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Beveted te tke Interests ef the Cberekccs, Checlaws, Cklckiuaws, Scmlaelcs, Creek, and all Other Indian f the Indian Territory.
YOL. H. NO. 48.
! a (WfyKisw the ftaeet ri empletect stare hi the Iatie Territory I tht ef
I It Jtap ye, mot and that eT ate very best aaHty to had hi tte cot a 17.
Aad Ml aswrbwat ef erarTtalBc; wastedaj ear cwtensers.
M:MtTMdWByutTXE5TeMtekti a kuease stock at every Taxiety of" the best and most serviceable Dry
teee. hi
MJS CUTfOW IgPASTXEfT yaswISias e hffsestStod:r4rjt-dsCIHllH?, Boots, Slias, Hat, Ladle i' ar.4
' PalcMng Seed. WfcHe
C Xfggr MfAKTKOT ta fitDy a to tSretfases la all ths Late Style aad Fashions.
. tT1 CCWtT PA3T3tE5T k reefete wilh every kiad rf Staple aad Faaey Groceries, Flonr, Bicoa, Canned Goods,
't&SKUMiee BPJLSTXETThKfHHHMrfSries, Karacs. ui LeatierCoedicf all kinds. In
0fr lMCtILTTjBUX QLPLEXEST 9EP1RTXEST yea. cm ret Wars, Bafgies, Flows, Spring; TTasoas, Etc
MX KAMWUtX BSPJLKTXEST tairell stacked with Selfe, Screws, Chain, Biases, Tinware, Axes, Utensils, Tool',
Bte. Lirt!LAhi
X GLASS A2 JCKOSWJLRE BSFARTJreST every variety afMsacs, Crocks Jar, Jas, Etc TThHo ta
BE MB6 ST0BE B?iRTXETT yea Trill t a splradid stock of rare, 'Iea Drag, Xedielne., complete In erery re
eaeeC Freseripiiaea eerefeMy eeatpenaacd by a skilled aaatteearT. In this connection ire have also an immense
sleek f $, Leases, decks, CeafecUaaery, Etc la
CTATMMMsX A5 SMC KE1XT3IEST where yes. wSH Fad every variety or Writing Xafcrials, Paper, Blank Booki
Set? ass Beeetat Seeks, Sekeal Beats, aad a Hae ef gee! Readia? Books I'rote and Toclry.
Our Prices are as Low as the Lowest Come and See Us.
W. I TBOTT, Proprietor.
I keep
eahasdaswelrof bntfe Xatirean-lhortiirrnrtne Uambvr. Aim smn
a.MwUigi.Bc TneXattvo Mac, h-to skipped from the Choctaw
obh sducrma.
CWf . BMR, ImimL
FBiesmress wtbe
EDatet dash. Price Paid for All Grades orYheaT.
raws far FLCK, BKX5 and .SH1TSTUFF? Promptly Attended to.
J. BtGLER, SMdiiwifl. Imms Kuuer, SEM-CA, 310.
Ticur t iimiiMl ImiiiI TTin Qmli i K liviln
Fpitt. lfipiMn, Ft -Nwkww, Gtowii ni Tinware.
Tin mini i hit rUmrTTiT"" " "r
Alco carry a coaaplete lie of
Drr Goods, Hats and Caps,
Groceries, Qneensware,
dothing, Tiiiware,
Boots and Shoes, Notions, Etc.
Bad Spfe it SMiei Alwajs it M.
T3oa't feit to see our stock and learn our prices
before buying.
W3I. liTTTIE & CO., "Vinita, Indian Ter.
Keep the Bert Selected steck ef
j. at tte the ' Jata Becrtt" XaHa
T atadc aa at prices. WI nat he naar rsoia.
& 0., Vimta,
agrgac. vimita.
PAUL I Kl, Sec'j ari Trsirtr.
I. T.
m1 Tanry fimrnrln In ttin MirYrt JUao
Ceraor. tw oorm 'Wert of A. C
ri a HiEisax,
ret- ox
Flaws aal Fana Xsxhlnery. Examine
FK99UCE. Ck r Cattle takra la Zx
JteT mMI
Indian Territory.
T J.D.1.MU.
For the purdusc and sale of
IS Xuteo&l Stock Vmnli, E. St. Loul.
ZXTIJbcnl cdTsnces isade on conslfnncaH.
located at Bast SU Z.oal, Til.
Directly onclte the citj-of St. Louis. Dutch
fortJldracrlptioaof Livo Stock alwajs In at
tendance, cndtrtthln the jouads of the Stock
Yards are&Bccf. Cxnalcr Crmpany, with a
capacirxfori'jasHerUvr WOO bead of cattta
dauy. and Pork Packing rjtaUlihmmU wita
a capacity for slausfcterin? 1X0 1 hoss dalty.
ISAAC IL KXOX, rrrsldcnt
Han Fait
Pilliian Palace Hotel Cars
tliroHgli to St. LoaiSjtla
Sedalia, Daily.
Direct Route West and Soatk
west Tia Kaa?as City.
ITKlHPlf PITYntonPfpntP"''"'
Al rVAHdAO Uli I for Kanuu. Colorado.
Sew Mexico and California connect wjta Ex
prcaa TraaH of all Una.
Al AllinioUrlExprr- Trains for at
Points m Kansas and fceuraskn.
IT nil 1 111 Connection is made -with at
A I U M An. lln lmdliur to the Xortk n
F. rHASDLEn. Gen. Tass. Ageat.
C. B. KI55A5, Ass't Gen, Pass. ABtat
F. L. DECKEB, Agcntat linlU.
T f-'PP'-A-'g
The Direct Through Itoute Between
Fast Express Trains are Bon Dally. 5s
Change or Car.
Tbronrt milmsn Palace Reepina Cars are
mn dat.'r.'rtihoot chanse. between ST. LOUIS.
XOJXO acrra of rich fanntnr ??, f'"2
lands for fate by tSxiscompinjrln SOUTHWEST
ClfFor foil and pat cular Information wl'h
HatrvTimr- TaMe. IUtr. eccnll urranrwi
drea any of ou tuuon AsrnU, or ether of Ua
D. 'WlsnAirr, General Pajsenr Acent, St
O. W. CALE. General Freisht Airnt. St Louia
a wr BOGETtS. Vice PresideW cJ Gewrt
Jianater Tcnipie llnild'-lw. Lout, ila.
A bestaubaxt at Coney Island has a
large placard on its piazza announcing:
"Eighteen carrot vegetable soup."
DcnrxG the first six months of this
year one hundred and thirteen found
lings were picked up in the streets of
New York Citv.
The Government building at 'Wash
ington novr holds nearly $200,000,000
in silver coin. The enorruoas mass of
metal weighs about five thousand tons.
The Mexican Government is making
an exact plaster cast of the celebrated
Aztec calendar containing the zodiacal
signs, built into the interior walls of
the Cathedral in the City of Mexico, to
be sent to the New Orleans Exposition.
"Fob. twenty years and more," re
marks a gambler, Tve handled the
chips in a club-room, and I've watched
all sorts of men and seen every kind of
luck. I have known only a few big
winners, and only two men vyho kept it
ip and profited by their good fortune"
TtiK pr xluction of oil from sunflowcr
rccd has become an industry of consid
erable importance in Russia. It is ex
pressed on the spot, and tho product is
largely employed in the adulteration of
olive oil; the purified oil is considered
equal to olive and almond oil for table
Tiie most, powerful electric light on
the Pacific coast, and one of the largest
in the world, will soon bo mounted on
tho summit of Telegraph Hill, San
Francisco. It will be of twenty-four
hundred candle power, and a pole ono
hundred feet high is being put in place
for it.
Ox appeal from the Jews in Jcriisa
lem the Sultan has annulled the sale of
part of the Mount of Olives which con
tains the graves of the Prophets Hag
cai, Zacharot and MalachL The pur
chasers were the Russian priesthood.
The burial places of the prophets have
been secured to the Jews in perpetuity.
Jeiteksox M. Let, the present
owner of Monticollo, Va., offers a stand
ing reward of $500 for the arrest and
conviction of anjone found desecrating
the tomb of Thomas Jefferson. It was
feared that unless some step of the kind
was taken the shaft lately erected by
the Government will go as the first went
tosatisfv the craving of relic-hunters.
The Georgians rightfully claim that
their State gave the women of America
end of the world the first college. The
JWeslcyan Femalo College, created in
j 16X3 by tho State of Georgia, adopted
by tho Methodtot conference, in 1840,
endowed and remodeled in 1852 by
George L Seney, is to-day the monu
ment which marks tho curliest complete
' recognition of woman's claim.
The International Park Commission
Is about completing its labor of taking
.evideneo on the value of Prospect Park,
Niagara Falls, K. Y. It has been at
work twenty day, and seven thousand
folios of evidence have been taken.
Nearly every old resident of tho Falls
has been sworn, and the average worth
of the park is estimated at about 300,
000. Some of the witnesse placed the
value at $4,000,000, but this is con
sidered exorbitant.
Madison Parish, Louisiana, has many
women planters. Mrs. M. A. Gibbs
lives on the Ilccla plantation, which she
manages with great success. Mrs. Sal
lie Frazierhas a small cotton plantation
and a fine poultry farm. Miss Lu Lu
cas manages a large estate, and person
ally superintends a large force, lime.
Ames, regarded as tho best woman In
the parish, owns a tract of ono thousand
acre, and has eight hundred acres in
cultivation this vear.
The revision of the Old Testament,
which, it was hoped, would be out this
vear, will probably not make its ap
pearance before early In 1835. Tho
eighty-fifth and last session of the Eng
lish Revision Committee has been held,
but months must intervene before the
complete work can bo given to the
public. Nothing is positively known
of any chang&s made in the old version,
the revisors on both sides of the Atlantio
having kept their pledge of secrecy.
It is believed in California that the
present will bo tho most prosperons
honey season in that section ever
known. From fifteen hundred to six
teen hundred tons, it is estimated, will
be the vicld of Ventura County. Mr.
Easly. of the Siini, oounta his bonny
crop at fifty tons and there are other
becmen who will even beat that, some
going as high as seventy-fiva tons.
The revenue of tho county from this
industry alone will be no inconsiderable
Tub Imperial Government of China
has come to a decision of great import
ance that, namoiy. of sanctioning in
principle the introduction of railways
into the country. The Empress calls
upon the great functionaries of State to
submit plans for tho construction and
management of strategical and commer
cial lines. Proposals were accordingly
made by the Viceroy, Li Hung Chang,
and other representatives of the pro
gressive school, to be earned out on tho
conclusion of a definitive treaty with
France. Li Hung Chang is now con
vinced by experience that no public work
requiring organization and financial ac
curacy -an be undertaken by the Chi
nese themselves. Consequently, the
railways must be constructed and man
aged by to: signers. But the Govern
ment hits a natural dread of the Inroads
of foreigners, and Is nnwill'ng to assign
them rights over the soil of China.
There will, therefore, be a strong disin
clination to grant concessions, and the
railway problem will probably be solved
by the Government itself assuming the
responsibility of Basking State lines.
A SHHiwary el the Dally Xcws.
roi.mcAi. AT rEKaoxAr-
A DiSPATcn from Baltimore chronicles
the drmUe of General James It. Herbert,
Police Commissioner.
Wtatt Aitcx has been renominated for
Congress In the Third District of South
A LraxoTO, Kjr., special says Holt
(Republican) has been elected Appellate.
Judge by a majority of. 1,000 in a district
heretofore Democratic by 1.2M to 200.
A xrw expedition to the Congo country
is being aent ont by the German-African
Society. Lieutenant Schulti; has been ap
pointed leader of the expedition.
UriiOABiocs rcenes tock placa In the
Congress at Versailles to agree upon
amendments to the French constitution.
Resolutions were offered declaring pre
tenders to tho throne iaeligible ta act as
As infernal machine was found la the
Post-office at New York recently. It was
addressed to an Italian and was concealed
in a cigar box. The suspicions appear
ance caused it to be opened from the bot
tom when s cocked pistol and -dynamite
cartridges were found.
Tiie steamer Amsterdam, bound to New
York, grounded on a bar off Sable Island
recently. About three hundred persons
were on board. In landing some of tha
passengers a boat got swamped and six
men were drowned.
Ax explosion at an oil reSnery at Green
point, L. L, recently, caused a loss of
Tnc Government ioTestigation into the
affairs of the New Orleans Fost-offlce
brought to light many abuses. The worst
was the fact that the Postmaster's son was
In the habit of purloining letters from tho
Tnr second day of the ex-Confederate re
union at Dallas, Ter., was occupied with
speech nuking and parades. Tharo were
many old tattered battle flags In lino. A
grand parade of State miiilia concluded
tho programme. There were 13,000 visitors
on the camp ground.
Vf. B.Dua5BCix C&o. and C.H. Probst
& Co., both in the sugar trade in Liver,
pool, have failed. Probst fled to America.
Tuk people of San Antonio, Tex., hare
guaranteed 173,700 toward the cost of ona
hundred and forty miles' of railway to
Aransas Bay on the Gait of Mexico, with
the design of creating a rival city to Gal
veston. Davis' cracker and Perkins' coffee and
spice mills were damaged In Boston re
cently by fire. Loss $30,000.
J. C 8. IIaeiusot, the defaulting banker
of Indianapolis, was dangerously ill.
Tuc Oklahoma "boomers" were expelled
from Bod: Falls by ten military on tho 7th
and the town burned. Captain Payne and
others who had prsr-ouily been expelled
from Oklahoma were imprisoned.
At the annual ngatta on Lake Qoldiridy,
Nora Scotia, the boat Terra Nova capsized.
drowning tiiroa persons.
Jat Gould's handsome hotel and clnb
house on Charles Island, opposite iiilferd
flews', was bnmed the othtr night.
A. nCBSlCAXX at Sebastopol, In Crimea,
kOled twelve persons aad did mnch dam
ago te property.
Katie Cckkt, a girl of seven years, at
Oil City, Pa., attempted to kindle a fire
with ksitnenr. Her clothrs Irnlted, and
before assistance could be rendsrsd she was
burned to a crisp, fhs flesh dropping from
the bones.
Nxan Fradoula, Ter., the otber even
ing, a horrible encounter took place be
twson four desperate men, in which one
was shot through the heart, another t as
fatally itabbed, the third recird a deadly
wound in the shoulder, and the other was
shot in the breast.
Tex' Kimble Coal and Iron Company
doing business near Bedford, Pa., failed
for $700,000.
Four roughs were arrested In Schenec
tady, N. Y., recently, for interfering with
the Salvation Army. An uproar ensued,
and a crowd of fifteen hundred persons fol
lowed the prisoners to jail threatening
their rescue and also threatening to bum
the Salration barracks.
Joux Roaca'8 ship yard at Chester, Pa.,
was on first on the Sth. The less was re
ported at first to be very heavy, but Eoach
says that it-will not amount to mora than
Severai. cases of Texas ferer and pleu-rc-pnenmonia
have been discovered among
the crttle in the vicinity of Lancaster, Pa.
The State authorities had the infected
herds quarantined.
HoLxiSt LarrxaTT & Co., of Pittsburg,
Pa. lira stock dealers, bare fail-d. Lia
bilities, $100,000.
Steixxacbeb, the Anarchist, was hunj
In Vienna on the 6th. He bad been con
victed of the murder of a banktr and a
A nisraTcn from New York says: Com
modore Garrison's inventory shows liabili
ties, $14,710,2S!; nominal assets, $17,077,333;
actual aseb, J301,StX
Dr. O'Doxxxix, the California crsnk,
having announced in 77ashIngton that be
would abandon tro lepers on the street,
orders have been given to bare him ar
rested and his sanity determined. The
railway officials have no knowledge of
leprous consignments.
Axauqxaxt fever was reported at Saa
Carl;, thirty-eight miles from Panama.
There were nine deaths In from twenty
four to thirty-seven hours. The Inhab
itants were panic stricken. It Is believed
the epidemic was due to intense malarial
poisoning. Panama was very sickly. From
ten to fifteen funerals per day. Heat in
tense. The Cnlcago Live Stock Exchange Is de
termined toco longer permit the practice
cf "shrinkage'' adopted by packers in hog
purchases. "Piggy" sows and "stags'
must In future be separated and sold on
their own merits.
A riRi the other night in the warehouse
and lumber yards of tht Key City Furni
ture Company, at Dubuque, lows, caosed
a loss of 52S.0J3; insuraw J6.0M.
At the Buffalo races, en the Sth, Jay-Eye-See
made an attempt to lower his record
of ::in, but failed, his time being 5:10 V.
GERXAXThas declined the invitation of
Portugal to enter a conference for the discus-ion
of the Congo River question.
The Belgian Chamber of Deputies has
adopted a bill providing for the renewal of
diplomatic relations with the Vatican.
A nix coop has been picked up in the
Bay of Biscay with two dead men tied upon
It, supposed to be members of the crew of
the Gijon, recently run duws by the Lax
The Customs authorities at Montreal re
cently made an extensive seizure of sponges
imported from New York and entered at
Two miners were killed and a third was
fatally Injured by the fall of twenty-five
tons of top-coal In a colliery at Shenan
doah, Pa.
About twenty young cattle of a herd of
one hundred and fifty, being pastured nine
miles from Denver, hare died of Texas
ferer in the last few days.
Sec Deputy United States "Marshals were
discharged in New York recently by orders
from Attorney-General Brewster. Whether
their discharge had any political signifi
cance could not be ascertained.
A dispatch from London says the Lord
Mayor entertained the representatives of
foreign nations at a banquet In the Mansion.
House. Senator Ferry represented the
United States.
The management has been authorized to
negotiate with the French Government for
the exhibition of Bartholdi's Stataa of
Liberty at the "World'a Exposition in New
Orleans for a short time before It Is finally
set up at Bcdloc's Island.
Joseph Tart, recently shot at Nlekerson
Station, La., by Timothy SeaL died shortly
after. In a family vendetta last year Talt
killed Seal's brother.
The steamer Bracadlle from Calcutta,
arrived recently at St. Lucia. .Cuba.
After the steamer left Calcutta thirty-oce
cases al cholera appeared, and twenty
cases died. No new cass ware on the
vessel for twenty-nine days. Tto steamer
was placed in quarantine.
Geoboe W. Jacobt & Sox, marble
dealers In Philadelphia, bare mad an
assignment .
SnraEB, Pacrz & Co., of tha Horns
Woolen Mills, Allsntown, Pa., have failed.
Liabilities, lJ0,080.
Three men were killed In a disastrous
Are at Catlettsburg, Ky.f recently. Three
others were seriously Injured, and were
reported In a precarious conditlcn.
Cholera continues to hang about French
and Italian cities. The mortality was not
alarming. In Lancashire. Eng., a few
deaths were reported from English cholera,
Firrr horse thieves have been hung or
shot in the Mussel Shell country, Montana,
during the past month.
The steamer Martha Stephens was sunk
by a snag below Boanville, Mo the other
day. Three men were reported drowned
or missing. The boat run betwen Boon
vtlle and Miami.
Texas fever broke out recently in a
drove of cattle near Lancaster, Fa. Tho
State Veterinarian also found cattle af
fected with pleuro-pneumonia. He ordered
strict quarantine and the slaughter cftha
affected animals.
A gexeral, shut-down of the Fall River
cotton mills bgan rocently. The only
mills not approving the shut down were
the Borden County, Pocasset,Phillp, Union,
Narragansett and Sagamore. The cause
waa the dullness of the market for prints.
A DISPATC1 has been received at tho of
flee of the Monarch line of steamers, New
York, that the steamer Lydlao Monarch
had arrived at Si. John's, Newfoundland.
TnE Hoi leal Congress opened at Copen
hagen on the 10th in the presence, of the
King and Queen of Denmark, the Council
of State and the King and Queen of Greece.
The Congress includes 353 Danes, 100
Swedes, 109 Norwegians and 600 persons of
other nationalities.
The boiler of a field engine exploded on
the fares of Mathew Rhodes In Jackson
County, His., the other day, killing Herbert
Newton and James M. Sullivan and seri
ously wounding Ed Riley.
Columsiax mills, at Sonthbrldga, Mass.,
burned recently. Nine thousand spindles
were destroyed.
Adolt Neils ox, Theodore Greezel and
Ambrose Watts have been arrested in New
York for posting a Socialist proclamation
and fined Ore dollars each. Justus Schwab,
a Communist, nail the fines.
Hcsa J. Jewett, President of the Erie
Railroad, denied that he was about to re
sign and retire
The original papers, comprising arocord
of Greely's Arctic search and most inter
esting relics of that expedition, hare been
delivered into tha custody of General Han
cock at Governor's Island by Lieutenant
Sebtee, of the Thetis.
CoxDUcroa Fjiaxc Shalt, and Fireman
Fuller Thompson were killed by an acci
dent to a train of the Gettysburg .St Harris
burg Railroad near Carlisle, Pa., the other
Michael Rr ax walked off the dock at
Crow Island, Mlctu, the other evening and
was drowned. Ho was aged twenty -five
and left a family.
A Tiwf in the hands of a miner in the
Micoral Springs Colliery, Lehigh Valley
Coal Company, at Farson's Station, Pa
xploded recently and set fire to the brat
tice dry planking. A se rious conflagration
About a dozen cosvicts escaped from a
plantation directly opposite Vicksburg,
Miss., recently, and lodged themselves In a
canebrako. Repeated raids were made by
them on the neighboring farms. A large
posse aided by bloodhounds was organized
to attempt their recapture.
Tax citizens of Lumbertoa, O., drove
from town a Urge family named Myers,
suspected of various crimes, and burned
their hemes when they left.
Ax unknown man recently cams oat of
the bushes on an island in Niagara River,
banded a stranger a watch, leaped into the
rapids, and was hurried over the Horse
shoe faU.
While a small canncn was being fired
at a political meeting in Nenia, HL, the
gunner ran out of wadding, and used
handfuls of mud. The plco was blown
into fragments, and a lad named Mandln
was instantly killed.
Hox. Marshall Ket, Clerk of the Fed
eral Courts at Council Bluffs, Iowa, after
several days' severe illness, In a fit of
temporary aberration of mind,sbot himsolf
and died immediately.
The assignee of Edmund Yard & Co., of
New York, has filed schedules showing
liabilities to be $1,0ZU3S; nominal assets,
$385419; actual ass ts, 227i
The propeller Mamie Glass exploded her
tollers the other day at Madison, Ind.
Two men were iistantly killed. Both
were married, baring families.
The twelve railtoad employes (Ameri
cans) arrested at Cabra, Mexico, were,
with the exception of three,, released upon
the payment of a small fine. The three re
tained were ordered to Zacatecas for trial,
the Federal authorities assuring them fair
At Miles City, M. T., Prairie Chicken,
one of the Crow Indians imprisoned for
cattle killing, was shot fatally by the Sher
iff while attempting to escape.
Hits. Charles Schlir was so affected
by eartnquake at Plainfield, N. J., re
cently, that she died In a few hours.
The Government is withdrawing indi
vidual police protection In the south and
west of Ireland, but it is still obtainable at
the cost of the person protected.
Axother shock of earthquake was felt
in the villages along the south side of Long
Island, on the 11th. uot so heary as the day
before, but sufficient to cause excitement.
Hempstead, South Oyster Bay,LongBeach,
Woodsbury, and other places reported a
similar experience.
The Wall Street Bank, of New York,
closed Its doors recently, owing to tha Ir
regularities of its cashier. When the last
annual statement was issued, in Septem
ber, 1888, the figures were: Paid np capi
tal. ;X,000: surplus, $63,197; undivided
profits, $47,736.
Ax Iron fVta of Louisville has seat circu
lars throughout the country urging that all
furnaces be banked for four weeks with the
hope of increasing prices.
Texas fever swept away thirty-nine head
ot cattle la one herd at Lemars, Iowa.
The Ftate Veterinarian was on the ground,
aad had established a rigid quarantine.
What an Investigation BroagOt to Dint
la the New Orleans Post-OScr.
WAsinxaTox. August 8. The special
commission which has been Investigating
the condition and management ot the New
Orleans Post-offlee submitted a report to
the Po5tma5ter General yesterday,, Tha
Commissioners say In then- report that they
found tiie facilities of the office ample, bus
the force inefficient through lack ot proper
trsiilng. Organization or discipline, they
ssy, does not exist in the office, nor does
any system cf promotion based upon Indi
vidual merit, and they add that they found
everything arranged apparently more for
the personal eoavcalenoc of the clerks
than for the necessities of business. They
say that the Postmaster possesses
but a limited knowledge of the actual
work of the office and makes little or no
effort to Inform himself of the necessities
of the service, rarely visiting the working
floor or seldom consulting with his subor
dinates; also that while too much ought
not to be expecad of the Assistant Post
master In vlsw of his Comparatively re
cent appointment, yet they feel constrained
to say hb selection for tiie place was un'
wise, because of his "Inferior judgment,
lack of discretion and Inability to maintain
discipline." fhey further say they found
the mailing division without organization
or discipline, mail matter, especially news'
papers, being badly bandied ana de
layed; that no account has been
kept of mall sacks, which latter, in
many cases, were being unlawfully
Used by persons othef than employes;
they (the commissioners) having found one
hundred and forty of them In junk shopi
and others used as cotton packages or mado
nto hammocks. They express the opinion
that tho watt of energy on tiie part of the
chief of this division is In part owing to the
failure of his superiors to support Irim,
They say also that the office of collection
clerk, with a salary of $500. has been held
for some time by George W. Merchant, a
son ot the Postmaster, who has rendered
very little service, his work having been
done by the cashier, and they add that
tills office is entirely unnecessary and
should be abolished. They report hav
ing found an employe carried on tho
rolls as a "porter detailed as detective."
who rendered no service himself,
but who hired an old colored man at el$ht
dollars per month to do a little sweeping,
that being the ervice which called for tha
employment of a porter, and they recom
mend that this office, as w ell as that ot chief
porter, be abolWied, They also recommend
that the title of the official now known as
"secretary and auditor be changed to "offi
cial secretary," and the salary ot the office
be reduced from 51,500 to 51,'iOO per an
num. They recommend an Increase In the
salaries of certain clerks, agcresatlng 51,000
per annum, and reductions aggregat
ing $2,-120. They also report having
made inquiries relating to depre
dation on the mails at this office
and failure of the Postmaster to report them
and say with respect to this branch ot in
vetlgation that it was found that Just be
fore their visit fifteen letters addressed to
M. A. Dnnlap had been abstracted from tha
mails in this office; that ehxunisianccs
pointed almost conclusively to the son of
Postmaster as the person who stole them;
that when the facts were reported to the
Postmaster he obtained possession of and
burned certain fragments ot the missing
letters, thereby destroying important evi
dence aralnst the guilty person, but be
afterward promised to exclude his ron per
manently from the office.
Th President Proclamation Ontrrtaz;
the Arrest of "Bonmers" Captured by
The following oi iters were rec antly taued
frrai Washington in regard to trespassers
upon Indian lands:
General Onters No. to. Headquarters of the
Army. Adjutant General's Office, Washing
ton. JulySl. Isst:
Tfct? foUowlnpprcdaniatton of tbe President
of the United states Is pubtUt'f for the In
formation and guidance of al. concerned:
llv the Prrsaient of the United States of
America, a Proclamation:
Whereas. It Is ailrzed that certain persons
have within tho territory and jurisdiction of
the United States begun and set on foct pre
pare! ions for an organized and forcible pos
session of and settlement upon the lands of
what Is known as the Oklahoma lands, in the
Indian Territory, which territory Is desur
natcd. recognized and described or the treat.
les and laws of the United Mates and by the
executive authorities as Indian country, and
as such Is subject to occupation by Indian
tribes onlr; and.
Whereas, the laws of the United StateWpra
vlde for the removal of all peons resldln?
or bclnr found In said Indian Territory with
out the the express permission of tae Interior
Department. Xow, therefore, for tbe pur
pose of properlx protcctlnr the Interests of
tae Indian nations and tribes In said Indian
Territory and that settlers may not be lndnrml
to ro Into a country at great expense to
themselves where they cannot be allowed lo
remain. L Chester A. Arther. President
of tbe United States, do admon!sh
and warn all such persons so Intend
Ins: or prrparlnjr to remove upon raid lands
or Into said Territory arainst any attempt to
so remove upon or settle upon any of tBe
lands In said Territory, and 1 do further warn
and notify any and all such persons who do
so offend that they will bo speedily and Imme
diately removed therefrom by tha proper offi
cers of the Interior Department, and If neces
sary the ahl and as!sance of the military
force ot .he United Mates will be Invccrd to
remove alt such Intruders from tha sail In
dian Territory.
In teulmony whereof I have hereunto set
my hand and caused the seal of the United
Mate to be amxed.
Done at the City ot Washington, this 31st day
of July. In tho year of our Lord, one thou
sand cirbiwn hundred and eiahtyty-four.
and of ta independence nf the United
States, the one hundred and riahtn.
Chesteu A. Arthur.
By the President:
Turn. T. yuEUxonxTSEX, Secretary of
liy command of Lieut tant General Sheri
dan. CUACSicv iKnvcn, A. A. G.
HuxxgWEix, Kas August 8. Rock
FalU was taken In at two o'clock yesterday
afternoon. The printing office was burned
and the press and material sent to Fort
Smith with Captain Payne and G. B. Cooper,
and the editor placed under heavy guard.
Two companies of cavalry, under command
of Captains Moore and Valols surprised
the camp early in the morning and are
now bringing In all "boomer." The parties
who have been caught in tbe Territory a
second time are to be sent to Fort Smith.
All others arc now being put across the line
into Kansas. Major Lyons, the attorney for
the Cherokee Nation. Mr. Rogers and Mr.
Green, of tte Cherokee Nation, were en
the grounds and superintended the move
ments. Major I.j ous and E. A. Schnell
itruck off thr last copy of the Chief.
At. English Jndcc has de-idetl that
a kiss is not a le;al -consideration."
A surgeon in Lambeth kissed a work
ingrnan's wife: the husband valued the
km at 5. and the surgeon gave him
an I O U for that amount, A month
after date an action was brought ou this
document, but the Judge promptly
ruled there was no consideration and
gave a verdict for tbe defendant.
There is a child in Vermont that is
rather queer. Every effort to havo it
u its legs was made by its parents,
but it had no inclination that way. It
will raise itself upon its bands and
moro rapidly across the foor. and when
it has picked up the article it seeks,
places it between its feet and moves
awaj on its hands. Doaloit Gtobt.
A ten-year-old Brooklyn boy has
been sent to the Uouso of Kefoge
charged with setting fire to a number
of stables in that city. He v:knowl
edged hb guilU and said bis object was
to assist in rescuing the horses, and thca
claim a. reward from the owners.
Brooklyn Eagte.
soma imported bonnets a dozen
kazBomlag-birda are grouped
TV, XabxbKaate rf Um
Sfeakrn Vp by an EarSMsIfs X
Hart, But KmjhoT Seared.
New Yobk, August 19. Abaai rwa
o'clock resterdar afieraeea nulaasi wC
' this vicinity were startled by a l
' a earthquake lastlne abast test u-asusr.
! At this hour Tjarticulaw have beam malna
at the Western tTatoa ofiae hare fiata tha
! fnllnnln Ttnfnfo? TiW! Atlantic HSahiaBlSS
.W..W.....B .n.... .. -
near Sandv Hook. Lea Branch, ratta-
dslphia. New liavea, aostao, mini,
Plainfield, SprhiS Lake, CoUaae CHy, Mar-
tha's Vineyard and Fortlaad. Jte- Al
2:15 o'clock the AUk&
fand eTnerieneed a SeCOBd afeaelT. aat
less violent than the first. At PhihailsMa
the scafl" riding on some new baiMiaaa as tag
up on tbe corner ot iieea street was a
violently ana seme oncxa ok w
wom shakm off and fell to the stmt
The severest shock waa reported frees Saa
Bright, N. Jn where the depot waa aMfted
to one side, shaking np U eaatea aad
At "-an n. m. an InHTncrnal tKttlt was"
liimada to raise tbe Loa? Branch ofltoa wfcss
fhad bees in commoBicatien with tha teeat
office np to the time of ta shock: Taa aa
eratorjnst bad time to report e sbaek ts
getherwith the fact that tht jars af a
battery had been overturned whew tfeewiras
cave out. At Hartford a bareheaded saad
rushed frantically to the telearaaa aAaa
holding in his hand a newspaper wMeh fc
hail been reading. He said be bad baas
shocked violently, and that tha ylsmetrssg
on the ceiling above above Hsa had beam
cracked and m some places had itvfrtd
off en the floor. In BfewWyw
the streets were alive with paaata
who had come to ascertala-the caaae at tfce
rocking and to gossip about R, Oae eaas
beaded observer, on the flt jtULtplfeia
motion, took ont his top watefc aad Mated
the vibration. He reported that w soeJc
began, as near as auuld be dilLiiutatrt, a
2.-OSK; that tbe first shock lasted test
secondi. and that the "quieting down," a
he described it took nearly fifty seeaada
more. Off-band guesses as ta Ma avrasfcK,
varied from fire seconds to two Miaueta, aa
eordinsr to the observer's fright aad Ma
judgment of the flight ot time. At XestW
Park and Trenton the shock waa stead a
2:05 p. m-, while at tbe more soatherir
points of Its orbit it waa felt at 2:1V Tbe
first froprrwlon which seemed to take pea--asIon
of the Inmates of tha aaaaea taXaw
lurk was that the building
and people ran Into the streets only ta dis
cover their neighbors rushing oat smiaail
like themselves. Then as there were bo
evidences of a catastrophe the ptoala re
turned to their homes, realizing- that tttare
nad been an earthquake. As a fata aaoaie
remained in front of their hosaea a few
minutes, apparently trying to get at sexae
solution of their fears and watchac; la
faces and r nner cf others. Wosaea aa4
children, at hey regained sent degree at
confidence, returned to their fcooece. tbe
men remainin in croups in the streets eBsj
cusslng tho occarrence so uaexpfctaii aa
so startling. An earthquake is a tMa
so unlooked for In this part of the
world that Its cause and the history of tfce
most terrible ones became the topics ef par
amount interest About all tbe people wan
concerned fa trying to find out froji those
they talked with was whether a steend aad
perhaps subsequent shocks were likely ta fel
low At the observatory of tbe United
fctates Slgn-d Service tbe time ot the earth
quake and its duration were noted. Assist
ant Observers R. Ulnman and Mcrriae; ware
at the time In the office.atou- two haadred
feet above the level of the streets. Tbe st
Intimaiies) of ..the earthquake waa a
slow -rasBWtec sswmMike the awrtfcra oC
dUUat twamJer. It waa iaaatediataty fat-
lowebya shock s that sfaviatcBt ex
plosion, wmca eanesn sa uaimiiaw
aitougn it dm not saaae sum
rattling continued afcont eighti
was accompanied by x
which gradually died away. - c
Immediately after the shock bad been fellv
at the police central office considerate eon
f nslcrf was occasioned, and the uapwerian at
first prevailed that .
in the neighborhood. A little investigation,
however, led Acting SaperlntendentSaadas
to the conclusion that the cause of tbe dis
turbance was a real eartbanake. Ha a
ouee sent out a general dispatch to aU pre
cincts asking for information la regard ta
the shock In the city. Answers seas begaa
to pour to, and operators were kept busy
for two hours writing out reporta from the
different captai-B. It appears that the shack
was felt with about the same mfwmlty aU
over the city, although it produced awre
alarm In the thickly settled tea era eat dis
tricts on the east side. A telegram fresc tfce
Yonkers police said the shock bad bees felt
there also. The greatest exdteaKBt pre
vailed In tbe Jewish and Bohemian qaarters
on the East side. The bouses, which are
mostly high and lightly constructed tene
ments, were violently shaken, ard tha terri
fied Inmates rushed ont Into tha Ml seta,
carrying with them whatever of their haase
bold effects they could move. CaMfs
screaming with fright were boraa eat by
their parents, who were hardly less pease
stricken, and the whole ponularteB-wassoan
massed fa the center of the street la Lad
low street, between Helster and Canal, the
panic was at lu height The streets were
swarming with people, men, wouea aad
children huddled together, evidently Udak
teg their last hour had arrived, aad expect
ing every moment to see all their dwattiags
falling upon them.
and children'bawling, while men were either
swearing or praying. This was kept ap
for nearly half an hour, when tha poHea
persuaded the people to return to their
hnnses. Similar scenes were witnessed in
Mulberry, Jersey and Mott streets, where
Italians have their colonies. Tbe fright,
1 however, was not so Intense aad after a
J lltt'e their loud shcuts and wild gestlcala
I tions ceased. A few minutes after
I the shock a zray-haired man rushed Into tte
j Madison street police station and satd sev
eral houses ti Monroe street had tnmweu
down. Ambulances were called aad the
reserve force sent out by the Sergeaat
On arriving at the place Indicated It was
found that the street 1c front of a lama
tenement was crowded with an excited
throng of people, but there was no In
dication of any accident The panic was
caused by an excited man. who rushed out
Into the street shoutlns, The boase Is fH
Ingr Harrison's Fraud.
IxOTAXArous, Amrust P, The aMeraey
of J. C. S. Harrison has filed a petitiea ap
plying for a writ of habeas corpus, the ob
ject being to secure a reduction of the bait
demanded. Harrison is still under arrest
at bis residence, where bo Is guarded by a
police officer fa default ot $60,008 ball de
manded by Mayor McMaaier. to answer to
the charge ot embezzlement Jadga Salt
took the petition under advbesseat aad will
give a 'decision on Monday. Receiver
Lamb has discovered among the alleged as
sets of Harrison's bank, a note given ay J.
S. a Harrison, dted late tn 1SS1, for J153,
600. It U generally believed that this
money was 'est lu 3tock specslatioas.
i s
The Coal Trade.
Pmssuacn. Pjl, Angast f. The eeae
operators are lend in their ceaapialat about
the depressed condition of this Important
industry. Notwithstanding the sttaaaoaa
efforts put forth by the syndicate to bolsiar
It up, trade continues to fall esT. The
problem of supply end demaad baa evi
dently not yet been properly solved, as
overproduction Is alleged to be the caaae of
the present trouble. A meetta of the Coke
Producers Association has been called for
the 20th lust, when meassres wBi be takes
to remedy the evil. It to probable that the
association will order a saapamlon of opera
tions for some Use ta the coke regies ova
which they have ostttoL

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