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Indian chieftain. [volume] (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, January 21, 1886, Image 1

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Mj',v . (MM
gaVea tho Iitterciili or (ho CHcrokoe,,hctHv. Clilc
iinwi, Scmlnolcs, Creek, imhI all Other Inetlati ef
iv h& n
' Wir
fid ppn-
1 .tl
. wore
4 Detroit
Ota Mettl
es Charleston,
J4 of UOflSfllO
tytMrwea rom
.eh btwe bean
Olennod by Tolesrrnph and MH.'
'l! th Benato .ou the 12th a number,?'
Senators engaged In a debato on lb proposl?
lion to pay tho National debt In void ana sib
verinncati or gold only. During the debate
ittt rwwJstttons de-
of T. J. Dun-
', by the National
ion, ftadjpetlitaMlng
T ritrm of the
at AM. Wro
irrwl from tbo teventii
r- ' t ttmifc fntm strflWa-
trni Truer gf (Mr bottle
iials) trttjgr for life.
JpMtjf SUMlOet to reach
,4i )4hlWUlnlii( in the
''jiifr"-U'i'..-j !
Vow Uo-mzun, tine German
lor at iMtuiom. lud an liiter-
.7 ..titty wUbtstabWntuUat; Salt.
jnc rnlnjt llio reported soliure
hy r,i-rtny. Tho Kmbaa-
' Mill bo hud boon itistntetml tj
9ttrAick to RMaro Iord Salie
nt- would neither an-
wminenllr Inturkrv
pH-;nit of tbo Islands.
u" imsijHmj ujl
Wn! reTitI to the
sajftttatslpa, Coven-no Jlill et
5 toot. sfc w York City bu
adi sjh ( her indibipdur-a,
,'ldtd V Jim awi that afee e-tn
;ur a-ni mmMbkI debt for fit r
II aiqjcjjpa tlio iumi of a
4tthorlxtyi OommlMlotivni of
Mitlng rr wd tlte eliy ecr-
$o Impit' liumto.
Ui Svonrfay) o "' InUrtor tins re-
t Ui4tWptittiiriil U liMUttit
ytlutt AWMbl Cnttls Conl'j
j ett -fftrf Nwbrnika to if
'" "J tfewumtd two huiulitiil
Ifrrt- iltr yluo of timhtr
v Vs :i t ly thorn from
,d, flM tl!ar uit j;liit
bfrtM" ipirer ten lhro-
hundrl ..ixKuriy Ullri, thv
- .,, mf tlinLor cut dom thf public
TlW naver Fall (r.) cur work,
tenmity and machine hi ijuroeU to
tbj xyimd Uiu rtcootlv, tofsibur wtk
tWUbttxtrff tionrtcr a'ul t .'ry Ui'mI
Inf fU s-ln"Tf ' 'ttjUtr' Wlii
." ; 'l ,'S'fttHk-l)
. .1 . ,.utij.,l '. f'
olMtMlM r-v"-' J I '
ficnnlor Vnnco declared that "in thlt countrr
Snpftmja people rnm, mrcr i not coihk io
cclmoniiftlKxl," Amonjlbo Mllx Int.odiiced
WiM nnobr Mr. Inrnlli nrnrldlnr llil lr
iii Bd.clfJmiiU nnd tOTirpAlili or '.nidi
n.ii, wnieii.ncr ailoled to rrlin
.Tnrk Jndiant. thitU ! 'tntltled to imp
chnift ilis landa occupied lr llicrn, iiolef
reedlnir WO ncrca to each, on pnjtnent of
paid (he Indiana. Anr Innda not nntcred br
urli Milllcra wllliln alz montba am to Iw
aold at f .1 per acre. After oxcrutivoaetaroo
tho 8f nalo adjourned . In tlio llouto, Mr.
raldirrl', of Trnnoiixe, from tbo (Mimmlttea
on I.m IfrulatlnK tbo Ulcctlon or Prea de tit
and Vlco Prrildnnt, reported back without
amendment tho Hoar I'realdentiM BUeceMlon
b'll and It wm plnccl ou the calendar. In
I'ominliUo of tho Whole Mr. Itcntan took
Hid Moor nith n lontr and carcfullr proparrd.
peeeh on iho Dnnneia) nucitlou, adroeatlhir
the doitblu alaudard ot value, condemning
the National bnnknir ajrrtcm and fntulnn In
rarorof aj'plrlnR o portion or tboiurolttain
the trenm tntho gradual payment of the
pu bllo dobt. Adjott rr.ed.
In tbaHriatoon tbo 101b Mr. IngalU'of
frcO a lemtutlon declarlntc that In the opV"
ion of lit- rdnato tbo coinoulixrr colnase M
Hirer dollars directed by law thotild not ,'
auipemied uniiitne atKrcgato tiioinn reaiu
theaitmtir I5W.OIW.000. Mr. Ilonen offered
roiolutlnn dlrectlnir the Comnilt'ao on It).
dlan affalra to Innuire into tbo o ried oner 'If
ictnovliiif all the Indiana In tlio Untied Stntti
In tbo Indian Territory itrat of Arkanaai,
The Senate then proceeded to the contld.
oration of bllla on tho cnlcnd.tr. and the bill
anttmrltinjr the Becrctoror War to fitrnlab
cttlflcntea of dlarlinrge to corlaln membert
of tho Mlliourl Homo fluardt waa patted
Mr. Coke then called i p llcck't Hirer rctotu'
lion and addrcatcd the fk-nate on It. After
ii'cutlru n-Mlon adJotitned....Intholloute.
Mi Curtn atked and iraa cicutcd frou
torrlnir at chairman rf the Comtnitle on
Hanking and Currency. Mr. I'aMwtll, of
Trnnce. called up for action tho Hoar
Pietldent.ai Hucccttlon bill, buton Ihottalo
mentofMr oiicr. of Ohio, that tho minor
itTieportbal not been printed, tbo dliout
U,n ;n tho aubltct wat potlpmied and the
llouio adjourned.
In tfcs Henata on tbo Htb Mr. Deckialil
that there bad come to hi in tercral petition!
lo betpretentcd to tho Smiato urging Con-
3reta lo impend the allrer colnayo. Ho had
collned to pr'rtcnt fern br inmolio Icllere.t
the tendina of aueli potltloua had been Influ
raced br the circulation or n Icttor marked'
"ConBdenl'al" tent out bra couitii tleo or
tho Now York Hoard or Trade and Trim
portntlon. A memorial from the Ui
latnro or Colorado against ulrer tut
IKiitmn presented. fr. Ilronrn then
called up Mr. Ilcck'a allror rctolutton
end addrellid the Bcnato on t Mr
Mater alio tpoku on the bill, both Senatnri
ramrliiff the tironolltton. Mr Forroll. rrom
Dm Cominitteoon Military Alfa'rt, rrportol
'arorably tho bill Introduced by in in early In
th" ri4nn relating to the annual apnropr!n
t 'mi or tuW,iuSto nnirldo arret and rgttlp
menu for tho inllltla. Adjourned to Mon
day In tbo JlnuteMr. Catdarcll, of Tonne"'
i-e calKI up tbo I'reildentlalBucuattlon
bll and It waa decided that tho debate
tli'iild be continued In tbo afternoon. Tho"
aflornoon wat accordingly taken up with da
bile upon the bill, before closing nblob tilt
llouio adjourned.
The 8ent tm not In seaslonontbolttb.
. In tho House tbo debate on tbo Frcil
dentlal Succesulon bill nat returned and con
tlnuct until 8:3) p m., when tho previous
tjuwilon wat ordered and the bill ranod by
a vote of 1W to T7. at It came from tbo Fejare,
and tha Ilouit adjourned until Monday.
UjBnoffM lc Akdkrtox, bankers add brok-
eilf xio. u uioau evrcct, norr xurx, atvigncu
on tbo lBtli to Timothy Brown, rItIok pref
erences of I78,1.V) to Alexander Nlcliol.
The other llabllttlei of tbs Arm trill foot up
about K0,000.
, Tin ralues ot the exports of minora! oils
!tor the tvelro monthi ended December 31,
1835, trera 19,2H,'M1 atrnlntt $19,103,511 tha
,jrar before.
Coxn workers at ConnellsTllIe, ra., re
cently quit work. A general strike wat
. .,
Tux Opera'ifomnUt IrfiTiiston, Kjr., has
i. Deleft Commute of ilia Senate to He
port n lllll on Inter-State Trantportntleit'
Vlent ot the Kantat llaltroad Commit
WAgtimoTOir, January 18. SeitMor
Culiom'a select Committee; on Interstate
Itatltoad Trmispotlatloii will probably ro
pott to Ilia Scitato to-dny or to-morrow an
srlgliial Inler-slflte Commerco bill, and at.
OTonM' Honnons.
Tf iirblo nnrtVrlng of ablpwretked Fallort
The Terror! of the Plain.
lIuxTKn's Toist, U t, January 13,
Tha len blpjtr:;l'd allor fro.ii tho
steamer llylton C.istlo arrived here yester
day afternoon. Tlio men had nothing but
the clollilnjt Hcy wore, having been unabln
to savo anything from the vciscl. Chief
tnlo John Mnnliall told the follotvlnjt
. f W.
'Ti , i i ba
i!l Itotwr-.
i Tlie f'i. Jo
inoosarid rktllara
Mi'l reuiUretl four
Tm Ublo Henate and Ilouae met In joint
convention on tbo lStb and elected John
Sherman to the United State Senate. It re
quired teventy-four votes to elect Bber
man received elgbty-four votes and Allen
O. Thurman tlxty-two.
Ubiiiliiuii took the oath In the Drltlih
Cooiaona ou the 13lli, by kitting the Dibit
In the usual manner.
Ixinr, Urnssromi, manager ot the Han
burning') ranch In Chihuahua, Uexlco,,re
r.nrts six aewitt killed In an engagement
with Indians.
I'nEsiDXKT OnxvT, of France, has signed
a decree granting amnesty to all persons
convicted of political offenses tlnce 1ST0,
and reducing the tentencet of many of
fenders agalntt the common law.
Tiir. King of Oavarla has forbidden tb
cabinet to Interfcro "lib hl-uenikkH.
and tbo meniuers or in eauimjjwi
for all rai-i. Tb, 'dibls ,sffiaalg,
Aw-mt to 1'. 'rKLOOOJ-jfi. -'a-T
fcfcBtiiJiWtiu1 iianitu,
itam iaTdk, Ulatncrntcful for
tieVlfy of my people, and for
been dettroyedJjy'Crii;,
Roue ot thtflulnojt Cdngrtnamen havo In
Toiitcmplatlon an Important'projcct In ro
lailon to Indian anppllcs. It it to secure
the removal If possible of tho Indian sup
ply woroboute from Now York to Chicago
with a view to tbo purchato of nil future
supplies In the Chicago marl-.ot.
Co.teiDiiunLR feeling was manifested In
tho meeting ot the llouio Naval Affairs
-Committee, on tbo IStb, when considering
tho noutcllo resolution of Inquiry Into the
alleged defacement of Union Inscriptions
and dltchargo of Union men In tbo Norfolk
(VE.) Navy Yard.
Tiiokvs W. HujlTin, b wealthy cattle
man and tnlno owner of Colorado, who had
been visiting Dr. O. W. fJassett, of Van
dalla. III., was found dead In his room the
'oilier morning. It was supposed that beart
dlteaa wat the cause of hit death.
OH Friday, tbo IStb, Henry Stair was
hanged at Novada, Mo. ; Noah Merrlman,
at llollevillo, III. ; Charles Wilson, at fit.
toul, Mo., and William deorge, at I,ako
Providence, La. With tbo exception of
Btalr all tbo parties were colored.
Tux Commissioners appointed by the
Canadian Government to Investigate tho
came of the wnoklng ot the steamer Alco
rn a In I,ako Bnperlor, last fall, Lave re
ported, censuring Captain Moore and Chief
PfBrcrlfaAtlngs. Captain Moore's certifi
cate It lo be canceled for nine months and
'laitlngt' certificate for six months.
; MiLTprt Wkitox, who stands convicted
ln Allegheny County, l'o.., as accessory to
n cuuraer, leburnca io uuicago recently w
close up some business nfXalrs prior to re
turning to Pittsburgh to recoivo hbi sen
tence of four years in tbo Rlversldo peni
tentiary Tho crime for which Weston
Vas Convicted was the kllllnir of n man
Liiarned Haymaker fn tha JlurraysvlUo riots.
L . Vlllt 4ljM,ltnl t.MA nVna tif wmaI,
cmlttimi-., in thowed tin 'average In-
crrno kw-vwi witai-tna CClTe-i
tponuiug oi.iati ycar in u..-u.,v tha
Increase watSi
A ui:rrsT"(ipatcb from tondon reported
tho probability that' the Salisbury cabinet
would decide upon very reprsive .Meas
ures In Ireland. Tho National LcaguV-a-ould
1e proclaimed aud generally coercive meas
ures Ira adopted.
i Nomixa has been heard from the over
due steamship City ot Nassau, which passed
tiutof the Delaware Capes on Christmas
niornlng for Jacksonville, Fla., and beyond
flonbt ebo is lost, with all hands, seventeen
In number. Bhe was fully Insured.
Tns AViona! ZeUung ot Berlin lays that
fii expulsion ot tbo Poles from Prussia was
a precautionary measure which was
adopted lu view of a possible Polish rising.
Tnn. ' Secretary ot the Navy bos directed
that a. vessel of tho Pacific station bo sent
to the Hi moan Islands.
,Tntj Postmator General has refused the
r-xjoxtt ot petitioners in Datllmoro for a
flunday delivery of tbo mallt.
CzxmVim F. We:s:, P.ccclvcrottbecol
lied City Hank of llou-lon, Tox., has
tLU .wW.w..vnlvR t(" iotol HfiMJiiK'.
of the bank. Including ,u capital stock to
bo f l,S3drflSl. Tho assets will realise tCdO,
009. f
LxiDr.Tts ot the Balratlon Annr dt Joliet.
til .!.. ., 1 , 5 - '
4,i.f iicoicvviuiy pmvcu uaucr arrrsK iq.
nerndinf tho streets. t
Drnt.to tho first two weeks of "Janus
PnniMi..un un. .).. kiT,!;. rruj. - t
cancelled fpjr fraV ernty hpe-
-'" iimvttwwn-mmi.nmriTiinMM n.
Itaiiy rroi km-' "evtaVt-n Kantat
Terrible Sarfwraays vMiaMri llewll
tiered People T as lata 'sWaaatii a raw Feet
of TlielrOtett Women Among
ihe Vlctlini-l,rfeiM-.
Kak-as' i'trrf 'tmmii 15. Specials
fro.il Kaateat tji The ,11st ot casualllca
rea iltln tmm ; ' rte bllizard grows
ainriiilngly.fafife. 'two women In Seward
fniititViM WnMuM In Ford L'nnnli'. two
the same llmo anbmlt an cxbatistlvd report' ,Hor ot l,, "rccU ?nd "'l of '1,e ! unknown mw in W1U County and a mm
In lis siippott. "fbe commlllce, which spent 1 u,mc,t Bnd C,CW! ",V ,c" Ncw 'Vo,k x '"' In.LlBeewi fAwflV .were repotle.1 froien to
nmnier In Inresllirat on. "nJ ram- l" """" '-""0 " lnmP dei wi ' to vwterdav. Aa. relurnl from
aleamcr; was loaded with corn for ItoOoti, SehTrS iWlefccme In It Is found that
I'miieo. There wcro ttvenly-to persons -rMt'jdfig-iiM claltuerl yet mora vlc
oit bor.rd, Incliiillng (he Oautalu, Aboutirir 'ii . t '
three p. m., when wo were out about fifty
miles cast ot Bandy Hook, we encountered
riterriuio snow siorm. ino wirm o.ewn U1,M of Giriien City. Their
Imrrleano and (ho big waves washed over ,, of to0fi an, coal were exhausted
mo steamers decks ana tossed iter nU0 and tho father had i
WHAT Tjj 3T0fiM DID.
Iliaiteri HjhW Craft On the Attantle
Coait Tho TaFtble Etperlenea ef the
Crew of ilia KeWimer Heablrit-A Brnve
Beicae-AVri-th cMflllie Cntale WrIStAll
lilin and down the
THlt PA'MCrrl'S
fy Ml. ! I .. '
An Ksltilfl Tm la
Mnniiie r.al ri
Tlmjjf M VHiMm Inlj
siowna neenree 1
l'ly yrenpon Freejy vtta.'
' ?&
i -i'tflri AeWg1 ii
good tmtt of the tniuincr In Investigation,
tin been IioMIiij dally resstons atneo tb
istcmbtlng ot Congress. In addition to tho
two or Ihree volumes of oral testimony
which the coinmllteo has taken In Its pur
suit ot Information upon Hie subject, an ;
pcndlx containing n number ot Interesting
papers from leading authorities has been
ptlnled for tlio use ot the committee and
nlll be nude public with the repott
Kansas Views.
Tlio Board of ltallroad Commissioners of
Kansas contributes to this volumo rt paper
nhleh expresses tlio opinion that a National
commission should be established vested
with certain supervisory powers over tho
subject of li'trr-ttata commerce. Tlirso
powers should bo confined to the function
ot regulation, mid not to tlio management
ot tho business of Inler-slalo commerce. It
would, tho board thinks, serve no nsoful or
practical purpoto to give such a commission
the porrcr lo esiabl:eh m'xlmam rales for
either passenger or freight traffic over Inter
state railways, the subject being too large
to bn dealt with by such a body of men.
even though composed of men trained In tho
study and business of tallroad affairs.
There arc, tbo board ears, two classes of
Interstato (raffle over railroad lines, ono be
tween Interior points and tho seaboard nnd
the oilier across State lines, but still local.
It Is obvious that Iho rates adopted for the
one rlass would furnish no criterion or
base of rales for tliu other. Tlio great'
cereal crops raised In tho Mississippi Valley
and the meat prndnets In tho trans-Missis-slppt,
In tbo production of which the coun
try Is vitally Interfiled, can only bo main
tained by a system of rales for Ihetrlmits
porlatlon to JLlio araboard, whirl), wh!(o
they 1iwoiveftjo,!i wniiiil. If the astna
miM were oblhrMorr won them as to nil
llrifnic earn i over lhelrlnea, consign every
I fjfd"ln Ihr buMticis lrilo bankruptcy. To
rijo tt'sfatfm of maximum .?' "ivetlng
i J 1 PfO''?f"intrr'rUiB uaMe on tho
J - nf hlckiu.i'lnns: Usuls from the ex
Heme ,, SS'Hitr Eastwnl.l paralyre
crrryiraiiVnadrngjgea i. tin ,.i .. .. On
the.otlifrliaiidytoyqnialire tl ,iu as be
tween ""long andahort pdij . ibe iioard
thinks. If "lallfo.-.d , property! t. Vm pi.
served and Its ?mrlcney in m ined urt
vanca Iho rales on great dlstru. i., , i,
an extent as lo put an emb.irgo upon i.'ie
innrenipnt of the rerc.il crops of the ex
treme West, or the trans Mississippi region,
n result ivhlch would be little lens dis
astrous to tbo Kast llian to the West. While
the rower to ralablisli niaxlirmn rates to
govern tnter-il&te trarrlo could nit there
fore bo wlely or usefully ci i!u)d bra
National llaltroad Commlrrbui. such n body
might usefully rxrrolso the function of en
tertaining complaints from shippers of tin
due or mirensQiiabto charges on Iho part of
railroad companies nnd Jttdgo'as to Ilia rea
sonableness or ntiicrwVa of the cfiarpM
complained of. In "id way n pr'ma fade
case might be do for tho courts. Com
plalnU fnsoxtorllon and of un;nt illnerlm
luaiJn inieht bo Invest'gatod In like
manner, and where fills of the classes
mined were found to exist .and n-n.a'n m
cancctrd un ndeqnate npploprlato remedy
could oo inrokoil through thrtconrts. Nearly
all cause ot cotnnlalnt oh the Mil nf tho
rnr-LaiWatninvUnir In the buslneja of trM.
"(Vrfflou inlaht nsefaily 6wxan'siift w
rrt intntigauon and eorrrction ox sneu a
CowmMslon, nnd Iho board fooH ife In eje
preealng Iho oplnlotu based uprn thp wVpe.
rieneo of Stale (9? . i .-. ihsl cases
1 . ,""i' coorcivo
havtl. ''. be livo.cd to
A moHwcr.ncl two small children were
ffozen.W) dt ah in their claim shanty, ten
started to Garden City
llko a raft. For several hours wo did not
know nhero wo were nnd the vessot wAi
straining badly. Tho storm ew worse
and tho vessel became immaif.tgeib'.f, re
fusing to artswer her rudder, and every
moment we expected lo be engulfed by tho
sen. The Captain remained on the bridge. Scott County, WcdntstUy evening, and
Vllb ll'7 VHi fctlV UIIUCIIIIUII linu U 111 inSIIUII -r.. I., nn ,,,. t.rat,I
for both. He Is still intsslng and It Is b
lleved ho Is frozen, and thus an entire fam
ily Is swept away.
A voting man named Elmer Smith started
for bis claim four mites from Scott Center,
height tlio steamer sprang a If aV nnd water
began to pour Inta tho hold. Tlio pumps
went set to work, but failed to keep the
wafer from rising nnd Captain Colvln, as
He has not since
been beard of. It Is supposed he became
bewildered, and falling down was frozen to
death. At Syracuse. In Hamilton County,
tho todies of M. F. Israel and another man.
unknown, wero bi ought In frozen to death.
ocsi lie rniiio, i.cau ,n snip iowaru ew , Ther bad writhed Within 100 vards of Is.
xoric. jiio men were nair rrozen mm mo ' .'.if. ,:,.' '
rigging was eovered with ico; every
n.nvnliln llllf,. nil .ln.l. .... ,v..li..l .......
i,v,,,ijw ... .... un.. ,.a ,, allien nnnjr.
tbo tarpaulins on two of tbo batches bad
tad's house.
The body of Mr. Ford was found twenty
miles away from ills home in Money uomv
Hands Loii yinUHSs-A Terrible
vtf Va. "tt?;'p... . n.h..i. s .
nti.lA.AH.h1iTlIS.liit nnd .1am fh. ui. , tt.7j.
. m.u mw,.. -..v i jicnrj lSilTMT ' q
:nall ..mini crall . wiiU i,9 j0 oti'A
trade. The Her. , ycar. Hc hoaftlt1 ' eaW
"The schooner cft Berkeley 'n -lii
M KUanrortli, trtct, until fitmfhf
Tnnrjlay wltUio Uie Parker ict
en bad If
hr'K c
len ,V,T; off an I ,d 1Z t. il 111. i " " '' '" ''"" Iblrs With
fni, ., h bold VH 3 di? th ud ot T ' """l r'ed whln thirty
S?,.?.B i ; Hi, H I' nf I Trds 6f his own house as the tracks of his
F.S "iH JJS'.0., J?l,l,!L0.rJIn?' ".'''i J1'? , wagon In tho Icy snow showed, and blinded
KraYaA AanwS ri'n.T ii, .. n'1 bewildered by tho slotm. had moved on
ior rcw i oik. ab night urow on the witter i -n t, -.!,.! . a...i t-
nsiM.nl IlkA nirlimrA Mn,1 Iw 1-.- I Unt " reached ftllftl tCSUng pUCC,
o.Z flrf '.. Those aff .hreeicsot ...s'fody. "
seeing aiiotbrr .lay. A. night of suspense ' frnn, K'V,., .h-... , ,,lllir hefor.aim.et
blip n'jaTiu!- . f.... -. ... -.---.. ,, ,. . v.v.v ..-..-,
was found dead In the snow two miles east
of tho town. He had passed within fifty
was spent nnd at six o clock on Mon
day morning the Flro Island light was
sighted. As ucar as could be guessed the
vessel was twolvo or fifteen
fce.t ot a house where he could hare found
i T miles couth- ii'iuse wnere ue coma nave rounu
,.., ,,,. it i... it ," , .i-.i, . :,"' sneiirr. ins uwiy was luuiiu auout u
cast of the light. Al nine o dock, seeing ,.,,. ,. ,h. ,,'... n ,.,.,,. ,..
iltrtin wni nn lintift rt Avlney tlm &
Captain Colvln piped all hinds and ordered
the lifo boat nnd launch to be lowered.
Halt an hour Inter 1 and my companions
took In the launch and were Itume-(liati-ly
followed by the offlce'raand tbo rest
ot Hie crew who took tho llfo boat. Wo
rowed nway from tho steamer aud about
ten o'clock, when we bad gone about two
miles toward eliore, we saw her go down
bow first and In a few seconds not a spar
or topmast coum oe sera, we Bepi com
pnnv with the Captain's boa', for several
hours until about six or oa -.-u miles from
land, when It took a morn easterly cnurra
miu we soon lost, sight or it. Myacir ond
men Tore greatly
its had our bands
a!on progress, Atmut lour p. pt when'wo
were abont a mile oil s:.ore a boat from Iho
llfosflvlngstatloneamntoourastls ancc. We
yards from the liouss. Ho leaves a wife
and four children.
I Two young ladies by the namo of fleet
' cher were found frozen last Thursday. They
i with their mvllicr, a,g.cd slsiy years, started
j to a house less than a mile away and ttie
! eeeded fn getting wllhln a few yards nf the
liiun where they were all found Friday
I mnrning. Tim nid lady was nii and will
' recover from hot inlurfes.
I ft. fl Warrt Kt.d flrtrrM f!ltflmt,a, nf
r j Syrscase, and Isaac Startle, of tVfDdoitfj
Tan., started last Wednesday tor GrnsTey
county. They were cauglic in the atorm
twenty mllta out, and after turning their
trams loose they started to talk back.
.nd t hLJSr wSi?..? I arUng. and Stsffla got wlWdn five miles ol
Z r 1 iZ S&SS2 towiiBM died. Wr5 got In at fonr o'clock
TbttiTdsy tuornlng wltli bnlli feat frozrn
snd will low. Ihem. MlaQle's body fru
(.((..(vuiiiiiiuuurnscis dhcv. no .-..-j ..i... ri........ k... -.i ..
were landed and provided with l-v warm J""d II ,tn, Ll P
; .n..,j e''tntii
and J"y i power would
ftJfnii rffe
ifte linn
. rti"Jy ti a letter from t'x-Drlrjrato
vi.1) tit Wwontlna;, In behalf of
' nui ual t t,liuu ot mat Jen-Hoiy,
r.-1 whcuii proteedinga base bewti
re ,, iunn mled w-sjiHfl the n-niotaJ
li tires inai'i'atbod by him ani-,iisks
I ' hi litoV rvrrstina; 'hut ptuceed-
i'ip- br sjoiitpOTit nut II uprltijr. the
A- ItiiK.rivti'tioier of tbo Qersaaxt
V:t isiaVa at rVaahinjrlon ha rtlUa,
- v A iioit, nnd staling tba
f" tfii intoittuHi ii Hi" i-ua unu to
lotet-utb J"cb w ).-dlir; as rapidly
t; 1' iwl'tlc. '!"' ! ( -mlii'ic ihcrn ttulll
rj unlaw' ' tnilo.-ure baa been re-
jsjed from pnMIc Umlg.
as i ui' at Jiimi '- a
'ui: (Iran I Jury a'. New Urkmia Ima
-rtml the l'rf-idriim of the trades
trt of ih' T pt'gi apliical Union and
in rrtsnmi-B " Union lor onajsiauil
In bvInK tarried m h trade pa-
nf Noitiiibr V- a Irnnnxt boar-
a dvif, "Ku-d Six Hundred
' For Heinir l;juoit Mi-n " llie
' Jnrj' pi'timncri. tlila a libel ou
Srt. II. .it tin' nanti) lime, in-
v4ark nielli y. Uiiur of the few,
lual libt'l in ('onseqai'iteo tt an
.iitlll. I "Iho Pre and taw
Ik winch he pruUaMd agnlriat
v Tine placed ou awrlber paper
' (bln-'nctimony it) a mtUjlsJ
( v.r:, bad ordr)diifl(
i)m 'Tmerolent sympathy which has I
xtende! from foreign countries. Our f'.i
etgn relatn na are friendly aud t upv t
fully uurliellef that the peace ot Kurop ;
rare to eontlnuo."
Aixiatt Ponrxa was reported seriously
b-k at-Washlngton on the IStb.
SavvatanT WjrttjtxT exprerses himself as
wtlliiiQ to abide by a decision of a commu
te of 'arbitration with respect to the Cjov
eminent receiving the dispatch boat Dol
pWo. Mis Kate DiTAiin, eldest daughter of
tbs Secretary of btnte, died very suddenly
ot beart disease at Washington on tbo oti
moon ot the IBtb. Kho was Jutt about lo
attead Mlsa Cleveland's reception at the
White llouia when her death occurred. In
tsMwaqusnce of the unfortunate clrcuni
siajice, the featlvttfet wcru abandoned.
Saxon Dos MaFttLDBbCiuro, Secretary
of the Chilian legation, who has figured
rnutar notoriously, In Washington for
sarvral montba paet, owing to his unruly
oandnet, has left Washington for bis home
la Valparaiso.
ipeu'fjiie'Wme grounds mai;0 tlia c6necijJ rffcc-uai. Tlie
t-ami ana omei ouii ie. iinaru dlsebsses "' unnurianro or
vesture, to settlement beUra.u . luslntslnlnK uiiHonulty and stability of
ud 40 ooo acrw ( tautt. a nnd Ibe ntlls which rceult rrom secret
r.-T.m r ,.,. it- a letter to Aettne i eoneessMns insft3to7paxUcilar Individuals
r:I:.'::.7n ' . ." 7 ..,.'..! or eemmnnltles-VhoWrdlhlnks that vlo-
. v ..ojirirs 'v, iiaavv viw -j
saving statlotifliiif Uid.trvaln?ail Is
qjoMiwe. !? rtt-mWa!&Kij5
frozeit over. A. vn of rppofaj
woviiig agents str.neu worn
Island oti rm lcetft,t tbU rnani
tb" iWvenuntnt against the lieu Telephone
mo apo!y
,i.,n- liiati, who pleaded gulHy in I.on
don to t.u charge ot attempting to piocnre
monty from the Princi' ut Walas by willing
threatening loUert, was santenfrd to seven
years' penal .ervltude.
Two daughters of Henry P. Foa!,rar, ol
East tVtgfnaw, Mich., awoke the other
morning to And that during tbalr sleep
some one had entered tbelr room and cut
off tbelr long balr.
If It lloouiiiu, the advertising agent ot
Hew Haven, Conn., has asked an extension
ot time from bis creditors.
A ttlbi. Incorporating the Grant Hon
araant Assoelaliott and empowering it to
hold JTjOOO.ow wert i of property passed the
Hew York Ucuis.o Delegates on tbelltli-
at lUunEMt, a IV feet of the Department
ot b F.ure, France was found foully mur
tUrod letween the rails on a bridge near
Paris th uther motblng. llobbery was the
ttiottve ot Ibe murdtlrers.
Tub total value of the exports of domestle
eattts and hogs, and 7f beef, pork anddulry
product for the yve months ended D
ctiaUr tl, 1895, tli IW13,aM, agatnlt
ithflfwre mines ai. iiuivuuuu.o vii',
Bier Aluurius, in., on mo liitu, iukii
were entomteu ny caving eann.
stere reeoveied dead, nnd It wai
ght the others bad perisbtd.
Tut sebeoosr Mabel Dillaway, of Qloucea
ter, Mass., bat been gtveu up for lost. Hbe
bad n crew of sixteen men.
bite Btar Line steamer uermsme,
anded In the harbor at Liverpool
gale, bas been floated.
III.. I.f. It.-nm .ff.rn.rfill..
laaa time with the directors ot the
at Zoological Gardens for tht
-anf AUns'tl. late Jumbo's atsMl
"ife," at Ut Hiigllab people seemed
r bar, has finally succeeded. Ab
instant easilpaulon ot Jumbo t-r
art, and abowed much ttlitrfss
Isratsd trim ber big spouie. Eus
jiially large, and Is docile, affe.
Uid playful, nnd particularly at
toward children, Her arrival Is
lv In March, in time for tb
tl 1st t9Esas. jut.lfln a1na
'""' - IBtTin days ended
' HTOed States, SOTj
ivere ;
Iar SaiitDvnr bas consented to rsees
tilze China as nominal tursn-aln over IlHr.
mahon tbeeondltlonlbattfae Pekln Uov
erument aeeHHSofi Ut rlnlra t " 'rM
Durraab aad etesstaV- CM" ptru to
Orltitb tratlars at Draper cent, ad vulorem
duHsa exri t on opium.
TwEMTt hameleM paeple Tero l ii-n.xl to
death near I.lmberg, lln'vaila, tic other
night. Tbajr bod eeugbt shalter uuder an
cnorrnout haataok wblob caegbt flro
while tbey slept.
Tub i town tug Mode exploded lbs boiler
In tie Allegheny Hirer, rvcetitly, killing
lent nttctuattcma oX rales eonscqu' nt on rato
wsrs result atsuaUy In benefits to tho
few at the nillnMte expense! of the many.
Contracts or agreements between rival com
panies to carry.oiAliiter.stafe t radio should
bo snbiittedac6iumlssuin established
br Coiigros.whoso' Judrnient as to the
rrasnnsldrnesot lliit proposed rates should
be neeesary to'lho tttlMity bt the contract,
nhleh contract should then bo Invested
with a legal status and bo enforced lu tho
couiU. ' K' 'a 't
AnlHate lleeeptlun Int-rnpttd by.KerjlBd-
urn ieaiii. it
Wasuixotox, January ieS5te)f,ate
Uayard, the eldest daughtorTeTtbTSecre
wry ot iStatc. died suddcalyftbout three
o'eteck tjaturday of teruoon. Tlie reception
at the Whlto Ibuso was suspended Imme
diately upon the iccelpt ot the nena ot her
death. Tbo immcdlato cause of Miss uay
anl't death wa: mo ot the tteniL Ebo
badliaen lroub'.lvfljitvrjkkrtM'iof lhat
organ, and had belTv Irjalfd' bv lltAfamlly
pliyslciaii at InU rvtTiflajSmsl years. At
the teeeptlon at her fatbefe haitsej'rlday
the pltot, a DaTlsaralseHimsly.irhaiH) ' night Iiwairetnsikt4lhAbsliewsSHUiiLlly
M., ttitv,T .nnulll.rf .twl avai,uII,..1IIa lifT1.nML -
ft . ' -"'""""i.t'w-ii.iMitit'ipttHttituimi
lawny, uijuiu! luorwrm'
JSK' m vans.
clothing and plenty of food which we groat-
ir necoeu.'iiaring nu nothing to eat for
nearly tJjtilecn hours. Wo wero told by a
man ou the train lhat a boat had been
pU-kod up wiih ono man In It. Tbo men In
Ibe'uiUsIng 'ifo boat wero: Captain Col
vln, of Shields; Chief Engineer John
Amiss, ot Jarrow; John A. Brott, ot Len
don, second male: Klijah Blephenson, car
penter ; James Heattey, fireman; Thomas
lvell, fireman; John lliaelc, tlreimn; Fred
Fisher, fremari( Tbeodoro Itrsen
and Joint Hers, seamen. AH" 'the
men pra'sa the conduct ot Cap
talu Colvln, who stuek to the .Inking ves
sel to tho lai. Dispatches received from
Ilrook Ilv.en, ratcbegne, Day Shoro and
Uabylon states that no news of the mis
sing Captain Colvln mid tlie remainder of
tho crew of Ilia steamer llylton CasttotiM
bee" received at any ot tlioss points, al-Ih-jjih
Ui men uty linvc landed on tbo
DDaesV' ronmuBlcatlon between ta ilfo-
teams are still out
Two men named Mailer and I'owetsoo
had a terrible experience In a Journey from
Wakerney to Scott Citj. Tbey traveled
tocether until ene o'clock Thursday morn
ing, when Metier gate up and -sank to the
gmnnd. Powelson tilrd to urge him to
another trUi, but his entreaties were of nc
avail, so he started on alone. Heller re
mained where he was until one o'clock in
lie ullernnou, when tie Summoned - up
strength to rise to nis reer. Ho walkedyg
shjvit distajKS wheiljie atopptd and ciathis
boots off bis firt, ano: fotiiTilTmi -line ol
them was frozen stllf. He bmu liU bootj
around lilt neck and startcrj on. Hit
glr.sos were so frozen that be could not gel
tli.im oiirso. was compelled, to go bare-
bandciL He kept on hW journey untn
the banks of the Smoky Hill River were
reached, whtln he struck the camp of a
ndmbcr ot Pcott City ccutlcmeu who were
prospecting for coa'. Tliey took him lnta
iqe camp ana pouJi;ci
Ziee. wi'i
i and pouJMfuHttiet,, bands and
cbwera tdVlti,' When he
''.:wrtfl W?JfaiV.-nFrm nl
rTifo5SL Pt'lflt...trt'.. Jicnr in
coast of dlsaMer?
engaged In th coaeil
aid prints the Yoltd
BcAblrd, CepUlti
Maine, which cl
a load ot pig In
to Doston, tvas mrtitwijl
ixng island Botinu, on
Ing during a blinding snow-st'
Captain and the crew, which coiisietcd
of n cook nnd fonr seamen, were rescued
by a farmer mimed Corn In, and landed In
safety at Fresh 1'onds, n small set
tlement near nulling Hollow. Tho
rescued men had n thrilling ex
perience nnd at one lime had given up all
hope, Tbo first two day's of tlio voyrs
were uneventful, tbe see being oi smooth
is glass. On Friday night, when off Gull
Island, n blinding snow storm, accom
panied by n northwest gate, set In. The
wafts swept tha decks and made (t dan
gerous for the crew to attend to their du
ties. The rvlucl, which Imd 'ncrcased
In velocity, whistled tltrongh tha
r.-.lla nnd tumble I tlie fright
ened sailors abont tbo decks.
Toward morning theumi mIio had been
on duty all night went below to get some
food. To tbelr horror It vnts discovered
that tha ship had oprung a leak, and that
tbe water wot. rushing luto the hold at a
trlslitfnl rate. Again iho rnen went on
deck and tbo unequal struggle between
enduranco and tho angry elements was
renewed. All set to work bailing out
tlie ship. Fotty tons of pig Iron wero
thrown overboard, and an attempt
was made to anchor tho ves
sel. Tbo huge anchors, two In number,
were lowered Into the sen, and just ns tbe
captain was congratulating himself on
having accomplished tho feat successful
ly, a terrible gust ot wind knapped the
chains. Then a hago wave carried away
the yawl and another broke tho rnddcr.
Tlie wind, not to be ontdonc, put out all
the lights, so darkness was added to other
misfortunes ol the terror-stricken crew.
Still, the men did not give up all hope.
They continued to vrork, although with
out food for twenty-tonr hours.
The schooner, without a rudder, with
frozen sails, her yawl wntbed over'' W,
her anchors gone and Manned by a
starved and exhausted crew, drifted
'nboaf In the Storm and ni.ul. The out
look rras.JjUck, and the i apta.n al(lwu;h
he tried to lirok .-'i. rfnl In ts, pu i-nce
of thercw. Inari'iy ft-n that a'l chance
of saving fit- "Itlp an 1 .ill th m was at
an end. fin balling out nf the water In
the hold was kept np
the day dawned Die
.rtn. ..., .H. 1l..1.,11 .. kl... ...
ZZr.,Zr-;Xrh-.."i5,'".E': "Imostflrouti I must By oau
r.'in .T.:r 'TZX r ,, :Z r "" a" ZZ. touch my wings." The sUlwar wii
" ; .!n;V;. JZlJZ?u??Lil a aremun tried to scIw-WuklTts oy
rJV.i.3. ..r7Ji: ::in', v arms, but he eluded them n-i ran
roontobebt?h.,n..w J? on, pullluj tbe door to
tbe signal, and,' without hesitating a rtfo
ment, set about constructing a rait ot
lenders. The aurl was running high at
tbe tlineand It required dauntless cour-aro'to-rcaclt
the wrecked vessel In inch
jollier. Nevertheless, 'the brave man
uiiuiu uiv ituiuit;. vru uoiaiu uic n-Th-
bird all hands were eagerly walchlug
their rescuer. Th rait rode aafclr over
the wares and was soon alongside tho
ship. As It was very small, only oncoi
the crew at a time could be taken on'
board, and six successive trips bad to
abe staile beforo al) .jrcJandcd-Dn.
shore. Tlu- crew, whold WlIlnH la
tcnsely Irom hunier. naiilaud cxhaui
tlon, were, taken, to Mr. Convlu'a bdo. ,
and gtvenjood and shelter. TUc Vessel
Is a wreck!
'.e bea
f, ffts bt'i
CunarueVs o
not, from wb
IntenrtSlra: iti ssyaVWPnu, in
when, ha i'X&..WhJttffy bene
tho miters'. RiU o'il
of ago, and his wUtf.Jaj
Mtractlro woman, son
Innlor. Wllklns has oveiuxii
lo his profession, that ot civil
and ho has been warned seve
that be would lose his mind If hi
cd In worklrtif so hard.
Within 1 .hort time he hvt
very much interested In xplrltualha
durlnrr his stay here h.ts devoted
his time to seances and situugr wl
many Bplrituaiists witn wrtom n
blessed. Only Batunlay he was iu vr-
a nollceman standing on a. dry Rm
nn Uif. pnrner of TemblA l'luC WV
mont street about dusk, hsmntrog,
crowd on spiritualism. At that tlwl, , .
streets are full ot people on thebM
home, and th? pollccmsa was a'oj
tsko Mr. Wilkin, to me aiaiion-BN, ;
for blocking the Streets, when
wno anew mm came aiuns v, .
persuaded the officer to take,);
nome. it viara ni in inc ruuin
Parker House with Mr.flndilrs.W
all yesterday afternoon and evening
though the patient was sleeping qui
lor the night w&cn qe leitDim at qtsjl
fiefnro twelve, ten mlnutcV nfle''
Wllklns lumped out ot bedtfufnr
earthly yell, rushed at h' wlTd
her n terrible blow oil the Mftt
with hlif fUt, that IcnocKsd her
left nn u!jr wound on hers
ran inw "lo luuway, iw
clothes 1' o small pleccV
the ton nr-htrf voles. if
Iii a nioraenlfttaJKtriii hallways ,,,
filled v-lfS r.'.flWrfVfrM i '"", A
rushing ddly donu the $ . : . ttT
lonsly oskiu; each.pfir r la s ' ; ,
ror v I at Vie trouble ''-.v . 'y -rw
ladles Ulntod and wer 1 la1 j.
.A..vi. i.".u v. ... av m ,n - Jl
' irns nun inu isijiej f w --.
nri Im1 lA.,nlitM It,. ttu.flB4 lliiln
uu .,, ,v fc-.J...- ..H ...www ..",-.
brt)H-id alt three oi tuein to je nw ",
nvt, it n
ail BiUu io whirl w down the hallway, by.Oitotijr
eabfrd is sUU """JC. 'rled to onea. . . i
leeWmthUmomlmr. .ff A -V,,L5.i2SBW,1r!J,,,KV .
KVrPMtVn nv -.. ... ..... J"nil mr iuhobou. hum ar J.
ir.v.t. pitv ytn t...."."'.. .,-... cock, reacnen sscott tlty and reli'Sl
' vai a u.a auutiarv jiis. inn a. ... .. .
T... ... nn.i. i.... ...'.:.: I state or anairs to tne citizens, a larce nutr
which lndl'rate that thorece.it storm was ' tated in search of the missing Man.
ti,n mm iiMi . v. ....i,.i L..iZ The hones sre also missing, and It U be
.. ...... n.,y,.l V..,,UIMAVII ItlQ , ,,..,! . , . f l., h ,.-... ,, fc.... 11.
"VH ..l.fc WWII, .4,., .,l,l HU.9C3 aiV HOHJi
It Is (aid that Mr. rowetsou had revert;
hundred dollars on bis person. The relict
party brongh'.Meller In from tlio camp, and
it Is thought his lite will be saved.
It Is bcllcrnl tint the terrible report li
but begun. The above are principally from
tho Southwestern part ot the State. From
the Centra', the Western and the North
western part of the State no rcxrts have
been made. The whole western portion ot
Kansas Is dotted with claim shautlcs that
are mere temporary structures of rough
boards, and which would hot arford protec
If tho loss of caltle can lx spokriiot In
this connection lhat lay mil be most Se
vern, In some Instances entire herds have
Uii frozen, atul In other herds tha losses
Will tun from twenty to -nhiety per jsHtkV,
The great Irrigation dltdiesKaatjIk raJUj
roan cuts were uus.WHaua nsna tne
uaerrM.a4M snobs ssss M
Jt rmmUL lint
M pstWrllMod
iriul. a . . r Lll,t a...
'"f'1"! "w "lSBsai 4SSJB rsvaus. zue , mieruin the cue ta.
tmianoo oi the emw aMaapMnburt. tu, UH,ll8 exertion way haf
uxectntt-xs ware lamui nacanUy on the fatal attack. The nau'i nf Ml. It. v.
several Isnr Judgrnenis ajkii.at John W. i ard's sudden death -caused a profound
Mumper, or HunUn(iaih .'. i.wperty ! stnsallon throughout the city nnd for a
cerislstsof a bout nfJ8 fs)o( laud. Un ' t,lar "' lha abbt-nee ot aru'denullo details
the property nr'tmi'Lr aattta.one ' nmobar of wild minors wero circulated.
of tbe best uia at sMslii 1 1 saVbt tbe J" Uatard had accepted an Invitation to
state am) r ram nftata? i eaift fa Tlt,llis Cleveland at her reception
provewen, -nlianifa. mtwnrr. tunlty, and lhat lady and her,guest.. Mrs.
rrovenisn caasaa) M OUsreafs tjtirtas. t RU(, mn ljQVf ,, WBroro ,9 ,Mt
?v,th, w --.- u . H J rtcepllon, wero awaiting Miss Hay
Tne lienor Uank, W VvpflfU; Dalr , W, ,,,,,, wIl'on Ulcy twAylA tht news
sutpMtdsd ,tSyuient rrtty. , rf bsKijKith. The remains ot Miss Bayard
Ik tha Rotate, on tbe t4s)JMaW turn IH MNlAketi lo Wilmington. Del., this
rL? nbMon erltleatg tbsj as1tjt fcfUsi utrfiwjiero her funeral will take plaeo
efttwrreaiiont in making an arf nsguia. ' te-ameVriwJlitr rcmslns will bo burled In
ill tf ! m wrsewnurcnynra uiere, wtiero mo
with tbe 1 , itlab. authorities 14
DU '
Ameneana n,alBg- ln Canadian vr
Dut little ww, ltoE,, m (lyj House Uy.3
tbo lutradat.inB -'UfUMa
Anovues. f-old wave t)atia4 down over
tbe North t ten tbs ItHh. tV -nrvln
tbe thiman"trs was froiso up, and tfa
tbennomsur registered forty-ulght de"?
grew balow M ports from tbe ranges slate
that stock vq dolrg svoll.
OMXDsaa in a malignant term bas
broktu rut amount tbe borees It) the vlcin
Uyott'btatH.tlftsen miles west ot Joliet.
'" m ifi3tiv "ortsa belonging to ooo
mau wertvlMMjS ' An eptdetulq was
Iowa the
si vrtHUBJm fvwuwv. Alt . tbi, ,..
Mh .Johnioii
x ebiblrtn
' U .
sarTd'raollicr ot the Seerctaty and lev'
twsiuM enimren aro bunco.
fofc tJoSSii
aJKV, .i-.-i!
weVktiied by tb
S uk at Cre
s ex.
ntgb. tbe d
was destroy I
askip in on 1 90m Mt
Uouuuk I ento 0'
son and James T -lor v
u( unlawful eobsbltatlob a4
Suow delivered a long address
Til a tieonle t IlantUuke- Pa..
utetl. recwilly tij a rcpotbjiJji
flwt4 ifta4,tisr, v.in ' for
The Dynamite factor.
MAsa.. January 18. A molt
en i ulr,j(Io me etlntf of tha Irish National-
deH-'i! Bo,l" was held lu New Era Hall
ast evening, The spacious chamber was
erowdetl, John v0yle O'Kellly delivered an
eloquent ttddreas Iih5 ho advocated In
uifiiiMtloued enus tha ,. 0f dynamllo to
aid in tho subjection and dar.Dfall nt ling
Uh rtilB In Ireland. Outer sinkers were
? "i", i ''"'P J Doe'ty nnd the Hon.
John K. Fitzgerald who followed tho ex
amnio 0( ultir predecessor and guaranteed
their support to any movement toward the
mdepend.ep.co ot the I1UI1 people,
Kansas plains. Colonel S. S. Proutv. edit
or of tbo Dodge City Cuirboi, arrived from
Dodge City to-day. and states tbo death
nnd destruction wrought by tho storm Is
something fearful and positively without a
parallel In Hie history ot tho State. At
Dodgo City Iho velocity of tho wind was
forty-four miles p?r hour, and tlie mercury
ten degrees below zero, llasincss through
out the western halt ot tho Stato has
been paralyzed for two weeks past. Three
hundred men during the worst part
of the atorm wero engaged In clearing tho
track nt Sprarvllte, near Dodgo City. In
many sections on the Santa Fo lino tho
snow plow was Ineffective and tbo snow
had to to cleared by the alow process ot
shoveling. Tho stago fiom Fort Supply,
which was duo at Dodge Cily Wednesday
last, did not arrlvo until Sunday. Tho
driver encountered tho blizzard In Clarke
County nnd took refuge with his hones In
an abandoned dugout, where ho remained
for forty-eight hours wiUiout fuel or water.
Near tho duzoilt 111 which the driver was
cooped up lived an old lady and her two I
uaugnicrs, lu an attempt to ro.ch thoJ
iiouso ui n on on n aujoming riaanriaq.
two daughters perished In the storfTbo
mother managed to reach her son'TW
but was terribly frostbitten and Is In a r!ltV
eal condition. Tlie bodies of tlin jun
women bavo been recovered. iiy'
sons who wero out In tho-atotin nV", lg
and It Is tbous:.' they have iV'Mn&l.
Tho suffer!" among tho new settler un
liaijrii. Is beyond description. Most ot
them bad erected mcro wooden habitation.
Coat Is tbo only fuel that can bo obtained
nnd In many Instances it has lo bo hauled
soventy-flvo to oho hundred miles. In
Wichita County a family of sovcu, father,
mother nnd fivo children, wcru
frozen to dentil, Tho stock In
terests of Western Kansas, particularly
tho range oat tie, bavo received
their death blow It tha reports of the dam
ago from this storm nre true. Tlio irtlpit-;
lug ditch a short distance from rMiwlClty
Is filled for miles with catlla frozen lo'ccntrv
They bad taken refugo In tho dlteh from the
terrible wind nnd there died. Many ot Use
small herds ot tbn now settlers liavo been
entirely destroyed.
a i
A Fatal Jump.
ArtKAKSAs City, Anx., January H-
Matt Keys, colored, arrested at I.os An
geles, this State, charged wlilt robbing, and
killing a barkeeper at Jolmw.nvlllc, M tea.,'
few days ago. Jumped through thowlnow
pane of a coach on tlinsoiilh-lxnindjtrstii'n
fulv Ittindrtwl Vfll-af. rmm TrlnnA .1 lijtVit.ia
dashing out his brains nnd lillliiiglll&ielj
Instantly. He and his brother itrueU't&tlr
Parsou Downs had been readissg
mony for Ills coming trial, I
with his lawyer. In tbe roones)
syndicate for lhd(ciief "a 'U
low. He had lost Maafcetl the
"When did yon Twivb Xre. Tabarf
neani tuc uneatwiy yny, M J'
nis ictit anu wcu. up 'srew
bound hallos ar.il coatlcM a
nur flying behind mra. ik mmmm' ks, ,.
the door to Wllklns room, troaad trbMh $ii
t,. .nl.r It. nnmt WltVtnt. ttf.m lit' '
v ..,.. ..w .... ww mmmw K'.-,.
rM'iX t,
Jk . Y. -
& . .
an. ! aV
"a?T.' T.
is ' i1'
JSaWfSBHjtW. V.I ;
t7ws1ssiWP ' J
"P1saaW' i
i. V. '
on the bureau, without a stttaa).
cimnin? on. wavinff & niaeir nmtm nw
his head and shon'ing t "I am Gad I
u'iu, uvifiin; ui iuu. J0W114 raiL jj
the bureau and grabbed Wllklns f
arouud the walsr As he did so, Wil
aimed a blow at Ills head with the f
I Downs ducked bis bead, but received
i blow ln f nil force upon bis right slioul
almost dislocating it. uo carrlcu
j klus to the bed, threw him upon It,
ncld him down. Judso Norton slifa
brjtly, was struck by a heavy calo ?U.y,e u.me ,,Lock ont i'arson, Jiei
. F .. n .. ' . - . , IT1I, .All "
ma ouuuiwcju. uaptain - .
A SnlltUry Survivor.
New York, January 13. Tlie schooner
Cassle Wright, 3CS tons, with guano from
Flrl Jslnhla to Savannah, off Frylbgpau
rjKli a j on Friday, the 8th Inst., and while
leaini. ,
nf tv. I
Oark unfdTSC ..,i.in Vridrnd.i.,i f,,rl After Downs got Wllklns down,
;rnpcjeii;uy uracil bis i "'."" "a,"D ""h
llrake Jail.
roriAit Br.tirr, Ma. January 16,
ueorge Jaebwn, Jehu Wilson, Jack Hurd,
vlcllni with an ox over the counter In; hit
saloon, ami then robbed tbo tafo ot $;s&'
The dottd prisoner had been proaeulna.and
feAchinj; school lu the neighborhood ftbeie
he was apprcheuded, and leaves a wife, and
tbreo cli.lidreu.
cieatest sulferrM
aud giulfAttf.,Haiv-;tali41iig,iate
uiHLSi---CTilTylJNSJiawtat -,'
AIleialiodrMMrr Train Tears Its Way
Annua tiring A llol.t Engineer.
NKW. ioIik, January IS. Yesterday
mortilng tha uoith-bonnd express on tbe
New Yoik .t Ixmg Island Itallroad, filled
wllh prominent business men coming
to their olllces, was near Matasran and
was about to go upon a trestle bridge
500 feet long, when tbe cars wero de
railed by a broken frog. The cars, after
dropping down on the ties, ran across
tbe bridge, snapping tho steel rails Into bits
and tearing the wooden structure into splint
ers. Tho rear car lost its trucks and ran a
long distance on Its Door beams. (Icorgo
Clicknor, the engineer, finding It Imposs.blo
to stop tbe cnglue, which was tearing along
?s)t the rato ot thirty tnll&s an hour, saw that
'tha only hope lay In Increasing bis speed.
,Ilo threw open the throttle and thus pre
venting the cars from toppling over tha
-bridge. The ears swayed trout tldo to side.
but they were saicly carried out nf danger.
Tho passengers were more or less shaken
up, but nobody was seriously butt.
- a i
A Cava-In at the ilapueiiilln Ore Mine Kn
. tombs a Number of Mluert.
ri. ...,.-.,. 11. 1. .. A . ILL
Ai,uuitiv3i a. .laiimrr it. '. iciiidis
.care-In occurred yesterday afternoon at
.ruvMiiiionse liap, at Ilia llappcudln ore
nlna aud burled quite a number ut men.
Intense excitement prevails and It, Is
thought that perhaps a dozen wcru en
Isnibfd. The following bodies have been
uivhi tfauicn oilmen, loavt-a a wiie anil
tlirso children; Frn.ik Kck, leaves a wife
andodu child; a I. Miller, single. The
aberrance ot the dead bodies showed
that tbe men had been suffocated. When
found they were in an upright position.
'with tools In their hands.
Boaulort, "t
vessel on Friday u'
west of Capo Lookvtl
m1lp rflkt. nf Ttnnrnrt Tte
ard was swept away soon after the
struck. Ono sailor was drowned tuC
tempting to get ashore, and another v
knocked overboard nnd lost on Sunday
by the breaking oi uie mizxcn mast.
The Captain and mate froze to death
on Sunday, and ouo sailor ou Sunday
night at eight o'clock. Another sailor,
the unly que of the crew left, wns rescued
jcstenUJr about ten o'clock by a crowbf
natives. Tbe'natlvcs, tojvi"Tr ot
nearly fifty racn5,wlttiral boaUttpat
tlicy carileil acro the banks, stayc-n on
thu beach from Stturtlay unUl ycatf.niV
In'UVnorst epcll of weatlier thi Av0
baTe had for many years and made 6-cry
eXort In their power to reach tbo iruli.r.
ori.,butllie wind was blowing ri gale
right on the bcacb, making a trcmcudous
sealn which no boat could live.
Tic rescued man did all ln his power
to keep his companions Imm freezing.
Uo beat end kicked them constantly, but
to no purpose. They would sleep, and
sleep krought death. Tho crew oi the
schooner were without auytblng to cat or
It there
bteu saved.
Efflelancy ottbt y.!fe-Stn Seirvhie.'
Wasihsqto.v, D. C, January 'Wti-RtH
porbs.rccclved at the offlce ot tbp 'General
Supcrlutcndent ot tho Wlc-Saving Service
show that fifteen vessels wero driven
ashore within the scope ot the operations
ot the scrvlco on tbo Atlantic coast lu
the great stnrui of Friday night. The
crews ot fourteen vessels were rescued,
and ouc, that ot the schooner Mary Q. Farr,
which enmd ashore In flames lu the mid
dle ot the night near tlie Spring Lake Sta
tion, Now Jersey, was lost. To this ves
sel no aid could be rendered. Tbo litest
reports Indicate that thera wero but two
living peroouH aboard her whea she
m a
A, GoriuMi llutocantt. .'"
Culoone, January 12. InWltees:
lias hecn received hero trowfiAW'.fc.'
Chanclle ol a fatal lira, tbattutrsswtwf oa , I
Friday last at that place. XtSj tV ,
i......, ... ,...t. .,.... m.hia '.m,i x.t'.i.- r
uunn-il w4 apiiiuiii uiiu, . jii Htwiri
lime tue urn uruito nui. uiy iiiius.
were at work. The flatsiSvs
men came In and helped to .hold .
Then tlio police were sent for. t
liiroo of thpm tn rarrr Wllklns tit
j"8taUon-boM,Aftcr they had got
Vfram'u,N. -i .
, ?-
m .wjw .i l
'x tJk -;
TIT ' flaw
wat v
nasssr j f
IVPf af m t.
"fit sB '
tsMsBsMtssal f
,35 .
atat ''JFt
1 ' -v .. 'cr vr"- wrt.
Jtran, sue -wewiiriy ewr.,i ,.
m '
.T"U2a wti rs
,wnn, , nt.'wi"i.iii -jjjm
wH. suffi'jitw Ulctisely wheKTutlii
from, Willi byster, Hwsiinurtt
an hour bc'oravtbcJuitel wss rcstorwi
lbs normal IMet,!aah-efl ttMt rU
heaved a d( slgtt aV?ha"W: .'
4iiai was ui-wocccuc svr sq
In the lnrkc,rjtgaej: I:ost tbtn
ever had stlsWZ.ualajMat bat,
Tliank GOrt that WirSK .silTsJasVot;!
room before he killed his wife." Willi
1 will probably bo sent 10 an asylum to-laaT,-c
rarson uowns' shoulder is very palrds
but he Is not Nerloaly hurt. 1 ,-.
He UrlT. Hit 1)ugl.r. M,l Her .JsSjSH
From Ills Door to Fcrltfc by tfcw J.eajsF
" fi-t '
mkw mutnaovo, pa.. .Imnm: lat-t
u,a ;
vesteruay morning Ws&KaWMHdri&
and her two-jewr-eM (jWUawsasJawnd f
uiu tuatntutwo.sHiiSiS sewn siBf..Mai
1 . -t ,. s - i . . , r-v - fc 1
trout Wednesday nigut, uie 7tuMrervbottee.uad wjr Mm Jaaaaaai of W -
. It Is reasonable to supnoso-tb. latrrar. Mfohn ,auir.- UmLm i- ..-itT
had been a Ilfc-savbjswuUonm ,v.i Y uinrw hft HJ-. i'-r.Tri...iC. :
Lookout the six llvMiwawdibaYe; aliil rJ...j.rt.fi.lr"'-w'pTir"T? 1
nflgKjirTBsrv i" iwrBv-iirtt'Bij-Toiaai. luiaae 11
wriaLtn ,mk,k 41. . . w.t.,- ... -. . . . --7 J -
aflO'raBan?JwWJ(MrarUlrcr, 'i'ars fj
hand,-alid hcrfcrty fiiibk'ficrrtoiatsii 1 1
......H. UI. .UWVM.IUa , , , . -
A year ago ,M4w,r wWy,- Cautuui asA VI
for a while Ut Hionayflefler, Tnd wHk f I
lici uiiu iiwo railKWI mn am ircas
oniy amen sua HaaaaMljio exist,
husband died dartjc VjfJMonlreatu
uui Vi"ynn.. i la(SCI nis JOJO
two weak. . .-"rbtnklng trie
sofleued hw. lathe ai -m-t , .1.
71 t U'J-lS'. - --, -M ,
to hbjt
Tr j "lisrtf
1. JiBmvk
. I . -;ja
atri .sjasa.
tsapg. wfnassttte
rffn Aiiir-i..H?
-SBday to
iUS'r child.
lt. Yhci
was wrapped
'fyu.rtiner Beag
i rt'inaius, ana
r uxe tuem
t Clerical Clopainent.
Mich., January U. ThursJay
lltllo Mlruilc. tho fourteoit year
1..S. !.. a. . -
r!i.ie..i ,, . wDCc"w wd oln daugliSr of John U Knnser, ot this
.... ,TJ "" Miwniy jii yese 1,- eivwteil from borne Shortly afts
' vr iiiijn uiu a preacucriiamru
Water Famlna at CUrttaud, O.
usvjKtasn, o., Janutty IS, The dy
.tened with a water famine. Tha
-s rmctmns which-wero kept at work at
eat. ut w
-as. . sat
.BB -wW
ln that
Jackson, Wilson and Hurd wero In
(a i.. 1.1 .,:... . . : ' .'" r"
ft. m ..': r:z v.yj.T M?.un: ? ,.ve. . .
HLi. ,tJ v.-.J J.' '""""' v 1 Wftft !
nj the afternoon
ling, tlie supply of 1
at work.
rapidly, ond soon
tlie whole structure. Me
rushed frantically for the.
efforts to escape, while
rom the windows, receb
juries. .JiMtecnoi the
In tha saw.
, MWM 4'
s . , "A sjalw-BioodatTliiteherr,
. afcsraY lsc, January IX, it
'aassatiifSjtBaBBaaahtatlon Is ronorteil from
fitfmt fssaja' County About oue
s m sat saasmsu; iuq wiie 01 j.ime
iVt) asMte, J MA a negro eta
sM, t
mm. i
lie ar :
i jT
'',JwK. 11
..VlA ft. r.... -
January lMsJbt
nt sport qi 11119 cor.
night at bis roonf Jn
Tlie. deed was- ooi'ftllt
jwiw wtiiys 'oiock,iH'1IJi.j Bjca
tCK-easjajisw t. Httrnt "mJHm- Jva
nf 11-lbaWisall fir its 1 1 isttaUs., tiMt-J
1 wiy7Hr -Krf.ici, oi- jimm
bads, fcraitti erv - .-Mr-ess
JusMsaWaBWiamrsw-J'f .""IsW !-
1 : , -u4.imiBBBtianaBBBBDiv?sr
' lf Br'1aBEHsSL
S4twe,aMliai4 A
Uvtb- bdkn Al rV-fTdflbJfta
u" -t .j isair " 1 Kff?
1 -' aau TW1H'" asj)ffusraW i"
dasjtfudi WMi Tr;ci?iai tb.
Jter th- tawavalsi v! JX .bllv)Mi
aaamV " we '. -t in i -
pmarmmm 0 ,
nn r. " )33fc ttiLd
.kt4 bytti Ma,;tjl yWl
.. ' 5
Wrr.j.ir'V"mTL.l m ? ' mixsBLmatWmw;w2y- iXmr--, ,.. n I'm.sj
m- !. j.
"s ,
T -"r .bjjjtija.r4woiihiuWuUnUw()ft v.u:di, .
u if and tlsiar 1

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