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Beveled ts the Interests ef the Chcrekces, Ckectawa, Chlckasaws , Scralaelcs, Creeks, and all Other Indian of the Indian TcrrHerv.
VOL. n. NO. 43.
Sryead aX emptrfeea fee taest aad emktest store la Dm Iadias. Terri'oir ! that or
W. C, PATTON fe C0.5
j. i i ' . .... .I- i
Ih eMfetMjthteffjM imtui UHrteftke Terr Bwtqaallty to be had In the cm rj.
Aad & fall asserlMeat f everything- wanted by car ensio mers.
9GK MtT 0998 BSFAKYHEXT CMtalas aa iaisease ftodc of eTerj variety or the best nd most serviceable Dry
OX CLOTHESC M7AXTXEXT yea Trill 14 the laryest Slock or flrsl-class OrtMnj Boot, Shors, Hal, Ladle.' ax.
KR XLLLTSERT PAsTXE5T k fallj aa to the times la all th. Latent Sty to snd Fashion.
flCK CSeCERT DrMTME5T to replete with every kiad r Staple aad Tmmj Groceries, Flour, Bacon, Canned. Goods,
Cners, Cheese, Ete.
R HAHalSS KFJLKT3CE5T has a fall Hae ef Saddles, Karats and Leather Goods or all hinds. In
aYCX AGRICULTURAL BaTLEJCEXT BEP1XTXEST je can ret Warons, Buggies, I'low, Spring Wagons Etc
WX HAWFARE SEFAKTJbXaT to well stocked with Sails, Screw, Chains, Hinges, Tinware, Axes, Utensil, Toelr,
Ute. Yea wW ted to
OX LAS6 ASH GXEXaWAXE BEPAXTXEXT every Tariety af Blshes, Crocks J", Jogs, Etc While la
OX BRC8 ST6BE MFAJtrjOCST joa wIM lad a sptoadld stock f Tnre, Me Dross, Medicines, complete in every re
aaeet. frcrto4.;M eanMlr eaaiponBded by a stiHed apethecarj. la this connection we hare also an immense
etoek erSettoa, Tisbtw, decks, CMfccttoaerjr, Etc And a t
STATieSEKY A3 MK 9EFAXTXE5T where jmwI Ind every variety of Writing Xatcrials, Paper, Blank Books
Sate aad Beeafet Beaks, Sdwri Beaks, and a ltee f yeal Readiag Koaks Prose and raelry.
Our Prices are as Low as the Lowest. Come and See Us.
W. G. PATTON & GO., Vinita, Indian Territory?
"W. L. TKOTT, Proprietor.
'Wffl keep nmtuHr os tared a roppjr of trth Xll re sn J Northern Pics Lombrr. Aim fhln
gpt.3)oan. iftfa. abnja. Houldiagv Ete. The Native Mac, belay tapped truai the Choetow
"MeB,lsanCtsaUqr. OKDCSfi sOUCTTKD.
QUI. KM, Pmiieit. PAE flid, S'y ani Trosirff .
Highest Casli Price Paid for All Grades oi'Whear.
rders Iter FI.GUK, BRAX aad SBTTSTUFF? Proaptiy Attended to.
7. SOCLER, tritrfcM4cMtaii teata 3fanagcr, SENECA, X0.
Xen eBiBMyoalcuritiB Osolccst Staple aaAToncj Groceries In the JftAet. Aba
f nit VsitiHiis, FNi, Immmi, 6iasswi awl Timn.
ral-va ocr ttack to Ut- Sctt HbH Jtnc a (he Corerr. tw. ttoen Wetl of A. C
K-OHw -"o.'a Kardivare Store.
WM. L1HLE & GO.,
iraeli 1 ! WTtnll B-1T la
jjlro carry a complete line of
X)iy Goods, Hats and Caps,
Groceries, Queensware,
Ckthiiig, Tinware,
Boots and Shoes, Notions, Etc.
Dont fail to see oar stock and learn oar prices
befo-e buying.
-W3.I. IJCTTIiE & CO.. Vinita, Indian. Ter.
rr too" wast to E2t office axd taed
OSMPAttTWtlMMrriaaWWCt-E. Casli or Cattle taken In Ex-
f- p eazxTTAxr sztkhe, tzxxtju
r.S KKttMX.
USE, IAK, rLASTtl mis.
TULf A, I. T.
For the porchue asd ude of
13 National Stock YanK E. St Loolt.
CVLibrral adraxxx ma4e on oonslcnmratv
Located at EutSb Lb1, III.
Dlredlj-oppoaltc the city of St. Louis. Bnrert
for all description of Lire Stock always to at
tendance, and lrn&to the ground of the Stock
TanU are a Beef Canning; Company, with a
capadtyforalaufhterins 1.030 bead of cattle
daily, and Fork racking- EttahlUhm-nts with
a capacity for slauxbterinrliOJO hoc daily.
ISAAC II. KSOX, President.
laii Facie
Pullman Palace Hotel Cars
through to St Louis,Tla
Seualia, Daily.
Direct Route West and Soutk
west xia Kansas Citx
IT V1M01P piTVl'nton Depot pacnsi
Al KAHoAO Ul I I for Kn. Colorado.
w Mexico and California connect with Ex
press Trains of all lines.
T lTUIPniConnction 1 made wit
Al AlunloUrlExprT-s Trains for at
Points m Kansas and cbraska.
v mi lilt rvmnrctkm is made with all
Al UlAnA lines leadinc to theNorth and
F. CHAXDLEir, Gen. Pas. Agfnt.
a B. KLSXAJf, Ass't Gen, Pasj. Agent,
F. L. DECKER, Agent at Yinlla.
Tho Direct Through Itoute Between
Fast Express Trains are Run Bally. 5
Chanrc cf Cam.
Throush rullman Falarr Sleeplntr Cars art
mn dally, wlibfxiirhanie. between ST. LOUtS,
SXUIO acre of rich farming ail mineral
lands forloljy UuscompanyinSOLTlIWEST
1ST For full d part cuUrf Information, with
Maps Tim Tables Kates, etc call upon or md
dreMany ofoa. StaUoaAcnt,oreitherof tha
D, WlblJAirX, General Fasscnjcr Acrot, S(
R. W CALE.GcnerajrrelsUtAgTnit.St. Loui
C. W KOGFILH. Vice lrcsidcM aod Geuaraf
JtaBagsr.Teui'iUUai5',wii i4
Tiik Chinese are meeting with success
in ilerced County, Califoruia, in their
cultivation of opium poppy.
A sea-lion 'ivcrzhing 3.700 pounds
was latrlr klllol at the month of tho
Cquillc lliver, Oregon. It yielded thirty
callons of oiL
On the Mariposa road, near Tuo
lumne, C'al.. there arc two snoW-drifU,
each a mile long and one hundred and
fifty feet high.
TllK striped convict suits have been
discarded in the Ohio penitentiary, and
prisoners have been furnished with
clothing the same as worn by honest
Lord Someuset, faultlessly dressed
and followed by his valet, goes through
the streets of Ijndon playing a barrel
organ. He takes this method of raising
money for the poor.
IIeniiy W. Conkad, a wealthy wid
ower of Fortvillc. N. Y.. having mar
ries! Miss XIarv Holder, of Iowa, the
children imprisoned the old man in his
hoiiM for several months, forcing Uim
to deed his property to them.
A craDtATOitr is to be built at Buffalo,
If. Y., modeled after the famous one at
Milan. No flame, but intense beat, will
be used to reduced the body to ashes.
The high temperature is nflonied
through pipes from a movable heater,
which wilt lc connected with the fur
nace. Tho required heat by this method
must be eight hundred degrees, and it
will take four hours to reduce a body to
The census of Mexico gives the popu
lation at 9.G8G.777. o State has 1,-
000,000, two States have less than 100,-
000, and several States have lesi thnn
200,000. But Senor Romero thinks that
the population is really not far from
12,000,000. Eighty-two per cent, of the
population lies south of the parallel of
Tampico. More than half the wealth
of the Republic lies south of the north
ern boundary of the federal district in
which Mexico Citv is situated.
Mant Scotchmen init that the deer
'tound was the original of all the dogs
of Great Britain. Yet the breed i so
neglected now, through the decadence
f deer-chasinj, and stac-coursing and
other causes, that its admirers are afraid
it will become extinct, even in the high
lands. Precedents for such an untoward
event are found in the utter disappear
ance of the Irish widf-Ljund, and in the
extinction of the turnspit, once a dweller
in every English kitchen.
PoiiTEnAN excavations havo revealed
still another Venus. It is a line stat
uette of the goddess, crouching, found
in the workshop of the sculptor, who
was apparently occupied with his snbj
jeet when the terrible catastrophe came
upon the city. His body has been dis
covered near by with a cinguhini still
grasped in his hand, and a, cast is now
on exhibition, mado in the usual war,
by filling the space occupied by the
body in the lava dust with plaster of
A ciKCCUtK railway has been built at
Ponce do Leon Springs, Ga. The new
railway is a wooden structure, forming a
circle, being four feet high and five hun
dred fee: long, inside of which is laid
the track for the cars, and is graded
that the cars run themselves, the high
est point above the ground being twenty-two
feet six inches and tho lowest
point touching the ground. Mr. Wood,
formerly a poor carpenter of Toledo.
O., is the inventor of the circular rail
road, having conceived the idea from
witnessing children slide down the hills
on their slide-boards, he arguing that if
they could slide down hill they could
also slide up hill a demonstration of
which is witnessed in the circular rail-
In the year 1881 twenty-four persons
were sentenced to death for the crime of
murder in England and Wales. In thir
teen cases the sentences were commuted
eleven to penal servitude for life and
two to confinement in the crimin
al insane asylum at Broadmoor. In
1882 tho capital sentences numbered
twenty-two; fourteen of the criminals
were execntcd, six areundergoingpcnal
servitude for life, and two are at Broad
moor. Last year twenty-three persons
rrcesred sentence of death; five of these
sentences were commuted to ptnal servi
tude for life, two to removal to Broad
moor, and in one case the death penalty
was commuted to ten years penal serv
itude. The ages of the persons sen
tenced ranged from fourteen to seventy,
the former being the age of Margaret
Messenger, whoisnowundergoingpenal
servitude for life, and the latter that ol
Charles Gerrish. who was executed on
the SOth of Januarv. 1882.
The population of the United States
is now 57.000.000. This is ascertained
in thn fnllnwinir manner: For manv
years tCe increase in time of peace has
been almost preetsciv two per cent.
veariv from excess of births OTer deaths.
besides the excess of immigration over
emirrration. The population June SO,
1SS0. was 50.155.783; adding two per
cent, increase, 1,003,115, and the net
immigration for tho fiscal year iSal,
G69.421, we havo 51,838,823 as the pop
ulation June SO, 1S31. Again adding
two per cent, 1.03G.5C6, and tho net
immigration. 788,992. we have 53,653.
837 as the population June 50. 1832.
Again adding two per cent., 1,073,037,
and the net immigration. i'JV.uii, we
havo 55.325,979 as tho population
June 30, 1883. And again adding two
per cent, for the current year. 1.106,
519, and about 550,000 for immigration
the number during the fiscal year up
to June 1 having been 454,206 we havo
as the probable pepulation Juae 30,
1884. about 56,982,498. In two years
siorc it will probably exceed 60,000,000.
A SHmmarr of the Dally Xewi.
Lf the Senate, on tho 1st, Mr. Harrison,
from the Committee on Military Affair, re
ported the Ilouso bill providing- for the estab
lirhment of branch soMters' homes west of tbo
MiMiMippl. It was amended by subctituUnir
the Senate bill for the same purpoc. alreadr
pasfced. and as so amended passed. Consid
eration or the Klverand Harbor bill was re
sumed. After a lno? debate the bill was
paved. As nrirtnally pa,rd by the House, it
appropriated t H6M. The senate Commit
tee added mnMVU, and tho Senate Itself
made a further addition of fZWJiV.
making the amount of the bill as it
now stands !I3,V4.7W In the House
Mr. Uandall submitted the report ol the Con
ference Committee on tho Naral Appropria
tion bill, announcing1 their Inability to ajrrec.
After debate the conference rejiort was
arrred to. Mr. Calkins then moved that the
House recede from its disagreement to the
Steel Cruisers amendment. Lost: yeas W,
nays 17. A similar motion to mrard to the
Monitors clause was also lost, yeas S5, nays
UW. The House further Insisted on its disa
greement and Messrs. Kandall. Holmanand
Calluns were appointed conferees, ilr.
Townend. from the Committee on ronferKee
on the Pwt-oBce Appropriation bill, reported
f.llure to agree. After discussion Mr. Horr
moved that the Houe recede from the dlM
RTTCmcnt to the Senate amendments touching
compensation to land grant railroads for raatl
transportation Agreed to yeas 111); nays,
ItC Mr. Horr mored to recede from the disa
greement to the Senate amendment Increas
ing the appropriation for compensation for
railway mall clerks. Agreed to yeas 123;
The Senate on the 3d insisted on its
amendment to the Nary bill, and a new con
ference was ordered. The Senate then went
Into cxecutite session. After ten minutes in
executive session the Senate resumed legisla
tive business. Mr. Van Wyck. from thet'om
mitteeon Public Lands, reported favorably
the Joint resolution prohibiting the Secretary
of the Interior from certifying or patenting
any lands to railroad corporations until Con
gress shall hare acted upon any bill or report
from the committee faroringtbe forfeiture of
such lands Considerable work was done on
appropriation bills before adjournment
The House also accomplibc-J murh work of a
similar character. The Mexican IVnslon bill
came up with Senate amendments. Mr.
Tuwnsbend mored concurrence and the Houe
concurred. KS yeas to SS nays. Pending
further action the Speaker laid before
the Hnuc Urn President's veto of the
Fitx John Porter bill. The reading- of tho
rein was recclred with applause on the He
publican side and hlc on. the Democratic
side. The speaker announced that immediate
anion on the veto would t In order. Gen
eral Mocum mored tLat the bill be parsed,
the 0 ijrctlon f the President to the contrary
notwithstanding, and on this motion, de
manded the previous nuetion. Cndcr the
rDtltltutiin the yea and nay rote was neces
sary ami it resulted In 16H aye to T8 nays Ti.e
announcement of the rote was gTeetetl with
continued cheering by the friends of the
measure, and with nies by Its opponents.
AfTXit tht reading of the journal the
Chair laid before the Senate on t hell the "ltx
John Torter veto message, which was read,
the question being "shall the bill pas. not
wlthrtamllnc the objections of the President-"
Thoyeasanil nays were taken without debate,
and resulted In a tie rote, yea r7. nays rr.
Two-tblpls hot Voting in the. afSnnatiie the
bill Tailed to pafc. The ami-Chinch bill was
called by Miller, nf California. The bill was
nasstd without amendment J ea. O; tuja.
U. The resolution offered by Mr. hcnan
was Mgreeil to providing for a session
of the Senate Friday (July tthi. The
Senate, on Friday. paed a bill grant
ing a inlon to the whmw or tirnerat
Onl: alo a bill Increasing the pension of
General Frank P. Illalr's widow, and one to
authorise the President to appoint General
Arerlll to the position of Colonel In the army,
and then place blm on the retired list as of
that rank The Potal Telegraph bill was
postponed till Deremlirr In the Housj. on
the at, 3ir. lown.-ncoci raomi nai ine iiouse
resume consideration of the Mexican Pension
MIL After sereral roll calls the motion was
agreed to. but nothing definite was accom
plished. Mr. O'Neill, of Missouri, from the
Committee on Labor, reported two Joint reso
lutions proposing constitutional amendments
conferring on (jrarress nower to limit the
hours of lalwr In textile arl other manufac
turing ostaKlshments and prohibiting States
irom ntnng convict lanor.
Ox motion of Mr. Cnllom, the Senate on
tho 5th took up the bill to establish a commis
sion to regulate commerce. Mr. Hoar an
nounced that the conferees on the Electoral
Count bill bad sereral meetings and he saw
no uossible hone of a-rreement. Mr. Allison
submitted a conference report on the Legis
lative. Kxecutlre ana judicial Appropriation
bill. Tbeirportannounccdthattbcconrerees
naucomeioan agreement on an ine am-na-ments
Further consideration of the bill to
nrohibitthclmnortatfonof foreign labor un-
tier contract was postponed till December 11.
next. A Dili passed uonalinr a cemetery sue
on the public lands to the City of Kirwin.
Kas. Tnn session of the Senate was
continutd throughout Sunday, the tth.
Mr. Hale stating that the Senate and
House were at a deadlock on the Naval Mil.
In the House, on the ith, Mr. Eanney.
from the Committee on Elections submitted a
unanimous report confirming the right of
Martin McGlnnis to a seat as delegate from
Montana Territory. Agreed to. With a view
to remorin? Impediments to the transaction
of business Mr Rurnes mored to postpone
further consideration or the Mexican l"enlon
bill until the second Tuesdar in December.
This was lost; yeas .". nars 12. At the even
ing session, when the House met. It still
found Itself In a deadlock over the Mexican
Pension hilt, and an hour and a half was con
sumed In futile attempts to make some pro
gress with the Senate amendments. The
House also continued its session throughout
Sunday (the St hi, passing the Naral bill with
the House leaturcs in disagreement with the
roi.rncAL and personal.
Tbe Democratic Convention at Peoria,
111., on the SI, nominated Carter 11. Har
rison, ot Chicago, for Governor.
Gcier-il. Fraxcjs Edward ToDLxarx,
the famous ltuislan engineer, U dead.
At the elections for m-mbers of the Htin
trarian Diet, serious riots oct-UiitL The
rioters were dispersed by the military.
Uerr Ray, a member of the Lower House,
was arrested.
PsEstDrxr ARTnrm, bis son and daugh
ter, Mrs. Sheridan, General Ruckner, Mrs.
DavU and a party of friends numbering
about fifty, ettended an afternoon perform
ance of F. Cody (Buffalo Rill) troupe
ot Indians, Mexicans and cowboys, who
were illustrating at Athletic Park, Wash
ington, the life of the "Wild West."
Abe Bczxard, the mountain bandit of
Pennsylvania, was shot in tho shoulder the
otberniht,and his hiding place was known.
Walttr Jeskks, a switchman on the
Chesapeake & Ohio Road, was run orer
and instantly killed at Louisville, Ky., re
cently. A boy namd Henry Brooks was
also killed by a Jeffersonrille, Madison &
Indianapolis train at Jeffersonville, Ind.
The Uussian Emperor has contributed
one hundred thousand dollars toward the
relief ot sufferers in the inundated districts
of PolaniL
A vtouarr wind storm, followed by
heavy rain passed through the southern
portion of Dayton, O., tho other day, up
rooting trees and unrooting houses. Barns
in tho country were upset, and general
damage to wheat was done
Fokxst fires were doing; rait damage
in tho vicinity of Kingston, Ont. One tract
of fourteen miles by three was envelopea
in flames.
WaRSER Li. wis, Jlt was accidentally
shot with a pistol, in Nashville, Tcnn,, the
other day.
Suervax Lour and Levi Moore, while
workuiz In a field, near Findlay, O., re
cently became heated, end, rndearoriug to
! cool off by takingcopious draughts ot cold
water, suddenly Decarno prosiraicu, aua
were in a criticl condithm.
Steamers leaving Xew York for Europe
one day recently earned Christine Xilsson,
Theodore Thopns, Scaria, Wtnkelmann,
and Fran Materna.
A Bio fish drowned a little fisherman at
Portland, 3Ie., tho other day. Charley
Carey, about eight years old, went fishing
on the shore of the Back Bay. He hooked
a largo fish, clung to tha line, and was
palled into tho water and drowned.
A Judicial Cocbt presided over by
Bishop Hams of the Hethoditt Episcopal
Church at New York acquitted Rev. Dr.
Brirtow of all charges of immorality and
restored him unstained to tho isUifbT,
reversing tli. action of Newnrk confei
enco. Cninwc & Co., of Chicago, dealers in
pig iron and rails, failed and madn a vol
untary assignment recently. The liabili
ties were $SToeO, assets nominally $710,000
and actually at least 4C0.0O0.
AT Newark, O.. the Agricultural works
canght Are in the engine room the other
morning and the works were completely
destroyed. The loss was iSjO.OOO and the
insurance $3,000.
A Paris (Tex.) special says: The steam
flouring mill ot Hamilton & Sons was de
stroyed by fire, together with several
dwellitigs and a large quantity ot lumber.
The loss was $D,0X and tha insurance
Ute Ixdiaxs recently attacked Wilson's
camp In Laplata County, Col., running out
horses and cattle. Two cowboys were
seriously injured and fire Indians were
killed and several wonnded.
A destructive CTclonu swept through
Central Illinois on the morning of the 3th.
No lives were lost, hut the damage to live
stoci, buildings and olber property was
THE amounts finally agreed upon by
Congress to enable the several executive
departments to participate in tha Indus
trial Expositions for the current fiscal
year were ns follows: Cincinnati $10,030;
Loul.rillr, 10.000; New Orleans, $3X1,000.
The steamship "Gulf of Vincent," from
Calcutta, was ishora at Ling Beach, L. L
The crew and passenrers, forty people.
Were saved by the life saving crew.
At Newcomerstown, O., daring a display
of fireworks a bunch of sky rockets ex
ploded, lustantly killing John Cleveland,
of Burton, O., and J. Dta-fee, of Newburg.
A number of others were slightly burned.
At Cincinnati a pecniar mode of swind
ling in a small way was discovered by the
Western Union office, bj people coming in
inquiring about curiom messages re
ceived. The plan was toprepare blanks and
envelopes resembling, bat not exactly like
the Western Union mtsage blanks and
envelopes, prepare bogw messages, deliver
them and collect the charges.
C. 1C Marshall, the English forger who
was arrested in Milwaukee wntle attempt
ing to pass cleverly exicuted fifty pound
notes on the Bank cf England, and who
had succeeded in gettinj money for several
of them, escaped from tie police station in
Chicago. It was clained at the station
that he was liberated by a tramp, who stole
a pass key and opened tie doors.
The St. Louis Age of itttl recently pub
lished over ninety leters from leading
manufacturers of engim, iron and wood
machinery, steam pumjs, hardware speci
alties and iron roofln; in the pnncipa'
cities east ot St. Louis setting forth tMt
the condition of business In these iwtaa
fries is nut as bad as hat been reprrse hi'.
and that the aggregate f sales for the firsl
six months of the yea- is coasldrrauly
greater than those for te last halt fS lfei
There appears to be raw borista) depres
sion in the East than Oh WjbEJF
While Rev. Dr. Jp. AIBroadus, or
Louisville, was jW" Ifcing to fc- d
olt of the WatbteCiJi Avesm Sfs
j,.. ... , ..--- ... . - .
v.M... , . 1 . r : , ZJrZ i were.lonaiT cneerea, anu ine sirceuiwcrc
come bybeat ami fantod.Tlie sfietrfljjsjjjjpjbyjj,,. '.
Tax Missouri Pacificsouth bound freight
train was precipitated through a burning
bridge near Cbecotah, ftx the other day.
Ten cars were wreckec and burned. Ma- '
.... ,1. ImiI hnlrMnal. nl Ifilleil. '
UU MW U.MM w... . ,
The services In Si Patrick's Roman
Catholic Church, Ciirinnati, on the Cth,
were disturbed by Jab Gurckey, who got
np and shouted at theprics. OQcers took
him and locked him u. He was a raving
The other mornlnr Miss Nora Trigg,
daughter of Dr. Trigg residing at Lock
hart, near Luting, Ter., was shot through
the bead, accidentallyby her little brother,
who was handling a pstoL
A heavy wind anc rain storm passed
over Columbus, Ky., the other evening,
killing a woman and to children and de
stroying the Methodis Church and several
other building.
Ax Australian disrutch ates that the
Assembly of Victoria expressed approval
of the Australian fedrative scheme.
Dispatches from It. Paul De Loanda,
on the West coast of Africa, mention re
ports that Stanley hid sailed fur England.
Commanders of Porttguese war vessels as
cended the Congu ari annulled the treaties
that Stanley conclnM with the natives,
which granted totheAfrican International
Association sovsreipty orer the territory
Uitt had been dcclacd neutraL
DOTH noitici f C-ngrrss adj(.urnetl on
tns Tth until Decesber. In the Senate
Mr. Brown a-ki if tho Chairman of tha
Appropriation Comaittee could state the
agregato approprttions this year. Mr.
Alliou replied in tie affirmative, stating
the amount was SlfT,:?!,' ST. In respect to
one or two features f the Naral bill this
amount was estim-tcd, but the variation
would probably bs ess than H 0.0U0 from
the amount he had .taUil. Th aggregate
did not include rappropriations, which
for tensions alone his year amounted to
orer iU0.tXl,0w), rssing the aggregate to
A vikulext epidsnie existed near Ker
beta, Asiatic Turky. The Russian Gov
ernment was adoptng precautions against
the spread of the dsense.
M. Ferry instrnted the French Minister
at Prkin to demam from China a war in
demnity of 230,X franrs, ami also tel-
egrapbed Admiral Courbet to srixs th
Puncheon Arsenalas a guarantee for the
payment of the inirtnnity.
Advices from iuakim report that Gen
eral Gordon bad ben murdered by his sol
diers and that 1 Mahdi bad occupied
The Choctaw trubles were reported as
Increasing. Govrnor McCurtain was de
termined to supp-es the outlawry otwtat
ever cost. MiloUoyt, the bad of the out
laws, vows he will kill Governor McC'ur
tain.atid was emeavuring to get the Cberu
kees to join his landard. He raised a flag
and was orgaiixtng his turces ready for
THEDemocncic National Committee, at
Chicago, on thoTlh, decincj to present the
name of Gonmor R. li. Hubbard, tit
Texas, to the jcnvcntion tor Temporary
Work was supended at tho Washington
Navy Yard onlhe Tth, owing to tha failure
of Congress tt mako an appropriation in
At New Yoii 011 tho Tth AsIgnee Davis
filed an iuvcuory ot Grant & Ward's Lusi
ness, show tor liabiliues JlU,rJi,f.l7. The
assignee says it is impossible to ascertain
who are the t.vnets of all securities In the
possession of Grant 61 Ward at the time of
tho fatlurr.o; all tha securities pledged by
them and hell by creditors as collaterals
for loans, lis report further ;Jiuwed a
wretched system ot doing business.
F. L.FtUerT,iagcd sixty, the hubsod
of MadaasfjeiuUsClick, the actress, was
found dead from fcan disoasstin bis apart
ments rcoeaUy at Boston.
The apfxintsEeat of Kasson as Minister
to Gcrroaiy CToaScd an excellent impres
sion at Berba.
At Dirtroir, aloe. Richard Hawley, an old
citizen, for tavsay year leading maltster of
that city, dlad tbo other eveninr;, alter a
Uagcrisg ilte
the Representatives of the X:ocraey t
tha City on the Lake Sunday acenes en
tha Arrival of the Eastern Delegations
The Booms and the Boomers An Appe
tising Uncertainty as to Who ts tho Com
ing Man.
CmCAGO, I LI July 7.
Yesterday was a day of excitement for
those here for the last big Convention
ot 1884. There was more eniinslasm,
more shouting, more people on the
streets, more bands and processions,
more crowding ot hotel corridors, more
hot and cxcltinz discussions, than on
any day from the beginning to the end of
the Republican Convention. The great
Butler demonstration ot Saturday night
had truch to do with this. Hundreds of
raembcis ot trade and labor organiza
tions who took little or no
Interest in the Catherine of a month
rco arc now arglns into tho I
hotels and crowding the curbstones
arguing and cheering for the man of
their choice, and wearers of Batter
badges, with the well-known physiogno
my of the lion of Massachusetts, are to
be met on every hand. This fact coupled
with Saturday right's demonstration Is
anything but plcas.ug to the Southern
delegations, and they do not hesitate to
express their opinions freely. The result
has been pretty excltinz debates, which
it times have threatened to develop Into
something warmer than mere argument.
A. canvass of the vaHous Southern dele
gations was made In the morning, and
the almost unanimoa opinion expressed
may be condensed into a-slngte sentence:
"We will support anybody upon whom
Kew York can unite except But
ler. Him we will not support."
Outside of Butler the condition
of affairs was precisely the same as
twenty-four hours before plenty of
booms, but no one claiming the
lead. Nor have any dark horses been
uncovered. The numerous processiona
ot the day sadly disturbed the quiet
harmony ot the usual Chicago Sunday.
The County Democracy of New York
arrived a few minutes before three
o'clock in the morning. When the
train of thirty cars drawn br two loco
motives rolled Into the Chicago and
Western Indiana Railroad depot there
were nearly fire hundred Democrats ot
Chicago ready to greet the visitors from
New York. At 1 1:20 the
cook county democratic clcb,
numbering over one hundred, a larse
number 01 Democratic vetctsns and the
sub-reception committee formed In line
on Monroe street, near Dearborn, and
L marched to the depot There they had to
wait for more than three hours before
the train arrtreii. ine oovs passca iuc
time singing and dancing on the platform.
The train, as it approached the depot,
was saluted with, a volley of fire crackers
and with lusty cheers. There were about
in the delegation irom Act xonc
.jorir the route to ine notet uie visitors.
DisaiAKGE or rimnvomts.
festerday afternoon the Cook County
Democracy and Union Veterans, with
muMc and' firing banners, marclied to the
Union Depot and escorted tne McDonald
Club ot Iudlans. to their headquarters.
The streets along the line of march were
erowujd. Mike JlcDonald led the pro
cession. A little later the County Demo
crats of New York, In two detachments,
with a? many ban-Is, playing lively tuues,
went f the Twellth Mreet depot, receiv
ed their brethren of Irving Hall with
open arm and escorted them to the
Leland. More people gtceted the New
Yorkers than participated in the recep
tion to the Itidianlans, aad thi march to
the hotel was one continuous ovation.
Chlcagoans do not have an opportunity
to cheer political processions every Sun
day In the jear, but they certainly made
up for lost opiMirtuullics yesterday. The
crowning demoo,tratlon of the day was
reserved for the
and his henchmen. It was nearly seven
o'clock In the evening when their trains
arrived at the Tweif th Street Depot, The
various local Democratic organizations
were on baud in force, and their ranks
were augmented by several thousands of
lookers-on. Deafening cheers greeted
the Tammanyttes as they emerged from
the depot, and they were continued like
a fusilade of artillery as the line moved
up State street, the sidewalks of which
were packed with a dense mass ot hu
manity. Wlienthc Palmer House was
reached th.e services of a squad of police
were necessity to effect an entrance for
the new arrivals. John Kelly, arm la
arm with Mayor Carter Harrison, led the
way. His appearance in the rotunda was
the signal tor a burst of applause. The
ladles in the gallery waved handkerchiefs
and flags, iten Butler took la the scene
by peeping down over tho
smoulders or a fair immsel.
Roger A. Pryor right behind him, ran
hi lingers meditatlfciy through his long
hair, and the usual sphinx-like counte
nance of Congressman MorrUou lighted
up with surprise at the heartiness of the
reception. Kelly, however, taking no no
tice of the plaudits, marched with the rest
! pf the deitgatUn to the Id. Hard hall,
j Availed until the order to disband was
given, and again emerged and mounted
the stairs to the Tammany headquarters,
the cheering meanwhile being resumed
with increasing Intensity. For flltcer,
minutes thereafter the crowd veiled Iicll
hoarse in its calls for "Krl.y" and
"speech," but the chieftain Old not re
spond. Calls for cheers Tor Cleveland
met with a hearty roponx, but the men
tion of Butler's name ux the sigtial for
an outburst ot hisses and dcrblve yells.
Dnriug the day a number ot prominent
Democrats arrived at the Palmer House,
among whom were Senators Itrck, Har
ris, Pendleton and Saulsbury,and a large
number of Representative
one hundred and fifty strong, arrived
votcrday, and the Bavard headquarters
hare been establLsacd at the Palmer
House, with accommodation for the
contiugent at the Grand Pacific.
Notwithstanding the claims which have
been made IhatTHden prefers the nomin
ation of Cleveland over other candidates,
there appears to be a very gi n 'ral im
pression that some one of the other gen
tlemen uanwd for first place will receive
the Indorsement ol the New York dele
gation. Those who argue la this way
base their conclusions upon the'hrory of
of Cleveland's unpopularity among the
laboring people.
,4j1,Mtt-t-1-,e, frnm Mlimirl- and tsdl
. .. ,I.k X.Hr.v f.i.w TM... mla.t ,,, '
lilt VII IU47 iWUAU VttJ .,mct, ,wWM ,111.
sentiment of this class ot delegates in in
interview, In which he said that he bad
iut returned from a brief visit to New
York and Washington, where be had been
to better inform himself of Clet eland's
real strength in his own State.
n. tiin.
fordsaid1tewas surprised to find howl
feeble the Governor was-that in New,
York city he found worklngmen furious
at the mention of hlsnamc. When asked
how ho accounted for this opposition, he
"From the fact that ho vetoed
Jucing street car labor from
... ..J-rV . . ,-v
tin. Vslll SVbjIiimIiih
sixteen to twelrehonrs. he turned 15.000
m. O) .bboiIamo oomIh. rilnt - otswoa i
The Governor's
elevated ro-id fare Ull, Dr. ManfordaaM,
has also turned the votes of tbotuaaiW 4
worklngtuen against him. Tfca DneWr
did not think that Cleveland cotdd ay
New York city or even Bafclo. Wam
asked his opinion of the outlook oTa9
dayDr. Mnnfard replied that be ttotagkt
the contest was now narrowed dews to
Bayard aad J adze Field, or tie vum w4w
cab carry New York. His delegatlM, h
coacladed, were not as BBBMreac Jar
Grover Clerelaad aa tiey have &
ported to be.
The keynote to the situation Has i tk
result of the coafereace of the Jiew York
delegation, which takes place ta-ay.
Should the Kind's Coanty mea, nk, Ute
anti-Cleveland delegates dalai, hoM Um
balance ol power la the New Yet
delegation, cast tfcelr ais vew
against Cleveland, It woald ap
pear from present indications that
the 'candidate for first piace woald a
either Bayard or a Westers maa. Lead
ers In the County Democracy, however,
claim that seven or eight ot the Kbg4
County delegates wilt surely sapaert
Cleveland, as they have iaHflvblssai
pledges to that effect, All otter d
gatlons, even those who have beea lav
atrnctcd for Cleveland, appear to be hatd
lng aloof, and will not express a decided
opinion as to the situation, prelerriag to
await the action of the New York cases.
There are anions the Cleveland bcb aSa
a number who f aror
and tay that In the event of Clerelaad'a
defeat they will urge Randall as the
strongest man who can be nolaeL
At present, however, It Is appareat that
Bajard will develop more strength Is the
event of Cleveland's defeat than the ax
Speaker of the House. The leaders of
the Bayard movement have beea at work
with good results, and from coaveraattea
with a number of McDonald's followers
It appears that a comolnatloB between
Bayard and McDonald for first, aad sec
ond place respectively Is probable.
There Is a reliable report current that
at a meeting of the King's County New
York delegation In the I'almer House last
night it wis voted six to three thst the
dclegatlon support Cevcsaad fur the'
Presidency. It Is generally conceded,
that this settles It, as K!brN Couatf
claims to hold the batasee-ot power hi
the New York delegatloa, which, U it fol
lows out the Instructions sires by the
Saratoga Convention, will vote aa a taK
for Cleveland, a majority of toe dtlsgataa
from the Empire Stats havlsjc declared
for him. It is a!so understood that the
North Carolina delegation will pas Sen
ator Pendleton for the Vice-Presldeacy.
It is understood that Moastgaoc Capet
will deliver the opealufr. prajer oa Tues
day, and that the choice's Hwporary
chairman rests betwees Coleael YUo, of
Wisconsin, and Judge Hubbard, ssf Tex
as. The Anx-ricus and Sam KaaOHl
Qf Philadelphia, arrived yesteruef.
the members have been doing
tlve talking for their tarlil en
The C:ereund leaders introduced a aer-i
elty In the way ot campaigning-, by a
tioning in their headquarters at the Pal
mer Iiouse a band ot twenty pieces,
which from morning till night discoursed
patriotic airs load enough to be beard a
block away. It was a success aa a
Colorado CattU Camps Attacked by Soeon.
era Vies, lTopeity Destroycst, Stocks Smb
Ob aad the Herders Pot to night MeH'
taxy Sent to- the Seeste.
Dcsaxgo. Cot-, July T.
The camps ot Wm. II. Wilson, George
West and Carlisle A Johnson were at
tacked by Southern Ute Indians in the
wesUra part of La Platta, xoath, near
the Utah line, Juh 5. Charts Clark,
cook for Wilson, and Adefph Lusk, em
ployed by West, were badly woueded.
Four or five Isdlaus were killed
and a number wounded. The whites
lost eleven bones killed aad KM
stolen. Their wagons and camp osttt
were burned and provisions carried ofi.
The cow men were all driven off aae
many narrowly escaped with their live.
Wilson's two boys, eight and ten years
old. In tbclr fright rode twenty-nlae
hours without food or rest. Wllsoa aad
the boja arrived In Durango last night
much exhausted.
It appears that the Utes hare for soaae
time been causing trouble to the stock
men, killing cattle and stea lag horses.
One of Wll-on's men found several of
the hitter's horses la possession of the
Indian and undertook to secure tte
same whrn an Indian attacked him with
a large knife and he was killed. Thk
precipitated the figbL There Is great ex
citement among the cattle men. The cat
tie are at the mercy of the Indians.
Coionel Hall, coinmacdai.t at Fort
Lewis, trdered a cismpany of cavalry oat
at once to drive the Indians back to the
reservation. The information that the
marauders are 2'oathern Utes, comes
from the roost authentic source. The
Indians worencwshlrtsand hadnewWla
cheters and revolvers, bought In Dnraa
go with the monev paid them as aa
annuity at Ignscie. by Agent Pattoa.
Prior to the attack Wibou's boys rccot;
nlzcd and talked to several of them. The
cattle men feel that It is high time the
Ute nuisance was rcn.oved from the coun
try. Cattle owned by residents of Du
rango foot up s.Ooo.ciK) The talk about
the Utes being rngtgrd in farming aad
stock-raising is all bosh; they are as dev
ilish as ercr
A rromlnrnt Divine r-mtrntrd by Exces
sive Heat While CoudncUn; Services to a
Urooklyn Baptist Church.
TlKnoKLTX. N. Y July 7.
While Rev. Dr. Broadus was preaching
In Washington Arcnoo Baptist Church
yesterday tha congregation were sur
prised to observe him stop abruptly lathe
middle of a sentence. Without making
any explanation he stepped back ua
steadlly to the chair behind the pulpit
and sat down. Two members ot the
church who occupied front seals, ran to
Mm and found blic In a fainting condi
tion. Thrv sssistcd tun to the residence
of a member in the vicinity, while the
congregation was dismissed by vise ol
thedtacons. Dr. Hunt reported that he
bad !rn slightly affected by ths beat.
The patient eoon Improved under treat
ment, but was unable to preach ta the
evening. Dr. Broadus I sweH-taowa
clergtuian of Louisville, Ky. He tas a
summer residence at AsburyPark, aad
was recently cogaged to occupy the pel
pit of the Washingtou Avenue Baptut
Church at th? rate ot 875 a Snnday.
Tho l'orest rlrrs la Maine.
II clto?, M. JatyZ.
Forest fires arc raging la Ute vicin
ity of Patten. A largo tire between th
head of the Alegasn and the St. Joha
rivers has beer burning for three weeis,
destroying many million feci of lumber.
Another fire buween Greeuvllto and tha
west branch of th- Penobscot commenced
i about a week ?o and la uow burning
with terrible force, pes fires ate fed
by largo tracts of blown dowa Uatber.
eaase. y ine pa.es isi, awt ue
roar of the flames as tezM by -Hr-hi ta
1 fmtl?,lu
tcrnilc and graad. Uulasa
' te to ralu xety soon, many tows bo
, yaluaWcfcr tJicirtimlwmujtlweatipciy
- - t 5T-AO0C.OW
Avorthef frras; u suooally csssurajd'
bj tio PKuno does orticra Tto,

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