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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, August 07, 1884, Image 1

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Berated te the iBtcrcsu ef the Chcrokces, Chactawa, Cblckasaws, ScralHelcs, Creeks, and aM etlHrr IadlsB ef the. Iadlaa Territory.
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YOL. n. NO. 47.
Wo C. PATTON fc CO.,
Ymi ea get aaTtitiag- jh wast aad Hut ef tkc very best aaality te he had ia the roi m ry.
Aad a fhS assarimeai at" eTarytuBg mated ky er easterners.,
fc MtT 3S MP AXTXOT eMhthu aa hamase te ef every variety of the best aad most serviceable Dry
K CLiTKK WEPAKT3GEST jw triM aM the ta Stock r fot-dass Ctethla-, Boots, Shoes, IIat, Ladle t' are
ffrmtc Tmi hihlai R..1- WkU
tnt XtLlJTSRT meiKTWEST is fidijap to tetts laaHtfcs LiteUjJty Wc-ad Fashions.
CR etMCBftT BSPAXTOSST hi nafete wits every Wad r Sfeafe aad Paaaf thwwrirs, Hour, Bacon, Coaaei Goods,
fWa fLaaaa
tm ARJCULTUXAi BStUOLTST BCPARTXEST yM eaa set ffagetv, Bgies, Flows, Spring- Wagons, Etc.
OS MAJtfrWAItE PARTXEST k well stocked with Sails, Screws, Chalas, Blasts, Tinware, Ares, Uteaslb, Tool,
Etc. Test w4H lad la
J 6LAS6 A5B fCEEXSWJJtE BEPARTXE5T eTery variety ef mikes, Cracks, Jars, Jug, Etc While la
C MSB STARE BEPARTXEST yoa will Sad a Sfla4M stock ef Pare, Ska Brags, Medicines complete in erery re--fpeet.
PraserirtIfraifaNr tiBsnoaailcd By a sUBei aaatfeeea -. la this connection we hare also an immense
ftoefc afSatteas, Ifg, -", .jPa-fcctteerr, Etc. Aria
gTATIOTgRT AJR BtrftgMJwaiwilwT. where yaa wl lad every variety ef Writing Materials, Taper, Blank Book!
2Ma acd Jtceetet Dim, Schoet Beets, aad a Hae af gael Readla? Rooks Prose and Poetry.
Our PribesiJ as Low as the Lowest. Gome and See Us.
W. G. PATTOH & GO., YmHaJndian Tgrrlfery
" ZZZIZmiZ!ZiiZl . , i w.n. littles, toantctci
11 1 F'FYl 1 T i t JrTa i.m j 1 TlTl w w.jitria. t J.nisu
VlB.il A !;Umi5iliJi XiLK-Li,
W. i. TBOTT, Proprietor.
OBiJv3mKippIrofbrttiSt;rendXortkcmPfcio limbec Alo Sh!a
..rniiarasn, ac Ave
OUS. WXL frfiifet Fin. WACt, l7r a Tri;
Higkoet Casli Irice Paid, for All Grades oi'AYhear.
rfers fcr FL6UR, BRAS sad SRTFSTUFFS rroaaptly AUraded to.
g. BOCLEK, Siyriia?iikttaa fasaess laaagcr. SEXFX'A, MO.
K T-nitraUr on asai ih5 Cmicast Staple aadFancj- Groceries In ta3CarkeC. !o
Fftilf, tilths, Fe93, Qiraf, Glisswari Mi Btwars.
'ErE7n.ntrsrrt'rt:lnbe?fTT BBtltftac (be Con ler. two rfoera Wert of A. C,
Jta) aul . t o. Hani rrare Store,
ran.aala a-ut XtaU Bralcra te
Alro carry a complete liae of
Dry Goods, Hats and Caps,
Groceries, Qneensware,
Clothing, Tinware,
Boots and Shoes, iotions, Etc.
lad Sipplis let SlO-iui Always in SteoL
Don't fail to see onr stock and learn our prices
before buying.
"WM- JITTIiE fe CO., "Vinita, Indian Ter.
KeefH tke Bert Selected Sleek ef
jUMBt fcr e "Mm Bccrr," Xcline Plows aal Fara Xacaiaery. Fva-lM
m efe'k awJ ert prire. Will ret ltf nadf rseliL
rum Pl PWt BOSS, OTIW a-rf PSWCCX. CaA -rCatUe Wn-aiaEi-
" -1 hr --S-
wee cHWt stock.
the Swat aad eamafetest store hi the lwBa
K of CnMw- Yr-ua 4 !t!wlg of all kinds. la
?mave lrma, imas wmpvcu iruui uso ukuiw
Ttrri'orj- is that of
Commission Mercliaats
For the pmctuw -ad ule of
13 X-U-n-I Stock Yanls, E. St Louis.
VlitenU advances made on conslcniaenU.
Iocateil at Halt hU Lonl, III.
Dtrectlr opposite tie city of St. Loait Eajm
rorallddcrtptlonof Lire ttock alwaji In at
tendance, and within tbe ground, of tiie Stock
Tards are a Beef Canning Companr. with a
cap-dtxfor-laurtterln? 1JU3) hftsd of uttla
dally, and Tork racita? EtaUUhmsi!s wita
a capadtr for sUusatcring- 1A0X) bog dallr.
ISAAC IL KX0X, President
CRAS. T. J0SES, Snpt.
FollMiaii Palace Hotel Cars
'through, to St. Louis,Tla
Sedalia, DaUy.
Direct Route West and South'
west via Kan-as City.
IT yiH?l? piTYtnlon Depot paensra
A I KANOAO Ull I for Kmn-aa. Coloi-do.
New Mexico end California connect !tli Ex
press Trains of all line.
IT ITPUICnM Connection I. made -will
A I AlbniOUnExprrsi Trains for at
Folnt m Kwnias and hcbrasla.
IT niilUI Connection U made -with nl
a i umnnn
i lines lcadins- :c the Sozit nc
P. CHANDLER, Gen. Pass. Ajr?at.
& B. KI55AS, Ass't Gen, Pas. Agent.
P. L. DErKER, A pent at Yinita.
st. louis &mFBinseo
? n- tt.ia; wg
Tae Direct Tbroneh Itonte Brtwren
Fast Express Trains arc Rna Dally. 5c
Change of Cars.
Tarourn Pullman ralac Kcerln? Car. m
nmdalir.wlitioutrJuniie.betrccnST. LOl'JS.
JJn, anU SAX Fit ANCISW. t .
land, for lebrt!uacominnj-Jn?OLlHWrST i
tSTorfutt and rt ruUr In'ormntlon-inin
Maps. Time Tables ItaU-A. eicraU uton ora5.
dresa anjr of on - station Agents, or caberofth.
D. WliHAr,T, Generat rasas-r Accnt, SI
a xe rATY rmjlTn'i; Acent SL Lotr.
C KOGEIt ice I'nsidcn ul t en--' '
".i A VIapn AAUirMMf, w ivuu JU
Iii Fii
DrnrxG the three years' stay at Con
stantinople of Lew Wallace, he only saw
the American flag- on ttro vessels;
A nnE at bcvil'S Lake. Dakota, re
cently, which raged for twelve hours,
swept away nearly a square of buildings-
The Chicago Council has adopted a
resolution providing against the letting
of competitive convict labor in the brido
welL The Baltimoie & Ohio Road has ap
propriated $25,000 per annum for the
payment of pensions to employes inca
pacitated from earning a living.
Colonel Phelts, a vcSerablc cilizee
of Fairfield, Slick, was driven to suicide
by the appearaacc of his wife on the
streets the other day in a condition ef
gross intoxication.
The trustees of the Lick estate in San
Francisco have paid 12,000 to Edmund
Fell of Faris, fcr a glass for the Lick ob
servatory on Mount Hamilton, but of
nineteen glasses prcduccd all but two
have proved defectirc. and it is not cer
tain that these two will be any better.
The glass is to be thirty-six inches in
hs consequence of the tcrriblo ship
wrecks which have occurred at Skag
Errak, the proposal has long been ven
tilated of piercing the Danish promon
tory by a canal and so avoiding this
dreaded navigation: The proposal has
now taken definite shape, and surveys
have been completed for a canal from
the German Ocean to the Baltic Sea.
A disastrous hail storm is reported
to have originated in the vicinity ot
Grandin, Dak., doin? much damacei
Crossing the Rod River, it passed south
east, striking the Northern Pacific Rail
Way about two miles ca-t of Glyndoa,
Minn., doing great damage on the farms
of Captain Smyscr and the Grants.
Other damage was done in tint track of
the storm, but the approximate amount
was not obtainable.
Oxk of the attractions of traveling in
England Las proverbially been the inns
at which solid comfort could be ob
tained at reasonable cost. Of late
years, however, the demands cf wealthy
tourists have increased the expense of
a sojourn at such establishments, with
out providing compensating advantages.
The interesting features of the old
hostclries have been sacrificed to the
demands of business. In remote country
inns, arcordin-to a late London jour
nal, pictures of famous old coaches,
dogs and horses, and the portraits of
local worthies, which afforded much in
terest to travelers, have been removed
to make way for the framed adrertisc
of brewers and distillers.
Fok many years past past a large,
long-leaf pine tree has stood near the
ford of Gum Swamp in Kershaw Coun
ty, S. C, where General Gates was de
feated by the British forces in the war
of the Revolution. It has been handed
down by tradition that Baron DcKalb,
who received mortal wounds in that
battle, was laid undct this tree to rest
in its shade until a vehicle could be pro
cured to convey L:m to Camden. From
that time forward tho historic associa
tions connected with the trci have saved
it from molestation until the great for
est fires which prevailed in that section
of coantry the paj.t spring; when it was
bo badly injured by the tire that it re
cently fell to th ground and has almost
As official German publication makes
the following interesting revelations
touching the pamphlet entitled "Berlin
Society," which recently created a con
siderable sensation in tbe political and
diplomatic circles of the continent. The
material that berved to compile the first
half of the work was taken frcm confi
dential letters which the former reader
to the Empress Augusta, Mmc. Gerard
addressed to the late M. Leon Gauihctta.
That French statesman's literary heircsa,
lime. Adam found them amongst his
pa)ers. The description of character is
due to the pen of an Alsatian named
Weiss, tutor in a Russian family. The
notes furnished by Ilcrr Weiss were
handed to Mmc. Adam by Mine, de
Kovikoff, who took them nith her to
Paris. Mmc. Adam, assisted by the
ex-Secretary of Lcgation.M. Otto dc Loe.
prepared the material for publication.
Possibly others contributed from behind
the scenes to tbe pamphlet in question;
but its principal authors wero the per
sons nboo mentioned.
The Sandwich islands boast of two
natural wonders, the largest extinct and
the largest active volcano in the world.
The former is located on tbe Island of
Maui, the summit being nearly eleven
thousand feet above the level of the sea,
and tho crater over forty-eight miles in
circumference. One can look down
into the crater two thousand feet, the
sides now terraced and cocrcd with
sandalwood, giant ferns and a wonder
ful profusion of flowers and shrubs.
The active volcano is situated in the
Island of Hawaii. The crater is situated
on a spur of llauna Loa, four thousand
feet above sea levcL The crater is not
a cone, bnt a great pit on a level beach,
nine miles in circumference. You go
down, down over this almost perpen
dicular wall eight hundred feet, nnd
stand on the floor of the crater. This
is the place cf eternal burnings, tho
house of everlasting fire of Hawaiian
mythology. The area at the bottom of
the crater is cot a liquid mass, but
fur miles and miles around there
spreads a scene of unearthly grandeur.
Five or six lakes cf tiro lie to the left
and right; the floor beneath is so hot
one can scarcely walk over it; Liva
oozes up uirongh the fissures. Hugo
cones twenty or thirty feet high, made
.by the babbles of lava, rise through the
seams and are cooled bv the air.
A Ssmma ef the Dallr Kews.
roLincAi. axd persoxai.
Tim Democratic committee ot the Third
Congressional District of Virginia nomi
nated Georgs D. Wiia for Congress.
EoT-x. Pnrxrs died at his residence in
XewYorkoa tbe 33th. Ha was sbtentr
seven years ot age.
Ox the SRb, at the Grand Union Hotel,
Saratoga, X Y., Thomas A. Hendricks
was waited upon by the Notification Com
mittee and formerly notified of his nomi
nation by the National Democratic Con
vention to the Vice-Presidency of tho
United States.
Mb. Blaise wax repotted busy oa his
book. Ue was forced to secure the aid ot a
stenographer, his time being greatly en
croached epca by callers, social duties and
BaraasasTATlvz Ccumrrsox, ot Ken
tucky, -who attempted suicide In Washing
tea, was reported better, with hopes at his
Txtx members of tbe Democratic Notifica
tion Committee were banqueted by the
Manhattan Club at Hew York.
Devocbats In the Ninth Congressional
District of Virginia have nominated Con
nelly F. Trigg for Congress.
Tnr TV est Virginia Republicans nomi
nated F. IL Reynolds for the Second Con
gressional District.
F. G Bebut was nominated for Congress
In the Fourth District ot Mississippi.
Thomas Dicxsox, President of the Dela
ware & Hudson Canal Company, who had
been ill for some days, died at MorrUtown,
X. J., pn the 31st.
Btsnor GaAtncon account of old age, has
resigned as Bishop of Sc Paul diocese, and
at his request Bishop Ireland succeeds him,
with the approval of the Pope.
A dispatch from Havana chronicles the
death of the Governor-General of Porto
Rico from yellow fever.
A cosvebcxcc of Republicans and
Greenbacker ot West Virginia was held
recently at Deerpark HbteL Stephen E.
IXkins presided. An effort was to bo made
to carry that State for Blaine.
Ex -Speaker Knrra was badly beaten at
a primsry election held in the Springfield,
O., Congressional district. A Captain
Lrushnell was chosen.
Pact. Srxvrxs, aged eighty-seven, of
Washington, D. C, died recently at Cam
den, Me. Ho was Librarian of the House
of Representatives under Lincoln and
Grant. Since then he had been a claim
agent at Washington.
Colossi. C. B. Wabeco was sentenced
in Long Island City recently to fifteen
rears in the penitentiary and a fine of
hfiOi for killing his brother-in-law.
Dr. Kocn, the noted German cholera ex
pert who has been Ti.itin- the French
cholera districts, has addressed report to
BImarck. Dr. Koch criticises severely the
want of precaution shown by the English
Government in taking measures to prevent
the spread ot epidemics.
Special Agext Bcbss, of the Treasury
Department, in bis report, exonerates Su
perintendent Kimball, ot the Lit Saving
Service, ot the charges cf inefficiency
brought against him by an Erie (Pa.)
A irEcrrAO of Western distillers vaa
held in Peoria, 111., the other day, for the
purpose of forming an association. About
fifty-five distillers were preent, among
them E. L. Martin, ot Kansas City. A
pooling arrangement was partially agreed
While Miss Nellie Burke, the champion
female rider, was speeding her hone Han
cock on the race track at Shelbyville, UL,
recently, the bono suddenly bolted and
ran sgsinst a rail, which passed com
pletely through his body. Tbe hone was
instantly killed, bat Miss Burke escaped
Tnc Arab rebels attacked Sooklra re
cently and were repulsed. Mercury was at
13 in the shade and tbe English trcops
suffered severely.
The son cf the British Vice Consul at
Prodoste, Turkey, was captured by bri
gands, who demanded two hundred pounds
ABOUT 70,030 bushels of No. 2 red winter
wheat were found musty and ont of condi
tion in the Commercial Wharf, New York,
Co.tsCL Maso.v, of Marseilles, bos sent e
long report regarding the cholera to Wash
ington. He says that Marseilles is well
looked otter in matters ot sanitation, bat
that, like all other Mediterranean cities, it
is situated on a tideless see, which pre
vents the sewerage flowing from t he harbor.
Three children of James Burgess, of
Grindstone Island, River St. Lawrence,
were buried recently while playing under
a bank, and all killed. They were dead
when found.
summoned to Atlanta, Ga., to participate
In the trial ot Chief Post-oSco Inspector
Myler, charged with embezzlement while
in charge of the Atlanta post-effice, was ar
rested himself on arrival on the same
A bot named Gibbon, aged four years,
was burned to death in a tenement firs at
New York recently. O'Keefe, the janitor
of tbe building, was also fatally burned.
The mother of the boy and two other chil
dren were also te-ribly barned.
AcmcCTAB Issaed at Philadelphia re
cently ktated that the business of the Can
ada Southern lino had been transferred
from the Philadelphia & Reading to tbe
Pennsylvania Railroad.
Tue failures for the week ended July 31
in the United States were S3 and in Can
ada IS. total 231, against StI the previous
week. Tbe whole increase appears to arise
in the Pacific States and Territories, where
casualties hare been more numerous than
in any week for years.
A dispatch from Foo Chow, July 31,
says; China has refase-1 to pay the indem
nity demanded by France. A secret edict
bail-ecu issued ordering tbe Chinese not
to molest foreigners. French civilians and
mandarins, however, assert that the lives
of foreigners are not sate. An English
flag ship is landing sailors to act in defense
of foreigners in Foo Chow. The Chinese
merchant fi-et has been sold to an American
firm for3,2,0X) ta-ls, nearly S.7,330.000.
Two general officers were recently killed
by the Mexican guards while attempting
to escaio arrest.
A stabtleco story was in circulation at
Philadelphia that the crew ot the Julia
Baker, from New York to Point an Petrie,
bad murdered their captain and were try
ing to sell the ship and cargo. Ta crew
were arrested at Key West. Fla., and held
for developments.
Bco Cephas, colored, was hanged at
Cambridge, Md., for the murder of Mrs.
Celia Bush Murphy, April 7th.
Geobge fciirni, Asbsrry Hnghes and
George Hnghes, ell while and under twenty-five
years of age, were haqged at Scots
toro, Ala., recently They wew convicted
of burning the house of, IIeey Porter, oa
Sand Mountain. It was the first instance of
the death penalty being enforced for arsoa
in the first degree In Alabama.
Jessie Eabtlxtt, of Bostos, a beautiful
girlt who was inftfat-d wta a poHcTa,
killed herself wish carbolic add becaw ht
failed to keep an appotstaesi.
S. cbaosaa's jary at Tersato' aas foasd
ample evidence to asstala tie charge that
Mrs. Christian Leslie starred a number of
illegitimate Infants left la her keeping:
Taa Greely survivors arrived at Ports
mouth, N. H-, on the 1st. They were most
cordially welcomed. The interview be
tween Greely and his wife and mother was
veryaffectiBg: Greely was improving la
health; bat was stni suffering from weak
ness, although he was erect in his walk as
ever. Secretary Chandler promised pro
ssotion to the retaratBg sanivors of the
At Narragaasett Park race oa tbe 1st,
Jay-Eye-See trotted a mile in 2:10, beating
the 2:10K record of Maad 8., which hereto
fore ranked as the fastest time oa record.
BauEs's restasraat at Hot Springs,
Ark., was destroyed by are recently, as
well as the Commercial Hotel and other
boHdings. Lots, $75,030.
The lumber shipments from Saginaw
River ports during July amounted to 11S,
888,080 feet From the opening of naviga
tlon to d ate tbe shipaenU by lake amounted
to 399,798,099 feet, exceeding those" of tHs
correspoadlrsj date of any prevlox year
in the history ot the coram. rce of the river.
Tbe Vatican will recall its delegates
from Buenos Ayres in case the Argentine
Government insists upon the dismissal ot
Father Clara for hfa letter against employ
ing American school-mistresses.
The date of the execution ot Stella
maeher, the Aastrian Anarchist, was kept
secret in ccaseqaenoo of threats ot repris
als by tbe Anarchist.
Fbask Sraoso was killed at Schoolcraft,
Mich., recently, while helping to raise a
building. Tbe Jack screw slipped while
he was underneath the building, and It set
tled down upon him.
The rtearaer Dloae, from London for
Mtddleboroagh. was sank by a collision In
the Thames recently, aad seventeen per
sons drowned.
The Parliament of tbe Netherlands has
passed a bill making Qaeen Emma regent
daring the minority ot tie Princess Wil
helmina. William Netlsox, the original attorney
of Miss Hill la her divorce against ex Sea
ator Sharon publishes a long statement.
After giving his reasons tor withdrawing
from the case, be reafirmes that the word
"wife" In the "my dear wife" letters Is a
Tue United States Hotel bonding, at
Washington, collapsed in the rear tbe other
day. Several persons were buried in the
mlns, of whom fire or six were reported
Vasdebbtlt's mare, Maud 8., lowered
the trotting record the day after Jay-Eye-See
brought it down to 2:10. Maud S. was
reported to have made tha mile on a slow
track In 2.-03.V.
Isdicatioss of a good-s Ixsd cotton crop
were reported.
The main aqueduct supplying the City of
Mexico bant recently. Water is being
carried to the city aad sold at fabulous
Tax New York Board of Health has dis
patched a meat inspector to Chicago to in
vestigate the'Texas fever question and see
whether impure meat Is being shipped east
ward. Fatheb J. P. Sans, of St. Mary'
Church, Edwardrrfllr, HI., fell into his
well one night recently. His body was not
discovered for several days.
Locislisa defaulted In the payment of
its "baby" bonds on the 1st.
The steamer Eagle from Newburg to
Albany was burned near Wilson, N. Y.f re
cently. No lives lost,
Tbe extensive glass works of Kingston
8: Co., Pittsburgh, were destroyed by fire
A duel took place ia New Orleans the
other day between Ducoto and Lemaina.
Tbe former was dangerously wounded.
A XASCTACroBT ol explosive bombs was
discovered by tbe police of Paris, who ar
rested three penons found at work.
A special from Bar Harbor, Me., says
tbe Green Mountain Hoase, recently re
built, was destroyed by fire.
The Chief Engineer of the Army has re
ceived the annual reports of all the engin
eer oScen in charge of the coast and har
bor defenses. They assert that the Atlantic
coast and lake fronts are in an almost to
tally defenseless condition.
Cholera was reported as having broken
out in several places in Italy. Curiom
incidents aie related cf the persecution ol
physicians by the ignorant population,
the physicians being charged with pro
moting the disease.
The Elba Iron Works, at Pittsburgh, Pa.,
closed down recently on account ot a lack
of orders and bad prices.
Beblixi A Stbacss, dealers in neckties
aad scarfs. New York, have assigned; pref
erences $20,090.
It Is estimated that tho expenditures ot
the Post-orace Department for the last fis
cal year will exceed the receipts by J3,"000,
080. The Commissioner of Emigration at New
York has stopped the landing ot twelve
destitute emigrants on the steamer City of
Gbatsox Joses, a colored man, acting
assistant to a Deputy Sheriff arresting a
negro man near Little Rock, shot and
killed the negro, who resisted arrest. Jones
Major Bextabo, In charge of river and
harbor improvements in Chicago, has mads
bis annual report. He asks for additional
appropriations from the Government for
dredging Chicago Harbor and tbe Illinois
and Calumet Rivers.
A iboxeb named Bliss was arrested on
the steamer City of Chicago In New York.
He was charged with forgery and admitted
bis guilt.
The trades-labor demonstration In Ham
ilton, Ontario, on the 3rd, was a mile in
length. Hundreds of factory girls were In
tbe procession.
The national convention of Amalga
mated Iron Worken commenced at Pitts
burgh, Pa., on the 4th. Every iron work
ing State In the Union was representad.
Gbaft Si Ucoeb'S stove works, in Pitts
burgh, Pa., resnmed work at old wages,
after a suspension of ten weeks. The
striken are jubilant.
Near midnight, on the 4th the Pennsyl
vania Central Railroad depot at Jeney
City took fire, caused by an explosion of
gas. Two or three persons wero Injured
and the loss of property was very great.
Geseroc rainfalls throughout Texas in
sure good crops.
The first bale ot new cotton was sold on
the 1th in Savannah, Ga. It was poor in
quality and sold at ten cents per pound.
The leading coal prodocen of Ken
tacky, Tennessee and Alabama, represent
ing forty companies, were in convention
at Chattanooga recently organizing a pro
tective union.
TBElasters in Strong & Carroll's shoe
factorr la East Weymouth, Mass., struck
work oa the 4th when Italians wo fat to
work as stitchers la place of other strikers
LtzuTESAST Gbexlt revirwed the aaq
ceasion at his formal reception at !--moufo.N.
H-. oa the 4th. Be w weak
In health, bat slowly reeoveriaf. At the
aseeOag of citlzaas la taa s -iaT
tary Chandler made aa adai saal was
followed by Benjamin F. Ksfttf- n4 other
dls41atswed persoaa.
te rsio PACIFIC.
RowtheGlaat ?oftratla W. Rrougfc
to Its Kihi ov CftHCrrfonal Action
Which Threatened to Reveal It Skeleton
Tbe Closet Boor UXotLoek.d.Haw.TeTi
Nnr roax. Jul r 3-
Tbe Timet this morning prints a leeg
Washington dispatch giving a history of
the Union Paclflclcgt'latlon to secure t
payment ot the Government dues. It g.
Mr. Edmunds the credit of carta? had
more U do with drafting tbe Thnnnaa
bill than Sesator Thannan, aid says that
last winter his bill calling for scmi-aa-nual
pajmeats by tho company; t tar
Government brought Gould to Edm-ad's"
feet and led to the hasty substitution of
Chas. Francis Adams, Jr., for Mr. DUIoa
as the President of the road. The propo
sition which the directors agreed to was
as follows:
First No more dividends to be paid
until alter Congress again meets.
Second All moneys due for Govern
ment transportation to be retained la the
Third The company ta pay forthwith
Into" the Treasury 8719,914, the atsoant
claimed under the Tsdratsa act for 1933.
The surrender Involved la these prop
ositions was wonderlaL For the first
time since its Incorporation the company
was brought to terms. This piaa was
submitted to the committee Jane 17. It
was accepted bat In terms not consoling
to the Railroad people. A
resolution was adopted that
upon these terms the committee
would defer farther action on the sub
ject until Congress meets again. The
directors passed the dividend, accepted
Dillon's resignation, and elected Adams
In his place. The $718,000 was deposited
with tie sub-treasurer at Boston. It was
a strange proceeding. A Senate com
mittee Is not authorized to enforce laws
nor to make agreements with corpora
tions whereby they promise not to act
upon any subject. The Union Pacific,
under ordinary circumstances, would
hare said to Mr. Edmunds I "What
ei.WL. ?L
reached by Ue courts." That wonld
bare been a safe answer to make, con
sldcrlng how easily courts and law
officers haTe treated the Union
Pacific Intead of that Mr. Edmaads
lays down terms acd the rail-
road yields what no law compels
It to surrender; places In the Treasury
nearly a million dollars, acd only pro
cures la return Mr. Edmunds' agree
ment to keep his hands off for fire
months. Would the railroad peoplo have
surrendered so completely unless they
knew tbey were at some oucls mercy?
Meanwhile, la the House the Pacific Rail
road Committee had taken this thing up
In earnest. All through the Spring they
struggled asainst delays caused by tho
railroad company's attorneys ca and off
the committee. They suddenly found
opposition withdrawn, and the House bill
was allowed to pass without a dissecting
.i. tvn. v.. tk. sn., .nmitt.
agreement It was certain to be killed In
. h. Mmmi,,.- n-h.n , h. kin .oh.u4 thn
Senate. Van Wyck moved its reference to
the Railroad Committee, on the irronnd
that the Judiciary Committee had entered
Into n .(rr-f,raent with the Union Pseinc
which debarred It from acting. Edmunds I
and Hoar defended the committee on the
ground that its action hadaverted a panic
? ti-.n ... -kis niA ...,-.. V.n
.U !, 0AW., nUtlm nWU.M M...W W.M
caused by the true condition ot the road
becoming known, unaccompanied by the
postponement ot Government action.
Finally, Van Wyck consents to the reter-
ence to the Judiciary Committee,
was not alluded to during tha remaining
two weeks of the session. Just what -0 head, wen. si!
Mr. Edmunds Intends to do wlthM the bUI dead ,rbe dlseaM ,!, mo -next
session, no oae kaows. The com. Jaat forr Andy Jacobs, cfXaaeaa Citr,
pany has put Itself la his power. lie ta 0f the a&ie, said they were
only fears It will be unable to pay and pofcoMa by eating loco weeds aa the tsalL
will Into the GovernmtL'.'s hands. Jje denied that the disease was Teaat
To prevent this Is his aim, I feTer; j Tiffany. Veteriaary Swasoa
while securing payments to the slaking I mm Jacksonville, was somaoned, and at
legitimate lien. The company a;ss al
together 8232,000,000, which sura would
bulla three such roads, yet yearly the In
terest on Its stock and oonds has been
paid, and no man in the Government ex
mwu. .w vw-tf uw. wwm.ww. .. v-..
cept Tburman and .amunas aas la-en
a step to prevent It; despite the fact,
too, inat mucn u we awca was iucsuj
Issued. The company's earnings are de-
creasing throagh competition, and
Uould seems wtiung to tarow tae wrecx
aside provided he can escape legal penal
ties for tha failure to pay the Govern
ment. Much ot the stock has been got
rid of by its former holders already.
This is In brief tha history ot the case.
The strange actions of certain public
sen in connection therewith will make
even more suggestive reading when writ
ten up.
Held for aa Accidental KlUIt-r.
Louisville. Kr, July 3L.
Several years ago Edgar Wyatt, of this
city, while la the Internal revenue ser-
vice, shot and killed a young man named
Pffanx, of Portland, while In search of
moonshiners near Horse Care,
1T- Per- 17-t
-,v--r w.v
County. Wyatt has always claimed that
the shooting was accidental, though
he was indicted and has had several
trials, one of them resulting In a sentence
for ten years. His attorneys appealed,
and a new trial was granted. The
TompklnsTlllc. correspondent of the
Bowling Green Gazttteol yesterday aays:
"The case ot the Commonwealth against
Edgar Wyatt for killing young iffaaz
near Hoise Cave, seven years ago, re
sulted In a fine ot 81,000. Being unable
to pay so large a sum, he languishes In
Those who know Wyatt best have al
ways doubted It he intended to kill
Pffanz, and be.lere Ms explanation that . mlttee. Governor Hendricks respoaalet
the shooting was accidentaL Edgar ' briefly, accepting the noininattoaand thank
WyaU U a brother of the noted revcaue ; tag the committee. At tha cleet
officer, Johi Wyatt, who, attar a long ; of Mr. Hendricks' remarks, heartj
.nH.mrient .vi-vlce airalnst the moon-' anplausa was given and he was la-
He has also a brother. Jesse Wyatt,
Is -a efficient lieutenant ot police
Elport. and Import..
WAsmsaTox. D. C Jnlr -L
The report on the foreign c&miaerct
ot the United States shows & balance '
In favor ot this Government for the last
fiscal vear as 872.233.997. against a bal-
acce In our favor of $100,633 483 the pre-
ff1" '
V& UilH -UM.. . .MW MMH J J"
!iA j ZiiiZ J I
dosed was 9710,514,500, against s&s,
839,403 the preceding fiscal year; a fall-
log off ot 853,325,812. The Imports ol
merchandise amouniea 10 ub,it,o,
against 8713,150,914 the preceding fiscal
year; a falling off ot 853,406,351.
Our Minister to St. James.
Malterx, E30, AngustL
Minister Lowell presented the prizes tc
the graduates at xairera uoiiege ana ae-
llvered an address to the students. He
spoke ot the growth of education In gen-
era! aad alluded to the desire for learn-
ingevlneed by the early colonists of Mas-
aachusetia, one outcome of which had
Deen me 'ouuuius 01 narr umicuuj.
that America and England were growlag.
SO oe BIS caiei Ifflaitwa uj a" P a
faraaartogthls growth ot cordial rela-
14obreB the two gmt Kart
Use Alarm eaase ay
f tbe Bread
8 hlpptd rresa Texas.
Kamas Cur, Jaly 3. -Tha
alarmlaa awrtallty la cattle
j Bosd to he T
fever wasi tmsstcsI
dth coEslder-Wa lwaae by i
is city. KhoHh a tfegrea C
was manifested. The fesHag seeae ta kc
that the sws to ether SpaUk Jew
aad that It was aet eaatracted i Ua dty
whatever It mayfce. Jfo C J. Statae, a-.
periatendeat of the Seek Tacfe. ia sfeafc
lng of the matter, state! tAat e Ma aaaa
Which the deaths oeearred had nmeA
through the dry last week freafcela
Territory. He did not kaaw haw tots; i
cattle had reaiaiaed ia she yasaa, lot -posed
the usual There .arfialywBg
no sickness In the yards, aar had mm base.
The cattle were msyectea rtin-sily ay '
lasfecter ot Kansas CKy,X. aad
was ao- tessiMlliv of a mistake m ate Mat
ter. Mr. A. J. SaMer, ot the ana aTA, J.
Snider Co, said he had aetata; to e wWt
taese cattle and did not kaew the eaact stataa
of the case. He aM Bet attach aay Mayers-
aaee to the matter, aowever. i aa ww w
la good condition, in fact men am
fsr seretal days past, aad ho am
laf k she Chfcaao advices to eaJ
M& Tbse Is ae fever 1st
Ckt Stack Yards," said Mr. SaHar,
aa twos noe.A MI. A. TMMT. at
Tndl Territom me shiaper at tbe aattto
said to have died ot fee fmer, was sees at
the St. James Hate! yastetday. Ihsssw
nothing of the matter said Mr. Ptaastv
"Wheal shipped tbe cattle hei may wart
absdatelT soond and had not evea heaa aa
pesed to the disease. IcoBfesatoyaama,
whOe the fenr atay have hteaea oat a
the rattle. I do not betlrr It. a !C I 3
sary for the communication aC tba
th.t thr .tiln-ilT nt tneethsr ot a m
gtamgtaes, aad I am positive that asy herd
never do. eHher." Mr. WflJa Sbatdtoy
declared that tfce scare was aJteaather aa
calledfor. The disease Is always mote ar
less prevalent at tMs time at ma year, i
I do not regard the Sitnaooa as :
There is one thing auoiotaiy
rstilA ran't take the disease I
Texas cattle, and as these are kaawa to he
from the Territory joa may e r mm
lectio with the death of the
tie." Major A. Drum also aeetafstwj
scare to be without fonjidatloB aad veatand
the assertion that It would pass away as did
the foot and moath disease sets .
Chicago, July sa Upon galnartinc a
iotofthre lnmdred and sereaty-av half
breed Tea? cattle that arrived at the UaJoa.
steck yards In this city over the Bariiagtea
road, consifned from Kansas City to
Messrs. Keenan i Hancock, towmi'tlsn
merchants, It was found that fecty-six af
tbe number wire dead, aad that aheat
seventy-five of the surrlrors, seme eC wWe
were afterward shot, were smTrriag: Iwai
what appeared to be Texas fever. The
health officers at once toast cha at th4
herd and notified Dr. Paarea, State Veteri
narian. The cattle were isolated, aad ttaet
at the point of death were shot. A. eattie
train from Kansas Cltr. over the Barliaatea
road, brooeht In one hundred aal ulaety-
two more diseased Texas cattle j UiluiStr.
Fifty-five had died on the road aad had
bees thrown from the cars, lea aea
) after arrivlnr at the stoek Tarda. Thj
health officers took the lot Ih eaa-a aa
shot the soJering catUe
BOaleS COUld Oe removed.
m met aaMMir
. ! J,"-; ,CTn FT
,"; " L?"
Yards here a lot of slxteea aars a
RooDnocsz. III. Jnlr
slxteea ears at. catut
from the Indian Territory ea rente to Cat-
cago. Nineteen head died on the road from
Kansas City here, and it eooa became evi
dent to those who were experienced that tta
entire lot were Infected with Texas fevec
t ttatcoald td up. twelve csarJjadsv
h r ,-.
tOUUUUtXU W1C U19 iU f,W.
Chicago, July sa Aa Omaha saeefal
reports from North Platte that the Tessa
fever has broken oat among herds at aad
near Brady Island, In Westera Nehafca;
that one bnndred head nave oiea aaa an
others are In a dying condition. The dfes.Pl
, 15 neing uivesugaicu uj Tacruwj - 1
and quarantine is to be established milaet
further importations of cattle treat the fat-
lecteu aisincts m xexas. ao xar iwe mrm
isfelt, as It is believed too disease eaa M
confined to reasonable limits.
LrscoLS. Ner. July 3a Info
that tbe cattle disease, said to ha Texas
fever, Is prevalent at Maxwell, Xek, wat
received here vesterday mcBU-e OoTstaoi
Dawes lamediately dispatched a ainmiis
slon to Investigate. Commlssloaac Lersag .
has ahw ordered Wr. Trumbower. at VmV
nols, to Maxwell.
TorsKA. Kasl. July 3a Malar X. A.
Adams, owner of the cattle aeeted wit-
Spanish fever at Manhattan, arrived Best
yesterday afternoon and to the AseecJated
"ess reporter saw war ne raeeaat bm
' ""I - w-w-.A- -- -a "
!. n iranlnttin lr m A lfs t 1
fifty head, and he thinks that aheattweatj
more will die. The herd Is sheroagMi
quarantined, and stockmen who pretesst
be acquainted with the disease say that i
will not be communicated from these eat!?
to others in the country round -beat
Ilcndrieks XolUetf.
Saratoga, X. Y-, July 3L Tha Dees
craticNoticrallca Committee waited npec
Mr. Hendricks at the Grand TJnlea Betel,
at two o'clock yesterday afte-ncoa, te fa
mally notify him of his nomination to Um
Vice-Presidency. Chairman VU -1 deHverec
the address, and the formal letter cf noil
AtsaaaaA tatujntta.i " ' viw
1 was read by Mr. Belt. Secretary of the coat
Mr. Ucadricks and quietly dispersed.
A Proposed Monopoly Drfeatsd.
Piiisminon, Pa, July 3L, In the United
States Court the applications for an Icjorc
(ion by the Atlantic Giant Powder Company
ot California to restrain Marquis, Hillings,
Wilson. ISarr, Howe, et aL from Infring
ing upon letters patent for a method of ex
ploding nltro-glycerine. was dismissed by
1 undeTwhlch had he
Judge Acheson on the ground that th
ererating had been distinctly Lnd unequlvo-
inc ongmoi ic.icrs paicui iuu axa cireu.
Tlic case has been on trial for a long time
and excited a good deal of Interest, as a de
cision in the plaintiff's favor would ban
gltcn them a clean tic monopoly.
EpidrmlCJ In lexlco.
Crrr or MKxf o, via Ualvzstox, JaJj
.;l Regarding the prcseLce of black sawll-
pox in Vera Cruz, the era Cruz papers -
port a case ot malignant small-rex. Lei
claim It is the only one thee, aad that If
was contracted in Orizaba. The pattsat It
completely isolated at tha baacette of Caw
jjata, waera hU famfly alse ate ad. Titt
rln riBrfl ha tab
StseJl"? drJLuxr enidae
d-ast . m11t ukv etuhi
g" TnTr t'nXw lauTihlT?
t rtstta

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