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Indian chieftain. [volume] (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, December 10, 1891, Image 2

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Indian Chieftain.
JjJUSO rx Tmax la Advao.
I'tllilUheil Thurmltiya liy
rt IsillAN CmnrCAIN 1'IJIIl.lsllllOlCoMI'ANV,
I). M. MVUItS, Cilitor.
M. E. MILKOKH, Miiiinirer.
VlNITA, lNU. TKB., I)K!.'lO, 181.
Ono of the most important rjUfH
lion that Iimh conio brforw tlio
present session of the niUional
council was the introduction, on
Wednesday, Deecnilier 2ml, by
Senator Jiaoli, ol remits bill 24,
providing for a delegation of throo
poisons to represent the nation at
Washington. Senator Keys moved
to amend the bill by striking out
three and Mibstituting four. That
senator (Keys) could and did op
pone a nergeant-at-arins for one
week's salary, amounting to $24, 88
he suid in his speech, "on the
broad ami lofty principles of econ
omy," but when the probabilities
nf becoming a delegate to go to
Washington loomed up in the (lis
tance, those broad and lofty prin
ciples of economy suddenly van
ished and he was in favor of four
delegates. Senator LUiflington, of
Flint, arose and opposed the
amendment on the ground that two
could do the work as well as four,
and that it would be a useless ex
pense to the nation to send bo
many. Amendment was carried;
ayes Huflington, of Delaware;
Baugli, Greene, Keys, Iledbird,
Starr, of Sequoyah; Sanders and
Wolf. Nays Buflington (of Flint),
Cookion, Harris, McLain, Seven
starr, Washboume; four members
were absent. A vote was then
taken on the bill as amended and
it was lost by a tie vote, Starr, of
Sequoyah, coming over and voting
against it. Later in the evening
Senator Baugh introduced senate
bill 20, another delegation bill
similar to the first. Senator Cook
son moved to amend by striking
out three delegates and substitut
ing two; amendment lost. Ayeiw
Buflington (of Flint), Cookson,
Keys, McLnin, Starr (ol Sequoyah)
Sevenstarr. Nays Buflington (of
Delaware), Baugh, Greese, Harris,
Iledbird, Sanders, Wolf. Five
members were absent. Senator
Washbournc. who was one of the
absentees, was sick but was in fa
vor of only two delegates. San
ders moved to amend the bill by
striking out three and substituting
four; amendment lost. Ayes
lireese, Iledbird, Sanders, Wolf.
Nays Buflington (of Delaware),
Buflington (of Flint), Baugh, Har
ris, McLain, Starr (of Sequoyah),
Sevenstarr. Five members were
absent; tookson and Keys were
present, but not voting ote was
then taken on the bill, which re
sulted in its passage. Ayes Buf
fington (of Delaware), Buflington
(of Flint) Baugh, Cookson, Greese,
Harris, McLain, Uedhird, Seveu
siarr, Wolf. Nayes Keys, San
ders. Five absent, Starr (of Se
quoyah) present, but not voting.
The next day (Thursday) the bill
was returned by the lower house,
concurred in, with one amendment
striking out three and substitut
ing two. Afier the reading of the
bill as amended Wolf arose anil
takes money and a small amount : made a lengthy talk in opposition
of brains." Thus writes a gentle-, to the amendment, lie said there
man who lias spent most ol I tshoul l be at least four delegates;
his days within the shadow of a i that they bad an important ques
printing press. . lion to deal with, namely, the sell-
- ' ling of the Strip. Buflington, of
Thk Delawares are in favor of al-' l-i,lti came to tlie rescue of the
lotment, the Shawnees are in favor am, ndment, and to answer Wolf
of allotment, the negroes are in fa- : ,P P.,i,l thai, he was in favor of only
vor of allotment, and a majority of j two delegates and that ho did not
the Cherokecs are in favor of allot- j believe that there was a senator in
went. Then who opposes allot-1 the house that would favor or trust
ment? Chief Mayes and a few de- . the sale of the Cherokee Strip to a
Signing cattle kings while men. I delegation. He was immediately
... . c i i i answered hv Wolf, that he would;
9. know a few men who voted, ' '
a ir r 11: . i . l ., i B.lUilh n so said that lie would,
ior Mr. Mayes and his party last : . , ,. ,. .'
,i,.r i r r ,i . ; provided it was subject to the rati
Eum mer with the firm belief that;1 '
.I. ii , ., i heal ion of the national council,
they would be able to, in a mens-
i- , , , i- i ;, ! Sanders made a siieich against the
ure, dictate to him. And it is ' p
enough to cUo the risibility of a '""'"'f", favoring four dele
"wooden man" to see their capers t"' "I-',""""y W
when they find that thev are not ! Hl"0'1 UJ ' x" 1,roai1 (lni ljft
"in it" and that Mr. Maves has no S "'""JJP'"
further use for them after election.
Who said that "public office is
a private snap."
To the Muldrow Register: What
do you think about it?
The defeat of Joel Mayes' hench
men in our city election is sinifi
eant The only railroad ticket (or
pass) broker Vinila ever had is
"in the soup" to stay it is pre
dicted. Congress convened Monday
with 320 members in their seats in
the lower house.
Fok the space of twelve mcnths
at least the doings of the city
council will be no secret.
Charles Fkkdebick Ciusp, of
Georgia, is the new speaker of the
House of Representatives.
It seems that the most impor
tant question in council (to some
of the senators) is, who shall go to
Washington as delegates.
"We favor a sale of the Strip and
an equal division of the proceeds,"
was the way tho Mayes tickets
were headed last summer.
It is reported that Col. Bryan
has appealed the Old Settler claim
from the decision of the court of
claims which recently gave judg.
ment for $824,000 in favor of the
Old Settlers.
Some of the gentlemen who claim
to have charge of council had bet
ter look a "leetle out" or some ob
streperous member will blunder
into the notion that they know
their own business.
"Land Iinx" Ai.i.es, w ho earned
his title by his untiring advocacy
of the homestead law giving each
settler 1C0 acres of land, died at
the Franklin county, Ohio, infirm
ary last week at the age of 82.
In connection with tbe recent
collapse of the Vinita World it is
noticeable that the parties that
stood by it with so much gusto and
took such fiendish delight in its
libellous attacks upon others, were
the first to desert it in its extremity.
It is said that the "speaker's
eye" in our national council is a
wandering and easily arrested op
tic, but must be bargained for in j
advance. The errant member who j
is so reckless as u oppose trie
chair may find himself unable to
catch the "speaker's eye."
"Pooh old World, gone up; no
use talking, it takes newspaper
men to run newspapers; it also
amendment. He wanted four del
egates and would oniiose anv bill
The Chjjcftaim as an exponent f,,r two. The beautiful avenues of
office thought and independent j Washington loomed up before his
principles, is meeting with success , cyps. Economy, O! where art thou?
beyond our expectations, and we ; The greater the number the greater
desire to assure our patrons that 1 the chinee to go was a verv, very
as its great army of readers in- j strong argument agant the aj ' ipaterial is deficient in neither iui
be sold and a fair price secured
though everything is being done
quietly. J. H. Beck and A. II.
Norwood have been barred from
the practice of law in the Cherokee
courts, on account of the bogus
citizenship business which they
were mixed up in. This was done
by special act. Some of the best
legal talent in tbe country claim
tti is to be a "Fangling" of the leg
islative and the judicial depart
ments. Just how it will terminate
no one seems to know. But if
every one who has been engaged
in the business was disbarred from
practice it is safe to say there
would be few lawyers left. Both
houses of council are getting down
to work and it is generally thought
that something will be done. A
great many anxious people are
hanging around the capital and the
sale of tho Strip towers above all
other questions.
Chief Mayes vetoed the bill re
ducing the salaries and cutting
down the number of secretaries in
the executive oflice. But it was
promptly passed over his head.
Davis, of Delaware, made a strong
argument against the chief's veto.
The defeat of Roger Q. Mills for
the speakership will be a genuine
surprise to four-fifths of the people
of the entire country. Mr. Mills
is the ablest and most conspicuous
member of the house and tho one
who most truly represented his
party in the leading issue before
the country. Namely the tariff.
The time and place to sell the
Strip is now, at Tahlequah, while
the commissioners are here and in
the notion to buy, and while the
representatives of the whole Cher
okee people are assembled in coun
cil. The majority of the people
will be better satisfied to have the
sale made here. The delegation
that assumes the responsibility of
selling the Strip will take upon it
se'f a very grave responsibility.
It now begins to look as though
the Old Settler Cherokee claim
would be paid at last. There is no
question in the world but that it is
an honest claim and should have
been paid years ago. It is esti
mated that the number of Old Set
tlers, together with their descend
ants, will exceed one thousand
Probably it is due more to the ef
forts ol Uncle Joel Bryant than to
anyone else that the Old Settlers
are at last to get what in justiue
should heve been paid long ago.
Okkick ok Shc.-TitEAS. Delavvahk
Dist., Dec. 7, 18'J1.
EniToit Chiektais: You will
please publish the following letter
from L. L. Polk, President Nation
al F. A. and I. U.
John II. Giiison,
Sec. and Treas. Delaware Dist.
Washington, D. 0 Nov. .10, '91.
Mr. John JI. Gibson,
Grove, I. T.
Dear Sir and Bro. Yours of the
6th inst. inquiring whether the Ind.
Ter. Alliance and Industrial
Union is regularly chartered by
the National Farmers Alliance and
Industrial Union, is received. I
reply that it is regularly chartered
under the law and usages of our
order. Yours Trulv and Frat.
.. L. Polk,
Pres. X. F. A. and I. U.
The year 1801 has been marked
by a greater advance than any sim
ilar period since the magazine was
established, Not only has the
literary and artistic excellence,
been maintained and inureaed, but
a corresponding cam has been
made in the sale and influence if
the magazine. At the end of lMil,
me circulation nas risen to more
than 140,1X10. It may justly be
proiijiseij that tbe further improv
ments for the cumin? yeaf will be
proportionate to these largely in
creased opportunities.
It is not possible to give, in a
brief ppace, an account ol all the
features in preparation, but the
with either, the night of tho Chi
cago fire, the scene at the moment
of the vote on the impeachment of
Andrew Johnson, etc., et
In tho early spring will begin a
number of seasonable articles,
among them being: "Small Coun
try Places," how to lay out and
beautify them, by Samuel Parsons,
Jr.; "Fishing Lore from an An
gler's Note-Book," by Dr. Leroy
M. Yale; "Mountain Station Life
in New Zealand," by Sidney Dick
inson; "Racing in Australia," by
Sidney Dickinson, with illustra
tions by Birgo Harrison. The il
lustrations are made from original
material. A full prospectus ap
pears in the Holiday number, now
ready. Price, 25c, (f.'l IK) a year.
Chas. Schihneii's Sons,
743 and 745 lirodway, N. Y.
After numerous speech-
creases we intend to keep fully , amended.
with the times. The'cs,
Chiektais has no "side issues" or amended by the lower house; re-
"axes to grind," but is essentially i suit Death. Ayes Alberty, Buf-
ti cvpapcr. jfingt in (of Flint), Cookson, Har-
T . - - , ,i ris, McLain, Starr (of Sequoyah),
It is now reasonably certain that ,. , ... ' v,
, i Sevenstarr, M ashbourne. Nays-
full jurisdiction for our Territory i , , n , ,, .
- . ,, . ... .. 3 Buflinglm) (of Delawaie), Baugh,
courts will be obtained before the , ,. ,, ., , ,
. , ,T.enK' Greese, kev, Iledbird,
adjournment of the present con-1-, , ,,, ,, . . "
1 . , , . . , ... . Sanders, Wolf. Senators r argo
gress. Ami the citizens of imta , , , , , , , T
, , , . , i . c .i , . "'"I Ma'T, iiJ Tahlequah, were ab
thould not loose Sight of the fact
that (this town) is entitled to a ; ' .. ,
, , .. ! 1 lie negotiations in rejjard to th
court of its own with jurisdiction ! . . . .,, ,.
,, i i i i . 1 Strip matters are still pending
in all cases both civil and criminal. I . . , . , - , . .
. , . iii,.! with a f ur show of a trade being
And every tiling reasonable should . . , , , . ,
, . . . ,, , .Ultimately made. It s rumored
be done to secure us establish- , , , , ,
inai ine concessions askeu for vy
have been
ment here.
; our commissioners
i strengthened in one verv iinnor-
. i
e. rejected clairo-
The sudden and somewhat ig
nominious collapse of the Vinila . taut particular
World last week was a surprise to 1 ants t citizenship will be required
no one at all acquainted with the ' to forfeit their farms and other im
nianagement ol that paper. Its ; provements ma le while attempt
lease of life was somewhat longer ; ing to prove their right. It is
than most people anticipated. The thought that $2 00 an acre will be
command to "turn the World the ptiee and the trade will not be
loose,' as given la.t summer by , closed here. But the terms will
one of its chief promoters, might . be agreed upon. It is likely tht j give event took place, or when
be verv appropriately m-eti now. '. the lnef will accompany thf dele-! some great experiment was first
F.ut no one seems to come to the gati
rescue and the poor old thing g-x-s sect
to pieces with a ihud not unl ke ; among tho-e ln st ind r,eare-t the f,f t)l telegraph nd ' teler
portanco nor range of subject.
Among the subjects treated:
It is proposed to publish a series
of articles, upon a scale not before
attempted, giving the results of
special study and work nmopg the
poor of th great citiei. The plan
will include an account of (he con
dilions of thoe cities (in many
lauds) where the results ( f researeh
will be helpful for purposes of com
parison as well as for their own
n'ins; interest. While, from a
cienlitic point tf "iew; the arti
cles will be a contribution of pjeat
importance, the treatment will tie
thoroughly popular, and the elab
orate illustrations will serve to
make the presentation of the sub
ject vivid as well as pictures.jue.
Unpublished reminiscences and
letters of this fore mutt among early
American paintert. A number f
illustration will lend additional
interest to the articles.
The aim of this srrie of very
short articles i to describe the sig
nal occasion wtien some ileci-
The following tributo to the
work of an American magazine is
contained in the report ol the Sec
retary of the Interior just submit
ted to congress:
"Your attention is also request
ed to the paper contributed by Mr.
John Muir to the number ot The
Century Illustrated Monthly Mag
azine for November, 18'J1, entitled
'A Ilival of the Yosemite the
Canon of the South Fork of Kings
Kiver, California.' It furnishes
maps of this country and is illus
trated by most admirable engrav
ings of the wonderful scenery there
existing. The engravings are
chielly from the pencil of Mr.
Charles D. llobinson. These
gentlemen, as well as the editors
of The Century, especially Mr.
Johnson, have taken a great per
sonal interest in the forest reserves
in California, and are worthy of
great consideration, botii from their
experience and intelligence. The
magazine article mentioned advo
cates the extension of the Sequoia
National Park so as to embrace the
Kings Kiver region ami the Ka
weah and Tule Sequoia groves.
The boundaries are there set forth.
Tho subject is recoinniciuli'i! ja
your fuyorablu consideration and
The Christmas number ot Har
per's Bazaar, published December
11th, will be remarkable for the
variety and entertaining character
of its contents. There will be a
story by Mary K. Wilkins, entitled
"The Other Side;" a story by
He.ekiah Butterworth, entitled
"No Boom in the Inn;" poems by
Harriet Prescolt Spolford, Eliza
beth Bollard, and Margaret E.
Sangster; and a strikingly beauti
ful picture by Rosina Emmet Sher
wood, entitled "Before the Ball,"
with -an accompanying poem by
Mrs. John Sherwood. The illus
trations contained in the number
will be numerous and mine than
ordinarily attractive.
The Christmas number of Har
per's Weekly, published Dec nib r
2nd, comprises many r.ew and at
tractive features. It is included in
a specially designed cover, and is
lull ol entertaining stones and
beautiful pictures. The illustra
tions, many of which are full
paged, are fnm drawings by A. B.
Frost. Frederie Itemington, and
Burns F. Zogbauni. The fiction is
hv Hudyard Kipling, Itichard
Harding Davis, John Keurick
Bangs, and others. Mr. Davis'
story contains another episode in
the career ol "(iallegher" a char
acter which he has so happily and
successfully immortalized.
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lished by Munn A Co., New York,
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The Life of General Thomas J.
Jackson (Stonewall Jackson), by i
his wife, Mary Anna Jackson, wiiii j
an introduction by Ilev. Henry M-
J" ield, D. J)., is announced ;iw rc ady
for Immediate publication by Har.
per A Brothers. Ii will contain
several portraits and illustrations.
Mr. K. Marion Crawford's lie serial !
Studies of AaikeJ Men.
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. T,'-i! -"'t ft'V!fVi:
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I riTtr.itilv (o ill
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l I' ll, nil i'.miiiiiv r.nini" ln-1 imiiii,. ix, n
rl l.i ni:l li' iiikI nUr III ,i.i intr I .1, 1 1 nil :
a -Jtvai In Ik' up 1,11 nil Ihv int. 1' In1;-.' 1. 1 -'I
I OV I II -I Whlll In ill) llll'lfl- nil rl I II II ;
a rnt'Tf on Ii-'illll II ml' ; 10. .1 in ll.r I 't
r-.l I, ,4 ti.il .1 nit l 1 ,i , .1 ill li. It 1', o'. !,; '.
ill l-ii 'lin. I" J '.ill J 'til iiiiieiiil illif i ; ( .
. . , . . , ,lt . , ... i t ..- -in 1 ,ia Kf nil ol luiir 11 1 fi 1 1 1,1 i. a
On deortie Baneroft, by . M Slosne; j ,r , , ,,J 1,,,,,. . ,n-.,t tlie ttnj -t- l..r
I J " 1 11 vi-r if, 1 t,i lie' eity."
Ktri:: t uy, .ii'iinie, you win ninic iik;
vain. I lint c only one . nut I-. , inti i n il' n,
t- n it n :irri?.iii Imw it nii t 1.11 v m 1 I
very . 1 ,ti, tiiMi- i f ,oi Hi 11 if I'i w l i,t u Ii: t
' lie t ti'Mf il.U 3 I Till if II K I nil Hit II,;:,. I a
l.II I lie Klll'leel. t. It'll? ,S.'! Ml-tl.. mi !
A el ;( in. Ml ti,ji',-iio; il. IS ('I lis ,1.1. I f a
I'otliV ; .:nntlei llie 11 ;l.tni4 l',r I e w t',
tiuiieti ,, 1 tat tier lins i: it 111 lllii li,;o.r 1 :i "
fill Iim hits laki-ii li.f tiiin. m he -in - ii.,
unit ifivn tiii'ie una U tter In 1 ,111, nt 1. n en
I ae 'i!te,'! t et tlm ll:tt ; nil. I liKtti.f sill!.
tan it is I 'nit that m.iHfi 1;it mi. -h u tutu, I'
ll, it 4-k.f(n'r. In t;u t, f. e uli ituii
lUC euf iv.OI.' 1, li, me ,111 i .1.
us ivti nini' w ;it lur 1 ii-1 1,1 nil a ti.n,.
int i tin 1 that in- 14 nil f"r tin 11. i-im tt i r 1: I
,r weiiien, ioi'l llit.'ttl.T fep itiili'i.u ;nli,
t iej.. 1U1-1 1 'mi Mnii I'li'n 1 iin'1,1 11: p . v
oti! III".".! ,i tati,' 1 lie Ill-ten. I i.f H-M 111 1. !l!, I
t'l it I wllrli" ItH' Ici.ni'lny ri,tne?i 111. ( r it
only f ;it it V'lr- I'i r!i;it imi tliniU I 1011
t. lavish ta tny .niie ; t,Ml t will li t tin s- e
o ir-. nr. Ih-tIi -r w ill. '..11 I , I vent - In t ' e , Ii-
liier. W. .Ii-' Tt,ll: I ."lllll1--t. T, ..rt Mil
-t-iH-t. Nvtr Yet'k. fer n snmi le c. ,. i nd I
c..n-:'er tint 1 li,,te il.,i:f ten
H. ).-rvit f:it it ; tin, I niiiv I- -1 '.11 w ill 1 : i.t
11 out. in .nl s IV h.e. i." I In It-piir.-ltl'll il
l-"i tl, iw-t inr'irr.ii'.l f.miih 111 t-,n. If
I) h .i, il Is ikuioreet'a 1 aiiiuy Mukuu
bat J, It."
in to Washington. There :
is to be a ft ehr-g of coiifidenee
inn to he Fuecr-'sftii puch
ni imenK at tat of the first use
nf the Atlantic cal'le, t-l.e Crft use
the bursting of a rutlen rgj.
I nditinistration th tt tlie Strip h ill i the first succcefu! experimert
Oreitles A. r.roiisoii liv tii'ot ire I'ar-
on I. at limp; John K-ien tJookt-,
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leneei in hymn in Krunee, p.iin,
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tree L'brariva,
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are arranireii f..r hy Sarah Orne .lett.
ett, I eiave TliHnet, Kilt n Oiney
Kirk, Marearet Oe Hn.l, Jo-l (.'lian
ilier Harris, am) olliera
Educational Topics,
E-pwiallv the e Inealioit it (he mrls
ami omen ill I'f tn lly ronsi li re'l
V.")ols that are Talked of.
Critical revteaa tiyejpert yrhulara In
various departiueiitg.
T Ij M f J t' a veai in a liance, p.ia
t L'e free; . cents a Diiratr. tllll
new Itfe-aixe portraits of Loae!l,an'
r'ort raits cf Haathoric,' Kmersoq,
mufello. Iltyaiit, Whittier or
Holme, tint; ructi ail llll itiitl por
trait, 1 00.
The Novemliei ami Oeremtier nnm
tr aent free to new anhatTi Iters -hoae
nhrri.tion for s.i re reteivej be
fore lee. mtter ?nh.
Ilntt the Dealred i:ftetl It
Caaaou.TON, Orwm Oo., lit. Not., f.
I highly rocotunimnl 1'itnior KottDi't Nertra
Tuiiio lo aiiybedy tbitt hai Nneord from bea4-ac-liv
its my noil tii-1 tor 5 yvari, Imoauae two bob
Uo ot tho medicine curtni bltu. M. MoTIUUS,
Waihinoton, U, C., March
For 8 yearn 1 h,t f.- Jttini tut cao tiartllj
(tns.-ril. f vouia 11 at tluuMi tliat I aa turs
1 ilyinif, or lii4vu irot.iiUtiiuut Utat Bouiailiir
unaufiil ttas atiout in huppou; ainco taking
1'anlor Koeliig l N'erva TnniQ I bavo fnlt Ilka a
uttlvrvnl irtou. It It a wonderful niedfrtna,
Mltb. AUNbs SUtA.
I,oBi-rrTo, K . March 9. imm.
I haye takan I'aetor kountij'a loule fnrvpi
K l'ay of 9 yr.r Hwliuf, act It vl"J Uko
cbarut on ine, aft.'t v t oral ntor did run ns
g ied. Vetr untliUue ii porlisitliia,
T"; f--.t Vain it 1 I'.iH'k otl rvou
' v '- I.lv.i-.n t i.vnio ici '
; : 3 : 1 : ik a- r 1:4 ., , : tr-.n
t n.'.-7 ,: .uct-vilie v ..! t-liarso.
T'-t r-t 'trb- ' prepv..,! ',yt',; '( V or-a
.a I." aw. . ( 1 ,..W. -,. ..-", ,v,tij
ieiii.ii-.iuii.il . ; ...-x-:i. t 1 i:.j
J. K. SottTIIKE,
Cattle Halesmen.
E. F. Kikk,
JXO. 11. Rot!d,
Hou ami 8!ieep Salearnan.
Live Stock Commission Merchants
Room 59, Exchange' Building, mh.
Kansas City Stock Yards'.
Reference :
Iuter-State National Bunk
D0G6ETT BM 00003 GO.'S
Dry Goods Fr
em Kansas City.
tjur ii.naiogues are reaay ana se.r interest Dias you send tor a copy
at once, and same will bo MAILED FREE Gt'l APPLICATION.
Remember, o.ir new buildings contain 74,880 square feet of floor space,,
tnd we carry the finest and best assortment of Dry Goods in the west.
DOCC-TT DRY GOODS CO., Kansas City, Rflo.
) rr iii-:
Are liy far tlie most coininoiliinis nud b. si appoiuted in I lie Miastm ri Valley
with ample eii)acity lor leetlnitf, weielnnj; ami Miipiiii; caille, liorf8 sheep
horses ami mules. Tliey are pluiiketl I lirtntnlioiii. no t urds are tiel tr'u .i..r. .1
still in none is there H bet t er ayittein ot il ratnae. 1 !.e luct t hai Uieher prices
are realized here lliau in the eavt is due to the location Ht t liese, yitnln of eiiiht
iinek iiikr houses, with an nn -ret'Lle dail v catiacitv ol ,'.titH)cattl.i m"i.i 'xm
and Hie rt')(ilar attendance of nharo, compel It i ve lineess for tlie' naekimr
houses of Omaha, CliiesKn, tt. Louis, 1 mlianupolis, Cliu'iur at j, JJew York andi
All the sixteen roads riinnini; into Kansas Cltv bate ilir..( .,M.n.,.iir.iv.
with the yards, atloidini the best ufeoiiiinotUtioiis for stock roniinK from the
Kreat itrazlr.ir (jrounds of all (lie ttesteru stales id territories, and also for
stock tlestined for eastern tinrkets,,
The hiiainess nl the yaril.a ilon avateinatirallv and with the tit most
promptness, so theie is no ilelay niel no clashuiu, and stockmen find here ami
will continue to (iud that they Bet nil their stock is worth with the least pos
sible delay.
l,eceipts lor ISW w ere 1.4. 2,2-JH cat t le, Tti.VW calves, l'.Mo,t7I hoes. 5S5.W9
soeep, .if.Ha horses ana in tiles. 1 otal nn tuber of ears. HIS, Hit I.
Horse and Mule Department,
W. S. TOUGH, Mauatrer.
I'litH rnntlianv hat establish..! In cm In ..,..,ilnn win, ti.a ..t... ...
tlm; with the ynr.U an rMrioovo II., r., .nil lrn- l-t .Islile. In, I ,.n,. .,r, ,i ,,,k
!.',' 1."1"rk-' at tin- K ANSAS ( I I V ,il r.v. ite II, v I,..ft ttet,ii.jW siwrial aUea'
llara alwaytun haml a larirtyatiirk ul alltrrailen la. nines r..r han.llina l' I. ti4 .,1 atnrk are
urh.iuaaiel intilfs. which are hmmht ami uiimiri skvcl at any il.tlr It, tl,l. retintry
mill .ii .., mini. itu, n .,r In rr lea.l Inla Kpk- t .ii.Uiinit i.ts nrsell. ilr,l ltd !t, miaranlfa.
ular Ira, If aurteiil anlea vicry Ws.itifn.ilay ami that .r.ini,l urttlt .neuta Kill he niaitt ahrn
Saturday. Mock it, n i l . ni.17
tien. Manaiicr
Seo, tiot irri,
A ant. Sapl
MK Y Ml t-ll.
Von tittvs aepn t"a! i r.iru : a fn ijiivnily mert
lluitpil lu at.tvrtinsrit an I tu ik iini.'a. Trr
haa a rrlrii,! hag been Iheie, aiel ttrlt.-a rn
thtiMa!lr lettern ha, k heme ah'iiit tlierlimate
ni the frtt 1 1 a It inakea t ,,o anxious to see
the trenntry fur ymirneir.
lhc time ti tt" is in tl.e fall ani winter.
Then work here ia least nresinr an-1 Califer
aia clirrair ) nv9t I'leasinf 1 he way lo j
layiaanta Ke Itonte, on eue ot that line's
M,,nIsr. l-ersonallt -contlncte-t f-artlvs. leay
jn I'hiraif') every Salnr.lay et.-nina. anil lear
hif Kansaa l ity every Sunday momma: .
-HTlftl ssenta and porters in atterelnnre.
Pulin.an tourist ali-ei,r aie nH. rMTnitu-it
villi l.e hlnia, n,alti, r,s, loitvt atiirlea. etc.
Sveonil class tirkvta lionore.l W rite to t;. T.
Nirh.ilaoB. U V.k T A . Santa Ke I: nl-,
T'eks. Kan , for cot,y ot fol ler .le,-rihinjr
thesa ckinreiuu
I-Ot K II tRT. TeVAS, Oct. 15 1SS!
eiue (,'o.
Paris, Tcnn.
Dear Sits: Ship in a soon
aa pogil,le 2 gross (trove's tasteless
chill tonic. My customers want
(trove's tasteless chill tonic an.'
not have any other. In onrctpeiionee
of over iTl ve.tra in the dniij lniine
) i .J$
.r j
im y If fwm
"Mnt, VisttaaMs
Ml1 lMlt1ltmk
mhtficm ittrsMt
tnu n-tliy,
MaHWsii-niiB mn-
rh fairlf
lUilatTenl pfrltt
f sMtber mi, sb
ft falsi m4
tf, an4 ,
a flT rrlrfM-tn.
!-HI work tnit-
a I lt, i kail. I
'Ht tm ths-ir atw-fl
f-t-Blitlrt, hrr
"f Mtey bv
h aituattoa mw
mflnt iiirnt, t
vhlrti Jom
n thai! Btitonnt,
- IKlttl Vutr
1, M '".
S.'tt-t.tff ifTt, ntl
O rf, f ttn
1irs wtti's,
in. 1 o-tr ttf
n pi Iruai
'rh 4iartrt r
Wnt I ha r
eMdr I. it'll ftntl
i.i fear. h All it new,
nfiff. "--f y-m stnow , it fw
arm n ortsr .)
tit.! t" nr- f. r
, , All I A. H 4-. A n(KM,
Hv jot icett F
rt nf the dpn lcr, and I ir for rt- i
nniinnotn Mn.iii'i it ma ip hv monv- have ntver fnhj rtny ti,"Jm in tut h
or if r. irifi f f rT'trf f ttr, n 1 save h un'rj-i tHtf Utn
Hort.RT' X. Mum i-c A ., 1 Your ro.j.er! fu!Ir
4 hrk nwt, Porlon, Mum. I 10-21 J.S. Brown (o
John 3; 16.
'igelist tVolte'snew paper
ta jes
wsat k
b r Kht.
Ii e I .
I a " 'I pill ar'. sil ti.i'cet paper, pnhliahed ta
' s. I, it, an Nation? Suhacrthe for
' 'Jolin 1 iirce-S, Mr.it " llnlv 1 renta per
tear S(.e im-n r..iuea free. A t, Ire.. - Jons
I'm Sittwn" (.vmi'snr, Vmita, t beniee
Best Newspaper of the Agel
Consists nf 10 ne;cs. I'iiya inure oi news llititi any dther pntier
in tin- t'nitetj States, In in r. tili te w it h matter of interest to all
cliiss-is, tlie Agricultural, tlie Mercantile and tlie Professional .
Advocates tlie pi inci pies of the teinliiii an Party fltol j'tildislies in
l till tlie sjieeclieR of its K atli is.
,a tlie coming 1'resiilcntial ('aiiipaijjn prniiisc! to lie the hoUf-sf
ever contestetl, every Uepuliliean slmulil lu tonie a stibserilter n nl
keep liiinsell llionmglily infnrun tl cf what is occurring iti tl.c polit- i
ical wurlJ.
Price, $1.00 Per Year.
lkcmit tlirougli Po.-tniasti rs, Nt sdcalers, tlir itigli this oflice, or
direct to tho
St. Louis, Mo.
Sniuplo Copies IM failed Free.
HU'i' . 1 n i i er .

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