
they are only resting. In such a case
go slowly aside, and give yourself a
gentle shake or two, but refrain from
brushing or besting at the bees. Avoid,
however, standing in the line of the
flight of bees goinr from or returning
to thcii Lives. At such times they have
such an impetus that before they are
aware of your presence they get en
tangled in'your hair, and are apt to re
sent your obtrusiveness. So much for
one s passive tohavior. Let us now
suppose ourselves engaged in necessary
action. First let us learn these princi
1. Bees never attack wben their
stomtchs are filled with honey or other
liquid sweet. This is their normal con
dition when swarming, and therefore
they are then harmless, as also when
returning laden to their hives.
2. Neither do they attack when
thoroughly frightened. We frighten
bees by blowing smoke among them, or
by rapping rather vio.ently on their
3. When bees are alsrmed in a hire
by smoke or concussion, their first im
pulse is to fill their honey hags from
their combs.
4. Dees in a hive that is constantly
being rapped against wdl in a few min
utes rush bo Jily out Trom among their
combs into aa empty skep or box set
over them.
Suppose cow we wish to get all tho
tee out of a common straw hive. We
provide the needful emptj- skep and
lour wood or iron pins, six or seven
inches long, a roll of burning rags, un
less we possess a modern bel
lows, smoker or tobacco pipe, and a
stool or empty poll, on which to steady
the hive whilo operating. Wc now ap
proach the hive, blow three or four
whiCs of smoko into the entrance to
drive In any loiterers, gently raiso the
eda from the floor board, and repeat
the smoking. Without the least jar,
now lift the hive boldly up. and gently
turn the mouth upward. If the bees
show any sign of being ill-natured, give
them a p"uff occasionaDy. Set the crown
of the hive on to the stool or pail, and
see that it is stead and having the
side where the bees "are thickest raised
an inch or two, now fix the empty skep
over the other by sticking two ot the
pins into tne lower nive. aooac as. men
or two below the highest part of iU
edge, so as to support the alga of the
empty skep. Tho other pius, sharp
epea at both ends, are placed as sup
ports betwen the skeps. They will
thus touch each other at one side, tho
other being opea so as to give a full
Now commence rapping, gently at
first, but gradually with more force,
against the sides of the lower hive. In
a few seconds' the bees-will commence
to run as if for life fo the upper hive.
Amongthem mar be seen the queen if
a sharp lookout be kept. The great art
here is ia keepiag the bees in one con
tinuous, steady stream. Once they take
a stand it b not so easy to dislodge
them. Five to ten minutes should suf
fice to finish the operation if the room
be warm. Ihe driven bees may now
bo shaken about or tumbled from ono
btve to another without the slightest
risk of stings.
If the weather be cold, or the opera
tion to be performed at a season when
there is no unsealed honey in the hire,
a little warm syrup should be sprinkled
on the bees before commencing to drive.
In our modern hives wc use less cer
emony in dislodging the bees. After a
whiff of smoke we simply lift the frames
ot comb one t a time, give them a
shake in frw.t of the hive or skep wo
want to get die bees into, and in a min
ute whisk off the few that remain with
a feather.
In getting bees into a hivo we either
pour them down in front of it. directing
their course to its entrance with a feath
er, or shake them at once on the top of
the frames, and cover instantly with a
To secure a swarm that has issued
and clus'ercd on a tree or bush, we ad-vl-e,
if possible, to cat the branch ofi
after all are settled. If this be done
gently, the bees can then be carried to
the stand thuy are to occupy, laid down
at the door of their new iuve, and di
rected with a feather, as before: other
wise we hold an inverted skep bclo?
the cluster, give the branch one sharp
rap. cover the skep. into which the bee
will fall. w:th a cloth, and carry it tc
its future abode.
To make a simple examination of a
colony in a bar frame hive, the quiit 'a
removed, a puff or two of smoke given,
and the frames arc lifted one at a time,
with as little ja- as possible. Both side
can be examined, the queen seen and
captured it desired, and the entire
secrets of tho hive discovered without
hurting a bee or receiving a sting.
Dublin (IrtUtnd) Farmtrs' Gazette.
Etiquette ia Xexiee.
Nativa Mexican gentleman "I deep
ly regret to be oblgcd to inform you.
my dear friend, that your actions last
niht in the presence of that charming
senorita wcra very rude."
American visitor "You shock ne'
What did I do? I assure you that I
tried my best to make a favorable im
pression on that loely girL la fact. 1
am in love with her and would not
offend her tor the world."
Mexican "I fear you have dashed
vonr hopes then, fche now considers
you an ignorant boor, too beastly selfish
to be trusted with anr woman s happi
ness." American "Oh! it caa not be. What
have I done?"
Mexicas "You lighted a cigar la hei
presence "
American "But she assured me thai
sbo did not object to it."
Mexican "And yoa smoked it to the
end without "
American "Without what? Tell ml
Mexicaa " Without oaerins hej
oae." Exchange
Save your cold tea; it bexeelleal
for cleaning grained wood Srshmw
f19ty5AL ACT UTgtAKC,
Baltimore has voted ts bwlld a
Kracnt to Thomas Scott Key.
Mr. Corcoran, of Waehbsjrtxm. haw
shaken haads with every PresMwrt ex
cept George Washington.
Mr. Yaa Phea Lee. a CUavsae grad
uate of the SpriagtWd Kch School,
baa joined the edit jA. staC Wide
Mrs. Booth, editor of Harper's
Bazar, gets 4,000 per year, aasd J(rs
Ma pes, for wri40 exefaiTIy for Our
Ilcarih and Some, gets 98,000 per year.
Lucy Haaailtoa Hooper and Olive
Logan Sykea both are brQKaat aad
spicy Pans UMiwpoudeaU. aad one of
tnem is tne wue aa Aatencaa vice
consul aad the other a widow ef aa
American consuL Detroit Poi.
- Cassius M. Clay lives quietly oa ai
Keducky farm, takis lktte or ao neta
of public affairs. 'Tat aot alone." be
says; "I hare my sheep, eattia. da;-.
b.ris and flowers; besides, I aaawriUng
a book my memoirs." AT T. Saw.
Reu&en Bassett left PiUsawrgh
thirty two years ago for Pike's Peak;
and 'after traveling al! over the world
and making a fortune, he rKaraed to
his old home recently to ay aad the- rev
mainder of I a days. fUtsbmtyk PotC
Mr. John OL Eao. the collapsed ex
Presaleat of the Secoad Sa&eaal Bank
ot New York, took the woodea spoon
at Yale Collrjf a few years aea an
honor generally accorded the most pop
ular man in the class. A" 11 TribmCc
"Dr. Chapin's wit," said Henry
Ward Beecher, "dashed like tha spokes
of a wheel ia the sun." Os day he
sat on Bcr. Dr. Emerson's bat, and
then instantly arose and passed the
crumpled hat to the owner, saying;
"l'oa ought to thank me for that, for
your hat was only sQk, but "ttr It Is
sat in."
Here is tha closing section of a Jet
tor which Walter ScoU'a bet othed sent
him two months befote their marriajjtr"'
"Before I conclude taTs famous efsaait
I will give ou a Lttle-hiiat Hiat ia.
not to put so ra3njrhausw" at- ytmt
letters. It is bcnaTatr vssassar aaa aaaav
and another thJngkStvllMBf 1 tat-lbs
liberty not to mindasai.Brach. but I
expect you to mind are; Tbnicuet take
care of vourscf. you must think of me.
aad belfeve mc yonis. sincerely. C LV"
A Nantucket correspondent cf the
Boston Ulobe says of the lata Charles
O Conor, the great New York lawyen
"On one occasion he laid a tea-dollar
bill on the plate at the Roman Catholic
Charch. At the next service the priest
meuoned the cirenmstaace. aad warm
ly praied the donor. O'Conor was
Tinr nfrrr-- Tliir xiAX it nn hmW
from me, ''he sa d. and thev did not.
O'Conor save with a liberal hand where
he believed tho object a worthy
one 'Ho has distributed $200,000 in
Nantucket,' said one who kaew boa
thing of his acts."
Mrs. Harr'et Lane Joaastoa, the
niece of President; Buchanan, ooce the
lady of the White House, aad a worthy
object of admiration the land ever,
again snflers ia the death of het boa
band. H. E. Johnstca. the Baltimore
banker. Mr. Johnston died ia New
York of pneumenia. Mrs. Johastoa's
two young sons died two years ago, oae
ia Baltimore, and the other, aot six
weeks later, in Paris. The parent re
cently endowed two hospitals ia Balti
more in memory of the childrea. One
is the Harriet Lsne Johnston Hospital
for Girls and the other is for traiacag
nurses. uueaqo sniaat.
Owinr to the crazy-qa8t atahaz.rv
society young men oa small iacoBtes
haxe been obliged to fall back oa the
old black tie. It is too narrow for a
patch and too black to be attractive.
-Spriggins: "Fogg, old feSow. I
mustconndein yon my discovery re
garJing Angelica's writing me so amok
more-often than formerly. See was
waiting for tho two-cent stamps te
come in. Oh. my dear Fogg. Aagl;ea
Is a very sensible girL" Fogs (dryly):
Two centsible, I'm afraid.,F
A Case of Melancholy.
The Mugwump rcots on the hetlevlea.
The tajwap lts f n the tree:
Whenever I rear the Hopwip aia.
Mr heart is sad in me.
Whenever the Fnospap toots his tsec
To tne wan or tne - ipwaaa- oen.
And the ills-funk chirps in the slilir Bleat.
1 ou net l am loneiy taen.
T-.rento Wcrtt
Lonsr ago some wag spoke of the
narber's children as "little shavers."
But it is quite new to allude to the
children of the upholsterer as little
tackers." to those of the batcher aa
"young Iambs:" to tnoss of the car
penter as "chips lrom the old block."
and to the angry man's as "little
Prof. Wiggins has broken loose
again, lorn; enough to make the pleas
ant announcement ttat a perpatetic
earth tuake will sbottly make a tour
through this country, "trimmed with
Asiatic cholera and cyclones. But coa
ftidcring that this is election year, only
most liLcral ad ertoing can make the
thing a success. Life
"Now," said the Boston school
teacher, "the question I am. about to
put to you is an cticmc'" difficult one,
and to answer it correctly you wdl bo
obliged, metaphorically speaking, to
imitate the trunk conformation of the
dromedary of the desert." A Western
school-teacher woald have put the ques
tion and said, simply. "Now hump
yourselves." Chicago' Tribune.
An old gentleman who had pro
voked the hostility of a fadiionable lady
whom he had known ia boyhowas
asked by his wi.e what he had done to
incur the lady's displeasure. "Nothirg
at all." repl ed the innocent old man;
"on the contrary. I was cordial to her,
and spoke of the time when I used to
draw her to school on a go-cart nearly
half a century ago!" His wife tfcrew
up her hands uid murmured: "How
stupid men are!" Chicago Inter Ocean.
Santa Barbara probably poscasea
the smallest team of mnles In the coun
try. They are hitched to street-ear,
which is often taken for a cable damray
in consequence. The other day the
passengers were surprised by the car
fetching up with a sudden bump while
on a down. Tade. After peering- care
fully over the dashboard for a few mo
ments, the driver said: "Well, Pa
denied if them pesky critters bavea't
got under the car ag"in." San Frm
dscoPost. "Howd'y do this saram. Mrs.
Mulvaney?" "Forty wnH. I thaak re,
Mrs-O'I&ugbaa.' "Wuzyeattk'Mad
dleshang coashirt, I duaao?" "Dade
an' I wuz." "And how did yelotke the
entertainment. Mrs. 0'Uooraa?"
"Purty wall pur-ty wall, berria" aoae
dhhcrxDaa sez." "Pbat wax the
chuae?" "The cause is it? Hew cud I
define the chnnewhia they was whip
swin thin laddie so rahameatyez csd
deBtmoiadta's.epatallatalI.,l Brad-
ford Sunday MaiL

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