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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, June 26, 1884, Image 1

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Ucxozr jH) Interest eftkc Chcrekccs, Cbectawa, Cbickasaws, Scaiaeles, Creeks, and all Olkcr ladlaax ef the Xadlaa Territory.
YOL. H. NO. 41.
Bji g eMfrisB
Aad rafl
GK ltT CliDU 9EFAXTXE3T etstaJas aa ianease sUck r ererj variety of tho best and most serviceable Drj
Cat CLfTBOS TlBT3reST jwi wOl Had the krjest Stock r tat-eiw Ottota?, Boots, Shoes, Half, Ladle' acd
Saata B '--' r a- Wall
Cat JHLLBPKT MX JLKTXE5T is feBr f to tietfaKS iaaH tks Latat Sty la aad Fashions.
M7& fiMClBr MIPJLSTXE5T is n Trila erer? Ha of Staple Fusj Groceries, Floor, Bacon, Canned Goods,
OX gABMBS MX1SXXOT kas a fall Use of SaMes, Karaea aad Leather Geod of all' kinds. TA
X7K XfiKCCLTUlUL IKPLEXJ3T BETXKT3EST yea caa grtWacM, Baffles Plows, Spring Wagons, Etc.
JUSWi.SE 9EFARTXE5T is tfcII stocked with SaSs, Screw, Chafes, HIbcs, Tinware, Axes Utensils, Ted,
Etc Ym it HI Aa4 Is.
Cat SLJSg JL5 iJCEOSWARE WSPARTXEAT ererr Tariety rf Mslws, Cracks Jars, Jn, Etc While in
CIV MU STME MAKTXEVT job wOI flat a saleaaW stock f Pare, Sice Drags, Medicine, complete in every re
Yaeet. Preseriaf a earefaHy coatpoanae4 ky.a skiHesl apothecary. In this cenacction we hare also an immense
aaaak of SoWaas, Laipy, Ooefa, CwtfectiaaerT, Ete. Aasia
gllTlWCar AX BtMC JCPAXTME5T where tww fwt eTerjrarktj f Writta Materials, Paper, Blank Bookt
JPJK Jteattat Beaks, School Books, aa4 a liae of gaei Readhs? Books Prase and roetry.
'Oar Prices are as Low as the Lowest. Come and See Us.
W. Z. THOTT, Proprietor.
sttyoa hand a supply at brth Satire and Xorthern Pino Lumber. Alio Sola
uJWaas.XoabUaas.Bts. The Kafir, flae, being skipped Irom the Choctow
Drugs, Patent Medicines, Notions, Stationery,
Etc.; also a Full line of Cigars, Tobaccos.
and Confectioneries.
Jftaiamnrten af aM Ac Bactars la TInlU at X. FjUZEFS Red Froat, oae door
West of 'Friaeo KateL
M. FRAZEE, Vkiita, Indian Territory.
KeTi-itaU3roai2aitasCSicstStaplfl and Fancy Groceries la te Mtrket. Xiao
M, Vjjjiablas, Fttd, kkwi, Glassware mi rmran.
Exxame rar rtcx-k In Use Xn HhH: a
Xm jntotut i ".' Hsriwsn Store.
inc. x.rrxjc.
tralnal. a XMaU Brnlm la
Ato farrj a complete line of
Dry Goods, Hats and Caps,
"Groceries, Queensware,
.Clothing, Tinware,
jBoots and Shoes, Kotions, Etc.
lad Sills lor Mm Always in M.
Doa't fail to see our stock and learn our prices
before buying.
IVTM. TjTT'T'TR & CO.. Vinita, Indian Ter.
skdso EC ijrjg, IAR, PliSTEl PilK.
D' 6 J -i -jp ooORS.SASHatlLIHDS
err hix a caix. m chetopa, kas.
CiJfIlIJ"SD,W,,PiDCE Cak Cattle take. tali.
CaSAatfG aWsV WVVVaa
Tt it eat t -r
tie tmtO. au cesfiefet store to lie Ib
ass-rtser T eTerytktBc; wasted by ur
& CO., Vinita,
TKTg wtoce, tutitx.
abe Center,
tire deera VTeat of Jl. C
r.s saajLTax.
v.-, a. . .
Tcrrfiorj Is that of
Indian Territory.
w.d. tattles.
Gomiiiisslon Mercliants
For the purchase aod sale of
B Kl Stock Yards, S. St Louis.
tyUbcral ndrencen made on consls-nment.
located aC East St. Lout, 111.
DIrecUropposltDthecitj'ofSt.Louis. Burcn
foralldocrlpttoaof Lire Stock altrajn In at
tendance, and vlthln the around of the Stock
Yards are a Beef Canning Gnmranj. trUh a
capacttyforalauchtcrinff WHO head of cattla
Otiir, and Pork FacUnir Estaldlshmmu wlta
a capadqr for slaughtering- 12.C X) ho dsll jr.
ISAAC H. E50X, President
CBAS. T. J05ES, Snpt.
in Pad
Pnllman Palace Hotel Cars
tlirougli to St. Louis,Tia
SedaUa, DaUy.
Direct Boute West and South
west Tia Kansas Gitr.
ITV1UC10 nTVCnIonDepotrenreii
At rvAHOrtO Ul! I for Kansas, Colorado.
Kew Mexico and California connect Trtth E
press Trains of all lines.
T ITnUICnM Connection
1 mado Titt
HI nlUUIOUn Eiprt-s
Trains for aX
Points in Kansas and Nebraska.
IT filial 1 Connection
Is maile nith aO
fti umnnn
lines leading to the North and
P. CHA5DLER, ties. Pass. Agent.
a B. EISSA5, AjsH Ceii, Pass. Agent.
F. L. DECKEIt, Agent at Tinlta.
Tbo Direct TarouBti Boute Between
Fast Express Trains are Ron Dally.
Change of Cars.
Taroaxh Pullman Palace Sleeplar Cars art
ntn oauy. ni nrmi rnanro. octwct
inmn norm r ri.h firmiw and mineral
lands for sale tr UUscompsny In SOUTH WEST
CSTor foil and part'mlar Information, with
Maps. Tlnw TaU. Katra. etc.. call upon or ad
drrwi anr of on tution Agents. or cttherof Uit
D. WIsnABT. General rassen?T Asent.
O W CAEE, General rrclRnt Ascnt St tou
C W BOGEltS. Vl-e It widen wnd C.iersf
Uanxger, Tcr UuiW Jy, t Luuiiila.
A Nett Yoiik dairyman was fined two
hundred dollars recently for feeding his
The country receives about 150,
000,000 a year from the New York Cus
tom House
FRESlbEXT IUniuos. of Guatemala,
proposes to give to the Mexican National
Library the original manuscript of
Bernal'a "Conquest of Mexico," which
is now in the library of Guatemala.
In Marlborough County, South Caro
lina, the other day, Trial Justice
Knight met a couple In the highway
'who wanted to get married. He stopped
under the shade of s. tree, tied the nup
tial knot, and the happy couple went on
their way rejoicing-.
Rnrcnxs made from the Canal Col
lector's office at Buffalo to June 1-1. as
compared with the same time last year,
show a falling off in exports of cereals
as follows: Wheat 1,267.000 bushels;
corn, 1,870,000 bushch,; flour. 1,000 bar
rels; and an increase in shipments of oats
of 62,000 bushels and rye 1X9,000
It is said that only one small herd of
buffaloes remain in Texas. This has
been feeding on the Pecos Rhcr. in the
Staked Plains region, but a band of
hunters is horcring about it continually,
killing the animals as fast as the meat
can be cared for, and its days arc num
bered. This b the remnant of what
was known a few years ago as the
great southern herd."
A cable from London says: The ex
citement in artistic and esthetic circles
is "intense" over the fact that at the
sale ol .he Fontaine collection a porce
lain dish of Limoges enamel, on which
was painted a subject arter Raphael,
with portraits ot Henri IL of France
and two of his mitrescs, was sold for
7,000 guwca (S3G.700). Xo such piice
has ever been paid for a piece of Limo
ges ware before, but the specimen b
said to be unique.
Fbienos of nature had been troubled
by the disappearance of some rare
species of plants in the Alpine regions.
In order to prevent the extinction of
certain species, a garden of acclimation
had been founded at Geneva, in which
Alpine plants ate cultivated and sold.
The result of that propaganda has been
thus far quite satisfactory. The Garden
of Acclimation at Geneva b flourishing,
and the sale of its products on the mar
ket finds manv customers.
The tledp-Bca fishes taken by the
United States fish commi-aion steamer
during its late crubc in the Caribbean
Sea arc cxcitfcg much interest at the
Smithsonian Intitule, Washington.
Curiosity b intensified by these speci
mens of deep-sea fishes which are nearly
or entirely blind the eyes becoming
atrophied or obsolete from dbue, like
those of the fish inhabiting the
Mammoth Caro of Kentucky while
others have large eyes, and the blind
fish of the cava are allied to some super
ficial marine lbhcs that have well
developed eyes.
Ik she can find the necessary money,
it b said that Spain will onler this year
an iron-clad of from -S.000 to 9,000 tons
and carrying fifty-ton suns in revolving
tnrrcts. The Madrid contMpondcnt of
the London 7Yntes says of the project
that "to those who know Spiin. her re
sources, and the necessity of limiting
her marine warfare to strictly defensive
purposes, except so far as swift cruisers
might molest the enemy's traders, the
order for such a vessel b an act of gi
gantic folly, both as regards its -first
cost and its future maintenance or use
fulness." Mn. J. V. Ckawkoud, of Pendleton,
in Anderson, County. S. C. has a half
Shetland and half English turf pony,
which was sent as a present to a gentle
man in Charleston, before the war,"
by an English nobleman, and is now
thirty -seven years of age. Mr. Craw
ford brags of its speed for a thort dis
tance, with one hundred or less pounds
weight. The pony weighs about four
hundred and fifty pounds, and was origi
nally black, which b its present color,
except its head, ivbich has turned white
from age. Otherwise the pony shows
nosijnts of arc.
The discovery of oil in Roscommon
County, Mich., continues to bo a sub
ject of great interest to the people of
that section. The well already yields
euough tc make it profitable, sixty bar
rels of oil having been pum, oil up in
thirteen hours by five men, anu tho ex
pectation that other wells may be dis
covered in the neighborhood baa caused
a large advance in price of farm lands.
Numerous capitalists have made over
tures either to lease, buy stock, or pur
chase the well, but the owners have re
fused to dispose of it. An offer to buy
it outright for $30,000 has been refused.
The school statbtics of San Francisco
show that the native element b gaining
in that city. Of all the children in the
citv 20,901 are the children of native
fparents; U.874 are of mixed parentage
and 48,215 ol foreign parentage, me
number of forrign-born children b only
388. In 1860-b'l tho figures stood as
follows: Children of native parentage,
15.633; of mixed parentage, 10.440. and
of foreign.parcntage, 50.238. The in
crease this jear in the children of native j
parents b in round numbers 20 per
cent., in the children of mixed parent
age, 40 per cent., with a decrease of 4
per cent, in the children of foreign par
entage. Jfbt long ago the children of
foreign parentage were two to one of
the natives. Itbdelieved that by 1890
the caildrcn of native parent will be
largely in excess of the others. Tho
same change b going on m the voting
A Ssaffiarr ef the Dally Xcwa.
Ix the Srnate, on th lTlb, Mr. Brown
brought up the question of prirtleire In which
hi had been "Hacked the daj- previously br
Mr Injfille. After some further personal re
marks, on motion of Mr. ShnnunMr. Insalls
motion to expun? the words complained ot
was laid on the table. Mr Sherman. In call
in? up Mr. Butler's rcsolutim of inqnlrr Into
the condition of New York banks, made a
verbal report from the Committee on Finance.
After some debate the matter went. over.
and tbo L"!ah bill was placed before the
Pent. The noesl'on praam was on tbfl
amendment of Mr. Vest, proridlnjr that Id
no case shall a lawful huband or wife bo
a competent witnci. except as to the fact M
to Lawful marriaee harimr been contracted
Selected IS to30 In tbe House the confer
ence report on toe Htx Jonn Porter Mil was
agreed to br a voto ot KB to 61. Mr. Parson,
from tho Commit! rcon Public Land, reported
back tbn bill to restore all land held In Indem
nity limits for railroad ami wagon road pur
TCJevTb Hou went into foramltlco of
thO Wnde. Mr. Dunn In tttc Chair, on the OC
flcJcncrWU. After amendment the billnased.
Some further bulne& relating- to the for
feiture or Padllc railroad land grants was
transacted, when the House adjourned.
Co.xsidehatio.t of the Utah bill was re
suracd In the Senate on tho 15th. Mr. Hoar
offered an amendment to strike out the clause
abolUhlSx-womanMitTnurelnUtah. Bejected
y IT arc to SI noe. The bill then nased. 33
J"cs. IS nays In the Home a further con
ierenre was ordered on tho rot-omce bill.
anJ itrrm. Townshend. Holman end Horr
appointed on the part of the House. The
Iloure refofel to consider the Ohio and Ml-tl-slppl
contrtcl election cae. and pro
ceeded to consideration or the PaciacBallroad
bill, known as the Thurman amendment bllL
A lonj; dlrcuMlon cntund until adloummrnt.
Is the Senate, on the l!Rh. Mr. Butler
called up hi resolution providing- for an In-nu'-rr
into tbo condition of the New York Na
tional banks, and alter a debate the matter
went ot cr The UU to prevent the Importa
tion of tea dim Into tbo C tilled States was
pawed. Tbo Mexican Pension bill was then
taken up. Prndinr i!clate the Senate went
into executive session anl soon adjourned
The Houv iret In continuation of Wednes
days je-non and resumed consideration of
the PaaDc Kail read b.lL The flrt question
was an amendment. otTered lr Mr. Thomp-
win. 10 nuo mo arareraie ycany conin
button of the Ccnlril PaciSc Compacr aftr-
Oro instead of thirty 2re per rent, of
the net earclnrs. and that of the
Kansas paclflc forty-n w tcr cent. Theamend-
meni i arrcca in. lue question was men
taken on the minority blU. li was rejected.
Thursday's session then brjan. Mr. Hopkins,
from tbrCommlUee on Labor.called up the bill
rrohlbltinjr the Impartatinn and mhrration of
lotetcners and alien under contract to rcr-
forsa labor. The bill
passed without
M-in. Mr. tjowry called up the con
tested election cae of Campbell vs. Morer.
ailed up the
and tho time for debate was limited to four
hours. Aner a speech by Mr. Lowryln sup
port of tbo claim of the contestant, the
House adjourned.
Ix the Scnitr, on tbo 29th, Mr. Morrill,
from the Committee on Finance, reported
favorably the bin amending the act of June.
LSnO. retailor to the Immediate transportation
of dutiable good. Mr Groomeprcwnttd the
credentials of Ephraim K. Wilson, as inator
elect Irom Maryland, for a term of six jears.
besrinnlmr March t, 1KS5. Mr. Vtorhecs
resolution, heretofore offered, calllnir for In
formation as to Indian beef contracts was
arrcl to Tho Mexican Pcn-lon Mil
was takcti up ana debateil. In the
House. Mr. Decker, from the Committee
on Judiciary, snlimlttrd a report on the
case of Hallctt Kilbnumc vs ex-Senrcant-at-Anns
Thompson. Itcfcrrrd to the Com
mittee on Appropriation- The report says.
"Vour committee think It better to let the
Judgment stand without further lttizstlon.
and as the Judirmcnt aaatnU defendant was
for acts done by him under orders of the
House of Representatives, the committee
recommend thkt an appropriation be made to
pay the amount thereof In relief of defen
dant " Tb- msjorit) resolution seatins
Campbell, in lh- contested election cafe of
Campbell v Mory, was asreedto. and that
rrnilrman appeared at tb bar of the House
and took the oath ot office
The Chair laid before tire Senate on the
at. the bill amendlnir the Thurman act rela
tive to the Pacifle BallroaiU. After some dls
cuslon.Mr Van Wyck withdrew his motion to
refer the bill to the Public Lands, Committee,
and It was referred to the Judiciary. Mr. Cut-,
lom consented to allow the Mexican Pension
bill too over. In order to take up the Army
Appropriation MIL consideration of which
wa at once proceeded with. The bill was
pascd without ctt In? rise to debate, and sub
stantially as recommended by the Committee
on Appropriations. Tn Committee of Confer
ence on the Milpplnr bill submitted Its report,
which wa airrred to. On motion of Mr. Coke.
Houe bill examine- rhrht of way through
the Indian Territory tu the Gulf. Colorado
& Santa Fo Bnilmau (impany was passed.
In the Ilnu-w, Mr lncumccu,edtbeQunr
and submitted the conference report upon the
SMppInjr UU. The report Is In effect a com
promise on two of the chief point at Issue
free shir and so-cSJUJ uHy The free ship
feature is recommentle t to !e stricken out.
A substitute for the sulnddy feature 1 agreed
upon, pmrldlo? for the repeal of all laws
which arbitrarily rcqulro American vessels to
carry mall at two cents per letter, and which
prevent American vesei from clearing until
such mall matter Is received: ueh repeal,
however, not to take effect until April 1. lfV
The report wa airrccd to without debate cr
diii'iun. The Electoral Count Mil was then
taken up. and Mr. Hartaddrred the House In
fat or of tho Senate measure. The previous
quotion was onk-red upon the bill and
amendments, but no Immediate action was
Eisnop Sntrsox, of the M. E. Church,
dltU recently in Philadelphia. He was
born in 1S1L,
The 7ew York Democrats, in convention
at Saratoga on the ISth, decided to pnt no
tariff plank in the State platform. The
delecates appointed to Chicago were re
ported to 1 in favor of Cleveland.
Wood Brssox, a veteran actor engaged
with the McVickeHa Company, died at
Minneapolis thr other morning. The night
before he appeared in his role at the thea
ter with the tremors of death already on
him. IIo was seventy- years of age.
Tnc death of John Gustavus Droyson,
the eminent professor of history at the
University at Berlin, was announced.
GEsrnat. SnctutAS intimates that he
may be compelled to remove from St.
L u's, where he has aain been pestered by
water inspectors. They reported him for
nslng a lawn hose, and he showed that the
water cme from his cistern.
Miss Mast Asdebsox has arrived at
Turin in her holiday tour of Italy, and pro
poses to remain some days in the beautiful
Fiedroontese capital.
Tnn Prohibition and Atiti-Masonic party,
in convention at Chicago, on the SOdi, nom
inated 8. C Pomeriy for Presi lent.
Gexe&ai. ScrznixTESCEXTBaxzD, of the
St. Paul & Duluta Railroad, has tendered
his res'gnation, to take effect as soon as a
successor Is appointed.
KECX3TI.T D. AV. Staples, of Dallas, TV.
W. Hartsell and a man named liicks
started from Palo, Pinto County, Tex, for
WasbiBgton Territory on horseback. When
about a week out while sear the northern
boundary ot the Pan Manilla Koad, the
party were surprised by seven hostile In
dians, and a fnsilade followed, tho white
seeking shtlter in the timber. Hicks fell
dead at the fire ot the first volley. Staples
heroically continued firing for an hour
with a mortal wound in bis abdomen, bat
bo finally expired. Five Indians were
killed and the other two were so badly
wounded that they fled, leaving Hartsell
sole survivor.
Apvices from Vancouver Island recently
said that General Miles, commanding the
District of the Columbia, bad detiiled Lieut
enant Abercro-sbie Brumback and Dr.
"Eobinson, with M. Homan, topographical
assistant, to explore tho Copper River,
Alaska. The expeditlc n was ensia-ed a
dangerous one, as the Copper River coun
try is occupied by Indians who have never
allowed white men to explore It.
Oxs car of new wheat in good milling
order, about So. 2 grade, from Waco, Tex.,
sold at auction on 'change in St. Louis on
the lO.h at 1I.
Tnc Figaro's correspondent at Roma
says President Arthur has instructed tho
American Minister there to act In coacsrs j
with lho Minister of England, Austria acd I
Spain In an effort to obtain from the Ital
ian Minister ot Foreign Affairs a mitiga
gatioa of the decision of the Court ot Cas
sation in regard to properties of the Propa
ganda. Tnr, Mormons are very much incensed at
tho Utah bUl recently passed by the Senate.
They say It was framed for the purpose ol
breaking nt their relieion. and that manv
of Its provisions will not stand judicial
Miss Lrxzrr Sftscxk, of Faribault,
Minn., lost her reason the other day by
excessive application at school, and wan
dered. abont the' suburb! all night until
lonnd by a searching party.
Frrr men were recently arrested at Polo.
Austria, having dynamite In the! posses
sion. The military also announced that
thirty Kilogrammes ot dynamite had been
stolen from FortValmaggion.
Tar receivers' of the Wobash road are
sustained by legal authority in refusing to
accept tickets from Sc Louis to Chicago
sold at reduced rates during the railroad
war of 169.1.
Wnxx the Mexican Pension bill came up
recently in Congress, Mr: Beck said the
amendments proposed would, in the
opinion of the Committee on Pensions, in
volve an outlay of ;x,ooo.
Commodore C. K. Gaasisox made ah as
signment for the benefit ot his creditors at
Uew Tork on thelrftb. Tho liabilities were
stated to amount to J3,OCb,0OT;
The Canadian Tarinc Railway authori
ties have made arrangements to obtain the
Montana cattle trade for shipment by way
of Montreal.
I.v the English House of Commons, re
cently, Fdrmaurice, Under Secretary, In
nnswer to a question by Arthur Arnold re
garding the alleged, abduction of an
English citizen named Sheldon, at Kansas
City, stated that the British Minister at
Washington had been instructed to Het in
the case. Seme time would elapse before
the report would bo received.
Tbb failures for the week ending Jane
19 were: Unilel States, 182; Canada, S3.
The casualties continue numerous on the
Pacific Coast and in the South and South
wes. Rv.v. A. F. Vzsoer was expelled from
the Pebyt-ry of Albany, X. T recently,
on the serious charges of adultery and
coit-mitting abortion.
A MrscBEAST recently cut a rope.leavlm;
only one strand, at tho new court house
buildingat Charlotte, Miciu, inconsequence
of which a mason was seriously injured by
a fall. The miscreant was not discovered.
A COXTBACroR named Dslgren recently
undertook to unload a Icroi-er barge at
Chicago, at prices offensive to certain
members of the union, who waylaid and
beat him until ho was nearly deed.
A DtsraTca from Hagcrstown, Md.,
states that Mme. Dahlgrsn, the authoress,
met with a verj strious accident there the
other day by being thrown from a carriage,
and it was feared she would not recover.
The Catholic Church at Sandoval, I1L,
was struck by lightning, recsntly, and
considerably damaged.
W. J. Darrrs, of Staunton, DA, was
killed by lightning on the 13th.
Pniur Evert, a member of the Salva
tion army, became insane from excitement
and drowned himself recently at GuMpb,
The SuPnn of Turkey recently sent a
costly carpet, and other costly gifts to
Abram S. Hewitt, who lost winter was
presented to the Sultan by General Wal
lace. The powder mills at Pontremole, IUr,
exploded en tho S2J. Thirty were killed
and seventeen injured.
Two freight trains on the Grand Trunk
Rallwoy collided at Toronto, Ont., the
other day. The engine and several cars
were wrecked, and Walls, a brakemaa, and
Trtraillion, a fireman, were killed. The
others were serious'y Injured.
The shirt and collar factory of Skelton
Brothers & Co., ot Montreal, was des
troyed by fire recently. The lolling walls
kil.e-1 ono man and dangerously wounded
another. The loss was biavy.
A riRE in the paper warehouse of Chat
field & Woods, Cincinnati, started In the
cellar, burned the stock stored in tho cel
lar andcausedthe'flrstflnorto give wayand
dump its contents into the cellar. The loss
was i 40,003; bunrance $103,00).
Jontr Stump, a fifteen-year-old son of J.
B. Stump, of Hamlin, Lincoln County, W.
Va., acci lentally killed himself a day or
two ago. Young btump took down a shot
gun from the kitchen wall, and resting the
butt on the ground, held tho hammer up
wiltkhis foot, while he blew in the mnxxl
to see it it was loaded. ,
AJonrrtoNAi. dispatches.
Is ths Senate, on tb- U, thy IngalL'
amendment to the Mexican Pension bill,
giving Union soldiers pensions from the
date of their discharge or disability, was
voted down by CO to W. Tbo House had
appropriation measures before it, which
wera considerably advanced toward com
pletion. A riRE at Shenandoah, Vci, the other
dav, destroyed seventeen tenements occu
pied by at least twu hundred Hungarians
and four other families. One woman was
seriously burned.
Floods destroyed tfco new bridge across
the Vistula at Watsaw, recently, which
was erected at a cost ot i,000,0(M. Crowds
were standing on the bridge atching the
torrent when the bridge began to give way.
Twenty persons were drowned.
TWEXTT deaths from cholera at Toulon,
France, were reported on the 11. The
city was in a panic The Government
ordered the barracks evacuated. Sanitary
precautions t ere organizing. The troops
acd dock laborers were chiefly attacked.
It was pronounced Asia'ic colera. Quar
antine was established everywhere.
A dispatch received at Boston by the
American Board of Commissioners of For
eign Missions, dated at Hong Kong, Jane
H, announces the Ion of the missionary
brig Morning Star at KusaU. The crew
and passengers were snved.
Tub schooner M. B. Miller, which arr.ved
recently at New York from Savannah, re
ports passing a school of whales June SO.
The school extended as far as the rye could
reach on all sides of the schooner.
A Fort Worth, Tex., special says: Tho
Brazos County school lands, comprising
17,000 acres in Clay and Archer Counties,
were sold at auction in this city. The lands
were bought by the Wichita Land and Cat
tie Company as four dollars an acre. This
was considered the bestpriceeverobtaicid
in the State for school lands.
The assets ot the Co-operative Dress As
sociation of Nfcw Tork, which fafled some
time ago, were bought at auction for
seventy-one dollars.
The brickmskers at w Windsor, S. Y.,
were on a strike. Soma arrests of strikers
were made oa the charge of Inciting a riot.
At Kattanning, Pa., the Democrats
nominated Calvin Reiburn for Congress In
tho Twenty-fifth district.
The jury at Cincinnati in the caso ot
Joseph Palmrr, an accomplice of W. A
Denser, returned a verdict ot murder in
tho first degree.
While George Patrick, aged twenty
two, was shooting rats at his home, about
a mile from Charl-stun, W. Va., the other
day, ha shot himself ia the abdomen.
Alt immense deposit of natu -al gas has
berasttockatSteubenviUe, O.
Moodt, the evangelist, closed his mis
sion in London, on the S3L
Another National Convention Meet at
Chicag-o and Nominates a Candidate for
President Its Platform.
Chicago, Jams 2L The American Pro
hibition and Anti-Masonic party met again
yesterday morning and appointed a commit
tee, with ex-Senator Pomeroy as Chairman;
to formulate a jKafxorm. At the afternoca
sesion the plattona was adopted. It de
clares that God of the Christian scriDtures is
foe author of eWl goTernmcit; K favors tire
use of the Bible la- schools; asserts that God
requires and man needs the ue of flie Sab
bath; demands strict prohibition laws; the
withdrawal of all charters to secret lodge
and that (heir oaths be prohibited by law.
It opposes prises and imported contract
labor; favors' S revision of the patent
laws; pledges die' party to tots' for
woman's suffrage and asserts that eiriJ
equality b granted by the Thirteenth,
Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments,
atd should be) extended to Indians
and Chinamen; that International differ-'
ences should be settled by arbitration; that
land and ofhef monopolies should be dis
couraged; that the Government should fur
nish a sound currency; that tbo tariff should
br educed as fast as, the necessity of " reve1
cue and vested Interests will allow: that
polygamy should at once be suppressed, and
that the "Republican party IS censurable for
its long neglect of its duty irt rcsect to this
evlL" II demands a direct vote for Presi
dent and Vice-President of the United
States. The preamble adopted by the Na
tional ChrhUaa Association m 1S73 was
also adopted The convention then pro
ceeded with the nomination for Fresident
ot the United States. & Chesery. of Kan
sas, Governor St. John, of the same State,
and Rev- J. Bla&cbard. of Illlnuisv were
named. Of the seventy-seven votes cast
Pomeroy received seventy-two, and bis
nomination was made unanimous For
Vice-President J A. Conant, of Connectl
ent, was ncminated on acclamation. The
Katlonal Committee by Statr-t was then
nominated. The mectin; held In the
evening was addressed by Senator Pomeroy
and others.
Jodzo Sharp, of Wyandotte, "K., Alter a
Lone Slckncasv Shoots Himself With a
Wvasdotte. Kas, Jane 2L Eafly tins
morning. Judge Sharp, A leading citizen of
this place, arose from hb bed, dressed and
went to breakfast, seemingly In good spirits,
although he had been somewhat indisposed
eter since January last. At breakfast he
complained of having a poor appetite, te!
Ing his wife tliat ha cared for nothing.
After the family had finished the ineat the
Judge got up from his seat at the table and
started to go up stairs. His wife followed
him, she having a slight suspicion that the
long continued illness might have
some effect on his mind and might
lead blm to take some terrible step, t-lie
asked him if he did not want to lay down
on the sofa, which ho said he would do,
anil then continued on nis way up stairs,
Mrs. Sharp rctnrning to the dining room.
In abont three minutes they were startled
by the report ot a pistol and the sound of
something dropping to the floor. Ills son,
Clarence, Immediately rushed 'np stairs
quickly followed by his mother, to the
room from which the pistol shot came.
When the door was opened a terrible
sight confronted them. The father and
husband was sitting in a large reck
ing chair, to all appearance lifeless save
a slight twitching of the body. Ills head
drooped over on the side of the chair and a
large stream of blood poured from an ugl?
wound back of bis rigid ear. Off a little
distance on the floor was tho revolver, and
there sights toM unl y too plainly the story.
IIo dial in half an hour from the effects ot
the wound. Judge Sharp came to Wyan
dotte m 1S59. and was one of the foremost
In securing th adoption of the Wyandotto
constitution in IsCI.
The King of Holland lafes Away Pos
sible Complications with Germany.
The ILvoce, June 23. The Prince of
Orange passed a calm night and a peaceful
morning before hb collapse. In the fore
noon Saturday, he seemed so well that the
doctors talked of sending him to the South
af France. At eleven o'clock, he suddeiily
exhibited srmpoms of extreroo weakness
and faulted. Ills respiration became
ceatly cnfcehleil, bnt subsequently a
night recovery was noticeable, but his lungs
seemed paralysed. From this tliae until his
death the Prince remained unconscious. The
King has returned from Carlsbad and held a
conference with the Cabinet. The Presi
dent of the Council lias convoked a general
State Council. The Cabinet lias decided to
resort to the provisions ' of the
law ;of November 30, ISM, and wilt
convene the Chatnlicn. forming tia' Slates
general In plenary Congress ot TS Sen
ators instead of 39, and IT J deputies instead
of SS. This Conrrcss will proclaun Prin
cess Wilhclmlne successor, under the Coun
cil, to the regnaney, with Queen Emma as
regent, and President ot the Council as
Chancellor. The Cabinet las determined
to refuse to sliare tutelage with any Ger
man branch of the royal family.
Death on the Rail.
Slatinoton, Va, June St. A shocking
accident occurred near here in which two
well-known and highly respectable ladies
lost their lives. Mrs. Daniel Koons, of
Walnutport, residing orpwltc Slatington.
who was the mother ot T. B. Koons, the
general asent of tho Lehigh & Susquehanna
division of the Reading road, and Mrs.
Stan, the mother of Harry and William
&em, proprietors of thebteinton iron-works
hear Easton, were walking on the tracks ot
(he Reading road in Walnutport last evening
when Mrs. Stem stumbled and fell. See
ing an approaching train Mrs. Koons endea
rored to pull the unfortunate lady from the
jack, but before she succeeded in dragging
j from the rails the tram, which was of
the Lciile.li & Susquehanna Road, came
upon them, and both ladies were killed.
The body of Mrs. Koons, it is said, was
thockingly mangled, and she died instantly.
Irs. Stem lived about an hour. Mrs. Stem
tjided In Kempton. and was on a visit to
Mrs. Koons. The news spread rapidly, and
the remains of the unfortunate ladies were
picked up and taken home.
The Old Pout ContlnoeO.
Xnw York, June 21. A close session ot
the Joint executive committee of the rail
road manager adjourned until the ISth ot
July, after again extending the old passen
ger pool contract until the 1st of August
This additional eitenslon Is said to have
been rendered necessary because outsIJ
roads. Including the Chicago & Grand Trunk,
the Delaware. Lackawanna A- Western. In
dianapolis. Blounuustoii i Western, West
Shore, Chicago & Alton and the XickeJ
Plate, have not yet agreed to enter tee pool,
not being satisfied with the terms of the con
tract. No changes hate been made in thr
percentages so far. and the discussion of thr
readjustment under the new contract was
postponed uutil the July meeting.
m m
Tb Slontana Sonic
St. Lon, June 23. The steamer Mon
tana which left here at eight o'clock Satur
iay evening with 500 tons of assorted
freight for Kansas City and other Missouri
River points, struck tho Wabash
Railroad bridge at SL Charles about
flevea o'clock yesterday morning
ind sunk. She will probably be a
total loss. The boat b owned by Captain
Busen. of Alton, IIL, Captain F A. Phil
lips, of Kansas City, and Mrs. Emma 3.
Jenkins, of St LpUs, and valued at S22.000:
insured for SIS.ooD. Her freight list and
charges are also Insured. Part ot hrt cargo
will be removed.
Mr. Bewltra Report Aecom jmssj ts- ttaa
Hdt to Carry Into atsfecs. taw Jtssashsssv
Treaty. " - q
TVAsncrOTow, June !?.& sto safaartT
accompanyiBa; the bill to carry fcs
the Mexican treaty, prepared by A. SL.
Hewitt, and reported from the Way aaaT
Means CommUtee, the committee says: It
has been feared that the Industry of Lb afat
ana might be tmfavotabry affected by ate
admission ef raw Mexican sagaas, ae
thai the profits of tobacco- culbse askfet
ultimately hi some tray be affected. Whast
it b considered that Mexico at present W
not raise suSHent sugar for its ira oee.
and that its own tobacco is of a qaatikjr
which docs not Interfere with the proaact
of the United States, but on the contrary
would advantageously supplBset It aowi
replace tobacco; which is bow iaifarted
from Cuba, the objection has tberefofw.
arisen rather from apprehension of the aV
velepment of Mexico- In tha prodactioa of
these two articles than from any considera
ble importation at the present time. The
prospect of interference Is evidently tee re
mote to weigh against the great advantage
which will accrue to us Irons the admlaeiost
of our own manufacturers free ef
duty into Mexico. Mexico is tha
caVt through which this ecaotry will
find Its connection with the Central aM
South American States. The tine has al
ready arrived when we must adort a ecaU
nental policy, laying Its focndaUoaa bread
and deep in the mutual interests of iatiumtni
commercial and political sympathies. Ta
Monroe doctrine most be asserted aad -forced.
It b essential for our safety as .
Well as our growth that we shall exercise a.
controlling influence in the affairs ef Uat
Western world. It may not be tesiraW
that wn should extend the limits of ear
sovereignty bej end our own borders, bat
evcrr means which tends to establish closet
relations with our neighbors, ta create mu
tual interest, to the development of ecmmasi
hopes and sympathies and to tie us aor
closely together in the support ot the prist
ciplts of free government and tlse pratiess
of human liberty should be encouraged. It
Is fur this reason that the treaty with
Mexico marks as era in the progress of thsv.
Western world. We have only to eakfrata
peace and good will with our neighbors aad
acee.t every opportunity for free tntercoorsw
and free exchange In order to complete ta
demonstration that the blessir which
have crowned unrestricted commercial Inter
course of our Union with each other may
be extended and enjoyed by all the people
of the Western hemisphere, not only la
peace and security, but without petil ta
their political existence as free and Inde
pendent nations;
Re Tells Aboat m Bis Tight Below Js
Klpp's l'Un Between Cowboys and Crv
Foot McLeot, XorrnnvEsr Tekrttoktv
June IS. A South Piegan Indian named
Shorty, of the Indian police, arrived In
search of a horse stolen by the North
riegans. He brought In the- news that
there had been a big fight below Joe Klpp's
place, on the Marias, between cowboys and
Cree Indians, with fatal results. The cow
boys were on the round-up when they came
to a party of fire Cree Indians butchering a
cow. As soon as they saw the cowboys four
of the Indians ran away, but one, bolder
than the rest, walked toward them. One of
the cnwbojs went out from the rest to
meet this Indian, and when he got near
enough pulled his six-shooter and fired at
him. The Indian was hit pretty badly and
dropped. He then raised himself to a sit
ting position and fired at the cowboy,
whom he hit In the breast. The cowboy
was fatally noundcl, but nhile dying put
four or five sho'a Into the Cree, who was
killed, Tha cowboy died soon after. The
other cowboys, who had been watching the
bant In the distance, now tooK alter use
other four Indians, and a lively encounter
tonkDlaee. The Indians took refuge In a
coolie, and torew np breastworks. The
cowboys tried to storm their position, out
the Indians were too well protected, acd
tood them off. They finally col away.
New Jepwy Divorce.
Tke.viu", 2f J- June 13. "ew Jersi y Is
noted for the strictness of Its dlvcrce laws,
aud any decision b-aring on the divorce I ws
U looked for with interest A case a little
aut of the ordinary was decided by Vice
Clianccllor Bird. The applicant was tho
husband. Thccase is recorded m the ccsrt
as llann against liana. The couple wrre
married In 1S75, he being a widower od
she a widow. In 1ST9 the wife returned to
her own farm In Missouri. After walfng
several years for her return he ssed for di
vorce. In her answer opposing tha
application, the wife charged t-lat
llann did not give her scffk-int
help to do household work, all of which he
iad to do herself, and that he called her the
worst devil he ever knew. Once he burst
her bed-room door open. In smnmlng up, die
Vice Chaneillor says; "In all U..S 1 fnd
nothing to fix the legal rcspouibI!ity on the
husband for her leaving. The law does t ot
accept of any of these excises. Home nly
be unpleasant, there may be unexpected
toll, there may be hardships too much for a
weak or sensitive nature to bear, there may
bs neglect that wounds deeper than a ser
pent's stins. there may be broken promifta
that tnm all the ardent Icvc of early wed
lock tu unremitting hate, yet none nor all
of the-e are suflteient. Verdict for the
Jtailroait Accident in SXrxien.
. New Laredo, Mux., June 18. News
was received hi this city of a terrible arc!
Jent ou the construction -notk of the Tam
pleo Branch of the Mexican Central Rail
road in Mexico. The accident, which oc
curred on the work of Price, McGavock A
Tate, resulted in the killing of fourteen
men, two Americans act! twelve Mexicans.
One ot the victims was MCce Madlgan. a
walking toss, well known to railroad con
tractors and formerly in the employ of Mc
Carthy & Human. He Is a St Louis man, and
lias rclatitcs in tliat city. No particulars
were learnsd of the accident further than it
was a premature explosion ot a blast In
nx-k-cut work. Tate, one of the members
of the contracting firm, is a resident of this
A Cold Crai on Smalt River.
Salt Lace, June 10. 1 r.e newest gold
craze is on Small River. A letter just re
ceived says: The stampede commenced
Saturday night, and they all started at night
Sunday there was hardly a man to be seen
on the streets cf Caldwell. Boise City took
a land and sent quite a delegation, and
gold-seekers still keep coming. The dts
tovery is near Dixie Ditch, about seven
miles' from Caldwell, and everybody here U
wild. They bring good showings from
iberc, and I hope they lave struck it rich.
They resort from one to five hundred
colors to the ion. It I Vgtmung to look
like the Daadood siunucde of laTS and
Nw Tons. Juno 19. Sawr Rubicta,
editor of Et Sfixtratliii. was arrested
by a United States marshal on a charga
ot shipnlng ttfrrc-glrcerine to hy neas
for the use of the Cuban insurgents. As,
there was not evident j enough to sustain
the charge, RUDiera was reicaseu. sic .
afterward to a reporter: I and those who
think the same way as I do are resolvea to
carry on the war In Cuba, without regard to
persons or prorcrty. even if the policy fax
voire the huxnlES of eve-j .bin? bpaidsh ou
the Island, leaving the laad. which is ths
heritage of the Cau reoe,"

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