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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, August 21, 1884, Image 1

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cvotctl te tfco iHtcrctU el ike Chcrekcci, Chectaws, Chlckasaws, SckIrsIc. Creeks, and all Other Indian of the Iadiaa Territory.
YOL. n. NO. 49.
m .-J 1B
0. PATTON fc CO.
Tac m tetBjtWasi
Aa a faM
geasV FaralchtM? Ses. WWHe
. KUBKXr M2AilTXE5T is IbD p t Ums tiara la all th Latest Slj tef -ad Fashlcns.
VKMCEKrKFJLRTXrciareffefe wit every H of Staple and Imtf Gweerirs, Floar, Bacon, Canned Goods,
MT XAJg KFAXZXSYr has a fcH Hie rf SaMies, Sara aal Leather Goods of all kinds. In
Cat JBfCCLTmLL T3EELEXE5T BEEARX3IEST yen cast stWaReas, .Ungues, Haw, Sprin? ITagoas, Etc
MS KlaWAa BFAKTJt23T if well stocked wltk Sails, Screws, Gains, Hlnps, Tinware, Axes, Utensils, Tool,
- Me., 1m will ted ia
Mi CLASS AM eJCEXSSWAK JCPAJtTXXST every Tariety rf Msfces, Crocks, Jars, Joss, Etc While la
Mfc MtHS STtSB MffARTXETE je wfll ftd a slM stock or runs, Mce Drnzs, Xrdleines, complete In every re
IpciL rTwJr7a7aar.riilly SaWoaaded by i akttlca sawtlteeary. Ia this connection, we haie also aa Immense
" Hwk of XoWwis, LfS, Oocto, Coaerttoacrj, E4c Asda
IT-LTMltTET AM : WFARTJU3T wfcere ye wB! ad cTerTTaricty or TTrltimj Xaterials, Taper, Blank Bookt
' !aa jJtStle Seaal leete, aad aJtaeaf yael leadia loks-l'ros and Foitry.
Oar Frioes are as low as the Lowest Come and See TJs.
W. lu TBOTT, Proprietor.
urolr of both
- -- A. Mta,
Cm. KM, Mint .nil Ki, Stfy n4 Treasrc.
ETliet CasL Price Paid for All Grades of Wheat.
triers fcc JLeCK, BKA2f aad KHITSTUFF5 rrosipllj Attended to.
R BQCOa, MfatatMa Iganaa fonager, SEXECA, 310.
reakaadtaeCSmteestStapleiaaFsacj'GrocoriestatteStartet. Also
B VtdMBS, Put Smsswiri, Bitsstifi wl Tinware.
I i e,-m Matntwara Stare.
TP3C T'.U'X La.
Wil I ITT!
If Ufa Ltlllbi- M M5
WMiffxl Brvtm la
Ato carry a complete line of
Thrr Goods, Hats and Caps,
"Boots and Shoes,
iac SK5fe for Mm Em to Sutt.'
Don't &il to see oxlt stock and learn our prices
before buying.
W3- IITTIil3 & CO., Vinita, Indian Ter.
FwarXilcs trcra Prairie Ci(y, oh Grand Ither.
GEO. ARMSTKONG, - Proprietor.
All Kinds of Hard Lumber Always on Hand
and for Sale.
O- 3F-. IiTJI5LE3,
links' 2BJ Geslkfien .s Fic Stacs and Cools a SiinHy
most MB nOtSt FCltS ssrf FJCK. Gai or Callle talea In Er
C1 earn t-6i.
the facst mi ewfletott rtwe la the IwH
wai rf ef ike Terr aest ipality to be had la tie coi m rj.
aaortaraitef ererjtalB vrantedby our cnsfoHiers.
iaatease stock rf ererr wrietj
fcl &e Invest k of fcst-class doWns. Boots Shoes,
& GO,, Yinita,
Satire an! Xorthem Pine Lumber. Also Shln-
Moaldtejrs. Etc. ThoSaaveKno, oeagMuppea iium iaw vuutiow
tux ezTsaa, Tzazr a.
I. T.
r. a BHU.TOT.
C fir fin
Uotions, Etc.
Tcnl'ory la that of
of the best and most serviceable Drj
Hats, Ladle i' axi
Indian Territory.
Tor the pnrrtuse mxd tale of
13 Xstloiul Stock Ynri. E. St LoaU.
t3B7LnenU advance made on conzlcnnientv
Localfd at East St. LonU, III.
Directly oppoite tao cin- of St. LoaU. Bnyen
foraltdcseripUoacf L.v tor. always In at
tendance, end within the ground or tbe Stock
Yardi are a Beef Cannlnz Company, with a
capAdtyforsIaushlcrlns-LOOO bead of cattlajpj thjjty.fivc dollars per burner per
duly, and Perk racking EstablliamenU wita
a capacity lor slaosEterinff ty) bogs dally.
ISAAC H. E0X, Presldeat
CHAS. T. J05ES, SupU
T laJfl TOJI'hJv llnEI V
I Will I SltililU tJhiLI
" ------- i
Follmoii Palace Hotel Cars
. throngli to St. Louis,Tia
SetLilia, Daily.
Direct Route West and South
west via Kansas City.
Now Mexico and aliTorala connect with Ex
press Tzalns of all linos.
AT ATCH!S0KS?rS,OTr!Snr1or
Points m Kansas and Nebraska.
T nUltil ComwcrJon is made with I
Al UmAllAuneilcauinsto U,eOItl: n
FAST 07X3X15.
F. CnASnLEn, Gen. Pass. Agtait.
a B. KI5XAS, Ass't GenPass. Agent
F. L. DLT5EK, Agent at Vinita.
ii l' nan
lit JiV
Tho Direct Throogt Koute Between
Fast Express Trains are Hun Daily. 5
Change or Cars.
u... vuHm.ii TalaM- KlrnlRr Cars are
run dsHf , whboit Usne.ljw!a ST. IXIO IS,
3IO.SMKAA IBAH l".'"- ,
lands forlolirtlnSfornrlS,cTIIWEST
Kor tun n& r-t -r 'n'rirmaHen. wr"s
Men. Tim- la'-. '-, .-c I ..i mi ..r l
dnMUiTot u Mot J..o. .hc-cftUs
D W IIAirr Cencrai raiwenser A -rnt, S
o'w ?&.zx Ccocrsi iy: s" Asi st lm.s.
C w li.".H j - Ixt .e-ir-f
t wayr .La..
MivvlHIFI PPlfill
Xox-besidests of Texas own one
million cattle ia that State, producing
an annual revenue of ten million dol
lars. Wmiix a year and a half four news
papers havo icrisl)cd in Cincinnati, and
on the last ono 250,000 bad been ex
pended. Tiie summer of 1834 in tbc United
States wili go npon record as a rare one
cool, dry. pleasant, and healthy in
town and country.
The sales of Virginia tobacco have
fallen off considerably during the fire
seven months of the present year, as
compared with the corresponding period
last year.
A cant, of burglars on Statcn Island
eppointed two of their number to sere
nade the inmates of a well furnished
house while the others broke in nt the
back and robbed the premt'es.
TnEjTcwYotk State Fish Commis
sioners report the introduction of the
German carp to have been very sneees'j
ful. It breeds as well and thrives as
well hero as in its original horns.
Tiie next reunion of the Army of the
Tennessee will be held at Chicago the
second 'Wednesday and Thursday of
September, 18-33. General Sherman was
rc-clccled President of the organization.
Peesiden-tJAetiiuk has sent a valu
able gold watch and chain to Captain
Bricn. commander of the Britbh bark
cntinc Susan, In rccgnitifn of his con
spicuous bravery in rescuing the officers
tnd crew of the American ship Tennes
see while that vessel was burning at sea.
Phesidext Ada its seems to think that
competition will prove the best medi
cine for the Union Facific itoad, and
that the tripartite contract can be so
modified as to be acceptable to all inter
ests. Vice President S. II. IL Clark will
soon be relieved from duty, at his own
request, on account of poor health.
A stoiiy comes from Grant, llerki
mer County, N. Y.t of a swindle, and
worse, perpetrated on a soldier's
i widow, named Catherine Pooler. She
lately "received a pension certificate
for nine hundred and fifty-one dollars,
which it is claimed she was induced to
assign to her nephew, one Garlock, by
fraudulent representations on the part
of himself and his mother, who have
since Lidnapcd her, and now keep her
ender restraint.
The cost of electric light for the ilin
cunaton of chics, as compared with
gas. has been computed by Hartford.
Conn., where arc ligla have been in
nse for about a year. Tbc report state
that each electric light in usj displaces
ii. and. one-half street burners, besides
giving at the same time at least ten
times as much light. The gas-lamps
annum, kept bnrnjug three hundred
and twenty-six nights in the year, while
for the electric light sixty-five ceiiU n
night is paiiL The electric light being
equal to six and one-half gas burners
a savins of fifteen dollars and slitl-
. rents per lamp per year b effected by
i tlectricitv. besides tho cost of lighting
, Mid extinguishing the gas-lamps.
The nc of balloons in European war
fare dates from the last Franco-German
war. They were then chiefly employed
for the purpose of observation, signaling
and escape from beleaguered towns. A
German-American scheme of aerial war
fare hrs been under the considcrati n of
the English War O.Ticc. in which not only
i captive out tree oauoons are pmposcu
,olje tttilbted for aggressive operations, j
The inventor Rl;
.t ., .i,;,, f i
l l o
I explosive uoiuus iihiu an uueiuj Hum
I balloons. In aildition to this, by the
. . , . ,
be observed and
4-Slt, l-tA 3 SJ4rf
bis tactics easily deciphered and coun
teracted. It is understood that the forth
coming report will be favorable, cer
tainly as to tho part of the scheme if
not as to the whole.
Viscest I- UnAtiroKP, LL. D.. who
recently died in Fbiladelphla. was
seventy-six years of age, and was grad
uated with the highest honors from tho
University of Pennsylvania in 1S25. He
practiced law in Michigan and entered
the State ScnatK. It was be who first
proposed to aliolish the law of impris
onment for debt, which was soon after
instituted in other States. He had a
hand in the act onccrning the Revised
Code of Michigan, the organization of
the Penitentiary, Univc&ity, and var
ious systems of internal improvements.
Uis business necessitated bis withdrawal
from tho Senate, but he afterward held
the positions of Master in Chancery and
Circuit Court Commissioner. In 1S13
be returned to Philadelphia and joined
the law firm of which his father was a
St'E-VKixc of pro!pects in the Ccur
d'.Vleno country, C. D. Tortcr, a mining
expert, says: TL first depression has all
passed away. Deeper explorations re
oal tbc fact that what was deemed a
shallow channel is now a deep river bed
filled with gravel, live feet of which next
thebed-rock Is so rich that in some cases
fire ounces have been taken out to the
pan. This channel has been located for
six miles, but the mother vein, as it is
called, higher up the ravine, Mr. Portcrl
believes, will be the richest part of that
country. Mr. Porter believes the Crcnr
d'Alrne region is to prove tho richest
placer mining region ia the world, and
that "t will be good for twenty years,
lie gaj it has rained in that region al
most uValy for five months, and that tho
dense forest would keep rain dripping
fcr two hours after the showers bad
passed. But tho boys were looking for
a soell of clear weather now. Ho de
' scr.bcs the camp as most hopeful, and
anV claim
wlucb. b been opeMd. osljo leuuig t- a ht oa' sssu Ii
A SHBuaary of the Dally Ac hi.
Jahis G. Blush hai commenced a salt
asaiut lbs Indianapolis Sfnttael for pub
lishing certain scandalous charges relat
ing to his early life in Kentucky.
Capoul, the tenor, is to marry the
daughter of a wealthy land owner in En:
EDMCm McCcimx, brother of the pres
ent incumbent, was elected Governor of IIm
Cboctaw Station Ly over two hundred ma
jority. Pateilk Eojls, formerly Treasurer of
the Land League in Ireland, was chosen
President of the Irish Xatlonal League of
America at a recent convention in Itoston.
Abbs Frasz Liszt has become blind at
Bay Senthr. It i said he consumes daily
a frightful quantity cf liquor and even falls
asleep in tho theater He has broken off
tilth the Prircess Wiclitenntein, who has
become a devotee. Abt tStzt will retire
to Weimar and end ! days there.
Pbuce BoaiATnsET, wrll known in St.
Petersburg society, has been dismissed
frum the couuaand of the Czai'rf cuanl
and his nam; has been erased from tho
rU of ai Js-dr-caap. It was rumored that
tbecsuscwas that ha bad squandered his
ratira fortune in canibllnp; operations.
IIok. Job.t Cool, ex-United States Sen
ator frrm South Carolina, died suddenly
in lVashinzton the other day.
G concr 1Y. Cuilus, of the Philadelphia
Ledger, gave a dinner at his colta;eat
Long Branch recenlly to John ITclcb, Ex
Minister to Extend, U. S. G-ant and Gen
eral Biraet-, Mexican Minister, were
among the gursU.
Michael McDox&ll, engineer in a box
mill at Milford. Mass., caught bis ulcere in
tbo screw ol a shaft, and for some time was
whirled at the rate of four hundred revolu
tions per minu'e. Every stitch of clothing
was torn from his body, but u hen he fell to
the fijnr h was sboluelr uninjured.
Two hundred unions, forming the Cigar
Maken' International Union, have agreed
to loan each one hundred dollars as the
nucleus of a co-operative factory in Cincin
The French Congress is now engaged In
revising the constitution. It rejected an
amendment providing for the choice cf
Senators by universal suffrage.
AT Elkhart, Ind., recentlr, Mrs. F. Shaf
fer and Mrs. Andrew Swinehart were killed
while driving across the Liko Shore track.
The body of Lieutenant Kisllngbury, of
the Greely Arctic expedition, was exhumed
the other day. The remains showed that
the flraby parts bad Leen abstracted, cor
roborating th charges that the survlvcf s
had been addicted to cannibalism.
Tac Bank of Montreal has been advised
of the departure from London of lamuel
Montagu-, Rabbi Archer and Benjamin L.
Cohen, who intend to explore the north
west territories of Canada to find homes
for colonies of Itussian Hebrews.
Govrasoa MuniuT, of Uub, has tele
graphed to the Indian Department that
the Indians amon the war path in Colorado
and Utah, and asks that troops bo sent to
protect the whites.
NOTICE has been giren to citizens of
AUace and Lorraine that a pilgrimaga to
Lourdes this st&ton will subject thea to
quarantine on their return.
Tux jailer at Gainesville, Ark., finds that
one of his prisoner?, held tor a minor of
fense, is Lore Sullivan, who qhFaL.-d tho
gallows in 1STO by breaking jail ths nizht
before he was to be executed.
The Cbief Signal OHcar has secnroJ con
sent for tho FostmasWr Central to hoist
ths cold-wave flag on po.t-oQlce buildings
throughout the country to signal for the
benefit of farmers ami others the approach
of cold waves. The flag is wLite with black
F-irLcnrs for the week numbr: United
State 28; Canada, IT; total, 22), as
against 232 tne previous week, showing a
decrease o' velve. The casualties were
heavy In tho Taciflc Stales. Oilier sections
of the country were about up to the aver
age, and light in Canada.
A nsE at Limpasas, Tox., bumed two
enUre blocks. Lass, $h,0(W; insurance,
Aatos Bocaoco was sentenced to im
prhonment for life inCiitcinnatl for killing
Adam Dolan in October, ISi
Crncs Sarru, John Martin and William
L?e were arrestwl at Santa Fe, 2. M.,
charsd with conspiring to murder John
wi W"B
and brother, anl auuact ou
i ta l,i!ilrn
Alt express train on the Cincinnati Short
Line, between Z.ou and Vernon, near Lonis
vUle, was dcrailoil the other night. The
engine turnd completely over and fell
down an embankment fifteen feet in height.
Tho engineer, J. IV. Carr, and fireman,
Jehn Hufnagle, were seriously, if not la-
tally injured. Nobody cJe was seriously
Tnn American YacStt Club cave a dinner
nt Delraouico,s. Jfcw York, on tho lSlb, to
th. rffleers of the Greely relief eapedition.
Frank It. Lawrc-nce .presided. The wel-com-of
President Lawrence was repondel
to by ComraandT Schley. Other speeches
were made ia wbwh Commander iscmey
was hisbly complimented on the success of
hi expedition.
A rowntn-MlLL at Kazan, llnssla, ex
ploded rrcently. Ten persons were killed
and five bui'cinjrs were burned.
Tub Supreme Grove Order of Druids fin
ished their session in SL Louit on the 13lh, j
and aajeurnett to meet In Chicago next
A WAnnAXT was recently issued for the
arrest of tho Oovernor of Texas, on com
plaint of a man naraod Francers, who was
sent to tlte ienitenUary for marrying a
woman as white as himself, but with a
small amount of colored blood In her veins.
Governor Irelaud offered to ardon Fran
cers, which pardon Francers refused.
The Gaulish Government will refer tho
matter of representation at tho Ifew Or
leans World's Fair to the Manchester Cham
br of Commerce.
A STBASOr malady has broken ont in St.
Petersburg. The diseare is supposoi to be
caused by the sting of insects which havo
beeu in contact wiin uleaea came.
Some KMjuimanx recently found ths
ends of a store or provision cank, marked
"Jeannette." A- charter rrty ni1 check
book ou tho I.ank- of California were
fonnd, both signed liy DoLong; a pair of
oiled trousers of Louis Xores; also a bear's
skin wh.eh covered something of tho size
and shape of a human corpse, but the
Esquimaux could not remove the skin to
ascertain what was under it.
llCSSClJ. S. TcviS who, it will be recol
lected, shot and seriously wounded Frank
J. Islehart two years ago last winter, for
too intlma'e relations with his wife, shot
himself through the brain tho other night
at St. Louis.
A nu an! batter explosion at Cincin
nati recently destroyed tho saw mill of
Henton & Colt and tea small dwelling
houses. Loss about SttfiS).
The Indian Bureau will send a special
agent to tho Indian Territory to learn tho
onlnions of the majority oC tho Kiowa
iVichltaaixl r53cba Indians, relative
I nt uadcrstr "- Jaala!rsti.
sioner that the majority of the Indians op
pose the leases.
It was reported that wide-spread con
spiracies in the interest of Ijleslas existed
in Mexico for the raarder of General Dlax
and the deposition of President Gonzales.
J. L. Case, Postmaster and prominent
business man of Mountain Home, Baker
County, Art, has been arrested for em
bezzling registered letters. -
Ix San Francisco Fred. X. Zawart, a sa
loouist, shot end killed D. flalsloop re
centtyand then killed himself.
Firs hundred thousand dollars in jtritisb
gold bars and J123.030 American gold coin
arrived from Europe on the IGth.
The Louisville Exposition was opened on
the IClh with a grand parade, exercises in
the main bull JIng tnd imposing ceremonies.
Is the Virginia Senate recently Mr. Lib
boy introduced a resolution looking to ths
total repudiation of the State debt.
Greexville, Texas, was again badly
burned on the 17th. The Ore was incen
diary and involved a loss of f350,0iXl. In
surance, J2T0XM.
Tue greater part of the business portion
cf Grenada, Miss was destroyed by fire
on the ICth. Loss, $3)0,000; insurance,
Miss Dora. Bcce, of Lincoln, Xetx, sister
to Private Henry, of tho Greely party, has
telegraphed to the Coroner of Long Island
City to exhume the body and make an ex
amination. FrrTSBUnoH, Pa was visited recently
by the worst storm of tho season. Hail
fell as larse as marbles, roofs were blown
off, and several booses struck by lightninz
or blown down or demolished.
The nrunrietor and editor of the ThomO'
ton's Jkmk S'oU Reporter were arrested in
Xcw York recently! on a charge of black
mailincr the Nassau Bank.
H. H. HadLxt, whom John L Davenport
charged with writing the Morey letter, de
nied it runit emphatically and threatened
to make disclosures.
A six-TEAE-otn daujrhtcr of Lyman
Trumbull, of Illinois, died at Bar Harbor,
Me., recently. She raa against an earthen
teapot, in the bands of a cook, knocking
out the bottom with her head, the contents
scalding hrr badly. The cause of her death
was concussion of the braia.
TnE dead body of G. IL Tylerj Treas
urer of the Boston Bijou Theater Cnmpanyi
was found in the water at Hull, Mass., the
other day.
Axoea, Minn., suffered a very serious
loss by fire on the morning of the lGih.
The total loss amounted to about one mil
lion dollars. Wholo streetj were swer
away. Washburn tc Co. lost ?20O,OOO in
the destruction of their bank, opera house
and a portion of their saw mills.
Coloxel Hardies, of Glen Alice on the
Cincinnati Southern Railway, was killed
br his son, recently. The father was
drunk and attacked tho boy wbea tho lat
ter struck him with a club and crushed his
LixtrrxxAXT GreeLt, in another Inter
view, says he knew nothing about the eon
dition of Lieutenant Kisllngbury' body.
He and Kisllngbury were on good terms. It
they practiced min-eatln- he did not
know it.
At Martin's Ferry, a, tho other after
noon Edward Brown, aged eighteen, pat
three pounds of giant powder in a ceffee
miil for the purpose of yul verizing it. Ho
will die.
Thomas Coats, William Wade, Henry
Hankey and Ed. Woods, of Jerseyville,
IlL, went tn the mouth of Otter Creek, on
tb Illinois River, fishing, recently. The
next day Coats and Wade returned with
the reoort that Hankey and Wade were
both drowned in an attempt to swim across
the river.
TnE silk dyers of 2few York are moving
for an increase In wages from two dollars
and fifty cents a day to four dollars, the
former rate.
U. R. Jejtehs and Dave Bjrnct, of Terre
Haute, shot thirty-three pralrio chickens a
few days ago. Tho game was discovered
as they wcra passing through Marshall,
111., and they were arrested. The affair
was compromised for two hundred dollars.
The judgment In tho PatU divorce suit
at Paris has beeu postponed until after va
cation. ItU supposed this indicates the
failure of tho application of Patti to obtain
a divorce.
A Coxgress will bo held at Rome In De
cember to dUcuss tho means for tho Inter
national eeccution of Iral judgments.
At Dombrovitz, Russia, recently a mob
attacked the Jews, plundering their dwell
ings and killing seven people.
TheNijuI Novgorod (Russia) Fair this
year is a failure.
Bexjaxlv F. Butler has Issued his let
ter of acceptance of tho Greenback and
Labor nominations for tho Presidency. Tb.
decament is very lenchy, and attacks the
Demorracy and tho Republicans in charac
ttrUtio style. Ho calls upon workinpnen
to organirs a;ainst the presnt political
organizations and unon his adherents and
svmnatLiaers in tie Democracy to bolt
their party, which he accuses of snubbing
i,im in thrr mnrention at Chlcag. He
claims that his party will hold tbo balance
of power and In the end wOl triumph. He
also calls upon workiugmen to elect State
Legislatures pledged to carrying on tho
work of regulatingtho hours of labor and
ef enacting Into laws the matters generally
discussed at conventions in which tho
laboring clasrs are represented. The let
ter, in tact, whllrf touching on other sub
jects, is an appeal to tho laboring element
throughout the country to support him
vifforonslv lu the pending Presidential
Tnn steamer Pottsville arrived at Cot
tage City, Mass., recently, and reported
that In Vineyard Sound it had been In col
lision with tho schooner James H. Moore.
The schooner sunk in five minutes. The
steamer lost its foretopmast, which In fall
ing killed J. Nelson, a seaman.
As the sU-amer City of Cairo was coming
no the river the other day, six miles below
St. Louis, a cylinder head blew out and
struck William ilcelley, a weaitny siocx
man of Mclley' Landing, Ulinots, kill
ing him instantly.
The recsDt explosion at Kasan, Russia,
by which a number were killed and sev
eral buildlncs burned, was attributed to
XlhUisls, It was stated that the number
killed would aggregate one hundred. A
dynamite bomb was found under tho win
dow of the Central Police Station, and
further explosions were feared.
tViLSER Pluxb, a Toledo street car
driver, wis shot and killed theother night
by a robber intent on securing tho money
box. Plumb was a single mac, forty years
old, tho sole support of his mother.
Tutor was a report that the defaulting
cashier, Dickinson, had joined Eno in
Quibec, but this was denied by Eno him
self. ATTonxET-GrxEBAL Bbxwsttk denies
that he had any great dispute with Brad
ley, of Kentucky, over star route prose
cutions. He thought Bradley's charge of
iifiOi a month too great, and he had placed
the matter In tho hands of a" assistant of
the department, who wmewreng3ged In
the work.
Tnx Issno of stMW4 aWlars for the
weel ended Auzust X. -M 5291980: cor-
rrsponding last y tar, ,.
' KoWMrrSotrsx n&ik4i lUad S.
ol'. K. VaoV'',s. Tbi jaara win. be
ad la fusrr sti c nim.
Crrrly Glras Connected Arronnt of th
TTark or ton Expedition Two Year oT
ComparatlT rinuurr. Followed by Tr
rlblehaQVrtnr;aal Disaster.
Portsmouth, X. IL, August 19. For the
purpose of obtaining soma Idea of tho gen-
eral nature and probable value or me scicn-.
UBc observafons made by Grccly at I"r )
Franklin Bay, an Associated I'rcss arent
visited him Satardsy. Greely fir- stated
.. ., ....t.-j -r. t..! o i
..... ...
dition, viz, to otablbh a iwlar station, one
,CZZ: .....! k, t i.ni.,.t vtri.
prrcht. Of Austria, who dLcovcrl Fraui
JosetLand. ShnnltaneouS oloervations of
all physical phenomena were to be taken.
The complete programme which was to be
followed was amused by an Inh-matlonal
Polar Congress, In which representatives of
thirteen nations took part. Tho observa
tions In which the crcatcst possible accur
acy were to ba had were thoc of the decli
nation and deviation of the magnetic
needle, the temperature of the air and sea,
height of tho lr nuntter and mean and roax-
Hmurarie and fail of tides. AH explora
tions were incidental to tiie main objects
of the expeihtr-iii. The expedition
was fitted, out under author' ly of
Congress, ami was composed of three
officers of the anny, one acticr suroa
and nineteen et-Usted inert fiom tli2
army. Rations for twentj--seven months
were put on the Proteus, whkh left St.
Johns July T. 1SSO, ivilli the party- She
touched at Disco Island and Upernavlt to
procure sledges, dogs, skins and iloj food.
Two Esquimaux were added to the pwty at
Proven. AlaiMiingwas made at Carry Is
land In North Erater. and the provisions
cached by Xares In 1STS, iu the Alert, were
i. , ... , ii. .. i t..i . t. i
liouiiu in pcwi comuuou. m uiuc w
laml Greelv wrsonallv rerovernl the tn-
lisli arctic mall left by Sir Allen Young In
the Pandora lii 1S7R. At Carl Kltrr Bay. in
Kennedy Channel, a cache of previsions
forage on the tctrect was mala. It was
the original intentlou to estahllsh the polar
statton at Wabcr Course Bay, but heavy
masses of Ice rendered Va6er Course Bay an
Moving to the illcuvery of a harbor the
station was there established, on the site
ocro;4cil by the English exploring party of
1ST5 The erection of a house was at once
commrucftL and stores and equipments
lauded. On the 2Sth of August carae the
parting between the Greely iarty and the
men of the Proteus. The little band caih
eml 6rt the ftoica shore and watched the
Proteus as she steameU slowly down through
Lady Franklin Bay. On the evening of
the same day the temperature sans: below
freezing point, and the lev arctic winter was
on then? In earnest. Their house was fin
Ihed about a week after the Proteus left
It was named In honor of Senator Conger,
"Fort Comrcr." During the first month the
cold afflicted the men more than at any
subsequent time at Fort Conger. Later on
hi December the temperature ranrtl from
fifty to sixty degrees below zero and so re
mained for clays at a time, but even in that
v catber the cook's favorite amusement was
lUnrm; bare headed, bare armed and with
slippered feet rn top of a snow drift. Dur
ing the day the men dressed m ordinary ont
side elothinz. but their flannels were tery
heavy. Five men were generally for a part of
the day engaged In scienttfc wors under
Grcely's direction, and In the duties of the
r-smn The remainder were empIoTcd Cfn-
enll v about one hour a dav and devoted the
test of the tunc to amusement. Ail slept in t
bunks. Tbc quarters were heated by a Urge
coal stove, the averace heat In the main be
ing fifty degrees above zero. Checkers,
cards, ebes and nailing were the amuse
ments of the evening. The life. Greely said,
was far from a lonely one. Many of the
men sa'd they never had passed two hap
pier years than those at Fort Conner. On
the 15th of October tiie sun left them for
one hundred and thirty-five days, and a
twilight varying from half an liour to
twenty-four hours succeeded. For two
mouths It was so dim that the dial of a
watch could not be read by iL On April 11
the sun came above the horizon and re
mained tl.re one hundred and thirtv-five
days, giving the party a great sufficiency of
the midnight sun. During three months
the stars were visible constantly, the con
stellations of Orion's belt and the Great
Bear being brightest
the sotmi stab tooKr.n dottx
from almost overhead. Standing alone out
side the fort on one of these nights, the
scene Was weirdly grand. To Hie north
named the aurora borealis ami bright con
stellation were let like jewels around the
glowing moon. Over every thing was a dead
silence, so horribly oppressive that a nun
alone is almost teiapted to kill himself, so
lonely does bo feeL The astronomer of the
wrfr tul that with the naked eiea sir of
one degree smaller magnitude than can be
... i.m. In ei,.n w- mi"lit hi tli-.
xcu liar ui ; .- --j - ---
cerned The moon would remain in sight
from eleven to tweh c days at a tune. The
tbermonxter registered on June 30 the
bigiw-.t tuapcraturc at Lady Franklin Bar.
which we knew dBring our stay. It was
fifty-two degrees above zrro. The lowest
was in February. ISSI. slty-Ix degms be
low zero. In this ieonsary our mercury
froze ami rcniaiued solid for flftcen days.
The mercury In the thermometer Invariably
rose during storms or huA winds. The
highest barometer was slightly above thitty
or.e inches; the lowest slightly below twenty-nine
inUMX. The greatest variations
were in the winter, lie civctroineter. an
instrument used to ascertain the presence of
electricitv, was set. but not the slightest
result obtained. The displays of aurora
were very pnl hut tt to be cow-uml
with thoe seen at Disco Island or
rpemavifc. As far as Greely could ob
serve no cracking sound accomran ed the
illsplajs and the geueral shape was that of
it ribbon. The southwesterly horizon was
the quarter In which the urighest displays
were seen. Xares reported hi ! 7S that no
sliadow was cast by the aurora, but Greely
says he distinctly observed his shadow cast
by It There were no elmncalilUturbances
save those manifested by nmiw.u.;, thunder
heard twice as far away to the north. In
the cause of the tidal observa
tions made, the very interesting fact
was Ulscovereil unc me in - i
bUine from'lne south"3 St
aiure of Ihisnorth Ude Is -.,,
bine. Why this was Greely would not ven
ture to state. He used in measuring tiie
hi, ami finw of tides a fixed sange. an Iron
ml nlinVrtl in the mud.
llic average rise
fo spring tides at lady Franklin Bay was
found to be ehrht feet; at Cape Sabine the
highest tides twelve feet Surf was only
observed twice during the two years. At
Lady Franklin Bay the average tempera
ture of the water was twenty degrees ahov-
wolves wEtr.iirxG xtvetv rorxrts
were Idled around Fort Conger and there
re foxes and other animals there. FWi are
scaree. Perhaps tiie greatest surprise of the
expedition was the taking from Lake Alex
ander, a fresh .waVr lake, fifteen feet above
sea level, of a four pound salmon. Froia
the bay or sea only two very small fish
! tnt-pn dnrimr tiie entire two years and
'SZE1SE FrankUn ' BaT HZ
. i .t. r....A ctiln. TT. I
the same as thatofCae Sabine, ami com
prises mw-s llch.-ns, willows ami saxi
frage. The highest vehx-ity of the wind
was registered during a terrific snow storm,
seventy miles an hour. Lockwood's trips
tc north latitude, eislitv-two decrees, were
productive of tin- wost valuable results.
Standing, on the "U f May in each year,
where Dr. Hayes bail formerly stood, at
about the same time of tbc daj , Loekwond,
from an elevation of two thousand feet,
using bis strongest glass on Uall Basin
and lloblnsou's Chanuds could descern
nothing but ice packs. Here it was that
Dr. Haves claimed to liave seen bis
open polar sea. On the trip of 18si.
lyvkwool reaencu we niznest ia-jaK
a. aw .... ! I'll I T-I I. " UrjfTV
.... . .. ., .
cr .,...... v0'.j. - -"-
twentr-Be muHircs north. This was aoous1
fwJtundrr'Ucli ditvcU.f UMUt cf s.
Franklin Bay. Loclfwoodsoiuiiea ta
both years, between Cape BryatH Mtftft
Britannia, but could not toads fcaWss wsr
175 fathoms line. Markba. a tsw yassav
before, about one hundred alleataisBWi
rot bottom at 72 latnoms. ubcewj
at his furthest north about the
re-ptatlnrf as at Lady If
.." I . .l J Mwr
iut. tiu. zu NLiu n . '
y, poUr ta lgw W
striped near Cape Pryant, i mOm fsp
Lady Franklin Bay, by an en c!ismIJ
tendlm; west to tiie coast of GrlnneJXaai.
ttib wiHtli nf thLi ehsnnel vanea fcasa asw
rescks extended as far as could fte seeu's
a ghxss. With hhj jrappir ot prowiosw,
failure of which Iiad cansol hl return
'Mr hfnn" Tyirknood was eesMeat
rnnlil har rmfhed eirflt-fivfl (I 81 MS
If this open chancel had not bans Mi
way. j
xo rossn. raocAnrs i
were discovered on tbe trip and the Mff
ones found were the trunks of trees on W0
southwest coast of Grinuel Land, ThcotaW
- animals seen br Lockwoed
three degrees, twenty-five taliwteSv
walrus and seals, and strange
walrus Is not to be found at Lady
Bjv- At eurlrtv-three degrees,
minutes. th& deflection of the
tiMulf. n nnr hitnflred and four
west more than one fourth of a circle. a
tar as Lockwood went the northeasteni toests.
ef tbe Greenland coast continued. Tkc
maps of the resrfons be'discovercd are l Ae.
possession of lientenant Greely, and arc
very carefully made. All through the tww
years at Lady Franklin Bay the matpietie
needle was never quiet except dariaa;
storms. In February. 1883, preparations.
for the retreat were made by establbhbic a
denot at Cane Baird. twelve miles to thw
cnnirt. irav alter lst ."
"TT, i" ' T -..,. r-AnVIV Rav.
an i hi n
ktuu . j "-"?'
Ing the Ice to open to that t!iyat "V"
mence their journey toward home. As .
Angust 13, lJSJ. tha welcome ne3 ths
tiie Ice was open was broBght AM
had been made ready, and that very
dav tha nartv embarked to tfceir Hs-
tle steam launch. Behind these
If t their ilrrrK. a. thev conid Hot be
Vnnr rarrris of rjork: and sum seal fl 1
left for the animals. Lady FrankSt Bey
was creased to Cape Babti, a disH ef
thirteen miles, and then the weet-nr eset
of Grinnell Land was followetl amkm tar
as Cape Hawkes. L-rge giawtltiw f
heavy ice were met, and there was ealitsae
danger every moment that the Htete laafeeh
would be crushed, and set end twtessMhW
boats were nearly lost Tbe sseiajrC
tiie men was great They were aesr witaew
fifty miles of Cape Sabine. Stall! fast
Cape Hanrkcs direct from Babes IstMd,tte
party was eanglit in an Ice pack ad freaan
in. ten miles south of Cape Hawkes. lit
thirteen days they drifted sonth tweaty-iee
miles on floes, suffering terribly whh eossT
So they iWfteil to within eleven aafiec ef
Cape Sabine and were obliged to
AtiAXnos Tm: stxaji icjccw
September 10L The pack now resMOsMd
motionless for three days, aad several sb
the party got within two or three wiles eC
Cape Sabine only to te drifted beck lt
southwest sales. Five seals were killeaax(
eaten while tiie party was drifting abewfc
Eentnallva heavy northwest aale drove
them by t Sabine within a mite of Bee- -.
vortlslanu.. theycould not learL Se--.
tember 2a there arose tfee "
terrific gale thoy had yet seen ou ia jueoe
ocean. Their Ice floe was driven hither aad
thither by the tempest, and tbe we
washed over them again and aeabs, r
spray freezing to Ihem ami eaasbsc teees
Intense suffering. l$ht came on. one et
inky blackness; tbe wind threwbeary Ssetr
together, and crash after crash of lee break-' -Ing
from their own Coe warned the asea that
death was near to them. XumaB&MWtaw
miiiute the floe mlglit break tr, aad the
water engulf them. Tbe first falit Sfht of
dawn showed them that little w;
niained of the floe on which they
weiei Tlic sea washed another eleae
to t em. Closer it came, and at teat
tiie men soceeeded In getting npon it The
ioua slmtly stibsldeil and they sained the
land at .Esquimaux Toint near BalnCs ht-:-,
September 2D. Here winter qeartew
were built and scouts were sent to Cape Is
abella and Cape Sabine. In a few days .
ihey returned. Their report sent a tartU of
hotror to eery heart. At Cape Isabella
and Cape Sabine were found only one ttioas
andc'ighj hundred rations, and fro Gee
Hnston's reeonls they learmsl the fate ef the
Proteus. Every one knew that death sees
come to nearly all of the party lone; betei a
hip of rescue could force Its way Into JM
vlllc. Efforts were made to sustain their
sprits by lectures ami light reading. Oes
ber 13 the party removed to Cape S'biae
January IS Cross dial of scurvy. Ii April
Uw rattons Uouel dally nan uwswue ta
four ounces of meat and six oanccs ef
'. ur;51U-
1I.VX attes MAX nrzD,
ami all hope had fled when on that day tb-i-
Must of a wmsae roaseu we smnun uu s
the Hethargy of approaching dcalli. LIeHr
tenant Greely. when asked as to his Wee
trpon the probable result of Arctic explorf-
' tions. i aid : "I do not think the Aorta re
can be reached unless every ercuuisiaaee
heretofore fonud to be unfavorable sheeld
proe favorable to Uiepcrty atterortlwc te
reach the pole. If It btobedoneataUit
nillbediwc by way of Franz Josef La38-
It could not be reached by the Jeannette
roite. That lucre Is an open polarsea I aw
woilnigii certain. This Is prmed brie
dnftin; ont of Mussel Bay and Spitsbergen
lu midwinter, and the Northern drift ot the
pillar pack experiment by ravy ami Lock
wood in elghtv-two degrees and three mla
utes. Men can stand two winters very well
at Ladv Franklin Bay, but physical strength
rapidlv deteriorates. It we had every sas
ply needed, we could perhaps have lived
eight or ten years at Lady Franklin Bay.
. m
CnicAf.o, Angust 19. A Mattoon. Ills-,
special says: Nicholas Ilubbart, a faneec
living ten mucs nonucxsioi uiuay, -kk?
shot and killed in UK own uooryaru an
nlglit on returning home tram, a caatp
meeting. The neighbors neara nrs cnes iot
I lieln. Going to his assist -e, Hubbard
,t' was found "dead with a "el wound ia
-- ,--, . , sbrnHsuf
pje.1 t. Thous Chapu. wbnhad
bjmta AKptf?
time previous and has since disappeared.
In the houte several vanses niieu wiin va
riables were discovered, making It certain
that the murder was committed for the pur
poses of robbery. The deceased was a bach
elor and wealthy. Armed parties are .hi
search of Chapman, and there Is talk oi
Ijtirlnuneis foouemaed.
lowv Cm, Lv, Angust 19. An b
mense mass mtiiu; of citizens was held ic
tills city at whieit the riotous prcceedlrjrs ot
last Wetlncsday were condemned and ac
organUation effecteil to aMt In preservinj
onler and enforcing the Jaws. There has
not been the least disturbance in this dry
since the outbreak of last Wednesday, aai
thn reixirtit almut the ciK 1 -dug In the hand:
of a mob have been grossly exacferated.
The cases against the alleged ringleaders oi
! U u U he pushed to the L
Thatnraey Cas-.
PinLAiiELrniA. Angust IX Cae4a4a
Craig has returned from Key West, where
he obtained testimony froaca sailor whe
saw tbe deed, that Cap' Lewis, of tbt
sthoonrr Julia Bakrj. was potsotwd by
Mate Walker andSteward Gomez. Caftasa
IiWis was given a reddish Srm to-anise.
4ddsedlna few ntinntes. The stewatd
rapetlafAnaqna. ilate ,Walker will ht
med &ey i est in oveeaeer, aau. in
rw lsJ-Xai witnesses.
- Kntrml 11 SHT.
1 WiMtccnir. Fa. August IS.-Thievei
fiihiwstgstie private stndr ot Jser, Fathet-
t vai-,A in a iim-timit nyr tj-n Tmirim
I , -w --r. - w..
. 9 I.I, W. ... ...aiMM J
at etoaf
J-i JUr w.jt..
" A sfA
. 4m.jfx
, 7uuaw iw. .fr-. u.

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