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Beveled te the Interests ef the Ckcrekces, Chectawi, CklcUaiaws, ScralHelcs, Creek, sad all Other Indian ef the IhcIIsh Tcrriferr.
VOL,IL NO. 40,
t K (Mftrisw ta, teest i eeapletest store ! tie tiihk Territory Is that or
jW. O. PATTON fc CO.,
Tew get Mjtktep
Mr Q8SDU MFAXIjuxj: ewtabu aa knease stock f every Tarietjof the best and most serviceable Drj
mi mill! Jst
XJ GLMTXim JEFART3KST ywi trill lad fee krsest Stock ef trst-elass Cletain?, Boots, Sbo, Hatr, Ladle.' ' at
FMatefck6w4s. WWfa
I 5c1' MFAKTJ(EaT Is reffete wllkerery kbt ef Staple and Tamej
luvno, vs-eese, jsc.
y'tm BBPAXTXI5T has &
lie. TwtB4ia .
E 08g JLSa CH3SWARE KFAKTXE5T every Tariely af Dishes, Crocks, Jars, Jug, Etc. While la
W1 STOKE BCFAKTXOT yea will lad a stea4id stark eTPnre, Xice Drugs, Medicines, eomplcte in every re-
)Jet l?reaaia4fea eareMly easHtaaaded by a skilled apothecary. In this connection we hare also an Immense
tok rfSiltaa, Lamp, decks, Caafectlaaery, Etc. Aad a
'JZATWSIRr iXl BK WPAXTXEST where yaa will lad every variety of Writing Materials, Paper, Blank Boob
Sate aM Becatgt Beaks, Schaal Beets, aad a IteeeTgeel Reading Books Prose and Poetry.
Our Prices are as Low as the Lowest. Gome and See Us.
W. Iu TROTT, Proprietor.
QBtatfdaaapplyafbothHattveandXorthernPine Lumber. Aim Fhlo-
Moaldtar. Etc Tbe
n, etc
Bastes, i
Brags, Patent Medicines, Notions, Stationery,
Etc.; also a Fall Line of Cigars, Tobaccos
and Confectioneries.
MipiirtearfamhcaetarslTIaiU at X. TS.XZrS Red Front, one door
West at 'frfcea Hotel.
M. FRAZEE, VJnita, Indian territory.
Fnn 1 lair! 1111 Btmt rhn flinlrrit "npTn mff Tturj flmrrrln tn ttin MirYrt Alio
Fni, hftiaWts, Fni, (unrari, Glassware ami rnwin.
Bmmlnr mn-rr-irfr tnTtir frir BaHalnr aa e Carser. two doara Wm or A. C
KHnw4 & ca.a Mar ware Mere.
trkateaato anKta Bnlm fat
Abo carry a complete line of
Dry Goods, Hats and Caps,
Groceries, Queensware,
(Nothing, Tinware,
Boots and Shoes, Motions, Etc.
&k!l Mies k Mmi Always in Stoci
Don't fail to see our stock and learn our prices
before "buying.
WI. LITTLE & CO., Vinita, Indian Ter.
1 MK BIWS, ICaS rf TWKCS. Casa. or ltue lAKea in Ex-
job Trat a4 Ifet ef the Terj best quality
asserbaeat of ererythlH? wanted j oar
fHr f te UkMbks la all Us Latest Sty 1m
fall fee af Saadks, Karae aad Leather
BEFARTXEXT yea raa get Winroas, BHggies, Flows Spring iTa-ons, Etc.
WTI ataekM wtlb flle 0-t-w ft. Inc.
& CO., Vinita,
Native Pine- twin? shiPDed from the Cnoctow
Till A I T
to be had In the coi a rj.
and Fashions.
Greeries, Flonr, Bacon,.Canned Geeds,
Goods of all kinds. In
TT'nM Tlnn-an. Itc T?fncttt Tnat.
Indian Territory.
w;r. littles.
LI1TLE, JlinS & CO.,
For toe purchue and fie at
13 XatJvnal Stock Tardu, E. St. Louit
tyTJbrnd adraucni made on eonslcnmenU.
Located at Eaat St. LonU, III.
Dircctlj- opposite the city of St. Louia. Daren
f or all desenpt kra of Lire Slock alwanaW
tendance, and within the trrounds of the Stock
Tatd are a Beef Cannlnjf Osmpany. with a
capcJtj-forelauirlilerlnK 1,009 head of cattla
dallr. and Pork racklnjr Etablllimenta with
a capacity for slaughtering- COJO boss daily.
ISAAC 11. OOX, President
In Facie
Pullman Palace Hotel Cars
through to St Louis,Tia
Sedalia, Daily.
Direct Koutc West anil South
west Tia Kansas City.
IT KAUC1P rtTVl-"nkmDcpotpaaenjren
ft I fvARoAO Ul 1 I for Kan-as. Colorado.
New Jleiico and California connect with Ex
presi Trains of all Bnc.
IT ITPUIPDU Comwctton U made wit
Al AluniOUnExnrrra Trains for a
rolnta in Kbt? and ItebrasLa.
IT nillUt Connection I made with aB
A I UmAflA lines leading to Use North and
F. CHANDLER, Gen. Tass. Agent,
& B. KISXAS, Ass't Gen, Pass. Agent.
F. L. DECKEIl, Agent at Vinita.
f nTT.T-JA.'g
Tbo Direct Through Itonto Between
Fast Express Trains are Run Dally. 5
Change of Car.
Through ?nllraan Palace Sleeping Cam art
run dailr. wiihout rhanse, between ST. LOCIS,
300.00 acres of rk-h fannln-; and mineral
lands forMleby thiscomninj-lnSOimiWLST
ML.orm . ,
CffFor fm. and part eular Information. with
MansTlmr Tatlfw. Itatoa. c!t '-all u ton or ad
dreasanrofou s-taton Agmt.oreitherof tht
D. WISHAKT Gcserii Fa-sonycr Aseat, 8
O. W CALE. General Fre'sht Asrnt St Loula
C VT HOGEltii. Vleo I'-x Jdcnl Mid I.Mlen
ISansjxr, Temp: Ilulllinf, u(. Louu. Urn.
The Bank of New York recently cele
brated its one hundredth anniversary
The bank was the first organized in the
State and the second one in the Union.
The shaft of General Sutter's old mill
at Coioma. CaL, where gold was first
discovered by Marshall, in 1848. has
just been placed in a museum in San
A Georgia man took an ingenious
way of draining a swamp. He bored an
artesian well hole through it to a depth
of eighty feet, the last fifty being through
rock, until a fault and continuous open
ing were found. The water disappeared
rapidly, and the area of land reclaimed
pars n large profit.
Tim ladies of Natchez are moring to
secure for the World's Exposition at
New Orleans a proper exhibition of the
taste and rrcnlns of the women of Mis.
sissippi. The movement, to well inau
gurated, will doubtless be followed up
by the ladies of every county, town, and
city in Mississippi.
Ox the 12th of February 223 slaves
were freed in Brazil, at a cost of S37,
G00, by the emancipation fund. The
number of slaves still on the lists is
1.500,000. This number is being grad
ually diminished by public funds and
private benevolence, the latter freeing
nine to the former's one.
The Altorncy41cncral of South Caro
lina has given his opinion adverse to the
$500 reward offered for "the apprchen
UnH and conviction" of Boggarr Cash,
as the terms of the proclamation under
which the reward was offered were
specific, and under no other circum
stances could the reward be paid.
Heixkicii Heine's family are a queer
set. One brother. Gustav, paid the
poet's widow a pension on condition
that she should make no attempts at
biography. Another, Maximilian, got
bold of the manuscript of the auto
biography lately published and de
stroyed all which revealed the Jewish
ancestry of the family, with no pretense
to rank or station.
Miss Liluan TATLort. daughter of
Bayard Taylor, has delighted her friends
by evincing an artLtic talent closely
akin to genius. Some of her sketches
from life might with credit be attributed
to far older and more famous hands.
In a few days she will sail for Enropc,
there to pursue her studies in the best
schools of art. Miss Taylor appears
also to have in inherited an enviable
share of literarv ability.
An opera company organized in Lon
don about a year ago to make a tour of
India, Australia and Java, stranded re
cently in the latter place, and the prima
donna, Mmc. Duche. is now acting as
chambermaid in one of the hotels there,
while the tenor, M. Trcblanc, has en
tered the service of a cattle raiser. The
remainder of the company occupy
various positions in the same sphere of
of life.
The late I'ctcr P. Brigham. In 1877.
gave by will $30,000 to the town of
Bakcrsfield, in Vermont, to constitute
the Brigham School Fund for educa
tional purposes. The residue af the es
tate, after the payment of certain leg-a-ies,
at the end of twenty-five 3"ears,
v .h its accumulations, is to go to
found the Brigham Hospital for sick
persons in indigent circumstances resid
ing in Boston. The residue already ex
ceeds $1,000,000.
Some out-of-the-way data respecting
the great canals of the world are pub
lished. The Imperial canal of China is
over 1,000 miles long. In Ihe year 1681
was completed the greatest undertaking
of the kind on the continent, the canal
of Langucdoc, or the Canal du Midi, to
connect the Atlantic with the Medit
erranean; it length is 14S miles, it has
more than 100 locks, and about fifty
aqueducts, and in its highest part it is
no less than COO feet above the sea; it is
navigable for ves.-cls of upward of 100
tons. The largest ship canal in Eu
rope is the Great North Holland canal,
completed in 1825. It is 125 feet wide at
the water surface, thirty-one feet wido
at the bottom and has a depth of twenty
feet; it extends from Amsterdam to the
Ueldcr, fifty-one miles. The Caledonian
canal, in Scotland, has a total length of
sixty miles, including three lakes. The
Suez canal is eighty -eight miles long, of
which sixty-six miles are actual canaL
The Eric canal is 3501 miles long; the
Ohio; canal, Cleveland to Portsmouth,
332; the Miami and Eric, Cincinnati to
Toledo, 231; the Wabash and Erie,
Evansvi'le to the Ohio line. 374.
Washington has never appeared to
greater advantage than it has during the
lato spring, and the many strangers
who have been there have gone away de
lighted with the Federal city. A very
intelligent Massachusetts gentleman,
wrote: The view from the Capitol
looking westward is a picture that I
never shall forget waking or sleeping
it stands out distinct and clear before
my eyes. It is indeed beautiful. The !
city lies at the spectator's feet, and
Pennsylvania avenue stretches out be-1
fore him, even its mean-looking houses j
acquiring a sort of beauty as being com-1
pooect parts of the vista. Looking
directly westward, the mall spread j
out before him, with the quaint
but picturesque buildings of the Smith
sonian Institute, the National Museum,
and the Department of Agriculture re
lieving the monotony of its once desert
waste. Afar off the huge white obelisk
of the Washington monument rises, its
top swarming with workmen, and dc
tigned to become a noble and com
manding structure. When the monu
ment is finished, and the grounds of the
mall are laid out as a public park, and
the railroad is banished, itwill be un
turpasscd by anv view in any other
city in Christendom.
A Summary af the Dally .Vewi.
Ilf toe Senate, on the 10th, a large num
ber of petitions wero prevented opposing- a
Governmental telegraph. Sir. llock withdrew
his rcsoluttnn concerning the removal of po
litical illfatillitlcft. and the Senate resumed
cons d -ration of the Mexican Pension bill.
The aincnement ofersd nj- Mr HarrSon. In
tended to limit lh- henccciarles or the bill to
thoe who bad ecen service, was laid on the
table: rrasS; nays. SU. The Conular and Di
plomatic Appropriation bill was taken up and
the Senate went Into secret session on the por
tion rc!atlnr to (be enforcement of the !teu
tralltr act .. In the llouv. Mr. Morrison.
Chairman of the committee on Wars and
Mean?, reported a concurrent resolution nro
vidmg for anal adjo-jn mrnt of Concresa
Mnnda). the Itnti at June, at three p. m.
Adonlrd Without division. Mr. Parson, from
I the Committee nil Public: Lnmls. reported a
uiu loncuinc- pan ox ccrxain laraxseranicg or
Iowa to aid In the construction of railroads In
that State The House, at I! icvenlns session,
took up the bil! directing th Secretarr of the
IntetJor to obtain from the Ked Lake Chippe
wa Indians a relinquishment of their UUe to
the lied Lake Reservation of Minnesota. After
a Ions' debate and without action the House
Tnr Senate, on the 11th. went into secret
lorlslatire session on the item in the Consular
and Diplomatic Appropriation bill appropri
ating tSflJUi to cover the necessatr expenses
attendant upon the execntlon of the Neu
trality act. Nothing- definite waa accom
plkhed. as wben the doors were reopened a
quorum was not present The House went
Into Committee of the Wholo on tbo
Itlver and Harbor bUL The clause for
tbo construction of tbo Hennepin ca
nal having teen reached. Mr. Jones, of
Wisconsin, raised agatnt It the point of order
that the Cntnniitl'-c on lilt eta and Harbors bad
no jurisdiction over the subject, and that a
bill with substantially the same provision was
pending in the House- The Chair overruled
the point of order and was sustained on an
appeal by KH to . Mr. Holman then moved
ro nnne out tnr iicnnepm canal clause nr
Potior suppo taltnc motion, but It was lost by
a vote of ae to 31. Mr. CosznireSnoved to In
crease from JSUVul to FKainD the appropria
tion far the Improvement of the Missouri from
its mouth to Slonx City. Lost. After con
cluding the appropriation portion of the bill
the committee roo and the House adjourned.
The Senate, on the 12 h. took a final roU-
on the Consular and Diplomatic Appropria
tion bill, and the bill was passed by thirty
eiaht yeas and two nays "Vance and Van
Wyck). The bill as passed Is almost precisely
as reported from the Senate Committee on
Appropriations, making an addition of f-W-Ou
to rhe bill as reported from the House.
The Mexican Pensions bill was taken up.
Afterdrbate. the Senate, without reaching a
conclusion on the bill, went into executive
session, and wben the door opened, ad
journed. The House met In continuance of
Wednesday's session, and went into Commit
tee of the Whole, on the Hirer and
Harbor Appropriation bUL The appro-
5riatlon to the Ice harbor on the
lusklngum lUrt-r was increased from av
OJO to Sai,CU). The committee arose and re
portrl the bill to the Houc Mr Oatcs
moved to strike out tbo Hennepin canal
daue. The motion to strike out wis agreed
to: yeas. Its; nays. 1. Mr. Murphy then
morel to lay the Mil and pending fcmend
menta on the table. The motion was lost
yc as. IT; nays. lis. The bill was then passed
br a vote of reas. 1ST: nays. ltt The Sneaker
announced that the vote on the motion to
strike out the Hennepin caial clause bad not
been correctly stated; that be actual vote
was: yeas, lis; nays. 1C Mr. Eaton then
called up the Senate bill regulating
the clecioral count. After some dis
cussion, the House adlourned.
Is the Senate, on the lSth, Mr. Brown ob
tained unanimous consent to take up the bill
to require the payment in cash to the State of
Georgia of CQn. appropriated for that State
by act of Congress, parsed March 3d. to re
fund to Georgia certain money expended for
the common defense in 1777. Mr. Dolph
moved an amendment to Includo tx.000 for
Oregon and 3 for California to refund
moneys expended by those State In the sup
pression of the Modoc hostilities. After a
long discussion. Mr. Ingalls moved to recom
mit the bill to the Committee on Claims. It
was then dIcorercd that no quorum was
Iirescntand the Senate adjourned until the
eth . In the House the Senate amendment
to the Consular and Diplomatic and Revenue
Appropriation bills were non-concurred In.
Mr. Prynr then took the floor on tbo Electoral
bilL At the conclusion of Mr Pryor's speech
Mr. Tnwnshend. of Illinois, submitted a con
ference report on tie Post-once Appropri
ation bill. He raid thai the items upon
which no agreement had been reached
were, first. Increasing the appropriation
for the pay of letter carriers: second. In
creasing by JLOaWMO the appropriation for
mall transportlon on railroad routes; third,
striking out the clause regulating the com
pensation to land grant roar fourth, appro
priating Ilsi.au for rpccialxnail facilities, and
fifth. Increasing by futUOJ the appropriation
for railway pn.t-omce clerk. Theconfercnce
report was adopted as far as the Items arc
-oncerurd upon which the agreement had
'jeen arrired at. The House at its evening
session passed seventy-lx penion bills and
Tltr Senate was not in session on the
lith TbcHouo resumed consideration of
the amendment 1 la dispute between the two
bouse upon the Post-odcc Appropriation
bill, the rending amendment being that incor
porated by the Senate appropriating fltiflK)
fur special mail facilities on trunk lines. Mr.
Horr moved that the House recede from 1
disagreement to the amendment and aeiee 0
the same wuh an amendment Increasing tbe
appropriation 73U,0U1 I'pon this motion 1
long debate ensued. Finally Mr. Horr's ir--Uon
was agreed to yeas. VS. nays. 97. ii -.
Id rr moved that the House concur In the 1 -manning
amendment, increasing from $1.0 Jt "
OH to H-1XX.UT) the appropriation for
railway post-office clerks. After debate he
motion was lot yea-s. tft: nays. 117; and in
motion of Mr. Townucnd the House furtarr
insisted on It disagreement :o the amtcd
meet. This completed tbo consideration f
thchilL Mr. J. Hopkins, or tbeCommlttrt on
Public RuIVltngs. submitted a report upon
the Investigation In retard to the selectloa (
a site- for a public building in lirooklyn. II. f.
The report is accompanied by resolution de
claring the charges of corrupt or CJluMve
action on the part of the Swrctar' of tLe
Treasury or someof his subordinates Save not
been sustained.
Tne remains of ex-Justice loan H.
Swarne, of the United States Supreme
Court, arrived at Washington from ifew
York recently on a special car, and were
interred in Oak Hill Cemetery.
Samuei. J. Truex has written a letter
drfinr-ciy declining hi proposed nomina
tion as the Democratic candidate for the
I'resiJencj. His reasons were that be was
physically nnable to bear tbs burdens ot
Government or to make the necessary can
vass. George I). Moroax has bet n elected di
rector of the Western Union, to fill the
vacancy canted by the death of Augustas
Bisnop Groitor W. Prrrntrv, of West
Virginia, waa man led tbe other night in
Henrico County, Va.. to Mis Marion M.
Stewart, daughter of John Stewart, one of
the wealthiest and most prominent citizens
of Virginia.
Tht Washington Star says: Late d'.i-j
closure! show that tin failure of the bank-1
Ing bocse of Middleton & Co. was not only j
disgraceful, but one of the most disastrous
on record. Property left for safe keeping, t
good margins on stock, clarity funds, all r
the deposits, and in fact everything, bad
been swept away and nsed by this firm
until It is doubtful if it pays' a cent or even
a mill on the dollar.
Failures for tbe past seven days In the
United States were 203, Canada 23, cranio,
crease of tX Casualties were lighter than
nraal in Ji New England and Western
States, but thera was an increase in the
Middle, Southern and Pacific States and
AIbicext Corsicana, Tex., special says:
Tbe extraordinary hot weather of the past
few day culminated in a small cyclone
and heavy rain fctorm. Two business
bouses vent unroofed, many bouses blown
down and a number of residence some
what damaged.
Frasx L. Lobixo, ot Chicago, who was
sentenced for using tbe mails to defraud,
urrendered himself to District Attorney
TuthiU, and was sent to jail for twelve
The dead body of a yeoag man, wbesa
widowed mother Ursa at Bardstown, Ky., i
was found In Salt River, near bart ,
Monroe County, Ma, & day os" two afo, kU
arox bound and bis nrckbroHe. It waa be
lieved that be was brutally murdered aad
thrown into the river. Tht matter waa
being investigated.
Hcst, Stewart & Co-, cotton factors of
New Orleans, failed recently. Stewart
I states that the failure was eaased by a
misunderstanding concerning the accept
an ce ot drafts.
Fbjjcx Aksucxxx caught his arm in
some of the machinery ot Nathan Ar
buckle's mill at Itushville, IniL, recently,
and had tbe flesh literally torn from the
bones. Ha lived in extreme agony until
he was relieved by death.
Torek dynamite cartridges exploded at
Genoa, Italy, recently two in front of the
Church of the Conception, the other in
close proximity to tie Churefc. ot Sen Lor
enzo. A L0.IDO.1 dispatch of tbe 13th says: The
Tichbome claimant (Arthur Orton) will be
released on a ticket of leave.
The steamer Pearl mistook tbe lights at
Wbito Bock, Lata Huron; the other night
and run on the reels, where she wai lying
in a perilous condition. Her cargo was
Br spilling molten metal at the Cincin
nati and Newport iron and pipe works,
Newport, Ky., rectatly, an employe earned
Vanausdal was burned to death, and two
o'.hers probably fatally injared.
Ax explosion at Looms' Mill, threeaHes
north ot Little Rock, Ark-, destroyed most
of the structure; killed Anderson Car
penter, the engineer, and Ellas Lee, badly
wounding two others.
Acn.10 Govzrsok Tboxas, of Utah,
granted a reprieve to Hopt, pending his
appeal to the United States Supreme
Court. He was te have been shot on the
It was stated thtt the Czar bad approved
tbe plan submitted by certain Russian
naval ofQcers for an expedition to the
North Pole in sledges from the new SI
berian islands.
The body fonid in Jim River, near
Mitchell, D. T., and supposed to be that of
the mislng German, Scimidtj proves to
bstheboJyof Bechtel, tbe supposed mur
derer of Schmidt. BecMel was the victim
f the vigilantes, then thrown Into the
Br a collision with an exciirsioii train
on tbe Camden & Pacific Railroad, recent
ly, near Camden, Pa Engineers Palmer
and Baxter and Conductor Smith. Bag
gagemaster Vaughn, Mail Agent Wylie and
Fireman Barber vera killed. Many per
sons were injured. The excursion party
were of the Camden Presbyterian Church.
Frank Fenton, Supervisor of the road, and
G. Eiwards, were also killed. The acci
dent was caused ry the non-reception of
telegraphic dispatch.
The Pope has Intruded Monsignor Ri
naldinine at Brussels to negotiate for the
restoration of diiiomatic relations between
the Vatican and Belgium.
At a recent gaae ot lacros-o at Belfast,
between the American and United King
d im teams, tbe score was: United King
dom, 5 goals; American, 3 goals.
There was a severe frost In various
parts of New England on the lith. Many
farm crcps were absolutely mined.
Ectttias advices say there was an Arab
at Korosko who claims to be the sole sur
vivor of the Berber garrison. He says he
was present when the rebels attacked Ber
ber on May 33. The garrison defended the
town two hours, but the rebels forced
their way into tio city, where they imme
dlately massacred 1,500 men of the garri
son and 2.0C0 of the male population. Tht
women and rkiUren were spared.
A FKAXKroKr, Ky., special says thi
Court of Appeals reversed the decision oi
tho lower court tn the case of Thomas Crit
tenden, of Missouri, charged with and sn
tenced to the penitentiary for killing a ne
gro. Illegal evidsneo was the grounds ol
tho reversal
At Butler, Pa a boiler used tn pump
in; Coldridge oil well 'So.Jb exploded thr
other morning demolishing the boiler anc
engine house and killing the engineer,
Richard Walker. His son, who was neat
11 is father, was thrown fifteen feet, receiv
icg fatal injuries.
The skeleton of a boy was found in c
pond at Avondale near Cincinnati, with t
rope around his neck and a stone tied tc
the rope. No due to his identity or bow
he came into tbe pond.
The necessary papers to secure the re
quisition of John C. Eno, the defaulting
President ot the Second National Bank ol
New York, were made out and officials left
with tbem for Canada. The State Depart
ment formally notified the British Minis
ter that a requisition had been made foi
ihe surrender of Eno.
The poliea of Rams were recently ad
vised to keep a strict watch in the interior
ot St. Peter's against dynamiters.
The Clearing-house returns for the week
ending J unb 14th, show a falling off of
23.1 per cent.
The mills of the oltaic Iron Company
(limited), at Apollo, Pa., which have been
closed down for somo time because the
manufacturers refused to sign tho scale,
were to start up with non-union men. Th
firm, feariyg trouble, applied to the sheriffs
of Westmoreland and Armstrong Coun
ties for protection.
Bridge, Beach & Co., extensive stove
manufacturers of St. Louis, notified their
employes recently that they would be
obliged to reduce wages fifteen per cent.
About three hundred of the latter refused
to accept the reduction and quit work.
Tub Superintendent of Schools for Steu
ben County, IniL, reports that there is no
chiid In his district between ten and
twenty-one years of age unable to read and
At a balloon ascension near Bordeaux,
France, recently, George Roosevelt, United
Slate consul, and wiie were present. A
French soldier fired a pistol at tho Ameri
cans. The bullet passed wrougn Jir.
Roosevelt's hat, contused his head and
knocked him over. The wounded man
pointed out the soldier, but the latter, witb
two companions, escaped.
The trotting horse Burns, valued at
jT.000, owned by S. A. McLean, of East
Saginaw, Mich., dropped dead on the race
track while being exercised.
Richard Milbocrx, an old and wealthy
farmer at Greenfield, Ind., while picking
cherries, fell from a tree, and sustained In
juries from which he can not recover.
Ix the Senate, on the 16:h, the Utah bill
was under consideration. An amendment
to the bill was defeated by 41 to 4. The
House discussed the Deficiency bill until
A Laredo, Xex., special says: It Is
now stated upon the authority of oae who
ougLt to know, that tbe breach between
Generals Diaz and Trevino has been set
tled, and a satisfactory agreement reached.
By the terms of tho agreement it is said
General Trevino will be made Secretary ot
War upon tbe accession of Diaz to the
Presidency. This arrangement settles all
apprehensions of a revolution growing out
of the election of Diaz to the Presidency
of Mexico.
A srsSATto.v waa created in tbe Senate
on the l&h by Mr. Ingalls, who intimated
that Senator Brown had laserted In the of
ficial report of the debate words mVi
spoken, by Mr. Ingalls, thus committing
'orrery upon the records of the Senate.
tBfc4realJeJ.3fr. Ingalls to order, and
sfcntiUrWe excited talk, tbe matter
wsKSfcreTV '
A Train Containing an Excursion i3rty
Come In Collision With a Freight !VltB
Tatal KesalU.
PniLADtxpinA, June 14. By a colllsior
with an excursion train on tbe Camden road
this morning. Engineers Palmer and Baxter
and Conductor Smith, Baggage Master
Vaughi, Mail Agent Wylie and Fireman
Barber were killed. Many persons were
injured. The excursion part; were of Cam
Jen Presbyteriati Church.
ruiLAUKXrnxv, June 18. Conductor
Glenn, who was injured in a collision on tbe
Camden it Atlantic Railroad, was sent to
lib home at Atlantic City immediately after
the collision. It is rumored that he will
hkely die. Of the others injured, the two
LIpnincott children in the Lakeside train
were so slightly hurt as to be about yester
day. Samuel Archer, a machinist, whose
skull was fractured by a Hying iron while
working at the wreck, is much
better. Leonard Banch, who
lives on Gcrmantown avenue, rhlhv
lelphia, L in. about the same
condition. Honry Deliii, Special ot&eef on
the Lakeside train, is 'sorsc- His recovery
U thought to be doubtful. Louis McLain,
foreman 0 the Lakeside train, who saved
Ills life by jumping, is reported to be hi
great pain at his borne in Berlin. Frank
McCormirk. who had his leg broken. Is do
ing well at his home in Camden. Baggage
Master ISosenbamn, ot the up train, is iut
proxing. Later developments indicate that
the blame for the collision rests primarily
with Albert Glenn, the conductor of the
accommodation train. The Coroner's in
C,uet will be held Wednesday.
A Cnleago Man Jump Into the Lake, Up
ettlns; III Compaulon Abo Into the
CnldAOo, Jane 1L As rblleeman Mnhl
idc was passimf the lake at the foot of Bel
mont avntte he saw two men stru&rjiss
with the rraves. They were clinging to a
boat which had capsized. The officer called
a sailor to his assistance, and they procured
a boat and rowed to tiie rescue. In the
meantime one of the men had been washed
away. When Muhlick and bis companion
were within twenty feet of tho boat tbe other
man also disappeared. The officer plunged
Into tiie rough sea, and after a desperate
struggle succeeded in roculng the drown
ing man. The latter, unconscious, was taken
to a house on Belmont avenue and resusci
tated after four hours ban! work. Henry
Nichols, whose life the officer saved, said:
"Jaob Tausck met me about four
o'clock and xsked me to go nshine. I con
sented, and we procured a boat and rowed
down a short way. When about
one hundred and fifty feet from
shore he rose in the boat and
exclaimed: Good bye, Henry," at the
same time jumping into the lake. In the
plunge he overturned the boit and threw
me into the water. He arose and grabbed
bold of tbe boat, and again said "good bye."
Soon atter a wave washed me from the
boat," Tausck's remains have not yet been
recovered. He wzs thirty-five years of age,
married and leaves three children. He was
a barber. Family troubles are supposed to
have caused the suicide.
Tbe Garrison and Two Thousand or tne In
habitant Massacred.
London, June 16. Egyptian advices say
there Is an Arab at Kbrosko who claims to
be the sole survivor of the Berber garrison.
He says he was present wben the rebels at
tacked Berber on May 23. The gar
rison defended the town two bocxs,
but the reliels forced their way into the
rity, where they immediately massa
cred 1,500 men of the garrison and 3,000 of
tbe male population. The women anil
children were spared. The story is believed
by Major Kitchener and the son of Hussein
Pacha and Rhalill, Governor ot Berber.
Later advices from Berber, state
Hassan Pacha Kliaiiff, Governor of
Berber, fell wounded and would
have been killed hail not a son of
Hassan Paj-ha a brother of Moh"-rr-
rushed to the rescue and held the i -a u
over him until the tight wa finished.
Hassan and Mohammed hail been in the
rebel camp some time dressed as
dervishes. The rebels are within a week's
march of Donjrolo and Kernskn. The feast
of Ramadan gites a month of delay, after
wbiclt nothing rait present thi rebels seizing
any point south of Ass'out, which is within
twelve hours march of JCairo.
Caiho, June 16. Orders have been given
to facilitate the retreat of Dongola garrison.
The fall of Berber caused great excitement
at Assouan, but tbe patrolling of gunboats
tends to reassure the natives. It is believed
in official circles that Khartoum is safe.
lie Give a Note for Our Thousand Dollars
tn Satisfy a llrrach of rromlse and Has to
Pay Is.
Wavkesma, Wis June H. A case
which lias excited much Interest was de
cided here. The present suit was brought by
Dr. IL A. Younians.of Mukwonago, against
Judge P. IL Carney, of Waukesha, to re
cox it judgment on a promissory note for
51.000, alleged to have been given by the
defendant to Maria Thomas. The note was
sild to Iiavc been given by Carney to Miss
Thomas In order to check a breach of
promise suit In the summer ot 1873
tbe Judge began paying attentions to the
young lady, who lives a s-hort distance from
Waukesha. Miss Thoma. says he pwposed
and was accepted. The next year Carney
married another lady. Mis Thomas then
commenced a suit against liiui. fixing bet
damages at SI 0.000. The suit was com
promised by the note now in question,
which was afterward transferred by Miss
Thomas to Youmans. In his first answer
Judge Carney admitted that the signature
was genuine, but claimed the body ot the
note a forgery. In an amended answer he
claimed that the whole note was a forgery
The jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff
in the sum ot $1,010.
Tne Combination at Distillers ltroken Cp.
Chicago, June 1-t. A meeting of distil
lers who are members of the Western -Export
Association was held here, ami after
discussing the question of reorganizing the
pool for control of the prodnction anil regu
lation of prices, which has been practicallj
a dead letter since the recent break in
whisky values, the whole matter was turned
over to the executive committee. That
body spent the afternoon and evening in
secret session. It is understood that tUt"
meeting was a rather stormy one. Charg
of cutting prices and orrrproduction were
made against Cincinnati and Des Moines
distilleries. Filially, without reacliln? any
agreement, the committee adjourned sin
die. The combination is considered at an end
A Traveling Specialist.
VrscxsNES, lro, June II "Dr."
Warner, a travelinz; specialist, abandoned
his reputed wife and .young baby at Wash
ington, Ind., and eloped with Miss Annie
Bussinser, a servant girl of that place. The
couple were arrested at Shoals, charged
with adultery, but save a kind-hearted offi
cer the slip and disappeared. The woman
left In Washington admits that she is not
Warner's wife, bet that he. persuaded her to
cave a conof ortabJ be m Kansas and go
trith him. She ref to tell her name or
mention where her fearr lives. A church
society has taken charge ' her.
FWable death of Son thera L llmssjr
it Eaeet of Hr Hubaad' Crbor.
AfOtStAy GA June 13 XlX W. J.
Fairchlld, oftew X beautiful and ac
complished lady at flavaanab, has josi died
a miserable death In one" cf A Mania's kaant
cf sin. The story which arfctrhes kseif tv
fills woman b peculiarly sad. Tbw year
ago she was a happy wife in a casr freest
In Savannah Her husband, a young, harri
some, educated tsen, bad alucrative and re
sponsible position witb the Central Railroad
in that dry, and possessed tbe respect ami
esteem ot all who knew hint. About
Christmas ot 1831. while on a drsnkes
spree, he shot a young man who snbse
quently died. Fairchlld was arrested,
placed In jail and tried. The case against
hie! was stubborn, and it required his beesa
and everfthifu; else he could accumu
late to snve his neck. His wife gave
everything cheerfnlljr, and her grief
which was manifested dansg tbe
trial had grot influence on tbe
Judge and jury". The trial resulted
In a sentence of five years tcstead of tlm
death penalty. The parting between Inn
band and wife when he was talus to the
Penitentiary was deeply affecting. With
the hope of securing mitigation of the
Schiatfe she came to Atlanta and fell a
victim to" 0 wiles of a well-known charac
ter In this dfy, Hb took the downward
road, took to drink, and is a few weeks was a
amfirmed drunkard. TliU step was foiiewed
by others, until she found herself ntterfjr
disgraced and sank to the loweet depths of
degradation. She died verysuddeulv, with
out having been sick a moment, iter hus
band was at Lowe's camp, on the Chatta
hooehie River, and when Mr, Lowe heard
of the death of the convict's wife he caused
two guards to brut? him to the; citr. Tho
man knew nothing of the downfall of hi
wife until he found ber dead in a boose of
sin. His grief was painful to witness, tad
as be stood beside the coffin be raved like 3
mad-man. The kindness of the lessees for
whom he was workii-g enabled him to send
the body to Savannah for burial. He has
two children living in that city, but it will
be three years before Fairebild can go to
Ike Stanley, raying? Teller, Invest a Clean
8100,000 or the Hank' Fnad la a Crabs
Clevbland, O- June IX Isaac A. Staa
leyt paying teller of the National Bank ot
Commerse, was jailed last evening for em
bezzling 5100,000 from the bank. The
shortage was discovered wben the Cashier,
Garettson, counted the reserve fund kept la
a special apartment of the vault. The com
bination was known only to Garettson and
Stanley. Wben asked to explain the shrink
age, Stanley confessed that a year ago ho
was troubled about a debt of eight hundred
dollars on his house and thought be could
take that sum from the reserve luul with
out harm to anyone, invest It In grain, real-
lze a profit, pay oil the mortgage on his
place and return the money. But the in
vestment was unfortunate, and to cover the
loss he took more, and so on until be bad
taker, a clean 5100,000. Tbe directors of
tbe bank met. and after a consultation, held
Stznley prisoner at the hotel in the custody
ot a detective. Yesterday another confer
ence was held, resulting in the arrest. Stan
ley has assigned his property anu some
speculative deal. The bank announces la a
card they will realize part of the tow from
thU, and will not be affected by the defalca
A Mother Separated from Her Children a
an Ocean Steamship Leaves the 'Wharf.
Baltimore, Mrx, Jnne 12. A thrilling
scene was enacted at the steamship wharf
here. Mrs. Ellen Withers, a widow lady,
and her six children had engaged passageon
the steamship ora Scotia, which sailed for
Liverpool this morning. By some means
two of tbe children got separated from tbe
rest, and upon arriving on buard the steamer
Mrs. Withers discovered her loss. Two lit
tle girls, aged fourteen and seven yean,
were missing. Tbe mother's grief waa
heartrending. She rushed down tbe gang
plank and up the wharf, searching araoug
the crowd for ber little ones. The mother
grew almost frantic as the time for tho
steamship to sail grew nigh and no tidings
were had ot her children. At last the l:ncs
were cast off and the steamship started.
The poor mother gazed after the departing
steamer, having on board ber four children,
and when tbe vessel ws out of sight she
fell unconscious to the ground. The pain
ful situation was soon made known to the
spectators and reported to the agent of the
steamship line. Every available means
will be used to reunite the family. After
two hours' search the two missing children
were found. Mrs. Withers will sail in tbe
next steamship aMcr her four children. Her
husband died three weeks ago in Elk Lick;
Pa. She was on her way to htr parents
home. In England, -xhen separated from her
little caes.
m fc
Pennsylvania Floods.
rrrTSDTOCir, Pa, June li From points
aIon, the AUegheny valley reports say that
yesterday's rain storms were by far the
heaviest known In many years and evisim;
the most destructive flood since "63. At
Brookville, Pa a waterspout burst, and
in less than two hours the creek rose ten
feet, transforming it Into a scethm
foaming torrent The rapid rise gave
the mill mtn no chance whatever to save
their stock. Tbe ilams at the North Fork
mills of Bryant fc Wainswrisht, and Latch
Bros, mills gate way, carrying with them
lumber valued at 53,000. Two brWces wero
washed away, many small building demol
ished anil a number of families driven from
their homes and compelled to seek shelter
elsewhere for the night. In Pittsburgh the
rise hi tha Allegheny last night was very
rapid, and a number of coal barges were
swept from their moorings, but caught
by .tow boats. The flood at Brook
ville brought down about fifty thou
sand pieces of lumber, and almost
every owner ot a skiff is busy to-day catch
ing drift wood. The water is now subsiding;
and no Inrtlicr damage is anticipated. A
Xew Martinsville, W. Va special says: A
terrific thunder storm parsed over this dty
last night, doing considerable damage.
A boy named Melntyre and companion, who
took refuge under a tree, were rendered
senseless with the lightning which struck
tbe tree. Melntyre's recovery IsdoubtfuL
A Terrible Water Spout.
HAitKisBriw;, Ta-, June li A storm,
accompanied by a water spout, visited the
Cumberland Valley, in which several pas
.engcr trains narrowly escaped being
wrecked. From XewvlIIe east two miles in
the valley the railroad runs on a high em
bankment ot made ground. Directly after
a train had passed over this portion ot the
road the storm burst, and in the presence ot
President Kennedy and other passengers
on tberear car, carried half a mile of rails,
ties and embansnumt away. Telegraph
poles were prostra ed anil communication
cut off. To avoid calamities, a Era was
built at each end of the washout. Tha wa
ter spout was about a half mile wide, and
rery destructive to grain, buildings, etc
A CoaCacvmtlaa.
Boston, June ti A fire is now barsbag
In the buUding occupied by the National
Rubber and New Brunswick Rubber Com
panies, on Congress street. Three upper
stories have burned. An explosion ef
naptha on the second floor burned three fire
men nan.ed Hodcsod, Halsey and Littleton,
who were taken to the hospitaL Others
Injured are as follows. John Flaval, Dis
trict Engineer Curm.nsham, Captain Wl
Iard. Captain Frost, Lieutenant Grady and
T.j,?-,,.r. STWtrir The lots will be
' heavy. Insurance, 5490,000 on stock an4
I cotk nrtn . hniMm;
f.lVlVVV . .

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