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Berated te the Interests el" the Ckcrekccs, Ckectawi, Chickasaws, ScebIroIcs, Creek, aad alt Other Itsdlaas of the Iadlaa Terrllery.
VOL. H. NO. 52.
is net a swde tjimbt donna
of any Barked merit in Italy,
cnucs of Rome deplore
frees the Provinces
in Paris this rammer
it season sace the siege.
Antr, anvy. aad bow police in Japan
are te be completely Germanized. The
Jap iaw ajflied for German police
TnEpoee of cigars has oecn raised
a eanc ana a. bait to a cent ana
fcr the Treasury Department
wkfcn enjoys a total monopoly
and cigars.
Jim w mia naragsfl the enormous at
tmtnrn at the Health. Exhibition, Lon
stea. the jweeipts hare, up to the pres
K, eney-jeat covered tho cosL rrofit
awpwr fee leaked fo
rwaeM seem as if religions were dy
ing eat in Ctnnn. jnrHii- frrrm the fact
kJMtalerge Masher of temples in Poo
Chew are leased "by the priesthood to
giuiifi'wm fee dwelling or business
Ax article adjadged "disrcspcctfol to
tkepersea of the Sins" of Spain has
east the edilor of MFartaiir, a Rspub-
. Keen jonrmali eighteen. Tears' sentence
ef janesrieewneat aad three hundred
Snwe carbolic acid is a powerful
when ecteraally applied. A
i wecntly. while carrying a pound
f k m. a nettle hs pocket, broke the
jam Tne acsd ran over the surface of
mm lag. Be ixgeriesced little pain,
ImttlieitweadBH aftar the accident.
9m anal ssernlyaed aisaerves,
TB syL Anaerr, Madrid, lately
lac mow of a juTTf-mrr conflagration.
MiiTninl eae of the finest collections
i iiant'fif irnirr nnJ lepras close
to ate rajal aeede. and, strange to say.
Use Kac kepfn quantity of gunpowder
jtntav Tie expkon of this, of course,
giaarir aggravated the disaster.
Tbok a letter in Ac Boston jtfcdiaxl
NaT t-rvioal Jbwrnal it seems that our
ief CUE get into the, hospitals
tfcreefk troubles caused by
is a food made with
i ef oork aad red pepper.
a aMaeaey wbrcfi tao srae iauuau cau
.netwidtetaad. It ift said, however, to
fee a geei feed te fight oa.
Tmk JokJentK de Jtcdednz lately re-
day two hundred and forty
concerning cholera.
ef tanm oSered specifics, some
te sell a secret cure, others
to contract to cure patients for
a head, aad some wished to
whole hospital wards turned orcr
Mies ior "scientific experimenta-
LotrG attacks hare" been written about
-fee eastern baculas, but a VTcstcm
Bieifril writer says our real knowledge
ef It-aaey a 8aBcd up by saying that
jt is rVrJ like a coTT.r.ia. that forty
itufin-l to sixty tfcoussad of them
las 1 a lungiawise would make an inch,
Hatk bafeats isfere drinking water.
JaVuiu lb i limnaii TnTrtirr n -n - r.
-and Is sappotod to cause cholera.
Tire Freath Society of Medicine lately
Heeirad a box from Toulon containing
-attod ehelcra bacillL It "Kai followed
hfjils scientific owner, who was about
to fire ae explanatory lecture upon
afcalaca. When, however,, this gentlc
aatnartve sad bcran to undo his bundle
the SMBceers grew so visibly nervous
tat they eeald. rot help langnmg at
aaeai other, ami. the arta front Toulon
kad to aeerpeae-kis rcdtaL
JaaHEBe aaagic mirrors are in the
st. They arc made of fine bur-
metal, asdwhen lightly breathed
disclose geometrical patterns.
or faces. Their manufac
ture a a secset. but 13 believed to con
stat w weidifig the pslm in one knd
tf stoel or iron npon a pTate of a difier
sat kiad. One. which rrodnced faces.
'seM at Philadelphia for one hundred
aad tea dollars.
Ax tfcc last drawing- of the National
Lettory Spain the employes charged
Mto. the ietoik af the business forgot to
Mat am the vea. a thousand nnmbera; the
Emm iiwimt aaanDcd the drawing and
iiidtwa aaother on the following day.
. It aapeeaed that an individual who had
beea a eeastaat pfsyer. withont any
toek. lor tweaty-two years, won one of
Mm big prises, and is inconsolable. He
i to sue the Government.
A Mxr kid correspondent writes that
ae a recent occasion the flavor of Mad
rid had to resort to an unheard of pro
mcifing in the annals of bull fights, in
Btdor to keep the King and royal family
frem aeariag disagreeable remarks. He
ecdewd he music to play during the
whole fight; orrather tho six fights, as
juetrallj six bulls are killed during an
Itoraoon. one being despatched before
ateAer eaters the arena.
you. possesses at present two hen
jfed and thirty newspapers in the
laaMas of the country. The first pa
per ja a native language appeared in
Cms heiae founded by missionsrlcs,
asd'eeeeicd entirely with religious
Betters. These papers have only occa
nied theassclves with political matters
e 18S0. Tho pompous language
aiewe of bv them is amusing. Thus
aUee s often denofainated "the
tJger of 2C&anu," -tb fa a
Twr" thunder is tho tumult of
Uc dHBoas drinking the water cf
2dBaW" Aaaoag the jsames which
VV JLMmmr the Mirror ofMaiidne.
ltMMMtfallTlxrr the Ocean of
wLaSfcaJV' Garland, tho ITato-
TTJI? "VVniJI 7VC T4mAIPQlndrTentJ'"IC,,t thousand tour hundred
lUlll It JllHJ U lsUlliVTu: and seventy-two packages of merchandise
A Sasaauuy of the BaUy News.
rouncu jlsd rEnsox.vr-
Js celebrating hi Krvenrx-nDh birthday
Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes received con-
Cratalatorr telegrami from numerous
friends in Europe and America.
Hornr B. Aaiauaiwho dlel at Provi
dence, in bis seventieth year, was Gov
ernor of Bhodo Island, In 1519, was serv
ing his fifth consecutive term in the Sen
ate, and had three times been chosen Presi
dent pro tern, ot that body- For many
years ha edited the Providence Journal.
Jctxje Xirr, recently appointed as
Amertran Miniiterto Rnssia, was cordially
received by the Czar and Czarina at St.
Peterslmrgh September Si.
Ex-Srxixzn Hxxdaix was renominated
tor Congress recently.
S. D, Htsrcccs has been nominated" for
Governor by the TCIseonsin Prohibition
ists. "Wrr.T.mi H. Fixxrso, formerly private
.Secretary or Governor Sherman, was re
cently appointed Secretarr of the Iowa
Republican Stata Committee.
ins. lUnxjcr, wife of ex-Secretary
James Harlan, ot Iowa, and mother-in-law
of Secretary Lincoln, died at Fortress lion-
roe, Vju, at midnlcht September Cth. "
Mas. BiLTi. A- Locxwoon, of IVashins-
ton, D. C, has written a letter accepting
the nomination for President of the United
States, tendered by the Woman's National
Equal Eights party.
Politics has been more brisk In the past
few weeks thsn before. Vermon polled a
lighter vote than was expected.
Cbolxba. is spreading with alarming
rapidity in Italy. At Naples September
3rd there were one hundred and seventy
three new cases and seventy -six deaths;
at Ia Spezzia there were thirty-nine new
eases and thirteen deaths. The total of
the new cases reported is two hundred and
thirty-fenr. and ot the deaths one hundred
and thirty-five.
Rr.ii-rr.Tn killed eff a number ot young
cattle in the neighborhood of Sadorns,
near Tolono, HL, during the last few days.
E. E. Pbicx, President of the Iowa Tem
perance League to enforce the prohibitory
law, was rotten-eggal at his home at Elks
dor recently by a mob ot saloon rou dies.
The Sew Jersey courts have decided
that land underwater preempted for oys
ter planting may be taken by any third
party whenever the preemptor fails to
plant the young shallfish. This decision
fcoverrules a practice of thirty years stand
Tnx paper manufacturers of Boston are
indignant at the action of the Government
in prohibiting for three months tho landing
of imported rags.
A CRCCXaa has been Issued by the man
agement of the 2Tew Orleans Expoiition,
pointing out to manufacturers the vast
field in outh America for their wares.
31ns. KrrT.xn, of Reading, Pa., abstained
from food for forty -eight days because of
Christ's fast in the wilderness and then
passed away. Her weight was reduced
from two hundred and seventh-Are pounds
to one hundred and two.
AxsorwJjLCXSOS', a capitalist of Ham
mond's Station, X. TT-, was lately found on
the railway track with both legs severed.
Before dying be accused two neighbors of
throwing him ander a train, and they were
arrested at S eehanicsville. The feud grew
out ot a lawsuit.
The earnings ot the Mexican Central
Eoad for August are said to have been
nearly two hundred and fifty thousand
dollars. There Is some gossip in Boston
over the inability of the former President,
Thomas Kickerson, to pay a personal loan
which had matured in a banking house in
I State street.
Tnx cost c? the sanitary cordon on the
Adie, the Lake of Garda, and along the
Tyrolese frontier. Is estimated at five thou
sand four hundred dollars a day.
Jin. Coos, Acting Secretary of the Treas
ury, has decided to admit cargoes of rags
sblpped'befora his prohibitory order was
issued, provided that it can be satisfac
torily ssewn that the rags have not been
collected in infected districts.
Krxa HCXBE3T has subscribed two
thousand dollars for the relief ot the
cholera sufferers in Naples. The epidemic
is spreading at an alarming rate.
As attorney of Syracnsso, representing
o Philadelphia woman,- has applied for
letters of administration on the fifty thous
and dollar estate of -a Catholic priest
named Gnerdet. The latter paid for the
girl's education in a convent in St. Louis.
She claims to be his daughter, and hinta
that she can tell a startling tale at the
proper time.
31. A. Dooux. formerly a State Senator
In Nevada, said in a recent interview in
Chicago that there must be retrenchment
and a consolidation ot offices in his State,
or an abandonment of State Govcrnmest.
Tux Northwestern Base Ball League has
-Tint fifty thousand dollars this season.
The Minneapolis club hat dissolved and the
UHwaukee nine will follow suit.
AscsBixnat Jtjwport,B. L, recently
pursued his wife with a razor until she
jnmped out of a two-story window.
Twextt lives were lately lost by a. fire
in a snlpbnr mine at Nicosia, Sicily.
The Chinese are said to have cut a mili
tary road through the French cemetery at
Canton, destroying the mausoleum aad
rifting the tombs.
Enwans J. Howz, cashier ot an insur
ance agency in JlontreaL after openly
speculating for soma months, has disap
peared, leaving a deficiency of four thou
sand dollars in his accounts.
Is answer to the libel suit instituted by
James U. Blaine the Indianapolis Sentinel
denies that iU statements in regard to
the seduction of Miss Stanwood, her mar
riage to Blaine under threats, and the
birth of a child three months subsequently,
were in any particular false. The defend
ant files a number of questions to be an
swered by Blaine under oath.
Artorrrot forty-five rounds, with hard
gloves, between Jim McHugb, ot Glasgow,
and Dave Fitzgerald, of Toronto, occurred
recently at Rockaway Beach, Lsng Island.
Both were seriously injured, and the ref
eree declared the contest a draw because ot
interference by the spectators.
TnxMszeppa Mill Company, of St. Paul,
was carried down by the failure of the
Minnesota Elevator Company, by which
Governsr Hnbbard is said to have been
financially ruined.
Is Conway County, Ark., Mrs. Richard I
Freeman receVly gave birth to two boy3
and two girls, all hale and perfect.
AssiCXXEXTShavo been made by the dry
goods house ot Brooks, Miller & Co., of
Baltimore, and the woodenware firm of
Barrett, Waters & Lewis, of Cincinnati.
Ir was lately reported from Fckin via
London that a Chinese army of seventy
fire thousand men is about to invade Ton
quin. Tho French force in that country
does not exceed eight thousand.
Dcuso the month of August the lake
shipments from Chicago included seven
million one hundred thousand nine hun
dred and twenty-two bushels of grain and
one hundred and seven thousand three
hundred and twenty barrels ot flour.
A'aongtbe receipts were four hundred
and one hundred and thirty-three theme
and two hundred and twenty-two tons ot
A disease of a peculiar nature has bro
ken out among the cattle ot Champaign
County, 111., and proves fatal in very many
cases. The character ot the disease has
not been determined.
ToKllrpubliqtieTraneaUc, the jeml-oQ
cial organ of the French Ministry, intimates-
that Admiral Courbet will occupy
the Island ot Formosa and bold it until
China pays the Indemnity demanded.
The Treasury Department at Washing
ton closed out of respect to the lata Secre
tary Folger. Assistant Secretary Coon
will be Acting Secretary until the Presi
dent nominates Secretary Folger' snecees
sor. Ir Is believed that the French are secret
ly aiding and encouraging the rebellion of
the Shereef of Wazan against the Sultan of
Morocco. The Moorish authorities have
remonstrated, but have-received no satis
faction from the French.
AsocTtwo hundred Americans are in
attendance the International Evangeli
cal Alliance In session at Copenhagen,
Br the recent completion of the Louis
iana & Texas Eoad, C P. Huntington has
secured a through line from Newport News
to San Francisco
Aroxo those who were In attendance on
tho Scientific Congress in Philadelphia,
were two ladles from tho London Dress
Reform Association, who wore trousers of
checked silk or blue serge.
A rxarr ot three hundred and thirty-five
bicyclists rode through the streets ot Bos
ton recently and out to a grove near Haw
thorne, where a picnic lunch was served.
Axn-ExGUSH journals lately sold by
thousands in the Paris boulevards. The
feeling of irritation against England is
spreading rapidly throughout France.
Usxted States Mccisrxa Monro at
Paris has intimated to the State Depart
ment at Washington that the time is op
portune for American mediation between
France and China.
Late forest fires devastated thousands
of acres in TUbot County, Md., alongside
tie Choptauk !ver.
Two market houses at Raleigh, N. C,
the stave factory of Dougherty & Wilson,
at Mound City, EL. and the paper mill of
E. & S. May, at Eart Lee, Mass., have
been burned.
Jonx OrxnxTZS, a farmer residing near
WInamac, InL, was recently killed by the
stroke ot a plowshare in the hands of his
insane son.
There were one hundred and twenty
two cases of cholera at Naples September
C, and thirty-seven deaths. At Spezia
there were twenty-seven fresh cases and
seven deaths.
O. W. Wruox, a traveling salesman of
Milwaukee, a passenger on the steamer
Sheboygan, deliberately leaped into the
lake opposite the Chicago Marine Hospital
and was drowned. The tug Shields found
his corpse.
Thebx wsre one hundred and nicety
nine failures in the United States during
the week ending September 6, and thirteen
in Canada.
Joua W. Borxros, a New York com
mission merchant, assigned recentlv. Lia
bilities, flE313; assets, tfUflO.
It is said that Li Hung Chang has not
been degraded, as was recently reported,
but that be still holds his office under the
Chinese Government.
Teouxs J. Lxbbt, proprietor of a sum
mer resort at Scarborough, Me., recently
went to a hotel inPortiandand took a room
with one of his female employes. He shot
the woman In the head end wounded him
self behind the ear. Both are dead.
Jaxes M. Gamble, a well-known real
estate agent ot Chicago, finding himself in
a dtlicate position in a flat on Congress
street one morning recently, with a large
amount ot money on his person, leaped
from a window and received severe in
juries by striking telegraph wires.
Ax Philadelphia measures have been
taken to prevent the landing of "assisted
immigrants'' from Hamburg.
At Edinburg Gladstone recently had a
private conference with the ministers of the
Free Church cf Scotland. He promised
them if a distinct majority ot the Scotch
members returned to the Commons at the
next election were pledged to disestablish
the Church ot Scotland, the Government
would carry out the popular will.
TniRTT thousand pounds sterling, in
tended for General Gordon, was sent to the
Mahdlbythe former Governor ot Berber.
A Doctor Coorra was recently arrested
for murder at Cairo, 111.
Marxc went Republican Monday by a
majority ot twelve or fifteen thousand.
Olives Bazeuax has made a confession
et the outrage and mnrdtr of the two little
McLaughlin girls at Flag Springs. Mo.
It is reported that plturo-pncumonia
has broken out among herds of Jersey cat
tle in various parts of Ohio. The first ap
pearance of the disease was In Miami
County. Great efferts are being made
by the State Board of Agriculture to stamp
it our.
Notices have been posted in various
parts ot Lewis County. Teniu, warning
the Mormons now residing there to leave
within thirty days under pain ot death.
The Mormons ore frightened. Some of
them are leaving. Others will follow.
Tue Washington monument is rapidly
approaching completion. It the amount
on hand shall be fully expended the total
cost will reach ?1,13VW. Of this total
the monument society collected and ex
pended $2),093. The Government has fur
nUhed the rest.
A raxsu crop of disasters during tho lata
storm, is reported from Labrador. The
Valeria, Challenge, Isabella and Jessie,
itb carzeo , ere ftal wrecks at Nawtook
Bit" and Mania. One vessel was lost at
Mariner's Lland and three of the crew per
ished. A DisrATcn from Lebanon, Pa., says:
An excursion train from Fleetwood con
taining about ihree hundred passengers,
bound for Mount Gretna Park, on th Cole
brook Valley Railroad, ran into a ballast
train, throwing two ears ou the track. No
passenger was hurt, but all were badly
Josxs & Lacohlix, iron manufacturers
at Pittsburgh, struck a heavy vain ot gas
at a depth of oni thousand six hundred
Sicxxass caused Anna O'Neill, aged
fifty-two, with a husband and three
crown children, to suieide recently at
Colnmbnt, O.
Howard Soluvas, colorrd, aged eigh
teen, confessed to a detective pretending
to be his counsel, that he was concerned in
the murder cf Ella Watson.
The Acting Chief of the. Signal Service
has stated that it it shall le found that
any of the survivors ot the Greely expedi
tion have allowed themselves to be exhib
ited at the dime museums their leaves ot
absence will at once be revoked.
A LAflCE number ot young cattle bavd
died recently in the southwest part of
Champaign County, III-, of blackleg.
Vekt encouraging r-ports concerning
the corn crop eout'nue to be received from
H'iauis, Iowa, and the Nort' wst. The
yield will be immens" Tho potato crop is
also .eporW to be first -c'ass.
Tho Irst Xeporta of the Election In Main.
The BpubUcan Flantlltj'.
roBrmxD, Ma, September a The elec
tiou passed off quietly. Augusta, Blaine's
home, elves Rob'te, Republican, 5,275; Red
man, Democrat, G24; scattering; 42. In
1SS0 Davis, Republican, had 1,105, Plaisted,
fusion, SOT.
Twenty-five towns hi Maine give Robio
10.2S9; Redman, Democrat, 6,931; scatter
In; SOIL The same towns hi 18S6 gate
Davis, Republican, 9,490; riaistcd, fusion,
8,355; scattering 100. Plurality 16S0, 1,135;
In 1SSJ, 3.33S. showing a Republican gain
of 203. A plurality elects in Maine,
Fifty towns giro Robie 1E.829; Redman
1SS0; scattering 81L The same towni in
1SS0 gave Davis 17.5C0; Plaisted, fusion,
1591; salting 156. Plurality in 1SS0.
L9C9, in ISSt, 5,543, a Republican gain ot
One hundred towns give Robie 30,700,
Redman, 2,139; scattering; 1,570. Repub
lican plurality, 8.CIL The same towns in
1SS0 gate Davis Republican, 28,521; Plais
ted, Democratic, 2G.162; Republican plural
ity, 2,3o9; Republican gain, (s252. Returns
from all sections of the State show Repub
lican gains over 1SSQ. The Congressional
vote is coming In slotxly, but at ten o'clock
the indications arc that all four of the pres
ent Congressmen are re-elected. The Con
stitutional amendment is carried br a good
majority. Returns to the Bangor tTWff anil
Courier indicate that tho Republicans have
elected thirteen ot the Representatives from
Penobscot and four Senators; in Washing
ton County, seven of the ten Repre
sentatives and the Senator; In Aroostook,
seven of the ten Representatives and
the Senator; in Piscataquis, all three
Representatives and the Senator. The
State Committeemen of the Fourth Dis
trict report the probable Republican ma
jority as follows: renobscott, 1.C00 to
1,S00; Washington, 1,300 to 1,400; WooMock
490; Piscataquis, over COO; indicating that
Congressman Boutelle has a majority of
over 3,500. In Kennebec County, thirteen
Representatives tothe legislature, two Sena
tors and all the county officers are elected
by the Republicans. Milllken for Congress
in the Third District, has CC0 i-ouality in
this city.
Portland gives Robie, Republican, for
Governor, 3.971; Redman, Democrat, 3,214;
scatterins, 63; plurality. 737. In 18S0 the
Republican vote was 3,530; Democrat,
3.302; plurality, 234. being a gain of 523.
The plurality is about the same as In 1SS2.
Long Island is still to be heard from. Reed
for Congress fails behind, having 27 plu
rality exclusive of the Island, but the Dem
ocrats concede his election and the Kepub
licaas claim 500 to 1,000 majority
in the district. Twenty-five towns
In Washington County, polling 6ur
fiflhs ot the vote, gave Ruble 3,909;
Redman 2,492! Republican majority 1,417.
Rcbie will probabl, hare 1,400 majority In
the county. The Rcrullcaa elect both Sen
ators by large mejorities and seven Repre
sentatives sure. Returns from all over the
county show a Republican gain of 300 nr
400. Sixteen towns in the Fust District
show gams for Rccd of 231 over
18S0. Rlddleford Is not included. A
large loss Is reported there. Reed's
plurality in lhSO was 117. The Republl
can Committee reports Indicate that Reed
will be re-elected to Congress by a fair ma
jority. Reports from Aroostohk County
give that county to the Republicans by an
increased majority. The Lewiston Jourrutl
(Hepnbllcanl gives Robie 12,000 majority,
and claims that all the Republican Congress
men are elected.
sioke KEroirrs.
Fobtlaxtj, Mii, September 9, 12:25, a.
m. The Kcphbllcaiis claim 10.000 plurality
for Robie, and the Democrats concede
12,000. All the Republican Congress
men are elected, the State Legis
latnro U stron;ly Republican. It Is
impossible to give the Congressional result
in fiznrcs on election night, but estimates
based npon returns give Rccd. Republican,
a majority of six hundred in tht First Dis
trict, with DIncley, Mlllikcn and lioutwell
re-elected in the Second, Third and Fourth
Districts, respectively, Boutvreil by an In
creased majority.
the veet litest.
PoirnvxD. September 9, 230 a. m. Two
i hundred and sixty-seven towns give Robie
plurality, 10.254. The same towns in lESi
cave Robie .VJ.105; Plaisted 47,510; plural
ity, S.6S5. Towns to hear from gave Rohic
1C2S0 and Plaisted 1C41T. Robie V.IV,
perhaps, have over 1(5,000 plurality. The
gain tills year will be 10,000 on the Guber
natorial vote of liS0. The Presidential
vote of that year gained 9,000 on tlie-Guber-natorial
vote. All four Congressmen are
elected and tho Legislature will be over
whelmingly Republican.
ALarge ConOasTatlan Seriously Damage
thr IJnrrd Work.
CniCAon, September 9. The Chicago
Linseed -Oil Works at Grand Crossing, a
partof the Standard Oil Company's system
of factories, and locally under the manage
ment of the P. C. lianford Oil Company,
were damaged by fire yesterday afternoon
and saved from total destruction only by
the prompt action of tlie employes and the
timely assistance of Engine No. 2, South
Chicago. The fire started about three
o'clock In the east end of the top floor at the
north comer. It swept the floor through to
the west wall and burned out the roof.
The upper floor was divided in lull
by a fire-wall, which confined the flames to
the north half. The burned portion was
sf oted with linked oil, triide on the other
side ot the fire-wall were
xraic taxks or casolixe.
Had the flames reached the highly-explosive
gasoline the building would probsbly have
been blown to atoms as well as the Lvman
Manufacturing Company's barbed wire fac
tory adjoining. As onn as the firo was
discovered an alarm was sent to South
Chicago and a hnsc attached to the engine
of the works. The South Chicago steam
fire engine arrived in time to aid the effort
of toe employes at the works and the Grand
Grossing Hose Company, and at half past
four the fire was declared out. The build
ing is a large thrrc-iory brick structure
about fifty by one hundred feet The aver
age force employed is ten men. the capital
one hundred thousand dollars, and tho an
nual product is valued at eight huudml
thousand dollars. The loss '--, estimated at
one thousand dollars on stock and 'uilding.
The "swell" handkerchief now has
a picture of a well-known actress in
one corner. "You would bo surprised
to sen how many of these we sell."
said a Chatham street dealer. "It has
become a craze among the young men
to have (ho picture of their girls on tho
comer of their handkerchiefs. A gen
tleman brings us tho picture ol his
adored. It is photographed on a plate,
and then put through the samo process
bv which the illustrated papers transfer
ticir pictures. It is done at a very small
cost."-V. Y. Graphic
A correspondent of the Boston
Globe gives the following euro for ca
tarrh: "Take a bout a pint of warm
water, add one or two teaspoonfuls of
fluid extract of witch-hazel and twenty
or thirty drops of tincture of myrrh.
Put the mixture in a rubber douclio in
an elevated position, place tho nozzle ot
tho tube in the nostrils alternately say
for fifteen minutes, and the specific
cravit of the fluid will do the work.
Use twice a day"
I it is predicted mat uio toiuiqc ui
' telegraph business in tho country will
, beitiUy doubled within the next tiro
teeretary Folger Krratties If East at
Crai T3, N. T., Srptrmbrr 4th.
Gexeva,X. Y September 5. Secretary
Folcer died at 4:55 yesterday afternoon.
The only persons present were Mrs. Hart,
als deceased wife's sister. Dr. Knapp, his
family physician. Dr. A. B. Smith and his
colored servant. James. Dr. Smith and
Captain S. S. Lewis liad left him but a few
minutes nreviOusiv. Dr. llennr Kotrr.
who has been here two or three times as
consulting physician, arrived oa the 4:15 p.
ra. train and was cou vcyed to the Folger man
sion by Dr. Smltn. Mrs. Ernst, the Secre
tarj's sister, arrived by the same train.
Aftir the last three named entered thr
djing man gasped twice or thrice ami al
was over. Secretary Fotgcr's two daughters
are in the Adirondack, tl.c elder in very
feeble health. His son. Captain Ch'les W.
Folger. is at Alexandria, Va. jl have
been written to
th telegraph not being earlier roortcd to as
so Midden a termination of tiieir father's
mVady was not apprehended. The Secre
tary returned for the last time to Geneva on
Wednesday eveninc; the 20th ult. He called
his family physician the next morning, who
gave the following diagnosis of the case:
Grert feebleness of the heart's action; con
gestion of the niidule lobe of the right lung,
and capillary congestion of the bronchial
tubes: torpor of the liver; albuminous dis
charge of the urine, showing disease of the
kidneys. The doctor was informed that the
Secretary had had hemorrhage of the luns
three times of late before his return. The
first was while out yachting with friends at
New York, on which occasion he discharged
about a pint of blood. Secretary FoIs?r
rode out daily until and including the -UO
uIL, since which time be has
kett ins rcooir,
but did not whollj abandon official work.
He continued to answer important letters
and telegrams, and seemed reluctant to give
tin, yet lie was by no means unconscious nf
his critical condition. He entrusted to his
perspnal friend. Captain Lewis, final
messages to Ids family and other
direct ons of a confidential natuer.
Within a few moments after the Secretary
d'ed telegrams announcing the 'sad event
were dL'iotcicd to FresirtcBt Arthur at
Newport, .Yssistant Treasurer Coon, Frank
Slrry, his private Secretary, Hon. Thos.
t. Action, Asstant Treasurer at New
York, and Juiigo Andrews, of Syracuse.
General gloom pervades the people of
Geneva over this sudden removal ot tbclr
men ot all parties and all conditions In life
alike joining in expression-, of sorrow. Tho
tirvt emblems of mourning dkplayed were
above the entrance to the quarters of the
.Thirty-fourth, separate company (Foigcr
corps) N. 15. S New York, at the Geneva
National Rank and upon a large Cleveland
and Hendricks banner suspended acro&i
Seneca street. The Srcretary will be in
terred at Geneva by the side of
hts wife who died seven year ago.
Charles J. Foigcr was a native of Nantucket,
Mass., where be was bom on the :cth of
April, ISIS. He went with his parents,
when a boy, to Geneva, Ontario County. He
graduated with honors at Uic Geneva Coir
lege Iu lbSO, and three years after he was
of the Supreme Court at Albany, and en
tercupon the practice of his profession at
Geneva. Ills advancement was rapid, and
in 1S44, under the Old Constitution, lie was
appointed Judse of tho Court of Common
Pica, atd was also Master and Examiner
in Chancery. In 1S51 he was elected County
Judge of Ontario County and held that of-fi-
four years. At that time he was known
as a Silas Wright Democrat, but with a con
siderable number of Ins jiarty w ho dbawd
on the slavery question, he allied himself
with the Republicans soon after the forma
tion of the party, identify lug himself with
them In the most pronounced manner.
It was in the fall of lbCl that he was tint
elected to the S ate Senate, and he was
re-elected in 1KB, isas, 1&C7, serving
eight years in autcession and acting as Pres
ident pro tern, of the Senate fur a long
time. An acknowledged leader of his par
ty, he was a power in the State Conventions.
When Mr. Folger's term expired In lsrtU
President Grant apiointed him United
States Sub-Trea-urer in New York City,
and he continued to hold the position until
1370, when he
Judge of the Coart of Apiea!.s. In May,
1SNJ, Governor Cornell designated him ai
Chief Justice, and he was alterwani nom
inated aqd eleclid as such In the fall of the
same year. In October, lbSl.be was eon
firmed as Secretary of the Treasury. UU
defeat as candidate for the Govcruoisuip oi
New York State In lss2 U fresh in the pub
lic recollection.
An Amphitheater Staort rails Carrying
Down 12ghtetn Hnnilretl I'crsons Hanj
Feemost, Nnri, September 3. A serious
accident occurred here -jcsterdiy, at the
Grand Army Reunion, in progress, which
caused a depression of the whole camp.
While eighteen hundred people sat tn the
amphitheater waiting for the sham-battle to
begin, the structure fell suddenly, carrying
all down with it The whole camp quickly
flocked to th scene. Canby ltt, of St.
Paul, ran to tho scene with guns, and did
efficient duty in keeping back tne'exowd, to
that the sureeons conld work. The follow
Ing are the casualties: W. 1L Norton, of St.
I"aJ, seriously injured in the thigh and hip;
Peter W.OIson.of Maple Creek, tnlgh broken
and shoulder injured; Mrs. Lyons, of Wa
hoo. leg broken; E. Smith. of Cedar RapM,
wrist broken: Mrs. C. 1L Jones, of Fre
mont, hip fnrtured; Dr. E. T. Iiper,
of Bennett injured In the spine: Mij
Emma Wilkinson, of Blair, heart dbcaxc
brought on by tlteexcitement; Geotre Wood
ward, ot Weeping Water, injured in the
h.ps and unaWe to stand; Mrs. A P. Var
ncy, of Bennett injured in the spine: Mrs.
Justin Credible of Bennett, ankle sprained;
Mrs. George Allen, of Creichton. erionsly in
jured In the spine; Mrs. Ellen Hitchcock, of
Arlington, verv serious internal Injuries;
W. IL Morgan, of Bennett. phie injured;
Mrs. John Eoutson, of Columbus ankle
broken; Miss CttMitns, of Cc'unibus, hip
broken. Thi-ro are forty -five others with
siLdit injuries from bruises, sprained ankles
and injuries to the back and Internally,
which are of uncertain severity. Dr. W.
W. btnne, Cider Surgeon of the camp. Im
mediately detailed all surgeon on the
grounds and Ihe injured were taken to th
tents and up town and cared for.
A HmtMjtli Forser.J
Gaucta, lu- September 5. Clayton,
the Chicago traveling mau who is alleged te
have passed a number of forged cheeks,
purporting to have been slcncd by J. IL
Roach .t Co, wliolcsale cotfectioners. ol
Dubuque succeeded in playing a siuiilat
game, a dar or so aro, upon a Galena iand
lonl. who praranteed the check at the First
National Itauk. Clayton, It seems, had suc
ceeded In utienns forged checks of J. II.
Roach & Co. at a number of places before
-peraung hi this city. He has not been ap
prehended up to last accounts.
A Snip round Sallortrss ani Hotting In the
St. Joints N. F.. September 4. Friday
last, thirty miles off Catalina. Trinity Bay,
the British warship Mallard encountered
the British brig Resolrcr. Tho vessel was
damaged on ootli sides. The slde-lichts
ere burning and there was a fire In tho
gallery stove. The sails were ail set, but
the headcear was gone. There was no sign
ot crew or passensrrs. The Resolver left
Harbor Grace Wednesday last with a crew
of nine men and four pascugcrs. bound for
Labrador. She has a general cargo. It is
thought the brig has been in collision with
zn iceberg It J feared all aboard wen
oTes hers of the Grttlr Ezpetfltlea Beay
Cleteulxd, O., September 4. Serreaata
Bralnerd and Long and Prirate Connell, of
the Greely Arctic Expedition, are hera ua
der engagement at Draw's isnseura. They
were shown telegrams from Washington
stating that an army oQcer, who has sees
diaries ot the expedition, says the sur
vivors when found wera In two par
ties, one headed by Brsinerd and th
other by Long, llvlag separately as two
tribes and refusing te speak to each other;
that Greely was an Invalid the last few
months; that the party, headed by Brata
erd, cared for hha like a child; that steal
ing rations was a common practice: that
that hunters sent out far birds and con
cealed them for themselves. Each ot these
statements Bralnerd, Longand Ccna-11 deay
emphatically. All Insist that the party was
not divided, but while
nvx sixit xx x waix
tent Bralnerd and Long slept together un
der a fly of the tent became th laterier
was not large euosgh for alb Sergeant
Bralnerd says Lieutenant Greely walked
out every day and was able lad competes
to command the parry, which fee did
throughout. All agree that nabedy
except Henry was shot. The special
report cf the same to tht army
office says Brainerd, when found, was
lauch stronger than the rest, and when ha
came abroad the Bear surprise was ex
pressed at It, and when he was asked why
that was he said, -Oh, I could eat the stuff
and digest it, but the others couldn't.
When some of the rescuing ptrty re
marked the absence of Dr. Pavey's body
and expressed wonder as to what became
of it, Bralnerd said: "He is all gona; I
finished the last of him just before you ar
rived." This being shown to Sergeant
Bralnerd, he said: "1 don't know who the
army officer L but whoever be say be, ha
is a slanderer. I was not the stroajest of
the party, and moreover, I was not on the
Bear, but came hone on the Thetis. " This
is a lie out of whole 01013." Sergeant Long
and Private Council corroborated his story.
A ltrary Lois.
Kansas Citt, September 4. At eleat
o'clock last evening the sudden blowing of
numerous whistles in West Kansas followed
by a wild clang of fire bells alarmed the
whole dry and in less time than it takes to
chronicle the fact the western sky was Il
luminated by the golden glare ot the flames
as they burst from the new Atchison, To
pel A Santa Fe frelsht depot at the cor
ner of Joy and Hickory streets. The fire
originated at the southwest corner of the
long, newly-painted frame structure, and
within fifteen minutes the whole build
ing was enveloped in flames, the strong
south wind carrying the fire thn-ush the
building to the two-story stone office, front
ing on Joy street. The firemen wers
promptly on hand, but the headway gamed
made their
so far as the freight depot was coi."erned,
and at half past elrht o'clock tho whole
frame work fell, sending up a vast shower
cf sparks, making a scene, which, viewed
from the bluffs, was of themosttBagniSeent
description. The flames rolled upward In'
billowy waves, while lurid flashes darted
from doors and windows. Thousands of
people witnessed the scene ot grandeur and
destruction. The firemen confined the loss
to the one building, which at midnight was
a vast heap ot charred and steaming ruins.
The building bad not been completed, and
the S52.000 loss falls heavily npon the ceo
tractors and their employes.
A Dring DeeUratlsa.
Teot, X. Y., September 4. Andrew
Jackson, a wealthy resident of Hammond's
station, four miles from Mechanlcsville,
Saratota County, was found on the railroad
yesterday morning with a deep cut oa the
head and both legs.cnt off. He lived an
hour, and before dying said that William
Bolan and John Dnfly, neiehbors, threw
him under a train. Bolan's father recently
beat Jackson in a law suit and they hare
been enemies ever since. Young
Bolan was arrested at Mcchanicsville and
denies the' charje. Duffy will be
arrested and both, will be arraigned at
Mecliansville. There is Intense ex
citement at Mecuanicsrllle and vl
elnltv, where the the parties are all well
known and respected. Opinions vary as to
the truth cf Jackson's dying statement.
Ths Flag Question.
" rmsuCECg, September 4. Tho action
of Chief of Police Braum in 'be Austrian
flag matter Is likely to cause trouble yet
Braum returned from Washington yester
day morning where he said he had learned
a point or two. He was still of the opinion
that he was 'n the right and would win.
He refused to say what course he would
pursue. It is said by some ot the Chiefs ,
friends that be has declared positively that
he will pot apologize to Consul Schamberg
as he does not think he was in the wrone;
In ease he adheres to this refusal there
may be music later on. as it is rumored that
unless there Is an apology and explanation
there will be Immediate proceedings against
lt, i. IT-itMl Skates District Attomev
Stone, as Baron Shaeffcr will ask that the
case be pushed.
Eerre Work. .
New Oeleaxs. La- September S. The
Slate Engineer to-day ordered work com
menced at-once by the convict contractors in
closing Davis crevasse. The line across the
gap is one tnousann lonr uunuicu itxi, uui
ow In? to the deep water-worn gap it was de
mXAA -Iimmp tn mnb s ritotir around the
lagoon, so that the line of levee to be erectrd
will be six thousand feet. Meantine the
Texas &. Pacific Road has run its trestles
across the dec-cst part of tho gap m me
front, expecting to take advantage of the
levee as a roadbed when coinpltted.
IIayaxa,HL, September 3. Some time
last spring, Elmer Lamb seduced Mary
Lawswv wife of John Lawson. On the
3d ot last May Lamb, In compan)
with his mistress, met Lawson
on the railroad track, nesr Falrrlew.
Lamb fired, killing Lawson Instantly.
Lanib and his paramour were indicted for
murder and tried at this term of the Fallot
County Court. The jury received the case
on Saturdav, and this morning rendered a
verdict of nineteen years In the Peniten
tiary for each.
GItibc to Greely.
MosTBEAE, September 3. A compli
mentary lunch was given Lieutenant Greely
bv the members of the British Association.
About fifty persons sat down. General Sir
Henry Leiroy presiuea wim .ucuieaaut
Greely and .Mrs. ureeiy on uis ngim lieu
tenant Kay on his left. The vlce-chalr was
filled by Captain Bedford, Postmaster, the
President and Queen being toasted. Lieu
tenants Greely and Ray and Mrs. Greely
were honored with a sentiment
rrrhapt Mardrrvd.
SHELnTVHir. Ltd., September S. Will
Mien was playing pool in a saloon when
Jerry Woodruff aad Lide Miller, a woman,
entered and accused Allen of having spit In
the g'ri's face. Allen denied this aad
started away when Woodruff, stabbed hlra
with a knife over the eye. The girl then
drew a large knife and stabbed Allen in tho
back. This wound penetrated the right
lung aad Is perhaps fataL During the ex
citement both escaped, but the officers hope
to secure them. Woodruff Is a notorious
character, having disemboweled a boy on
the fair grounds, for which he was sent to
tie Reform School. About six weeks ago
he stabbsd a young mm upon the street,
but tor this offense he was acquitted.
AConflacratlau at Cleveland, Ow Destroys
an Immense Amount of Property.
CxEVELAXD, O., September S. A great
omflagistion is raging on the flats. Tha
entire fire department Is in service, aad tel
egrams have been sent to Akron, Youngs- J
town, PainesvUle, .Erie, &ancSKy ana
Toledo for assistance. The origin of the
fire is unknown. Incendiarism is suspected
by some, but the most proabable theory is
that a tug sat fire early In the evening to a
pile of shavings, from which the flames
spread until Wood's, Perry &. Co.'s ex
tensive lumber yard was ablate. The
fire continues to extend, defying all
efforts of the firemen. The lumber
yards of Potter, BlrdsaU & Co. and C. J.
Sing 4 Co. were also consumed, the Variety
Stanly candle factory burned, and part of
Sheridan, Williams &Ca's varnish works,
and at ten o'clock the conflagration threat
ens to become still more extensive. About
ten acres cf lumber and frame buildings
were aflame at one time, and huge clouds of
smoke, thickly studded with blazing cinders.
were blown by the changuv; wmas ior
miles, causing intense excitement lest
the myriads or sparks snonia tannic nres
In every direction, and perhaps
lay waste a large part of the city.
At seven and a half the fire was confined
to an area of two hundred feet square, and
in the midstof this the flames were savagely
burring and sending out a myriad of sparks
and light pine torches. Slowly the fire
gained on the firemen. Sparks being car
ried over their heads oy the wino, wnicn
had begun to rise, would set fire to a small
spot in the center ot a pile of lumber, and
because of its height and the fierceness of
the flames nothing could be done until the
of the pile, when a stream would be di
rected that way. The alleys were so narrow
It was Impossible to get a stream to play on
any but the edges of the different sectious
of the Inmber. The spot where the fire
started was built up of green lumber from
the Michigan pine wooes and though It
nouldnot be expected to bum well, the
heat was so intense that the element con
tinued beyond the power of the department
to control. By eiaht o'clock it was In alleys
three and four and as the area ot the burn
ing wood became larger tha men were
forced to spread out and less effective-
work could be done; At this time rome of
the firemen were in the alleys almost com-
nlett-lv surrounded br fire and to keep from
burning the stream of water was directed
against them. Nearly every man was thus
and mdy thus conld they secure comfort
At lulf past eight o'clock: carter
street became Impassable. The heat pre
vented any one from going by the buildings.
and only on some places could me nremen
stacd. The owners of the Variety Iron
Works had been on the roof of their large
brick building for half an-bour past throw
ing water and gnanling it In the hopes that
the fire might be kept within bounds and
they escape without loss. They succeeded
in putting out the flames In several places,
wlUch had caught from the sparks, until the
region of their buildings became red hot
They were successful In their object, but
at eight o'clock the lumber In the yard of C
cArcnr riEE
fmm h wit rail sf the Woods, rerrr &
Col's yanls uid soon the four million feet I
in that yard were in a partial ouze. ine
heat along that side ot the central way
soon became too Intense for comfort and
despite the west wind which had sprung up
the flames crept up in a southerly direction
and soon reached the street The Variety
Iron Works now canght on the roof and
these flames were subdued after a short
fight At the same time the wooden build
ing, a good sized shed belonging to Woods,
Ferry Jt Co., west of this shed, also caught
on the front side from the heat of the burn
ing lumber just opposite, and attention was
directed to that Then the firemen
were called to the Iron works building, and
at cine o'clock both these
and the fire was under such headway that
the encines which could be kept hi the
street were unable to cope with It Mud
cause of delay was found In the water
it was uiny aim me ccuio nwiw sri
clncged. In this manner one of the engines
which had been- throwing a stream on the
southwest side of the yard near the taiiroad
was forced to suspend work for a time for
renairs. At nine o'clock the shops an I
buildings from Scranton avenue to Wood,
Perry A Co-'s planing mill on Carter street '
was on fire, and it looked as though nothing '
could save them. The tiny spark faaned
In a -minute into leaping flames nndid J
years of toil, care and capital i
jcdidously applied. The fire started in tha
mlilst of lumber, and on all sides there was
plenty of the same dry fneL The little
cjrvrerc or n-vjir-s
boiling like a wncues- cauuirou, learru
yards through the air, and clasping In lu 1
eager arms everything that came In their 1
reach, shouted, hissed and revelled, wlu I
lit... ..:t. r InmltM tmf- Stnatcj.4 9nr1 !
thick walls of brick were crushed
aad crumbled Into ashes. The flames
shot hundreds of feet Into the air)
and niyilads of sparks as large as a
bushel basket hovered and floated amid the
glare and smoke, seeming to be
The awful glare penetrated to the further
most part of the city, and the community
turned out almost en masse to witness the
awful spectacle. They collected on the
house tops choked all thoroughfares lead
ing to the flats and covered the brows of
the hills Hie swarming bees. In the very
heart ot tho conuasratlon were the men
whose proierty was burning up, the
toiling firemen, policemen and a large
number of adventurous loafers. All but
the latter fought the fire with courage and
Is estimated at fmm $2,000,000 to S2J500.
000. It is irajos''bIe to give the Individual
figures AVoL. Perry A Co. had no Insur
ance, their policies having lately run out
KIng& Co. held $20,000 and Potter. Bird
sail &-Ca i?57.000 Insurance. The fire ex
tended along the river from Scranton avenue
to the Bee Line tracks and back to the
bonded warehouse. Everything within thai
di-trict was consumed. At one o'clock
this morning it had etossed the Bet
Line track and Is eatingup the Inmber yard,
of HubbeR & Westover and Cavwood i
i i -
The "swell" handkerchief now has
a picture of a well-known actress ia
one corner. "You would be surprised
to seo how many of these we sell."
said a Chatham street dea'cr. "It has
become a crazo among the young men
to have the picture of their girls on the
comer of their handkerchiefs. A gen-,....-,.,
tirinrrs ns ll-.e nicturc of hij
adored. It is photographed on a plate,
and then put thronch the same process
by which tb.e illustrated papers transfer
their pictures. It is done at a very small
cost"X 1'. Grapliic
A correspondent of the Boston
Globe gives the follow.rcr euro for ca
tarrh: "Take about a pint of warm
water, add one or two teaspoonfuls ol
fluid extract of witch-hazel and twenty
or thirtv drops of tincture of myrrh.
Put the mixture in a rubber douche in
an elevated position, place tho nozzle ot
the tube in the nostrils alternately say
for fifteen minutes, and the specific
pavit of the lluid will do the work.
L'so twice a day."
It is predicted that the volume ol
telegraph business in tho country will
be tally doubled within tha next five
W. B.YatieTbadaslitsWtavsaf
worth $194,000, aad has aa woomo
$12,000,000 a year. X T. 8fr.
Max O'RelTs little Wk,
Bull aad bis IsJaad." is ssOd to
netted him .420.000. He aosr
plates "Joaathaa aad his CsasisMsH."
Mrs. Skidnaorc of Sew Tarx, k
ISO years old, has had 2va hwjbaaaa.
has sasoked tha ssjh pipe far Mty-avra
year!, aad was oace kissed by Coo age
Washingtoe. ". T. Triiime.
J. W. Laaotte aad James M. Jofaa
cob are two printers who. the Saraaaaat
Fact boasts, hair served farty-eigfc-t
aad forty-Bine years at the casa, asid
are still halo and hearty.
The body of Geaeral Jsmta
Shields, the hero of two wars sad' Sen
ator from three States, who ia life re
ceived the freedom of cities aad haaow
from Comsaon wealths, fills aa aa
marked grava la a nesdected bwriatj
ground two miles outsijie af Cairoutoa,
Mo. y. r. iv
Of the Friace of Waks'
daughters the Princess Victoria
to possess the greatest seaee ef atsiherir
ty. She is taller taaa hor elder sirtar.
of mora decisive coffittcaasce. aad has
brighter eyas. Saa is said to louaiubln
the Queea mora thaa the other afcH
drcn, aad to bo mare liks her gjaad
molher in character aa well- (
The otiest clergyman ia the
Church of England is oelieved to b '
Richard Moore, Yicar of Laad-ia-tie-Fyldo.
Lancashire. Oa a TeceatS
day he completed his niaety-foartai
year. He was erda'ned la I&15, aad
bis health is still good. He is al tfce
senior Justice in Lancashire, Lavtaar
been appointed by the Crowa ia Iftter..
Henry Goodwin, tW aaaatssjpr am
the Harttard Ce-zraxi toe Am apaHaw st
a ccatary prevfeas ta 138.' l
dar. acwl ninety-oae- Bat Ja
the nublisfcor ot the Cbaraiat Wfcra 1
and also a member of the Srm tfcat
Sublisbed hundreds of thoasaads of
ioah Webster's spelling books. Fataar
and sou were practical printers, aad
wnen nis son was Hsaaagusjr, saw
then TcneraoiQ txnsraiM. waica i
son was editing, the father, dressed ia
knee-breeches and the Con'.iaeatal
and hat set type in the office Scr
The Los Angeles (CaL) StrmU
prints the following curioea It Mar,
"Editor Eerpldi I hare jest read ia
vour local columns that J. A. Beavia
and Laura Bridger were licasased to ha
married. Now. whilst J. A. Rearis has
jay most unlimited cease ts avake a
I0O1 ot oitaseu, cc u seres: sa nmj
consent nor never will have, t
an application for a aarriaga
for himself aad me. .ray lap
that the next application to be
Mr. J. A. Reavts ought to be a
sion in Iunacr to examine late kja
tal condition. I am afraid that Ms
creat possessions In Arizona aad tfce
heat of that climate hare Terr
muddled whatever little brains he
had. Laura Bridger."
An ostrich egg is worth one baa-
dred dollars. Does anybody know anj
thing that will beat as ostrich ??
Loottl Courier. Try an ax. ZfsetX
A Boston female base-ball reporter
put it this way: "At this point the del
catis from Boone County get tired of
keeping second warm, and vlgorwasJw
limbed it for third." Chicsg Tribunt.
When Fogg came into the reeea n
expecledlr Mrs. F. gave a scream aad
exclaimed: 'ou frightened Be half to
death." "Did I?" Mini tho ua'ecKag
reply; "suppose I try it over again'"
Bo. Ion Transcript.
A voung gentleman wbs to know
which "is proper to say on leaviac a
young lady friend after a late call
good-night or good-evening. Never
tfll a L;c young man. Say good-corn
Jug. Burlington Free Prett.
"You are lucky." said a criminal
lawver to his client a thief. "Am I
acquitted?" inquired the thief. "2fo
not that" replied tho lawyer, "bat yoa
will be the first inmate of the new pri.
on. and yoa will get a writo-ap as sna."
Galcuton IVmo-
A little girl, meeting a conarryman.
r;t, i Inii) of slanhtered awine.
dropped a courtesy. The rustic laagned
without returning the civility. "Vaatr
said be. "do you courtesy toaeaaaenr
"No. sir." prompy responded the little
miss. "I lourtes.ed to tho live one."
Cftieirj Herald.
A young mother traveling with, her
infant child writes the following letter
to her husband at home: "Wc are all
doing first-rate and enjoying ourselves
v r mu "h- We arc in line health. Tha"
boy can crawl about on all fours. Hop
ing the saxe can be said of yoa, I re
main, etc. Faxxt."
--Be ausc Robert Bonner, of the
New York Led-jer gave one bell to a
church he is now being driven nearly
crazy by applications from every sttnjt
gling congregation in the country. This
will" explain whv wo hesitate about
building the Bartholdt pedestaL We
are afraid every other city will waat
one too. Philadelphia Coll.
But oh. papa. Georie and I do Iova
each other so devotedly." "I don't
care- I say you shall not marry him.
How on earth can he support thedaagh
tcr of a wealthr merchant when his sal
ary is only $5,000 a year?" "But.
n-,.,1 -nn fnr-pt no is rriiir confidential
clerk, your trusted employe." "What
of that'" "Why. he probably owns
more ot me store inan you uoaareauv.
Oiieago -Ve .
"Xancv. is Georgo still flyinj;
around witTa vou?'" "Yes mam.'' an
swered the girL "Why. I thought yoa
had given hira tho m tten?" "I d-d,
several days ago." "And hestill comes!
That's strange: a young man usually
flies to pieces and ne er speaks to the
girl again. "Ho seemed to like It"
answered Nancy, blnshingly. "Well.
I can't und rtand hira; can yon ias
ino why he likes it?" "Don't kaow.
mam." turning very red, unless it was
because mv hand was in te Bsittca
when I gave it to him." "Hum. that's
enough, chili " Atlanta Constiutio.
Knew All JLbo. tTJaa.
Speaking of politics briars to mind
an old Tuckencuck farmerwho used to
bring his truck to town for a market
One day. goin;r into a store- where
quite a crowd had met, in the heat of a
Presidential campaign, ho inqairad
what the discussion was all about
For a moment thcra was aluU, while
one of the number answered:
"Well. Undo Eben. we're talking
-Politics politics," replica Use old
man. "Le me sec Yes. ye, gaarle
men. 1 b'lieve Tve sera 'em in Taeker
mucK. They're a leetle she bigg-r'a a
sheep tick."
The crowd immediately disneraxtW
Boston Time,

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