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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, July 03, 1884, Image 1

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Derated to the Interest of the Chcrekccs, Choctaw, Chickasaw. Seminole, Creek, and all Other Indian of the Indian Tcrrltery.
YOL. n. NO. 42.
Bcjm4 al ewim tie toest a cntfrktest store la tfce India Terrilory Is that or
Wo 0. PATTON fc CO.,
r et MjtkiBS ym rat a tkt f tfce reiT best quality to be had In the coi m ry.
Ad a MI s9rtBtet of ererjtklas wanted by cr customers.
JCE Bar 088BU BET.LBT3IPT rt nttr" taase tect r every variety of the best and most serrlreable Drj
Eaodt. hi
tCKOTMCieEPlKTXOTyMiriHfa4ttekrrest St r trst-dass CleiMay, Boots, Shois, HaL-, Ladli ari
gtrtt Farmlnhbig 6fe. While
MLLTtEKT KEAKTXEST te faHy f to tie times iasM th: talent Style ind Fashions.
JKlClRrKFAmTXE5TbreiiletsTTilkeTerykiri of Staple aadlfctey Urjcerics, Flour, Bacon, Canned Goods,
Crackers, Cheese, Etc.
JK XASS88 KELBTME5T has a ftu ltae erSHIes, HaraeM ttad Leather Goods or all kind. In
M7K JL9E3CULTUX1L IXPLEXE5T BEEAKTSE5T j cm set Wagoas, Buggies, FIottj, Spring Waoas, Etc.
KEUfflWlREBCFXXTXESThweUstwieiTrithSaiLs Screws, Chains, ningcs, Tinware, Axes, Utensils Tool?,
Bfe. TMirtMteaia
-CK CASS 13 .JCIXSSWAIE SEPAKTXE5T every Tariety t Dishes, Crocks Jars, Jags Etc While la
MJ RES STOKE BBPAETXEJT joa will fta a sp Iwdid stock or Inre, Xlee Drags, Medicines complete in ercrj- re
w& PrewriftleM earefallr Umtuiti hy a stilled petheeary. la this connection we have also an immense
feck fTSe!, Lm?s, Ctocks, CeafccUeaerT, Etc Ansa
STATMSBXr AJ C KFAXTSEXT where ye will lad every variety of" Writln? Xaterial-S Paper, Blank Boob
te aL Beeehit 8Mb, Sckwl Beets, a, a Ilae eTffoel Eeadln? Boiks-I'rosc and roetry.
Omr Prieec are as Low as the Lowest. Come and See Us,
i B
j Ba,i. Sftsh. BMwl. Mooldlwrv Etc. 1ue.aifiTO.nBC, uem uy "" "" s--
JUalin. It B -r""'"T OKDES3 SOLICHEU.
rorow'ShUG STORE.
Drugs, Patent Medicines, Notions, Stationery,
Etc.; also aFulIIine of Cigars, Tobaccos
and Confectioneries.
Wntrilr-r -'" "" ' laTWta at X. FRAZETS Red Fnat, one deer
Wet rf 'Frisee Hotel.
M. FRAZEE, Vkiita, Indian Territory.
VT3srrr.A., i. t.
KsrnJtisllroah3nJiaeChotast Staple nd Fancy Groceries In tee Xirket. Alio
frit, Yipisits, Fiji, UrnRim, Biasswan wi TimrB.
ExaaHn ojr rtnek In the Jtrtr BaHJHag Ote Corner, twconWl of a. C.
2tajeii4 Jt. Mardnrara More. -
WklimU ma gtll Bnlrrm la.
Ato carry a complete line of
Bry Goods, Hats and Caps,
Groceries. Qneensware,
Clothing, ' Tinware,
Boots and Shoes, Notions, Etc.
BadL Sraffe for aectm Bm in Slock.
Don't fail to see our stock and learn our prices
"before buying.
rt T1I9 TW WW rc 9P' or CalUe " B ta
CA " .Ilcmi Car Coom.
& GO., VinHa,
opTorDatireaaaonaciiii'Kio juiovn.
Aim Shto-
Vinita, Indian JLer.
Indian Territory
For tfce purchas nod n!e of
a National Stock Yards, E. St Urals.
gyiJbml advances made on con!nmrnts.
Located at East St. Lout, III.
Directly onite the dty of St. Louis. Ilurert
for all description of Lire Stork alwarsfn at
tendance, and within the irtounds of the Stock
Yards are a Beef Canning Companr. with a
ca7Utxfra!ansbterlng'L0a) bead of csttla
dally, and Forte Fackics EstabUshmenU.irita
a capadty for slaughtering 12,0)0 hogs daily.
ISAAC U. OOX, I'resldent
Ill Pll
Pullman Palace Hotel Cars
through to St. Louis, yia
Scdalia, Daily.
Direct Boutc AVcst and South
west Tia Kauas Cit-
Al RANoAO bill for Kana Cotemda
NewMoxk-oandCaHronila ixraneet with Ex
press Trains of all lines.
Points in Kansas and M-orasVa.
IT nillUA Connection i made with aE
A I U FB AH A lines leadins to the :onh n!
F. CIIA5DLER, Gen. Toss. Apent.
C. B. K1SSAS, Ass't Gen, Pass. Agent.
F. L. DECKER, Agent at Vinita.
S i.vrrs.vs.
Gommlssion MerchaD
Ihe Direct ThrouFh Route Between
Fast Exprcs Trains arc Run Dally. 5
Change or Cars.
Thrcmeh FnHman Palac Slcenlnjr Cjr m
mn dally. wtibmittbanee. tiefween ST. LO L IS,
aonjao acres o( rfcb farraknf ami mineral
land forMlolTthUcomrMnytoMlLTTllWKST
it It) CK1
rjy-por fnB and part cwlar information, with
JIapv Time TaUes. Hatrn. etcoiH tiwin or ad
drnu any of ou - Station ARentK. or cither ot tha
D. W1UAICE, General la-n -r Acrnt, 81
G WJCALE. Ccrr-rai Kreijrht grnU St Lonia
a W KOCF1W i- I":.Jeji w Oejersf
Slsnaccr T39SoEuUdaftW.Lua. Uo,
rcccnuv leu mio ue
- . . . .1 .
San Fernanda River, Tamaulipas, Mcx.
His companions took him out cf the
water half an hour after, and, supposing
him to be dead, hung him up by -is
heels to a tree while they prepared a
coffin. Before the coffin was ready he
was alirc
A rxcnJAK reptile is tho horned rt
Uesnake now on exhibition in Ijoh An
geles, Cal. Ilia nbotit fifteen inches in
length, and htls two horns which project
from its head just above the eyes, lie
has only live rattles and a button, and
was captured at Indio Station, on the
Colorado desert
Of ninety-six railroads in the Stati of
New York only fifteen rwM dividends
in 1S83. lie total" capital stock of the
railroads i SG2S,718,59G, and the total
amount of dividends paid was $15,074,
114. or about two per cent, of the capi
tal. Farm property presents a favor
able contrast to such a showing.
The Black Butte and Moccasin
Roundup," Montana, has offered a
bounty of eight dollars per head for
all beaw killed on their ranges. This,
in addition to the regular Territorial
bounty of eight dollars, will make bcar
kflling quite a profitable industry, as a
good large bear will be worth in the
neighborhood of scventr-fivc dollars.
Ax Indian rnoubtl has Lech opened at
Page, Hear Tower City, Dakota, in whieh
was fonnd the skeleton of a man in a
sitting pomrc, faring the cast, with two
more skeletons, making a group all in
the samo position. One. skeleton had
the stem of a pipe in its mouth. The
remains of a dog and a horse Were aLo
Unonrthcd. together with a curious
shaped stone, covered with figures.
Veka Otrz people regard the inau
guration of the overland mail service
with anything but satisfaction. The
Ferrecarril. of that city, say that letters
sent to Vera Cruz often go wstny.
"What will Us the result. ' it asks,
when tetters come frum Xcw York or
Chicago, or from other distant points
overland?" Give us a once-a-weck sea
communication, they cry, and no daily
mail. -
The American artLU in Paris are go
ing to fors- ill their very probable ex
clusion from the salon next rear by
pledging themselves not to offer any
pictnres. It is possible that hereafter
American applicants at the Ecolojdcs
Beaux Arts will be politely told lhat
there are no vacancies; but, as this is a
Government school, ami the Govern
ment has not yet moved in retaliation,
the fear may be prematurc.
Gexeual di Cesxola's troubles are
not yet over, it appears. The Jf cw York
correspondent of the Troy Times learns
that the war will soon break out again
with all its former violence, the next at
tack upon the Cypriote explorer being
based upon the alleged discovery of
modern jewelry among the collection
which Cc?nola says he found in one
spot under a Cyprus temple cut in solid
rock. The latest critic sas that some
of this jewelry is machine-made nnd
comes from Newark.
A nakiiow escape and a heroic res
cue occurred recently on the North
ern Railroad bridge near Mont
rillc Conn. As a train swept around
the curve the engineer saw a man and
woman on the bridge directly in his
track. There was no chance to ue the
brakes, and he expect ctl to have a f right
ful .jeeident to report. Jti?tas hr wns
about to close hii c rs to shut otit Ihe
tregedy. the man caught up the woman,
threw her over the rail into the
water below, and vaulted ocr himself
and rescued the woman from drowning.
Thoscwho w:tneM.tl this episode say
they never saw a braver or cooler net in
their lives.
Tilt: Unltcil States Fish Commiion
stenmship Albatross brought home from
her winUr's burveying cntise among
the West Indian Island a large collec
tion of the fauna in the region which she
visited, natural history specimen
being obtained both from the land And
deep sea. Among other thinss was a
double turtle or, in other word, two
turtles connected, a la SiomciO twins.
These two animals are Joined together
at the posterior extremities, and where
the connection is made the fleshy part
is nearly as thick as any other portion
of the body- There are two separate,
nearly circular shells on the back, and
1 at each extremity of the combined ani
mal a little head projects, while there
arc three legs on a side, making six
in all. The entire length of this
monstroity is about four inches, and it
is. approximately, two inches wide. It
was obtained from a gentleman at
Curazo, and is now bottled up in alci LoL
A niENOMEXON never before wit
nessed attracted the attention of many
people near Bismarck, Dakota, recently.
To the naked eve it had the appearance
of a great square cloud. With the aid
of a strong magnifying class a cor
respondent saw an aerial shower rain
falling without touching the earth. Two
clouds were visible, one exactly above
the other. The rain cloud was above
and the light feathery cloud below. A
heavy shower poured for several min
utes from the upper cloud. The cloud
below caught every drop of water and
nbMirved it. Light clouds appeared to
come from all directions to aid in cheat-
ing old earth from a rain. The color of
the iower cloud change! rapidly, and it
expanded from a small summer cloud
to a massive rain gatherer. In a few
niiuutcs tho upper cloud had entirely
disappeared. Through the glass the
aerial rainfall had all the appearance of
a shaver of learls. Tlie sun shining , r'Yrtcar. tock brokerj and Lieuteuant-Colonel Albert P. Morrow,
through the drops formed pmmatic ca e eemmifed sulc.de In biJ ot the United States cavalry, bo broughtto
hues of charming brilliancy. The cloud cfflce owis to flna-:clal losses. trial biforo a general court martial, ap-
passcdofTto the southeast, gathering, TnrWaba.h Railroad hrcafter wiU be pointed to assemble at tha City of Wash
nun, as It went. I disconcerted with the Missouri Pacific ington Septemter lOth.
Ituc ivnin rk'c rmvne
- - -v v . w, w
A BHmutarjr of the Dally Kews.
Ix the isrnate, on the 24'b, consideration
of the Mexican Pension bill was resumed.
The amendment was aarred to providing that
no pcrjou fhsll be entitled to more than ono
prttsion at one time under tie laws of tba
United State. unir thai fact In) Specially
stated in the law The bill then p rfed yeas.
tTTl nftra. A. Thf llnuiw t.ill tit nuthoriu- the
President to appoint two additional Justices i
nt k Gjimm .V..... .. lUlnl. .&l m.k M.I- f
u. vug k-uiiicuip wuii u. iwkuw sin wir mr
dltlonal Justice of the Supreme Court of the
Territory of Wa-hfnjrton. wapascd In the
HoutcMr. Foran submitted the conference re-
Crt on the bill establi-hlnff a Hurra u of
bor Statistics. Airreed to. The Senate
bill passed granting- letter carriers fifteen days'
leave of absence each rear. The House re
sumed consideration of the bill repealing- the
Preemption. Timber Cultum and Deceit Land
taws and amendlrur the llninrtt-ad law. The
bill pawj. jTas lit. najsiL The Electoral
CCUntblll was then taken up. the prerloui
question navinjr been ordeml on the ensToss
inent and third rradlnr of the bill. The
House bilt tTas adopted as a substitute
for the Senate bill yeas. VT.: nays IC The
Senate bill, as amended by the substitute, was
read a third time and passed.
Is the Senate, on the 25tb, consideration
oftho Legislative bill was reruraed. After
debate the committee's amendment was
ajrrccdto, striking- tut the ciau directing
consolidation by a vo e of yeas. 41 . nays. 13.
In the IIuUM. Mr. Hewitt, from
the Committee en Ways and Means
rrportci a Mil to modify the ex
ltirur laws relating tt duties on Imports and
the collection of rerfnue. The Cbalmers
Mannln; eontrstot eiectliin case was taken
up. After debate Mr. Cook demanded the
previous question, and the vote recurred on
the second rroiiitl.n presented by the minor
ity. It was lost. .Tito W. The Ert minority
resolution was also l'. yeas X, nays 141. and
the majirltr resolution was adoptnl without
division. Mr. Chalmers-then appeared at the
bar of tho House and took the oath of office.
I." the Senate oi the 1 h the House bill
was passed ctcndln;r to Water trauportatlon
ronrlhepmvi?hMif thS ItAtuies hlthurio
applhd to land rOUt- Only resanlin? the Im
mediate tranporta'kn of dutlatiie Koods.
Anamendmrnt was alnpted prohlimr that
reports in the t ffirrspMMtl Iterimi shall be an
aceurato transcript of the proceedings and
i!ctte of the two houses of tonjrrt".
Mr McMillan, from tho Committee on Com
merce, reported the Hirer and Harbor bill,
with the rcm-n that It ! printed and re
committed to tho committee. Airrrrd to.
The Senate then took Up the bill In forfeit
the uncarnel land crant of the Atlantic i
Padflc Ilaiiruad lorapany. and went Into
cxecutlie session ami socn adjourned In
the House the senate bill was pmI aulbor
lxlnjr tho construction of a bridce across the
Missouri at White (loud. Kas Mr Ilinjr
bam. fr-in the Committee on l'ot-OtScr3 and
Post Hoat reported a bill fixln; at two cents
Ier ounce or fraction thereof the rate of
postage on mall matter of tho flrt-cla
Houe calendar Mr Itrowne. or Iwllana.
endeavored tnhvthPH"U" proceed rJcH
IJoratldn id the Mexican Pension bill with
the senate amendments, but the House unfln
mined yras 133. nays S3 to conshler deter-
tsbrd business, reinjr 13c utu to lorau mo
land Rrxnt of the "UackLone" Ilailmad In
Louif-lana The vote on the passbge of the
Mil resulted Yea. 77: nays. CI.
Is the Senate.on th- 27, h, the bill for the
relief of William Mt-Garrahan was reported
adversely from the Committee on Private
Land Claim! and placed on the calendar. Mr.
Mitchell Introduced a mil to Incorporate the
National Encampment of the (J rand Army of
the ItcpuMlc A bill passed irrantlnz rijtht of
way through the Indian Territory to the
Southern Kan-as llailmaj. t'nanlshed busi
ness waa then laid before the innate, beln?
the bill prorallni for the forfdtnre of un
earned lands rranlcd the Atlantic 2 psH.fic
Uailmod (ocipaHy. lone dibatc ensued,
and filially a motion to go into executive ses
sion prevajed. The Senate discharged the
Committee on Elections anil Privileges from
further consideration of the House billon the
clreioral count, and ordered a com
mi. tec of conferenc-" on St In tte
House conference reports on the Pension bill
and tho bill granting right of ay through the
Indian Territory to tac uuii. (.oiorauo s
Santa Fe ltallmad were agrcol to. Mr. Hen
ley made an unsuccessful attempt to secure
consideration of Ihe I'nlroi Pacific Forfeiture
bill, and the Hou-e Uint into Committee ot
the Wbu!e on the pnrate calendar. At one
o'clock the committee rose for the purpose of
permitting the House to dispose of the -Hack-bone"
Railroad Land Grant Forfeiture bill.
Tho Speaker announced the question to be
on the motion to tabic lb motion to recon
sider the rote by which the House defeated
the bill. The motion to table was agreed to,
yeas CI, nays Hi. and to the bill was lost.
Is the Senate, on tha 23 h, the House bill
was received favorably granting a pension to
the widow or General John B. Stcadroan. The
General Deficiency .ill was then taken up". A
meago was received from the President
transmitting a communication from the sec
rciary of the Interior calling attention to the
nrais-ion of any appropriation for the Bureau
of Labor. Mr. lliair subralttrd a proj-osed
amendment to the Sundry Civil bill ap
propriating from"' for that bureau .In the
House, the senate amendments to the Leg
IriatUe lH were not concurred In.
Mr ltandalt.on behalf of a minority of the
committee, sub-tuuied a substitu.e thereof,
which took the same reference. The House
then went Into Committee of tho Whole on
business reported from the Committee on
Latior. The flr-t Mil considered was one pre
siding for the adjustment of Government
lalorers. workmen and mechanics arising
under the eight hour lajr. . The first section
was amende! n as to rra-i as iollows. That
whth ter. as laborer, workman or m-chanlc. Is
hereafter craployi d by. or on behalf of the
Government or tne I unel Mates, ne snail lie
paid for each right rjmrs he ha been em
ploj ed as fr a full day's work. The second
rcetion was amended tn correspond with tho
first section so as to apply merely to the fu
ATtheKpvp41 Conference of Nebraska,
held at Omaha, Rev. Dr. Potter.ot Oeneva,
X. YM was elected Bishop of that diocese,
vice Bishop Ctarkson, deceased.
First Liectksast TneoDOBE Sjjrrn, of
the Fifth Infantry, United States Army,
dropped dead the other afternoon in the
Sturtevant House, Xew York.
J. B. VTAKunELD was nominated for
Congress by the Ilepublicans of the Second
District of Minnesota.
A DEXOxsTTtATiox favoring tho nomina
tion of Butlrr for the Presidency, was held
in Faneud Halli Boston, Thnrsday. .About
lloo persons were present.
Caitjiix Jons A. Stevessos, Republi
can caali'late for Governor of Louisi
ana In the April election, suddenly died at
his plantation in Iberville Par.sh the other
ntfiht. He was s x:y-six yeera of ag9 afid
for forty years tsd been prominent as a
M'ambna nsan, merchant ami planter, and
more lately as a rtoli'ician. He was born
in Kentucky in ISIS.
The purpose of the Italian man of war
Cartel Fidaro. on the 1W Sea, which re
cently threatened to bombard Seeyleh, was
to force the Guvernor to pay an indemnity
Li, thn famllv of Sheikh Abdurahman, a
protege of Isaly. and restore property be
lorjring to the Shetkh.
Tnr Railroad Commissioners ot Iowa
rave given notice to allrallroad companies
of that State tiiat in acc-irdance with the
tatu'e the Commissioner must b? prompt
ly advised upon the occurrence of any acci- j
dent on any rallr.xid resulting in personal i
injury or loss of lire, that the samo may oc
investigated, if so deemed necessary.
At Boston, recently, H. H. Bangs, doing
bu-incsi as the Bay Stai o Casket Company,
failed. Liabilities. SiOO.Oua.
The general freight agents of raUroads
in lowa have Issued a general orurr uu-
i.. tk... mmnitn nSurrs th Iowa
law respecting the sale of intoxicating
liquors. All agent are prohibited Irom
I ,J,vin
acv intoxicating nquora
transportation from any paint within or
without tho State, to any point within its
Hn.it. unless tnere is ?'."
j SgSZi?X
j UoJj ,f Iocatotlf ,howing that the consignee
h, nuthoritv to sell Uquors In uch
Leo? Bros., of ITow Orleans, boots and
and shoes, suspended. LiabUities, JV
lyitem. The Wabash wiU be rna with A
snuller force of oQcials and on economic
principles. Arraneements were rwcentlj
made td dispense with some of the trajca
lines of the Wabash.
A Cntcaco special from Cedar Rapids)
la., says: Two convicts. Freeman and
Farmer, escaped from the Antmosa penl
tentiary and were surrounded in thf
woods near thare, and a fight ensued, is
which Freeman was mortally wonnded
and Farmer dangerously so.
The will of the late Mary H. Drake, oi
"Sew York, was filed in the Surrogate's of
fice. She bequeathed to the theological
seminary at Alexandria, Va., 110,000, and
$5,000 each to a number of religious and
charitable organizations.
W. J. Datrrs, ot Staunton, UL, wax
killed by lightning on the 19th.
The schedules ot Nathaniel Bloom, ot
New York, shows his liabilities to be '2,
C40, nominal assets $57,i and actoat fix'
A specull from Easton, 'Fa., says the
Belridere Iron Company, which was large
ly engaged in mining operations in Sew
Jersey, has suspended.
Is the schedules ot the firm of Herron &
Spence, Xew York brokers, the liabilities
are placed at $37961, and nominal assets
;S03, and actual assets 223,501.
F-ULCB.E3 for the seven days ended
June 3S, were: UniteJ States, 171 ; Canada,
23: total, 109; against a total of 235 but
week, a decrease ot six. The failures In
the South were notably few, and In the
Eastern States below the average.
The schooner L. and A. Babcock wai
wrecked during a storm recently at Bar
necat Inlot, . J. The captain, the mate's
wife and three of the crew were drowned.
At tit. Louis Edward Morrison, aged
seventy-two, was killed, and John Dunn
and Edvfcard Dawes badly Injured recently
oy tne latung o. a -""- """"-
the corner of Grand avenue and Olive ,
A PrrrsBCROH dispatch states that the
glass works throughout tha West have
shuc down for the usual two monUts vaca
tion. The Cat? Cf F. Shaw fe Pro. came up In
the Supreme Court at Bostofi recfntlyi
The claims actcally offered including the
contingent liability in several failures in
roniection with F. Shaw & Bros, amonnt I
to iOfiOJfim. The claims, however, which j
have a solid foundation amount to about i
Hr"Z,C. I
Os account ot the failure of the air '
brakes to work on the Virginia- Midland
th. other morninr. an express ran at an
the James River, near Lynchburg, Va.
Tho bridge gave way and the cars fell into
the water. Tho passengers wr r recod
through holes cut in the ventilators, nar
rowly escaping drowning.
Josxrn Alextos, thirty-five years old,
was suddenly attacked with hydrophobia
In SL Louis recently. He knelt down on
all fours, barked and yelped and frothy
saliva flowed from his mouth. He was
handcuffed and strapped down in the am
bulence ami rent to the city hospitab
Three months ago he was bitten In the leg
by a dog and since has had occasional
Asother disastrous conflagration vis
ited East St. Louis recently, Lurning Hugo
Faunesee's brick hotel, Kinsman & Co-'s
agricultural warehouse, and two dwelling
bouses belonging to Mrs. Seinham, a
widow. The total loss was $83,000.
AT Philadelphia recently a trifling firs
in Uw Star match factory Caused a panie
among the employe, and it was with tho
greatest difficulty that a number of women
were restrained from leaping from the
windows. One girl jumped from the third
story, but was caught in the arms of a man
and was only slightly injured.
Detbxssios in the coke trade In Penn
sylvania and the restriction of the out-put
are seriotisly affecting miners and coke
drawers, and tho Hungarians are t iJpldrj
returning to their native country. From
twenty to forty of these people leave Con
ncUsville every day destined for Europe.
The Ways and Means Committee agreed
favorably to report the resolution provid
ing for the appointment ot a commit! of
five members to investigate the relations
between the Alaska Commercial Company
and the United States, the object being to
learn whether the company has complied
and is now complying with Its contract
with tho Povtrnmentt
A grEClAL from London says 5 Thf
Bothnia yesterday took $730,000 in Ameri
can gold to the agent of the Bank ot Mon
treal in Xnr York City, money being a
dmg in London.
AT McDonald Statior fai, a gong ot
Italian railroad laborer engaged in a
light, during which Carmine Poppe was
shot tw C9 by Antoine Petre, ana launy
injured. Petre escaped.
AT Pittsburgh. Fa., a tang containing
i 000 barrels of benzine, at the Crystal Oil
.vork.ol the tanuara irapauy. uBu
tire recently. Several large tanks of oil
surrounded it, and it was feared the flames
woald spread.
Is the case of the Crown against uraa-
Iaugh for Illegally voting in the fcngliso
House of Commons, the jury decided that
Bradlaugb, In administering the oath to
himself. dH not take the oath in accord
ance with the practice of Parliament. Tho
verdict -as given for the Crown.
Fobest fires were recently raging In
A ftus at Sherman, Texas, the ether
day dj--troyed property to the value of
CL A. BOCTELX.E resigned ths Chairman
ship ot the Maine Republican State Com
mittee, and was succeeded by John L.
It was considered certain that America,
France and Germany were about to recog
nize the Free State on the Congo.
At Helena. M. T.. recently, Mrs. C. C.
Kemp, while ill anJ in great pain, at
tempted to shoot herself. Her daughter,
Ella, twentyyears old, tried to take tho
Pistol awav. when it was discharged and
, y., bullet nassed through tho daughter's
( jrainf kiMm; her Instantly.
ppirriiEa Orange and Catholic riots were
reported recently from Newfoundland.
Ix the Senate, oa the 5)th, a resolution to
kill th trade dollar bill was defeated.
The River and Harbor bill was considered.
In the House a majority report was re
ported favoring the seating of Fredericks
la the Iowa contested election case of
Fredericks vs. Wilson. The Fortifications'
LU1 wa in Committee of the whole. The
.r..Mi i-rwirr tn the Indian Anuronria
iinn dill nas submitted and agreed to. as
agreed to the b.11 appropriates 330,12.
Tnr resl lence of Mrs- Patrick Murphy,
of Brier HUL, Youngstown, O., caught fire
the other morning. Mrs. Murphy and one
chUd escaped. Three chUdren sleeping In
the second story, aged six, seven and nine,
wcro burned to death.
At Chicago, Mis Annie Fanning com
menced a damage action against Rev.
FatLer Terry for conceal! Jg her uncle's
The President has dircccd that Brigadier-General
David G. Swaim, Judge Ad-
.. r-......1 nf thn TTnitMl StAtM rniv.
A Train Goes ThroDCh a Bridge Abaads.
Ingm Town Hydrophobia.
Irscnntauj, Ya., June 30. On acconn
of the -rallnre of the air brakes to work ot
tha Virginia Midland yesterday morning, an
express ran at an uncontrollable speed on
to the bridge over the James River, near
tha city. A corner of the smoking ear
struck the nprljht culders, thowlng it from
the track. The trucks of the car dragRed
the sleepers that way for a distance ot one
hundred feet, and the Washington and Sew
York sleeping cars fell through the openln
Into ten feet of wafer", aid graduallr
sank. Conductor King was thitwfl
into the river, and although he had two ribs
broken, he swam to the cars and helped tho
passenscrs thningh the windows. Most of
the passengers were taken ou. through boles
cut In the ventilators in the top of the cars
to which the water finally reached. There
were about forty passengers In the sleepers,
and all were saved. After the water had
covered the tops of the windows Mrs. J. S.
Farden pushed her two-montlis-old child
through the window and held It above the
water until rescued and then she came out
the same way. The paensers are bring
cared for at the hotels and trains trill be de
layed two days.
St. Lons. June SO. A Cairo specia
states, in mentioning the result of the
floods, that the little town of ew Liberty,
located near the mouth ot the Cumberland
River, has been so often submerged by the
yearly Hoods, occasioning such great destruc
tion of property, that the citizens
lave determined to abandon the present
location and emigrate to higher grounds.
The town ot Uamllttsburg, situated a few
miles further np the river, has been selected
as the haven of rest, and the population
en masse are gathering their effects
and moving to the new town. Sheets
& Co. are moving their flour mill.
aml M-Cawley Brothess have about finished
.. ., . ,!r ,., llrT t. stor-
Houseojthat are ot value nave been taken
down and carted to the new location, while
; many old ones have been abandoned and
will be used to shelter stocc ine new vu
lage promises to become of importance.
hydro rironiA.
St. Ixins Mo, June ax Joseph Alex
tfla, thirty-fire Years old, while working at
SUth and SL Charles streets yesierday, was
suddenly attacked with hrdropbobia. lie
knelt down on all fours, tojKeii ami
ynd and frothy saliva flowed from his
moiith. A large crowd gathered to witness
the horrible contortions. The policemen
finally captured him aftsx a long struggle,
he attempting to b'.te any one who came
near hUn. lle "JaM
In the leg by a Uog and since nas ra occa-
sumal spasms. He will die.
The Chinese Attack the French at Toncroln
Tne Cholera.
Paws, June 25. Hanoi dispatches say
that the Chinese regulars, with artillery. In
trenched themselves at Langson, In viola
tion ot the treaty, and attacked the French
fortes on Monday as they were on the
march. General Megneict Immediately set
inrtwiln a relnforecmerli. The French
numbered 70) and were on the way to
Langson. It Is reported that Ihe French
forces were surpris"" t In a narrow defile and
cuttopleeistoaxnan. After the cabinet
rouncd the Government telegraphed Gcnenu
Millot to suspend Use departure of the
troops f.iom Tonuuin. Admiral Conrbefs
Jiuadron has been ordered to
Join the natal division under
Admiral Lespcs, eomtaander of the
French squadron in Chmese wafers. AI
ntlral Coutbet will liavc n conference with
Iatcmotre, the French Embassador to
(hirta, now en route to Teintsin from Hue,
respecting measures for obtaining satisfac
tion from China for the affair at Lanzson.
Prime Minister Ferry stated in the Comber
of Demitics that Pateniotre had been or
iercdto Pekln to demand satisfaction for
the Chinese violation ot the treaty at Lang
son. He said al Uiat Admiral Courbet
had gone northward with th ships under
his command to support French demands.
Pakii. Jne 2S. Hanoi advices of the
ICth inst. ute the fighting near Lang Son.
oetween the Chinese garrison and the Krem-h
forces, continued two ilays. Ten French
men were killed and thirty-eight wounded.
Two .steamer, have gone to seek the
nrmuuInL General Xczrier las Mtied the
( Krencli column near Bak Le. and await-
ing further order. The Chinese ttenerals.
Yuon (ily awl Xo Ny. have 10.G00 regulars
between Bak Lc ami Lang Son. It is re
ported that Admiral Conrbet lias been In
structed to demand a public apology of
China as well as idtianity for violation of
the treaty by the Chinese at Lang tsan, and
in case Ciina refuse to grant this the
French fleet will botHbanl Ch"mee cities.
Makskiixes June 2S. Tliere l a fright
fmm ehnlera here amountimr to a panic. A
i rlald ased tliirteoi montlis ami a yonth
aced seventeen years died yesterday from
tiiolcra. 'Ilie boy contracted the disease at
I rcliool in Toulon. An ambulance system.
' to htinj eliolcra patients to the hmirttal, is
lirin:r orranizeil iimler the Mipennlendeney
of tlie renowneil Dr. Mittre. who believes.
-- --- - ri,ia The
) i,.i ,- Im Kwi unlt-ml bv
American const hero lias been onlercd by
bis Government to cable .Lilly the progres
of tho disease. The roads and mountain
passes of France are behvnciTowlyguantol
to prevent the passage of persons Infected
hiv. ,.!,.,-,
with cholera.
Starring ISIackfert.
Salt I-ike. June 2i A letter from the
Blackfoot Agency. Montana, says: Tilings
are in a deplorable condition here. A-starv- j wao wero getting water from the nubUcareU
big Indian is a fearful foe. We are more at comer of the Churchi'i House, dls
ecure from the Crecs tlan these Indians. small bright spots In the bottom of
nVtit AfamUyeTselresultcd in the
dawns on the Agtw. He doe not deem I decision that the spots were gold, ffnelen
as safe under .listing cimunstanees. . dyke continued lus pumping, saving thc
The worst has neer been tohL Ex-Agent specimens, and finally showed them to a
Joim Young should have made an cstmnta Catholic lYiest, who took thcni to several
for more than oncrefahth rations. He alene , practical miners for examlnatam. Alter
restwible for the wretchedness ami testing the specimens they united In pro
stanatfou here. We behold the snfTermg, , nouncing them gold. A MUwaukee caplt
' ... i. ,-., i, i,;ii ;, ' Hsf firmished the monev and the place was
fwtr Indians a .lay are d tag. " They say.
-Itv the white man." nnt by his gun
m o: .iu
knife, but by hrs nesleet and ill treatment
in neglecting to furnish them the sustenance
which U their due by treaty wna mm.
Yrllow Ferer.
Paxama, June 2S. Dr. L Glcrerd, tha
tclcbrated French surgeon, in the employ el
sue Canal Company, who has been expen- , son-ladaw, Timothy Guinea, In Washlng
raenting with the yellow fever germ for the tan township, near this city, ai the remark
past three years, has bronght his work 'Oajabic age of one hundred and five years,
rlose. He is ready to try attenuated germs . .,M 4h. .. fk months she was
oy inuruiauui; iiu ti.cMj. -s. .-i-".i. .w
dwn the Theater Herrera hi the Plaza
Uerrera. Tlie building was 100x) feet
at'd forty-five feet bleh. The contract fur
itt erection was taken by Dr. Eyfuss, of
S'ew Orleans, for the house of A. Samuel,
of that city, for 92000, ami the structure
.. f ,...... 4.l. Ka.M kAtW.ll K?T
was approaching eomp etiou. it nan oeec
pronounced dangerotubv tbeSitr and Uer
hi. and men were at work trenithcnlur
Its sides at tlie thw f U downtaU.
rrofonad s.errey.
Xew Yobk, June 23. The oncers t1
the Denver sfc Rio Grande refiised to make a
statement about the July interest or give
any outline of the company's future plans.
President Hants, of the Northern Pacinc,
States: IT the Northern rarinc can icasc iuc
Oregon Sat igation at a profit we shall do so.
I do not care to say wheber or not uesotia
teons are on foot lor the lease.
In the schedules of the firm of Herron &
I5t25 and actual assets 23-,50L
Ha Writes a Dock and Gets lata Hot Wy
(er TVltli Ilia Superiors.
Dubco,ck,Iowa, June S7 Among the
soldiers of the regular army who attended
the encampment last week was AY. ODoor
nelL a private of the Fifth Artillery, sta
tioned at Fort Omaha. O'DomieU waa a
member of the constabulary in Fnaxda
Kirk, Dablta, Ireland, when Care
dish and Burke were assassinated.
Directly after the assassination O'Donnell
emigrated to America. After a brief po
rlod here he enlisted. He was not revive
by the oBcers In a kindly manner and wilt
the wrath ot the moment upon him re
solred to write a book, describing the hard
ship and indignities of a soldier's life.
The title 'page 0f the book reads
as follows; "Interior of an American Sol
rUsr's Life by Private OTJonnell. Fifth Ar
tUery, Fort Omaha. Ken.' The book fonnd
readea, but It was received with disgnst and
Indignation by the regular anay oScers.
who demanded its suppression, but when
the author came to Dorjnqrie he
trrtflsght ftfly copies of the book, and
flaeed Uum on a news-stand. Pretty
soon Maj- DeRussey. of the regular
army, found that the book was on sai la
Dubuque, and at once coceedcd ts
the news-stand and informed the dealer that
unless he would surrender the books
be would prosecute him for -clrenlailn; a
slander. The dealer was not aoved
by thli threat and the Major left
the store In a high state of rage, lie
Immediately sought O'Donnell and informed
him that when be got back to Fort Omaha
he wonld be taken care of. There Is every
reason to believe that tTDonnell will be se
verely dealt with when he returns, and the
result will be eagerly looked for. The Sec
retary of War will be asked Is mtcrfere.
m s
Cnprovoked Morder of Dr. BarradaU at
Tort; Worth, Tea.
Foet Worrm, Tex, June 25. It is saf
to say that never before In our history as s
city was there such excitement as there Is
over tike murder of Dr. Claude W. BarradaU,
a well known and popular pharmacist, whe
came to this city some six years ago fret
St. diaries. Mo. Abont nine o'clock Charles
Herring walked Into the dreg-store where
BarradaU was sleeping, and slappirg; hls
on tfce shoulder, said: "You are a jwetty
." Banadall rtfaarked, "Yon are
drank and dont know what you aresaylng,"
when Herring repeated the remark. Bar
radall jumped np from his chair and
stepped toward Herring, wbodrew his pistol
and pointed It at BarradaH's sxcast.
"Don't shoot me." BarradaU said, bat Her
ring puUed the trigger and BarradaU
dropped to the floor, shot through the
heart. Officers to the number of fourteen
were soon In pursuit and were joined by
several p"ses of citizens, but nothing of the
murderer mis been learned except that he
rrossed the Trinity River. The streeta wera
crowded with men. clamoring for the hang
ing of Herring, and If he is caught short
workwiUbemadeofhlm. The only possi
ble reason that can be assigned for th:
crime Is that daring the day BarradaU re
fused to seU Herring some morphine. Her
ring has bad several pistol encounters be
fore, and was considered very dangerous
man. BarradaU leaves a young wife, the
daughter of one of the wealthiest eaitls
kings of this section.
A Farlotts Wind and Sain Storm Swoops
Down on Zanessille, O-. and Scares at Sltk
Sinn to Death.
Zaxesvuxe, O, June 28. A most furi
ous wind and rain storm swooped down ou
this city and before those on the streets
could find shelter the rain feB la torrents,
while the wind drove It abont in sheets, and
the sharp flashes of lightning and heavy
peals of thunder were continuous. A flash
of lightning conducted Into the dwelling of
the engineer at the pumping-honse by a
telephone wire prostrated his daughter, who
remained unconscious for several hours.
One of our oldest citizens. Louden rurceU,
who has been a bedridden invalid for two
vears, became so excited at the severity of
the storm as to leave his bed and attempt
to walk across the floor, but feli. He was
placed on the bed and In twenty minutes
was dead, without being able to utter a
word. In the Seventh Ward considerable
ball fell, and after the storm passed the
ground was found to be covered with small
Coramnnleatlon from Consul atasoB Xa
gmrdlnc the Cholera, at Tontoa.
WASirrs gtox, June 27. Secretary Fra
anghuyscn received last night the f oUowIng
telegram from Frank H. Mason. United
States Consul at MarseUIes. with regard to
the recent outbreak of cholera at Toulon:
MAnscnxzs.Jane 2.
To the State Department. Wasbtaston-
Tbe cholera at Toulon was kept a secret tiu
yesterday. Onthellth there was one death:
on the nth and 3th. two: on thellt. three;
on the SSL thirteen: on the 3d. ve. and yes
terday twelve. The cases are of a mild char
I V:."-Sr.Vh?riVdi?MS
acter, xnerc nas Deeo oniy ubc wnw . sua
' between civilians and military "Hdare chiefly"
' tn &t-i1Ltn and miliurr and are chiefly
ci DIlt the fora(T to prorjahie. There are
. hopes of checking the epidemic by sanitary
! precautions. The 'conation ol : MarUtoiis
eacelient and the death rate below tho aver-
I Gold In the WeU.
STErnESSOX, Mictl, Juno 26. Some
months ago a famUy named Mnelendyke.
nuieUy purchased I for a comparatively sntalt
consiaeraiion. nuoiran uob"".".
weU contains similar specimens. The ex
citement here is Increasing and everyone is
watching developments with 'ntercst.
m m
A. WeH-Preserrrd Old Lady.
rntc. Ltix, June 24. Mrs. Johanna
Doud died to-day at the residence of het
I S.MM W.M.M. m. '
very srry, and at no time was unauic w
leave her bed. She was born In tie County
of Clare. Ireland, and came to America la
1S47. She was the mother of nine childrer,
five of whom survive ber. She leaves
forty-five grandchUdren, quite a number of
creat-grandchUdren, and several great-great-grandchildren.
Her memory of early events
was very distinct and she freqnently re
ferred to the Irish rebellion of X794
Crushed by a Falling Trs.
Coltosxa, S. CL, June 27. John Whe
stone, a young man of seventeen years, who
was Uvlng In Orangeburg County, met with
a singular death a few days ajo. The
young man. In company with two of his
brothers, went Into the wood- and cut down
a pine tree, wmrn, in uiuus. tsv.u.j
lodged, when the lower end was hurled
t 1th great violence against two other tree
sanding uear. Youn? Whetstone was
caught between the falling trees and the
two others, and the upper poraoa ot ua

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