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Indian chieftain. [volume] (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, February 04, 1886, Image 4

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Hd'SlVllW"1 '." P0"' mM '"iking- entid
Mvii,?hilin ,lmMi .Incident upon th.
A klndlr, unpretentious heart,
rjW.r word of d'eer- . ,
aootl f riloir mi tlio otio acclaim,
i ! "I"' "" Pno M ended,
For n()ne, bnncafb Its bumble mask,
'if bravo toul oomnrohended.
II csmoain wend a laborer)
?tio world makes llltlo mention
i,1c.V":?i'r.'.ho,.l,M '" Wc' "don
. awilitir to attention.
Al,,.1roUe'k,'Jt tho humble rouud
JJh tincompfninliiir lips,
Biitlol berorohlsriatlr-iiteoul
Uprose Christ a cruclllx.
tJSJLw!.,"",r,"", unheralded,
v- 'rial boitr RipntiTd,
"rJ,,"J'li"-t Mt "r banners proud.
Tho hero tplru clipoicil, '
!' "' t'ononlh iho ticsctierout innd
"iT" fn,m ',,n". r.lcrtilt) -o,
Hcnrcn! tho timber, shrlnkl
81g.'r J"P ow he h"llr fCMiui
Blow srtllas rsrib nmt Iraine
f -iJ!i! ''j"", o,"e uiirttorlntr n.l
'. Ucrnnw enn olnhn
?. t5'"'.l.n";e f!r-olernlllci,
Iho ilntltie pcomjIii tpenieil.
With nshou fncoj ficamed. - - -
11 wiT.'" nt ''"'. r0'' Mo"1 ""
Whiio rnooil, nnd l, oloro set
Tlipugli tlcHlh ri mi. .J tilt meniclnalr,
llOVOItld noilomn it (t
Thank tin. I Wlttiimseifltt bound
-a- wvil4 HIUUIIUi
Tnlr l'.ino, as on lliy Icmpio hl.h
,T ayo tho tinmen ol men
W ho periled lire ror other" asko,
roinctiiot Kiutiwr then
' fommoti wnya, -imnie ooiumon man,
o now him, )nr hy joor.
JJcjiclil tbo kiv i Ion r.
lima U Alner. In IXtivit lYtt rrtu.
Startling Bnorlonoo with Thorn In
tho Qroat Florida Swamp.
1 hud boon employed by tho Groat
Improvement ami llcolnim Company of
Mobllo to cxploro nnd map certain
lands in Florida It Ing tvoll down on the
edgo of tho great Cyprus Swamp. Tho
company had pitrelms"d nearly ono mil
lion acres of wild land In tho location I
liavo mentioned, and It wiv necessary
for some ono to visit il and walk trvcr
Miost of tho ground beforo it could bs
put Into tho market In the manner con
tcinpliwted. I had been on tho ground
mrce wcox having two men with mo,
when tho ndvonturo happened which I
nm nbont to rolwc.
One morning th (hrco of us left our
cabin loltln ono ot tho lakes on tho
upper St. John's for axrnmp, intending
to return bv pwr!g ' , u
l'iU)d I.. ) llu I p W pliy ih inn
natea the rarieti.'s ol trawls, nnivr if
Ifio tjiI and otui r .l kitb. of mMr-
Oa three dlffereat o.u4un. wj IikU
cii'-ouo -if 1 wbito mn in the- dense
find lo luJy o t ami knew from tiiclr,
"TBOUMBBH" TALKS. Osftgo chlUlrrn from tho 0Wgo n.
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rtTT -fctR: rj-a, Lf.M
Bwonwi k a nuil-l-il Kf
fultiitinn it wm decided Uist I skonld
irtmit to ctmp, RFut the men would
JtuA on by oonipMUcovorao4Uiin
irc. ,ina e.in. ui townnl nljht. li
Iwre I i.idciv mud thudisUucolo oimp
I was near icronniing out with thopun,
and my arm was puffing up with the
TUore was a remedy In tho medicino
chosft, but it was full hour before the
palrl-ww. Mlloicd. Thon I began to
fcol sleepy, ilnd I bunked down and
was soon fast asleep. At nbont noon,
after n nap ot two hours, I was awak
- cai'4 by tho sound of a human voico.
"Say, youl"
I opened my oyes to find a white
ronegado standing over mo, holding
ono of my revolvers In liU hand.
"Git up!"
I sat up. All our goods In c.imp had
been packed up and tnkon away. The
man who confronted me was tho wick-cdost-looklng
follow wo had yet met In
tho swnmpi. His hair and whiskers
vreroeo long and unkempt that little of
his faco except his ugly black oyes and
Jdlov teeth could bo seen. His cloth
ing -aa nrt cloth and part skins, and
It was plain thnt ho hd avoided civ
lUatipn for years.
. ...."Git tip nnd come," horowlcd.
viio ro you and what ,ln von
T J...... , l . . . w" J
i ucumuucu as i rcaouou m-
commanded, pointing
v : vrant?'
"Walk!" ho
"to tho west.
At that moment a third actor ap
peared, it wm a w oman tall, gaunt,
ferocious anddiessod In tho same non
descript costume us tiiu man. Sho
camu out of tho jnnglo to tho wwt, and
ne soon as nnr enough to make her
words understood sho suld:
"If ho won't move down him and tio
hla bauds and feet. A'o can toto two
Blch as him."
Sliw had tho other revolver In her
hand, and I noticed that both had
Jiuntlng-knivi 1 was unaimod, (.till
weak from tho effects of tho poisonous
Ming nnd entirely in their power. Tho
woman struck Into tho jungle, I fol
lowed and tho man brought up tho
rear. x
Aflcr a wnlk of about a quarter of a
MUD WO roacllLll llin limit- nt !.,. tobn
Tieil to a treo by a rawhldo ropo was a
floating cabin. Tho foundation t as a
rouglt-inado mow, and the uppor
it oiks, as they may bo termed, con
elsted of a long, narrow and stoutly
raado hut of logs. Thoro was a ohlm-
. noy of mud and stloks, from which
imioke Issued, and two pontons wero on
tho bank to rcoolvo us. Ono was a boy
-..uf.twclvo or thlrlron, and the otln-r a
gill two or three years oldor. Tnoy
lookcil more like wild animals than
human bdlngs, and talked In a hm-
5 ungo no strange that I could not un
crstaud a wtrd.
"Go ahead," said thj man, as I halt
ed on tho bunk; and I followed tho
woman aboard of the scow and Into tho
caulu. It waB a howo In which thcru
was but ono loom, with tho hides of
cattle thrown over tho wild Houthorn
mossfor beds. There was nottove, but a
601 1 of liioplaco mado of stones, with
two or throo Inn kettles on the hearth
-us kltulicn funilliiro.
Tho vlotvs I had through tho opon
door nnd tho chinks between tho logs
showed mo that tho craft was kept near
tho shore. Whllo tho pcoplo seemed In
ho great hurry to got down tho lako,
they kept tho scow moving at a fair
paeo until wo woro about thrco miles
from the placo whero wo had em
barked. A landing was then hiado In
tho mouth of a creek, and tho scow was
entirely hidden from sight of any ono
on tho lako. Hunters and tourists, and
oven small plcasuro steamers camo up
from tho main river as far as tho lakes.
It was mld-aftornoon whon tho boat
was tnado fast Tho pain and swelling
had now entirely departed from my
hand and arm, and tho helpless feeling
which had como over ino when first
captured had given way to a determin
ation to help myself out of tho scrape.
If 1 could get hold of my riflo I would
bo a match for tho whofo four of them.
I counted them as four, becauso tho
boy and girl had hunting kuhes, nnd
would surely lako part in tny scrim
mago brought on. Tiiclrlooks and ac
tions tiroved tills. Tlmv mntnlninnil
their places directly In frontof mo, and
their eves never left mn fur n rom1.
Thoy held their knives as if they ex
pected an attempt to escape, and meant
... mii mi nun um ii i inca k.
Wliilo tho boat was moving there was
nu biiow lor mo. a scoro ot alligators,
somo of monstrous also, followed us In
procession, and I had but to look out
upon tho lako to rcallzo thnt It was
nllvo with those llorco reptiles. One
who Jumped or fell overboard would bo
sourcci as soon as ho slruok tho water.
ioi a wont was addressed to me
until tho boat had been tied up. Then
tho man camo in, took a sfnglo-bar-
iun;u iiuo irom un u or inn niher neii.
and, after a fow hurried words with tho
woman ontsido, jumped ashoro and dis
appeared. When ho had gono tho
woman entered, lighted a plpo and,
Bonding tho boy ontsiilo to watch, sho
sat down in his placo with tho cockod
ruvohcr on hor lap. Sho hndafaco
which botray-d tho mind of a beast.
"Woll, what aro you going to do
with mo?" I asked, after a while
Teed j-ou to tho alligators," sho re
plied. "Where haiyour husband goncf"
"To kill tho other two men."
"What do you want to murder us
for? Wo have in no waj injured you."
"Wo was whipped anil druv out of
the settlements, andwewantrovengo,"
sho grow led.
"lint wo had nothing to do with It,"
I protested, In a firm tone.
"Can't help that You camo poach
ing on our claim," sho answered.
"Hut we'll go away."
"IguiMjyou won't. Wo never let
any ono git away to tell on us!"
I said nothing further, "but I by no
meant, looked upon myself as a dead
man. If wornt camo to wowt I would
ItA (t.n... ft..t. , . .
a..v,.iCU,.ui2iii. i otiuin not movo
It'll, Willi klllfo ."ltd bllllM IHMlllu- for
me, nnd doomed it wiser to settlo back
and bide my time
The manhnd been gono about half
an hour whon the faint report,pf n rillo
-s;nj r ii thr uli Un- ''truss. ti.
i iinna had bcu lit niuf for It, and I
' ii . me the rare a Mart and cilod I
on t ,
ker gee- jmmi of Vra '
"lliO'f ; aKcd.
'On... ..f yumr psrinera. Dan has
drooped him for ! "
Tlirai Wis sueli a ffenrifch, blood
iiilrsfy look an her ftwd tliitt I was ap
pall' J. awl the ftnmrt o8rriou, to a
on t.uulegrM, rti4 i tho faces of
th. . hltdrHjt.,J.ife do, thoy licked
Ui'irohor5wsMBnilo4 rtf a bloodx
tfcasU In shuHtlinKoD hour tho man
svp'-ared He had Vundlr of olothmg
in one hund 'lud tworttla and a rc
tob r n t' c other.
"Gil onf" th om asked, as he
.wsmealKjar.l tin ungiaitirjr craft.
Didi, t tU both?"
"K. llniii'ici got awajr. I'll git
htm to-i,iiit,' uc rvplied.
"Git much?"
Ha had in his hand thosultofclothts.
rllI-3 and revolver belonging to one if
my men George Slioen, of MobiU.
There wore blood-stains on the cloth-,
Ing, and as he unrolled the bundle I
saw a Uullet-lioiB through the vest. II
had killed the man and then slrlppol
him stark ntked. i'os, ho had boot a,
socks, hat,, collar, everything. Tit,,
other mau was llobert Jsokson, of Qn
oago, who had worked with mc for
years. He had not "got" him. Witt?
Jaokson was woll armed and a br.tw
man. If ho had lwcn present at tlu
supotlng of Sheen ho would not have
run away. Sheen had an old-fahiued
rillo: Jackson had a Winchester lie
would-fn turn have killed the outlaw
The two men must hawi Wn un,rAi.
cd, and tho outlaw musthavoambusbtU
Leaing tho children to watch no.
tho man and woman now cast the sccw
loose and tuiln.1 tirout !..... t...
hundred feet from c i iro. The sun wsk
mor, and I could not fathom tho ms
tery. Was it an Indian or another out
law? Moving so cautiously, what ob
ject had ho In view? ilad I onco
thought of Jackson, I should not lmvo
dared to bono ho had como lo my rcs
cuo through that walcrj and, too, I
could not havo bellovcd he know of my
From tho tlmo I first caught sight ot
tho llgnro to daylight Was probably an
hour and a half, but It scorned to mo
as If I lived llvo years. I had no
hopes that tho man was a friend, and
yot I could hot look for a now enemy,
rorhans, aflor all, It was only ono of
tho lofugco negroes, of whom scores
wcro hiding In tho swamps, who had
madohlswny to tho scow in hopes to
lay hands on provisions or clothing. I
kopt my oyes on tho spot whoro I had
last seen him, nnd, as ho did not re-appear,
I begun to fool titat ho had
slipped back Into tho water, and re
turned to tho shore.
Did you over watch tho coming of
dajllght when you felt that with It
might como somo -lifo or death trans
action? Tho first signs camo from
tho birds! Then, afar up tho lako,
camo tho crl88 of water fowl. A fox
or somo other animal stood on tho
shoro near where wo had tied tip tho
night botoro anil barked In an angry
voico. Tho slflr"pnlod and drilled out
of sight", and tho intilor of tho "cabin
began to light up until I could distill
gtiftli the forms of tho sleepers.
Wlieio was Iho strongo man friend
or cncnij? As if in response to my
quciy ho suddenly roso up, stepped
noiselessly Insldo tho door, and next
Instant a vtlco shouted at me:
"Keep down, Colonel: hug tho
floor!" 6
I rolled over on my face, and I heard
yells, scrof-nis and groans. It was all
over In thirty seconds, and somo ono
called: "All right, Colonel l'vo wiped
the varmints out!"
I sprang up to find Jackson standing
in tho center of tho cabin, nnd on tho
tloor lay the outlaw, w Ifo and children,
all ilond. It was as I had argued tho
dnj prot Ions. Tho two men had sepa
rated III tho woods Slioon to rettnn
directly to camp and Jackson to hunt
for suppor. Tho outlaw had ambushed
Sheen and killed him, and Jackson had
heard tho report of tho gun and beenmo
suspicious, llo hurried to camp to find
me gono and everything taken, and had
iraoeu us to tlio laKe. llo round indi
cations to prove that a boat had bocu
used, and ho followed tho shoro of tho
lr ko down until ' o found tho scow at
Not ono in a thousand would havo
shown his nerve. Ho know of tho alli
gators, could see a dozen of thorn mov
ing about, and yot ho disrobed, tied his
Wftpons across his hoad, and swam
straight for tho scow, and reached It
unmolested. Ho saw that tho onlv wav
was to wino out all tlio cane, and as
soon as da light would guide his aim
ho began his work.
When wo had burled our comrade
we .uado a close soaicli of tho floating
cabin, nnd wo found iinlisputnblo proof
of tho murder of fivo or six persons. In
niiumiKHKIPll UUfK'l WCit) tWO gold
anuturee slh or watches, several pock
et knives, half a dozen rings, and eight
hundred and twenty-fivo dollars In
gold, silver nnd greenbacks. As nono
of those artlclos could bo traced back
to their owners, and as vengeance had
overtaken tho murderers, wo felt no
hesitation in taking pos-cslon of every
thing for tlio benefit of Sheen's widow.
Tho last act was to set tiro to the
scow and push It out into the lako. It
was as merciful to consign I lie bodios
to tho fiamos as to seo tlio alligators
t!ht over them. Such human wolves
did not dosorvo burial. A'. Y. Sun.
It Fattens liens nmt Cauaae Them te Stop
An nmatour breador of poultry was
talking of his pots In our odlco, and ex
pressing his surprlso at triolmot laying
In wlntor, notwithstanding his good
houses and abundant food Asking
him how and what ho fed, wo woro not
a littlo surprlsod to loam that It was
his habit to feed them whole corn, and
all of It thoy would oat; and took occa
sion to say that It was too bad, nfter all
that h3 been said and wrltlea respect
ing corn as too fattening for laying
fowls, and tho injurious oU'ects of glv
Ins thcin too much, he, a constant and
diligent reader, should bo guilty of such
an error. It but Illustrates an oft-ro-jicnted
axiom, however, that all need
lino upon lino, precept upon precept,
hoto a littlo nnd thoro a littlo, and to
havo It repeated often.
Chemistry enables us to tell exactly
what Is wanted to produco an egg. Al
most any ordinary food that is not too
fattening will keep a cook In good
health and condition, but unless wo
give our bens tho right kind of food
tho supply of eggs will grow less. If
wo feed our hens nothing but corn thoy
become too fat.nnd egg-latlng cease.
Like all olhor domesticated stock, hens
need a vaiicty of food, and It tlici nro
supplied with those In proper quanti
ties wo aro much more suro of getting
what wo want. Wo may glvo them nny
scraps from tho table, either cooked or
uncooked, such as llesh, egctnbles or
bread. Cracked bones or ojstor sholls
aro uxcelient, so is wheat, cotton-seed
cako and sorghum seed, In limited
quantities. Grass, clover, onions, cab
bage, etc., nro relished and healthful.
Hough sand nnd gravel should be a
part of tho supplies as well, lions having
no teeth.
Too many amateurs feed loo much.
Fowls should never havo more than
thoy will cat up cloan, and cry fur
more. It is natural for all growing
and breeding slock to bo hungiy. 'llio
breeder using his intelligence villi soon
discover what is enough. The must
mini j 3 nu hopt soraiciiing, iintvmor,
nnd hunting, not gorged nnd sleepy
nnd idle. It must not be underslooil
iiiin in wnni wo nave sum we entirely
discountenance tho uo of corn. A
feed nt nights wo alwats prefer, but if
possible only then. If tlio houses aro
warm, but at tho same tlmo well von
tliatcd, they will gilnit up and utilize
a good feed of com befote morning
and then lustily call for breakfast.
Lggs aro eggs nowadays, and we do
well to seo to it, Hint we so keep our
birds as thnt thoy shall give u them
Just when otlieri don't know how to
gi t them. A ladj said to us IliU v, eok:
M two Itrottn leghorns lire luring
right along, and luant more, simnlr
for egg. I keep the Pit mouth ltoeks
for meat and eating fowls." Column's
llttral World.
UMiSmmULSl M E 3,
mTIiiilr fimATTTI k m.T'w-v 4'- .. . i
Of sun most blooming plants can
not get too much.
Never pick a bllstci with a pin. A
ttrcdlo is tho "nly sultnblo thing.
No foil In tho world is naturally
rich enough to grow gaulon crops to
nn advantage nnd profit; jo says
Joseph Harris.
When puttlngglycerlnoon chapped
hands first wash Ilium thoroughly In
soap and water, and whon not quite
dry rub in tho glycerine This process
will bo found much hotter than tho old
Seed Jumbles: A quarter of a
pound of lard, six ounces of sugat, two
oRS! n quarter of n pint of milk, half
an ounce of seeds, cither caraway or
pounded cotlnudoi', mid nearly a pound
of flour. Uincinmtli Times.
A small bar or rod ot iron, flat nt
tho end, If reddened In tho firo and ap
plied for two or thrco minutes to tho
head of a rusty screw, w ill, es soon ns
selves. Kncli sldo alwata has a crowd
of witnesses. I'vo had a man como to
tho houso with a rag as big as a bed
quilt wrapped about Tils head and tell a
most pitiful talo as to how ho had been
assaulted and almost killed. When
tho rag was taken off ho would show
up sometimes a scratch that might
iinvo ocoii mnuo oy a pin, nnn some-
Kentucky I'srins I'roitucllrr After m Call!
ration or HeTrntjr-llti. Vrori.
The ovidonciM of this fert'lity aro ov
erjwhero apparent. Nature, oven In
those plnccs where sho las been forced
for naarly a hundred yours to bear so
innch at tho hands of a not always ju-
iiieious agriculture, unceasln;
0.-i.nlI llenulr Which KiceeiU All l'aat
There Is nn oriental beauty In the
full-dress fashions of this season, ex
ceeding all past memorios. A skirt of
softest creamy-white satin Is coveted
with another of gold-tinsel laoe of full
draperies acras tho front In t.ibl or
de-sign; plaits aro olouly laid, una
over tho other, on tlio left side, ami tin
reminder of tho laoe U carried over
the touruuro and nlncLil in tlm n.
ic low-cut cordage
It heats tlio sorow. render its withdraw.
1 onsy by tho screw driver. Sctenlijto
Winter pasturo Is tho best for horses
whero tho legs aro to bo improved,
whllo spring or stimmor pasturu Is bust
for tho renovation of tho geuoral health.
Tho bnrreunoss of pasluto in tlio win
ter keeps tlio carcass light, and tho
coolness of iho ntmosphero linos and
Improves tho legs. iV. Y. Times,
A farmer's gaidcn, planted In rows
clear aeross tho patch, and cultivated
as far ns posslblo by home-power and
given as good cultivation ns tlio best
fnrmors glvo their corn fields, will re
quire only half an aero to supply hall
tlio ll Ing of tlio nvcrago family and
add laigoly to the health of iU mem
bers. Cleveland Leader.
Testing nnd mnrklng sheep, to aid
tho flockmaslur in grading his flock, so
as to cnablo him to know which ones
should be sold first, Is not sufficiently
piactlccd among Itockmasters. Yot ft
Is a systom which would work great
good to tho shcop intorcst. Ily this
method tho owner always knows tho
value of each sheop, nnd this Is a groat
advantage to him In culling and sorting
his flocks. Salwnnl Slorhnnn.
A novel plum pudding Is mado
with ono pound ina.shcd boiled carrots
or potatoos (carrots arc better), ono
pound beat suet chopped line, ono
pound of flour mixed Willi molasses,
ono pound of dried currants, ono
tonspoonfiil of lrround clover, one ten.
spoonful ground cinnamon, ono tea
spoonful of ground allspice, one toa
spoonful of grated nutmeg and a littlo
salt, lloil for three and ono-hulf hours.
3f'ie Cook.
"In orfor to utlllro In tho
garden tho wnsto from tho house
nt tlio least oxpiMise," snvs l'teL's
Mngatine. "nut into n barrel a lnor
of soil or ashes, nnd tli.n Iho waste When tho process-server called nt tho
irom ino house. Keep this ilceawns
0. W. GREEN.
Widespread C6mnW(lon 6ittuierf by tlifl
Terrlblo Oonfesalon 6( A rhyilclaiw
An Intereillne Spot In the Heart of Narr
York Cltj.
Pollco-Captaln Allalro asserts that
his precinct, tho Tenth, Is tho most sin
gular in tho oltv Ho said to n to.
portcn "Thoroaro no lessthan twenty, hare as It has elaowhoro. Apparently It
thrnn Inn minim .L v.. it i n I caused even more commotion in Ilocheatcr,
rmW ' J.W ir . . 'n?. . asthofollowlngfromthoasmopapcrahow.
only goes from Houston to Division Dr,j n. Honlon, who la well-known not
strcots and from tho lloworv to Norfolk only la Uoch6lor( but In nearly every part
strcot. tls a modern lkbol. and nn ?!rtJ!52tftW-'teJl!tfi?i
iniiurniuw unjrp ."(S ttmiv.,. ira.w.j ,-.."
The story published In thoao cOlnfnAs' re
cently, from tho Ilochoator, N. Y.t Vtmoertl
and VhronleU, created a deal of comment
a modorn llabol. and no
mistake. Tho most numorotts class Iri
tho precinct aro tho Polish Jows. Thoy
aro tho qucorcat as well. I think thoro
must bo an agent stationed at Castlo
Garden who tolls them whoro tho po
llco stations nnd pollco courts are, and
as soon as tnoy got faiily sottlcd tho
i.nnv 10 go to lawauout something,
doesn't seem to mako any ill (Ton
flalicd, detailing his romnrkablo eaporlenco
in.) resctfd from whntsecmod to be wrlalrt
death. It wotil.1 be ittlpbttlblo to tnurnqrAtO
tho personal inqullltn .width hare bocrl
mniln nt our nfllra nil to tlio VlfJllV 6f tho
artlclo, but thoy havo been so nuhWoflj
that further Investigation of tho aubJcCD
wns doemnl necessary.
oy With this end In vlo w a ropresontotlvo of
It this papercallcd on Dr. llculou nt his resi
dence ' dcuco on Andrew atreot, when the follow'
thov nnncar as iMalnllff, or I "3 nterriew 'tTCctirrwi ; omcie oi
defendant.. '!." I...I il. ,. - .. V. y9ur"i Vrar, um croetro nu.w wuu.-
------ - mv . inbiii tUiiiu e.u ntititi nrn inn CTiinrnnnte naiaiiin Liinu'iii'
tho station when thoy cot tainly had'nt i bio condition you wero In, and tho way you
been In the city a week, and wcro as i tvoro rcocued, sucli as you can sustain I",
Mn..ni . t.4....lt.i. .i. t .. ... 1 ii lvi.rv onrt of llifltn nml Innnv nclaltlon.
'o ,,onoX'cq31y &&J&8S$?i
b,vt" M,.w "i 0.13111111, ur iu nil-
swer to a complaint for nssault them
did not think I was sick. It Is true I bad
frequent headaches; felt tireUmosB of mo
tluioi could oat notblnc ono day and bj
ravenous too next: leituun limns
atomach was out of order, but I
mln. nnd toy
rat I did not
think itmoantnnythlnir serious. Tho mod
Icnl profession has Iwon treating symptoms
I Instead ot dlMosPH for years, nnd It Is hlRh
' tiino It ceased. Tho symptoms I bare Just
mentioned or nny unusual action or Irrita
tion of tho wntor channels lndlcnto tho ap
proach of kidney disease morotbnn acouiih
announces tho tomlng o f coniumptlon. o
wound of any kind. If by chnnco ho
siiouiu navo occn cut suiiicicntiy to
draw blood ho is In his glory, llo
takos a delight In smearing tlio blood
all over his face, and ho would no moio
think of taking n drop of it off until
tho pollco had seen it than ho would
of iljing. It's evidence, you know.
"Thoy aro remarkably shrewd In a
business way, too, and whllo they arc
not as a rulo dishonest to tho extent of
downright robbery or thievery, thoy
will do almost anything for tho sako of
turning a penny in the way of tradr.
Tho only pcoplo that can bent them In
tho way of tricks aro tho Chinese. I
remember a caso that occurred somo
tlmo ago that will show tho difference
between tho two in that way, Thero
was a certain Polack In tho precinct
that got n contract to mako a number
of shirts. They wcro to bo delivered
laundered, and ho took them to a Chi
nese, laundry In Christie street. I for
get tho Chinaman's name, but will call
him Wall Lung lor tho sako of tho
story. At tho appointed timo tho Po
lack called for tho shiits, but had lost
tho ticket. 'No sabo Inglcuo; no
tlckcc, no shlrtce,' was all ho could
get out of Wah Lung, and ho camo to
tho station for help. Wo could give
him no aid, and so ho went to tlio city
court and got a warrant for Wall Lung.
llincs ho would bo without a slzn of i do not treat tho cough, but try to help tho
a a i1' . mnrra. ivnniintiiii nn
tho kidneys, tho sourco ot most of theso all
st. Wo should not vrnsto our tlmo Irv
ine to relievo tho headache, pains about tho
body or ether symptoms, but fro directly to
" This, then, is what you meant whon you
said tbt moro than ono-hnlf tho deaths
which occur arlto from Drlgbl's dltoaso, is
" Precisely. Thousands of dtsonaca nro
torturmc pcoplo to-day, which In reality
aro llrifrht's discaso In somo of Its many
forms. It Is a hydra-headed monster, nnd
tho Slightest symptoms should stiiko terror
to every ono who has thorn. 1 can loo'.,
back and recall hundreds of deaths which
tih slclans declared at tho tlmo woro rallied
Luy paralysis, n)oploxy, heart discaso, pneu-
uiiruiU) umiui in. iuivi .viiu uuii-l vuiuiuuu
complaints, which 1 seo no w wcro cauwd by
ilrlRht's dlsento."
"And did all theso cases havo slmplo
symptoms at first t"
"l.vcry ono of them, and mlKbthnvobeoa
cured as I was by tho timely usoot tho same
remedy. I nm Retting my eye n thoroughly
opened In this matter and think I am help
ing others to oo tho facts nnd their osslbIe
danger also."
Mr. Warner, who was visited at bl cstab
ment on North St. Paul ttrcot, spoko very
"Jtlslruothnt Prlght's discaso had In
creased wonderf ully. nnd we- find, by relia
ble statistic thnt f rum TO to 'SO, IU growth
wns over 2.7) percent, Look at tho promt-
nont mon It has carrlod off, and Is taking
vegetnblo mntter covered with nn Inch
of soil or ashes, using wood or coal
ashes. Once a week In winter, or
(dUner in stimmur. cover with half an
Inch of lime. The Unto will bo slack
ing, of course, and should be kept drv.
Knrly In spring empty tho contents of
the barrel over tho garden beds and
spado it In."
off every yeor, for whllo many aro dying
apparently of paralysis and aiioploxy, thoy
nro really vlctlmsof kldnoy disorder, which
causes heart disease, paralysis, apoploxy,
?i , cnr!v ovory woolc tho papers record
too death of somonmminent tnnn fmt.iil.li
scourge. Itecently, however, tho lncreaso
four large pud's,
anil short sleeve are massed with flow-
.t.... . ..11 .1 . m . . - .
Kuitiii nun uown, nnu our side of th
Inko was In a deep shadow. When thj
JfAII our camp cotilpniro had been ro-
rnoved to Ihu cabin, nnil mr VVln!..io.
tcr Kllu StOOll In tlio corner A. thin
was then a new arm I did not bullovo
flioy know how to m.o it, but my ro
tolvor wtra Colt' old patbern and
Joadcd with powder and used porous
tlon caps.
"Sot lliar,"' said tlio woman, as sho
pointed to a corner.
I wont over and sat down on the bed.
It was not the corner In which my rifle
stood, but th- weapon was not moro
than ten feet awsv. Tho woman thnn
wtUI nometlilng to tho children In tholr
uwn Jiiojigrul (llnhct, and both of them
aat ilown facing mo and only thrco or
our foet away Then man and wlfo
ewt off lha roSe, ncbctt loug poles, and
wnMftiitly tho boat slowly moved down
ii lako u Iho north T1-u Jako au.
Hi. MtlaVit laliU jAxmml W 1.. -J
scow had been anchored by a stone, tin
pair inspected ino personal propertj
and counted the money taken from the
yictira. Tilt outlaw then waahed the
uiuou irom iii unmts.
When they entoinxl the cabin, pr
house, tho woman produced some cold
meat and hoecako and threw hunks to
onch one, Inoluding lnjsolf. It wis
only nfUr the provisions had dlsap
peaied.I eating mine with the rest.tha
the man addressed mo.
"bee jure, stranger." ho said, "what
brought you up yere?"
"Looking over lands." I roplleO.
"Urn! Who be you?" fe 1
I told him. A f "
"Didn't count on seelu' Iljaoltl),
I reckon'" ho sneorcd.
"Which is unforttltiit fur von .Vx.
killed orj land hunter who ovcrSc
fut on my olalm, and 1'Jl keep k'HIln1
""v- VH11V&
"We didn't coma here to dlsturuTr
annoy you," l said.
"It sjlst the same thing I'm
on me null human raca fur th
I've bin used, and I'll kill when
kin git tho oli n nee. I've dropped!
u .luuiu juiiers. ao-inorror t'ltl
uinor. nnu turn taxo Lnur nrv
I f, .. .i i i-.. i .. .? "
r umr tiinr nun my uonn "
"Over lliar" was lha f.ir corunr nnd
ontirely out of reach of mv kVineljetor.
Whon I bunked donn in n.y comer the
gun was removed entirely, and the
famlh lay don n In inch a way at to
hoiu me In. For tho firnl three or four
hours they woro like cats, starling up
at tho slightest move, but toward mid
iiigm I was satlsllod that all were
asleep. I oould not reach tho flro-arras
without slipping over tho bodlo. and
thoy knew that any effort on my part
to loosen a log would arouse them.
About midnight, after a long aad
cautious effort, I aat up. Itwasastar
llght night, nnd, as Iheio wus no door
In the cabin. I oould tvo out. I was
full; determined to mako an effort to
05011110. but when I ennui In nsnvninitlin
chances, I had to abandon tho idea.
Tho alligators wero constantly about
us, often rearing up to paw at tho logs,
nnd unlfsi I could get hold of the fire
arms and begin the light, I should be
wiped out in any effort I made. I
think I slept for an hour ct two, and
what aroused mo I can pot toll. I was
allll sitting", and, as I looked out upon
Iho night I saw a human flguro, draw
iUclf tin 011 tlio bows of thnliost. t i
list supposed It ws one of tho family,
fill f n ll.fi,,.nnla nl.l.,.ll. f .. I
!': inuuil cuiiviliceil
1 his fliruro moved
iiuir its presence
longtime In rench
rn tanned atralnst
6 Wg rurvey ot Uic
ly slrii".
Rhs to cover herself with busltft. of nil ' tlicre aro oilier addition of rold-wmk.d
totU and luinoles annual weeds nnd ' " ; ,t'""' '," "'"" "' lllB popular col-
gra!t. Kven tho bluo-gi-.ts contends
In tain for oompleto possession of Its
freehold. One is forced, livlne hero
llib J.Jtr.l l.tprrlinenU na to the WUIH7
or Ste.li li the Kirlh.
Tlio yet tmsoltled question as to tho
length of time soeds will retain Utility
in the oaith i-ooeivcs new interest from
a paper by Prof. IJjnl, tlio well-known
boWulst of .Michigan. In 1879 ho de
termined to test by experiment tho
length of tiino somo common plants
would havo their seeds remain dor
mant in the soil. He took twenty
three kinds, and fifty seeds of each.
Kach lot of seeds was mixed with caith
taken from thrco feet beneath tho sur
face of land that had never been
plotted. The seeds and mixed earth
wureplnot-d lit bottle uncorked, with
the mouth slanting downward to keep
out the rain. Thty were burled twenty
tllllUl I'll!. lllfllin. h.tl.111. tl.d a..r,,fln TI.....
ors, ill several shinies, for both blonde ! afterward the bottles conlainlni? aciirim
er. Among new exquisite lull fabrics
w the tufted illusion. It has the effect
111 one style of a shower of rose-buds,
or pink and white daisies caught in a
great cobtvob. For dancing, train are
abolished, but there aro many superb
costumes with trains; a wlilte and
green satin gleamed like sea-foam
through n misty cloud of old point lace,
borne other tolloU are embroidered
vtitli gold In sprajs of wheat iu finest
needlr-work. The addition is ninth of
nrj pullings of embroidered tulle, nnd
l....l. ii. . -. sji f
the plico wasb.o changed in appear- geftnte0k,nJnjIeUaytlbUt0 thU to lho
anee us to nmko It hltogwthei tinrccog- 'Do you think many pcoplo nro afflicted
111iiuiu nnu nn nuogeiuer (iiuertlll i "" '"-"y llnouonol-eallroIt,
Plitnnniiin wn In Minrn.i 'Pr, .-,.- n,i "A prominent urofewor Inn Now n
tho Polack wns wild would bo miltlno- mr"c"l ."?.?. .!,"s. ifc.ty.r!''e..Mon I.I.
mUillv Ho never got the shirts ao had various fluid under nVicrosroplc nnftlr-
"Sometimes wo havo troitblo In mak-Inn-
out all tho different lintroes spoken
In tho precinct, but wo can ccncrallv
d somebody who can translnto for
" X Y. Tribune.
Tns farmer'
AjetiVt Jlirahi.
favorite veit Hiirost.-
ng receptlui
Is brocaded
and brunette. A charmln
tomuuu of licavy satin
.1 .. .. .., . . . .. . .
CIUM.-.J nnu iieuect, iiiii-blowu roses
lilac ground; tho
over Mm rinln.frobl
foliage-all most extiuisilel) shaded,
l'lie open frontof tlio skht is tlrn
1 Dei
jear after yoar,' to note, even though on "10 rose-tinted
without the least sentiment, the rich Jf"01''"1 Ullj droop
pageant ol transitory wild-boom that
HUM force a nutniri, for iualf nro. ii,.
land5oape.flnuamenUof colden d.inde-' l)i,0.,y' '" ''"soIosb the petticoat of Parmi
lions in tho lawns; vaat beds of iolobs I yehct. which is profusely liluimed.
gray and blue, in dimmer bosky "lados- I "." n ' ,vurko', wH" Pail, vtoltit
patebea of flaunting sunflower alone I Iridescent bead-. Foreign de.igns
tho road-side; purple thistles, and, of liat' '''""oduocd into some of these
deeper purple still, and fur donsor '""-"lucent fabrics the fashions of
growth, beautiful iron-weed in tho ' e'""?1"110 t0tiires wrought In Spain,
woods; wilh many clumps of rJdnr I . P'-C'",en of old silk from tlio looms of
Kansas enr, rcb :
CATTI.C-Shlpp'nir etccri... 13 M (I 4 1
Native cons :!l t a ,t
.. - lliilclir' (leers .. 3 U) . J n
ItOOS-OooJ to ehoico lieav .IN) ii In
l.'irbt . ... ... :il It i;
WIIKAT-.N... i rel Wft i
No. iii. ri k n r
No 2 lolt f.'.i) ti
OATS-Ni,. S K ( a
ItVli-No 2 , rt t
FMJUII-ranoy. per aack.. . 1 IS tk 1 h
ii. 1 1 ..art uniu.1 am aa a rj
llirrrr.li-( holes eronmerr.. S
i'IIKSSI.-Full crcsiii 1
KIKIS-flinico l
r.Aiin ,
wool. Missouri umrntheil. 1
ror.TOE8... .. .. t
.m. T. WIUIU.
CATTLU-Shlppln steers.... I G
- . Hiiiohera'ateera. nt
lions rnctinir an
ailKKI'-I'iiirlo choice ti
immt-flinlen , ... Ml.
1,11.,.. ...1,1 f.. u. It . , .
u.u.u, .i,i, i.i3i-eAiaii.iiiig paianos 01 I
,v.vii..i. uinvivovrrj, mitt groups 01
dolloato Map-apples, nud whole holds
of dog-fennel and golden-rod. And
wlty inontlon coarser things -indomitable
dock and gigantic poke, burrs and
plenteous nightshade, and mullein and
plantain, with dusty gr-i-greon rag
weed .ml thrifty fox-ttiil? an innumer
able throng!
Mie and pumpkins and boansgrow
together in a field a trlplo crop.
Nntureperfecls thorn all, yet must do
more, beareely havo the plows loft
the long fun.nvs beforo there sprltljfs
It. i n vup.u.l ...It. I .1. . '. V.
..j. .nu.., ,,i.i gruwiii, aim a louriu
Palermo are copied, luiving the ground
covered with curled scrrattfil lentes,
inos nnd the blue-llowored cunUury.
India silks of the gorgeous medieval
period are reproduced with flowers,
shells and lues in silver and gold, and
.leeks of soutlot and of gold nn I opal
shadings Good UoHtekceiing.
- i i - ,.. .
fallliful llelpara Win, Arr n'orn Oat hf
Vrnntlrtt lV.tr k.
Harilashiwi Iwen tlie lot of tl.efaimsr
In the past, before Invention came to
lualil, tlie wite of the farmer
rup, i morning-glories, fcsiojn the tall , HU far bWiind In tho advantage .
canbe?fV'. ""'nl '"' loom has been dl.oarded
Uenbvaridi dren aftirniaili. rs,i . l ' fWiiiRjriRciiine anil washer have
1,1 lUAPriWl,ltJioo and
ltftciiM, for ill Uwt.pcrJUli!iitJhoo i
TuJekIyllf5 their
i iv -.a.ti?.n?Bs
f rs5,3 ijidcwalk
rr TK wnu 'jiZSWUlifrti
m. JICB. BJBFflaBBKaHl,...
kt P- "Vaaaaami. r' mWKMit'
r.A. HK. , . "i.TWWmS
. w-sa aun' ';.-y." -r r--jf -oii
mmmjm TMrw "nOmmwft K
mni aaaaaBasKrsKjasr mu
;.in..v.ir jr-mmmwamwaaw i uoi
cvcriTviV jfiar 3nHMK.tPBBDt lJaH'"
Wnoimc209.'J3mW&' ..,aW8Vi
wwmkwkwimm! hiimm
in. I " TBfctf l--r-----.tfSiaJVB1TTrTcniBl&4 n,
i.rer, rili-inn3tU(nWnlBVor In nuAn out
pntw ah tuhdatl.TOfcTh'Snii, f the
, A.klud!Uraoat7re.Air.hinf.il'.nii ' lio
but n inoiiicnt'
ino to tho conlr.tn
cauticiulv. as if
unknown andwi
if velheiSj6oriiB offtlicje
Jan.U aftel? KlnjfTtSltrvatcd,- 1ioTf51.
,? ci'iiiilit illi. but alwat without
artificial f. niliz rs, for moro than
uirt'i i tiarurs Ol a centnrt. in ..
properly tr. nt..l. equal in pioducllve-n-sto
the host farming hmdsofKu
Bi ' 'i . n'?1',nl!' roa on. of tljojo
pld Ik-Id will take two illffeient crops
In a soason. Ho got two outiln-M of
oloter from a meadow, and has rich
gracing loft. A few of these counties
bin oat a time produced throe-fourth
of the entire hemp product of tlio
United States. The bliile itself ha at
illflercnt llmoj stood llrtt In wheat and
hemp and Indian com and wool and
tobacco and flax, and this although
half it territory Is oovered with virgin
forest. When .'and undur Improper
treatment havo becomo impoverished.
men wiuuiiumciiiM nai ueen restored,
not by nilillclal fertilizers, but by
slmplo rotation of crops, with nature's
own help. The soil rests on decom
posablo ilmoatone, which annually
give up to It In solution all tho essen
tial mineral plant food that n Judicious
system of agriculture should over rp.
movo. Jamti Law Allen, in Jfarner's
Mu gat inc.
irwenru unuabor of thv hott.uho d. it
ih. ftrnir$ vWfe still ha much hard
work to porfoim We may even add
that ihi ai ,-.. Iit sunerMriletl the old
ojm'flrypj ' , nnd soup-boiling and
l'ffiJfeD,!,iJi.' lir'' oceuiiatlon of the
wiljmt heTlBbor I still tlreaome and
iVfian tho bllsv ssaaon arrii-o. llin
Pjrdejt w-.rk falls to the wife, and
ijrytlilngil p. mis ujwu licr manage-
pi in or. r tn it tho labor in the
llnnav ll"t be retardod. 'lit, mnili
1st be done on time, and iu unknown
anlitlex. win! In r l.i.k of iflviiiv ut.
foil Ih 'miis with her liuslianir nud
lOTwi the tiimig tyrant In the cradle.
Tnrlet bo in two or more plncf at
" m wiiiic nor nutiiii must
IIUip my b at-cntud, but a it is ofMni
woro examined, and tho acorn found
ail tieca.tel In July, 18W, some hot-
tlos weie emptied into shallow, porous
saucers, set in a llltlo water In
a miiIIi window. In tins middle
Of .0ViMn!r tie cnrll was nirnln i con.v -Vo.
dried, and not disturbed till the I i!iT.!l0,-s
jr.,i. ,.f r ..n t . ! i",
m uiniu lunuwiiig, vtiien
the earth was again moistened, and ox
poied on test platei. Thirty-six of tho
LtMium Itrmnicum, or pepper grass,
soon grew; nineteen of Iho Amntanlut
rejlexH or pig-weed, grow, nnd of the
following: Ciiptella burm-jxutont, 30;
Anlheimt Oatnla, may w cod, H;
(UttolheraJtiennu, evening primrose,
10; Irtulaea oltraceu. 19: llmnex
crii, dock, II; Maria glnurti, fox- I u'lTrn-L-reirnVr'; '
tail grass. 13; Stetlaria media, chick- . railK "L" .'.!Z
wt'oii, wj; Tryolutm repent, white
clover, 2; Vtrbnicum Thapmu, mullein,
33. In most cnes Iho bnlanoo of tho
60, or nearly so, grew tho follow Ing
J ear, and in a fow case did tho feeds
sprout simultaneously n fact which
Prof. Ileal regards as exhibiting a wiso
provl.lon in nnturo to guard the seed
ling against tho .ot unvarying chapter
of aocicfenU. In the following oases no
immhI grew. Itngweed, Ambrosia ar
temuKtolia; black mustard, Vrumca
niyra; olieat, llromus seealinin; lire
weed, Rrteilutti hici aetfolia; Ly.hnis
QUImijo, tho corn cockle; Malm
rotumlifolia, common mallow,
one only grow; plantago
major, plantain; Polygonum llijilio-l-irer,
smart-weed; T,ua Uccitlentalu,
Arbor-Vlliai, and onli tint two white
cloter already noted. Somo of tlno
atqiearoil to have trieil to grow and
Ilirrnut-Crcnincry ...
1'OIIK. . .. ' I
COTrON-SlliMlliur ....
CATTI.n-Ehlpptnir eteers
HODS I'ncklnir nml aliliipinir
BIIUKI'-Fttirlo choice... .."
Kl.ouil-Wlnler wheat
tIII5Ar-No.Zrcl ......
UARt-Mo, - ,
uri: No
CA7TLK r,xpjTtt
IIOtlH Oooil tocholco.. . .
FIIUKI1 Coinniiin lo uooil .
1'I.OUII OnoJ Id choice ... .
WIIKAT-No.2iou ...... J
roilN-No.S. . ..."
OATH Western mlicd
A posb of Itcd Btar Cough Cure will pro
rant you disturbing tbo congregation, and
put you in a right framo of mind lo enjoy
tho services. Twcnty-flve cent a bottle.
A KainnT of Labor The one spent on a
morning paper. Ml bprlngi AVim.
" A prominent profesnor in n Now Orleans
iject of llrlght'. disenko. Ho
-i . . .. - . "i : .j
is nnu was auowingtho stuuoiitsnbnt tho
Indlratiotis of this terrlblo malady were.
And xitxt, gentlemen,' ho snltl, as wo havo
own fluid ti
the usual tett. A ho watched iho results
nt couutennnro
teen tho unhealthy indications I will show
iuu now ii appear in a stow ot
ticaitu,' nnil ho (.ubmlttctl his
Kllllilfttllir -hnnrrn,l Ma
color nnd command both left him nnd in n
trembling voico ho said: 'ucntlemcn, I
havo mado n painful discovery; 1 havo
Uright's discaso ot tho Mduei a.' And in
less than a yoar ho was dead. Tho slightest
Indication, of any kidney difficulty should
bo enough to ktiiko terror to nny ono."
" You know of Dr. HcriiotiM caso!"
" Yoj, I havo loth rend and heard of It."
"It Is very wonderful, l it noli"
"No mom to thnn n great many others
that havo come lo my notico as having Uen
cured by tho luimo means."
"You bollcvo then that Uright's disease
can bo cured I"
"I know It ran. I know It from my own
and tho oxperienco of thousands of promt
ncntwrsons who wero given up to dlo by
both their physicians nnd frlemfs."
"You siwak of jour own vxpcrlonco;
" A fearful one. I had felt languid and
unfitted for business for enrt. Itutldid
not know what niled me When, bowover,
I found It wns kidney difficulty I thought
there wns littlo hope and so did tho doctor.
I havo alnco learned thnt ono of tho physi
cian, ot this city tioInU-d ino out to a pen
tlem.in on tho street ono day, saying:
Thoro goo. n mnn who w 111 bo (lend within
a) ear' I believe his words would havo
proved truo If I had not providentially uncd
lho remedy now known a. Warner'. Mate
"Did you mako a chemical analyst, of tho
caso of Mr II II Warner, somo three years
ago, Doctor I'1 wns asked Dr 8 A. Lattl
more, ono of tho anaty it of the statu board
of health "
"Yds, sir
" What did this nnalysl. show youl"
" A Mtrlous dlscao of tho kidneys."
" Did you think Mr. Wurner could recov
er!" ' Ho. sir. I did not think It possible."
" Do ) ou know anything about tho reme
dy which cureil him
" I havo chemically analyzed It and find
It pure and harmlcK."
Dr. llenion wn. cured Jttsi vtnri two nnd U
vtll and attending to his profesIon'al duties
to-uny, in this tlty. Tho standing of Dr.
Ilonicn, Mr. Wanicr and Dr Lattltnoro In
tho coimuunlty is Imyond ijucstion, nnd the
stntementa thoy mako can not for a moment
lw doubted. Dr. Ilcnlon'. rxjrlenco shows
that llrlght'. dUeaM of the kidney Is ope
diseases, that
of tho mot deccptivo nml dangerous ot all
(irseusea, tuai it is excvwiingiy common, out
that It can lie cured If taken in tlmo.
Lovely woman Is doubtless mnn'a Infe
rior In strength, but she beats In point of
slRha.-A'. i.JhralJ.
LEAtJisajnhyilcInn tmtlfy to thoynlue
lal Ckerry Pectoral, a. a specific for
len ilriBii. The irrent iiuostion m. will
wds retain their tltalily "forngu" lit
the earth: and. when condition.
l,.., ..,., . , I , ' i sruucaiwi irfimpiiHcirosioraiioi.ioiieaiiii,
Oliango, sprout and make a forest, or ' vlgor,andmatihoo.lBuarantexl. No risk In.
piuiiuixj a wuouy now growtli illllerent curreu, oa !) ilaya' trial Hallowed. Write
Younc JIrnt Itea.t This.
Tin VotTAlOllBLT Co., of Marshall, Mloh.,
offer to tend their calebratod Kl.E0rr.o- VuL
Taio Hklt an I other liLEOTiiio ArrUAKcxx
on trial forSOdays, to men (young orold)
afflicted with nervous debility, lot. of vital
Ity and all klndrod troubles. Also forrhoti.
matlam.nouralcia.naral vslt.atul mnn v nth.
er diseases. Complete restoration to beallh,
erfonikd in a mannrr to ptra all.
iinpttcAiUa) t be McnmmodaU'il
M uaarfu
nm d Her
i-tiliroly to
of a ulilp,
It requiru
and wlmn
iiKoliold oralt
la the
from that within the memory of tho
"oldest Inhabitant." It U already
known that mtny eed will reuinln in
the srounil "noveral tears" before crur.
mlnaling, under somo conditions, and
that seed kept in drawer, dry, will
altto grow often somo ears of sucli
treatment. These fact Prof. Ileal con
firms. Hut the greater fact Int olved iu
tho ".tges" remains untouched It is
curious- to note that a number of kind
that agriculturist note as coming up
after ninny year, failed -to appear
at all here; and thin shows that lha
method pursued by Proftriloitl was not
in full accord with the jiroscrvutlvc
power of uualued nature N. Y. Jiutc-
tbematoncofor Illustrated pamphlet, froo.
Htartmko figures Ghosts Burlington
Vrtt l'rtn.
Railroad as Forest Plantar.
What objection oiin there bo tn mm.
pon to nsaiit in any i lulling, either by National or Statu log.
'I'V""? 1T'U1J.. ' '.B I ". "very railroad company In the
A French shopkeeper of TarU ends
emus will t.y mi -j desire my body 1 ,nH and grbaiu flour uutini wi I Iro..
to be placed In the hand ofnieii of oX.lU tiuun JL.I ni'li"''!
liv iHH2ku..' .-v.it :... 'i 7. : r .
i' ncu triKH.mt nttn it u at .
wlrnre,, Ami tlmt ltjj.y ha carefully
aflaauu.lAil tJuf 1 ji ,1 il. " ...Hi... i
duties ItiaM Hill
work -nn ndhtt
ollior, for,
should an aco.
too iniicli time for
s.io fall lo steer
iu the right direction, oonfuiloii
Wouinn'a work should lie mud
ciuiiur on somo farms, nnd sho should
not b called upon
Work thnt la In I, a
house, though such I not Iho rule In Z '"' ., "ro" f0"'-""' ,n u,e
an oases Tor often hnid work soon ' , ' " " ""'" """" "',l' ,mi aImrl ol'
weaisout these willing heliter. mid I lh" "UterlimlU-citliersldgof It trnok
i u rigut oi wnyr And Hie law
may preecribe ihat tho troe planted
dial I lie of ibvsfultnrletlae, adapted to
the soil and limine which the road
travewi Wl.v can not this bo ao
ooiupllsned? And ! It not fair that
uieae great consumers should bo mad
nlo restorer of forest? Can not thin
law bo made Justifiable on sanitary
ground, on the highest reason for all
litw, tho public wtdfaro the greatest
good to tlu grt alert number? Hnvlng
such a law JWhful'y administered for
fifty years even (o half that period
and tlio tourist uhnll Journey from
Georgia to Maine and from iloston to
Han Francisco , batwecn imnllnuoii
avenue of elms' nnd oak, ulioltered
from snuimor tlifst and heat and frnns
rwitlir tliein prematurely old. t'-.rni,
Field ami blvehmtn.
An attempt has reccnly been mado
In bwrUirlniiil to adopt a unlfonn Oor
man orthography for Unit eountry. Tho
coufrenoo wns JuiBely attenued by
prliiiew and booWh-n a propojf
tion to adopt tho l'niwlaii-llatnrion
oithograph.v was opposed byheote
of a large majority, and It was deoided
toi-efur Iho matttir lo a coiiforunco of
deb 'tc4 from all the firman Intca
A VATCnAi, color, that defloa detection, Is
produced by Ilucklugham' Dyo for tho
Wkkcki.xm engineering Is what Is wanted
on railroads and ateainboatc
Am ode-out
thing A poet California
No Rope to Cut Oil Horses' Manes
j.ntMjNaltM "H Ill"f(i; IFAIT-
. an( iiii imtiinca,
a ti iinrtifrinriiurif ran
) (iii r tuaDj itari ui inn L H
rre.titirreflptufwl. SoUtrtl!
Jjirntvi BPrtiii UimuUtU (II I Fl .
rtdj rr-fr?n4 fir rlrIHi
C IalouTiioitiitUixbetcr,N V
N EEDLES. fBl..Ma?-''.
i vVyv
!J&CZl V V
nn mm k ii .'.r, ,.
ULocitll.,Hl. Loon, llo)
DTHl.'S muim 1 1JXIB -irr! "i i -
.mhu mu, ruuua, uu.
Km; ttralfl or tell atlacka thttfak lark
nnu nrauf- prosirain rea
t it-j 31
ft. M Snirf-B Xil 5?
h rt lily w -
iUM f a
Blrenatliena (he flluacleii,
Ulcnrile. tho Nrrrrs,
rnrlebra the iiinrii, li.vr. new if or.
jlnmn's Iriai lilt Urn hsro rallarod ma and I cliftar
lollf nwommand It."
Mas. Ahsa IIoipawOB-m, WW lamina lit,
Sfll Mo , . I h !""' Iirmra's Uva Uit
tors lor a sut back tilth mych bsneat,"
I Imm,'? hts alKtre Trsda MitV and nres-ad t4 Haas
ontfft-)" Tnlie nn other. AtdiotiIrS,ir
an BE-niHn? AT 00MB AQB
Titlro-o 7 uronr7r nrurn. t . Run ,, Hnl!,U Vj
li.li.vao kninuui ntratui. " .
MMftriv K?WmLf vFmTlllBraKtn
' This It alneit at fatal as Coninmetlon If net at- CI
tendf d to la Us esrlr stses. Anr erll reialts rnsr bo
cured bf tho Brotnpt ma ef Tajlor't Cherokee llttaa
dr "f Sweet Oina and Halltla.
The Sweet dam from atrreof the same name irrpw
lnirlntha8oath,comiinedwl.raieamada fniin th.
MullrlnplintoMhgoMntldi Tor tlio bj all ilrac
glfttsatSArentsand SI ooperbottla.
WAJ.T1UI A. TAXlAllt, Atlanta, Oaw
Wajne, Cu Fact Co., IUinoU, ,
lereheraIUrvalHr4al 8.&00,000,
i aaaal
70 PEH
trhlth Inclndra l
WhftM Miltr af bleod I eitt,II,hed br tHdltrm
"r.l'd liJ.threMhftpa.8tnd Eotk ofVraiict, Uw
Stud Hook tier .ullU,.d iu tli( cuuufrr. '
s-v t.- STOCK OH HAhOr '
yy AA v x-ao
impcrlfd Crcod Mar
Impcrlcd Slcllions,
Old rnoorh for
130 C01T3
Two X'ara old xnt 9
nva-llflnii lt nrtn.
ill. 0"r'"t r n mu nu
r w. II trad ,Mntala i,wf M
k mtfW
'-.v rj.M"r -
"i-,. V7-LU1S
A v?t.
SSwii2S.31 lclt,.0f Jl" naatber and riwnl In
L"i'.'AJ a'alaiaotrnt m Wavra ll'. 1.35 iMI.ra
wloltlilaii,n thai, -w & .Vvtlh.Vl.ittrn .
yean I u a latrercr
from ettarrh of the
head aud Ihroat. Dr
few applications of
Elf! Cream luim I re
celred derided bentat
wu cured bf oae bet
tie" -Cn k atom Pica
ia, Waterlr. ! T.
I hire used Flj't
Creim Diltn fordrr ct
ttrrh (to which Kitero
peraoat are roofer!
who come tollre here
IhproTcd a cure
n r m -Vtat, vta
rtt. Cob
tt-e. Vrlcn'Grt til.vn
clrcutir hbV UltOIIILKS. DrotKl.u,Owrto,
BaA3rc?l V5L Mtl
n. &.
B t
CU;bttnHithstir'trlrn4 romm. nJrrl tbo uo of
fiwirt'a Hprcin. n! 1 0"tfnnlni J t mtke an rllorl
areii iniuui m mi .ful.fti.'t botfajtlti
h Innarnta of tho mr.iielne at first wai to
otti. Th In
ivmew hat axrrTai t he mrc . hut fm I hf Inltamma
tlon waaallajrptl, anal (m trnu tnlmrrvre afttr the (Int
MfKLQi ral health h4i n atlytmproYftU
u1fsrtohrai. nntUtlMro i not a vwilgoof liltti
cw UO.UM. Air itLOt ral Iitalth la in atlvlmnrc
miirooiifr. aim am ablo to do anr kind ut wort.
cn .'irirHii IU UH.rrtO twi mi
Tho cDOr ud mr
oolr a littlo tear uiuka ihu Ma. .
... . . .Mn Juicti A. UcDovAlaOu
AtUata. 0 , AoKUit 1 1, 14ft.
Tiratlao on U ami Skit. Dtacasta mallM trto.
. - 117 W. Ski but cu
50 Reward
yiJiuoF'4 t ranrcirniia
I'Nn i f iimi) al-a Jtiat r.ir
clcaaan iLag-aimurliYartin
or t M tn ot dr ai ouri'a
nndNooa ninrloranf
Iti-rcrorbur ltnnrtrr1
AV'uiihnuiA &II1I vlria
L lualU r, wtitrti wo offer
rhfap, tlrrutir aad I'rivt
I If nitliritVr.
C,uinaa. Oato.
lbBiu&ib, l&bibfiSI
..j.u-n ni.vi.iii:.. -j( IIK.VTII.
hhr) fiKwiKEi; v'Ji
, TsA-a.' S.t '
,.- 'J" 't"?1 flr? 1 9"t J"t ttrcet a brat a ftra
rnn nrarlr lo.l hi. In. Tatin lo tht h ., Iial
JIl!". t"r,M,,J"LN",B wai lanai'lr arilud,
and within a week ho rriurnrd to w wit. h! ' ",
trblicttod torrtitU healed T.k. Il..n. m If
f'l TS
, J
m oois j
W" will furnlih dopltcatet of I.IVI
or air ouirr cut tuown in any but im
Donk. at or brl ,w nam. d t ri
IVl.l.l.llllll III 11MI-M-. It I II.,
11, , ir trpirtand hi .wilraiftf.
an ticiihina ti ,kuii r
En rta,s netnedr fr (Mlarrb It Iho HI
rsi Ht. Eaahwt to I'ae and leapnt, HJI
Wa nAII K00.'"' M I" th Itaad, N!
afj Ilrada. he, llajr Ftvcr. du Mccnu. nu
HfiMr STUDY. lbk krploK, llusine
IIURILlitni, rrnmsnst ip A' lh c In if
Ill.lIlNr.siw t'oi.r.l.lii:. Ti.k,, S
f5(rtn'i.SiiVur.S(ijil,o(iInnil beautlOot, Xo.
Qkiihan Coiix IlEJiovr.il kill Corns ilunlon.
Which It the most ancient of tie trees)
Tbe elder treo.
Itrurr It Immediate, and a euro aura.
PIso's llomody lor Catarrh. 50 cents.
Faav walklna; atlcka-liurrlcanei. fUlt.
burgh Clironltli-ltlf graph.
wit ti,k geni boht ono eics
jUnplrtof n-w mlllc n littlo
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is prepared from Ssraapsrllla.Iitndclloti,Masdrace,
Dock, ripil.iewa. Junlptr lierrlet, and other well
known tad rtlutMe rri.-lt,l rvBiadlts. The eambt-
bttloa. proportion tad braatratloB ara Manila- .a
Ilood t Strtiparlua, kI vine It curtilre pcwei not pot
sttttd If oilur medlclsH. II tfleett reintrktut
cnrei where otbertfta
Hood's Sarsaparilla
It tht ben Wood partner btfor lb publle. II crtdl
ult ererr Impurltf, and curtt Scrofula, all
lUuum, Iiolbk I'lmplet, all llamvrt. Uipepilt, Illl
louwett, tick lletdtche, Indlcllon, O. uer.l II.
blllljr, Ctttrtn, llbtamtllita, Kldnejr ttid UrirCom'
pltintt it oTtrcomet thtt ettrcna tired fcelliiK, and
buUdi up theirs um.
Hood's. Sarsaparilla
Hit nil unpara'Hlad taucii tt hunt, lucb hit be
twmt In popultrllr la Lowtll. lu whery II Ii
ratde, ihtt wbaia nclsbborboodt t'D Itklnj II at tht
same lima, Th itm wonderful uccculitiiend.
tactllorer Ih eonntrr III potlUra atrttjuAti
Mwfrltttdidallir -il"
T.I'XS'.,',"UU- ' loir. PrtptMdbji
: P- I. MOOll . CO.. AMbuurl,.. Lnwtll. Matt-
Io.up.t,pa7po.u.aa4pkln,. lui.r .ny'liSmYlZtiV''M """'''rW,
""Jiaill M'fH lO
Ualuri atAi.
Clauaj u-4,r. f, TatkjJ
I.IBT Of niHIUfi)
or noux rtxiu,
nurai. nod tcalds,
Contracted DlttaclM,
PlIO Jslnta,
1'reti Illiet,
Jore and O.llt,
Hpatln, Crackt,
Screw IVorm, Grab,
foot Hot, Hoof All.
f .antenna.
Hrtlaaj, 1'oundera,
Hpralat, Mlrelnt,
Stre Feet,
ii '
tto n ntaati uaraTf o itop
f cura I
ILLINUSICXNXMalll' .naatti-f f
flaMl liaVal thai art talHia etna I an-.
"M-J b . It dlffl.M f ntn KM
rU1Dllltit4U JVCalCrv
a rtdt lenlonandtncrrto eiperlrtii
Bt.ci,m,tnutt tirllaf rrlrculaM
aw tli-couuit- ',0:1 imcit
TIIK lirjT dp AM,
VC n As Mht Man r rt,ri
w'cMf itoMiiBwracwittit i
at I f ( -all (ihiIII lr H It til
DUadarOAllitr-waraOo, Ilotli
fnCnA urovri. AcenttWsntrd,'
."tIllPf I'nrtli V In I ti.T world lianiplt
w A.aaif,4JAi IIIIOA.UB.U
WV On,Bb
rrascd tad rurcd without"
,n traalmrutlnt frra.
IMMi )1 UAurora,Kin
wr v rlne Ilondtd rtttle. thee.h.a.
JJdoi'i ,r l" CsliKicucawlih I?
u, Ima if. J. UOVCit at Lr0, OoaloirUld
Tiir ItinHtkt BnftTfin SoccaurullrlitattCh
CDMuiitiluijrtr i, in j x lufrrweko"fufflfl
A. N.I
fit tlirar
U4 remollirftpaJ.1 rcH
"" NoT
i aaqr J MW Mt A4f Mtb
sFfcS!!"! sv" . "m1

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