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Indian chieftain. [volume] (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, January 14, 1886, Image 1

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Iscvotcd to tlio Interests nflhowyierSkccii, Choctaw, Chlckitinw, Scmlnolcs, Crock, ami all oilior ImllaHs of tlio Inillim
VOL IV. NO. lfjj
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i-i ' IJiStteJBBBBBSf JgS!5Sry - i ii i
Territory. AsbbV
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ml. '"
Joshua U. Lutincott, head of iho
Philadelphia book publishing lioitso of
J. D. Llnuincott & Co., died recently.
Tiik nntninl rcntnl of tlio pows In
Henry Ward Ilccclicr's church In
llrooklyn ronlizcd $27,198, $073 loss
thtui Inst year.
Mn. U'mxzvx, ono of Kiel's lawyers,
Intends Inking clinrgo of Iho dead
rebel's son mid having him educated
at Laval University, Montreal.
A NOBLEMAN rinillcd MnliiiUHinmir.
has been convicted nt Oriesstrof NIMl-H
mm, ami sentenced to bo hanged.
Tlio trial was conducted secretly.
.AinitONV M. KeilBY. Who received
appointments of Minister Jo Italy
iiiiHiiiurims neon admitted to
ns an nttoincy and counselor
i tlio courts of tlio Statu of
ng of the National Lcacue
uiniofelJia fith. tho'terriblo
people on thowjaU
rcomttientiir wye
oral meiiifflWfflatfo' nfidreMt, Tlcplor
ing tho condition of rtflitlrs and at
tributing it mainly to evictions.
Tub olllccrs of tho Shtty-fiflli Ilcgl
nicnt (French) of Montreal, havo np-pttwl-ioJjavcMlicirhMCnllon
to fivo hundred, and n movement Is In
progress for tho raising of two addi
tional battalions of French troops of
equal strength to tlio Sixty-Ilfth.
A Tonrniio recently bioko looso from
Its moorings on tho coast of Tripoli,
and was reported floating about some
where In tho Mediterranean Sea. Tho
Government o'i Tripoli has been guard
ing tho coast with torpedoes, in viow
of tho possibility of nn Italian Inva
sion. At Ilaltlmoro rccontly, Mnlo George
W. IJrown, of tho brig O. II. Stlllmnn,
pleaded guilty to tho charge of having
scuttled that vessel in nild-occaii.whllo
on a voyage from Charleston, S. C, to
TnmatOH. Ho was not sentenced.
lrovn will bo used ns a vvllnuas against
Captain James Urothorton, Indicted on
tho amo charge. Tho penalty attnehed
to tho crimo is death.
It was rccontly rumored that Iho
Atchison, Topckn & Santa Fewas med
itating tlicpurohasoof tho South I'aclllc
Coast Itailroad, and that tho Southern
TacKIc Company had matlo a projiosl
Hon to tho Atchison, whereby that
'road, if it chooses, can linvo Joint con
trol of tho Southern 'Pacitio on advan
tageous terms. This offer is said to bo
under consideration by tho Atchison
nion Aniiiiews, in tho Supremo
tl at Now York, tho other day.
a decision continuing on injuue-
LslugibpIrjicnl - Maiiml
'immmJmm ,w-
I'"MiS ' W-JW";' NUWffifHJ'SPuopi
aTiomJS ffonu jntrnuiiHifn In thti,
union. Mr. IJiomas was threatened
with expulsion liccauso ho employed
Ja musician wiio was not a member of
tho union.
A ItKOENT disnatclt from Pittalitireh.
o., says: Stool rails continue to meet
with a steady domand. at thirty-tivo
dollars to tlilrty-iivo dollars and lifty
cents for heavy sections, cash nt mill.
It is expected that tho demand this
yonr will bo sufllolcnt to absorb the en
tiro production of nil tho mills. Tho
mills aro sold jtjycrnl months ahead,
but is bellowed by thoso who aro well
TnfewKid that prlcas will not go much
A nil.l. wus introduced in tlio Chero
kee Council at Vinlta, recently, to
mako It n penal odunsu to skin dead
cattlo belonging to others. Tho pur
pose sought in tho passage of tho lnw
was for tho protection of stockmen.
Thoru was a universal belief among
stockmen of tho Indian country Hint
in no small number of cases tho rnngo
was burned by worthless parties for
tlio oxprcsa purpose of starving to
donth tlio cattlo owned by their neigh
bors. Thus Iho "cow-skinner," ns ho
Is termed, profits by tho cattleman'
Tun dam ncrosw tho Wabash Creek
at Itcovesdalc, near Tniuaipia, Pa.,
burst tho other morning. A passenger
train fipm Poltsvlllo was Just opposite
Tito tlani when it broke. Tho back-wn-
struck tho Airs and urn into tho
vcjiiirs under them, causiui; a vast vol-
tihio of stenm to ailso nnd ottvlopo
tlio'cntiic- train Tho passrijRQtp(ixt9
raufh frightened, Tfio tog&l; RA
or. escaped Iho flooiJiinHSit1 d ilie
tn'n nJly:.iurquwl tho "MUm-Tum,
6d Vy ,
Ul '
i.Otsj marks S
ssu t couy
iiwa rtit of 10 (. I
I f wauiuK. it sis ba
Ite Wabash A v (),
7JWk 'F tSNOt
Pf i -lEt
wr r
!K if4aKuJ-,ui
jaw. iriAi. t.vii HHsmsuv "
i M?rrwiBu
Qlonuod by Tolcurnph and Moil,
Tne Bcnato met promptly at noon on tie
lilh when the credential! of John W. Daniel,
Senator-elect from Virginia, wero presented
aim men. Ainonir mo bills Introduced were!
To give tho rlttht of trlnl by Jury tn claim'
Allls lor nensinti u inin ntti
Icatlons hnro
been rejoclcd by tho Bccrcfar;
or mo in'
lenoi'i to racllltalo promotions In tho nrmyi
to incroiKu tho ponsloii for tlio loss of bolh
arms, or both Icks. or Iho (iRhtot both t rc.
nr other In luik'i rontltmir In total hi'lnlm-
ne;i lo.ubiiliulo .liver dollars Iniilavo of
iilil I coin i m currency Inthoeavcral rcucrro
lanaa held in the treasury. Mr Inpallslntro
iliirnl n lull tn c.tnljllnli a Nntlomil Unlvcr'
JHy In tho t).lrlct of Columbln. nnd Mr.
Jltimb-n-bllJ. ictiuitliiz tho rlirht of wny
jhrdUKlitliolniilnn'Jcrrltory td'th Knns
V.'tr. 1 ort Scott & Oulf llalltray Comiinny.
Mrlvnn Wyck offered a resolution, which
woanitrccd to, dlicotiiiK the Committee on
Education nnd I,nbor to Inqulro hoir
iniOiy imurs of labor pvr day wore ex
retted or men and boy In tho cmplcyof
trrct ear nnd other corporations In thnl)l
trlcinrtltrmbta. Aflaciuecutlro e.ilon,
ndjoiirnejd. Intholtoiiio tho rioarTrel1.
dentlal bl'l nnd the 8enlo resolution propoi.
Inir certain Joint rules worn referred to tho
pproprlato commlltcei. Contrary to iron
oral oxpcciatiiiii tho committee wero nol an
nounced nnd the Speaker immediately pro
ceeded to call the Slates for tlio Introduction
of lillls, when about Nl bill, wernlnirodiired
"wlyst tho call by States, commenced bernro
Iho holiday rrecs wan not completed. Mr.
Lahd, of Ncbnukn.ntTenjd a iol
nt reiulutlon
,n'onlnir lhi l1 ;nt to caltoui two yol
uuicrrr rffHIinviu. in caTfllf
tAfMS Of ADW &lnlfn untt A
In he Yerrl
llilcd nnd olllccroil from cltlzcnsof sich Ter
ritories for the suppression of Indian host II.
tlcst nisei n bill ileclnrliiK forfeited lands
(.rnnted to railroads on wh.chtliocostor sur
cylnn nnd cnmeyliur has not been pa di al
so to prevent tho ncftilitlon of properly by
aliens. Without completing Iho call of Blstcs
tho Ilouso adjourned.
In tho b'enato on tlio dtli Mr. Hoar Intro
duced n bill flJlnir tho tlmo for tho meeting
of Consress In I'M nnd tvtry second jcar
thorendor on tho nrat Monday In October,
and In Istrj nnd every secoml cor thereafter
on tho second Monday In November. Sena.
tpr Heck's resolution f Inquiry rrtrardlnir
the parment of customs Ouiles In coin was
then cnlleil up and debated, when it was la d
nsldo and tho Utah bill cainn up and nfisr
some dlictits'on went'oier. Mr. Illnli, from
tho Committee on lMuentlon and tabor,
renorlcd favorably n bill to a'd In the
estabhthment of common schools tho
same as the bin ihnt t..it..i ,hn
Hcnato last Congress. Adjourned . . In
tho Homo iho call of Slates for the introduc
tion of bills and resolutions was risumcd,
and continued all day. NO bills being Intro
iluced , When tho State of Totaswas called
Mr. Mills Introduced a bill directing tlio Sec
retary of the Treasury to call MU.OJU.000 thrca
per cent. bond, and pay them In coin of
standard vnluo, ns Is specified in said bonds.
Ileruro the conclusion of the call the Ilouso
lit tho Senate on tho Ttb a resolution of
fcred by Mr. Mandrson, calling on tho Socro
laryottho Interior for certain Informatlou
In rexnrd toNcbraskn lands, nnd whether It
wus adv sablo to dlsconunuo tho ulllco of
Buncynr ilcncrnl, was acrectl to. Mr. In
KalU Intrml tired a bill to lucrraso tho ntte of
lion. Ion rnr tho total disability of persons
who held tho rank of Orderly Ecrireant or
I irst Erriroarit In tho Into war from t to Jl
a lionth, and that for Increased d lability to
Iho rnto now allowed Second l.tcutenants.
Al two o'clock tho ttah bill oainii up
nud n lengthy debate ensiinl. Without
conduct. ny tho couslderat on of tho
bill tha Sensto adjourned . tn tho
Homo tlio cull of Slates wus lesumed. Mr
Anderson, or Kansas. Introduced a bill to
provlilornr tho ndjustmrnt of Iind xranti
mado by (Jonnress lo aid in tho construction
of radrnads In Kansas, nnd for tho forrclttiro
or unearned lands: also to prevent tho snlo
or iho l'ae.flo Ilallroads befoto rcrtaln
United Stales bonls with tnlcritt shall nnro
been fully pnidi also to prevent unjust dls
cr.mlnatit.n by railroad companies nnd tn
subject them to tho control of tho States.
At the conclusion of the rati tho Speaker nn
nourced his couimlltco Hppolntmcnti, nud
the Ilouso adjourned until Monday.
In the rjennte, tlio ftli, Mr Uustis ofTereil
a concunent resolution thnt In tho opin
ion or Congress tho Jlo.OJO.WJ of bonds called
In to bo paid I'cbruary ), sm), should bo paid
In silver dollars, such payment bclnir In
str.ct compllnnco with the oilrtlnir law and
InnMot tboniisnclal policy established by
tho IvulslatlonotL'ntiKicss. Tho rosolutloti
n. 'iliobcuiitntbcn nrocceded to
ration of Irlllsnntlin rfllmiitnr.
II wns taken up and Its consider
ed ed with. Alter debato tho bill
- IM. I.Ava n!.. ........ ...b
F , W, ,.HJP, ,. AIIU Cl'liniU 1,IUII
intll Monday. . Iho Houio was
Micinr.i. IHvirr lias promised to visit
Wnlos In Felirnary for tho puroso of nsslst
iiiRln an agrarian agitation nnil aiding In
tho fonnntion of a Welsh Land League.
HexAToit Haiiim Ins becomo responsible
for n secuiity debt of tS3,00O.
Jons Hiiciiuax rcccircd the unanimous
nomination for Senator in the Republican
caucus of tlio Ohio Legislature, bold nt
Columbus on the Ttb.
Ho.w 1)b.mauix Conlct died nt Atlanta,
On., suddenly on tlio lOtb. Ua acted as
(loTeruor after Governor Ilulloclc led tlio
Btate, and nftenvnrds served as post
in aster.
A ssNsmoM wns crcateil in St. Lonls
and Kansas City, on tlio 10th, by the sul
cldo of Ilov. 11. I). Jnrdino, tho deposed
priest of tit. Mark's, Kansas City, episco
pal Church. It wns supposed that bo took
morphine sutllclcnt to cnuso bisdenlli, bo
being ailillctcd to that habit. Ho ms
staying nitb tbo Hot. Dr. Uetts, of St,
Louts, at tbo time.
GruiioK O. JIu.s, tho actor, wasnssnulted
tbo other night at Carbomlale, I'n., by Jinn-a,-cr
U'llcnm of O'Henrn's Opera House,
and toius of bis friends. Tbo assault grow
out of rcntliig'nuotlier opera house.
Tub new French Cabinet Is ns follows:
President of the Council nnd Minister of
Foreign Affairs, De Freyclnet; Minister of
the Interior, Harden; Minister of Com
merce, Lockroy; Minister of Finance,
HndlCaenot; Minister of PuMIo Instruc
tion, Uoblot; Minister ot Justlco, Do Mnlo;
Minister of Agriculture, l)e Vlllo; Min
ister of War, Central Doulangor; Minister
of tho Marino ami tho Colonies, Aubcri
Minister ot Public WorLs, Jlnthaut; Min
ister of Ports and Telegraphs, tirantt.
A motion wns filed In Topcka, on tho Ttb,
In tbo Huperior Court, against tho Atchi
son, Topekn & Santa Ko Itailroad, asking
tbo court to restrain tho payment ot
uinaaimc anu ajiaug jmjm
iiotlb resfl
appointment oi a roiTer. "iUff twwnti UipaHtSSd., to a considerable dls.
was luiugatea oy uetroltshnrr.
u I
ras fellow to tbo oueJwaMwrjnrugbt t
restrain 4h pnynseat of Interest on the
bonds ot the Honors Itailroad.
1TB ou the afternoon ot tbo IHh, during
ftavy snow slot m, tho front and mid
part of tho largo fourttory warehouse
PI il li y II V Torw ood & Co , Trabuo
nud .' IL Ilalmsforth & Co , at Louis-
tt 11) ill cotton and commission iner-
itv, nil siniucniy, otrturnliig a stovo
I Starting u dostructlve fire. Mavor M.
H. Wright manager, and J. D. Ilalmsforth,
jiw of tlio pruPrlUif, was killed under tbo
)mas Tho loss-Sifouutcd to 1 110,00); In
Wranco, JUS.0OO
JuuflM Tin iiwaSMios rendered a decision
ISssjunipIie in tbe arbitration between the
.stMra'ors and miners oi coat in umo. no
ia ttie amount asked for by tho miners. Tbe
wrat irs wanted to pay IKty cents.
c opening of tho American exhibition
London has been postponed to May,
SV pisrAlcil from Denver of tbo Stlt stated
' east loiUwo days. The weather was
derating and the blockade would be
faa nichmond (Va.) Whig, which sus-
Ided publication Dscembr 3S, has been
(uc ior o,usj uy Abuor Aiiueison ami
A W. V, mrJIiKanflwi l be Mart) .
r iKttuHy mm
isstisii bsjrned
kwu a "Wri kati
Till! night of January Ttb was remark
ablo throughout tbo Missouri Valley for in
ienso coldness and a nipping wind.
Fivk ot tlio seventeen factories In the
Kow York cigar manufacturers' combina
tion wero opened recently at reduced fates
of wages.
TnciiB wero 209 failures In the United
States reported to BraditrttV during tbe
week ended January 7, against 297 In the
preceding neck and 4 U, 315, S53nndlS31n
tlio corresponding veeks of 1833, respec
tively About 8! per cent, wero those of
small '.filers, whose capital was less than
Tne Ht James Hotel at Datarla, N. Y.,
was destroyed by (Ire recently. Two men
Jumped from tho fouitb story window and
cro badly Injured. Tbo loss u as f. 10,000.
It was rumored In army circles at Wash
hUttM) JMi ibe President would rccom-
mend to Coii?asVthifrhsa
f blllTiDT
tborlslng lilm to fill tbo off j
t Judge Ad-
Tuumo ucncrai 01 too
y General
Bwnlm, who formerly bcl
it ofllce, was
sentenced by coutt marlia
o suspension
for twelve years; nt the ci
f that period
lie rtll nesplaeoit iia lite , r
rrxMist JTiq,,
President was not certalu about tils legal
right to fill tho olllco without an act of
Tiik Legislative Commltteo appointed to
investigate tbe result of the recent election
in Hamilton County (Cincinnati) opened
JUjJellbcrallons on the 8tb. Over fifty
wlftissscs t, cro summoned.
' Au. tbo mules in tho Trrston mines at
Ashland, Pa , numbering thirty-sir, wero
drowned recently. Tbo water gained on
the pumps so rapidly that the animals
could not bo rescued.
Tun rcstdenco of Leonard Doollttlo at
Avon, III., wns burned the other day. Alt
tho family escaped except Mr. Doolittle,
who went back In the burning dwelling to
savosomo valuables and perished In tbo
Majou Walsh, formerly an oltlcer In
command ot tlio Canadian Northwest
Mounted Police, expresses the opinion thnt
If tbo Indians aro not disarmed and dis
mounted there will bo further serious
AvntiCAN funds weto reported depressed
In Loudon on the Dili, owing to tho Intro
duction of tho Joint resolution In tho United
States by Mr. Eustis, providing for tho
payment In sliver dollars ot the $10,000,000
bonds embraced In Mr. Manning's recent
Genkiiai. rMEKDEUOAST, commander ot
the Ilritish forces In Uurtnab, telegraphed
recently from Ilhatno that all wss quiet
It was reported that four persons per
ished during the Into blizzard In Sherman
County, Kan.
Tun clearing bouso returns for wcok
ended January !) showed an avcrago in
crease ot li.'.7 compared with tbe corre
sponding week of last year. In Now York
tho Increase w ns 33,7.
It Is stated upon good authority that
several Scotch nnd Irish peers, both Con
servative nnd Liberal, will support tbo
motion of tho Karl of Kllmoro in favor ot
tbo abolition of tbe ofllco of Lord Lieuten
ant of Ireland.
The galo of the IHh along the Atlantic
coast was very destructive. Many vessels
wero driven anhoro between Now Jersey
and Malno and lives were lost.
On- tho Louisiana & Kasbvllle Itailroad
at tbo bridgo over Tllnt Itlver near Wit
blto's Station, Morgnn County, Ala., on
tbo Uth, two sections ot n north bound
freight train telescoped. Two of tho hands
wero killed anil ono fatally Injured.
ATATALdlscaso has mado Its appearance
among tbo milch cows iu many of tho
counties of Central Illinois, which is at
tributed to tho eating of mouldy and rotten
corn which tanners left In tho fields. Tho
animals, when first attacked, aro seised
with dixzlncM nnd fall down, many of them
Kaiii.y tbo other morning a terrible col
lision occurred on tbo Wilmington &
Northern ltoad, near Wilmington, Del., In
which three men wero killed.
At noon tho other day n skilTraan vthllo
bringing six mu from the Arkansas side
of the river got Ids boat entangled among
some coal barges Just bolow Memphis and
rnpslzed. l'lro of tho meri were drowned.
They bnd been working on the Mexico &
Little. Hock Hallway.
Oxe hundred persons were Immersed by
the loe In Regent's Park, London, giving
wny recently. Tbo wntcr being shallow
they nil escaped.
TllE mill buildinrrs at ICrnilnftnn Phil..
rtftlsntitfa lsi m Ida . a. I li a l
vsIUiH "Mwnii u tuusiiriuv auu jiemij
mills, wero destroyed by flro tho other
morning. Tbo names spread to other build
ings, the loss amounting to $1,000,000; in
sured. ADDITIONAr. DtKI'ATfinKS.
A. M. IIioeiaiw & Co., wholesale leather
dealers of Jiostou, failed on tbo 11th for
nearly i"!,000,tXM, dragging with It tbo firm
of J. A. & O, L. Hoberts. Tbe Cheshlro
Tanning Company, of Keene, N. II., also
failed as a result of tbe failure of A. W.
Ulgclow ,t Co.
The Senate, on the lltb, bad the bill to
Increase the efllolency of tho army un
der discussion. The Seuate was In exec
utive session a considerable time. Tbe
House continued the call of States for bills,
which produced U6Q for the day, making a
total of nearly 4,000.
A Totixo mall carrier named Morris was
killed recently near Clarksville, Ark., by
Rotting entangled with bis horse when it
took fright. He was dragged somo dis
tance until bis bead struck a tree.
Advices received from Spain slate that
rebels seized Fort St. Julian In Cartbsgena
and wounded tho military Governor. The
commotion attracted tho attention ot
troops In tbe vicinity and on their ap
proach the rebels ned
Tiik Kuxnualmmifi Rlrer rm rnoHvl
c6rUtfrjiK a point three miles south ot
toheeWrtluarii water was backed up Into
tha taifll anil U cellars and basements In
tbo lower )rttOn were filled to the depth
of several fet
Tunxn Missouri Pacific section bands
were killed tho other night cue mile west
ot Independence by a west-bound train.
Une of tbe men wasnppnrcntly Intoxicated
and was being helped along the track by
tbe two others when the accident happened.
The Kinperor ot Germany bas signed the
spirits monopoly bill and it will be submit
ted to the Ilundcsrath.
The Ilritish steamor Hilton Castle, Cap
tain Colvin, fiom Now York, January V,
for Hotian, France, foundered fifteen miles
south ot Fire Island, N. Y., tbe other morn
ing. Senator Fnrri has Introduced a bill for
the relict of the American merchant mar
ine. It repeals statutes requiring the pay
ment ot fees for marine documents, certifi
cates, etc , and provides that collectors
whose duty It Is to furnish these papers
shall be paid by tho United States.
Au. tbe Chinese workmen employed by
the Pioneer, the Sacramento and lbocnlx
flour mills, the Capital wooleu mills and
the American laundry, at Sacramento, Cal.,
were discharged the other day Three
hundred whit men will be employed In
their places.
Jauej Wausi kt sged foi ty, is In Jail at
Mattoon.Iil Ssvrn onien clotm him for
hsHbit4; o
fHt Hnti tost kfc fauar4
0 City, T.i )MBr by U bitot
rtt Mitred to dtlh in eoMvt M Te i
way sjiui urn mior uroti'tw 'wpra ri'
rtev. If. D. Jardlne, I.ate Rertor of fit,
Mary's Clinrrh at Kansas City, Kills Him
self In the Witry of a Church nt fit, Lauls
-Ills History,
St. Louis, January 11. Quito a sensa
tion was produced when Into lost night tho
coroner announced that tho Itev. II. D. Jsr
nine, who wns somo weeks sgo conlcted
beforo n ecclesiastical court at Kansss
City, had committed suicide here. It ap
pears tlist Mr. Jardlnc, since Ills nrtlvnl
hero somo ditjs nco to consult with Ids at
torney regarding lilt use, has been lodging
tn tho vestry room ot Trinity Church, o(
which Father Hctts Is tlio rector. Satur
day evening Mr. J.itdlno and Ids attorney,
Mr. Harrison, and Father Pctls had a pro
longed conferenco In tho vestry room, dur
ing whrcHTrF.'TTalfRoir "Yrrjr-dccidedly-expressed
tho opinion that llljliop ItoU
orison would not grant Mr. Jar
(lino a rehearing of bis case. This
had somo effect upon Mr. Jsnllne, and
howaiilICJlCil.clonsIderRl)lo feeling, repeat
mimMnUe,rUo ttti rfedit of the ,vefal funds he'd In So 'me Oo" ST32i II T. ml fl.?o bVe, re
cdly declaring lCTnoce..coofnne'crmTOthT''J'ri'as.y for the MrteinrrflteW
for which ho bad been tiled and tho justice
ot bis demand for a now trial, but when
Father Ilelts ml Mr. Harrison left, about
ono o'clock yesterday morning. It was with .
out thought that Mr. Jardlno was seriously
dlstutbcd. When Father fietts anived at
tho church early jestcrdny morning be
observed Mr. Jardlno still In bed, but did
not dlstuib lilm. and went on with Ids early
services. Later, tlio scxlon of tho church
went to tho vestry room to wnko Mr. Jar
dlno nnd found him In a deep sloep ami
breathing licnvlly. Ho Immediately called
Deacon Djcr, ass'stant to Father Hctts,
who, on entering Iho tonni, detected chloro
form and sent for phjslclans. On tho
arrival of tbo doctors they discovered
that Mr. Jarr'Ine bad taken chloroform nnd
l,iiiic(ila-.,y adopted vigorous measures to
reswro lilm, but after thrco hours' continu
ous effort, they were obliged to aunounco
that the reverend gentleman was dead.
Tho Coroner was notified, and nflcr bearing
all obtnlnsblo testimony, a verdict ot sul
rldo by chloroform was rendered. Tlio
body was prepared for butlal and now lies
In the vestry room. It will bo taken to
Kansas City for Interment. Tho fact of
thosulcldo wns known to but few dutlnz
tho day ud received no public nnnounco
ment until tbe Coionir reported tbo caso
late Inst night. Tlio casa Is likely to croato
a great sensation in church circles.
Kansas City, Mo., January ll. Tho
news ot Mr. Jnrdlnr's death was first re
eclred in this city Ihrouclt a telegram sent
bj Mr. John Harrison, Mr. Joidlno's attor
ney In St. Louis, to Mr. J. Udw.trd 1.0 wis.
ouo ot Mr. Jardlno s voslrjnicn, a nldit
operator at tho Western Union ofllco. Tlio
telegram simply stated that Mr. Jardlne
died suddenly yesterday mcnilng, and re
quested that tho other members of bis ves
try bo notified. Tha telegram was received
about sovrn o'clock last night, and the
news nt onco spread through tbo cltv. A
meeting ot tho vest ry nt St. Mary's patUli
was held at tho church yesterday alter
noon, beforo tho Intelligence ot Mr.
Jardlno a ucatu lirul been received,
presumably In anticipation of cen
tenco being pronounced upon Javdlno by
Hishop I'obcttcon. Tbo vestry refused to
Kivo any Information regarding their pro
cecdtngs, St Mary's Church Isst evening
was datk nud silent To a rrpotlcrwho
called the person that resided Micro du
rllncd t cry brusquely to gito snv Informs
lion rcgardluz Mr. Jardina's demise, bejond
Iho mcro fact that a telegram announcing
jus ucatu nau uccti received. At All Saints'
hospital a few members ot tho conrreiratlon
iratlioted and mingled their tears over the
sou news, i nor, however, declined to give
Any Information of which thoy wero In pos
(session. Members of the vestry also re
fused to talk. It Is understood, how over,
that a commltteo of tho vestry will go to
St Louis to-day. Tbo reporter could not
nsrvttsln whether tho funeral would take
idie tn this city or elsewhere.
Mr. Jardlno's career In this city has been
written and rowtltten a dozen times. Ills
rectorship nt St Mao's Church began
about six years ago and for a time thcte
were no serious disturbances In tho pnljh
nnd Mr, Jardlno was apparently satisfac
tory to bis parishioners. Trouble began
during tlio summer ot 1SS1, when Mr. Jar
line's resignation was demanded by Messrs.
Sherlock nnd Shea, as well ns other mem
bers of the sestry. It was generally un
derstood nt that tlmo that tho resignation
was asked chiefly on account of certain rit
ualistic practices to which Mr. Jatdlao was
addicted. Mr. Jardlno declined to resign
and soon afterwards secured a majority In
tho vestry which rendered bis position safe.
I Mr. John McDonald was then elected a
member of tho vestry through tho efforts
of the minority, but his election was tie
clared to bo Illegal by Mr. Jardlno mid
bo was disqualified. From that tlma nn
Mr. Jardlne lias figured prominently In the
newspapers. Charges ngalust bis moral
character were mado by bis opponents, and
tlio Times, for publishing certain Insinu
ations against Mr. Jnrdlno'a character, was
sued for libel, but tlio suit was subsequently
dismissed. In December, 1831, Ulshnp
ltobcrtson appoiutcd a commission to In
vestigate tho charges against tho rector ot
St. Mary's, but tho commission did not cou-
Mdci mm liable to presentment for trial
Then Mr. John Shea Issued a pa hlct,
"Truth vs. Janllur," In which bo charged
Mr. Jardlne Willi cross Immoralities. Mr.
Sboa was arrested and prosecuted for crim
inal libel, but was acquitted, tho Jury hold
ing that tbo charges made against Mr. Jar
dlno were sustained by evidence. In the
mcantlroo the fart that Mr. Jardlno bad
served a term In tlio Monroo peniten
tiary was published. This publication Is
thought to have prejudice bis caso In the
courts. Mr. Jardlno resigned, but tlio ves
try refused to accept his resignation. It was
about this tlmo that bis addiction to tho
chloroform habit became known. In vlxtv
of all tho charges made against him and tho
fact that a Jury bsd refused to convict the
man who rusdo them ot libel, tho other
Episcopal elergjmen of the city deemed It
their duly to present Mr. Jardlne for trial
before an ecclesiastical court After a four
weeks' session ho was found gtllty on
Wednesday, October 7. Mr, Janiluo ap
pealed Ids e t to tha Illsbop, asking for a
new trial, on January 6 Hishop ltobcrtson
rendered his decision, refusing the applica
tion. Mr. Jardlno left this city fur St
I.011IS that night and remained there until
lbs lima nt bis death.
A writer in n prominent British
medical Journal says the popular b:l!of
that beef-toa contains thu strength of
tlio beot Is a terrible error, and that it
has no food value whatever, bulujr. only
stimulant. Tho people who havo
(opposed tholr lives bad been saved by
the use ot the to.i, and tho physicians
who have prescribed it forthousaudt of
patients with apparently satbtnetory
result', will doubtless lo very much
surprised to learn this. Chicago Cur
rent. '
It Isstato.l that many ot tho eronn
jowtli stolen from the royal armory at
Tttrlu last August bav found their way
to this country. 'J hey compnso the
cio it valuable of tho heirlooms of thu
homo of Savoy, bolujr worth over 3100,
000. Uoalors In Jewels in the United
fctatot hr.vo been requested to looic out
for them.
Previous to 1835 all tho lxat glovni
iivme to America from Fraueo and
(Jortimny, tho former country
HM mBietv-vs-wwt .
AllVrie& MftMMWjtiMsK M
littrmsMlW, flv I., tWWSMr
i,i usMti. ami tww tnevq
"- ....-..' l
jsiuisji, ksm ty.
Eenator Morgan's HIIkt Hilt mid Senator
Ingnll's National University Hill.
Wasiiisoto.t, January 0, Among tbe
bills inlioduced In the Senate yesterday was
one by Senator Morgan providing for the
substitution of silver dollars In part In tlio
plaeo of gold coin nud currency In several
of tho tescrved fundi hold In tho Treasury.
It requires the Secretary to place to tho
credit of tho rcscrvo fund S 100.000.000 of
gold coin now held In tint Tn-asnry for tha
asnry ior tno
"i ',. , !
redemption ot tlio legal tem
Mates notes, not to exem-d SMl.000,
000 In standard stlirr ilo.'l.tis nun In
Hid Treasury or that shall coma Into tlm
Treasury in tho otccss of Ilia amount re
quited for the redemption of silver certifi
cate. Such silver dollar shall bo so im
plied to the rescrvo fund from tlmo to tlmo
until tlio sum shall bo S.10.000.030. and as
WtrerryllsvlollarTvwlwed)-H'thrt'f nnd, f ,
nn enual sum or goiu com, not in exceed
wu,uvo,uou. snail no willulinwii from tho
resetVo fund and covered Into the Treasury.
It a'sd requires that tho Secretary of the
Treasury place surli rldil 'txl silver dollars
lo trie credit ot tlio s vera! funds bo'd In
notes of National banks that havo failed
or aro In process nf liquidation, and tho tiro
per cunt, redemption fund of tho National
banks to the extent of halt of such ot tlio
several fends as thcte shall bo any tlma
held In the Treasury. Tlio Secretary of Iho
Treasury Is required from lime to time to
withdraw from such funds and cover Into
the Treasury an amount of United Slates
legal tender notes or National bink notes,
evial to the amount of silver dollars, to
th jmslted by hint to the credit ot tho fund.
WAtiuixuTorf, Jannary 0. Anion; the
bills Introduced In IhoScnatuicsterdny was
one by Mr. Ingalls providing for au appro
priation of $500,000 for tlio establishment of
a National University In the 1) strict ol
Columbia. Tho Treasurer of tho United
S'aimt t to bo Trrasurvr ot Uio University.
Nn cludr for Instruction sectarian In rcll
g on or partisan In politics Is to bo main
tained, and no sectarian or pattisan test Is
to bo allowed In selecting olllccrs or profes
sors. Chairs or faculties inny bo endowed
by gift, bequest, etc., 'but no amount lets
than $100,000 Ls to bo considered an en
dowment. Instruction Is to bo as neatly
free at Is consistent with the Income, and
no person Is to be admitted for regular
study nnd graduation who has not pre
viously received tlio deg" e nf bachelor ot
art, or a degree of equal value, from some
recognized institution, states ami Teirl
torlcs shall bo entitled lo scholarship In the
ratio ot one for ecch ltepresentatiro or dele
gate, and two for each Senator. These
scholarships shall secure free Instruction
for fivi- years. Tlie Governor of eaeb State
shall nominate candidates for life soliolar-
sirps and each State Secretary shall be on
titled to ono life scholarship. Two classes
ot fellowships aro established, ono open to
tlio compeltllnti ot tha graduates best ac
quitting themselves and tha other open tn
icarncu inenoi nil nations wuo navo uict Iteu
. s
It Absorb! Other Lines In Kansas Worts
Commenced on New l.stcnstons.
IloTr. Mass, January C Tin Atchi
son, Tnpeka & Santa Fe Itailroad Directors
met this morning and declared the unal
dividend ot l'f percent, payable February
15. The company has issued a circular
nntll) lug tho stockholders that ccrtsln new
Hues in the state of Kansas have been aC'
qtilied, which the managers belluro will be
self-sustaliiing from tlio start. Tho total
mileage which it proposes to con
struct, work on somo of tho roads
having been commenced already. Is
about t&O miles, and the estimated
cost is 0,300,009, towanl which tlicro will
bu local aid to tlio extent of STCO.000.
leaving ?.GOO,000 lo be provided. Tbe
Atchison, Tnpeka ACanu Fo Company has
agreed to construct and equip about 450
miles of the Chicago, Kansas & Western
Itailroad, on cert'!.,cv.-dtlon. Tho direc
tors havo doclded Ui offer the first morlgago
and Income bonds ot tbo Chicago,
Kansas & Western to tlio stock
holders In blocks ot 51,000 cadi.
All subscriptions must bo received at
the olllco of the company in this city before
January 23. For eaeli SI. 000 cath, the
Atchison Company will deliver Sl.OOOof the
first mortgage fivo per cent gold bonds ot
tbo Clilcsgo, Kausas & Western Itailroad
Company, having forty Sears to run. Inter
est pa able ba.f yearly, principal and
Interest being guaranteed by the
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Itailroad
Company, and WOO of the same company's
currency 0 pzr cent Income bonds baring
forty years to run.
instructive flood In VcnntjlvnuU Great
Loss of Troprrty.
EjirouiUM, Pa., January 0. Yesterday's
flood In the valley reached JU greatest
height about mldnlgbr. To save their lives
families iu many cases were obliged to Icavu
their homes with barely sufficient clothing
to cover tueir nakedness. Ait houses dl
rrctiy along tho banks ot the river were
swept uway by the rustling waters along
witii mo togs auu ueons. near lieuovo
and about five rules west of Young Wom
an's Creek, tho largo wooden bridge recently
built across tho west branch of theSusque-
uautia was completely swept away. At this
b'i'ir thero sro no evidences 1 mt the uat-rs
aio MibsUIIus, and the pcoplu arv rreatly
excited and fear uitirli mom damrcr should
the tain coontlnue, as this Is dletln:tly a
lumbering country. The heaviest losers
will bo the lumbermen, who have been un
able to control their log booms. Lojs aro
scattered all over the country, and It will
not be possibto to bar llicm gathered and
relumed. Il Is now estimated that
the total leases will approxi
mate S5.000.000. A number nt fam
ilies In this vicinity have lost all
but their lives. All such arc being pro
vided for by rbnrllab'o and more fortunate
citizens. In this place tbo situation remains
unchanged. lxgs are coming dnwu tbe
river, but In suialtsr quantities. Tbo cities
of Lock Ilavcu nnd Williamsport, tower
down the river, were Hooded last night,
and considerable damage has been dono to
the bnslnrss )nrtions. Tho railroads wero
running their trains bv telegraph last nhjlit
but all tho Western Union wires wero still
down nnd but very meager reports wero ob
tainable. Tlio flood In tho Susqurhannn
Itlver at lock Haven Is within tno feet of
being as high as in ittfs.
S i
Died from Trrvcr.
PiTTsnimoir, J musty 5, Near Ulrtchi-
vino, i., jauiM miner, a farmer, took a
'oad ot grain to Kail's mill, and thero being
no ono but Mr. Ks'.l nn the premises, she
went out to show Parker where In put the
gram, wiuie no was unloading iMrxor fen
In n fit nnd rolled on the ground Iu fearful
convulsions, shrieking, groanlnc, frothing
at tho mouth and tearing Ids flesh with bis
flurcr nails till bU face was covered with
frvtti and blood. The horrible spectaelo sn
rritntcHod Mrs. nan, wuo wns in delicate
health, that she ran In the hnusa end felt
on tbe floor, where sbo died In less than fivo
Jolm Kelly's 1'rostratlon,
CYtrTOH Si'MSOj, If. Y., Januaty C
John Kelly, ot New York, from all accounts
was qtiito benefitted from treatment received
wblioherp, but oujnf lohls Intense love for
the Interests ot laiuiunny 1111 lie has al
lowed Ids physician's advice to go unheeded
slid Is now suite. tug from Insomnia and
nervous prosiiati n. ma sicuueas is. pe
cullai, as ho Is bdtjr one day and not so
twm hptsebaak mi ski'Ttossm wni sssmm
Vu kwi tsjMs sfswaMmts, A reswral
r as. rUsvssk
tiW .ZJSs-.J&-
The A I in I )t lily Bllver Uollnr-rravldln fnr
.AtcClernnnd A IHint Ueolslon rrea De
livery A Kclieme to Destroy IloiUlo.
Wariiixotoit, January 7. Mr. Scott, of
Pennsylvania, has Introduced a bill to regu
late the colnajo of tho standard silver dol
lar. II rcrcclt all that part of tho act ot
February 8, 1878, which ntithoilzes tlm
Secretary of Ilia Trossury to pnrchaso not
less than f2.000.000 worth of silver bullion
,,cr monlli and cause tbo same to bo coined,
provides that wlicuetor tho standird sil
ver dollars now in mo rrwsurr sna'i bn
reduced in amount ! $20,000,000. the Sec
retary of the 1 rensiiry shall set that sum
asldo in a specified sum to bo known as tho
silver coinage adjustment fund. It by pay
ments on lawful demands mado on that
sum, tbo amount thcienf nn the
it day of any moritti sha
ibiftd ni8ovWlnirr tnWhnt,
Secretary Is authorised to coin ifi theffol'
lowing inonlh sufllclent silver wtollirs to
bring the uinniiu' un tn S20.000 WX) And to
coin as many sliver iMIInrs iu cv4V qiouth
as slia'i be ueeeesnry to restcro tfio fond to
dlntely preccdlns. Ilolsolso aulhrMilSr'r
n purchase from time to time nt (he market
price sliver bull on in sued quantities as
shall enable him lo carry out iho prov.sious
of the net It appropriates a surtlelent sum
tn rarr out Its prnvktl - .
WAtitltoTok. Jannary 7. somo mnntns
ago Mr. llttlen wrote a letter tn the Presi
dent In which he s'ntesl that wlilln ho bad
no favors, to ask of the ndinln slral on. vet
ho was cpe elaily dc-i rous tint Oencral Me
demand, of Spr nsAeld, 1 1,, sbonld be pro
trilled for. Itefrrilng tn tills tuat'er
4il morning the PreaMont m'd that
lie bait lint lost sight of General MeCler
nand nor forgotten Mr. Tllden's trquest
and ho further said that bis pieseut deter
mination was to appoint General MeCler-
nand to the I'mtdeney 0: the Utah Com
mission, in tdnea of Governor IUmsey. of
vilnnesota, the p rscnt Ireumbent vvbo has
dgnltlrd hl wllllngnrsa lo retire whenever
t may su't the pleasaro ot tho Presklrnt.
Wasuimitox. Jannary T. Mnd Com
nleslnner Sarks liss made A dccifllof af
fecting a grant of nnds within the couil'.ot
Ing llmlls of tin Atlantic A IVclSe, and the
branch linn of Uie SonUiern I'.iclfie Italt
roads In California, holding that the lat
ter company bas no lesjal claim tn the land
embraced within the Indemnity belt of tho
former. The ilecis'nn Is based upon the
provision in the granting act ot the South
em PneMe ltoed that "It shall In no wny af
fect or impair the right present or prostiee
tive, of the At'unt c ft Pacific Itallrosd Com
pany, or any other railroad company." The
Commissioner holds that tbe right to in
demnity wj-s a prospective right and al
though tlio .Southern I'Aelnr constructed Its
roads and tho Atlantic A P.iclfic has not,
still tho lamia net being granted to lb
Southern Pacific, that company ran Iwreiwi
right to tlieru. Tills decision affects odd
numtiered sections with nu area of 8,080
satiare miles, or about S.500.000 acres.
WAMiisnTON, January 7. Mr. Sertey, of
Ohio, bos Introduced n bill In. the Hnnse to
amend the revltcd statutes relating to letter
carriers so as to nutlronio tho employment
of one letter carrier In each town where Hie
gross postal levcnucs aro more than 97,003
and less than $10,000 per annum. Wliero
the receipts exceed 10,000 tho Postmaster
(icncral is lo design tie the number or car
rlcrs to bermplojcd. The bill introduised
by Mr. Hill, ot Ohl. to provide for tho eon
slrnetlon of post-oftlces In the Unlt-d States
autlinrlzes tha I'ostinaster General to con
struct fire-proof post-otllce buildings in all
places having posl-oitlces of Hie second and
third class. Tlio cost of tlio buildings Is
not to exceed SC0.00O In towns of the sec
ond clau and $15,009 In towns of the tlilnt
class, the buildings to be of uniform size
and constmeted under the direction of a
chief architect ot tno Post-offiee Depart
ment Wasiiinotox, January T. -Delegate Jo
fpli.tif No-r Moxleo. will Introduce In I he
I nuie a bill to provlihi fer tbe crgan'zatian
v a regiment ot volunteers In New Mexico
and Ariiona for the purpose ot suppressing
outrages on settlers roturultted by the lios
tlio Indians. Kach company iball be com
posed of thirty native Mexleans. ten Aineri
eans and ten Puobto Indians. They sliall
each bo mounted ami furnished with two
native horses or Indian ponies and arn-eJ
with weapon j suitable to Indian warfare.
Each private shall receive 950 per month
aud the oftlcers shall receive the amounts
allor d for such officers Iu tho regular
army. All officers and private s'inll be
mustered in, subject to and with the benefit
of all pension laws ot tho United State
now in force, polli as to themselves
llielr wives, children and dernutent
lives. Foi tho puneea ot carrying Hits.
into enect too sum 01 cu,uo is an
prlrted, to be luimedbitely aval'.ablt-,
IllTuitldd fallows.
Chicago, January ".The civil war bo
ttveen the PatrUrebat Clrehs and tbe In.k
pendrut Ordrrot Odd Fellows Is now on In
full earnest It will bo retnendwrrd that
tho Sorerlegn Urand Ixlga at Its ineetlns;
In Uslllmore last suiniatr deolded Hut all
Old Fellows sliou'd txltlidraw from U."
CIrr'e or bo expelled from tho order. Jan
uary 1st was the date drcidtd upon as th
limit ot time to be allowed for obedhuwu to
this mandate, ami It Is reported that a
large number of Odd fWloita have screroel
thwr cflnuwilofi vrftli Ibe order rellter Ikon
submit. Anion Ihe-e is IVIer Van Vrcb
ten, of jlllwaukre, who lias Lw-ii an Odd
Fellow fur lldrly-foiir jeais and boa held al
most every ofHee ill the gift of the order.
A new Patriarchal Clrele with fifty mem-
ben 1. to bewRtrte.1 In that city next
week anil still .....1'hcr Is to be brought Into
eisienco 111 vuicaia vvun last repot IS
tho various Statu 'lodges Had not root -
,......-. 1 i ...r... KZr.,... . ..
,.,v..v . .,...,i un wr, exit
pulsions on a wholesale seMo ant expected
uurinj; tno next tlireo vveekt,
Tohaeeo JleiU
HcrrALo, N. Y Jsnuary T, A Meeting
ot prominent lobaeco growers ami dakru
viaslittd Iirot(Mtay. AU the Kew Eng
land States were represented, as well as
New York, Pennsylvania aud Wisconsin.
Tbe conference ajreod upon tliroei proposl
ttous: First to rut CoiiKress to levy a
proper duly upon a whole bale of tobacco,
not oxeuiptlus any portion theitsof; second,
to cause tho duly on unttemined tobacco to
be fixed at Sl.SO, and stemmed nt ; thltd,
that tho standard of taxation ibould be
upon wrappers.
Small Mitts.
Washington, January 7. Tbo bill Iu
traduced by Mr. Eruicntraut, ot l'cuiuyl.
vanla reduoing the penal sum of tbo bond
requited from persuns engaged In the man
ufactory ot cigars, nitons tho Collector ot
Internal Hvvenuo to fix the bond at not
less lliku 9100. Willi nn adilllton of 810 for
each lieison proposed In bo employed by
tbo manufacturer. Mr. llrgnit proposed iv
constitutional amendment strlUu.: out the
constitutional prohibition ngniust direct
taxation and pruvldhi; tint dltect taxes,
when levied by the United State, shall be
apportioned between the States en the barts
ot tbe value nt property.
Illinois lUltroads.
SrniNQin.D, III., January 6. Ii H101V
annual rupurt to the Governor for thk sear
ending July 1, USA, the Itailroad and
Warehouse Comiululonera ot Illinois show
that the ro.uls repotted to the boanl ton
teient n't Increase 11 their capital
stack nt 519,130,603, making tbe nvcragu
amount of stcck per ml!e64MDi, Tho ai.
grcga-o gross incouiu amouuia to S1Q1.
Tins nuoutit In comianou vuit
income for S ,V,v.4 a decrease
nigsT ',a 'J
t?f.!'. -'2S.wT"7ynva7rrw xzrisjr..ir7rksrwx VESBRTWmmmMm
- Jttw- -- m sfa. -- - - - ' - .D..a.Ka as r : a ssa shssmsukSssMsssR aassv amds-aiarsBsu p ssBaLisasastkasssu Bsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
v iipitH mu, M istsMKSfs, t'y WiViiiS. tTii T31,Ll fizrc? :Z I
aasssaatsH araea mishf tnivsv hiiis "U-. V. ftiev 1 , ffi;,ft ""- i ; ,iV ,
A List of th sjtnmltiiar Committees ns An
nounced by the Speaker.
On the Tib Speaker Cntltsio announced
the commltrees ns fellows:
Ways and Meuns-torrlson of Illinois,
Mills of Texas. Hewitt of New fork, McMil
lan of Tennessee, Harris of Louls'aiM, Ilreck
cnrldye of Arkansas, Mnybtiryof Mlelilfan,
Ilreokenr die of Kentucky, Kelloy of I'ann
sylvanln, lllseo, a nf Now York, llrownoof
l-iiliann, ltoed of Maine, and stoKinley of
Approprlstlonsi-Ttandoll of Pennsylvania,
Fcrnoy of Alabama, J Iol man ot Indiana,
To nshenil of hlinor, Humes ot Missouri,
Onbill of Virgin a. Ie Ferro of onto, Adams
of New York, Wilson of West Virginia. Can
non of Illinois, tlyan of Kansas, llutierworth
of Ohio. Iank of Massachusetts, Mitomas of
Maryland and Henderson of Iowa.
Coliinee, Welalits and Measures Illand of
Missouri, Laniluim of Teias, gvymnur ot
Cnnnwotioiit, llemplull of r3outh Carol na,
Nol-wood of flnorgln. Scott of I'ennslrauln,
McCrsary of Kcntueky, llynum of fndlans,
rfamrn oi new lorn, jincKwoii or siassa-
ehnsetla. Little of Oil o.Vcltonof California, I
4 HisxsrisVAtvl ritvstns-WW(sKJ'nucKyH'rimrffrc Irt tho Department of J
nianebard of Louisiana. Jones of Alabama.
Murphy of Iowa, lltbson -nr Wot V.rslnln,
Stewart of Texas, Cnrltnn of Mlrlniran,
iitohlngs or M sstsslppi, Ulorsrof Missouri,
Henderson of illlimls. Ilsvne oflrnnsitta
n. a. "tone of Mawaehuseits, Hurl via li of
New oik. Uiosveuoi ot ubioand Markham
nf rtlirnrnlA.
mretgiji ATft"TTJc1biiiipnit "P.T17 i'fltt,
ClcmonUt of tleorirla. fox of North Carolina,
Singleton ot Mississippi, Worth ngtoa of
III nols. Daniel of Vermont, McCroary of
Kentuoky, Cm.n of Texas H'co ot ilt.,
Wnlto of Connecticut, Kelobnm of Now
York. Fbelps of Newjerser, aud Illtt ot
Naval A7alrs Hsrbert of Alabama, Hewitt
ot Xe Tork, Wise of Virginia, Ilallcntlnt of
Tennessee. MeAdoo of New Jersey. Norwood
of Clef 1 rata. Love of Delaware. Rayres of
Texas, liarraerof rennsrlvaiUa, Tbomas of
Illinois, (loir of West Vlrsrliila, lloutcl.'c or
Ma'tio. flunk of Cotinoetteut
I'utillo Ijinds fJobb of I ndlana, Henley of
California, Van Katon of Mississippi, Koran
of Ohio, LotT ron of Kintiieky, floiw of Mis
souri, Landla or lll.nota, McHea of Arkansas,
Ptntit of Mlnnmiota, Anderson of Knuss.
I'a son of Illinois fctephc ason of Wisconsin,
4 no a son 01 renns-yivuma, vooriieesoi vvasn-
losrion arvirorr.
Trrritonee IliU of Ohio,
Springer of Jill'
nois, Bprursra
Ooersto, rsAille
of Net York, flflrnaa nr
irk. in
ler of Alabama, tiny la of Tenn
rrr ot South Mrolfya. Dawson
sylvnnin. i'i
em- of Soutli Ca
of Missouri, Btrubleot fonra. flaker ot New
York, Cooper of Ohio, llcrmtn of Oregon,
I.MM nt ,-nl.lM.S.t l.UM.t. nf k ,kIa
Mines am) Mining ciardr of Miar?"rl.
OTerrall ol Vlntlu'n, Hill of Ohio, ' v
of North Carolina. Jones of Texas v ,1
Tennessee, Oar of Loulslnnn. ltsrrv, Jt
slpnl, Whne of Minnesota. VVoodburvuf No-
nda, I, ndale of New York. t)taea of Colo
iad McKcnua of California snd!Dean or
Pac He llailwajs Tbrockmorton of Texas,
Crisp of aror"a. rulell or Virsrlnlit. flu nil
of Arkansas. Illlrs or Iscw VorL, Tillman of
?oulb Carol'na. Outhwa ti. or Obk, llleli
srason or Tcnnrse Huuiback or Kansas.
Holmes of town, f terhart of IVnnsrlvanln
flayden of Sf.'.ssi-r.iu-e'l- i-dVo erofNow
Elettlons Turner if lieorjr.s, Iiwry of
Indiana, Knbrrtson of Krnmcky. Mirtln of
Alabama I i-tithonc or Tennessee, llahn or
Louls'ana, Hopkins nf Il.lno i. iln-.-sey of
Nebraska. tloU-, of Penusy una, llethler-
Hioi nonn ioroi.ua. ore tin ir Row Jersey,
Croxtonof irsr n a. IIU ot Iowa, I'aj uo of
Kiw lnrk and Kly or Massaohusetts
cominorce Rrasraa ot Tnx. Ctanty ot
sfiasourl. Crisp of Oeoraia. Caldwell of Ten
nefee, O'Ktrrall of Virginia. Taraaoy of
Mlchlsmn, lulltier of Kow York, fry mi in of
Indiana. Xrwm of Lon.alaoa.O'Re'llof Peun
sylvanla. Darls of Maaaaebusett, Punliam
of Illinois, Weaver of Nebraska, Johnson ot
New York and Morrow or CaJUornla.
Judla anr Tuoker of Vlrsrlnla. Hammond
of Qi-omia. Culberson of Texas. Coll ns of
Kaswscansviia. Leney oruuin, ;at3S nf Aus
bama. Kden or llllno . Hodawrs of Arkansas,
Uesmett of North Cnrolina, B. B Taylor of
Uh'o. rarktrof Kew Vork. Ilnnnev of Mas
seehjsetts, lloptxirn of lona, Mcward of
Vermont and Caswell oftVI-coiisln.
Hankies end Currenoy Curila of Pannsyl
vanla.Mll.cr of Ti'xaa. Candler of Oeorsta,
Wtlkinaof Oao. Arnut of cw York. Harder
of VV. Virginia, llowanl or Jnd'ano. lluttnnnf
Mlcun, IMnsricy of Value, llruinin of Prnn
sylrinla. Ad una of ininofh, Pradly of Vir
ginia nnd VVoodl'iiry of Nebraska.
Arriculture llarea of Missouri. AILen of
South Carol'na. Urrou of North Cnrolina,
Wlnans or Mlcbliinn, Frvderiok of Iowa.
Ilavldson or Alabama. Htablaecker of New
York. Morgan of Mrs sslppi. Glass of Ten-rie-sco.
While of Minnesota, Funs Ion of
Kaura. Vrtee of rt'iarnu-iu. Hlnca of New
Jersey, ller."- or Uhode Island. Swinburne
of Now York and (.lav rd of Dakota.
Military A-Talm- Urnar or Wisconsin.
WheeU-rof A'al nm u M.llord of Kentucky
Krutentroui ot Prnu lvanla. Oarsran or
South Carol in, vii'ii'Bj of MarylanJ. Viel.
of Kow York. An.lcrs.in of Ohio, ftei'e of
Ind.ann, Lard rf Nrl r.uka. Cuter eon of
Michigan, llouk nt T.-nnasaoe. Niylcy of
reinslvan .1 ai I' tt el Womloir
Voimflsces and post Itoarii lllount i
Oeorir a. Ward or lnl'aua. Iliuas of 111 no s.
rijjlorof Ti'imns-"!'. Joni- ofTria- tfeck
nr of Mis-oiiri. vv atuer of HUlo, Merriinnn
if N-w Ye ik. Harry of Mississippi. Ilmffham
of i'enna. I uu a. VVake-arld or M iinc-ola,
Huironrh of M chlmn, inienlh-r eif VVia
cons n. Mnl ,rd of New York. Pettws of Kau
ssi ami I sine of I'lah.
ludtan Atralrs-Wellborn of Texas, Peoi ojf
Arkaonav. Skin icr of Norsli Carolina, 5torm
it rennsi lvaiift. FtllX (amphe,! of New
'ort:. Ilnla nt Mlssour'. All n of Jf.vls-lnpl,
on! of llbno'a. Porkins ol Kansas, hokton
7i Miniiesoia, ui rniieiic oi mseons u, eta
lions of Kew York. Allen of Mavaachusetis
aiicr 01 lestao.
s uan Canals iur dson of Florida,
ifalsursL Ir 011 of linla ana. SUla.
nJSBsaasVtnon ef Kurth Carotltvi.
naRnHnatXjsatMat'TUnd, i'ld-
fAfiSflWU'1 '"' ''
aJhrit 111 ' isssslTsasssi iiisl ilsTTWrFSJl 11
llk.v.1.. Ul.,.1 SfWt ' -
.'Inni ijiiui s- n eit VStointt. hwena
ral.fi 11 1 I. teu-. r (m wfK,s; fl
Virgin -- ti.te l, lJt Ml M S.i"ijpt. l3-SfT
1 iiiinuis. riu.iar ei; ov vara. ininti.- .
renisjhaulj. V snitlia.ck of 'V.siourfnri
llire-H ui nes .iim'i
I Publ r I'nlld vn uud Orounfls-Ditbk- of
I South Carol m, .t,cu of f!irr- .1, f'i'Utrof
I Went Virr nla. Hi i-loy of CvlUoe'nta. Wilkms
1 t Ohio. Wortbiiiflnu of ti'li-o s, (11 lei of
I MarylsiaiL Jokasoa ot North Carolina, Ullh
krnesMnlno Browne of I'eunsyivania. Hoek-
w 11 hi uaaeaftitoMSt. wane of Miaauuit and
Owen of Indiausn,
Latesaanal iMprarementalbs Mifittlpttl
2ver Krns of l.'iiislaiid, Unullo nr : iscou
u. Van lUsm of JsasfMppl. fbliwr of iri
Ofana. fa15r nt WoW York, Mcttest eif .r
kanaas, (rlaS ruinesaoe. Daw. a of Jl!s
stiun. ftrown nreilile,, W h 1 ns; of Masnoau
sswt. Murrtll of KanAHS, nuancll of I'miuyl
vanla nnd tilt ot of Vermont.
rdnoitiou -Mke 11 of tent, 1 h snlms I'aud
lar ofi ,' irirlx vv Ills of Kouluekv. Curiiuof
ffiS.,,'; ajffs.'&iS,
' Michlr i- Hiin.sof Mi-auuri.Mahniie nf Nmr
, r. "n-i en MiunasHiin, mbiuss ct usssa-
, f.", ("viZ.nd, ,"LSSSmI,' ' "
iaiHirotoiiloandii DpBimMof Httlmns.
1 uo iior-ti Kui of M'swurl, Koran or
'ai'. I.ovs-rinir of Masaechum-t.a. Weaver of
wa. us ier or it:uo s. u.iniei of Vlrainia.
v of Nleiiia-aa Crista of Texas, Fuiia
nsiiJ Jainesof Now York. Iltiui
r ',1 H ..iit'-h re.
I--,, re, insuuu 01 iuiiai) irania
are II 1
t no nr
tliek .
r host Jcrse-r.
li rnf Htm lurkV I'
rney of
1 - ot
I .1 est-
1 .in
1 1 .1. of
l 11. Iu l I
il mi of K
n of fi
asaiiliwiii 1
of Ml
UOIH. Ill) .t. II 1
Mlenlg.in, iiw,
nf lndlanu
Patenti M.tc'icll of CouBse' 1 ' t Kulscl.
ot Kcruii'ky. Towuaheiul of ItUiwia. Unit ti
of AUb: sos, tlt-r us of Oeora-ia, Moraan or
UastBs opl. Kislii r of Micbiaaii, Cowlos of
North tarollna. Atkinson of reonsylva.ila,
W est of New Vork, t t-blbavh ot Hew Jorsoy,
(lllUllau or Minnesota and riunsbof Illlums.
Inntid renslons-Matsoii ut ludlaoa, Wl
nans ot Mlch'gaii, torerlosr of Mauacliu
setts.Neevv of INInOlsvltwoBe f I'eunavlia
ula, Taulrws of Kentucky. PmIcucU ot .Sbw
Joraay. Bllsbary of Ohio, Vltniar of New
Vork, Morrill of Kansas, llainei of N-
tlamiMOi.ro, trilara at Kerth Osrl ua (law
yer of New York, Cougar of lona. Louiut of
reoUn-BU.da 1.; Mlti'ilHn. VVooirom
or KattUeky. Jones of Alabama, Hcott of
l'ouinylvanla. .Cotrles of Nonli Carol on,
Lundea of iffiWi. Maheaey of Neu Ynrk.
liu'.lon of Hlsiour'. ttrtibte of town. Ta lor
at tctineassw. Kre-ly of Vlrtrmm, VV bit of
Pounsi Ivan a. Tkutrtisua at Ohio.
wia ins jsprin ,er or iuidus sinner or r-ev
York, Innham of Tvxo. Shaw at Mori laud
Hoaar.1 of IneV ana. Dauvbert of s-forkla.
Trtssof Vlririn n, Kealot Tennessee), Euwdea
of rennsvh 111 a. MeKeas a of e ulirarn.a.
ivtrui'ro.M Sjiiiih, sn-ege-roi ruuuiiu,'!.
lueaui-n of New JeifJei) aud (. liliUe.- u(
Hew lla.ops I 14.
WarCUuis Godrtus or C n. Iv diner ci
Indiana. Kione of Kent Jt'k 1 u. J Campbell
ot Nw i'ork, ttlohsmisein 1 I t-t.iia-i. i-sjr-ry
of bou Car-dioa. Cowsiuuk of M ntb,
llsidot Sonh Carolina. Lib'n v" Yiryin B,
bn)4iIsot8cutlii.i:miina. II v. .viand Of t'..in
rlnmu, Jobustou ot iuJioua sud Lywaa et
Private Iind nbi'ins liiiisa'd of Kuntuskr,
3rldHiD ot M,ss ssippL dt- Martiu of liiu's
Inert tPdrlduu ui "' ohlirna. bsd ler of Ala.
1. . -k ',1. .. .. .
, nan cr iowa,
1 J Of I'UOU'V,
!' . 'tlioma or
' ' , iao. isortn 1 m I n t .
I ,! rJ 0i,o'.1;
nVSsrt' , 0
anlS tiy or Sim (. 1
sex 1.
fe n n kssffll
4.. SSSaSSsmlijSh
BraaSW. -JHBBBBTaBa''' ' ' x . A ..
bbbwimb "-" i msamXrZ'. jitmidsMiitii-i,
Turner ot Oeorgln. Adams, of No
Oittbtraltaoruiilo, Konior intunna,
of Kentucky. Douuherly of Klorldu, I
tf. ...., t. nM nt IC. Vflfb. Tl.lS
U'lnols, t'ullor of (leorirln, minllan
nesota. White or l-onnsyivanm.
V.vnff.l,1llnr In tlm FlAtn Deiiar
nnnnit nt NnVih rnrl no. Tillman ot
Candina, Lore of Dolawaro, Arnot CI
York 801 anion of I'ennsylvanla, I.yi
loirs, Iiuttit of California.
Kxpendltnros In theTrcasiiry Depart
toweryotlmllana, liland of .Missouri,
onrliljro or Arkansas, tshavr of M
Ilaltnof Iuislans, llunncllof l'cnns,
and Johnston of Indiana.
Kxpendlturo, In thoVVarDepartmsu
irts.in nr Kenttlekv. VVheotor of Al
VIcloofNow York. Anderson of Ohio I
son or ew vnric. vvarnor or snssoiii
llccser or rennsyivanta. :
i4k,,fin,tlli,pM In thn Narr Tlatiart
Tailor of Tennessoo, Rowdenof ronili
nin, Ilarldsnn of Florida, Tlm J. Camtf
wow xorK, iioweuoi 111 noin. uruwnoi
sylvanln. Tlmmns of Wisconsin.
Kinonditiireitn the I'ost-otllco Df ca:
tteesn or Oeoririn, Warner of Olilo,j'
lor or Tennosiecf-Hrmnn ofOrVtonj1
ik siiisiuilia 'us seua via " " ! 1
(lllison of SVcst Virclnls. liammen
Georvln, Peymeur of Oonncttlcut, Wt
Illinois, Miuikrn nr siomc, iianoaca 01
has and fswtpr nf Uavr Ynrlc
Bspenditurra In the Interior Dt parti aasfl
Weaver of lotm. Dnrgan of Eoutii CnaPslssjr
Harrs of (JcprKlarCulbcrsoh or"XiJtft
Urumni oU'iTnnsvlvnnia, l.lbbyot Xitmm
ami uaronpon or new yora.
KvnAndllnrns nn PllMlrt TtnlMlnir
O rounds lloach of Nc Tork, (INilH
Missouri, genrr or Ohio. Itlrgs of, till
Carolina, Oalllnger of Now Ilamplhlrl,
Tbe I'rrsldrnt rnrnlsties the Senate B
- .. ...-... i
I AM (Hkw.
f TRSaMsaT
a . . KSi
7w v f
A " I '
,iiiinrinaiiuii an uia niiium, ij v'
WAwiS0T0!fj January & The FrflW j
dent vestcrday. In answer to a resfl fctfesss'
adopted by tho Sonate December 0,jtran-J
milted copies ot documents showliit !,
action taken by him to ascertain the 1 sci
ments of foreign Governments In rcgiii
sou ninuiiaiiuicub ol au lULcruaiionsj
between gold aud silver. Tha cone?
enco Is accomoanled by n letter from
rctary Bayard to the Proildcut In wtt eh
says In part: "It lias been tho object
tins oepartmeni and its agents, h
avowing Us readiness to co-operate, tot
1uue.11 ee, imjitrai sjul with UJMC sS,
wishes upon others as to ot Tk)
considered and Independent vlnwsj fressa
the most Inlltictillal. responalbler sisssf-
competent eourcuH In cM'-r to Um
before Congress; first, tho n-lu.il tintsw
metatiM essneneie in tbe ri -or' ie
pean cotnlrtas, slid, secriti tho
tiuswand roiWts of tbeso ij. in' v!
rptaMn'to tlioJrliVsrU!' Jelan t
thailttlstisoUtiTefatnid Swt, .
Itrllntli IrVatlMe antt flbrtnMnv Lw.,SI
--- - . -... U-...HMUJ, .pj, MTSe,
r.immarite and convey Ilia true cm.t ton us
tlieopluons and fnlcnlionsot llietj arswH-UJ
ments ami people to wuoui tncy i.aV 1 beasa.
severally accredited." " '
iiieiciipr tiicn mentions tne 'e -a
ot Mr. Maruu as a cotilldeiitl.il r. eg) I
tain Information on the subject, anl
"No separate repet It 1t. Star uio !
made, because the results of his Ukm
tlons appear fully In tho letters ot i W
flieij MelAne and J'3idl'ion." '
rpnnin1m,-is ntutna ivllli a t.tlfn- tm.
tary llsjard to Stanton limbic, n-iflfj
blmof Ids designation to visit l.ur.fji
iho mission aooTc uiuicaieu. JjCieiiV
also addreserdto the American Mlnista
Ixmdon, Paris end Berlin, notrvlcs; I
ot Jlr. Marble's visit aud asking ISssr es
p;irratlou. ,
A replj-"jvas recclwd frcm Ait
Phelps umleridate ofU8Si!ctv Oetl
iaj, in wBica n. gives uie nu.ic 1
fctenees bf 'hlsMelt A.Ht,.ilr. Marb
therlending members ot tier ifalrstj'-t i
eminent anu, aays " t wn tnesee as, 1
other source 1 am saPsfiffiS tlrat trn
Government will ini'exlbly atlhera t.
past and present policy In re -pe-t to eMaw
age; that they nil! no: drjatt from tbe jsH
..eauueuu uuiv ttliei nu luil l'SUU;i5UCv. Ml
tlwy will not become a rartv to nny uitj
national arrangement or un 011 fjr the cress
tton of a blmetallie standard 1 1 a rouuttsM
ratio betwixn sn'd and siIvit fir ..iT'imsV
. 1
saV f
liose of making both an unlin ited eckl tessv I hi
.,,. ....-..,... ....1. J-..,.,.. -. ...M ' M
UCI, UtM uvj,s seicii UUUU.U 11,11 rj, - M.'
A reply from Minister MrLane at it
dated October 1, 1S8S, cxiirrsses li 1 rr-,ill
that "while France woslel clad'j r -Ir .ill
Intelligeece that the French rat o ot 1 4i
silver to 1 or goui nau ceen r.a; f ,
coushieratlon ol future consoi crcdu
Induce brr tn adopt the American rat o'
10 to 1, still lees would she adopt any I
ratio to asa'milate tbo present comnl
or market value or sliver with tnu vuaj
gold, nor would she consent at art. A
now to permit an nnrestrlcted or rvj
limited roinaife ot surer at nee minus t
present purpose 01 ucr novrrncucin
nblc lit '
oft It
inter-I f
that t'lf i
peon.'o Is to matutnln. If possible
liretals at tlioir nresent ratj
I is iWBR1tei.cJrculalioii and i
. . . .. .. .t- . -. .
se"WAit7iuet2iia sajs mar 1
W?5bBL Hot '" W
lntrnvtCft sheifflMatp ri;.t Ri iO
age In order u, rs ststm .
reterve. , " - " S -
OUmtANT'8 S5iJr;Avisyfc ,,
Minister Pemlietun frt h'sirwf t Vd
jM-uiii, uciooer iu, isro, gives uu co5p
swusurtitiiy nsfolliiwi.:-"riio. nunariif
vicrmany to an iiiternaiion 1 Din
union such as wss prupntieel by the
Mates s,I France in If I rnu si an
urpeetetl. It seems lo uir. vvltiiiu a.. Ill
time now to bo predicted. Tiiojco
ttoii (ir Mcrmany in sueu a ua' I
1 MnihtTOiMJalrr' , liop- of-
cess w-'iffeever "TtTtjesoSee wasj'
Include irrsnrh a unlern KAIanii nit,
sia, tbo. fjrer.ifAvhWlt r-utsv tj 2i
tciucioWiEtti.AaiV.dftald WQHOtiil
wlillo tbe StlUr-f UHrs uult liiv a 'i3
a urprecinwii aau larjcty ikiciiuu J I
money, mo aunesioti or l:.n-; ami I
leeurtalnly now and oou'd pi b. Wy I
liidafl.iito period be tii -rdid ly i
as a sine (jiin nun.
mjimeattv Is, liisl ibiK, U
or tneajj
i asssersM into at tat'
H t ustt- jeiSM t MSua '
et wli
An Ann tne 1 vc '
Of frtcu
-..theriAz at rtt'ii
Ilrinnn-ala Taktac &'IulUcailt V-Un
CoLtMiics. O., January 8.-Prorj
iieuioirsts irotn ail pstts ot llm K 5.
arriving hro to-day In renponm to in
beaded by es-Senator ,llen O. Tntniii
fur a gntlierttig of tlte Ucmocratie c 1 et
iHoirow. Among tne uucKoyo L n !
Jsuuarv 8 Is cuminonlv tnntm
Jneksxm's Dy," atut tbo oecaslcfn 14 i 1
come ene ot greet signitlcatica lit ' Bfl
UWiosratle ctfC.es. It is Hits realitj
cunfvreoee as to tlitudan c
for the year foiowlkaftsi
upon wicru 1 no tcatK
to aid Dnd SUpport'if
thQ pliant gett'njrti
tu "Old Hlckury." VXmltnmf c4
getlmr, hold a pAH(irt and iimWai
plans nieeii ou the same pr i!r us
aetvrHos tue annual liiici.si
"Ultebalt" dinner atGfcrnww
tbe rolebratlon oiii-lux eel
Uayno CjuiUy, sutne tn.tty yfc.ir.
.v.ui mienasa iq inane smorcyars'i
tair, nut of e vects it juts rra
dtlltsd intq p. al ,'lMsuks. frJ
tone of liiecaii 1.
lOIIUtbluS (IU UsFlMeJIsf
-. .TSfra Aiis I ii ,i
A niu Weiiikuaa.
LospoKi J'iumy f Alt iiiilti
ent Isttstti it tbe r.ev;r,ari's 1
wwimwsnii 11 n
CSIllMTS) SSUU inSl-JiBitMtau lii
HtfiuM ttf (ast,ooo,7.u inrBy,
vue rjsswi smwi ns, ,it irsirts
a,if sunt S''ve'Kt it . 'I
ttsas. i
'I !-.
,' t
il'SiW "
r ' T.
M MM, -

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