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Devoted to tlio Interest of the Cherokee. Cboctsms, Cltickiikiixv. .Seminole. Creek-, anil all Oilier Indium of tho Indian Territory.
VOL. HI. NO. 2.
cuxxsxt cosaaarc,
Cateetillabs are caaacg a great
. deal ot damage to coUoa is parts of
Tnr British GovernEient spends about
five thousand a year in the photography
' of criminals.
Cuurrr was used to extinguish a fire
L Mission San Jose CaL; owing to a
lack of water.
The wild ducks arc great enemies to
the trout crop of California, as they
feed continually oaTfcc spawn.
BombaT hosbandscSirtheirTrivesr
safes lor punishment. In a single
. -week fle -such cases, were lately re-
V ported.
The Salvation. ArniT claims that its
' colors tie flying in nineteen countries,
and that it prints eighteen journals in
six different languages.
Aketw form of dynaiaita is Ttndo
from poplar wood flour, and resembles
a Tarnished dougnnnt, "It is as explo
etrp as the ordinary kind, bat far safer.
Cxe negro in Fiord County. Ga., in
giring l5s tax recently rcportod fire
dollars' worth cf property and ten dogs.
ber gave in four dogs and tiro dol
The progress of invention is well
shown in the constantly .decreasing
price of steeL In 1810 it cost about two
hundred dollars per ton; to-day the tame
quality m bo bought for thirty-seven
Whex a farmer was swindled out of
a thousand dollars hy bunco gamblers
outside a circus at Springfield. Mass.,
it was the proprietor of the show who
went bail for the scoundrels, and under
pressure, restored the money.
JTo 3IEET the demand for milk, cream
caU butter, a number of Elorida fann
ers last year imported Jersey and
Alderney cows. 2vearly all bare since
died from eating- poisonous grass.
Calves are now being tried in tho hope
the v w ill survive.
Extloeeks have discovered petrol
eum, in Formosa, about twenty miles to
the south of Ec-Lung. At the. latter
place are the richest mine of bit-minions
coal in the Chinese empire. Thus
far the Government has refused permits
for the sinking of wells.
Vest positive in her testimony was
the Das Moines woman who accused a
boy of. bleating- her watch in a street
car; but after securing his committal
for the trial she found the timepiece
safe at home, where she bad inadvert
ently left it on going out.
A SETTEtt near Livingston. Xcvada.
has a flock of about fifty Angoria goats,
the only stock of that -class in the
country. Their hair is long and white,
end soft as silk. Some of the bucks arc
very large, with enormous horns, and
all are gcntlo and docile as kittens.
Their wool generally brings one dollar
per pound.
A TOCXG man in- prison at Eariaus,
Bohemia, has constructed a marvel of
ingenuity In the shape of a watch eight
centimetres in diameter and two in
thickness, made from the only materials
avaiiablo to him straw, thread, two
needles and a small piece of paper as
dial plate. It goes for six hours, and
with a little more necessary material
could be made to go for twelve."
A rrEUP library of a novel kind Is to
he opened in Paris next' mouth. It will
he devoted wholly to technical and pro
fessional books, according to the will of
its fonndcr, the lata Forney, whose
name it will bear. Scientific and pro
fessional libraries have hitherto been
restricted to members of special socle-1
ties, and barred to ordinary Gtrattsts.
especially those who are without means
of paying for their privilege.
Accohdixg to the Lumberman's pa-
paper hotiles am - V
.. .-ra-vrtr 1 In fv- -rt - enJ Arrt '
They arc rcadc ol rags, wood vnlp. and
straw and arc ccatcd on both fades
with defribnnated blood, lime, and
alumina. They arc manufactured in
two parts and are submitted to high
pressure. When completed they will
bold spirits, acids, etc. and arts not
casll J broken. Their cost is very low.
FATHEit HrAcnrrnE says hat the
conditions is which the American and
French Republics were founded and de
veloped arc absolutely unlike each
other. For the United States and the-?
ucrccxceptionahly favorable "With
out neighbors, as without a history, this
vast country seems reserved for a new
experirncntof human things." To focml
a republic, tho Frenchmen were forced
to break, not only from tho past of
France, but the present of Europe.
tt. ixty vinovard owner propose a
mctho.1 by which the propertM( irfsrap i
in-xc can be conceatrated. The vatcr
is to be artificiajly withdrawn In such
raanrier as to leave a rcsWue. whtcli
.,; .11 the mtesiWKtlcs of wine.
i -Wit can be turned into wine in
and whicil can oe iuiu
-.. trLere the art of
Willi; iuasiuz j
rr-htlr understood. The condenswl
Stance will keep for years. The ex
celJenccof wine so made was reeo-ned
t the Bordeaux Exhibition in 1832.
A Tew Mexicas prf ao90110
rfedo herself in raarriaKC when a sad-5rfeelin"-
of revulsion -ook poe'!on
of berTand even after the vronW-be htjs
SanSad said he would take her to be
Swife. she cried out. "O. my God. I
ZmL IcannotT' and Ited from the
" l Itar as jf it bad bona a
pjatcepot. An Uiata
tTrivcnbyalocal paper, ajs uiot a
" VTr l.t- nrescnt bcwl her to
".x, --remonv to proceed, but she TTorks, rf St. Louis, hell a meeting Sen
allow tac "" -1. I terawer 19-1 and dec. Ur it is understood,
flat to all appeals.
i -
J S-HBR-ary eT the DaUy A'ewu
rotrncu. asd pek.sox.ix
Geobgz Lrraocrcre. who attained
eelobntv in Enclsnd fifteen ears oro ax a
i comic singir, lately died a pauper in Lon
Babox Alxxxsixbex, thenew German
Minister, recently arrived at Washlngli.
Men. Ocraxxoxr, the French prelate, is
dead; also Mgr. Alfred Daqnesnay, Bishop
Gexekax. Bcti.tb and Governor Hen
dricks hare been speakinglately through
out th West. They ara both quita indus
trious stumpers.
FT.cxrxo rt. JIooux, an attorney of Hil
ford, Hk, was brought to Chicago lately
and held for trial on charge of retaining
$SU7 from a pension obtained for an in
mate of the asylum at Kankakee.
""ilxoTnm Presidential candidate has been
placed in nomination. IV. L. Ellsworth, of
Pennsylvania, ft the nominee ot the Amer
ican Political Alliance. Charles H. Water
man, ot Xew York, is the candidate tor
Vice-President on the same ticket.
The Rer. J. F. Smith, of Boston, who
wrote the national hymn entitled "Amer
ica," celebrated his golden wedding at
Wton Centre, September IGth. About
fcjur hundred peoplu responded to invita
tions and sat through the singing of the
Ms. Blaixk 'began a trip through the
West on September 17. lie was received
id Boston by a committee and delivered
his first address there.
J. McFmxAX. a leading citizen of Boyle
County, Kentucky, was recently killod
by baing thrown from his horse In a com
snx C Labxxd, a lawyer of prom
inence in Chicago for many years, died of
heart disease at Lake Forest, September
10th. He was born in Rhode Island, stud
ied law with Attorney -General Greene, and
came West in JSI7. He won honors in the
anti-slavery campaign before the war, and
was United States Attorney under Presi
dent Lincoln.
A statcx ot General John F. Reynolds
who fell at Gettysburg, was recently un
veiled at Harrisbnrg, in front of the City
H. H. JCisxtxcsbckt, a son of the Lieu
tenant who perished In the Greely expedi
tion, has been apiointrd by President Ar
thur to a cadetship at Annapolis.
Jixv. Hexct Ward Brxcnzn preached
his first sermon after vacation at Brooklyn,
Sunday. September 21st. It is said that
his health is much better than it was in
tho summer when he last preached, and
much vtrcngwork may be looked for dur
ing tho year from the bid pulpit Tehran.
Hab&t Cut, a weU-known Lontsvilla
lawyer and politician, and a graadson ot
Henry Clay, was shot and fatally wounded
in! that city onSeptamberSlstby a man
named Weflsr, who was his friend. Clay
had tried to borrow money of Wefler vnen
drinking. A quarrel and duel ensued, re
sulting as mentioned.
The Republican managers are going to
make a very aggressive campaign in Ohio.
All the speakers who participated in the
Maine canvass will sp-ak in the Buckeye
State, and many others l sides.
Sews from Pern repurtcl tho total do
feat ot General Caeeres, tho principal rev
elutiontst leader at Lima, Angust 27, and
the estaolishmcnt of comparative quiet.
Tax Treasury of the Egyptian rebels con
tained abont $55,00), and they lately were
reported out of ammunition. The Mab Ji's
forces exteqi as far south as AmbukoL
The Site was falling at last accounts.
A senrocs revolt of Arabs has broken
eclat Xavia, Tripoli, against tho Torkish
Governor, who. being in love with an
Arab had caused ber Arab lover, a sheikh,
to be arrested and nearly flogged to death.
The troops were at first unable to disperse
the mob.
Jons Hoiui was lately stabbed to
death in a saloon in Ludlngtou, O-, by
James Jones, who was promptly arrested,
Habut Tatlor, William P. Campbell
and Miss MacdReed, of Denver, CoL, were
rrcejily drowned while cresting tho
Grind River on their way to their ranches.
AKxrnxwot Osman Digna, and sixty
other rebsls, were recently killed in an at
tack upon a prevision train, conveyed by
friendly Arabs, near Suakim.
At a special meeting of the League in
Dublin, William Redmond denied that the
Irhb-Aneijctas are becoming apathetic
toward the National movement.
Two thocsasD French troops effected a
lauding nar Foo Chow September IT, and
attacked the Chinese force stationed there,
driving them inward and inflicting severe
loss iin them. The Chinese did not offer
much resistance.
Mux. Axx llrrrrn, of Reading, Ta.,
while suffering from a mild attack of one of
S ' I
t V T 9 - fssnri iiwni 9 at
I dab an-l beat away thoso who aueraptc.
to save ber. She saul she was offering a
saerinco to the Lord.
The war party in China has succeeded In
obtaining the appointment of. a colleague
for Li Hung Chang, the Chinese Foreign
Xinis uv Li Hung Chang Is for peace.
His colleague is expected to counteract his
Tits sixteenth annual reunion of tbe
Army ef the Cumberland began at Roches
ter, Tf. Y September 17th. General Sher
idan presided and delivered a brief ad
drss. Among tbe distinguished vstcrans
present was Gssoral'Jehn A. Lagan.
At the rescest of the citizens ef Abing
ton. Illinois, the State Veterinarian ex
amiafslfthe Angus cattle owned Ur John
Racers. He has new brought Miit for
I i3 ',) against bis townsmen, alleging that
they conspired to stp his sales by falsa
The police at Naples have len ordered
te prevent religious precessions which tend
to the spread of cholera, and which, it Is
believed, are promoted far sordid pnrpnses.
LcADtxe ciiizrns of Ban Claire, Wis.,
appeal to the public for aid fnr the suffer-
by fh- rngt m&oyr et chlppewa
atI.t d appointed a committee to dls-
tribute contribution
Tax Commission appointed by President
Arthur to viftt Central and South Amerira
will leave October wtn ler tne wity ot
Mexico, expecting to be absent us months.
.. , i
IsiEIxs is uie name ol a poor w hiiu usa
in Aiken County, Seutb Carolina, who was
recently sentencad to one mouth in jaiL
He asked for tbe ordernf commitment, and
walked ten miles to deliver himself. When
he returned, ho collected two dollars from
tbe Justice for mileage under tho previs
ions of the State law.
Anxen gnards were recently patreling
tbe streets of Congers. Ga., to protect it
from a band ot incendiaries who seemed
bent on burning it.
Ptatkiexts were net long agn sent out
Iron- La Cross? that the damage to wheat
by rust is widespread, and that a Minne
sota rattier suffered heavy lest la New
York on fl wr madesmutty wheat winch he
bad cleanse J.
Tan bondholders ot the Vulcan Iron
to foreclose a mcrlgage for JLMXJ.O on
tha Consolidated Ore and Steal Company.
William UabuisOX, a noted horse thief
In Virginia, while being token to jail,
leaped from a fast train near Cnwie Sta
tion, in handrails. He was seen en the
highway, later, ironed, but no one dared
attempt his capture.
The recent prolonged deliberations of
the Western Railway Managers in Chicago
resulted in the formation of a pool be
tween three Pacific lines from Oxden, Al
buquerque and HI Fasoto San Francis,
the Central and Southern roads to receiva
seventy-three per cn. of the freight
moneys. Tho Southwestern Lumber Pool
" been dissolved because ot the cuts
made by tho roads running down the great
Jlas. Josxrn Steves, ef HBllisterville.
Pa., who was for years in the habit of eai
lag raw ham, sutlers so terribly from
trichuriasis that she constantly pleads with
her friends to kill ber. 11, worms, keep
ber fleh in perpetual motion, anil fre
quently tit nut from the musclos in
wriggling masses.
It is said in London that England will
lmd Egypt SJM0Jt1 with which to pay
the flaating debt and the Alexandria in
demnity and construct irrigation works.
Fuxs lately swept away ths flour mill
of William IL Payne, Jn New York, cau
inr a loss of ?81,MU. Seven stores burned
at Penstaguisbine, Oat., and sixteen build
ings at Berlin, WL-coneia.
Tax authorities ef Limerick have de
cided not to pay the tax imp aed for extra
policemen appointed by the Government
becanss the local protection a;ainst out
rages was not diraed saffloient.
Tux centennial anniversary ef the found
ing ef Thf yvrtk Abtrriean was celebrated
Sept ember 3Hh at Philadelphia.
Two voce telegrams were recently re
ceived at Cairo from General Gordon, n ho
complain of dilatory action in sending
relief, while the foes in his front are in
creasing in numbers.
DcncnvEs in the Pennsylvania coal re
gions report that the Molly Uaguire orga
nizations are being seerstly re-established,
and that Hungarian miners bare been as
sassinated by oath-bonnd members.
Tnh. Canadian Government will author
.rs tha laying of a cable from SaMe Lland
to Halifaxra-distance of J3J miles.
Isaac J icobmkc, Um murderer ef George
RedelL, was rxeccted in Cbteago Septem
ber with sack mechanical precision that
death was iBlantouooe with the fall of
the drop. The coHrfenmed man appre
ciated the gravity of the occasion, and was
almost overcome with emouon.
Fivr men recently ecapMl from the
jail at Wfctertown. N. Y-, by binding awl
CSrginZ the Sheriff. One of the number
voluntarily returned, pleading that be was
farced to j' in the n.ovameat.
X'WDBr. , a PJUsborg oarsman, wbo en
gaged in a contest Saturday, Septotnlr
rSth, has since deve!pd paraly.U in both
arms, wkich ransot be removed by a gal
vanic batleryr and TtT is allegeil that he
was pouoned in the iHtr-C ef Us rival.
A VAX namd John Iang choked and
shot his wife SeptrrabertSHh and then shot
himsslf through the brain. lie diml at
once, but his wife was at last accounts
still alive.
Tne department of agricuHnre devotes a
fair share of its Senteralnr reiart to the
snbjrct of wheat-raiMBg in India, and
gives tables sbowms; that the railway
freights to the seaboard in that coantry
are S3 per cent, higher than those between
Chicago and tidewater.
ILunusofl, the fastens Haryland iMrse
thief, had another exatiag adventure re
cently. Two farpiers, armed with rifi ,
captured him In Prince Gecrge's County,
still banJcsffsd. and placed him in their
wagon for transportation te Marlboro jil. !
Aftw-ridlntrouUtiv alanc until tbe ean-!
tors laid nude their gun, Harrison took
the wagon to himself and drove off at a
lively rate.
The Houston (Tx.) Pit Is serieusiy
embarrassed and in tbe bands ef a custo
dian. Bad business management is said
to be tbe cause ef the trouble.
l?mrr- 4,Mti f VAllau fr rrpnwl !
. T,.;f ,Z " ZJZZi3J
,U A.,M, HU, .w wV .... V. HJ.
BCKIXR the week ending ReptemherWlh,
fiSOfi worth ef imported goods were
received at If ew York.
These is a deficit ef 1S,W.W finria
noted in the annual midget ef Holland,
owing to the demonetization ef silver.
DUWSO the week ending Septemb-r Jt
.1, In .ft. ltHI I O.A I
uiert, so" io isiiukt. ,n wr wnvt.MMx
nnd Canada, against 29 during the previ
ous week.
uinmoxtL ntPATCMrev
The striking pig butchers ef Limerick.
' Ireland, havo resumed work.
j Tuomas Srxrox retires from Parliament
as Representative and wMl contest anutbrr
, scat.
BisxAnCX has bail tkree meetings with
I tbe French Embassador since lbs Skicrnl
wice love-f-ast of the Emperors.
The miner rtat, of siege at Bsrlln. AI;
tena, Hamburg ami Llpsie was coatinue-1
by order ef the Bundersrath.
A una attacked gendarmes taking Nihi
lists to St. Petersburg, at llcvow. re
cently, and the military bad to uxj "their
Lrmx Fraxxte WATEnxAX, agjl six J
fars. was maid-red by w torture Ly-j
his slste-s Bessio ami Carrie, agrl thit
teen ard even years, at Ottawa, htt ., rn
September 21u The children, however,
aftarwanls made a confession implicating '
their father and older brother. The; mur
dered child was their half brother, whom
they said they bated' and wanted to till.
Tbe child was bsateu and dragged by a
rope crsr his neck, then kicked when an
conscious. TnEOraad Trunk Car Wcrks,at Loadir, '
Ont., burned recently. Fear bundtcd men
are thrown out ef work.
Ix a wreck en the Canadian Pacific at
Ttassci's Siding, the Rrenn was kiHod,
tbe eneioor badly injured and five ears
A spactAL from Roe to the Ctaelanati
TTsdu-JkrisilreiUMi says the I'ope deeiares
is a iettor to CanMsmi JacnWni that be
will make s denattaa of t,0jn,tM Mre new
:rr rection ef a baipital adjacent to th
VaUeas, so as to be enabled to visit it
Joax Mcxsatkotbc, a miser ef Mem
pbts. Tens., was seat to she City IIospttAl
for treatment for tbe dyntry, ami tried
two days afterwards, lie had :lT.- in
GivprnmeBt bonds sewed up iti the under
shirt he were.
The diverting of EacMsb revenues fro n
tbe payment ef the interest and pi inc. pa I
of her bonds to the payment of current ex
penses, is eattsing groat excitement
throughout Europe, ami .b Powers wi.l
eater a pretest agniaet the scbera-, which
wes bnm ef llrttish advare ami whirfa p r
tends a Bcitiah prots-eto-ate. The late con-
(ereneeinlHlinrelHieriiassauo sarn j Jnnw Evpusithm during the umu
a disposal f Rrypthin revenues, and tins m week, tbe Wabash ou the 2S-U
aetien ef Kngiand is considered an inaalt , the llis-smri 1 "a rife on lite Silk, ami
to nil the nations la knur nart in the eon- the Cbtraso .V Albm ou the 2th imts.
r.t - n.ni.iiK'.i.JiiiniMii
revsrfuttonhrt. living near ilat.mera.,
, ,.... rv r . .
lerrf to report to the War DwrlmMt,
but be defied the order anl fle.1 to lb..
at nntains. where be raised a baa I of men.
He Is nor la Nucvo l" -, 1 u' tiin I'ex.-
J -an carairy are un jer or Icrs to take ta
dead or ov.
lie Clre to rriend the I'artleatars of
111- Ilarlr Marital ItelaUfins with III
Xi:w YonK, Scrtembcr 10. Hon. William
Walter llioJps takes the rcsnuibilty of
dt ing to the pubHc the following private let-ua-
addressed to him nearly two weeks ago:
AencsTA, September!, I"!.
Uy Hear Mr. Thclps:
I bavejmur favor of the 4th advi-lrur mo
that Ihecintlnuous Invention and wMecircu
atkm of evil reports render It advKatilo
n jrour Jiftcroenl not ti wait the slow
orores-e or the law. but to rpcak di
rocUy to the people In my own vindication.
In hl. opinion many others on whoso Juil-r--aeni
I rr-ljr rmirur I shrink ii.Miunlly
Imm the U-j-eMien. allbouch I feel sur
Inst I roiiM sirrnclhen the conCJenre of all
rho Tee! friredlr inie. by bniiaine to view
ibe tm4r truth whlrh t conceahil in this
nJU tiMtue of falvbiKoL Von can Imairinc
lmr ineirre-lt-!y painful 11 -nun le to dis--u
ntu- tlmni tic life In th- prrs alttiouch
I think wjth yvu lb.il umlcr ibe ctn-iiraManpi-s
1 rffliMra-nt upon thci-rneroil of the public
10 Justify a -Jaiemcnl which mherwit mtebt
Vfn nJi.ectHina!" I can. In any eent.
ialHy rouiralt the t a t to ou for pergonal
cefflrauuh-aiioa to tho fr.eud- wbo hare
taken eo dHkate ami o consMrratc an in
teret In my affairs. The leisure hours or to
day, when our campalmi Is ended and ve
watt only fnr the rl ihin. jrive mc oppor
tunity for thl prompt reply, and for the fol
kiwmc eeulUI dttall At Geonn-town.
Ky . in the eprina- of IM. whrn I was but
eurhtiTn years ot ace. I flrrt met tb lady
who tor BHtre than thirty-fur year ba bern
my wife. Our acquaintance rr.ulU'd at
thf end of eiz cwnih In an enrare
raent. wblch. withinit the pros
pect of speedy marriare. we naturally Kiuitlit
to keep H mrelre Two year later. In the
prtnc of '. when I wa matiirinir plan to
leave ray profession in KentucW anil cstab
lM rayielf ebenhere. I was suIdcnl uin
lemed tn Prnnylv-ima by tbe nVath ..f my
lather. Itllns vrr doubtful i i cnuM n
turn to Kentucky. I was threntrmsl with an
Indeantle Knn'3!ion from her who esl
my entire dootlnn. My one wih to so
eHre brr to myself by an iudfesoluMe
lie acalnst evr.-y poslb"ic contingency
In life, and on the 30th of June. tiOu.
Just prior to my ileparturo fmra Ken
tueky. we were. In tte rreenre of
elHHXfi and tmtcd rriends. unllel I y what I
know was In niv native Mate tf Tennj Iranla
a perRlr Inral forui of maall n reach-inehimH-'l
found that my family, ant c-p-rially
mv liereasl raoJlicr.iJnoi;lr il'eoun
ienanmXb buetnev plans as lnt-oltin; too
kmr a eprat.oa from hoinoaml kln.lre,L I
rnmptk.'? w.tfa ber wL-h that I hmiM rrf ume.
at I st for a time my oecupton In Ken
luekv. whither I retnnitsl In the bitter part of
AhsuM Ihirimr tbe rnsulnr winter induced
b) mbelvUics. whk were U:tnaMsl by lesal
eoBsuhalhra. lbt me alarnwl lest a doubt
mattU-lx thmwnnaJbc validity of our mar-raai-
brrea"nr 'non-compltance with Ui
aw of thr ale wherein itoerurnsl: fir I ll
learned that the laws of Ketitu 'ky made a
Urense. eertiB-i' by tbe sierk i.f the county
rvHirt an in ,estist' riull!c of lepn.
Hurrtaee After much deliberation an I with
an anxious desire tn miard In the mo-t effi'Ct
iMlnwnner iralnt any poil! embarrass,
ineni n-ultlnc from our jiosltlon fur w.hcli I
Mkme wns rci"nihe. e derided that the
simiili-t. n.t at the same time the surest way.
ws tn repair to Penn-ylvaBla. ami have an
other marrtace service performed. Tills
ws done in tt presence of wlt-n(-
tn the city or Pittsburgh
in the month of March. Isll. Iiut
na not itherwie made puMic for obvious
i awis. it wa' eotemnized only to secure an
tn4Lmbllt- validUy. the llrt tnarriaee liv
my wife ami mywlf bv.na- always hehl saerrsL
At tbe mature ace f Wty-four I h not dp
fend the wlskn or prudence of a secret ra.it
rlare. sucre-tts liy the anfcir and iwiper
ienroof vnutbt t""l its hooor an.1 its piiritr
were inviolate, as I tielteve in the sis tit nf
.!. and eannul le matte f apix-ar othrrwi
t thr wieke4 devices of tneu. It lroojtbt t
tne a eompdniofishln whwh has ts?en my chief
WppinestrombH)hirs years to this hour,
and has crowned me with what
tner of Hjeees I have attained in tev Hfe
My i-Mesr ehM. a foo. was tmpi In hts
aTMndRMHher house iw the 1-ih day of Jim?.
MB;, hi tn.-rily or tmru-ta. Maine andJfcMIn
Her arms three years Uter Jls nsnes repoui
in ttMf wrtetr of W native city lieneath a
stane which rei-nnhsl bis name ami tbe Hsnlts
at hts innocent life. That Morn wblch bns
sinod tor almost an ntire rencration. has
be. n mrcsnij'oVfaetsl by brutal and saerilc
Sioos bands.
As n en ndtdate for the Prcsidencv. I knew
that I stnittd encounter many f nas of
ralnmny and ersnal dcfamatM n: rmt I
eonle-s thai I did not expect to be alle-lupon
to ef-ml the name of a tcored an.1 hnn
nred wife, wbn is e mother and a irrand
Bother, nor dM I expect that the irrare of
nr miiecmHi would i crneny wsccraicu.
limltMf ouh f.m. forms of Wrrfl7 the ltttr
aires nn asleiuatc rclrrr-s. aifi I know that
? the c my .mo-t effective appeal aratn,-'
tfc onspeaksbio outrcevs whirb I resist. rau
be tn the nole leanh'xsl and nnlde wnman
hood ef Ararriea. Very sincerely yinir friend.
JaucsC. BLAI!kC
The Cholera.
Rome, September 2S. Bulletin or tho
progress of tbe cJHdcra in Italy for the pat
tnonty-foHr hoHn: l'rovince ot Bergaitio,
ftoh cawi.dcath; Ifovinco trfun.,0.
15 frehcao4. lOilcaths: Iruiincenf Genua,
II frerta ca-sn, deaths; City ot Iiozia. in
fresh caes-S, 12 deaths; Pro-incc of Naples.
70 fresh ca-es, 45 Icath',; City nf Naples,
303 fn- coms. 101 deaths; dsenhere. SO
fresh cases. It death: total number of fruslt
cjlm. 4i; total nnmler of deaths, 19.
Tin' Literal m.-tsjapexs pralo the action
! .r ,t.A t,... i.. r.. ... tt.. .Ii.dnlt.l ,uta.r 41.A
" "'- ' " rZl o uu Z
,. . . 1 J t
tetUMHi f perOTal'v -ijitlnr the hospital
in the ovem of a c'loicra outbreak at lU.me.
Pakw, September 28. Ihoni were live
tteatbs teilaj from cholera at MferseHto,
aad three at Teuton.
Mxpnin, September 2. Thrro were ix
nmv caees of ehutem. at Alieonte tnniay;
nine ncn cases ami four deatlis at Tana
Ijnxiws. 5!epteiiiBT S. It Is rcportol
" 7 tEcT XC
that an nut In ink of chultTa lias netvimsl
trj'ihg to Mtppre-4 knnwlnlco ot the tact.
A Meimer Itiime,!.
C5ciNXATt.t September 22, A fire
started m the )antry of the steamer Miarti
MfTatt urij. Mmv two o'clock tester-
,tatIBlwrllhc.alMl communicated to the
iwhfr iUmu.m awl the ttilted Slates
Ijfrht House Tender Lily, Ijiug ahmouie.
ll were homed
tn the water's rtlgi
oxxept Ibe IJI.
the iiW of ber
which csciis-l with
:p,ir works. The
bii.ts were !) at the Hiier Undine
in FuiUw, vthma arwnvbarof other steamers
were tieil up diin low water. The
steamers (); ami hbittkle were rat U:
ami foaled array out of danger. No one ts
able to tell how the are starteiL 'Tic lin
uaRza and MiwnlHg Mall r.ere inmnt by the
nncmnati, lVxtaaiintth S: Big Sand: Packet
Company. The fnrmcr was built in HTA,
and waa worth 921.000. The Membtc Mall
was bnitt two years C" awl valued at SnO.
0M; ktaonsl in Ctnr'tiHati nnnnaiitet for
98S.a"aeh. Tlic LHys damaga is rati
masel at IlLMM. X llws wens ht.
An LJilnrV Illcrtmacc.
Sx FK.xctsov Si'ptemlier as. .James
Opinion lloinett, aecoMinanied by Chaibw
NonHtn', of the New York lltmM, ar
nved ycaienhiy aftennwn. He was met by
John W. Mackev. wlic later in tbe day
piHntcd ont to him Ihe. protuhteot features
o( the city. The train on which they ar
rived narmwly eseaiiol a setiotts ilfc5tir.
As it palled not of IVrt Cam station H ran
mk4 attain of wheat cars-VMr. il.ickey
ami Dr. El, wtw were in Bennett's ptirabi
car. werp throw n to the floor. IWnctt w as
badly shaken but kept his swat. Four
wheat can- were wreckeil and the engine of
the passenger train damaged, Xo one was
settees;) hurt
SprcUl Rate.
Kaxsa Crrr, Sip., September 2X All
of the Kaasis niy ami St. Louis direct
lues hare been acnnlcd sptkil dsys at tlie
I their wstortivc days these
Ihu-s will
fnmi all
h4 icq1 exeursiioii tickets
, J-! tepnt-r
mile each wav. or not tn exceed one fair
. ,- tlcU.t, arc ,,,!
, al;ow ,e ptirrtawr b. start so as
,, ... sr l,m. m t'le innniii'T of tho
r.'sj.ect ve tlaj i.f the hue ehiiiz, and are
jtJf itida5t Louis,
TnKn.v'.S TERItUItS.
An Kartliqnake In Olilo, Indiana. MIrlil
Can and IHsewhrre lUttlrs tbe Dishes
anil Nerves of Folks.
Toixtio. 0 .Srptctalicr 20. Reports front
varum points in tbt vicinity sliowtlmt the
shock ot the earthquake which nccntTed
resU-'nlay afternoon was qnlte crncral
thmucliout XortliwrMeni Ohhiand Strath
rrn ilicliigan. Tlie duration ef the shock
was fmra ten hi thirty seconds and tho
course apparently from southwest to north
east. It was must t intent at Defiance. (),
where the snating of buildings
rrcateil tunch ronsb-matton. reopte
Iiastily abandoned their honcs, ami
the Ietlodit eeafcrenre in ses5bm
at one of tiiechHrclio imuteiliatrlr ad
journed tn the street. A meeting of the
Ijdies Missionary Society In proereM at
the time was also fjakklylttnissed. Glass
was broken in a number ot buildings, bnt
no serious ikniare done. At Cecil. O
sis-hIs in stores wore thrown from tlie
shelves, and isvngers at the wHway
stat'on ran out. thinking a train had t-trurk
fie biiHdltig. At XapolcoB. Cl3il, Bryan,
A-rhibuld. Fnstoria ami immriHato
t 'iiits the J k was distinctly felt.
Them was a rattling of windows
and cmckery. Intt as far as rrisrtcl. doing
ihi material damacct In lbfs cit) tbe'Iarge
iHiihllng orcuiHtit bv the Jtllbnni Wacnn
Conipanr was jerecttHly shnkcti. the cra
ploes supposing it tn have been produced
bv moving 1h-ivv niachincn. A noise
-iintlar to tliat irltiec,I bj a distant rxplo
smii is said to iiate Iccti beanl In seme
parts nf the cltv. w Nile In other portieus the
sliock was tuimitictsL
CiMnvsATt, "Seidcnilier 30. A very
slicht shock of eartliuake was nhstcvisl
nerw" between two ami three o'clock. It
lasted scarcely more than a second,
and was nut peircived ft all. except by per
sons In high bmbiiiics..
Clevexaxh Three distinct but not very
hc4i 4iks of eartnauiake were felt at ?:47
p in.' The largest tmiMinCs nickeii slicht ly
and the iolki was feit p'aiuh in tneapier
s-tnrics. Teh-ciaph ami other wires qiiivereil
so as tn attract at't n.hm. ami wp(e felt a
sensation nf dizzinc. is-ullar tn sneh ter
restrial rmumotums. The vibrations ex
teiiled nver a eriol of Uti to fifteen cc
tiitds. "Xo mile was ne4evri and an lUmao.'
done. Tins stios tn bale been near tlie
eo'ttem lmnkr f tho eartmtnake. nml cx
tiiiding w-t as far as into Central Indiana
at least, ami north into Michigan. He
ports are n"ecivwl that Akron. Ge
nua. Fnrt ltecovcry. Itavemw. 1 strain,
Shliiev, Maron. Saitdokv. I'riana, Kenlou,
Crrstline. CoWwaler and I'jija-r -aiHlH.kv.
Obm. I'tiion Cltv ami Mmtcic. I mi., felt the
earthqiukp siiehtiy. Alliamv tmtflt alt and
stnmg m iHdiefiHitaim. At Lima it shook the
larvest liuildings in town. At iKtawa It rat
tled uldeware and aft eatlil apxnlc.
Atn reunion lsanc he'd m tbe mart hnnse
in Dnpnnt the shuck was feit plainly. It
knocked ihmH crorkerv at imiliay ami
there wag a eetere snock at Iltcais. which
Avas feit dainty and stopped clocks. At
t'lrdc it raUktl whahnrs and scared
women. At tawstn the sJ.ek was
tatnt) frit. It was cnwitsiMird
with a rnmbCinc; noise. At llln!..on it was
Idainly felt. It simok Iksims makiMC win
hiws aud iloors rattle The penple wre
ladlj frizfalnieiL Tbe mmukI was like
distant thunder. Airtdie Iil the same e
ixricnce. At Fosierm it slnsdi esetytlun
and there was great exritrtuetit. Jars in a
drm Mnre were kitnrkrd fro n the lieh .
Cot t'MBt's- V shock of eartlMtMKo was
felt here at 2:11 htamtanl, 2:12 bcal
time. swa.tmc obiecU isTcepUbly
toward tlie MHito aud lack. There
write tmn viliratwHis dLMinctly ntarkol.
ami w report a third mnrc genlic. The
tun inotious ocCHded a MToml each. Thoy
wore frft in every jart of the city, ami
in all sumwrnliHg towns for a raitins of 100
miles. In the htcli ami mrce buildings
the shnrk was tho wnrt. In the iipr
stories nf the State Hnttfe. Citjr Hall and
the asjlunis tbe o-rnp-ints gut out as puck
as los-ibk-. At the Insalie As)lnm we
chaiuMicr was swung so much as tn fall
and break tn l-iucrs. An arrh f a chttrch
in the mnrsrof const met ion was jnrml -o
that It ML DV-hes m elHiirfs were dis
placed, a billows tattleil, pietaresaml chan
deliers were set to swingiHs; ant the desks
and doors moved. XssiMU h ts life or
ptvpert isrcpntteiL
I!ppnrt.s froai IVtrtiaml. Iteilkcy. X'ew
Albaii) and Beater Dam show .that a slight
shoes: was felt at the first two
towns, white at Xew Albany
ami Beaver Dam. it was nite
severe ami merchanb ran oat to sec what
laid IfPfallen tin bran.
hw N inus At 2:15 yecrdav after
mxiti a vety pi'rrcptibtc shisk nf oarth
liiake was felt m this rit. At the I'nitnl
Mat arsenal east f tin- city a cnandelkT
was lnnken bt tho n-ultMi of the buihl
wz. The shis-k wa- nsnre espertaPy nntlreil
by pefiM.s iHtbenHliersltirMof high Imihl
uto. The stnsrk was not severe enmch to
do any ilamae. hat cn-ateil eimshlerahle
alarm auume the ehUdren nf the puMic
srhouis. Telegrams imiieale tht a simitar
shocTc was frit thronahmri the netthent and
eastern irtion$f Mm Mate.
IjirtSVlUJt, SnlembT 2A- A slight
ihfCK of eiulmpiaki' wo feet brre Jester
flay aftrmaiM ammt 2:1., o'chs. Xe
damage was dene.
DrrrnatT. St'DtemK-r 2.-Tho earth
tuakc sho-ks. feit here at 2:15 cs
teniay alterm4i 4mI m lUntnae. but
frightemsi man perxtts. In some piares,
parthwivl: hi Men twnVflttCs. the shock was
nmre mdvolite than hi ntbers. All ahiM
Griwohl i-treet tbe shock was feK wry ilis
thictitin. ami men Imieclialer)- rushel titr
the street, balking atmt annslj, a if ex
pectim; the baiklutcs Iti fall nn them. The
shock laHnl fimtt ten to twenty sceomls and
was nrcoe-pamed by a swrayire muOm tltat
ratthst wuhIowm ami sbwk chamWbK
Ann Akhor At 1:20 . ra. an earth
oake shock was felt h re. it was 0.te
sesen-ty felt alt nvct luwn ami lasted abont
tbirt) second.
INnrr llflotx A slbritt Jwk ,rf earth
make wa feit Testcrday afternoon. It
causwl mi alarm ami was thought to be an
Yl itASTI A strong shock nf earth
msake was pcfmvcil btre in Ihe atternwott.
It lasted about ten sccumK. lVople, ran for
OAnRtAS t 2rfM in the afternoon
a Mtonc s.'k of. cartbqGakc was
felt here. it ta4d nearly a
Miutnte ami was jirereiteil by a rnmMiiHr
tmise. Hinase fnmUnre w-ao hmhsI abotrt.
tmivare taithil ami diain-s were shaken
People nwbed into the streets ami mhmc
featvri the final racket had come. From
report tbe shcrtc was general in this
IX rx.l.
1INX. Oxt SipteiBOer 20. A shock
of earUxtake was frit in this' city daring
the arietManH atHMBl .v.ia. At Imwlon the
shock was distinct like a distant exuioshm.
which seemed In follow tlie mir ami vat'
in fnrre. In san; instances eansimt quite a
ranting of hhes ami nicking fnrnitmv.
The Ibcr t'rep.
Xew Y'obk. September 19. Following Is
a statement of the foteign ami domest.c nee
imxcmmt: Foreign exports of India tire
from January I tn naie. tfM o liegs;
stock in Kisgiish ort. '.: r.r.'- "nuut ly
alhaU. lje9HTH. lite Knrots an markets
show- mm? movements at irnnl-r pr ces.
DomotJc New crn -onniic 'i anl n "rty.
The recent reports of heat loss m the
Carolina crop l-ecause of storms ar cruos
sxaggeralhms. The ibnate is cennned to
a nairow temtirn, ami the hiss is iiis'niti
cenl n-nipaml wild tl tnt-il rtip. The
rop pnnu scsa lar.e , .1 uis t.ic t anln.
tt.as aim r 1 1 i i i- ru. s;aiica
oicrtbatof' i T
Mr. Orton Intrrrlcwrd on the Late Tlarr
Oak niou
Kansas Crrr, September 22. A special
to the Times from Aicuton, says: Tlie
latest advice from I.ttrr Oak, tlio scene ol
the tragedy between Orton's circus men and '
clttrcns Is to the cITcct that Hon. A. W. '
ilann is still alive with some prospect of liis
rrcot cry. The other parties who were shot
are not serious) injured and will recover.
The towns ot Burr Oak and Washington
were In a fever of excitement at last ac
counts. The direct caibc ot tlie out
break, as related to a Time rcpre
scntatirc by a leading citizen of
Burr Oak, b. as follows: On Friday
Orion's circus arrived as hilled and cave
two pcrf ormances. As ts generally the case
there were numerous people front thecotin-J
try present, prominent among this element
were a number of cowboys, some twenty in
number. During tlie afternoon perform
ance the cowboys, assisted by other roughs
from l.Hrr Oak, hooted and hissed the per
formers to such an extent that tlio manage
ment was provoked, and or
der was demanded. Then again,
when the concert batchers were selling
tickets, a man named Elliott, from
Mankato got into an altercation with nno of
them and was knocked silly b Claude
Powers an adoptra' s-'.n of MKm Orton.
TirLs created ipilte a ditnrliance. and from
that time on Elliott with a gang ot cow
boy ron.tantl followed tlie circus men and
aggravated them in many ways. The same
crowd attended the evening performance
and renewed their riotous conduct As the
showmen were taking duwn their tents they
were followed about by tbe cow boys
nntil one nf the furu.rr was knocked down,
when the cry,
"nrrr, nmtr
went up from the eiicu crowd, an expres
sion which denotes a fuss, and also
In summon all hands. A general ftcht
ensued, but at CiU time nn shot had been
fired. When the train was loaded the cow
Ikivs nit it in two in setcral places, placed
loanl tinder the cars' andmaile threats of
'caring uu the track ahcat Dunn? tlie ex
ritetiient a shot was fired from thecowbojs.
Kllhdt demanded the arrest of the showman,
and sent fnr Mavnr Jlann, and lie .shortly
armed ami cndcatonsl to restore quiet.
Ills appeals had no effuct nn the crowd and
another oihn of bullets came from the
riictLS train which was now ready to pull
init. It was at tins tin.e that J. Long
ncsber. an inifrenlte bystander, wassbot
deail. and a bay, O'Vetl, slifit through the
ankle. A second volley brought down
Major Mann ami two strangers from the
country, the latter two cnlv slightly In
jured." Miles Ortoji himclf was doing his
lst to iiniet bis men ami amid tlie
wlesrrxelteTnenrEngineer J. B. Sullivan
mtlh-i oat for WaiJilngtim with Orton
in Uw cab heavily armed anil declaring
that the ilrst man that attemptol to ditch
Ihe train woulil l killed. Satunlay mom-
wg the circus train nuu-lly amvcl at Wasli
mton ami procwlol tn pitch their tents.
Mirtl afterwanK lmweer. ShenfT John--sHi.
of Jruetl County. anied with a num
ber nf deputies, ami together with Shcntl
Dcdan. of WaliiHetmi Comity, tvent to the
Hrctts grounds ami arrestisl eighteen men.
Thev w-re tipt under luavy guanl
n.itll t oVIivk la the cvitilnc, when they
w.re UiceH t Mankato. the county seat
of Jtweil Cour?y ami locked up. On tlic
sat, mmvver. one of the pn'oners juiujird
f nia tno truii ami made good his escape.
In the ewntnc it was rumored tn the show
cmnmls Hot a nmb were on their wrv fntri
Ititrr sk. and over two hundred ladies and
L-riitlcmcn left the tit and went home
fearing a cm 1 not At a.'sittt eight o'clock
the Burr Oak special amnsl. earn iug fottv
citizens. They said they wanted the guilty
arties arrestcil, and drsircd It nndertfd
they were no mob. When the Burr Oak
Iragrdy becamo generally known at Wash
mgtoii. a great crowd collected aboiit the
cireus train, but
lietween tlie citizens and the Burr Oik dele
gation. Citliensof Washington scenird to
svmps.t'nrn with Orton. cs they claimed lie
bait iprlwly entereil the town, anl hts men
were more onlerly than mint circus ivnp'e.
Tbe Burr Oak delegation returned without
making nJilitlanal arrests, though they de
nnmleil the arret of Orton and Powers.
Ar mMntght the cirrus train left Washing
ton and arrived in Atchison about noon. A
Times enmuilssininsr mounted a car labeled.
"Anglo-American Palace Pullman Car."
awl inquired for Mr. Orton. The gen
tleman was jnst putting oa his clothes.
"Can i-a cite mo anv furhcrnews rc
ganling the Burr Oak triccdj tlian is here
contained?" said the senbe as he lianded
Ir. Orton a copy of Tht Sumlmi Time.
Tlie cirens pnprietor hnrrieilly read the ac
count, ami as lie returned the pajer said.
"Mann Is not dead, and prolably will not
die. atleast 1 hnpo not. But I will tell you
I hac had a great deal of trouble this sea
son. I am ehafgisl with allow ing confidence
men and thieves tntratel Willi my company.
This is.t in stake. Any circus from Barnum's
down has nun tollowinr it, wholivebystcai
ing and robbing and this surely cannot
li-helped by then ner. Coil knows 1 do
m.' bct to fne niv awllrnccs from any
nmeiis who mav follow ius."
"How many of jour men dhl you arrest,
and do ntt know their naincsr
"Klghteiii m all were arretted by the
ShcvTrbnt they were only canvas men and
ramr backs. It would Is Iinrsi-slble for
i mo now tn qttotc their names, for they go
; b Shorty. Hank. Skinny and such t:tlcs so
that their
UK l. NtMEs A ni: sr x err I. Y Ik so wx.
T am om the affair occurreil and did niv
Nt to qniet it but tbcj were provoked be-
I i
,hI unman emiurance. jusi sici1 ouishic
if ou think th" shooting was nil on our
part, ami look at the sides of the first
ami seHid property car." and the two
stepped off the car and Mr. Orton pointed
nut the cars. Tree cnoHgh. the kWcs were
ciHMptctoti peppered with .hot atul huge
bullet Iwles, tearing entirely through the
-Were any of yoar men injuredT
-X. not serioiLsly. A horse tender
named Cook was shot in the side, but it
only resHlted in a nihdit flesh wound."
"Where fcyor next standf
-We sn to BHtler. Mo as joim as possi
ble, where we are bHIcil, and I hope wc
win have no more such luck as evpeneneed
lin Kansw nr Nebraska." and as Orion
Ssdv thc-s vnmls the cirrus train pulled
gat forKansar Cltv on its way to Butler.
- -A man who lives near !t. Hamil
ton, Nov.. saw a cow rtinnin"; and l-oi-luwiiiff
with all lie might tho othnr
lav. and ruling up to the animal found
a tini rotlle-tiake hanin,; tohernosc,
its tall draeino; on the ru"l. The
cow was so wi'd with terror that ho
eoobl not approach her, and after paw
ing; tbe pToi.tul ami bellowins for half
an hour, try ti"; in vain to detach her
shilling assailant, .she lay down o
Imweil. The wan then kilie-1 the snake,
which had ihirteen rattles. In a few
minu!es tlto oow was dead. Vaiecr
A drunken roan with the look and
bearing of a citizen irom Way back
tlmte a sorn-kmking nax; up to a road
Imhim; at Xw lint en. the other day.
challenge,! tho owner of a stylish liter
ti a spending match for large stakes,
was laughed at fur his pain.-, but iinallj
innde the mat-'Ii. and won it. whtn he
turned out to be a noted jockey, and
his hor? an animal with a pedigreo
ami a record. Did trick? Of course
rdd as the Human circti. Tiiu only
nind r s tl at anvbolv at this day
a i t la'r s'n uti a.luu Iiuiim If to bo
sv,i d b it. L'tjfi o b. tr ..
rii Interrogatories Recently rrnpoanileil
by Conaset Far the Defendant Catenrie.
ally Answered by Mr. IlUlne and Sub
scribed to Under Ollh.
Isnui"iroLt.s; Ivn,Septcmt-cr2I.
Mr. Blaine's attorneys Saturday Hied an
iwer to the Interrogatories ot ths Sent!
trf, wblch were D ed September 3. These
iiitcrrojatorlcs were as follows:
1. What was the miidcu name of your
2. When and where did yon make her
3. S'ate whether Ton ever lived In the
State of Kentucky. If so, In whit em
ployment you. were there employed, and
it vrbit place and at what lima you were
lo emplojcd.
4. State, whether the person whom
rou aftrr wards married lived In Ken
tucky at that time and In what employ
ment she wa engigrd, aad at what place
ihe wss so engaged.
6. State when yoi finally left Ken
tucky; if you at anytime resided there;
where yon. went thircfrom; where you
went thcrelrom; where you were next
jmplojcd, aad In whit business or call
ing. C It you answer that the maiden"
name ot your wife was Harriet Sun
wood, state when she anally left Ken
lucky; where she went; with whom, aad
when snd where you next met her.
7. When and where were you mar
ried' 8. WereyoTJ not nnrtied sorae time In
the month or March, ISil?
9. Give date aad p aw of your mar
riage an ' the names of the persons, be
sides yourself and wife, who were pres
ent an that occasion.
10. What acimtlotancs had you with
Jacob Stanwood?
11. What relation, If any, was he to
tlie person you married; aad whit con
versation or Interview did you have with
him before said marriage concerning the
tame, and where die such Interview, If
i..y, occur, aud what waa said and dona
15. Was not the flr.t child o! said mir
riage bora ou the lath day of June,
13. What was the name? Horr long
did it lire, and nith whomf
H. When did said child die? Where
was ltburled?aad II any cemetery, glra
the osme ol the cemetery?
Ij. Was any tombstone or monument
erected at the grave ol sjld.chbd? Give
date of IU birth, and by whose direction
was such tombstone erected
16. Was there any Insoiption oa said
tombstone at the time ot lis erection, or
shortly thcrraltcr? If so, give said In
scription in cords and flgnres a the
same was originally graven onsald Wo
stone. 17. Did not said tombstone bear the
following inscription relative to the birth
of said child : "SUnwood B.ainc, born
June 18. 1331?"
13. Hasanyportion of said inscription
said tombstone been erased sinco its
erection? If so, what portion?
I'J. What acquaintance hare you vlth
t. c book called The Life of James G.
Balnc," wr.tten by Itucll H. Conwell,
with an introduction by Governor Rsble
ot Maine, and published br E C A cat
Co.. Augusta, Me , In the year ISsI?
2i). Were nor the proofs of such work
submitted to you lor revision?
2!. Is not the statement made upou
the sixty-eighth pagi: of said book as fol
lorrs: "Mb Stanwood la March, 1S31,
1 came his wile at Pittsburgh, Pa." A
cornet statement as to thus aai place of
your marriage?
22. Did not you communicate to tbe
author of said book for hts use In such
work the time and place ot your mar
riage aforesaid?
buixe EErurj.
To these interrogatories Mr. Blaine re
sponded as follows:
I, James G. Blaine, of Augusta, Me.,
on oath depose and say In answer to the
foregoing Interrogatories:
1. Harriet B bianwood.
2. In Georgetown, Ky., In the spring
of ISIS.
3. I lived In Kentucky as assistant pro
fessor or tutor in tbe Western. Military
Institute from Januiry, 1813, to Decem
ber, IbiL In Ufa and 1819 the institute
was at Georgetown, in 1850 at Blue Lick,
In lest a-. Drceonon Springs.
. The lady I married lived In Ken
lucky Irom the bpring of 1SI3 to the
Sf-ring of 1651. Mie was engaged as
backer In Colonel. T. F. Johnson's
Female Seminary, the drst two years at
Georgetown, thu last year at Miders
borg 3. I flntlly left Kentucky In the latter
pitt of December, 1831; went to Xew
Orleans oa business-, ana inen-.e airccuy
to Augusts, Me., which place I reached
Kebrusry 9, IS32, and was next employed
as pnccpsl teacher In the Pencsylvania
Institution for the Instruction ot the
Bdcd In Philadelphia.
fi. My wife lelt Kentucky In Msrch,
I8CI, accompanied by myself as lac as
Pittsburg. Pa.; thence she -traveled
none to Xew York, where she was met
by brr brother, Jacob Stanwood, and
under his proucllon proceeded to her
mother's residence In Augusta, Me.,
tihrc I next met her February 9, 1832.
7, S and 9. I was married In Mlllcrs
ours. Kr . ou tbe 30th of June, 150, In
the presence ot Sarah C . S'anwood and
5. Z. B.amc. The marriage wis secret.
I Ilaricga doubt subsequently of Its valid
ity under the law ot Kentucky, which
' thep stritgently required a license from
1 Ihe Clerk ot the I ounty Court, I bail tbe
marriage solemnized a eccond time In
Pittsburgh, Fa., on the 29th of March,
1831, In tbe presence of John V. Lcmoyne
md David Belk
j 10 and 11. Jacob Stanwood was the
' tldtist brother of my w-fc. I had no
1 acquaintance with him at the time of
my marriage; nsu never ten mm, nor
beard from him lu any way, directly or
indirectly, before my marriage. I met
him for tte first lime In February, IS32.
1 bad two letters from him alter my mar
riage, and before 1 met blin. One warra
.y welcoming me as a membrr of the
tarnlly, the other Inquiring If he cou.d
promote my business Interests by the
Scan of money. I had no other cor-iponi-'cnce
ot any kind until alter I bad
xrsorxlly .'.et him tn February, 1S32
Jty wife had io other brother!", n llh r
31 whom I h. d ever met, when I came to
New Eng.ai-'l In February, 132: nor dhl
.eterraeet any of the mile re atlves of
tywlfe before mr arrival in Xew Ea
.and In February, leu'i
12, 13 and 11. My tlrst chlU, a son,
.vis born In tbe house of his grandrtoth
t on the lMh of Jnuc, 1S31. Ills name
,v is Stanwood Blaine, lie lived with his
pwicnts In 1332 sn I 1S5I, and was buried
c the Stanwood faraby lot lu Forest
J.-ovc Cemetery, Augusta, Mc.
13, IS and 17. A monument was
Heed by mv d'rection over his grave
sue tear after his death, thus Inscribed:
Wanwood B.alne, sou of James G. and
rfarriet S. BUtne, bora Juao 13, 1S31,
lied July 31, ISSt."
13. I hive not myself seen the stone
.lnce the tlrst week in July, but have
-caoOii to liclleve aud do bei! -ve, that
.lace that date many letters anil figures
:hrreoo have been defaced, and thai the
Igure "1," in the year 1531, has been en
tirely removed. I have no means of
.sccrtainlug by whom this was done, bnt
cave reason to believe, and da believe.
Jut a photograph was taken of the de
ced stone iy the procurement jf oceof
he publishers of the aVw 1."'. a Demo
cratic paper published in this city, aad
hit 'D'es ot said photograph were sent
I jo t ers an i sundry pcrstn, ice udlng
be p. . ber of tbe IncUnapolls 'kaUuel,
Jrfrcdsst t this salt.
19, 20, 21, 22 I know the book re
ferred to as the "Life ot James 0.
Blaine." I did not revise ths rolnrai,
nor become In any degree re ponslbtefor
any statement made In It, though I saw
parts ot It before publication, but did
not, and bare not to this day seen psga
G3, to which the question refers, though
the statement there made was doubtless
derived by the author, Hotel! U. Connell,
from a conversation with me, but not
from any special authorization by me to
make It.
Signed ' Jtiixs G. BlAurc
UvrrroSTATDi or Avzatcu. I
Il.s'.nct of Maine, i3"
rtcfi.remo.WinflellS Cboate. Cotnm'ssloa
erof the Circuit 'ourt of the Cn'ted ilttes.
in and for, aid d rict. pctronaUy appeared
Jas. G. fltalne. ant sits-r.bed and made oath
to the trufi or ths rorrgainr answers.
wttne my hand ant official seal ax uxus
ta .n sa d distr ct, tnts I9tb day otScptemScr.
In t te rear of our Lord. 1Si.
L. s.i Humus CaoATX.
Co nm ss oner of the Circuit Court of the
L'U od at stor'h' iim-jet of Maine.
The Cleveland Flats Acaln tbe Scene ol
Cosllr Canflarstlons The Fires Ertdsattf
the Work uf Incendiaries.
C-Bvcutxn. 0., September 2L
Anolher Are broke out in tha lumber
yards en the flats at eleven o'clock to
day la the dry-bouse ot Monroe Bros.,
above Jefferson Street. TnU flre was
confined lo the yards of Monroe Bros.,
although It continued to burn until
night, at 3 p. m.f when another alarm
was g-ven and It was found that another
fire bad broken out In ths yards of
Brown, Strong & Co., the next yard to
Monroe Bros., bnt situated some dis
tance from it. As the flre la Monroe
Bros.' Yard was under control. It Is not
thought that the second flre In Brown,
Strong & Co. was In any way connected
with It, butthat the fires are the work of
an orginized band of Incendiaries. Fears
are entertained of anoth:r cauflisratlon,
similar to that ot two weeks ago, and
neighboring towns have been called upon
for assistance. Tno engines, one from
FJyrls, and one from Akron, bare- al
ready arrived, and others from San
dusky and Palnesvllleare now on the way
by special trains.
9. p. m. The lire la Monro Bros-' Is
under under control, but tha ono in ths
yards of Brown, Strong & Company Is
Mill burning fiercely, and has compelled
the firemen to seek new locations for
their engines. Steamers from Ashtabula
and FalnesvIIIe are jait puttl-ig their
first stream oa the dimes. Tha Con-iot-ton
A'aliey Railroad C-.Lpaoy hava a
larga number of cars oa la.Irsldc tracts
alongside of Brown, Strong & Company's
yards, and ithlch will probably be
burned. The tracks of the Connottoa
arc Impassab'e, the rails having been
badly warped by tbe hest. Tho lines ot
the Bankers & Merchants' Telegraph
Company arealso caughtln the fire. Two
p.ics have already been complete.y
uurcedduwn, and some of the wires
Midnight Although now under con
tro, he tire is still burning In Monroe
B-oibers and Browa, Strong k. Co.'s
yards. Monroe Bros. Co.'s loss will
be 553 000, on which they have 8150,000
Insurance. Browa, Strong 4. Co. will
suffer to ths extent ot 5100,000, w.th la
tnrance of $175,000.
There Is no question but that there U
an organized gang of lire bugs aad that
Ihey are responrlole for the flre of twq
weeks ago, as well as the one to-night.
Tbe police made a dozen arrests of an
piclous characters to-night, and claim ta
have positive proof of the guilt of a num
ber ol them. Another aiarm was sound
ed Irom the west side to wh.ch a porlioc
of the department hive responded.
End or Tbe Store-Mulders' Strike In Ciael
nali After 'ln Mouths' Idleness.
Cixcisx iti. 0 Scptc nber Z2.
The stove molders' strike Is ended a!
last, alter nice months ot Idleness, anx
iety and much bitter feeUngengenderes
between the men and the manufacturers.
The Union finding the manufacturers de
termined to adhere to ths position they
had taken, finally resolved to send a dele
gation to confer with them, which was
done. The conference between tbe men
and the manufacturers was satisfactory
to both, patties, and the result was ev.
eral of the old employes have gone t-i
work, as though no strike hid occured.
Thirteen of tbe Union men were at wor
bsturday at Iledway & Burton's, and
about the same number st Wm Res r &
Co.'s and tbe Favorite Stove Works. T J
Chamberlain Stove Company's Wors
will probably be In full operation to-duy
under this new arrangement, and lh-re
will be no further trouble at aay of th.
A Graodson or Hsnry Clay Mortal!?
Lncrsvu.r.r. Kr September it.
Henry Clay, grandson ot the luo(rii.ui
Kcntucklan, who wis shot early yester
day morning, did uotecovcr conscious
ncss nntil the afternoon, when be ra led
a little. The wound Is a peculiar and x
trernely dangerous on, and the pnv
slclans say that forty-eight hours tout
eiapse before anything defiaito can oa
said as to the rrsu.L It la that ttai?
peritonitis sets la be can not live. ILs
pulse has been very feeble, and respira
tion slow and labored, the nervous sys
tem having received a terrible sbocc.
Following Is particulars of the trag. Ir:
Clay had been drinking, an uaa,uU
thing, and as llqcor went Jickiy to ji
head, was much exalted. He Went I o
tbe saloon and as;ed Wcpler to lend hlai
. four dollars. He was V spier's law r
' and regarded bint as a friend. We,', r
I Crst refused, and told Clay to go hum u
bed, but finally gave hlin 92. Clay insi t. J
on the $i ami took the refusal as as In
sult He went home, got his revovcr
and coming back threatened the saiOsin
' 1st. A bystander took the revolver from
Clay and gave It to wepter. uiay con
tinned to abuse Weplir and the latter be
coming angry returned the weip'n,
stepped outside the bar and tired twice,
Inflicting a dangerous wound la the ab
domen. s
Ilastardly Murder.
Oreux i. Ala, Septemb, r 2.
On Baglaud's plantation, la Ku-sjiU
County, Ju'i. Drake, colored, Inspired by
j alocsy, struck ilattle Ward with aa
axe three times onathe head a-.d fcil.ed
ber. He then made his escape. Tje
act was committed one niiie from
where Jno. Bead kt led Lucy Lee. There
was do eye witness to the deed except-ng
the woman's three-year child. The scoun
drel knocked the lnlant chl d Into the tire
and 'eft 1 1 uncared for. Drake nude a threat
two diy? bsTtore that be was going to kill
the woman. He left the axe In the bouse
ami ai-o tils bat. The people In the set
t.crnvrui are Indignant at the outrageous
cct. Drake is the negro who took such
a consplcu jus part la trying to raise a
mob M UU- Jno. lUdd out of jilt and
ra,d b..u. The woman was over the tire
coo si g breakfast wlttt her child In her
a. ins wfien tbe blow was struck.
The Sheriff with a posse is la pursuit
of the negro. It Is thought ha may make
his way to Harris, Ga. Drake and iho
womau were living together as tmn and
wife until about one year ago, when they
pitted. Dra.e married and so did tin
woman Several weeks ago Drake's
wlie died, and he agiln wished to renew
his acquaintance with ths woman, but
she refused to have anything to da with
13, and ha then threatened to kill her,
and has canted out his tares.;.

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