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Dcvetcd te tko Interests of the CHcrekcc, Ckeclaw, Chickasaws, ScmiHelcs. Creeks, ana all Other Indian of the iBalan Tcrrlterr.
VOL. n. NO. 45.
Beyd M eeefriw the best a3 cftsaktest store hi U Iadi Terrilory It that or
W. C. PATTON fc CO.,
Ih m get aajcfci je rat at that of ae Tery het entity to be had la the coi a ry.
Awl a MI assertattat af CTeryttias wasted by r easterner.
ICg Mtr gaBBC MPaXTXEST ewtaha as kaaease 'stock af eTcry Tarictj of the best and most serviceable Dry
M5 CLT3CrS BEFIXTXETT job win awl the tarjest Stock or Srst-class Clothln?, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Ladle i' ar.d
Seats' farnliMwr Coed. Walks
MR XELLDTCRT 33KPAMXEXT te fally ap to theUatcs iaall tits Latest Style and Fashion.
CK Cli;PJLTJttXT tereaktewilheTCTTklaiorSUplcaBdFaaty Uraccries, Hoar, Dacon, Canned Goods,
tCK XAS&BSS JHlPAKEXEST has a fall Ilae or Saddles, Haraea and Leather Goods or all kinds. In
W7S ASKiCULTURAL IXPLEXE5T BEPARTXEXT joa caa set TTapiHs, Basics, Hows, Spring- Wagons Etc.
UK JUSBWi.SE MPAKTXEST te ireU stocked with Sib, Screws, Chains, Illumes, Tinware, Axes, Utensils, Tool?,
Btc ThkWMIi
OK LASS AS fCKSSWAXE BEPARTXEST eTerj variety f Nhes, Crocks Jars, Jags, Etc. While In
US H S- JHBeASTJreyr van wiU fed a ald stock or rare, 5Iee Drugs, Medicines, complete In crery re
. Psk4taearefaMrcpahjakH4e4MAhearx. la this eonaecUoa we haTe also an Immensa
ttaat of SoMs, iMpy docks, Cwjlectiwry, Ec Ad
gTATJWBRr A B BEPAXTMEST where joawffl fad every variety or WriUac rials. Taper, Blank Boola
SateM Seeeopt Boks, Scfeel Books, aa4 a Itee of &! Rcadbx Books-Prose and Potter.
Our Prices are as Low as the Lowest. Corns and See Us.
W. lu TROTT, Proprietor.
aasstrorrxaNriveandSortfernrine Mmaer. Jiieo j-bid-wMSCKte.
The SefivePlBe, beta shipped from the Cnoclow
fcaatea, te awt 1B-HJ-
ays. Km Fr.
Highest Cask Price Paid, for All Grades oi'Wheat.
riers Sor rTMJKV BKAS and SHIPSTUFFS PrompIIy Attended to.
F. BOGLES, SveriBtorfestaid Braes Manager. SESECA, 310.
liaaatbeCaolctstStaploaiwJrincTGroccrlMtatteJfarkct. Alo
Kptji cwiianCj" aa I
Frit, Yipitilts, Fgsd, UaiBiswaf!, Gitsswiri awl Thnn.
Ato carry a complete line of
TYrcr Coods. Hats and Caps,
Boots and Shoes,
Sack Sollies k Mmi mm m
Dont fail to see our stock and learn onr prices
before bnying.
"WTM. 3LITTLE & CO. "Vinita, Indian Ter.
Keeps the Best Selected Stock ef
lctat for lie " B Brere," Moliae TIows and Farm Xachlncry. Examine
.tofkJH.grtprifts. WIIInothe,adrrsoH.
. r fai P MIMS. FUKS FWJC1 Ch or Cattle take la Ex-
& CO., Yinita,
r imuursxjx ernes, vxaroM-
T1UL ffli, Stfy rf TrftHrcr.
w the
tire dears West or A. C.
r. . KILT3T.
iTotions, Etc.
Indian Territory,
Fortio purchase aad sale of
13 National Stock Yards, E. St. Louis.
ryLlbcral advance made on consignments.
Jioet& at E.t XI. Lonl, III.
JMreetlr opposite tho city or St. LouU. nnrcn
foralldtacriptlonof Urr Slock nhmviiiafr
tenlsnce, and irilhln tbs grounds of tie Stork
Tards ore a Beef Canning CVnnpanjr, with a
capadtforslxnsbtcrinjr 1,000 brad uf cattl.
dally, and 1'ork racklajf TMaUL.hmrala wita
a caparftj- for slaughtering U.0M hojs dally.
ISAAC U. KXOX, rm,Idcnt
CIIAS. T. J05ES, Sopt.
Pallmaii Palace IIolcl Cars
tirongli to St. Louis,Tia
Scdalia, Daily.
Direct Route West ami Sontk
vest Tia Kanas City.
rr.ton Depot paaeiaei'i
for Kanax. rolortli
Al rvAflOAO Ui I I for Kair-a. fnlontJrt
New Mexico awl California connect with Ex
precs Trains oi au nun.
Potnta in Kansas and chrasVa.
IT nUlU a Connection Is niarte with aC
A I U PR Attn Unci leading- to the Jkorlh an
F. CHA5DLER, Gen. Tass. Agfnt.
C. B. KCXA5, Asst Gen, Pass. AstnL
F. L. DECKEK, Agent at Yinita.
- -T-r.C7t7-.A.Tg-
lirt Pai
Tne Direct Through Honte Detwren
Fast Express Train are Bun Dally. '
Change or Cars.
Tnroogn Pullnun Palace SleenUis Cjr are
rundallr.'irliboutclwnKe.tictweenST. LOUIS',
Mo- and SAN FHASCIfclTl. Cat
2ua,VO ceres or nrh fanntn n-l mineral
lands for sale t7tniscomrnrtnS.JriU WEST
jitsouni . ., ....
tSTTor full mi part cnlar .nfonratlcn wrn
Maps. Time Tabic lUtrs.ec -rail tironoratl
drsSi any orou- StatlrnABcnu.ore-.th.'STOt tht
D. WISHAltX, General l'iwcn-cr scnt et
O W IAIX letjerairwstJ'S-t bt Loul
C. vr KOOOti M -e 1 -Uti mx C tia
Xa&efer lumyloL'ulliny.ut. luis. Ji.
SECTETAirr Fkeuxchctskx states
that no recriprocity treaty with Canada
has rcccntlv been nejntiatel.
BtsMABCK has ordered planr for a
canal from the B;dtic to the Xorth Sea,
and will ask the Itcichstaj to mako aa
appropriation for its constrncUon.
ErrLOHEia say that no better grazing
lands exist than the eight thousaad
acre at grass fonntl on tho Aleutian or
Fos Islands, which lie to the west of
"James G. Blaine, of Maine." and
"Grovcr Cleveland, of New York,"
were tho prominent names gircn by two
professional pickpockets of New York
Small boys, who continually ask
questions, will probably bo pleased to
learn that a monkey-wrench is named
for its inventor. John Jloncky, an Eng
lish mechanic.
Tiieiie died recently in the Peniten
tiary of Xcw Jersey a comicl who was
formerly janitor in a bank at Elizabeth,
where ho was caught fihing up bills
from a teller's desk with a cord, sinker
and shoemaker's wax, through a holo
in the second floor.
CnAiu.ES Astjbew, of Tolland Conn
ty.Conn., a delegate to the recent Dem
ocratic National Convention, is now
confined in a straight-jacket In aToledo,
O., insane asvlum. The excitement of
the week in Chicago unsettled his mind,
and he is now a dangerous lunatic
While several votmg men of Wheel
ing. W. Ya., were recently having pho
tographs taken in tragic attitudes one of
them took a position as if shooting an
other. By some accident the pistol was
discharged, the ball piercing Edward
Kitaniller through the head, killing
him instantlr-
TnACKEit-w's gpndfather was grand
son of Dr. Thomas Thackeray, ilastcr
of narrow, who had nineteen ehililrvn.
The size of the family probably pre
vented its members, as years pascd
on, from keeping tho run of their rela
tives, and the novelist was,amazci anil
discomfited to discover that, in ridicul-
.the inblie orator of Cambridge
University, he had
own near kinsman.
been abtu-ing his
TnoK. S. r. Laxolet, Director of the
Pittsburgh University Obscrvatory.states
that the nsculncss of the observatory
is threatened by the smoke which in
vades tbe sky from all quarters, and
tho increasing haze from rooistnrc in
tho atmosphere, which the smoke jwms
to enhance In five months there- has
not been one day sufficiently clear for
delicate observations. Unless this state
of affairs Is done away with Trof-
Langlcy states that the days of tho ob
servatory for scientific purposes are
Ttie so-called Siberian plague is re
potted to have broken out in Russia. If
tho affliction Is tho gennino disease of
that name, this is its first appearance
in Europe since 1S1C. It was very fatal
at Moscow in 1771 and 1772. The Hrit
ih Islands were last visited in 1665; tho
"great plague in London," like the fire
of the next rear, is an historic land
mark. The plague of thor fourteenth
century the cclcbratcdf black death"
Is said to have taken ofT i',O0O,000
Europeans. The disearo is now be
lieved to originate only in Turkey and
the regions south and east of the Medit--rrancan.
It is essentially a malignant
contagious fever.
TnE situation of the Portugtieo in
Guinea is very critical. The revolution
of the blacks, which had attained con
siderable importance some months hack,
has not been put down. On tho con
trary, letters from tho province of
Bissao state that the only gunboat on
that station the Barrcto has been
captured by the inurgents, the crew
escaping in the boats. The moral ef
fect of the abandonment of this vessel
and the delay in putting down this rl-Ing
are iikcly to prove disastrous for Portu
gal. The entire Portuguese pre-3 ad
mits this, and urges the Government to
adopt energetic measures without fur
ther delay.
Br actual count, a Philadelphia paper
says, there are 13,862 "Maiden Books"
in the United States, exclusive of Idaho
and Washington Territories which are
still to be heard from. These rocks
arc widely distributed, but there are
no fewer than G50 iu Michigan. 3o0 in
Wisconsin, 180 in Iowa, 187 in Illinois,
250 in Indiana, and 567 in Vermont
alone. A "Maiden Bock" is always
connected with the unvarying legend
that a beautiful and gentle Indian maid,
daughter cf a noted chief, leaped from
its apet into the yawning abyss below,
rather than to wed with a barbarian
brave, -hoscn by her stern parents, or
to shofr herself false to th3t other red
skin npon whom the affections of ber
heart were set.
The cholera panic in France recalls
an incident of tho elder Dumas in 1S32.
Ills servant rushed into his room one
day crying. "The cholera is in Paris! A
man fell dead with it in the Iluo Chan
chat!" Dumas 'aughed, incredulous.
"But it is perfectly true. Monsieur!"
said the scared domestic; "ho is lying
stark and stiff and as black as a negro,
though they ha c rubbed him for more
than an honr." Humph! Perhaps
they have robbed him with a blacking
brush," retorted Dumas, carelessly; but
within a week ho had tho cholera him
self, severely, and would probably have
died had not the servant given him an
ovcrdoso of ether by mistake. She
gave him a glassful of ether with a few j
drops of water, instead of the prescribed
glassful of water with a few drops of
ether Dumas swallowed it. la uncon
fcious fnrtwo hours, and then awk''
A Summary f tbe Daily Xcws.
Miss Ejjilt J. LroSAim diwl atMeriJen,
Conn., recrntlj-, at the a;a of forty-six
years. c -was wt Jely known as a botan
ist, clas.Ical scholar and writer on politi
cal economy.
News has been receivwyit LonUrtllr of
tho death of Colonel T. Q. Shacklef ortt, ex
Surreyor of tho Port, at OainesriUe, Ha.
Ha was a prominent politicim, and wai
well-known throughout the Sonth.
At rortland. Me., tho Greenback State
Committee met and voted to make a vigor
ous and aggressive campaign, provided
that Butler was the candidate.
As Incendiary fire at Lexington, Kj,
destroyed the Bine Grass copper .hops.
The less is $31,000, and tho Insurance Jl.
030. TnnfJranil Lodge Knights of Honor of
Mississippi unanimously sustain tho action
of the sopreme officers in ostablfshinc; tba
hendtnitrtcrs ot the Sopreme Lodge at tit.
As Anitin. Texas, special says the Htate
Comptroller estimates that the reduction
in the ralueof cattle for the ae.ment in
the State will approximate $I0,OQ0,OJ0-
Omcxns of the Pendleton Banking Com
pany ot Pendleton, IniL, deny that they
have falVL Business was suspended for
the purpose of consultation with deposit
ors. Tbe bans: opened the following day
and business proceeded as nsual.
The Pr-sident of tho Hoard of Health re
cently telegraphed Surgeon General Ham
ilton of tho Marine Hospital Service, re
questing that a nrrenuo cutter be detailed
to cmif o off the mouth of the Mls.i.sippl
Biverto warn off all vow-Is from Toulon
and Marseille., directing th?m to go Into
quarantine at Ship Islind.
Is tho Sharon-Hill divorcs caso at San
Francisco Judge Sullivan refused to allow
tbe Ink used in the body of the oltcged
marriflg contract an J signature to be sub
mittert J a chemical test unless counsel on
both sides agreed. Miss Uili'4 coucsel re
fused. Sharon's counsel thereupon an
nounced their case closed.
At A lanta, Ga., recently. IV. I. Thrash
er was fatally crushed at a saw mill by
logs falling upon him.
As attempt was made recently to blow
up the monument at Salisbury, England,
to Lord Herbert with a box of gunpowder.
The jSmI'sUI was injured.
The Fireman's Trust Insurance Com
pany, of Hew York, was closed up and
policr holders were being re-insured. The
assets were $183,933 and tho liabilities
At Painted Tost, S. ., tho olber day,
fire destroyed the business part oftown.
Oven two hundred clerks in the Pension
Bureau received promotion the other day,
the average advance In salary being two
hundred dollars.
A rrtaVT vein of gas was struck on the
Lee farm near Hubton, Pa., the other day,
at a depth of eight hundred feet. This
strike was in the new field and the pres
sure was said to be Tery strong.
A srccjAl. from Choraw, S. C-, states
that J. P. Hawley, of Douglass, generally
thought to be the party who led tho posse
that kQled Bogan Ca.h, was shot down
while at work In his field. He claimed to
know who did tbe shooting.
Tub sfeamer St. Dunstan, from Mar
seiUes,arrived In tbe Mersey on the lStb-She
reported two deaths from cholera during
hervcyage. Ths steamer was ordered
placed in au Isolated position and all com
munication wltn toe snore lormacen.
Tns Russian plague has mmde if r appear
ance at Kara and other stations it tho Can
casus. It was brought from Persia. The
sanitary cordon at Kara has prove i en
tirely useless, efeht hundred persons hav
ing died at Bedrn during May. The Gov
vrnmnt has interdicted most of the Cau
casions from making pilgrimages to holy
CoTTcn, BcATTtc & Co., general mer
chants and lumber manufacturers at Ovid,
Mich., made an assignment recently. The
linn was a heavy one. This ws the third
failure there within two days.
Tnc customs authorities at Montreal re
cently soiled ten printing presses manu
factured by the Campbell Company of Ucw
York, for undervaluation about thirty per
A wrtx being du; at the factory ot Duke
& Sons, Durham, U. Cleaved in tho other
day, burying sersn men. Three were
taken cut badly injured, and four remained
i n the well dead. One was beard begging
for succor, saying tho water was rising to
his neck and be was about to drown.
Duke paid five dollars an hour to men to
Tnx failure for the week ended July 18
were: United states ws; lanoaa. sj;
total, 21S, against 192 last week. The in
crease was in the Western and Middle
Haiuios. SrnCAscx & Co, one of tho
oldest and most conservative houses on the
Chicago BoardotTrade, announced its sus
pension recently. The ffrni was under
stood to have been short' In the neighbor
hood of 1,000,000 bushels of corn and to
have lost both on tho descending and as
cending market. The liabilities were esti
mated at $100,000.
At Waynesboro, Ga., Sara Williams
(colored) was hanged for the murder of
Clem Bush, also colored, Octobers! The
execution was private in the jail yard.
The private banking house of A. & J. C.
Harrison, of Indianapolis, notwithstand
ing the assurances given by tbe latter gen
tleman the day before, did not open its
doors on th-rlSA. Tbe claims ot deposit
ors were sal J to amount to about $0)0,000
other liabilities not stated.
P.car Admiral. Nichols, Acting Secre
tary of the Navy, and General Haxen,
Chief Sicnal OScer. had a conference at
Washington, at which It was concluded to
suggest to Commander Schley that ho
bring the snrvlvors of the Greely party
from St. Johns to Portland, Me., where
they can remain until better prepared to
stand the change ot climate. Their fami
lies can join them ot Portland If so do
sired. Is noward County lad., theother night,
Mrs. Wlfliam Tubley was shot and klllod
by some unknown party.
E. r. Talk has been appointed Commis
sioner of tho Burlington and Wabash Pocl,
in place of M. Knight, resigned.
A strLL, belonging to the Laflln At RanJ
powder company, at Cressana, two miles
from Pittsburgh, Pa., exploded the other
Hesbt Bloom, a Baltimore & Ohio ex
press messenger, was arrested recently,
charged with stealings package containing
William H.RnrstLASDER.of a family of
wealth and antiquity, was Indicted at New
York recently, for shooting and wounding
John Drake, the family lawyer.
EBA3TPS Woies Si Fbiesdi, having se
cured the Ktatsn Island fprry franchises
from Kew York, propose lo connect Staten
Island with New Jersey by bridges.
The Secretary ot State on the 13th re
ceived a cable message from Consul Gen
eral Walker, at Paris, acknowledging t5e
receipt of the tanitary tel"gr.ai sjng H
bal been sent to Havre, Bvdeaua and
Marseilles. He further says it will be
strictly observed and that there Is no chol
era in Paris yet. The city was unusually
Bob Hcst and Daa Parker, both colored.
were hanged recently at Greenville, Miss.
The former killed Bund Best, colored, and
the latter killed Richard Barrett, colored.
Ir the United States Circuit Court at
Cincinnati, George Hufer was appointed
receiver ot the Cincinnati & Northern di
vision ot the Toledo, Cincinnati & St. Louis
Thomas Brighav, a farmer near White
water, Wis., went to the pantry at night
recently for a lunch. He mistook for els
tard a plate of poison prepared for rats,
and died in great agony within aa hour.
As artesian well is to be bored at Aber
deen, Dakota, with a view to obtaining per
manent power to run a mill producing two
hundred barrels of flour per day.
Tnc acquittal of Lair, implicated In the
murder of tbe Ward brothers at Devil's
Lake, Dakota, was followed by the quash
ing of all the indictment', with the consent
ot Dr. Ward,ot Chicago, who saw no chance
for conviction.
A bask cashier at Sterling, 11L, paid a
stranger one hundred dollars for a genuine
silver dollar bearing the rare date ot 1504.
An Eastern numismatist to whom the
coin was sent, reported that the date had
been altered in tho most artistic manner,
and that the piece bad no special value.
The employment of a spotter on the
Brighton street railway at Rochester,
canted a strike by the drivers ot one hun
dred and twenty bobtail cars recently.
WntLE in the woods near Fritztown, Fa
recently William Seachrlst was attacked by
even polecats, who scratched and bit him
for tweuty minutes. He killed six of them
with a dub, and lay helpless when found
by Ids neighbors.
A basd ot road agents stopped the stage
and the Boorne back, near Boerne, Tex.,
recently, robbing the passengers of money
to tbe amount of 530, gold watches, chains
and jewelry. The robbers did not molest
the United States malL- The road agents
then flanked the town after the first rob
bery ot the stage, and again hailed it sev
eral miles beyond and robbed the mails.
Officers wore in doss pursuit ot tho robbers.
Da. MacRea, of Council Bluffs, was
called recently to attend the family of B.
C Ha rris, at Parks' Mill, Lu, and found five
peopleMiangerously sick with a complaint
that bad all tbe symptoms of cholera. The
first caie reported was the youngest child
of Mrs. Harris' daughter, who wa taken
sick and died within an hour. Another
grandchild of Mrs. Harris was also taken
111 and died. The patients under Dr. Mac
Rac's charge wire vorr low, and ho had
but little hopes of saving them.
Ovxn two thousand saloon keepers of
Cincinnati ami Hamilton County, O., have
faUcil to take out licenses under tbe Scott
law. The tlroo expired July 19. Tho
Rcense was one hundred and two hundred
dollars per annum according to the kind
of intoxicants sold.
Pbesidest Aetuur has Issued a proda
mation urging diligence on the part of Fed
eral officers in preventing the introduction
of cholera into tho United States.
Dr. Swift, Director or the Warner Ob
servatory. Rochester, Now York, has re
ceived intolllgenes of the discovery of a
comet by Prof. E. E. Barnard, of Nash
ville, on the night ot tlxvlGlb. inst., which
discovery was vcrifiedTy the motion of
the comet. This was tho first comet dis
covered In tho northern hemisphere this
At Petersburg, Vo. the jury In the cse
r Tt,,. f rtfiri. ril for the mnrtler
of John Dittman, disagreed. Davb was
bailed until October.
t,. ,. r.,v,rte.l fmm Tnnrfen. that a
French comedy troupo.
traveling mrougu
.. .
Algiers, was-massacred by Arab near the
Morocco frontier.
The circumstances whloh led to the dis
covery of the plot to blow up the Cxar dur
ing bis recent stay at Warsaw have been
made public. It appeared that tbe lubu
pollco official who was the father ot the
student's fiancee. The stndfht refused, smd
nolsoncd himself. Two letter which he
left to bb betrothed led to the discovery of
tbe conspiracy.
At Big Rspld, Mich., Oliver Seaman's
mill and six or seven million f eot of pine
lumber were destroyed by fire the other
night. Thelais was estimated at$.j,0M;
insured for JM,O0Q.
Tbe officials at Marseills were reported
panic stricken because of the failure to
check tho spread of tho cholera, and were
Joas A- Loo as issued Ms lettsr of ae
osptance of tha Republican nomination on
the- list. He supported the Republican
platform, entering somewnat extensively
into tho rights of the colored people of
thaSf.nth. His foreirn views were slml
lar to those ot James G. Blaine.
Tbxrx was an Immense demonstration
of trade societies in London on the gist
for the purpose of protesting agaimt tha
adion of the nouse of Lords la rejecting
the Franchise bill.
Advices from the Congo region state
that Henry M. Stanley, before leaving
that country Installed Colonel Win
ston as Temporary Director of all
African Internal! mal Association sta
tion. Stanley, having failed to como to
an agreement with the Brussels, director
ate, had resigned the position.
At Indianapolis William B. Smith & Co.,
lumber dealers, made an assignment for
the benefit ot creditors. The liabilities
were $M,O0O and the assets were estimated
to be JS0.OOO.
AT Clinton, N. Y., the private banking
house ot F. O. Hill closed its doors. In
ability to realixs on real estate and securi
ties was given as the cause. The bank car
ried about J30.000 or $100,000 of deposits of
business and laboring men and fanners as
deDOsltors. The liabilities were not
Os the 21sl cholera was reported to have
broken out at Ma-lrin. At rans tne o-
Jiad also obtained a loolnola. At
Toulon and Marseilles the plague had be
come very fatal, being accompanied by a
form of typhoid.
Aboitt two thousand brickmakers struck
at New York recently for nine hours a day
instead of ten.
The clearing houso returns for the week
ended July Uth showed a decrease of 82.6
Xorthe whole country, the decreaso In New
York being S3.3.
The City Council of Chicago recently
passed an ordinance requiri-gshopktepers
to furnish seat for their female derks.
HxsnT Stevess, a paper box dealer of
Chicago, has assigned. His attorney statea
that his assets approximate $100,000 and
his liabilities half that sum.
At New Haven, Conn., tho other night
the stable cf Peck & Bishops, local ex
pressmen, burn-d. There w ere forty-eight
horses and mnles In the building and only
nine w.re saved.
Woet oa the Mexican Central Railroad
frem SalUllo south was being pushed.
Ir waslrported that the Richmond Na
tional Bank ot Richmond, Ind., was about
to fail.
Tbe first news from tbeArctlo whaling
fleet since June M'b says Twelve vessels
bare taken thli ty one whales, and twenty
focr vesstls ara dean. The schooner Caleb
Eitcn, of San Frandtco, was lost
Jena A.Eocan Writes HI Itter of Ac
ceptance Ills Views on the TarlX an
Other Question.
WAsnrsciTos, July 22. John A. Logan
has issued hb letterof acceptance of fee Re
publican nomination to the Vice-Presidency.'
Regarding protection to native industry he I
says: The resolutions ot the piarxonn o
daring for a levy of sach duties m to af
ford protection to the rights and wages of
the laborer, to the end that active and In
telligent labor, as well as capital, may have
lb just award, and the laboring man his
full share In the national prosperity,
meets my hearty approval. If tftere
be a nation on tbe face of the earth
which might, If It were a desirable thin?,
build a wall unon its everr boundary line.
deny communion to all the world, and pro
ceed to live upon Its own resources and pro
ductions, that nation is the United States.
There is hardly a legitimate necessity of,
clvuiiedcommtmlUesjwmcn cannot dc pro
duced from the extraordinary resources of
our several States and Trritories,wlth their
manufactories, mines, farms, timber
lands and water ways. The drrum
stance. taken In connection with the fact
that our form of Government Is entirely
unique among the nations of the workil
makes It utterly absurd to Institute compar-j
bons between our own economic systems;
and those of other Governments, end espec-'
ially to attempt to borrow systems from
them. We stand alone in our drcumstances.
our forces, our possibilities and aspirations."
Itrgarding foreign relations Logan takes'
ranch the same ground as Blaine. He Is in:
favor of the present banking system. He;
enters extenslvdy Into the relations of the
colored to the white people of the South
and the alleged violation ot the electoral
rights of the colored race. He Is In
favor of the highest standard of excel
lence In the administration of the civil ser
vice, and will lend bis best efforts to the ae-
eomplishment ot the greatest aiuunaoie
perfection In this branch ot our service. Ho
says: The Republican party came Into ex
istence hi a crusade against tho Democratic
Institutions of slavery and polygamy. The.
first of these has been buried beneath tha
embers of dvil war. The party should
continue Its efforts until the remaining hil
quity shall disappear from our dvilUatSon
laws. Upon the subject of foreign,
immigration. General Logan savs: MUn-i
der our lil&ral institutions the sob-1
jects and citizens of every nation have beenj
welcomed to a borne in our midst, and oa aj
compliance with our laws to a co-operation!
In our Government. While it b the policy
of the Republican party to encourase the-
oppressed ot other nations ana,
offer them facilities for be
coming nscful ami Intelligent ritizens in the.
legal definition of tho term, thb party ha
never contemplated the admission ot a clasa
of servile people who are not only unable to,
comprehend our institutions, but Indisposed
to become a part ot our national family or
to embrace any higher dvilization than tbeir
The OoTrrnraent tabes Action to rrereat
the Introduction or Cholera President's;
Wasitisotos. July 21. Tho Secretary,
of State addressed a letter to tbe Secretary
of the Treasury in re-ard to the cholera
question, of which the following b a copy:
On the lClh day of April lat I bad the hon
or to inform you that a method of disinfec
tion for rags bad been agreed upon by tbe
health authorities of New York, New Haven
and Boston, and that an Inspector had been
appointed who was to act under tbe Con-
stil-Gencral at Cairo, who was al0 to an-
thenticate the certificate of Inspection,
Congress having foiled to provide for the
Consal-Oeneral at Lairo,
such certificate
A. .1 -
furnished. The
j . ,,., nnv5llv rhan-wl
i nnniti or u;e ninKut ur
the duty of seeing tliat the rags
were disinfected, and his office no
longer exists. The want of satisfactory evi
dence of disinfection maitcs u necessary
to abandon for the present the plan
agreed upon. I have therefore revoked the
-z - rssx
information. Secretary Folgcr USued iu-
T lir-ML'IlAAl UUfVLSUtri &MMk - .--
structioiiS to collectors of cntomsand other
persons interested, toi.revcnt until further
orders tne untoaning oi ra;s inw "iv"
tnfa-tni tvirts and ras which are suspected
nn mod rrounns of bring Infected coutinz
from any foreign port. Tbe Surgeon Ges,-
eralof the .Marine xiospiiai mttico kic
graphed the health authorities of New Or
leans that the Secretary ot tbeTrcajury has
directed tbe vessels of tbe revenue marine
service to patrol the toasts of the United
States indudlng the gulf coasts as a precau
tionary measure agalnt the cholera.
It b expected that the Presi
dent will Issne an executive order call
ing attention to the necessity for morestrm
gent precautions against the introduction ot
cholera and urging great vigilance on tho
ran of aenU ot the Government both at
t home and abroad. A quarantine will prob-
. - j, cnlj and also
mrt 3, n B7licU blto- place there
b rercrted to be the epidemic of ydlow
fever. The epidemic fur d, of which inert
b an unexpended ballance of about 578,000,
will be utilized by the avthorities for these
purposes. The administration has deter
mined to make every pos'Mt rXcrt n pre
vent the lntrodnctn of contagion.
x rwx-LAMvnos.
WAsnisorov.il c,Juir i-nrtbePret-
dent ot the fnlted Mte-A i-rodainatloo.
While quarantine rrnilations are cominHie-l
to tbe several States thet.cncral GoYernrarnt
has reposed ecrlnln wrrrs In th- rrehlent,
to te u?d at his .Lscretloo. in preventing
tbrcatrard epMcmicn. Keeling it 107 duty. I
hereby call upon all persons who. under ex
isting ytem In tae several Mate, an- .-n-truied
with Ihe rircutton of juaritlne eg
ulaUoim. to be dl!ljrrn ami on the aiTl lo
rrdcrtoprecntthe Introduction or tnc pee
tUencn which we all reirret to learn ba nvide
Its appearance In some countries otvope
between wblch and part of tbe I nltrd Slate
intercourse is direct and rrenuent. I tanhn
advise that all dtlcs and town ot the I niteU
States, whether on the conn or on line or
i.u.n,tnir-tiftn bvmio.n.1 sanitary regu
lations and by the promotion or c!canllnr.
be preraml to reii in p' V,frV.T. .
mitijratelts severity, and I further direct that
UK. .- ...1. .r iho f'nltrd Stat:- In ports
where pestlb-noe bay made or may make lt
arpraranee. to eiercle vtellancc lu carrrhip
out the Inructh-ns heretofore lTenana la
eomtnuntratlmr bcrrartertotbe;Overnmcnt
of the rnMed States any Information of value
relating 10 too prosrr or irviu.".
ajjeasca. .
ll-nojj. CnxsTXRA-ABXirua.
. m
A youth in Ohio wrote to a friend.
askibg his advice a to gcUinp; married,
wrinif. with a modestv worthy an in
surance agent, tha. he had had found a
girl who would furnish all tho col
lateral to begin housekeeping, and that
"it would cost him no more to live
double than single." The adrice given
was that the girl would be happier by
marrying a mnle-driver who would
work to support hor than by linking
her fortune with a fcKow that would
not properly provide for her. Dttroil
. ,
A Gorman, now resident in En
gland, says that, alter having served
for six vea s."n the German army, he
can confident y say that the military
system of that country constitutes tho
most cursedly tyrannical form of
slavery that ever d'sgraccda civilized
nation. Is it any wonder that England
andtbe United "States are completely
over-rua. by Teutons anxioas to taste
abroad tho sweets of freedom which thoy
can never enjoy at home? C-fticao'o ntr
aid, William Cubine- fell in front of a
drcolar saw at King a Mills. Tenn., and
was beheaded.
Terrl&U A.eJJent to aa Krerrloa Tntta
Scar Canton. Ohio.
PrrrsBmoii,'riAnJuly2L ACaatoMX?
special gays: A point on tho Valley mH
road! two miles east of here, was the seeM
of a terrible wreck. In hfcn,Ji -oria-
tlonbts from jhis-city gitracaTowr
witir Injuries so far as known, while K V
tbouftbt half dozen or more persons nnter
tbe wreck are dead. Tbe eaftojres
of tbe Ardtman & Company's awhine
works bad an annor, picnic at Cayahogm
Falb and over 2,0 went on the
lion. mad) up of two trains of
cars each. The first section arrived at Cast
ton at TfiO p. m-, aad while hundreds C
fathers, brothers aad sisters at tbe itaHow
were waiting for friends and relatives or
the second sectloa a hatless messenger eowa
running down the track crying tbe Min bad
been wrecked aad many were killed aa Ia
jured. Tho scene that followed ww be
yond description, and when Use wwefc was
reached, men, women aad chUdrem laa
aronnd wringing their bands aad leokfec
for their loved ones. Nlae cars were est
the track and bt the water tow feat deep.
The cries ot the Injured were beaittwuHiig,
Hundreds of willing hands immediately set
o work and soon found that not mora
than twenty-fire were Injured bat It was
Impossible to say how msay or who were
killed. About a dozen more arentsssiacv
aad may be under the cars, aad aoskeag
definite can be known until the wredriac
train arrives, which is now oa Its way to
the scene. A tdegraph office was opened
at the scene and everything was dose to
alleviate the sufferings of the lujurerf.
Tbe list, so far as can bo learned, to M
follows: MaryScblurasky, ajed clhlMti.
feet crushed and leg broken; Albert Travel,
aged eighteen, arm broken, chest wished
ami back injured; Ella Nanuses, aged
eighteen. leg broken and Internal isjariea;
Mrs. A.GrovemUier,seTere Inters! isjartes;
Jlrs. Walker ilosdy. Internal a Juries;
Agnes Lippert, foot crashed: Learn H
bocker. Internal injuries; Wmsie Giaas,
spinal Injuries; Julias Uubocker aad wife
both sustained internal injuries; Ivaa Stum
felt, head cat; Charles ilockman, head cat;
Mrs. Joseph Dick, Internal Injuries; Harry
Tiffe, aged seventeen, head cut aad body
The engineer says the wreck was cawed
by the rails spreading. The enghte want
over all right, but the first car Jumped tbe
track and eight others followed. The
train ran along the side of the track
for some two hundred feet, tkrewtag
the occupants from one side to the
other, and finally Jumped a small tasbaak
roent and landed in three feet of water.
The doors were cut open and the peeete ot
out Three doctors are on tbe grsaad at
tending to tbe wounded several of if boss
theysay will die.
Prrrsncscn. July 2L A Caaton, CX,
special says: Tbe track, at tbe scene of Sat
urday night's wreck was cleared yesterday,
but three of tbe cars throwa lato
the mud havo not yet bees re
covered. Twenty-three persons were injured
but no deaths are reportcdand the woawted
are doing better than expected. No one
w.vi killed ral those mlsslog and supposed
to be under the wreck have turned up all
right. The loss to the Railroad Company
b about $3,000.
Dilapidated Condition or tho Xonamrat at
Springfield, IU.
Chicago, July 19. A staff cofresasad
ent ot the Inler-Ocean has been Iarestt
gating the condition of the. monument at
Springfield, IIL. over the remains of the Is to
President Lincoln, and that papor publishes
four columns of sensational matter as to IU
condition. It charges tbe jrossest dishon
esty in the performance of the work and
will give a detailed account of the defects
In the construction, the aggregate of
which threaten the caving m of tbe
terrace in which the crypt Is aitu
atid, if not overthrow ot the monument
Itself. The correspondent finds that Use in
ner walls are ot soft bricks, which ara
already rotten and hi many places the wood
and granite chips are thrown in to 811 the
spaces which should have been solid mason
ry. In February one of the arches running
tbe entire length of tbe terrace fdl and th
flagstones which form the fioor of tbe ter
race are hdd up by timbers put In by the
custodian. Thb arch aas bees keyed np
with pine wedges and chunks of ntortac
In places where the graaitt blocks ot the
terrace floor were not long esoagh to
reach the wall, their Inner erds were sup
ported by inch pine boards. Where tha
heavy rraaite columns for the statuary rest
on the tcrraccthey are levded np with plaa
wedges and tbe stones are broken by the un
equal weight. Tbe inner walls are loose and
held up by long props, which are now rot
ting. The heavy stone over the crypt in.
which the remains ot President Lincoln
rot b supported on a pine board. Tbe
whole terrace on the south and east sWea
lias been taken out to prevent tbe heavy
stones from falling on tbe coffin below.
All Qalet at rresent Tbe Flakertoa sTeOoe
Arrested Bound Over.
C01C31SCS, O, July 21. Thb has been
quiet day among tha comers of the Hock
ing Valley, with no change ia the situation
tt the strike except that Brooks the opera
tor, left here by special train yesterday with
additional laborers, to take charge of tha
machines In the mines to-day. It is said
they arc experienced in the business. Tho
TolnmbtM Trade Assembly satv a benefit
yesterday in a garden which was largely
patronized, and will raise qnitn a sum of
monev for the miners who are oa a strike.
President McBride. of the Ohio Miners"
Union, delivered an addrws in which ba
ald that the miners were prepared to hold
out, and he thought the strike would last
nntil Scotcmber at any rate. Ho eoure
vlnl moderation, and said the miners
would do nothing which would make it
necessary to can out the militia to qodl any
disturbance. Tho tweniy-nve nairrwn
police, nnder arrest at Straitsvluc, charged
with usurpation of power, were bound over
to court by the Jthlce In tin sum $100 each.
The op"uators ci" lxml lor Ke police.
An old tract says: "Tho jury
twelve was adopted because
prophets were twelve, the apostle
numbered twelve, there were twelr
Jewish Judges, twelve pillars of the
teunle. twelve Datriarchs. twelve; tr
oi Israel, twelve stones on Aaron's
breast-plalc. twelve gates of JemsalemJ
twelve montns in uie vcar anu iweiv
si"na in the zodiac When juries we
Grst established, the Juilro took thd
urors about with him hi a cart until
they agreed. If they didn't agree, thej
were lined and impnsoneu.
An office door in Norwich. Carta
bears a placard reading: "This ofrk
is non-r.art.-san; talkiaz politics Is no
allowed under any circumstanc
neither of the occupants has any polil
ical preferences ana scarcely any reitfl
ious convictions, jinsines a nan, '
want-, soreheads aad Independents .
no consolation here. Vindows foil
stories from Water street. Harifcn
Tnere IS a Rjace in PhHadelphj
where ladies r?oimr awv for tne ana
user put their rt dogs 10 board. Nccrj
all the summer notets oire pu ii w
lareo on the swell &narHyows. aca 1
fuse to take Aem even at fancy r r-q

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