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Indian chieftain. [volume] (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, September 04, 1884, Image 1

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Severed to tfco Interest- ef the Ckcrekccs, Chectawi, CUIckasawi, ScmlHeles, Creeks, aad all Other Indian of tko Iadlaa Territory.
YOI. H. NO. 51.
.Ha"1 ?
ef Berhes Snaaccr. "Eaiile
MilNi. M ley hambeea fer-
U. Waseca -railway
fcety jSabebtBtcs
saWitioeit letter-
ilaty Septcm-
CktmiM Caerc-i, oce
f Caterado, are now
-pay abe-ally for the
f djatlMKl
"Da. Sautcx, Cleat ef Mat Jfatiocal
I fif-' "- -J " " opinion"
ImU plum piriirf l checked
liiTffliililf nr J rrgulalions arc
iampOf- ajsaliaa, Md if the animals
stKIM whaa the aieeasc first attacks
-Ihoa't ng
at traia-load
a4e from
of James J.
Uleiv bs-THcd to
Waa wMeBiLK oa the back
Cabmoix. f rkSa4epata, and
'dt hi i ninr mt for tea toot
hekad,eol the vwaber
mm VMsakar iMthly
XlW Jaaaji yffl ! B&dc
MM M SfclMMMC who
stBMsA kliM theat
ImbsL Jsc jaaaa?3tf&tX
taa ml MaO-aBoa, of U
r ; P was staa bv
rajaaisarswag, aai, being
r.iaMMd Vf e tsM-bee-bire
IKomtT Ws bce awwrsaed
MlawlBlaiaaf-iiMjMjrjthc '&- lei.
tor,-ia fctaMHi-sl, m tbM are
he Mai.
aa tie
d tsaSs 9tuQ
aaek aa extest
tfMlaaKef Hm mb cmmi fera-
Kua thesa,. and tey- vwiat api
mm acts
tteSoW 3rtMMeWnk of
Ofcfe, atMMt fSS,Mt of -rfhici
aatcC witiwgt kiw!-
t 4fcem.- It k
Ja aUTJMfat
Caoewu Clerk of
T Superior CcatV law -
m tae Iwee: ef F " "
the aid ef a aitii i n if r le tot-!
ic yerfcrtJyrcad-
aaJced eye. Mr. Cooper
Cleraaaa aau
ef aeeeateaoe.
ea a aiagJe poetal-
orer tare tlion-
aertMa of. tie
laV nsder
Ae Beeaa of Tablic
ef ail places la
ef aaseaaa' mind Is
is paid, aad
of an
we scjwre suck
wkhor witkont
Thie excepts the single
c hjawie. aad it appears.
ef erael treatment by
waicsi are appeared in the
"Sma. aad Press, thst the
ef a jaaatie k- a dangerous power
to reiatTTce Unless subject to
oezsat. A-ebaagc in the
.tar nniMitii kMirtdsal of Jkcw York
. few fcs- eeehMaa waieh. he calls Lin-
aeJaCewagg- Thereof a omaBscntcd
-with kaaatiea fartv protected by wood-
mm, aad heariec the names of Tort
TMher. Fort Daaelsoa and Fori Sam-(
mc. The tf ruecail ot an oia snip is
eae ef eraannsts of his garden.
Be ataae ia terrible fear that people
wfl thiak he has a wife, and to correct
gaea aauetaae he has posted a notice
fcafotwog' Tifiitors that the woman ther
ifoaM. he likely te meet there was not
fcfci wife, bat was his housekeeper. In
Tfkt teaUe m aa aaclcat coacS, formerly
taaaaaeetref Geaeral-Washington- It
x aeeanie leaxnrc 01 uie greu
mm. Met Evacuation Day.
CeagresaoBal aominations
i the aaeaes of Sichard liisbop,
for the Fifth Illinois District;
i GeC Jr., Eepnblican, for the
ThMt Sietrict ef Tlcst irgmta,ana
, jQrk. Dcaocrar, lor xne jinui
f Eliaois- Senator Mahone
t-- aMt te rateisoui, ., uj iriiui.
ef Coloael James D.
- japwrilT--" in the ionrumon-
by the Sepublicans of the
ac ea jersey, n.
he the Pesiocrats of tee
Colonel James .fa.
fae jlepabucans 01 ue
- -, , , frwlMaa. -iae im"
-"T ..! a.rf. Holloa ia
! fT-r-.rizL. t a.
JV JVJ - -
r, anasaaL
MW smwr swssitw bfi
eaxa C lWm Setae, -iiea--cof
Cadfalte MhriM in tlsfaaw, ws cel-
ihissTliiii-TTr - aha trey with, xm-
asfisn ia ?tMs
IfaMaAsMUaMltlM Jarm
sBLbmcSi. FM.m
(( fttaWBMM,
Mtrs tao' inrr wona.is t"Btik
Imr il. iffr
i t mmih miumimIiT to
A Smamarr aT Utfi BaHy Xewt
roi.meAi.AXB PKRsexAX.
Joxas Wour wa eteeUd Governor ot
tie Chickasaw Nation by a amnll majority.
Johx ScnBOWS, a well known fatwineii
man o Caicaa, recently died very; sad
denly at Springfield, Mas.
Paer. Beccsch will bo fronr Berlin on a
mission to Teheran, Persia, instead at to
Gexe&ai. Wotanurx goes to Egypt to
ancrn command et forces te relief of
Isrcro playo-i "JttcaeHea' to a largo
and'ence. at the Lyi. i.iiss auaaii, August
tSJi, and announced In a brief saeech that
be woald sees sail for Amnrien.
Trc German Eeaperor was thro wafroin
his hers aad slightly hnrt lately.
CAa.SCBrefcas accepted an Imitation
from some Germeaa in, Itilwaakee to visit
that city asd make a speech on the' politi
cal condition of the cosntry.
Jaxes Ciarzcu, a well known citlx-n,
of Roctford. HU and who was-formariy
i-Sberlff, was lately -funnd dead in hi room.
Is celebrating his seaty-th ba-tbc5r
Dr Oliver Weadll Holmes received coir
gratalatory telegram from' numerous
friends In Europe and America.
FazsssKac xIattox, of Milwaukee, an
nounces his intention to construct a spa
docs mvtcnm, fill it with choice works of
art and precent it to the city. TUi build
ins and'sita will cost one hundn-d thocsand
dolisrs. .
AT the National capital, on tie STth, a
wortman attractd some attention as he
was swene slowly te the top of the "Wash
inston monmnest, iapec"inc every Joint
io the five hundred feet of marble. Be
reported the column In admirable condi
tion, .notwithstanding the recent eaih
LQCimi3 hare been sent oat to Qnebee
by E: tosh cavalry ofieecs as to ths quality
andcostof horsea to be obtrined in that
region for serrioe In Eoand.
Tones recently had so quell a riot be
tween union and 3CT-Eioa'briclEmaiers in
the town of Lake, north of Cfcisag-J-
Wnx-AX B. Hoaears shot Jessie Tracy
at Utica, IT. Y reecnUy, Decanso an
f wonld-not marry htm.
Tax directors o the Lo&isTUla at Sast
rflle Railroad Company have agreed upon a
plan otreorzaaittioB.
The People's Bank, of St. Pan! was re
cently robbed of $10,099. 2d ward Mason,
aged sixteen, who was a bookkeeper In the
Ix Ihe 7aUaMM matter the 2fedlcal
Xcks has aegate' ' n eia mi nation ot the
rye ef the cScars far the purpoaa ot de-
icctlnc wtetber colts-blladftes exists.
Joe Boaans, colored, "was canted atr
Loacfcr. irii. racaatly far rane." Oa the.
allows be aiW a jpaeea warniag 'tee
crowd against low company.
Saac men at Dsek BUI, Zllss., three of
then heiasr aeFM. attematfd to rob a
train the mh.
Taa dry goods bone of CX.Xace & Col,
of Tofee,beadoatfce3&. Loss, $S,-
090;laaraaeeaotitrtsi. -Ta
ioonerI)isUei!?wieh eight taon
ii bashels of m&tscareC wheat aboard.
lately sank nee Fort DocaMses, Oat.
-TasSrst claaie ot the Edacatlon Bui
was passed by the Belgian Chamber ot
Deputies, by a Tots or zerenty-etcht Xa
TacXIacof Coego has made a formal
protest against she treadea between the
LFaSailallaPriaeasaadthe International
AsiaUea ,
Losso't was aH eaijteunut reeenlly
over she fake rmaer that Qaeen Victoria's
protracted. meUa'ohiWy had anally re
ssKed.ia her4eh.
Taa steamJ1 Bee Ssaadlab was recently
enk in Beet on Harber.
Tzc villa of John U. Hecksher, 'a well,
known socirly man of Sew York, which Is
at Kewport, was robbed ef diamonds and
jwelry on the 96lh by unknown parties.
A ntsTBtrcavi: hurricane visited Evans
T21e, IniL, on the Hh,-doiE abont a quar
terttf amUlien dollars dasisse.
"frTT""" Trsit has anthorized a
gat ea ls mH rates ot frcm twenty to forty
t re percent. The caaseasdsaed was that
other lieea in the pool have cut rates.
Tac intense beat: at Unas. Son: recently
cansed a saspencisn of ail operations.
Da. Pajdcza, State Ve:erlBrisn of Dlin.
oit, hilled tea Jersey cows recently and
found their lnags hepetbnd badly.
Irisstld that the bop crop is at least
oae-f oarta short tk4 year.
Joaar Fijotb Uasos was mnrdered at
Washington Coart. House. O., recently.
Tae Jtisnoepolli team was the victor in
the riU contest at Western Union Junc
tion, AVis. J. A. Shapper, of Chicaco,
wsn the rst prln in the Ballard match
and tho fourth price In the individual shoot.
Tnx eleventh annual temperance meet
ins of the Vf. a T. TJ. will be held at
D. P. Etooxm, a 1 ravelins salesman
from J?ew York, was horribly beaten by
unknown parties recently at Minneapolis.
Sexoe T. Gaara, Secretary ot the Pern
vian Iirration, received a semi-ofacial dlt
pstch say ins that at Lima all is quiet. He
Interprets it as meaning-that the trouble
reported In that dty yesterday is oven
Ascazxs was recently found by which
oQcers and agents of the St. Louis & Cairo
Karrow Gansa were robbint; tho company.
A zrmx girl at Dallas, Tex waa horri
bly burned by a kerosene -explosion, which
oernrred while she was bailalng a Ore, a
few days ago.
WATrtrrotrx; JS" TM was sreatly dam
ased by fire on the S&h.
A Fkaxco-GesxaS allianco has been
made by which it was nrransed that the
countries assist each other in acquiring
A touxo nrero burglar at Abilene, Tex-,
broke into the Southern Hotel and tried to
rob the imnstes, Mrs. GUstrap and her
daughter. The ladies were mmrderously
attacked and terribly beaten, and choked.'
Excitement ran Ujrh after tkenegro's cap
tare. Owisg to the faluire of the noted sugar
bouse of B. Weinrlcb, the sugar trade at
Vienna-has been greatly embarrassed.
Jacob Bacnaa, nzed sixty-four, bans
himself in a smoke house at Dfc-ilur, HL,
August Si, on seconnt of bad health.
Tux British Government has decided to
increase the Khartoum expedition to seven
thousand men. Seven hundred Royal
Scots will be sent from the AVest Indies,
the remainder from Gibraltar, Malta, and
Cyprus. General Wolseley proposes to
reach Doncola by November 7th, as he haa
but six cstaracta to pass. Alderman -Den-
Isod, of Toronto, will command the Cana
dian -voyagenrs.
Two .prominent Mexican officers have
been rabslng some time and it is thought
they have been imprisoned in Connie's
Military Dungeon.
Da. Smith, ot Virginia City, M. T. was
thrown from bis buxgy and killed, on the
Urroiff comes of a serious Mexican riot
at Piedres Kegras, over the election of a
Judge. Over one baadred persons were,
perhaps, kmed.
A sen was recently decided against the
Davenport, la-, 0Vfette Company, which
will cost the company eleven thousand
gasolt-x explosion at TJrickrville, O
caused damage to th amount of thirty
thousand dollars recently.
MaTO S. is in trainlns at flartford for
the purpose of preparing to lower her
Tub Treasury Department purchased
four hundred and seventy thousand
ounces of silver for delivery at the yew
Orleans, Philadelphia and San Francisco
Bon Foas was arrested and incarcerated
in prison at Las Vegas recently, for shoof
inc at the Citv Marshal.
Tna British Government is expediting -J
the departure and increasing the reinforce
ment for Egypt. The staff at "Woolwich
has bees increased and additional bands
engaged tofput the transports in readiness.
Saturday orders were sent to Plymonth to
hasten the fitting out of the transport
Four polygamlsts were reesntly Indicted
in Arizona by the United States Grand
Jury. These were the first indictments of
the kind ever found In Arizona. '
Tnxnx has been greaf excitement atEufa
lalaoverhydrophobia. A few dogs went
mad on ibe plantation of Punch Doughtie,
anr - - hydrophobia far and near, both
arrua - la1" and men. Amulechaied
ii, 5 -. across a field and bit him
xsv. v enty or thirty negroes were
also ie .. jiften.
Denial -.9 absence ot the Government
Troops from Lima, Pern, on Wednesday,
a leader named Caceres, entered with- bis
hosts and .-early sacked the city, tho los
of life reaching one hundred end fifty. The
invaders were soon expelled by the regu
lar soldiery.
Tax Coroners of Long'Taland have de
cided to ask f oj- proof that Miss Dora Buck,
of Lincoln, Ifeb, Is the sister of Private
Charles B. Henry before his body'is ex
humed upon her order.
Tnx clergy in Spain hare given .great
force to a movement for the restoration ot
the temporal power of the Pope. Meetings
are being held ia every church in the King
dom. A sailor recently Grand 'unconselccs In
a street in Kew York died at the Marine
horpttal of yellow frrer.
Timet schooners and then- cargoes,
rained at $20,003, which were recently
seized for smuggling at Quebec, were lately
sdd by the customs authorities.
FoaCBS aggregating eighty- thousand
pounds, in which foreign oQcials ot high
rank are involved, have been developed in
the Treasnrr Department ot Ejypt,
Latin: LxKor, a young, woman of good
appearance and fashionably attired, was
lately lodged in jail in Chicago for obtain
ing numerous meals at the Palmer House
en a ticket given her as a guest in May
last. -She claims that she was compelled
by faClng health to abandon work as a
short hand writer, and waa reduced to this
peculiar species of theft.
Hoc cholera is reported to be carrying
eff xaany animals in the vicinity of Hills
bora. IIL. and Readinga.
IrbaVbesri'prrtnriscd thafShanshaTwHF
remain free from attack during the Franco
Chinese war.
Ax ax and his wife in Illinois recently
compelled a young lady to submit to the
hasband's brutality, and both were in this
way parties to tho oatrage. There were
strong threats of lycrhlns.
Coax. miners lathe Snake Hollow mine
in (he Hocking Valley, recently .made a
murderous attack on tho guards. Tbey
cat telegraph wires so troops could not
be ordered, but finally a message reached
the Governor and special trains with
troops were oa the road.
W. T. Scrcxrm, a corn merchant of
LlverpeoL has sn-pended payment on J
liabilities estimated as TJgh as one hun
dred and sixty thousand pounds.
GrexAXT intends to raise a corps of vet
eran soldiers for colonial service, aa the
Prussian military system will not allow
troops to be sent abroad. The funds re
quired will be famished by the mercantile
firms desiring protection.
CnroxrrE, a mineral which is of great
value ia the potash manufacture, has been
diMxrrrred in tka Yellowstone Park. Here
tofore it has been obtained only in Green-'
Tnx Canada Pacific road has laid its
tracks to a point seres miles west of the
summit ot the Itocky Mountains, and hopes
to reach the highest point ot the Selkirk
range this season. The California Board i
of Equalization reports the Central Pacific j
road at twsnty-four million and the South- j
em Pacific at seventeen million dollars.
Two little girU near Flag Springs, Mo,
horribly' outraged, disemboweled and
shot on thf 1st of September.
Tbey were j
aged seven and eight years.
A SEAr-xtrxx c Centralia, IIL. named
Christoptsr Boehm. has been officially ad
vised that the cum of $3,000 awaits him in
Poos wheat crops for the past three
seasons bare caused one hundred families
in the region of Vandalla, HL, to prepare
for emigration to the Territories.
Mes. Hasxah Axeas, residing at Iot
tawa, Mich has entered on her one hun
drrd and first year, and retains her men
tal faculties to a fair degree.
A Rrvrcx-D Moonr, ol Jackson, Miss.,
was recently arrested for stealing seven
thousand dollars, tbe property of a widow.
Tbe money had been left her by a former
husband who buried it in the ground, but
Moore dog it tip.
A Saxowicu vender was brutalty mur
dered September lt while on the barge
Union, by Lauadrymen. He was trying
to protect his property and was pounced
upon and murdered by tho mob.
Tboxas ItEOAX and wife were killed at
Nantuckot beacn while trying to save a
little grand-daughter's lite by rescuing h-r
from the railroad track on which she had
strayed, recently.
Atooso Japanese, who came renlly
from California, was lolled by a train at
La Portewblle crosLog the tracks, and
will be buried by the authorities.
The lake steamship Australasia, just
completed at Bay City by James Davidson,
is three hundred and firefcetlong and cost
one hundred and fifty thousand dollar.
D. Weubuugkr, an Austrian, -who has
been peddling notions In Chicago for some
months, recently killed himself with arsen
ic at bis hoarding place in South Halsted
street. He left a note stating that he
placnl in a hat one blade and five white
marbles, to docide whether he should long
cr cunitcr the earth, and drew out the
black one three times in succession.
The post-office of Wllliampori, Pa., was
robbed of thirty-five hundred Jollara in
stamps on the 1st ot September.
A nsx at Little Ilock on August SIst de
stroyed tho well known Little Reck Cotlun
Gin Company's factory.
Tne most disastrous fire ever known at
Marshall, Tex., occurred on the Slst of An
gust, destroying property valued at two
hundred thoustnd dollars.
Jaxes HoLWEXi, a grape owner near In
dianapolis nred a shot-gun towards some
f lads whom he saw among his vino, and
soon afterward found one of the thieves
nearly deal on the roadway.
Ax agreement fcas been signed at Cin-rinna-I
by tlr d sellers of the Xortbwett
to re-estaU! h the whisky pool, and k-ep
within forty per cent of capacity.
rnlrtr-two iro-, Mvlnc Partaken ol
the Firth of Has thai Died from lb BlUI
of a Bahld Doc, Seized with Hydrophobia
TUe Malady abode the Mules .V. Knee
far Lire from a Jtad Mnlo-A Scared Com.
This neighborhood is In a state ol
iremendong excitement over the whole
sale spread of hydrophobia on the planta
Mon of Punch DooghUe. Dr. E. B.
Johnson has jast returned from Mr.
Donshtle's pla tatlon, where he had been
rummoned. He found thirty-two per
sons suffering with a disease which he at
once pronounced hydrophobia In a mile
torm. All the sufferers are ner;ryes
Thrtejol them are desperately -slckj oee
being In tee throes of delirium and so lew
Ihat the doctor says he Is liable to die
tt any moment. More than three
weeks ago a b-g bitten by a dog died oa
Mr Doughtle's plantation, and the car
cass was given to the negroes to be on
verted Into soap grease. Instead of atll
Izlng It forJtMs porpoc;aIrty-two ne
5roesorf the place and Hr-The neighbor
hood ate the flesh ot the hog. Mr.
Donzbtle says that on July Hj oneof aisi
diMM went mad and bit a mule and 6er-'
eraf hogs. Oar ABjpct-13 -the-arsi- hog-j
died, and was eaten by the negroes, awo
mare dlrd on An;-nsl 18. one an Angu t
25 andone on Aagasr27, and Xtl,wera(
eaten except the last, wnen i&c par
takers ot the poisoned fiesa be
came sick. The mule exhibited signs
ot madness ot the nineteenth day atter
being bitten. Eleven days atter the first
hog was eaten ten ot the negroes were
taken. Two days ago another dog -rediscovered
to be mad. and was killed af
ter having bitten a rame. Another dog,
on the lot Is now hoased, aad will be
experimented with lor a cu-e. The dog
thst bit the male an1 hogs disappeared,
and the whole nelghoornood Is In terror
lest ho went am ng cattle and hogs
throughout the place before dying. A
dozen out ot the thirty-two cat
ers of the alfeted hogs are
seriously sick, and the developments,
among too others are awaited tflth the;
greatest lntcnat Dr. Johnstca.an ishle
phraiclan says Uts a terrible, case Bd
that he fears the worst. He says that it
would sot surprise him If the greater
cumber ot the thirty two persons should
die. A few days ago Mr. DoughUc rode
out, at the request ot a field hand, to In
spect the condition ot one ot
bis mules, which was . acting
str-ngely. On reaching the pas
ture where a dozen mules were, the
animal wnlch Mr. Doushtle was riding
neighed, which attracted tha attcntloaat
the other animals, and the- sick aJepar
tlcnlariy, which Im-aedlatelr rnsaea. on
the mule and rider, and seized the saddle
ot the animal with nts iceuu air.
Doughtie dismounted and uccccdcd in
loosening the raxd inule'a hold; but no
sooner was this done than the Infuriated
beast turned upon his owner, who
fled for his lite, pursued by the
mule. There was a desperate race
ot a quarter of a ml.e throu-h
nnden-rowth. aad -Mr. .Dauihllc 'eery
aaveu maim uy uuugti, ,unr
Hnss. A small stretesrol clearing inter
vened between the wovds and the houic,
and the terrified man tcok a life and
death chance on making It. Before leav
ing the woods the mule had bitten out a
piece of Mr. Donghtlc's coat, and while
roacccvertag aruund the tree the animal
bit hlinell -avaeelT In several places,
L tparing out a mouthful ot flesn earn
time. The race lor tae nuusc was
a dote one, aud just ts
Mr. Doughtie reached the top ot the
fence, the mule overtook him, but In
stead ot reaching his victim, struck, his
headtagalat a fence j-ost In the wlldtnsh
and was knocked senseless. The mu e
was afterwards tilled by Mr. Donghtlt
It Is now reported that the whole herd ot
mules are affected. Many ot them hive
Irani- the fence and will doutrtfeas
spread the disease among other animals
In the nelghDorbooa. lne community u
at a loss ho w to arrest the disease.
Wlnnrprz and Vicinity Sverrly Shakrn Vf
by a Crelooo Uoium Kant aad Othri
Mnra&le rroprrty Scattered nroaden-t-AT.robta
TUao on a Culllogwood tint
St. Paul, Mux, .august as.
A Wlnucp g special to the Tiouter Prttt
says: "A terrible s.tormcfcyc.'onlcvcbax
acter prevailed ncrc last nignif 'uotbk-iu
calculable damige to property lu towns
and villages throughout the provlnceand
damaging crops to an extent noi yet as-
certalncd, although believed to be large.
The root was wrenched off the Baj
s'orrs and torn to pieces, damsglrg sur
louudlng buildings. A street-car with a
number of occu:anU was blown from
the trrr.k. A frame house ana stable.
occupied by liorats ana owned oyw mum
Rnrkf. were cairied into the river.
Sot less than nlty buildings In the city
were damaged. Keports from twenty
puluts in the provlneb show that the
storm was equally disastrous In all.
, A special Iron Ueadingly, a vUagc fif
teen miles southwest, sayr: Alargenum
ber of buhdiags suffered. Mr. Francis'
store'-was scattered over the prairie. Mr.
Taylor's dwelling was picked up and car
ried several rods betors'ltstrack tha
ground, amt'was shivered lt.toIragrp-.nts.
The occupants had a narrow escape. The
English Cnurch was sjtrewn Into frag
ments In ail directions. Mr. LuxtcntV
house was turned completely over, and a
barn'on Mr. Coucheon's farm, measuring
thirty by sixty-feet, was cartlednway.
Alonz the Canada Pacifier tho storm
extended Irora Vermillion' 'Bay-to Bran
don. A freight ahed at,l'ortage was
wrecte a ana the urusn ltouse acsiroycu
The hotel wss unoccupied. At Gretna
crops were flattened, and , Tenner's new
store was blown down. . . "" .
A special Irora Port Arthur says: Tbe
City of Owen Sound, ot tho Collingwood
line, ar.lved yesterday atter aslxdsys
voyage I rum Collingwood. She encount
cred gales and terrible hurricanes. The
passengers were whd with excitement,
ixpcctlugto be lust. The furniture Id
the cabin was thrown in ail directions.
A Kntnored l:en, citation.
lATtX BOCK, &MK-, Aurjrt.--.
Last January, Jo. Bogard, a n-gro,
outraged an elevcn-ye3r-o:d girl, and
narrowly escaped lynching. He was con
victed and sentenced to be hanged yes
terday. Sews reaches here that the ne
groes of the vicinity arc Intensely excited
over the reported resuscitation of Bogard
after he was cut down from tbe galiows.
It is certain that his neck was not broken,
and that the body was de ivered lo Bo
gard a father and carted oa in haste.
Tho neg oes dec.arc their belief that the
man was brought back to life.
He Will Go to the fair.
Jrrrensox Crrr. Mo, AUTutt 3.
II. 11. Newman, Labor Commissioner,
who has just returned from Mober y, while
absent saw F. II. McLean, ot the Fair
Association, Inrega-d to the Frank James
visit to the fair. President McLean
slates that James had been invited to the
fair by him to show bis two war horses,
and there had been uo idea of lionizing
hie. "Now that th howl ot objection
to his presence his been mane," he stia
"we Intend to have him come anyway,
althoush I don't thick be would have ac
cented our Invitation II he had known
that It would have stirred up such &gt
Tbe Coal Sllnera of Snake Hollow Attack
th Gasrda A General Fight la rrj
crrsi. Coirjincs O., Sept. L Kcports tome
from the Ilocktn; valley that the miners at
Snake Hollow made an attack on the gnuus
at two o'clock yesterday morning, and one
of the guards was killed ajd two wounded.
The report Is that there were about three
thousand miners In the number who mads
the js)ierr, baring come in from tbe sat,
ronsifbjc; country. The telegraph lines are
U eel, and the Sheriffs who are In Vit
vicinity aty prevented from having cojimn
sIcaflon.TriUi thePTvernor. One of the
hoppers. was bcrncd daring the night, at a
loss of four thousand dollars. o definite
Infoimation has been received here yeL
The Columbus and Hocking Valley officials
tnd the Coal Companies ran down a speial
and expect trouble later In the daycrnlgct
SrierlttcCarty, of Athens County, sends the
f oifo.w!3, telegram to Governor Uoadly from
CnehteL which rs in theheighberuood liere
the riot occurred lastnicht: "Shooting com
menced by tho rioters aboct two a. m. ami
eontlnned about an hour. I am not able to
Judge of the nnmber of men or say how
snots wiaae rrnsn.
The . firing was general and a
great nnmber ot shoU ' wens fired, not
less than six or seven hundred. There were
pno bundrrd or more men that were rioting
around with shotenns rifles end revolvers.
One. guarU was w.ot den-l withoct provoca
tion, am! pleaihng lor mercj. aim two oui-rs
Xvoundod. The guard returned the fire, but
iSnd Theiuard returned the fire .but 'SWBt Tbecome
wmmdodT The Sheriff fa 1. H ,,,. Ih0 performers who occupied the
howoon another attack mar be made. No
troops can be forwarded except on an order
from Hie Sheriff. Tbe Governor Is In
xeadlneta to receive an order. A special
to the State Journal from Xelsonvllle says:
lAkihreea. m. the guards on dutj at 2o. 7
xoueSvere surrounded by a
lot or aiuikd vr.y.
"in the meantime the coal hopper - Us-roveredtob-pufire.
The men had their
faces baekenrd. me teiegrapii r ires weru
also cut. TboSrrteJoiinint representative
was surrounded ami ordered to leave town
or aider tlia oonsemicnces. Tlie name ot
tin tniii killiil durlmr the firing at Snake l
, llollon fa William Hare, a gnard. He resided J
at lvorax jacoti uksiso ot r". j - j
biot auu autuu (,"iu iv. ". w
The striking miners arc concentratoil at
Murray City and the Depaty Sheriff hi
charge there has asked the Sheriff, for aid.
It Is thought troops will be called out At
all other points in the valley everything is
reported quiet. Murray City Is about five
miles from SnakoJInyow aad not so well
guarded. The rioters are firing -on the
guard at tlie Sand Hon and LongStrrth
mines. Both places have railed for help,
and the militia at Lancaster and Xew Lex
ngton have been ordered to be In readiness
Tor marching orders. Owing tl tlie
ctrrrrso op thb vrtnes
particulars are obtained with dlfflcnlly.
Governor Uoadly telegraphed the Sheriffs
or Athens, Hocking and Terry Counties:
"All means in your control should be ex
hanoted to suppress the riotous proceedingv
and protect Ufa and property before tho aid
of Hocking Cognty.sent a telegram asking
for troops. The Govemorbas arrived. The
Colnmbus battalion of the FbaiJeenth l?i
ment lias been called to headquarters awd
trill leave on a special Iraln for the mining
district as soon- & Mm train can be put ia
readiness. Continued firms I reported at
Long Streth, and
with that point has been cut off fot
the past lioar. On Governor HosdJy
arriving at his office at mid
night he received the follo-vlng:
Looax. O.. September t
All mnni in icr cower are entirely ex
hausted to reprr-s the disorder and to prat re
life and property. Tho strikers are cutting
all telejrraph
in w:r
!rr I am wottt out. have
rn nimrHar and nleht for two montus.
l'ksase cend mflllU immediately aud save fur
ther bloodshed. ThoJaUUthreanacd.
(Signed) J. F JlcCABTT.
ibcriff 1 locking County.
The Governor atonce ordered out all of the
Fourteenth regiment, tlie Duffy guards and
the Governor's guards, Lancaster, Circle? Ufa
andXcw Lexington Citnpanles,and rciIIcd to
Sheriff McCarty tliat troops were en the
way and asking If more were needed. The
Lancaster Company being only tnenty
mjloJouiJjegan was sent to that place
to guard the JaTlT One of the leaders tn the
riot at Snake Hollow and the one bellevea
to have killed
and brought to the jail at Logan. -Tlic moS
was coming Intp the town to release Iilm.
Special tSains flare been "put on the rail-.
Teaetthevernor'i; disposal at a late
hour. The lost wire was cnt, so that
there Is no tcemnru4lcauon with points
below Logan except as carriers reach south
ern points and scad to tbe city by circuitous
roates -TJuidwa not enable the authori
Ucsio know jrlat is going on till teo or
three hones' lime has DlapvcU and it is be
neverr that a rior has prcvailetl since mid
night at certain points. Tho bank busses
at Sew Stnutsvllle report that no men
arc to be found In that town and the
wnraca.ief use to tell their whereabouts.
Vfrrf-ift believed io be out Tn the xlct
according to a general and preesneerted
p'au. Advices are meagre and nnsatljfac
ly. At JialC-past onaslxriu McCarty, of
lfockfic'Comity. tdegrapbed from Lncan
that he lias five points in tlii County where
the tlot Is berond control and is unable to
Httat41ietu-cu a ta give definite Informa
tion a to what is Deiiiguone. lueuot
emmeut repircd" tltnt three "hundred ami
fifty troops were ou.tlic way and more were
rndcr marcliin: order if nrvded. Owing to
lack ot conimunl-atioii, advices from tho
points of attack cannotbc obtained.
"A IlanAmrser- Halted.
n.vJinrno."ASHt 58. There was a bold
attempt at robbery here yeale-day A lock
smith named Bamemann entercc the office
ot a money danger named Merit Kauer and
ttabbed lilm-in the neck. Barnematrn then
proceeded to open the safe, siqnosIlig hi
Victim so severely disabled that be could not
help himself, but Kaner managed to reach
t window, smash the glas. and shoot for
hdp. At this Uarnrraann, williont having
iccured any nionev from the safe, ra'i avtay.
Me was captured later, after a violent strng
rle, and many weapons wcrr found on liluu
lie lived a long time lu America.
, Mr. Whitcomb. while oa a trTp to
the pier iicail. saw near tho mouth of
the Anclote Itiver an object in the
waleK"wh!eb, at first sight, he took to
be an alliirator. On nearer approach,
however, ho discovered it to do an im
mense cuttle fish or polypus While
examining it the creature raised one of
its arms, which Mr. Whitcomb "calcu
lates was about eight feet long and cov
ered with a number of suckers. The
bead, however, was the most curious
part, being oblong, with two enormous
protruding ejes. Oa observing tho
near approach of tho lioat it sunk out
of sight beneath the waves. Gulf Cozl
. .
Three youngsters of Piedmont, "V.
Vsl, bought n pint and a half uf whis
ky, and, as two of them were afraid of
it, the thin!, a thirteen-yesr-oldster
named Jerry Porter, drank the t"ost of
it. and died in half an hour Pkilatld-
'fihia Pres.
. ,
It is estimated tha photographs
cost tlie American peopto nearly S5
000.000 a jesr.
Germany. England. France, Ilel
gium and the United States dug vat
372,000,000 tons of. coal !- jcar.
Orten'a Anrt-Anjelran Qrens Car M
Flau:e Terrible Lo ef Lire.
Aecclet, Cou, August 58. -The burnlas
at a circus car nine miles north ot this
place, wa attended with Indescribable hor
rors. Tbcburalnscarwaa next to tbe en
rine In a train ot seventeen cars, contain
Orton's Anglo-American Circus, vhichleft
Fort Collins about midnight for Golden,
over the Greeley, Salt Lake fc PadSc Koad.
The train was nearing Windsor, a small
station near Greeley, running abont twenty
five miles an hour, when Engineer.ColIepriest
discovered that the car was on fire. He re
versed the engine and threw open the whis
tle valve. There were stxty men In the ear,
arranged in three tiers of berths on eithei
side. The. forward side door was closed
and men lu Sunks sleeping against it. Tho
rear side dour was al'o closed - and the'men
who awoke dLovwed the lower unoccu
pied berths next to it containing rub'-'ab oa
lire, fUiIag the car with smoke and fitting
on escape In Uiat direction. The
oxt.T JJCA5S or xonns
wa- throngh a small -window between the
car atd the engine. JJin Hive, of Eilger
ton. WrA, and Elmer Millet, of
Iowa, crowded through the opening and
tried to pass In water from the engine
tank. On lag to the suflocallns cases
It was difficult to arouse tae sleepers. Some
wen; Licked and bruised In a shocking man
ner, and finally pitched out of the window.
Tne screams of those unable to get through
tbe blocaded aperture were lerrifjins. The
wild glare of tho 2araes of the burning car
shown! the v:cllms putsiae wno wnineu ra
aeony on the cactus beds, and caused th
tear car gazed with white faces at
niic Awrci. srrcTAax.
In themkHtot the confusion, two or three
heroic sours appeared equal to the occasion
and bravely cut a way to tlidr companions
to find them alnady In the agony of dratlt.
Albert Lake, in charge of the animals, and
his friend Kent over the cactus in their bare
feet, poured bucket of oil on the bll
tercd inforlimate- and wrapiietl Uiem In
blankets. An oM Paclnc coast sailor named
MeDonaliLtormerlv with Forcuaiigh'sshcw,
was terribly barueil. the fioh lianeing in
shreds. The hrartrend.ng cries ot the men
- ,l, .nlrin Ihn nntlrml anneals of the
nyin- within the car, the roar of the flames
and the howling ol uie animais maue ico
scene beyond description, ino ocor
roasting flesh, and tlie distaift
crrr or Tnn coroTr
added to the horror ot the scene. The voices
of tho dying grew fainter and soon ceased,
meantime the engine had gone to Greeley
lor assisu-nce. rriummfj wiui jui. .-
Hours, President of the State Medical As
sociation. Manr of the recned, en being
pulled through the small window, had their
limbs broken, Joint dWoeated, bands and
feet burned off, and roasted trunks. A
body was found in one place, legs ta an
other, and piles of roasted, shriveled ear
cass were pulled out of thernln. At
davlight a flat cat carried the diarred
bodies Into Greeley for Interment. The
County Commissioners buried the remains
In a twee coffia. sevea feet wide and ten
rfcet long, In the GreeJey cemetery. Iter.
Mr. Keeil of the rresbytertan unurcn, con
dcrled the funeral service. Tbe Coroner
empanelled a Jury, who were
rthe cause of the fire or any
Important faets, as tha manager,
with the res&sleder ef the compasy. left Ire-
t mediately for GoMes, to fill an afternoon
ragagemeat. Jl is impess,oie to get a com
plete list ot tlie dead, as many had been en
gaged but a day or two, and their names
are unknown. The names of the dead as
far as learned are as follows: Alex. Mc
Leod, Marinette, Wis. Thomas McCarthy
Independence, Iowa; John Kelly, St.
York citv; the others were known as Silver
Thorn. Andy, French. Frank, George
Smithle and one unknown
Dk-vee. Coi August SO. The follow
ing Is a lUt of the sufferers of the circus
ear fire now at SC Luke's Hospital this city!
E. E. Fairbanks, ased twenty-two, arm-,
logs and face badly burned; Albert Borden,
aged eighteen, -Logan, Kas arms and face
badly burned; Thomas Golden, aged seven
tcen, Detroit, Mich, very badly burned on
batk and legs: M. J. Slmmerman, aged
eighteen, St. Louis; arms, leg, back and
face tadlv burned; Frans King. Menomi
nee, Mich, badly burned about the bands
and feet; M'chael McUtina. agtti twenry
right, f Holton, Mldu, face and hands
badly burned. He will probably die.
Anumberof the-rescued acree that In the
car were two barrels of gasoline which
were exploded either by sparks from the
engine or from a torch v,ith which the men
were accustomed to light themselves to bed.
ATlere Storm or Bullets at IJma Death
or a Larg XoBiber or Clllsena.
CrtARiixo-, Pcnr, August 2J. In IJma
on tlie2Sth, there was a storm ct bullets for
over sir hours. Caceres entered the city
with his rabble, yelling -did firing. The
night before all the government troops were
II'..I. Pimtitf ami frta Mifnf 9
C-eres although not unexpected, was a
tel and the chndies of Merrct'e and San
Anrnstln, from which ther kept up a fuM
lade. They also attacked Guadclipe rail
ncd station. About one hurnlml and
fifty persons were killed In Merca
derrs and Boilfgoncs streets, and near
the Palace Square, where the fire was hot
test Fiu-Tly the Government troops made
a ortio and drove out tbe mob. Caceres
was accompanied by abont ninety horse
men. They appeared to have been
TKAVEUSCJ ai J. xir.nT.
ami were not In a condition to fight troops
well fel and fresh from their bods. Three
hundred priso--rs were taken. Caceres es
caped. The German proprietor of a cigar
store waa killed wblfa looking from a bal
cony. All telegraph wires were cut for
mlirs out of the city, and no trains were
run. Nothing occurred at Charille. The
cable staff Is all li-ht. Heavy guns have
been heard for some Itoun, but no news a
lo the locality of the firing was received up
to halt-past nine a. m. All Is quiet, in
Lirua. The dead men and lierses are being
r-niovcd, and tlie pools ot blood deaiied.
Tlie services at San Anrnstln Church pro
ceeded with do-ed doors. Caceres Is said
to have thirteen hundred disciplined troops
who were to attack Callao. These may re
turn. Last night there were no guards In
Acattut the Newspaper.
Keokuk. Ia., August 29. Judge Love,of
the United States Circuit Court, filed a de
croc In accordance with stipulations of
parties interested in the suit of
Arthur J. Phillip vs. the Daven
port Gazette Company, rendering Judc
ment for plaintiff and interveners for abont
eleven thousand dollars. The Judgment
was In favor of Edward Ku-j-elt, Levi Da
vis, William Kenwlck awl Arthur J.
rhtniro. If not paid within thirty- days,
Lomax, Master In Chancery, It ordered to
tril the prope-ty.
Drllbermllnr Teachers.
CKXTttAUi, lu-. August 23. The Con
vention of the -Southern Illinois Teachers'
AssocL nonopened litre thi evening, under
favorable auspices. About fitty teachers,
tcg-lher with many educational lights from
other sections of the State, were present.
The address of the evening was delivered by
Prof.E. Edwards. President of the or
ganization. A prominent remark made by
the gentleman was that it an army of ex
teachers would be called together It would
deplete pulpits, make vacant editorial chairs
and take tlie followers ot tho highest call
ings Induding the President of the Nation,
from their position-.
t on Progress f the War TUB TVenen
CerattBE JEnctand and Bombarding
LoxDor, August 23 A Paris rone-pendent
says: Ferry, In a private conversation,
romplained with much vehemence of the
Uatcs ef the Tlmr la regard to.Courbet's
conduct at Foo Chow. The French press,
ie said, showed no such spirit when the
English bombarded Alexandria. The Eng
lish press, by urging China on, Is hi M.
Ferry's erpialon tHing against Europe. Tho
confidence it gives the Chinese may next be
turned against EcglantL Commercial "a
lions are naturally uneasy at our action, bat
we are resolved oa redress. We must deal
blows which will tell. Ferry disavows tlie
policy cf Colonial ronqurHt. M whole
duty," he declared. "U to finish tV enter
prises originally til-conceived andl.l-man-sged.
We want a peaeef ul occupation of
Tonqnln. and we want to enforce on China
respect for us. European Inlerest- need
not be alarmed at this. Wc arc acting tor
Ums civilized world.''
A dispatch dated Foo Chow says The
Kinpai forts are destroyed. A later d.s-
patch f.wn the Foo Chow corre-pondent of
the Tiiiiea says: I have Just returned from
KlnpaL All defenses alongtlie MIn Elv't
are goneV The Chinese troops have bolted.
The French fleet can bombard, but the oc
cupation of the main land ts impossible. A
dispatch from Shanghai -ays: Admiral
Cosrbet began to bombard Kinpai
yesterday. A heavy, cannonade stni con
tinnes. The followbi: Is
adirai. co!Tn-rs -n-roirr
of his operations on the Mln riven "MIn
River, six p. m, Wediioday, Angust ST'.
Uqr nperatlotis against the Minger forts
have been sccccssf idly concluded. All the
Chinese batteries were destroyed. We have
battered all their cannons with gun cotton.
Tlie attack on Kinpai will be made at once."
A Hong Kongdispatch rays: The French
consul and French merchants expelled from
Canton last Saturday by order f the Vice
roy, have arrived here. The mob at Canton
invaded the Catholic Cathedral Wednesday.
The building was cleared by the efforts ot
tlie foreian consuls, who induced the French
Bishop and mbsionaries to learc Canton.
Minister Ferry has. no intention at present
of summoning Pariiamcn. He says.
owing to
It has been Impossible to treat her
like a drill! td .Nation. Five hundred
troops have been placed in readiness
to proceed to Ton-jain If requirrd. Ad
miral Feyron, Minister of Marine, lias tele
graphed Conrbct that war supplies for the
French can be obtained at the arenal at
Sahara, French Cochin China. Operations
against Lang Song have been suspended, on
account ot the Intense heat General Mil'ot
iclt-grap!t from Tonqnln that he lost four
men while repulsing tlio pirates aru isiaec
Flag, who pillaged the villages along the
lied luverauu massacrcn ine inuaoiiaui-:
TheFrendi garrisons at Sont-y and Hong
Hoa, witli the aid ot gunboats, Millot states,
succecdeil In dnvidg tcm Into the monn
tam. Tlie French papers doubt tlie report
that the Frecchiiave landed at Kdcng and
captured tbe forts. In reference to the re
port. La Liberie says a landing force of five
hundred men was not available for tha cap
ture of Kclsng.
latest nEronr.
Admiral Coarbet's official report up to this
e- rning U as follows: Mix IUveb. 5 p. in,
August 23. The prirxlpal batteries on tho
Kinpai diamic! have been destroyeil, and
Tf C ht)- to destroy all the other forts this
evening. The line ol trirreaoes oarnng-tae
entrance to the nrer is being fished up and
explosives being secured. Gunboats "are
able to leave the; river by another channel.
The 0p!e has been dispatched to guard the
tdegraph cable.
lAWrxTS 50TES.
Losnox, August 28. The Tina' Foo
Chow dispatch, dated 8 o'dock last nlglit,
says: Since Uie Frencli descended the rir-"
the Chinese have looted and bcrncd the fur
efcmers quarters bf the city. Mbeh dbsat
isf action is expresscu at tb action ot Ibe
French In bombarding tho city without
landing troops for the protection of for
eigners. It is reported that Germany lias
protested .-gainst this action. Tlie Chinese
complain that an EnriW: p'Jot guided the
French ticcti during the fight, thns commlt
ti'ij a brereh of tix nentrshry laws.
Irvlnz'a Farewell.
Loxnox. August 21'. There was an en
thusiastic demonstration at the Lyceum
Theater last night the occasion being
Henry Irv.ng"s fare-rcll pHforannce.
Itlchcliiai" was given. Irvipg "ras called
before the curtain and In response to a
hearty reception said: "Ladies and gentle
men, we are now at the end of a brief
season about to leave for six months
to again renew friendly interroarse
with the great people of America.
Our tonr v-iil extend fnrn Canada
to San Francseo. Uim our return I in
tend to settle permanently at liome. Dur
ing our abswrc ills Mary actwtsou mj
arain reicn on these "sxinls. To her ami i
Minew ALbev I cordially wbli all pm-
Irity and gcod fortnne. Ellen Tony's 111-
j "giF&QgX
MU Terrv la neariv restored to he-lth.
friends, ami the stare which she o adorns.
1 bad hoped she vouIJ be aWe lo pa to
night, but she was pcrmnptorHy feriiiiWen
to appear, not having regained the rt-c of
her hand.
Ttolibfnt; the IUllro-rt.
St. Louis. August 2S, Spcctel defectives
tho have been working up the matter for
several weexs, made a private report to the
officers of the St. Louis & Cairo Narruvr
Gauge Hallway of a gigantic con-plrary
among the employes, wlicrebv tho road has
been beaten ont f between thirty ami forty
thousand dollars witbia tlie lost three or
four montlw. The plan was for the agent
at one station to omit to enter a certain
ear of freight on the books nd notify the
acent at the station to which freight was
shipped that It was not enteral. The latter
agent would collect charges without waking
entry: and divide the cash with the first
ajent and such other men as were in the
Sfheme The officials discovered several
veeksago that llt-rc was a leakage, but
could not ascertain by ordinary moans where
it was. special detectives were put on the
case, with tlie above result. Several em
ployts have been sittel. and It Is etpeted
all engaged in tbe conspiracy will be pfcuiJ
under arrest to-day.
The manufacture of "buffalo-bom'
fnruiture has become aj industry in
xr York. The horns arc not tho-e of
the bison, as is commonly believed, but
aw from the caltlo killed in the abat
toirs. Thcv are sold at the slaughter
Louses for'a little more than what the
button manufa 'urers give, are cleaned,
dried, scraped and polished The cost
of making these horned good is less
than that of carved wood, but they
bring two ami three times more than
the fitter. The uew industry is almost
monopolized !v Germans from baxony.
A". 1". Il'-mto.
Mrs. William Johnson having re
ceived a letter from her husband stating
that ho hail a permanent situation in
this lountrv came over from Ireland
ami landed recently at New York to
meet him. bringing the four youngsters
of the family to enjoy the paternal pros
perity, ilr. Johnson was not at tho
dock to meet her. and she found on in
niurv that the permanent situation se
cured by Mr. Johnson was ia the peni
tentiary A. "'. Smt.
Nearly SOCOOJ interments havo
been made in the Calvary Cemetery,
yew York, since 18Ji
Hoop earrings are Bore -Wrtt
rnirnlW tirll Tinw In TBTtSC.
rltimmL however, that these reli-s ef
h-Tbarisra, ' ia any form, are aeasVto
bo numbered among the taiags at
vra.-e. . .
There is a new way of tnmMiajc
armbolcs of dresses. A niece of "-nm-sized
velvet or ribbon goes eatiiary
round, and the two ends which mt oa
the top of the shoulder are tiea.iaa
gracclul loooed bow. VheBtheeeea
is a long one, a similar trimsMar m
placed just aboTe the elbow aad tied Vr
c-nrcspond. but with bo ead ef nay "
length. The band is freqacntly re
peated at the necki tying behind. a t
As fall bodices are so general, Sirja
bodices are likely to corse Into ase g-Vcrydccpone-aremorebeeBwiagtetlM
figure than narrow one?, and by eP
meant the genuine sort, sack
Swisj peasantry affesr. These are taada
as formerly of velvet, satin, jetted cloia,
or corded aiik, aad the richest a
dantiest for cveoing toilets are ma-w of
white or nala tinted sarin, haad-pafart-
ed, with a tiny blossominsTine. waica
forms a delicate floral bordering to the
entire girdle or band. .
A n o.d sunshade stripped of its form
er cover ma, be easily recovered to
match any catnme. Takfl one of the
section removed and cut ss janeli ac
tho nevr material as was first asea wbea.
tho old sunshade was new; have tieta
stitched together by machins-sewing;
and fasten to tho f ramc A new liBiag.
if required, is 33 easily made. The work
i not difficult, and will pay just aew,
when th effect of uniformity is draes
details, now so studied, require a
change of parasol for time, place and
ccstnme. A little ingenuity and """
dexterity combined go almost '
and sometimes fnrthcr, la giving Saiia
and elegance to toilet ct cetera.
Feather fans "re extre-neJy fa-htoa-ahle
ta evening dress, aad the JaJeat
styles from Vienna are raado of para
downy white plumage. These ara
much larger than the oval faae ferrmer
lr carrieiE An all-white fan is preferred
with a white to2ct, but in many cases a
duster of crirnson roses, a spray of car- '
nations, or any scasoaaDle Uowcrv. 5
added for the evening to givoatoaek
of color to tho otherwise colorless teileC
The fans are hung from tho waist ia
chatelaine fashion.
Stylish youBglaiics lure seized -rpett
the nrettv littloHussian meket receattr
j iatrodnce J by Hrae. Pcpbnsy, of xri,
as a favonto novelty Tery apBre-eriaw
to the present sca-on. These iaaaty
little shapes reach only- to m the belt ia
front, and end in a shcrt postilJIea iu
the back. Beneath tho froaU. whteh
part at tho neck, is a plaited Yesf,
which also terminates at the waistline.
Tho sleerca are short; t?ith a chic-took- "
ing turn-back cnfT of lace or pasien-er-terio
finishing the lower edge, what.
upon most of these jackets, reaches tha
elbow. Tho-ichestiBodelyetseeawae
made of black Lyons Tclvet with a
Tery handsome border triaiHaing of jet
beaded passementerie, aad a rait of
cri-asor. silk laid ia flat plaits yrota
throat to belt, and snugly fclted. The
most dressy model was foraed of a dark.
r shade of iferrjolitan red vwvetveea-
broidercd in a mqch darker shade of tie
same color in silk floss, th AsigJ oat
lined with deep colored rehy twade.
The rest was of pale pink corued sjlk
arranged and fitted exactly aa the oriaj
soa vest jmt described. i
omeYcry stylish dresses foryoaafr
-irls are now being made ia pla. aad
cashmere. They are very much lnmated
with ribbon loops and ends, and seoia
have an added trimming of shot taflfclM,
One prettr little suit of plaid, ia Ma
and chestnut. ha a kilted skirt faced
up the kilting to the depth of six inches
w'th chestnut and blue shot taffetas.
Tho tunic a la washerwoman has ibe
inrned-np portion faced to match, aad
the bodice is of tbe plaid, with oleosa
vest of the taffetas. Another dress of
gray cashmere, crossed with crimson,
has a facing upon the kilts and tcnie
of crimsgn" serge. Above these skirts
is a Russian jacket of the plaid, with
plaitpd waistcoat o the serge endinij at
the waist and tinishfd by a ribbon belt
of crimson satin, clasped with a silver
buckle. A, i'. JiccnSi? Pos.'.
Ilorr the SworjUih Are Caught.
There are lively times notr at sword
fishing off No Man s Land and Block
Island. This, however, is not a sport
in which a novice can take part. Great
experience and skill are -squired. Your
true sivordfishcnnaa can't afford to
have his luck spoiled by the buapling
antics of ambitious and over-confident
amatenrs. Ercrythinjr must proceed
jast right. Tne swordfisb, a huge fel
low, dov-s not show himself, like a poXr
poise, by jumping out of the water, nac
by "bto-ving' like a whale He goes,
hov-evcr. near the surface, and tb a
sharp aad educated eye he shows oae
sharp pointed fin something like, a
shaiKV-,,ust breaking the surface -of
the water. It a Tery inconsiicuoBS
object, and would bo overlobkcd by any
but an c-pcrienecJ eye. Bat Hie out
look who is stat.oacd aloft oa the mast
will see it at an incredible distance
somctmes. Then the vessel is turned
that way, the harpooncrgoes out on tha
bowsprit, and. firmly grasping tha
weapon, -ilently await the mom nt-of
fate. When, with a lihtning-Iike move
ment, he throws that iron, it is most
likelv to penetrate deep y, if not fataj
Iv. into the monster's vitals. Then,
when the wounded fish goes rushing
on. the line, all last to a cask that can
not be sunk, is thrown oTerboard, cask
and all. and the vessel goes off for a
fredi victim, knowing that tho floating
cask can be followed and the tired
swordfish nulled in, aad. if necessary,
bncedtodeathatany hour. It is said
forty or fif tv ot these fish arc brought
into Newport every day. They meas
ure, in some parts of the world, from
ten to sixteen feet In rengtB. but oa tho
New England coast they seldom exceed
seven or eight feet (not measuring tho
sword), and wegh three hundred to
five hundred pounds. The sword, a
curious bony extension cf tho upper
jaw. is three or four feet long, and is a
very formidable weapon. 1 ith it the
hsh successfullv attacks the largest
whales, and even frosts thro.ih
so . eral thicknesses of plank in a ship's
bottom. A swordfish List simmer at
tacked a man wno wa-j bathing In the
Gulf of Californ-a. and came Tery near
killing-him before he could get astoru
where he fc L wounded anil b'eed ng.
Vessels from the inyarl Socni bnng
these nsh to New London by the cargo.
The CesU s solid Ike old ness Mirk.
and exiestent wtun fncd. but rather
dry. Hot it is tte sport ardexi tum-nt
of capturing the nsh that makes sword
fishing the ruort cap i ating of all tish
jngthiugli it is aelaally ivn.c paled
in liv hut coapar.tt.vJ- few but i and
hand'. It r'jant IV'.
-Or-'r- - "Ijmsa'cr m a-r
sv-ap-ibj las wiU hrn rn -:t
ti' tbe nus t b.-. laa 'vtr1 cr t.vJ

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